Driver Abbreviations

Driver is someone who drives a vehicle; road user who is not a pedestrian, such as a cyclist, moped rider, motorist, motorcyclist or horse rider; also: road user with a motorized vehicle.


List of Acronyms Related to Driver

AD Activity Driver
ADU Activity Driver Unit
ADDRESS Adapter Device Driver
ADD Adapter Device Driver
ADTP Adaptive Driver Training Program
AIDE Adaptive Integrated Driver-vehicle Interface
ADDRESS Additional Driver Discovery
ADD Additional Driver Discovery
ADVANCE Advanced Driver and Vehicle Advisory Navigation Concept
ADAS Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
ADASE Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in Europe
ADIS Advanced Driver Information System
ADI Advanced Driving Instructor
ATDS Advanced Test Driver System
AVIDS Advanced Vehicle/Driver Identification System
ASTID Advisory System for Tired Drivers
ADPM Airfield Driving Program Manager
AADD Airmen Against Drunk Driving
AVSD AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver
AIDP Alberta Impaired Drivers’ Program
ADDY Alcohol, Drugs, Driving and You
ACDS All Canadian Driving School
ADS American Driving Society
APE American Piledriving Equipment, Inc
ARDC American Racing Drivers Club
ATDS American Truck Driving School
AED Analog Event Driver
ALD Analog Line Driver
AFD Ancillary Function Driver
AIDA Applications of Integrated Driver Assistance
ADI Approved Driving Instructors
ADIOS Approved Driving Instructors of Scotland
ADSN Approved Driving School Network
ACDL Army Commercial Drivers License
MVD Army Motor Vehicle Driver Selection Battery
ADED Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
ABD Association of British Drivers
DADRL Association of Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights
ARDS Association of Racing Drivers’ Schools
ADTA Australian Driver Trainers Association
ARDC Australian Racing Drivers Club
ARDU Auto Rickshaw Drivers’ Union
ASD Automatic Skip Driver agent
ASWD Automatic Smile When Driving
BSD Back Seat Driver
BDS Background Driver Search
BPD Backplane Driver
BDI Basic Driver Improvement
BAADD Beale Airmen Against Drunk Driving
BDA Belgian Driving Association
BDC Bentley Drivers Club
BTD Big Truck Driver
BADD Bikers Against Drunk Drivers
BADD Bikers Against Dumbass Drivers
BADD Boaters Against Drunk Driving, Inc.
BBDC Boundary Bay Driving Centre
BCDL British Columbia Drivers License
BDS British Driving Society
BRDC British Racing Drivers’ Club
BDA Broadcast Driver Architecture
BDBG Brown Driver Briggs Gesenius
BDB Brown-Driver-Briggs
BBDC Bukit Batok Driving Centre, Ltd.
BDE Bus Driver Error
BADD Business Against Drunk Drivers, Inc.
CVD Cab View Driver
CDM cable driver modem
CDMGB cable driver modem group buffer
CODA Cabrera Operators and Drivers Association
CDL California Drivers License
CSSD Canadians for Safe and Sober Driving
CD Car and Driver
CVD Car Vs. Driver
CID Careless and Inconsiderate Driving
DKD Cash Drawer Kick-Out Driver
COPDA Central Ontario Pleasure Driving Association
CCDR Certified Copy of Driving Record
CDRS Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist
CDP Charlottetown Driving Park
CD Coil Driver
CDE Combined Driving Event
CODA Combined Owner Driver Association
CDRP Commercial Driver Registration Program
CDS Commercial Driver Services, Inc
CDTI Commercial Driver Training Institute
CDL Commercial Driver’s License
CDLIS Commercial Driver’s License Information System
CDMI Commercial Driving Mechanical Institute
CADC Common Artemis Driving Cycle
CDMS Communication Driver Maintenance System
CARD Computer Aided Remote Driving
CID Cordless Impact Driver
CDTA Corporate Driver Training Australia Pty. Ltd.
