New Jersey Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for New Jersey state?

NJ is the 2 letter abbreviation for New Jersey, the 11th largest state in the United States of America. New Jersey is a state located in Northeast part of U.S.A, bordering Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania. Trenton is the capital city of New Jersey. Major cities include Newark (Population: 281955), Jersey City (Population: 264301), Paterson (Population: 147765), Elizabeth (Population: 129018), Edison (Population: 102559), Toms River (Population: 88802), Clifton (Population: 86345), Trenton (Population: 84236), Camden (Population: 76130), Passaic (Population: 71096), Cherry Hill (Population: 70486), and Union City (Population: 69167).

New Jersey State Flag

New Jersey State Profile

  • Capital: Trenton
  • Admitted to USA: 1787
  • Area: 22,591 km2
  • Population: 8,882,190
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 201, 609, 732, 856, 908, 973
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  NJ
  • State Government Website:


New Jersey is one of the Central Atlantic States. It is the fourth smallest state in the United States and the most densely populated. New Jersey was one of the 13 colonies that united to form the United States. New Jersey became part of the United States on December 18, 1887. The area was named after the island of Jersey in the English Channel. New Jersey has numerous industrial cities, but also offers beautiful beaches and vacation spots. The state of New Jersey covers an area of ​​22,588 km² – with around 9 million inhabitants. The capital of New Jersey is Trenton. The University of Princeton is famous.

In Princeton, the great physicist Albet Einstein died on April 18, 1955 at the age of 76 from the consequences of a tear in the area of ​​the aorta. At his request, his remains were burned and the ashes scattered to an unknown location. There is therefore no grave site for this exceptional physicist. It should also be mentioned that in early 2011 old tapes were found in the house of Thomas Edinson (1847-1931), on which original recordings by Prince Otto von Bismarck can be heard.

Cities and larger towns

With approximately 85,000 residents, Trenton is the fifth most populated city in New Jersey, yet it is the state capital. The city is located in Mercer County in central New Jersey, from which it is also the administrative headquarters. It was named after the Scottish merchant William Trent, who was the first man to own land in the region around 1714 and founded the town of Trent-town a little later. During the 19th century, Trenton became one of the most important manufacturing centers in the USA, which was mainly due to the prospering iron and steel industry. Today, however, with a decline in industry, the city is suffering from relatively high levels of crime and many of the capital’s former residents have moved to surrounding areas. Around 20,000 of them flock to Trenton every week,

With around 277,000 inhabitants, Newark is the largest city in the state of New Jersey and the second largest in the New York metropolitan region (after New York City). It was founded in 1666 and is the administrative seat of Essex County, located in the north. The city, also known as Brick City, is located directly on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is located about 13 km west of Manhattan in the neighboring state of New York. Newark owes its economic growth in recent years mainly to good external transport links – reason for numerous companies to relocate their locations to the city, especially to Newark Bay. The Port of Newark and Elizabeth is both the largest and the most important container port on the east coast of the United States and is the third largest nationwide. Newark is also the leading insurance center in the United States after New York and Hartford. While crime levels were particularly high in the city during the 1990s and Newark recorded one of the highest homicide rates, they have been falling steadily in recent years. Newark shines today as a metropolitan and urban city that has gotten a grip on conflicts between different ethnic groups and has learned to appreciate diversity and integrate it through education and culture.

Jersey City
With around 248,000 inhabitants, Jersey is the second largest city in New Jersey after Newark. It belongs to the New York Metropolitan Region and is located directly on the Hudson River. Jersey City is the county seat of Hudson County, which is located northeast of the state. Almost 30% of the city consists of water. Jersey City includes Ellis Island, an island in the Hudson River harbor area, which is located in the so-called Upper New York Bay. Just like Newark, Jersey is an important focal point for trading in the state of New Jersey because it is also in close proximity to the Newark Port. Both cities exude an urban and dynamic flair and have adapted their urban development to, among other things, the big neighbor New York City.

