Technology Abbreviations


What is Technology?

Technology is a product of science and engineering that involves a set of instruments, methods and techniques aimed at solving problems. It is a practical application of scientific knowledge in several areas of research.

The word technology comes from the Greek ” tekhne ” which means “technique, art, craft” together with the suffix ” logia” which means “study”.

Primitive or classical technologies involve the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, writing, among others. Medieval technologies include inventions such as the printing press, military technologies with the creation of weapons or the technologies of the great navigations that allowed the maritime expansion. The technological inventions of the Industrial Revolution (18th century) caused profound changes in the production process.

From the 20th century onwards, information and communication technologies stand out through the evolution of telecommunications, the use of computers, the development of the internet and even advanced technologies, which include the use of Nuclear Energy, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, etc. Currently, high technology, that is, the most advanced technology is known as cutting edge technology.

New technologies are the result of technological development achieved by human beings and play a fundamental role in the field of innovation.

Advances in technology have a great impact on society. On the positive side, technology results in innovations that provide a better standard of living for Man. As negative factors, worrying social issues arise such as unemployment, due to the replacement of Man by the machine or environmental pollution that requires continuous and rigorous control.

What is information technology?

Information technology (also known by the acronym IT ) is an area that uses computing as a means to produce, transmit, store, access and use various information.

As information technology can encompass and be used in various contexts, its definition can be quite complex and broad. However, it is used to process information, helping the user to achieve a certain objective.

Information Technology can be divided into the following areas:

  • Schedule;
  • Database;
  • Technical support;
  • Information security;

What does an IT professional do and what are their areas of expertise?

A professional can work in the various areas of information technology. Among them, programming, database, technical support, information security and quality tests.

Security analyst

In this area, the professional works mainly to maintain and improve the security of the data of an institution, whether public or private, creating “barriers” that protect the security of the equipment. In addition to working with the company’s operating systems and servers, thus preventing intrusion attempts.

If there is an invasion of data, this professional is also responsible for combating threats and developing more efficient ways to prevent it from happening again.

Technical support

These are the professionals who work in the maintenance of hardware (physical equipment), working on computer repair, problems with access to systems, among other issues that appear in the daily life of a company.

To work in this area, it is necessary to understand the technical part of a computer’s architecture.


The programming area professional can work in several fields, because this is one of the most comprehensive areas of information technology and that is more subdivided into other areas. That’s because there are several different programming languages, and the professional can focus on just one.

There is, for example, programming for databases, web, mobile and even games. Usually an IT professional who chooses the area of programming needs to specialize even more in a single language

Quality tests

This professional works in the verification and analysis of software and applications even before they reach the market or a company’s end customer.

The professional who works with quality tests checks the usability of an application or software to see if it works as promised or with what the company expects it to deliver.

Network administrator

This professional is responsible for managing all communication networks that exist within a company, whether their computers or other equipment, such as printers and the like.

It is one of the IT areas that requires technical knowledge of hardware and software, as this professional deals with the company’s infrastructure, installation and maintenance of local systems on a daily basis.

Therefore, the professional in this area usually has a lot of experience in the IT area in general, understanding a little programming, technical support and database to perform their role effectively.

The evolution of information technology

The evolution of information technology began effectively in the 20th century, after the Second World War, when electronic devices were being developed.

The first programmable computer was created in 1946, called ENIAC, in a very different format from what we know as a computer today: it occupied more than 180 m² and weighed 30 tons.

Computers have evolved, as well as internet access and the format for circulating information. The 1970s were very important for IT’s, as computers began to be integrated into a network and fiber optic internet was distributed in large industries.

Since then, several electronic devices have been created, such as smartphones, for example, that change the way we live in society. In addition to transforming the way we communicate, buy, sell, acquire services and even how we relate to each other.

This constant evolution of information technologies has also changed the way companies relate to their end customers, making the way to sell and communicate much more instantaneous and personalized.

IT’s have evolved a lot with the rapid development of technology, and with this development there are more and more solutions made available by computing.

The trend is that information technology is increasingly important in our society, with the transformation of content into various formats. This can provide new ways to communicate, relate and inform.

Information and communication technology

Information and communication technology, or ICT, is the area that uses technological tools with the aim of facilitating communication and reaching a common target. This communication can be in text, image, video, recorded voice, among others.

In addition to benefiting the industrial production of a particular good, ICTs also serve to enhance communication processes. Education, for example, is one of the areas that most benefits from the implementation of ICTs.

More effective learning is one of the consequences of faster communication, through new technologies, such as the use of computers, tablets, and other electronics in the classroom. In addition to Distance Learning, which originated with the help of the internet.

Information and communication technology also revolutionizes business processes and scientific research.