CDI Cost Driver Initiative
CADT Critical Area Driving Tour
CDE Critical Driving Error
DADD Dads Against Drunk Driving
DELIVERED Daily Driver
DD Daily Driver
DGDT Dangerous Goods Driver Training
DBD Database Driver
DADD Dealers Against Drunk Driving
DVD Death Valley Driver
DELIVERED Decoder Driver
DD Decoder Driver
DDC Defensive Driving Course
DDD Defensive Driving Discount
DDP Defensive Driving Program
DDAM Delivery Drivers’ Association of Manitoba
DATA Delusions of Armymen Tank-drivers and Airmen
DDDA Demolition Derby Drivers Association
DDS Department of Driver Services
DELIVERED Designated Driver
DD Designated Driver
DRV Device Driver
DVR Device Driver
386 Device Driver for 80386 or later microprocessors
DDI Device Driver Interface
DDK Device Driver Kit
DDM Device Driver Module
DADD Dial-a-Designated-Driver
DDL Digital Driver’s License
DDML Display Driver Management Layer
DADT Divided Attention Driving Test
DAD Drinking and Driving
DRV Driver
DVR Driver
DVRMECHBADMECH Driver & Mechanic Badge, Mechanic
DMV Driver & Motor Vehicles
DVLA Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency
DVLNI Driver & Vehicle Licensing Northern Ireland
DAB Driver Air Bag
DABI Driver Air Bag Igniter
DAMP Driver Amplifier
DAM Driver Amplifier Module
DMVS Driver and Motor Vehicle Services
DAPS Driver and Plate Search
DVD Driver and Vehicle Data Online Access
DAVID Driver and Vehicle Information Database
DVL Driver and Vehicle Licencing
DVS Driver and Vehicle Services
DWES Driver and WHQL Engineering Services (Intel Corp.)
DAX Driver Anger Expression Inventory
DAAD Driver Assessment and Appeal Division
DAS Driver Assistance System
DBC Driver Built Company
DCPC Driver Certificate of Professional Competence
DCM Driver Chain Manager
DCS Driver Compliance Software
DDK Driver Development Kit
DDU Driver Display Unit
GERMANY Driver Education
DE Driver Education
DERFED Driver Education Research Foundation
DERF Driver Education Research Foundation
DETP Driver Education Training Programme
DEA Driver Evaluation Assembly
DFNP Driver Free Native Printing
DRH Driver Handle
DHP Driver History Profile
DI Driver Identification
DID Driver Identification
DIC Driver Improvement Course
DIPLOMA Driver Improvement Program
DIP Driver Improvement Program
DIRP Driver Incentive Rating Plan
DIC Driver Information Center
DID Driver Information Database
DIS Driver Information System
DKT Driver Knowledge Test
DLA Driver License Agreement
DLAD Driver License Appeal Division
DLC Driver License Compact
DLA Driver Limiter Amplifier
DMI Driver Machine Interface
DOA Driver of Automobile
DOD Driver on Demand
DO Driver Only
DOO Driver Only Operation
DPI Driver Performance Index
DPA Driver Power Amplifier
DQFS Driver Qualification File
DQM Driver Quality Monitoring
DRL Driver Record Level
DRS Driver Record Surcharge
DR Driver Release
DRIFTING Driver Release
DROF Driver Returns on Foot
DSC Driver Safety Course
DSP Driver Safety Program
SET Driver Set
DSI Driver Style Identifier
DSN Driver Support Network
DTM Driver Test Manager
DT Driver Training
DTER Driver Training
DUS Driver Units Speaker
DUA Driver Update Acceptable
DUD Driver Update Disk
DVCR Driver Vehicle Condition Report
DVIR Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
DVLA Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority
DVLC Driver Vehicle Licensing Center
DVTA Driver Vehicle Testing Agency
DWS Driver Work Space
DVO Driver, Vehicle and Operator
DVE Driver, Vehicle, Environment
DPD Driver/Pre-Driver
DCD Driver’s Compass Display
DDR Driver’s Defect Report
DDM Driver’s Door Module
DFAP Driver’s Fatal Accident Policy
DID Driver’s Integrated Display
DKP Driver’s Kick Panel
DLAR Driver’s Licence and Registration
DLN Driver’s Licence Number
DOWNLOAD Driver’s License
DLD Driver’s License Division
DTV Driver’s Thermal Viewer