With approximately 146,000 residents, Paterson is the state’s third largest city and the administrative seat of Passaic County, located on the Passaic River of the same name. The city is located approximately 25 km northeast of Newark. Her name comes from William Paterson, a true American citizen and advocate of independence who served as a Supreme Court judge and signed the United States Constitution. Paterson’s nickname has been Silk City for around 200 years, which is due to the city’s leading role in silk production in the 19th century. Today, it is particularly known for its myriad museums, parks and recreational opportunities, as well as the Great Falls of the Passaic River, which are the second largest on the east coast after the Niagara Falls. But the Turkish-American community in Paterson has also made a name for itself. It is the largest in the United States. In general, Paterson is known for its cultural diversity.

Northeast New Jersey is home to Elizabeth, the county seat of Union County and the fourth largest city in the state with approximately 125,000 residents. Elizabeth, the only city in New Jersey, was selected as one of the 50 greenest cities in the entire United States, despite the fact that it has an extremely high traffic volume. Parts of Newark’s international airport are in Elizabeth, and the two cities of Newark and Elizabeth share the enormous container port in Newark Bay.

New Jersey State Abbreviations

List of New Jersey Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about New Jersey are NJ which stands for New Jersey. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to New Jersey, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

NJ: New Jersey

Acronym Meaning
AMNJ Academy of Medicine of New Jersey
ANJ Agency New Jersey
ABWLNJ Association of Black Women Lawyers of New Jersey
AICUNJ Association of Independent Colleges and Universities in New Jersey
ANJEC Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions
AIY Atlantic City, New Jersey – Municipal
BKJ Bancorp of New Jersey, Inc.
BNJ Battleship New Jersey
BLJ BlackRock New Jersey Municipal Bond Trust
BNJ Blackrock New Jersey Municipal Income Trust
CHCPNJ Catholic HealthCare Partnership of New Jersey
CNJ Central New Jersey
CNJ Central Railroad Company of New Jersey
CES-NJ Coalition of Essential Schools – New Jersey
CSPNJ Collaborative Support Programs of New Jersey, Inc.
CNJ College of New Jersey
CBNJ Community Bancorp of New Jersey
CBCNJ Community Blood Council of New Jersey
CIAP Construction Industry Advancement Program of New Jersey
CCGNJ Council on Compulsive Gambling of New Jersey, Inc.
DNJ Dance New Jersey
DDNJ Delta Dental of New Jersey
ENJ Encyclopedia of New Jersey
GNJPTA Greater New Jersey Process Technology Alliance
GPNJ Green Party of New Jersey
GONJ Gun Owners of New Jersey
HANJ Hemophilia Association of New Jersey
HOB Hoboken, New Jersey
IIANJ Independent Insurance Agents of New Jersey
ICONJ Islanders Cultural Organization of New Jersey
JNWC Jersey New Waterworks Company Limited
KNJ Kodály New Jersey
LLANJ Latino Leadership Alliance of New Jersey
LNJ Leadership New Jersey
LANJ Limousine Association of New Jersey
MCANJ Mechanical Contractors Association of New Jersey
MNJ Middletown and New Jersey Railway Company
MCANJ Municipal Clerks’ Association of New Jersey
NOWNJ National Organization for Women New Jersey
NSPNJ National Ski Patrol – New Jersey
NJ New Jersey
NJAGD New Jersey Academy of General Dentistry
NJAPE New Jersey Adapted Physical Education
NJAC New Jersey Administrative Code
NJAP New Jersey AIDS Partnership
NJAR New Jersey Amateur Racquetball
NJAW New Jersey American Water
NJAA New Jersey Apartment Association
NJAA New Jersey Aquaculture Association
NJAA New Jersey Arbitration Act
NJACC New Jersey Arms Collectors Club
NJAC New Jersey Arts Collective
NJASK New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge
NJAHPERD New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
NJAIR New Jersey Association for Institutional Research
