World Abbreviations

The world is the totality of material reality; universe, i.e. everything that pertains to the universe that constitutes reality.


In a narrow sense (unlike the universe ) we call the planet Earth from an anthropocentric, human point of view, as a society of people (“countries of the world”, “map of the world”). This name is used to describe human history and experience (“world history”, “the greatest in the world”), while the name “Earth” is used in the physical sense to distinguish it from other planets.

The word “world” (“world”) contrasts the global (universal, universal) perspective with the social, regional, etc. private point of view; e.g. an international community in the sense of all countries in the world, but sometimes different groups of countries united by different economic, political and ideological characteristics (“third world”, UN). It is used for narrower communities, emphasizing their complexity, self-sufficiency and originality; e.g. for cultural communities through Pax Romana , the “Chinese world” (in the sense of the Chinese cultural sphere in East Asia ), and figuratively – the world of fashion, the literary world, the world of animals .

The word “world” is used metaphorically and in relation to systems outside the Earth, especially in science fiction contexts, e.g. habitable worlds . Some authors, such as Carl Sagan , use the term worlds to refer us to celestial bodies.

World Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to World

A Girl’s World
A Naked World
A New World Army
A Self Contained World
a Small World
A World Beyond Capitalism
A World Institute for a Sustainable Humanity
A World of Interiors
A World of Learning
A World of Poker
A World Without Clothes
Above This World
Academy of World Business Marketing and Management Development
Adapta World Rally Team
Adoption Links Worldwide
Ads of the World
Advanced Worldweb Design
Adventist World Radio
Adventure Racing World Series
Africa World Business Congress
African World Music
African-New World Studies
Agape School of World Evangelism
Agresso Business World
Agudath Israel World Organization
AID Worldwide Accounting Control System
Air Force Worldwide Information System
Air Force Worldwide Military Command and Control System
Air Transport World Freight
Aircharter World
Akela’s World
Alcoa World Alumina
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
All Country World
All Country World Index
All Over the World
All Over the World
All World Sport Video
All World Transport
Alliance World Fellowship
Allianz Worldwide Care
Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, Ltd.
All-Party Parliamentary Group for World Government
Alternate World Database
Alternative Sports World Cup
Amazing World of Science
American Association for World Health
American Beefalo World Registry
American Branch – World Rabbit Science Association
American Jewish World Service
American World War II Orphans Network
Anatomical Worldwide
Ancient World Mapping Center
Anglican Church Worldwide
Animal Crossing World Network
Animate Your World
Animation World Network
Anime World Order
Another World
Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services
Anthony Saves the World
Any Safe World Port
Any World Safe Port
Apax Partners Worldwide
Apostolic World Christian Fellowship
Aquatic World Awareness Responsibility and Education
Arab World Ministries
Arab World Search Engine
Arabian Breeders World Cup
Archimedes World
Area within World Wide navigational Service
Armenian Evangelical World Council
Armstrong World Industries, Inc
Army Men World War Team Assault
Army Worldwide Information System
Around The World
Around the World Cruises
Around the World in A Lifetime
Around the World in Eighty Days
Art Gallery Worldwide
Arts of the Islamic World
As The World Turns
Asian Association of World Historians
Asian World of Martial Arts
Assault Cube World Cup
Asset Network for Education Worldwide
Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide
Association for World Education
Association of Third World Studies
Association of Virtual Worlds
Association of World Citizens
Association of World Reindeer Herders
At Worlds End
Atlantic Canada World Trade Centre
Atlantic World and the Dutch
Atlantis, the Antediluvian World
Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings
Atlas World Press Review
Atos Worldline
Auditors World Wide Web
Audits and Surveys Worldwide
Australian Baptist World Aid
Australian Presbyterian World Mission
Australian Research Repositories Online to the World
Avis Worldwide Discount Number
Baan World Users
Badminton World Federation
Bag Solutions Worldwide
Baha’i World Center
Baptist World Aid Australia
Baptist World Alliance
Baptist World Mission
Barbel Fishing World
Barcelona World Race
Bay Area World Trade Center
Beijing World Culture Travel Service
Beijing World Youth Academy
Believer’s LoveWorld
Best in the World
Best in the World
Best Photographer of the World
Bethel World Outreach Ministries International
Better World Alternatives
Better World Books
Better World Fund
Beyond Tears Worldwide
Biafra Nigeria World
Biafra Nigeria World
Bible Way Church World Wide
Bibles for the World
Big Wide World
Bike Wear World
Billiards World Cup Association
BioTech World
Blue World Order
Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide
Border Worlds Ship
Borderless World Volunteers
Bowie Wonderworld
Boy Meets World
Brass Band World
Brass Band World
Brave New World
Bread for the World
Bread for the World Institute
Bread for the World Institute
Brethren in Christ World Missions
Bridge the World
Bridge World Standard
Britt World Wide
Broadband Wireless World
Broadband World Forum Asia
Broadcast Supply Worldwide
Bubblegum World Championship
Building Virtual Worlds
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination
Business Data Worldwide
Business Travel World
BZFlag World
California Institute of World Archaeology
Camping World East
Camping World Truck Series
Camping World, Inc.
Canada World Youth
Canada World Youth
Canadian Lutheran World Relief
Captain Spaulding’s World
Capture Your World
Carlson Restaurants Worldwide
Catalogue of New World Grasses
Catholic World News
Catholic World Youth Day
Celtic World Airways Group
Center for Human World Culture
Center for the Study of World Religions
Center for World Indigenous Studies
Center for World Missions
Central Africa World Heritage Forest Initiative
Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World
Cereal Foods World
Cereal Partners Worldwide
Changing the World
Changing World Technologies
Chemical World Database
Children Worldwide Fashion
Children Worldwide Web
China Business World
Christ to the World Ministries, Inc.
Christian Business Leaders Worldwide
Christian Gathering Worldwide Ministries
Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
Christian Solidarity Worldwide
Christian Wings for the World
Christian World Adoption
Christian World Liberation Front
Christian World Service
Christian Worldview Network
Christmas Around the World
Church of All Worlds
Church of God Worldwide
Church of God Worldwide Ministries
Church World Service
Church World Service Emergency Response Program
Cimbalom World Association
Circus World Museum
Citibank World Privileges
Citizen of the World
Clean Up the World
Closed World Assumption
Closed World Machine
Club Crew World Championships
Club World Casinos
Club World Championship
Coalition for World Peace
Cocaine Anonymous World Service Office
Coffin World Water Systems
College World Series
Colour Your World
Columbia Journal of World Business
Commission for the Geological Map of the World
Community Chapel World Outreach
Compassion In World Farming
Computer Gaming World
Computer Graphics World
Computer Originated World
Computer Rental World
Computer World Hosting
Concern Worldwide
Conference on Cyberworlds
Conference Upon Research and Education in World Government
Conquer the World
Consciousness Repairing Our World
Construction for World Wide Evangelism Inc
Construction Learning World
Consumer Health World
Consumers for World Trade
Containerized Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
Contemporary World Cinema
Contemporary World Problems
Continuously Updated World Ranking
Contributing to Coalition Operations Worldwide
Coordinating Committee for the World Climate Program
Corporate Finance Associates Worldwide
Corporate Travel World
Cost Plus World Market
Couch Surfing World
Council for a Livable World
Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions
Council for Education in World Citizenship
Council for World Class Communities
Council for World Mission
Council on World Affairs of Canada
Covenant World Mission
Covenant World Relief
Coverdell World Wise Schools
Create Your Own World
Cricket World Cup
Crystal World Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Current World Affairs
Cyber World Internet Services, Inc.
Cycleworld Thugs of America
Cycleworld Thugs of America
Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide
Dances of the World
Defense Attaché Worldwide Network
Democracy in the Arab World
Demons of the Underworld
Department of World Mission
Derwent World Patents Legal
Design-Art-Architecture in the World
Destinations of the World
Deterministic Mix Evaluation Worldwide
Detroit Council for World Affairs
Detroit World Outreach
Dictionary of the Underworld
Dictionary of the Underworld
Dictionary of the Underworld
Digimon World
Digital Book World
Digital Chart of the World
Digital PlayWorld
Digital Soil Map of the World
Digital World News Network
Digital World Research Centre
Digital World Tokyo
Disc Golf World
Disc World
Discover the World Marketing
Diseases of the Developing World
Disney World
Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund
Disney’s Wide World of Sports
Diversity of the Lepidoptera in the World
Dixie Youth World Series
Doctors of the World
Dominant Western Worldview
Doomguy World Order
Dragon World
Drowned World Tour
Dubai Ports World
Dubai Ports World Callao
Dubai World Central
Dubai World Dental Meeting
Dubai World Trade Centre
Dynamic Virtual Worlds
Early World of Learning
Ebaum’s World
eBaum’s World
Econometric Society World Congress
Economic Zones World
Economic Zones World
Efficient XML Interchange (World Wide Web Consortium working group)
Electro World, Inc.
Electronic Circuits World Convention
Electronic Commerce World
Electronic Sports World Cup
Electronic World Systems Limited
Emergency Nursing World
Emirates World Travel Cologne
Empires: Dawn of the Modern World
Encountering the World of Islam
Encounters at the End of the World
Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World
End of the World
End of the World As We Know It
End Of World
Energy for Tomorrow’s World
Engaging with the Islamic World
Engineering Societies in the Agents World
Engineering World Health
Engineers for a Sustainable World
Engineers Rule The World
English Speaking World
English World-Wide
Enterprise Development Worldwide
Enterprise Network Worldwide
Entomofauna of the Old World
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide
Equipment World India
Ericsson Mobility World
Essential World English
Europe and Rest of the World
European Workshop on Modeling Autonomous Agents in a Multi-Agent World
Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions
eWorld of Sports
Executive World Services, Inc.
Exhibitor Visibility Worldwide
Expanding Your World
Experiencing the World
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
Extreme World Wrestling
Face the World
Family Federation for Unification and World Peace
Family Federation for World Peace
Famous Airplanes of the World
Faster Than the World
Fate of Two Worlds
Feed the World
Feeding Tubes for the Third World
Feminists Liberating Our World
Fiber-Optic Link Around the World
Fiberworld Product
Fiendish Organization for World Larceny
FIFA Interactive World Cup
File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds
Film Festival World
Finnish Committee for World Evangelisation
Fire Emblem World
First Peoples Worldwide
First Wives World
First World Problem
First World War
Flight Sim World
Florist’s Transworld Delivery
Florist’s Transworld Delivery
For the World
Forget the World
Forsaken World
Foundation of the Hellenic World
Fourth World Journal
Fox Kids Worldwide, Inc.