Technology Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Technology

AAN Net Technology
AAN Net Technology
Abadan Institute of Technology
Able Students Supporting Instructing and Servicing Technology
Abra State Institute of Sciences and Technology
Absolute Information Technology Services, LLC
Abstract of New Technology
Abstract of New Technology
Abstracts of Selected Solar Energy Technology
Academic Information Technology Core
Academic Technology and User Services
Academic Technology Approval Scheme
Academic Technology Support Personnel
Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology
Academy for the Engineering & Design Technology
Academy of Communications and Multimedia Technology
Academy of Communications Arts and Technology
Academy of Grain Technology
Academy of Information Technology
Academy of Medical Sciences and Technology
Academy of Scientific Research and Technology
Academy of Screen Printing Technology
Academy of Technology
Acadia Institute for Teaching and Technology
Accelerated Nanoscale Synthesis Technology
Accelerated Technology, Inc
Accelerated Yield Technology
Accelerating Software Technology Adoption
Accelerator Driven Transmutation Technology
Accelerator Operations And Technology
Accelerator Operations and Technology
Accelerator Operations and Technology
Accelr8 Technology Corporation
Accenture Technology Lab
Accenture Technology Solutions
Access Technology Japan
Access Technology Support Unit
Accessible Electronic Information Technology Act
Account Technology Specialist
Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, Inc.
Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology
Ace Digital Media Institute of Technology
Achariya School of Business and Technology
Achieving Supply Chain Excellence Through Technology
Acid Drainage Technology Initiative
Acorn Approved Centre of Technology
Acorn Approved Centre of Technology
Acoustic Fusion Technology Energy Consortium
Acoustic Resonance Technology
Acoustic Resonance Technology
Acquired Commercial Technology for Retrieval
Acquisition Logistics and Technology Enterprise System and Services
Acquisition of Desktop Extended Processing Technology
Acquisition of Supportable Systems Technology
Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics Knowledge Management System
Acquisitions, Logistics, and Technology
Active Braking Technology
Active Control Technology
Active Controls Technology Experiments
Active Denial Technology
Active Leap Technology
Active Leap Technology
Active Leap Technology
Active Learning Experience in Resource Technology
Active Management Technology
Active Matrix Technology
Active Media Technology
Active Middleware Technology
Active Stealth Technology
Actual Control Technology
Ada Technology Insertion Program
Adair County Communities Educational Partnerships for Technology
Adaptive Client Technology
Adaptive Computing Technology
Adaptive Data Analysis and Processing Technology
Adaptive Land Enhanced Raytheon Radar Technology
Adaptive Technology Center for the Blind
Adaptive Technology Resource Centre
Adaptive Versatile Engine Technology
Adaptive Visualization Technology
Addiction Technology Transfer Center
Adept Technology, Inc.
Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology
Administrative Information Technology Systems
Administrative Office Technology
Administrative Support Technology
Adopted Information Technology Standards
Adult Literacy and Technology Network
Advance Computer Technology
Advance Exchange Technology
Advance Multimedia Internet Technology, Inc.
Advance Technology Alert System
Advanced Antenna Technology
Advanced Armament Technology
Advanced ATM Technology
Advanced Backplane Technology
Advanced BiCMOS Technology
Advanced BiCMOS Technology/Enhanced Transceiver Logic
Advanced Biomedical Technology Program
Advanced Biotechnology Center
Advanced Biotechnology Center
Advanced Business Technology Services
Advanced Cell Technology Inc.
Advanced Cell Technology Inc.
Advanced Center for Genome Technology
Advanced Centers for Technology and Training
Advanced Ceramics and Technology for Sustainable Energy Applications
Advanced Chemical Technology Building
Advanced Clutch Technology
Advanced Coating Technology
Advanced Combustion Emissions Reduction Technology
Advanced Communication Technology
Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
Advanced Communications Timekeeping Technology
Advanced Composite Products and Technology, Inc.
Advanced Composites Technology
Advanced Computational Technology Initiative
Advanced Computer and Networking Technology
Advanced Computer Technology
Advanced Concept Technology
Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration/Demonstrator
Advanced Concepts & Technology Frequency Agile Solid-State Tuner
Advanced Concepts and Technology
Advanced Controls Technology Experiment
Advanced Controls Technology for Integrated Vehicles
Advanced Conversion Technology
Advanced Cruise Missile Technology
Advanced Design and Production Technology
Advanced Detection Technology Sensor
Advanced Detection Technology System
Advanced Discriminating LADAR Technology
Advanced Distributed Environment for Production Technology
Advanced Distributed Simulation Technology
Advanced DRAM Technology
Advanced DRAM Technology Alliance
Advanced Earth Science and Technology Organization
Advanced Education Technology Initiative
Advanced Electronics Technology Center
Advanced Embedded Passive Technology
Advanced Energy Technology
Advanced Engine Technology
Advanced Engine Technology Conference
Advanced Engineering Technology Conference
Advanced Fan Technology Integrator
Advanced Fighter Technology Integration
Advanced Food Technology
Advanced Gel Technology Ltd.
Advanced Gene Technology Corporation
Advanced Generator Technology
Advanced Guidance Technology
Advanced Gun Technology
Advanced Hardened Avionics Technology
Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Advanced Information Technology Management
Advanced Information Technology Research Center
Advanced Information Technology Services
Advanced Information Technology Students
Advanced Information Technology Systems
Advanced Institute for Information and Communication Technology
Advanced Integration Technology, LLP
Advanced Interceptor Technology
Advanced Interconnection Technology for Electronics for Portugal
Advanced Internet Technology and Applications
Advanced Ion Beam Technology, Inc.
Advanced Laser Reflow Soldering for Surface Mount Technology
Advanced Law Enforcement and Response Technology
Advanced Lightning Technology
Advanced Lightning Technology
Advanced Lightning Technology
Advanced Liquid Cooling Technology
Advanced Low-Voltage Technology
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Association
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Strategy
Advanced Mask Technology Center GmbH & Co., KG
Advanced Mechanical Technology Inc
Advanced Mechatronics Technology for Turbine Blades Repair
Advanced Medical Technology Association
Advanced Medical Technology Institute
Advanced Missile Technology Installation
Advanced Network Technology
Advanced Network Technology
Advanced Network Technology Group
Advanced Nuclear Science and Technology Initiative
Advanced Nuclear Technology
Advanced Nuclear Technology
Advanced Oxidation Technology
Advanced Paperless Technology Associates
Advanced Passive Technology
Advanced Passive Technology
Advanced Photoscale Technology
Advanced Photoscale Technology
Advanced Pirate Technology
Advanced Pirate Technology
Advanced Platform Technology
Advanced Platform Technology
Advanced Power Technology
Advanced Power Technology
Advanced Power Technology, Inc.
Advanced Predictive Technology
Advanced Predictive Technology
Advanced Process and Technology Experiment
Advanced Processor Technology for Air-to-Air Missiles
Advanced Professionals Serving Technology
Advanced Radar Technology
Advanced Radar Technology
Advanced Radar Technology Integrated System Testbed
Advanced Radiation Technology
Advanced Radiation Technology
Advanced Radiation Technology Office
Advanced Reactor Technology
Advanced Reactor Technology
Advanced Relay Technology Mission
Advanced Repair Technology Inc
Advanced Repair Technology, Inc
Advanced Resolution Technology
Advanced Resolution Technology
Advanced Rotocraft Technology
Advanced Rotocraft Technology
Advanced Rotocraft Technology Integration
Advanced Satellite Technology and EHF Communications
Advanced Satellite Technology Program
Advanced Science and Technology Institute
Advanced Science and Technology Policy Planning
Advanced Security & Identification Technology
Advanced Security and Identification Technology
Advanced Semiconductor Technology
Advanced Semi-solid Casting Technology
Advanced Sensor Technology
Advanced Sensor Technology Program
Advanced Sensor-Submunitions Technology
Advanced Sensor-Submunitions Technology
Advanced Simulation Technology Center
Advanced Simulation Technology Inc
Advanced Simulation Technology Thrust
Advanced Software Technology and Algorithms
Advanced Software Technology and Applications
Advanced Solid Logic Technology
Advanced Space Science and Technology
Advanced Space Science and Technology
Advanced Space Technology Experiment
Advanced Space Technology Program
Advanced Submunitions Technology
Advanced Subsonics Technology
Advanced Surface Technology
Advanced Surveillance Technology
Advanced Systems and Technology Department
Advanced Systems and Technology Office
Advanced Systems Technology Group
Advanced Systems Technology Program
Advanced Technology
Advanced Technology & Education Park
Advanced Technology & Services
Advanced Technology Academy
Advanced Technology Advisory Committee
Advanced Technology Aircraft
Advanced Technology and Management Programs
Advanced Technology and Research Corporation
Advanced Technology and Research Institute
Advanced Technology and Software Operations Office
Advanced Technology Assessment Center
Advanced Technology Assessment Reports
Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii
Advanced Technology Attachment
Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
Advanced Technology Attachment Peripheral Interface
Advanced Technology Bomber
Advanced Technology Business Unit
Advanced Technology Center
Advanced Technology Consulting
Advanced Technology Council
Advanced Technology Crew Station
Advanced Technology Cruise Missile
Advanced Technology Demonstration
Advanced Technology Demonstration Network
Advanced Technology Demonstration Plan
Advanced Technology Demonstration Program
Advanced Technology Development
Advanced Technology Development Center
Advanced Technology Development Facility, Inc
Advanced Technology Development Plan
Advanced Technology Education Consortium
Advanced Technology Engine
Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy Center
Advanced Technology Extended
Advanced Technology Fighter
Advanced Technology for Modelling and Automation
Advanced Technology Fractionator
Advanced Technology Group
Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics
Advanced Technology Information Processing Systems
Advanced Technology Innovation Center
Advanced Technology Institute
Advanced Technology Integration Center
Advanced Technology Integration Demonstration
Advanced Technology International, Incorporated
Advanced Technology Investment Company
Advanced Technology Labs
Advanced Technology Laser System
Advanced Technology Launching Study program
Advanced Technology Licensing Company
Advanced Technology Loading Articulated Shiplifts
Advanced Technology Master Caution Panel
Advanced Technology Materials, Inc.
Advanced Technology Microwave Sounder
Advanced Technology Offerings
Advanced Technology Office
Advanced Technology Ordnance Surveillance
Advanced Technology Panel
Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle
Advanced Technology Partner
Advanced Technology Program
Advanced Technology Reconnaissance Aircraft
Advanced Technology Satellite
Advanced Technology Services
Advanced Technology Solar Telescope
Advanced Technology Support Program
Advanced Technology Systems
Advanced Technology Tactical Transport
Advanced Technology Task Force
Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking
Advanced Technology Transfer and Infusion
Advanced Technology Transition Council
Advanced Technology Transition Demonstration
Advanced Technology Transition Process
Advanced Technology Workshop
Advanced Telecom and Multimedia Design Technology Environments
Advanced Television Technology Center, Inc.
Advanced Testing Technology
Advanced Testing Technology
Advanced Transport Technology
Advanced Transport Technology
Advanced Transportation Technology Institute
Advanced Tree Technology
Advanced Tree Technology
Advanced Turbine Technology Applications Project
Advanced Vehicle Technology Institute
Advancement in Commerce, Industry and Technology
Advancing Hispanic Excellence in Technology, Engineering, Math and Science, Inc.
Advising High-Technology Companies
Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology
Advisory Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology
Advisory Committee on Technology
Advisory Committee on Technology Innovation
Advisory Council on Science and Technology
Advisory Council On Science and Technology
Aerial Gunnery Advanced Technology Evaluation
Aeronautics and Space Technology
Aerosol Technology Laboratory
Aerospace Behavioral Engineering Technology
Aerospace Information Technology
Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre
Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology
Aerospace Research And Technology
Aerospace Research and Technology
Aerospace Systems Technology and Rocket Operations
Aerospace Technology
Aerospace Technology Advisory Committee
Aero-Space Technology Advisory Committee
Aerospace Technology Division
Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology
Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology
Aerospace, Manufacturing and Information Technology Cluster
Affordability and Manufacturing Technology Demonstration
Affordable Computers and Technology for Tanzania
Affordable Technology On-Line
Africa Harvest Biotechnology Foundation International
African Centre for Technology Studies
African Federation for Technology in Health Care
African Journal of Biotechnology
African Regional Centre for Technology
African Regional Cooperative Agreement for Research, Development and Training Related to Nuclear Science and Technology
African Technology Policy Studies
Agency for Enterprise Information Technology
Agency for Instructional Technology
Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology, Indonesia
Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
Agency Technology Transfer Staff
Agent Technology for Disaster Management
Agent Technology for Sensor Networks
Agents Council for Technology Act
Agricultural and Forest Resources Technology
Agricultural Biotechnology Center
Agricultural Biotechnology Center
Agricultural Biotechnology for Sustainable Productivity
Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference
Agricultural Biotechnology Regulatory Authority
Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center
Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project
Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology
Agricultural Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory
Agricultural Science and Technology Indicators
Agricultural Technology and Land Management Project
Agricultural Technology and Poverty
Agriculture and Environment Biotechnology Commission
Agriculture Biotechnology & Food Sciences
Agriculture Technology Management Agency
Agro-based Industries & Technology Development Project
Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology
Air Defence Technology Asia
Air Defense Advanced Technology
Air Defense Battle Management Technology
Air Force Advanced Technology Laboratory
Air Force Information Technology Conference
Air Force Institute of Technology
Air Technology Network
Airborne Manned/Unmanned System Technology
Airborne Spectral Photometric Collection Technology
Airborne Surveillance and Tracking Technology
Airbus Noise Technology Center
Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology Institute
Aircraft Maintenance Technology
Aircraft Metals Technology
Ajman University of Science and Technology
Akita National College of Technology
Alabama Center for Advanced Technology and Training
Alabama Council for Technology and Education
Alabama Council for Technology and Education
Alabama Educational Technology Conference
Alabama Information Technology Association
Alabama Microelectronics Science and Technology Center
Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology
Al-Ahram Computer and Information Technology Exhibition
Alaska Society for Technology in Education
Alberta Advanced Education and Technology
Alberta Technology Leaders in Education
Albuquerque Technology Incubator
Alcatel Vacuum Technology France
Alesa Vaic Vacuum Technology
Alexandria University Desalination Studies and Technology Center
Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology
Algebraic Methodology and Software Technology
Alliance For Commercialization Of Canadian Technology
Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technology
Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technology
Alliance for Environmental Technology
Alliance for Latino Community Technology
Alliance for Photonic Technology
Alliance for Photonic Technology
Alliance for Productive Technology
Alliance for Productive Technology
Alliance for Public Technology
Alliance for Public Technology
Alliance for Technology Access
Alliance for Technology Commercialization, Inc.
Alliance of Learning Technology Associates
Allied Technology Group
Alltel Technology Services
Altair Filter Technology Inc.
Altarum Science and Technology Education Program
Alternative Control Technology
Alternative Display Technology
Alternative Energy Technology Center
Alternative Restoration Technology Team
Alternative Technology Association
Alternative Technology Centre
Alternative Treatment Technology Information Center
Aluminium Cast House Technology
Aluminum Technology Centre
Aluminum Technology Roadmap
American Academy of Computer Training and Technology
American Association for Technology in Psychiatry
American Association for the Advancement of Technology
American Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology
American Cell Technology
American College of Digital Technology
American College of Management and Technology
American College of Technology
American Consulting Technology and Research
American Council for Technology
American Data Technology, Inc.
American Hungarian Information Technology
American Institute of Science and Technology
American Institute of Technology
American International Technology Enterprises
American Membrane Technology Association
American School of Technology
American Society for Biotechnology
American Society for Cytotechnology
American Society for Information Science & Technology
American Society for Information Science and Technology
American Society for Mohs Histotechnology
American Society of Mechanical Engineers Transactions Journal of Lubrication Technology
American Technology Corporation
American Technology Research, Inc
American University of Science and Technology
American Xtal Technology, Inc.
Americans for Technology Leadership
Amirkabir University of Technology
Amirkabir University of Technology
Amirkabir University of Technology
Amity Institute of Biotechnology
Amity Institute of Information Technology
Amkor Technology
Amkor Technology Philippines, Inc
Ammonia Cracking for Clean Electric Power Technology
Amphibious Warfare Technology
Amplifier Test/Technology Unit
Anaerobic Treatment Technology
Anaerobic Treatment Technology
