Maine Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Maine state?

ME is the 2 letter abbreviation for Maine, the 42th largest state in the United States of America. Maine is a state located in Northeast part of U.S.A, bordering New Hampshire. Augusta is the capital city of Maine. Major cities include Portland (Population: 66892), Lewiston (Population: 36213), Bangor (Population: 32402), West Scarborough (Population: 27717), South Portland (Population: 25567), South Portland Gardens (Population: 23904), Auburn (Population: 22882), Biddeford (Population: 21293), Sanford (Population: 20904), Saco (Population: 19089), Augusta (Population: 18482), and Westbrook (Population: 17989).

Maine State Flag

Maine State Profile

  • Capital: Augusta
  • Admitted to USA: 1820
  • Area: 91,633 km2
  • Population: 1,344,212
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 207
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  ME
  • State Government Website:


Maine is in the far northeast of the United States. The state borders the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec in the northeast and northwest, the US state of New Hampshire in the southwest and the Atlantic in the southeast. West Quoddy Head is the easternmost location on the mainland of the entire United States.

The Maine area was originally French territory and its name probably derives from the landscape of the same name in France, but the abbreviation of “mainland” is also possible. Maine became the 23rd state of the United States in 1820. The least populated state east of the Mississippi is also called “Pine Tree State” because 90% of its area is forested – mostly with pine trees. The state covers an area of ​​91,645 km² – with around 1.4 million inhabitants. The capital has been Augusta since 1831 – with only around 24,000 inhabitants.

The main agricultural products are poultry, eggs, potatoes, blueberries, apples and numerous dairy products. Fish and the famous Maine lobsters, considered the best in the world. The Maine industry mainly produces and processes paper, wood, furniture, electronics, food, leather and textiles. There are numerous lighthouses, sandy beaches, tranquil fishing villages and thousands of smaller and larger islands along the rough rocky coast of Maine. Inland there are many lakes, rivers, forests and mountains.

Cities and larger towns

Augusta is the capital of Maine and, with approximately 18,500 inhabitants, is one of the three smallest capitals of all states in the United States. Augusta received city rights in 1797. Augusta is located on the Kennebec River in Kennebec County in southeastern Maine. It is the easternmost capital of the United States.  The State University of Maine, founded in 1965, is located in Augusta as well as the Maine State House. The Botanical Garden and the State Museum Maine are worth seeing.

With approximately 66,200 residents, Portland is the largest city in the state of Maine. It is a coastal city in southwest Maine and is located in Cumberland County.
Portland is best known for its historic waterfront at the mouth of the Fore River with its famous lighthouse, the Portland Head Light, and its artists’ district. It is also home to the state’s largest insurance companies and banks. The writer Stephen King is one of the city’s famous sons and daughters.

Brunswick is only 30 km from Portland and has approximately 21,200 inhabitants. Located at the waterfalls of Androscoggin, it was founded as a settlement in 1628 and in 1738 it received city rights. It received the name “Brunswick” in 1717 in honor of the House of Braunschweig. Bowsoin College, Bowdoin College Art Museum, MacMillan Arctic Museum and Naval Air Station Brunswick are located in Brunswick.

Lewiston / Auburn
The cities of Lewiston and Auburn are two of the five largest cities in Maine. Lewiston has approximately 41,600 residents, making it the second largest city in the state and Auburn approximately 25,300. Both cities are in County Androscoggin in southwest Maine. Because they are only separated by the Androcoggin cases, they are often perceived as one big city, abbreviated LA. Lewiston is home to Bates College and the University of southern Maine, as well as the famous Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. Androscoggin County is the administrative center of Auburn.

Maine State Abbreviations

List of Maine Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Maine are ME which stands for Maine. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Maine, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

