Georgia Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Georgia state?

GA is the 2 letter abbreviation for Georgia, the 8th largest state in the United States of America. Georgia is a state located in South part of U.S.A, bordering Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia. Major cities include Atlanta (Population: 463889), Columbus (Population: 200590), Savannah (Population: 145685), Athens (Population: 116725), Sandy Springs (Population: 105341), Roswell (Population: 94512), Macon (Population: 91362), Johns Creek (Population: 83346), Albany (Population: 74854), Warner Robins (Population: 73501), Alpharetta (Population: 63704), and Marietta (Population: 59078).

Georgia State Profile

  • Capital: Atlanta
  • Admitted to USA: 1788
  • Area: 153,910 km2
  • Population: 10,617,423
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 229, 404, 478, 678, 706, 770, 912
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  GA
  • State Government Website:


The US state of Georgia is located in the southeastern United States and borders on the states of Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Alabama. The name of the state goes back to George II the King of Great Britain and Ireland. The state’s nickname is Peach State and its motto is Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation before statehood. The federal stat covers an area of ​​153,909 km² – with approximately 9.7 million inhabitants. The state capital is Atlanta with approximately 420,000 residents in northern Georgia.

Georgia originated in 1732 and is one (the last one to emerge) of the original 13 colonies of the United States. With its accession to the Union on January 2nd, 1788 Georgia became the fourth state of the USA. Because of its well-developed industry, Georgia used to be nicknamed the “Empire State of the South”. Today the pillars of the economy here are the textile, wood and food industries. In agriculture, the so-called “peach country” primarily cultivates cotton, rice, tobacco, sugar cane, peanuts and various fruits. Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, is considered the economic and cultural center of the Southeastern United States.
Tourists are especially drawn to Georgia’s famous seaside resorts.

But Georgia has become particularly well known since the triumphal march of Coca Cola began here in 1886. On May 8, 1886, the pharmacist John Smith Pemberton launched a mixture of a syrup he had developed with soda water. But the drink only became a success under the pharmacy wholesaler Asa Griggs Candler, who acquired all rights to the mixture in 1888 – shortly after Pemberton’s death – and founded the Coca Cola Company in 1892. As early as 1895, he was able to deliver the drink to the entire United States. Incidentally, today’s Coca Cola Company is based in Atlanta. It is less pleasing that the black musician Ray Charles was banned from performing in Georgia because he had disregarded the legally required segregation in concert halls. The law was only abolished in the late 1990s. But the fact that the version of the song “Georgia – on my mind” played by Ray Charles in 1979 became an anthem of the state can be seen as a satisfaction. It should be noted that on April 12, 1945 in Warm Springs, President Theodor Roosevelt, born in New York in 1882, died. He is the only president to hold more than two terms.

Cities and larger towns

With approximately 420,000 inhabitants, Atlanta is the largest city and capital of the state of Georgia. 5.27 million people live in the metropolitan area of ​​the city, which is a good 54% of all residents of Georgia. The city was founded between 1836 and 1837. It is located in northwest Georgia in the so-called Piedmont. So the city is the center of Georgia. This also applies to Atlanta’s role in traffic. The city is the hub for the southeastern United States. With a daily passenger volume of over 270,000, the Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International Airport is one of the largest airports not only in the USA but in the world.

Companies such as Coca-Cola Cox, Enterprises and CNN are based in the state. The city offers a lot more besides museums and theaters and who strolls along the famous Peachtree Street will be able to admire the many historical buildings of the city. The city’s most famous son is certainly Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was born here on January 15, 1929. Incidentally, Atlanta is the twin city of Nuremberg.

With approximately 190,000 inhabitants, Augusta is the second largest city in Georgia and the administrative seat of Richmond County. The city was founded in 1937 and was the state capital until 1759. Augusta is located on the Savannah River on the South Carolina border and was named after the former Princess of Wales, Augusta of Saxony-Gotha. The city is best known for the professional golf tournament The Masters Tournament, which is one of the largest golf tournaments in the world. It is held annually in the local Augusta National Golf Club.

With just under 186,000 residents, Columbus is the third largest city in the state and the administrative seat of Muscogee County in the west. The city was named after Christopher Columbus and has become one of the most important economic centers in the south. Cotton cultivation is primarily home to the U.S. textile industry, but iron and ships are also manufactured in Columbus and shipped across the Chattahoochee River. The Chattahoochee River makes Columbus’ connection to the outside possible and at the same time separates the states of Alabama and Georgia from each other. Right across the river is the city of Phenix, Alabama. Best Life Magazine named Columbus the 4th most popular city in the United States.

