Urban Abbreviations


What is Urban?

Urban comes from the Latin “ urbanus ” which means “ belonging to the city ”. Urban is everything that is related to life in the city and to the individuals who inhabit it, as opposed to rural, which is related to the countryside and the countryside.

The urban environment has specific characteristics that contrast with the rural environment, such as: population density, modern infrastructure (public roads, transport, schools, hospitals, etc.), residential, commercial and industrial areas, leisure and entertainment options, cultural offerings, particular habits of life and the hustle and bustle of cities.

The urban way of life is also marked by agitation, stress, food based on fast food and some sociocultural problems such as crime, racial conflicts, poverty, unemployment, among others.

An urban individual has a city lifestyle. In the figurative sense, he is characterized as courteous, affable, well-mannered and civilized.

The urban style of being and living is represented by urban, active, modern people with a good level of education, who are aware of the latest in technology and fashion, and generally consume luxury brands.

What is Urban Zone?

Urban zone is the space occupied by a city, characterized by continuous construction and the existence of urban infrastructure, which comprises the set of public services that enable the population to live.

Urban infrastructure is made up of various elements such as water supply, sewage services, electricity supply, schools, hospitals, road system, policing, leisure facilities, etc.

Cities normally develop from a nucleus that forms the center of the city. In addition, residential neighborhoods, industrial areas, etc. The urban area is not the same in all cities. Each one has its own appearance and differs from the others in terms of size, relief, street layout, activities performed, progress achieved, number of people residing there, etc.

Some urban areas appeared next to seaports, marking the beginning of the exploration of an area. In Brazil, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and other ancient cities marked the places where the Portuguese began to explore Brazilian territory.

In planned cities, the main sectors are clearly separated, as happened in Brasília, which was built on the shores of an artificial lake, to be the administrative center of the country. Administrative activities occupy a central area. Residences, commerce and industry, banks and services are located in special sectors, following the plan that gave rise to the city.

What is an urban network?

Urban network is the set of cities or urban centers that are territorially articulated and that establish different relationships with each other.

Urban networks are formed by cities of different sizes and levels of development and are interconnected due to the flow of people, goods and services.

The concept of urban network can be understood as a mesh of interconnected cities, organized according to an urban hierarchy. At the top of this hierarchy are the cities that have the greatest power of influence over the others.

Urban networks are the result of society’s transformations in the occupation of the territory and the process of demographic growth.

Understanding the dynamics and processes of an urban network is important for governmental, social and economic management and for the elaboration of public policies.

Urban network and urban hierarchy

The hierarchy of cities or urban centers is determined by the order of importance and degree of influence they exert in a given region of the territory. At the highest level of the urban hierarchy will be the largest and most developed cities in a country.

This development is represented by the provision of services – public and private -, by the evolution of economic activities, and by the transport and communication infrastructure.

The configuration of an urban network is what determines the hierarchy between cities and the more the exchanges between them grow, the more they rise in this hierarchy. This means that the importance of cities is given by the number of connections they make with others.

Brazilian urban hierarchy

The IBGE’s methodology for classifying urban centers according to the “City Influence Network” survey, published in 2007, divides cities as follows:


The metropolises are the 12 largest urban centers in the country, exerting a strong influence on each other and on their regions. Metropolises are divided into three hierarchies.

  • Great national metropolis:São Paulo
  • National metropolis:Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia
  • Metropolis:Belém, Fortaleza, Manaus, Salvador, Recife, Curitiba, Goiânia, Belo Horizonte and Porto Alegre

Regional capital

They are cities with an area of regional influence, they are the destination of the population of other cities in the region for various activities. In this classification are 70 urban centers, divided into three levels of hierarchy.

Sub-regional center

These are cities with a smaller area of operation and less complex management activities. Their external relationships, in general, happen only with the national metropolises. This classification comprises 169 centers, divided into two subcategories.

Zone center

Cities with elementary management functions, operating only in their area and small. In this category there are 556 cities, subdivided into two levels.

Local center

Cities that have influence only within their boundaries and that provide services only to their inhabitants. Correspond to the remaining 4473 cities.

Urban network and urbanization

The formation of an urban network is the result of the urbanization process of a country, which occurs when the urban population grows more than the rural population.

As cities grow, so does the demand for services such as health, education, transport and energy. In this process, both public and private capital will be invested in order to meet these demands.

The places that receive more investments have a better offer of services and better infrastructure.

Brazilian urban network

In Brazil, urbanization began to intensify in the 1930s. With the development of industry and the mechanization of the countryside, a good part of the rural population was forced to migrate to cities in search of employment – this phenomenon is called exodus. rural.

Over the following decades, the economic and political dynamics in the Brazilian territory determined the spatial occupation and the development of cities.

The urban centers that had more prosperous economic activities developed faster and the accumulation of capital in these regions allowed them to become richer.

As Brazil’s urbanization took place in an accelerated and unplanned manner, many regional imbalances were reproduced and intensified over the decades.

Today, the country is configured with an urban network that concentrates the most developed and economically influential cities in the Southeast. While other regions such as the North and Northeast present more precarious conditions of supply of goods and services and infrastructure.

Global cities

There are also global cities, which are represented by the main economic centers of the world, such as Paris, New York, Tokyo and São Paulo.

Global cities, by exerting influence outside the borders of their countries, create urban networks on a global scale. This configuration and interconnection between urban centers at an international level was made possible by the phenomenon of globalization.

Urban network and the spatial division of labor

The urban network reflects the spatial division of labor, that is, the division between functions that different cities perform in a given region of the territory.

More influential cities and higher positions in the urban hierarchy tend to be technological hubs and important financial centers. The more peripheral cities, on the other hand, tend to perform more primary activities, such as agriculture or livestock.

This configuration is the result of the historical process of construction of cities, therefore, in order to understand it, it is necessary to consider the political, economic and social aspects throughout its formation.

In summary, we can conclude that the spatial division of labor portrays how economic activities are distributed in space.