DIVIDE Driver’s Viewer
DV Driver’s Viewer
DVE Driver’s Vision Enhancer
DVEP Driver’s Vision Enhancer Program
DEFA Driver-Enriched Fuel Assembly
DADRL Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights
DAMM Drivers Against Mad Methods
DCCD Drivers Control Center Differential
DDI Drivers Display Interface
DIPLOMA Drivers Instrument Panel
DIP Drivers Instrument Panel
DL Drivers License
DLS Drivers License Service
DRA Drivers Reminder Appliance
DSD Drivers Safety Device
DSSA Drivers Sound Stage Adjustment
DVD Drivers Vigilance Device
DVI Driver-Vehicle Interface
DVU Driver-Vehicle Unit
DART Driving Ability Road Test
DAI Driving After Imbibing
DAR Driving After Revocation
DFM Driving Force Ministry
DFP Driving Force Pro
DIE Driving Information Extractor
DITC Driving Instructor Training Center
DIAMETER Driving Instructors Association
DIA Driving Instructors Association
DIDU Driving Instructors Democratic Union
DLD Driving Licence Directive
DMI Driving Me Insane
DMI Driving Mode Identifier
DMBS Driving Motor Brake Second
DORL Driving on Revoked License
DSDL Driving on Suspended Driver’s License
DSDL Driving on Suspended Driver’s License
DOSL Driving on Suspended License
DSBS Driving Schools Booking Services
DSFL Driving Skills for Life
DSA Driving Standards Agency
DTW Driving to Work
DTI Driving Trend Identifier
DUS Driving Under Suspension
DUI Driving Under the Influence
DRIVING Driving Under the Influence Initiative
DUIA Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol
DUIC Driving Under the Influence of Cannabis
DRUID Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol and Medicines
DRIVING Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants
DVT Driving Van Trailer
DWAI Driving While Ability Impaired
DWAI Driving While Alcohol Impaired
DWB Driving While Black
DWC Driving While Canine
DWD Driving While Distracted
DWD Driving While Drunk
DWI Driving While Impaired
DWI Driving While Incontinent
44S Driving While Intoxicated
DWI Driving While Intoxicated
DWIC Driving While Intoxicated Checkpoint
DWLR Driving While License Revoked
DWLS Driving While License Suspended
DWLSR Driving While License Suspended or Revoked
DWO Driving While Old
DWO Driving While Oriental
DWP Driving While Phoning
DWR Driving While Revoked
DWS Driving While Stupid
DWS Driving While Suspended
DWT Driving While Texting
DWY Driving While Yakking
DWB Driving Without Brakes
DWOC driving without owners consent
DDA Drowsy Driver Alert
DADAPS Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program
DELIVERED Drunk Driver
DD Drunk Driver
DDAM Drunk Drivers Against Mothers
DADD Drunks Against Drunk Driving
DDS Dual Driver Service
DSDG Dublin Saab Drivers Group
EDL Electronic Driver License Project
EVD Emergency Vehicle Driver
EDGE Employees Driving Government Excellence
EVD Engine Valve Driver
ESD English Speaking Driver
EDL Enhanced Driver’s License
END Enhanced Network Driver
ECDL European Computer Driving License
EFDA European Formula Drivers Association
ED Experiment Driver
ENCD Experiment Node Configuration Driver
FADD Fathers Against Drunk Driving
FHDS Federal Highway Driving Schedule
FUDS Federal Urban Driving Schedule
FEDFA Federated Engine Drivers and Firemens Association
FFDS Feed Forward Driving
FFD Feed Forward Driving
FSD File System Driver
FADO Fire Apparatus Driver/Operator
FODDP First Offender Drinking Driver Program
FDPM Flight-Line Driving Program Manager
YPD Floating Pile Driver
FED For Elite Drivers
FADD Friends against Drinking and Driving
FPDM Fuel Pump Driver Module
FDA Functional Driving Assessment
GD GalleryDriver
GDU Gate Driver Unit
GPD Global Print Driver
GDLS Graduated Driver Licence System
GDL Graduated Driver License
GDL Graduated Driver Licensing
GLDS Green Light Driving School
GPDI Griffiths Pile Driving Inc.
