Management Abbreviations II

What is Management?

Management is a term used to designate the role of coordinating employees of a company in team management tasks.

This is a term directly linked to the action or effect of supervising, coordinating activities within an organization.

Usually the term management also refers to the group of employees at the highest level of the company, who are responsible for coordinating internal resources, representing the company before third parties and controlling the goals and objectives, that is, the management is also responsible for the success or business failure.

In this context of business management, management is related to several terms related to administration, such as project management, operations management and supply chain management.

In the legal sphere, management is the conventional mandate in which someone is in charge of managing the affairs of a company, with broad powers to fulfill the objectives of a social contract.

The person who is in charge of this role is called a manager. He is responsible for the functions of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the activities of a company. He must contribute to good management through his ability to lead, lead and coordinate the team.


Types of management

In business management, we can identify some management models that best suit the style of the institution. Are they:

Asset management

It is the type of management where the main positions and the most important positions are assumed by the owners of the company.

Political management

In this model, managerial positions are entrusted to other people, through affiliations and political loyalty.

Management by objectives

This is the most adopted model in most companies. In this type of management, regardless of position and hierarchical level, everyone collaborates so that the company’s goal is achieved.

Intelligence Collection Management
Intelligence Community Management
Intelligence Cycle Management
Intelligence Cycle Management Subsystem
Intelligence Data Management
Intelligence Data Management Processor
intelligence information management
Intelligence Management Information System
Intelligence Materiel Management Center
Intelligence Production Management Activity
Intelligence Requirements Management
Intelligent Alarm Management System
Intelligent Cable Management System
Intelligent Call Management
Intelligent Chassis Management Bus
Intelligent Chassis Management System
Intelligent Contact Management
Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise
Intelligent Contact Management Solutions
Intelligent Device Management
Intelligent Energy Management
Intelligent Energy Management Agent
intelligent information management
intelligent information management
Intelligent Integrated. Network Management
Intelligent Peripheral Management Controllers
Intelligent Platform Management Controller
Intelligent Platform Management Interface
Intelligent Platform Management Interface
Intelligent Power Management
Intelligent QoS Management Suite
Intelligent Quality Management
Intelligent Quality Management and Marketing
Intelligent Quality-Of-Service Management Suite
Intelligent Services and Process Management
Intelligent Supplier Relationship Management System
Intelligent Video Management System
Intelli-Risk Management Corporation
Intensive Case Management
Intensive Item Management System
Intensive Management Office
Intensive Management Staff Officer
Intensive Management Unit
Interactive Configuration Management and Procurement Program
Interactive Content Management
Interactive Fantasy Football Management League
Interactive Rights Management Ltd
Interactive Storage Management Facility
Interagency Fire Program Management
Interagency Land Management Agreement
Interagency Land Management Assignment
Interagency Management Review Team
Interagency Management Review Team
Interagency Management System
Interagency Program Management Committee
Interagency Review Group on Nuclear Waste Management
Interbay Fiber Management
Interception Management System
Interchange Area Management Plan
Inter-City Transportation Systems Management Authority
Interdepartmental Project Management Committee
Interest Based Conflict Management
Interest Management
Interface Configuration Management
Interface Control Management Plan
Interface Control Management Protocol
Interface Management Card
Interface Management Entity
Interface Management Plan
Interim Construction Environmental Management Plan
Interim Local Management Interface
Interim Local Management Interface
Interim Management Services
Interim Management Statement
Interim Readiness Management Center
Interim Traffic Management System
Interim Water Management Pond
Interior Decoration Construction Management
Interlocking Fresh Air Management System
Intermediate Management Experience
Intermediate Management Training
Intermediate Software Acquisition Management Course
Internal Communications Management System
Internal Management Control
Internal Management Control Program
Internal Management Document
Internal Quality Management
Internal Risk Management Models
International Academy of Management
International Academy of Management and Business
International Academy of Management and Marketing
International Agribusiness Management Association
International Association for Chinese Management Research
International Association for Exposition Management
International Association for Human Resource Information Management
International Association for Sport Management
International Association of Anxiety Management
International Association of Management Journal
International Association of Mold Management
International Association of Visual Communicators Management
International Brand Management Consultant
International Bridge Management Conference
International Building Management Code
International Business and Comparative Management
International Business and Management Center
International Business and Technology Management
International Business Management
International Business Management Center
International Business Management Centre
International Business Management Consultants
International Call Center Management
International Case Management System
International Center for the Advancement of Management Education
International Centre for Culture and Management
International Centre for Higher Education Management
International Centre for Living Aquatic Resources Management
International Centre for Pension Management
International Certificate in Wealth Management
International City/County Management Association
International Colloquium on Ethnic Entrepreneurship and Management
International Compliance Management
International Conference on Applications of Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management
International Conference on Ballast Water Management
International Conference on Business and Management
International Conference on Business Management and Economics
International Conference on Chemicals Management
International Conference on Economic and Management Perspectives
International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management
International Conference on Image Management and Communication in Patient Care
International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management
International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations
International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology
International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology
International Conference on Management Science and Engineering
International Conference on Mobile Data Management
International Conference on Risk Management
International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management
International Construction Management Co Pte Ltd
International Council of Emboli Management
International Creative Management
International Crowd Management & Security Group
International Cultural Project Management Ltd.
International Cyanide Management Code
International Design Business Management
International Directory Management System
International Disability Management Standards Council
International Emergency Catastrophe Management
International Energy Management and Policy
International Engine Management Program
International Engineering Management Conference
International Event Management Standard
International Export Management Company
International Facility Management Association
International Facility Management Association – Silicon Valley
International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management
International Food and Agribusiness Management Association
International Health Policy and Management
International Hotel Management School
International Hotel, Tourism and Culinary Management Institutes
International Human Resource Information Management
International Hydrographic Management and Engineering
International Information Management Association
International Information Management Congress
International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management
International Institute for Management Development
International Institute for Technology Management
International Institute of Management
International Institute of Management in Telecommunications
International Institute of Management Studies
International Institute of Saddlery Technology and Export Management
International Journal of Agile Management Systems
International Journal of Applied Management Science
International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management
International Journal of Information Technology and Management
International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management
International Journal of Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management
International Journal of Management and Decision Making
International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development
International Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship
International Journal of Management Practice
International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing
International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management
International Litigation Management Association
International Logistics Management Game
International Management Accounting Practice Statement
International Management and Development
International Management Association of Japan
International Management Centres Association
International Management Control Center
International Management Film Festival
International Management Group
International Management of Resources and Environment
International Management of Technology
International Management Package for the Administration of Clinical Trials
International Management Services, Incorporated
International Management Systems Marketing
International Management Teachers Academy
International Marketing and Management
International Marketing Management
International Master of Industrial Management
International Media Management Academic Association
International Model Management
International Network for Environmental Management
International Network Management
International Network Management System
International Network of Clinical Data Management Associations
International Paralegal Management Association
International Partnership in Self-Management and Empowerment
International Performance Management Council
International Personnel Management Association
International Private Wealth Management
International Product Data Management Users Group
International Product Development Management Conference
International Product Safety Management
International Project Management
International Project Management Academy
International Project Management Association
International Project Management Award
International Project Management Congress
International Project Management Program
International Public Management Association
International Public Management Association for Human Resources
International Publishing Management Association
International Records Management Federation
International Research Institute of Management
International Review of Management
International Risk Management Benchmarking Association
International Safety Management
International Sales Management, LLC
International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management
International School of Business Management
International School of General Management
International School of Management
International Seminar on Forest Administration and Management
International Ship Management Code
International Society of Configuration Management
International Space Station Mission Management Team
International Studies of Global Management
International Supermarket Management Class
International Supply Management
International Symposium on Data Engineering and Management
International Traffic Management System
International Training and Management Company
International Training Management
International Training Management Office
International Training Programme for Conflict Management
International Transportation Management Association
International Tropical Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium
International University of Management
International Water Management Institute
International Western Academy of Management
International Wildlife Management Consortium
International Workshop in Systems Management
Internet and Management Support for Storage
Internet Basiertes Projekt Management
Internet Cafe Management System
Internet Customer Relationship Management
Internet Group Management Protocol
Internet Key Management Protocol
Internet Management System
Internet Relationship Management
Internet Resource Management Essentials
Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
Internet Standard Management Framework
Internet Supply Chain Management
Internet Tax and Assessment Management
Internet Traffic and Content Management
Internet Traffic Management Center
Internet-Based Client Management
Internetworking Management System
Interoperability Assessment Management Model
Interoperability Management Board
Interoperability Management Information Tool
Interoperability/Integrated Management Plan
Interoperabilityintegrated Management Plan
Interoperable Systems Management and Requirements Transformation Process
Interregional Academy of Personnel Management
Inter-Regulatory Risk Management Council
Intersectional Management in Health Care
Interstate Management and Investment Corporation
Interventional Pain Management Techniques
Intra-Domain Mobility Management Protocol
Intrepid Capital Management
Introduction to Business Management Course
Invasive Management Area
Invensys Operations Management
Inventory Control Management For Process
Inventory Management and Simulation
Inventory Management and Systems Division
Inventory Management Associate
Inventory Management Plan
Inventory Management Record
Inventory Management Software
Inventory Management Solutions
Inventory Management Specialist
Inventory Management System
Inventory Performance Management
Inventory Program Management Service
Inventory Tracking and Management System
Inventory Warehouse Management System
Inventures Document Management System
Investment Decision Management
Investment Management Agreement
Investment Management and Real Estate
Investment Management Association
Investment Management Association of South Africa
Investment Management Certificate
Investment Management Committee
Investment Management Consultants
Investment Management Consultants Association
Investment Management Fee
Investment Management Group
Investment Management Institution
Investment Management Regulatory Organisation
Investment Promotion and Management Cell
Investment Trust Management Company
Investor Relationship Management
Invoke Web Management System
Iowa Emergency Management Division
Iowa Manure Management Action Group
IP-Oriented Operations and Management
IPtimize Management Center
Iraq Reconstruction Management Office
Iraq Reconstruction Management System
Irish Credit Management Training
Irish Institute for Management Development
Irish Management Institute
Irish Waste Management Association
Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperation Trust
Irrigation Management Transfer
Irrigation System Management Research
Irrigation Systems Management Project
Irrigation Water Management Society
ISC Management Activity
ISDN Standards Management
Isenberg School of Management
ISF Service Management Plan
Ishan Institute of Management and Technology
Ishana Basin Management Committee
Island Waste Management Corporation
ISO Internet Management Coexistence
Issue Management and Communications
Issue Management Council
Issue Management Resolution System
Issue-Based Dialogue Management
Issues Management System
Item Management Code
Item Management Coding Program
Item Management Control Code
Item Management Plan
Item Management/Manager
iView Management System
Ixis Asset Management Group
Jail Management Software
Jail Management System
Jamaican Institute of Management
Janus Capital Management
Janusian Security Risk Management, Ltd.
Japan Industrial Management Association
Japan Management Association
Japan Property Management Association
Japan Society for Human Resource Management
Japanese Management Organization
Japanese Management Society
JASS Career Management System
Java Content Management System
Java Image Management Interface
Java Management Environment
Jaysukhlal Vadhar Institute of Management Studies
Jekyll Island Management Institute
Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management
Jewelry Business Management
JINTACCS Army Management Plan
JK Institute of Technology and Management
Job Access & Management System
Job Distribution and Management Architecture
Job Management System
JOEF Consequence Management Prototype System
John Charles Management Consultants
John Hay Management Corporation
Johnson School Investment Management Club
Johnson Waste Management
Joint Acquisition Management Board
Joint Adjudication Management System
Joint Airlift Management Conference
Joint Border Management
Joint CALS Management Council
Joint Care Management Team
Joint Cargo Management
Joint Cargo Management Committee
Joint Center for Energy Management
Joint Collection Management Board
Joint Collection Management Element
joint collection management tools
Joint Committee on Antarctic Data Management
Joint Configuration Management Board
Joint Crisis Management Capability
Joint Data Management Server
Joint Data Management System
Joint Duty Assignment Management Information System
Joint Economic Management Committee
Joint Effects Management System
Joint Electoral Management Body
Joint Environmental Management Board
Joint Federal Management Improvement Program
Joint Financial Management Improvement Program
Joint Forest Management
Joint Forest Management Committees
Joint Frequency Management
Joint Health-Care Management Engineering Team
Joint Integrated Logistics Support Management Team
Joint Key Management
Joint Key Management Infrastructure Working Group
Joint Key Management Plan
Joint Key Management System
Joint Labor Management Committee
Joint Labor-Management
Joint Labor-Management Apprenticeship Committee
Joint Management Entrance Test
Joint Management Meeting
Joint Management Office
Joint Management Plan
Joint Management Plan Review
Joint Management Support Tools
Joint Management Team
Joint Material Management Center
Joint Mission Planning and Battle Management
Joint Network Management
Joint Program Management Review
Joint Project Management Review
Joint Quality Management Board
Joint Readiness Automated Management System
Joint Reliability Availability Management System
Joint Requirements and Management Board
Joint Resource Management Board
Joint Spectrum Management System for Windows
Joint Track Management
Joint Traffic Management Agency
Joint Trawl Management Advisory Committee
Joint Union Management Program
Joint Venture Management Agreement
Joint Venture Management Board
Joint Water Management
Jones Lang LaSalle Management Services
Jordan Valley Management Area
Journal of Aerospace Technology and Management
Journal of Air Transport Management
Journal of Asset Management
Journal of Business Management
Journal of Construction Engineering and Management
Journal of Database Management
Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management
Journal of Environmental Management
Journal of General Management
Journal of Healthcare Management
Journal of Insurance and Risk Management
Journal of International Management
Journal of International Technology and Information Management
Journal of Knowledge Management
Journal of Knowledge Management Practice
Journal of Management and Governance
Journal of Management Education
Journal of Management History
Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management
Journal of Network and Systems Management
Journal of Organizational Behavior Management
Journal of Patient Account Management
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management
Journal of Property Management
Journal of River Basin Management
Journal of Service Management
Journal of Sport Management
Journal of Supply Chain Management
Journal of Systems and Network Management
Journal of Transnational Management Development
Journal of Wildlife Management
Journey Management
Journey Management System
JTF Logistics Management Information System
Judge Institute of Management Studies
Judicial Enforcement Management System
Junior Command Management Course
Jurisdictional Urban Runoff Management Program
Justice Management Division
Justice Management Institute
Justice Property Management Regulations
Juvenile Justice Case Management System
Juvenile Offender Management Information System
Kagiso Urban Management
KAIST Graduate School of Management
Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board
Kansas Emergency Management Association
Karnataka Community Based Tank Management Project
Kassel International Management School
Kaufman Management Education Center
Kawasaki Ignition Management System
Keller Graduate School of Management
Kellogg School of Management
Kelly Vendor Management Solutions
Kennedy Space Center Management Instruction
Kennedy Wealth Management
Kenya Institute of Supplies Management
Kernel Based Interrupt Management
Key Account Management
Key Asset Management
Key Customer Relationship Management
Key Management
Key Management Application Service Element
Key Management Center
Key Management Device
Key Management Facility
Key Management Facility
Key Management Identification
Key Management Infrastructure
Key Management Message
Key Management Personnel
Key Management Plan
Key Management Practices Statements
Key Management Protocol
Key Management Protocol Data Unit
Key Management Service
Key Management Services Subgroup
Key Management Software Support
Key Management System
Key Management System Agent
Key Management User Agent
Key Privilege and Certificate Management
Key Variable Management System
Kingston Smith Association Management
Kingsway Fund Management
Kirloskar Institute of Advanced Management Studies
Klaus Management International
Kleinwort Benson Investment Management
Knockfin Management Corporation
Knowledge and Data Discovery Management System
Knowledge and Information Management
Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management – Knowledge Patterns
Knowledge Exchange Management
Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management & Software Development
Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
Knowledge Management and Marketing
Knowledge Management Assessment Tool
Knowledge Management Aston Conference
Knowledge Management Benchmarking Association
Knowledge Management Console
Knowledge Management Consortium
Knowledge Management Consortium International
Knowledge Management Environment
Knowledge Management Experts
Knowledge Management for Commanders
Knowledge Management for Composite Materials
Knowledge Management for Remedy
Knowledge Management Framework
Knowledge Management Framework
Knowledge Management Group
Knowledge Management in Action
Knowledge Management in Organizations
Knowledge Management Information Technology
Knowledge Management Institute
Knowledge Management Language
Knowledge Management Language
Knowledge Management Leadership Forum
Knowledge Management Maturity Model
Knowledge Management Network
Knowledge Management Officer
Knowledge Management Platform
Knowledge Management Society of Pakistan
Knowledge Management Society of Southern Africa
Knowledge Management Summer School
Knowledge Management System
Knowledge Management System Components
Knowledge Management Tools
Knowledge Operations Management
Knowledge Resource Management
Knowledge Services for Arts Management
Knowledge, Archives and Records Management Conference
Knowledge-based Information Management
Knowledge-Based Knowledge Management
Korea Animal Rescue and Management Association
Korea Green Management Index
Korea Investment Trust Management Company
Korea Management Association Quality Assurance
Korean Ammunition Management System
Korean Management Association Consulting
Kosovo NGO Advocacy Project (East-West Management Institute; Prishtine, Kosovo)
Kousali Institute of Management Studies
Krischausky Interimsmanagement Coaching
Kuratorium Ganzheitliches Management
LabNet Management Team
Labor and Management Employee Relations
Labor Management Agreement
Labor Management Cooperation Committee
Labor Management Cooperative Trust
Labor Management Office
Labor Management Partnership
Labor Management Partnership Team
Labor Management Relations Act
Labor Management Team
Laboratory Data Management System
Laboratory for Economics Management and Auctions
Laboratory Information Management
Laboratory Information Management System
Laboratory Management Information System
Labor-Management Meeting
Labor-Management Participation Team
Labor-Management Relations
Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959
Lahore University of Management Sciences
Lake Analysis Management System
Lake and Reservoir Management
Lake Basin Management Initiative
Lake County Stormwater Management Department
Lake Forest Asset Management
Lake Ohrid Management Board
Lake Wallenpaupack Watershed Management District
Lakes Basin Management Area
Lakes Management Advisory Committee
Lakeshore Management Zone
Lakewide Management Plan
Lally School of Management and Technology
LAN Management System
LAN Management Utilities
LAN/MAN Management Service
Lancaster Centre for Management in China
Lancaster University Management School
Land Acquisition and Management Advisory Council
Land and Marine Management Strategies
Land and Property Management
Land and Water Resource Management
Land Area Management Unit
Land Information Management
Land Information Management System
Land Management Agency
Land Management and Policy Development Project
Land Management Assistance Program
Land Management Department
Land Management Plan
Land Management Police Training
Land Management System
Land Management Training Center
Land Quality Management Ltd
Land Record Management Information System
Land Resources Management
Land Transport Management Bill
Land Use Management Plan
Land Use Management System
LANDesk Management Suite
Landscape Pest Management
Landworks Property Management
Langley Management Instructions
Langley Management System
Lantfleet Information Management System
LANXESS Management System
Large Case Management
Large Component Development Management
Large Documents Management System
Large Ocean Management Area
LaSalle Investment Management
Latin American Management Association
Latitude Capital Management
Law Enforcement Records Management Services, Inc.
Law Office Management & Administration Report
Law Office Management Advisory Service
Law Office Management And Accounting System
Law Office Management Assistance Service
Law Office Management Program
Law Practice Management
Law Practice Management & Technology
Layer Management Entity
Layer Management Interface
