Rural Abbreviations

From the Latin rurālis, rural is an adjective that refers to what belongs to or is related to life in the countryside (or in the village). That said, rural is the opposite of urban (the scope of the city ).


Rural Abbreviations

A field is an extensive piece of land that is outside large (more populated) localities. The arable land , the sown and the crops are part of the countryside and, therefore, of the rural environment.

The rural landscape usually includes large tracts of land and activities typical of agriculture or livestock. If urban life is linked to the economic sector of services or industrial activity, the rural world includes milking cows, sowing soybeans or raising cattle, among other activities.

Rural tourism is understood as the tourist activity that takes place in a rural area. This type of tourism usually takes place in small towns (with less than 2,000 inhabitants) or in areas bordering the urban areas of cities.

Rural tourism offers accommodation in large resorts or on farms (farms or estates) that are remodeled and adapted to offer all possible amenities to visitors. It is common for these establishments to be run by families and inhabited by the owners themselves.

Agritourism belongs to rural tourism. This modality consists of showing and teaching the tourist the productive process that takes place in agricultural establishments. Visitors can learn how artisanal cheese is made, for example , and they even have the possibility to buy these products on site, that is, at the establishment itself.


The concept of rurality, which derives from rural , is usually used in technical and scientific publications with reference to the set of social phenomena that develop in a rural environment and that make it possible to build identity.

It is important to note that there is no single definition of rurality, as the notion is often under debate. In general terms, it can be said that rurality encompasses the phenomena and events that take place in areas dedicated to agricultural and livestock activities.

Moving forward with the idea , rurality is understood as the link that establishes a community with a rural space. Through this relationship, the construction of a social meaning takes place .

It can be said that rurality is a form of relationship between the human being and the rural space that implies the valorization of heritage and an appropriation of a symbolic nature.

Rurality, therefore, transcends the fact of living in a rural area . The idea is related to the representations that people build about themselves, their neighbors, their traditions and the activities they carry out in that place. In this way, human beings construct symbols and representations that give meaning to their resources and their history.
This awareness, according to experts, marks the way of action of individuals who live in a rural area and allows them to transform that environment. Without rurality, understood as the valorization of rural resources and the identity of those who inhabit them, sustainable development is not possible.

List of Acronyms Related to Rural

ARDP Accelerated Rural Development Program
ARWSP Accelerated Rural Water Supply Programme
ARA Accredited Rural Appraiser
ACRE Action Committee for Rural Electrification
ACRE Action Committee on Rural Economy
ARTS Advanced Rural Transportation System
ASTPRA Advanced Specialist Training Posts in Rural Areas
ARPAN Advancement of Rural People and Nature
ARHC Affordable Rural Housing Commission
AARDO Afro-Asian Rural Development Organization
ADR Agence de Développement Rural
ANADR Agence Nationale de Developpement Rural
AKRSP Agha Khan Rural Support Programme
ARDA Agricultural and Rural Development Act
ARDA Agricultural and Rural Development Association
ARH Agricultural and Rural History
ARRG Agricultural and Rural Restructuring Group
ARDB Agriculture & Rural Development Bank
ARAC Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee
ARAD Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department
ARD Agriculture and Rural Development
ARDI Agriculture and Rural Development Initiative
ARDP Agriculture and Rural Development Project
ARID Agriculture and Rural Income Diversification
AFRA Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
AFRD Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
ARDN Agriculture, Rural Development and Nutrition
ARIES Agriculture, Rural Investment, and Enterprise Strengthening
ARRT AIDS Resources of Rural Texas
ARWA Alabama Rural Water Association
ACRH Alaska Center for Rural Health
ARECA Alaska Rural Electric Cooperative Association
ARHC Alaska Rural Health Conference
ARTN Alaska Rural Telehealth Network
ARWA Alaska Rural Water Association
AARD Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
ARDN Alberta Rural Development Network
ARFMN Alberta Rural Family Medicine Network
ASRM Alberta Section of Rural Medicine
ARHC Andean Rural Health Care
ARHC Andean Rural Health Corporation
APARD Andhra Pradesh Academy of Rural Development
APREGS Andhra Pradesh Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
AJR Animation Jeunesse Rurale
ARSI Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative
ARTI Applied Rural Telecommunications Information
ATTRA Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
AHR Archives de l’Histoire Rurale
ARWA Arkansas Rural Water Association
ARDF Arunodaya Rural Development Federation
ARI Asia Rural Institute
AFA Asian Farmers Association for Sustainable Rural Development
AIRD Asian Institute for Rural Development
APRACA Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association
AMERG Asociación de Maestros Rurales Guatemaltecos
AGER Asociacion Gremial del Empresariado Rural
AMAR Asociacion Nacional de Amas de Casa Rurales de Columbia
ADIR Asociacion para el Desarollo Integral Rural
CENEPP Asociación para la Promoción del Desarrollo Rural
ARUS Asociacion Rural del Uruguay
ARU Asociacion Rural del Uruguay
SER Asociacion Servicios Educativos Rurales
APRIL Aspects of Rural Independent Living
ARD Associates in Rural Development
ARF Association des Ruralistes Français
AFRA Association for Rural Advancement
AREC Association for Rural and Environment Care
ARCOD Association for Rural Community Development
ARD Association for Rural Development
ARDAR Association for Rural Development and Action Research
ARDPAS Association for Rural Development of Poor Areas in Sichuan
APRS Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland
AIRC Association Internationale Rurale Catholique
ANAR Association Nationale d’Action Rurale
AARN Association of Australian Rural Nurses
AREDS Association of Rural Education and Development Service
APCR Association pour la Catechese en Rural
ADAR Association pour le Développement des Activités Rurales
ACRA Associazione di Cooperazione Rurale in Africa ed America Latina
AMRB Atwima Mponua Rural Bank Ltd.
