California Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for California state?

CA is the 2 letter abbreviation for California, the 1st largest state in the United States of America. California is a state located in West part of U.S.A, bordering Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon. Sacramento is the capital city of California. Major cities include Los Angeles (Population: 3971894), San Diego (Population: 1394939), San Jose (Population: 1026919), San Francisco (Population: 864827), Fresno (Population: 520063), Sacramento (Population: 490723), Long Beach (Population: 474151), Oakland (Population: 419278), Bakersfield (Population: 373651), Anaheim (Population: 350753), Santa Ana (Population: 335411), and Riverside (Population: 322435).

California State Flag

California State Profile

  • Capital: Sacramento
  • Admitted to USA: 1850
  • Area: 423,967 km2
  • Population: 39,512,223
  • Time zone: GMT-8
  • Calling code: 209, 213, 310, 323, 408, 415, 510, 530, 559, 562, 619, 626, 650, 661, 707, 714, 760, 805, 818, 831, 858, 909, 916, 925, 949
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  CA
  • State Government Website:


California is in the western United States. With around 36 million residents – of whom around 30% were Latinos in 2016 – the state is the most populous U.S. state.

California generates approximately 13% of the U.S. gross national product. California borders Mexico, as well as the states of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. The state got its name in 1542 from a Spanish research group led by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. California has an area of ​​423,970 km² the third largest state in the United States – after Alaska and Texas. The capital is Sacramento. In 1850 he was admitted to the Union as the 31st state. Today, California is America’s primary supplier of agricultural products. In addition, only this state is the area with the eighth largest gross national product in the world. It is also home to Hollywood, the center of the American film and television industry, or Silicon Valley, the center for computers and related industries. The world-famous novel character of “Zorro” also played in California. The state’s nickname is “The Golden State” and its motto is “Eureka”. The landscape of California is unique: the Sierra Nevada in the east, rocky cliffs and sandy beaches in the west, dense redwood forests in the northwest and desert landscape in the southeast.

From 2003 to January 3, 2011, Arnold Schwarzenegger from Austria was governor of the state from the Republicans. He was replaced by Democrat Jerry Brown, who was governor of California from 1975 to 1983. Steven (Steve) Jobs was born in San Francisco in 1955, who founded “Apple” in 1976 together with Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. He died on October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto, California from complications from his pancreatic cancer.
But it should also not be left out that the state is now spending more money on prisons than on its universities.

Cities and larger towns

The city of Sacramento has approx. 466,000 inhabitants, in the metropolitan area there are even approx. 2.13 million inhabitants. Sacramento was founded in 1849 and since 1854 Sacramento has been the capital of the state of California. A gold rush broke out in the area as early as 1848 and Sacramento grew very quickly. Nowadays you can still feel a little bit of this flair. The city located at the confluence of the American River and Sacramento River. The city, which is on the way from the Bay Area to the Sierra Nevada, has a lot to offer in addition to museums and historical buildings. Museums, theaters and amusement parks can also be found here.

The city of Fresno has approximately 500,000 inhabitants and is located in the Central Valley of California. The city is often used as a stopover for trips to the Yosemite and Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. But in Fresno there is more to experience than a mere overnight stay. The city or region is famous for its wine, which you can enjoy in one of the cozy restaurants.

Los Angeles
The city of Los Angeles in southern California on the Pacific coast has approximately 3.8 million inhabitants, making it the largest city in California and the second largest city in the United States after New York. Around 15.2 million people live in the metropolitan region.

No other name is more closely associated with the American dream, the desire for freedom and the pursuit of fame and fortune than with the Californian metropolis founded by Felipe de Neve in 1781. Los Angeles is almost shattered by world symbols: be it the Hollywood sign on the slope of the Hollywood Hills, the Walk of Fame or Sunset Boulevard, the Universal Studios or the exclusive district of Beverly Hills, or the Watts Towers or Malibu – Los Angeles will simply delight everyone. Los Angeles stretches out into the mountainous hinterland on Santa Monica Bay in the Pacific Ocean in the US state of California. The almost 1,300 km² huge city is determined by a rather horizontal, almost monotonous city structure, which is only interrupted in the center by an impressive cluster of skyscrapers. However, Los Angeles is inextricably linked to Hollywood, a district in LA, whose name stands for the center of the US film industry worldwide. The biggest highlight of the film industry is of course the annual awarding of the “Academy Awards”, better known as “Oscar”. There are also several larger cities in the greater Los Angeles area, most of which are also called LA. are designated, for example: There are also several larger cities in the greater Los Angeles area, most of which are also called LA. are designated, for example: There are also several larger cities in the greater Los Angeles area, most of which are also called LA. are designated, for example:

  • Anaheim
  • Glendale
  • Long Beach
  • Santa Ana
  • Santa Monica

Santa Barbara
The city of Santa Barbara is located in southern California on the Pacific coast and is home to approximately 85,000 people. The city is located approximately 145 km northwest of Los Angeles. Santa Barbara was founded in 1786 as a Spanish mission. Today, however, the city shows itself in a different light. The coastal city is considered the city of the rich, the beautiful and the celebrity. Despite its size, the city has a lot to offer visitors. In addition to historic buildings in the Spanish colonial style, you can also find very good museums and parks. The city also offers connoisseurs exceptional wines from the region, which are among the best wines from California. A trip from the huge Los Angeles is definitely worth Santa Barbara.

Santa Cruz
The city of Santa Cruz has approximately 56,000 inhabitants and is located in western California on the Pacific coast. The city’s history begins in 1791 with the founding of a Spanish mission. Nowadays, the city is also known under the name “Surf City” because surfing was first carried out in the United States in 1885 and the city is still a popular venue for many surfing events. California’s oldest amusement park, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, is also in the city. The University of California campus is also close to the city and the students naturally influence the cityscape, which is why an alternative culture of life has developed in the city.

San Diego
The city of San Diego has approximately 1.3 million inhabitants and as many as 3 million people live in the metropolitan area. The history of the city and all of California begins in 1542 when San Miguel was the first European to enter the area and founded a mission. The city owes its name to San Diego de Alcalá (Didakus), a Spanish lay brother, missionary and saint of the Catholic Church. Today’s San Diego, the second largest city in the sunny state of California, located in the extreme southwest of the USA, is known by its residents as “America’s Finest City” because of its pleasant climate and the approximately 300 days of sunshine a year. The also wonderfully located surfer paradise nestles in the west to the Pacific Ocean and is bordered in the east by majestic mountains and the Anza-Borrego desert park, one of the hottest areas in the United States. The old town with its Adobe buildings still exudes the architectural charm of the Spanish Wilhelminian era, while the streets of the cozyGaslamp Quarter are illuminated with the dim light of gas lamps as in the good old days. Most picturesque churches, liveliest theaters like the Old Globe Theater and most interesting museums want to be visited. And if that’s not enough for you, you can easily leave the country in the direction of Mexico by car, bus or tram and visit Tijuana, for example.

San Francisco
The city of San Francisco located on the Pacific coast has approximately 815,000 inhabitants, making it the fourth largest city in California. Around 4.2 million people live in the metropolitan region. San Francisco was born with the discovery of gold in the middle of the 19th century: within a year, the gold rush brought over 24,000 people to the region, within a year the city’s population doubled and San Francisco grew from then on to a port metropolis.
San Francisco probably corresponds to the wishes of many tourists: the maritime climate and the way of life in the city in the Bay are reminiscent of the European Mediterranean, there are many and above all diverse sights, art and culture, interesting and colorful neighborhoods, clean air and beautiful nature in the surrounding area. In addition, the city is manageable and most of it can be accessed on foot; this compactness is otherwise rather atypical for American cities. And not only the Golden Gate Bridge is immortalized in countless photo and film material: the backdrop is further enhanced by the cable cars and the serpentines of Lombard Street. The range of museums and galleries in San Francisco is wide, there are modern and historical sights and natural attractions such as parks and beaches; also churches and Taoist temples. There are also several larger cities in the greater San Francisco area, which are mostly referred to together as the San Francisco Bay Area, for example:

  • Oakland
  • San Jose

San José
The city of San José with its approximately 965,000 inhabitants and approximately 1.8 million inhabitants in the metropolitan region is located in western California on the Pacific coast near San Francisco. The city was founded in 1777. Today the city is considered the capital of the Silicon Valley. Companies such as Cisco System and Ebay are based here. San José has more to offer than just technology. There are also excellent museums and buildings to explore in the city.

The city of Ventura has approximately 110,000 inhabitants and is located in southwest California on the Pacific coast near Los Angeles. The city was founded in 1782 by a mission and the former name of the city was San Buenaventura. The city offers visitors wonderful beaches and surfing opportunities. Because of its history, historical buildings can also be admired and nobody should miss a visit to the “Two Trees”, two eucalyptus trees, the unofficial symbol of the city.

