League Abbreviations

Several important leagues were concluded in the 15th-17th century, including the Augsburg Liga, the Ligue du Bien Public and the Ligue Catholique. In German history, the Catholic League is best known, which played a role in the prelude to the Thirty Years’ War. It was closed in 1609 by most of the Roman Catholic monarchs of the Holy Roman Empire under the leadership of Duke Maximilian I of Bavaria and was a reaction to the Protestant Union, concluded in 1608 by a number of Reformed German monarchs under the leadership of Frederick v, Elector of the Palatinate.


List of Acronyms Related to League

ANSL Aboriginal Nations Super League
AALG Action Autism League Go!
AGL Action Gamers League
ALN Action League Now
ABL Adult Baseball League
ALL Adult Literacy League
ARPL Adventure Role Playing League
ALTA Advertising League At Texas-Arlington
ANCWL African National Congress Women’s League
ANCYL African National Congress Youth League
AYL African Youth League
ASSAULT Aiken-Augusta Swim League
ASL Aiken-Augusta Swim League
ACL Air Cadet League
AGHL Air Guitar Heroes League
AAHSSL Alamo Area High School Swimming League
AWL Alaska Wilderness League
AMAL Alaskan Malamute Assistance League
AMPL Alaskan Malamute Protection League
AACL Albanian American Civic League
AMBHL Alberta Major Bantam Hockey League
ASSAULT Albuquerque Soccer League
ASL Albuquerque Soccer League
ALLL AlfredLyman Little League
AAHL All American Hockey League
AAGPBL All-American Girls Professional Baseball League
AIL All-Ireland League
ASFL All-Star Football League
AGL Altimate Gaming League
APL Altoona Parochial League
ABLA Amateur Bicycle League of America
AIL Amateur Inline League
APL Amateur Poker League
ARLLC Amateur Radio League of Lawrence County
ARRL Amateur Radio Relay League
AWHL America West Hockey League
AAOSL America’s Army: Open Spanish League
AARL American Amateur Radio League
ABL American Basketball League
ABCL American Birth Control League
ACRL American City Racing League
ACL American Classical League
ACSL American Computer Science League
ACL American Consultants League
ACBL American Contract Bridge League
ACWL American Crime Writers League
ADDL American Double Dutch League
ADRL American Drag Racing League
AFFL American Fantasy Football League
AFL American Football League
AFWL American Football Women’s League
AGL American Golf League
AHL American Hockey League
AISL American Indoor Soccer League
AL American League
ALCS American League Championship Series
ALDS American League Division Series
ALA American League of Anglers
ALAB American League of Anglers and Boaters
ALFI American League of Financial Institutions
ALL American League of Lobbyists
ALPC American League of Physical Culture
ALL American Liberation League
ALL American Liberty League
ALL American Life League
ANSL American Natural Selection League
APL American Paintball League
APSL American Professional Soccer League
ARRL American Radio Relay League
ARML American Regions Math League
ARML American Regions Mathematics League
ASSEMBLE American Small Business League
ASBL American Small Business League
ASSAULT American Soccer League
ASL American Soccer League
AWBL American Women’s Baseball League
AYTL American Youth Tennis League
ASSAULT Anarchist Soccer League
ASL Anarchist Soccer League
ATLL Anderson Township Little League
AGSL Andover Girls Softball League
AACL Animal Anti-Cruelty League
AALOC Animal Assistance League of Orange County
ADLC Animal Defence League of Canada
APL Animal Protective League
ARL Animal Rescue League
ASRA Animal Sterilization and Rabies Assistance League
AWL Animal Welfare League
AWLFC Animal Welfare League of Frederick County
ALCON Anime League Convention
ACL Anti Communist League
AIL Anti Imperialist League
ANL Anti Nazi League
ADL Anti-Defamation League
AIL Anti-Internment League
ASSAULT Anti-Saloon League
ASL Anti-Saloon League
ASLA Anti-Saloon League of America
AEL Arab European League
AL Arab League
ALECSO Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization
ALD Arakan League for Democracy
AYL Arapahoe Youth League
AFFL Arena Flag Football League
AFL Arena Football League
AFLPA Arena Football League Players Association
ALL Arizona LANbashers League
AZL Arizona League
ACUL Arkansas Credit Union League
ABSL Arlington Bolivian Soccer League
ADL Armenian Democratic League
ALH Art League Houston
ALN Art League North
ALBS Art League of Bonita Springs
ALOG Art League of Germantown, Inc.
ALLI Art League of Long Island
ALMC Art League of Manatee County
ASSAULT Art Students League
ASL Art Students League
AWL Art Web League
AVAIL Asbestos Veterans Assistance Information League
ALH Asia League Ice Hockey
ACL Asian Champions League
ACSL Asian CounterStrike Source League
AEL Asiatic Exclusion League
AVYSL Assabet Valley Youth Soccer League
ALLB Assistance League of Long Beach
ACULE Association of Credit Union League Executives
AEHLU Association of English Hockey League Umpires
ECL Association of European Cancer Leagues
AMLL Aston Middletown Little League
AVBL Aston Valley Baseball League
ALCON Astronomical League Convention
ACIL Ateneo Catechetical Instruction League
AAHL Atlanta Amateur Hockey League
ACFL Atlantic Coast Football League
ACHL Atlantic Coast Hockey League
ACRL Atlantic Coast Rugby League
ACBL Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League
ALPB Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Clubs, Inc.
ALL Augustana Luther League
AYL Aurelia Youth League
AMLL Aurora Masters Lacrosse League
AYL Aurora Youth League
AAL Australian Air League
AALB Australian Amateur Boxing League
AFFL Australian Fantasy Football League
AFL Australian Football League
AFLPA Australian Football League Players Association
AGL Australian Gaming League
ALOR Australian League of Rights
APSL Australian Pensioners and Superannuants League, Qld. Inc.
ARL Australian Rugby League
ARFLI Australian Rules Football League of Ireland
AWL Australian Wrestling League
ATLS Auto Team League System
AJFL Average Joe Football League
AYL Avon Youth League
AL Awami League
ALCWC Awami League Central Working Committee
ALPP Awami League Parliamentary Party
BRL Babe Ruth League, Inc.