ACRRM Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine
ARRAHT Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health Taskforce
ARHEN Australian Rural Health Education Network
ARLP Australian Rural Leadership Program
ARY Australian Rural Youth
AIREP Avbodh IQG Rural Empowerment Program (India)
BRS Bachelor of Rural Studies
BRDP Bahawalpur Rural Development Project
BRICC Ballantrae Rural Initiative Care in the Community
BRTC Ballard Rural Telephone Cooperative
BRSP Balochistan Rural Support Programme
BANRURAL Banco de Desarrollo Rural
BMRDA Bangalore Metropolitan Rural Development Authority
BARD Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development
BRAC Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee
BRDB Bangladesh Rural Development Board
BARRA Bangladesh Rural Reconstruction Association
BRTA Bangladesh Rural Telecom Authority
BIRD Bankers Institute of Rural Development
BART Bay Area Rural Transit
BRAF Bedfordshire Rural Affairs Forum
BRDP Belize Rural Development Programme
BREA Benton Rural Electric Association
BPRD Biomass Power for Rural Development
BRFD Bismarck Rural Fire Department
BHRP Blackdown Hills Rural Partnership
BLR Boîte Aux Lettres Rurale
BARC Bonsall Area for a Rural Community
BRC Border Rural Committee
BREMCO Bossier Rural Electric Membership Corporation
BRFD Boulder Rural Fire Department
BRAND Broadband for Rural and Northern Development
BRAG Buckinghamshire Rural Affairs Group
BURUDA Bukana Rural Development Association
BAIR Bureau d’ Appui aux Initiatives Rurales
BRS Bureau of Rural Sciences
BRW Bureau of Rural Workers
BARA Business Advice for Rural Areas
CCDR Cadre de Concertation de Développement Rural
CCRP California Center for Rural Policy
CRLA California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc.
CARE Camano Action for a Rural Environment
CREDIT Cambodia Rural Economic Development Initiatives for Transformation
CRDT Cambodian Rural Development Team
CRE Campaign for Rural England
CARDS Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development Fund in Saskatchewan
CARM Canadian Association of Rural Manitoba
CJRM Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine
CRRF Canadian Rural Restructuring Foundation
CRRF Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation
CBRDP Cao Bang Rural Development Project
CARTS Capital Area Rural Transportation System
CRFPD Carbondale and Rural Fire Protection District
CRDL Cassa Rurale di Darzo e Lodrone
CMRD Cavan Monaghan Rural Development
CRDB Centenary Rural Development Bank
CARD Center for Agricultural and Rural Development
CARI Center for Applied and Rural Innovation
CERH Center for Environmental and Rural Health
CERS Center for Excellence in Rural Safety
CPSRE Center for Policy Studies in Rural Education
CRA Center for Rural Affairs
CRD Center for Rural Development
CREM Center for Rural Emergency Medicine
CFRE Center for Rural Entrepreneurship
CRHP Center for Rural Health Practice
CRP Center for Rural Pennsylvania
CRS Center for Rural Strategies
CRT Center for Rural Technology
CONAC Center of North America Coalition for Rural Development
CERA Centers of Excellence in Rural America
CIRE Central Institute for Rural Electrification
CTRTD Central Texas Rural Transit District
CER Centre d’Économie Rurale
CEIR Centre Européen d’Intérêt Rural
CCRD Centre for Cooperatives and Rural Development
CRDT Centre for Rural Development and Training
CFRI Centre for Rural Innovation
CRSR Centre for Rural Social Research
CRSE Centre for Rural Studies and Enrichment
CSRD Centre for Sustainable Rural Development
CRAS Centre Rural d’Animation Sanitaire
CSR Centre Social Rural
CALL-TO-ACTION Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale
CTA Centre Technique de Coopération Agricole et Rurale
CIVAM Centres d’Initiatives pour Valoriser l’Agriculture et Milieu Rural
CEAR Centro de Apoyo Rural
CIMDER Centro de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias en Desarrollo Rural
CRA Centro Rural Agrupado
CMR Chrétiens dans le Monde Rural
CRAN Christian Rural Aid Network
CROP Christian Rural Overseas Program
CARR City Area Rural Rides
CORDS Civil Operations and Rural Development Support
CRFPD Clatskanie Rural Fire Protection District
CURB Clean Up Rural Beaches
CRISTAL Collaborative Rural Interdisciplinary Service Training and Learning
AFRE College of Agriculture Food and Rural Enterprise
CAFRE College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise
CRA College of Rural Alaska
CCART Collin County Area Rural Transit
CRDC Colorado Rural Development Council
CRLS Colorado Rural Legal Services, Inc.