Analysis and Support Initiative for Structural Technology
Analytic Forensic Technology
Anatomically Design-Engineered Polymer Technology
Angle Slotted Quartz Technology, Inc
Angle Technology Ltd
Angst Technology
Angst Technology
Anhui Association for Science and Technology
Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility
Annual Media and Technology Report
Annual Technology Report
Answer Detection Technology
Anthony Marmont Sustainable Energy Technology Centre
Anti-Armor Advanced Technology Demonstration
Anti-Theft Technology
Anti-Theft Technology
Antler Science and Product Technology
Application Center for Technology
Application Specific Engine Technology
Application Technology Research Unit
Applications Technology Satellite
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Applied Business and Information Technology
Applied Genetics Technology
Applied Internet Technology Group
Applied Manufacturing Technology Center
Applied Marine Technology Inc
Applied Marine Technology, Inc.
Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
Applied Science & Technology
Applied Science and Technology Abstracts
Applied Software Technology
Applied Technology
Applied Technology
Applied Technology Associates
Applied Technology Center
Applied Technology Council
Applied Technology Division
Applied Technology Institute
Applied Technology Professionals Ltd.
Applied Technology Satellite
Applied Technology Workshop
Applied Urethane Technology Inc.
Applied Vehicle Technology
Applied Voice and Speech Technology
Applied Voice and Speech Technology
Appropriate Technology
Appropriate Technology
Appropriate Technology International
Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas
Aquaculture Production Technology, Ltd
Aquaculture Production Technology, Ltd
Aquaculture Technology Centre
Aquatic Systems and Technology Applications
Arab Academy for Science and Technology
Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport
Arab School of Science and Technology
Arab School of Science and Technology
Arab Science and Technology Foundation
Arab Scientific Institute for Research and Transfer of Technology
Architecture Design and Technology Press, Ltd.
Arctic Cat Technology
Arctic Science and Technology Information System
Arcus Technology Services Inc
Area Medical Technology Education Coordinators
Arizona Institute of Business and Technology
Arizona Learning Technology Partnership
Arizona School Services Through Educational Technology
Arizona Technology Council
Arizona Technology Industrial Education Association
Arizona Technology Investor Forum
Arkansas CAMA Technology, Inc
Arkansas Science and Technology Authority
Arkansas Society for Technology in Education
Arkansas Technology Transfer Society
Armaments Engineering and Technology Center
Armed Forces Health Longitudinal Technology Application
Armored Combat Vehicle Technology
Armour Institute of Technology
Army Advanced Aviation Technology
Army Advanced Technology Demonstration
Army Aviation Advanced Technology Demonstration
Army Communicative Technology Office
Army Domestic Technology Transfer
Army Domestic Technology Transfer Program
Army Environmental User Requirements and Technology Assessments
Army Information Technology Conference
Army Information Technology Registry
Army Materials Technology Laboratory
Army Safety Information Services and Technology
Army Science & Technology Master Plan
Army Science and Technology
Army Science and Technology Advisory Group
Army Science and Technology Master Plan
Army Science and Technology Working Group
Army Space Technology Research Office
Army Technology Development Plan
Army Technology Objective
Array Technology Inc.
Art and Technology
Art Design Technology
Art Of Technology
Art of Technology Digest
Art Technology Group, Inc
Art, Technology and Culture Colloquium
Artesian Technology Corporation
Artificial Neural Network Technology
Arts and Sciences Center for Instructional Technology
Arts and Technology at tech
Arts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon
Arts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon
Arvedi Steel Technology
ASEAN Science and Technology Week
ASEAN Timber Technology Centre
Asia Pacific Drilling Technology Conference
Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology
Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum
Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology
Asian College of Science and Technology
Asian Forum for Information Technology
Asian Forum for the Standardization of Information Technology
Asian Institute of Technology
Asian Institute of Technology Alumni Association
Asian Network for Education in Nuclear Technology
Asian Rice Biotechnology Network
Asian Technology Information Program
Asia-Pacific Center for Technology Transfer
Asia-Pacific Marine Biotechnology Conference
Asia-Pacific Technology Network
Asia-Pacific Workshop on Multilateral Cooperation in Space Technology and Applications
Aspergillus Technology Consortium
Asphalt Rubber Technology Service
Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology
Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology
Assessment Technology and Education Evaluation
Asset Reliability Technology
Asset Reliability Technology
Asset Servicing Technology Enhancement Project
Asset Source for Software Engineering Technology
Assistant Director of Event Technology
Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Assisted Reproductive Technology
Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology Alliance New Zealand
Assistive Technology and Learning Strategies
Assistive Technology Industry Association
Assistive Technology Lab
Assistive Technology Lending Library
Assistive Technology Partners
Assistive Technology Partnership
Assistive Technology Practitioner
Assistive Technology Project
Assistive Technology Resource Alliance
Assistive Technology Resource Center
Assistive Technology Supplier
Assistive Technology Through Action in Indiana
Assistive Technology Training Online
Assistive Technology, Training and Information Center, Inc.
Assistive Vocational Technology Associates
Associate Director for Energy and Technology
Associate Director for Technology Transition
Associate in Information Technology
Associate of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology
Associate of the Society of Cardiopulmonary Technology
Associated Students of the California Institute of Technology
Associates in Occupational Technology
Associates in Print and Paper Technology
Association For Challenge Course Technology
Association for Challenge Course Technology
Association for Challenge Course Technology
Association for Competitive Technology
Association for Educational Communications and Technology
Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education
Association for Iron and Steel Technology
Association for Learning Technology
Association for Learning Technology
Association for Learning Technology
Association for Learning Technology Journal
Association for Manufacturing Technology
Association for Media and Technology in Education in Canada
Association for Preservation Technology
Association for Preservation Technology
Association for Preservation Technology International
Association for Science, Technology, and Innovation
Association for Studies in Innovation, Science and Technology
Association for Technology in Music Instruction
Association for the Rhetoric of Science and Technology
Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs
Association of Cardiac Technology in Victoria
Association of Christians in Information Technology
Association of Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology of Ontario
Association of Consulting Science and Technology
Association of Developers of Managers in Information Technology
Association of European Science & Technology Transfer Professionals
Association of Information Technology Professionals
Association of National Colleges of Technology
Association of Retail Technology Standards
Association of Science and Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta
Association of Science and Technology Centers
Association of Small Businesses in Technology, Inc.
Association of Super-Advanced Electronics Technology
Association Science-Technology Centers
Associative Design Technology
Assurance Technology Center
Assurance Technology Corporation
Astrobiology Science and Technology for Exploring Planets
Astrobiology Science and Technology Instrument Development
Astronomy Technology Centre
AT&T Pre-Paid Technology
AT&T Pre-Paid Technology
Atech Flash Technology
Athena High Technology Incubator Ltd.
Athens Information Technology
Atmospheric Interceptor Technology
Atmospheric Surveillance Technology
Atmospheric Technology Division
Atmospheric Technology, Inc.
Atomic Energy Authority Technology
Auckland University of Technology
Auckland University of Technology
Auckland University of Technology
Audio Video Technology
Auroville Institute of Applied Technology
Auroville Institute of Applied Technology
Austin Technology Council
Australasian Journal of Educational Technology
Australasian Language Technology Association
Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology
Australasian Sports Technology Alliance
Australian Biotechnology Association
Australian French Association of Science & Technology Inc.
Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology, Inc.
Australian Journal of Educational Technology
Australian Materials Technology Network
Australian Membrane and Biotechnology Research Institute
Australian Network for Art and Technology
Australian Network for Art and Technology
Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Information
Australian School of Business and Technology
Australian Science and Technology Council
Australian Semiconductor Technology Company
Australian Society for Educational Technology
Australian Speech Science and Technology Association
Australian Technology Park
Australian Technology Park Innovations
Australian Technology Park Precinct Management
Australian Technology Resources
Austrian Bureau for International Research and Technology Co-Operation
Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology
Austrian Institute of Technology
Austrian Oil Technology
Austrian Programme for Advanced Research and Technology
Austrian Radionavigation Technology and Integrated Satnav Services and Products Testbed
Auto Body Technology
Automated Biotechnology Sequence Search
Automated Identification Technology
Automated Information Technology
Automated Technology for Verification and Analysis
Automated Test Technology Standards
Automated Visual Technology System
Automatic Identification Technology
Automatic Image Analysis Technology
Automatic Image Analysis Technology
Automatic Planning and Technology
Automatic Planning and Technology
Automatic Test Technology Standards
Automation Integration Technology
Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology
Automotive Technology
Autonomous Nanotechnology Swarm
Available Resource Technology
Available Resource Technology
Avaya Technology and Consulting
Aviation and Space Technology Academy
Aviation Applied Technology
Aviation Applied Technology Directorate
Aviation Technology Group Inc
Aviation Week & Space Technology
Avionics Technology Roadmap
Avon Rubber Technology Innovation and Science
Aware Technology International
Babcock Lauder Technology
Babson Alumni Technology Council
Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology
Bachelor of Applied Technology
Bachelor of Computer Technology
Bachelor of Education in Technology
Bachelor of Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Food Technology
Bachelor of Food Technology
Bachelor of Hotel Management Catering Technology
Bachelor of Industrial Technology
Bachelor of Information Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Information Technology
Bachelor of Information Technology and Security
Bachelor of Laboratory Technology
Bachelor of Medical Technology
Bachelor of Science in Applied Biotechnology
Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology
Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
Bachelor of Science in Technology Management
Bachelor of Technology
Bachelor of Technology Construction Management
Bachelors of Science in Industrial Technology
Bachelors of Science in Radiologic Technology
Back Yard Technology
Bahamas Environment Science and Technology
Bahria University Journal of Information & Communication Technology
Baikonur Enterprise Application Server Technology
Baker Technology Associates
Balanced Technology Extended
Balanced Technology Initiative
Ball Aerospace and Technology Corporation
Ballistic Missile Range Safety Technology
Ballistic Missile Technology
Ballistic Sight Technology for Improving Night/Day Gunnery
Baltic Information Technology and Telecommunications Forum
Baltimore’s Extraordinary Technology Advocate
Bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
Bangalore College of Engineering Technology
Bangalore Institute of Technology
Bangladesh Institute of Technology
Banking Industry Technology Secretariat
Banking, Finance and Technology Forum
Bannariamman Institute of Technology
Bansal Institute of Science and Technology
Bar Harbor Biotechnology, Inc.
Barani Institute of Information Technology
Baron Technology
Barr Information Technology Services
Basic Information Technology
Basic Technology
Basic Technology Research Programme
Battelle Science and Technology International
Batten College of Engineering and Technology at Old Dominion University
Battery Operated Orbital Scrubbing Technology
Battle Lab Integration, Technology and Concepts
Battle Lab Integration, Technology and Concepts Directorate
Battle Technology Team
Battlespace Enhanced Survivability Technology
Bay Junction Technology
Bay State School of Technology, Inc.
Bayer Technology Services
Bayside Engineering and Technology Academy
BDPA Education Technology Foundation (Maryland)
Beam Sight Technology Incorporating Night-Vision Goggles
Beant College of Engineering and Technology
Behavioral Safety Technology
Behavioral Technology Transfer Group
Behavioral Test Technology
Behavioral Verification Technology
Beijing Aeronautical Manufacturing Technology Research Institute
Beijing Association for Science and Technology
Beijing Information Technology Institute
Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology
Beijing Institute of Technology
Beijing Institute of Technology
Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission
Belize Enterprise for Sustainable Technology
Bell Labs Technology
Ben Franklin Technology Center of Western Pennsylvania
Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority
Ben Franklin Technology Partners
Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
Berhampur School of Engineering and Technology
Bering Straits Information Technology, LLC
Berkeley Center for Law Technology
Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.
Berkeley Organization of Law and Technology
Berkeley Technology Associates
Best Available and Safest Technology
Best Available Control Technology
Best Available Retrofit Technology
Best Available Technology
Best Available Technology Economic Analysis
Best Available Technology Economically Achievable
Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost
Best Available Technology Not Entailing Excessive Cost
Best Control Technology
Best Conventional Pollutant Control Technology
Best Conventional Pollutant Technology
Best Conventional Technology
Best Demonstrated Achievable Technology
Best Demonstrated Available Technology
Best Demonstrated Technology
Best Practicable Control Technology
Best Practicable Control Technology
Best Practicable Control Technology Currently Available
Best Practicable Control Technology Currently Available
Best Practicable Technology
Best Practicable Technology
Best Practicable Waste Treatment Technology
Best Practical Control Technology Currently Available
Best Practical Technology
Best Practical Technology
Best Practice Technology
Best Practice Technology
Best Technology Currently Available
Best Use of Technology
Best Water Technology
Beta Transformer Technology Corporation
Better Engineering Through Science and Technology
Better Golf Through Technology
Better Life Technology
Better Lighting Technology
Better Living Through Technology
Bhadrak Institute of Engineering and Technology
Bharath Institute of Technology
Bhilai Institute of Technology
Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology
Bi-Angular Fiber Technology
BiCMOS Bus-Interface Technology
BiCMos Technology
Big Island Regional ROV Contest (Hilo, HI; Marine Advanced Technology Education Center)
Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Biology and Biotechnology Research Program
Biomass And Gas Integrated CHP Technology
Biomass Technology Group BV
Biomedical and Environmental Agriculture Technology
Biomedical and Robotics Technology
Biomedical Engineering Technology
Biomedical Equipment Technology
Biomedical Laboratory Technology
Biomedical Science and Technology
Biomimetic Nanoscience and NanoTechnology
Biopharmaceutical Technology Center Institute
Bioprocess Technology
Bioprocess Technology
Bioproducts Technology Consultant
Bio-Science and Bio-Technology
Biosciences and Biotechnology Division
Biotechnology & Environmental Specialist Consultancy
Biotechnology Advisory Committee
Biotechnology Advisory Committee
Biotechnology Ambient Generic
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry
Biotechnology and Biological Control Agency
Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
Biotechnology and Injectable Drug Advisor
Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute
Biotechnology Association of Alabama
Biotechnology Business Development Centre
Biotechnology Citation Index
Biotechnology Demonstration System
Biotechnology Facility
Bio-Technology General
Bio-Technology General Ltd
Biotechnology Group
Biotechnology High Performance Computing Software Applications Institute
Biotechnology Human Resource Council
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Biotechnology Information for Food Safety
Biotechnology Information Institute
Biotechnology Information Resource
Biotechnology Innovation Fund
BioTechnology Institute
Biotechnology Process Engineering Center
Biotechnology Regulatory Assistance Virtual Office
Biotechnology Research and Development Corporation
Biotechnology Research and Information Network AG
Biotechnology Research Center
Biotechnology Research for Innovation, Development and Growth in Europe
Biotechnology Research Institute
Biotechnology Research Unit
Biotechnology Science Advisory Committee
Biotechnology Science Advisory Council
Biotechnology System
Biotechnology Technologist-Forensics
Biotechnology Training Program
Biotechnology Use and Development Survey
Biotechnology Working Party
Biotechnology/Bioservices Center
Bipolar Integrated Technology
Birla Institute of Technology
Birla Institute of Technology
Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences
Birmingham Area Technology Task Force
Black Sea Biotechnology Association
Black Sea Technology Transfer Center
Blackburn Technology Management Centre
Blind Radio Access Technology
Board of European Students of Technology
Board on Army Science and Technology
Board on Science and Technology for International Development
Boeing Center for Technology, Information and Manufacturing
Boeing Research and Technology Europe
Boosting Engineering Science and Technology
Border Research & Technology Center
Botswana Technology Centre
Bottom Line Technology
Bottom of the Barrel Technology Conference
Boulder Technology Incubator
Bowles-Langley Technology
Brazilian Institute of Technology
Breaker Technology, Inc.
Breeder Reactor Seismic Technology
Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology
Brevard Manufacturing & Technology Association
Brigerland Applied Technology College
Brilliant Anti-Armor Technology
Bring Your Own Technology
Bristol Information Technology Society
British and Irish Legal Education Technology Association
British Association for Information Technology in Agriculture
British Columbia Institute of Technology
British Education and Training Technology
British Education Communications Technology Agency
British Institute of Engineering Technology
British Maritime Technology
British School of Leather Technology
British Smaller Technology Companies
British Society for Microbial Technology
British Technology Group
British Telecom Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition
British Textile Technology Group
Brno University of Technology
Broadband Infrastructure Technology
Broadcast Engineering and Systems Technology
Broadcast Request Imagery Technology Experiment
Broadcast Technology Society
Broadcast Technology Symposium
Brunei Information Technology
BTK Technology Development Co., Ltd
Bubble Technology Inc
Bucks County Technology Partners
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Budmouth Technology College
Build Up Technology
Building and Land Technology
Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council
Building Excellence in Science and Technology
Building Industry Technology Academy
Building Learning with Technology
Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council
Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology
Building Services Engineering Research and Technology
Building Systems Engineering Technology
Building Technology Educators’ Society
Building Technology Program
Building, Lending, Investments and Technology Zones
Building, Research, Innovation, Technology and Environment
Buildings Technology Center
Bulgarian Biotechnology Information Center
Bulgarian Institute for Management and Technology
Bullet Proofing Technology
Bullet Proofing Technology
Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & Technology
Bureau of Information Technology
Burlington County Institute of Technology
Burroughs Technology Operating System
Business & Advanced Technology Centre
Business & Technology Institute
Business & Technology Review
Business and Information Technology Department
Business and Information Technology School
Business and Information Technology Solutions
Business and Restricted Technology
Business and Technology Education
Business and Technology Education Council
Business and Technology Solutions
Business Centric Information Technology
Business Data Application Technology
Business Driven Technology
Business Education Technology Alliance
Business India Information Technology
Business Information Integration Technology
Business Information Technology
Business Information Technology Ethics
Business Information Technology Transfer Center
Business Innovation by Information Technology
Business Intelligence and Reporting Technology
Business Process Technology
Business Process Technology
Business Service Technology
Business Software Technology
Business Systems and Technology
Business Technology Alignment Group, LLC
Business Technology and Payment Solutions
Business Technology Associates
Business Technology Association
Business Technology Commercialization
Business Technology Essentials
Business Technology Group
Business Technology Infrastructure
Business Technology Innovation
Business Technology Lab
Business Technology Management
Business Technology Management Systems
Business Technology Optimization
Business Technology Optimization Division
Business Technology Partner
Business Technology Services
Business Technology Systems
Business Technology Team
Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center
Cabarrus Business and Technology Center
Cache and M Technology Association
Calculator and Computer Technology User Service
Calef Hill Technology Services
Calgary Technology Center
Calhoun Area Technology Center
California Agricultural Technology Institute
California College of Technology
California Community Colleges Technology Center
California Council on Science and Technology
California Emerging Technology Fund
California Institute of Automotive Technology
California Institute of Technology
California Manufacturers & Technology Association
California Space and Technology Alliance
California Technology Assessment Forum
California Technology Assistance Project
California Technology Ventures Corp.
Call Center Technology
CALS Technology Center
Camarines Sur Information Technology Center
Cambridge Antibody Technology Group Plc
Cambridge Display Technology Limited
Cambridge Technology Enterprises
Cambridge Technology Enterprises
Cambridge Technology Enterprises Limited
Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc.
Campus Center for Appropriate Technology
Campus Communications and Technology Integration
Campus Council for Information Technology
Campus Desktop Technology Integration
Campus Facilities Management Technology Association
Campus Technology Center
Campus Technology Operations
Campus Technology Services
Campus Technology Services Administrator
Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance
Canadian Advanced Technology Association
Canadian Association for the Management of Technology
Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee
Canadian Biotechnology Strategy
Canadian Centre for Housing Technology
Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering Science and Technology
Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment
Canadian Genome Analysis and Technology
Canadian Infrastructure Technology Assessment Centre
Canadian Institute for Theatre Technology
Canadian Institute of Computer Science & Technology
Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
Canadian Mining Technology
Canadian Nuclear Technology
Canadian Nuclear Technology
Canadian Office of Technology Exchange in Environment
Canadian Regulatory System for Biotechnology
Canadian Society for Chemical Technology
Canadian Society of Vascular Technology
Canadian Technology Accreditation Board
Canadian Technology Network
Canadian Technology Satellite
Canara Bank Institute of Information Technology
Canberra Institute of Technology
CANMET Energy Technology Centre
Canon Advanced Printing Technology
Canterbury Institute of Technology
Capacitor and Resistor Technology Symposium
Cape Peninsula University of Technology
Capital Area Technology Association
Capital Projects Technology Roadmap
Capital Technology Information Services
Cardiff Business Technology Centre
Cardiovascular Interventional Technology
Career & Technology Center
Career and Technology Education
Career and Technology Education
Career and Technology Studies
Career Institute of Technology
Career Related Experience In Science and Technology
Career Technology Center
Career Technology Education
Career Technology Education
Cargo Analysis Technology Symposium
Caribbean Council for Science and Technology
Caribbean Council for Science and Technology
CARibbean Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experience In Science and Technology
Carlstedt Research & Technology
Carlstedt Research and Technology
Carnegie Institute of Technology
Carnegie Technology Education
Carnegie Technology Education
Carroll County Career and Technology Center
Carver Center for Arts and Technology
Case Institute of Technology
Case Technology Central Europe
Casting and Solidification Technology
Castings Technology International
Catalan Institute of Technology
Cathedral Technology and Engineering Club
Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre
CDC Information Technology Services
Cebu Institute of Technology
Cellular Transport Technology
Cellule Interdisciplinaire de Technology Assessment
Center for Accessible Technology
Center for Advanced Pyrometallurgical Technology
Center for Advanced Research and Technology
Center for Advanced Research in Biotechnology
Center for Advanced Research of Energy Technology
Center for Advanced Surgery and Technology
Center for Advanced Technology & Innovation
Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications
Center for Advancement of Process Technology
Center for Advancing Business through Information Technology
Center for Agricultural Biotechnology
Center for Applied Information Technology and Learning
Center for Applied Microtechnology
Center for Applied Rehabilitation Technology
Center for Applied Space Technology
Center for Applied Special Technology
Center for Assistive Technology and Inclusive Education Studies
Center for Auditing Research & Advanced Technology
Center for Biochemical Technology
Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology
Center for Biotechnology
Center for Career Technology and Education
Center for Coal Technology Research
Center for Compound Semiconductor Technology
Center for Computation and Technology
Center for Computing and Information Technology
Center for Criminal Justice Technology
Center for Democracy and Technology
Center for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction Technology
Center for Education and Equity in Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Center for Education Technology Services
Center for Educational Development Technology and Assessment
Center for Emergency Management, Policy, Information Technology and Communications
Center for Emergency Response Technology
Center for Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurial Studies
Center for Enabling Technology
Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology Venturing
Center for Environmental Technology
Center for Environmentally Sound Technology Transfer
Center for Ethics of Science and Technology
Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching, and Technology
Center for Hazards Assessment Response and Technology
Center for Health Information Technology
Center for High Technology Materials
Center for HIV Hepatitis and Addiction Training and Technology
Center for Implementing Technology in Education
Center for Independence, Technology, and Education
Center for Indigenous Technology & Construction
Center for Industrial Technology and Enterprise
Center for Information Management and Information Technology Innovation
Center for Information Science and Technology
Center for Information Security Technology
Center for Information Technology
Center for Information Technology Accommodation
Center for Information Technology and Marketplace Transformation
Center for Information Technology Integration
Center for Information Technology Leadership
Center for Information Technology Policy
Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society
Center for Innovations in Technology for Learning
Center for Innovative Financial Technology
Center for Innovative Food Technology
Center for Innovative Technology
Center for Instructional Technology
Center for Instructional Technology
Center for Interdisciplinary Nanotechnology Research
Center for Internet Technology in Education
Center for Law and Technology
Center for Learning Through the Arts and Technology
Center for Legal and Court Technology
Center for Magnetics and Information Technology
Center for Materials for Information Technology
Center for Mathematics, Science, and Technology
Center for Microgravity Automation Technology
Center for Microplasma Science and Technology
Center for Nano Materials and Technology
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Center for Nanosensor Technology
Center for Nanosensor Technology
Center for Nanotechnology
Center for Nanotechnology in Society
Center for Naval Shipbuilding Technology
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Center for Neural Communication Technology
Center for Non-Profit Technology
Center for Ocean Technology
Center for Professional Development and Technology
Center for Realtor Technology
Center for Rehabilitation Sciences and Technology
Center for Rehabilitation Technology
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology
Center for Reproductive Excellence Using Assisted Technology and Endocrinology
Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science Technology
Center for Research in Electronic Art Technology
Center for Research into the Anthropological Foundations of Technology
Center for Research on Learning and Technology
Center for Resourceful Building Technology
Center for Responsible Nanotechnology
Center for Rural Technology
Center for Science and Technology
Center for Solid Fuels Technology and Applications
Center for Strategic Technology and Research
Center for Technology and Teacher Education
Center for Technology Assessment
Center for Technology Assessment
Center for Technology Commercialization, Inc.
Center for Technology Cooperation
Center for Technology in Government
Center for Technology Innovations in Education
Center for Technology Risk Studies
Center for Technology Strategy
Center for Technology Transfer and Integration
Center for Technology Transfer and Pollution Prevention
Center for Technology, Essex
Center for Technology, Essex
Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning
Center for the Advancement of Process Technology
Center for the Study of Technology and Society
Center for Underwater Robotic Technology
Center for Vision Science and Technology
Center for Women, Science and Technology
Center of Advanced Information and Technology
Center of Advanced Information Technology
Center of Applied Technology North
Center of Automotive Research and Technology
Center of Engineering and Advanced Technology
Center of Excellence for Airport Technology
Center of Excellence for Information Technology
Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology
Center of Marine Biotechnology
Center of Research, Technology and Entrepreneurial Expertise
Center Technology Council
Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology
Central European Technology Exchange
Central Florida Technology Partnership
Central Information Technology Unit
Central Institute of Education Technology
Central Institute of Fisheries Technology
Central Institute of Information Technology
Central Institute of Technology
Central Manufacturing Technology Institute
Central Office for Statistics and Information Technology
Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology
Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science and Technology
Central Sericulture Technology and Research Institute
Central South University of Technology
Central University of Technology
Centre for Alternative Technology
Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology
Centre for Computers and Communication Technology
Centre for Curriculum, Transfer and Technology
Centre for Educational & Information Technology
Centre for Educational Technology and Distance Education
Centre for Educational Technology Interoperability Standards
Centre for Electronics and Design Technology
Centre for Electronics Design Technology
Centre for Electronics Design Technology of India
Centre for Environmental Planning & Technology
Centre for Environmental Technology and Sustainable Development
Centre for Fuel Cell Technology
Centre for Gene Analysis and Technology
Centre for Graphics and Media Technology Ltd
Centre for Human Aspects of Science and Technology
Centre for Human Service Technology
Centre for Inclusive Technology
Centre for Information and Communications Technology
Centre for Information Technology Research
Centre for Instructional Design and Technology
Centre for Language and Speech Technology
Centre for Language Technology
Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology
Centre for Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship
Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology
Centre for Marine and Petroleum Technology
Centre for Mining Technology and Equipment
Centre for Music Technology
Centre for Object Technology Applications and Research
Centre for Renewable Energy at Dundalk Institute of Technology
Centre for Research and Development in Information Technology
Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas
Centre for Research in Employment and Technology in Europe
Centre for Research in Information Technology and Communications
Centre for Speech Technology Research
Centre for Study of Media, Technology & Culture
Centre for Technology Policy Research
Centre for Technology Transfer in the Process Industries
Centre for Telematics and Information Technology
Centre of Advanced Technology in Image Analysis
Centre of Electrochemical Surface Technology
Centre of Excellence in Wireless Technology
Centres of Excellence for Technology and Industrial Collaboration
Ceramic Technology Berlin GmbH
Certificate in Medical Radiology Technology
Certification Commission for Health Information Technology
Certification Committee for Healthcare Information Technology
Certified Hospitality Technology Professional
Certified Information Technology Manager
Certified Information Technology Professional
Certified Professional in Health Information Technology
Certified Specialist in Analytical Technology
Certified Technology Procurement Executive
Certified Technology Specialist
Certified Technology Specialist – Design
Certified Wireless Technology Specialist
Chaithanya Bharathi Institute of Technology
Chamber of Information Technology and Communications
Changchun University of Science and Technology
Changchun University of Science and Technology
Chapin Technology Services LLC
Characterization, Monitoring, and Sensor Technology
Charity Technology Exchange
Charity Technology Trust
Chemical Analysis and Technology
Chemical Demilitarization Science and Technology Laboratory
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology Abstracts
Chemical Engineering and Chemical Technology
Chemical Industry Institute of Technology
Chemical Science and Technology Division
Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory
Chemical Technology Laboratory
Chemical Technology Laboratory
Chenega Technology Services Corporation
Chengdu University of Information Technology
Chengdu University of Technology
Chicago Center for Green Technology
Chicago Technology Cooperative
Chicago Technology Park
Chief Engineering and Technology Officer
Chief Information Technology Officer
Chief Technology and Services Officer
Chief Technology Evangelist
Chief Technology Evangelist
Chief Technology Officer
Child Protection Technology Foundation
China Academy of Printing Technology
China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp.
China Aerospace Science and Technology Group
China Association for Science and Technology
China Building Technology Development Centre
China Consulting Center for Science and Technology
China Educational Technology Initiative
China Energy Savings Technology
China Energy Technology Program
China Science and Technology Association
China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc.
China University of Technology
Chinese Academy of Space and Technology
Chinese Academy of Telecommunications Technology
Chinese Business and Technology Association
Chinese Copy-Paste Technology
Chinese Educational Technology Standardization Committee
Chinese-Europe Biotechnology Center
Chip-On-Loadbeam technology
Chip-On-Loadbeam technology
Chip-On-Loadbeam technology
Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology
Christ Kennicott Water Technology
Christ Water Technology
Church of Spiritual Technology
Circuit Board Technology
Circulatory Technology Inc.
Cisco Encryption Technology
Cisco Technology Developer Program
City Heights Community Technology Center
City Technology College
Civil Engineering Technology Center
Civil Space Technology Initiative
Claims Virtual Adjusting Technology
Clarkson College of Technology