California State Abbreviations

List of California Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about California are CA which stands for California. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to California, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

CA: California

Acronym Meaning
ACLC Academy of Contractor Licensing of California
AAOC Advanced Automation of California
JR Aero California
AAAPTI African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute (University of Southern California)
ACCOUNTING Agricultural Council of California
ACCESSORY Agricultural Council of California
ACC Agricultural Council of California
ALB Albany, California
AASC Alcalenian Association of Southern California
ACDA Alliance of the California Dental Association
ALPHABET Almond Board of California
ABC Almond Board of California
AAUC Alumni Associations of the University of California
ARCC Alzheimer Research Center of California
ACPG American California Pharmaceutical Group, Inc.
AIPCA American Independent Party of California
AIP American Independent Party of California
ALAC American Lung Association of California
ATOC AMGEN Tour of California
AH Anaheim Hills, California
ACAC Apparel Contractors Alliance of California
AZCR Arizona and California Railroad
AICA Art Institute of California
AIC Art Institute of California
AMG Asbestos Management Group of California, Inc.
AACSC Asian Art Curators of Southern California
ACL Associated California Loggers
ASCLU Associated Students of California Lutheran University
ASCIT Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology
ACCR Association of California Cartridge Remanufacturers
ACCW Association of California Commissions for Women
ACIC Association of California Insurance Companies
ACSA Association of California School Administrators
ADCNC Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada
ADC Association of Defense Counsel of Northern California and Nevada
AJLSC Association of Jewish Libraries of Southern California
ANCCS Association of Northern California Chinese Schools
ACCEL Authority for California Cities Excess Liability
ACSC Automobile Club of Southern California
BCHC Backcountry Horsemen of California
BC Baja California
BCS Baja California Sur
BOC Bank of California
BAR Barrett Junction, California
BPD BART Police Department (San Francisco, California)
BASC Beekeepers Association of Southern California
BASC Bengali Association of Southern California
BSC Biofeedback Society of California
BAPAC Black American Political Association of California
BSC Blind Students of California
BCC Blue Cross of California
BCCA Blue Cross of California
BSC Blue Shield of California
BASC Bluegrass Association of Southern California
BPSC Book Publicists of Southern California
BRNC Borzoi Rescue-Northern California
BIACA Brain Injury Association of California
BIAC Brain Injury Association of California
BUC Buckhorn California
BIACC Building Industry Association of Central California
BOMAC Building Owners and Managers Association of California
CGC Calavo Growers of California
CALIF California
CALI California
CA California
CAL California
CAD California Academic Decathlon
CAPP California Academic Partnership Program
CADA California Academy Directors Association
CAA California Academy of Audiology
CAFP California Academy of Family Physicians
CAMS California Academy of Mathematics and Science
CAO California Academy of Ophthalmology
CAPACITY California Academy of Painters
CAP California Academy of Painters
CAPA California Academy of Physician Assistants
CAS California Academy of Sciences
CARM California Accessibility Reference Manual
CAT California Achievement Test
CAT-6 California Achievement Test, Sixth Edition
CAC California Acupuncture College
CAC California Administrative Code
CANFIT California Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness
CANFIT California Adolescent Nutrition and Fitness Program
CARMA California Affiliated Risk Management Authorities
CAMB California Aggie Marching Band
CACU California Agribusiness Credit Union
CAAA California Agricultural Aircraft Association
CAPCA California Agricultural Production Consultants Association
CASS California Agricultural Statistics Service
CATI California Agricultural Technology Institute
CAA California Aikido Association
CASC California Air and Space Center
CANG California Air National Guard
CARB California Air Resources Board
CARBIS California Air Resources Board Information System
CATC California Airedale Terrier Club, Inc.
CAAE California Alliance for Arts Education
CAIC California Alliance for Inclusive Communities
CARA California Alliance for Retired Americans
CAIRS California Alliance of Information and Referral Systems
CAPA California Alliance of Paralegal Associations
CAB California Almond Board
CAREC California Alpine Resort Environmental Cooperative
CAPA California Alternate Performance Assessment
CARE California Alternate Rates for Energy Program
CARE California Alternative Rates for Energy
CAA California Alumni Association
CASL California Amateur Skateboard League
CAAQS California Ambient Air Quality Standard
CAWC California American Water Company
CAPP California Amputee Pediatric Project
CADO California Amusement Device Operators
CACI California Analysis Center, Incorporated
CACO California Analytical Chemists Organization
CACDA California Animal Control Directors Association
CANC California Animal Nutrition Conference
CASP California Anti-SLAPP Project
CAA California Apartment Association
CAA-LA California Apartment Association Los Angeles
CALIF California Apartment Law Information Foundation
CAC California Apple Commission
CAAA California Applicants’ Attorneys Association
CACA California Apprenticeship Coordinators Association
CAAB California Apricot Advisory Board
CAA California Aquaculture Association
CASOC California Arabian Standard Oil Company
CASSP California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program
CAB California Architects Board
CAWS California Area Wideband System
CARNG California Army National Guard
CAN California Articulation Number
CAN California Articulation Numbering
CAC California Arts Council
CAC California Asparagus Commission
CAM California Assessment Manual
CALA California Assisted Living Association
CAIB California Associated Insurance Brokers
CAAD California Association for Adult Development
CABE California Association for Bilingual Education
CACD California Association for Counseling and Development
CAEE California Association for Employment in Education
CAIR California Association for Institutional Research
CAMTA California Association for Medical Transcription
CAMT California Association for Medical Transcription
CAMEO California Association for Microenterprise Opportunity
CAMC California Association for Multi-Cultural Counseling
CANM California Association for Naturopathic Medicine
CANP California Association for Nurse Practitioners
CAPRI California Association for Park and Recreation Insurance
CAR California Association for Rehabilitation
CARA California Association for Research in Astronomy
CASCD California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
CAG California Association for the Gifted
CAADAC California Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors
CABO California Association of Bicycle Organizations
CABL California Association of Black Lawyers
CABLS California Association of Black Lawyers
CACH California Association of Catholic Hospitals
CACEO California Association of Clerks and Election Officials
CACEO California Association of Code Enforcement Officers
CACS California Association of College Stores
CAC California Association of Criminalists
CADA California Association of Directors of Activities
CADO California Association of Dispensing Opticians
CAE California Association of Employers
CAEZ California Association of Enterprise Zones
CAFR California Association of Firearms Retailers
CAFI California Association of Force Instructors
CAHF California Association of Health Facilities
CAHP California Association of Health Plans
CAHP California Association of Highway Patrolmen
CAIB California Association of Independent Business, Inc.
CAIS California Association of Independent Schools
CALSA California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators
CALI California Association of Licensed Investigators
CALR California Association of Licensed Repossessors
CALU California Association of Life Underwriters
CAMB California Association of Mortgage Brokers
CAM California Association of Museums
CANP California Association of Naturopathic Physicians
CAN California Association of Non-Profits
CAN California Association of Nurserymen
CAPP California Association of Peer Programs
CAPCA California Association of Pest Control Advisers
CAPPS California Association of Photocopiers and Process Servers
CAPO California Association of Physician Organizations
CAPI California Association of Pride, Inc.
CAPPS California Association of Private Postsecondary schools
CAPS California Association of Program Specialists
CAPT California Association of Psychiatric Technicians
CAR California Association of Realtors
CARBC California Association of Regular Baptist Churches
CARP California Association of Rehabilitation Professionals
CARS California Association of Resource Specialists and Special Education Teachers
CASC California Association of School Counselors
CASHE California Association of School Health Educators
CASP California Association of School Psychologists
CASQA California Association of Stormwater Quality Agencies
CASC California Association of Student Councils
CASL California Association of Student Leaders
CATE California Association of Teachers of English
CATL California Association of Texas Longhorn Breeders
CAD California Association of the Deaf
CAWG California Association of Wheat Growers
CAWG California Association of Winegrape Growers
CAZA California Association of Zoos and Aquariums
CATA California Athletic Trainers’ Association
CASE California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges and Hearing Officers in State Employment
CAPA California Attractions and Parks Association
CAFL California Australian Football League
CARF California Authority of Racing Fairs
CASP California Aviation System Plan
CAC California Avocado Commission
CAS California Avocado Society
CBIA California Background Investigators Association
CBAA California Bail Agents Association
CBBA California Balanced Budget Act of 2004
CBDA California Band Directors Association