CODER Comisión para el Desarrollo Rural
CFR Commission Foncière Rurale
CRC Commission for Rural Communities
CLURE Commission on Land Use and the Rural Environment
CVR Communaute de Communes du Vendomois Rural
CTRE Communication Technology for Rural Education
CARD Communicators for Agricultural and Rural Development
CARDI Community and Rural Development Institute
CCRD Community Cooperative for Rural Development
CORE Community Options for Rural Elders
CBRDP Community-Based Rural Development Project
CBRD Community-Based Rural Development Project
CBRI Community-Based Rural Infrastructure
CRHP Comprehensive Rural Health Project
CNPR Confederación Nacional de Propietarios Rurales
CIDER Consejo Integrado para el Desarollo Rural
CREA Consorcios Rurales de Experimentacion Agricola
CARM Construction Association of Rural Manitoba
CDR Contribution au Développement Rural
CDRO Cooperacion para el Desarrollo Rural de Occidente
CARD Cooperative Agricultural and Rural Development Bank
CARE Cottage And Rural Enterprises
CRAP County Rural Addressing Project
CHARD Craven Harrogate and Rural District
CCRD Credit Committee for Rural Development
CRAMP Crediton Rural Arts and Music Project
DRILP Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Project
DIRD Delhi Institute of Rural Development
DRIF Demand-Driven Rural Investment Fund
DETR Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
DARD Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
DARDNI Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Northern Ireland
AREX Department of Agriculture and Rural Extension
DAFRD Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
DCRAGA Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs
DEFRA Department of Farming and Rural Affairs
ITRD Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
ITRDS Department of Industry, Trade and Rural Development
ITRD Department of Innovation, Trade, and Rural Development
ITRDS Department of Innovation, Trade, and Rural Development
DIRD Department of International and Rural Development
DORD Department of Rural Development
DRS Department of Rural Sociology
DRWS Department of Rural Water Supply
DEFRA Department of the Environment, Fisheries and Rural Affairs
DTR Desarrollo Territorial Rural
DWACRA Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas
DARS Developpement Agricole et Rural au Sud
DRNS Dickey Rural Network
DRN Dickey Rural Network
DAR Dirección de Acueductos Rurales
DDR Direction du Developpement Rural
DFRRI Directorate of Food Roads and Rural Infrastructure
DRDA District Rural Development Agency
DRDP District Rural Development Programme
DRHS Duxbury Rural and Historical Society
ECRTP East Cornwall Rural Transport Partnership
EERF East of England Rural Forum
ERDF Eastern Rural Development Foundation
ERTA Eastern Rural Telephone Association
ERDS Economic Rural Development Society
ECRR Edinburgh Centre for Rural Research
ECRA Electronic Communication for Rural America
EMATER Empresa de Assistência Técnica e Extensão Rural do Estado de Minas Gerais
EAR Empresas Asociativas Rurales
EFRA Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
EFRA Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Committee
EREF Espace Rural Emploi Formation
ERTO Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation
EREP Ethiopian Rural Education Project
EAFRD European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development
ECARDC European Conference on Agricultural and Rural Development in China
ECRT European Congress on Rural Tourism
ELARD European Leader Association for Rural Development
EURIPA European Rural and Isolated Practitioners Association
ESRS European Society for Rural Sociology
EMPIRE Exemplary Multicultural Practices in Rural Education
ERPDO Extensive Rural Poor Development Organisation
FRFD Fairview Rural Fire Department
FARM Families Against Rural Messes
FRCA Farming and Rural Conservation Agency
FRCI Fermanagh Rural Community Initiative
FURCS Flinders University Rural Clinical School
FRBA Florida Rural Broadband Alliance
FRHA Florida Rural Health Association
FRLS Florida Rural Legal Services, Inc
FRWA Florida Rural Water Association
FRW Fondation Rurale de Wallonie
FGER Fonds de Gestion de l’Espace Rural
FFRA Food, Farming and Rural Affairs
FRFA Forest and Rural Fires Act
FORWARD Forum for Rural Welfare and Agricultural Reform for Development
FARM Foundation for Agricultural and Rural Management
FEDRA Foundation for Education and Development of Rural Areas
FRRR Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
FORD Foundation for Rural Development
FRS Foundation for Rural Service
FRY Foundation for Rural Youth
FERC Foundation for the Education of Rural Children
FRFD Frenchtown Rural Fire Department
FIRDOS Fund for Integrated Rural Development of Syria
FFRA Fund for Rural America
FRA Fund for Rural America
GRDC Galway Rural Development Company
GRI Gandhigram Rural Institute
GDRS General Directorate of Rural Services
GPRI General Practice Rurality Index
GRSP Ghazni Rural Support Program
GRASP Giving Rural Adult a Study Program
GRUMP Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project
GRLPB Goulburn Rural Lands Protection Board
GLRAR Great Lakes Rural Australians for Refugees
HIRL Hamilton Institute of Rural Learning
HIRE Heartland Investment and Rural Employment
HRRR High-Risk Rural Roads
HRAP Hillside Rural Activities Park
HART Holderness Area Rural Transport
HRO Honorary Rural Organizer
IRPEF Improvement of Rural Primary Education Facilities Project
ICR Incentivo Para la Capitalización Rural
IIRMS Indian Institute of Rural Management
IOCRA Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs
IARW Information Access for Rural Women
IRDL Inishowen Rural Development Limited
IRDL Inishowen Rural Development Ltd.