NJALA New Jersey Association of Legal Administrators
NJALA New Jersey Association of Library Assistants
NJAR New Jersey Association of Realtors
NJASP New Jersey Association of School Psychologists
NJASCU New Jersey Association of State Colleges and Universities
NJAWBO New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners
NJAA New Jersey Astronomical Association
NJAC New Jersey Athletic Conference
NJAG New Jersey Attorney General
NJAFIUA New Jersey Automobile Full Insurance Underwriting Association
NJB New Jersey Barrier
NJBF New Jersey Bass Federation
NJBBA New Jersey Beach Buggy Association
NJBA New Jersey Beekeepers Association
NJB New Jersey Bell
NJBEST New Jersey Better Educational Savings Trust
NJBA New Jersey Bicycle Association
NJBE New Jersey Bilingual Educators
NJBRC New Jersey Bird Records Committee
NJBS New Jersey Blood Service
NJBA New Jersey Broadcasters Association
NJBA New Jersey Builders Association
NJBF New Jersey Business Force
NJBRC New Jersey Business Resource Center
NJBS New Jersey Business Systems
NJCF New Jersey Carpenters Funds
NJCSTE New Jersey Center for Science and Technology Education
NJCSTME New Jersey Center for Science Technology and Mathematics Education
NJCS New Jersey Chamber Singers
NJCF New Jersey Change Form
NJCSI New Jersey Child Support Institute
NJCS New Jersey Chiropractic Society
NJCS New Jersey Choral Society
NJCM New Jersey Christian Ministries
NJCF New Jersey Clean Fleets
NEJE New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail Route
NJCSCR New Jersey Commission on Spinal Cord Research
NJCWW New Jersey Community Water Watch
NJCOM New Jersey Conference of Mayors
NJCM New Jersey Conference of Mayors
NJCF New Jersey Conservation Foundation
NJCCVTS New Jersey Council of County Vocational Technical Schools
NJCJWA New Jersey County Jail Wardens’ Association
NJDOE New Jersey Department of Education
NJDEP New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
NJDH New Jersey Department of Health
NJDOHSS New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services
NJDHS New Jersey Department of Human Services
NJDMV New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles
NJDT New Jersey Department of Transportation
NJDFCA New Jersey Deputy Fire Chiefs Association
NJD New Jersey Devils
NJDH New Jersey Digital Highway
NJDOW New Jersey Division on Women
NJEIS New Jersey Early Intervention System
NJESTA New Jersey Earth Science Teachers Association
NJEDA New Jersey Economic Development Authority
NJEA New Jersey Education Association
NJE New Jersey Epsilon
NJFF New Jersey Folk Festival
NJFFS New Jersey Forest Fire Service
NJF New Jersey Future
NJGTS New Jersey Gay Teen Scene
NJGF New Jersey Geospatial Forum
NJGI New Jersey Ghost Investigations
NJG New Jersey Gladiator
NJHC New Jersey Hardcore
NJHCQI New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute
NJHCS New Jersey Health Care System
NJH New Jersey Herald
NJHC New Jersey Historical Commission
NJHS New Jersey Historical Society
NJI New Jersey Institute for Training in Psychoanalysis
NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology
NJIO New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra
NJLCA New Jersey Landscape Contractors Association
NJLAP New Jersey Lawyers Assistance Program
NJLC New Jersey Leadership Conference
NJLMN New Jersey Learning Management Network
NJLC New Jersey Legal Copy, Inc.
NJL New Jersey Libertarian Party
NJL New Jersey Lottery
NJM New Jersey Machine
NJM New Jersey Manufacturers
NJMSC New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium
NJMC New Jersey Meadowlands Commission
NJMAC New Jersey Media Arts Center
NJMS New Jersey Medical School
NJMHI New Jersey Mental Health Institute
NJM New Jersey Militia
NJMC New Jersey Mining Company
NJMC New Jersey Motorcycle Cruisers
NJMC New Jersey Municipal Courts
NJNC New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium
NJNE New Jersey Natural Energy
NJN New Jersey Nets
NJN New Jersey Network
NJNER New Jersey Network for Educational Renewal
NJOPR New Jersey Offshore Powerboat Racing Association
