Tennessee Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Tennessee state?

TN is the 2 letter abbreviation for Tennessee, the 16th largest state in the United States of America. Tennessee is a state located in East South Central  part of U.S.A, bordering Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, and Virginia. Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee. Major cities include Memphis (Population: 655781), Nashville (Population: 530863), Knoxville (Population: 185302), Chattanooga (Population: 176599), East Chattanooga (Population: 154035), Clarksville (Population: 149187), Murfreesboro (Population: 126129), Franklin (Population: 72650), Jackson (Population: 66986), Johnson City (Population: 66038), Bartlett (Population: 58590), and Hendersonville (Population: 56029).

Tennessee State Flag

Tennessee State Profile

  • Capital: Nashville
  • Admitted to USA: 1796
  • Area: 109,153 km2
  • Population: 6,829,174
  • Time zone: GMT-5, GMT-6
  • Calling code: 423, 615, 731, 865, 901, 931
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  TN
  • State Government Website: http://www.tennessee.gov/


The state of Tennessee is located in the southeastern United States and is one of the so-called southern states. Tennessee borders Missouri to the northwest, Kentucky to the north, Virginia to the northeast, North Carolina to the east, Georgia to the southeast, Alabama and Mississippi to the south, and Arkansas to the southwest. In 1796, Tennessee became the 16th state to join the Union, but replaced itself in 1861 and rejoined in 1866. Before joining, the area belonged to North Carolina and then to the Southwest Territory.

Today Tennessee covers an area of ​​109,247 km² and has approximately 6.47 million inhabitants. The capital of Tennessee is Nashville, with approximately 626,000 residents. The state is nicknamed “Volunteer State”. This is because during the Second War of Independence (1812-1815), a particularly large number of Tennessee citizens fought as volunteers. The state motto is “Agriculture and commerce”. The name Tennessee is derived from the Cherokee settlement “Tanasi” on the Little Tennessee River. This was already visited in 1567 by the Spanish conqueror Juan Pardo. Tennessee is famous for blues as well as the birthplace of rock’n’roll and country and country music.

The blues stronghold is in the west of the state, country music in the middle of the state and bluegrass is a specialty of eastern Tennessee. In this context, the famous Jack Daniel’s Whiskey is not surprising. In 1968 the civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shot. On September 12, 2003, the most famous American country music singer and songwriter Johnny Cash (1932-2003) died in Nashville. Other well-known state musicians include Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison and Carl Perkins. And on June 9, Memphis passed one of the Mississippi’s highest tidal waves since 1937. The river widened from normally 0.8 km to approximately 4.8 km. Nevertheless, the most important parts of the city are spared major floods.

Tennessee’s economy is differentiated. In addition to the high proportion of agricultural products such as textiles, cotton, soybeans and cattle, energy production and tourism are also on the rise. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited national park in the United States in Tennessee. Smaller parts of Tennessee are also located in the so-called Tornado Alley. This is a particularly tornado-rich area in the Midwestern United States, where over a thousand large and small tornadoes roam across the country each year, especially in the spring.

The US states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri are entirely within Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley also includes the northeastern part of Texas, the north of Louisiana, the northwestern part of Mississippi, central and southern Illinois, the southwest of Indiana and parts of Nebraska as well as smaller parts of Kentucky.

Cities and larger towns

The city of Memphis with its approximately 670,000 inhabitants is the largest city in the state of Tennessee. There are even more than 1.3 million people living in the city’s metropolitan area. The city is located in the far southwest of Tennessee, near the state border with Mississippi and Arkansas. Memphis was founded in 1819. In 1968 the civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. shot. The city is widely regarded as the birthplace of rock’n’roll and the home of blues. Particularly noteworthy in this context is Beale Street, one of the centers of the blues, as well as the Sun Studios where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis were under contract. Memphis is also home to Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley. Memphis also offers some excellent museums and galleries.

Nashville has approximately 620,000 residents and is the capital of Tennessee and the second largest city in the state. Nashville is centrally located in the northern part of Tennessee on the Cumberland River and about 1.5 million people live in the metropolitan area of ​​the city. Nashville was founded in 1779 as Fort Nashborough. Nashville is known as the center of country music and is also called “Music City, USA”. Nashville also offers some interesting buildings, museums and galleries. But be careful, Nashville is one of the ten most dangerous cities in the United States. Nashville is twinned with Magdeburg.