BATL Backyard Axe Throwing League
BHL Backyard Hockey League
BILL Bainbridge Island Little League
BIBL Balkan International Basketball League
BRDL Ballarat Roller Derby League
BAFL Baltic American Freedom League
BBL Baltic Basketball League
BWBL Baltic Women’s Basketball League
BCL Baltimore Catholic League
BCML Baltimore County Major League
BUDL Baltimore Urban Debate League
BJBL Bangkok Junior Basketball League
BYL Bangladesh Youth League
BPL Barclays Premier League
BFL Bass Fishing League
BBFL Batter’s Box Fantasy League
BQL Battle Quest Leagues
BGL BattleGrounds League
BABEL Bay Area Bilingual Education League
BLLS Bayside Little League
BLL Bayside Little League
BALL Beaverton Area Little League
BBL Beep Baseball League
BILL Beer Industry League of Louisiana
BLH Beer League Hockey
BCARL Belmont County Animal Rescue League
BCBL Bermuda Contract Bridge League
BFFL Best Fantasy Football League
BBL Better Business League
BFL Betwin Foodball League
BAGL Big Air Gaming League
BBL Big Bash League
BBBL Big Bats Baseball League
BLBF Big League Baseball Fundamentals
BLC Big League Chew
BLD Big League Dreams
BLG Big League Gaming
BGYFL Bill George Youth Football League
BKL Bill Koch League
BKYSL Bill Koch Youth Ski League
BMFL Blackburn Men’s Fastball League
BFFL Blackice Fantasy Football League
BCL Blair County League
BEML Blood Eagle Mini League
BREDL Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
BAIL Boaters’ Action and Information League
BABL Boston Amateur Baseball League
BAFL Boston Asian Football League
BGBL Boston Gay Basketball League
BFFL Bowl-Bound Fantasy Football League
BLI Bowling League of Ireland
BLTS Box League Tennis Series
BNYL Braintree National Youth League
BLB Brewers League Baseball
BULL Brine Upstate Lacrosse League
BAFL British American Football League
BBL British Basketball League
BBL British Bridge League
BNIHL British National Ice Hockey League
BNTL British National Temperance League
BSL Broadway Show League
BPYSL Buckeye Premier Youth Soccer League
BWRL Buffalo War Resisters League
BLU Builders League United
BCDL Bull City Dart League
BLLS Buraku Liberation League
BLL Buraku Liberation League
CL Cactus League
CIL Calcetto International League
CBTL Calgary Bicycle Track League
CDCL Calgary District Cricket League
CMLL Calgary Masters Lacrosse League
CPHL Calgary Puck Hockey League
CASL California Amateur Skateboard League
CAFL California Australian Football League
CCUL California Credit Union League
CYBL California Youth Basketball League
CYCL California Youth Chess League
CNVLD Cambodia National Volleyball League Disabled
CSFL Camden Sunday Football League
CAQL Canadian Academic Quiz League
CAHL Canadian Amateur Hockey League
CBL Canadian Baseball League
CFL Canadian Football League
CFLPA Canadian Football League Players Association
CHL Canadian Hockey League
CJFL Canadian Junior Football League
CLAE Canadian League Against Epilepsy
CNML Canadian National Mathematics League
CNSL Canadian National Soccer League
CORL Canadian Online Racing League
CPPL Canadian Professional Paintball League
CPL Canadian Protestant League
CRHL Canadian Reformed Hockey League
CSFL Canadian Senior Football League
CSFL Canadian Sport Fishing League
CRJRL Canberra Region Junior Rugby League
CRDL Canberra Roller Derby League
CDL Canine Defense League
CAFL Canterbury Australian Football League
CBL Cape Cod Baseball League
CCDL Cape Cod Dart League
CASL Capital Area Soccer League
CSHL Carillon Senior Hockey League
CPL Carnegie Premier League
CSHL Carolina Scholastic Hockey League
CPHL Cash Prize Hockey League
CALM Catholic Action League of Massachusetts
CFL Catholic Forensic League
CWL Catholic Women’s League
CWLA Catholic Women’s League Australia
CPL Cats Protection League
CLAB Celtic League, American Branch
CAHL Central Alberta Hockey League
CCPL Central California Pistol League
CHFL Central Highlands Football League
CHL Central Hockey League
CICL Central Illinois Collegiate League
CIYFL Central Illinois Youth Football League
CL Central League
CMDL Central Maryland Dart League
CNC-MSBL Central North Carolina Men’s Senior Baseball League
CORL Central Ontario Ringette League
CPHL Central Professional Hockey League
CSFL Central States Football League
CSHL Central States Hockey League
CTCL Central Texas Cricket League
CVCL Central Valley Christian League
CYCL Central Yorkshire Cricket League
CPL Cerebral Palsy League
CLQ Champions League for Quake
CL Champions’ League
CALL Chandler American Little League
CASL Chattanooga Area Swim League
CPGL Cheat Police Gaming League
CYBL Chelmsford Youth Basketball League
CHA Chicago American League
CAAEL Chicago Area Alternative Education League
CICL Chicago Industrial Chess League
CHN Chicago National League
CWLF Child Welfare League Foundation
CWLA Child Welfare League of America
CPHL Chilled Ponds Hockey League
CYBL Chillicothe Youth Baseball League
CNLD Chin National League for Democracy
CCYL China Communist Youth League
CCBLS Chinese Christian Basketball League
CCBL Chinese Christian Basketball League
CSL Chinese Super League
CYBL Christian Youth Basketball League
CHL Cincinnati Hills League
CEGL Ciraco Electronic Gaming League
CLEAN Citizens League for Environmental Action Now
CLEA Citizens League of Ethiopian-Americans
CRAL Citizens Rights Action League
CCOL Claro Club Orienteering League
CVLL Clayton Valley Little League
CSHL Cleveland Suburban Hockey League
CJSL Clovis Junior Soccer League
CSL Coast Soccer League
CCLLB Coconut Creek Little League Baseball
CELA Code Enforcement League of Arizona
CAGO Colleague of the American Guild of Organists
CBC College of Business Colleagues
CBL Collegiate Baseball League
CRHL Collegiate Roller Hockey League
CCJL Colorado Civil Justice League
CCUL Colorado Credit Union League
CITEL Colorado International Teachers’ Exchange League
CML Colorado Municipal League
CRCL Columbia River Conservation League
CUL Columbus Urban League
CCYL Committee of the Communist Youth League
CAFL Commonwealth American Football League
CCL Commonwealth Countries’ League
CRLI Communist Revolutionary League of India
CCL Community College League
CCLC Community College League of California
CSFL Competitive Sport Fishing League
CLSC Concordia League Social Club
CZL Condition Zero League
CCDL Connecticut Citizens Defense League
CLN Connecticut League for Nursing
CMLL Connie Mack Little League
CSL Consoles Sports League
CEHL Continental Elite Hockey League
CFL Continental Football League
CHL Continental Hockey League
CISL Continental Indoor Soccer League
CML Continental Math League
CSHL Continental Senior Hockey League
CBL Contract Bridge League
CBLT Contract Bridge League of Thailand
CDL Cornell Design League
CCLA Correspondence Chess League of America
CJSL Cosmopolitan Junior Soccer League
CMAL Council of Metropolitan Leagues
CSCL Counter Strike Champions League
CFCL Counterstrike Fun Clan League
CCL Couple-to-Couple League
CTGFFL Cradle to Grave Fantasy Football League
CULT Credit Union League of Thailand Ltd
CVLL Crescenta Valley Little League
CLBR Crystal Lake Babe Ruth Baseball League
CAL Cyberathlete Amateur League
CPL Cyberathlete Professional League
CAFL Czech Australian Football League
DAFL Dallas Amateur Football League
DSOL Dallas Symphony Orchestra League
DBCL Daniel Boone Conservation League
DAFL Danish Australian Football League
DISABLE Danish Superbest League
DULYP Dayton Urban League Young Professionals
DCL Dear Colleague Letter
DVLL Deer Valley Little League
DCUL Delaware Credit Union League
DVHL Delaware Valley Hockey League
DBL Delt Basketball League
DLK Democratic League of Kosovo
DDL Demolition Derby League
DCL Denver Climbing League
DFLL Desert Foothills Little League
DPVL Design Professionals Volleyball League
DPL Detroit Pinball League
DBL Diamond Baseball League
DMBL Diamond Mind Baseball League
DOLB Division One League Board
DRL DJO Recreational League
DARL Dog Agility Rescue League
DLRLFC Doncaster Lakers Rugby League Football Club
DWPL Doo Wop Preservation League
DDAL Doris Day Animal League
DMHL Doug Marshall Hockey League
DFRL Dreadnought Fantasy Rowing League
DLFA Dream League Football Association
DUSL Dublin United Soccer League
DL Duelist League
DPDL Durham Premier Dart League
EAPL East Anglian Premier League
EAGL East Atlantic Gymnastics League
EBAL East Bay Athletic League
EBLL East Bay Little League
EGAPL East Greenwich Animal Protection League
EHLL East Hartford Little League
EHCL East Herts Corinthian League
ERLL East Ramapo Little League
ESBL East Staffordshire Badminton League
ESAL East Suburban Artists League
ESCL East Sussex Cricket League
ESCLS East Sussex Cricket League
ETABL East Tennessee Adult Baseball League
ECACHL Eastern College Athletic Conference Hockey League
EEAHL Eastern Elite Amateur Hockey League
EFJL Eastern Forest Justice League
EHL Eastern Hockey League
EIFL Eastern Indoor Football League
EICSL Eastern Inter-Club Ski League
EMBL Eastern Maine Basketball League
EOBL Ed Ott Baseball League
EDCL Edmonton District Cricket League
EFSL Edmonton Finacial Slo-Pitch League
ECRSL El Camino Real Soccer League
ESL Electronic Sports League
EHLL Elite Half-Life League
EYL Elmora Youth League
ESPL Empire Series Paintball League
ESSL Empire State Swimming League
EWAHL Empire West Amateur Hockey League
EKRL Endurance Kart Racing League
EDL English Defence League
EFL English Football League
EPL English Premier League
EGSL Escondido Girls Softball League
ELNA Esperanto League for North America
ESPL E-Sports Professional League
EDL Ethiopian Democratic League
EHL Euro Hockey League
ELLS Euroleague for Life Sciences
EBL European Bridge League
ECL European Cancer League
ECL European Champions League
ECL European Combat League
ECL European Cyber League
EFL European Football League
EFSL European Forces Swim League
ELEC European League for Economic Cooperation
ELMLE European League for Middle Level Education
ELSA European League of Stuttering Associations
EMGL European Multi Gaming League
EPFL European Professional Football Leagues
ESGL European Strategy Gamers League
ESL European Super League
EVIL European Villains Immorality League
EWL European Women’s League
EPAL Ex-Pierceys Adventure League
EGFL Extreme Games Flagging League
FCYFL Fairfield County Youth Football League
FPL Family Protection League
FFFL Fantastic Fantasy Football League
FBA Fantasy Basketball League
FFL Fantasy Football League
FFLA Fantasy Football League of America
FGL Fantasy Golf League
FHL Fantasy Hockey League
FLB Fantasy League Baseball
FLDA Fantasy League Dart Association
FPL Fantasy Powers League
FPL Fantasy Premier League
FRL Fantasy Racing League
FSBL Farmwell Station Basketball League
FABL Federation of Amateur Baseball Leagues
FSVL Female Superior Volleyball League
FLW Figure League Wrestling
FML Fiji Muslim League
FALEA Filipino American League of Engineers and Architects
FLARE Filipino League of Amateur Radio Enthusiasts
FBNL Findus British National Hockey League
FALC Fine Arts League of Cary
FLHR Finnish League for Human Rights
FLL First Lego League
FCAL Flagler County Art League
FFL Florida Forensic League
FGCCFL Florida Gulf Coast Catholic Forensic League
FHL Florida Handball League
FJCL Florida Junior Classical League
FLC Florida League of Cities
FLIBS Florida League of IB Schools
FLMA Florida League of Martial Artists
FLM Florida League of Mayors
FML Florida Mathematics League
FSCL Florida Southeast Cricket League
FSL Florida State League
FSCL Florida Sugar Cane League
FVL Florida Voters League, Inc.