Urban Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Urban

AHSUNC Aboriginal Head Start in Urban and Northern Communities
AUWSP Accelerated Urban Water Supply Programme
GPK Aceh Security Disturbance Movement
AUAT Administration de l’Urbanisme et de l’Aménagement du Territoire
AURA Agence d’Urbanisme de la Région Angevine
AUDS Agence d’Urbanisme et de Developpement
AUD Agence d’Urbanisme et de Développement
AGUR Agence d’Urbanisme et de Développement de la Région Flandre-Dunkerque
AUDIAR Agence d’Urbanisme et de Développement Intercommunal de l’Agglomération Rennaise
ADU Agence de Développement et d’Urbanisme
AUDA Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority
AYUDA Alliance for Young Urban Design and the Arts
AAPU alt.arts.poetry.urban
AFU alt.folklore.urban
AREUEA American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association
AD Antidisturbance
AURI Applied Urban Research Institute
AUDI Arab Urban Development Institute
AUE Architectes et Urbanistes de l’Etat
AALU Architectural Association Landscape Urbanism
AUU Architecture and Urbanism Unit
AUDA Architecture Urban Design Awards
AUDC Architecture Urbanism Design Collaborative
AUP Architecture, Urbanisme, Patrimoine
AUS Architecture, Urbanisme, Société
ADUC Area de Desarrollo Urbano Condicionado
AUGI Área Urbanas de Génese Ilegal
AAPU aree di attuazione puntuale urbana
AUIA Arquitectos Urbanistas e Ingenieros Asociados
AWPNUC Asia and West Pacific Network for Urban Conservation
AUDMP Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Project
AUICK Asian Urban Information Center of Kobe
AETU Asociación de Empresas de Transporte Urbano
AAV Association des Artistes Villeurbannais
AULNE Association des Licenciés en Urbanisme et Aménagement du Territoire Issus de l’Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve
AIU Association Internationale des Urbanistes
AUHS Association of Urban Housing Sciences
AUU Association of Urban Universities
AVA Association Villeurbannaise d’Aquariophilie
AIRU Associazione Italiana Riscaldamento Urbano
AUA Atelier d’Urbanisme et d’Architecture
APU Atelier Populaire d’Urbanisme
AUDA Auburn Urban Development Authority
AMIU Azienda Multiservizi Igiene Urbana
AMIU Azienda Municipalizzata Igiene Urbana
AMNU Azienda Municipalizzata Nettezza Urbana
BURP Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning
BU Bad Urban Area
BU-2 Bad Urban Area
BUDL Baltimore Urban Debate League
BSUAS Banff Summit for Urban Animal Strategies
BACH Baroque Artists of Champaign-Urbana
BSUP Basic Services to the Urban Poor
BUS Belle Urban System
BURA Bend Urban Renewal Agency
BACUP Benefits Assistance Clients Urban Project
BUGS Benefits of Urban Green Space
BUFSA Billings Urban Fire Service Area
BOUIP Bishkek and Osh Urban Infrastructure Project
BUPPIE Black Urban Professional Person
BS Bohemia Suburbana
BSES Bombay Suburban Electric Supply
BSYS Bored Suburban Youth
BSY Bored Suburban Youth
BUAC Boston Urban Asthma Coalition
BUMP Boston Urban Music Project
BURA Boulder Urban Renewal Authority
BURA British Urban Regeneration Association
BUS Brownsville Urban System
BURA Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency
BCEA Burbank City Employees Association
BCB Burbank Community Band
BLT Burbank Local Transit
BPOA Burbank Police Officers Association
BPIE Burbank Priority in Education
BRACE Burbank Residents Assisting in Community Emergencies
BTA Burbank Teachers Association
BTEE Burbank Temple Emanu El
BUSD Burbank Unified School District
BYB Burbank YMCA Bluefins
BUR Burbank, CA, USA – Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport
BPSU Business Partnership for Sustainable Urbanization
CUEREC California Urban Environmental Research and Education Center
CUFC California Urban Forests Council
CUWA-AG California Urban Water Agency/Agricultural Water Users
CUFN Canadian Urban Forest Network
CUI Canadian Urban Institute
CUMA Canadian Urban Music Awards
CURE Canadian Urban Research on the Environment
CUTA Canadian Urban Transit Association
CCSCA Canberra City and Suburban Cricket Association
CAPTURE Cars to Public Transport in the Urban Environment
CEUS Center for Environmental and Urban Studies
CGUL Center for Global Urban Leadership
CSUD Center for Sustainable Urban Development
CSUR Center for Sustainable Urban Revitalization
CAUC Center for the Advancement of Urban Children
CSUP Center for the Study of Urban Poverty
CUEC Center for Urban and Environmental Change
CURA Center for Urban and Regional Affairs
CURP Center for Urban and Regional Policy
CUDS Center for Urban Development Studies
CUES Center for Urban Ecology and Sustainability
CUFR Center for Urban Forest Research
CUH Center for Urban Horticulture
CURL Center for Urban Research and Learning
CURP Center for Urban Research and Policy
CUTS Center for Urban Theological Studies
CUTS Center for Urban Transportation Studies
CUWR Center for Urban Watershed Renewal
CCD Central Coordination Disturbance
CCJV Centre Culturel Juif de Villeurbanne
CEFLU Centre d’Etudes et de Formation pour le Logement et l’Urbanisme
CIU Centre d’Information sur l’Urbanisme
CDU Centre de Documentation de l’Urbanisme
CRU Centre de Recherche d’Urbanisme
CPUR Centre for Population and Urban Research
CUBES Centre for Urban and Built Environment Studies
CURDS Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
CUGE Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology
CUHI Centre for Urban Health Initiatives
CURA Centre for Urban Research and Action
CUPEM Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management
CEUR Centro de Estudios Urbanos y Regionales
CSDU Centro Studi Deflussi Urbani
