Architecture Abbreviations

What is Architecture?

Architecture is the art and technique of designing a building or a building environment. It is the artistic and technical process that involves the elaboration of organized and creative spaces to house different types of human activities.

Architecture is the arrangement of parts or elements that make up buildings or urban spaces in general.

This art is composed of the set of principles, standards, techniques and materials used by the architect to create an architectural space. The architect is the professional legally qualified to practice architecture.

Etymologically, the word architecture originated from the Greek arkhitekton, a combination of the terms arkhé (“main”) and tékhton (“builder” or “building”). However, before reaching the Portuguese language the word was absorbed by Latin, architectus.


What does the architect do?

The architect is the professional responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating the construction of buildings, combining aspects related to the comfort, functionality and aesthetics of the property.

It is the architect who builds the plan for a work, as well as choosing the materials and layout of the entire construction. For this, the professional needs to take into account acoustics, maintenance, lighting, ventilation, environmental impact, among other factors that may influence the final quality of the construction.

Unlike the civil engineer, for example, the architect’s work is directed towards the aesthetic and functional resolution of the work. On the other hand, engineering is responsible for solving structural and technical issues of the project, as well as the materials to be used.

Architecture Course

To act as an architect, a person must have a degree in Architecture at an educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC). In addition, the recent graduate also needs to be duly registered with the Council of Architecture and Urbanism (CAU).

Architecture courses (usually called “Architecture and Urbanism” in Brazil) have an average duration of 5 years. The focus of training is on subjects in Arts and Humanities, but it is also important to develop knowledge in the areas of exact sciences, such as mathematics and physics, for example.

In the job market, the architect can work in several areas, such as interior architecture, industrial architecture, building restoration, urbanism (planning of urban spaces), etc.

Symbol of Architecture

The symbol is formed from the union of a square (a kind of ruler used for drawings with precise straight lines) and a compass. The image composition creates a representation of Heaven and Earth.

The position of the compass refers to the celestial vault, while the square symbolizes the Earth and all things fixed on it.

Architectural styles

Each civilization, at different times in history, built architectural projects based on their own elements. The inspiration for these particularities is in the culture, tradition and way of life of the respective societies.

Modern architecture

São Paulo Museum of Art (MASP), Lina Bo Bardi (architect)

Modernism was a set of artistic-cultural movements that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century and that also influenced the architectural style of the time.

The buildings were inspired by the spirit of the Industrial Revolution that was reaching its height. Architects preferred the use of iron, glass and reinforced concrete as the main materials for their works.

The industrial character designs had simple, geometric shapes and, unlike classical architecture, with little (or no) ornamentation.

The priority was on the functionality of the buildings, that is, the way in which they could be integrated into urban life and people’s daily lives.

It was also with the advances brought during modern architecture that the first skyscrapers in the world were built. This type of construction is undoubtedly one of the greatest landmarks of this architectural style.

Oscar Niemeyer, Le Corbusier and Lina Bo Bardi can be considered some of the most important architects of modernism.

Contemporary architecture

Heydar Aliyev Center, Zaha Hadid (architect)

Many people confuse the modern architectural style with the contemporary, mainly because they think that the term “modern” is synonymous with contemporaneity. In reality, both are different and depict different periods.

The so-called contemporary architecture consists of a set of different style references. This is a reflection of one of the most prominent features of postmodernity: pluralism.

Contemporary architects prioritize the use of natural light and, above all, the integration of the building with the environment, without causing negative impacts on the local biome.

The works usually have an irregular shape, with large windows (a means of obtaining more natural light), and the use of recyclable materials.

This style also tends to incorporate new technologies, such as the Internet of Things, creating a direct communication relationship between people and the building.

Roman architecture

Colosseum in Rome (Flavian Amphitheater)

Influenced by the architecture of the Greeks and Etruscans, the Roman is part of the classical phase of architectural styles.

Roman architects saw the need to express through their works an idealization of beauty, but also to represent the reality lived by citizens.