Savannah is the largest city and the administrative seat of Chatham County. The city was founded in 1733 and is the fourth largest in the state of Georgia with around 136,000 inhabitants. Savannah is located on the Savannah River and just 15 miles from the Atlantic. Every year, the colonial-style city captivates millions of visitors and inspires with its architecture and the many important historical buildings. Particularly noteworthy are the Savannah Historic and the Savannah Victorian District, which are one of the largest US historic landmarks. In Savannah there is e.g. B. also the oldest African Baptist Church.

Clarke Country, with its administrative headquarters in Athens, is located in the northeast of the state. Athens has around 115,000 residents, making it the fifth largest city in Georgia. Athens got its name from the Greek capital and its two philosophers Aristotle and Plato; today, however, the city is considered more of a “Manchester of the South” – a city shaped by the cotton trade and textile industry. Furthermore, Athens is known as the university location of the University of Georgia and thus as a student city. Athens also offers its residents a rich cultural and educational offer to the numerous tourists, but music lovers are also not neglected in Athens. So comes from B. the band REM from Athens, in which they have played umpteen times. There are quite a few clubs and bars in which the mood – especially on days of football – really thrives. Athens is home to the Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia’s college football team.

Albany was founded in 1838 as a city and has around 77,000 inhabitants. The city on the Flint River is also the administrative seat and the largest city of Dougherty County and is located in the middle southwest of Georgia. Albany is the fourth poorest city in the United States. 2/3 of the population is of African-American origin, the majority of whom are employed in agriculture. And although many of the residents live below the poverty line, the crime rate in Albany is not particularly high – on the contrary: surrounded by pecan trees, pines, farms and plantations, the city radiates the very special charm of a small town in the southern United States and receives visitors with open arms.

Macon is part of the Macon Metropolitan Area and is the administrative seat of Bibb County, but a small part of the city is also in the adjacent Jones County. With around 91,300 residents, the city on the banks of the Ocmulgee River is the largest in central Georgia. It is therefore nicknamed Heart of Georgia. Once home to the Muscogee (aborigines, also called Creek), Macon is now a small, economically growing city. Thanks to the Mancon river connection, cotton trading in Georgia is particularly easy because cotton is shipped across the Ocmulgee River to the textile processing industry throughout the state.

With approximately 94,000 inhabitants, Valdosta is the administrative seat and the largest city in Lowndes County, which is located directly on the border with Florida. Once known as Troupville, the city was renamed Valdosta in 1860, and its name was given to the Italian valley of Valdosta, which former Georgian governor George Troup was particularly fond of visiting. The naming is still criticized because Troup stood for extreme racial politics and segregation in Georgia. Today Valdosta is particularly popular as a student city, but also non-students come to life here, because Valdosta is one of the few cities in the USA where career dreams can be realized particularly easily.

Georgia State Abbreviations

List of Georgia Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Georgia are GA which stands for Georgia. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Georgia, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