FLC Football League Championship
FOIL Foreign Oil Independence League
FSBL Fountain Square Broomball League
FLBL Framingham Little Big League
FSBL Frankfort Square Baseball League
FALL Frederick American Little League
FAYFL Fredericksburg Area Youth Football League
FFFL Free Fantasy Football League
FNTL Friday Night Track League
FOAL Friends of Animals League
FALD Fukushima Athletic League for Disabilities
FEL Full Employment League
GJLS Gahanna Junior League Sports
GTRL Galloway Township Republican League
GCCL Gamer.lk Clans Counter Strike League
GXL Games Xtreme League
GSL Gamestar League
GALA Gardner Area League of Artists
GLL Gay and Lesbian League
GOAL Gay Officers Action League
GFL Georgetown Football League
GERL Georgia Equine Rescue League, Ltd
GFPL Georgia Florida Paintball League
GFL German Football League
GFLJ German Football League Juniors
GSDL German Shepherd Dog League
GL Ginger League
GGL Global Gaming League
GLBL Global League Ban List
GPL Global Paintball League
GSL Global Starcraft League
GSTL Global Starcraft Team League
GWL Global Warfighter League
GSL Glock Shooting League
GWL Golden West League
GGL Good Government League
GHFL Goose Hollow Foothills League
GLF Grange League Federation
GL Grapefruit League
GBYSL Great Basin Youth Soccer League
GKLL Great Kills Little League
GLBL Great Lakes Baseball League
GLCL Great Lakes Collegiate League
GLGHL Great Lakes Girls Hockey League
GLSL Great Lakes Soccer League
GLWL Great Lakes Warhammer League
GMBL Great Midwest Baseball League
GMHL Great Midwest Hockey League
GPCIHL Great Plains Collegiate Inline Hockey League
GPL Great Poker League
GASL Greater Annapolis Swim League
GEAYL Greater East Austin Youth League
GIRLS Greater Indiana Regional League of Soccer
GLSML Greater London Softball Mixed League
GLSL Greater Louisville Soccer League
GMBL Greater Manassas Baseball League
GMHL Greater Metro Hockey League
GPLTL Greater Pensacola Ladies Tennis League
GRAL Greater Richmond Aquatic League
GSUL Greater Sacramento Urban League
GSL Greater Spokane League
GSLS Greater St. Louis Soccer League
GTUL Greater Toledo Urban League
GLWR Greek League for Women’s Rights
GOYAL Greek Orthodox Young Adult League
GCCL Green County Conservation League
GAL Greyhound Adoption League
GALT Greyhound Adoption League of Texas, Inc.
GBHL Grimsby Ball Hockey League
GMCL Gujerati Metropolitan Cricket League
GCL Gulf Coast League
GRRL Gulf Region Roller League
GOAL Gun Owners’ Action League
HFL Habbo Football League
HADL Hacker Anti-Defamation League
HURL Halifax Ultimate Recreational League
HASL Hamilton Art Student League
HRISL Hampton Roads International Soccer League
HASL Handicap Awareness and Support League
HEAL Hanford Environmental Action League
HBHL Hanson Brothers Hockey League
HGL Hardcore Gaming League
HCUL Hawaii Credit Union League
HICL Hawaii Interscholastic Chess League
HULA Hawaii Ultimate League Association
HAAL Hayward Area Athletic League
HASL Heart of America Softball League
HYL Helena Youth League
HTTL Hereford Table Tennis League
AAA Highest Level of League
HHL Highway Hockey League
HHGL Hip-Hop Gaming League
HALA Hispanic American League of Artists
HHL Hobby Hockey League
HLER Hockey League
HL Hockey League
HRL Home Run League
HKPL Hong Kong Poker League
HLER Horizon League
HL Horizon League
HLCC House League Convening Committee
HACSL Houston Area Collegiate Soccer League
HAUL Houston Area Urban League
HAL Howard Astronomical League
HCYL Hubbard Community Youth League
HEAL Human Ecology Action League
HOLY Humanist Objective League of Youngstown
HYSL Humboldt Youth Soccer League
HUSL Huntington Ultimate Summer League
HASL Huntsville Adult Soccer League
HUSL Huntsville Ultimate Summer League
IPAL Iberia Performing Arts League
ICJL Illinois Civil Justice League
IML Illinois Municipal League
IVLL Illinois Valley Little League
ISL Independent School League
ISLB Independent School League Baseball
ISLF Independent School League Football
IGL India Gospel League
ICL Indian Cricket League
INL Indian National League
IPL Indian Premier League
IUML Indian Union Muslim League
IFL Indoor Football League
ISL Indoor Soccer League
ISEL Industrial Syndicalist Education League
IRL Indy Racing League
ICALL Informational-Communicative Assistance and Lobbing League
ILFL Inner London Football League
IFL Intense Football League
IFFML Interactive Fantasy Football Management League
IPW Interleague Professional Wrestling
AA Intermediate Level of League
IML Inter-Mountain League
IBL International Basketball League
ICL International Coding League
ICL International Communist League
IFL International Fight League
IFL International Friendship League
IHL International Hockey League
IHL International Homeopathic League
IHML International Homeopathic Medical League
INTERLEUKIN International League
IL International League
ILAE International League Against Epilepsy
ILAR International League Against Rheumatism
LIPE International League for Ecological Protection
ILPH International League for the Protection of Horses
ILRM International League for the Rights of Man
ILAB International League of Antiquarian Booksellers
ILAR International League of Associations for Rheumatology
ILPC International League of Conservation Photographers
ILDS International League of Dermatological Societies
ILH International League of Humanists
ILMA International League of Martial Artists
ILPS International League of Peoples’ Struggles
ILRS International League of Religious Socialists
ILWC International League of Women Composers
IPPL International Primate Protection League
IRBL International Replay Baseball League
ISML International Saimoe League
ISWL International Short Wave League
ITPL International Team Poker League
IAHL International-American Hockey League
IBL Internet Baseball League
ICCL Internet Collegiate Chess League
IFL Internet Football League
ILH Interscholastic League of Honolulu
ILPC Interscholastic League Press Conference
ILOC Iowa League of Cities
IAFL Irish American Football League
IFLAF Irish Fantasy League of American Football
IFL Irish Football League
IGL Iron Glove League
IFL Ironman Football League
IWL Isis Winter League
ISL Island Soccer League
IBL Israel Baseball League
INTERLEUKIN Isthmian League
IL Isthmian League
ILK Ivy League Killers
ILP Ivy League Publishing
IWL Izaak Walton League
IWLA Izaak Walton League of America
JHPL Jack High Poker League
JLYSSL Jack London Youth Soccer Sports League
JBL Japan Basketball League
JFL Japan FM League (commercial radio cooperative)
JACL Japanese American Citizens League
JPML Japanese Professional Mahjong League
JSL Jatiya Sramik League
JCYSL Jefferson County Youth Soccer League
JSBL Jersey Shore Basketball League
JDL Jewish Defense League
JBRL Jimmy Babcock Racing League
JCL Junior Champions League
JCL Junior Classic League
JFL Junior Football League
JL Junior League
JLB Junior League Baseball
JLA Junior League of Abilene
JLA Junior League of Akron
JLA Junior League of Albany
JLA Junior League of Albuquerque
JLA Junior League of Alexandria
JLA Junior League of Annapolis
JLA Junior League of Arlington
JLA Junior League of Asheville
JLA Junior League of Athens
JLA Junior League of Atlanta
JLA Junior League of Augusta
JLA Junior League of Austin
JLB Junior League of Bakersfield
JLB Junior League of Baltimore
JLB Junior League of Binghamton
JLB Junior League of Birmingham
JLB Junior League of Boise
JLB Junior League of Boston
JLB Junior League of Bristol
JLB Junior League of Bronxville
JLB Junior League of Brooklyn
JLB Junior League of Buffalo
JLC Junior League of Calgary
JLC Junior League of Charleston
JLC Junior League of Charlotte
JLC Junior League of Charlottesville
JLC Junior League of Chicago
JLC Junior League of Cincinnati
JLC Junior League of Cleveland
JLC Junior League of Columbia
JLC Junior League of Columbus
JLD Junior League of Dallas
JLD Junior League of Dayton
JLD Junior League of DeKalb County
JLD Junior League of Denver
JLD Junior League of Detroit
JLD Junior League of Duluth
JLE Junior League of Edmonton
JLE Junior League of Erie
JLE Junior League of Evansville
JLF Junior League of Fayetteville
JLF Junior League of Florence
JLF Junior League of Fresno
JLG Junior League of Gainesville
JLGO Junior League of Greater Orlando
JLGP Junior League of Greater Princeton
JLG Junior League of Greensboro
JLG Junior League of Greenville
JLG Junior League of Greenwich
JLH Junior League of Harrisburg
JLH Junior League of Hartford
JLH Junior League of Honolulu
JLH Junior League of Houston
JLH Junior League of Huntsville
JLI Junior League of Indianapolis
JLJ Junior League of Jackson
JLK Junior League of Kalamazoo, Inc.