CB-AND-T California Bank & Trust
CBA California Bankers Association
CBU California Baptist University
CBJ California Bar Journal
CBEST California Basic Educational Skills Test
CBWG California Bat Working Group
CBC California Baton Council
CBDA California Bay-Delta Authority
CBVA California Beach Volleyball Association
CBSA California Bean Shippers Association
CBR California Bearing Ratio
CBBD California Beer & Beverage Distributors
CBRA California Beverage Retailers Association
CBC California Biodiversity Council
CBEA California Biology Education Association
CBEA California Biomass Energy Alliance
CBRA California Biomedical Research Association
CABI California Birth Index
CBW California Black Worm
CBBS California Blood Bank Society
CBA California Board of Accountancy
CBBS California Board of Behavioral Sciences
CBOT California Board of Occupational Therapy
CBP California Board of Psychology
CBRN California Board of Registered Nursing
CBC California Body Care
CBAG California Border Alliance Group
CBC California Brazil Camp
CBDA California Breach Disclosure Act
CABCO California Breast Cancer Organizations
CBA California Broadcasters Association
CBP California Budget Project
CBC California Building Code
CBIA California Building Industry Association
CBPCA California Building Performance Contractors Association
CBSC California Building Standards Commission
CBAR California Bureau of Automotive Repair
CBNE California Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement
CBEA California Business Education Association
CBEA California Business Energy Alliance, LLC
CBIN California Business Incubation Network
CABLN California Business Leadership Network
CBM California Business Minute
CCTA California Cable & Telecommunications Association
CCTA California Cable Television Association
CCRA California Cancer Registrars Association
CCR California Cancer Registry
CCPA California Canning Peach Association
CCDA California Career Development Association
CCI California Cars Initiative
CCIC California Casualty Insurance Company
CCA California Cattlemen’s Association
CCCD California Center for Community Democracy
CEDR California Center for Environmental Design Research
CCHI California Center for Health Improvement
CCIT California Center for Innovative Transportation
CCPR California Center for Population Research
CCRP California Center for Rural Policy
CCSE California Center for Sustainable Energy
CCTB California Central Trust Bank Corporation
CCP California Centrifugal Pump, Inc.
CCLS California Certified Legal Secretary
CALCPA California Certified Public Accountant
CCRM California Certified Residential Manager
CCA California Charter Academy
CCSA California Charter Schools Association
CCBA California Cheese and Butter Association
CMSA California Chicano/Latino Medical Student Association
CCDAA California Child Development Administrators Association
CCHP California Childcare Health Program
CCRF California Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation
CCS California Children’s Services
CCSA California Chip Seal Association
CIVIL California Cider Company
CCC California Cider Company
CCRC California Citizens Redistricting Commission
CCM California Citrus Mutual
CCNB California Citrus Nursery Board
CCNS California Citrus Nursery Society
CACI California Civil Instructions
CCRI California Civil Rights Initiative
CCR California Clapper Rail
CCAA California Clean Air Act of 1988
CCA California Cleaners Association
CCAR California Climate Action Registry
CCCC California Climate Change Center
CCCA California Club Calf Association
CCCC California Coalition for Compassionate Care
CCCC California Coalition for Construction in the Classroom
CCER California Coalition for Educational Renewal
CCFF California Coalition for Food and Farming
CCIR California Coalition for Immigration Reform
CCNP California Coalition of Nurse Practitioners
CCSMFW California Coalition of Seasonal and Migrant Farm Workers
CCUE California Coalition of Utility Employees
CIVIL California Coastal Commission
CCC California Coastal Commission
CCNM California Coastal National Monument
CCR California Code of Regulations
CCCSAPR California Collaborative Center for Substance Abuse Policy Research
CCHS California College for Health Sciences
CCAC California College of Arts and Craft
CCA California College of Ayurveda
CCPM California College of Podiatric Medicine
CCOT California College of Technology
CCA California College of the Arts
CCSD California College San Diego
CCIE California Colleges for International Education
CCAA California Collegiate Athletic Association
CCMC California Colloquium on Management Communication
CCGC California Color Guard Circuit
CCCA California Commercial Collection Association
CCOA California Commission On Aging
CCTC California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
CTC California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
CIVIL California Commissioning Collaborative
CCC California Commissioning Collaborative
CCBE California Committee of Bar Examiners
CCP California Communities Program
CCAP California Community Access Program
CCCCAS California Community College Commission on Athletics
CCCCAS California Community College Counselor Association
CCCFLC California Community College Foreign Language Council
CCCT California Community College Transfers
CIVIL California Community Colleges
CCC California Community Colleges
CCCCIO California Community Colleges Chief Instructional Officers
CCCTC California Community Colleges Technology Center
CCF California Community Foundation
CCI California Compensation Institute
CIVIL California Conservation Corps
CCC California Conservation Corps
CCD California Conservatory of Dance
CCCE California Consortium for Critical Educators
CCIS California Consortium for Independent Study
CCTD California Consortium for Teacher Development
CCEF California Consortium of Education Foundations
CCCP California Construction Contracting Program
CCPF California Consumer Protection Foundation
CCRISP California Continuing Resource Investment Strategy Project
CCCA California Contract Cities Association
CCA California Contractors Alliance
CCOFI California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations
CALCOFI California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations
CCRRF California Cooperative Rice Research Foundation
CIVIL California Correctional Center
CCC California Correctional Center
CCI California Correctional Institution
CCA California Cosmetology Association
CCGA California Cotton Ginners Association
CCGA California Cotton Growers Association
CCE California Council for Excellence
CCEI California Council of Electronics Instructors
CCPPNS California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, Incorporated
CCB California Council of the Blind
CCVA California Council of Vocational Associations
CCEE California Council on Economic Education
CCGG California Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics
CCST California Council on Science and Technology
CCTE California Council on Teacher Education
CCA California Counseling Association
CIVIL California Countercurrent
CCC California Countercurrent
CCCASE California Counties Cooperative Audit Services Exchange
CCBE California County Boards of Education
CCSESA California County Superintendents Educational Services Association
CCIA California Court Interpreters Association
CCRA California Court Reporters Association
CCUL California Credit Union League
CCI California Criminalistics Institute
CCTST California Critical Thinking Skills Test
CCIA California Crop Improvement Association
CCA California Culinary Academy
CCHE California Cultural and Historical Endowment
CCJV California Current Joint Venture
CCCC California Curriculum Correlating Council
CCFF California Custom Fruits and Flavors
CCFC California Cut Flower Commission
CCCC California Cyber Crash Compilation
CDRF California Dairy Research Foundation
CDEC California Data Exchange Center
CDAC California Date Administrative Committee
CDC California Date Commission
CADI California Death Index
CDIAC California Debt and Investment Advisory Commission
CDAM California Defense Adjustment Matching
CDC California Democratic Council
CANADA California Dental Association
CDA California Dental Association
CDHA California Dental Hygienists’ Association
CDSA California Dental Society of Anesthesiology
CANADA California Department of Aging
CDA California Department of Aging
CANADA California Department of Agriculture
CDA California Department of Agriculture
CDC California Department of Conservation
CDOC California Department of Corrections
CDC California Department of Corrections
CDCR California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
CDE California Department of Education
CDOF California Department of Finance
CDFW California Department of Fish and Wildlife
CDFA California Department of Food and Agriculture
CDF California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
CDFF California Department of Forestry Firefighters
CDH California Department of Health
CDHS California Department of Health Services
CDOI California Department of Insurance
CDI California Department of Insurance
CDMH California Department of Mental Health
CDPR California Department of Parks and Recreation
CDPA California Department of Personnel Administration
CDPR California Department of Pesticide Regulation
CDPH California Department of Public Health
CDSS California Department of Social Services
CALTRANS California Department of Transportation
CADWR California Department of Water Resources
CDCA California Desert Conservation Area
CDT California Desert Tortoise
CD California Detectives
CDMT California Diagnostic Mathematics Test
CDC California Dialysis Council
CDL California Digital Library
CDPA California Disabled Persons Act
CDMRP California Disaster Medical Response Plan
CDRC California Dispute Resolution Council
CDRI California Dispute Resolution Institute
CDOG California Division of Oil and Gas
CDSA California Division of the State Architect
CDFA California Domestic Ferret Association
CDOG California Dozer Operators Group
CDBA California Dragon Boat Association
CD California Dreamin’
CDL California Drivers License
CDRP California Dropout Research Project
CEA California Earthquake Authority
CEPEC California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council
CEDP California Economic Development Partnership
CEDSP California Economic Development Strategic Plan
CEDAR California Economic Diversification and Revitalization