The city of Knoxville has approximately 180,000 inhabitants and is located in the east of Tennessee on the Tennessee River. Knoxville was founded in 1786 and was the capital of Tennessee from 1796 to 1817. The city is named after the former war minister Henry Knox. The 1982 World’s Fair was held in Knoxville. The Sunsphere tower is still preserved from this period. The director Quentin Tarantino comes from Knoxville. Knoxville is a good base for trips to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The city of Chattanooga with its approximately 165,000 inhabitants is the fourth largest city in Tennessee and is located in the southeast of the state, near the border with the state of Georgia. Chattanooga was founded in 1816 and in recent years the city has experienced a new boom which makes them very livable again. The famous Walnut Street Bridge can be found in Chattanooga. Other attractions include the Tennessee Aquarium and the Chattanooga Zoo at Warner Park. Chattanooga is also known for the song “Chattanooga Choo Choo” from Glenn Miller in 1941.

Tennessee State Abbreviations

List of Tennessee Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Tennessee are TN which stands for Tennessee. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Tennessee, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

TN: Tennessee

Acronym Meaning
ATFCU Alcoa Tennessee Federal Credit Union
AATV Apartment Association of the Tennessee Valley
APTA Association for the Preservation of Tennessee Antiquities
AAET Astrological Association of East Tennessee
BCAT Basketball Coaches Association of Tennessee
BTTS Bristol Tennessee Transit System
CTBMA Carolinas-Tennessee Building Materials Association, Inc.
CHWDT Center for Health Workforce Development in Tennessee
CFMT Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
CENTS Conservation Education Now for Tennessee Students
CPOT Constitution Party of Tennessee
COAT County Officials Association of Tennessee
CRITA Current Research in Tennessee Archaeology
DMAT DENSO Manufacturing Athens Tennessee
DTR Duramax Tokai Rubber Tennessee Inc.
ETABL East Tennessee Adult Baseball League
ETWNC East Tennessee and Western North Carolina
ETBA East Tennessee Biomedical Association
ETCA East Tennessee College Alliance
ETCTDA East Tennessee Combined Training & Dressage Association
ETDR East Tennessee Doberman Rescue
ETEA East Tennessee Education Association
ETHC East Tennessee Heart Consultants
ETHC East Tennessee History Center
ETHRA East Tennessee Human Resource Agency, Inc.
ETLA East Tennessee Library Association
ETMC East Tennessee Mechanical Contractors, Inc.
ETNG East Tennessee Natural Gas
ETPC East Tennessee Progress Center
ETRA East Tennessee Racing Association
ETRLA East Tennessee Regional Leadership Association
ETRA East Tennessee Resource Agency
ETSU East Tennessee State University
ETTAC East Tennessee Technology Access Center
ETVA East Tennessee Vocal Association
EDCT Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee
EMAT Emergency Management Association of Tennessee
ETW Exceptional Tennessee Waters
FTAAA First Tennessee Area Agency on Aging & Disability
FTB First Tennessee Bank
FTNC First Tennessee National Corporation
GATS Giving Aid to Seniors of Tennessee, Inc.
GHT Golf House Tennessee
HINT Health Information Network of Tennessee
HBAMT Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee
HABIT Human Animal Bond in Tennessee
IPTAI Indiana Princeton Tennessee Astrobiology Initiative
LTLT Land Trust for the Little Tennessee
LTVEC Little Tennessee Valley Educational Cooperative
MTAC Middle Tennessee Anime Convention
MTBR Middle Tennessee Boxer Rescue
MTCOA Middle Tennessee Code Officials Association
MTES Middle Tennessee Experiment Station
MTFL Middle Tennessee Football League
MTFC Middle Tennessee Futbol Club
MTGMS Middle Tennessee Gem and Mineral Society
MTLRR Middle Tennessee Labrador Retriever Rescue
MTMC Middle Tennessee Medical Center
MTNG Middle Tennessee Natural Gas
MTPCC Middle Tennessee Postal Customer Council
MTRCS Middle Tennessee Radio Control Society
MTSA Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia
MTSP Middle Tennessee School of Preaching and Biblical Studies
MTSU Middle Tennessee State University
MTTC Middle Tennessee Tourism Council
MTTC Middle Tennessee Treatment Center
NKFMT National Kidney Foundation of Middle Tennessee
NTBA North Tennessee Beekeepers’ Association
NTPS North Tennessee Practical Shooters
NETTC Northeast Tennessee Technology Council
PCCT Pastoral Counseling Centers of Tennessee, Inc.
PCAT Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee
ROCKET Recumbents of Chattanooga Knoxville & East Tennessee
RHAT Rural Health Association of Tennessee
STORM Software Testing On-Line Resources of Middle Tennessee State University
STSRCF Southeastern Tennessee State Regional Correctional Facility
STCC Southwest Tennessee Community College
TN Tennessee
TALC Tennessee Academic Library Collaborative
TAPA Tennessee Academy of Physician Assistants
TAS Tennessee Academy of Science
TASA Tennessee Advanced School on Addictions