Fox Sports World
Free World Dialup
Free World Group
Free World License
Free World Training Company
Freelance Blogger Jobs World
French Fund for the World Environment
French Wines World Tour
French World Editor Community
Friends Around the World
Friends Around the WORLD
Friends of Women’s World Banking
From All Over the World
Future Leaders of the World Academy
Gallery Worldwide
Game Burn World
Game Copy World
Gaming World
Gamma World
Gary Whetstone Worldwide Ministries
General World Administration Radio Conference
Genesis World Mission
Geneva World Financial Forum
Georgia World Congress Center
Georgians for World Class Beer
German World Alliance
Gilda’s Club Worldwide
Girls Leading Our World
Girls Soccer World
Give Kids the World
Global DOTS Expansion Plan (World Health Organization)
Go to the End of the World
God Bless The World
God’s World Order
GoGo Worldwide Vacations
Golden World Awards
Good Bye Cruel World
Goodbye Cruel World
Graphic Communication World
Gray Hat World
Great Golf Resorts of the World
Greater Grace World Outreach
Greener World Media
Greeny World Domination Task Force
Gridded Population of the World
Gross World Product
Ground-Based Midcourse, World
Growing Leaders into World Changers
Guinness Book of World Records
Guinness World Records
Habbo Fan World
Hack the World
Handbook of the Birds of the World
Harley-Davidson World War II 45 cubic inch V-twin military motorcycle model
Harley-Davidson World War II 74 cubic inch V-twin military motorcycle model
Harley-Davidson World War II shaft drive military motorcycle model
Harmonize the World
Harvey World Travel
Heal the World
Health World International, Inc.
Healthy Child Healthy World
Heathrow World Distribution Centre
Helen Keller Worldwide
Helen Keller Worldwide
Help Our World
Hershey’s Chocolate World
Hilton Sales Worldwide
History of the World
Holiday Inn Worldwide
Hollow World
Hollow World Adventure
Honeywell Autonomous Worldwide Control
Hot Coupon World
Hotel Reservations Worldwide, Inc.
Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute
Hylaean Theoric World
I Am the World Trade Center
Illuminati New World Order
Image World Media, Inc.
Impact World Tour
Impotence World Institute
Improved Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks of the World
In A Perfect World
In Real World
In The Out World
Independent World Chess Championships, Inc.
Independent World Order
Independent World Television
Independent World Wrestling Superstars
Indigenous World Association
Industrial Safety World
Industrial Workers of the World
Inform the World
Informal Gathering of World Economic Leaders
Information and Communication World Forum
Information Systems Worldwide
Installation Worldwide Ammunition Reporting System
Institute for the Study of World Politics
Institute for World Economics
Institute for World Evangelisation
Institute of World Affairs
Institute of World Economy and Politics
Institute of World Mission
Institute of World Politics
Interactive Knowledge for Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide
Interactive Systems Worldwide, Inc.
Interagency Committee for the World Weather Program
Interim Worldwide Secure Voice Conferencing System
International Association of World Englishes
International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors
International Third World Legal Studies Association
International World Calendar Association
Internet Access Worldwide
Internet Relay Chat World Wrestling Federation
Internet World Stats
Internet World Wireless
InterWorld Commerce Exchange
Invacare World Team Cup
Iowa World Language Association
Irish World Music Centre
Ironman Triathlon World Championship
Isis World Drill Championships
Islamic Relief Worldwide
Islamic World Academy of Sciences
Islands of the World
It’s The End Of The World As We Know It
It’s the End of the World As We Know It and I Feel Fine
Jaguar World Monthly
Jainism For World Association
JAL World Hotels (reservation and discount service)
Japan and the World Economy
Japan Karate Association World Federation
Jerseys Wrestling World
Jesus World Outreach Center, Inc.
Jewellery World Expo
Jewish World Congress
Jewish World Review
Jewish World Watch
Jim Beam Brands Worldwide, Inc.
Jimmy Eat World
Jimmy’s Value World
Jindal Worldwide Ltd.
Joint Analytic Worldwide System
Joint Committee on Cooperation in Studies of the World Oceans
Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
Journal of World Anthropology
Journal of World Trade Law
Joy to the World
Juggalo World Order
Junior Achievement Worldwide
Junior Bassmaster World Championship
Junior Council on World Affairs
Junior World Cup
Junior World Orienteering Championships
Junior World Winner
Justice for the World
Kawartha World Issues Centre
Kent and the Wider World
Kentucky World Trade Center
Kerkennians World Wide
Kids around the World
Kids for World Health
Kids’ World Christian Academy
King of the World
Kintetsu World Express
Know Your World
Known World
Known World Costuming Symposium
Korea World Trade Center
Krav Maga Worldwide
Laker World Order
Languages of the Wider World
Languages of the World
Laser Focus World
Latest World News
Latino World Order
Lausanne World Pulse
Lawyers Alliance for World Security
Leader of the Free World
Leading Hotels of the World
Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World
Leisure World Branch Library
Lepidoptera of Old World
Less Developed World
Li Po Chun United World College
Lies and Fiction in the Ancient World
Light of the World
Light of the World Ministries
Light Persistent-State Worlds
Light World Mission
Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation
Line Around the World
Linkin Park World
Linux Gaming World
Linux Users Groups WorldWide
Linux World Expo
Lions World Services for the Blind
Little Blue World
Little League World Series
Little People, Big World
Little World Community Organization
Live for Speed World
Living Worlds
Local Closed World
Logbook of the World
Los Angeles World Airports
Lost World Designs, Co.
Lost World Museum
Louisiana World Exposition
Love the World
Lucent-Technologies Worldwide Services
Lutheran Office for World Community
Lutheran World Federation
Lutheran World Hunger
Lutheran World Relief
Maccabi World Union
Mad At The World
Major World Air Route Area
Major World Newspapers
Making of the Modern World
Malaysian World Fertility Survey
Mammal Species of the World
Manga Car World
Many-Worlds Interpretation
Maps of the World
Maps of the World
Maquette for MDG Simulations (World Bank)
Marine Climatic Atlas of the World
Mario World Level
Mary Queen of the World
Massive Online World
Massive Online World
MasterCard Worldwide
Masters World Championship
Material World Charitable Foundation
McMaster World Congress
Me Against the World
Mechtronix World Corporation
Medical Aid for the Third World
Medical World Search
Menlo Worldwide Forwarding Inc.
Mennonite World Conference
Meta World Peace
Metatrader Autotrader World
Microworld of Gems
MicroWorld Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mighty Games World
Military World Games
Milwaukee World Festivals, Inc.
Mirror Worlds Technologies, Inc
Miss Jamaica World
Miss World
Mission to the World
Mitch Around the World
Mobile World Congress
Model Helicopter World
Modern Pentathlon World Championship
Modern World History
Monkey Island World Forum
Monster World IV
Monthly Climate Data for the World
More Developed World
Moshing World Order
Most of World
Most of World
Motorcycle World
Move Your World
Movement for a Better World
Muslim World League
My Father’s World
My Home School World
My Wonderful World
My World of Warcraft
Mystic World Online
Nassau World Wide Movers, Inc.
National World War II Memorial
National World Wrestling Association
Natural World Heritage Site
Natural World Museum
Naval Worldwide Command & Control System
Navy Worldwide Military Command & Control System Software Standardization
Net Radio Communications Worldwide
Network of European Worldshops
Network of the World
Network Service Providers Around the World
Network The World
Network World Asia
Network World Wide Projects
Networld + Interop
Networld + Interop
New Anointing World Outreach
New Canadian World Order
New Group of World Servers
New Legal World Order
New World Alliance
New World Angels
New World Bilingual Institute
New World Brotherhood
New World Builders
New World Bungy
New World Chocolate Society
New World Computing
New World Computing, Inc
New World CyberBase Solutions
New World Dictionary
New World Disorder
New World Infrastructure Company Limited
New World International
New World International School
New World International Trading
New World Landscape
New World Marketing Group
New World Monkeys
New World Natural Products Inc.
New World Network
New World Order
New World Order Database
New World Power
New World Resources
New World School of the Arts
New World Sex Education
New World Sports
New World Symphony
New World Systems Corporation
New World Technology
New World Telecom
New World Theatre Club
New World Training
New World Translation
New World Translation Committee
New World Wine Agencies
New World Wine Shippers
New World Wrestling Alliance
News of the World
News World Communications
Newsworld International
Nextel World Wide
Nicer Century World Organization
No More Beautiful World
Non Wing World Championship
Not of This World
Not of This World
Nu World Holdings Ltd
Obligatory the World Is A Very Big Place
Occupational Wages around the World
Oddworld Forums
Oddworld Inhabitants Inc.
Of The World
Office World News
Official World Golf Ranking
Off-world Resource Base
Oil and Gas News Worldwide
Okinawa World Mercenaries
Okinawa World Mercenaries
Oklahoma City, OK, USA – Will Rogers World Airport
Old World
Old World Conference in Phonology
Old World Industries
Old World Monkeys
Old World Monkeys
Old World Order
Omaha World-Herald
Oman World Tourism
Omega World Travel
On Top of the World
One Peaceful World
One World – Nations Online
One World Development Group International Inc.
One World Films
One World Foundation
One World Government
One World Journeys
One World Monopolists
One World Monopolists
One World Montessori
One World Montessori
One World Network North East
One World One Church
One World One People
One World Order
One World Syndicate
One World Telecom
One World Telecommunications
One World Tree
One World Trust
OneWorld Africa
OneWorld International
Online Model World
Open Source World Conference
Open University Worldwide
Oracle Open World
Order of World Scouts
Organic World Congress
Organizational Development Worldwide
Orient Script Worldwide
Origin Worlds Online
Orthodontic Directory of the World
Other World Computing
Other World Kingdom
Our World Our Children
Our World Our Say
Our World Today
Our World Underwater
Out Of This World
Out of This World
Outdoor World
Outer Worlds
Outerworld Investigation Agency
Over the World
Overview of World Religions
Pac-Man World
Paid, Young, and Taking on the World from the Drivers Seat
Palm Powered Mobile World
Pan Am World Services
Pan American World Airways, Inc.
Panasonic World Solar Challenge
Panel of Inventors Worldwide
Paris Slalom World Cup
Parliamentary Network on the World Bank
PartnerWorld Industry Networks
Party of World Revolution
PC World
Pc World Business Direct
Peace Worldwide
Penson Worldwide, Inc.
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
People’s Realty World
People’s Weekly World
Perfect World International
Persistent State World
Persistent World
Persistent World
Personal Computer World Business
Personal Computer World Business
Personal Just World Belief
Peter’s World Order
Pharmaceutical Sciences World Conference
Pirate the World
Placemark of the World
Play the World
Pokemon World Online
Polar Air Cargo Worldwide, Inc.
Political Economy of the World System
Porsche World Road Show
Portal to Another World
Post Apocalyptic World
Practical World Outlook
Presbyterian World Service and Development
Primeworld Digital Systems Inc.
Princess of the World
Priority Worldwide Services
Production Car World Rally Championship
Professional Motorsport World
Program in the Ancient Mediterranean World
Public Health Jobs Worldwide
Pure Worldwide Internet
Quadrics Supercomputers World Ltd.
Quake World
Quakeworld Team Fortress
Quebecor World Europe
Quebecor World Inc.
Quidditch World Cup
Quiet World Sports
Radio Control Model World
Radio Netherlands Worldwide
Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Club
Railway World
Rain World Environmental Consultants
RDF Graph Modeling Language (World Wide Web Consortium)
Reaching Your World
Real World
Real World Application
Real World Color Management
Real World Data
Real World Digital Photography
Real World Golf
Real World Haskell: Code You Can Believe In
Real World Interface, Inc.