Lead Response Management
Leaders Accelerated Applied Management Program
Leaders in Management Education
Leadership and Change Management
Leadership and Management Development Association
Leadership and Organizational Management
Leadership Governance and Management Fund
Leadership in Project Management
Leadership Management International, Inc.
Leadership Management Skills Training
Leadership, Governance and Management
Leadership, Management and Personal Development
Leadership/Management Training
Leads Management System
Lean Daily Management System
Lean Production Management System
Lean Project Management
Learning Activity Management System
Learning Content Management System
Learning Credits Management Tool
Learning Management Configuration
Learning Management Operating System
Learning Management System
Learning Management System
Lease Management Agreement
Lease Management and Concession Agreement
Leave Management System
Lebanese Healthcare Management Association
Lebanese Management Association
Legacy Data Management
Legal & Compliance Management
Legal Aspects of Horse Management
Legal Assistant Management Association
Legal Costs Management
Legal Document Management System
Legal Management Council of the Philippines
Legal Management Resource Center
Legal Project Management
Legislative Document Management System
Legislative Management Committee
Legislative Management Officer
Leiden University School of Management
Lesotho Association for Public Administration and Management
Lesotho Institute of Public Administration and Management
Leverage Management Buy Out
Liberalized Exchange Rate Management System
Libraries Management Group
Libraries Performance Management System
Library Administration and Management Association
Library Information Management System
Library Leadership and Management Association
Library Management Facility
Library Management Research Unit
Library Management System
Library Management Unit
License Management Console
License Management International, LLC
License Management Office
License Use Management
Life Cycle Management
Life Cycle Management Command
Life Cycle Management of Information Systems
Life Cycle Management Plan
Life Cycle Management System
Life Cycle Service Management
Life Office Management Association
Life Style Management
Life-Cycle Document Management
Life-Cycle Management Center
Life-cycle Management System
Life-Cycle Management Team
Life-Cycle System Management Model
Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant
Lifestyle Brand Management
Light Construction and Development Management
Light Path Management
Light Weight Digital Rights Management
Lighthouse Property Management Group
Lighting Management System
Lights Out Management
Lights-Out Management
Lime Village Management Area
Limited Pest Management Technician
Link Fault Management
Link Management Interface
Link Management Protocol
Linux Server Management
Linux User Management
Liquid Management Experiment
Liquidity Management Centre
List Process Management
Litman Gregory Asset Management, LLC
Livermore-Amador Valley Water Management Agency
Livestock and Poultry Management
Livestock Nutrient Management Act
Load Management System
Loan Management and Accounting System
Loan Management and Control System
Loan Management Services
Local Antivirus Management Station
Local Area Maintenance Management Systems
Local Area Traffic Management
Local Asset Management Subsystem
Local Asset Management System
Local Authorities Management Services and Computer Committee
Local Authority Carbon Management Programme
Local Authority Carbon Management programme
Local Communication Management System
Local COMSEC Management Software
Local Emergency Management Authority
Local Emergency Management Officer
Local Environmental Planning and Management
Local Government Asset Management
Local Government Management Board
Local Government Management Fellowship
Local Level Risk Management
Local Management Agreement
Local Management Code
Local Management Device
Local Management Entity
Local Management Interface
Local Management of Schools
Local Management Planning Guide
Local Management Terminal
Local Management Unit
Local Management Zone
Local Resource Management System
Local Sample Management Office
Local Sediment Management Group
Local Service Management System
Localized Battle Management
Location Management
Location Management Function
Location Referencing Management System
Lockheed Engineering and Management Services
Lodging Management System
Loefler Management and Media
Log Inventory Management System
Logan Preferred Property Management
Logistics and Acquisition Management Plan
Logistics Data Element Standardization & Management Office
Logistics Event Management Architecture
Logistics Information Management
Logistics Information Management System
Logistics Inventory Management
Logistics Inventory Management System
Logistics Management
Logistics Management Code
Logistics Management Conference
Logistics Management Data
Logistics Management Division
Logistics Management Information
Logistics Management Information System
Logistics Management Information System
Logistics Management Institute
Logistics Management Lifecycle
Logistics Management of Technical Order System
Logistics Management Office
Logistics Management Program
Logistics Management Report
Logistics Management Resources, Inc.
Logistics Management Specialist
Logistics Management Support
Logistics Management System
Logistics Management Systems Center
Logistics Management Team
Logistics Management Training Center
Logistics Program Management System
Logistics Specialty Management Committee
Logistics Support Management Group
Logistics Support Management Information
Logistics Support Management Plan
Logistics Support Management/Manager
Logistics Transportation Traffic Management
Lombard Risk Management PLC
London Academy of Professional Management
London College of Business and Management
London Graduate School of Management
Long Beach Management Association
Long Term Capital Management
Long Term Management Incentive Plan
Long-Term Management
Looking for Better Management
Loop Management Operating System
Loop Management System
Loss Control Management
Loss Prevention Management Institute
Loss Prevention Management System
Lotsoff Capital Management
Louisiana Asset Management Pool
Louisiana Coastal Management Division
Lowe Enterprises Investment Management
Lower Density Growth Management
Lower Kihansi Environmental Management Project
Lower Layer Management Entity
Low-level Airspace Management Plan
Loyalty Management Group
Luther King Capital Management
MAC Management Protocol Data Unit
Machinery Health Management
Machinery Information Management Open Systems Alliance
MACOM Automated Vehicle Management System
Macquarie Graduate School of Management
Macquarie Investment Management Limited
Macro Management Scheme
Macroeconomic Management and Financial Sector Issues
MADCAP Integration Management Initiative
Magnuson Fishery Conservation and Management Act 1976
Maharishi University of Management
Maharishi University of Management and Technology
Mail List Management
Mail Management Group, Inc.
Mail Management System
Mail Preparation Total Quality Management
Maine Emergency Management Agency
Mainframe Order Management
Maintenance & Material Management
Maintenance & Material Management System
Maintenance & Materiel Management
Maintenance Activity Management System
Maintenance and Material Management
Maintenance and Material Management System
Maintenance and Materiel Management
Maintenance and Stormwater Management Division
Maintenance Data Management System
Maintenance Information Management System
Maintenance Management And Control file
Maintenance Management Branch
Maintenance Management Data System
Maintenance Management Expert System
Maintenance Management Exposition
Maintenance Management Information System
Maintenance Management Manual
Maintenance Management Officer
Maintenance Management Operating System
Maintenance Management Plan
Maintenance Management Professional
Maintenance Management Review
Maintenance Management System
Maintenance Material Management
Maintenance Operations Management
Maintenance Program Management
Maintenance Reporting & Management
Maintenance Resource Management
Maintenance Support Management File
Maintenance Workload Management System
Major Cases Requiring Intensive Management Review
Major Emergency Management
Major Incident Management
Major Incident Management and Support
Major Incident Medical Management & Support
Major Item Management System
Malawi Institute of Management
Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management
Malone College Management Program
Malout Institute of Management and Information Technology
Malta Association of Credit Management
Man, Technology, Organisation and Risk Management
Management & Command Ashore
Management & Leadership Network
Management & Maintenance Inspection
Management & Scientific Information System
Management & Training Corporation
Management Accountability Framework
Management Accounting
Management Accounting
Management Accounting and Analysis
Management Accounting Division
Management Accounting for Non Governmental Organisations
Management Accounting Software
Management Accounts
Management Accounts
Management Achievement Plan
Management Achievement Plan
Management Achievement Plan Report
Management Action Center
Management Action Center
Management Action Plan
Management Action Plan
Management Action Tracking System
Management Activity
Management Activity
Management Ad Hoc Committee
Management Ad Hoc Committee
Management Advisory Committee
Management Advisory Committee
Management Advisory Council
Management Advisory Council
Management Advisory Group
Management Advisory Service
Management Advocate
Management Advocate
Management Agent
Management Agent
Management Agent Configuration Item
Management Agreement Performance Report
Management Analysis and Services Office
Management Analysis Reporting Information On the Naval Environment
Management Analysis Reporting System
Management Analysis Summary
Management Analyst
Management Analyst
Management and Administration Control Center
Management and Administration Regulations
Management and Administrative Computing
Management and Administrative Computing
Management and Administrative Process Re-engineering
Management and Budget Office
Management and Community Organization Concentration
Management and Control Processor
Management and Employment Relations
Management and Graduate Interview Guide
Management and International Business
Management and Operating Contractor
Management and Organization Division
Management and Organization Division
Management and Organizational Development for Empowerment, Inc
Management and Oversight Process for the Acquisition of Services
Management and Planning Programs Involving Nonmetropolitan Groups
Management and Professional Abilities Profile
Management and Professional Reward Profile
Management and Program Support
Management and Science University
Management and Science University
Management and Storage of Surface Waters
Management and Supervisory Training
Management and Technical Assistance
Management and Training Consultants Inc
Management Application Data Unit
Management Application Protocol
Management Application Protocol
Management Aptitude Test
Management Arrangements Feasibility Study
Management Assessment Report/Review
Management Assistance Incorporated
Management Assistance Program
Management Assistance Program
Management Assistance Service
Management Assistance Team
Management at Boundary Point
Management at Gateway
Management Attainment Report
Management Authorized Material
Management Behavior Feedback
Management Billing Advantage
Management Billing Advantage
Management Billing Advantage
Management Board
Management Board Review
Management Board Secretariat
Management Body of Knowledge
Management Business Consulting
Management Buy-In
Management Buy-Out
Management by Accident
Management by Accident
Management by Accident
Management by Committee
Management By Delegation
Management By Exception
Management By Fact
Management by Interaction
Management by Listening Around
Management By Looking Around
Management By Objectives
Management By Objectives and Results
Management By Plan
Management By Subscription
Management by Walking Around
Management by Wandering Around
Management by Wishful Thinking
Management Center Innsbruck
Management Centre Europe
Management Centre International, Ltd.
Management Certificate Program
Management Challenge Services
Management Charter Initiative
Management Code
Management Committee
Management Committee Member
Management Communication Quarterly
Management Communication Quarterly
Management Compensation Group
Management Complex
Management Computer System
Management Concepts, Inc.
Management Conference Center
Management Conformance Summary
Management Consultancies Association
Management Consultancy Information Service
Management Consultant
Management Consulting & Research, Inc.
Management Consulting and Integrated Markets
Management Consulting Centre
Management Consulting Partners Group
Management Consulting Process
Management Consulting Services
Management Consulting Zurich
Management Control
Management Control Activity
Management Control Area
Management Control Authority
Management Control Division
Management Control Number
Management Control Officer
Management Control Plan
Management Control Program
Management Control Reporting System
Management Control Reporting Tool
Management Control Review
Management Control Steering Committee
Management Control System
Management Control System List
Management Control Team
Management Cost and Control System
Management Council
Management Data Bank
Management Data Clock
Management Data Input/Output
Management Data List
Management Data Provider
Management Data Query System
Management Data Report
Management Database
Management Decision Center
Management Decision Evaluation Package
Management Decision Package
Management Deferred Compensation Plan
Management Development and Productivity Institute
Management Development Center
Management Development Centre International Ltd.
Management Development Centre of Hong Kong
Management Development Committee
Management Development Institute
Management Development Program
Management Development Questionnaire
Management Development Research Unit
Management Development Specialists, Inc
Management Development Trainee
Management Development Training Department
Management Dial System
Management Directive
Management Directive
Management Directives and Practices
Management Discovery Tool
Management Division
Management Division
Management Division Director
Management Domain
Management Domain
Management Domain Architecture
Management Economie en Recht
Management Education Center
Management Education Program
Management Education Services Associates
Management Effectiveness Inspection
Management Effectiveness Task Force
Management Effectiveness Tracking Tool
Management Emphasis Tracking
Management Employee Buy-Out
Management Engineering & Systems Branch
Management Engineering Activity
Management Engineering and Production Services
Management Engineering Committee for Embedded Computer Resources
Management Engineering Plan
Management Engineering Squadron
Management Engineering Team
Management Entity
Management Evaluation Board
Management Evaluation Guide
Management Expense Ratio
Management Experience Year
Management Facility
Management Finding
Management for Responsible Fisheries
Management Functional Area
Management Group
management headquarters ceiling
Management Implementation Plan
Management Improvement Project
Management in A Distributed Application and Service Environment
Management in Business Finance
Management in Construction Researchers Association
Management in Radiology
Management in the Network Economy
Management Incentive Bonus
Management Incentive Cash Award Program
Management Incentive Compensation Plan
Management Incentive Plan
Management Incentive Through Investment Equity
Management Indicator
Management Indicator Code
Management Indicator Code
Management Information & Control System
Management Information & Data Accounting System
Management Information & Data System
Management Information & Retrieval System
Management Information and Analysis
Management Information and Reporting Unit
Management Information Base
Management Information Byte
Management Information Capability for Enforcement
Management Information Center
Management Information Center
Management Information Conformance Statement
Management Information Control Office
Management Information Corporation
Management Information Corporation
Management Information Data Access System
Management Information Distribution Access System
Management Information Exchange
Management Information File
Management Information Financial Outlook
Management Information for Configuration and Allowance
Management Information Format
Management Information Gateway
Management Information Library
Management Information Model
Management Information Network for Training
Management Information Office
Management Information Report
Management Information Report Control
Management Information Repository
Management Information Science
Management Information Science
Management Information Services, Inc.
Management Information Software
Management Information Software
Management Information Statistics
Management Information Statistics
Management Information System
Management Information System
Management Information System Data Base
Management Information System Input to Command and Control
Management Information System Inventory & Analysis System
Management Information System Plan
Management Information System Tool
Management Information Systems and Computer Applications
Management Information Systems Association
Management Information Systems Directorate
Management Information Systems Group, Inc.
Management Information Systems Office
Management Information Systems Student Association
Management Information Systems Unit
Management Information Tracking System
Management Information Tree
Management Initiated Attrition
Management Initiative Decision
Management Institute of Population and Development
Management Integration Framework
Management Integration Office
Management Interactive Network Connection
Management Interface
Management Interface Controller
Management Interface Controller
Management Internal Control Toolset
Management Joint Trust
Management Leadership Conference
Management Leadership Team
Management Learning
Management Letter Point
Management Level
Management Level Chart/Code
Management Level Review
Management List
Management List, Navy
Management List-Army
Management Markets and Legal Consulting Group
Management Milestone Record
Management Minutes Questionnaire
Management Mode
Management Modem Line
Management Network Architecture
Management Object
Management Object
Management Object Model
Management of Accelerated Technology Innovation
Management of Acquisition Logistics Center
Management of Aggressive Behavior
Management of Aquatic Resources through Community Husbandry Project
Management of Atherothrombosis With Clopidogrel in High-Risk Patients With TIA or Stroke
Management of Atmospheric Data for Evaluation and Research
Management of Audit and Accountancy Practice
Management of Business
Management of Business Administration
Management of Business Administration
Management of Business Administration
Management Of Change
Management of Change
Management of Clinical Aggression
Management of Complex Multimedia Dossiers
Management of Defense Acquisition Contracts Course
Management of Development
Management of Development
Management of E-Business
Management of Financial Institutions
Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1992
Management of Health and Safety at Work
Management of Information Department
Management of Information Technology
Management of Information Technology Security
Management of Innovation and New Technology
Management of Integrated SDH and ATM Networks
Management of Items Subject to Repair
Management of Knowledge and Innovation Research Unit
Management of Landfill Operations
Management of Officer Grade Authorization
Management Of Organizational Skills Everyday
Management of Perspective Economics
Management Of Police Information
Management Of Post Attack Resources
Management of Products and Materials
Management of Public Health Risks
Management of Recreation Facilities and Services
Management of Regulatory Submissions
Management of Risk
Management of Road Traffic Commission
Management of Social Transformations Programme
Management of Technology
Management of the European Metropolitan Region
Management of Total Safety
Management of Uncertain Data
Management of Value Engineering
Management of Violence and Aggression
Management Operating Committee
Management Operating Environment
Management Operating Ratio
Management Operating System
Management Operation Bridge
Management Operation Group
Management Operations
Management Operations
Management Operations Audit
Management Operations Directorate
Management Operations Directorate
Management Operations Staff
Management Organisation Sales Product IT
Management Oriented Budget Information System
Management Oriented Perspective
Management Oriented Process
Management Overlay Networks
Management Oversight Board
Management Oversight Panel
Management Oversight Practice
Management Oversight Review Technique
Management Oversight Risk Tree
Management Overview Diagram
Management Overview Diagram
Management Partner
Management Performance Indicator
Management Physical Header
Management Plan
Management Planning and Evaluation Staff
Management Policy Rule
Management Procedures and Guidelines
Management Processor Card
Management Processor Module
Management Production Assistant
Management Professional Network
Management Profit Report
Management Programs and Services Staff
Management Protocol Technical Committee
Management Publication Proposal
Management Recommendation Report
Management Recruiters International
Management Recruiters of Auburn-Opelika, LLC
Management Reform Memorandum
Management Report of Fund Performance
Management Reporting Unit
Management Reports International
Management Research Report
Management Research Services
Management Research Services
Management Reserve
Management Reserve Budget
Management Reserve/Undistributed Budget
Management Resource Database
Management Resource Reference Number
Management Responsibility Transfer
Management Review
Management Review Board
Management Review Meeting
Management Saved Console
Management Science
Management Science and Operations Management
Management Science Associates, Inc
Management Science Institute
Management Science of America
Management Sciences for Health, Inc.
Management Sectional Center
Management Security Administrator
Management Selection & Succession Unit
Management Service Access Point
Management Service Control
Management Service Occupational Trainee
Management Service Provider
Management Services
Management Services Center
Management Services Consultants LLC
Management Services for Healthcare, Inc.
Management Services Group
Management Services Inc
Management Services Network
Management Services Officer
Management Simulations, Inc.
Management Skills Assessment Program
Management Software System
Management Software, Inc.
Management Standards Centre
Management Station for ULTRIX
Management Station for ULTRIX
Management Station for Unix
Management Station for Unix
Management Statistics Subsystem
Management Status Report
Management Steering Group
Management Stock Bonus Plan
Management Stock Option Plan
Management Stock Ownership Plan
Management Strategies International Center
Management Support Division
Management Support Item
Management Support System
Management Support Team
Management Support Unit
Management Support Unit
Management Survey Team
Management Switch Fabric Module
Management Symposium Program
Management System
Management System and Operating Control
Management System Audit
Management System Factor
Management System Laboratory
Management System Planning
Management System Standard
Management Systems Architecture
Management Systems Corporation
Management Systems Designers, Inc
Management Systems Division
Management Systems Group
Management Systems International
Management Systems Office
Management Systems Office
Management Systems Program Office
Management Systems Review
Management Systems Solutions
Management Team
Management Television
Management Threshold
Management To Cost
Management Total Health
Management Total Quality
Management Tracking System
Management Trainee Program
Management Training Corporation
Management Training Scheme
Management Unit
Management Unit
Management Unit
Management Unit of the Mathematical Models of the North Sea
Management Unit of the North Sea Mathematical Models and the Scheldt Estuary
Management User Agent
Management Utilization Resource Committee
Management Ventures, Inc.
Management Video Display
Management View Option
Management Work Authorization
Management Work Instruction
Management Workstation
Management Year
Management Zentrum Witten
Management, Administrative, and Technological
Management, Development and Research Co, Ltd
Management, Kommunikation und Verkauf
Management, Operations and Maintenance
Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services
Management, Orientation, Reinforcement and Support
Management, Resource, and Support
Management, Resource, and Support
Management/Master Information Paper
Management/Message Code
Management/Modest Improvement Program
Management/Switching Module
Management’s Discussion and Analysis
Management-Employee Relations
Managementmessage Code
Manchester Centre for Healthcare Management
Manderson Management & Financial Consulting
Manhattan Institute of Management
Manitoba Management Plus Program
Manpower & Management Services Division
Manpower Management Document
Manpower Management Information
Manpower Management Information System
Manpower Management Military Awards
Manpower Management Planning Board
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
Manufacturing Data Management
Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management
Manufacturing Management Department
Manufacturing Process Management
Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management
Manulife Asset Management Thailand Co. Ltd.
Manure Management Train
Maple Ridge Property Management
Marbled Murrelet Management Area
Marine & Coastal Management
Marine Corps – Single Acquisition Management Plan
Marine Corps Automated Instructional Management System
Marine Corps Integrated Maintenance Management System
Marine Corps Integrated Materiel Management System
Marine Corps ModelingAand Simulation Management Office
Marine Corps Unified Material Management System
Marine Ecosystems and Management
Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management
Marine Resource Management
Maritime Resource Management
Maritime Safety Management
Marker and Cellular Management Unit
Market Based Management
Market Equipment Management
Market Management and Development Guide
Market Management of Peer-to Peer Services
Market Risk Management
Market Risk Management and Analysis
Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Marketing Asset Management
Marketing Campaign Management
Marketing Management Analytics
Marketing Management Association
Marketing Performance Management
Marketing Resource Management
Marketing Strategies Management
Maryland Emergency Management Agency
Mass Digital Storage Management
Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency
Massachusetts Health Information Management Association
Master Consolidated Management List
Master Data Management
Master Events Management System
Master in Communication Management
Master in Management Studies
Master in Services Management
Master of Accounting and Financial Management
Master of Administrative Management
Master of Arts in Management
Master of Arts in Organizational Management
Master of Arts Management
Master of Commerce and Management