GA: Georgia

Acronym Meaning
ACNG AIDS Coalition of Northeast Georgia
AASG American Academy of Sciences in Georgia
ACEC-G American Council of Engineering Companies of Georgia
AFGA Angel Flight of Georgia
ADCG Arts Development Council of Georgia
ACCG Association County Commissioners of Georgia
BOG Bank of Georgia
BRAG Bicycle Ride Across Georgia
BVSGA Black Vegetarian Society of Georgia
BCBS-GA Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia
BHCG Breast Health Connection of Georgia
BWK Brunswick, Georgia
CHANGE Catholic Home Alliance of North Georgia Educators
CGTC Central Georgia Technical College
CGTEN Central Georgia Traffic Enforcement Network
CG Central of Georgia Railway Company
CGA Central of Georgia Railway Company
CUG Citizen’s Union of Georgia
CGLT Coastal Georgia Land Trust
CGSA Coastal Georgia Soccer Association
CBWG Community Bank of West Georgia
CFCG Community Foundation of Central Georgia
CUGY Conservative Union of Georgian Youth
CGUS Consortium of Georgian Universities
CGU Consortium of Georgian Universities
COAG Constitutional Officers’ Association of Georgia, Inc
DECI Dahlonega, Georgia
DRAIN Dahlonega, Georgia
D Dahlonega, Georgia
DAILY Dahlonega, Georgia
DAN Danielsville, Georgia, USA
DCMG Development Corporation of Middle Georgia
EGRMC East Georgia Regional Medical Center
ETAG English Teachers’ Association of Georgia
FELLOW Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
F Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FOUL Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FRACTION Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FLUNKED Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FULL Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Georgia
FLAG Foreign Language Association of Georgia
FSROG Former Soviet Republic of Georgia
FOGL Friends of Georgia Libraries
G4G Genes for Georgia
GA Georgia
GE Georgia
GEORGE Georgia
GG Georgia
GEO Georgia
GATA Georgia Academic Team Association
GAFP Georgia Academy of Family Physicians
GAMA Georgia Access Management Association
GACA Georgia Addiction Counselors Association
GAEA Georgia Adult Education Association
GAO Georgia Advocacy Office
GAC Georgia Agribusiness Council
GACCP Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Peanuts
GALFF Georgia Agri-Leaders Forum Foundation
GAMI Georgia Alliance for the Mentally Ill
GAA Georgia Alternate Assessment
GF Georgia and Florida Railroad
GAM Georgia Anne Muldrow
GABA Georgia Antiquarian Booksellers Association
GAA Georgia Apartment Association
GASF Georgia Archaeological Site File
GANG Georgia Army National Guard
GAEA Georgia Art Education Association
GACE Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators
GAFP Georgia Association for Food Protection
GANE Georgia Association for Nursing Education
GAPT Georgia Association for Play Therapy
GAPT Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation
GAMSS Georgia Association Medical Staff Services
GAAE Georgia Association of Accounting Educators
GACLEA Georgia Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators
GACP Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
GACE Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers
GACCP Georgia Association of Community Care Providers
GACIS Georgia Association of Curriculum and Instructional Supervisors
GAEL Georgia Association of Educational Leaders
GAE Georgia Association of Educators
GAESP Georgia Association of Elementary School Principals
GAEMS Georgia Association of Emergency Medical Services
GAEA Georgia Association of Enrolled Agents
GAH Georgia Association of Historians
GAHSC Georgia Association of Homes & Services for Children
GAMSP Georgia Association of Middle School Principals
GAMG Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries
GANA Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists
GANS Georgia Association of Nursing Students
GAPA Georgia Association of Physician Assistants
GPA Georgia Association of Planetariums
GAPP Georgia Association of Plant Pathologists
GAPAC Georgia Association of Professional Agricultural Consultants
GAPB Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen, Inc.
GARRS Georgia Association of Recovery Residences
GASN Georgia Association of School Nurses
GASP Georgia Association of School Psychologists
GASSP Georgia Association of Secondary School Principals
GASPP Georgia Association of Special Programs Personnel
GAD Georgia Association of the Deaf, Inc.
GATES Georgia Association of Training, Employment and Supports
GAYC Georgia Association on Young Children
GAFC Georgia Associations of Fire Chiefs