JLK Junior League of Kankakee County
JLK Junior League of Kingston
JLK Junior League of Knoxville
JLL Junior League of Lafayette
JLL Junior League of Lancaster
JLL Junior League of Lansing
JLLV Junior League of Las Vegas
JLL Junior League of Lexington
JLL Junior League of Lincoln
JLL Junior League of London
JLL Junior League of Louisville
JLL Junior League of Lubbock, Inc.
JLL Junior League of Lynchburg
JLM Junior League of Madison
JLMC Junior League of Martin County
JLM Junior League of McAllen, Inc.
JLM Junior League of Memphis
JLM Junior League of Miami, Inc.
JLM Junior League of Minneapolis
JLM Junior League of Mobile
JLMC Junior League of Monmouth County
JLM Junior League of Montclair
JLMN Junior League of Montclair-Newark
JLM Junior League of Montgomery
JLM Junior League of Morristown, Inc.
JLN Junior League of Nashville
JLNO Junior League of New Orleans
JLN Junior League of Norman
JLO Junior League of Ocala
JLO Junior League of Odessa
JLO Junior League of Ogden
JLOC Junior League of Oklahoma City
JLO Junior League of Olympia
JLO Junior League of Omaha
JLOCC Junior League of Orange County, California
JLO Junior League of Owensboro
JLP Junior League of Parkersburg
JLP Junior League of Pasadena
JLP Junior League of Peoria
JLP Junior League of Philadelphia, Inc.
JLP Junior League of Phoenix
JLP Junior League of Pittsburgh
JLP Junior League of Plano
JLP Junior League of Portland, Maine, Inc.
JLP Junior League of Portland, Oregon
JLP Junior League of Pueblo
JLR Junior League of Racine
JLR Junior League of Raleigh
JLR Junior League of Reading
JLR Junior League of Reno
JLR Junior League of Richardson
JLR Junior League of Richmond
JLR Junior League of Rochester
JLS Junior League of Sacramento
JLS Junior League of Sarasota
JLS Junior League of Savannah
JLS Junior League of Seattle
JLS Junior League of Springfield
JLS Junior League of Summit
JLS Junior League of Syracuse
JLT Junior League of Tacoma
JLT Junior League of Tallahassee
JLT Junior League of Tampa
JLT Junior League of Texarkana
JLT Junior League of Toledo, Inc.
JLT Junior League of Topeka
JLT Junior League of Toronto
JLT Junior League of Tucson, Inc.
JLT Junior League of Tulsa
JLT Junior League of Tuscaloosa
JLT Junior League of Tyler, Inc.
JLV Junior League of Victoria, Texas
JLW Junior League of Waco
JLW Junior League of Washington
JLW Junior League of Wheeling
JLW Junior League of Wichita
JLW Junior League of Wilmington, Inc.
JLW Junior League of Worcester
JLY Junior League of Yakima
JLY Junior League of York
JLY Junior League of Youngstown
JLR Junior League Record
JRL Junior Rugby League
JSLP Junior Service League of Paris
JWL Junior Welfare League
JL Justice League
JLA Justice League Animated
JLE Justice League Elite
JLE Justice League Europe
JLI Justice League International
JLOA Justice League of America
JLA Justice League of America
JLTF Justice League Task Force
JLU Justice League Unlimited
KWL Kaduna Writers’ League
KKL Kampala Kids League
KCL Kanto Cricket League
KYL Kare Youth League
KFL Keeper Fantasy League
KAPL Kempsville Amateur Pool League
KCLL Ken Caryl Little League
KLC Kentucky League of Cities
KLL Kernersville Little League
KRL King’s Rugby League
KCAL Knox County Art League
KHL Kontinental Hockey League
KCBL Korea Contract Bridge League
KACL Korean American Citizens League
KALCA Korean American League for Civic Action
KBL Korean Basketball League
KFL Korean Freedom League
LLL La Leche League
LLLC La Leche League Canada
LLLI La Leche League International
LLLL La Leche League Leader
LLLI La Leche League of Iowa
LPL Laborers Political League
LOCAL Ladies of the City Action League
LRL Ladies Racing League
LTFL Lady Tackle Football League
LMAL Laguna Madre Art League
LESL Lake Erie Soccer League
LMILO Lake Michigan Inter-League Organization
LAPPL Latin American Professional Paintball League
LEA League
L1 League 1
LAND League Against Nuclear Dangers
LCPO League Championship Playoff
LCS League Championship Series
LC League Cup
LCI League Cycling Instructor
LDS League Division Series
LFE League Football Education
LRCI League for a Revolutionary Communist International
LEAP League for Earth and Animal Protection
LEAH League for Educational Awareness of the Holocaust
LHR League for Human Rights
LID League for Industrial Democracy
LPP League for Pastoral Peoples and Endogenous Livestock Development
LPF League for Programming Freedom
LSAA League for Socialist Action Archives
LSD League for Spiritual Discovery
LANES League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling.