HCED Hand Controller Engage Driver
HDM Hardware Driver Module
HTDP HazMat Transportation Driver’s Permit
HPDC High Performance Driving Course
HSD High Side Driver
HSCDM High-Speed Cable Driver Modem
HADD Hippies Against Drunk Driving
HPDC Holden Performance Driving Centre
HLCD Horn Loaded Compression Drivers
HDT Horse Driving Trials
HBD Hot Bus Driver
HSAD Hot Swap Aware Driver
HEMODIALYSIS Household Drivers
HYUNDAI Household Drivers
HD Household Drivers
HDC Hybrid Driver Controller
IDCN Impreza Drivers Club Norway
IWCD Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers
INSD Informitis Net Serial Driver
IVSD Informitis Virtual Serial Driver
IDM Injector Driver Module
ICD Installable Client Driver
DRV Instrument Driver Application Programming Interface
IRDT Integrated Register of Driver Trainers
IOD Intelligent Output Driver
IADC International Automobile Driver’s Club
ICDL International Computer Driving License
IDC International Driver’s Challenge
IDLA International Driver’s License Association
IDP International Drivers Permit
IDL International Driving License
IOPD International Organisation of Professional Drivers
IRDC International Race Drivers Club
IDRC Intoxicated Driver Resource Center
45 Investigate Reckless Driving
ISDC Irish Subaru Drivers Club
JDC Jaguar Drivers Club
JDI Java Driver Interface
JEDI Joint Exercise Driver for Intelligence
KDER Keep Driving
KD Keep Driving
KDR Key Driving Requirement
KSD Key Success Driver
KVD Key Value Driver
LDD Laser Diode Driver
LVSD Laurel Virtual Serial Driver
LD Legal Driver
LD Line Driver
LDA Line Driver Amplifier
LDR Line Driver/Receiver
LTD Linear Transformer Driver
LDD Linux Device Driver
LD Logic Driver
LTDA London Taxi Drivers Association
LDTD Long Distance Truck Driver
LDES Long Drivers of Europe
LDE Long Drivers of Europe
LDDM Longhorn Display Driver Model
LDOY Lorry Driver of the Year Association
LOADS Loved Ones And Driver Support
LOD Low Overhead Driver
LSD Low Side Driver
LSCDM Low-Speed Cable Driver Modem
MDD Maine Driving Dynamics
MDD Map and Driving Directions
MEDICAL Marine Engine Driver
MED Marine Engine Driver
MDER Mass Driver
MD Mass Driver
MTD Media Technology Drivers
MDHD Medicus Dual Hinge Driver
MDTC Meltzer’s Driver Training Center
MAD Memory Address Driver
MTD Memory Technology Driver
MTD Memory-Enhanced Test Driver
MCD Mini Client Driver
MDD Model Device Driver
MWD Momentum Wheel Driver
MGD MOS Gate Driver
MPD Most Popular Driver
MOAD Mother Of All Drivers
MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving
MLBD Multi Level Bus Drivers
MDSR Multi-Driver Status Register
MLID Multi-Link Interface Driver
MPPD Multi-Pathing Proxy Driver
MLID Multiple Layer Interface Driver
NAPD National Academy for Professional Driving
NADS National Advanced Driving Simulator
NAMDRA National American Motors Drivers and Racers Association
NCADD National Commission Against Drunk Driving
NADICS National Driver Information Control System
NDR National Driver Register
NDTI National Driver Training Institute
NDLC National Driver’s License Compact
NSAID National Students Against Impaired Driving
NTDC National Truck Driving Championships
NDIS Network Driver Interface Specification
NEDC New European Driving Cycle
NMDL New Media Drivers License
NMDL New Mexico Driver License
NORDA New Orleans Racing Drivers Association
NVSD NewAge Virtual Serial Driver
NMDU Newspaper and Magazine Drivers Union
NDD No Designated Driver
NAPD North American Pile Driving Inc.