Master of Crisis and Disaster Management
Master of Engineering in Aeronautical Management
Master of Engineering in Engineering Management
Master of Engineering Management
Master of Environmental and Energy Management
Master of Environmental Management
Master of Environmental Science and Management
Master of European Administrative Management
Master of Health Services Management
Master of Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management
Master of Human Resources Management
Master of Information Management and Systems
Master of International Construction Management
Master of International Hospitality Management
Master of International Management
Master of Management
Master of Management
Master of Management
Master of Management & Professional Accounting
Master of Management and Manufacturing
Master of Management in Education
Master of Management in Health Care
Master of Management in Hospitality
Master of Management Information Systems
Master of Management Sciences
Master of Non-Profit Management
Master of Project Management
Master of Public and Private Management
Master of Public Policy and Management
Master of Science in Accounting and Financial Management
Master of Science in Bioscience Management
Master of Science in Conflict Management
Master of Science in Emergency Management
Master of Science in Engineering Management
Master of Science in Engineering Technology Management
Master of Science in Environmental Management
Master of Science in Information Management
Master of Science in Information Systems Management
Master of Science in International Management
Master of Science in Management
Master of Science in Management Information Systems
Master of Science in Project Management
Master of Science in Public Policy and Management
Master of Science in Security Management
Master of Science in Strategic Management
Master of Science in Sustainability Management
Master of Science In Systems Management
Master of Science in Telecommunication Management
Master of Science in Threat and Response Management
Master of Science in Transportation Management
Master of Science Technology Management
Master of Science, Organizational Management
Master of Security Management
Master of Sport Business Management
Master of Strategic Management
Master of Technology Management
Master of Transport Management
Master of Transportation and Logistics Management
Master Structure Management
Master’s in Management Information Systems
Masters Certificate in Project Management
Masters Degree in Management
Masters in Computer Management
Masters in Hospital Management
Masters in Information Security Management
Masters in Information Systems Management
Masters in International Strategic Management
Masters in Management
Masters in Management Program
Masters in Medical Management
Masters of Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management
Masters of Management of Innovation
Masters of Public Management
Masters of Science in Management
Material Handling & Management Society
Material Inventory Management System
Material Management and Accounting System
Material Management Center
Material Management Code
Material Management Information System
Material Management Services
Material Management Standard System
Material Management System
Material Master Management Team
Materials and Structures Technology Management Center
Materials Management
Materials Management
Materials Management Automation System
Materials Management Division
Materials Management Manual
Materials Management Operations Guideline
Materiel Acquisition Management
Materiel Acquisition Management System
Materiel Change Management
Materiel Change Management Program
Materiel Life Cycle Management
Materiel Maintenance Management
Materiel Management
Materiel Management Aggregation Code
Materiel Management Control Number
Materiel Management Decision
Materiel Management Directorate
Materiel Management Institute
Materiel Management Team
Mathematical Knowledge Management
Maurice Alexander Management
Maximum Energy Management
Maxspeed Management Software
McAfee Enterprise Management
McAfee System Management
McArthur Resource Management Association, Inc.
McKenzie Arthur Financial Management
Measurement and Management Technology
Media Asset Management
Media Asset Management
Media Financial Management Association
Media Interface Management
Media Management and Transformation Centre
Media Management Center
Medicaid Management Information System
Medical Administrative Management System
Medical Advanced Technology Management Office
Medical and Blood Products Management
Medical Equipment Management Office
Medical Equipment Management System
Medical Group Management Association
Medical Group Management Journal
Medical Information Management System
Medical Logistics Management Center
Medical Management Corporation of America
Medical Management Institute
Medical Material Management Branch
Medical Materiel Management Center
Medical Quality Management System
Medical Risk Management Associates, LLC
Medical Staff Services Management
Medical Technology Management Institute
Medical Waste Management Program
Medicare Care Management Performance
Medication Management System
Medication Therapy Management
Medication Therapy Management Services
Medien Management Akademie GmbH
Mediterranean Institute of Management
Mediterranean Travel Management
Meeting Room Management
Megasite Management System
Megasite Management Toolsuite
Melbourne Inner City Management
Mellon Brascan Asset Management
Mellon Capital Management
Member British Institute of Management
Member Enrollment Management System
Member Information Management System
Member of Management
Member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Member of the Chartered Management Institute
Member of the Institute of Asset Management
Member of the Institute of Conflict Management
Member of the Institute of Credit Management
Member of the Institute of Healthcare Management
Member of the Institute of Operations Management
Member of the Institute of Risk Management
Member of the Institute of Service Management
Member of the Singapore Institute of Management
Member, Chartered Institute of Management
Member, Institute of Management Consultants
Member, Institute of Supervision and Management
Member, Nigeria Institute of Management
Membership Management System
Memory Management
Memory Management System
Memory Management Unit
Memphis Property Management Professionals
Menstrual Hygiene Management
Mental Health Management, Inc.
Mercator School of Management
Mercedes-Benz Club Management
Merchandise Management System
Mercy Resource Management, Inc.
Meridian Management Group, Inc.
Merlin Biomed Asset Management, LLC
Merrett Underwriting Agency Management Ltd
Merrill Lynch Asset Management
Mesh Edge Service Management
Mess Management Specialist
Message Center Management, Inc
Message Management Letter
Messaging Management System
Messaging Records Management
Metadata Management in Grid and P2P Systems
Metadata Management System
Metbench Calibration Management System
Meter Data Management
Meter Data Management Agent
Meter Data Management System
Method123 Project Management Methodology
Metromail Neighborhood Management
Metropolitan Financial Management
Miami Beach Transportation Management Association
Miami Maintenance Management Council
Michigan Department of Management and Budget
Michigan Emergency Management Association
Microsoft Content Management Server
Microsoft Customer Relationship Management
Microsoft Management Console
Microsoft Management Summit
Microsoft Management System
Microsoft Solutions for Management
Microsoft System Management Server
Mid-Atlantic Club Management Association
Mid-Atlantic Management Corporation
Middle Management Council
Middle-management Capacity Building
Military Airspace Management System
Military Crisis Management
Military Emergency Management Specialist
Military Police Management Information System
Military Traffic Information Management
Military Traffic Management Command
Military Traffic Management Command Western Area
Military Traffic Management Regulation
Military Transportation Management Command
Millennium Management Virgin Islands, LLLP
Mincom Information Management System
Mineral Resource Management
Minerals Management Service
Mini-Baseboard Management Controller
Minimum Health Management Standard
Mining and Management of Biological Data
Mining Environmental Management
Ministerial Council for Police and Emergency Management Police
Ministry of Environment Protection and Water Management
Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
Minnesota Records Management Act
MIPR Management Office
Mission Analysis and Support Management Plan
Mission Data Management System
Mission Directorate Program Management Council
Mission Information Management
Mission Information Management System
Mission Management
Mission Management Briefer
Mission Management Bus
Mission Management Computer
Mission Management Data System
Mission Management Organization Front-End
Mission Management System
Mission Management Team
Mission Operation Management Organization
Mission-Based Management
Mississippi Emergency Management Agency
Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association
Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management
Mixed Waste Management Facility
Mobile Asset Management Systems
Mobile Content Management System
Mobile Customer Relationship Management System
Mobile Data Management
Mobile Device Management
Mobile Information Management System
Mobile Learning for Emergency Management
Mobile Management
Mobile Management Command
Mobile Management Task Force
Mobile Network Management
Mobile Resource Management
Mobile Supply Chain Management Systems
Mobile Vehicle Management Application
Mobility Management
Mobility Management Application Part
Mobility Management Application Protocol
Mobility Management Entity
Mobility Management Procedures
Mode Management Module
Mode Management Service
Model Base Management System
Model Co-Evolution and Consistency Management
Model Management
Modem Bank Management Protocol
Modem Management Interface
Modem Management Protocol
Modem Management System
Modem Management Technology Licenses
Modernization Management Board
Modernization Management Committee
Modernization of Water Management System
Modification Management Information System
Modification Program Management Plan
Modified Advanced Standard Key Management Module
Modular Emergency Management Systems
Modular Key Management Protocol
Modular Order Management System
Module Management System
Module Management Team
Moisture Management Plan
Momentum Management
Money Management International
Money Management Program
Monitor Power Management
Monitoring and Management of Visitors Flows in Recreational and Protected Areas
Monitoring, Laboratory and Information Management
Montecito Growth Management Ordinance
Monthly Management Review
Montreal Management Consultants Est.
Monument Valley Management Area
Mood Management Theory
Moresby Island Management Committee
Mortgage Data Management Corporation
Mortgage Enterprise Risk Management Framework
Mortgage Keys Wealth Management
Motor Carrier Management Information System
Motor Vehicle Management Act
Mountain States Commercial Credit Management
Multi Service-Service Management System
Multi Source Track Management
Multicast Key Management Protocol
Multicast Resource Management Architecture
Multichannel Campaign Management
Multi-Company Process Management
Multicultural Marketing and Management
Multidisciplinary Antenatal Diagnosis and Management
Multi-Lingual Information Management
Multimedia Asset Management System
Multimedia Data Mining and Management
Multimedia Management Group
Multiple Online Personality Management
Multiple Resource Management Area
Multiple Static Barrier Management
Multi-Project Management
Multi-Site Management
Multi-Site Project Management
Multisource Technical Management
Multi-Tier Management System
Mumbai Institute of Management and Research
Munich Ergo Asset Management GmbH
Munich Life Management Corporation
Municipal Geographic Management System
Municipal Interlocal Risk Management Agency
Municipal Waste Management Strategy
Munitions Transportation Management System
Museum Domain Management Association
Mystic Management Systems, Inc
NAF Management System
Nanaimo Estuary Management Plan
Naperville Emergency Management Agency
Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies
NAS Infrastructure Management System
NASA Equipment Management System
NASA Management Instruction
NASA Management Office
NASA Supply Management System
Nastran Systems Management Office
Natan Bali Villa Management
National Academy for Educational Management
National Assets Management Agency
National Association for Environmental Management
National Association for Moisture Management
National Association of Anger Management Providers
National Association of Hospital Purchasing Materials Management
National Australia Financial Management Limited
National Case Management Network
National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
National Center for Housing Management
National Centre for Economic Management and Administration
National Classification Management Society
National Coastal Management Program
National Coastal Zone Management Authority
National Compliance Management Service, Inc.
National Compliance Management Services, Inc.
National Contract Management Association
National Contract Management Framework
National Coordinating Council for Emergency Management
National Credit Management Inc.
National Credit Risk Management
National Directorate of Disaster Management
National Disaster Management Agency
National Disaster Management Centre
National Disaster Management Commission
National Disaster Management Plan
National Disaster Management System
National Education Management System
National Emergency Management Agency
National Emergency Management Association
National Emergency Management Organization
National Emergency Management Plan
National Emergency Management System
National Energy Management Program
National Environment Management Authority
National Environmental Management Programme
National Eutrophication Management Program
National Examining Board for Supervisory Management
National Examining Board in Supervisory Management
National Facility Management Association
National Financial Management Authority
National Fire Service Incident Management System Consortium
National Food Service Management Institute
National Forest Management Act of 1976
National Fraud Complaint Management Center
National Frequency Management Unit
National Fullerton Asset Management Limited
National Grants Management Association
National Hazardous Waste Management Plan
National Health Management
National Incident Management Organization
National Incident Management System
National Institute for Case Management
National Institute of Banking Management
National Institute of Business Management
National Institute of Community Management
National Institute of Export Management
National Institute of Management and Information Security
National Institute of Personnel Management
National Institute of Plantation Management
National Institute of Port Management
National Institute on Park and Grounds Management
National Integrated Pest Management Network
National Inventory Management Strategy
National Labor Management Association
National Land Management Authority
National Maintenance Management
National Management Association
National Management Award
National Management Information System
National Management Network
National Management Quiz
National Natural Resource Management System
National Oceanic Resource Management Authority
National Offender Management Service
National Office Management Association
National Plan Management Committee
National Policy for Disaster Prevention and Management
National Processing Management Group
National Property Performance Management Initiative
National Records and Information Management Week
National Records Management Program
National Roadside Vegetation Management Association
National Safety Management Society
National Security Management System
National Spectrum Management Association
National Systems Management
National University of Management
National University of Management
National Utilities Management Program
National Waste Management Plan
National Water Management Project
National Water Quality and Availability Management
National Weed Management Laboratory
Nationwide Management Development Programme
Native American Management Services
NATO Air Command & Control Management Agency
NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Program Management Organization
NATO Data Management Authority
NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency
Nato European Fighter Aircraft Development, Production and Logistics Management Organisation
NATO Helicopter Management Agency
NATO Information Management Authority
NATO Interoperability Management Plan
NATO Multi-Role Combat Aircraft Development and Production Management Agency (now NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency)
NATO Network Management Center
NATO Patriot Management Group
Natural Disaster Management
Natural Knowledge Management System
Natural Resource Management Area
Natural Resource Management Index
Natural Resource Management Program
Natural Resource Management System
Natural Resources and Environment Management
Natural Resources and Environmental Management
Natural Resources Management
Nature Conservation Management Area
Naval Aviation Logistics Command/Management Information System
Naval Circuit Management Office
Naval Education & Training Program Management Support Activity
Naval Engineering Technical Information Management System
Naval Information Systems Management Center
Naval Intelligence Management Information System
Naval Management Program
Naval Program Management Office, Strategic Systems Programs
Naval Records Management Center
Naval Support Management Activity
Navigation Projects Management Committee
Navigational Aids Communications Management Office
Navoceano Inventory Management System
Navy Configuration Management System
Navy Interoperability Configuration Management Plan
Navy Key Management System
Navy Management & Information Center
Navy Management Data List
Navy Management Fund
Navy Military Training Information Management Strategy
Navy Systems Management Activity
Navy Training Information Management System
Navy Training Quota Management System
NCCS Data Management
Nebraska Emergency Management Agency
Nebraska Mandates Management Initiative
Negotiations Management Team
Neighborhood Traffic Management
Neighborhood Traffic Management Program
Neighbourhood Management
NESC Assessment Risk Management Application
Netcool for Security Management
Netherlands Facility Management Association
Netherlands Management Cooperation Programme
Netsys Service-Level Management
NetWare Management Agent
NetWare Management System
Network & Internet Management Services
Network Account Management System
Network Analysis and Management System
Network and Enterprise Management
Network and Systems Management
Network and Voice Management
Network Applications Management
Network Asset Management
Network Configuration Management
Network Configuration Management System
Network Data Management Protocol
Network Data Management System
Network Design & Management
Network Element Management Server
Network Element Management System
Network Fault Management
Network File Management
Network Information Management System
Network Infrastructure Management
Network Installation Management
Network International Capacity Management
Network Knowledge Management
Network Lifecycle Management
Network Management
Network Management
Network Management & Support
Network Management and Administration
Network Management and Provisioning System
Network Management Application
Network Management Center
Network Management Command and Control
Network Management Committee
Network Management Communication Protocol
Network Management Domain
Network Management Equipment
Network Management Equipment
Network Management Ethernet
Network Management Ethernet
Network Management Facility
Network Management Forum
Network Management Function
Network Management Information System
Network Management Interface
Network Management Layer
Network Management Module
Network Management Multiplexer
Network Management Operating System
Network Management Operations
Network Management Operations Center
Network Management Platform
Network Management Processor
Network Management Productivity Facility
Network Management Protocol
Network Management Research Group
Network Management Services
Network Management Signal
Network Management Software
Network Management Solution
Network Management Station
Network Management Statistics Process
Network Management Support
Network Management Support Services
Network Management System
Network Management System
Network Management Systems Certification
Network Management Systems Development
Network Management Terminal
Network Management Tool
Network Management Tool Brigade and Below
Network Management Unit
Network Operating Management System
Network Operations and Management Symposium
Network Operations and Systems Management
Network Platform Management Information
Network Program Management Office
Network Security Management
Network System Management
Network Traffic Management
Network Transaction Management
Network-Aware Service Management
Network-Related Data Management
Nevada Association of Purchasing and Supply Management
New Brunswick Investment Management Corporation
New Energy Management
New England Chapter of the North American Lake Management Society
New Finance and Management Accounting
New Forest Management Act
New Hampshire Health Information Management Association
New Horizons Property Management
New Jersey Learning Management Network
New Management Orientation
New Management Practices
New Management System
New Mexico Vegetation Management Association
New Public Management
New Talent Management Network
New York Financial Management System
New York Management Society
New York State Integrated Pest Management
New Zealand Institute of Health Management
New Zealand Knowledge Management
New Zealand Management Academies
Newcastle Environmental Management Plan
Newsletter Management System
NEXRAD Program Management Committee
NGA Emergency Management and Accountability System (US DoD)
Nigerian Airspace Management Agency
Nigerian Institute of Management
NIMA Aeronautical Migration Systems Configuration Management Plan
Nippon Omni-Management Association
Nirma University Institute of Management
Node Management and Deployable Depot
Node Management Facility
Node Management Terminal Interface
Node Subsystem Management
Noise Exposure Management System
Non-Appropriated Funds Financial Management Officer
Nonindustrial Timber Management Plan
Nonoperative Management of Splenic Injuries
Non-Point Source Management Plan
NonProfit Management and Philanthropy
Non-Profit Management Institute
Nordea Investment Management Fund
Nordic Veterinary Management Association
North American Emergency Management, LLC
North American Lake Management Society
North American Management
North American Management and Business Corporation
North American Society for Sport Management
North American Summer School for Advanced Management
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Management Information System
North Carolina Division of Coastal Management
North Carolina Lake Management Society
North Carolina Vegetation Management Association
North Central Pest Management Center
North Pacific Fisheries Management Council
North Shore Management Board
Northeast Financial Management Associates
Northern Agriculture Integrated Management Strategy
Northern Association of Management Consultants
Northern Fishery Management Area
Northern Institute of Business Management
Northern Marine Management Limited
Northern Mindanao Community Initiatives and Resource Management Project
Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District
Northwest Florida Water Management District
Northwest Metro Transportation Management Association
Northwest Treasury Management Association
Norwegian Centre for Research in Organization and Management
Novell Account Management
NTDS Advanced Data Management
Nuclear Document Management System
Nuclear Force Management
Nuclear Knowledge Management
Nuclear Management Company
Nuclear Management Partners
Nuclear Management Partners Limited
Nuclear Materials and Stockpile Management
Nuclear Materials Management
Nuclear Operations Management System
Nuclear Ordnance Commodity Management
Nuclear Waste Management Program
Number Management Unit
Number Pooling Management Group
Numbering Management System
Nunavut Wildlife Management Board
Nursing Service Management
Nutrient and Irrigation Management Plan
Nutrient Management Advisory Board
Nutrient Management Joint Research Program
Nutrient Management Plan
Nutrient Management Program Administrator
Nutrition and Pest Management
Nutrition Management Information System
Nye County Law Enforcement Management Association
O’shaughnessy Asset Management, LLC
Oak Hill Investment Management, L.P.
Oak Ridge Management Cooperative
Oakland Community Housing Management
Oasis Resource Management Group
Object Data Management Group
Object Database Management Group
Object Database Management System
Object Database Management System
Object Distribution Management
Object Management Application Programming Interface
Object Management Architecture
Object Management Architecture Reference Model
Object Management Facility
Object Management Framework
Object Management Group
Object Management System
Object Management System
Object Management Workbench
Object Oriented Data Base Management System
Object Relational Database Management System
Objective Directed Project Management
Objectives-Based Fisheries Management
Object-Oriented Database Management System
Object-Oriented Quality Management
Object-Oriented Relational Database Management System
Occupational Disability Management Center
Occupational Health and Safety & Injury Management
Occupational Health and Safety Management
Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Occupational Healthcare Management Services
Ocean Coastal Resource Management
Ocean Disposal Management
Ocean Management Task Force
Ocean Resources Management Plan
ODOCS Data Management Service
Odor Management Plan
Offender Integrated Management System
Offender Management Review Board
Offender Management System
Offender Management System
Offender Management System Renewal
Offender Management Unit
Office for Health Management
Office Management and Secretarial Practices
Office Management and Technical Services
Office Management Specialist
Office Management Specialist
Office of Acquisition Management
Office of Acquisition Management
Office of Acquisition Management and Policy
Office of Administration and Management Services
Office of Air Management
Office of Asset Enterprise Management
Office of Budget and Financial Management
Office of Budget and Strategic Management
Office of Budget Management
Office of Civilian Personnel Management
Office of Clinical Trials Management
Office of Coastal Management
Office of Commercial Communications Management
Office of Consolidated Emergency Management
Office of Contract Policy, Management and Procurement
Office of Contractor Management and Administration
Office of Cooperative Environmental Management
Office of Crisis Management
Office of Crisis Planning and Management
Office of Data Management
Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management
Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management
Office of Emergency Management
Office of Enrollment Management
Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management
Office of Executive Resources Management
Office of Federal and State Materials and Environmental Management Programs
Office of Finance & Resource Management
Office of Financial Management