Unlike Greek architecture, it kept its constructions predominantly in urban areas. The planning of temples, baths, aqueducts and amphitheaters was common.

Aesthetically, what characterizes Roman architecture is the appreciation of arches, a heritage of the Etruscans. In addition, buildings often had large vaults and column-free interior spaces.

Greek architecture

Greek architecture, famous for its great works, reached its maximum in the government of Pericles, especially in Athens.

The great names of Greek architecture were Ictinium and Callicrates, responsible for the construction of several monuments. The temples were the main works, built in hewn stone, in such a way that they did not need mortar.

One of the main features of this style is the use of columns. These were divided into three distinct architectural models, in terms of shape and form:

  • the Doric, with columns of rigid lines and smooth capitals, the most famous of which is the Parthenon in Athens;
  • the Ionic, characterized by the lightness and elegance of the columns, visible in the temple of the goddess Nike, also in Athens;
  • the corinth, with the upper part (capital) ornamented in the form of leaves, found in the Temple of Apollo in Corinth, in present-day Turkey.

Gothic architecture

The height of Gothic architecture was between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. However, this architectural style only became known as “Gothic” from the 15th century onwards, by the Renaissance.

Gothic architecture flourished amidst the renaissance of commerce (Late Middle Ages), when cities began to grow.

The main constructions of the time were the churches, which brought together some of the strongest features of the Gothic period:

  • pointed arches;
  • vaults formed by a set of pointed arches;
  • facades with three arches;
  • flying buttress

These structural innovations allowed, for the first time, buildings to have greater verticality. That’s why Gothic cathedrals are known for their imposing vertical elevation.

In addition, Gothic architecture also placed great value on decorative facades. It was common to use expressive sculptures, tracery, balustrades rich in details and stained glass windows/colored rose windows.

Renaissance architecture

It had greater representation between the 15th and 16th centuries, a period in which European society underwent intense ideological transformations.

Renaissance architecture was opposed to the Gothic style (considered it too ugly). On the other hand, he valued aspects that referred to the concepts of anthropocentrism, symmetrical perfection with rigorous proportions and the “Reason Man”.

Among some of the main aesthetic characteristics of Renaissance architecture, we highlight:

  • Valuing symmetry;
  • Horizontality in the form;
  • Columns supported by corbels;
  • Alternation of pediments;
  • semicircular arches;
  • Appreciation of delicate and articulate features.

Sustainable architecture

Considered a strong strand within contemporary architecture, the sustainable architectural style began to become popular between the 1980s and 1990s.

As the name suggests, architects seek to ensure the sustainability of the environment, ensuring that constructions do not cause negative impacts on nature.

For this, there are some principles that characterize sustainable architecture, such as:

  • Planning the work having as a primordial basis all the natural surroundings (ecosystems, hydrography, geology, etc.), as well as the climatic conditions of the place;
  • Minimize the energy consumption spent on the work, prioritizing the use of clean/renewable energy sources;
  • Use of ecological, recycled and regional materials (avoids the environmental wear and tear that the transport of materials could cause);
  • Ensure that the final work is integrated with the environment;
  • Ensuring water savings during the construction of the building, as well as providing adequate infrastructure for the building to be able to save water (install timers / sensors on faucets and showers, for example);
  • Ensuring that the building produces energy in a sustainable way (installation of solar panels, for example).