CERT California Education Round Table
CECC California Educational Computer Consortium
CEPA California Educational Placement Association
CERC California Educational Research Cooperative
CEC California Egg Commission
CEPN California Election Protection Network
CPEN California Election Protection Network
CESA California Electric Sign Association
CEI California Electrical Inspectors
CEAR California Electronic Asset Recovery, Inc.
CEEA California Elementary Education Association
CESA California Emergency Services Association
CETF California Emerging Technology Fund
CEFG California Empire Financial Group
CEPA California Employee Pharmacist Association
CELA California Employment Lawyers Association
CEV California encephalitis virus
CESA California Endangered Species Act
CEC California Energy Commission
CELDT California English Language Development Test
CERES California Environment Resources Evaluation System
CEBC California Environmental Business Council, Inc.
CED California Environmental Dialogue
CEHA California Environmental Health Association
CEPA California Environmental Protection Agency
CEQA California Environmental Quality Act of 1970
CEQ California Environmental Quality Act of 1970
CERES California Environmental Resources Evaluation System
CERF California Equine Retirement Foundation, Inc.
CEA California Escrow Association
CEBC California Evidence-Based Clearinghouse for Child Welfare
CEFO California Export Finance Office
CELT California Extremely Large Telescope
CFA California Faculty Association
FEHA California Fair Employment and Housing Act
CFPPC California Fair Political Practices Commission
CFBI California Family Business Institute, LLC
CFF California Family Fitness
CFLI California Family Law Institute
CFLC California Family Life Center
CFLC California Family Literacy Consortium
CFBF California Farm Bureau Federation
CFA California Fashion Association
CFL California Federation of Labor
CFMS California Federation of Mineralogical Societies
CFT California Federation of Teachers
CFFCU California Feminist Federal Credit Union
CFA California Fertilizer Association
CAFIWAT California Field Iron Workers Administrative Trust
CFI California Fig Institute
CFC California Film Commission
CFECA California Film Extruders and Converters Association
CFI California Film Institute
CFSS California Filters Sales Service
CAFWS California Fine Wine Storage
CFCA California Fire Chiefs Association
CFD California Fire Department
CFMA California Fire Mechanics Academy
CFSC California Fire Safe Council, Inc
CFLC California Firearms License Check
CFAC California First Amendment Coalition
CFLC California First Leasing Corporation
CFGC California Fish and Game Commission
CFC California Fisheries Coalition
CALFIN California Fisheries Information Network
CFA California Flight Academy
CFS California Floaters Society
CFJC California Food and Justice Coalition
CFAP California Food Assistance Program
CFPA California Food Policy Advocates
CFPA California Foreclosure Prevention Act
CFMG California Forensic Medical Group
CFPC California Forest Products Commission
CFSC California Forest Soils Council
CFA California Forestry Association
CFASST California Formative Assessment and Support System for Teachers
CFCE California Foundation for Commerce and Education
CFIA California Fraud Investigators Association
CFNLP California Friday Night Live Partnership
CFCP California Fuel Cell Partnership
CFDA California Funeral Directors Association
CFMA California Furniture Manufacturers Association
CGR California Gasket and Rubber
CGBX California General Bar Exam
CGCL California General Corporation Law
CGS California Geological Survey
CGS California Gift Show
CGS California Glass Studio
CGCOA California Golf Course Owners Association
CGS California Gourd Society
CGC California Government Code
CGFA California Grain and Feed Association
CGG California Grape Grower
CGRIC California Grape Rootstock Improvement Commission
CGCA California Greyhound Coursing Association
CGA California Grocers Association
CHC California Hardware Company
CHD California Harley Davidson
CHA California Health Advocates
CHSC California Health and Safety Code
CHEA California Health Executives Association
CHFC California Health Facilities Commission
CHFT California Health Foundation and Trust
CHIA California Health Information Association
CHIA California Health Interpreters Association
CHIS California Health Interview Survey
CHA California Healthcare Association
CHIP California Healthcare for Indigents Program
CHCF California HealthCare Foundation
CHI California Healthcare Institute
CHIA California Healthcare Interpreting Association
CHNA California Heights Neighborhood Association
CHRC California Hepatitis Resource Center
CHCF California High Cost Fund
CHPS California High Performance School
CHS California High School
CAHSEE California High School Exit Exam
CHIN California Highway Information Network
CHIPS California Highway Patrol
CHIP California Highway Patrol
CHP California Highway Patrol
CHCC California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
CHCADA California Hispanic Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
CHPA California Hispanic Publishers Association
CHRIS California Historical Resources Information System
CHS California Historical Society
CHEERS California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services
CHME California Home Medical Equipment
CHN California Homeschool Network
CHIA California Homicide Investigators Association
CHRB California Horse Racing Board
CHS California Horticultural Society
CHART California Hospital Assessment Reporting Taskforce
CHA California Hospital Association
CHMC California Hospital Medical Center
CHRR California Hot Rod Reunion
CHLA California Hotel and Lodging Association
CHC California Houndsmen for Conservation
CHFA California Housing Finance Agency
CHLP California Housing Law Project
CHPC California Housing Partnership Corporation
CHDC California Human Development Corporation
CHRC California Hydropower Reform Coalition
CAHRC California Hydropower Reform Coalition
CIPC California Immigrant Policy Center
CIWA California Immigrant Workers Association
CIFF California Independent Film Festival
CIFCA California Independent Funny Car Association
CIOMA California Independent Oil Marketers Association
CIPA California Independent Petroleum Association
CISO California Independent System Operator
CIEA California Indian Education Association, Inc.
CIEN California Indian Educational Network
CIHA California Indian Hobbyist Association
CIMC California Indian Manpower Consortium
CIHC California Industrial Hygiene Council
CIPA California Information Practices Act
CIR California Initiative Review
CIPN California Injury Prevention Network
CIEC California Inland Empire Council
CIFF California Inland Fisheries Foundation
CIP California Innocence Project
CIC California Innovation Corridor
CICPA California Institute for Chinese Performing Arts
CIEE California Institute for Energy Efficiency
CIHS California Institute for Human Science
CIRM California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
CIA California Institute of AbnormalArts
CIAD California Institute of Applied Design
CIAT California Institute of Automotive Technology
CIFAR California Institute of Food and Agricultural Research
CIIS California Institute of Integral Studies
CIT California Institute of Technology
CIWA California Institute of World Archaeology
CIHS California Institute on Human Services
CIM California Institution for Men
CIW California Institution for Women
CALICO California Instrument Company
CIWA California Insurance Wholesalers Association
CISN California Integrated Seismic Network
CIPL California Interfaith Power and Light
CIA California Intermodal Associates
CIA California International Airshow
CIBO California International Baccalaureate Organization
CIM California International Marathon
CIMPA California International Market Promotion for Agriculture
CISPA California Internet Service Provider Association
CIRIS California Inter-Regional Intermodal System
CIF California Interscholastic Federation
CIAC California Intersegmental Articulation Council
CIFA California Inventory for Family Assessment
CIX California Israel Exchange
CJA California Jewelers Association
CJA California Judges Association
CJER California Judicial Education and Research
CJLA California Junior Livestock Association
CJSF California Junior Scholarship Foundation
CJSF California Junior Scholastic Federation
CKA California Kindergarten Association
CKC California Kiwifruit Commission
CKB California Korea Bank
CLSPC California Ladies State Poker Championship
CLSA California Land Surveyors Association
CLTA California Land Title Association
CALJET California Land-Falling Jets
CLCA California Landscape Contractors Association
CLTA California Language Teachers’ Association
CLWC California Latino Water Coalition
CLEA California Law Enforcement Association
CLETS California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
CLE California Law Examination
CLR California Law Review
CLA California Lawyers for the Arts
CLRN California Learning Resource Network
CLA California Library Association
CLFA California Licensed Forester Association
CLVNA California Licensed Vocational Nurses’ Association
CALS California Lichen Society
CLN California Linguistic Notes
CALM California Living Museum
CLA California Locksmiths Association
CLIA California Lodging Industry Association
CLH California Lutheran Homes
CLU California Lutheran University
CMS California Macadamia Society
CMI California Managed Imaging
CMR California Management Review
CMHI California Manufactured Housing Institute
CMTA California Manufacturers & Technology Association
CMS California Map Society
CMCC California Mapping Coordinating Committee
CSUM California Maritime Academy
CMA California Maritime Academy
CMDC California Market Data Cooperative, Inc.
CMT California Mastitis Test
CMRC California Match Race Challenge
CMAT California Materials, Inc.
CMC California Mathematics Council
CMAA California Medical Assistants Association
CMA California Medical Association
CMAA California Medical Association Alliance
CMAF California Medical Association Foundation
CMF California Medical Facility
CMGA California Medical Group Association
CMIA California Medical Information Act
CMIA California Medical Instrumentation Association
CMP California Medical Physics, Inc.
CMRC California Medical Research Center
CMRI California Medical Review Incorporated
CMRB California Melon Research Board