Office of Fiscal and Management Analysis
Office of Fleet Management Services
Office of Forms and Document Management
Office of Health Systems Management
Office of Highway Information Management
Office of Human Resources & Risk Management
Office of Indian Gaming Management
Office of Information Management
Office of Information Management and Technology
Office of Information Resource Management
Office of Insurance and Risk Management
Office of Internal Control Management
Office of Knowledge Management and Development
Office of Labor Management Partnership
Office of Labor-Management Standards
Office of Leadership and Management Services
Office of Legacy Management
Office of Local Environmental Management
Office of Management & Budget
Office of Management and Administration
Office of Management Assessment
Office of Management Controls
Office of Management Engineer
Office of Management Information
Office of Management-Employee Services
Office of Nuclear Waste Management and Fuel Cycle Programs
Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
Office of Personnel Management
Office of Pest Management
Office of Planning, Management and Budget
Office of Policy and Management
Office of Policy and Management Analysis
Office of Procurement and Assistance Management
Office of Procurement and Policy Management
Office of Procurement Management
Office of Program Management
Office of Program Management and Administration
Office of Program Management and Evaluation
Office of Property Management
Office of Quality Management
Office of Resource Management and Planning
Office of Safety Management
Office of Spectrum Analysis and Management
Office of Spectrum Management
Office of Strategic Management and Planning
Office of Technology Asset Management
Office of Telecommunications Management
Office of Urban Management
Office of Waste and Chemicals Management
Office of Water Management
Office of Water Management
Office Space Management
Office-level Configuration Management Board
Officer Career Management
Off-line Aircraft Management Program
Offshore Carriers Program Management
Offshore Logistics Management
Offshore Minerals Management Program
Ohio Composting and Manure Management
Ohio Emergency Management Association
Ohio Lake Management Society
Ohio River Fisheries Management Team
Oklahoma Health Information Management Association
Oklahoma Vegetation Management Association
Old Dominion Capital Management, Inc.
Olszak Management Consulting, Inc.
Oman Airports Management Company
Oman Airports Management Company
Omni View Management Server
On Site Management
Onboard Data Base Management System
On-Board Fault Management
On-board Mission Management
Oncology Management Consulting Group
Oncology Patient Management Audit System
On-Farm Management
Online Application Management System
Online Document Management
Online Football League Management
Online Hierarchical Storage Management
Online Lead Management System
On-Line Management of Enrollment and Grades Administration
Online Marketing Management
Online Order Management
On-Line Portfolio Management
Online Reputation Management
Online Resource Management
Online Translation Management
Ontario Management Development Program
Ontario Resource Management Council
Ontario University Purchasing Management Association
Ontario Vegetation Management Association
Ontology Engineering & Management
Ontology Engineering Management
Open Architecture Track Management/Manager
Open Business Management
Open Conditional Content Access Management
Open Document Management
Open Document Management Compliance
Open Management Architecture
Open Management Group
Open Management System
Open Management System
Open Network Management
Open Network Management System
Open Platform Management Architecture
Open Service Management Framework
Open Source Content Management System
Open Source Risk Management
Open Space Management Plan
Open Synchronization Management Framework
OpenView Element Management Framework
operating and support costs management information system
Operating Curve Management
Operating Discipline Management System
Operating Resource Management
Operating Resource Management System
Operating System Power Management
Operation and Management Center
Operation Management Service
Operation Management Service
Operation Supply Chain Management
Operational Asset Management
Operational Client Relationship Management
Operational Customer Relationship Management
Operational Data Management System
Operational Emergency Management Team
Operational Excellence Management System
Operational Infrastructure Management
Operational Knowledge Management
Operational Management Office
Operational Management Review
Operational Management Specialist
Operational Management Specialist
Operational Management Team
Operational Noise Management Plan
Operational Performance Management
Operational Resource Management
Operational Risk Management
Operational Risk Management Committee
Operational Risk Management Program
Operational Risk Management System
Operations & Management Platform
Operations and Business Systems Management
Operations and Information Management
Operations and Materials Management
Operations Business Management
Operations Engineering and Management
Operations Environmental Management Plan
Opérations Hôtelières et Management
Operations Integrity Management System
Operations Management
Operations Management
Operations Management & Control System
Operations Management and Oversight Division
Operations Management and Technology
Operations Management Application
Operations Management Association
Operations Management Ground Application
Operations Management International, Inc.
Operations Management Meeting
Operations Management System
Operations Management System
Operations Manager/Management
Operations Research and Management Science
Operations Response Management
Operations Technology Management
Operator Qualification Management System
Opes Prime Asset Management
Opportunity Feasibility Management
Opportunity Management System
Opportunity Tracking and Management System
Optical Disc Project Management
Optical Disk Management Utility
Optical Link Management Protocol
Optical Management System
Optical Management System
Optical Network Management
Optical Power Management
Optima Sports Management International
Optimization Decision Management System
Optimized Bandwidth Management
Optimized Weapon System Management
Optimizing Management Decision
Oracle Access Management
Oracle Identity Management
Oracle Management Agent
Oracle Management Server
Oracle Management Server
Oracle Parallel Server Management
Oracle Shop Floor Management
Oracle Transportation Management
Orange County Emergency Management
Orange Roughy Management Commission
Orchard Investments Management Limited
Order and Execution Management System
Order and Inventory Management System
Order Change Management
Order Entry Management System
Order Management
Order Management And Routing
Order Management and Trading System
Order Management Center
Order Management Department
Order Management Group
Order Management Representative
Order Management Software
Order Management Software
Order Management Solution
Order Management Solution
Order Management System
Order Management System
Order of Battle Management Tool
Order Routing and Management System
Order Transport and Management System
Orderly Room Management System
Ordnance Management System
Ordnance Management System
Oregon Emergency Management
Oregon Emergency Management Association
Oregon Legal Management Association
Oregon Project Management Associate
Oregon Society of Association Management
Oregon Vegetation Management Association
Organic Pest Management
Organic Resource Management Inc.
Organization and Management Theory
Organization Design and Management
Organization Development and Human Resources Management
Organization Development and Knowledge Management
Organization Development Management
Organization, Time Management, and Planning
Organizational and Business Security Management
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management
Organizational Behavior Management
Organizational Change Management
Organizational Configuration Management
Organizational Management Study
Organizational Management Study
Organizational Project Management Maturity Model
Organizations, Strategy and International Management
OS Directed Power Management
OSD Office of the Director of Administration and Management
OS-directed Power Management
OSI Internet Management
OSI System Management Function
Other Management Controllable
Our Planet Management Institute, Ltd.
Out of Band Management
Out of Band Management
Outage Management & Analysis System
Outage Management System
Outage Management System
Outcome-Based Management
Outcomes Management & Research
Outdoor Management Development
Output Signal Management
Overall Traffic Management Plan
Overseas Port Management
Over-The-Air Management
Ovh Virtual Hosting Management
Owen Graduate School of Management
Own Brand Management
Oxford Benefit Management, Inc.
Oxford Institute of Information Management
Oxford Management Services
Oxford Management Services
Oxford Pain Management Library
PAC II Project Management System
Pacific Armies Management
Pacific Armies Management Seminar
Pacific International Hotel Management School
Pacific Lamprey Management Plan
Pacific Rim Proprety Management
Pacific Roundtable on Industry, Society and Management
Package Management System
Packaging Operations Management
Packet Mobility Management
Packet Network Management Center
Packet Network Management Console
Paged Memory Management Unit
Pain Management
Pain Management Center
Pain Management Research Center
Palisade Capital Management, LLC
Panhandle Weed Management Area
Paper Industry Management Association
Paperless Order Management System
Parallel Cache Management
Parallel Table Management
Parameter Management Frame
Parent Empowerment, Empathy, Anger Management, Character Education and Essential Social Skills
Parent Management Training
Parking Management Bureau
Parking Management System
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
Parliamentary Information Management Service
Parole Growth Management Area
Partial Quality Management
Participant Management Committee
Participative Management Profile
Participative Management Program
Participatory Ecological Land Use Management
Participatory Forestry Management
Participatory Irrigation Management
Participatory Irrigation Management and Development
Participatory Natural Resource Management Programme
Participatory Watershed Management Training in Asia
Partition Management Tool
Partner Relationship Management
Partnership for Healthy Weight Management
Partnership for Peace Information Management System
Partnership for Research in Information Systems Management
Partnership Real-time Information, Management and Exchange
Partnership Relationship Management
Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia
Passenger Reservation Army Management System
Passive Queue Management
Passport Management System
Passport Records Information System Management
Password Management System
Past Performance Management Information System
Pasteur Platform Management System
Pastoral Care Management Services
Pasture Land Management System
Patent Application Management
Patent Application Management System
Path History Management
Pathology Management Assembly
Pathways Materials Management
Patient Administration and Financial Management
Patient Care Management System
Patient Data Management System
Patient Evaluation and Management System
Patient Revenue Management Organization
Patient Self-Management
Patrol Order Management System
Patterns in Enterprise Architecture Management
Pavement Management System
Pay Pool Management Tool
Payload Data Management System
Payment Acceptance Management Association
Payment Management System
Payments and Cash Management
Payroll/Personnel Management System Users Group
Pb -Free Electronics Risk Management (governmental consortium)
PC Lifecycle Management
PCI Mezzanine Remote Management Card
Pediatric Weight Management
Pending Database Management
Peninsula Treasury Management Association
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency
Pennsylvania Emergency Management Council
Pension Reserves Investment Management
Pensions Management Institute
People Into Management Network
People Management Resources
PeopleSoft Asset Management
Pequot Capital Management
Percent Allocation Money Management
Perception Management
Performance and Effectiveness Management Programme
Performance and Talent Management
Performance Effectiveness Management System
Performance Evaluation Management Plan
Performance Indicator Management System
Performance Management
Performance Management & Recognition System
Performance Management Advisory Committee
Performance Management and Development System
Performance Management Association
Performance Management Document
Performance Management Form
Performance Management Incentive Plan
Performance Management Indicators Report
Performance Management Information System
Performance Management Maturity Model
Performance Management Network, Inc
Performance Management Office
Performance Management Process
Performance Management Review
Performance Management Review Committee
Performance Management Solutions
Performance Management System
Performance Management Team
Performance of Routine Information System Management
Performance Operations Management System
Performance Outcome Management System
Performance-based Management and Maintenance of Roads
Performance-Management Incentive Plan
Performing Arts Management
Performing Organization Management
Perini Management Services, Inc.
Permission Management Infrastructure
Perpetual Investment Management Limited
Personal Bibliographic Management
Personal Bibliographic Management Software
Personal Digital Rights Management
Personal Information Management
Personal Interactive Information Management Site
Personal Knowledge Management
Personal Knowledge Management System
Personal Lines Underwriting Management
Personal Management Profiles
Personal Management System
Personal Mutual Fund Management, Inc.
Personal Pensions Management Ltd.
Personal Property Management Division
Personal Property Management Guide
Personal Wealth Management
Personnel Election Records Management System
Personnel Electronic Records Management System
Personnel Information Management
Personnel Information Management Division
Personnel Information Management System
Personnel Management Action Committee
Personnel Management Advisor/Academy
Personnel Management and Industrial Relations
Personnel Management Assistance Program
Personnel Management Authorization Document
Personnel Management Branch
Personnel Management Development Directorate
Personnel Management Evaluation
Personnel Management for Executives
Personnel Management Information Center
Personnel Management Information System
Personnel Management Information System
Personnel Management Intern
Personnel Management Officer
Personnel Management Practices and Procedures
Personnel Management Review Committee
Personnel Management Specialist
Personnel Management System
Personnel Record Information Systems for Management
Personnel Resource Management System
Personnel Systems Management
Pervasive Performance Management
Pest and Vector Management Plan
Pest Management Alternatives Program
Pest Management and the Environment
Pest Management Professional
Pest Management Strategic Plan
Pesticide Document Management System
Pesticide Management Commission
Pesticide Management Plan
Pesticide Management Zone
Petro-Diamond Risk Management Ltd.
Petroleum Accounting and Financial Management
Petroleum Land Management
Petroleum Resources Management System
PETRONAS Management Training Sdn Bhd
Petty Officer Management Course
Pharmaceutical Care Management Association
Pharmaceutical Management Science Association
Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Management Association
Pharmaceutical Product Lifecycle Management
Pharmaceutical Technology Sourcing and Management
Pharmacy Benefits Management
Pharmacy Contract Management System
Pharmacy Data Management, Inc.
Pharmacy Education Management System
Pharmacy Information Management System
Pharmacy Management System
PhD Students in Information and Knowledge Management
Philadelphia Health Management Corporation
Philippine Border Management Project
Physical Access and Media Management
Physical Asset Management
Physical Capital Asset Management
Physical Connection Management
Physical Distribution Management
Physical Distribution Management
Physical Education and Tourism Management
Physical Education Management
Physical Layer Management
Physical Readiness Information Management System
Physical Security Information Management
Physician Executive Management Center
Physician Group Management Services
Physician Management Institute
Physician Practice Management
Physician Practice Management Companies
Physician Relationship Management
Physicians Group Management
Physicians Group Management
Phytosanitary Issues Management
Pi Eta Risk Management Information Technology
Pick Ticket Management System
Pig Herd Health Management Scheme
Pilot Management Team
Pilot Programme for the Promotion of Environmental Management
PIM PAM Management
Pima County Wastewater Management
Pinnacle Management & Trust Company
Pinnacle Property Management Group
Pioneer Investment Management
Pioneer Pekao Investment Management SA
Pipeline Asset and Risk Management System
Pipeline Integrity Management
Pipeline Integrity Management Plan
Pipeline Integrity Management System
Pipeline Management System
Pipeline Observation System Management
Pipelined Memory-Management Unit
Pitney Bowes Management Services
Pittsburgh Regional Knowledge Management Consortium
Place Management, Social Capital and Learning Regions
Planning and Economic Management Department
Planning and Environmental Management Division
Planning and Financial Management
Planning and Growth Management
Planning and Growth Management
Planning and Growth Management Department
Planning and Land Management Group
Planning and Management Region
Planning and Performance Management
Planning Public Policy & Management
Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization and Management
Plant and Animal Quarantine and Pest Management
Plant Asset Management
Plant Asset Management System
Plant Condition Management Systems
Plant Data Management Capability
Plant Design Management System
Plant Design Management System
Plant Life Management
Plant Lifecycle Management
Plant Management Network
Plant Management System
Plant Operational Data Management
Plantation Management Research Cooperative
Plastic Waste Management Institute
Platform for Integrated Clone Management
Platform Management Center
Platform Management System
Player Compensation Management System
Player in Management Position
Plea and Case Management Hearing
Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement
PMEL Automated Management System
Point One Total Materials Management
Police Records Management Information System
Police Records Management System
Policy Analysis and Management Organization
Policy and Financial Management Review
Policy Based Network Management
Policy Compliance Management
Policy Management Authority
Policy Management for the Web
Policy Management Infrastructure
Policy Management Layer
Policy Management Systems Corporation
Policy on the Management of Government Information
Policy-Based Management
Policy-Based Management Architecture
Policy-Driven Management
Policy-Driven Management
Pollution Control and Waste Management
Poole Town Centre Management
POPS Resource System Management
Population Health Management
Population Management Plan
Porcupine Caribou Management Board
Porsche Active Suspension Management
Porsche Communication Management
Porsche Stability Management
Porsche Traction Management
Port Information Management System
Port Management Card
Port Operations Management System
Portfolio Accounting Management
Portfolio and Project Management Office
Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management Account
Portfolio Management Board
Portfolio Management Data
Portfolio Management Officer
Portfolio Management System
Portfolio Management Task Force
Portfolio Order Management System
Portfolio Property Management Global
Portland International Center for Management of Engineering and Technology
Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology
Portland Mall Management, Inc.
Portland Office of Emergency Management
Porto Institute of Household Management Staff
Position Management Board
Post Attack Resource Management
Post Conflict and Disaster Management Branch
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade Management
Post Graduate Diploma in Management
Post Harvest Management
Post Trade Management System
Post Traumatic Stress Management
Postal Emergency Management System
Post-Deployment Software Support Information Management
Postgraduate Certificate in Technology Management
Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Business Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management
Post-Graduate Diploma in Footwear Technology and Management
Postgraduate Management Studies Certificate
Post-Graduate Program in Rural Management
Postgraduate Programme in Business Management for Working Managers
Postgraduate Programme in Management
Post-Merger Management
Potential Best Management Practice
Poverty Reduction and Economic Management
Poverty Reduction and Environmental Management
Power and Energy Management Solutions
Power Distribution and Management System
Power Management
Power Management
Power Management and Audio Analog Companion
Power Management and Control System
Power Management And Distribution
Power Management and Distribution System
Power Management and User Interface
Power Management Control
Power Management Controller
Power Management Controller Unit
Power Management Device
Power Management Event
Power Management Integrated Circuit
Power Management Mode
Power Management System
Power Management Unit
Power Supply Management
Power Thermal Management System
Powhatan Creek Watershed Management
Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management
Practice Information Management System
Practice Management
Practice Management Information Corporation
Practice Management System
Precautionary Approach to Fisheries Management
Predictive Customer Relationship Management
Pre-Experience Masters in Management
Preferred Forest Management Strategy
Preferred Meeting Management, Inc.
Preferred Mental Health Management, Inc.
Prelaunch Mission Management Team
Premier Events Management, Inc.
Premier Property Management Group
Premium Energy Management Services
Prepaid/Postpaid Management System
Pre-RIF Initiative for Management and Employees
Prescription Care Management
Presence and Availability Management
Presence and Availability Management Forum
Presentation and Personalization Management
Presentation Management Layer
President’s Council On Management Improvement
President’s Management Agenda
President’s Management Council
Presidential Management Fellow
Presidential Management Intern
Presidential Management Staff
Presidential Management Training Initiative
Pressure Relief Systems Management
Pressure Vessel Management System
Preston Institute of Management Science and Technology
Prevention and Management of Aggressive Behavior
Preventive Maintenance Management
Preventive Maintenance Management Plan
Preventive Maintenance Management Program
Price Management and Profit Optimization
Primary Care Case Management
Primary Care Information Management across Anglia
Primary Case Management Model
Prime Infrastructure Management Limited
Princeton Asset Management
Princeton Project Management Methodology
Principal Management Facility
Principal Management Group Inc.
Principle-Centered Management
Print Management Control
Print Management Program
Printer Management Language
Printer Product Management Group
Printing Management Associates
Printing Resources Management Information System
Priority Groundwater Management Area
Priority Improved Management Effort
Priority Investigation Management System
Priority Management Objective
Private Clients and Asset Management
Private Equity Management Group, Inc.
Private Ownership and Management Program
Private Sector Investment Management
Private Wealth Management
Private Wealth Management Group
Privilege Management
Privileged Access Lifecycle Management
Privileged Access Management
Privileged Management Infrastructure
Proactive Asset Management
Pro-Active Fault Management
Probabilistic Safety Assessment and Management
Problem Management
Problem Management Report
Problem Management Request
Problem Management System
Process Change Management
Process Configuration Management Software
Process Hazard Management
Process Industries Safety Management
Process Information Management System
Process Management
Process Management Academy
Process Management Improvement & Deployment
Process Management Plan
Process Management System
Process Management Team
Process Quality Management
Process Reliability Management
Process Rights Management
Process Safety Management
Process Safety Management Principles
Process Safety Management Program
Process Value Management
Process, Architecture & Information Management
Process/Product Lifecycle Management
Process-Based Management
Process-Based Management System
Processing and Management Information System
Processor Power Management
Procurement and Supply Management
Procurement Contract Management
Procurement Management and Assistance Review
Procurement Management Council
Procurement Management Data Report
Procurement Management Information System
Procurement Management Reporting System
Procurement Management Review
Procurement Management System
Producers Management Television
Product Content Management
Product Cost Management Initiatives
Product Data Management
Product Data Management
Product Data Management Initiative
Product Delivery Management Process
Product Development & Management Association
Product Graphics Management
Product Graphics Management
Product Improvement Management Information Report
Product Information Management
Product Information Management System
Product Interference Management
Product Introduction Management
Product Knowledge Management
Product Life Management
Product Lifecycle Management
Product Lifecycle Management Innovation Center
Product Lifecycle Management System
Product Management and Account Team
Product Management and Marketing
Product Management Support Plan
Product Portfolio Management
Product Process Management
Product Quality Management
Product Safety Management
Product Structure Configuration Management
Product Support Management Planning
Product Tracking and Management System
Product/Process and Configuration Management System
Production and Inventory Management
Production and Operations Management
Production and Operations Management Association of the Philippines
Production and Operations Management Society
Production Application Management
Production Data Management
Production Data Management
Production Management
Production Management Alternate Architecture
Production Management Information System
production management office (US DoD)
Production Management Plan (quality control0
Production Management Specialist
Production Management Trainer
Production Technology Management Committee
Productivity Improvement Health Management System
Products Management Committee
Professional Certificate in Business and Management
Professional Construction Management
Professional Convention Management Association
Professional Designation in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Professional Flight Management
Professional Golf Management Student Association
Professional Grounds Management Society
Professional in Service Management
Professional Institute of Management and Education
Professional Management Development Program
Professional Management Review
Professional Medical Office Management
Professional Practices Management System