Architecture Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Architecture

3TA 3-Tier Architecture
ASTA A Smart Thin Architecture
AA Académie d’Architecture
AIA Académie Internationale d’Architecture
ANFA Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture
AAH Academy on Architecture for Health
AERA Actions, Etudes et Recherches autour de l’Architecture
ANA Active Network Architecture
ASIA Active Signal Integrity Architecture
ASA Active Star Architecture
ABA Adaptable Business Architecture
A3ES Adaptive Application Architecture
A3 Adaptive Application Architecture
ACA Adaptive Component Architecture
ACA Adaptive Computing Architecture
AOA Add-On Architecture
AAMP Advanced Architecture Microprocessor
AAAA Advanced Architectures for Airborne Arrays
A3ES Advanced Avionics Architecture
A3 Advanced Avionics Architecture
ADA Advanced Decision Architectures
AFPA Advanced Function Printing Architecture
AGA Advanced Graphic Architecture
ALSA Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
AMMA Advanced Memory Management Architecture
AMBA Advanced Microcontroller Bus Architecture
ANSA Advanced Networked Systems Architecture
ARCA Advanced RISC Computing Architecture
ASA Advanced SCSI Architecture
ASIA Advanced Simulation Interoperable Architecture
ASPA Advanced Sonar Processing Architecture
ASAA Advanced Spacecraft Avionics Architecture
ASA Advanced System Architecture
ASA Advanced System Architectures Ltd
ATSA Advanced Tactical SIGINT Architecture
ATCA Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture
ATMA Advanced Transaction Models and Architectures
AVATAR Advanced Virtual and Technological Architecture Research Laboratory
AKAA Aga Khan Award for Architecture
AAR Agence Architecture Rey
ABA Agent Based Architecture
ATAL Agent Theories, Architectures and Languages
AFISA Air Force Information Systems Architecture
AFISA Air Force Integrated Systems Architecture
ATCISA Air Training Command Information Systems Architecture
ACBA Airborne Communications Bus Architecture
ARSA Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance Architecture
ARA Airborne Reconnaissance Architecture
AA Algorithmic Architecture
AADPS Algorithmic Architecture Data Processing System
AARTC Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control
AAS Alternate Architecture Study
AGESA AMD Generic Encapsulated Software Architecture
AIAS American Institute of Architecture Students
ASA Analyst Support Architecture
ATPL APG TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) Process Library
ARTA Apple Real Time Architecture
AAB Application Architecture Blueprint
AAS Application Architecture Solutions
AADI Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit
ADI Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit
AC Application Control Architecture
ACA Application Control Architecture
ACAS Application Control Architecture Services
APDA Application Driven Architecture
APA Application Portfolio Architecture
ASA Application Systems Architecture
AIA Applications Integration Architecture
ASAP Application-Specific Systems Architecture and Processors
ADB Appware Distributed Bus Architecture
AASA Architectural Association School of Architecture
ARCH Architecture
AIP Architecture & Infrastructure Planning
AAC Architecture Acier Construction
AAC Architecture Advisory Committee
AAIF Architecture Advocacy International Foundation, Inc.
AADL Architecture Analysis and Design Language
AAT Architecture Analysis Tool
ABACUS Architecture and Building Aids Computer Unit
ABRI Architecture and Building Research Institute
ACM Architecture and Construction Management
AIC Architecture and Infrastructure Committee
ALI Architecture and Language Implementation
APRF Architecture and Planning Research Forum
AR Architecture and Requirements Office
ASNA Architecture and Services of Network Applications
ASWG Architecture and Standards Working Group
ATLAS Architecture and Tools for Linguistic Analysis Systems
AUU Architecture and Urbanism Unit
AAM Architecture Assessment Methodologies
ABW Architecture Bailly Warnant
ABI Architecture Billings Index
ACMM Architecture Capability Maturity Model
ACT Architecture Characterization Template
ACART Architecture Compliance and Requirements Traceability
ACE Architecture Construction Engineering