CMC California Mens Colony
CMC California Micro Computer
CMS California Microwave Systems
CMAB California Milk Advisory Board
CMSC California Mine and Safety Code
CMCC California Minor Crops Council
CMCP California Minority Counsel Program
CMSA California Mission Studies Association
CMA California Modified Assessment
CMI California Modified Imports
CMPA California Modified Pullers Association
CALMEC California Molecular Electronics Corporation
CMBA California Mortgage Bankers Association
CMCDA California Motor Car Dealers Association
CMC California Motorcycle Company
CMDA California Motorcycle Dealers Association
CMRRA California Motorcycle Road Race Association
CMSA California Moving & Storage Association
CMAS California Multiple Awards Schedule
CMTA California Municipal Treasurers Association
CMP California Museum of Photography
CMC California Music Channel
CMEA California Music Educators Association
CNCA California Narcotic Canine Association
CNG California National Guard
CALI California National Historic Trail
CNHT California National Historic Trail
CNPRC California National Primate Research Center
CNU California National University
CNUAS California National University for Advanced Studies
CNPS California Native Plant Society
CNDDB California Natural Diversity Database
CNRA California Natural Resources Agency
CNDA California Naturopathic Doctors Association
CNAN California NCLR Affiliate Network
CNNC California Neighborhood Networks Consortium, Inc.
CNLP California Network of Learning Professionals
CONTAIN California NeuroAIDS Tissue Network
CNH California Nevada Hawaii
CNTP California New Teacher Project
CNIE California Newspaper in Education Association
CNP California Newspaper Project
CNPA California Newspaper Publishers Association
CNF California Nigerian Forum
CNRA California North Referee Administration
CN California Northern
CNCA California Northern Coastal Area
CNWCOA California Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators Association
CNA California Nurses Association
CNF California Nurses Foundation
CODA California Oak Disease and Arthropod
COMTF California Oak Mortality Task Force
CAL-OSHA California Occupational Safety and Health Act
COBBH California Office of Binational Border Health
COPG California Office of Problem Gambling
COCRA California Official Court Reporters Association
COA California Olive Association
COMET California Online Mathematics Education Times
CODA California Operator and Door Association
COB California Orange Bud
COFA California Organic Farmers Association
COIN California Organization Investment Network
COPS California Organization of Police and Sheriffs
CORF California Ornamental Research Foundation
COA California Orthopaedic Association
COHA California Outdoor Heritage Alliance
CORA California Outdoor Rollerskating Association
CPMC California Pacific Medical Center
CPU California Pacific University
CPHA California Paint Horse Association
CPRS California Park and Recreation Society
CPRA California Parks and Recreation Association
CPIF California Partners in Flight
CAPACITY California Partnership
CAP California Partnership
CPA California Partnership Academies
CPFA California Part-time Faculty Association
CAPRA California Patient Relations Association
CPM California Pavement Maintenance Company, Inc.
CAPA California Peace Action
CPOA California Peace Officers’ Association
CPSA California Peer Support Association
CPM California Pellet Mill Co
CPR California Performance Review
CPOD California Personnel Office Directory
CPUR California Pesticide Use Reporting Database
CPHA California Pharmacists Association
CPJE California Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination
CPN California Physician Network
CPC California Pistachio Commission
CPK California Pizza Kitchen
CPA California Placement Association
CPDR California Planning and Development Report
CPHA California Plant Health Association
CPP California Plant Protection
CPAF California Police Athletic Federation
CAPD California Police Department
CPD California Police Department
CPPA California Police Pistol Association
CPYC California Police Youth Charities
CPRC California Policy Research Center
CPAA California Political Attorneys Association
CPRA California Political Reform Act
CPARC California Polytechnic Amateur Radio Club
CPSU California Polytechnic State University
CPU California Polytechnic University
CPJC California Pop and Jazz Council
CPDA California Poppy Decorative Artists
CPO California Pops Orchestra
CPPA California Pork Producers Association
CPEC California Postsecondary Education Commission
CPF California Poultry Federation
CPIF California Poultry Industry Federation
CPE California Power Exchange
CPDA California Pregnancy Disability Act
CPCS California Premier Culinary School
CPIN California Preschool Instructional Network
CPC California Preservation Clearinghouse
CPCA California Primary Care Association
CPF California Prison Focus
CPDC California Professional Development Consortium
CPF California Professional Firefighters
CPFHBT California Professional Firefighters Health Benefits Trust
CPHA California Professional Horseman’s Association
CPSI California Property Specialists, Inc.
CPCC California Prostate Cancer Coalition
CPB California Prune Board
CPA California Psychiatric Association
CPSE California Psychology Supplemental Examination
CPDA California Public Defenders Association
CPER California Public Employee Relations
CPEIA California Public Entity Insurance Authority
CPHA California Public Health Association
CPPA California Public Parking Association
CPPF California Public Policy Foundation
CPRA California Public Radio Association
CPRA California Public Records Act
CPS California Public Schools
CPUC California Public Utilities Commission
CPRA California Public-safety Radio Association
CQP California QSO Party
CAQ California Q-Sort
CRS California Radiological Society
CRS California Rally Series
CRCC California Rangeland Conservation Coalition
CRT California Rangeland Trust
CRA California Reading Association
CREIA California Real Estate Inspection Association
CRTN California Real Time Network
CRV California Redemption Value
CRA California Redevelopment Association
CRL California Redevelopment Law
CRA California Redwood Association
CRAM California Refugee Awareness Month
CRRC California Refuse Removal Council
CRPRC California Regional Primate Research Center
CRHP California Register of Historic Places
CRNR California Regulatory Notice Register
CRA California Rehabilitation Association – North, Inc.
CRC California Rehabilitation Center
CRCA California Rehabilitation Counseling Association
CRVS California Relative Value Study
CRS California Relay Service
CRAL California Relocation Assistance Law
CRA California Republican Assembly
CARDA California Rescue Dog Association
CALREN California Research and Education Network
CRAF California Research Assistance Fund
CRB California Research Bureau
CRER California Residential Earthquake Recovery
CRMLA California Residential Mortgage Lending Act
CRRA California Resource Recovery Association
CARAT California Resources and Training
CRA California Restaurant Association
CRMC California Reverse Mortgage Company
CRLPA California Revised Limited Partnership Act
CRIA California Rice Industry Association
CRPA California Rifle & Pistol Association
CARA California Rivers Assessment
CRRF California Rivers Restoration Fund
CRCA California Rock Crawlers Association
CRCA California Rockfish Conservation Area
CRPR California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race
CRC California Rule of Court
CRLA California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.
CSTA California Sales Training Academy
CALSAT California Satellite
CSF California Scholarship Federation
CSBA California School Boards Association
CSCA California School Counselor Association
CSFA California School Finance Authority
CSD California School for the Deaf
CSDF California School for the Deaf, Fremont
CSDR California School for the Deaf, Riverside
CSDRAA California School for the Deaf, Riverside – Alumni Association
CSGN California School Garden Network
CSIS California School Information Services
CSLA California School Leadership Academy
CSLA California School Library Association
CSCA California School of Culinary Arts
CSDG California School of Dog Grooming
CSOS California School of Organizational Studies
CSPP California School of Professional Psychology
CSPCA California School Personnel Commissioners Association
CSTA California School Transportation Association
CSTA California Science Teachers Association
CSI California Security Institute
CSTA California Security Training Academy
CSA California Seed Association
CASSS California Separation Science Society
CSC California Service Center
CSC California Sheep Commission
CSA California Sign Association
CSIA California Ski Industry Association
CSI California Skin Institute
CSBA California Small Business Association
CSDG California Small Denomination Gold
CSAM California Society of Addiction Medicine
CSA California Society of Anesthesiologists
CSFD California Society of Forensic Dentistry
CSHP California Society of Health-System Pharmacists
CSHP California Society of Hospital Pharmacists
CSPD California Society of Pediatric Denistry
CSP California Society of Periodontists
CSPE California Society of Professional Engineers
CSA California Sociological Association
CSI California Solar Initiative
CSU California South University
CSTA California Space and Technology Alliance
CSA California Space Authority
CSGC California Space Grant Consortium
CSIP California Space Infrastructure Program
CS-1 California Special
CS California Special
CS-5 California Special
CSDA California Special Districts Association
CSCA California Speech Communication Association
CSPA California Sportfishing Protection Alliance
CSP California Staffing Professionals
CST California Standard Tests
CSSSC California Standardbred Sires Stakes Committee
CSOW California Star Oil Works
CSAC California State Association of Counties
CSAA California State Auctioneers Association
CSAA California State Automobile Association
CSBA California State Beekeepers Association
CSBS California State Button Society
CSCDRC California State Child Death Review Council
CSCA California State Collection of Arthropods
CSC California State College
CSCB California State College Bakersfield
CSCAE California State Consortium for Adult Education
CSCR California State Contracts Register
CSCA California State Coroners’ Association