Clarkson College of Technology
Class Technology Solutions
Classroom Technology Migration Initiative
Classroom Technology Services
Clean Air Technology Center
Clean Coal Technology
Clean Coal Technology Program
Clean Manufacturing Technology Institute
Clean Technology Fund
Clearfield County Career and Technology Center
Clearinghouse for Specialized Media and Technology
Clearinghouse on Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, and Science
Client Object Linking Technology
Client Server Technology
Client Technology and Engineering
Client Technology and Engineering
Climate Change Technology Initiative
Climate Change Technology Program
Climate Technology Initiative
Clinical Technology Organisation
Clough Hall Technology School
Coal and Slurry Technology Association
Coalescent Technology Corporation
Coalition for Access to Medical Services, Equipment and Technology
Coalition for Applied Preservation Technology
Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology
Coastal Business, Education and Technology Alliance
Cobre Valley Institute of Technology
Cochin University of Science and Technology
Cochin University of Science and Technology
Cockpit Automation Technology
Code Technology Committee
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Coherence Cube Technology
Coimbatore Institute of Technology
Cold Regions Science and Technology
Cold Regions Science and Technology Information Analysis Center
Collaboration Technology Research Group
Collaborative Application Technology Solutions
Collaborative Communications Technology
Collaborative Research Network in Nanotechnology
Collaborative Science, Technology and Applied Research
Collaborative Technology Alliances
Collaborative Technology Alliances
College of Advanced Technology
College of Applied Arts and Technology
College of Applied Science and Technology
College of Arts Science and Technology
College of Computer and Information Technology
College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology
College of Engineering and Information Technology
College of Engineering and Technology
College of Engineering and Technology Student Council
College of Engineering Science, Technology and Agriculture
College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology
College of Information Technology
College of Integrated Science and Technology
College of Maritime Transport and Technology
College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago
College of Telecommunications and Information Technology
Color Resolution Enhancement Technology
Colorado Advanced Photonics Technology Center
Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology
Colorado Government Association of Information Technology
Colorado Information Technology Services
Colorado Institute for Research in Biotechnology
Colorado Institute of Technology
Colorado Technology Commercialization Partnership
Columbia College Information Technology
Columbia New Media Technology Center
Columbia University Information Technology
Column Based Analytical Technology
Combat Aircraft Technology
Combat Institute of Information Technology
Combat Vehicle Armament Technology
Combating Terrorism Technology Support
Combined Statistical and Technology
Combined-Cycle Generating Technology
Combustion Technology University Alliance
Command & Control Technology
Command Technology Issue
Command, Control, Communications, Computers / Information Technology
Commerce Technology International
Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau
Commercial Applications Research for Extra-Terrestrial Technology
Commercial Communications Technology Testbed
Commercial Market Information Technology
Commercial Off-The-Shelf Technology
Commercial Technology Insertion
Commercial Technology Network
Commission on Information and Communications Technology
Commission on Informational Technology
Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology
Commission on Science and Technology for Development
Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South
Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology
Committee for Democracy in Information Technology
Committee of Advisors on Science and Technology
Committee on Applications and Technology
Committee on Civilian Industrial Technology
Committee On Data for Science & Technology
Committee on Energy Research and Technology
Committee On Science & Technology in Developing Countries
Committee on Science and Technology
Committee on Space Technology Applications
Committee on Technology
Common Authentication Technology
Common Research Environment STAP Technology
Commonwealth Office of Technology
Commonwealth Partnership for Technology Management
Communication Culture and Information Technology
Communication Technology for Rural Education
Communication Technology Management
Communication Technology: Basic Research and Applications
Communication, Computing and Technology in Education
Communication, Culture & Technology
Communications & Information Technology Association
Communications and High Technology
Communications and Information Technology
Communications and Information Technology Commission
Communications and Information Technology Excellence
Communications and Information Technology Ontario
Communications Graphic Technology
Communications Information Technology Section
Communications Technology
Communications Technology Satellite
Communications, Internet and Information Technology
Communications, Media and Technology
Communications, Networking and Information Technology
Communicators in Science and Technology Education Program
Community Behavioral Health Technology
Community Technology Alliance
Community Technology Alliance
Community Technology Center
Community Technology Centers Network
Community Technology Empowerment Project
Community Technology Preview
Compact Audio Technology
Comparative Technology Transfer and Society
Compatibility Technology
Compatible Technology International
Competitive Agricultural Technology Funds
Competitive Technology Intelligence
Competitively Sensitive Technology
Complex Information Technology System
Component Advanced Technology
Component Advanced Technology Testbed
Component Based Technology
Component Repository And Framework Technology
Component Technology Test Bed
Components, Hybrids and Manufacturing Technology
Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology
Composite Material Technology
Composite Technology
Composite Technology
Composite Technology Development, Inc.
Composites Technology Park
Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Compound Technology Services
Comprehensive Airport Simulation Technology
Comprehensive Removal Technology
Compucom Institute of Information Technology & Management
Computational Technology Area
Computational Technology Area
Computer Access Technology Corporation
Computer Active Technology Suspension
Computer Aided Drafting Technology
Computer Aided Technology
Computer Analysis and Technology Unit
Computer and Technology High-Tech Response Team
Computer Architecture and Technology Laboratory
Computer Assisted Technology Transfer
Computer Based Trades and Technology
Computer Education and Educational Technology
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Engineering Technology
Computer Equipment Resources and Technology Acquisition
Computer Graphics Technology
Computer Information Technology
Computer Investigation and Technology Unit
Computer Literacy And Information Technology
Computer Multimedia and Animation Technology
Computer Networking and Information Technology
Computer Networking and Security Technology
Computer Operations, Audit and Security Technology
Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology lab
Computer Project On Technology
Computer Real Estate Technology
Computer Research and Technology
Computer Resources and Information Technology
Computer Resources Technology Transition
Computer Science and Technology
Computer Security Technology Center
Computer Software Development Technology
Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology
Computer System Engineering Technology
Computer Systems & Networking Technology
Computer Systems Technology
Computer Systems Technology Association
Computer Technology
Computer Technology
Computer Technology Application Lab, Inc.
Computer Technology Associates
Computer Technology Associates
Computer Technology Council
Computer Technology Documentation Project
Computer Technology for Medical Communication
Computer Technology Industry Association
Computer Technology Institute
Computer Technology Management Company
Computer Technology News
Computer Technology Research Corp.
Computer Technology Services
Computer Technology Solutions, Inc
Computer Technology Support
Computer Telephone Technology
Computer Vision Information Technology
Computer-Based Communication Technology
Computer-Controlled Suspension Technology
Computerised Automative Technology Reconfiguration System for Mass Customization
Computer-Optimized Adaptive Suspension Technology
Computers and Electronic Technology
Computers, Networking and Electronics Technology
Computing and Informatics Technology
Computing and Information Technology
Computing and Technology Group
Computing Technology Industry Association
Computing Technology Laboratory
Computing Technology Laboratory
COMSATS Institute of Information Technology
COMSATS University of Science and Technology (Pakistan)
COMSATS University of Science and Technology (Pakistan)
Concept and Technology Development
Concept Technology Demonstration
Concrete Technology Incorporated
Concrete Technology Information Analysis Center
Cone Penetrometer Technology
Conference for Internet and Technology Austria
Conference on E-Commerce Technology
Conference on Environmental Science and Technology
Conference on E-Technology, E-Commerce, and E-Service
Conference on Information Systems and Technology
Conference on Information Technology
Conference on Information Technology Management
Conference on Information Technology Research and Education
Conference on Technology of Object-Orientated Languages and Systems
Conference Technology Enhancements
Conference Technology Enhancements
Conformal Array Technology
Congress on Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
Congress on Software Technology and Engineering Practice
Conifer Biotechnology Working Group
Connection Optimized Link Technology
Conservation Technology Information Center
Consolidated Adaptive Systems Technology and Optimization Research
Consolidated Energy & Technology Group, Inc.
Consolidated Human Resource Technology
Consolidated Information Technology Infrasture Contract
Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions
Consortium for Research and Education in the Arts and Technology
Consortium Linking Universities of Science and Technology for Education and Research
Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology
Construction Documents Technology
Construction Engineering Management Technology
Construction Information Technology
Construction Information Technology Center
Construction Technology
Construction Technology and Management Centre
Construction Technology Centre Atlantic, Inc.
Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.
Construction Technology Laboratories, Inc.
Consultant in Information Technology
Consultative Committee on Innovation and Technology Transfer
Consumer Project on Technology
Consumer Technology Management Committee
Contactless Technology Network
Continuing Education Online Technology
Continuous Technology Refreshment
Continuously Regenerating Technology
Control Center Technology Interchange
Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology
Control Systems Technology Pty. Ltd.
Control Technology Center
Control Technology Guidelines
Control Technology Office
Controlled Language Authoring Technology
Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology
Conventional Defense Technology
Converged Technology Training
Convergence of Audio/Video and Information Technology
Convergent Audio Technology
Conversational Hypertext Access Technology
Converse Technology
Cooling Technology Institute
Cooperation in the Field of Science and Technology Research
Cooperative Application Systems Technology
Cooperative Research Action for Technology
Cooperative Research Centre for Microtechnology
Coordination Committee for Science and Technology
Corbett Technology Solutions, Inc.
Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology
Core Technology Corporation
Core Technology RAM Booster (Citrix)
Cork Institute of Technology
Cornet Technology Communications
Cornet Technology, Inc.
Corporate Embedded Web Technology
Corporate Information Technology
Corporate Technology
Corporate Technology Council
Corporate Technology Group
Corporate Technology Support Agreement
Corporation for Financing and Promoting Technology
Correctional Medical Records Technology
Corrections Technology Association
Corrections Technology Association
Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology
Corvallis Micro Technology
Costa Rican Airborne Research and Technology
Costello Technology College
Cottage Industry Technology Center
Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Council for Science and Technology
Council of Regional Information Technology Associations
Council of Science and Technology Advisors
Council on Clinical Information Technology
Council on Technology Services
Council on Technology Teacher Education
Counter Narco-Terrorism Technology Program Office
Counter-Drug Technology Assessment Center
Counterdrug Technology Development Program Office
Course in Medical Laboratory Technology
Court Information Technology Officer Consortium
Court Technology Conference
Craft Design Technology
Cranfield Institute of Technology
Creative Information Technology Solutions
Creative Technology, Ltd.
Creative Technology, Ltd.
Creighton Institute for Information Technology and Management
Crew Escape Technology
Crew Escape Technology
Crew System Associate Technology
Crewman’s Associate Advanced Technology Demonstration
Crime Identification Technology Act of 1998
Criminal Justice Science and Technology Center
Criminal Justice Technology
Criteria and Guidelines on the Transfer of Marine Technology
Critical Technology
Critical Technology Development
Critical Technology Element
Critical Technology Element
Critical Technology Reinvestment Program
Crooms Academy Information Technology
Crop Management Research and Technology
Crop Technology Consulting, Inc.
Crossbar Technology
Cross-Enterprise Technology Development Program
Cruise Missile Surveillance Technology
Cryogenic Accelerator Technology
Crystal Growth Technology Group
CSIRO Manufacturing and Infrastructure Technology (Australia)
Cultural & Educational Technology Institute
Culture, Art and Technology
Current Medical Information and Technology
Curriculum Technology Integration Specialist
Curriculum, Technology and Education Reform
Curved Crystal Technology
Custom Personal Technology Organizer
Customer Assistance Technology
Customer Focused Technology Planning
Customer Management and Technology
Customer Technology Applications Center
Customer-Focused Technology
Cutting Edge Technology
Cypress Technology, Inc.
Cytotechnology Programs Review Committee
Czech Society for Trenchless Technology
Dalian University of Technology
Danish Institute for Health Technology Assessment
Danish Institute of Fire Technology
Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology
Darlington College Of Technology
Darpa Center on Nanoscale science and Technology for Integrated Micro/Nano-Electromechanical Transducers
Data Accumulation Compression Technology
Data Control Transponder Technology
Data Integration Through Semantic Technology
Data Miniaturization Technology
Data Storage Technology
Data Technology Corporation
Data Technology Services, Inc.
Data Technology Solutions
Database Management Technology
Database Technology for Virtual Enterprises
David Curtis Technology Trust
Davis Applied Technology College
De Boeck Information Technology
Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer
Decision Technology
Decision Technology
Decisions and Advanced Technology Associates, Inc.
Dedicated Biotechnology Firm
Dedicated Digital Technology, Inc.
Deep Ocean Technology/Transponder
Defence College of Management and Technology
Defence Science & Technology Organisation
Defence Science Technology Laboratory
Defence Technology for Health
Defence Technology Management Course
Defense Finance and Accounting Service Technology Services Organization
Defense Information Technology Center, Hawaii
Defense Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
Defense Information Warfare Technology Applications
Defense Intelligence Agency Information Technology Commodities
Defense Intelligence Special Technology Program
Defense Laser Technology
Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium
Defense Science and Technology Working Group
Defense Systems and Technology Operation
Defense Technology Area Plan
Defense Technology Board
Defense Technology Evaluation Code
Defense Technology Incorporated & Associates
Defense Technology Industrial Base
Defense Technology International
Defense Technology Objective
Defense Technology Objective
Defense Technology Office
Defense Technology Office
Defense Technology Security Administration
Defense Technology Towers
Defense-Technology News
Define Substrate Technology
DeKalb High School of Technology
Delft Institute of Microelectronics and Submicrontechnology
Delft University of Technology
Delhi College of Technology and Management
Delhi Institute of Fashion & Technology
Delhi Institute of Technology
Delhi Institute of Technology & Management
Delta Pixel Matrix Technology
Demand Flow Technology
Demilitarization Alternative Technology
Demining Technology Information Forum
Demonstration of Autonomous Rendezvous Technology
Dental Technology Action Group
Department Information Technology Coordinator
Department of Advanced Technology
Department of Advanced Technology Application
Department of Animal Science and Food Technology
Department of Biotechnology
Department of Chemical Technology
Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
Department of Dairy and Fat Technology
Department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Technology Studies
Department of Educational Research, Technology, and Leadership
Department of Educational Technology and Literacy
Department of Environmental Science and Technology
Department of Food Preservation and Meat Technology
Department of Food Science and Technology
Department of Genetics and Biotechnology
Department of Information and Communications Technology
Department of Information Technology
Department of Information Technology
Department of Information Technology and Management
Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications
Department of Instructional Technology and Educational Studies
Department of Medical and Research Technology
Department of Science & Technology
Department of Science and Technology
Department of Science and Technology Studies
Department of Science, Technology and Environment
Department of Technology Services
Department Technology Coordinator
Department Technology Representative
Deputy Chief Information Officer for Infrastructure, Systems, and Technology
Deputy Director for Science and Technology
Derbyshire Learning and Technology Access
DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology (India)
Design and Technology Academy
Design and Technology Association
Design and Technology Computers
Design and Technology of Integrated Systems
Design and Technology Teachers of Ontario
Design and Test Technology Conference
Design Flow Technology
Design Integrated Technology, Inc
Design Technology