GAEC Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission
GACA Georgia Athletic Coaches Association
GAYA Georgia Author of the Year Award
GABRC Georgia Avenue Business Resource Center
GBCN Georgia Baptist College of Nursing
GBC Georgia Baptist Convention
GBST Georgia Basic Skills Test
GBDL Georgia Basin Digital Library
GBFP Georgia Basin Futures Project
GBA Georgia Beekeepers Association
GBDRIS Georgia Birth Defects Reporting and Information System
GBOE Georgia Board of Education
GBON Georgia Board of Nursing
GBI Georgia Boys Incorporated
GBCC Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition
GBI Georgia Bureau of Investigation
GBFH Georgia Business Forum on Health, Inc.
GCIS Georgia Career Information System
GCO Georgia Carpet Outlet
GCCS Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics
GCATT Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunications Technology
GCLP Georgia Certified Landscape Professional
GCW Georgia Championship Wrestling
GCCA Georgia Cheerleading Coaches Association
GCCA Georgia Child Care Association
GCMP Georgia Children Media Program
GCA Georgia Chiropractic Association
GCCA Georgia Christian Counselors Association
GCSC Georgia Christian Student Center
GCLA Georgia CIO Leadership Association
GCLA Georgia Clogging Leaders Association
GCAT Georgia Coastal Aquatic Team
GCAG Georgia Coastal Artists Guild
GCEP Georgia College of Emergency Physicians
GCHC Georgia Collegiate Honors Council
GACCP Georgia Commodity Commission for Peaches
GCSS Georgia Community Support and Solutions, Inc
GCMB Georgia Composite Medical Board
GCPA Georgia Concrete & Products Association
GCBM Georgia Conference of Black Mayors
GCHC Georgia Correctional HealthCare
GCI Georgia Correctional Industries
G-CASE Georgia Council of Administrators of Special Education
GCC Georgia Council of Chiropractic
GCLA Georgia Council of Local Administrators
COMO Georgia Council of Media Organizations
GCTE Georgia Council of Teachers of English
GCTM Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.
GCCA Georgia Council on Child Abuse
GDS Georgia Daffodil Society
GDLA Georgia Defense Lawyers Association
GDA Georgia Dental Association
GDS Georgia Dental Society
GADA Georgia Department of Agriculture
GDOA Georgia Department of Audits
GDAA Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts
GDCA Georgia Department of Community Affairs
GDCH Georgia Department of Community Health
GDC Georgia Department of Corrections
GADOE Georgia Department of Education
GDL Georgia Department of Labor
GADNR Georgia Department of Natural Resources
GDOR Georgia Department of Revenue
GDSCC Georgia Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center
GDA Georgia Dietetic Association
GDVP Georgia Disability Vote Project
GDLA Georgia Distance Learning Association
GD Georgia Dome
GDCTA Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association
GDT Georgia Drill Team
GELA Georgia Education Leadership Academy
GERA Georgia Educational Research Association
GETC Georgia Educational Technology Conference
GEMC Georgia Electric Membership Corporation
GECA Georgia Electronic Commerce Association
GETC Georgia Elite Track Club
GEMA Georgia Emergency Management Agency
GENA Georgia Emergency Nurses Association
GEOP Georgia Emergency Operations Plan
GEM Georgia Enriches Minds
GET Georgia Ensemble Theatre
GEFA Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority
GEPA Georgia Environmental Policy Act
GEPD Georgia Environmental Protection Division
GERL Georgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd
GFB Georgia Farm Bureau
GFCU Georgia Federal Credit Union
GFHA Georgia Field Hockey Association
GFGA Georgia Fingerstyle Guitar Association
GFGAS Georgia Fingerstyle Guitar Association
GFIA Georgia Fire Investigators Association
GFPL Georgia Florida Paintball League
GFGA Georgia Flower Growers Association
GFGAS Georgia Flower Growers Association
GFIA Georgia Food Industry Association
GFOA Georgia Football Officials Association
GFCA Georgia Forensics Coaches Association
GFA Georgia Forestry Association
GFC Georgia Forestry Commission
GFDA Georgia Funeral Directors Association, Inc.
GGIA Georgia Gang Investigators Association
GGRA Georgia Gay Rodeo Association
GGA Georgia Geocachers Association
GGS Georgia Gerontology Society
GGS Georgia Gourd Society
GGFOA Georgia Government Finance Officers Association
GGS Georgia Great Southern
GGIA Georgia Green Industry Association
GGC Georgia Gwinnett College
GHLD Georgia Harper Landscape Design
GHSA Georgia Head Start Association