NCDL North Carolina Driver’s License
NERDS North East Recreational Driving Schedule
NED NVidia Experimental Driver
ODA Occupational Driver Appraisals
ODL Occupational Driver’s License
OCD Off-Chip Driver
OMGBIDHCTB Oh My God, Bear Is Driving, How Can That Be?
ODAC Older Driver Advisory Committee
ODINSUP Open Data link Interface – Network driver interface specification SUPport
ODS Operator Driving Simulator
OLD Optical Line Driver
ODL Oregon Drivers License
PDS Packet Driver Specification
PYT Paid, Young, and Taking on the World from the Drivers Seat
PEDS Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety
PAID People Against Impaired Driving
PRIDE People to Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere
PDC Piedmont Driving Club
PDA Pile Driving Analyzer
PDCA Pile Driving Contractors Association
PD Piledriver
PDD Platform-Dependent Driver
PRDA Polish Racing Drivers of America
PDDS Porsche Design Driver’s Selection
PSDS Porsche Sport Driving School
PRISS Post-deployment Real-time Interactive Simulator/driver System
PDI Precision Driving Instructor
PRD Printer Driver
PHCD Private Hire Car Driver
PDPS Problem Driver Pointer System
PUVD Profesol USB Virtual Driver
PDCA Professional Driver Carrier Association
PDIC Professional Driver Improvement Course
PROD Professional Drivers Council, Inc.
PTD Professional Truck Driver
PTDI Professional Truck Drivers Institute, Inc.
PDL Provisional Driver’s License
PRIDE Putting Rigs in Driver’s Education
RAID Race Against Impaired Driving
RDC Racing Drivers Club
RDT Rally Drivers Team
RJD Reaction Jet Driver
RTD Real Time Driver
RDU Reasonable Drivers Unanimous
RLC Receiver-driver Layered Congestion
RADD Recording Artists Against Drunk Driving
RADD Recording Artists, Actors and Athletes Against Drunk Driving
RBDS Red Bull Driver Search
RIDE Reduce Impaired Driving Everywhere
RAAID Reduction of Accidents and Aggressive and Inconsiderate Drivers
RAD Remote Antenna Driver
RLGM-CD Remote Loop Group Multiplexer Cable Driver Modem
RNDIS Remote Network Driver Interface Specification
RID Remove Intoxicated Drivers
RADAR Removing Aggressive Drivers and Road Rage
RDD Renault Driver Development
RDD Replaceable Database Driver
RADD Report A Drunk Driver
RYD Responsible Young Drivers
RRDC Road Racing Drivers Club
RADD Rockers Against Drunk Driving
RPDS Roland Park Driving School
RDC Ronart Drivers’ Club
STEWARD Safe Driver
SD Safe Driver
SDIP Safe Driver Insurance Plan
SDIP Safe Driver Insurance Points
SDAD San Diego Asebring Drivers
SBD School Bus Driver
SSD Sentinel System Driver
SPDT Sidorov Precision Driver Training
SVDS Silicon Valley Driving School
SOLD Simulation Over Live Driver
SSDC Singapore Safety Driving Centre
STFD Single Transistor Flyback Driver
SBDA Ski Boat Driver Award
SSD SMPTE Slave Driver
SNDB Smug Non Driving Bastard
SDO Solenoid Driver Output
SSDA Solid-State Driver Amplifier
SS Sonic Screwdriver
SAIDI South African Institute of Driving Instructors
SEEDS South East Essex Driving School
SINDA South Island Niva Drivers Association