CSSU Centro Studi Scenari Urbani
CU-2 Certificat d’Urbanisme
CU Certificat d’Urbanisme
CU-2 Champaign-Urbana
CU Champaign-Urbana
CUAS Champaign-Urbana Astronomical Society
CUSR Champaign-Urbana Special Recreation
CUUATS Champaign-Urbana Urbanized Area Transportation Study
CUWIN Champaign-Urbana Wireless Network
CUTD Characteristics of Urban Travel Demand
CNSCS Chicago Northwest Suburban Chinese School
CUEAG Chicago Urban Ecology Action Group
CUFCP Chicago Urban Forest Climate Project
CURE Chicago Urban Reconciliation Enterprise
CAUES China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation
CRUD Chopper Riding Urban Dwellers
CSCA Christchurch Suburban Cricket Association
CUF Church Urban Fund
CAUS Citizens Against Urban Sprawl
CAUSE Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Everywhere
CAUSE Citizens Against Urban Sprawl Expressways
CSHVR City-Suburban Heavy Vehicle Route
CDP Civil Disturbance Plan
CIDCON Civil Disturbance Readiness Conditions
CDTF Civil Disturbance Task Force
CDU Civil Disturbance Unit
CLUB Civil Liberties for Urban Believers
CURE Clean Urban River Environments
CUTE Clean Urban Transport for Europe
CUE Clearinghouse on Urban Education
CSHL Cleveland Suburban Hockey League
CHCURC Clifton Heights Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
CLOUT Coalition of Large Ohio Urban Townships
CURE Coalition on Urban Renewal & Education
CTD Coastally-Trapped Disturbance
CU-2 Code de l’Urbanisme
CU Code de l’Urbanisme
CPCU Code Permanent Construction et Urbanisme
CHCURC College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
CAUS College of Architecture & Urban Studies
CAUP College of Architecture and Urban Planning
CUPA College of Urban and Public Affairs
CUPPA College of Urban Planning Public Affairs
CUE Columbia Urban Experience
CUL Columbus Urban League
CDU Commission Départementale de l’Urbanisme
CNUC Commission Nationale d’Urbanisme Commercial
CULF Commission on Urban Life and Faith
CUDE Committee on Urban Design and Environment
CUBS Community Urban Bus Service
CUGA Comprehensive Urban Growth Area
CURTIS Comprehensive Urban Retail Trade Improvement Strategy
CEUS Computers, Environment and Urban Systems
CNU Congress for the New Urbanism
CEU Conseil Européen des Urbanistes
CFDU Conseil Francais Des Urbanistes
CNUC Consejo Nacional Urbano Campesino
CUR Consolidated Urban Region
CIDIU Consorzio Intercomunale di Igiene Urbana
CPIU Consumer Price Index-Urban
CHUD Contamination Hazard Urban Disposal
CUE Contemporary Urban Experience
CU2 Contested Cities – Urban Universities
FISCUS Cost Evaluation and Financing Schemes for Urban Transport Systems
CUBE Council of Urban Boards of Education
CURE Council of Urban Rebuilding Enterprises
CTBUH Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat
CUCAS Country Urban Councils’ Association
CUCA Country Urban Councils’ Association
DUS Daily Urban System
DUCED Danish University Consortium for Environment and Development – Industry and Urban Areas
DUC Darpa Urban Challenge
DFDE Database on Forest Disturbances in Europe
DULYP Dayton Urban League Young Professionals
DFUW Delta Force Urban Warfare
DPS Dennison and Pacific Suburban Railway Company
DUA Dense Urban Area
DIUS Denver Institute of Urban Studies
DUG Denver Urban Gardens
DESU Departamento de Estudios Socio Urbanos
DHUD Department of Housing & Urban Development
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
DLMUPC Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
DTUP Department of Transport and Urban Planning
DURP Department of Urban and Regional Planning
DUDESS Department of Urban Development and Engineering Services
DUE Department of Urban Education
DUPD Department of Urban Planning and Design
DUTA Detached Urban Tactical Assault
DUD Detailed Urban Design
DMPGU Direcção Municipal de Planeamento e Gestão Urbanística
DAFU Direction de l’Aménagement Foncier et de l’Urbanisme
DAUS Direction de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme
DAU Direction de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme
DOB DiscoverOurBand.com
DUDA District Urban Development Agency
DCT Disturbance Control Teams
DME Disturbance Monitoring Equipment
DRS Disturbance Reduction System
DELIVERED Domestic Disturbance
DD Domestic Disturbance
65 Domestic Disturbance – Family
DUCK Downtown Urban Community Kids
DAC Durban Automotive Cluster
DBS Durban Bulk Shipping
DLDTA Durban Long Distance Taxi Association
DMA Durban Metropolitan Area
DTMC Durban Transitional Metropolitan Council
DUR Durban, South Africa – Louis Botha
DBAA Durban’s Bluff Accommodation Association
ESAL East Suburban Artists League
ESPN Eastside Suburban Peace Network
EUSE Effects of Urbanization on Stream Ecosystems
EPIC Electric Powered Interurban Commuter
ED Emotional Disturbance
EDU Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano
ERU Empresa de Renovación Urbana
EMTU Empresa Metropolitana de Tansportes Urbanos
EPUL Empresa Pública de Urbanização de Lisboa
ENEU Encuesta Nacional de Empleo Urbano
EIUP Energy Integrated Urban Planning
EUC Episcopal Urban Caucus
EURO Esfahan Urban Railway Organization
EFUS European Forum for Urban Safety
EUWMC European Urban Waste Management Cluster
EMERALD Event Monitoring Enabling Responses to Anomalous Live Disturbances
EED Extreme Emotional Disturbance
FAU Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo
FICUN Federal Interagency Committee on Urban Noise
FUDS Federal Urban Driving Schedule
FAUB Federal-Aid Urban Boundary
FDS Fence Disturbance Sensor
FUGA Final Urban Growth Area
FUN Finding Urban Nature
FNRU Fórum Nacional da Reforma Urbana
FOCUS Fostering Commercial Urban Strategies