ME: Maine

Acronym Meaning
ADH Action Dignite Humaine
AFFM Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine
ADMA Ailes du Maine Avion
AJMAA American Junior Maine-Anjou Association
AMAA American Maine-Anjou Association
ARH Assistance en Ressources Humaines
AFELSH Association des Facultés ou Établissements de Lettres et Sciences Humaines
AFRT Association Franco-Roumaine de Toulouse
AUGMENT Augusta, ME, USA – Maine State
AUG Augusta, ME, USA – Maine State
BIW Bath Iron Works Maine
BMW Big Maine Woman
BGH Biobanques et Bases de Données de Recherche en Génétique Humaine
BM Boston and Maine Railroad Corporation
BMT Boston and Maine Transportation Railroad
BML Bouchemaine Multi-Loisirs
BRYO Brunswick Maine Youth Orchestra
CMCA Center for Maine Contemporary Art
CMCC Central Maine Community College
CMDA Central Maine Dressage Association
CMIA Central Maine Indian Association
CMMC Central Maine Medical Center
CMMF Central Maine Medical Family
CMM Central Maine Midwives
CMMS Central Maine Morning Sentinel
CMPCO Central Maine Power Company
CMP Central Maine Power Company
CMPTRA Central Maine Power Tool Racing Association
CIH Centre d’Immunologie Humaine
CDSH Centre de Documentation Sciences Humaines
CDHS Centre de Documentation Sciences Humaines
CSH Centre de Sciences Humaines
CTIRH Centre de Traitement de l’Information sur les Ressources Humaines de la Marine
CGMP Cercle Genealogique de Maine et Perche
CGMPS Cercle Généalogique de Maine et Perche
CNB Charmaine Neville Band
CNIM Christian-News-in-Maine
CNB Club Nautique de Bouchemaine
CMIA Coalition for a Maine Initiative on Aging
CEIES Comité consultatif Européen de l’Information Statistique dans les domaines Economique et Sociale
CSAH Comité Scientifique de l’Alimentation Humaine
CRH Communication Relations Humaines
CHOM Community Housing of Maine
CEIM Comptoir Electro Industriel du Maine
CRH Consulting en Ressources Humaines
COMBAT Consumers of Maine Bringing Action Together
CMMABN Crédit Mutuel Maine-Anjou, Basse-Normandie
CBHM Custom Built Homes of Maine, Inc.
DWT Davis Wright Tremaine
DRHD Des Ressources Humaines Durables
DAGR Dictionnaire des Antiquites Grecques et Romaines
DRH Direction des Ressources Humaines
DISH Doctorants, Informatique et Sciences Humaines
DGAD Domaine de Gestion d’Administration
DOA Domaine de l’Angoisse
DRC Domaine de La Romanee Conti
DGV Domaine des Gardiens de la Vallee
DHF Domaine des Hautes Fagnes
DEGP Domaine Equestre des Grands Pins
DII Domaine Immobilier et Infrastructures
DPM Domaine Public Maritime
DSWE Domaine Select Wine Estates
DAS Domaines d’Activite Strategique
DIM Domaines d’Intérêt Majeur
EMBL Eastern Maine Basketball League
EMDC Eastern Maine Development Corporation
EMDA Eastern Maine Dressage Association
EMEC Eastern Maine Electric Cooperative, Inc.
EMH Eastern Maine Healthcare
EMHS Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems
EMMC Eastern Maine Medical Center
EMRY Eastern Maine Railway
EMTC Eastern Maine Transportation Collaborative
EMCC Eastern Segment of the Maine Coastal Current
EDCM Economic Development Council of Maine
EAM Engineered Automation of Maine, Inc.
EBCM Environmental Business Council of Maine
FPOM Family Psychiatry of Maine
FAME Finance Authority of Maine
FOML Friends of Maine Libraries
FHM Fund for a Healthy Maine
GRH Gestion Ressources Humaines
GECUME Government Employees Credit Union of Maine
GOM Gulf of Maine
GMA Gulf of Maine Aquarium
GMBIS Gulf of Maine Biogeographic Information System
GOMI Gulf of Maine Institute
GMRI Gulf of Maine Research Institute
HCAMS Home Care Alliance of Maine
HLT Houlton, Maine
IEPM Independent Energy Producers of Maine
IGH Institut de Génétique Humaine
IRH Institut des Ressources Humaines
JDER Jermaine Dupri
JD Jermaine Dupri
JORDAN Jermaine O’Neal
JO Jermaine O’Neal
JLP Junior League of Portland, Maine, Inc.
JMG Junior Maine Guide
JMW Junior Maine Woodsman
SEI La Semaine de l’Education Internationale
LIU Laboratoire d’Informatique de l’Université du Maine
LSHA Langues et Sciences Humaines Appliquées
LDP Le Domaine Public
LA Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
LMFCU Lincoln Maine Federal Credit Union
ME Maine
MEAD Maine Academic Decathlon
MACM Maine Academy of Country Music
MAPS Maine Adoption Placement Service
MATI Maine Air Toxics Initiative
MAICC Maine Alliance for the International Criminal Court