IER Institut d’Economie Rurale
IIRR Institut International pour la Reconstruction Rurale
ILGARD Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development
IRF Institute for Rural Futures
IRHR Institute for Rural Health Research
IRIS Institute for Rural Innovation and Stewardship
ISRD Institute for Small and Rural Districts
IRD Institute of Rural Development
IRH Institute of Rural Health
IRM Institute of Rural Management
IRMA Institute of Rural Management, Anand
IHERA Instituto de Hidráulica Engenharia Rural e Ambiente
IIRR Instituto Internacional de Reconstrucción Rural
IDARI Integrated Development of Agriculural and Rural Institutions
IRDP Integrated Rural Development Programme
IREP Integrated Rural Energy Programme
ISRD Integrated Sustainable Rural Development
IARD International Agriculture and Rural Development
ICRA International Catholic Rural Association
ICAR International de Credit Agricole Rural
IIRR International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
IMCARY International Movement of Catholic Agricultural and Rural Youth
IRSA International Rural Sociology Association
ISC International Steering Committee on the Economic Advancement of Rural Women
IRCC iRural Community Consortium
IWRCC Isle of Wight Rural Community Council
JRFD Jamestown Rural Fire Department
JRH Journal of Rural Health
KITENEP Karamoja Integrated Rural Education Project
KRWSSA Karnataka Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency
KRCC Kent Rural Community Council
KREP Kenya Rural Enterprise Programme
KRDA Khmer Rural Development Association
KRDA Korea Rural Development Administration
LEADER Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l’Economie Rurale
LAMIRD Limited Areas of More Intense Rural Development
LPRW Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water
LGRD Local Government and Rural Development
LGRDD Local Government and Rural Development Department
LORD Loyal Organisation for Rural Development
LORDER Loyal Organisation for Rural Development
LORDS Loyola Organisation for Rural Development Society
LORAC Lutherans of Rural Area Congregations
MGNREGA Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
MRWC Main Rural Workers Coalition
MRDC Maine Rural Development Council
MFR Maison Familiale Rurale
MRTTP Malawi Rural Travel and Transport Programme
MRAC Manitoba Rural Adaptation Council
MRDO Massaba Rural Development Organisation
MRBS Medical Rural Bonded Scholarship Scheme
MRHFP Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Program
MPMR Mesa Permanente de Mujeres Rurales
MICRO Micro Industry Credit Rural Organization
MRTC Midwest Rural Telemedicine Consortium
MRAE Minister for Rural Affairs and the Environment
MDRP Ministere du Developpement Rural et de la Peche
MRRD Ministry for Reconstruction and Rural Development
MARA Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs
MARD Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
MOELGRD Ministry of Environment, Local Government, and Rural Development
MOLARR Ministry of Lands Agriculture and Rural Resettlement
MLARR Ministry of Lands Agriculture and Rural Resettlement
MMRA Ministry of Municipalities and Rural Affairs
MRRD Ministry of Rural & Regional Development
MORAE Ministry of Rural Areas and Employment
MRAE Ministry of Rural Areas and Employment
MORD Ministry of Rural Development
MRD Ministry of Rural Development
MRRD Ministry of Rural Reconstruction and Development
MRRD Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
RRD Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development
MURL Minnesota Urban and Rural Homestead Program
MRFD Minot Rural Fire Department
MADERA Mission d’Aide Au Développement des Economies Rurales En Afghanistan
MRCC Missouri Rural Crisis Center
MRII Missouri Rural Innovation Institute
MREA Montana Rural Education Association
MER Mouvement Européen de La Ruralité
MST Movimiento de Trabajadores Rurales Sin Tierra
NRDP Namibia Rural Development Project
NRDP Narowal Rural Development Program
NARDP National Agriculture and Rural Development Plan
NABARD National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
NCRLE National Center for Rural Law Enforcement
NCRA National Center on Rural Aging
NCRA National Coalition on Rural Aging
NCRL National Commission on Rural Labour
NIURP National Institute for Urban and Rural Planning
NPRI National Programme for Rural Industrialisation
NRAC National Rural Advisory Council
NRADAN National Rural Alcohol and Drug Abuse Network
NRDP National Rural Development Partnership
NRDP National Rural Development Plan
NREA National Rural Education Association
NRECA National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
NREG National Rural Employment Guarantee
NREGA National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
NREGP National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme
NREGS National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
NREP National Rural Employment Programme
NREC National Rural Enterprise Centre
NRHM National Rural Health Mission
NRKE National Rural Knowledge Exchange
NRLCA National Rural Letter Carriers Association
NRSP National Rural Support Programme
NRTC National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative
NRUCFC National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation
NRRT Natural Resource Rural Tourism
NRRTI Natural Resource Rural Tourism Initiative
NIRPHAD Naujhil Integrated Rural Project for Health and Development
NREA Nebraska Rural Electric Association
NERHA Nebraska Rural Health Association
NVRWA Nevada Rural Water Association
NCRCS New Comprehensive Rural Credit Scheme
NMRWA New Mexico Rural Water Association
NRE New Rural Economy
NYRWA New York Rural Water Association
NRDS Noakhali Rural Development Society
NIRDP Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme
NORW Northern Ohio Rural Water
NRAC Northern Rural Area Committee
NURM Northland Urban Rural Mission
RDN Nsw Rural Doctors Network
OSPRERA Obra Social del Personal Rural y Estibadores de La República Argentina
ORCA Office of Rural Community Affairs
ORH Office of Rural Health
ORHP Office of Rural Health Policy
ORDP Ohio Rural Development Partnership
OREC Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc.