FORSU Frazione Organica Rifiuti Solidi Urbani
FUP Freshman Urban Program
FOCUS Friends of Choice in Urban Schools
FOSBR Friends of Suburban Bristol Railways
FUF Friends of the Urban Forest
FUIUF Fudan University International Urban Forum
FUA Functional Urban Area
56S General Disturbance
GUS Geography and Urban Studies
GRUMP Global Rural-Urban Mapping Project
GUO Global Urban Observatory
GURI Global Urban Research Initiative
GUG Good Urban Governance
DURP Graduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning
GUAPA Graduate Urban Affairs and Planning Association
GLUE Great Lakes Urban Exchange
GNSC Greater North Suburban Chapter
GRUB Greater Rochester Urban Bounty
GSUL Greater Sacramento Urban League
GTUL Greater Toledo Urban League
GDA Ground Disturbance Area
GRUB Growing Recruits for Urban Business
GD Gum Disturbance
HUDA Haryana Urban Development Authority
HURT Heavy Urban Rescue Team
HURT Heterogeneous Urban RSTA Team (US DARPA)
HTUA High Threat Urban Area
HUC Highly Urbanized City
HUL Historic Urban Landscape
HUDA Housing and Urban Development Administration
HUDC Housing and Urban Development Company
HUDC Housing and Urban Development Corporation
HUDCO Housing and Urban Development Corporation
HUPA Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation
HAUL Houston Area Urban League
HWS Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs
HUDA Hyderabad Urban Development Authority
IERC Illinois EPR Research Center (est. 1985; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
IMU Imagenes y Muebles Urbanos
IPTU Imposto Predial e Territorial Urbano
IPU Imposto Predial Urbano
ITUS Imposto Territorial Urbano
ITU Imposto Territorial Urbano
ISUS Improved Solutions for Urban Systems, Inc.
ICUD Index to Current Urban Documents
IUFC Indiana Urban Forest Council
IUSA Indiana Urban Schools Association
IUDD Infrastructure and Urban Development Department
IMU Institut fur Medienforschung und Urbanistik
IAUS Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies
IUD Institute for Urban Development
IUR Institute for Urban Research
IUS Institute for Urban Studies
IUPC Institute on Urban Policy and Commerce
IDU Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano
ITUC Integrated Territorial and Urban Conservation
ICUD International Conference on Urban Drainage
ICUP International Conference on Urban Pests
ICUSD International Conference on Urban Storm Drainage
IUM Inter-Urban Mobility
IMU Interurban Multiple Unit
IRPS Inter-Urban Road Pricing Schemes
IUS Inter-Urban Structure
IVCD Intraventricular Conduction Disturbance
INU Istituto Nazionale Urbanistica
JNNURM Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission
JUC Jesuit Urban Center
JUMP Joint Urban Mobility Program
JUO Joint Urban Operations
JUPITER Joint Urban Project In Transport Energy Reduction
JUSC Joint Urban Studies Center
JUW Joint Urban Warrior
JUA Journal of Urban Affairs
JUE Journal of Urban Economics
JUH Journal of Urban History
JUT Journal of Urban Technology
JURMP Jurisdictional Urban Runoff Management Program
KUM Kagiso Urban Management
KUD Kajima Urban Development
KUIDFC Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation
KU-2 Keith Urban
KU Keith Urban
KUTIP Kenya Urban Transport Infrastructure Project
LUP Laboratorio de Urbanismo Politico
LAUD Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
LUDA Large Urban Distressed Areas
LUZ Larger Urban Zone
LMTO Laugh My Turban Off
LAUNCH Leadership Academy and Urban Network for Chicago
LEMUR League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots
LUG Leesville Urban Group
LFUCG Lexington Fayette Urban County Government
LOD Limit Of Disturbance
LLUA Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
LUCY Lives of Urban Children and Youth
LUR Ljubljanske Urbane Regije
LUO Local Urban Observatory
LUSO London Urban Services Organization
LUFC Louisiana Urban Forestry Council
LUPP Luanda Urban Poverty Programme
LBC Luther Burbank Center for the Arts
LBSD Luther Burbank School District
LUMS Lutheran Urban Mission Society
MUSA Maglev Urban System Associates
MUT Magyar Urbanisztikai Társaság
MUA Major Urban Area
MURL Major Urban Resource Library
MAHSURI Malaysian Human Settlement and Urbanisation Research Institute
MUDA Manipur Urban Development Agency
MUMA Manukau Urban Maori Authority
MUMN Mass Urban Music Network Conference
MSUD Master of Science in Urban Design
MSUP Master of Science in Urban Planning
MUEP Master of Urban and Environmental Planning
MUD Master of Urban Design
MUPL Master of Urban Planning
MUP Master of Urban Planning
MUPDD Master of Urban Planning, Design and Development
MURP Master’s of Urban and Regional Planning
MURA Medford Urban Renewal Agency
MVUAS Metro Vancouver Urban Aboriginal Strategy
MSBA Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority
MPLU microPlataformas Logísticas Urbanas
MACDIS Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances
MOUT Military Operation in Urban Terrain
MOPU Ministerio de Obras Publicas y Urbanismo
MLMUPC Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction
MMUP Ministry of Municipality & Urban Planning
MOPWUD Ministry of Public Works and Urban Development
MOUEPA Ministry of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation
MURL Minnesota Urban and Rural Homestead Program
MURC Mississippi Urban Research Center
MOBIUS Mobile Urban Sensing
MOSES Mobility Services for Urban Sustainability
MUSIC Model for Urban Stormwater Conceptualisation
MURP Model Urban Runoff Program
MUC Montreal Urban Community
MUCS Montreal Urban Community Sustainment
MUV Movement for the Urban Village