Real World Operation
Real World Parameter
Real World Portal
Real World Scenario
Real World Strategies
Real World Trading
Real World Web
Real-World Wide Web
REE World Association
Reformed Church World Service
Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide
Resorts World Sentosa
Rest Of World
Reynolds World Investment Enterprises, LLC
Ricochet Lost Worlds
Riehl World View
Rivers of the World
Robot World Congress
Rock My World
Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Park
Round the World
Round the World Minimum Check
Round the World Tour
Round the World Trip
Rugby World Cup
Rumble World Entertainment
Safe Kids Worldwide
Saint Seiya World
Salvation Army World Service Office
Satellite World Amateur Radio Conference
Satellite-Based Worldwide Availability Tool
Savage World of Fantasy
Save Our World
Save the World
Savior of the World
School of World Studies
Screen Advertising World Association
Scriptures for America Worldwide
Sea World
Sea World
Sea World
Sea World Aviation
Sea World Enterprises
Sea World Property Trust
Seattle World Percussion Society
SeaWorld Orlando
Second World Climate Conference
Secret World
Secret World
Secret World
Secret World Organization for Retribution and Destruction
Secure World Foundation
Self-Contained Off-World Residential Environment
Semiconductor Worldwide Management
Sentient World Observation and Response Department
Sentient World Simulation
Shanghai World Financial Center
Shechina World Mission Center
Sheep Tag World Cup
Ship for World Youth Alumni Association
Shock the World
Sick Sad World
Simulation and Modeling Anchored in Real-World Testing
Single Track World
Six Flags Astroworld
Sleeping Children around the World
Sleeping Children around the World
Small Business Big World
Small World
Small World
Small World
Small World Adoption Programs, Inc.
Small World Adoption Programs, Inc.
Small World Learning Center
Social and Political Worlds
Social Networking World Forum
Society for a Friendlier World
Society for Philosophy in the Contemporary World
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
Softball World Order
Soldiers of the World
Sonic World Order
Sound Music World
Speed World Challenge
Speedway World Cup
Sports Arbitrage World
Sports Management Worldwide
Standard World English
Stargate Worlds
State Of the World Forum
State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture
STD World of Resources Network
Stoners World Order
Storage World Conference
Story of the World
Strange New Worlds
Strategic World Initiative for Technology Transfer
Streaming Media World
Streamlined Worldwide Information Today
Structural Engineers World Congress
Students for World Literacy
Students of the World
Subaru World Rally Team
Succeeding in the World of Work
Summary of World Broadcasts
Summit Council for World Peace
Sunday All Over the World
Super Macgyver World
Super Mario World
Super Mario World Central
Super Nerds Own the World
Super World of Sports
Survivors of Incest Anonymous World Services Office
Sustainable World Coalition
Sustainable World Investigation
Swainarayan World Organization
Swaminarayan World Organization
Sweden World Youth
Sword of the New World
Sydney Wildlife World
System for Worldwide Operational Route Data
System, Owner, Group, World
Tag the World
Taipei World Trade Center
Taiwan World Youth Volunteer Association
Talking Book World
Tarot World Magazine
Tasmanian World Heritage Area Ministerial Council
Technology Services Worldwide
Tell the World
TELUS World of Science
Texas World Speedway
Thad’s World Destruction
Thames World Sculling Challenge
The End Of The World As We Know It
The Games Company Worldwide GmbH
The Known World
The Leet World
The Lost World
The Man Who Sold the World
The Mana World
The New World Alliance
The Perfect World
The Real World
The Science of Discworld
The Secret World
The Thing from Another World
The Wizards World Online
The World Against Cancer
The World Beatles Forum
The World Book Encyclopedia
The World Game
The World Game Forum
The World in Photos
The World Is A Very Big Place
The World Is Mine
The World Management
The World Models
The World Of Magic
The World of Miniatures
The World Our Parish
The World School Network
The World Tonight
The World, the Workplace, and We the Workers
The World’s Slowest Comeback
The Worlds Elite Troops
Theme Park World
Third World
Third World Academy of Sciences
Third World Conference Foundation
Third World Country
Third World Craft Nepal
Third World Forum
Third World Foundation for Social and Economic Studies
Third World Majority
Third World Network
Third World Press
Third World Quarterly
Third World Traveler
Third World Women’s Alliance
THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble (World Meteorological Organization)
Thrill the World
Thug World Order
Tile World
Tile Your World
Timeshare Resales Worldwide
Tims Atari MIDI World (informational website)
Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc.
Together We Can Change the World
Tokyo World Language Academy
Tomb Raider Underworld
Tomorrow’s World
Top Gem World Class
Top Video World
Torino World Design Capital
Toronto World Arts Scene
Total Drama World Tour
Total World Domination
Touch the World
Tour Guide from the Underworld
Trance Around the World
Trans World Affairs Exchange
Trans World Airlines
Trans World Entertainment Corp.
Trans World Group
Trans World International
Trans World Internet Exchange
Trans World Radio
Transworld Advertising Agency Network
Transworld Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Transworld Snowboarding / Skateboarding
Trinity World Outreach Center
Trip Around the World
Trump World Tower
Tulsa World
Two Worlds United
UK One World Linking Association
Ultima Underworld
Ultima Underworld
Ultima Underworld
Ultima Underworld 2
Under World
Underworld Death Dealers
Underworld Dreams
Underworld Wrestling Development
UNDP-World Bank-WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases
United Nations World Food Programme
United Nations World Trade Organization
United States Center for World Mission
United States World Federation
United World at Duke
United World Atheists
United World Chart
United World Colleges
United World Federalists
United World of Indigenous Peoples
United World Youth Council
Unofficial Looney Tunes World
Upside Down World
Vancouver Institute for Evangelical Worldview
Venture Capital World
Vermont Council on World Affairs
Versus the World
Vestering Worldwide Exporters
Virtual Interactive Educational World
Virtual Medical Worlds
Virtual Racing World
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Virtual World Entertainment, LLC
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Virtual Worlds
Virtual Worlds Forum
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Vision World Foundation
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Visit the World Easily
Visual Interactive Effective Worlds
Voice of Russia World Service
Volcano World
Wai Wai World
Waldorf Online World
Wally World
Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World College Program
Walt Disney World Company
Walt Disney World Information Guide
Walt Disney World Railroad
Walt Disney World Resort
War of the Worlds
War of the Worlds
Wario World
Warner Brothers Movie World
Warriors of the World
Watching the World Change
Water Rocket Achievement World Record Association
Water-World Diving Center
Watson Wyatt Worldwide
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Web Hosting World Wide
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Weddings Beautiful Worldwide
Weekly World News
Welcome to Everworld
Welcome to Our World
West Michigan World Trade Association
West World Productions, Inc.
What a Wonderful World
What in the World?
What the World
Wheelchair Sports Worldwide
Wheels for the World
When Corporations Rule the World
White Pride World Wide
Who Is Who in the Internet World
Whole Darn Wide World
Whole New World
Whole Wide World
Wicket World Wide
Wide Open World
Wide World of Sports
Wide World of Toyota
Widen Your World
Wifi World
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Will Rogers World Airport
Window To The World
Windows on the World
Windows on the World
Winter World Games for the Deaf
Winter World University Games
Wired World Challenge
Wireless World Forum
Wireless World Initiative
Wireless World Initiative New Radio
Wireless World Research Forum
Wireless World Research Initiative
Wizard World Los Angeles
Wizarding World
Wizarding World Press
Wolverine World Wide
Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
Women Of The World
Women of Worldnet
Women Online Worldwide
Women Organising the World
Women’s Association for World Peace
Women’s College World Series
Women’s Federation for World Peace
Women’s Ordination Worldwide
Women’s Physique World
Women’s Soccer World
Women’s World Banking
Women’s World Chess Championship
Women’s World Cup
Women’s World Summit Foundation
Womens Rugby World Cup
Wonder of the World
Wonderful World of Bocce Association
Wonderful World of Disney
Wonderful World of Flying
Wonderful World of Wildlife
Wonderful World of Windows
Wonders of the World
Woodmen Of The World
Woodmen of the World
Word for the World Christian Fellowship
Work for the World
Worker’s World Party
Workers of the World
Workers of the World, Unite
Workers World Media Productions
Workers World Party
Workers World Radio Productions
World A Cappella Association
World Academic Society of Medical Qigong
World Academie of Biological Technologies
World Academy of Neurological Surgery
World Access Insurance Brokers Ltd.
World Access Network Directory
World Action Foundation
World Adivasi Council
World Administrative Radio Conference
World Adult Kickball Association
World Advertising Research Center
World Advocates
World Aerobatic Championship
World Aeronautical Chart
World Aerospace Database
World Affairs and the Global Economy
World Affairs Center
World Affairs Conference
World Affairs Councils of America
World Africa Business
World Africa Chamber of Commerce
World African Diaspora Union
World Against Child Molesters
World Against Toys Causing Harm
World Age Group Championships
World Agni Kempo Organization
World Agricultural Forum
World Agricultural Outlook Board
World Agricultural Production
World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates
World Agriculture Investment Conference
World Agroforestry Centre
World AIDS Campaign
World AIDS Day
World AIDS Foundation
World AIDS Orphans Day
World Aikido Aikikai Inc.
World Aim Point Catalog
World Air Power Journal
World Aircraft Accident Summary
World Airline Entertainment Association
World Airline Historical Society
World Airline Historical Society
World Airline Road Race
World Airlines Clubs Association
World Airways, Inc
World Airways, Inc
World Airways, Inc
World Algeria Action Coalition
World All Styles Organisation
World Allergy Forum
World Allergy Organization
World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action
World Alliance for Decentralized Energy
World Alliance for Patient Safety
World Alliance for Peace in Sri Lanka
World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty
World Alliance of Reformed Churches
World Alliance of VSE and VM
World Almanac
World Altair Computer Convention
World Alternative Energy Index
World Amateur Body Building Association
World Amateur Golf Council
World Amateur Golf Ranking
World Amateur Poker Tour
World Amateur Radio Day
World Amazigh Action Coalition, Inc.
World and Islam Studies Enterprise
World Animal Handicap Foundation
World Animal Net
World Anti-Communist League
World Anti-Doping Agency
World Anti-Doping Code
World Apheresis Association
World Apostolate of Fatima
World Appraisal of Fishery Resources
World Aquaculture Society
World Aquanaut Security Patrol
World Aquatic Babies & Children
World Aquatic Babies Congress
World Aquatic Masters Organization
World Arabian Horse Organization
World Arabic Translators Association
World Arbitration and Mediation Review
World Archaeological Congress
World Architecture Map
World Archives of Rock Art
World Area Code
World Area Code Basic Encyclopedia
World Area Forecast Center
World Area Forecast Satellite Broadcast System
World Area Grid
World Arm Wrestling Federation
World Around Us
World Artist Network
World Asia Media
World Assemblies of God Fellowship
World Assemblies of God Relief and Development Agency
World Assembly of Cities and Local Authorities
World Assembly of Youth
World Association for Children and Parents
World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers
World Association for Christian Communication
World Association for Cooperative Education, Inc.
