What does SMR mean?

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Major Meanings of SMR

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What does smr stand for

All Definitions of SMR

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of SMR in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
SMRRainbow Smelt
SMRSECNAV Monthly Review (meeting)
SMRSafe Money Report
SMRSahaja Music Records
SMRSailor Moon R
SMRSailor Moon Romance
SMRSaint Mary's of Redford
SMRSan Marino
SMRSanta Monica Review
SMRScaled Mortar Range
SMRSchool of Medical Rehabilitation
SMRSchweitzer Mountain Resort
SMRSeattle Mountain Rescue
SMRSelf-Monitoring Report
SMRSelf-Myofascial Release
SMRSemantic Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval
SMRSemantic Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval: Issues and Perspectives
SMRSenior Management Review
SMRSenior US Military Representative
SMRSequential Motion Rate
SMRSerial Mode Register
SMRService Médical Rendu
SMRService en Milieu Rural
SMRService, Maintenance and Repair
SMRSex Maturity Rating
SMRShadow Movie Realm
SMRShiny Metallic Robe
SMRShip Movement Report
SMRSid Meier's Railroads
SMRSignal-to-Mask Ratio
SMRSignature Measurement Radar
SMRSilver Mustang Registry
SMRSilvermex Resources LTD
SMRSites and Monuments Record
SMRSkeletal Muscle Relaxant
SMRSmall Modular Nuclear Reactor
SMRSmall Modular Reactor
SMRSnowdon Mountain Railway
SMRSo Many Roads
SMRSocial Media Release
SMRSociety for Medicines Research
SMRSociological Methods and Research
SMRSociété Musicale de Rambouillet
SMRSociété Méditerranéenne de Reconditionnement
SMRSociété de Manutention du Roll on Roll Off
SMRSociété de Médecine de La Reproduction
SMRSoftware Maintenance and Reengineering
SMRSource Maintainability Reparability
SMRSource, Maintenance & Recoverability
SMRSouth Molton Recycle
SMRSpace Merchant Realms
SMRSpanish Mustang Registry
SMRSpecial Management Review
SMRSpecial Meals Request
SMRSpecial Money Requisition
SMRSpecialized Mobile Radio
SMRSpherically Mounted Retroreflector
SMRSports Medicine & Rehabilitation
SMRSprint Medley Relay
SMRStandard Malaysian Rubber
SMRStandard Metabolic Rate
SMRStandard Mileage Rate
SMRStandardised Morbidity Ratio
SMRStandardized Morbidity Rate
SMRStandardized Mortality Ratio
SMRState Military Reservation
SMRStatus Master Record
SMRStatute Mile Radius
SMRStatutory Management Requirement
SMRSteam Methane Reformer
SMRStock Management Report
SMRStone & Mccarthy Research
SMRStrategic Management of Resources
SMRStratégie Ministérielle de Réforme
SMRStub Multicast Routing
SMRStudent Management Room
SMRSubmucous Resection
SMRSunday Morning Ride
SMRSuperMoto Racer Magazine
SMRSupermoto/Supermotard Racing )
SMRSupply Management Reporting
SMRSupportability, Maintainability, and Reparability
SMRSuppressed Mite Reproduction
SMRSurface Movement Radar
SMRSurinaamse Motorenrevisie
SMRSurveillance Médicale Renforcée
SMRSurveillance Médicale Règlementaire
SMRSuspended Microchannel Resonator
SMRSwedish Medley Relay
SMRSwitching Mode Rectifier
SMRSyndromic Mental Retardation
SMRSystem Manager of Record
SMRSystem Modification Request