GHIMA Georgia Health Information Management Association
GHP Georgia Health Partnership
GHF Georgia Healthy Families
GHC Georgia Heritage Council
GHSA Georgia High School Association
GHSA Georgia High School Athletic Association
GHSFHA Georgia High School Football Historians Association
GHSGT Georgia High School Graduation Test
GHSRA Georgia High School Rodeo Association
GHSWT Georgia High School Writing Test
GHC Georgia Highlands College
GHP Georgia Highway Patrol
GHQ Georgia Historical Quarterly
GHB Georgia Home Boy
GHT Georgia Home Theater
GHA Georgia Hospital Association
GHTA Georgia Hospitality Travel Association
GISA Georgia Independent School Association
GIDC Georgia Indigent Defense Council
GIFT Georgia Industrial Fellowships for Teachers
GILA Georgia Industrial Loan Association
GICN Georgia Infection Control Network
GISAC Georgia Information Sharing and Analysis Center
GICH Georgia Initiative for Community Housing
GIT Georgia Institute of Technology
GIIS Georgia Insurance Information Service
GIST Georgia Interactive Statewide Telecommunications
GISAC Georgia Interagency Safety Advisory Council
GIGC Georgia International Gymnastics and Cheer, Inc.
GIW Georgia Iron Works
GJA Georgia Jail Association
GJA Georgia Jewelers Association
GJGA Georgia Junior Golf Association
GLCP Georgia Land Conservation Partnership
GLUT Georgia Land Use Trend
GEL Georgia Lari
GLEI Georgia Leadership Evaluation Instrument
GLC Georgia Learning Connections
GLRS Georgia Learning Resources System
GLPA Georgia Legal Professionals for Animals
GLA Georgia Library Association
GLASS Georgia Library for Accessible Services
GLASB Georgia Lions All-State Band
GLS Georgia Local Section
GMSA Georgia Main Street Association
GMEA Georgia Manufacturing Extension Alliance
GMEA Georgia Marketing Education Association
GMG Georgia Marketing Group
GMGA Georgia Master Gardener Association
GMGA Georgia Meat Goat Association
GMESC Georgia Middle East Studies Consortium
GMSA Georgia Middle School Association
GMDJA Georgia Mobile DJ Association
GAMMA Georgia Model Missile Association
GMTA Georgia Motor Trucking Association
GMSP Georgia Motorcycle Safety Program
GMSA Georgia Mountain Soccer Association
GMFA Georgia Mountains Foodways Alliance
GMA Georgia Municipal Association
GMEBS Georgia Municipal Employees Benefit System
GMOA Georgia Museum of Art
GMEA Georgia Music Educators Association
GMHF Georgia Music Hall of Fame
GMIA Georgia Music Industry Association
GMTA Georgia Music Teachers Association
GMAG Georgia Mutual Aid Group
GNW Georgia Native Wildlife
GNHP Georgia Natural Heritage Program
GNRR Georgia Northeastern Railroad
GNAS Georgia Nurse Alert System
GNA Georgia Nurses Association
GOAL Georgia Occupational Award of Leadership
GOTA Georgia Occupational Therapy Association
GOHS Georgia Office of Highway Safety
GOHS Georgia Office of Homeland Security
GOML Georgia on My Line
GOA Georgia Optometric Association
GOHPP Georgia Oral Health Prevention Program
GOTI Georgia Orthopaedic Trauma Institute
GOCA Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance
GAPAC Georgia Pacific
GPC Georgia Pacific Company
GPRI Georgia Pacific Resins, Inc.
GPHC Georgia Paint Horse Club
GPCF Georgia Partnership for Caring Foundation
GPEE Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education
GPJC Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition
GPC Georgia Peach Council
GPC Georgia Peanut Commission
GPPA Georgia Peanut Producers Association
GPS Georgia Performance Standards
GPC Georgia Perimeter College
GPA Georgia Perinatal Association
GPFES Georgia Plant Food Education Society
GPC Georgia Poison Center
GPSA Georgia Political Science Association
GAP Georgia Power
GPC Georgia Power Company
GPA Georgia Press Association
GPN Georgia Prevention Network
GPSA Georgia Private Schools Association
GPFA Georgia Professional Farrier Association
GPPA Georgia Professional Photographers Association, Inc.
GPAT Georgia Project for Assistive Technology
GPCC Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition
GPPA Georgia Psychiatric Physicians Association
GPB Georgia Public Broadcasting
GPPF Georgia Public Policy Foundation
GPSC Georgia Public Service Commission
GQHA Georgia Quarter Horse Association
GRA Georgia Racquetball Association
GRPP Georgia Rail Passenger Program
GREAB Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board
GREC Georgia Real Estate Commission
GREO Georgia Real Estate Online
GRDF Georgia Regional Development Fund
GRID Georgia Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc.
GROW Georgia Rehab Online Works