World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine
World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry
World Association for Educational Research
World Association for Laser Therapy
World Association for Medical Law
World Association for Online Education
World Association for Orphans and Abandoned Children
World Association for Political Economy
World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation
World Association for Ruined Piano Studies
World Association for Sexual Health
World Association for Social Psychiatry
World Association for Supported Employment
World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles
World Association for the Development of Philately
World Association for the History of Veterinary Medicine
World Association for Voice of Animals
World Association for World Federation
World Association of Animal Production
World Association of Anti-Doping Scientists
World Association of Arab Translators & Linguists
World Association of Belarusian Jews
World Association of Business Coaches
World Association of Chefs’ Societies
World Association of Chinese Architects
World Association of Community Broadcasters
World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters
World Association of Cooks Societies
World Association of Croatian Physicians
World Association of Cultural Psychiatry
World Association of Detectives
World Association of Domain Name Developers, Inc.
World Association of Eclectic Hypnotherapists
World Association of Flower Arrangers
World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
World Association of International Studies
World Association of Internet Marketing
World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies
World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
World Association of Law Professors
World Association of Left-Handed Golfers
World Association of Medical and Health Films
World Association of Medical Editors
World Association of Newspapers
World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals
World Association of Perinatal Medicine
World Association of Persons with Disabilities
World Association of Positive Psychotherapy
World Association of Professional Investigators
World Association of Scuba Instructors
World Association of Sign Language Interpreters
World Association of Sleep Medicine
World Association of Societies of Pathology
World Association of Soil and Water Conservation
World Association of the Alcohol Beverage Industries, Inc.
World Association of Trainers in Development
World Association of Travel Agencies
World Association of Valuation Organisations
World Association of Veteran Athletes
World Association of Veterinary Food Hygienists
World Association of Wildlife Veterinarians
World Association of Women Entrepreneurs
World Association of Zoos and Aquariums
World Astrology Mailing List
World At One
World At War
World Athletics Final
World Authority for Spatial Affairs
World Autism Organisation
World Autoduel Association
World Automation Congress
World Aviation Forecast System
World Badminton League Orchestra
World Bamboo Organization
World Bank
World Bank Administrative Tribunal
World Bank Bonds Boycott
World Bank Carbon Fund
World Bank Country Office
World Bank Development Gateway
World Bank Economic Review
World Bank Governance Indicator
World Bank Graduate Scholarship
World Bank Group
World Bank Group Bonds
World Bank Inspection Panel
World Bank Institute
World Bank Institute Poverty Reduction and Economic Reform Division
World Bank Learning Network
World Bank Notes
World Bank Office Manila
World Bank Report
World Bank Research Observer
World Bank Team
World Bank Volunteer Services
World Barbecue Association
World Barista Championships
World Barrel Racing Productions
World Baseball Classic
World Baseball Classic, Inc.
World Basic Information Library
World Batch Forum
World Baton Twirling Federation
World Beach Basketball Association
World Beach Ultimate Championship
World Beard and Moustache Association
World Beard and Moustache Championships
World Beat Festival
World Beer Cup
World Benchrest Shooting Federation
World Bet Exchange
World Bet Exchange
World Beyblade Association
World Bible Commentaries
World Bible Translation Center
World Biblical Commentary
World Billfish Challenge
World Biodiversity Association
World Biodiversity Database
World Biographical Information System
World Biological Information Facility
World Birding Center
World Black Belt Bureau
World Blind Sailing Championship
World Blind Union
World Blitz Chess Association
World Blog Council
World Blogger Championship of Online Poker
World Blogging Classic
World Blood Donor Day
World Bloody Knuckles Association
World Boardgaming Championships
World Bocce Association
World Bocce League
World Body Painting Association
World Bodybuilding and Fitness Association
World Bodybuilding Federation
World Bonsai Convention
World Bonsai Friendship Federation
World Book
World Book and Copyright Day
World Boomerang Association
World Botanic Gardens Congress
World Botanical Gardens, Inc.
World Bowling Federation
World Boxing Association
World Boxing Council
World Boxing Federation
World Boxing Hall of Fame
World Boxing Organization
World Boxing Union
World Breast Cancer Organization
World Breastfeeding Week
World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses
World Bridge Federation
World Broadcasting Union
World Brokers Online
World Brotherhood of Gamers
World Brotherhood Watch
World Buddhist Scout Brotherhood
World Buffalo Association Limited Agricultural Association
World Bureau of Metal Statistics
World Burn Congress
World Burn Foundation
World Business Card Directory
World Business Center Busan
World Business Chicago
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
World Business Environment Survey
World Business Exchange
World Business Exchange
World Business Forum
World Business Language Centre
World Business Satellite
World Business Strategist Association
World Business Support Center
World Business University Association
World Cage Fighting Championship
World Canadian Bureau
World Cancer Research Fund International
World Candlepin Bowlers’ Congress
World Canine Freestyle Organization
World Casino Directory
World Cat Federation
World Catholic Education Day
World Cellular Information Service
World Center for Birds of Prey
World Center for Concrete Technology
World Center for Dental Implantology
World Centers of Compassion for Children International
World Certification Services Ltd
World Certification Services Ltd
World Chambers Federation
World Chambers Network
World Champion
World Champion Federation
World Championship Blacksmiths
World Championship Cheese Contest
World Championship Entertainment
World Championship Fishing
World Championship Jousting Association
World Championship Lineman’s Rodeo
World Championship of Dominoes
World Championship of Online Poker
World Championship of Ping Pong
World Championship of Poker
World Championship of Skateboarding
World Championship Punkin Chunkin
World Championship Ranch Rodeo
World Championship Rugby
World Championship Snooker
World Championship Snooker
World Championship Sports Network
World Championship Tecmo Association
World Championship Time Trial
World Championship Tour
World Championship Wrestling
World Championship Wrestling Australia
World Championships Beach Ultimate
World Championships in Athletics
World Championships of Performing Arts
World Championships of Performing Arts
World Changers
World Changers Bible Institute
World Changers Church International
World Cheerleading Association
World Cheese Awards
World Chemical Engineering Council
World Chemistry Leadership Meeting
World Chen Taiji Association, Germany
World Chess Boxing Organization
World Chess Champion
World Chess Championship
World Chess Championship Tournament
World Chess Composition Tournament
World Chess Federation
World Chess Network
World Chicken Festival
World Childhood Foundation
World Chinese Business Network
World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention
World Chinese Women’s Association
World Chiropractic Alliance
World Chlor-Alkali Analysis
World Christian Action Conference
World Christian Doctors Network
World Christian Life Community
World Christian Tract Directory
World Church of the Creator
World Church of the Creator
World Church Service
World Church Service
World Cities Population Database
World Citizens Assembly on Water
World Civil Society Forum
World Class
World Class Athlete Program
World Class Bass
World Class Business Development
World Class Capital Group
World Class Central University
World Class Championship Wrestling
World Class Consulting Group
World Class Customer Service
World Class Design to Manufacture
World Class Excellence
World Class Handball Programme
World Class Human Resources
World Class Information Systems, Inc.
World Class Killers Clan
World Class Learning Materials Inc
World Class Logistics Management
World Class Manufacturing
World Class Manufacturing Group, Inc.
World Class Miniature Association
World Class Performance Programme
World Class Practices
World Class Project Management
World Class Quality Pty. Ltd.
World Class Routing
World Class Start
World Class Start
World Class Start Programme
World Class Supply Chain
World Class Track Meet
World Class Wrestling Alliance
World Class Wrestling Association
World Classic Martial Arts
World Clean Air Forest Initiative
World Clean Energy Awards
World Climate Applications and CLIPS
World Climate Applications and Services Programme
World Climate Applications Program
World Climate Data and Monitoring Programme
World Climate Data Information Referral Service
World Climate Data Programme
World Climate Impacts Programme
World Climate News
World Climate Programme
World Climate Research Program, Oceanographic Component
World Climate Research Programme
World Climate System Monitoring Program
World Clinical Laser Institute
World Clown Association
World Club Challenge
World Club Champion Football
World Club Crew Championships
World Clubs
World Cocoa Foundation
World Coffee Drinkers Association
World Collectors Net
World College West
World Combat Arts Federation
World Combat League
World Commercial Aircraft Accidents
World Commission on Culture and Development
World Commission on Dams
World Commission on Environment and Development
World Commission on Protected Areas
World Commission on Water
World Committee on Tourism Ethics
World Communication Group Services, Ltd.
World Communications Year
World Communications Year
World Community Counselling Centre
World Community for Christian Meditation
World Community Grid
World Community Service Resource Network
World Competitiveness Yearbook
World Competitiveness Yearbook
World Computer Chess Championship
World Computer Congress
World Computer Graphics Association
World Computer Literacy Day
World Computerized Wrestling Alliance
World Concept
World Concern Development Organization
World Concern International
World Conclave of Magical Arts
World Confederation for Physical Therapy
World Confederation of Billiards Sports
World Confederation of Labor
World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession
World Confederation of Productivity Sciences
World Confederation of Teachers
World Confederation of Trade Unions
World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Tolerance
World Conference Center Bonn
World Conference for Cancer Organisations
World Conference for Disaster Reduction
World Conference of Banking Institutes
World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education
World Conference on Disaster Management
World Conference on Dosing of Antiinfectives
World Conference on Earthquake Engineering
World Conference on Higher Education
World Conference on Horticultural Research
World Conference on Human Rights
World Conference on International Telecommunication
World Conference on Interventional Oncology
World Conference on Linguistic Rights
World Conference on Melanoma
World Conference on Neutron Radiography
World Conference on Neutron Radiography
World Conference on Religion and Peace
World Conference on Religion and Peace
World Conference on Timber Engineering
World Conference on Transport Research
World Conferences Against Racism
World Conflict Quarterly
World Conformation Horse Association
World Congress Against War
World Congress Center
World Congress for Bronchoesophagology
World Congress for Nurse Anesthetists
World Congress for Regenerative Medicine
World Congress for Software Quality
World Congress for Total Quality Management
World Congress in Applied Computing
World Congress of Accounting Historians
World Congress of Biomechanics
World Congress of Cardiology
World Congress of Chess Composition
World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery
World Congress of Ethnic Religions
World Congress of Families
World Congress of Gastroenterology
World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organizations
World Congress of Herpetology
World Congress of Jewish Studies
World Congress of Jews from Egypt
World Congress of Master Tailors
World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists
World Congress of Nephrology
World Congress of News Agencies
World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts
World Congress of Physical Therapy
World Congress of Rural Women
World Congress of Russian Jewry
World Congress of Veterinary Anaesthesia
World Congress of Veterinary Anesthesia
World Congress of Veterinary Dermatology
World Congress on Chinese Medicine
World Congress on Communication for Development
World Congress on Computational Intelligence
World Congress on Computational Mechanics
World Congress on Computing
World Congress on Design and Health
World Congress on Engineering
World Congress on Information Technology
World Congress on Intellectual Capital
World Congress on Lateral Computing
World Congress on Medical Law
World Congress on Military Medicine
World Congress on Mountain Ungulates
World Congress on Neural Networks
World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis
World Congress on Pain
World Congress on Particle Technology
World Congress on Pathology Informatics
World Congress on Preventative Dentistry
World Congress on Psychiatric Genetics
World Congress on Psychosomatic Medicine
World Congress on Railway Research
World Congress on Refractive Error
World Congress on Social Simulation
World Congress on Systems Simulation
World Congress on the Aging Male
World Conquest
World Conservation Monitoring Centre
World Conservation Society
World Conservation Society
World Conservation Union
World Constitution and Parliament Association. Inc.