Professional Resource Management Course
Professional Resource Management School
Professional Teleservice Management Association
Professional Volunteer Management Alliance
Professional Wealth Management
Professional, Academy for Healthcare Management
Professionelles Wissensmanagement
Profit Motivated Management
Prognostic Health Management
Prognostics & Health Management
Program and Logistics Management
Program Budget Management System
Program Business Management
Program Configuration Management Procedure
Program Control and Resources Management
Program Control Management System
Program Control Management System
Program Cost Management
Program Data and Management System
Program Data Management
Program Data Management
Program Data Management Plan
Program Director Data Management
Program Electronic Review Management
Program Financial Management
Program Financial Management System
Program for Information Storage and Management
Program Information Management System
Program Integrity Management Reporting
Program Management Activity
Program Management Administration
Program Management Agreement
Program Management Air
Program Management and Analysis
Program Management and Control
Program Management and Development Team
Program Management and Support
Program Management Assistance Team
Program Management Associates
Program Management Baseline
Program Management Board
Program Management Center
Program Management Center of Excellence
Program Management Charter
Program Management Committee
Program Management Control
Program Management Control System
Program Management Council
Program Management Development Process
Program Management Directive
Program Management Division
Program Management Document
Program Management Group
Program Management Improvement Project
Program Management Information Systems
Program Management Integration
Program Management Line
Program Management Listing
Program Management Manual
Program Management Meeting
Program Management Office/r
Program Management Organization
Program Management Plan
Program Management Report
Program Management Responsibility Transfer
Program Management Review
Program Management Specialist
Program Management Squadron
Program Management Support
Program Management Support Services
Program Management Support System
Program Management System
Program Management Systems Committee
Program Management Team
Program Management Workplan
Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization-Risk Management and Quality Assurance Office
Program of Instruction Management Module
Program of Research on the Economics of Invasive Species Management
Program Office Management
Program on Conflict Management and Negotiation
Program Planning and Management
Program Quantitative Management Plan
Program/Project Management Council
Program/Project Management Course
Programmable Memory Management Unit
Programme Management and Implementation Unit
Programme Management Executive
Programme Management Maturity Model
Programmed Management System for Telecommunications
Programs and Projects Management Division
Programs Management Analytics & Technologies
Progressive Asset Management
Progressive Management Solutions Limited
Progressive Management Solutions Ltd.
Progressive, Shift Schedule Management Technology
Project and Construction Management
Project and Portfolio Management Center
Project and Program Management
Project Approval and Management Framework
Project Communications Management
Project Configuration Management System
Project Control Management Organization
Project Control Management System
Project Coordination and Management Unit
Project Cost Resources Management
Project Cycle Management
Project Data Management Plan
Project Data Management System
Project Design and Management
Project Design and Management
Project Document and Data Management
Project Document Management
Project Document Management
Project Environmental Management Plan
Project Environmental Management Unit
Project Estimation and Management System
Project for Improvement of Management Practices
Project Funds Management Record
Project Hanford Management System Policy
Project Information Management
Project Information Management System
Project Lifecycle Management
Project Management
Project Management Accountability System
Project Management Accounting
Project Management Agency
Project Management and Coordination Committee
Project Management and Scheduling
Project Management Body of Knowledge
Project Management Branch
Project Management Center of Expertise
Project Management Certificate
Project Management Consultancy
Project Management Contract
Project Management Contractor
Project Management Control System
Project Management Core Competency
Project Management Cost
Project Management Database System
Project Management Development Plan
Project Management Development Process
Project Management Diploma Program
Project Management Engineer
Project Management Environment Assessment
Project Management Expert
Project Management Explorations
Project Management Framework
Project Management Global Solutions
Project Management Group
Project Management Handbook
Project Management Improvement Initiative
Project Management in Development
Project Management Information System
Project Management Information System
Project Management Institute
Project Management Institute of Construction
Project Management Institute Pearl City Chapter
Project Management Interface
Project Management Intern
Project Management Journal
Project Management Knowledge Base
Project Management Leadership Group, Inc.
Project Management Lifecycle
Project Management Logistics
Project Management Maturity Assessment
Project Management Maturity Model
Project Management Maturity Model
Project Management Meeting
Project Management Memory Jogger
Project Management Methodology
Project Management Monthly
Project Management Office Certification
Project Management Office/r
Project Management Operations
Project Management Organization
Project Management Oversight Committee
Project Management Plan
Project Management Process
Project Management Professional
Project Management Professional Institute
Project Management Proposal
Project Management Protective Liability
Project Management Recruitment
Project Management Report
Project Management Resource Center
Project Management Review
Project Management Specialist
Project Management System
Project Management System Assessment
Project Management Team
Project Management Training
Project Management Training Institute
Project Management Unit
Project Management Workshop
Project Performance Management
Project Performance Management Guide
Project Performance Management Standard
Project Portfolio Management
Project Portfolio Management Facility
Project Quality Management System
Project Reporting, Organization & Management Planning Technique
Project Resources Information System for Management
Project Resourcing and Schedule Management
Project Risk Identification, Selection, and Management
Project Risk Management
Project Team Management
Project to Redesign Information Systems Management
Project to Revolutionise Information Systems and Management At UCT
Project Work Management
Project, Program, and Portfolio Management
Projects Management Centre
Projects Management Partners
Promise Array Management
Promotional Management Group
Propellant Management Devices
Propellant Management Subsystem
Property Accounting and Management System
Property Management
Property Management Branch
Property Management Company
Property Management Head Office
Property Management Information System
Property Management Information System
Property Management Inspection Services
Property Management Office Services
Property Management Regulation
Property Management Services
Property Management System
Property Management Training Association
Property Tax Management System
Property Vegetation Management Plan
Proposal Management Plan
Propositioned-afloat Automated Maintenance Management System
Propositioning Program Management Group
Propulsion Management Device
Prosecution Team Performance Management
Prosecutor’s Management Information System
Prospect Management System
Prosperity Capital Management
Protected Area Management Board
Protected Areas Management and Sustainable Use
Protocol Management Module
Protocol Management Module
Protocol Tracking and Management System
Provider Enhanced Management Services
Provider Reimbursement and Operations Management Information System
Provider Service Management
Provider’s Applicant Management System
Provincial Project Management Office
Provisioning and Alarm Management System
Provisioning and Cataloging Management System
Prudential Asset Management Co., Ltd.
Prudential Investment Management Services LLC
PSG Institute of Management
Psychiatric Management Unit
Psychological Disaster Management
Psychological Disaster Management
psychological operations management information subsystem (US DoD)
Public & Development Management
Public Administration and Management: An Interactive Journal
Public and Nonprofit Management
Public Broadcasting Management Association
Public Debt Management
Public Debt Management
Public Education Information Management System
Public Expenditure Management
Public Finance Management Act
Public Financial Management
Public Health Management
Public Health Policy and Management
Public Library Management
Public Management and Policy
Public Management Center of Excellence
Public Management Department
Public Management Initiative
Public Policy and Management
Public Policy Management Group
Public Real Estate Management
Public Risk Management Association
Public Safety Incident Management
Public Sector Management and Finance Law
Public Sector Technology and Management
Public Service Human Resources Management Agency of Canada
Public Use Management Plan
Public Utility Risk Management Services
Public Works Management
Publication Library Management System
Publication Management System
Puerto Rico Air Management Services
Purchase Card Management System
Purchase Order Management
Purchasing & Supply Chain Management
Purchasing and Materials Management Division
Purchasing and Supply Management
Purchasing Information Management System
Purchasing Management Association
Purchasing Management Association of Boston
Purchasing Management Association of Canada
Purchasing Management Association of Chicago
Quadrant Risk Management International Ltd.
Quadripartite Management Committee
Qualitative Management Program
Qualitats-, Umwelt- und Prozessmanagement
Quality and Performance Management
Quality and Performance Management
Quality Assurance, Risk Management, Compliance
Quality Decision Management
Quality Deer Management
Quality Deer Management Association
Quality Driven Management
Quality Engineering & Management
Quality Facility Management
Quality Improvement Risk Management
Quality Inspection Management
Quality Leisure Management
Quality Management
Quality Management and Analysis System
Quality Management and Education
Quality Management and Enhancement
Quality Management and Improvement
Quality Management and Improvement Committee
Quality Management Approach
Quality Management Assessment
Quality Management Board
Quality Management Center
Quality Management Company LLC
Quality Management Consortium
Quality Management Division
Quality Management Excellence
Quality Management Forum
Quality Management Group
Quality Management Innovation Squadron
Quality Management Institute
Quality Management International, Inc.
Quality Management Journal
Quality Management Network
Quality Management of the Designee Workforce
Quality Management Organization
Quality Management Plan
Quality Management Practices
Quality Management Procedure
Quality Management Program
Quality Management Representative
Quality Management System
Quality Management Team
Quality Money Management
Quality of Management
Quality Project Management
Quality Project Management
Quality Resource Management
Quality Systems Management
Quality Vegetation Management
Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development, and Management
Quantitative Investment Management, LLC
Quantitative Management of Quality and Process
Quantitative Process Management
Quantitative Process Management
Quantitative Project Management
Quantitative Project Management
Quantitative Risk Management
Quantitative Software Management, Inc
Quark Content Management
Quarterly Management Review
Quay Property Management
Quay Property Management
Query Management Facility
Quest Management Xtensions
Questar Gas Management
Queue Management
Queue Management System
Quote Management Information Systems
R&D Information Management System
Race Relations Management Team
Radar Management Officer
Radiation Control and Emergency Management
Radiation Management Corporation
Radio Management Panel
Radio Management Unit
Radio Resource Management
Radio Spectrum Management
Radioactive Waste Management
Radioactive Waste Management Associates
Radioactive Waste Management Committee
Radioactive Waste Management Complex
Radiology Assembly of Medical Group Management Association
Radiology Benefit Management
RAID Management Utility
Rainwater Management Solutions
Rajdhani College of Engineering and Management
Rake Management System
Randomization and Trial Supply Management
Range and Training Area Management
Range Complex Management Plan
Range Data Management Subsystem
Range Data Management System
Range Management Control
Range Management Office
Range Management Squadron
Rangeland Ecology and Management
Rapid Data Management System
Rarely Purchased Management System
Rates Data Management System
RCRA Enforcement Management System
RDAISA Acquisition Management System
Readiness Automated Management System
Readiness Management Activity
Readiness Management Application
Readiness Management Division
Readiness Management Support
Real Asset Management International
Real Estate Asset Management
Real Estate Facilities Management
Real Estate Management
Real Estate Property Management, Inc.
Real Interactive Textile Management
Real Property Asset Management
Real Property Management
Real Property Management Branch
Real Property Management Plan
Real Storage Management
Real Time Management System
Real World Color Management
Real-Time Adaptive Resource Management
Realtime Quality Management
Real-Time Service Management
Realty Center Management, Inc.
Receivable Management Services
Receivables Management Group
Reception Station Automation Management System
Recipe Management System
Reconfiguration Management
Re-Configuration Management Architecture
Reconnaissance Management System
Reconnaissance Operations Management Enterprise
Record Management Services
Recording Management Area
Recording Management Data
Records and Information Management
Records and Information Management Month
Records Compliance Management
Records Document Information Management
Records Image Management System
Records Information Management System
Records Management
Records Management and Business Operations
Records Management Application
Records Management Bulletin
Records Management Coordinator
Records Management Department
Records Management Division
Records Management Office
Records Management Official
Records Management Plan
Records Management Society
Records Management System
Records Management Taskforce
Records Management Unit
Records, Document and Information Management System
Recoverable Assembly Management Process
Recovery Management Support
Recovery Management System
Recovery Termination Management
Recreation and Tourism Management
Recreation Leadership and Management
Recreation Sports Management
Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality Management
Recruiting Activities Management Support System
Recruitment Management Organization
Recurring Management Cost
Recursive Process Management
Recycling and Waste Management
Red Horse Information Management System
Redcell Management Essentials
Redistribution Management System
Redmax Management Suite
Redundancy and Fault Management
Redundancy Fault Management
Redundancy Management
Redundancy Management Services
Redundancy Management System
Reforming Project Management
Regiment Materiel Management Center
Regina Urban Forest Management Strategy
Regional Administrative Management Center
Regional Aquifer Management Project
Regional Contingency Engineering Management
Regional Emergency Management Unit
Regional Fire Management Officer
Regional Fire Management Officer
Regional Fisheries Management Organisations
Regional Fisheries Management Organisations
Regional Fishery Management Council
Regional Growth Management Strategy
Regional Information Management Center
Regional Integrated Pest Management
Regional Management Board
Regional Management Boards
Regional Management Career Adviser
Regional Management Centre Association
Regional Management Committee
Regional Management Executive
Regional Pest Management Strategy
Regional Quality Service Management
Regional Sediment Management
Regional Solid Waste Management District
Regional Supply Chain Management
Regional Transportation Asset Management System
Regional Transportation Management Information System
Regional Urban Water Management Plan
Region-Based Memory Management
Registered Apartment Management
Registered Equipment Management System
Registered Project Management Professional
Registration and Maintenance Management Group
Regulated Clinical Research Information Management
Regulation on Sound Operational Management
Regulations and Paperwork Management Branch
Rehab Management Toolkit
Rehabilitation Case Management
Rehabilitation Management Associates
Rehabilitation Management Inc.
Reims Management School
Relatiemanagement Zelfstandige Organisaties
Relational Data Base Management
Relational Data Management System
Relational Database Management System
Relational Database Management System
Relational Information Management
Relational Management Methodology
Relational Management System
Relationship Management Application
Release Management
Release Management
Reliability Centered Management
Reliability Data Management and Analysis
Reliability Focused Management
Reliability Growth Management
Reliability Management System
Reliability Planning and Management
Reliable Packet Management
Reliance Capital Asset Management Ltd.
Relocation Management Solutions
Relocation Management Systems
Remedial Action Management Program
Remedy Asset Management
Remedy Change Management
Remote Business Management Service
Remote Business Management, LLC
Remote Device Management
Remote Individual Animal Management
Remote Infrastructure Management
Remote Infrastructure Management Outsourcing
Remote Interworking Management
Remote Layer Management
Remote Management Connection
Remote Management Console
Remote Management Facility
Remote Management Interface
Remote Management Module
Remote Management Processor
Remote Management Software
Remote Management Testing
Remote Management Unit
Remote Monitoring & Management
Remote Network Management
Remote Operations Management Service
Remote Power Management System
Remote Program Management
Remote Sensor Management System
Remote Site Project Management
Remote Systems Management
Remote Task Management System
Remote Ticket Management System
Removable Storage Management
Removal Cost Management System
Renaud Asset Management Model
Renewable Energy Management Expert
Rental Tool Management System
Rep Profit Management System
Repair Management System
Repairable Assets Management System
Repairables Management Branch
Replacement Operations Automated Management System
Replay File Management
Replication Management Object
Replication Management Objects
Reprographics Automated Management System
Request Management System
Requirement Management Plan
Requirement Statement Management System
Requirements and Configuration Management
Requirements And Management Plan
Requirements Information Management System
Requirements Management
Requirements Management Agreement
Requirements Management Board
Requirements Management Office
Requirements Management Review
Requirements Management System
Requirements Management Working Group
Requirements Trace Management
Requirements Traceability and Management
Requirements Traceability and Management Tool
Requirements Traceability Management
Research and Development Information Management System
Research and Development Management System
Research and Innovation Management Centre
Research and Program Management
Research Animal Management Branch
Research Data Management Services
Research Information Management
Research Institute for Business and Management
Research Management Advisory Group
Research Management and Dissemination Division
Research Management Self Assessment
Research, Inventory, Monitoring and Management
Reserve Database Management System
Reserve Management Company, Inc.
Reserve Management Period
Reserve Personnel Management
Reserve Personnel Management Assistance Team
Reservoir Management Coordination Authority
Reservoir Management Team
Resident Individual Training Management
Resident Management Office
Resident Management System
Residential Construction Management
Residential Growth Management System
Residential Management Professional
Residential Market Management
Residential Property Management
Residual Health Management Unit
Resilient Risk Management
Resolution Asset Management
Resort Tourism Management
Resource Allocation Management
Resource Allocation Management Program
Resource and Patient Management System
Resource and Performance Management
Resource Capacity Management
Resource Data Management
Resource Ecology and Fisheries Management
Resource Efficiency Management
Resource Information Management System
Resource Institutions, Policy and Management
Resource Management
Resource Management Account
Resource Management Application
Resource Management Application Programming Interface
Resource Management Bureau
Resource Management Cell
Resource Management Center
Resource Management Concepts, Inc
Resource Management Corporation, Inc
Resource Management Cost Account
Resource Management Decision
Resource Management Directive
Resource Management Division
Resource Management Framework
Resource Management in Asia-Pacific
Resource Management Law Reform
Resource Management Model
Resource Management Office
Resource Management Plan
Resource Management Planning and Response Team
Resource Management Project
Resource Management Review
Resource Management Services
Resource Management Solutions
Resource Management Solutions Group
Resource Management System
Resource Management Task Force
Resource Management Team
Resource Management Update
Resource Management Zone
Resource Optimization Management
Resource Optimization Management
Resource Pool Management
Resource Portfolio Management
Resource Program Management
Resource Program Management Consulting
Resource System Management Module
Resource Systems Management International, Inc.
Resource Technology Management, Inc.
Resources Management Act
Responsable Management de la Qualité
Response Information Management System
Responsible Management Entity
Responsible Management Official
Responsive Automated Materiel Management
Ressources Logistiques Management
Ressources Sur l’Internet en Management et en Economie
Restaurant and Food Industry Management
Restaurant Department Management
Restaurant Management Group
Restaurant Management System
Restops Information Management
RestOps Information Management System
Restricted Access Management
Restricted Senior Management
Restricted Substance Management Standard
Result Oriented Management
Result Oriented Management
Results Based Management
Retail Management and Design
Retail Management Institute
Retail Management System
Retail Operation Management
Retail Operation Management
Retirement and Financial Management
Retirement Points Accounting Management
Return Management System
Return On Management
Return On Management
Reusable Object Access and Management System
Reusable Object Access Management System
Revenue Accounting and Management
Revenue Cycle Management
Revenue Enhancement and Fiscal Management
Revenue Management
Revenue Management and Contract Accounting
Revenue Management Operations
Revenue Management System
Revenue Management Unit
Revenue Under Management
Reverse Logistics Management
Reverse Supply Chain Management
Review of Accident Management Programme
Revision Management System
Revolving Fund Management Committee
Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
Richmond Apartment Management Association
Right Management Consultants
Right Management Consultants, Inc.
Right-of-Way Management Program
Rights Management Services
Ring Management
Rio Puerco Management Committee
riparian management zone
Risk Analysis and Management for Projects
Risk Analysis Management System
Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.
Risk and Quality Management
Risk Assessment and Management Plan
Risk Characterization Management Policy
Risk Data Management Application
Risk Enterprise Management
Risk Exposure Management
Risk Management
Risk Management Advisory Group
Risk Management Agency
Risk Management Alternatives, Inc
Risk Management and Capital Allocation
Risk Management and Cyber-Informatics
Risk Management and Insurance
Risk Management and Insurance
Risk Management Association
Risk Management Board
Risk Management Code
Risk Management Committee
Risk Management Control Center
Risk Management Education
Risk Management Foundation
Risk Management Group
Risk Management Information
Risk Management Institution of Australasia
Risk Management Measure
Risk Management Office/Officer
Risk Management Plan
Risk Management Program
Risk Management Program
Risk Management Questionnaire
Risk Management Reference Center
Risk Management Research Center
Risk Management Research Council
Risk Management Research Institute
Risk Management Resource Center
Risk Management Service Provider
Risk Management Society of Taiwan
Risk Management Society of Taiwan
Risk Management Solutions, Inc
Risk Management Steering Group
Risk Management Strategy
Risk Management System
Risk Management Team
Risk Management Technologies
Risk Management Training and Assessment
Risk Management Trust Fund
Risk Management Working Group
Risk Management, Operational Controls, Compliance, and Asset Quality
Risk Mitigation & Management
Risk Mitigation, Monitoring and Management
Risk-Based Quality Management
River Basin Management Society
River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust
River Corridor Management Plan
River Management Line
Road Information Management System
Road Management Objectives
Road Network Management System
Road Safety Management System
Robinsons Realty and Management Corporation
Robocom Inventory Management System
Rocket Management System
Rocket Propulsion Test Management Board
Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems
Root Certificate Management Messages
Rosehills Memorial Management, Inc.
Rosen College of Hospitality Management
Rotary Fluid Management Device
Rothschild Asset Management
Rotterdam School of Management
Rourkela Institute of Management Studies
Route Management Organization
Routing Management System
Royal Bank Investment Management
Royal London Asset Management
Ruan Transportation Management Systems
Ruang Khao Money Management Fund
Ruimtelijk Project Management
Rule Base Management System
Rule of Air Management
Runaway and Homeless Youth Management Information System
Run-Off Management Plan
Rwanda Institute of Administration and Management
S D Business Management
SAARC Disaster Management Centre (India)
SABRS Management Analysis Retrieval System
Sacramento Air Logistics Center/Directorate of Materiel Management
Safeguard Management Information System
Safety & Environmental Management System
Safety Analysis and Risk Management
Safety and Environmental Management
Safety and Environmental Management Branch
Safety and Environmental Management Division
Safety and Environmental Risk Management Rating Agency
Safety and Health Management System
Safety and Quality Management System
Safety and Security Management System
Safety Information Management System
Safety Management Action Plan