ACCOUNTING Architecture Control Committee
ACCESSORY Architecture Control Committee
ACC Architecture Control Committee
ACD Architecture Control Document
ACCOUNTING Architecture Coordination Council
ACCESSORY Architecture Coordination Council
ACC Architecture Coordination Council
AA Architecture d’Aujourd’hui
ADDRESS Architecture Description Document
ADD Architecture Description Document
ADL Architecture Description Language
ADAS Architecture Design & Assessment System
ADAS Architecture Design and Assessment System
ADDRESS Architecture Design and Development
ADD Architecture Design and Development
ADIM Architecture Design and Implementation Methodology
ADTP Architecture Design and Technology Press, Ltd.
ADC Architecture Design Contractor
ADAPT Architecture Design, Analysis and Planning Tool
ADDRESS Architecture Detail Document
ADD Architecture Detail Document
ADAM Architecture Development Analysis Model
ADM Architecture Development Method
ADP Architecture Development Process
ADT Architecture Development Team
AEE Architecture Electronique Embarquee
AE Architecture Engineering
AFMB Architecture et Fonction des Macromolécules Biologiques
AEP Architecture Evolution Plan
AX Architecture Extended
AFD Architecture Flow Diagrams
ACIBS-D Architecture for Computer-Integrated Business Systems Demonstrator
AFE Architecture For Excellence
AFHB Architecture for Humanity Boston
APKI Architecture for Public Key Infrastructure
ARMS Architecture for Reliable Managed Storage
ASSP Architecture for Survivable System Processing
AVVID Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data
AF Architecture Foundation
AHM Architecture Heiner Maeder
AIH Architecture in Helsinki
AIOS Architecture Independent Operating System
AIMD Architecture Integration & Management Directorate
AIC Architecture Integration Committee
AIG Architecture Integration Group
AIPC Architecture Integration Processing Center
AIS Architecture Integration Study
ALS Architecture Level Set
AMG Architecture Management Group
ARMENIA Architecture Manager
AM Architecture Manager
AMS Architecture Modeling and Simulation
ANDF Architecture Neutral Distribution Format
ANDE Architecture Neutral Distribution Format
ADOIT Architecture of District Office Integration and Transition
ARIS Architecture of Integrated Information Systems
AMPP Architecture of Modern Political Power
AOP Architecture of Participation
AFA Architecture of the Future Army
AOG Architecture Oversight Group
AOD Architecture Overview Diagram
ARPER Architecture Professional Studies
ARP Architecture Professional Studies
ARF Architecture Register File
ARF Architecture Research Facility
ARCHIVE Architecture Restoration Conservation
ARC Architecture Restoration Conservation
ARB Architecture Review Board
ARCHIVE Architecture Review Committee
ARC Architecture Review Committee
ARTILLERY Architecture Review Team
ART Architecture Review Team
ASUP Architecture Sensitive Usability Patterns
ASAP Architecture Simulation Analysis Platform
ASSAULT Architecture Simulation Laboratory
ASL Architecture Simulation Laboratory
ASD Architecture Summary Design
ASWG Architecture Systems Working Group
ATF Architecture Textile Française
ATA Architecture Tradeoff Analysis
ATAM Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method
AUA Architecture Unifiée d’Applications
AUDA Architecture Urban Design Awards
AUDC Architecture Urbanism Design Collaborative
ARKL Architecture Using RAM for Key Loading
AVC Architecture Valorisation Construction
AV Architecture Verification
AVT Architecture Verification Test
AVTR Architecture Verification Test Report
AVT Architecture Ville et Territoire
AKE Architecture with Key Expansion Unit
AWG Architecture Working Group
AXC Architecture X Construction
AYJ Architecture Yves Janet
AAP Architecture, Art and Planning
AEC Architecture, Engineering and Construction
AECO Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner-operated
AECOM Architecture, Engineering, Consulting, Operations, and Maintenance
SAPLING Architecture, Planning and Landscape Information Gateway
AUP Architecture, Urbanisme, Patrimoine
AUS Architecture, Urbanisme, Société
ABSD Architecture-Based Software Development
ACPP Architecture-Centric Project Planning
ARCHIVE Architecture-Recherche-Communication