GRTC Georgia Rehab Technology Council
GRA Georgia Rehabilitation Association
GROW Georgia Rehabilitation of Wildlife
GARF Georgia Renaissance Festival
GRA Georgia Research Alliance
GRW Georgia Revenue Watch
GR Georgia Review
GRIP Georgia Road Improvement Program
GRSP Georgia Rotary Student Program
GSBA Georgia School Boards Association, Inc.
GSCI Georgia School Council Institute
GSFSA Georgia School Food Service Association
GSD Georgia School for the Deaf
GSPP Georgia School of Professional Psychology
GSSA Georgia School Superintendents Association
GSTC Georgia Science and Technology Commission
GSSA Georgia Science Supervisors Association
GSTC Georgia Sea Turtle Center
GSRF Georgia Self Reliance Fund
GSSA Georgia Self Storage Association
SIGTF Georgia Self-Insurers Guaranty Trust Fund
GSOA Georgia Soccer Officials Association
GSA Georgia Society of Anesthesiologists
GSOP Georgia Society of Orthotists and Prosthetists
GSF Georgia Southern & Florida
GSC Georgia Southern College
GSU Georgia Southern University
GSWR Georgia Southwestern Railroad
GSW Georgia Southwestern State University, Americus, Georgia
GSHA Georgia Speech-Language and Hearing Association
GSTEP Georgia Spit Tobacco Education Program
GSSA Georgia Sport Shooting Association
GSMI Georgia Sports Medicine Institute
GSM Georgia Square Mall
GSCO Georgia State Climate Office
GSFIC Georgia State Finance and Investment Commission
GSGA Georgia State Golf Association
GSP Georgia State Patrol
GSSA Georgia State Soccer Association
GSSMA Georgia State Society of Medical Assistants
GSTEP Georgia State Test of English Proficiency
GSTAND Georgia State Trade Association of Nonprofit Developers
GSU Georgia State University
GSTEP Georgia State University Test of English Proficiency
GSAMS Georgia Statewide Academic and Medical System
GSMM Georgia Stormwater Management Manual
GSA Georgia Strait Alliance
GSFA Georgia Student Finance Authority
GSFC Georgia Student Finance Commission
GSTEP Georgia Systemic Teacher Education Program
GSOC Georgia Systems Operations Corporation
GTOI Georgia Teacher Observation Instrument
GUATEMALA Georgia Tech
GT Georgia Tech
GTCS Georgia Tech Computer Store
GTL Georgia Tech Lorraine
GTRC Georgia Tech Research Corporation
GTRR Georgia Tech Research Reactor
GTWRFC Georgia Tech Women’s Rugby Football Club
GTA Georgia Technology Association
GTA Georgia Technology Authority
GTA Georgia Telephone Association
GTA Georgia Tennis Association
GTMA Georgia Textile Manufacturers Association
GATFXC Georgia Track and Field and Cross Country
GTIPI Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute
GTEP Georgia Train and Equip Program
GTMA Georgia Transfer to Minors Act
GTA Georgia Transit Association
GTF Georgia Transplant Foundation
GATI Georgia Transportation Institute
GTI Georgia Transportation Institute
GTA Georgia Turfgrass Association
GUAM Georgia Ukraine Azerbaijan Moldova
GUFPA Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act
GVMA Georgia Vegetation Management Association
GVI Georgia Ventures Inc.
GVMA Georgia Veterinary Medical Association
GVSDC Georgia Vocational Staff Development Consortium
GVI Georgia Volunteer Infantry
GWVH Georgia War Veterans Home
GWRI Georgia Water Resources Institute
GWA Georgia Watermelon Association
GAWG Georgia Wing
GWCI Georgia Workshop on Culture and Institutions
GWCC Georgia World Congress Center
GWH Georgia Wrestling History
GYB Georgia Youth Ballet
GYSTC Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers, Inc.
GSSA Georgia Youth Soccer Association
GCA Georgia-Cumberland Academy
GAPS Georgian Alliance for Patient Safety
GAU Georgian American University
GAMH Georgian Association for Mental Health
GAWB Georgian Association of Women in Business
GBC Georgian Bay Country
GBSS Georgian Bay Secondary School
GBS Georgian Bay Symphony
GCCW Georgian Center for the Conservation of Wildlife
GCF Georgian Chess Federation
GC Georgian College
GCC Georgian Court College
GEPA Georgian Export Promotion Agency
GFMA Georgian Folk Medicine Association
GFSIS Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies
GLC Georgian Lottery Company
GMJ Georgian Mathematical Journal
GOC Georgian Orthodox Church
GPSA Georgian Political Science Association
GRCS Georgian Red Cross Society
GRDF Georgian Research and Development Foundation
GSCD Georgian Securities Central Depository
GTC Georgian Trade Center
GTTA Georgian Triangle Tourist Association
GUA Georgian Urological Association
GAOR Georgian-American Oil Refinery
GANE Georgians Against Nuclear Energy
GWCB Georgians for World Class Beer
GUTS Georgians Unwilling to Surrender