ORDC Oklahoma Rural Development Council
OMAFRA Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
ORDC Oregon Rural Development Council
OMIARD Organic Marketing Initiatives And Rural Development
ORD Organisation for Rural Development
ORES Organization of Rural Elementary Schools
OROS Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools
ORUPA Orissa Rural and Urban Producers’ Association
ORHP Oxfordshire Rural Housing Partnership
PRSP Pakistan Rural Support Programme
PRCC Parallel Rural Community Curriculum
PRA Participatory Rural Appraisal
PRA Participatory Rural Assessment
PRCA Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal
PRDF Participatory Rural Development Foundation
PRD Partners in Rural Development
PRIN Partnership for Rural Inverness & Nairn
PARSS Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools
PRAA Pennsylvania Rural Arts Alliance
PREA Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association
PARA People’s Action for Rural Awakening
PARD People’s Association for Rural Development
PIRD People’s Institute of Rural Development
PRDA People’s Rural Development Association
PREM People’s Rural Education Movement
PRISP Philippine Rural Institutional Strengthening Programme
PTCRD Philippine Training Center for Rural Development
PGDRD Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Development
PARSP Post-Accession Rural Support Project
PGPRM Post-Graduate Program in Rural Management
PRHCSB Primary and Rural Health Care Systems Branch
PACERS Program for the Academic and Cultural Enhancement of Rural Schools
PIDER Programa de Inversiones Para el Desarrollo Rural
PRAT Programa de Regularización y Administración de Tierras Rurales
PEARL Project to Enhance Aged Rural Living
PRIP Provincial and Rural Infrastructure Project
PURA Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas
PAAR Proyecto de Administración de Áreas Rurales
PHARE Public Health and the Agricultural Rural Ecosystem
PRSP Punjab Rural Support Programme
RRK Radio Rurale de Kayes
RGRHCL Rajiv Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation Limited
RDRS Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service
RRA Rapid Rural Appraisal
RRBG Redundant Rural Buildings Grant
RCRC Regional Council of Rural Counties
RRB Regional Rural Bank
RRB Regional Rural Banks, India
RDR Règlement sur le Développement Rural
RERD Renewable Energy and Rural Development
RADAR Reseau Afro-Asiatique pour le Developpement de l’Aviculture Rurale
RRE Reseau Rural d’Education
RRF Réseau Rural Français
RURE Rose Urban Rural Exchange
RISE Rossing Foundation Rural People’s Institute for Social Empowerment
RRLO Ruhunu Rural Ladies Organisation
R Rural
RAMP Rural Abandoned Mine Program
RAI Rural Access Initiative
RAED Rural Access to Emergency Devices
RAD Rural Action for Development
RAP Rural Action Project
RAZ Rural Action Zone
RAFCOR Rural Adjustment and Finance Corporation
RAFI Rural Advancement Foundation Intenational
RAF Rural Advancement Fund
RADA Rural Agricultural Development Authority
RAIPAP Rural Agricultural Improvement and Public Affairs Project
RAPID Rural Agricultural Productivity Improvement and Development
RADAR Rural AIDS and Development Action Research
RAPP Rural AIDS Prevention Project
RAHI Rural Alaska Honors Institute
RANA Rural Alaska Native Adult
RASC Rural Alaska Sanitation Coalition
RAA Rural Alberta Advantage
RAI Rural Alliance Inc
RAV Rural Ambulance Victoria
RASF Rural Americans for a Secure Future
RCHI Rural and Community Health Initiative
RCHI Rural and Community Health Institute
RLIS Rural and Low-Income School
RPDS Rural and Peninsula Disability Support
RARA Rural and Regional Australia
RARA Rural and Remote Area
RRH Rural and Remote Health Initiative
RRMEO Rural and Remote Medical Education Online
RSTP Rural and Small Town Programme
RSMC Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier
RA Rural Area
RAFA Rural Area Flexibility Analysis
RAI Rural Area Interface
RARP Rural Area Revitalization Program
RAVS Rural Area Veterinary Services
RAC Rural Assistance Center
RADE Rural Association for the Development of the Economy
RAX Rural Automatic Exchange
RBBI Rural Bank of Bayombong, Inc.