World Construction Kit
World Consulting Group
World Consumer Protection Organization
World Consumer Rights Day
World Convention Churches of Christ
World Convention of Narcotics Anonymous
World Coordinate
World Coordinate System
World Coordinate System
World Correspondence Draughts Association
World Cosplay Summit
World Cosplay Summit
World Council for Corporate Governance
World Council for Curriculum and Instruction
World Council for Psychotherapy
World Council for Renewable Energy
World Council for the Advancement of Sahaja Yoga
World Council for the Cedars Revolution
World Council for the Welfare of the Blind
World Council for Torah Education
World Council for Venue Management
World Council of Anthropological Associations
World Council of Arya Samaj
World Council of Churches
World Council of Credit Unions
World Council of Elders
World Council of Enterostomal Therapists
World Council of Indigenous Peoples
World Council of Jewish Communal Service
World Council of Language Teaching
World Council of Nuclear Workers
World Council of Professional Photographers
World Council of Religious Leaders
World Council of Service Clubs
World Council on Hearing Health
World Court
World Court Digest
World Court of Justice
World Craft
World Crafts Council
World Crafts Council International
World Craniofacial Foundation
World Creole Music Festival
World Cricket Cup
World Cross Country Championship
World Crossbow Shooting Association
World Crossbow Shooting Federation
World Cruising Club
World Cube Association
World Culture and Sports Festival
World Culture Open
World Cultures
World Cup
World Cup Accommodation Bureau
World Cup Championship Football
World Cup Cricket for the Blind
World Cup Fantasy Football
World Cup Final
World Cup Mogul Team
World Cup Qualifier
World Cup Security Control Headquarters
World Cup Skateboarding
World Cup Soccer
World Cup Soccer
World Cup Stacking Association
World Cup Ticketing Bureau
World Cup Triathlon
World Curling Players’ Association
World Currency Unit
World Customs Organisation
World Customs Organization
World Cyber Games
World Cyber Games Challenge
World Cyber Games Exhibition
World Cycling Productions
World Dance Arts Foundation
World Dance Council Ltd.
World Darts Federation
World Darts Federation
World Data Bank
World Data Bank II
World Data Base II
World Data Center
World Data Center for Climate
World Data Center for Greenhouse Gases
World Data Center for Marine Environmental Sciences
World Data Center for Meteorology
World Data Center for Paleoclimatology
World Data Center System
World Data Centre for Aerosols
World Data Centre for Microorganisms
World Data Network
World Data Products Inc.
World Data Research Center
World Database Development Group
World Database of Happiness
World Database on Protected Areas
World Day for Captive Dolphins
World Day for Laboratory Animals
World Day of Prayer
World Day to Combat Desertification
World Deaf Assemblies of God
World Deaf Basketball Championships
World Deaf Cycling Championships
World Deaf Golf Federation
World Deaf Orienteering Championships
World Decade for Cultural Development
World Definition Language
World Dental Federation
World Dental Federation
World Devastator
World Development and Relief Committee
World Development Federation
World Development Federation
World Development Indicators
World Development Indicators
World Development Movement
World Development Report
World Dharma Online Institute
World Diabetes Day
World Diabetes Foundation
World Diabetes Foundation
World Dialogue on Regulation
World Diamond Council
World Digestive Health Day
World Digital Database
World Digital Database for Environmental Science
World Digital Library
World Digital Mathematics Library
World Digital Media Group
World Digital Network Co.
World Direct Democracy Forum
World Direct Selling Association
World Directory Service Agency
World Dirt Racing Association
World Disarmament Conference
World Dive Security Network
World Diversity Leadership Symposium
World Dobson Calibration Center
World Doc Exchange, LLC
World Doc Exchange, LLC
World Domination Design Group
World Domination Recordings
World Drag Racing Championships
World Dragonfly Association
World Drift Championships
World Drivers Championship
World Duty Free Americas
World Duty Free Europe
World Dynamic Investments, Inc.
World Dynamic Investments, Inc.
World Dyslexia Network Foundation
World Earth Human Alliance
World Economic Development Congress
World Economic Forecasting
World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum
World Economic Fund
World Economic Fund
World Economic Outlook
World Economic Situation and Prospects
World Economic Situation and Prospects
World Economy, Ecology & Development
World Editor
World Educate Business Association
World Education
World Education Council
World Education Development Group
World Education Fellowship
World Education Fellowship
World Education Fund
World Education Fund
World Education International
World Education Market
World Education Network
World Education News and Reviews
World Education Research Association
World Education Services
World Education, Inc.
World Egg Throwing Federation
World Electric Power Plants Database
World Electric Vehicle Association
World Electronic Broadcast
World Electronic Media Forum
World Electronic Music Festival
World Elephant Polo Association
World Email Directory
World E-Management Consortium
World Emergency Relief
World Endometriosis Research Foundation
World Endurance Championship
World Enduro Canada
World Enduro Championship
World Energy & Chemicals Exhibition and Conference
World Energy Alternatives, LLC
World Energy Assessment
World Energy Cities Partnership
World Energy Conference
World Energy Council
World Energy Efficiency Association
World Energy Efficiency Link
World Energy Engineering Congress
World Energy Outlook
World Energy Projection System
World Engineering Anthropometry Resource
World Engineering Exchange
World Engineering Exchange
World Engineering Release System
World Engineering Task Force
World English Bible
World English-Language Scrabble Players’ Association
World Entertainment Concepts, Inc.
World Entertainment News
World Entertainment News Network
World Entertainment Wrestling
World Environment and Resources Council
World Environment Center
World Environment Day
World Environment Fund
World Environment Fund
World Environmental Education Congress
World Environmental Organization
World Equestrian Games
World Equine Airways Symposium
World Equine Veterinary Association
World Equine Veterinary Review
World Equity Benchmark Shares
World Equity Group, Inc.
World Evangelical Alliance
World Evangelical Congregational Fellowship
World Evangelical Fellowship
World Evangelical Fellowship
World Evangelistic Enterprise Corporation
World Event Village
World Event Village
World Exchange College of Language
World Expo of Beer
World Export Development Forum
World Extreme Cagefighting
World Extreme Skiing Championships
World Eye Reports
World Fact Book
World Faith Clinic Church
World Faiths Development Dialogue
World Falun Dafa Day
World Family of Radio Maria
World Family Policy Center
World Family Tree
World Famous Audio Hacker
World Famous Aviators
World Famous Brand Association
World Famous Comics
World Famous Lipizzaner Stallions
World Famous Mayo Clinic
World Famous Nobodies
World Famous Red Rippers
World Famous Vacations
World Farm Animals Day
World Farriers Association
World Fashion Channel
World Fashion Exchange
World Federalist Association
World Federalist Association of Pittsburgh
World Federalist Institute
World Federalist Movement
World Federalist Movement Canada
World Federalists of Canada
World Federation Against Drugs
World Federation and Society of Adolescentology
World Federation for Culture Collections
World Federation for Laser Dentistry
World Federation for Mental Health
World Federation for NeuroRehabilitation
World Federation for the Protection of Animals
World Federation of Advertisers
World Federation of Americans Abroad
World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons
World Federation of Athletic Training and Therapy
World Federation of Chiropractic
World Federation of Clerical Workers
World Federation of Direct Selling Associations
World Federation of Education Associations
World Federation of Engineering Organisations
World Federation of Exchanges
World Federation of Friends of Museums
World Federation of Healing
World Federation of Hemophilia
World Federation of Independent Scouts
World Federation of Industry Workers
World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries
World Federation of Interventional and Therapeutic Neuroradiology
World Federation of Investors Corporation
World Federation of Letterball Associations
World Federation of Martial Artists
World Federation of Medical Education
World Federation of Methodist Women
World Federation of Music Schools
World Federation of Music Therapy, Inc.
World Federation of Natural Athletes
World Federation of Neurological Societies
World Federation of Neurology
World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses
World Federation of Neurosurgeons Scale
World Federation of Occupational Therapists
World Federation of Orthodontists
World Federation of Ozone Therapy
World Federation of Parasitologists
World Federation of Proprietary Medicine Manufacturers
World Federation of Right to Die Societies
World Federation of Rose Societies
World Federation of Scientific Workers
World Federation of Societies for Technology in Anaesthesia
World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists
World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry
World Federation of Taiwanese Associations
World Federation of the Deaf
World Federation of the Sporting Goods
World Federation of Therapeutic Communities
World Federation of Trade Unions
World Federation of Trading Houses Associations
World Federation of UNESCO Clubs Centres and Associations
World Federation of United Cities
World Federation on Soft Computing
World Fellowship of Buddhists
World Ferret Union
World Fertility Survey
World Festival of Sacred Music
World Festival of Youth and Students
World Field Photographers Association
World Field Target Federation
World Fight Channel
World Fighting Championship
World Filtration Congress
World Financial Access
World Financial Center
World Financial Group
World Financial Information Conference
World Financial Network
World Financial News Network
World Fish Carving Championships
World Fisheries Trust
World Fishing Network
World Fit for Children
World Fitness Association
World Fitness Federation
World Floor Covering Association
World Fly Fishing Championships
World Folk Music Association
World Food and Sustainable Agriculture
World Food Council
World Food Logistics Association
World Food Logistics Organization
World Food Organisation
World Food Prize
World Food Prize Foundation
World Food Programme
World Food Programme Nepal
World Food Safety Organisation
World Food Summit
World Footbag Association
World Footbag Championships
World Football League
World Football Organization
World Footy News
World Forest Products Model
World Forests, Society and Environment
World Forum Convention Center
World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
World Forum for Alternatives
World Forum of Fisher Peoples
World Forum on Agrarian Reform
World Forum on Communication Rights
World Forum on Community Networking
World Forum on Energy Regulation
World Forum on the Future of Sport Shooting Activities
World Foundation for Environment and Development
World Foundation for Natural Science
World Free Latvian Association
World Free Press Institute
World Free Zone Convention
World Freedom Foundation
World Freefall Convention
World Freerunning and Parkour Federation
World Freestyle Championships
World Freestyle Skateboarding Association
World Freestyle Snowmobiling Association
World Freight Group
World Friendship Association
World Friesian Horse Organisation
World Fuel Cell Council
World Future Council
World Future Energy Summit
World Future Organization
World Future Society
World Futures Studies Federation
World Gamemaster Tournament
World Games for the Deaf
World Games for the Deaf
World Games Inc
World Games Tour
World Gaming Center
World Gaming Congress & Expo
World Gaming Federation
World Gaming Magazine
World Gas Conference
World Gastroenterology News
World Gateball Union
World Gathering on Bereavement
World Gelbvieh Conference
World Geodetic Information System
World Geodetic Survey
World Geodetic System
World Geodetic System
World Geodetic System 1984
World Geographic Reference System
World Geographic Reference System
World Geography
World Geologist
World Glacier Monitoring Service
World Glaucoma Day
World Glaucoma Day
World Glaucoma Patient Association
World Gold Council
World Gold Fund
World Golf Championship
World Golf Foundation
World Golf League
World Golf Village
World Gone Mad
World Good Design
World Good Design
World Gospel Jazz Broadcast
World Gospel Mission
World Gospel Outreach Network
World Government Bond Index
World Government of World Citizens
World GPS Solutions, Inc. (Stafford, TX)
World Grand Masters Association
World Grand Prix of Aerobatics
World Green Building Council
World Greyhound Racing Federation
World Grits Festival
World Group Securities, Inc
World Guernsey Cattle Federation
World Guide to Libraries
World Haiku Review
World Hakka Sibling Assemblage
World Halal Forum
World Handwriting Achievement Competition
World Handwriting Contest
World Haptics Conference
World Harmonic Unified Ministers
World Harmony Network
World Harvest Bible College
World Harvest Church
World Harvest Eagle Ministries
World Harvest Outreach Church
World Harvest Television
World Headache Alliance
World Headquarters
World Heads-Up Poker Championship
World Health Alternatives Inc.