MAA Maine Alpaca Association
MADI Maine American Dream Initiative
MARAP Maine Amphibian and Reptile Atlasing Project
MABA Maine Antiquarian Booksellers Association
MATC Maine Antique Tractor Club
MADA Maine Antiques Dealers Association
MATC Maine Appalachian Trail Club
MAA Maine Aquaculture Association
MATF Maine Aquaculture Task Force
MATD Maine Assistive Technology Directory
MAMLE Maine Association for Middle Level Education
MAAOM Maine Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
MAB Maine Association of Broadcasters
MACCE Maine Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives
MACDL Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
MAID Maine Association of Independent Doulas
MAIN Maine Association of Independent Neighborhoods
MAND Maine Association of Naturopathic Doctors
MASAP Maine Association of Student Affairs Practitioners
MASAP Maine Association of Substance Abuse Programs, Inc.
MEAD Maine Association of the Deaf
MACINTOSH Maine Athletic Conference
MAC Maine Athletic Conference
MADA Maine Auto Dealers Association
MACWIS Maine Automated Child Welfare Information System
MBTA Maine Better Transportation Association
MBRB Maine Biomedical Research Board
MBI Maine Business Indicators
MCC Maine Campus Compact
MCPH Maine Center for Public Health
MCA Maine Center for the Arts
MCP Maine Central Power
MEC Maine Central Railroad Company
MCTA Maine Christmas Tree Association
MCLF Maine Citizen Leadership Fund
MCLU Maine Civil Liberties Union
MCCA Maine Clinical Counselors Association
MCP Maine Coastal Program
MECA Maine College of Art
MECR Maine College Republicans
MCPI Maine Community Policing Institute
MCYAF Maine Community Youth Assistance Foundation
MCCTF Maine Computer Crimes Task Force
MCGP Maine Construction General Permit
MCPI Maine Coon Polydactyl International
MCC Maine Council of Churches
MCGA Maine Cranberry Growers Association
MDNPA Maine Daily Newspaper Publishers Association
MDEP Maine Department of Environmental Protection
MDOL Maine Department of Labor
MDOT Maine Department of Transportation
MDTD Maine Dil Tujko Diya
MDD Maine Driving Dynamics
MDEA Maine Drug Enforcement Agency
MEIF Maine Economic Improvement Fund
MEA Maine Educational Assessment
MECATS Maine Educational Center for Assistive Technology and Software
MEMA Maine Emergency Management Agency
MEMS Maine Emergency Medical Services
MEPI Maine Environmental Policy Institute
MFTC Maine Fair Trade Campaign
MFCA Maine Family Care Association
MFO Maine Film Office
MFBP Maine Forest Biodiversity Project
MFS Maine Forest Service
MFOA Maine Friends of Animals
MFDA Maine Funeral Directors Association
MGFA Maine Government Facilities Authority
MHDO Maine Health Data Organization
MHIC Maine Health Information Center
MHPC Maine Heritage Policy Center
MHPC Maine Historic Preservation Commission
MHEA Maine Home Education Association
MHRA Maine Human Rights Act
MIAL Maine Image Analysis Laboratory
MIBA Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance
MIAQC Maine Indoor Air Quality Council
MIK Maine Indoor Karting
MIA Maine Innkeepers Association
MISN Maine Invasive Species Network
MICP Maine Irish Children’s Program
MITA Maine Island Trail Association
MJFF Maine Jewish Film Festival
MLR Maine Lawyers Review
MLA Maine Lobstermen’s Association
MMPI Maine Marijuana Policy Initiative
MMA Maine Maritime Academy
MMW Maine Media Workshops
MMC Maine Medical Center
MMEP Maine Medicare Education Partnership
MMA Maine Military Authority
MMA Maine Municipal Association
MMC Maine Music Camp
MMA Maine Mycological Association
MNPP Maine Native Prison Project
MNG Maine Natural Gas Company
MNHC Maine Network of Healthy Communities
MNSC Maine Nordic Ski Council
MODA Maine Oil Dealers Association
MORP Maine Oil Recycling Program
MOFGA Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
MOAC Maine Outdoor Adventure Club
MPF Maine Parent Federation
MPA Maine People’s Alliance
MPW Maine Photographic Workshops
MPHO Maine Physician Hospital Organization
MPGC Maine Planned Giving Council
MPB Maine Potato Board
MPA Maine Principals’ Association
MPMP Maine Products Marketing Program
MPGA Maine Professional Guides Association
MPR Maine Public Radio
MPK Maine Pyar Kiya
MQF Maine Quality Forum
MRPL Maine Recreational Paintball League
MERF Maine Renaissance Faire
MRSA Maine Revised Statutes Annotated