MAUFS Municipal Arborists and Urban Foresters Society
MUGA Municipal Urban Growth Area
MUSA Municipal Urban Service Area
MUDA Mysore Urban Development Authority
NUAP Nakuru Urban Agriculture Project
NAULC National Alliance of Urban Literacy Coalitions
NAUH National Association of Urban Hospitals
NCUC National Center for the Urban Community
NFUSSD National Federation of Urban-Suburban School Districts
NIURP National Institute for Urban and Rural Planning
NIUE National Institute for Urban Entrepreneurship
NIUA National Institute of Urban Affairs
NUFED National Urban Fellows
NUF National Urban Fellows
NUL National Urban League
NUMA National Urban Maori Authority
NUPI National Urban Planning Institute
NURM National Urban Renewal Mission
NURP National Urban Runoff Program
NDT Natural Disturbance Type
NUFSD Network of Urban Forums for Sustainable Development
N-AERUS Network-Association of European Researchers on Urbanisation in the South
NURTURE Networking for Urban Renewal Through Urban Ecology
NJUEP New Jersey Urban Ecology Program
NSUM New Song Urban Ministries
NUMED New Urban Male
NUM New Urban Male
NU New Urbanist
NYSUM New York School of Urban Ministry
NYUPAL New York Urban Professionals Athletic League
NDA Non-Disturbance Agreement
NMU Non-Metropolitan Urbans
NSD Non-Stationary Disturbance
NUD Non-Urban Dictate
NSBA North Suburban Builders Association
NSSC North Suburban Service Council
NSSB North Suburban Symphonic Band
NUHSA North Urban Human Services Alliance
NVUL Northern Virginia Urban League
NURA Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority
NURM Northland Urban Rural Mission
NUAP Northmoor Urban Art Project
NSSL Northwest Suburban Soccer League
NIBR Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research
OUGC Oahu Urban Garden Center
OCCUR Oakland Citizens Committee for Urban Renewal
OUL Observatorio Urbano Local
OAU Observatorios Ambientales Urbanos
OUD Office of Urban Development
OUIHP Office of Urban Indian Health Programs
OUM Office of Urban Management
OUP Online Urban Planning
OUFC Ontario Urban Forest Council
OSCAR Optimised Expert System for Conducting Environmental Assessment of Urban Road Traffic
ORUPA Orissa Rural and Urban Producers’ Association
OMFUG Other Music for Urban Gourmets
PURS Partners in Urban Research and Service-Learning
PUHR Partnership for Urban Health Research
PURR Partnership for Urban Risk Reduction
PUSH Partnership for Urban South Hampshire
PSWC Pennsylvania Suburban Water Company
PUA Peri-Urban Authority
PUMA Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility
PURD Perth Urban Rail Development
PST Philadelphia Suburban Transportation
PURP Philadelphia Urban Resources Partnership
PUHC Phoenix Urban Health Collective
PURL Phoenix Urban Research Laboratory
PUP Piano Urbanistico Provinciale
PUCS Pittsburgh Urban Christian School
PUMP Pittsburgh Urban Magnet Project
PAU Plan de Actuacion Urbana
PLU Plan Local d’Urbanisme
PUDL Planning and Urban Development League
PLUME Planning and Urban Mobility in Europe
POUA Planning Office for Urban Affairs
PUAZLE Plano de Urbanização da Avenida da Liberdade e Zonas Envolventes
PUZ Planul Urbanistic Zonal
PCD Polar Cap Disturbance
PUBLISH Poor Urban Biker
PUBLISHER Poor Urban Biker
PUB Poor Urban Biker
PHMU Pop Hits Monthly Urban
PCAD Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance
PUT Pottstown Urban Transit
PLDM Power Line Disturbance Monitor
PLUS Power Line Urban Sentry
PQD Power Quality Disturbance/Distortion
PRECHUR Presidential Committee for Housing and Urban Resettlement
PUMA Processus Urbanisant les Methodes Agiles
PURA Projects for Urban and Regional Affairs
PGCU Projeto Grandes Centros Urbanos
PURA Provision of Urban Amenities in Rural Areas
PDA Public Disturbance Agency
PU Purbanchal University
PUSET Purbanchal University School of Engineering and Technology
QUL Quality of Urban Living
QUEST Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow
QUC Quebec Urban Community
RUDA Rajkot Urban Development Authority
RUMA Rapid Urban Malaria Appraisal
RUFS Rapid, Urban, Flexible
RUF Rapid, Urban, Flexible
RUAP Reading Urban Area Package
RUSTIC Realistic Urban Spread and Transport of Intrusive Contaminants
RUT Realistic Urban Training
RUFMS Regina Urban Forest Management Strategy
R-UDAT Regional & Urban Design Assistance Team
RURE Regional and Urban Restructuring in Europe
RUWMP Regional Urban Water Management Plan
RNU Reglement National d’Urbanisme
RRU Règlement Régional d’Urbanisme
RCU Remote Carrier Urban
RISLUS Research Institute for the Study of Language in Urban Society
RSU Residuos Solido Urbanos
RUAF Resource Centre for Urban Agriculture & Forestry
RUDI Resource for Urban Design Information
RDI Respiratory Disturbance Index
RUSS Restructuring for Urban Student Success
RUDI Revelation Urban Development Institute
RURD Review of Urban and Regional Development
RUBBIE Rich Urban Biker
RUB Rich Urban Biker
RSU Rifiuti Solidi Urbani
RTT Right to Turban
RUB Righteous Urban Barbecue
RHUC Robert Hylton Urban Classicism
RURE Rose Urban Rural Exchange
RUFF Roseville Urban Forest Foundation
RSMC Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier
RUP Rural/Urban Projection
RUCA Rural-Urban Commuting Area
RUCC Rural-Urban Continuum Code
RUPP Rural-Urban Partnership Programme
RDSI Rurbanc Data Services Inc.
SCUPAD Salzburg Congress on Urban Planning and Development
SDUL San Diego Urban League
SLUG San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners
SURG Sanctuary Urban Records Group
SCVURPPP Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program
SUMA Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association
