Mechanics Abbreviations

Mechanics is the study of the action of forces on matter or systems, involving identification and description of such systems with cause-effect relationships.


Mechanics Abbreviations

Mechanics is a science concerned with the motions and equilibriums of bodies and structures. A distinction is made between: kinematics or phoronomy : the theory of the state of motion; dynamics : the theory concerning the forces that are the cause of the state of motion; statics : the theory of equilibria is part of dynamics.

However, Mechanics is also classified in statics: the theory of equilibrium and dynamics: the theory of motion. Kinematics is then conceived as an auxiliary mathematical science on which dynamics rest; z statistical and quantum mechanics.


Biomechanics is the discipline oriented towards the application of laws that are part of the orbit of mechanics for the composition and displacement of living organisms. The term comes from “biomécanique”, a French word .

It can be said that biomechanics analyzes the mechanical and kinematic phenomena that are evident in beings that have life. Therefore, its object of study is the physical actions performed by living beings, from their origins to their effects. The properties of bones, the circulation of blood and the functioning of muscles are among his subjects of interest.

Biomedicine, anatomy , engineering and physiology are some of the fields of knowledge that combine in the field of biomechanics, which studies the behavior of living bodies and seeks to solve problems that arise from different conditions.

The creation of artificial prostheses and organs is one of the best-known applications of biomechanics. This scientific specialization can also, through mathematical models, perform the simulation of physical phenomena through the manipulation of multiple parameters.

It is possible to recognize different subdisciplines in biomechanics. Among them we can mention sports biomechanics (focused on sports activities to optimize the performance of athletes), forensic biomechanics (specialized in the mechanisms of injury suffered by bodies in the face of impacts or incidents), medical biomechanics (seeks solutions for multiple pathologies) and biomechanics physiotherapy (attempts to reverse the deficient functioning of the skeleton and muscles).