SPD Spinning Piledriver
SLARDAR Sri Lanka Association of Racing Drivers and Riders
DOCTOR Standard Offline Test Driver
STD Standard Offline Test Driver
SDC Studebaker Drivers Club
SADD Students Against Drunk Driving
SADDLES Students Against Drunk Driving Leaving Everyone Safer
SIDC Subaru Impreza Drivers Club
SPDA Subaru Performance Drivers Association
SDD Subsystem Device Driver
SCVD Supply Chain Valuedriver Decomposition
SODD Survivors of Drunk Drivers
SWD Swervedriver
SDU Switch Driver Unit
TOAD Tactical Operator And Driver
TDA Taking & Driving Away
TD Tape Driver
TD Taxi Driver
TODA Taxi Owners and Drivers Association
TADD Teens Against Drunk Driving
TELCO Telecommunication Network for Cooperative Driving
TDSC Test Driver System – Charlie
TDL Texas Driver License
TIDA Texas Independent Drivers Association
TIDA Texas International Drivers Association
TMTD THAAD Mobile Test Driver
TDTG The Driver Training Group
TDC The Driving Conditions
TEDG The English Drivers Guild
THUNDER Thin Layer Unimorph Driver and Sensor
TMD Tip-Magnetic Driving
TPD Tombstone Piledriver
TLD Tous les Drivers
TDI Transport Driver Interface
TD Tributary Driver
TODA Tricycle Operators and Drivers’ Association
TDI Truck Driver Institute
TDRC Truck Drivers Resource Canada
TSD Type Specific Driver
TWD Typing While Driving
UDD Underage Drinking and Driving
UDR Undisclosed/Undiscovered Driver Report
UDA Unified Driver Architecture
UNITED Unit Test Driver
UTD Unit Test Driver
USDFD United States Driving for the Disabled
UPD Univeral Print Driver
UPDD Universal Pointer Device Driver
UPDF Universal Printer Driver Format
USD Universal Slave Driver
UDAA Unlawfully Driving Away an Automobile
UDDS Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule
UMPD User Mode Print Driver
UMDF User-Mode Driver Framework
UD Utility Driver
VDL Valid Drivers License
VDT Value Driver Tree
VSD Vendor Supplied Driver
VADDS Victorian Association of Drink Driver Services
VSD Video Slave Driver
VBD Virtual Bus Driver
VXD Virtual Device Driver
VDD Virtual Device Driver
VDD Virtual DOS Driver
VXD Virtual Extended Driver
VPD Virtual Printer Driver
VSPD Virtual Serial Port Driver
VPD Voice Packet Driver
VODIS Voice-Operated Driver Information Systems
VDN Volunteer Driver Network
WADD Washington Association of Demolition Drivers
WBDI Web Based Driver Installer
WED Web-enabled Equipment Driver
WNDS West Norfolk Driving School
WDDM Windows Display Driver Model
WDFS Windows Driver Foundation
WDF Windows Driver Foundation
WDK Windows Driver Kit
WDL Windows Driver Library
WDM Windows Driver Model
WHDC Windows Hardware and Driver Central
WPD Windows Printer Driver
WVDDM Windows Vista Display Driver Model
WDDM Windows Vista Display Driver Model
WDDI WinPath Device Driver Interface
DRS WordPerfect Driver Resource
FRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver
VRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver
WDC World Drivers Championship
WSDF Wrong Side Driving Friday
YDTS Young Driver Training Scheme
YFDS Your Favorite Driver Sucks