CASDI California State Disability Insurance
CSEU California State Employees United
CSF California State Fair
CSFT California State Federation of Teachers
CSFA California State Firefighters’ Association, Inc.
CSFA California State Floral Association
CSG California State Grange
CSLC California State Lands Commission
CSLA California State Leadership Academy
CSL California State Library
CSPRA California State Park Rangers Association
CSPU California State Polytechnic University
CSPU California State Polytechnic University
CSPP California State Preschool Program
CSP California State Prison
CSPF California State Prison Folsom
CSRA California State Racquetball Association
CSSF California State Science Fair
CSSA California State Student Association
COSMOS California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science
CSTA California State Taekwondo Association
CSTA California State Teachers Association
CSU California State University
CSUC California State University at Chico
CSULB California State University at Long Beach
CSUB California State University Band
CSUF California State University Foundation
CSUL California State University Los Angeles
CSURMA California State University Risk Management Authority
CSUB California State University, Bakersfield
CSUF California State University, Fresno
CSUF California State University, Fullerton
CSUH California State University, Hayward
CSUH California State University, Humboldt
LBSU California State University, Long Beach
CSLA California State University, Los Angeles
CSUMB California State University, Monterey Bay
CSUN California State University, Northridge
CSUS California State University, Sacramento
CSUSB California State University, San Bernardino
CSUSM California State University, San Marcos
CSUS California State University, Stanislaus
CASFA California Steel Framing Alliance
CSI California Steel Industries, Inc.
CSSI California Strategic Sourcing Initiative
CSAB California Strawberry Advisory Board
CSC California Strawberry Commission
CSR California Street Rods
CSBA California Striped Bass Association
CSAC California Student Aid Commission
CSCA California Studies in Classical Antiquity
CSET California Subject Examinations for Teachers
CSMP California Subject Matter Projects
CSLA California Summer Language Adventure
CSS California Superbike School
CSM California Surf Museum
CTGC California Table Grape Commission
CTAA California Talent Agencies Act
CTEC California Tax Education Council
CALL-TO-ACTION California Teachers Association
CTA California Teachers Association
CTB California Technical Bulletin
CTI California Technological Institute
CTAF California Technology Assessment Forum
CTAP California Technology Assistance Project
CTVC California Technology Ventures Corp.
CTC California Telecommunications Coalition
CTAP California Telephone Access Program
CALL-TO-ACTION California Telephone Association
CTA California Telephone Association
CTIS California Teratogen Information Service
CTB California Testing Bureau
CTS California Thoracic Society
CTBA California Thoroughbred Breeders Association
CTS California Tiger Salamander
CTEM California Tissue Engineering Meeting
CTCP California Tobacco Control Program
CTOC California Toll Operators Committee
CTC California Tomato Commission
CTF California Tomato Farmers
CALT California Towhee
CTR California Toxics Rule
CTEER California Track and Engineering
CTE California Track and Engineering
CTAAP California Traditional Arts Advancement Program
CTMS California Traditional Music Society
CTSI California Traffic Safety Institute
CTDN California Transplant Donor Network
CALL-TO-ACTION California Transportation Authority
CTA California Transportation Authority
CTC California Transportation Commission
CTIS California Transportation Investment System
CTP California Transportation Plan
CTI California Transportation Plan
CTPA California Travel and Park Association
CTF California Treatment Facility
CTFA California Tree Fruit Agreement
CTLA California Trial Lawyers Association
CTRC California Trolley and Railroad Corporation
CTRCS California Trolley and Railroad Corporation
CALL-TO-ACTION California Trucking Association
CTA California Trucking Association
CTDBA California Trust Deed Brokers Association
CUBPA California Unfair Business Practices Act
CUSP California Unified Service Providers
CUTA California Unified Taekwondo Association
CURFFL California Uniform Retail Food Facilities Law
CUHA California Universal Healthcare Act
CUET California University Equestrian Team
CALUMS California University of Management and Sciences
CUP California University of Pennsylvania
CUEREC California Urban Environmental Research and Education Center
CUFC California Urban Forests Council
CUWA-AG California Urban Water Agency/Agricultural Water Users
CUW California Utah Women
CUEA California Utilities Emergency Association
CVC California Vehicle Code
CVLT California Verbal Learning Test
CVDLS California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory System
CVMA California Veterinary Medical Association
CVC California Virtual Campus
CWC California Walnut Commission
CWA California Warehouse Association
CWA California Warehousing Associates
CWRS California Waste Recovery Systems
CWC California Water Commission
CWEA California Water Environment Association
CWRB California Water Resources Board
CWA California Waterfowl Association
CWAM California Watershed Assessment Manual
CWSS California Weed Science Society
CWC California Welcome Centers
CWDA California Welfare Directors Association
CWI California WellBeing Institute
CWR California Western Railroad
CWHC California Wild Heritage Campaign
CWEC California Wind Energy Collaborative
CWI California Wine Institute
CAWG California Wing
CWBA California Women’s Bowling Association
CWA California Workforce Association
CWETA California Worksite Education and Training Act
CWC California Writers Club
CYBA California Yacht Brokers Association
CYC California Yacht Club
CYTA California Yoga Teachers Association
CYD California Young Democrats
CYLA California Young Lawyers Association
CYR California Young Republicans
CYAN California Youth Advocacy Network
CYA California Youth Authority
CYBL California Youth Basketball League
CYCL California Youth Chess League
CYSA California Youth Soccer Association
CYS California Youth Symphony
CZC California Zoroastrian Center
CANT California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas
COW California, Oregon, Washington
CMRC California/Mexico Reliability Coordinator
CHHN California’s Hydrogen Highway Network
CAMA California-Arizona Maneuver Area
CHX California-Hawaii Express
CL Californian
CIBA Californian Indian Basketweavers Association
CNCA California-Nevada Code Administration
CAGRH Californians Against Government Run Healthcare
CATS Californians Against Telephone Solicitation
CAW Californians Against Waste
CFIJ Californians for Fair and Independent Judges
CIS Californians for Inclusive Schools
CFJ Californians for Justice
CPR Californians for Pesticide Reform
CSSL Californians to Stop Shakedown Lawsuits
COB California-Oregon Border
CCF Campaign for California Families
CEIA-SC Campaign to End Israeli Apartheid Southern California
CCAC Cellular Carriers Association of California
CCCSI Center for California Cultural and Social Issues
CCSCE Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy
CCBC Central California Blood Center
CCBR Central California BMW Riders (Pleasant Hill, CA)
CCCBA Central California Cavy Breeders Association
CCCALA Central California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
CCEJN Central California Environmental Justice Network
CCFAA Central California Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous
CCGI Central California Gymnastics Institute
CCIC Central California Intelligence Center
CCIA Central California Interclub Association
CCOS Central California Orchid Society
CCOS Central California Ozone Study
CCPC Central California Pigeon Club
CCPL Central California Pistol League
CCSC Central California Soaring Club
CCTEA Central California Tristeza Eradication Agency
CDCA Central District of California
COC-AND-PP Central Overland California & Pike’s Peak Express Company
COMMENCE Chamber Musicians Of Northern California
CPOC Chief Probation Officers of California
CSDA Child Support Directors Association of California
CHCC Children’s Hospital Central California
CCCA Christian Coalition of California
CSC Church of Scientology of California
CFCR Citizens for the California Republic
CSC Citizens to Save California
COC Clouds Over California
CCFWO Coastal California Fish and Wildlife Office
CALFED Collaboration Among State and Federal Agencies to Improve California’s Water Supply
CCLC Community College League of California
CPM Compton, California Woodley Airport
CHAC Computer History Association of California
CCLI Conserving California Landscapes Initiative
CELSOC Consulting Engineers & Land Surveyors of California
CEAC Consulting Engineers Association of California
CAOC Consumer Attorneys of California
CFC Consumer Federation of California
CTC Continental Telecommunications of California
CEB Continuing Education of the Bar-California
CENIC Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California
CEAC County Engineers Association of California
CRBC Court Reporters Board of California
CCAC Credential Counselors and Analysts of California
CRTP CTEC Registered Tax Preparer (California)
DCC Dairy Council of California
DSCA Denso Sales California
DCS Diagnostic Center Southern California
DCP Digital California Project
DCA Disney’s California Adventure
DMVQ DMV Customer Service Queuing Management System (California)
DUC Dominican University of California
DASC Doulas Association of Southern California
DASC Dressage Association of Southern California
ECLD Earth the Californian Love Dream
EBCAP East Bay California Arts Project
ELC El Centro, California
EECO Electronic Engineering Company of California
EPIC End Poverty In California
ESRI Environmental Systems Research Institute software, Redlands, California)
EQCA Equality California
EMAC Export Managers Association of California
EMOC Extreme Motorsports of California, Inc.
FACTS Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes
FWC Family Winemakers of California
SBC Ferrocarril Sonora-Baja California sa de Cv
FLICS Film Liaisons In California Statewide
FDAC Fire Districts Association of California
FCBC First Community Bancorp, California
FLACC Foreign Language Association of Central California
FCCC Foundation for the California Community Colleges