SAED Scale for Assessing Emotional Disturbance
SUST Scandinavian Urban Studies Term
SUME Scheme of Urban Micro Enterprises
SUPAR School for Urban Planning and Architecture
SAUD School of Architecture and Urban Design
SAUP School of Architecture and Urban Planning
SUPA School of Urban and Public Affairs
SURP School of Urban and Regional Planning
SUN Seattle Urban Nature
SIUE Secretaría de Infraestructura Urbana y Ecología
SEPUP Self Employment Programme for the Urban Poor
SCUM Self-Centered Urban Male
SLMD Senile Lipid Metabolic Disturbance
SED Serious Emotional Disturbance
SUPC Shanghai Urban Planning Committee
SUTB Shanghai Urban Transport Bureau
SDA Shift & Disturbance Allowance
SUDA Shimoga Urban Development Authority
SSUD Silver Spring Urban District
SATURN Simulation and Analysis Tools for Urban Automated Rapid Transit Networks
SATURN Simulation and Assignment of Traffic to Urban Road Network
SPUD Single Point Urban Diamond
SPUI Single Point Urban Interchange
SMDO Sliding Mode Disturbance Observer
SLEUTH Slope, Land use map, Excluded area, Urban area, Transportation map, Hillside area
SPUD Small Potatoes Urban Delivery
SURTC Small Urban and Rural Transit Center
STU Società di Trasformazione Urbana
SFU Société Française des Urbanistes
SCRUB Society Created to Reduce Urban Blight
SMD Solar Magnetic Disturbance
SDCEA South Durban Community Environmental Alliance
SSAC South Suburban Action Conference
SSCC South Suburban Christian Church
SSCO South Suburban Community Orchestra
SSFS South Suburban Family Shelter
SSHS South Suburban Humane Society
SSHSS South Suburban Humane Society
SELA Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project
SDL Space Disturbances Laboratory
SPURS Special Program in Urban and Regional Studies
SUSMP Standard Urban Stormwater Mitigation Plan
SUDA State Urban Development Agency
SUSAR State Urban Search and Rescue Alliance
STEWARD Stationary Disturbance
SD Stationary Disturbance
SUC Studies on Urban Complexity
SU Sub Urban Area
SU-2 Sub Urban Area
SCUM Subculture Urban Marketing
SNDA Subordination, Non-Disturbance and Attornment
SNA Subordination, Nondisturbance, and Attornment
SMU Subscriber Module Urban
SAHN Suburban Ad-Hoc Network
SAN Suburban Anti-Terrorist Network
SAAI Suburban Appraisal Associates, Inc.
SAKE Suburban Atlanta Kite Enthusiasts
SBMC Suburban Big Men’s Club
SFD Suburban Filter Dryer
SFAC Suburban Fine Arts Center
SHR Suburban Home Records
SLR Suburban Land Reserve
SATELLITE Suburban Legends
SL Suburban Legends
SLS Suburban Library System
SMART Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation
SRPA Suburban Park & Recreation Association
SPFL Suburban Parochial Football League
SRA Suburban Realtors Alliance
SR Suburban Rhythm
SS Suburban Service
STAR Suburban Transit Access Route
SUV Suburban Utility Vehicle
SUV Suburban Vehicle
SCUL Subversive Choppers’ Urban Legion
SID Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance
SAPU Suelo Apto para Urbanizar
STUD Super Tactical Urban Dinosaur
SUPI Superintendent’s Urban Principal Initiative
SGUA Support Group on Urban Agriculture
SUDA Surat Urban Development Authority
SMURF Sustainable Management of Urban Rivers and Floodplains
SUBR Sustainable Urban Brownfield Regeneration
SUD Sustainable Urban Development
SUDS Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems
SUMA Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia
SUPE Sustaining Urban Pastoral Excellence
TNULB Tamil Nadu Urban Development Project
TUT Tariffa Urbana a Tempo
TUFC Task Force Urban Conscientization
TARSU Tassa Asporto Rifiuti Solidi Urbani
TARSU Tassa Rifiuti Solidi Urbani
TUFC Tennessee Urban Forestry Council
TUTD Texarkana Urban Transit District
TUTA Texas Urban Transportation Alliance
TUK Thai Urban Kitchen
THUG The House of Urban Grooves
TUAN The Urban Agriculture Network
TUCI The Urban Child Institute
TUP Thebaud Urbanisme & Paysage
TUDA Tirupati Urban Development Authority
TUFF Toronto Urban Film Festival
TMDS Total Mood Disturbance Score
TRHUD Training and Research in Housing and Urban Development
TRUE Training in Urban Environment
TIV Transaction Immobilière Villeurbannaise
THUD Transportation and Housing and Urban Development Act
TID Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance
TU Tren Urbano
TUDA Trial Urban District Assessment
TUCS Triplicane Urban Cooperative Society
TRUE Trust for Urban Ecology
TUL Tucson Urban League
TULA Tucson Urban League Academy
TNUA Tuesday Night Urban Assault
TUDA Tumkur Urban Development Authority
TU Typical Urban Area
USGL Unidade de Suburbanos da Grande Lisboa
UIU Unita Immobiliari Urbane
UUUM Unitarian Universalist Urban Ministry
UUFA United Kingdom Urban Fashion Awards
UMUM United Methodist Urban Ministry
UPU Universidad Popular Urbana
UCSUR University Center for Social and Urban Research
UDW University of Durban-Westville
UIUC University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
UND University of Natal-Durban
URP Urban & Regional Planning
UAAA Urban Aboriginal AIDS Awareness
UAA Urban Affairs Association
UAR Urban Affairs Review
UAS Urban Airshed
UAM Urban Airshed Model
UARR Urban Alliance on Race Relations
UATN Urban America Television Network
UEIF Urban and Environmental Infrastructure Fund
URPL Urban and Regional Planning
URPSA Urban and Regional Planning Student Association
URSI Urban and Regional Studies Institute
UKRAINE Urban Animal
UAC Urban Appalachian Council
UKRAINE Urban Area
UAHSS Urban Area Homeland Security Strategies
UALP Urban Area Local Plan
UAWG Urban Area Working Group
UAP Urban Art Projects
UATA Urban Arterial Trust Account