Design Technology
Design Technology Consulting Services
Design, Construction and Technology Plan
Design, Evaluation and Test Technology
Desktop Technology Services Limited
Detroit Institute of Technology
Deutsche Bank Global Technology
Development and Promotion of Science and Technology Talents Project
Development Technology Workshop
Developmentally Appropriate Technology for Early Childhood
Devry Institute of Technology
DF China Technology, Inc.
Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology
Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology
Diagnostic Testing and Technology Report
Diamond Machining Technology, Inc.
Diamond Technology Partners Incorporated
Diesel Clean Advanced Technology
Diesel Technology Forum
Diesel Transmission Technology
Diffusion Transfer Technology
DigiPen Institute of Technology
Digital After Action Review Technology
Digital Audio Recording Technology
Digital Audio Restoration Technology
Digital Cellular Technology
Digital Control Technology
Digital Emotional Technology
Digital Emulation Technology Laboratory
Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology
Digital Home Technology Integration
Digital Image Scaling Technology
Digital Information Technology Division
Digital Library for Information Science and Technology
Digital Media Arts and Technology
Digital Microscopy Technology
Digital Music Access Technology
Digital Phosphor Technology
Digital Realized Interpolation Technology
Digital Signal Processing Technology
Digital Technology on Demand
Digital Technology Report
Digital Television Technology
Digital Video Technology
Digital-Optical Technology System
Dimension Technology Chemical Systems
Dimension Technology Solutions, Inc.
Diploma in Advanced Software Technology
Diploma in Business Information Technology
Diploma in Chemical Process Technology
Diploma in Defence Technology and Systems
Diploma in Film Technology
Diploma in Footwear Technology
Diploma in Information Communication Technology
Diploma in Information Technology
Diploma in Radiology and Imaging Technology
Dipolog City Institute of Technology
Direct Access Technology
Direct Push Technology
Directed Energy Science and Technology
Directive Technology Integrators
Director of Army Research and Technology
Director of Event Technology
Director of Navy Technology
Director of Technology
Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry
Directorate of Educational Technology
Directorate of Information and Communication Technology
Directorate of Information Technology
Directorate of Information Technology
Directorate of Science and Technology
Directorate of Science, Technology and Medicine
Directory of Biotechnology Information Resources
Directory of Biotechnology Resources
Disability Rights Advocates For Technology
Disaster Services Technology
Discrete Multitone Technology
Discriminating Interceptor Technology Program
Display Power Saving Technology
Display Technology
Display Technology
Display Technology Experience
Disruptive Library Technology Jester
Disruptive Technology Office
Disruptive Technology Office
Distance Learning and Academic Technology Center
Distance Learning and Instructional Technology
Distance Learning Technology Standards
Distillers Grains Technology Council
Distortion Detection Technology
Distributed Computing and Communications Technology
Distributed Explosive Technology
Distributed Information Technology Resources
Distributed Object Technology
Distributed Processing Technology
Distributed Simulation Technology, Inc.
Distributed Technology Support
Distributive Training Technology
Distributive Training Technology Project
District Technology Office
District Technology Office
Diversified Technology, Inc.
Diving Science and Technology
Division for Advanced Systems Technology
Division for Health Care Technology Assessment
Division of Applied Science & Technology
Division of Career Technology and Adult Learning
Division of Career Technology and Adult Learning
Division of Computer Research and Technology
Division of Computer Technology and Training
Division of Computing and Information Technology
Division of Enterprise Technology
Division of Food Science and Technology
Division of History of Science and Technology
Division of Instructional Technology and Administrative Systems
Division of Road Technology Automation Brno
Division of Science, Research and Technology
Division of Science, Technology and Innovation
Division of State Information Technology
Division on Investment, Technology, and Enterprise Development
D-Link Technology Trend
DoD Information Technology Portfolio Repository
DoD Information Technology Security Certification and Accreditation Process
DOE Technology Information Network
Domain Technology Committee
Domestic Technology Transfer
Dominion Technology Resources, Inc.
Don Bosco Institute of Technology
Doña Lourdes Institute of Technology
Downstream Aluminium Centre for Technology
DRAM Row Address Strobe (information technology)
Drexel Institute for Biotechnology and Virology Research
Dual Use Science and Technology
Dual Use Technology
Dual-Use Technology Centre
Dublin Institute of Technology
Duke Law and Technology Review
Dumfries and Galloway College of Technology
Dunwoody College of Technology
DuPage National Technology Park
DuPont Fabros Technology, Inc.
Dust Accumulation and Removal Technology
Dutch Separation Technology Institute
Dynamic Back Link Technology
Dynamic Object Technology
Dynamic Overclocking Technology
Dynamic Video Memory Technology
Dynamics Technology, Incorporated
Early Childhood Education Technology
Early Education and Technology for Children
Earnest Pruett Center of Technology
Earth Resources Technology Satellite
Earth Science and Technology Organization
Earth Science Technology Conference
Earth Science Technology Office
East China University of Science and Technology
East Point College of Engineering and Technology
East Tennessee Technology Access Center
East Valley Institute of Technology
Eastbourne College of Arts & Technology
Eastbourne Technology College
Eastern Center for Arts and Technology
Eastern Shore Technology Council
Eastern Technology Council
Eastern Technology Group
East-West Technology Corporation
Eclipse Technology Exchange
Economic Development and Technology Ventures
Economics & Technology Incorporated
Economics and Technology Division
Economics of Innovation and New Technology
Edgewood Technology Advisory Board
Edison Materials Technology Center
Education and Media Technology
Education Development and Technology Center
Education in Science, Technology, Energy, Engineering and Math
Education Society for Information Technology
Education Software and Technology Industry Registry
Education Technology and Training
Education Technology Policy Council
Educational and Administrative Technology Advisory Committee
Educational Furniture, Equipment, and Technology Contract
Educational Media Technology Council
Educational Microcomputer Technology
Educational Technology
Educational Technology
Educational Technology
Educational Technology Conference
Educational Technology Organization of Michigan
Educational Technology Research and Assessment Cooperative
Educational Technology Services
Educational Technology Support
Educational Technology Unit
Educational Technology User Group
Educational Telecommunications and Technology
Educational Uses of Information Technology
Educators of Business and Information Technology
Effective Technology Integration
Efficient Technology Inc
Effort Certification and Reporting Technology
Egyptian Group for Information Technology
Egyptian Science and Technology Abstracts
Eindhoven University of Technology
Election Technology Council
Electric Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition
Electric Ship Technology Demonstrator
Electric Utility Technology
Electric Vehicle Technology Competitions
Electrical Systems Design Technology
Electrical, Electronic and Communications Engineering Technology/Technician
Electro/Information Technology Conference
Electrochemical Reaction & Technology Laboratory
Electrochemical Science and Technology Information Resource
Electromagnetic Technology
electromechanical technology
Electroneurodiagnostic Technology
Electronic and Information Technology
Electronic Clinical Expert Technology
Electronic Components and Technology
Electronic Components and Technology Conference
Electronic Components, Technology and Materials
Electronic Engineering Technology
Electronic Hardware Technology Park
Electronic Information Technology
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology
Electronic Manufacturing Technology
Electronic Octamer Sequencing Technology
Electronic Packaging Technology Conference
Electronic Proceedings of the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics
Electronic System Integration Technology Conference
Electronic Technology
Electronic Technology Systems Inc.
Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
Electronics Design & Technology Network
Electronics Packaging Technology Conference
Electronics Technology and Devices Laboratory
Electronics Technology Office
Electro-Optical Technology
Elementary School Technology Education
Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology
Elliott Davis Technology Solutions
Embedded Computer Technology
Embedded DRAM technology applied to Multimedia Components
Embedded Micro Internetworking Technology
Embedded System Technology Center
Embedded Technology Extended
Embedded Web Technology
Emerge Technology Group, LLC
Emergency Preparedness Technology Center
Emergency Response Technology
Emerging Critical Interconnect Technology
Emerging Information Technology Conference
Emerging Technology
Emerging Technology Advisory Service
Emerging Technology and Research Advisory Committee
Emerging Technology Partnership
Emirates Center for Management and Information Technology
Emission Control Technology Division
Emissions Control Technology Association
Emitter Homing Technology
Empowering Nonprofits in Technology
Empowerment through Technology and Education
Emulsion Chamber Technology
Encouraging Learning in Technology and Engineering
Encyclopedia of Polymer Science and Technology
Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics
Endicott Interconnect Technology
Endurance Sport Technology Group
Energenius Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology
Energetics Manufacturing Technology Center
Energy & Engine Technology Corporation
Energy and Environment Technology Center
Energy and Technology
Energy Conservation and Utilization Technology
Energy Resonance Technology
Energy Saving Technology
Energy Science and Technology Software
Energy Services and Technology Association
Energy Systems Technology and Education Center
Energy Technology Assessment
Energy Technology Branch
Energy Technology Data Exchange
Energy Technology Development
Energy Technology Division
Energy Technology Engineering Center
Energy Technology Programs
Energy Technology Programs
Energy Technology Support Unit
Energy Technology Systems Analysis Program
Energy, Technology and the Environment
Enforcement Technology Group Inc.
Engine Materials Technology
Engineering and Manufacturing Institute of Technology
Engineering and Technology Acquisition Support Services
Engineering and Technology Education
Engineering and Technology Industry Council
Engineering Design & Drafting Technology
Engineering Design And Technology
Engineering Design Graphics Technology
Engineering of Information Technology
Engineering Research and Development for Technology Consortium
Engineering Student Technology Committee
Engineering Technology
Engineering Technology Company
Engineering Technology Office
Engineering Technology Projects Center
Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Engineering, Design and Technology
Engineering, Manufacturing, Information Technology
Engineering, Sciences and Technology
Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science
English for Science and Technology
Enhanced Environment Technology
Enhanced Technology
Enhancing Education Through Technology
Enterprise Caching Technology
Enterprise Information Technology Services
Enterprise Software Technology
Enterprise Systems Technology Activity
Enterprise Technology
Enterprise Technology Engineering
Enterprise Technology Organization
Enterprise Technology Reference Model
Enterprise-Wide Information Technology Architecture
Entertainment Services and Technology Association
Entertainment Technology Alliance
Entertainment Technology Center
Entertainment, Media and Technology
Entrepreneurial Technology Apprenticeship Program
Enugu State University of Technology
Environment, Energy, Water and Clean Technology
Environment, Science, Technology and Health
Environmental and Spatial Technology
Environmental Applied Research Technology House Corp.
Environmental Control Technology
Environmental Engineering and Technology
Environmental Research and Technology Air Quality Model
Environmental Research Technology and Educational Consultancy
Environmental Research, Technology and Policy
Environmental Restoration Technology End User Conference
Environmental Science and Technology
Environmental Science and Technology Centre
Environmental Science, Technology and Management
Environmental Technology
Environmental Technology
Environmental Technology Advancement Directorate
Environmental Technology Centre
Environmental Technology Council
Environmental Technology Facility
Environmental Technology Group, Inc.
Environmental Technology Industry Cluster
Environmental Technology Initiative
Environmental Technology Integrated Process Team
Environmental Technology Laboratory
Environmental Technology Network for Asia
Environmental Technology Opportunities Portal
Environmental Technology Program for Industry
Environmental Technology Team
Environmental Technology Verification
Episcopal Church Network for Science, Technology and Faith
Erasmus Mundus Master of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
eResearch Technology, Inc
Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology
Ericsson-Deutsche Technology Fund
Erlang Network Element Technology
Erlang Network Element Technology
Erosion Control Technology Council
Erosion, Technology and Concentration
Escondido Research and Technology Center
Esfahan Nuclear Technology Center
Estonian Information Technology Foundation
Estonian Information Technology Society
Ethics Committee on Assisted Reproductive Technology
Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission
Eureka Advanced Software Technology
Euro Games Technology
European Association for the Study of Science and Technology
European Association of Pharma Biotechnology
European Association of Research and Technology Organisations
European Association of Software Science and Technology
European Biotechnology Symposium
European Centre for Information on Marine Science and Technology
European Collaboration for Health Technology Assessment
European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries
European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning
European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning
European Conference on the Advancement of Rehabilitation Technology
European Congress on Biotechnology
European Development and Technology Center
European Development and Technology Centre
European Diving Technology Committee
European Federation of Biotechnology
European Federation of Marine Science and Technology Studies
European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology
European HyperWorks Technology Conference
European Initiative for Biotechnology Education
European Institute of Technology
European Interconnect Technology Initiative
European Inter-University Association on Society, Science and Technology
European Microsoft Information Technology Forum
European Network on Access Technology
European Petrochemicals Technology Conference
European Refining Technology Conference
European School of Management and Technology
European Science and Technology Observatory
European Semantic Technology Conference
European Society for Animal Cell Technology
European Society of Uro-Technology
European Society, Science and Technology
European Space and Technology Center
European Space Research and Technology Centre
European Strategic Program for Research in Information Technology
European Strategic Programme for Research and Development in Information Technology
European Technology Acquisition Programme
European Technology Consultants
European Technology Platform
European Technology Transfer Network
European University Network for Information Technology in Education
Evaluation Criteria for Information Technology Security
Evolutionary Technology Insertion
Executive Science and Technology Council
Exoatmospheric Interceptor Technology
eXperimental Technology Insertion
Experiments in Art and Technology
Expert Group on Technology Transfer
Exploitation Technology Symposium
Exploitation with Collaborative Interoperable Technology
Exploration and Production Technology
Exploration and Production Technology Company
Exploration Systems Research and Technology
Exploration Technology Development Program
Explosive Ordnance Demolition Technology
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technology And Training
Explosives Detection Technology
Explosives Detection Technology
Extended Long Range Integrated Technology Evaluation
Extended Memory 64 Technology
Extended Mobility Technology
Extended Range Intercept Technology
Extended Technology
Extending the Littoral Battlespace – Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
Extension Computing Technology Unit
Extension Technology and Computer Services
External Technology Solutions
Extreme High Response Technology
Exxonmobil Information Technology
Eye Fresh Technology
Face Recognition Technology
Face Scan Technology
Facial Recognition Technology
Facilities Operations & Technology
Faculty Instructional Technology
Faculty Instructional Technology Center
Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology
Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
Faculty of Engineering and Technology Students’ Union
Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
Faculty of Informatics and Information Technology
Faculty of Information Technology
Faculty of Non-Degree and Technology
Faculty Technology Services
Faculty Technology Support Center
Faculty Technology Training
Faculty Technology Training Center
Failure Analysis Service Technology
Fairchild Advanced CMOS Technology
Family Center on Technology and Disability
Fan/Inlet Acoustic Technology
Farnborough College of Technology
Fashion Institute of Technology
Fashion, Arts, Culture, Technology
Fast Advanced Technology Attachment
Fast CMOS Technology
Fast Processing Technology
Fault Isolation Technology
Fax Information Retrieval Support Technology
FCC Office of Engineering and Technology
Federal Acquisition Services for Technology
Federal and State Technology Partnership
Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering and Technology
Federal Council for Science and Technology
Federal Energy Technology Center
Federal Institute of Technology
Federal Ministry of Science and Technology
Federal Office of Defence Technology and Procurement
Federal Partners in Technology Transfer
Federal Technology Service
Federal Technology Solutions, Inc.
Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986
Federal Training Technology Initiative
Federal University of Technology Akure
Federal University of Technology Yola
Federation of Institutes of Food Science and Technology in ASEAN
Feedback Technology
Feedback, Evolution, And Software Technology
Fellow in the Technology of Surface Coatings
Fellow of the Institute of Asphalt Technology
Fellow of the Institute of Medical Laboratory Technology