LDHH League for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
LECT League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers
LFI League for the Fifth International
LHH League for the Hard of Hearing
LPN League for the Protection of Nature
LIC League International for Creditors
LICENSE League International for Creditors
LMO League Manager Online
LMA League Managers Association
LAA League of Advertising Agencies
LAB League of American Bicyclists
LACP League of American Communications Professionals
LAH League of American Homeowners
LAMPS League of American Marijuana Patients and Supporters
LAO League of American Orchestras
LOAP League of American Poets
LAW League of American Wheelmen
LAWEN League of Americans with Experimental Names
LAA League of Animal Artists
LAS League of Arab States
LAWN League of Artists of Western Newfoundland
LOA League of Awesomeness
LCC League of California Cities
LCJ League of Cambodian Journalists
LCP League of Canadian Poets
LOC League of Champions
LCT League of Chicago Theatres
LCY League of Communists of Yugoslavia
LCV League of Conservation Voters
LEADS League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents of Saskatchewan
LEMUR League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots
LERU League of European Research Universities
LEE League of Extraordinary Empires
LOXG League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
LXG League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
LEG League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
LFS League of Filipino Students
LFN League of Free Nations
LFT League of Free Terrans
LOF League of Friends
LOGA League of Gaian Assassins
LGN League of Geofictional Nations
LIGA League of Human Rights
LOHV League of Humane Voters
LICU League of IBM Credit Unions (various locations)
LIB League of Illinois Bicyclists
LIBRIS League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services
LISN League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations
LOI League of Ireland
LKM League of Kansas Municipalities
LKS League of Kentucky Sportsmen
LOLEST League of Legends
LOFL League of Legends
LOL League of Legends
LOLEST League of Lightness
LOL League of Lightness
LOLEST League of Losers
LOL League of Losers
LOMA League of Mercenary Assassins
LMAW League of Mexican American Women
LMB League of Michigan Bicyclists
LOM League of Micronations
LMC League of Minnesota Cities
LN League of Nations
LON League of Nations
LNTS League of Nations Treaty Series
LNU League of Nations Union
LONM League of Nebraska Municipalities
LONAFF League of Non-Aligned Fantasy Football
LOCN League of Old Continent Nations
LOG League of Ordinary Gentlemen
LPI League of Paranormal Investigators
LPOV League of Pissed Off Voters
LPR League of Polish Families
LPS League of Professional Schools
LOR League of Reason
LRCS League of Red Cross Societies
LOSE League of Super Evil
LKCS League of the Kingship of Christ
LKC League of the Kingship of Christ
LOS League of the South
LTSP League of Tourism Students of the Philippines
LOTUS League of Trans Unified Sisters
LULAC League of United Latin American Citizens
LOVE League of Villainous Entities
LOW League of Wales
LMV League of Women Voters
LWV League of Women Voters
LWVA League of Women Voters Arlington
LWVAK League of Women Voters of Alaska
LWVFNUC League of Women Voters of Fremont, Newark and Union City
LWVMA League of Women Voters of Massachusetts
LWVOEF League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund
LXG League of Xtraordinary Gamers
LXM League of Xtraordinary Minds
LYV League of Young Voters
LOYALTY League of Youth
LOY League of Youth
LOC League Online Community
LTRS League Tables and Ranking Systems
LWYFL Lebanon Warrior Youth Football League
LWLS Legend Wrestling League
LWL Legend Wrestling League
LPFL Lexton Plains Football League
LCL Liberal and Country League
LLI Liberty League International
LFL Lingerie Football League
LL Little League
LLBS Little League Baseball
LLB Little League Baseball
LLES Little League Elbow
LLE Little League Elbow
LLF Little League Field
LLG Little League Gaming
LLI Little League International
LLWS Little League World Series
LPPLS Live Pub Poker League
LISL London Industrial Soccer League
LJBL London Junior Basketball League
LAPPL Los Angeles Police Protective League
LFL Loser Football League
LKL Louisiana Karate League
LBCSHL Lower Bucks County Scholastic Hockey League
LWLL Luckie Waller Little League
LGML Luis Gomez Memorial League
LFSL Lutheran Fellowship Softball League
LLL Lutheran Laymen’s League
MSFL Maccabi Southern Football League
MJRL Mackay Junior Rugby League
MDHL Mad Dogs Hockey League
MCLA Madden Central Leagues Alliance
MFL Madden Football League
MSOL Madison Symphony Orchestra League
MOTL Magic Online Trading League
MAIL Maille Artisans International League
MRPL Maine Recreational Paintball League
MILL Major Indoor Lacrosse League
ML Major League
MLAM Major League Alumni Marketing
MLB Major League Baseball
MLBAM Major League Baseball Advanced Media
MLBFA Major League Baseball Fans’ Association
MLBD Major League Beer Die
MLD Major League Darts
MLD Major League Doorkicker
MLD Major League Dreidel
MLD Major League Duning
MLE Major League Equivalency
MLFB Major League Fantasy Baseball
MLF Major League Football
MLG Major League Gaming
MLH Major League Halo
MLH Major League Hockey
MLL Major League Lacrosse
MLPP Major League Ping Pong
MLS Major League Sniping
MLS Major League Soccer
MLW Major League Wrestling
MSL Major Soccer League
MHL Malaysia Hockey League
MNBL Malden Neighborhood Basketball League
MRLA Maltese Rugby League Association
MJSL Mamaroneck Junior Soccer League
MWLL Manatee West Little League
MJSL Manchester Jewish Soccer League
MNSL Manchester North Soccer League
MLPD Manitoba League of Persons with Disabilities
MMJHL Manitoba Major Junior Hockey League
MUFL Manly Ultimate Frisbee League
MIHL Manotick Intermediate Hockey League
MCAL Marin County Athletic League
MCL Marine Corps League
MCLA Marine Corps League Auxiliary
MCLF Marine Corps League Foundation
MBBL Markham Business Baseball League
MORSL Markham Old Timer’s Recreational Slo-pitch League
MYAL Marlborough Youth Athletic League
MHLL Marydel Hartly Little League
MILL Maryland Independent Lacrosse League
MSCL Massachusetts State Cricket League
MIL Maui Interscholastic League
MSL MBCGame Star League
MWL MechWarrior Leagues
MCAL Medina County Art League
MMSFL Medway Messenger Sunday Football League
MJRL Melbourne Junior Rugby League
MALL Memorial Ashford Little League
MESL Men’s Evangelical Softball League
MABL Mens’ Adult Baseball Leagues
MILL Merritt Island Little League
MCHL Metro Classic Hockey League
ML Metro League
MMML Metro Manila Mayors’ League
MTTL Metro Table Tennis League
MILHS Michigan League for Human Services
MLHS Michigan League for Human Services
MLH Michigan League of Handweavers
MML Michigan Municipal League
MSGL Michigan State Golf League
MTSL Michigan Team Swim League
MUSL Michigan United Soccer League
MAGDRL Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League
MAPL Mid Atlantic Prep League
MGFL Mid Gippsland Football League
MAWL Mid-American Wrestling League
MASL Mid-Atlantic Area Soccer League
MCFL Mid-Continental Football League
MSFL Middle School Forensic League
MTFL Middle Tennessee Football League
MCFL Middlesex County Football League
MERAL Mid-East Region of the Astronomical League
MBBL Midgard Blood Bowl League
MIHL Midland Inline Hockey League
MSFL Mid-Sussex Football League
MCFL Midwest Cyberspace Football League
MMTL Midwest Metro Tennis League
MAWL Mighty Athletic Wolverine League
MTL Miller Taste League
MSOL Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra League
MLWV Minnesota League of Women Voters
MRSL Minnesota Recreational Soccer League
ML Minor League
MILB Minor League Baseball
MLB Minor League Baseball
MLBC Minor League Baseball Club
MLFA Minor League Football Alliance
MLFA Minor League Football Association
MJL MISO Junior League (Hawaii)
MTFL Mississauga Touch Football League
MLN Missouri League for Nursing
MLC Monarchist League of Canada
MNBL Monday Night Bowling League
MNSL Monday Night Shooting League
MCAL Monroe County Animal League
MCHL Montreal City Hockey League
MALL Montville American Little League
MJLL Moose Jaw Little League
MTL More Taste League
MVL Moshannon Valley League
MVLL Mountain View Little League
MVLL Mountain View Little League
MIHL Mullet Invitational Hockey League
MCFL Muscat Community Football League
ML Muslim League
MWL Muslim Women’s League
MWL Muslim World League
MGL Mvela Golden League
MFL Myfantasyleague.com
NWWL Naked Womens Wrestling League
NPALS Nashua Police Athletic League
NYSL Nashua Youth Soccer League
NSFL Nassau-Suffolk Football League
NARAL National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League
NAPL National Amateur Pool League
NAFL National Association Football League
NBL National Baseball League
NBSL National Baseball Sim League
NBADL National Basketball Association Developmental League
NBDL National Basketball Development League
NBL National Basketball League
NBPL National Beer Pong League
NBL National Bicycle League
NBL National Blackbelt League
NBL National Business League
NCDL National Canine Defence League
NCISL National Capital Industrial Soccer League
NCFL National Catholic Forensic League
NCL National Charity League
NCL National Chess League
NCL National Civic League
NCCL National Collegiate Chess League
NCL National Consumers League
NCL National Cricket League
NCRL National Cyber Racing League
NDL National Dodgeball League
NDPL National Drug Prevention League
NERL National Equal Rights League
NFFL National Fantasy Football League
NFL National Football League
NFLC National Football League Committee
NFL National Forensic League
NGL National Golf League
NGLA National Gridiron League of Australia
NHL National Hockey League
NITL National Industrial Transportation League
NIHL National Inline Hockey League
NJCL National Junior Classical League
NJL National Jyhad League
NLL National Lacrosse League
NL National League
NLB National League Bowling
NLCS National League Championship Series
NLDS National League Division Series
NLD National League for Democracy
NLN National League for Nursing
NLNAC National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
NLAPW National League of American Pen Women, Inc.