List of Acronyms Related to Mechanics

AFM Advanced Fluid Mechanics
AIM Advanced Idea Mechanics
APPCM Advanced Placement Physics C: Mechanics
ATEM Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics
AMFM Advances in Mathematical Fluid Mechanics
AEEM Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
AEM Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
AEM-2 Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
AAA Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, and Aviation
AMFA Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association
AAM American Academy of Mechanics
AMFA American Mechanics Fraternal Association
ARMA American Rock Mechanics Association
ASC American Society of Biomechanics
ASB American Society of Biomechanics
ARMENIA Applied Mechanics
AM Applied Mechanics
AMME Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering
AMD Applied Mechanics Division
AMI Applied Mechanics Inc.
AMMRC Army Materials & Mechanics Research Center
APACM Asian-Pacific Association for Computational Mechanics
AFMC Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference
AACM Australian Association of Computational Mechanics
AGS Australian Geomechanics Society
BAEM Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
BEAM Biology, Electronics, Aesthetics, Mechanics
BML BioMechanics Laboratory
BRL Biomechanics Research Lab
BTD Biomechanics Test Database
BYP Biomechanics Yellow Pages
BRML Biorobotics and Biomechanics Lab
BHRA British Hydromechanics Research Association
BOEM Brotherhood of Engine Mechanics
CFMA California Fire Mechanics Academy
CARMA Canadian Rock Mechanics Association
CSB Canadian Society for Biomechanics
CBRL Cardiovascular Biomechanics Research Laboratory
CEMETERY Center for Electro-Mechanics
CEM Center for Electro-Mechanics
CMMS Centre for Mechanics of Micro-Systems
CEEM Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
CDFM Computational Dynamic Fracture Mechanics
CFSM Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics
CFM Computational Fluid Mechanics
CGMA Computational Geometry for Mechanics and Applications
COMMENTARY Computational Mechanics
CM Computational Mechanics
COMET Computational Mechanics Testbed
CSM Computational Structural Mechanics
CML Computer Mechanics Laboratory
CMBBE Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
CSM Computerized Structural Mechanics
CDM Continuum Damage Mechanics
CMM Control/Mechanics/Materials
CIMRF Current Ideas in Mechanics and Related Fields
DCAMM Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
DAM Defense Activities Mechanicsburg
ENGINEER Department of Electromechanics
EM Department of Electromechanics
DSFM Division of Solid and Fluid Mechanics
EMI Engineering Mechanics Institute
EML Engineering Mechanics Laboratory
ESM Engineering Science and Mechanics
EFM Environmental Fluid Mechanics
EJMS European Journal of Mechanics Solids
ESB European Society of Biomechanics
EMF Faculty of Electromechanics
FSM Fluid and Solid Mechanics
FMHT Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
FMM Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
FOAM Foam Optics and Mechanics
FMA Fracture Mechanics Analysis
FMDM Fracture Mechanics of Ductile Metals
GMTK General Mechanics Tool Kits
GAMM German Association for Mathematics and Mechanics
GUM Grammar Usage Mechanics
GPMCT Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust
HQM Hemi-Quantal Mechanics
ITMO Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics
ISTB Institute for Surgical Technologies and Biomechanics
IBV Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia
ICMM Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics
IEM Institute of Engineering Mechanics
IMM Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics
IMBM Institute of Mechanics and Biomechanics
IMPACT Institute of Mechanics, Processes and Control – Twente
IACM International Association for Computational Mechanics
ICAMM International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Materials
ICCBB International Conference on Computational Biomechanics and Biology
ICCMS International Conference on Computational Mechanics and Simulation
ICEM International Conference on Experimental Mechanics
ICNM International Conference on Nonlinear Mechanics
IJD International Journal of Damage Mechanics
ISRM International Society for Rock Mechanics
ISB International Society of Biomechanics
ISBS International Society of Biomechanics in Sports
ISSFME International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
ISSMGE International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineers
ISEM International Symposium on Experimental Mechanics
IUTAM International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
JAB Journal of Applied Biomechanics
JDB Journal of Dental Biomechanics
JFM Journal of Fluid Mechanics
LFME Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Energy
LNM Laboratory of Nonlinear Mechanics
MSMF Materials Structure and Micromechanics of Fracture
MAEEM Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
MEAM Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
MEEM Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
MASIE Mechanics and Symmetry in Europe
MGM Mechanics of Granular Materials
MOM Mechanics of Materials
MQC Mechanics Qualifying Course
MS Mechanics Service
MST Mechanics Support Team
MUG Mechanics, Usage, Grammar
MASD Mechanicsburg Area School District
MASH Mechanicsburg Area Senior High
MECH Mechanicsburg, PA
MVFD Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department
MEM Micro-Electro-Mechanics
MACINTOSH Micromechanics Analysis Code
MAC Micromechanics Analysis Code
MM Molecular Mechanics
MMC Molecular Mechanics for Clusters Model
MQM Molecular Quantum Mechanics
MMI Motorcycle Mechanics Institute
MBRL Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Research Laboratory
NDCSMC National Design, Construction and Soil Mechanics Center
NIRM National Institute of Rock Mechanics
NGMA Network for Geometry, Mechanics and Applications
NM Newtonian Mechanics
NNFM Notes on Numerical Fluid Mechanics
NMCM Numerical Methods and Computational Mechanics
NMCM Numerical Methods in Continuum Mechanics
OMAE Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering
OUAM Order of United American Mechanics
OFAEMA Oregon Fire Apparatus and Equipment Mechanics Association
OBBL Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Biomaterials Laboratory
OBL Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory
PACAM Pan American Congress of Applied Mechanics
PM Popular Mechanics
PMFK Popular Mechanics for Kids
PMK Popular Mechanics for Kids
PAMM Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics
PSQM Progress in Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
QM Quantum Mechanics
RMI Railway Mechanics Institute
RQM relativistic quantum mechanics
RUBI Research for Undergraduates in Biomechanics and Imaging
RIAM Research Institute of Applied Mechanics
RMRC Rock Mechanics Research Center
RMT Rock Mechanics Technology Limited
SQM Scaled Quantum Mechanics
SIMI Sea Ice Mechanics Initiative
SLAMS Sentences Lines Answer Mechanics Support
SIOM Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics
SEM Society for Experimental Mechanics, Inc.
SMIAC Soil Mechanics Information Analysis Center
SMSS Soil Mechanics Surface Sampler
SMME Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering
SMMES Solid Mechanics and Materials Engineering
SACAM South African Conference on Computational and Applied Mechanics
SCRAM Statistical CRAck Mechanics
SMNI Statistical Mechanics of Neocortical Interactions
SEM Structural Engineering and Mechanics
SEMC Structural Engineering Mechanics and Computation
SEMM Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Materials Program
SMD Structures and Mechanics Division
SQM Super Quantum Mechanics
STAMM Symposium on Trends in Applications of Mathematics to Mechanics
TM Temporal Mechanics
TEAM Theoretical & Applied Mechanics
TEAM Theoretical Applied Mechanics
TDQM Time-Dependent Quantum Mechanics
VLSM Virtual Laboratory for the Study of Mechanics
VQM Visual Quantum Mechanics
WRMC Workshop Research in Mechanics of Composites
WCBM World Congress of Biomechanics
WCCM World Congress on Computational Mechanics