Safety Management Auditing Technique
Safety Management Certificate
Safety Management Corporation
Safety Management Information Statistics
Safety Management Program
Safety Management Prospectus
Safety Management System
Safety Management Systems
Safety Management Task Force
Safety Management Working Group
Safety Performance Management System
Safety Risk Management
Safety, Health and Environmental Management Division
Safety, Health, and Environmental Management
Safety, Health, and Environmental Management
Safety, Security and Emergency Management
Saint Louis Management Group
Salary Cost Management Protocol
Salary Management Module
Sales & Marketing Management
Sales & Service Management
Sales and Management Development Programmes
Sales Lead Management Association
Sales Management Engineer
Sales Management Leadership Program
Sales Order Management System
Sales Performance Management
Sales Performance Management System
Sales Tax Management Service
Salient Capital Management, LLC
Salmon Trout Restoration Education and Aquatic Management
SAM Advanced Management Journal
Sambodhi Research and Management Institute
Sample Management Facility
Sample Management Office
Sample Management System
Samsung Product Development Management
San Francisco Management Group
San Leandro Property Management
Sand Dune Protection and Management Act of 1976
Sandhill Waste Management Committee
Sankuyo Tshwaragano Management Trust
Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative
Santa Cruz Active Management Area
Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency
Sap Transport Management System
SAR Mission Management System
Saskatchewan Government Growth Fund Management Corporation
Sassy Management Unit
SATA Enclosure Management Bridge (hardware)
SATCOM Management Center
Satellite Broadcast Management
Satellite Management System
Saturn Resource Management, Inc.
Saxon Funds Management Limited
Scalable Uncertainty Management
Scandinavian International Management Institute
Scandinavian Journal of Management
SCF Online Account Management
Schedule & Planning Management Professional
Schedule Fatigue Risk Management
Schedule Management Subsystem
Schedule Management System
Scheduled Event Management
Scheduling and Milestone Management
Schneider Sales Management
School Based Management Committee
School Information Management System
School Management And Record Tracking
School Management Board
School Management Board
School Management Committee
School Management Services
School Management System
School of Building and Land Management
School of Business and Management
School of Business and Management
School of Business and Nonprofit Management
School of Communication and Management Studies
School of Construction Management and Engineering
School of Economics and Management
School of English and the Management Centre
School of Global Management and Leadership
School of Health Care Management and Administration
School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
School of Hotel and Tourism Management
School of Information Management and Systems
School of Information Systems Technology and Management
school of International Hotel and Tourism Management
School of Library and Information Management
School of Management
School of Management
School of Management Studies
School of Public and Management Administration
School of Public Management and Administration
School of Public Policy and Management
School of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Schweizer Leben Pensions Management
Science and Technology Enterprise Management
Science Management Corporation
Science Utilization Management
Scientific Archive Management
Scientific Data Management
Scientific Data Management System
Scientific Management Associates
Scientific Program Management System
Scientific/Management Decision Point
Scott Emergency Management System
Scottish Association of Volunteer Management
Scottish Quality Management System
Scottish Ship Management Ltd.
Scotts Valley Property Management
SCPM Universal Management Front-End (Linux)
Scrap Tire Management Council
Screen Management System
SCSI Device Management System
Scuola di alta Formazione al Management
SDH Management System
Seafood Quality Management Initiative
Sealift Strategic Management System
Seamless Message Management
Seaport Environmental Management Committee
Search Asset Management
Search Engine Reputation Management
Seaspan Ship Management Ltd.
Seattle Police Management Association
Secondary Weapon Inventory System Management
Secretariat for Eastern African Coastal Area Management
Section Eight Management Assessment Program
secure compliance and vulnerability management
Secure Content and Threat Management
Secure Content Management
Secure Infrastructure Management Architecture
Secure Knowledge Management
Secure Mobile Device Management
Securities Industry Business Continuity Management Group
Security & Risk Management Group, LLC
Security Accreditation Management Plan
Security and Data Management Group
Security and Management Services
Security and Privacy in Digital Rights Management
Security and Risk Management
Security and Risk Management Strategies
Security and Trust Management
Security Assessment and Management Application
Security Assistance Management Information System
Security Assistance Management Information System
Security Assistance Management Manual
Security Assistance Management Review
security assistance resource management
Security Association Management Protocol
Security Combat Automated Management Subsystem
Security Configuration Management
Security Event and Incident Management
Security Event Information Management system
Security Event Management
Security Event Management System
Security Incident Management
Security Incident Management
Security Information and Event Management
Security Information Management
Security Information Management
Security Information Management Online Network
Security Information Management Systems
Security Management
Security Management Application Process
Security Management Architecture
Security Management Information
Security Management Information Base
Security Management Information System
Security Management Infrastructure
Security Management Office
Security Management Plan
Security Management Service
Security Management System
Security Management Working Group
Security Patch Management
Security Requirements Management Review
Security Risk Management
Security Risk Management Body of Knowledge
Security Risk Management Initiative
Security Risk Management Review
Sediment Management Standards
Sediment Management Unit
Sediment Management Work Group
Segment Management Marketing
Segment Space Management
Segregation of duties, Organisation, Authorisation, Physical, Supervisory, Personnel, Access, Management, Information technology, Internal Audit, Audot Committee
Selected Item Management
Selected Item Management
Selected Item Management System
Selected Item Management System-Expanded
Self Management of Heart Failure Questionnaire
Self Service Reset Password Management
Self Tuning Power Management
Self-Administered Medication Management
Self-Management and Recovery Training
Semantic Integrity Constrants Management
Semantics, Program Analysis, and Computing Environments for Memory Management
Semiconductor Worldwide Management
Seneca Construction Management Corporation
Senior Assistance Management System
Senior Commanders’ Management Information System
Senior Council for Management Control
Senior Environment Management Committee
Senior Executive Management Report
Senior Fisheries Management Officer
Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls
Senior Management Construction Board
Senior Management Council
Senior Management Development Programme
Senior Management Executive
Senior Management Group
Senior Management Institute for Police
Senior Management Integration Group
Senior Management Program Review
Senior Management Review
Senior Management Team
Senior Professional in Supply Management
Senior Sailors Management Course
Sensor Control & Management Platoon
Sensor Data Management
Sensor Management Protocol
Sensor Management Working Group
SERDP Ecosystem Management Project
Serial Copy Management Services
Serial Copy Management System
Serial Management Interface
Serial Management Protocol
Serialized Item Management
Serialized Item Management
Server Management Daughter Card
Server Management Objects
Server Management Software
Server Management Working Group
Service & Sales Management
Service and SLA Management
Service and Warranty Management
Service Asset and Configuration Management
Service Availability Management
Service Continuity Management
Service Control Management
Service Creation Management
Service Delivery Management
Service Delivery Management Center
Service Element Management
Service Impact Management
Service Impact Management
Service Information Management System
Service Information Management System-Site Support
Service Level Agreement Management
Service Level Management
Service Level Management Approach
Service Lifecycle Management
Service Lifecycle Management
Service Management Access Point
Service Management Agent Function
Service Management Analysis and Reporting Tool
Service Management and Resource Tool
Service Management Automation
Service Management Center
Service Management Center Support
Service Management Channel
Service Management Console
Service Management Consultant
Service Management Daughter Card
Service Management Enterprise
Service Management Europe
Service Management Facility
Service Management Framework
Service Management Function
Service Management Gateway
Service Management in Action
Service Management Interface
Service Management Layer
Service Management Organization
Service Management Platform
Service Management Process
Service Management Process Model
Service Management Proficiency Index
Service Management Qualification Scheme
Service Management Quality Initiative
Service Management Strategy
Service Management System
Service Management Team
Service Management Unit
Service Manager Management System
Service Parts Management
Service Point Management System
Service Provider Management System
Service Provisioning and Account Management
Service Quality Management
Service Quality Management Foundation
Service Quality Management Systems
Service Relationship Management
Service Request Management
Service Resource Management
Service Science, Management, Engineering
Service Update Management Assistant
Service-Gesellschaft für Netzwerkmanagement und Informationstechnologien
Service-Oriented Knowledge Management
Services Acquisition Management Improvement
Services Execution Management
Services Management Group
Services Procurement & Management
Session and Mobility Management
Session Management Engine
Session Management Module
Session Management Protocol
Severe Accident Management Guideline
Sewer System Management Plan
Sex Offender Management and Monitoring
Sex Offender Management Assistance Program
Sex Offender Management Unit
Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology
Shanghai Construction and Management Commission
Shanghai Economic Management College
Shanghai Waste Management Center
Shanks Waste Management, Ltd
Shared Information Management Services
Shared Management Knowledge
Shared Network Management Tool
Shareholder Value Management
Sheard European Management Consultants Limited
Shelter Management Guide
Shelter Management Kit
Shelter Management Team
Shenandoah Valley Society for Human Resource Management
Shift Operations Management System
Shillong Engineering and Management College
Ship Alternate Management Information System
Ship Alternation Management System
Ship Control Management System
Ship Life Cycle Management
Ship Logistics Management Plan
Ship Test Management Plan
Ship’s Information Management System
Shipboard Inventory Management Analysis Reporting System
Shipbuilding Material Management System
Shipment Management Model
Shipment Management Module
Shipper Management System
Shipping Consultancy Management
Ships Maintenance Management System
Ships Management Information System
Shop Floor Management
Shopping Centre Management
Shore Activity Management Support
Shore Resort Property Management
Shoreline Management Act
Shoreline Management Guidelines
Short Vehicle Integrated Management System
Short-Term Case Management
Short-Term Financial Management
Shuttle Inventory Management System
Sick Kids Team Obesity Management Program
Side-Effect Management Technique
Siemens Management Consulting
Sieval Quality Interim Management
Sigma Property Management Services
Signal Command Management System
Signal Exploitation and Information Management
Signal Management Point
Signaling Control Point Management System
Signaling Link Management
Signaling Network Management
Signaling Network Management Message
Signaling Route Management
Signaling Traffic Management
SIM_EDI Management Center
Simple Document Management System
Simple Key Management for Internet Protocols
Simple Management Protocol
Simple Network Management Executive
Simple Network Management Protocol
Simple Network Management Protocol, Version 2
Simple Network Management System
Simple Project Management System
Simple Remote Management Infrastructure
Simple Transportation Management Framework
Simple Transportation Management Protocol
Simulation Lifecycle Management
Simulation Management
Simulation of Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Implementation and Management for SMEs
Simulation of Industrial Management Problems with Lots of Equations
Simultaneous Multi-Protocol Management
Singapore Institute of Management
Singapore Institute of Management
Singapore Management University
Singapore Pest Management Association
Single Acquisition Management Plan
Single Family Acquired Asset Management System
Single Level Power Management
Single System Management
Sinhgad Institute of Management
Sino Estates Management Limited
Sioux Lookout Area Aboriginal Management Board
Site Based Management Committee
Site Content Management System
Site Management and Clinical Care Committee
Site Management and Reporting System
Site Management Organization
Site Management Plan
Site Management Safety Training Scheme
Site Pavement Management Software
Site Project Management Office
Site Resource Management
Site Safety Management Plan
Site Traffic Management Supervisor
Site Waste Management Plan
Site-Based Management Team
Site-Specific Crop Management
Site-Specific Management Center
Situational Awareness and Resource Management
Six Sigma Management Institute
Skill Management Code
Skills Management System
Skipworth Engelhardt Asset Management Strategists Ltd
Sleep Management System
Slot Communication Network Management
Slot Management System
Slovak Waste Management Catalogue
Small Management Element
Small Property Management Advisers
Smart Card Management System
Smart Device Management Center
Smart Howitzer Automated Management System
Smart Management Interface Local Exchange
SMaRT Quality Management System
Smart Volume Management
Smart Weapons Management Office
Smile Cluster Management System
Smile Queueing Management System
Smith Management Construction, Inc.
SNA Management Architecture
Snow and Ice Management Association
SOA Governance and Management Method (IBM)
Social Content Management
Social Customer Relationship Management
Social Development and Management Program
Social Expenditure Management Project
Social Management and Monitoring Plan
Social Media Management System
Social Network Management
Social Web and Knowledge Management
Social Work Service Management Information System
Socialized Industrial Forest Management Agreement
Societe Suisse de Management de Projet
Society for Business and Management in Engineering
Society for Cardiovascular Management
Society for Clinical Data Management
Society for Foodservices Management
Society for Healthcare Risk Management
Society for Human Resource Management
Society for Information Management
Society for Information Management
Society for Inventory Management Benchmarking Analysis
Society for Management Information Systems
Society for Pain Practice Management
Society for Range Management
Society for the Advancement of Management
Society for the Management of European Biodiversity Data
Society of Environmental Management and Technology
Society of Insurance Financial Management
Softcopy Exploitation Management
Software Acquisition Management
Software Acquisition Management Plan
Software Acquisition Management Seminar
Software Acquisition Risk Management Plan
Software and Management Associates
Software Asset Management
Software Asset Management Interest Group
Software Change and Configuration Management
Software Change Management
Software Configuration and Library Management
Software Configuration Management
Software Configuration Management
Software Configuration Management Administrator
Software Configuration Management Manager
Software Configuration Management Plan
Software Configuration Management Record
Software Configuration Management System
Software Configuration Management Working Group
Software Deployment and Configuration Management
Software Development Management Plan
Software Development Project Management
Software Engineering Asset Management System
Software Engineering Management Plan
Software Engineering Management System
Software Engineering Process Management
Software Engineering Research, Management & Application
Software Engineering Risk: Understanding & Management
Software Image Management
Software License Management
Software Life Cycle Management
Software Life Cycle Management
Software Lifecycle Management
Software Management Activity
Software Management and Assurance Program
Software Management and Quality Indicator
Software Management Assurance Program
Software Management Directorate
Software Management for Executives
Software Management Framework
Software Management Plan
Software Management Plan
Software Management Solutions, Inc.
Software Management System
Software Management Tracking System
Software Management Working Group
Software Package Management Agent
Software Platform Management Services
Software Process and Management System
Software Process Management
Software Process Management System
Software Program Management Office
Software Project Management
Software Project Management Plan
Software Project Management Strategies
Software Project Management System
Software Quality Management
Software Quality Management and Engineering
Software Quality Management System
Software Release Management
Software Rights Management
Software Risk Management
Software Subcontract Management
Software Test Management
Software Test Planning and Management
Software Updates Management
Sohar Integrated Management System
Soil Characterization and Management Plan
Soil Management Plan
Solar Radiation Management
Solaris Management Console
Soldier Career Management Agency
Soldier Management Individual File
Soldier Management System
Solicitors’ Financial Management Group
Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
Solid Management Unit
Solid Waste Management
Solid Waste Management Committee
Solid Waste Management Contractor
Solid Waste Management Facility
Solid Waste Management Office
Solid Waste Management Plan
Solid Waste Management Tax
Solution Deployment Management System
Solution Management Assessment
Solution Monitoring and Management Services
Solvent Resource Management Limited
Somalia Water and Land Information Management System
Somass Estuary Management Committee
SONET Management System
SONET Network Management System
Soufriere Marine Management Area
Sound and Efficient Management
Sound Financial Management
Sound Management of Chemicals
Sound Resource Management
Source Code Management
Source Control Management
South African Facilities Management Association
South African Farm Management
South African Journal of Business Management
South African Research and Innovation Management Association
South African Risk and Insurance Management Association
South Australian Wound Management Association
South Bayside Waste Management Authority
South Carolina Aquatic Plant Management Society
South Coast Air Quality Management District Professional Employees Association
South Florida Water Management Model
South Texas Technology Management
SOUTHCOM Theater Enterprise Management System
Southeast Michigan Snow and Ice Management
Southern African Defence and Security Management
Southern African Wildlife Management Association
Southern California Association for Healthcare Risk Management
Southern Catchment Management Board
Southern Management Association
Southwest Academy of Management
Southwest Management Services
Sovereign Debt Management Blueprint
SP Jain Centre of Management, Dubai
SP Jain Institute of Management & Research
Space Management and Capital Programs
Space Management and Design Group
Space Management Flight
Space Management System
Space Management Utility
Space Operations Management Office
Space Operations Management Organization
Space Planning and Management
Space Professional Management Office
Space Technology and Disaster Management
Space Telescope Equipment Management System
Space Telescope Grants Management System
Spacecraft Fault Management
Spacecraft Scheduling and Command Management
Spare Parts Management System
Spares Management Improvement Program
Spares Management Improvement Program
Spatial Data Management Division
Spatial Data Management Environment
Spatial Metadata Management System
Spatial Nutrient Management Planner
spatio-temporal experiment management system
Special Access Management System
Special Accounts Management Unit
Special Alliance Management, Incorporated
Special Area Management Plan
Special Areas Strategic Plan of Management
Special Assets Management
Special Interest Group on Process Automation and Management
Special Items Management Office
Special Management Housing Unit
Special Management Office
Special Management Review
Special Management Unit
Special Management Zone
Special Programs Management Section
Special Recreation Management Area
Special Resource Management
Special Services Management System
Special Traffic Management Program
Specialized Management Service Incorporated
Specialty Performance Management System
Specification Management Working Group
Specifications and Data Management Office/Officer
Spectrum Management
Spectrum Management Agency
Spectrum Management Class
Spectrum Management Methodology
Spectrum Management Transition Initiative
Spectrum Management Working Group
SPECTRUM Portable Management Application
Spectrum Use Management System
Spill Management Team
Spivey Consulting and Data Management, Inc.
Sponsored Awards Management
Sport Leisure Management
Sport Management
Sport Management Association
Sport Management Research Institute
Sport, Health and Fitness Management
Sports Management International LLC
Sports Management Worldwide
Sports Turf Management
Sprint Access Management
Sprint Configuration Management System
SQL Management Object
SQL Management Objects
SQL Server Management Studio
SQL Server Management Studio Express
SQL Server Management Studio Express
Squadron Aviation Resource Management
Squadron Information Management System
Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Institute of Management and Technology
STACCS LAN Management System
Staff for Installation Management
Staff for Installation Management
Staged Diabetes Management
Stakeholder Focused Performance Management
Stakeholder Relationship Management System
Stall Management Yaw Damper
Stand Density Management Diagram
Standard Army Ammunition System – Materiel Management Center
Standard Army Management Information System
Standard Army Management Language
Standard Army Multi-Command Management Information System
Standard Configuration Management System
Standard Content Archive Management
Standard Cost Management
Standard Database Management System
standard embarkation management system
Standard Information Management System
Standard Installation Management System
Standard Key Management Module
Standard Management Corporation
Standard Management Information Reports for Finance
Standard Management System
Standard Personnel Management System
Standardization & Data Management
Standardization Management Activity
Standardization Management Working Group
Standardized Emergency Management System
Standards in Human Resource Management
Standards Management Committee
Standards Management Working Group
Standing Committee on Agriculture and Resource Management
Stanford Management Internship Fund
Stanley Project Management Associates, Inc.
Starship Personnel Management System
Start-Up/Combustion Process Health-Management Module
State Administration for Quality Management
State Coordination Management Council
State Emergency and Rescue Management
State Emergency Management Agency
State Emergency Management Committee
State Emergency Management Office
State Encryption Management Commission
State Exotic Animal Disease Emergency Management Plan
State Land Management Authority
State Management Function
State Management Plan
State Management Team
State of the River Management
State Office of Risk Management
State Records Management Act
State Waste Management Corp.
State-Based Network Management
Statewide Financial Management System
Static Spectrum Management
Station Management
Station Management System
Station Procedures Management Plan
Stationing Management Office
Statistical Information Management Committee
Statistics and Data Management Branch
Statistics, Operations and Management Science
Statutory Management Requirement
Stealth Management Working Group
Steam Catapult Inspection & Repair Management Information System
Steel Enterprise Management System
Stentor Canadian Network Management
Stephenson Disaster Management Institute
Stevens Alliance for Technology Management
Stewardship Commercial Management
Stewart Asset Management Group
Stewart Financial Management, Inc.
StickDeath Institute of Anger Management
Still Images Management System
Stirling Management Centre
Stock Information Management System
Stock Inventory Management System
Stock Management And Replenishment Tracking
Stock Management Report
Stockpile Management Restructuring Initiative
Stockpile Stewardship and Management Program
Stone & Webster Management Consultants
Storage Area Management
Storage Foundation Management Server
Storage Lifecycle Automation Management
Storage Management Appliance
Storage Management Data Requester
Storage Management Initiative
Storage Management Initiative Specification
Storage Management Lifecycle
Storage Management Services
Storage Management Subsystem
Storage Management Unit
Storage Management Utility
Storage Products Management System
Storage Resource Management
Storage Service Management
Store Inventory Management
Store Inventory Management
Storeroom Inventory Management System
Stores Management Overlay
Stores Management System
Stores Management Upgrade
Storm Water Management Commission
Storm Water Management Joint Task Force
Storm Water Management Model
Storm Water Management Plan
Storm Water Management Pond
Storm Water Management Program
Storm Water Quality Management Plan
Stormwater Management
Stormwater Management Academy
Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel
Stormwater Management Facilities
Stormwater Management Program
Stormwater Management Working Group
Stowarzyszenie Project Management Polska
Stradbroke Island Management Organisation
Strategic Accounts Management Association
Strategic Alignment Management
Strategic Alliance for Technology Management
Strategic Asset Management
Strategic Brand Management
Strategic Bushfire Management Plan
Strategic Data Management
Strategic Deployment Management Team
Strategic Distribution Management Initiative
Strategic Ecosystem Management Project
Strategic Energy Management Corp
Strategic Enrollment Management
Strategic Enterprise Management
Strategic Environmental Management
Strategic Environmental Management Framework
Strategic Environmental Management Program
Strategic Facilities Management Partnership
Strategic Financial Management