TAES Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station
TNANG Tennessee Air National Guard
TASA Tennessee Ambulance Services Association
TARP Tennessee Angler Recognition Program
TABS Tennessee Animal Biogeographic System
TAPPS Tennessee Association for the Preservation and Perpetuation of Storytelling
TABA Tennessee Association of Behavior Analysis
TABB Tennessee Association of Blood Banks
TACA Tennessee Association of Craft Artists
TAPPS Tennessee Association of Professional Process Servers
TAPT Tennessee Association of Pupil Transportation
TARP Tennessee Association of Railroad Passengers
TASP Tennessee Association of School Psychologists
TASC Tennessee Association of Student Councils
TASFAA Tennessee Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
TAD Tennessee Association of the Deaf
TBAH Tennessee Baptist Adult Homes
TBC Tennessee Baptist Convention
TBA Tennessee Bar Association
TBAD Tennessee Bass Association of the Deaf
TBA Tennessee Beekeepers Association
TBR Tennessee Board of Regents
TBI Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
TBCC Tennessee Business Card Club
TBEA Tennessee Business Education Association
TCTA Tennessee Cable Telecommunications Association
TCLP Tennessee Career Ladder Program
TCS Tennessee Cave Survey
TCPE Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence
TC Tennessee Central Railway Company
TCRM Tennessee Central Railway Museum
TAPA Tennessee Chapter of the American Planning Association
TCCFC Tennessee Child Care Facilities Corporation
TCI Tennessee Coal and Iron Company
TCEJ Tennessee Coalition for Environmental Justice
TCOG Tennessee Coalition for Open Government
TCA Tennessee Code Annotated
TCPA Tennessee College Placement Association
TCIA Tennessee Commission of Indian Affairs
TCAD Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability
TCCY Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth
TCAP Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program
TCC Tennessee Computing Center
TCEA Tennessee Cooperative Education Association
TCC Tennessee Council of Cooperatives
TCTU Tennessee Council of Trout Unlimited
TCMA Tennessee Country Music Alliance
TCRA Tennessee Court Reporters Association
TDP Tennessee Democratic Party
TDAA Tennessee Dental Assistants’ Association
TDA Tennessee Dental Association
TDOA Tennessee Department of Agriculture
TDA Tennessee Department of Agriculture
TDEC Tennessee Department of Education
TDES Tennessee Department of Employment Security
TDEC Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
TDOH Tennessee Department of Health
TDH Tennessee Department of Health
TDOL Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development
TDMH Tennessee Department of Mental Health
TDOA Tennessee Division of Archaeology
TEC Tennessee Eastman Corporation
TERN Tennessee Economic Renewal Network
TEA Tennessee Education Association
TELC Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation
TELS Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship
TETA Tennessee Educational Technology Association
TETAS Tennessee Educational Technology Association
TECA Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association
TECB Tennessee Emergency Communications Board
TEMA Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
TERC Tennessee Emergency Response Commission
TERRA Tennessee Employment Relations Research Association
TELP Tennessee End of Life Partnership
TEEN Tennessee Energy Education Network
TFIC Tennessee Farmers Insurance Companies
TFCD Tennessee Federation of College Democrats of America
TFA Tennessee Forestry Association
TNFC Tennessee Futbol Club
TGP Tennessee Gas Pipeline
TGT Tennessee Gas Transmission Company
TGF Tennessee Golf Foundation
TGA Tennessee Governor’s Academy
TGW Tennessee Guerilla Women
TOGO Tennessee Gun Owners
TGO Tennessee Gun Owners
THCA Tennessee Health Care Association
THP Tennessee Highway Patrol
THC Tennessee Historical Commission
THS Tennessee Historical Society
THEA Tennessee Home Education Association
THE Tennessee Hospitality Education
TIPS Tennessee Improving Patient Safety
TICU Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities
TICUA Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association
TIIP Tennessee Industrial Infrastructure Program
TIRN Tennessee Industrial Renewal Network
TIPS Tennessee Infant Parent Services
TIT Tennessee Institute of Technology
TIS Tennessee Insurance Service Inc.
TISL Tennessee Intercollegiate State Legislature
TJIS Tennessee Judicial Information System
TLA Tennessee Library Association
TLC Tennessee Llama Community
TLSAMP Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation
TMEP Tennessee Manufacturing Extension Program
TMA Tennessee Medical Association
TMBP Tennessee Migratory Bird Permit
TMI Tennessee Military Institute
TMGC Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium
TNPS Tennessee Native Plant Society
TNS Tennessee Nuclear Specialties, Inc
TNA Tennessee Nurses Association
TNCEP Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program
TORC Tennessee Oak Ridge Cluster Project