RBC Rural Broadband Coalition
RBSG Rural Bus Subsidy Grant
RBAT Rural Business Advice and Training
RBCDS Rural Business and Cooperative Development Service
RBS Rural Business Cooperative Service
RBRU Rural Business Research Unit
RBSD Rural Business Services Development
RCHCS Rural California Housing Corporation
RCA Rural Carrier Associate
RCA Rural Cellular Association
RCC Rural Cellular Corporation
RCDI Rural Chronic Disease Initiative
RCWP Rural Clean Water Program
RCFDP Rural Coastal Fisheries Development Project
RCAM Rural Community Action Ministry
RCAC Rural Community Assistance Corporation
RCAP Rural Community Assistance Partnership
RCCA Rural Community College Alliance
RCCI Rural Community College Initiative
RCC Rural Community Council
RCD Rural Community Development
RCDM Rural Community Development and Motivation
RCDI Rural Community Development Initiative
RCDP Rural Community Development Program
RCDR Rural Community Development Resources
RCIS Rural Community Insurance Services
RCP Rural Community Phones
RCTI Rural Community Transport Initiative
RCTP Rural Community Transport Partnership
RCCU Rural Cooperatives Credit Union
RCCU Rural Credit Cooperative Union
RCM Rural Credit Market
RETIRED Rural Dean
RD Rural Dean
RETIRED Rural Delivery
RD Rural Delivery
RDBA Rural Design and Building Association
RETIRED Rural Development
RD Rural Development
RDA Rural Development Administration
RDAP Rural Development and Agricultural Production
RDCD Rural Development and Cooperatives Division
RDFS Rural Development and Food Security
RDNR Rural Development and Natural Resources
RDB Rural Development Bank
RDC Rural Development Center
RDC Rural Development Commission
RDC Rural Development Connection
RDC Rural Development Council
RDF Rural Development Foundation of Pakistan
RDIF Rural Development Initiative Fund
RDLC Rural Development Learning Centre
RDO Rural Development Office
RDPM Rural Development Performance Measures
RDP Rural Development Plan
RDP Rural Development Program
RDS Rural Development Service
RDSN Rural Development Services Network
RDS Rural Development Strategy
RDSB Rural Development Studies Bureau
RDT Rural Development Training
RDTC Rural Development Training Center
RDTB Rural Development Trust Board
RDVA Rural Development Volunteers Association
RDAT Rural Doctors Association of Tasmania
RDAV Rural Doctors Association of Victoria
RECD Rural Economic and Community Development
REAP Rural Economic Area Partnership
REAL Rural Economic Assistance League
REDG Rural Economic Development Grants
REDI rural economic development initiative
REDL Rural Economic Development Loan
RETAC Rural Economic Technical Assistance Center
RESSG Rural Economy and Society Study Group
REAP Rural Education Achievement Program
REAL Rural Education and Action for Liberation
REAA Rural Education Attendance Area
READ Rural Education for Action and Development Agency
REFA Rural Education Forum Australia
REACH Rural Educational Achievement Can be Higher
REA Rural Electric Association
RECYCLE Rural Electric Cooperative
REC Rural Electric Cooperative
REMC Rural Electric Membership Cooperative
REPLY Rural Electrification
RE Rural Electrification
REA Rural Electrification Administration
REB Rural Electrification Board
RECYCLE Rural Electrification Corporation
REC Rural Electrification Corporation
RECYCLE Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd
REC Rural Electrification Corporation Ltd
REGP Rural Employment Generation Programme
REGS Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
REED Rural Energy Enterprise Development
REAP Rural Enterprise Adaptation Program
REAP Rural Enterprise Assistance Project
REDP Rural Enterprise Development Programme
REDP Rural Enterprise Development Project
REG Rural Enterprise Gateway
REACH Rural Enterprising as a Community Help
REDP Rural Entrepreneurship Development Programme
REAP Rural Environmental Assistance Program
RECP Rural Environmental Conservation Program
READI Rural Equipping and Development International
CX Rural Exchange
RFD Rural Farm District
RFCS Rural Financial Counselling Services
RFSP Rural Financial Services Programme
RFSP Rural Financial Services Project
RFB Rural Fire Brigade
RFD Rural Fire Department
RFPC Rural Fire Prevention and Control
RFS Rural Fire Service
RFSA Rural Fire Service Association
RFLA Rural Forest Landowner Assistance
RFD Rural Free Delivery
RF Rural Friends
RGH Rural General Hospital
RGSG Rural Geography Specialty Group
RGIS Rural Geospatial Innovations
RGSL Rural Girls Softball League
RHC Rural Handicrafts Company
RHAT Rural Health Association of Tennessee
RHCC Rural Health Care Coalition
RHCC Rural Health Care Corporation
RHCD Rural Health Care Division USAC)
RHCS Rural Health Care System
RHC Rural Health Centers
RHC Rural Health Clinic
RHC Rural Health Conference
RHDS Rural Health Delivery System
RHDC Rural Health Development Centre
RHDP Rural Health Development Program
RHEC Rural Health Education Center
RHED Rural Health Education Database
RHEF Rural Health Education Foundation
RHIC Rural Health Information Clearinghouse
RHNSCNY Rural Health Network of South Central New York Inc.
RHO Rural Health Office
RHP Rural Health Partnership
RHPC Rural Health Policy Council
RHP Rural Health Professions
RHSC Rural Health Services Consortium, Inc.