NLC National League of Cities
NLCW National League of Colored Women
NLOP National League of Poker
NLT National League of Translators
NLYL National League of Young Liberals
NMDL National Metal Detecting League
NNL National Negro League
NPL National Paintball League
NPDL National Parliamentary Debate League
NPSL National Professional Soccer League
NPL National Puzzlers’ League
NRL National Ringette League
NRL National Rowing League
NRL National Rugby League
NSL National Soccer League
NSPL National Sound Pressure League
NSFL National Swiss Football League
NTL National Temperance League
NUL National Urban League
NWL National Wakeboard League
NWFL National Women’s Football League
NWL National Womens League
NWL National Wrestling League
NXL National XBall League
NRCL Natural Resource Conservation League
NSPL Natwest Southern Paintball League
NSL Naval Submarine League
NLC Navy League of Canada
NLUS Navy League of the United States
NLLO NBA Live League Online
NBL Negro Baseball League
NLBPA Negro League Baseball Players Association
NCSL Neighborhood Children’s Sports League
NYSL Neighborhood Youth Soccer League
NBBL Nekros Blood Bowl League
NAPL Network Amateur Poker League
NEFL New England Football League
NHARL New Hampshire Animal Rights League
NHDRL New Hampshire Doberman Rescue League
NHLI New Hampshire League of Investigators
NHDL New Haven Dart League
NMCUL New Mexico Credit Union League
NSSL New South Softball League
NSBL New Surrey Bowls League
NYHSML New York High School Math League
NYPL New York Paintball League
NYUPAL New York Urban Professionals Athletic League
NYPL New York-Penn League
NZRL New Zealand Rugby League
NALL Newark American Little League
NSL Newbury Street League
NJSL Newnan Junior Service League
NBLL Newport Beach Little League
NCDL Newsgroup Civil Defense League
NFL No Fun League
NNFFL No Name Fantasy Football League
NCAL Noah Corp. Athletic League
NEFL Noblesville Elementary Football League
NPL Non-Partisan League
NXL Nordic Xbox League
NYSL Norfolk Youth Soccer League
NASL North Alabama Soccer League
NABL North American Basketball League
NAFL North American Football League
NAHL North American Hockey League
NAIFL North American Indoor Football League
NAL North American League
NAPL North American Paintball League
NAPL North American Poker League
NAPL North American Polo League
NASL North American Soccer League
NASL North American Softball League
NASL North American Starcraft League
NAWL North American Woodsball League
NALL North Arlington Little League
NAML North Atlanta Metro League
NBUL North Bay Unity League
NBLL North Bothell Little League
NCFL North Caledonian Football League
NCLM North Carolina League of Municipalities
NCAJHL North Central Alberta Junior Hockey League
NCCL North Central Citizens’ League
NCCL-DWCMP North Central Citizens’ League – Down with Carole McGuire Party
NCFL North Central Football League
NCCL North Circular Chess League
NCAL North Country Animal League
NDCUL North Dakota Credit Union League
NDLC North Dakota League of Cities
NECCL North East Cyclo Cross League
NENYL North East Norfolk Youth League
NFARL North Fulton Amateur Radio League
NGFL North Georgia Football League
NGCL North Glenora Community League
NICL North Iowa Cedar League
NPHL North Peace Hockey League
NSJHL North Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League
NSIL North Side Improvement League
NWJHL North West Junior Hockey League
NWKL North West Kent League
NWWL North West Winter League
NWWL North West Womens League
NCCL Northants Cricket Combination League
NCASL Northern California Adult Soccer League
NCCVL Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League
NCEL Northern Counties East League
NEFL Northern Elite Football League
NIHL Northern Illinois Hockey League
NIHL Northern Illinois Horseshoe League
NL Northern League
NMCSL Northern Mid-Cities Soccer League
NOCL Northern Ontario Chess League
NPHL Northern Pacific Hockey League
NPL Northern Premier League
NTRL Northern Territory Rugby League
NVAL Northern Virginia Animal League
NVSL Northern Virginia Swimming League
NVUL Northern Virginia Urban League
NWL Northern Wastes League
NFFL Northshore Flag Football League
NSL Northstar League
NWL Northwest League
NSSL Northwest Suburban Soccer League
NFFL Northwoods Fantasy Football League
NWL Northwoods League
NBDL Norwalk British Dart League
NQL Norwegian Quake League
NSL Nottinghamshire Senior League
NSDL Nova Scotia Drama League
NSJBHL Nova Scotia Junior B Hockey League
NSJHL Nova Scotia Junior Hockey League
NFL Npower Football League
OGLL Oak Grove Little League
OGSL Oak Grove Soccer League
OPAL Oberlin Peace Activists League
OALL Oceanside American Little League
OFFL Octavian Fantasy Football League
OPL Odisha Premier League
OMLB Official Major League Baseball
OASL Ohio Amateur Soccer League
OBL Ohio Bankers League
OBSL Ohio Buckeye Speedskating League
OCUL Ohio Credit Union League
OLN Ohio League for Nursing
OHLIBS Ohio League of International Baccalaureate Schools
OVAL Ohio Valley Art League
OYL Ohio YSR League
OCUL Oklahoma Credit Union League
OBSL Old Bridge Soccer League
OBALL Old Brooklyn Area Little League
OCSL Old Capitol Soccer League
ODBL Old Dominion Baseball League
OTCL Olde Towne Civic League
OWL Older Women’s League
OBSL Olney-Bethesda Soccer League
OSPL Omega Sektor Professional League
ODFL Omeo & District Football League
OSL OnGameNet Star League
OBBLM Online Blood Bowl League Manager
OFFL Online Fantasy Football League
OFFL Online FIFA Football League
OFLM Online Football League Management
OGL Online Gaming League
OQL Online Quidditch League
OBL Ontario Boating League
OHL Ontario Hockey League
OISL Ontario Indoor Soccer League
OJHL Ontario Junior Hockey League
OMFL Ontario Minor Football League
OML Ontario Motor League
OPPL Ontario Paintball Players League
OSL Ontario Safety League
OBL Orange Ball League
OCSL Orange County Speech League
OCVL Orange County Visibility League
OLL Orange Little League
OHS Orchard Hills Basketball League
OPLL Orchard Park Little League
OCUL Oregon Credit Union League
OWGL Oregon Wheat Growers League
ODFL Orillia District Fastball League
OVAL Orlando Visual Artists League
OLLB Orleans Little League Baseball
OCSL Ottawa Carleton Soccer League
OCSL Ottawa Conventional Softball League
OOML Out of My League
OMFL Ovens Murray Football League
OLL Oviedo Little League
PCL Pacific Coast League
PHL Pacific Hockey League
PL Pacific League
PANL Paintball Association National League
PGL Pakistan Gaming League
PHL Pakistan Hypertension League
PML-F Pakistan Muslim League
PML Pakistan Muslim League
PMLN Pakistan Muslim League (aka Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group)
PMLQ Pakistan Muslim League -Qquaid-e-Azam
PANLAR Pan American League of Associations for Rheumatology
PALD Pan Arab League of Dermatologists
PFL Paper Football League
PTL Parent Teacher League
PAL Parent/Professional Advocacy League
PLUM Parliamentary League of the Upper Midwest
PAL Parochial Athletic League
PDRL Parramatta District Rugby League
PVISL Pascack Valley Indoor Soccer League
PBRML Paschim Banga Rajya Muslim League
PFL Pass Football League
PSTLS Passing Shot Tennis League
POCL Patriotic Old Comrades League
PYL Patriotic Youth League
PYLS Patriotic Youth League
PML Pattern Makers’ League
PAL Peninsula Athletic League
PWSL Peninsula Women’s Soccer League
PCVEL Pennsylvania Conservation Voters Education League
PLAY Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth
PDLI Peoples Democratic League of India
PBBL Perpetual Blood Bowl League
PALL Petaluma American Little League
PAAL Petersburg Area Art League
PASL Petersburg Auto-Stop League
PABL Philippine Amateur Basketball League
PBL Philippine Basketball League
PKL Philippine Karatedo League
PLEASES Philippine League of Secretaries to the Sanggunian, Inc.
PASL Phoenix Adult Soccer League
PULS Physiology Undergraduate League of Students
PMSL Pierz Men’s Softball League
PFL Pillow Fight League
PCLL Pioneer Collegiate Lacrosse League
PFL Pioneer Football League
PL Pioneer League
PCLA Pittsburgh Civic League Apartments
PPAL Pittsburgh Pastel Artist League
PCPL PlanetCricket Premier League
PPLM Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts
PUDL Planning and Urban Development League
PHL Players Hockey League
PL Players League
PL Pokémon League
PPL Pokémon Puzzle League
PUCL Pokémon Underground Champions League
PAL Police Activities League
PAAL Police Athletic Activities League
PAL Police Athletic League
PAL Political Action League
PLA Pool Leagues of America
PAFL Port Augusta Football League
POLL Post Oak Little League
PLW Power League Wrestling
PASL Premier Arena Soccer League
PDL Premier Development League
PHL Premier Hockey League
PLB Premier League Board
PLCA Premier League Clubs Association
PLRS Premier League Reading Stars
PSL Premier Soccer League
PTFL Prime Time Football League
PTML Prime Time Madden League
PWSL Prince William Swim League
PMSL Prince-Mont Swim League
PALA Prison Atheist League of America
PSAL Private Schools Athletic League
PFSL Pro Fantasy Sports Leagues
PGL Pro Gaming League
PEARL Professional Electrical Apparatus Recycler’s League
PFL Professional Football League
PFL Professional Futsal League
PGL Professional Gaming League
PKL Professional Karate League
PSFL Professional Spring Football League
PTGL Professional Team Golf League
PILL Prosper International League Ltd.