World Health Assembly
World Health Editors’ Network
World Health Network
World Health Organisation/International League of Associations for Rheumatology
World Health Organization
World Health Organization- Family of International Classifications
World Health Organization Global Programme on AIDS
World Health Organization Library Information System
World Health Organization/National Center for Health Statistics
World Health Professions Alliance
World Health Report
World Health Statistics
World Healthcare Innovation and Technology Congress
World Heart Failure Society
World Heart Federation
World Heavy Oil Congress
World Heavyweight Champion
World Heavyweight Championship
World Hellenic BioMedical Association
World Hepatitis Day
World Heritage Centre
World Heritage Committee
World Heritage Convention
World Heritage Information Network
World Heritage List
World Heritage Portuguese Origin
World Heritage Road Tours
World Heritage Site
World Heritage Tropical Forest
World Heritage Youth Forum
World High Diving Federation
World Higher Education Database
World Hindu Council
World History
World History
World History Advanced Placement
World History of Science Online
World History Sources
World HIV AIDS Knowledge
World Hockey Association
World Hockey Association 2
World Hockey Federation
World Holstein Friesian Federation
World Home for Youth
World Homeopathy Awareness Organization
World Homeopathy Awareness Week
World Honda Organization
World Hope International
World Hope South Africa
World Housing Encyclopedia
World Hovercraft Federation
World Human Development Centre
World Humanitarian Marathon Foundation
World Humus Interest Group
World Hunger Awareness Team
World Hunger Ecumenical Arizona Task Force, Inc.
World Hunger Education Service
World Hunger Education, Advocacy and Training
World Hunger Year
World Hustle Dance Council
World Hydrogen Energy Conference
World Hydrological Cycle Observing System
World Hypertension League
World Image Database
World Immigrants Network
World Immigrants Network
World in Conflict
World in Flames
World in One Place
World In Review
World in the Satin Bag
World Income Inequality Database
World India Diabetes Foundation
World Indigenous Nations
World Indigenous Nations
World Indigenous Youth Conference
World Indoor Bowling Council
World Indoor Cricket Federation
World Indoor Football League
World Indoor Lacrosse Championships
World Indoor Rowing Championship
World Indoor Soccer League
World Induced Technical Change Hybrid Model
World Industrial Design Day
World Industrial Property Organization
World Industry Council for the Environment
World Inferno Friendship Society
World Information Distributed University
World Information Network
World Information Network
World Information Service on Energy
World Information Society Day
World Information Society Report
World Information Systems Exchange
World Information Technology and Services Alliance
World Information Technology Forum
World Information Transfer
World Infrared Standard Group
World Infrastructure Security Environment
World Inline Cup
World Innovation Foundation
World Innovation Foundation Charity
World Institute for Action Learning
World Institute for Advanced Study
World Institute for Advanced Study
World Institute for Conservation and Environment
World Institute for Leadership and Management in Africa
World Institute for Nuclear Security
World Institute for Research and Publication
World Institute for Social Enlightenment
World Institute of Natural Health Sciences
World Institute of Pain
World Institute of Retired Scientists
World Institute of Science
World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
World Institute on Disability
World Institute on Disability
World Insurance Network
World Insurance Network
World Integer Factorization Center
World Integrated Nuclear Evaluation System
World Intellectual Capital Initiative
World Intellectual Piracy Organization
World Intellectual Property Day
World Intellectual Property Organization
World Intelligence Summary
World Interact Network
World Interact Network
World Interact Organization
World Interact System
World Inter-Action Mondiale
World Interactive Gaming Corp.
World Interactive Gaming Corporation
World Interest Club
World International Vacation Club
World Internet Marketing Specialists Inc.
World Internet News Distributary Source
World Internet Project
World Internet Technologies
World Investigators Network
World Investigators Network
World Investment Forum
World Investment Opportunities Funds
World Investment Regulation Review
World Investment Report
World Irish Dance Association
World Irish Dancing Championships
World Is Not Enough
World Islamic Banking Conference
World Islamic Businesswomen’s Network
World Islamic Call Society
World Islamic League
World Italian Foundation
World Jade Union
World Jewish Congress
World Jewish Press Index
World Jewish Relief
World Jidokwan Federation
World Jiu Jitsu Federation
World Journal of Gastroenterology
World Journal of Nuclear Medicine
World Journal of Orthodontics
World Journal of Surgical Oncology
World Journalism Education Council
World Journalism Institute
World Journalism Preparatory School
World Juggling Day
World Juggling Federation
World Jump Day
World Junior A Challenge
World Junior Championship
World Junior Curling Championships
World Junior Hockey
World Junior Record
World Junior Tantrix Championship
World Jurist Association
World Kaiba Fan Club
World Karate Federation
World Karate Organization
World Karate Union
World Karate-do Shotokan Academy
World Karting Association
World Kendo Championships
World Kickboxing Association
World Kickboxing Council
World Kickboxing Federation
World Kickboxing League
World Kickboxing Network
World Kidney Day
World Kids Network
World Kigo Database
World Kindness Movement
World Kitchen, Inc.
World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame
World Knowledge Competitiveness Index
World Krak Cartel
World Kuk Sool Association
World Land Trust
World Language Center
World Language Club
World Language Mapping System
World Languages and Classics
World Languages and Cultures
World Languages Day
World Languages Day
World Leaders Forum
World Leadership Congress
World Leadership Group
World Leadership Group
World League
World League Against Alcoholism
World League for Freedom and Democracy
World League for Sexual Reform
World League for the Protection of Animals
World League of Air Traffic Controllers
World League of American Football
World League of Chess Tournaments
World League Wrestling
World League Wrestling
World Learning Incorporated
World Lecture Hall
World Legacy Project
World Leisure and Recreation Association
World Library and Information Congress
World Library Partnership, Inc.
World Life Saving
World Limited Partnership Program
World Limousine Transfer Organization
World Lindy Hop Championship
World Line Dance Association
World Links Arab Region
World List of Agricultural Serials
World List of Pharmacy Schools
World Literacy Canada
World Literary Association
World Literature Written in English
World Logging Championship
World Long Drive Championship
World Longboard Championship Series
World Lottery Association
World Magnetic Model
World Mahjong Contest Rules
World Mahjong Players Association
World Manufacturer Identifier
World Manufacturing Congress
World Manufacturing Engineering & Market
World Mapping
World Maritime Technology Conference
World Maritime University
World Market Center
World Market Monitor
World Market Share
World Marketing Alliance
World Markets Research Centre
World Marriage Day
World Martial Art Games
World Martial Arts Academy
World Martial Arts Federation, Inc.
World Martial Arts League
World Martial Arts Organization
World Martial Arts Ranking Association
World Martial Arts Union
World Master Athletics
World Masters Championships
World Masters Orienteering Championships
World Mathematical Year
World Maths Day
World Mayors Council on Climate Change
World Mayors’ Council on Climate Change
World Mean Elevation Data
World Media & Culture Center
World Media Expo
World Medical Association
World Medical Journal
World Medical Relief
World Memon Organization
World Mental Health Day
World Mental Health Survey
World Message Day
World Metabolic Syndrome Project
World Metal Alliance
World Meteorological Center
World Meteorological Organization
World Methodist Evangelism Institute
World Methodist Historical Society
World Methodist Prayer Team
World Migratory Bird Days
World Mind Sports Games
World Mines Ministries Forum
World Miniature Warbird Association
World Ministries to the Armed Forces
World Missing Children Organization
World Mission Committee
World Mission Outreach Fellowship
World Mission Prayer League
World Missions Ministerial Association
World Mixed Martial Arts Federation, Inc.
World Modelling and Simulation Forum
World Modern Kickboxing Organization
World Money Laundering Report
World Monthly Surface Station Climatology
World Monuments Fund
World Motor Sport Council
World Motorcycle Test Cycle
World Motorcycle Tours
World Mountain People Association
World Mountain Running Association
World Mountain Running Trophy
World Movement for Democracy
World Movement of Mothers
World Muay Thai Council
World Muay Thai Federation
World Muay Thai Organisation
World Muaythai Council
World Museum Culture Expo
World Music Association
World Music Charts Europe
World Music Ensemble
World Music Nashville
World Music Network
World Music Theatre Festival
World Muslim Sikh Federation
World Naked Bike Ride
World Naked Gardening Day
World Nano-Economic Congress
World Nap Organization
World Natural Bodybuilding Federation
World Natural Health Organization
World Natural Heritage Sites
World Natural Powerlifting Federation
World Natural Sports Organization
World Nature Network
World Neighbors
World Net Daily
World Net Services, Inc.
World Net Visions
World Net Visions
World Network Business Club
World Network of Biosphere Reserves
World Networking Group
World New Chess Association
World New Music Festival
World News
World News and Prophecy
World News Connection
World News Press Agencies
World Nibuikai Budo Federation
World Ninepin Bowling Association
World Ninja Association
World No Tobacco Day
World Not Available
World Nuclear Association
World Nuclear Fuel Market
World Nuclear News
World Nuclear University
World Ocean Circulation Experiment
World Ocean Circulation Experiment International Project Office
World Ocean Circulation Experiment Numerical Experimentation Group
World Ocean Circulation Experiment Scientific Steering Group
World Ocean Data Base
World Ocean Watch
World Oceans Day
World of Beer
World of Britney
World of Business
World of Car Equipment
World Of Chris
World of Coca-Cola
World of Color
World of Comedy Film Festival
World of Comics
World of Concrete
World of Cross Stitching
World of Dance
World of Darkness
World of Disney
World of Dungeons
World of Entertainment
World of European Dance
World of Factory Automation
World of Feet
World of Frags
World of Geekz
World of Goo
World of Harry Potter
World of Holidays
World of Hope
World of House
World of Hurricane Protection
World of Hurt
World of Interiors
World of Irish Nursing
World of Islam Resource Guide
World of Kaomaris
World of Kickboxing
World of Legends
World of Martial Arts
World of Massage Museum
World of Minecraft
World of Multiple Sclerosis
World of Music
World of Music Arts and Dance
World of Night
World of Nintendo
World Of Outlaws
World of Pain
World of Pakistan
World of Playing Cards
World of Science, Inc.