ARC Architecture-Recherche-Communication
ACES Architectures and Compilers for Embedded Systems
AF Architectures and Framework
ARES Architectures of Networks of Services
ASR Architectures, Systèmes et Réseaux
AAM Archives d’Architecture Moderne
ACIA Argus Center for Information Architecture
ARM ARM Machine; computer architecture)
AAIC Army Architecture Integration Cell
ABEA Army Business Enterprise Architecture
AEA Army Enterprise Architecture
AENIA Army Enterprise Netops Integrated Architecture
AIA Army Information Architecture
AILA Army Integrated Logistics Architecture
AMC-ISA Army Material Command Information Systems Architecture
ASA Army System Architecture
ATA Army Technical Architecture
ATLA Army Top Level Architecture
ATFA Army Training Functional Architecture
ATIA Army Training Information Architecture
ATIA-M Army Training Information Architecture – Migrated
ATTA Army Training Technical Architecture
AAT Art & Architecture Thesaurus
AATO Art & Architecture Thesaurus Online
AARB Art and Architecture Review Board
AAT Art Architecture Thesaurus
A4A Art for Architecture
AAEL Art, Architecture & Engineering Library
ADAM Art, Design, Architecture and Media Information Gateway
AIDA Artificial Intelligence Discrimination Architecture
AMDA Asian Model Driven Architecture
APCA Asia-Pacific Center for Architecture
ADSA Aspen Data Source Architecture
ALFA Assessment of Long-Range Fleet Architecture
ALOAF Asset Library Open Architecture Framework
AWA Association for Women in Architecture
AASL Association of Architecture School Librarians
AASA Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia
ACPA Association of Christians in Planning and Architecture
ACSA Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
AMICA AT&T Mixed Initiative Conversational Architecture
AUA Atelier d’Urbanisme et d’Architecture
ADACS Australian Distributed Architecture Combat System
ADPA Auto Detecting Parallel Architecture
AATS Automated Architecture Tool Support
ASSA Automated Support Systems Architecture
ASA Automation Systems Architecture
AUTOSAR Automotive Open System Architecture
ACA Avanade Connected Architecture
AADL Avionic Architecture Description Language
AADC Avionics Architecture Design Change
BAP Bachelier en Architecture Paysagiste
BARCH Bachelor of Architecture
BARC Bachelor of Architecture
BAR Bachelor of Architecture
BE-AND-A Bachelor of Architecture and Civil Engineering
BLA Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
BSA Bachelor of Science in Architecture
BSLA Bachelor of Science Landscape Architecture
BIAN Banking Industry Architecture Network
BSA Barrett Steele Architecture
BEAM Basic Enterprise Architecture Methodology
BCA Battle Command Architecture
BCAS Battle Management and C3 Architecture Simulator
BLAST Bell Laboratories Layered Space-Time Architecture
BECAUSE Benchmark of Concurrent Architectures for Use In Scientific Engineering
BRASS Berkeley Reconfigurable Architectures, Systems and Software
BPA Bernard Perreten Architecture, Inc
BNCA Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture
BTA Billion-Transistor Architecture
BOA Binary-translation Optimized Architecture
BICA Biologically-Inspired Cognitive Architecture
BKL BKL Architecture LLC
BARB Bluetooth Architecture Review Board
BNA Boeing Network Architecture
BOCA Borland Object Component Architecture
BAHRAIN Bridge Architecture
BA Bridge Architecture
BSA Brilliant Systems Architecture
BTA Broadband Telecommunications Architecture
BDA Broadcast Driver Architecture
BOA Broadcast Overlay Architecture
BLA Bruno Legrand Architecture
BOA Bureau of Architecture
BNA Burroughs Network Architecture
BTA Burst Transport Mode Architecture
BCA Business Contracts Architecture
BDA Business Domain Architecture
BEA Business Enterprise Architecture
BMA Business Modeling and Architecture
BNA Business Network Architecture
BOCA Business Object Component Architecture
BOMA Business Object Management Architecture
BPOA Business Process Oriented Architecture
BSA Business Systems Architecture
CBDA C++ Builder Database Architecture
CAF C4ISR Architecture Framework
CADM C4ISR Core Architecture Data Model
CIAP C4ISR Integrated Architecture Program
CANS Cabinet Architecture for Noise Suppression
CAESAR Cache Embedded Switch Architecture