FFCC Foundation for the Children of the Californias
GCHP GAPA Community HIV Project (California)
GDCA Global Dining of California, Inc.
GDS Goldstone, California, DSN Tracking Station
GDCNC Great Dane Club of Northern California
GCLA Greater California Limousine Association
GCLA Greater California Livery Association
GRAC Groundwater Resources Association of California
GRA Groundwater Resources Association of California
GUB Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico – Guerrero Negro Airport
GLFCAL Gulf of California
HBSASC Harvard Business School Association of Southern California
HICCSC Hawaiian Inter-Club Council of Southern California
HHR Hawthorne California Municipal Airport
HDSCC Health Data Summaries for California Counties
HOAC Health Officers Association of California
HFNC Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California
HFSC Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California
HETAC Home Economics Teachers Association of California
HSC HomeSchool Association of California
HKANC Hong Kong Association of Northern California
HASC Hospital Association of Southern California
HCD Hyundai California Design
INNC Immunization Network of Northern California
IMPACT Independently Merging Parent Associations of California
ICPN Index of California Plant Names
IDAC Infectious Disease Association of California
IAO Information and Computer Science Alumni Organization (University of California, Irvine)
ICTN Inland California Television Network
ISMC Insect Sciences Museum of California
ICLM Inter-California Line in Mexico
IIC Intercultural Institute of California
IDCN Interior District California Nevada
IBOC International Bank of California
ICASP Interregional California Aviation System Plan
ICSC Islamic Center of Southern California
IYASC Iyengar Yoga Association of Southern California
JCSC Jain Center of Southern California
JDSU JDS Uniphase Corporation (California)
JCC Judicial Council of California
JLOCC Junior League of Orange County, California
KPSC Kaiser Permanente Southern California
KFACA Kayak Fishing Association of California
KFASC Kayak Fishing Association of Southern California
KASC Kodaly Association of Southern California
LAP La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico – Aeropuerto General Marquez De Leon
LRCSC Labrador Retriever Club of Southern California
LCC League of California Cities
LPC Libertarian Party of California
LCNC Lincoln Club of Northern California
LSOD Livermore Safety Operations Division (California
LVK Livermore, California
LIV Livermore, California
LBC Long Beach California
LTO Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico
LACA Los Angeles, California
LANC Lucban Association of Northern California
MANCA Malayalee Association of Northern California
MECA Marriage Equality California
MOCC Mazda Owners Club of California
MBC Medical Board of California
MBSC Medical Board of the State of California
MESC Medical Equipment Service of California
MIEC Medical Insurance Exchange of California
MSCC Medical Speech Pathology Council of California
MPINCC Meeting Professionals International Northern California Chapter
MAGIC Men’s Apparel Guild In California
MWD Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
MXL Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico – Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada
MBBR Monterey Bay BMW Riders (California)
PLM Mount Palomar, California
MBAT Mouse BIRN Atlasing Toolkit (Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at University of California, Los Angeles)
MNA MSCP Neutral Area Boundary (California)
MESC Museum Educators of Southern California
MTAC Music Teachers’ Association of California
NFBC National Federation of the Blind of California
NCM New California Media
NCCA New College of California Alumni
NOJCNC New Orleans Jazz Club of Northern California
NCNC Newfoundland Club of Northern California
NIAC Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California
NAPCC North American Parts Center California
NCCA North California Cricket Association
NCAL Northern California
NORCAL Northern California
NCASL Northern California Adult Soccer League
NCN Northern California and Nevada
NCAKE Northern California Association of Kodály Educators
NCBS Northern California Bluegrass Society
NCCNA Northern California Chapter of the Neuropathy Association
NCCAF Northern California Chinese Athletic Federation
NCCU Northern California Chinese Unit
NCCP Northern California Citizenship Project
NCCA Northern California Cloggers Association
NCCRA Northern California College Reading Association
NCCVL Northern California Collegiate Volleyball League
NCCLF Northern California Community Loan Fund
NCCAC Northern California Comprehensive Assistance Center
NCCA Northern California Concierge Association
NCCT Northern California Construction and Training, Inc.
NCCNA Northern California Convention of Narcotics Anonymous
NCCA Northern California Corvette Association, Inc.
NCCAC Northern California Council of Activity Coordinators
N4C Northern California Council of Camera Clubs
NCCS Northern California Courier Service
NCCA Northern California Cricket Association, Inc.
NCDC Northern California Dachshund Club
NCDA Northern California Demolay Association
NCDL Northern California Diagnostic Laboratories
NCDCL Northern California District Council of Laborers
NCEDC Northern California Earthquake Data Center
NCEB Northern California East Bay
NCEB Northern California Egyptian Breeders
NCFF Northern California Formosan Federation
NCFIA Northern California Fraud Investigators Association
NCGA Northern California Golf Association
NCGA Northern California Grocers Association
NCGPS Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society
NCHF Northern California Hemophilia Foundation
NCHS Northern California Herpetological Society
NCHDA Northern California Highland Dancing Association
NCIDC Northern California Indian Development Council
NCJOA Northern California Juvenile Officers Association
NCKS Northern California Ki Society
NCLR Northern California Land Rover Club
NCLT Northern California Land Trust
NCLS Northern California Lindy Society
NCLR Northern California Loop Race
NCMA Northern California Marine Association
NCMA Northern California Mineralogical Association
NCMA Northern California Modified Association
NCNC Northern California Nevada Conference
NCOA Northern California Officials Association
NCOG Northern California Oncology Group
NCOA Northern California Osage Association
NCPHRF Northern California Performance Handicap Racing Fleet
NCPR Northern California Planning and Research
NCPA Northern California Power Agency
NCPP-1 Northern California Professional Photographers
NCPP Northern California Professional Photographers
NCPB Northern California Public Broadcasting
NCPA Northern California Publishers & Authors
NCRC Northern California Racing Club
NCRC Northern California Reinvestment Consortium, Inc.
NCRA Northern California Reycling Association
NCRC Northern California Rover Club
NCSDC Northern California Seismic Data Center
NCSN Northern California Seismic Network
NCSF Northern California Services Facility
NCSA Northern California Soaring Association
NCSCC Northern California Sports Car Council
NCSDC Northern California Supplier Development Council
NCTPG Northern California Technical Processes Group
NCTA Northern California Terrier Association
NCT Northern California TRACON
NCTI Northern California Training Institute
NCTA Northern California Translators Association
NCVA Northern California Velodrome Association
NCVA Northern California Volleyball Association
CRSC Northern Californian Rabbit Specialty Club
NASC Numismatic Association of Southern California
OTAC Occupational Therapy Association of California
OSNC Ombudsman Services of Northern California
OAC Online Archive of California
OCE Oregon, California, and Eastern Railway Company
OCTA Oregon-California Trails Association
OFAC Organic Fertilizer Association of California
OPSC Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California
OXN Oxnard, California, USA
PSNC Packet Sysops of Northern California
PAO Palo Alto, California Municipal Airport
PCNC Pantera Club of Northern California
PRAC Park Rangers Association of California
PRCC Peninsular Railway Company of California
PBOC People’s Bank Of California
PACT Performance Assessment for California Teachers
PINC Permaculture Institute of Northern California
PTC-SC Personnel Testing Council of Southern California
PTCSC Personnel Testing Council Southern California
POSC Pet Orphans of Southern California
PTBC Physical Therapy Board of California
PFIC Pier Fishing in California
PPAC Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California
PRCC Plastic Recycling Corporation of California
PANC Power Association of Northern California
PINC Printing Industries of Northern California
PPC Professional Photographers of California
PACE Program in America and California Explorations
PMANC Promotional Marketing Association of Northern California
PFNC Psychiatric Foundation of Northern California
PPIC Public Policy Institute of California
RCC Rabbinical Council of California
RASCAL Rancho Attorney Service of California
RBOC Recreational Boaters of California
RCCA Reef Check California
RPCA Reform Party of California
RPPC Regional Perinatal Program of California
RSNC Rehabilitation Services of Northern California
RPFS Renaissance Pleasure Faire of Southern California
RHFSC Restoring Hope Foundation of Southern California
RSSC Robotics Society of Southern California
ROC Rocketry Organization of California
RHH Rollins Hudig Hall of Southern California, Inc.
RTNC Rummaging Through Northern California
RCHCS Rural California Housing Corporation
SACRIFICE Sacramento, California – Executive
SAC Sacramento, California – Executive
SBD San Bernardino, California
SQL San Carlos, California Municipal Airport
SDBP San Diego BLAACK Pages (est. 1995; California)
SDCA San Diego California
SDC San Diego, California
SFCA San Francisco, California
SJD San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico – Los Cabos International Airport
SMC Santa Maria, California
SZP Santa Paula, California
SCORE Schools of California Online Resources for Education
STCSC Sealyham Terrier Club of Southern California
SCDFC Sickle Cell Disease Foundation of California
SCNC Sindhi Community of Northern California
SCNC Singapore Club of Northern California
SOCIETY Soarin’ Over California
SOC Soarin’ Over California