World of Soap Themes
World of Spectrum
World of Sport
World of Sports Innovation
World of Springfield
World of Tanks
World of Tomorrow
World of Unpredictable Wrestling
World of Utopia
World of Vahevia
World of Video Audio
World of Vidya
World of Wackiness
World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft Database
World of Warcraft Fund
World of Warcraft Gold Guide
World of Water
World of Wearable Arts
World of Web Advertising
World of Windows Networking
World of Wisdom
World of Wonder
World of Wonders
World of Words
World of Work
World of Wrestling
World Off-Road Championship Series
World Oil Forecasting Program
World Online
World Online Network
World Online Wrestling Association
World Open Market
World Ophthalmology Congress
World Opponent Network
World Orchestra of Jeunesses Musicales
World Orchid Conference
World Order of Football
World Organisation Against Torture
World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics
World Organisation of Volcano Observatories
World Organization For Education
World Organization for Islamic Services
World Organization for Mutual Afghan Network
World Organization of Creditors
World Organization of Family Doctors
World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes
World Organization of Mothers of All Nations
World Organization of Public Health Services
World Organization of Webmasters
World Organization on Intellectual Property
World Organization Volleyball for Disabled
World Orienteering Championships
World Orphan Week
World ORT Union
World Orthopaedic Concern
World Osteopathic Health Organisation
World Osteoporosis Day
World Outreach Team Action
World Overall Championships
World Ownage Federation
World Ozone Data Center
World Ozone Data Center
World Packaging Organization
World Paintball Referee Corps
World Pantheist Movement
World Partner Conference
World Partners Association
World Parts Manufacturer Identifier
World Patent Index
World Patent Index Latest
World Peace Ambassadors Foundation
World Peace and Prayer Day
World Peace Buddhist Club
World Peace Council
World Peace International
World Peace Prayer Society
World Peace through Law
World Peace Vigil
World Peace Vigil
World Percussion Sessions
World Pet Hall of Fame
World Petroleum Congress
World Piano Pedagogy Conference
World Pilot Ranking System
World Pinball Player Rankings
World Poetry Bout Association
World Poker Clinic
World Poker Exchange
World Poker Players Association
World Poker Players Conference
World Poker Tour
World Poker Tour Enterprises
World Police & Fire Games
World Police Medical Officers
World Policy Institute
World Policy Journal
World Political Science Review
World Pollen and Spore Flora
World Pool Championship
World Pool-Billiard Association
World Pool-Billiard Association
World Pop Videos
World Pop Videos
World Popular Song Festival
World Population Awareness Week
World Population Conference
World Population Emergency Campaign
World Population Foundation
World Population Plan of Action
World Pork Expo
World Poultry Congress
World Power Systems
World Powerlifting Organization
World PowerSports Association
World Prayer Center
World Prayer Wrestling Federation
World Premier Institute – Advanced Institute for Materials Research
World Premiere Toons
World Press Freedom Committee
World Press Freedom Day
World Press Freedom Review
World Press Institute
World Press Photo
World Priest Day
World Prisoners Relief Commission
World Privacy Forum
World Pro Wrestling
World Product Centre
World Professional Association for Transgender Health
World Professional Boxing Federation
World Professional Chuckwagon Association
World Professional Kickboxing Council
World Professional Marathon Swimming Federation
World Professional Wrestling Federation
World Prophetic Outreach Ministries
World Prout Assembly
World Psychiatric Association
World Public Opinion
World Public Sector Report
World Puzzle Championships
World Puzzle Federation
World Qigong Federation
World Qualifying Series
World Qualifying Tour
World Qualifying Tour
World Quality Commitment
World Quality Services
World Rabbit Science Association
World Rabies Day
World Radiation Center
World Radiation Data Centre
World Radiation Monitoring Centre
World Radio Congress
World Radio for the Environment
World Radio Geneva
World Radio Network
World Radio Relay League
World Radio TV Handbook
World Radiocommunication Conference
World Radiosport Team Championship
World Rainforest Movement
World Rally Blue
World Rally Championship
World Rally Cross Country
World Rally Team
World Rally Team Association
World Rapid Chess
World Record
World Record Muskie Alliance
World Recreational Scuba Training Council
World Reference Base
World Reference Lab
World Refining Association
World Refugee Year
World Refugee Year
World Regenesis Organization
World Register of Marine Species
World Rehabilitation Fund
World Reiki Association
World Relief
World Relief and Human Care
World Relief Corporation
World Relief Refugee Services
World Relief Rwanda
World Religious Travel Association
World Renewable Energy Congress
World Renewable Energy Network
World Renowned Legion
World Report on Violence and Health
World Rescue Organisation
World Research Foundation
World Research Group, LLC
World Research Organization
World Reserve Monetary Exchange
World Resources Company
World Resources Institute
World Resources Simulation Center
World Retail Banking Report
World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research
World Revival School of Ministry
World Revolutionary Movement
World Revolves Around Me
World Road Safety Partnership
World Robo Tournament
World Robot Olympiad
World Rock Paper Scissors Society
World Rock Symphony Orchestra
World Rock’n’Roll Confederation
World Romance Writers
World Romance Writers
World Roofing Technologies
World Rugby Shop
World Run Day
World Running League
World Rural Forum
World Rural Women’s Day
World Safety Organization
World Sailplane Grand Prix
World Salsa Federation
World Sand Sculptors Association
World Savings Bank
World Savings Banks Institute
World Scholar-Athlete Games
World Schools Debating Championships
World Science Festival
World Science Fiction Convention
World Science Fiction Society
World Science Project
World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society
World Scientific and Engineering Society
World Scientific Publishing Company
World Scout Jamboree
World Scout Parliamentary Union
World Scout Parliamentary Union
World Scout Security Organisation
World Scout Winter Games
World Sea Fishing
World Sea Trade Service
World Secondary Standard Instrument
World Seismic Safety Initiative
World Self-Medication Industry
World Semiconductor Council
World Semiconductor Trade Statistics
World Senior
World Senior Curling Championships
World Series
World Series Baseball
World Series Cricket
World Series of Backgammon
World Series of Barbeque
World Series of Blackjack
World Series of Bocce
World Series of Boxing
World Series of Golf, Inc.
World Series of Online Poker
World Series of Poker
World Series of Poker
World Series Perfect Game
World Series Racing Championship
World Server Network
World Service
World Service Board of Trustees
World Service Center
World Service Office
World Service Office Board
World Services
World Sheep and Wool Congress
World Shift
World Ship Trust
World Ship Trust Award
World Shoe Association
World Sidesaddle Federation, Inc.
World Sikh Organization
World Sindhi Congress
World Sindhi Institute
World Ski & Snowboard Festival
World Skiboarding Federation
World Sleddog Association
World Small Animal Veterinary Association
World Snooker Association
World Snowmobile Association
World Soccer Exchange
World Soccer Federation
World Social Forum
World Social Forum International Council
World Social Summit
World Socialist Alliance
World Socialist Web Site
World Societies for Technology in Anesthesia
World Society for Breast Health
World Society for Ekistics
World Society for Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products
World Society for Protection of Reefs
World Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery
World Society for the Protection of Animals
World Society of Emergency Surgery
World Society of Lingual Orthodontics
World Softball League
World Solar Car Championship
World Soybean Research Conference
World Space Congress
World Space Modelling Championships
World Space Week Association
World Spaceflight News
World Speed Poker Open
World Speed Record
World Spine Society
World Spirit Youth Council
World Sport Fighting Association
World Sport Kite Championships
World Sport Stacking Association
World Sports Racing Prototypes
World Squash Federation
World Standardization Conference
World Standards Services Network
World Star Wrestling Federation
World Stars of Wrestling
World Starts With Me
World Steel Association
World Steel Dynamics
World Stem Cell Hub
World Stock Exchange
World Stroke Congress
World Student Association
World Student Christian Federation
World Student Community for Sustainable Development
World Studies
World Sturgeon Conservation Society
World Sudoku Championship
World Sugar Research Organisation
World Summit Event for Schools
World Summit for Social Development
World Summit of Indigenous Entrepreneurs
World Summit of Young Entrepreneurs
World Summit on Internet and Multimedia
World Summit on Intrusion Prevention
World Summit on Sustainable Development
World Summit on the Information Society
World Super Grand Touring
World Super Jockeys Series
World Superbike
World Supply Research Institute
World Surfing Games
World Sustainable Agriculture Association
World Sustainable Development Forum
World Sustainable Energy Coalition
World Sustainable Energy Days
World System TeleText
World System Theory
World Table Hockey Association
World Table Soccer Association
World Table Tennis Championships
World Taekwondo Federation
World Tag Team Champions
World Taiji Boxing Association
World Tamil Association
World Tamil Movement
World Tank Museum
World Tavern Poker Tour
World Team Tennis
World Technologies Association
World Technology Evaluation Center
World Telecommunication Development Conference
World Telecommunication Development Report
World Telecommunication Policy Forum
World Telecommunication Standardization Conference
World Telecommunications Advisory Council
World Telecommunications Conference
World Telecommunications Organization
World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly
World Telephone and Telegraph Conference
World Telephone Numbering Guide
World Teleport Association
World Television Network
World Television Network
World Tennis Federation
World Tenpin Bowling Association
World Terephthalates and Polyester Analysis
World Thoroughbred Championships
World Thoroughbred Racehorse Rankings
World Tibet Network News
World Tibet News
World Tibet News
World Timber Network
World Timber Network
World Time Travel Calculator
World Time Zone
World Toilet Association
World Toilet Association Assembly
World Toilet Expo and Forum
World Toilet Organisation
World Toilet Summit
World Tomorrow
World Tomorrow
World Tour
World Tour
World Tour Operators Association
World Tour Soccer
World Touring Car Championship
World Touring Championship
World Tourism Day
World Tourism Marketing Summit
World Tourism Organisation
World Tourism Organization
World Tournament Boxing Federation
World Town Planning Day
World Toy Camera Day
World Trade
World Trade
World Trade Cargo & Logistics, Inc.