COMA Cache-Only Memory Architecture
CSA Callpath Services Architecture
CEA Cambridge Event Architecture
CAC Canadian Architecture Collection
CCA Canadian Centre for Architecture
CCUSA Canadian Council of University Schools of Architecture
CSA Caribbean School of Architecture
CCLA Cascade-Correlation Learning Architecture
CBEA Cell Broadband Engine Architecture
CFA Center For Architecture
CABSR Center for Architecture and Building Science Research
CASE Center for Architecture, Science and Ecology
CESA Center for European Studies and Architecture
CIAP central intelligence architecture plan
COA Central Office of Architecture
CANA Centralized Ad-Hoc Network Architecture
CPA Centralized/Bulk Power Architecture
CCA Centre Canadien d’Architecture
CIMA Centre d’Informatique et de Méthodologie en Architecture
CRAI Centre De Recherche En Architecture Et Ingénierie
CAIA Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures
CPAI Centre for Plant Architecture Informatics
CIVA Centre International pour la Ville, l’Architecture et le Paysage
CEAA Certificat d’Études Approfondies en Architecture
CHAMP Chalmers Architecture and Methodology for Flexible Production
CDRA Character Data Representation Architecture
CHAD Charter High School of Architecture and Design
CAF Chicago Architecture Foundation
CCNA Chipcom Cornerstone Networking Architecture
CASA Cisco Appliance and Services Architecture
CCN Cisco Content Networking Architecture
CVSA Cisco Virtual Switch Architecture
CEA Civil Engineering and Architecture
CATH Class, Architecture, Topology and Homology
CSA Client Server Architecture
CANADA Clinical Document Architecture
CDA Clinical Document Architecture
C-BLAST Closed-Loop Bell Laboratories Layered Space-Time Architecture
CIA Club Informatique et Architecture
CODA Cluster-On-Demand Architecture
CISA Coalition Information Sharing Architecture
CAISE Collaborative Architecture for Iterative Software Engineering
CAUS College of Architecture & Urban Studies
COAD College of Architecture and Design
CALA College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
CARTA College of Architecture and the Arts
CAUP College of Architecture and Urban Planning
CAPLA College of Architecture Planning and Landscape Architecture
CEAT College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology
CRIFA Cologne Research – Institute of Fortification Architecture
CIAP Combat Intelligence Architecture Plan
CSA Combat Systems Architecture
CVSA Combat Vehicle Simulation Architecture
CCCA Comite Canadien de Certification en Architecture
C2STA Command and Control System Target Architecture
CCA Command C4ISR Architecture
CISA Command Information Superiority Architectures
CIAD Command Intelligence Architecture Document
CIAP Command Intelligence Architecture Plan
CIAP Command Intelligence Architecture Program
CABE Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment
CAROL Common Architecture for RMI Objectweb Layer
CAAS Common Aviation Architecture System
CAAP Common Avionics Architecture for Penetration
CAAS Common Avionics Architecture System
CCA Common Configuration Architecture
CDSA Common Data Security Architecture
CANADA Common Datacasting Architecture
CDA Common Datacasting Architecture
CDSA Common Digital Sensor Architecture
CGA Common Ground Architecture
CHAMP Common Heterogeneous Architecture for Multi-Processing
CLA Common LVC Architecture
CORBA Common Object Request Broker Architecture
CPA Common Process Architecture
CRMA Common Radio Module Architecture
CSTA Common Solutions and Target Architecture
CTIA Common Training Instrumentation Architecture
CPA Communicating Process Architectures
CSPA Communicating Signal Processing Architecture
CAC Communication Architecture for Clusters
CADIS Communication Architecture for Distributed Interactive Simulation
CNA Communication Network Architecture
CSA Communication Streaming Architecture
CAWG Communications Architecture Working Group
CMA Communications Management Architecture
COSA Communications Open System Architecture
CD-ROM-XA Compact Disk Read-Only Memory/Extended Architecture
CSAM Compaq Services Architecture Methodology
CASES Compilers Architecture and Synthesis for Embedded Systems
CDSA Complex and Dynamic Systems Architectures