UARM Urban Arts Research & Marketing
UAC Urban Assault Course
UAT Urban Assault Team
UAV Urban Assault Vehicle
UAAU Urban Authorities Association of Uganda
UBM Urban Background Model
UBSP Urban Basic Services for the Poor
UBU Urban Bomb Unit
UBS Urban Book Source
UBO Urban Box Office
UBW Urban Bush Women
UBOC Urban Business Opportunity Center
UCW Urban Cable Works
UCBN Urban Capacity Building Network
UFE Urban Challenge Final Event
UCRD Urban Chemical Release Detector
UCPP Urban Church Planting Project
UC Urban Cluster
UCI Urban Coast Institute
UCAP Urban Collaborative Accelerated Program
UCDP Urban Community Development Project
UCPI Urban Community Partnership Initiative
UCMP Urban Conflict Management Project
UCI Urban Consultants, Inc.
UC Urban Contemporary
UC Urban Council
UCMF Urban Country Music Festival
UCC Urban County Council
UDC Urban Dance Company Ltd.
UDMS Urban Data Management Society
UDLS Urban Debate League
UDL Urban Debate League
UDP Urban Design Plan
UDP Urban Design Project
UDRB Urban Design Review Board
UDTF Urban Design Task Force
UDR Urban Desire Radio
UDA Urban Development Authority
UDB Urban Development Boundary
UDC Urban Development Corporation
UDF Urban Development Foundation
UDI Urban Development Institute of Canada
UDIC Urban Development Investment Corporation
UDP Urban Development Project
UDRB Urban Development Review Board
UDTC Urban Development Training Center
UDZ Urban Development Zone
UD Urban Dictionary
UDF Urban Direction Finding
UDRM Urban Disaster Risk Management
UD Urban Disease
UDM Urban Dispersal Model
UD Urban District
UDC Urban District Council
UDDS Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule
UEC Urban Ecology Center
UERL Urban Ecology Research Laboratory
UERLA Urban Ecology Research Learning Alliance
UEC Urban Educator Corps
UEZ Urban Enterprise Zone
UEN Urban Entertainment Network
UEL Urban Environment League
UEM Urban Environment Management
UEH Urban Environmental Health
UEMRI Urban Environmental Management Research Initiative
UEC Urban Expert Centre
UE Urban Exploration
UEA Urban Exploration Alberta
UER Urban Exploration Resource
UE Urban Eye
UFSC Urban Financial Services Coalition
UFAC Urban Forest Advisory Committee
UFBP Urban Forest Biodiversity Program
UFEI Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute
UFMP Urban Forest Master Plan
UFP Urban Forest Project
UFMP Urban Forestry Management Plan
UFSE Urban Forestry South Expo
UFI Urban Futures Institute
UGED Urban Gardening and Exterior Decorating
UGG Urban Golf Gear
UGN Urban Gospel Network
UGDS Urban Green Days
UGD Urban Green Days
UGS Urban Green Space
UGM Urban Grey Metallic
UG Urban Grower
UGA Urban Growth Area
UGB Urban Growth Boundary
UGLF Urban Guerrilla Liberation Front
UHB Urban Haute Bourgeoisie
UHRC Urban Health Resource Centre
UHI Urban Heat Island
UHCNI Urban High Crime Neighborhood Initiative
UHCP Urban Highway Connector Program
UHQ Urban Hillbilly Quartet
UHCP Urban Hospital Care Plus
UHD Urban Housing Division
UHM Urban Housing Management
UICM Urban Impact Christian Ministries
UIH Urban Indian Health
UI Urban Industrial
UII Urban Industry Initiative
UIC Urban Influence Code
UIRF Urban Infrastructure Recovery Fund
UI Urban Institute
UIDP Urban Institutional Development Program
UICI Urban Integrated Consultants, Inc.
UIN Urban Investment Network
UJG Urban Jazz Groove
UJN Urban Jazz Naturals
UJTC Urban Job Tax Credit
UJ Urban Jobs Program
UJW Urban Journalism Workshop
UJC Urban Justice Center
UKFF Urban Kidz Film Festival
UKG Urban Knaves of Grain
ULH Urban Land and Housing
ULC Urban Land Ceiling Act
ULD Urban Land Development
ULE Urban Land Economics
ULI Urban Land Institute
ULD Urban Landscape Dynamics
UL Urban League
ULMS Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle
ULMSL Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis
ULMC Urban League of Morris County
UL Urban Legend
ULZ Urban Legend Zeitgeist
ULC Urban Libraries Council
ULTRA Urban Light Transport
ULA Urban Living Associates
ULB Urban Local Bodies
ULB Urban Local Body
UMCP Urban Malaria Control Project
UMANT Urban Management Assistants of North Texas
UMPIRE Urban Management Program
UMP Urban Management Program
UMPAP Urban Management Programme for Asia and the Pacific
UMCA Urban Marketing Corporation of America
UMPA Urban Ministry of Palo Alto
UMU Urban Mixed Use
UMBC Urban Mobility Breacher’s Course
UMR Urban Mobility Report
UMRG Urban Morphology Research Group
UMGP Urban Mountain Gathering Place
UMAA Urban Municipal Administrators Act
UMAAS Urban Municipal Administrators Association of Saskatchewan
UMAC Urban Music Association of Canada
UMA Urban Music Awards
UMZ Urban Muzic Zone
UM Urban Myth
UNOS Urban Natural Open Space
UNEEC Urban Neighborhood Economic Enterprise Club
UNITE Urban Network to Improve Teacher Education
UNP Urban Nutrition Project
UO Urban Operations
UO Urban Outfitters
UOI Urban Outfitters, Inc.
UPCI Urban per Capita Income
UPMC Urban Pest Management Council
UP Urban Pipeline
UP Urban Planning
UPD Urban Planning and Design
UPDA Urban Planning and Development Authority
UPS Urban Planning Service
UPSC Urban Planning Society of China
UPM Urban Political Machine
UPM Urban Pollution Management
UPRC Urban Pollution Research Centre
UPDF Urban Poor Development Fund
UPU Urban Popular University
UPH Urban Population Health
UPHOLSTERY Urban Population Health
UPAP Urban Poverty Alleviation Program
URPP Urban Practice and Policy Forum
URP Urban Predators
UPA Urban Priority Area
UPZ Urban Progress Zone
UPD Urban Project & Dappa
UPER Urban Public Economics Review
UPH Urban Public Health
UPHOLSTERY Urban Public Health