World Trade Center
World Trade Center 7
World Trade Center Amsterdam
World Trade Center Barcelona
World Trade Center Boston
World Trade Center Bucuresti
World Trade Center Disaster
World Trade Center Ekaterinburg
World Trade Center Environmental Organization
World Trade Center Geneva
World Trade Center Illinois
World Trade Center Institute
World Trade Center Lausanne
World Trade Center Leeuwarden
World Trade Center Memorial
World Trade Center Miami
World Trade Center of Nigeria
World Trade Center Okinawa
World Trade Center Osaka
World Trade Center Project
World Trade Center Registry
World Trade Center Seoul
World Trade Center Tallinn
World Trade Center University
World Trade Center Utah
World Trade Center Wisconsin
World Trade Center Zarazoga
World Trade Center Zhejiang
World Trade Center/Pentagon Program
World Trade Center-Baltimore
World Trade Centers Association
World Trade Centre Beijing
World Trade Centre Edmonton
World Trade Centre Residence
World Trade Convention Centre
World Trade Data Base
World Trade Fair
World Trade Federation
World Trade Group
World Trade Index
World Trade Law Association
World Trade Organisation
World Trade Organization
World Trade Point Federation
World Trade Press
World Trade Promotion Organisation
World Trade Review
World Traders Data Report
World Traditional Hapkido Organization
World Traditional Karate Association
World Traditional Sports Federation
World Trail Orienteering Championship
World Transhumanist Association
World Transmission Electronic Control
World Transplant Games Federation
World Transplant Games Nederland
World Transport Authority, Inc.
World Transport Policy and Practice
World Travel Agents Associations Alliance
World Travel and Tourism Council
World Travel Awards
World Travel Guide
World Travel Holdings
World Travel Market
World Triathlon Corporation
World Tribunal on Iraq
World Truck Racing Association
World Turned Upside Down
World Turtle Trust
World Ultimate Championships
World Ultimate Club Championship
World Umpires Association
World Underwater Federation
World Union of Akita Clubs
World Union of Deists
World Union of Freethinkers
World Union of National Socialists
World Union of St. Bernard Clubs
World Union of Wholesale Markets
World United Formosans for Independence
World Universities Debating Championship
World Universities Debating Council
World University Equestrian Championships
World University Federation
World University Games
World University Games League
World University Orienteering Championship
World University Presidents Summit
World University Ranking
World University Service
World University Service Komite Indonesia
World University Service of Canada
World Urban Forum
World Urban Network
World Usability Day
World Uyghur Congress
World Uyghur Network News
World Uygur Youth Congress
World Values Survey
World Vector Shoreline
World Vegetarian Restaurant Month
World Vehicle Markets Analyst
World Veterans Federation
World Veterans’ Athletic Association
World Veterinary Association
World Veterinary Association Conference
World Veterinary Congress
World Veterinary Day
World Veterinary Day
World Veterinary Index
World Veterinary Poultry Association
World Vexillological Research Institute
World Video Boxing Association
World Video Business
World View
World View Information System
World View International Foundation
World View Resources, Inc.
World Views of the Western World
World Virtual Airline Register
World Vision
World Vision Australia
World Vision Canada
World Vision Costa Rica
World Vision Foundation of Thailand
World Vision Ghana
World Vision India
World Vision International
World Vision Japan
World Vision Lanka
World Vision Relief and Development, Inc.
World Vision Southern Sudan
World Vision Tanzania
World Vision Vietnam
World Vital Records
World Voices Positive
World Voices Sierra Leone
World Wakeboard Association
World War
World War 1
World War 10
World War 2
World War Against Christians
World War Combat
World War Hulk
World War I
World War II
World War Three
World Warning Agency
World Waste Systems
World Water Assessment Programme
World Water Council
World Water Day
World Water Development Report
World Water Forum
World Water Forum of Journalists
World Water Monitoring Day
World Water Park
World Water Park Association
World Water Rescue Foundation
World Water Resources and Use
World Water Ski Union
World Water Ways ASA
World Waterpark Association
World Weather Information Service
World Weather Program
World Weather Research Programme
World Weather Watch
World Weather Watch Programme
World Website Service
World Wheat Foundation
World Wheelchair Curling Championship
World Where You Live
World Wide Access
World Wide Airfield Summaries
World Wide Allotment Area II
World Wide Anglican Communion
World Wide Animal Control
World Wide Anime Foren
World Wide Article Information
World Wide Arts Resources
World Wide Auto Racing
World Wide Bible Study
World Wide Brand Positioning
World Wide Broadcast
World Wide Broadcast Network
World Wide Business Ads
World Wide Business Centre
World Wide Carding Company
World Wide Cercle Fans
World Wide Championship of Lan Gaming
World Wide Child Care Corporation
World Wide Christian Radio
World Wide Christians Online
World Wide Conferencing Protocol
World Wide Configuration Management
World Wide Corals
World Wide Country Radio
World Wide Country Tours
World Wide Cultural Exchange
World Wide Cyber Community
World Wide Data Base
World Wide Data Communications Inc.
World Wide Database
World Wide Day of Prayer
World Wide Developers Conference
World Wide Disaster Relief
World Wide Distance Learning
World Wide Domination
World Wide Drawing Session
World Wide Dream Builders
World Wide Duty Free
World Wide Education
World Wide Education Services
World Wide Essence Society
World Wide Evil Empire
World Wide Express
World Wide File System
World Wide Film Expedition
World Wide Financial Network
World Wide Fishing Guide
World Wide Flash Mob
World Wide Fuel Charter
World Wide Fulfillment
World Wide Fund for Nature
World Wide Fund for Nature
World Wide Gnarf League
World Wide Gnome Association
World Wide Group
World Wide Identification
World Wide Images
World Wide Immigration and Consultancy Services
World Wide Immigration Services
World Wide Information Outlet
World Wide Information System
World Wide Internet Publishing, Ltd.
World Wide Internet TeleVision
World Wide Investment Group
World Wide Jesus Domination
World Wide Knowledge Base
World Wide Laboratory
world wide language
World Wide Lexicon
World Wide Lightning Location Network
World Wide Loan Club
world wide localization
World Wide Mass Market
World Wide Materials System
World Wide Message Tribe
World Wide Military Command and Control System
World Wide Mission Planning
World Wide Mobile Mail
World Wide Molecular Matrix
World Wide Music Radio
World Wide Name
World Wide Net, Inc.
World Wide Network
World Wide Network Services
World Wide Newton Conference
World Wide Online Services
World Wide Opportunities for Women
World Wide Organization
World Wide Packets
World Wide Parapsychological Association
World Wide Partner Conference
World Wide Pentecostal Fellowship
World Wide Pet Association
World Wide Power Radio
World Wide Presentation Service
World Wide Product Plan
World Wide Project Consortium
World Wide Property People
World Wide Punks
World Wide Pursuing Perfection
World Wide Quote
World Wide Quote
World Wide Radio Web
World Wide Ratings and Rankings
World Wide Recovery Systems
World Wide Recycling BV
World Wide Reference Network
World Wide Registration Systems
World Wide Reiki Organisation
World Wide Religious Broadcasting
World Wide Retail Exchange
World Wide Shopping Mall
World Wide Simultaneous Dance
World Wide South America
World Wide Specialty Programs
World Wide Spice Demand
World Wide Sports Insurance
World Wide Standard Seismic Network
World Wide Standards
World Wide Store Fronts
World Wide Stout
World Wide Student Laboratory
World Wide Tech Partners
World Wide Technical Support
World Wide Tele Sports
World Wide Travel Center
World Wide Travel Guide
World Wide Travel Service
World Wide Vacuum
World Wide Vacuum
World Wide Video
World Wide Video
World Wide Video Festival
World Wide Video, Inc
World Wide Waiting
World Wide War Drive
World Wide War on Terror
World Wide Warehouse
World Wide Wealth Club
World Wide Web
World Wide Web Applications
World Wide Web Camera
World Wide Web Casinos
World Wide Web Committee
World Wide Web Communications, Inc
World Wide Web Consortium
World Wide Web Consortium
World Wide Web Data Management
World Wide Web Fights
World Wide Web Implementation Coordination
World Wide Web Instructional Committee
World Wide Web Programming
World Wide Web Protocol
World Wide Web Wallon
World Wide Web Winemaking
World Wide Web Worm
World Wide Wine Blogging Wednesday
World Wide Wireless Communications
World Wide Wisdom Web
World Wide Woman
World Wide Worker
World Wide Wow
World Wide Wrecking Crew
World Wide Wrestling Alliance
World Wide Wrestling Federation
World Wide Young Contesters
World Wide Youth Camps
World Wiffle Ball Association
World Wildlife Fund
World Wildlife Fund Canada
World Wildlife Fund Malaysia
World Wind Energy Association
World Wind Energy Conference
World Wind Energy Institute
World Wind Java
World Wine Trade Group
World Wings International, Inc
World Winter Games
World Wireless Conference
World Wireless Research Forum
World without Borders
World Without Cancer, Inc.
World without Imperialism Contingent
World without Limits
World Without War Council
World Without Windows
World Women Parliamentarians for Peace
World Women’s Christian Temperance Union
World Wood Bat Association
World Wrack Diving Association
World Wrestling Alliance
World Wrestling All-Stars
World Wrestling Championship Federation
World Wrestling Council
World Wrestling Entertainment League
World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
World Wrestling Extreme Championship Wrestling
World Wrestling Federation
World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc.
World Wrestling Revolution
World Wrestling Stars Alliance
World Wrestling Xistence
World Wrestling Zone
World XiangQi Federation
World XiangQi Federation
World Year of Physics
World Year of Physics
World YES Forum (educational initiative)
World Young Readers Conference
World Youth Academy
World Youth Alliance
World Youth and Student Travel Conference
World Youth Basketball Tournament
World Youth Championship
World Youth Chess Championships
World Youth Choir
World Youth Day
World Youth Development and ICT (conference)
World Youth Festival
World Youth Foundation
World Youth Friendship Games
World Youth Goe Championship
World Youth Guitar Festival
World Youth International
World Youth Investment Organization
World Youth Leadership Network
World Youth Orchestra
World Youth Organization For Human Welfare
World Youth Peace Summit
World Youth Program
World Youth Sailing Championship
World Youth Scrabble Championship
World Youth Symphony Orchestra
World Youth Tour
World Youth Wave
World Yo-Yo Contest
World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce
World Zionist Organization
World Zoo Conservation Strategy
World Zoroastrian Organisation
World/Inferno Friendship Society
World’s Armed Forces Forum
World’s Best Cat Litter
World’s Biggest Bookstore
World’s Biggest Bookstore
World’s Biggest Hardy Fan
World’s Championship Chili Cookoff
World’s Faith Missionary Association
World’s Fastest Drummer
World’s Greatest Business Cards
World’s Greatest Network
World’s Greatest Newspaper
World’s Greatest Railfans
World’s Greatest University
World’s Happiest Broadcasters
World’s Healthiest Foods
World’s Largest Math Event
World’s Largest Store
World’s Last Chance
World’s Most Beautiful Beaches
World’s Most Dangerous
World’s Most Famous Beach
World’s Poultry Science Association
World’s Smallest Air Museum
World’s Smallest Political Quiz
World’s Strongest Man
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Worldwide Incentive Network LLC
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Worldwide Individual Augmentation System
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Worldwide Individual Augmentee System
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Worldwide Information Network
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Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
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Worldwide Intelligent Network Routing
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Worldwide Port System
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Worldwide Technology Business
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