Females in Information Technology and Telecommunications
Feminist Technology Exchange
Femtosecond Technology Research Association
Ferris Library for Information, Technology and Education
Fiber Optic Interconnect Technology
Fiber Optic Network Technology Co.
Fiber Optic Technology
Fiber-Optic Controlled Phased Array Technology
Fibre Attached Technology Adapted
Fido Technology Networks
Fidonet New Technology
Field Adaptable Systems Technology
Field Analytic Technology Encyclopedia
Field Assistance in Science and Technology
Field Programmable Technology
Field’s Automated Sales Technology
Filinvest Technology Park Calamba
Filipino Information Technology Group
Film and Video Production Technology
Film Grain Technology
Filtration Technology Group
Finance and Information Technology
Finance, Technology, and Administration Branch
Financial and Logistics Integrated Technology Enterprise Program
Financial Services Technology
Financial Services Technology Consortium
Financial Technology
Financial Technology
Fine Pitch Technology
Fingerprint Identification Technology
Finnish Technology Award Foundation
Finolex Academy of Management and Technology
Firan Technology Group
Fire Protection and Safety Technology
Fire Safety Technology
First Failure Support Technology 2
First Jobs in Science and Technology
First Jobs in Science and Technology
First Technology Inc.
First Technology Safety Systems
Fisheries Technology Associates Inc.
Fishery Industrial Technology Center
Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour
Fixed Automated Spray Technology
Flanders’ Mechatronics Technology Centre
Flat Screen Technology
Flat Square Technology
Floptical Technology Association
Florida Educational Technology Conference
Florida Educational Technology Corporation
Florida Institute for Research, Science & Technology
Florida Institute of Technology
Fluid Power Systems and Technology Division
Focused Technology Program
Focused Wave Technology
Follett Implementation Group on Information Technology
Food Analysis, Chemistry and Technology
Food Biotechnology Communications Initiative
Food Science & Technology
Food Science and Technology Abstracts
Food Service Technology Center
Food Technology for Companion Animals
Food Technology in New Zealand
Food Technology Institute
Food Technology International Consultancy Ltd
Food Technology Research Institute
For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
Forecasting and Assessment in Science and Technology
Foreign Disclosure and Technology Security Plan
Foreign Language Education and Technology
Foreign Language Instructional Technology Environment
Foreign Science & Technology Center
Foreign Technology Division
Foreign Technology Division
Forensic Technology, Inc.
Foresighting the New Technology Wave
Forest Technology Systems, Ltd
Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute
Forestry and Wood Technology
Formal Approaches to Computing and Information Technology
Forum for European-Australian Science and Technology
Forum for Object Oriented Technology
Forum for the Analysis of Sport Technology
Forum Oilfield Technology
Forum on Information Technology
Foundation for Advanced Computer Technology
Foundation for Analytical Science & Technology in Africa
Foundation for Art and Creative Technology
Foundation for Education, Science and Technology
Foundation for Innovation and Technology Transfer
Foundation for Research & Technology-Hellas
Foundation for Science and Technology
Foundation for Surgical Technology
Foundation for Sustainable Technology
Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Technology
Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Technology, Inc.
Foundations of Information Technology
Fountainhead College of Technology
France India Information Technology
Fraunhofer Center for Biomedical Technology
Fraunhofer Institute of Laser Technology
Fraunhofer Technology Center Hialeah
Freedom and Technology Program
Freedom Technology Media Group
Freescale Technology Forum
French Advances in Science and Technology
Frequency Doubling Technology
Fresh Air Ram Technology
Friction Modifier Technology
Friends of Information Technology
Frontier of Computer Science and Technology
Frontier Technology, Inc.
FSU Library for Information, Technology and Education (Big Rapids, MI)
Fuel Air Spark Technology
Fuel and Combustion Technology
Fuel Cell Technology
Fuels and Lubricants Technology Team
Fujian Technology and Projects Fair
Fujitsu Australia Software Technology
Fujitsu Enhanced Imaging Technology
Fujitsu Technology Solutions
Fujitsu Technology Solutions International
Fujitsu Technology Solutions, Inc.
Full Science and Technology Abstracts
Fully Integrated Road Safety Technology
Fully Integrated Technology
Fundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations
Fused Biconic Technology
Future Advanced Sequencer Technology
Future Airborne Communications Equipment and Technology
Future Aircraft Technology Enhancement
Future Attribute Screening Technology
Future Infantry Soldier Technology
Future Integrated Soldier Technology
Future Interagency Range and Spaceport Technology Program
Future Technology Devices International Ltd
Future Technology Magazine
Future Technology Requirements
Future Technology Systems
Future Technology Workshop
Future’s Inventory Replenishment System Technology
Galileo Technology, Inc.
Gallatin Valley Technology Alliance
Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology
Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management
Garment, Textile and Technology Association
Gas Technology Institute
Gas-To-Liquid technology
Gateway to Technology
Gdansk University of Technology
Gear Cutting Technology Systems, Inc.
GEC-Marconi Materials Technology
Geelong Technology Precinct
Gender, Science and Technology
Gene Technology Community Consultative Committee
Gene Technology Information Service
Gene Technology Information Unit
Gene Technology Technical Advisory Committee
General Business Technology
General Engineering Technology Courses
General Import Format Technology
General Information Technology Controls
General Purpose Technology
General Reactor Technology
Generex Biotechnology Corporation
Generic Technology Platform
Genesee Area Mathematics/Science/Technology Center
Genetic Resources Science and Technology
Genetic Use Restriction Technology
Genetics, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Nanotechnology
Genetics, Robotics, Information & Nanotechnology
Genmark Integration Framework and Technology
Genome Science and Technology Center
Genomics Nanotechnology and Robotics
Gensan College of Technology
Geographic Data Technology Inc.
Geographic Information Technology
Geographic Information Technology Association
Geographic Information Technology Training Alliance
Georgia Centers for Advanced Telecommunications Technology
Georgia Educational Technology Conference
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgia Project for Assistive Technology
Georgia Rehab Technology Council
Georgia Science and Technology Commission
Georgia Technology Association
Georgia Technology Authority
Georgia Youth Science & Technology Centers, Inc.
Geoscience Technology Training Center
Geospatial Information and Technology Association
Geospatial Information Technology
Geothermal Technology Division
German Appropriate Technology Exchange
German Medical Technology Alliance
Ghetto Institute of Technology
Gian Jyoti Institute of Management and Technology
Gigabyte Technology
Gilder Technology Forum
Giotto High Technology
Gippsland School of Computing and Information Technology
Gippsland School of Information Technology
Girls Exploring Tomorrow’s Technology
Girls Exploring Trades and Technology
Girls Get Information Technology
Girls Into Science and Technology
Glasgow Marine Technology Centre
Glasgow University Science and Technology Outreach
Global Advanced Packaging Technology
Global Advanced Technology, Inc.
Global Alpine Institute of Technology
Global Change Technology Initiative
Global Communication Technology
Global Electronic Technology, Inc.
Global Enterprise Technology System
Global Environmental Technology & Management
Global Helicopter Technology Inc.
Global Information Systems Technology
Global Information Technology Corporation
Global Information Technology Management
Global Information Technology Modernization
Global Interactive Technology Pte Ltd
Global Management Technology Training
Global Media & Technology Solutions
Global Medical Technology Network
Global Network of Environment and Technology
Global Publishing Technology
Global Science and Technology
Global Technology Associates, Inc
Global Technology Center
Global Technology Distribution Council
Global Technology Finance
Global Technology Group
Global Technology Industry Group
Global Technology Products
Global Technology Services LLC
Global Technology Solutions
Global Technology Transfer Alliance
Global Trade and Technology Center
Globe Institute of Technology
GMC Software Technology
Goddard Earth Science and Technology
Goddard Technology Management Office
Gold Wire Technology
Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology, Serampore
Government College of Technology
Government Emerging Technology Alliance
Government Information Finder Technology
Government Information Technology Agency
Government Information Technology and Communications
Government Information Technology Conditions
Government Information Technology Contract
Government Information Technology Contracting
Government Information Technology Group
Government Information Technology Officers Council
Government Information Technology Services
Government Information Technology Services Board
Government Technology Conference
Government Technology International
Government Technology Services
Government Technology Services, Inc.
Governor’s Academy for Innovation, Technology and Engineering
Governor’s Office for Technology
Govind Ballabh Pant University of Agriculture and Technology
GPS Science & Technology program
GPS Science & Technology Program
Graduate Automotive Technology Education Center
Graduate Diploma in Electronic Systems, Nanotechnology Major
Graduate Diploma of Engineering Technology
Graduate Information Technology Centre
Graduate Institute of Technology
Graduate Technology Coordinator
Granular Injection Paint Technology
Granular Restore Technology
Graphic Design Technology
Graphic Era Institute of Technology
Great Lakes Innovation and Technology Report
Great Valley Technology Alliance
Greater New Jersey Process Technology Alliance
Greater Richmond Technology Council
Green Enterprise Information Technology
Green Gene Technology
Greenhouse Gas Technology Center
Grid Technology Research Center
Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute
Ground-Based Free Election Laser – Technology Integration Experiment
Groundwater Technology Inc
Group Technology
Group Technology
Group Technology & Operations
GSRC Technology Extrapolation
Guitar Institute of Technology
Gulf Coast Alliance for Technology Transfer
Gulf Information & Technology Exhibition
Gulf Marine Institute of Technology
Gulf University for Science and Technology
Gulfstream Healthcare Technology
Guzman Institute of Technology
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
Gwinnett School of Mathematics Science and Technology
GX Technology
Habitability Technology
Haimovitch Medical Technology Consultants
Haldia Institute of Technology
Hampton Roads Technology Incubator
Hand Geometry Technology
Hands on Technology Transfer, Inc.
Hanford Waste Management Technology Plan
Hanoi University of Technology
Harbin Institute of Technology
Harbin Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club
Hardened Electronics And Radiation Technology
Hardlines Technology Forum
Hardware Trade Technology Limited
Harms Advanced Technology Center
Harvest Energy Technology, Inc.
Hassler Communication Systems Technology, Inc.
Hastings College of Arts & Technology
Hawaii Energy and Environmental Technology Initiative
Hawaii Institute of Information Technology
Hawaii Technology Trade Association
Heads of Information Technology
Health Care Technology Assessment
Health Care Technology Sector
Health Informatics Technology Management
Health Information Management and Technology Plan
Health Information Technology Expert Panel
Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
Health Information Technology Institute
Health Information Technology Policy Council
Health Management Technology
Health Science Technology Education
Health Sciences and Technology
Health Sciences and Technology
Health Sciences and Technology Academy
Health Services/Technology Assessment Research
Health Technology Advisory Committee
Health Technology Assessment
Health Technology Policy Analysis
Healthcare Billing and Coding Technology
Healthcare Information Infrastructure Technology
Healthcare Information Technology
Healthcare Information Technology Initiative
Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel
Hearing Technology Predisposition Assessment
Heartland Illinois Technology Enterprise Center
Heat Pipe Technology
Heavy Ion Accelerator Technology
HEDS Technology Demonstration
HEDS Technology/Commercialization Initiative (US NASA)
Hefei University of Technology
Helicopter Active Control Technology
Helicopter Composite Technology Application
Hellenic Technology Clusters Initiative
Hellenic Technology of Robotics
Hellenic Technology Transfer Center SA
Helsinki Information Technology Association
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
Helsinki Institute of Science and Technology Studies
Helsinki University of Technology
HID on the Desktop (information technology security)
High Accuracy Registration Technology
High Density Information Technology
High Quality Technology Ltd.
High School Science and Technology Program
High Speed Technology
High Speed Technology
High Technology
High Technology Brigade
High Technology Company
High Technology Council of Maryland
High Technology Development Corporation
High Technology Land Surveying
High Technology Light Division
High Technology Motorized Division
High Technology Park
High Technology Research and Development Center
High Technology Rotor
High Technology Small Firm
High Technology Solutions, Inc.
High Technology Test Bed
High Yield Technology
High-Angle-of-Attack Technology program
Higher Colleges of Technology
Higher Council for Science and Technology
Higher Education and Advanced Technology Center
Higher Education and Applied Technology Center
Higher Education Assistive Technology
Higher Education Knowledge and Technology Exchange
Higher Education Technology Initiative
High-Speed Avoidance Using Laser Technology
High-Speed Technology
High-Speed Technology
Highway Innovative Technology Evaluation Center
Hispanic Educational Technology Services
History and Philosophy of Science, Technology and Medicine
History of Science Medicine and Technology
History of Science Technology Medicine
History of Technology and Science
Hitachi Industrial Technology Thailand Ltd.
Hitachi Software Global Technology Ltd.
Holland Institute of Traffic Technology
Home and Office Technology
Home Care Technology Association of America
Home Economics Careers and Technology
Home Linking Technology
Home Remodeling Technology Inc.
Home Technology Alliance
Homeland Security Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology
Hong Kong Satellite Technology Group Ltd.
Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Hong Video Technology, Inc.
Horizontal Technology Integration
Horizontal Technology Integration Office
Hospitality Industry Technology Association
Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference
Hospitality Information Technology Association
Hospitality Institute of Technology and Management
Hospitality Technology Next Generation
Hot Mix Asphalt Technology
Houghton Mifflin Learning Technology
House Committee on Science, Space and Technology
Household Use of Information Technology
HUD Information Technology Systems
Hudson County Schools of Technology
Hudson County Schools of Technology
Hughes Information Technology Systems
Human Activity Assistive Technology
Human Assisted Reproductive Technology
Human Factors Integration Defence Technology Centre
Human Interface Technology
Human Language Technology Workshop
Human Performance Technology
Human Reproductive Technology Bill
Human Resource Information Technology
Human Sensory Measurement Application Technology Project
Human System Research and Technology
Human Technology Interface
Human Technology Performance Optimization
Human Touch Technology
Huntsville Center for Technology
Husky Educational Technology Assessment Program
Hutchinson Technology Incorporated
Hybrid Open Systems Technology
Hybrid Technology Multithreaded
HyCult Biotechnology
Hyderabad Information Technology and Engineering Consultancy
Hyper Transport Technology
Hypersonic Systems Technology Program
Hypersonic Technology
Hypersonic Velocity Technology
Hyper-Threading Technology
Hyper-Threading Technology
HyperTransport Technology Consortium
Hyundae Information Technology Inc.
Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium
IBM Workplace Client Technology
ICT and Science and Technology Division (UN Economic Commission for Africa)
Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center
Idaho Technology Inc.
Idaho Technology Incentive Grant
Identity Protection Technology
Identity Protection Technology
IHI Press Technology America, Inc.
Iligan Institute of Technology
Illawarra Technology Corporation
Illinois Assistive Technology Project
Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization
Illinois Center for Food Safety and Technology
Illinois Center for Information Technology Accessibility
Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act
Illinois Institute of Technology
Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute
Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program
Illinois Microarchitecture Project utilizing Advanced Compiler Technology
Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
Image Enhancement Technology
Image Technology Standards Board
Imaging Technology Space Center
Immersive Education Technology Group
Immersive Projection Technology
Immersive Projection Technology
Immersive Projection Technology Workshop
Immersive Virtual Environment Technology
Immune Macro Biotic Technology Ltd.
Imperial College London, Delft University of Technology, ETH Zurich, RWTH Aachen University
Imperial College of Science and Technology
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine London
Imperial Software Technology
Implanted Advanced Technology
Implementation Technology for Computational Logic Systems
Implementing Partnerships Across the Curriculum with Technology
Improving Manufacturing Productivity with Advanced Collaboration Technology
In Vivo Selection/Expression Technology
Independent Air Treatment Technology Ltd.
Independent Testing of Iris Recognition Technology
India Business and Technology Consortium
Indian Capital Technology Center
Indian Institute of Handloom Technology
Indian Institute of Hardware Technology
Indian Institute of Information Technology
Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology
Indian Institute of Technology
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Indian Journal of Chemical Technology
Indian Society of Agricultural Information Technology
Indian Society of Extra-Corporeal Technology
Indiana County Technology Center
Indiana Institute of Technology
Individual Information Technology Institute
Indo-German Institute of Advanced Technology
Indoor Air Purification Technology
Indore Institute of Science &Technology
Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
Inductive Modeling Technology
Industrial Biotechnology Association