UQI Urban Quality Indicators
URPC Urban Radio Propagation Channel
URT Urban Rail Transit
UREV Urban Real Estate Ventures
URA Urban Redevelopment Authority
UREA Urban Regional Extension Agent
URES Urban Rehabilitation and Sustainability
URSB Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board
URA Urban Renaissance Agency
URM Urban Renaissance Man
URA Urban Renewal Area
URA Urban Renewal Authority
URP Urban Renewal Program
URC Urban Republic Clothing
URDC Urban Research and Development Corporation
URC Urban Research Center
URP Urban Research Program
URDC Urban Residential Development Corporation
UR Urban Resolve
URC Urban Resource Center
UREC Urban Restoration Enhancement Corporation
URWSP Urban Restructuring and Water Supply Project
URM Urban Risk Management
UR Urban Road
URMD Urban Road Maintenance District
URF Urban Royal Flats
URM Urban Rural Mission
UR Urban Rush
USHP Urban Salmon Habitat Program
USAI Urban Science Applications, Inc.
US-AND-R Urban Search and Rescue
USAR Urban Search And Rescue
USR Urban Search and Rescue
USART Urban Search and Rescue Team
USRT Urban Search and Rescue Team
USRP Urban Sector Rehabilitation Programme
URB Urban Semiotic Blog
USA Urban Service Area
USB Urban Service Boundary
USC Urban Services Committee
USP Urban Services Plan
USTT Urban Silence Tactics Team
USG Urban Social Geography
USWI Urban Solid Waste Incinerator
USWM Urban Solid Waste Management
USEP Urban Stormwater Education Program
USMP Urban Stormwater Management Plan
USMP Urban Stormwater Master Plan
USC Urban Strategies Council
USRP Urban Streams Restoration Program
USC Urban Street Canyon
USMI Urban Street Ministries, Inc.
USPA Urban Studies and Public Administration
USRM Urban Subwatershed Restoration Manual
USAA Urban Superintendents Association of America
USK Urban Surf Kings
USI Urban Systemic Initiative
USE Urban Systems Engineering
UTP Urban Tactical Planner
UTC Urban Target Complex
UTB Urban Taschenbuch
UTEP Urban Teacher Education Program
UTN Urban Technology Network
UT Urban Terror
UT-2 Urban Terror
URT Urban Terror
UTP Urban Theatre Project
UNITED Urban Thermo Dynamics
UTD Urban Thermo Dynamics
UTA Urban Traffic Assistant
UTC Urban Traffic Control
UTCS Urban Traffic Control System
UTMC Urban Traffic Management and Control
UTC Urban Transit Club
UTTM Urban Transport and Traffic Management
UTOPIA Urban Transport Options for Propulsion Systems and Instruments for Analysis
UTP Urban Transportation Planning
UTPP Urban Transportation Planning Package
UTPP Urban Transportation Planning Process
UUO Urban Underground Outfits
UUBS Urban Utility Boundary
UUB Urban Utility Boundary
UUV Urban Utility Vehicle
UVM Urban Vector Map
UVLF Urban Ventures Leadership Foundation
UVGA Urban Video Game Academy
UVAS Urban Village Arts Series
UVP Urban Village Plan
UVC Urban Voice in Comics
UVQ Urban Volume and Quality
UVIS Urban Voodoo Internet Services
UWG Urban Warfare Group
UWL Urban Warfare Logistics
UWWTD Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive
UWC Urban Water Council
UWC Urban Water Cycle
UWRC Urban Water Resources Centre
UWSP Urban Water Supply Project
UWTC Urban Water Technology Centre
UWN Urban Wildlife Network
UWTF Urban Wildlife Task Force
UWR Urban Wood Residue
UWG Urban Working Group
UWRF Urban Works Reserve Fund
UWA Urban Wrestling Alliance
UYA Urban Youth Action
UYI Urban Youth Initiative
UYI Urban Youth Institute
UYM Urban Youth Ministries
UYS Urban Youth Sports
URPT Urban, Regional Planning and Transportation
URED Urban, Rural and Economic Development
UTEP Urban, Technological & Environmental Planning
UROG Urban/Rural Opportunities Grants
UBA Urbana Business Association
UFL Urbana Free Library
UHS Urbana High School
UIAC Urbana Indoor Aquatic Center
UMS Urbana Middle School
UU Urbana University
UU-2 Urbana University
UC Urbana-Champaign
UCIMC Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
UCSD Urbana-Champaign Sanitary District
UCL Urbancanopy Layer
UCAB Urbandale Community Adult Band
UCSD Urbandale Community School District
UGRA Urbandale Girls Recreation Association
UHS Urbandale High School
UFIA Urbaniana Friends International Association
UE Urbaniste de l’Etat
URB Urbanizacion
UBSA Urbanizadora del Bajio, SA
UGEC Urbanization and Global Environmental Change
UZA UrbaniZed Area
UAF Urbanized Area Formula
UST Urbanna Swim Team
URID Urban-Rural Income Disparity
VUSP Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership
VHA Villeurbanne Handball Association
WSSC Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
WSUP Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor
WSUD Water Sensitive Urban Design
WSCC West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry
WSCC West Suburban Chess Club
WSCN West Suburban College of Nursing
WSFI West Suburban Friends of Israel
WSGA West Suburban Gay Association
WSHC West Suburban Health Care
WSLA West Suburban Landlords Association
WSPN West Suburban Philanthropic Network
WSSCA West Suburban Slot Car Association
WSWE West Suburban Women Entrepreneurs
WSYO West Suburban Youth Orchestra
WTUFC West Texas Urban Forestry Council
WSSL Western Suburban Soccer League
WTT What the Turban
WPUR White Plains Urban Renewal Agency
WUI Wildland Urban Interface
WUF World Urban Forum
WUN World Urban Network
YUA Young Urban Achievers
YUM Young Urban Male
YUN Young Urban Network
YUPPIE Young Urban Professional
YUPER Young Urban Professionals
YUP Young Urban Professionals
YUT Young Urban Terrorists
ZEUS Zero Emission Urban Scooter
ZRU Zona Residencial Urbana
ZUR Zona Urbana Rock
ZUP Zone a Urbaniser en Priorite
ZUP Zone d’Urbanisation Prioritaire