GP Georgia-Pacific
GAOG Guyana Association of Georgia, Inc.
HOGA Hands on Georgia Affiliate
HBOC HBO & Co of Georgia
HGMC Heart of Georgia Metal Crafters
HOG Hemophilia of Georgia
KMAC Herbert Smart Downtown Airport Macon, Georgia, USA
HCAG Hispanic Contractors Association of Georgia
HACG Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia
HAGA Humane Association of Georgia, Inc.
ICGG Internet Consulting Group of Georgia
JCCG Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Georgia
JMAG Journal of the Medical Association of Georgia
KGBF Keep Georgia Beautiful Foundation
KAOG Konkani Association of Georgia
LPGA Libertarian Party of Georgia
LAAG Library Automation Association in Georgia
LPCAGA Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia
LPCAG Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia
MOGA Mall of Georgia
MAG Medical Association of Georgia
MCG Medical College of Georgia
MSG Memorial Society of Georgia
MGAA Mid Georgia Apartment Association
MGAA Middle Georgia Art Association
MGC Middle Georgia College
MGCB Middle Georgia Concert Band
MGTC Middle Georgia Technical College
MCG Millennium Challenge Georgia Fund
MBAG Mortgage Bankers Association of Georgia, Inc.
MEAG Municipal Electric Association of Georgia
MEAG Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia
MCG Mushroom Club of Georgia
NBG National Bank of Georgia
NGAS New Georgia Archaeological Survey
NGE New Georgia Encyclopedia
NGAC North Georgia Agricultural College
NGAC North Georgia Annual Conference
NGB North Georgia Beverage
NGCU North Georgia Credit Union
NGFL North Georgia Football League
NGHDA North Georgia Honda Dealers Association
NGHA North Georgia Hound Association
NGMA North Georgia Mountains Authority
NGNB North Georgia National Bank
NGTC North Georgia Technical College
NGTD North Georgia Tres Dias
NGTO North Georgia Trout Online
NWGC Northwest Georgia Consortium
NWGAWTE Northwest Georgia Walk to Emmaus
OMIG OSCE Mission to Georgia (est. 1992; Vienna, Austria)
OAAG Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia
ORGT Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech
POAG Peace Officers Association of Georgia
POAB Peace Officers’ Annuity and Benefit Fund of Georgia
PACCGA Philippine American Chamber of Commerce of Georgia, Inc.
PCBG Piedmont Community Bank Georgia
PPG Planned Parenthood of Georgia
PIAG Printing & Imaging Association of Georgia
PIAG Printing Industry Association of Georgia
PAGE Professional Association of Georgia Educators
PCG Progressive Clergy of Georgia
PSGB Puget Sound Georgia Basin
RCOG Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia
SCFG Sickle Cell Foundation of Georgia
GS South Georgia & The South Sandwich Island
SGSSI South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands
SGS South Georgia and the Islands
GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
SGC South Georgia College
SGPA South Georgia Paranormal Association
SGPI South Georgia Paranormal Investigators
SGPA South Georgia Physicians Association, LLC
SHOTGUN South Georgia Railway Company
SG South Georgia Railway Company
SGTC South Georgia Technical College
GS South Georgia The South Sandwich Island
SGBARC South Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club
SGHA Southwest Georgia Homeschool Association
SOGA Special Olympics Georgia
SDAG Stamp Dealer’s Association of Georgia
SDSG State Department for Statistics of Georgia
UWG State University of West Georgia
TBR Statesboro, Georgia – Municipal
SOG Strait of Georgia
SEAOG Structural Engineers Association of Georgia
SPAGE Student Professional Association of Georgia Educators
TBS Tbilisi, Georgia – Novo Alexeyevka
TAG Technical Association of Georgia
TAG Technology Association of Georgia
TAG Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia Railway Company
GABB The Georgia Association of Business Brokers, Inc.
THWG To Hell with Georgia
UGPN United Kingdom-Georgia Professional Network
UNOMIG United Nations Observer Mission In Georgia
UG University of Georgia
UGA University of Georgia
UGA University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
UWG University of West Georgia
USGA University System of Georgia
USG University System of Georgia
VSG Vegetarian Society of Georgia
VSAG Very Special Arts Georgia
WGGC West Georgia Gymnastics Center
WGLF West Georgia Liberation Front
WGNB West Georgia National Bank
WGTC West Georgia Technical College
WGTA West Georgia Telecommunications Alliance
WWLC White Water Learning Center of Georgia
WNG Wilderness Network of Georgia
YDG Young Democrats of Georgia