PLLP Protestant Lawyers League of the Philippines
PARL Providence Animal Rescue League
PKL Providence Kickball League
PBML Provincial Board Members League
PBMLP Provincial Board Members’ League of the Philippines
PADL Public Access Defibrillation League
PHL Public High League
PIPL Public Interest Protection League
PSL Public School League
PSAL Public Schools Athletic League
PSTLS Puget Sound Traveling League
PPL Pure Prairie League
QSL Qatar Stars League
QWL Qiumi Wrestling League
QHL Quahog Hockey League
QJAAAHL Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League
QJAAAHL Quebec Junior AAA Hockey League
QSMHL Quebec Senior Major Hockey League
QLOUT Queens League of United Tenants
QAL Queensland Athletic League
QFL Queensland Football League
QRL Queensland Rugby League
QJL Queer Justice League
QLL Quiz League of London
REAL Radical Extreme Athletes League
RWL Radical Wrestling League
RADIOLOGY Raleigh Area Disc League
RDL Raleigh Dart League
RBGSL Rancho Bernardo Girls Softball League
RNLL Rancho Niguel Little League
RPLL Rancho Penasquitos Little League
RAWL Rappahannock Animal Welfare League
RTSL Real Time Strategy League
RFL Rebel Football League
RNLL Redmond North Little League
RWLL Redmond West Little League
RIFL Regina Intercollegiate Football League
RACL Regional Atlanta Civic League
RZSL Register Zoological Supremacy League
RARL Renegade Adult Racing League
RSL Returned & Services League of Australia
RSL Returned Soldiers League/Legion
RSL Revolutionary Socialist League
RNLL Richland National Little League
RAL Richmond Animal League
RALL Richmond Area Lacrosse League
RFRL Richmond Ferret Rescue League
RMYSL Richmond Metropolitan Youth Soccer League
RMBL Richmond Midnight Basketball League
RSSL Richmond Senior Soccer League
RSL RoboCupRescue Simulation League
RFL Robot Fighting League
RDSL Rochester and District Soccer League
RBTL Rochester Broadway Theatre League
RYH Rochester Youth Hockey League, Inc.
RPSL Rock Paper Scissors League
RRL Rocket Racing League
RMBL Rocky Mountain Baseball League
RMLL Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League
RPSL Rohnert Park Soccer League
RHL Roller Hockey League
RFL Rosario Football League
RFL Rossbrook Football League
RADIOLOGY Rotary Anti-Defamation League
RFL Rugby Football League
RL Rugby League
RLC Rugby League Club
RLC Rugby League Conference
RLRS Rugby League Referees Society
RLSA Rugby League Supporters Association
RSL Rugby Super League
REAL Rural Economic Assistance League
RGSL Rural Girls Softball League
REFL Russian Electronic Football League
SALAM Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims
SMAL Sacramento Metropolitan Athletic League
SVCL Sacramento Valley Christian League
SVL Saginaw Valley League
SARL Salem Animal Rescue League
SVYSL Salinas Valley Youth Soccer League
SSL Samsung Super League
SALSA San Antonio League of Sidewalk Astronomers
SDCSL San Diego County Soccer League
SDML San Diego Math League
SDUL San Diego Urban League
SLUG San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners
SJMSBL San José Men’s Senior Baseball League
SBYFL Santa Barbara Youth Football League
SCAL Santa Cruz Art League
SFASL Santa Fe Adult Soccer League
SBL Saturday Blitz League
SPAL Savannah Parochial Athletic League
SCL Save A Cat League
STRL Save the Redwoods League
SPPL Scenario Paintball Players’ League
SAFL Scottish Amateur Football League
SNCL Scottish National Cricket League
SPHL Scottish Premier Hockey League
SPL Scottish Premier League
STSL Sea Turtle Survival League
STHL Seattle Table Hockey League
SLRR Sectional League Rules and Regulations
SAFL Selangor Association Football League
SCL Senior Citizens’ League
SLB Senior League Baseball
SLH Senior League Hockey
SLSB Senior League Softball
SIDL Seoul International Darts League
SNLD Shan Nationalities League for Democracy
SNEL Shepherd Neame Essex League
SPRL Sheppard Performance Racing League
SOLL Sherman Oaks Little League
SPBL Shropshire Premier Bowling League
SVBL Simi Valley Baseball League
SLF Simulated League Football
SAFVL Singapore Armed Forces Veterans’ League
SPSL Slow Pitch Softball League
SBL Small Basketball League
SMALL Small Model Airplane Lovers League
SSL Small Size League
SVLL Snoqualmie Valley Little League
SLOCO Soccer League of Central Oregon
SLAM Society’s League Against Molestation
SBLL Solana Beach Little League
SLOVENE Solarian League Navy
SLN Solarian League Navy
SRL Soldat Realistic League
SNL Somali National League
SYL Somali Youth League
SVLL Sonoma Valley Little League
SARL South African Radio League
SAL South Atlantic League
SAAL South Australian Athletic League
SBLL South Boulder Little League
SCSL South Coast Soccer League
SDML South Dakota Municipal League
SDLL South Durham Little League
SEPL South Eastern Pool League
SELL South End Little League
SEGSL South Euclid Girls Softball League
SELL South Everett Little League
SFDL South Florida Descent League
SICL South Iowa Cedar League
SJGSL South Jersey Girls Soccer League
SLAL South Lake Animal League
SLSL South London Special League
SLCL South Louisiana Computer League
SNCL South Nottinghamshire Cricket League
SNCL South Notts Cricket League
SVL South of England Veteran’s League
SPSL South Puget Sound League
SRSL South Region Soccer League
SSJHL South Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League
SSPSL South Shore Parochial School League
STLL South Tonka Little League
SWPL South Wales Premier League
SWPL South West Pistol League
SWOCL South Western Ontario Chess League
SCL Southeastern Composers’ League
SACYSL Southern Alameda County Youth Soccer League
SAML Southern Alberta Midget League
SBL Southern Bicycle League
SCCBL Southern California Collegiate Badminton League
SCBL Southern Collegiate Baseball League
SHL Southern Hockey League
SIHL Southern Ice Hockey League
SATELLITE Southern League
SL Southern League
SLMD Southern League Midland Division
SLWD Southern League Western Division
SOML Southern Oregon Math League
SPPL Southern Paintball Players League
SPHL Southern Professional Hockey League
SSFL Southern States Football League
SYL Southern Youth League
SCHL Southwest Collegiate Hockey League
SCHLES Southwest Collegiate Hockey League
SWOL Southwest Ohio League
SCLC Space Coast League of Cities
SBALL Spring Branch American Little League
SCRL Sprint Car Racing League
SLSL St. Louis Subbuteo League
SRSL Stafford Recreational Soccer League
SIHL Starkville Inline Hockey League
SAALA State Arts Advocacy League of America
SCLL State College Little League
SCUL State College Ultimate League
SCVL Steel City Volleyball League
SCSL Steuben County Swim League
SPAL Stratford Police Athletic League
SPFL Suburban Parochial Football League
SAFL Summerland Australian Football League
SGL Summit Gaming League
SLC Suncoast League of Cities
SLDL SunLit DOD League (gaming)
SL3 Sunrise League 3
SBSL Suomen Baseball Softball League
SLH Superhero League of Hoboken
SCFL Sussex County Football League
SSFL Sussex Sunday Football League
SPYL Swapo Party Youth League
SEL Swedish Elite League
SGL Sydney Gamers League
TACL Taiwanese American Citizen League
TFL Tasmanian Football League
TFL Team Fortress League
TWL Team Warfare League/Ladder
TBL Tee Ball League
TVALL Temecula Valley American Little League
TSLL Tempe South Little League
TDSL Tewkesbury & District Skittles League
TCAL Texas Christian Athletic League
TCDL Texas Citizens Defense League
TCL Texas Collegiate League
TCSL Texas Collegiate Soccer League
TCUL Texas Credit Union League
TILF Texas Interscholastic League Foundation
TL Texas League
TLCV Texas League of Conservation Voters
TML Texas Municipal League
TBL The Black League
TCLN The Cobra League Network
TFPL The Fantasy Poker League
THL The Human League
TJL The Justice League
TKL The Kids League
TNPL The Nuts Poker League
TPL The Premier League
TSCL The Senior Citizens’ League
TCHL Thornhill Community Hockey League
TOLL Thousand Oaks Little League
TPSL Tiburon Peninsula Soccer League
TCHL Top Corner Hockey League
TFFL Toronto Flag Football League
TFL Toronto Fun League
TSSL Toronto Services Soccer League
TSVL Toronto Spartan Volleyball League
TTFL Toronto Touch Football League
TCL Total Carnage League
TGL Total Gaming League
TFFL TOTS Fantasy Football League
THL Transamerican Hockey League
TTNL Trans-Tasman Netball League
TSCL TREA Senior Citizens League
TWL Trench Wars League
TWLB Trench Wars League – Basing
TWLM Trench Wars League Manager
TCAL Tri County Athletic League
TLC Trotskyist League of Canada