RHU Rural Health Unit
RHW Rural Health Works
RHF Rural Homeownership Fund
RHP Rural Hospital Program
RHCDS Rural Housing and Community Development Service
RHED Rural Housing and Economic Development
RHAG Rural Housing Assistance Grant
RHC Rural Housing Coalition, Inc.
RHI Rural Housing Institute
RHLF Rural Housing Loan Fund
RHN Rural Housing Network
RHS Rural Housing Service
RIDP Rural Income Diversification Project
RIME Rural Income Maintenance Experiment
RICA Rural Independent Competitive Alliance
RIDA Rural Industrial Development Authority
RIIC Rural Industries Innovation Centre
RIRDC Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation
RISC Rural Industries Service Centre
RIST Rural Industries Skill Training
RIDF Rural Infrastructure Development Fund
RIDP Rural Infrastructure Development Project
RIII Rural Infrastructure Investment Initiative
RIRP Rural Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project
RISE Rural Initiative for Social Equality
RIC Rural Instruction Centre
RIAA Rural Internet Access Authority
RISP Rural Internet Service Provider
RISP Rural Investment and Services Project
RJTI Rural Job Training Initiative
RJI Rural Justice Institute
RKO Rural King Ohio
RLUP Rural Land Use Process
RLPB Rural Lands Protection Board
RLC Rural Limited Commercial
RLDP Rural Livelihood Development Project
RLIP Rural Living Infrastructure Program
RLZ Rural Living Zone
RMB Rural Mail Box
RMP Rural Maintenance Program
RMFN Rural Medical Family Network
RMSPS Rural Medical Scholars Program
RMCA Rural Middlesex Conservation Alliance
RM Rural Municipality
RMSA Rural Music Schools Association
RNFE Rural Non Farm Economy
RNFS Rural Non-Farm Sector
RNF Rural Norfolk Federation
RNVWD Rural North Vacaville Water District
ROAD Rural Ontario Anarchist Development
ROI Rural Ontario Institute
ROMP Rural Ontario Medical Program
ROPE Rural Opportunities Production Enterprises
ROAA Rural Oregon Arts Association
ROCC Rural Organizing and Cultural Center
ROP Rural Organizing Project
ROVE Rural Outreach Vocational Education
ROSE Rural Oxidants in the Southern Environment
RPA Rural Payments Agency
RPEG Rural Policy and Environment Group
PRRI Rural Policy Research Institute
RPCL Rural Power Company Limited
RPEG Rural Practice Establishment Grant
RPF Rural Practitioners Forum
RPL Rural Press Limited
RPCH Rural Primary Care Hospital
RPPIC Rural Pro-Poor Innovation Challenge
RPP Rural Provider Project
RPPT Rural Public Passenger Transport
RRS Rural Radio Service
RRN Rural Reconstruction Nepal
RRU Rural Regeneration Unit
RRZ Rural Regeneration Zone
RRB Rural Regional Bank
RRAA Rural Rehabilitation Association for Afghanistan
RREP Rural Renewable Energy Program
RRDC Rural Research and Development Council
RRSP Rural Research and Strategy Partnership
RRIP Rural Research in Progress
RR3 Rural Residential 3
RRFF Rural Residential Farm Forest
RRSP Rural Residential South Pittsford
RRC Rural Resources Centre
RRCA Rural Resources Community Action
RRDI Rural Resources Development Institute
RR Rural Road
RRSP Rural Road Safety Program
RRSR Rural Road Surfacing Research
RRTF Rural Road Transport Forum
RRSI Rural Roads Sector I Project
RR Rural Route
SCENE Rural Schools Curriculum Enhancement National Evaluation
RSKS Rural Serial Killers
RSK Rural Serial Killers
RSA Rural Service Area
RSC Rural Service Center
RSDP Rural Service Delivery Partnership
RSCP Rural Social Community Programme
RSY Rural Sociology
RSED Rural Solar Energy Development
RSDIS Rural Special Districts Insurance Services
RSID Rural Special Improvement District
RSLP Rural Specialist Locum Program
RSA Rural Statistical Area
RSHA Rural Stirling Housing Association
RSSF Rural Strategic Support Fund
RSSW Rural Stress South West
RSO Rural Sub – Office
RSPN Rural Support Programmes Network
RSRU Rural Surveys Research Unit
RTDF Rural Telecommunication Development Fund
RTG Rural Telecommunications Group
RTB Rural Telephone Bank
RTC Rural Telephone Coalition
RTFC Rural Telephone Finance Cooperative
RTSC Rural Telephone Service Company
RTCA Rural Training Council of Australia
RTAC Rural Transit Assistance Center
RTAP Rural Transit Assistance Program
RTEC Rural Transit Enterprises Coordinated, Inc
RTMI Rural Transit of Mindanao, Inc.