Strategic Financial Management Group
Strategic Flood Risk Management
Strategic Flow Management
Strategic Human Resource Management
Strategic Information Management
Strategic Information Management
Strategic Information Management System
Strategic Information Resource Management Planning
Strategic Management
Strategic Management and Innovations Division
Strategic Management and Marketing of Training
Strategic Management and Organization
Strategic Management Committee
Strategic Management Conference
Strategic Management Decision Point
Strategic Management Group, Inc.
Strategic Management in the Life and Engineering Sciences
Strategic Management Information System
Strategic Management Institute
Strategic Management Journal
Strategic Management Learning System
Strategic Management of Resources
Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
Strategic Management Plan
Strategic Management Process
Strategic Management Society
Strategic Management Works
Strategic Meetings Management Program
Strategic Niche Management
Strategic Offender Management System
Strategic Perspectives in Nonprofit Management
Strategic Planning and Management System
Strategic Project Management Office
Strategic Quality Management System
Strategic Risk Management
Strategic Risk Management Framework
Strategic Technology Management
Stratégie et Management des Organisations
Strategy and Management of International Business
Strategy, Research and Performance Management
Streamside Management Zone
Stress Management And Relaxation Training
Stress Management Center
Stress Management Center of Nevada
Stress Management Counsellors Association
Stress Management Society
Structural Pest Management Association
Structure of Management Information
Structure Penetration Management
Structured Content Management
Structured Credit Data Management
Structured Management Information
Structured Quality Management Method
Structures Asset Management Process
Stuart Disease Management Services, Inc.
Student Activities Revenue Management
Student Construction Management Association
Student Executive Management Training
Student Information & Grades Management Application
Student Information Management System
Student Life Cycle Management
Student Management Room
Student Management System
Student Training Management System
Students of Project Management
Study Management Organization
Study Management Team
Subcommittee on Systems Operation and Management
Subcontractor Management Plan
Subcontractor Management Procedure
Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management
Subnet Bandwidth Management
Subnetwork Management System
Subscriber Data Management
Subscriber Management System
Subscriber Relationship Management
Substance Abuse Management, Inc.
Substance Abuse Recovery Management Specialist
Substance Abuse Recovery Management System
Sub-Surface Waste Management of Delaware, Inc.
Successful Investing Money Management
Successful Property Letting and Management
Succession Network Management
Sullivan Risk Management Group
Sun Life Asset Management Company
Sun Life Pensions Management Ltd.
Supercomputer Facilities Management Services
Superfund Documents Management System
Supervisory Personnel Management Specialist
Supplier Agreement Management
Supplier Agreement Management Plan
Supplier and Quality Assurance Management
Supplier Base Management Committee
Supplier Management Awareness and Commitment
Supplier Management Systems
Supplier Performance and Relationship Management
Supplier Quality Management
Supplier Quality Management System
Supplier Relationship Management
Supplier Selection and Management System
Supplies Management System
Supply Accounting Management Information System
Supply and Equipment Management Officer
Supply and Logistics Management Association
Supply Base Management
Supply Chain & Logistics Management
Supply Chain and Operations Management
Supply Chain Inventory Management
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Management and Information Systems
Supply Chain Management Association
Supply Chain Management Center
Supply Chain Management Division
Supply Chain Management Education Australia
Supply Chain Management Execution
Supply Chain Management Outsource
Supply Chain Management Review
Supply Chain Management Service
Supply Chain Management System
Supply Chain Management Working Group
Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Financial Management
Supply Inventory Management System
Supply Management Action Team
Supply Management Activity Group
Supply Management Army Retrieval Technique
Supply Management Army Retrieval Techniques System
Supply Management Executive/Expert
Supply Management Inspection
Supply Management Learning Program
Supply Management Office
Supply Management Officer
Supply Management Reporting
Supply Management Unit
Supply Management, Army
Supply Support Management Plan
Supply Support Management System
Supply-Web information Management
Support Agreement Management System
Support Enforcement Management System
Support Equipment Acquisition Management System
Support Equipment Management System
Support for Improvement in Governance and Management
Support Maintenance Management System
Support to Management and Resources for Technical Services
Supportability Management Assessment Report Tool
Supportive Leadership Improved Management
Surface Air Management System
Surface and Storm Water Management
Surface Equipment Inventory Management
Surface Training Management Planning System
Surface Water Improvement and Management
Surface Water Management Plan
Surplus Facilities Management Program
Surrey Waste Management Limited
Surround Source Code Management
Surveillance and Reconnaissance Management Tool
Surveillance Reconnaissance Management Web
Survey Information Management System
Survey Management System
Survey Processing and Management
Suspension Management System
Sustainability Executive Management Review
Sustainability Management Plan
Sustainability Performance Management
Sustainable Aggregate Resource Management
Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resources Management
Sustainable Asset Management
Sustainable Environment Management Programme
Sustainable Forest Management
Sustainable Forest Management Plan
Sustainable Land Management
Sustainable Management Fund
Sustainable Management in Action
Sustainable Management of Land and Environment
Sustainable Management of Mt. Isarog’s Territories
Sustainable Management of Urban Rivers and Floodplains
Sustainable Management Rating Institute
Sustainable Performance Management System
Sustainable Project Management
Sustainable Water Management
Sustaining Base Leadership and Management
Sustainment Automation Support Management Office
Sustainment Cost Management Annex
Sustainment Readiness Management System
Swami Dayanand Institute of Management
Swedish Environmental Management Council
Swedish Project Management Society
Swinburne Graduate School of Management
Swiss Destination Management
Swiss Graduate School of Management
Swiss Hotel Management School
Swiss Life Asset Management
Swisssign Smart Certificate Management
Switch Database Management
Switch Software Management
Switching Management Center
Sydney Graduate School of Management
Sydney Water Catchment Management
Symantec Management Platform
Symantec Security Management System
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies
Symbology Standards Management Committee
Synectics for Management Decisions, Inc.
Synergy Excel Management Consultants
Synergy Revenue Management
Syrian Management Consultant Association
System Acquisition Management Inspection
System Acquisition Management Plan
System Acquisition Manager/Management
System Capital Management
System Development and Project Management
System Director Management Console
System Engineering and Management System
System Engineering and Program Management
System Engineering Management/Master Plan
System Executive Management Report
System for Accountability and Management
System for Integrated Contract Management
System for the Management of Rejected Transactions
System Integration Management Review
System Management
System Management & Allocation of Resources Technique
System Management Agent
System Management and Translations
System Management Application Process
System Management Application Service Element
System Management Architecture
System Management Arts
System Management Authority
System Management BIOS
System Management Bus
System Management Bus
System Management Card
System Management Center
System Management Controller
System Management Daemon
System Management End User Interface
System Management Entity
System Management Facility
System Management Function
System Management Functional Group
System Management Homepage
System Management Interface Tool
System Management Interrupts
System Management Layer
System Management Mode
System Management Office
System Management Overview
System Management Processor
System Management Service
System Management Services
System Management Software, Inc.
System Management Station
System Management Station HWCI
System Management Subsystem
System Management System
System Management Team
System Management Terminal
System Management Utility
System MANPRINT Management Plan
System of Management of Quality
System Performance Management System
System Plan and Project Management Administration
System Power Management
System Power Management Interface
System Program Management Survey
System Safety Management Plan
System Security Engineering Management
System Security Management Program
System Statement Management
System Status Management
System User’s Management System
System Wide Information Management
Systematic Land Information Management
Système de Management de La Qualité
Système de Management de La Sécurité
Système de Management de La Sécurité de l’Information
Système de Management Environnemental
Système de Management Intégré
Systemes d’Information et Management
Systèmes d’Information et Management
Systemic Advocacy Management System
Systems Acquisition Management
Systems Aided Manufacturing Management
Systems and Virtualization Management Conference
Systems Biology Experiment Analysis Management System
Systems Communications Management Association
Systems Engineering & Management Associates, Incorporated
Systems Engineering and Management Course
Systems Engineering Management
Systems Engineering Management Course
Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis and Management
Systems Integration & Management Activity
Systems Integration and Management Office
Systems Integration Management
Systems Integration Management
Systems Management
Systems Management Analysis, Research & Test
Systems Management and Display Subsystem
Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware
Systems Management Association
Systems Management Board
Systems Management Board
Systems Management Center
Systems Management Director/Directorate
Systems Management Division
Systems Management Office
Systems Management Server
Systems Management Service
Systems Management Tools Initiative
Systems Management Working Group
Systems Resources Management, Inc
TA Pai Management Institute
Table Management Distribution System
Table Update and Management System
Tables Management Automation
Tabular Database Management System
Tacit Knowledge Management
Tactical Air Force Training and Management System
Tactical Communications Management System
Tactical Database Management System
Tactical Flag Command Center Information Management Services
Tactical Frequency Management System
Tactical Information Management System
Tactical Load Management System
Tactical Management Gateway
Tactical Management Information System
Tactical Management Office
Tactical Network Management System
Tactical Spectrum Management System
Tactical Unit Financial Management Information System
Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Requirements Management Office
Talent Acquisition Management System
Talent Development Management Center
Talent Management
Talent Management Organization
Talent Management Program
Talent Management Solutions
Talent Management System
Talent Relationship Management
Tamil Nadu State Coastal Zone Management Authority
Tandberg Management Suite
Tandem Service Management System
Tanker Airlift Management Information System
Tape Library Management System
Tape Management System
Target Management and Development Application
Target Management Initiative
Target Management Switch
Target Management Systems
Targeted Case Management
Targeted Communication Management
Targets and Ranges Information Management System
Task Management Plan
Task Management System
Task Management System
Task Management Tool
Task Order Management
Task Order Management System
Task Oriented Management
Tata Asset Management Limited
Tata Management Training Centre
Tavve Distributed Management Protocol
Tax Aware Management Addressing Risk Asset Allocation and Cost
Tax Compliance Management Program
Tax Compliance Management Program
Tax Management System
Taxation Investment Accounting Management
Taxpayer Advocate Management Information System
TBSAC Information Management Subcommittee (Canada)
TDDS Network Management Center
Team Based Management
Team Risk Management
Team Value Management
Technical & Management Information System
Technical & Management Support
Technical and Management Support Services
Technical Architecture For Information Management
Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management
Technical Asset Integrity Management
Technical Assistance & Management Services
Technical Committee Management Group
Technical Control & Management System
Technical Data Management Office/r
Technical Data Management Plan
Technical Data Management Program
Technical Data Management System
Technical Effort And Management System
Technical Engineering Management Support/Service
Technical Evaluation Management
Technical Information Management System
Technical Knowledge Management
Technical Library Management System
Technical Management
Technical Management and Information System
Technical Management and Services Corporation
Technical Management Area
Technical Management Board
Technical Management Briefing Session
Technical Management Division
Technical Management Group
Technical Management Information System
Technical Management Plan
Technical Management Support
Technical Manual Management System
Technical Order Management Agency
Technical Order Management System
Technical Resource Management, Inc.
Technical Show Management
Technical Standards Management
Technical Supply/System Management Code
Technical Support and Emergency Management
Technical, Management, Cost and Other
Technion Institute of Management
Technological Innovations and Managements Experts
Technology & Operations Management
Technology Assessment Management System
Technology Automation Management
Technology Change Management
Technology Export Management
Technology Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship Information Service
Technology Management
Technology Management Advisors
Technology Management Analysis Corporation
Technology Management Associates
Technology Management Centre
Technology Management MBA
Technology Management Office
Technology Management Resources, Inc
Technology Management Review
Technology Management Team
Technology Marketing Management
Technology Obsolescence Management
Technology Performance Management Service
Technology Planning & Management
Technology Project Management
Technology Risk Management
Technology Services Program Management
Technology Support and Training Management
Technology Support Services Management
Technology, Automation, & Management
Technology, Management, & Analysis Corporation
Technology, Management, and Analysis Corporation
Technology/Engineering Management Inc.
Telecom Expense Management
Telecom Expense Management Service
Telecom Financial Management
Telecom Service Management
Telecommunication Management Network Forum
Telecommunications Information Management and Control System
Telecommunications Management & Control Subsystem
Telecommunications Management & Operations Support
Telecommunications Management Association
Telecommunications Management Network
Telecommunications Management Plan
telecommunications management program
Telecommunications Management System
Telecommunications Management System
Telecommunications Management System
Telecommunications Network Management
Telecommunications Network Management System
Telecommunications Policy, Regulation and Management
Telecommunications Risk Management Association
Telecommunications Utilization Management System
Telemanagement Forum
Telemetry Information Management System
Telenet Access Management system
Telephone Information Management System
Telephone Management System
Telephone Message Management System
Teleport Management and Control System
Teleprocessing Management System
Teletype Message Management
Telluric Remediation Management Limited
Telstra Research and Development Management
Temperature Management System
Templeton Asset Management, Ltd.
Temporary Additional Duty Management Information System
Temporary Staffing Management System
Temporary Traffic Management
Temporary Traffic Management Compliant
Tenant Management Organisation
Tennessee Emergency Management Agency
Tennessee Road Information Management System
Tennessee Vegetation Management Association
Teradata Demand Chain Management
Terminal Automation Management System
Terminal Display Management System
Terminal Management System
Terminology in Advanced Management Applications
Terrain Resource Information Management
Terrestrial Facility Management
Territory Account Management
Terror Management Theory
Tesco Internet Management System
Test & Evaluation Management Agency
Test & Evaluation Management Office
Test and Evaluation Management Plan
Test Data Management System
Test Development Management Plan
Test Equipment Management Information System
Test Equipment Management System
Test Information Management System
Test Interactive Management System
Test Management Approach
Test Management Group
Test Management Oversight Team
Test Management Plan
Test Management Protocol
Test Management Reporting System
Test Resource Management System
Test, Rework and Inspection Management
Testability Management Action Group
Tether Management System
Texas Aquatic Plant Management Society, Inc.
Texas Association of Healthcare Facilities Management
Texas City Management Association
Texas Coastal Management Plan
Texas Coastal Management Plan
Texas Information Management System
Texas Vegetation Management Association
Text Data Mining and Management
Text Information Management System
Textile and Apparel Management
Textile Technology Management
Textiles and Apparel, Technology and Management
TFCC Information Management System
Thai Asset Management Corp.
Thai Farmers Asset Management Co. Ltd.
The American Graduate School of International Management, Thunderbird
The Army Maintenance Management System
The Army Maintenance Management System – Aviation
The Army Management System
The Automated Media Management System
The Commercial Management Group, Inc.
The Comprehensive Irrigation District Management Plan
The Environmental Assessment and Management
The Information Management Exchange
The Institute of Asset Management
The Institute of Management Sciences
The International Management Institute
The Management Center
The Management Consultant
The Management Network Group, Inc
The New Knowledge Management
The Property Management Company
The Retail Management Advisors
The Risk Management Practice
The School of Economics and Management
The Walters Management Company
The World Management
Theater Airlift Management System
Theater Army Command & Control Information Management System
theater army material management command
Theater Army Material Management System
Theater Army Materiel Management Center
Theater Army Medical Management Information System – Medical Supply
Theater Army Medical Management Information System (also abbreviated TAMMIS-D)
Theater Army Repair Program Maintenance Management System
Theater Automated Command & Control Information Management System
Theater Battle Management
Theater Battle Management Core Systems
Theater Battle Management System
Theater Construction Management System
Theater Contingency Engineering Management
Theater Distribution Management Cell
Theater Information Management
Theater Major Assembly Management System
Theater Materiel Management Center
theater medical materiel management center
Theater Personnel Management Center
Theatrical Management Association
Theatrical Management Information System
Therapeutic Management of Aggression and Violence
Therapists Client Management System
Thermal Energy Management Process
Thermal Management Technologies
Theta Pro2serve Management Company, LLC
Third Avenue Management
Third Party Asset Management
Third Party in assisting in management of Logistics and related areas
Thompson Center for Environmental Management
Thomson Editorial Asset Management System
Thornburg Investment Management
Threadneedle Asset Management Limited
Threat and Error Management
Threat and Vulnerability Management
Threat Management and Protection, Inc
Threat Management Gateway
Threat Management Group
Threat Simulation Management Office
Threat Simulator Management Office
Threat Systems Management Office
Threshold Management and Analysis
Through Life Information Management Plan
Through-Life Capability Management
Through-Life Management Plan
Thrust Management Computer
Thrust Management Function
Thurston County Emergency Management
Timber Investment Management Organization
Time and Attendance Management Systems
Time and Resource Management System
Time Critical Risk Management
Time Management Information System
Time Management Practices Inventory
Time Management Software
Time Management System
Time Management System
Time Related Instructional Management System
Time Sharing System Management System
Time Sheet Management System
Time Slot Management Channel
Tire Intelligent Pressure Management
Tire Recycling Management Association
Tivoli Management Agent
Tivoli Management Environment
Tivoli Management Framework
Tivoli Management Platform
Tivoli Management Region
TMDE Integrated Maintenance Management System
TMN Management Function
Together Administration Management Agent
Tokyo-Mitsubishi Asset Management Ltd.
Toll Station Management Controller
Tongass Land Management Plan
Toni Brasch Event Management
Tonle Sap Environmental Management Project
Tooele County Emergency Management
Tool Management System
Tool Room Management System
Toolroom Inventory Management System
Tools for Electronic Application Management
Top Management Attention
Top Management Commitment
Top Management Issue
Top Management Team
Top Management Teams
Topflite Print Management
Topology Management
Topside Electromagnetic Aperture Management System
Torrey Pines Property Management
TOSS Information Management System
Total Absence Management
Total Airport Management Information System
Total Airport Management System
Total Army Inventory Management
Total Asset Integrity Management
Total Balance Sheet Management
Total Circuit Order Management System
Total Clinical Outcome Management
Total Configuration Management
Total Content Management
Total Control Management
Total Crop Management
Total Customer Management
Total Customer Relationship Management
Total Data Quality Management
Total Electronic Asset Management System
Total Employee Assistance and Management, Inc.
Total Environmental Management, Inc.
Total Facility Management
Total Food Service Management
Total Force Structure Management System
Total Fuel System Management
Total Improvement Management
Total Injury Management
Total Loss Management
Total Marketing Management
Total Network Management System
Total Officer Personnel Management Information System
Total Pallet Management
Total Plant Performance Management
Total Productive Management
Total Quality Management
Total Quality Management Bureau
Total Quality Management Center
Total Records and Information Management
Total Records Management
Total Repair Cost Management
Total Report Management Solution
Total Report Management System
Total Resource Management
Total Ship Information Management
Total Ship Integration Management Plan
Total Therapeutic Management
Total Trust Management
Total Waste Management
Total Workplace Management
TotalNet Administration and Management Server
Touchpoint Experience Management
Tourism and Hospitality Management
Tourism Management Institute of Singapore
Tourism Optimisation Management Model
Tourism, Conventions and Event Management
Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills
Town Centre Management Initiative
Toxicology Data Management System
Toyota Service Management
Trace Outsourced Property Management Accounting
Tracing Management Technology
Track Database Management
Track Management Function
Track Management Services
Track Management System
TRACON Traffic Management Coordinator
Trade Event Management System
Trade Information Management System
Trade Order Management System
Trade Promotion Management
Traditional Management of Artisanal Fisheries
TRADOC Architecture Management Element
TRADOC Architecture Management Program
TRADOC Execution Management Information System
TRADOC Management Engineering Activity
TRADOC Systems Management
Traffic Control Security Management
Traffic Flow Management
Traffic Flow Management System
Traffic Incident Management
Traffic Management
Traffic Management
Traffic Management Act
Traffic Management Advisor
Traffic Management Advisor Graphical User Interface
Traffic Management Algorithm
Traffic Management and Information Centre
Traffic Management Center
Traffic Management Coordinator
Traffic Management Coordinator-Graphical User Interface CSCI
Traffic Management Data Dictionary
Traffic Management Flight
Traffic Management Group
Traffic Management Office
Traffic Management Officer
Traffic Management Operating System
Traffic Management Plan
Traffic Management Simulator
Traffic Management Station HWCI
Traffic Management System
Traffic Management Systems Interface CSCI
Traffic Management Unit
Traffic Management-Workload Reporting & Productivity System
Traffic Safety Management
Traffic Systems Management Center
Train Integrated Management System
Train Network Management
Trainee Management System
Trainer Management Team
Training & Advanced Studies in Management And Communications Ltd
Training Aids Management Agency
Training Aids Management Office
Training Ammunition Management Information System
Training Ammunition Management System
Training and Development Management Council
Training and Education Management System
Training and Management Assistance
Training Development Workload Management
Training Device Development Management
Training Effectiveness Management System
Training in Energy Management through Open Learning
Training Information Management System
Training Integration Management System
Training Management and Evaluation
Training Management Branch
Training Management Control System – Battalion
Training Management Information Center
Training Management Information System
Training Management Institute
Training Management Instruction Packet
Training Management Plan
Training Management Representative
Training Management Review
Training Management Subsystem
Training Management System
Training Management Tool
Training Operations Management Activity
Training Program Management Review
Training Quality Management
Training Records Management System
Training Requirements & Information Management
Training Resource Management
Training Resource Management Meeting
Training Resource Management System
Training Systems Management
Training, Education, Assessment, and Management
Training, Education, Employment, and Management
Transaction Business Management System
Transaction Incident Management
Transaction Life-Cycle Management
Transaction Management Module
Transaction Management Object
Transaction Management Support for Cooperative Applications
Transaction Processing Management System
Transaction Risk Management System