Industrial Biotechnology Association
Industrial Electronics, Technology, Automation
Industrial Energy Technology Conference
Industrial Research and Technology Unit
Industrial Science & Technology Network
Industrial Science and Technology Frontier
Industrial Software Technology
Industrial Technology Advisor
Industrial Technology and Management
Industrial Technology Development
Industrial Technology Division
Industrial Technology Equipment
Industrial Technology Institute
Industrial Technology Reliability Company
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Industry Coalition on Technology Transfer
Industry Standard Technology
Industry Standards and Technology Organization
Industry Technology Facilitator
Industry University Technology Experiment
Inertial Guidance Technology Demonstration
Infinite Technology Group Ltd.
Infinite Technology Group, Inc.
Infinity Technology International Ltd.
Inflatable Re-entry and Descent Technology
Inflatable Torus Solar Array Technology
Influence Technology
Informatics, Educational Technology
Information & Communications Technology Authority
Information Access and Technology Services
Information Access Technology
Information and Advisory Service on Appropriate Technology
Information and Communication Technology
Information and Communication Technology Agency
Information and Communication Technology in Education
Information and Communication Technology Infrastructure Management
Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers
Information and Communications Technology Group
Information and Communications Technology Organization
Information and Communications Technology Organization
Information and Communications Technology Unit
Information and Computer Technology Organization
Information and Computer Technology Organization
Information and Comunication Technology for Development
Information and Enterprise Technology
Information and Learning Technology
Information and Software Technology
Information and Technology Literacy Standards
Information and Technology Round Table
Information and Telecommunication Technology Center
Information Arts &Technology
Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center
Information Infrastructure Technology and Applications
Information Integration Technology
Information Learning Technology
Information Management & Technology Division
Information Management Information Technology
Information Management System and Technology
Information Management Technology
Information Network for Science and Technology
Information Operations Technology
Information Operations Technology Center
Information Processes and Technology
Information Processes and Technology
Information Processing Technology Office
Information Resource Management Program for Accessible Computer/Communication Technology
Information Resources and Technology
Information Science & Technology Office
Information Science and Technology
Information Science and Technology Center
Information Sciences and Technology
Information Sciences Technology Office
Information Security Technology
Information Standards and Technology Standardization Area
Information Storage Technology Group
Information Switching Technology
Information Systems Integration using Global Hypermedia Technology
Information Systems Technology
Information Systems Technology Enhancement Project
Information Technology
Information Technology
Information Technology
Information Technology 1995
Information Technology Academia Collaboration
Information Technology Access Control
Information Technology Accreditation Policy
Information Technology Acquisition Board
Information Technology Acquisition Center
Information Technology Acquisition Office
Information Technology Acquisition Paper
Information Technology Acquisition Review
Information Technology Acquisition Review Board
Information Technology Advisor
Information Technology Advisory Board
Information Technology Advisory Committee
Information Technology Advisory Group
Information Technology Agreement
Information Technology Analytics and Developmental Services
Information Technology and Administrative Management
Information Technology and Communication Design
Information Technology and Communications Directorate
Information Technology and Communications in Health
Information Technology and Communications Services
Information Technology and Computer Science
Information Technology and Creative Practices
Information Technology and Disabilities
Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Commercial Contracting Center
Information Technology And Libraries
Information Technology and Management
Information Technology and Operations Management
Information Technology and Professional Services
Information Technology and the Courts
Information Technology Application Manager
Information Technology Applications Center
Information Technology Applications in Biomedicine
Information Technology Applications Specialist
Information Technology Architect Certification
Information Technology Architecture and Governance
Information Technology Architecture Team
Information Technology Assessment
Information Technology Asset Management
Information Technology Asset Management Benchmarking Association
Information Technology Association
Information Technology Association of Canada
Information Technology Association of Montenegro
Information Technology Association of Orissa
Information Technology Association of Southern Arizona
Information Technology Association of Wisconsin
Information Technology Assurance Framework
Information Technology at Purdue
Information Technology Authority
Information Technology Auto Discovery System
Information Technology Best Practices
Information Technology Branch
Information Technology Building
Information Technology Business Center
Information Technology Business Management
Information Technology Can Help
Information Technology Center
Information Technology Central Services
Information Technology Centre
Information Technology Certificate
Information Technology Certification Security Council
Information Technology Certified Professional
Information Technology Change Control Board
Information Technology Client Support Center
Information Technology Club
Information Technology Commerce Network
Information Technology Commission
Information Technology Committee
Information Technology Commodity Council
Information Technology Compliance Association
Information Technology Consultancy & Provision
Information Technology Consultant
Information Technology Consultants & Contractors
Information Technology Consulting Professional
Information Technology Consulting Unit
Information Technology Contingency Plan
Information Technology Contracting Staff
Information Technology Development Center
Information Technology Director
Information Technology Division
Information Technology Education Center
Information Technology Electronic Catalog
Information Technology Electronic Commerce
Information Technology Enabled Services
Information Technology Engineering Directorate
Information Technology Enterprise Architecture Management System
Information Technology Enterprise Solutions
Information Technology Enterprise Solutions-2 Services
Information Technology Equipment
Information Technology Equipment Custodian
Information Technology Evaluation Directorate
Information Technology Exchange Center
Information Technology Executive Committee
Information Technology Executive Council
Information Technology Executive Leadership Council
Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers
Information Technology Expert Group
Information Technology Experts, Inc.
Information Technology Export Community
Information Technology Facility
Information Technology Financial Management
Information Technology Financial Management Association
Information Technology Focus Program
Information Technology for Enrollment Management
Information Technology for European Advancement
Information Technology for Manufacturing Automation and Concurrent Engineering
Information Technology for Sustained Agriculture in Punjab
Information Technology for the 21st Century
Information Technology Foundation Management
Information Technology Foundation of the Philippines
Information Technology Foundation, Inc.
Information Technology Governance
Information Technology Governance Institute
Information Technology Group
Information Technology High School
Information Technology House
Information Technology in Business
Information Technology in Childhood Education
Information Technology in Developing Countries
Information Technology In Nursing
Information Technology in Nursing
Information Technology in Regional Areas
Information Technology in Teacher Education
Information Technology Industry Council
Information Technology Industry council
Information Technology Industry Development Agency
Information Technology Infrastructure
Information Technology Infrastructure Architecture
Information Technology Infrastructure Library
Information Technology Infrastructure Managment Association
Information Technology Infrastructure Planning
Information Technology Infrastructure Services
Information Technology Innovation Center
Information Technology Institute
Information Technology Insurance Specialists
Information Technology Interest Group
Information Technology Interfaces
Information Technology Investment Account
Information Technology Investment Management
Information Technology Investment Planning Systems
Information Technology Investment Portfolio System
Information Technology Issues Council
Information Technology Job Seekers Atlanta
Information Technology Journal
Information Technology Junction Limited
Information Technology Laboratory
Information Technology Law Society
Information Technology Leadership Team
Information Technology Liaison Group
Information Technology Literacy
Information Technology Managed Services
Information Technology Management
Information Technology Management and Governance
Information Technology Management Application
Information Technology Management Association
Information Technology Management Council
Information Technology Management Group
Information Technology Management Office
Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996
Information Technology Manager
Information Technology Markup Language
Information Technology Media
Information Technology Networking
Information Technology of New Quality, Ltd.
Information Technology Office
Information Technology Omnibus Procurement
Information Technology Online
Information Technology Operating Model
Information Technology Operations
Information Technology Operations Center
Information Technology Operations Division
Information Technology Outsourcing
Information Technology Overarching Integrated Product Team
Information Technology Oversight Committee
Information Technology Overview Analysis
Information Technology Park Limited
Information Technology Planning Council
Information Technology Planning Group
Information Technology Policy Council
Information Technology Policy Office
Information Technology Practices
Information Technology Process Automation
Information Technology Procurement and Licensing
Information Technology Professional
Information Technology Professional Services Arrangement
Information Technology Qualification
Information Technology Representative
Information Technology Requirements Council
Information Technology Research
Information Technology Research and Development
Information Technology Research and Development
Information Technology Research Centre
Information Technology Research Institute
Information Technology Research Lab
Information Technology Resource Optimization
Information Technology Resources
Information Technology Response Center
Information Technology Reuse
Information Technology Reuse & Software Reuse Program
Information Technology Reuse Initiative
Information Technology Review
Information Technology Security
Information Technology Security
Information Technology Security Evaluation and Testing
Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria
Information Technology Security Experts
Information Technology Security Forum
Information Technology Security Magazine
Information Technology Security Manager
Information Technology Security Officer
Information Technology Security Operations
Information Technology Service
Information Technology Service Center
Information Technology Service Company
Information Technology Service Delivery
Information Technology Service Excellence
Information Technology Service Management
Information Technology Service Management Forum
Information Technology Service Optimization
Information Technology Services
Information Technology Services Agency
Information Technology Services Branch
Information Technology Services Department
Information Technology Services Division
Information Technology Services for Business
Information Technology Services Marketing Association
Information Technology Services Program
Information Technology Services Request
Information Technology Services Unit
Information Technology Society
Information Technology Solution Optimizer
Information Technology Solution Provider
Information Technology Solutions
Information Technology Solutions Division
Information Technology Solutions Evolution process
Information Technology Solutions International, Inc.
Information Technology Solutions of Belize
Information Technology Solutions Providers Alliance
Information Technology Specialist Certification
Information Technology Standards Committee
Information Technology Standards Council
Information Technology Standards Institute
Information Technology Strategic Plan
Information Technology Strategic Planning Committee
Information Technology Strategic Research
Information Technology Strategy & Architecture
Information Technology Student Organization
Information Technology Students Association
Information Technology Studies
Information Technology Support
Information Technology Support Activity
Information Technology Support Center
Information Technology System
Information Technology System Management
Information Technology Systems Bridge
Information Technology Systems Budget
Information Technology Systems Coordinator
Information Technology Systems Engineering
Information Technology Systems, Inc.
Information Technology Task Force
Information Technology Team
Information Technology Tech Prep
Information Technology Tools
Information Technology Total Asset Visibility
Information Technology Total Services
Information Technology toward Empowerment
Information Technology Training Conference
Information Technology Training Initiative
Information Technology Training Institute
Information Technology Unit
Information Technology Unit
Information Technology United Corporation
Information Technology Uptake Support Environment
Information Technology User’s Council
Information Technology Web Services
Information Technology Work Group
Information Technology Zone
Information Technology, Communications and Electronics
Information Technology, Learning, and Performance Journal
Information Technology/Software Engineering
Information Technology: Coding and Computing
Information Technology: Research and Education
Information, Communication and Space Technology Division
Information, Processing and Technology
Information, Processing and Technology
Information, Science, and Technology Agency
Information-Technology Promotion Agency
Informing Science and Information Technology Education
Infrastructure Technology and Applications
Infrastructure Technology Group
Infrastructure Technology Information Library
Infrastructure Technology Institute
Infrastructure Technology Solutions
Initiative for Environmental Technology
Initiative for Studies in Technology Entrepreneurship
Initiative for Technology Cooperation in the Balkans
Inkjet Technology Platforms
Inland Northwest Technology Education Center
Inner Mongolia University of Technology
Innovation and Technology Commission
Innovation and Technology Fund Administrative System
Innovation, Technology and Quality
Innovation, Technology, and Market Leadership
Innovations in Marine Technology
Innovative Circuit Technology Corp.
Innovative Computer Technology, Incorporated
Innovative Management and Technology Approaches
Innovative Management and Technology Services, LLC
Innovative Mechanical & Electrical Technology
Innovative Micro Technology
Innovative SBR Antenna Technology (DARPA ACTD)
Innovative Science & Technology
Innovative Surveillance Technology
Innovative Technology
Innovative Technology Advocates
Innovative Technology Application, Inc.
Innovative Technology Council
Innovative Technology Evaluation Report
Innovative Technology for Custom Machinery
Innovative Technology of Design
Innovative Technology Requirement
Inorganic Membrane Electrolysis Technology
Insensitive Munitions Packaging Technology
Insertion into MILSATCOM Products of Advanced Communications Technology
Inside Information Management Technology
Insight Technology Group
In-Space Technology Experiment
Inspiration Technology
Inspiring Girls Now in Technology Evolution
Institute for Academic Technology
Institute for Advanced Technology
Institute for Applied Information Technology
Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
Institute for Business, Engineering and Technology
Institute for Business, Law and Technology
Institute for Combustion Science and Environmental Technology
Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology
Institute for Computer Science and Technology
Institute for Computer Sciences & Technology
Institute for Computer Technology
Institute for Design and Advanced Technology
Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
Institute for Digital Media Technology
Institute for Environmental Technology and Industry
Institute for Industrial Information Technology
Institute for Industrial Technology Transfer
Institute for Information Storage Technology
Institute for Information Systems Technology
Institute for Information Technology
Institute for Information Technology Applications
Institute for Innovation and Technology Management
Institute for Interactive Technology
Institute for Laser Technology
Institute for Learning and Research Technology
Institute for Medical Technology Assessment
Institute for Membrane Technology
Institute for Microsystems Technology
Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Institute for New Generation Computer Technology
Institute for Ocean Technology
Institute for Oklahoma Technology Applications
Institute for Physical Research and Technology
Institute for Physical Science and Technology
Institute for Plant Genomics and Biotechnology
Institute for Proteomics Technology and Applications
Institute for Safety Research and Reactor Technology
Institute for Science Law and Technology
Institute for Security Technology Studies
Institute for Solid Fuels Technology and Applications
Institute for Superconducting Radio Frequency Science and Technology
Institute for Sustainability and Technology Policy
Institute for System Design Technology
Institute for Technology & Aesthetics
Institute For Technology Aesthetics
Institute for Technology and Learning
Institute for Technology Development
Institute for Technology-Enhanced Learning
Institute for the Biotechnology of Infectious Diseases
Institute for the Promotion of Science and Technology
Institute for Wine Biotechnology
Institute for Women and Technology
Institute of Applied Forensic Technology
Institute of Applied Physics and Technology
Institute of Applied Science and Technology
Institute of Armament Technology
Institute of Art, Design and Technology
Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology
Institute of Biology and Biotechnology in Agriculture
Institute of Biomedical Engineering Technology
Institute of Biosciences and Technology