TMSL Tucson Metro Soccer League
TUL Tucson Urban League
TULA Tucson Urban League Academy
TNPL Tuesday Night Pool League
TALL Turkish American Ladies League
TBL Turkish Basketball League
TPPL Turkish Professional Paintball League
TSL Turkish Super League
TELL Tustin Eastern Little League
TWLL Tustin Western Little League
TCUL Twin Cities Ultimate League
UCL UEFA Champions League
ULIE Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
USRL Ukrainian Self Reliance League
UWL Ukrainian Women’s League
UYLNA Ukrainian Youth League of North America
UCFFL Ultimate Championship Fantasy Football League
UFGL Ultimate Fantasy Golf League
UTFL Ultimate Touch Football League
UWL Ultimate Woodsball League
UFGL Under Fire Gaming League
UBL Underground Bowling League
URL Underground Race League
ULCC Union League Club of Chicago
USPL Unionville Slow Pitch League
UCFFL United Carolina Flag Football League
UFL United Football League
UHL United Hockey League
UNLD United Nationalities League for Democracy
UPL United Powers League
USL United Soccer Leagues
USAFL United States Australian Football League
USBL United States Basketball League
USCFL United States Cartoon Football League
USCL United States Chess League
USFFL United States Flag Football League
USKL United States Karate League
USNL United States Navy League
USPL United States Paintball League
USPV United States Professional Volleyball League
USTL United States Taekwondo League
UCL Universal Cyber League
URLQ Universities Rugby League Queensland
UIL University Interscholastic League
UOVMHL Upper Ottawa Valley Minor Hockey League
ULM Upward League Manager
USLW Upward Sports League of Winchester
UDLS Urban Debate League
UDL Urban Debate League
UEL Urban Environment League
UL Urban League
ULMS Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
ULMSL Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis
ULMC Urban League of Morris County
USBL US Backgammon League
ULTRA Utah League of Tandem Riding Addicts
VCFL Valley Community Football League
VYSL Valley Youth Soccer League
VDL Vancouver Dodgeball League
VIJHL Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League
VMFL Vancouver Mainland Football League
VTSL Vancouver Theatresports League
VUL Vancouver Ultimate League
VULGAR Vanderbilt University League of Gamers and Roleplayers
VBL Venice Basketball League
VASL Vermont Amateur Soccer League
VIFL Vermont Interscholastic Football League
VOCAL Vermont Open Circle Awareness League
VLB Veto League Baseball
VGL Vicious Gaming League
VOCAL Victims of Crime Assistance League
VCCL Victorian Country Cricket League
VCFL Victorian Country Football League
VFL Victorian Football League
VYSL Victorville Youth Soccer League
VLL Vienna Little League
VILE Villain’s International League of Evil
VICL Virgin Islands Charteryacht League
VCDL Virginia Citizen’s Defense League
VCCL Virginia Club Champions League
VALCV Virginia League of Conservation Voters
VML Virginia Math League
VML Virginia Municipal League
VSLI Virginia Soccer League, Inc.
VKL Virtual Kicker League
VSOL Virtual Soccer Online League
WHLL Wade Hampton Little League
WWFL Wagon Wheel Football League
WNLL Waldorf National Little League
WYSL Wallingford Youth Soccer League
WALL War and Law League
WRL War Resisters’ League
WABL Waratah Australian Basketball League
WCML Warren County Municipal League
WYSL Warren Youth Soccer League
WBBL WarSeer Blood Bowl League
WAGS Washington Area Girls Soccer League
WATL Washington Area Tennis League
WBL Washington Bridge League
WCCL Washington County Civic League
WCUL Washington Credit Union League
WCL Washington Cricket League
WSPL Washington State Premier League
WCL Waterloo Chess League
WNL Welsh National League
WABL West Akron Baseball League
WADL West Australian Debating League
WAFL West Australian Football League
WBAL West Bay Athletic League
WBLC West Belconnen Leagues Club
WBLL West Bend Little League
WCBLS West Coast Baseball League
WCFL West Coast Football League
WDLL West Downey Little League
WEHL West End Hockey League
WHAL West Hartford Art League
WHLL West Hartford Little League
WHLL West Haven Little League
WLLL West Lafayette Little League
WMRL West Midlands Regional League
WNYL West Newbury Youth Leagues
WSAL West Shore Art League
WSSL West Side Soccer League
WTLC West Tamworth League Club
WTFL West Texas Football League
WVSL West Valley Soccer League
WVCDL West Virginia Citizens Defense League
WVCUL West Virginia Credit Union League
WVRL West Virginia Racing League
WVSL West Virginia Symphony League
WWCL West Wales Cyclists League
WYSL Westchester Youth Soccer League
WABL Western Australia Basketball League
WAFL Western Australian Football League
WAPL Western Australian Poker League
WCBLS Western Canadian Baseball League
WCRHL Western Collegiate Roller Hockey League
WCFL Western Communities Football League
WHL Western Hockey League
WLBL Western Loudoun Basketball League
WMBL Western Major Baseball League
WMSL Western Missouri Soccer League
WNPL Western Nevada Pistol League
WPIBL Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Bowling League
WRFL Western Region Football League
WSL Western Slope League
WSSL Western Slope State League
WSSL Western Suburban Soccer League
WWCL Western Wayne County League
WWHL Western Women’s Hockey League
WYBL Western Young Buddhist League
WWHL Westman Winter Hockey League
WMHL Weston Minor Hockey League
WMCL White Mountain Conservation League
WRAL White River Academic League
WGSL Whittier Girls Softball League
WCGL Will County Governmental League
WYBL Williamsburg Youth Baseball League
WGLL Willow Glen Little League
WLWV Wilton League of Women Voters
WBSL Windham Baseball Softball League
WIWL Windsor International Wiffleball League
WTFL Winnipeg Touch Football League
WWSL Winnipeg Women’s Soccer League
WSAL Winston-Salem Astronomical League
WCUL Wisconsin Credit Union League
WMHL Wisconsin Minnesota Hockey League
WADL Witches Anti-Discrimination League
WLPA Witches’ League for Public Awareness
WVL Women Volley League
WAFL Women’s American Football League
WBL Women’s Basketball League
WBVL Women’s Beach Volleyball League
WFL Women’s Football League
WFL Women’s Freedom League
WHL Women’s Hockey League
WILPF-LIFPL Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
WLB Women’s League of Burma
WNCL Women’s National Cricket League
WPSL Women’s Premier Soccer League
WPSL Women’s Pro Softball League
WPFL Women’s Professional Football League
WIRL Woodcar Independent Racing League
WBL Wooden Bat League
WTL Woodsball Tournament League
WACL World Anti-Communist League
WBLO World Badminton League Orchestra
WBL World Bocce League
WCL World Combat League
WFL World Football League
WGL World Golf League
WHO-ILAR World Health Organisation/International League of Associations for Rheumatology
WHL World Hypertension League
WIFL World Indoor Football League
WISL World Indoor Soccer League
WIL World Islamic League
WKL World Kickboxing League
WL World League
WLAA World League Against Alcoholism
WLFD World League for Freedom and Democracy
WLSR World League for Sexual Reform
WLPA World League for the Protection of Animals
WLATC World League of Air Traffic Controllers
WLAF World League of American Football
WLCT World League of Chess Tournaments
WLWS World League Wrestling
WLW World League Wrestling
WMAL World Martial Arts League
WMPL World Mission Prayer League
WRRL World Radio Relay League
WRL World Running League
WSL World Softball League
WUGL World University Games League
WWGL World Wide Gnarf League
WWEL World Wrestling Entertainment League
WACL Worms Armageddon Clan League
WLP Wraith League of Players
WFL Wylie Football League
XFL X Football League
XBL X-Ball League
XFL X-Treme Football League
XHL Xtreme Hockey League
XLW Xtreme League Wrestling
EXPLOIT Xtreme Professional League
XPL Xtreme Professional League
XSL Xtreme Soccer League
YSL Yavapai Soccer League
YSL YMCA Swim League
YCLL York County Little League
YRSL York Region Soccer League
YPFL Yorke Peninsula Football League
YAL Young Adult League
YAL Young Australia League
YCL Young Communist League
YML Young Mother’s League
YSSL Young Sportsman Soccer League
YAL Youth Activities League
YBL Youth Basketball League
YDL Youth Development League
YFLS Youth Football League
YFL Youth Football League
YGL Youth Golf League
YHL Youth Hockey League
YIFL Youth Indoor Football League
YSL Youth Service League
YSL Youth Ski League
YSL Youth Soccer League
YWL Youth Wrestling League
ZYSL Zephyrhills Youth Soccer League