Transactions on Engineering Management
Transboundary Environmental Management Index
Transboundary Natural Resources Management
Transboundary Waters Management
Transfer of Program Management Responsibility
Transformation of Installation Management
Transition Assistance Management Program
Transition Management Plan
Transition Management Team
Transitional Case Management
Transitional Fatigue Management Scheme
Transmission Event Analysis Management System
Transmission Management System
Transmission Network Management System
Transnational Corporations and Management Division
Transnational Ecosystem-Based Water Management
Transport Element Management System
Transport Element Management System
Transport Engineering Program Management
Transport Management Centre
Transport Management Research Centre
Transport Management System
Transportation Automated Management System
Transportation Concurrency Management
Transportation Construction Management
Transportation Demand Management
Transportation Financial Management System
Transportation Financial Management System – MTMC
Transportation Information Management System
Transportation Library Management Software
Transportation Maintenance Management System
Transportation Management
Transportation Management Advisory Committee
Transportation Management Area
Transportation Management Association
Transportation Management Center
Transportation Management Division
Transportation Management Group, Inc.
Transportation Management Information Control System
Transportation Management Office
Transportation Management Plan
Transportation Management Program
Transportation Management Reimbursement Account
Transportation Management Service Center
Transportation Management Services Solution
Transportation Management Services Solution
Transportation Management System
Transportation Movements Management System
Transportation Operations and Traffic Management
Transportation Planning & Management
Transportation Research Implementation Consortium for Operations and Management
Transportation Security Network Management
Transportation System Management
Transportation Systems Management and Operations
Transportation Systems Management Inc.
Travel and Tourism Management
Travel Demand Management
Travel Expense Management System
Travel Industry Management Student Association
Travel Management Center
Travel Management Company
Travel Management System
Traveler Information Management System
Tray Management System
Treasury and Balance Sheet Management
Treasury and Benefits Management Accountant
Treasury and Cash Management
Treasury and Risk Management
Treasury Management
Treasury Management Association
Treasury Management Association of Canada
Treasury Management International
Treasury Resource Management
Treatment and Management of Ocular Disease
Treaty Information Management System
Trial of Antihypertensive Interventions and Management
Trials Management Organization
Tribal Management Grants
Tribal Resource Management Plans
TRICARE Management Activity
Trident Business & Management Support
Trilougue Management System
Trinity River Information Management System
Trinity River Management Unit
Trip Data & Safety Management Inc
Tri-Service Facility Management Standards
Triumph Management Group Inc.
Triumphant Institute of Management Education
Tri-Valley Landscape Management
Troop Issue Support Agency Management Information System
Trouble Call Management System
Trouble Management System
Trunk Road Network Management Directorate
Trunk Road Network Management Division
Trust Land Management Division
Trust Management in Open Systems
Trust Property Management
Trusted Facilities Management
Trustworthy Network Management Model
Tsunami Recovery Waste Management Programme
Tuberculosis Information Management System
Tucson Stormwater Management Study
Tuition Management Systems
Tunxis Management Co.
Turicum Hotel Management Group
Turnaround Management
Turnaround Management Association
Turning Point Management Consultants Private Limited
Turnkey Asset Management Program
Turnkey Construction Management Institute, Inc.
Tuttle Risk Management Services, Inc
Twitter Username Management Script
Two Trees Management Co. LLC
Twynstra Gudde Interim Management
Tycom Readiness Management System
Tyler Education Management Solution
UDA Holdings Berhad (Malaysia; property development and management)
Uganda Management Institute
uidelines for Successful Acquisition and Management of Software Intensive Systems
UltiPro Performance Management
Uncertainty Management Plan
Uncertainty Management Plan
Under New Management
Under Secretary for Management
Undergraduate Management and Consulting Association
Undergraduate Management Consultants Group
Undergraduate Management Consulting Association
Underground Infrastructure Management
UNI Management Entity
UNI Management Entity
Unicenter Asset Management
Unicenter Service Level Management
Unified Account Management
Unified Care Management
Unified Change Management
Unified Cross Domain Management Office
Unified Decision Management System
Unified Financial Management System
Unified Patient Information Management
Unified Process & Software Management
Unified Records Management
Unified Resource Management
Unified Spectrum Management
Unified Sports Management Team
Unified Threat Management
Unified Threat Management System
Unified User Identity Management
Unified User Management
Union Management Consultation Committee
Union Management Partnership Council
Unit Financial Management Board
Unit Maintenance Management System
Unit Management Division
Unit Personnel Management Roster
Unit Training Management
Unit Training Management Configuration
Unit Training Management System
United Nations Security Management Team
United Realty Management Corp.
United States Army Aviation Materiel Management Center
United States Army Information Systems Management Activity
United States Army Inventory Management Center
United States Army Management Engineering Training Agency
United States Financial Management, Inc.
United States Management Group
United States Risk Management, LLC
Unity Management System
Universal Content Management
Universal Document Management System
Universal Energy Management
Universal Freight Management System
Universal Management Infrastructure
Universal Package Management System
Universal Stormwater Management Program
Universal Systems Management Initiative
Universal Traffic Management Society of Japan
University at Buffalo School of Management
University Department of Management Science
University Environmental Management Group
University Information Management System
University Institute of Management Sciences
University Knowledge Management
University Management Development Program
University of Antwerp Management School
University of Bradford School of Management
University of Information Technology and Management
University of Leicester Management Centre
University of Liverpool Management School
University of Management and Technology
University of Queensland Management Association
University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation
University Office of Environmental, Health, and Safety Management
University Research Management System
University Risk Management and Insurance Association
Unlicensed Transition and Management
Unstructured Data Management
Upland NGO Assistance Committee (resource management assistance consortium; Philippines)
Urban Conflict Management Project
Urban Data Management Society
Urban Disaster Risk Management
Urban Environment Management
Urban Environmental Management Research Initiative
Urban Forestry Management Plan
Urban Housing Management
Urban Management Assistants of North Texas
Urban Management Program
Urban Management Program
Urban Management Programme for Asia and the Pacific
Urban Pest Management Council
Urban Pollution Management
Urban Risk Management
Urban Solid Waste Management
Urban Stormwater Management Plan
Urban Traffic Management and Control
Urban Transport and Traffic Management
Urology Information Management System
US Minerals Management Service
USC Program Management Team
Useless Management Overhead
User Access Management
User Account Management System
User Database Management System
User Experience Management
User Experience Management
User Interface Management System
User Management Engine
User Management Engine
User Management Portal
User Management Portal
User Management System
User Profile Management
User Test Management Information System
User-Centric Identity Management
USIGS Configuration Management Plan
USIGS Geospatial Production Management
Utilities Database Management
Utility Management Infrastructure
Utility Management System
Utility Risk Management Corporation
Utility Supply Management Alliance
Utility Vegetation Management
Utilization Management
Vacancy Management Company
Valiano Business Management System
Valley Facilities Management Corporation
Valley Forge Asset Management
Valley Forge Management Corp
Value Based Management
Value Based Management
Value Chain Management
Value Engineering Management System
Value Management
Value Management Office
Value Management Program
Value Stream Management
Value-Based Meat Management system
ValueFirst Management Consulting Ltd
van Buren Logistic Management Consultancy
Van der Looy Projektmanagement BV
Van Veen Financieel Management
Vapor Management Valve
Variable Cylinder Management
Variable Torque Management
Variable-Bias Management System
VAT Information Management System
Vault Management System
Veal Issues Management
Vector Management System
Vegetation Management and Protection Research
Vegetation Management Balancing Account
Vegetation Management Specialist, Inc.
Vehicle Dynamic Management
Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management
Vehicle Fleet Management
Vehicle Health Management System
Vehicle Information Management System
Vehicle Integrated Management System
Vehicle Interactive Management System
Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference
Vehicle Management Bus
Vehicle Management Computer
Vehicle Management Information System
Vehicle Management System
Vehicle Order Management
Vehicle Relationship Management
Veldkamp Management & Consultancy BV
Velocity Management
Velosi Quality Management International
Vendor Information Management
Vendor Management
Vendor Management Office
Vendor Management Organization
Vendor Management Systems
Vendor Quality Management
Vendor Refill Management
Vendor Relationship Management
Ventricular Capture Management
Venture Capital Management Partnership
Venture Fund Management Company
Venture Fund Management Consulting
Versatile Asset Management System
Versatile Engine Management Systems
Version and Configuration Management
Version Control Management
Versions- und Konfigurationsmanagement
Vertical Force Development Management Information System
Verticalnet Learning Management System
Vessel Traffic Management
Veterinary Business and Management Association
Veterinary Business Management Association
Veterinary Management Consultation, Inc
Veterinary Practice Management Association
Vibration Management Enhancement Program
Vibration Management Enhancement Program
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Vice President for Management and Budget
Victorian Fund Management Corporation
Victorian Funds Management Corporation
Video Digital Asset Management
Video Management Software
Video Management System
Vienna Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research Conference and Association Management
Vietnam Air Traffic Management
Vietnam Fund Management Company Limited
Vignette Content Management
Village Accommodation Management System
Village Fisheries Management Committee
Village Forest Management Committee
Vineyard and Winery Management
Vinod Gupta School of Management
Virginia Pest Management Association
Virobot Management Server
Virtual Battle Management System
Virtual Command and Memory Management
Virtual Customer Relationship Management
Virtual Emergency Management Information Systems
Virtual Event Management System
Virtual Exhibition Management System
Virtual Incident Management System
Virtual Infrastructure Management
Virtual Interconnected Management
Virtual Knowledge Management, Inc.
Virtual Management Conference
Virtual Meeting Management
Virtual Organization Management Institute
Virtual Process Management
Virtual Product Management
Virtual Program Management Internet
Virtual Rights Management
Virtual Server Management Console
Virtual Server Management Tool
Virtual Services Management
Virtual Storage Management
virtual Supplier Relationship Management
Virtual Terminal Management
Virtual Transportation Management
Virtual Tributary Bandwidth Management
Virtual Worlds Management
Vision Management Consultants
Visionary & Enterprising Management Services
Visitor Relation Management
Visits and Assignments Management System
Vista Asset Management
Vista Management Company
Visual Factory Management
Visual Information Management System
Visual Resources Management
Visual Restaurant Management System
Visual System Management
Vlan Management Policy Server
Vocational Education Management Information System
Voice Call Management Protocol
Voice Interaction Management System
Voice Network Management
Voice of Management
Voice Portal Management System
Volume Activation Management Tool
Volunteer Management Certificate Program
Volunteer Management Information System
Voting Information Management System
Voyage Management System
VPN Management Access and Control System
VPN/Security Management Solution
VPN/Security Management System
Vulnerability Assessment Management Program
Vulnerability Assessment Management Service
Vulnerability Assessment/Risk Management
Vulnerability Lifecycle Management System
Vulnerability Management System
Vulnerability Threat Management
Wafer Fab Cluster Management
Waikato Management School
WAN Access Performance Management System
WAN Circuit Management
Wang Band Management Facility
Wang Watershed Management Project
Ward Asset Management
Ward Management Group, Inc
Warehouse Arts Management Organization
Warehouse Inventory Management System
Warehouse Management Control System
Warehouse Management System
Warehouse Management System
Warfare Area Management
Warfighter Information Network – Integrated Management System
Warfighting and Intelligence Systems Dictionary for Information Management
Warrant management System
Warrant Officer Management Act
Wartime Host Nation Support Information Management System
Wartime Shelter Management Team
Wash Estuary Management Plan
Washington County Emergency Management
Washington Incident Management Team
Washington International Management Institute, Inc.
Washington Management Consultant Initiatives
Washington Safety Management Solutions LLC
Wasser Pain Management Centre
Waste Accounting Management
Waste and Chemicals Management Division
Waste Chain Management
Waste Management
Waste Management Act 1997
Waste Management Advisory Board
Waste Management Advisory Group
Waste Management and Environmental Science
Waste Management and Operational Surety Division
Waste Management and Research Center
Waste Management Area
Waste Management Assistance Division
Waste Management Association of Australia
Waste Management Board
Waste Management Committee
Waste Management Compartment
Waste Management Coordinator
Waste Management Division
Waste Management Employers’ Association
Waste Management Engineer
Waste Management Engineering Limited
Waste Management Federal Services of Hanford, Incorporated
Waste Management Federal Services, Inc.
Waste Management Federal Services, Inc., Northwest Operations
Waste Management Industry Training and Advisory Board
Waste Management Information System
Waste Management Institute
Waste Management Laboratory
Waste Management Licensing Regulations
Waste Management of Canada Corporation
Waste Management of Kentucky
Waste Management of Los Angeles
Waste Management of Massachusetts, Inc.
Waste Management of New York
Waste Management of Orange County
Waste Management of Wisconsin, Inc.
Waste Management Operation
Waste Management Plan
Waste Management Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement
Waste Management Project Office
Waste Management Recycle America
Waste Management Solutions
Waste Management Steering Committee
Waste Management System
Waste Management System Plan
Waste Management Unit
Waste Management Working Group
Waste Management, Inc.
Waste Materials Management Act
Waste Materials Management Association
Waste Operations Management Unit
Waste Reduction and Management Institute
Waste Tire Management System
Waste Water Management Authority
Waste Water Management System
Waste-Management, Education, and Research Consortium
Water Allocation and Management Planning
Water and Energy Management
Water and Environmental Management Project
Water and Waste Management Monitoring Research Division
Water Catchment Management Areas
Water Conservation Management Program
Water Cycle Management for New Developments
Water Efficiency Management Plans
Water Management Act
Water Management Association of Ohio
Water Management Data Base
Water Management Division
Water Management Information System
Water Management Interest Group
Water Management Interest Group
Water Management Research Laboratory
Water Management Research Unit
Water Management Services, Inc.
Water Management Strategy
Water Management System
Water Operations Management Team
Water Planning and Management Branch
Water Quality and Waste Management
Water Quality Management
Water Quality Management Advisory Committee
Water Quality Management Area
Water Quality Management District
Water Quality Management Division
Water Quality Management Office
Water Quality Management Plan
Water Recovery Management
Water Resource Management Charge
Water Resource Management Committee
Water Resource Management Policy
Water Resources and Environmental Management
Water Resources Engineering and Management
Water Resources Management Authority
Water Resources Management Center
Water Resources Management Commission
Water Resources Management Company
Water Resources Management Division
Water Resources Management Group
Water Resources Management Information System
Water Resources Management, Inc.
Water Resources Planning and Management
Water Shortage Management Team
Water Space Management
Water Supply Management
Water Supply Management Program
Water Supply Watershed Planning and Management: an Integrated Approach
Water Supply, Sanitation, and Wastewater Management
Water Use Management Plan
Waterloo Visitor Management Area
Watershed And River Systems Management Program
Watershed Management
Watershed Management Action Plan
Watershed Management Area
Watershed Management Area Overlay
Watershed Management Council
Watershed Management Model
Watershed Management Organization
Watershed Management Plan
Watershed Management Professional Program
Watershed Nutrient Management
Waterspace Management
Waterway Analysis and Management System
Waterways Management
Wattles Capital Management, LLC
Wavelength Management System
Wavelength Path Management
Wayne County Air Quality Management Division
Wayne Hummer Asset Management Company
Wealth Management
Wealth Management Advisor
Wealth Management International
Wealth Management Network
Wealth Management Research
Wealth Management Service
Wealth Management Specialist
Wealth Management Systems, Inc.
Weapon Management and Control
Weapon System Acquisition Management
Weapon System Lifecycle Management
Weapon System Management Code
Weapon System Management Office
Weapon System Management Support
Weapon System Management Team
Weapons Management Improvement Program
Weapons System Management Section
Weapons System Management Team
Wear Applications & Management Services
Weather Risk Management Association
Weatherhead School of Management
Web Access Management
Web Accessibility Management Tool
Web Collection Management Policy
Web Conference Management Tool
Web Content Management
Web Content Management Solution
Web Content Management System
Web Course Management System
Web Enabled Execution Management Capability
Web Experience Management
Web Hosting Management
Web Information and Data Management
Web Information and Data Management
Web Management Interface
Web Management Option
Web Management System
Web Management Tool
Web Object Management
Web Quality Management
Web Services Management
Web Services Management Language
Web Services Management Layer
Web Site Management Application
Web Site Management System
Web Switching Management Module
Web-Age Information Management
Web-Age Information Management Workshops
Web-Based Abstract Management System
Web-Based Enterprise Management
Web-based Information Management System
Web-Based Operations and Management
Web-Based Project Management
Web-based System Management
Web-Based, On-Line, Rehabilitation Case Management System
WebOrb Data Management for Flex
Website Management and Hosting Service
Website Management System
Weed Management Society of South Australia
Weed Resistance Management Course
Weight and Body Fat Management Program
Weight Loss Management
Weight Management Center
Weight Management Information Center
Weight Management Program
Weinstein Management Co., Inc.
Wellington Management Company, LLP
Wellness Self-Management
Welsh Risk Management Standard
Werlinich Asset Management
West Central Arkansas Society for Human Resource Management
West Coast Asset Management
West Coast Property Management
West End Capital Management LLC
West Virginia Financial Information Management System
Western Aquatic Plant Management Society
Western Asset Management Limited
Western Australian Institute of Dispute Management
Western Catchment Management Authority
Western Cultural Resource Management
Western Dairy Management Conference
Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council
Western Rail Management Centre
Western Region Home Management Family Economics Educators
Western Washington Growth Management Hearings Board
WestLB Mellon Asset Management
Wet Tropics Management Authority
Wet Weather Flow Management Master Plan
Wetland Habitat and Mosquito Management
Wetland Management Zone
Wetland Resource Management Committee
Whaingaroa Catchment Management Project
Whistler Resort Management
White Hat Management
White Ink Management Systems
White Seabass Management Team
Whitman School of Management
Whole Blood Management
Wide Area Management Services
Wide-Area Integrated Services Distributed Open Management
Wide-Area Workflow Management
Wideband Configuration Management System
Wildcat Maintenance Management System
Wilderness Risk Management Conference
Wildfire Incident Management System
Wildland Fire Management
Wildland Fire Management Information
Wildland Fire Management Plan
Wildlife Conservation and Management Committee
Wildlife Conservation Management Department
Wildlife Damage Management
Wildlife Habitat Management
Wildlife Habitat Management Institute
Wildlife Hazard Management Plan
Wildlife Management Area
Wildlife Management Education Fund
Wildlife Management International Ltd.
Wildlife Management Zone
William James Property Management Ltd.
Williams Risk Management Center
Willis Faber Underwriting Management Ltd.
Windows Enterprise Management Division
Windows Management Instrumentation
Windows Management Instrumentation Command-Line
Windows Management Interface
Windows Management User Group
Windows Media Digital Rights Management
Windows Remote Management
Windows Rights Management
Windows Rights Management Services
Windsor Pacific Property Management
Wing Management Utilities
Wing Readiness Management Structure
Wingfield Eco Resource Management Centre
Wingfield Waste Management Centre
Winning Ways Management, Inc.
Wire Management
Wire Management System
Wired For Management
Wireless Conference Management System
Wireless Customer Relationship Management
Wireless Intrusion Prevention and Performance Management
Wireless Network Management System
Wireless Personal Information Management
Wireless Vehicle Management System
Wireless Vulnerability Management
Wisconsin City/County Management Association
Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
Wisconsin Emergency Management Association
Wisconsin Marketing and Management Association
Wissensbasiertes LAN-Management
Wissensbasiertes und Prozessorientiertes Innovationsmanagement
Wits Library of Management
Wolf Creek Management Area
Wolf River Management Committee
Wolfgang Glatthorn Qualitatsmanagementsysteme
Women Administrators in Management Education
Women in Health Care Management
Women in Management Review
Women in Project Management
Women Management and Employment Relations
Women’s Coalition for Disaster Management Batticaloa
Wood Environmental Management Limited
Work Absence Management
Work Action Management System
Work Flow Process Management Solution
Work Information Management System
Work Maintenance Management Systems
Work Management Center
Work Management Department
Work Management for Exchange
Work Management Information System
Work Management Life Cycle
Work Management Office
Work Management Plan
Work Management System
Work Order Management System
Work Process Management System
Work Resource Management
Workflow and Document Management
Workflow Management
Workflow Management Coalition
Workflow Management Services
Workflow Management System
Workflow Management System
Workforce Management
Workforce Management Forum
Workforce Management Optimization
Workforce Management Software
Workforce Management Solution
Workforce Management System
Workforce Performance Management
Workforce Relationship Management
Workforce, Administration, Management and Organization System
Working Capital Management Account
Working Capital Management Group
Working Group Frequency Management
Working Group on Environmental Management
Working Resource Management Council
Working Risk Management Committee
Workload Management System
Workload Management System for Nurses
Workplace Relations and Management Consultants
Workplace Safety Management Practices Program
Workplace Web Content Management
Workshop in Emergency Management
Workshop on ATM Traffic Management (est. 1995)
Workshop on Autonomic Communication and Network Management
Workshop on Risk Management
Workshop on Situation Management
Workshop/Walk-In/Events/Equipment Management System
Workspace Versioning and Configuration Management
World Class Logistics Management
World Class Project Management
World Conference on Disaster Management
World Congress for Total Quality Management
World Council for Venue Management
World E-Management Consortium
World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa
World Wide Configuration Management
World Wide Web Data Management
Worldsec Asset Management Limited
Worldwide Household Goods Information System for Traffic Management
Worldwide Management Support Services
Worldwide Project Management Services
Worldwide Quality Management System
World-Wide-Web for Operations Research and Management Science
Wound Care Management Program
Wuerttembergische Portfolio Management Company
X/Open Management Protocol
XML Evolution Management
XML Key Management Specification (World Wide Web Consortium)
XML Key Management System (World Wide Web Consortium)
XML Threat Management (computer security)
Xpense Management System
Xspedius Management Co., LLC
Yacht Management Group
Yacht Management System
Yamaha Engine Management System
Yard Management Software
Yard Management System
Yardley Management Solutions, Inc
Yield Management Solutions
Yield Management System
Y-Net Management Unit
York County Emergency Management Agency
Yuki Management and Research Co., Ltd.
Zahnheilkunde Management Kultur
Zentrum für Healthcare Management
Zenworks Asset Management
ZENworks Desktop Management (Novell, Inc.)
ZENworks Desktop Management 7
Zenworks Patch Management System
Zero-Based Management Review
Zhone Management System
Ziegler Capital Management, LLC
Zimbali Estate Management Association
Ziyi Image Management System
Zmanda Management Console
Zone Usage Management
Zoological Information Management System
Zope Management Interface
Zurich Management Group