MRDC Maine Rural Development Council
MSAD Maine School Administrative District
MSBA Maine School Boards Association
MSSM Maine School of Science and Mathematics
MSTF Maine Science & Technology Foundation
MSTA Maine Science Teachers Association
MSG Maine Sea Grant
MSCN Maine Senior College Network
MSBA Maine Sheep Breeders Association
MSA Maine Snowmobile Association
MSHP Maine Society of Health-System Pharmacists
MSLS Maine Society of Land Surveyors
MSEA Maine Solar Energy Association
MSHS Maine South High School
MSHA Maine Speech Language Hearing Association
MSBA Maine State Beekeepers Association
MSCBA Maine State Candlepin Bowling Association
MSG Maine State Government
MSG Maine State Grange
MSHA Maine State Housing Authority
MSL Maine State Library
MSNA Maine State Nurses Association
MSPO Maine State Planning Office
MSP Maine State Prison
MSRS Maine State Retirement System
MSTA Maine State Teachers Association
MTMPP Maine Tourism Marketing Partnership Program
MTSEP Maine Township Special Education Program
MTSC Maine Transportation Safety Coalition
MTLA Maine Trial Lawyers Association
MTA Maine Turnpike Authority
MVR Maine Vacation Rentals
MVH Maine Veterans’ Homes
MVMA Maine Veterinary Medical Association
MVRCA Maine Vintage Race Car Association
MWS Maine Warden Service
MWHS Maine West High School
MWA Maine Windjammer Association
MWL Maine Women’s Lobby
MIDWEST Maine Woodsman
MW Maine Woodsman
MYAPC Maine Yankee Atomic Power Company
MYAN Maine Youth Action Network
MYCA Maine Youth Camping Association
MYV Maine Youth Voices
MOOSA Maine’s Original Outstanding Super Adventure
MHAM Manufactured Housing Association of Maine
MISASHS Mathématiques, Informatique et Statistiques Appliquées aux Sciences Humaines et Sociales
08B Merrymeeting Field Bowdoinham, Maine
MRH Mission Ressources Humaines
MMA Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway
NMTC Northern Maine Technical College
PPOM Pastel Painters of Maine
PRH Personnalité et Relations Humaines
RARGM Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine
RARGOM Regional Association for Research on the Gulf of Maine
RRH Responsable Ressources Humaines
RH Ressources Humaines
RHE Ressources Humaines Environnement
RHO Ressources Humaines et Organisation
RHM Ressources Humaines Mediation
SWAM Salt Water Addicts of Maine
SHS Sciences Humaines et Sociales
SSI Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale
SIGA Semaine Internationale de la Gentillesse et de l’Altruisme
SIC Semaine Internationale du Cerveau
SJ Semaine Judiciaire
SME Semaine Mondiale de l’Entrepreneuriat
SNC Semaine Nationale de La Culture
SOF Semaine Olympique Française
SQF Semaine Québécoise des Familles
SSF Semaines des Sciences Forestières
SSF Semaines Sociales de France
SRH Service des Ressources Humaines
SDP Service du Domaine Public
SEH Société d’Ecologie Humaine
SFM Société Forestière du Maine
SPAM Some Place Around Montana / Missouri / Massachusetts / Mississippi / Maine
SMARC Southern Maine Affordable Rental Housing Coalition
SMART Southern Maine Alternative to Residential Treatment
SMCC Southern Maine Community College
SMDF Southern Maine Dialysis Facility
SMDA Southern Maine Dressage Association
SMHHS Southern Maine Health and Homecare Services
SMLC Southern Maine Labor Council
SMMC Southern Maine Medical Center
SMPT Southern Maine Physical Therapy
SMSM Southern Maine Scale Modelers
SMTC Southern Maine Technical College
SMTAS Southern Maine Theatre Academy
SMTA Southern Maine Theatre Academy
SNAM Student Nurses Association of Maine
SETH Système Expert en Toxicologie Humaine
TAM Telephone Association of Maine
UNH Unité de Nutrition Humaine
UBM United Bikers of Maine
UMCCA United Maine Coon Cat Association
USFM United Soccer Federation of Maine
UWEM United Way of Eastern Maine
UM University of Maine
UMAA University of Maine Alumni Association
UMA University of Maine at Augusta
UMF University of Maine at Farmington
UMFK University of Maine at Fort Kent
UMM University of Maine at Machias
UMO University of Maine at Orono
UMS University of Maine System
USM University of Southern Maine
VPH Véhicule À Propulsion Humaine
VIH Virus d’Immuno-Deficience Humaine
WGOM Western Gulf of Maine
WMH Western Maine Health
WMTS Western Maine Transportation Services
WMCC Western Segment of the Maine Coastal Current

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