TOSHA Tennessee Occupational Safety & Health Administration
TOSHA Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Act
TOGA Tennessee Oil and Gas Association
TURNOVER Tennessee Oncology
TO Tennessee Oncology
TOGO Tennessee Oncology
TOOL Tennessee Organization Of Locksmiths
TOSS Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents
TOS Tennessee Orthopaedic Society
TPAC Tennessee Performing Arts Center
TPW Tennessee Prison for Women
TPPSA Tennessee Professional Process Servers Association
TPSC Tennessee Public Service Commission
TREES Tennessee Real Estate Education System, Inc.
TREF Tennessee Registry of Election Finance
TRAINING Tennessee Regulatory Authority
TRANSFER Tennessee Regulatory Authority
TRA Tennessee Regulatory Authority
TRAP Tennessee Research Association of the Paranormal
TRIMS Tennessee Road Information Management System
TSRA Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association
TSBA Tennessee School Boards Association
TSD Tennessee School for the Deaf
TSAA Tennessee Secondary Athletic Association
TSSAA Tennessee Secondary Schools Atheletic Association
TS Tennessee Smokies
TSH Tennessee Soldier’s Home
TSBC Tennessee Southern Baptist Convention
TSRR Tennessee Southern Railroad
TSEA Tennessee State Employees Association
TNSG Tennessee State Guard
TSLA Tennessee State Library & Archives
TSP Tennessee State Patrol
TSSA Tennessee State Soccer Association
TSU Tennessee State University
TSAA Tennessee Student Assistance Award
TSAC Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation
TSPN Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network
TSC Tennessee Supreme Court
TTCU Tennessee Teachers Credit Union
TTTE Tennessee Tech Tuba Ensemble
TTU Tennessee Technological University
TTCC Tennessee Technology Center at Covington
TTCN Tennessee Technology Center at Nashville
TTCN Tennessee Technology Center at Newbern
TTEA Tennessee Technology Education Association
TTA Tennessee Telecommunications Association
TTU Tennessee Temple University
TTWG Tennessee Tobacco Working Group
TTWW Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway
TTA Tennessee Trails Association
TTPC Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition
TUFC Tennessee Urban Forestry Council
TVAF Tennessee Valley Advertising Federation
TVAR Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
TVBC Tennessee Valley Bicycle Club
TVDN Tennessee Valley Discount Notes
TVFH Tennessee Valley Financial Holdings, Inc.
TVGRR Tennessee Valley Golden Retriever Rescue
TVMA Tennessee Valley Mediation Association
TVRHA Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority
TVSS Tennessee Valley Scottish Society
TVW Tennessee Valley Winery
TVMA Tennessee Vegetation Management Association
TVMA Tennessee Veterinary Medical Association
TEVA Tennessee Virtual Archives
TVOS Tennessee Viticultural and Oenological Society
TWH Tennessee Walking Horse
TWHAND Tennessee Walking Horse Association of North Dakota
TWIS Tennessee Web Immunization System
TWC Tennessee Wesleyan College
TWOA Tennessee Wildlife Officer’s Association
TYAC Tennessee Youth Advisory Council
TAG Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia Railway Company
TTW Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway
TAST Tourism Association of Southwest Tennessee
UTBI United Tennessee Bankshares, Inc.
UT University of Tennessee
UT-2 University of Tennessee
UTC University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
UTK University of Tennessee at Knoxville
UTM University of Tennessee at Martin
UTBI University of Tennessee Biofuels Initiative
UTCI University of Tennessee Cancer Institute
UTCHS University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences
UTCOP University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy
UTCSW University of Tennessee College of Social Work
UTCC University of Tennessee Computing Center
UTDB University of Tennessee Daily Beacon
UTFP University of Tennessee Family Practice
UTFCU University of Tennessee Federal Credit Union
UTGSM University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine
UTMD University of Tennessee Microarray Database
UTPD University of Tennessee Police Department
UTRC University of Tennessee Research Corporation
UTRA University of Tennessee Residents Alliance
UTSI University of Tennessee Space Institute
UTTM University of Tennessee Toastmasters
UTVTH University of Tennessee Veterinary Teaching Hospital
WTARS West Tennessee Amateur Radio Society
WTAC West Tennessee Animal Coalition
WTBC West Tennessee Business College
WTCCC West Tennessee Clean Cities Coalition
WTHS West Tennessee Historical Society
WTHEA West Tennessee Home Education Association
WTIA West Tennessee Industrial Association
WTLS West Tennessee Legal Services
WTPA West Tennessee Physicians’ Alliance
WTRA West Tennessee Railroad Authority
WTRA West Tennessee Reading Association
WTSD West Tennessee School for the Deaf
WTSO West Tennessee Sports Online
WTTC West Tennessee Telephone Company, Inc.
WHIT What’s Happening In Tennessee
WIWT Wireless Internet of West Tennessee

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