SCA Society for California Archaeology
SCSC Software Council of Southern California
SECC Southeastern California Conference
SOCA Southern California
SOCAL Southern California
SCAL Southern California
SC Southern California
SCAR Southern California Abyssinian Rescue
SCAP Southern California Alliance of POTWs
SCAB Southern California American Sportbikes
SCARB Southern California Annual Realtors Banquet
SCARS Southern California Antique Radio Society
SOAR Southern California Anti-Submarine Warfare Range
SOCA Southern California APRS
SCADA Southern California Asian Deaf Association
SCAHRM Southern California Association for Healthcare Risk Management
SCAMPP Southern California Association for Miniature Potbellied Pigs
SCAG Southern California Association of Government
SCASS Southern California Association of Science Specialists
SCAE Southern California Astronomy Exposition
SCBA Southern California Badminton Association
SCBA Southern California Balloon Association
SCBA Southern California Basketball Academy
SCB Southern California Bight
SCBS Southern California Blues Society
SCBA Southern California Booksellers Association
SCBA Southern California Broadcasters Association
SCC Southern California Campus
SCCCS Southern California Center for Christian Studies
SCCCC Southern California Chevelle Camino Club
SCCA Southern California Clogging Association
SCCC Southern California Coaster Club
SCCO Southern California College of Optometry
SCCBL Southern California Collegiate Badminton League
SCCSC Southern California Collegiate Snowsport Conference
SCCOG Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games
SOCCAS Southern California Consortium of Art Schools
SCCA Southern California Contractors Association
SCCAP Southern California Council of Alumnae Panhellenics
SCCA Southern California Cricket Association
SCDT Southern California Dance Theatre
SCEMS Southern California Early Music Society
SCEC Southern California Earthquake Center
SCEC Southern California Ecumenical Council
SCE Southern California Edison Company
SCELC Southern California Electronic Library Consortium
SCEA Southern California Entrepreneurship Academy
SCEHSC Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center
SCEN Southern California Equestrian Network
SCFD Southern California Frequency Directory
SOCAL Southern California Gas Company
SCGSS Southern California Genealogical Society
SCHA Southern California Handball Association
SCHG Southern California Handweavers’ Guild, Inc.
SCHBA Southern California Hot Boat Association
SCIC Southern California Impreza Club
SCIC Southern California Indian Center
SCIFI Southern California Institute for Fan Interests
SCIL Southern California Instruction Librarians
SCIA Southern California Investment Association
SCIA Southern California Investment Banking Association
SCJ Southern California Jurisdiction
SCKF Southern California Kendo Federation
SCLA Southern California Lacrosse Association
SCLC Southern California Lancer Club
SCLC Southern California Linguistics Circle
VCV Southern California Logistics Airport
SCLA Southern California Logistics Airport
SCMA Southern California Mapua Alumni
SCMA Southern California Marine Association
SCMA Southern California Marksmen’s Association
SCMO Southern California Marlin Online
SCMH Southern California Material Handling
SCMA Southern California Mediation Association
SCMA Southern California Metro Area
SCMJ Southern California Monte Jade Science and Technology Association
SCMC Southern California Mormon Choir
SCME Southern California Mortgage Exchange
SCMA Southern California Motorcycling Association
SCMA Southern California Mountaineers Association
SCNC Southern California Nevada Conference
SCNC Southern California News Council
SCOPIL Southern California Occasional Papers in Linguistics
SCORE Southern California Off Road Enthusiasts
SCOPE Southern California Offshore Powerboat Elite
SCORE Southern California Off-shore Range
SOCALOMS Southern California Orders and Medals Society
SCOI Southern California Orthopedic Institute
SCOR Southern California Outdoor Racquetball
SCPC Southern California Particle Center
SCPA Southern California Percussion Alliance
SCPIE Southern California Physicians Insurance Exchange
SCPEA Southern California Professional Engineering Association
SCREA Southern California Real Estate Alliance
SCRS Southern California Recorder Society
SCRF Southern California Reformed Fellowship
SCROC Southern California Regional Occupational Center
SCRE Southern California Rehabilitation Exchange
SCRL Southern California Research Lodge
SCREAM Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music
SCRW Southern California Restaurant Writers
SCRA Southern California Rocket Association
SCRCA Southern California Roofing Contractors Association
SCSN Southern California Seismic Network
SCSR Southern California Slope Racing
SCSCH Southern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis
SCSC Southern California Solution Center
SCSC Southern California Speedboat Club
SCSC Southern California Subbuteo Club
SCSI Southern California Systems, Incorporated
STAR Southern California Terminal Airspace Realignment
SCTA Southern California Timing Association
SCT Southern California TRACON
SCTI Southern California Transplantation Institute
SCTC Southern California Turfgrass Council
SCUF Southern California Ukulele Festival
SCUM Southern California Unified Malacologists
SCUPS Southern California University for Professional Studies
SCU Southern California University of Health Sciences
SCUG Southern California User Group
SCVC Southern California Volleyball Club
SCWP Southern California Women Photographers
SCWP Southern California Workforce Partnership
SCYA Southern California Yachting Association
SONC Special Olympics Northern California
SAAC Specialty Advertising Association of California
SSC Sprint Sense California
SOCAL Standard Oil Company of California
SBC State Bar of California
SFCCIP State Farm California Community Investment Program
SCATE State of California Association of Teacher Educators
SCADA State of California Auto Dismantlers Association
SUCSD State University of California at San Diego
SCAN States of California and Nevada
SCCBW Statewide California Coalition for Battered Women
SCELC Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium
SCSC Stereo Club of Southern California
SCTA Student California Teachers Association
SCEDD Superior California Economic Development District
TECA Tax-Exempt Fund of California
TEAC Technology Education Association of California
TCCC Thai Chamber of Commerce of California
AISC The Art Institute of Southern California
TBC The Bakersfield Californian
TBOC The Best of California
TCAP The California Arts Project
TCCC The California Crystal Connection
TCE The California Endowment
TSBC The Sperm Bank of California
TUSC The University of Southern California
TIJ Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico – General Abelardo L Rodriguez
TRO Toro Peak, California
TOA Torrance, California Municipal Airport
TOC Tour of California
TMMBC Toyota Motor Manufacturing Baja California
TMMCA Toyota Motor Manufacturing, California
TACC Triple Area Agencies on Aging Council of California
UBOC Union Bank of California
UBC Union Bank of California
UASC United Anglers of Southern California
UNAC United Nurses Associations of California
UPEC United Public Employees of California
UABC Universidad Autónoma de Baja California
UCDJILP University California Davis Journal of International Law and Policy
UC University of California
UCAICRA University of California American Indian Counselors & Recruiters Associaton
UCBMUN University of California at Berkeley Model United Nations
UCD University of California at Davis
UCIMC University of California at Irvine Medical Center
UCLA University of California at Los Angeles
UCM University of California at Merced
UCSF University of California at San Francisco
UCSB University of California at Santa Barbara
UKRAINE University of California Audits
UCBX University of California Berkeley Extension
UCCP University of California College Preparatory Initiative
UCLA University of California Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching
UCDL University of California Digital Library
UCH University of California Hospital
UCLR University of California Lawrence Radiation
UCLRL University of California Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
UCMP University of California Museum of Paleontology
UCOAC University of California Observatories Advisory Committee
UPSA University of California Performance Skills Assessment
UCPD University of California Police Department
UCPC University of California President’s Council
UCP University of California Press
UCPAAE University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Enthology
UCRL University of California Radiation Laboratory
UCR University of California Regents
UCRP University of California Retirement Plan
UCRP University of California Revelle Program on Climate Science and Policy
UCSA University of California Student Association
UCSAREP University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
UCTV University of California Television
UCB University of California, Berkeley
CAL University of California, Berkeley
UCBE University of California, Berkeley Extension
UCH University of California, Hastings College of the Law
UCI University of California, Irvine
UCR University of California, Riverside
UCSD University of California, San Diego
UCSC University of California, Santa Cruz
UCSB University of California, Southern Branch
UCSD University of California, Sunny Dale
USC University of Southern California
USCAA University of Southern California Alumni Association
USC-CSSE University of Southern California Center for Systems and Software Engineering
USCMC University of Southern California Medical Center
USLC University of St. Linus California
UUASC UNIX Users Association of Southern California
VCI Verizon California, Inc.
VABASC Vietnamese American Bar Association of Southern California
VSCA Vital Statistics of California
WINCO Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon Foods
WCNC Wellesley Club of Northern California
WSC Westminster Seminary California
WCNC Wharton Club of Northern California
WHP Whiteman Airport, Los Angeles, California
WPAC Widowed Persons Association of California
WIC Wine Institute of California
WIC Wood Institute of California
WIC Woodwork Institute of California
YRUSC Yacht Racing Union of Southern California

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