NJO New Jersey Online
NJOA New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
NJPS New Jersey Paleontological Society
NJPRA New Jersey Paper Recycling Association
NJPCP New Jersey Pesticide Control Program
NJPHA New Jersey Pharmacists Association
PINE New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve
NJPS New Jersey Poetry Society
NJPS New Jersey Powerslop
NJPN New Jersey Prevention Network, Inc.
NJPDC New Jersey Professional Development Center
NJPPSA New Jersey Professional Process Servers Association
NJPRA New Jersey Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
NJPHA New Jersey Public Health Association
NJR New Jersey Resources, Inc.
NJSACC New Jersey School-Age Care Coalition
NJSACCC New Jersey School-Age Child Care Coalition
NJSM New Jersey Scout Museum
NJSI New Jersey Skylands Insurance
NJSBDC New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Network
NJSOPHE New Jersey Society for Public Health Education
NJSPCA New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
NJSBBP New Jersey Society of Blood Bank Professionals
NJSEA New Jersey Society of Enrolled Agents
NJSHP New Jersey Society of Health-System Pharmacists
NJS New Jersey Solidarity
NJSHA New Jersey Speech-Language-Hearing Association
NJSEA New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority
NJSDOH New Jersey State Department of Health
NJSDH New Jersey State Department of Health
NJSFAC New Jersey State First Aid Council
NJSL New Jersey State Library
NJSMPA New Jersey State Municipal Prosecutors Association
NJSM New Jersey State Museum
NJSPB New Jersey State Parole Board
NJSP New Jersey State Police
NJSP New Jersey State Prison
SHARES New Jersey Statewide Heating Assistance and Referral for Energy Services
NJSCREF New Jersey Stem Cell Research & Education Foundation
NJTC New Jersey Technology Council
NJTB New Jersey Traffic Bulletin
NJTC New Jersey Trails Conservancy
NJTTT New Jersey Train-the-Trainer
NJTC New Jersey Transit Corporation
NJTP New Jersey Turnpike
NJT New Jersey Turnpike
NJUEP New Jersey Urban Ecology Program
NJVU New Jersey Virtual University
NJW New Jersey Works
NJ-NSCORT New Jersey-NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training
NNJ North New Jersey
NCNJ North-Central New Jersey
NNJAS Northern New Jersey Auto Show
NNJBNA Northern New Jersey Black Nurses
PHS Passaic High School (New Jersey
PJM Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland Interconnection LLC
PPSNJ Planned Parenthood of Southern New Jersey
PNJ Preservation New Jersey
PPANJ Professional Photographers Association of New Jersey
PPANJ Public Power Association of New Jersey
QNJ Quality New Jersey
RTNJ Randolph Township New Jersey
RNJ Redemption New Jersey
SARCNJ Search and Rescue Council of New Jersey
SEC Secaucus, New Jersey
SNJS South New Jersey
SNJ South New Jersey
SNIP Southern New Jersey Internet Providers
SNJPC Southern New Jersey Perinatal Cooperative
SRNJ Southern Railroad Company of New Jersey
SONJ Special Olympics New Jersey
SONJ Standard Oil of New Jersey
SNJS State of New Jersey
SNJ State of New Jersey
TAANJ Taiwanese Association of America New Jersey
TMANJ Telecommunications Managers Association of New Jersey
TEB Teterboro, New Jersey Airport
TCNJ The College of New Jersey
TANJ Traditional Archers of New Jersey
TNJ Trenton, New Jersey
TANJ Trial Attorneys of New Jersey
TCNJ Trust Company of New Jersey
UACCNJ Ukrainian American Cultural Center of New Jersey
UNJ United New Jersey Railroad
USNJ United States New Jersey
UMDNJ University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey
UNJ University of New Jersey
VANJ Venture Association of New Jersey
VHS Vineland High School (New Jersey)
VALE Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey
VNJS Voice for New Jersey
VNJ Voice for New Jersey
WANJ Washington Association of New Jersey
WPNJ Watershed Partnership for New Jersey
WNJ West New Jersey
YANJ Young Audiences of New Jersey
YSRC Youth Sports Research Council New Brunswick, New Jersey)

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