RTDF Rural Transport Development Fund
RTPF Rural Transport Partnership Fund
RTPI Rural Transport Project I
RTTP Rural Travel and Transport Program
RUSO Rural Upgrade Support Organisation
RUS Rural Utilities Service
RUS Rural Utilities System
RWS Rural Water and Sanitation
RWAU Rural Water Association of Utah
RWDP Rural Water Development Program
RWTP Rural Water Treatment Plant
RWRP Rural Welfare Reform Project
RWEPA Rural Women Environmental Protection Association
RWMC Rural Women Making Change
RWN Rural Women’s Network
RWAV Rural Workforce Agency Victoria
RYE Rural Youth Education
RYE Rural Youth Europe
RYP Rural Youth Project
RYS Rural Youth Services
RRR Rural, Regional and Remote
RUP Rural/Urban Projection
RUCA Rural-Urban Commuting Area
RUCC Rural-Urban Continuum Code
RUPP Rural-Urban Partnership Programme
SBRP Samahang Bangko Rural Ng Pangasinan
SACRED Samar Center for Rural Education and Development
SRSP Sarhad Rural Support Programme
SARM Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities
SORA Save Our Rural Area
SCORES Science Career Options for Rural Environment Students
SBRB Scottish Borders Rural Broadband
SBRP Scottish Borders Rural Partnership
SERAD Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department
SNRP Scottish National Rural Partnership
SRDP Scottish Rural Development Plan
SRFP Second Rural Finance Project
SRIDP Second Rural Infrastructure Development Project
SDR Secretaría de Desarrollo Rural
SER Service d’Economie Rurale
SMR Service en Milieu Rural
STORM Service to Others in Rural Minnesota
SER Servicios Educativos Rurales
SRCB Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank
SRDA Sikkim Rural Development Agency
SRDP Sind Rural Development Project
SRH Small Rural Hospital
SURTC Small Urban and Rural Transit Center
SECRA Social and Environmental Conditions in Rural Areas
SRA Sociedad Rural Argentina
SRB Sociedade Rural Brasileira
SAFER Société d’Aménagement Foncier et d’Etablissement Rural
SERP Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty
SRD Society for Rural Development
SRED Society for Rural Education and Development
SRIR Society for Rural Industrialisation, Ranchi
SRIPHL Society for Rural Initiatives for Promotion of Herbals
SAHARA Society for Scientific Advancement of Hills & Rural Areas
SURP Society for the Upliftment of Rural Poor
SRPC Society of Rural Physicians of Canada
SRQ Solidarité Rurale du Québec
SARN South Antrim Rural Network
SCRIPT South Carolina Rural Interdisciplinary Program of Training
SDREA South Dakota Rural Electric Association
SYRS South Yorkshire Rural Skills
SORTS Southern Oklahoma Rural Transportation System
SRAP Southern Rural Access Program
SRDC Southern Rural Development Center
SURE Speak Up for Rural Electrification
SAPARD Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development
STRD Special Tax for Rural Development
SARH Stafford and Rural Homes
SDRD Support to Decentralised Rural Development
STPR Surface Transportation Program Rural
SRCC Sussex Rural Community Council
SARD Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development
SRLS Sustainable Rural Livelihood Security
TARD Technical Assistance for Rural Development
TARA Technology and Action for Rural Advancement
TRAC Telefonia Rural de Acceso Celular
TRC Temporary Rural Carrier
TVRHA Test Valley Rural Housing Association
TORCH Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals
TRCN Texas Rural Church Network
TREA Texas Rural Education Association
TRHTA Texas Rural Hospital Telecommunications Alliance
TRSI Texas Rural Systemic Initiative
TERMS The Electronic Rural Medicine Strategy
TORC The Ontario Rural Council
TIRD Timor Integrated Rural Development
TRYDA Tiyende Rural Youth Development Association
TARD Training for Agriculture and Rural Development
TMRC Tuen Mun Rural Committee
TRAU Turisme Rural Alt Urgell
UORDP Uganda Orphans Rural Development Programme
URLP Ukrainian Rural Livelihoods Programme
UATRE Union Argentina de Trabajadores Rurales y Estibadores
UDR Union Démocratique Ruraliste
UMFR Union Mondiale des Femmes Rurales
URQ Université Rurale Québécoise
URM Urban Rural Mission
URED Urban, Rural and Economic Development
UROG Urban/Rural Opportunities Grants
URID Urban-Rural Income Disparity
URDC Utah Rural Development Council
URS Utah Rural Summit
URDS Utkal Rural Development Society
VBARD Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
VRWA Virginia Rural Water Association
WRO Wales Rural Observatory
WRSH Wales Rural Stress Helpline
WRRC Warwickshire Rural Community Council
WRMS Washburn Rural Middle School
WRHA Washington Rural Health Association
WIRS Welsh Institute of Rural Studies
WARD West Africa Rural Development Project
WPRL West Plains Rural Library
WTRT West Texas Rural Telephone
WRDC Western Rural Development Center
WRTA Western Rural Telephone Association
WRP Wicklow Rural Partnership
WRLF Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation
WRDC Wisconsin Rural Development Center
WRWA Wisconsin Rural Water Association
WRED Women and Rural Economic Development
WIRE Women in Rural Enterprise
WORD Women’s Organisation in Rural Development
WREN Women’s Rural Entrepreneurial Network
WTRA Working Together for Rural Action
WCRW World Congress of Rural Women
WRF World Rural Forum
WRWD World Rural Women’s Day
WRDC Wyoming Rural Development Council
YARN Young Australian Rural Network
ZRR Zone de Revitalisation Rurale