CSA Compliance System Architecture
CSA Compliant Systems Architecture
CSLA Component-based Scalable Logical Architecture
CACS Components, Architectures and Configurable Systems
CAMA Composants pour Architectures Mobiles Adaptables
CANADA Compound Document Architecture
CDA Compound Document Architecture
CAESAR Computational-Intensive Applications for Engineering, Design, and Simulation on Scalable Parallel Architectures
CART Computer Architecture and Technology Laboratory
CALCM Computer Architecture Lab at Carnegie Mellon
CAN Computer Architecture News
CARG Computer Architecture Research Group
CAMP Computer Architectures for Machine Perception
CIMOSA Computer Integrated Manufacturing Open System Architecture
CSA Computer Systems Architecture
VSCA Computer Vision System Control Architectures
CMA Concert Multi-Thread Architecture
COBRA Concise Object Relational Architecture
CSAG Concurrent Systems Architecture Group
CVA Concurrent VLSI Architecture
CAL Conférence Francophone sur les Architectures Logicielles
CMDA Configurable Model Driven Architecture
CIAM Congres Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne
CORA Congress of Residential Architecture
CSA Connection and Streaming Architecture
CANADA Consolidated Device Architecture
CDA Consolidated Device Architecture
CARD Constellation Architecture Requirements Document
CARD Contact-Based Architecture for Resource Discovery
COFA Content Flow Architecture
CMSA Content Mediation Sample Architecture
CPSA Content Protection System Architecture
COBRA COntent-Based Retrieval Architecture
COBRA Context Broker Architecture
CICA Context Inspired Component Architecture
CIRCA Cooperative Intelligent Real-Time Control Architecture
CITRA Cooperative Intrusion Traceback and Response Architecture
CNAPS Co-Processing Node Architecture for Parallel Systems
CADM Core Architecture Data Model
CAPS Corporate Architecture & Performance Standards
CEAS Corporate Exchange Architecture System
CELA Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture
CRIDA Critical Research in Digital Architecture
CDIA Cross-Domain Interoperability Architecture
XNA Cross-Section Next-Generation Architecture
CICS-ESA Customer Information Control System/Enterprise Systems Architecture
DAA Dancing about Architecture
DADT DARO Architecture Development Team
DAAG Data Access Architecture Guide
DACA Data Acquisition and Control architecture
DGRA Data Grid Reference Architecture
DIMA Data Information Management Architecture
DSA Data Systems Architecture
DBLA David Bartsch Landscape Architecture
DTCA Defect-Tolerant Computer Architecture
DAF Defence Architecture Framework
DGSA Defense Goal Security Architecture
DISA Defense Intelligence Agency Information Systems Architecture
DSMA Defense Spectrum Management Architecture
DAMA Demand Activated Manufacturing Architecture
DPA Demand Protocol Architecture
DODAF Department of Defense Architecture Framework
DARS Department of Defense Architecture Repository System
DAD Dependability of Architecture Design
DCSA Deployable Communications-Computer Systems Architecture
DISA Deployable Information Systems Architecture
DBSA Deployed Baseline System Architecture
D3A Design 3 Architecture
DASH Design and Architecture Senior High
DAI Design Architecture Interieur
DAAW Design-Art-Architecture in the World
DASH Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware
DAI Detailed Architecture Inspection
DAA Device Access Architecture
DEPARTMENT Digital Network Architecture
DNA Digital Network Architecture
DRAMA Digital Repository Authorization Middleware Architecture
DSA Digital Storage Architecture
DSAD Digital Storage Architecture for Disk
DSAT Digital Storage Architecture for Tape
DFSA Digitized Force Systems Architecture
DALI Digits, Architectures et Logiciels Informatiques
DEEA Diplôme d’Etude en Architecture
DEFA Diplôme d’Etudes Fondamentales en Architecture
DESA Diplome de l’Ecole Speciale d’Architecture
DCA Direct Connect Architecture
DMX Direct Matrix Architecture
DAUS Direction de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme
DAU Direction de l’Architecture et de l’Urbanisme
DAPA Direction de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine
DPA Direction du Patrimoine et de l’Architecture
DEA Director Enterprise Architecture
DAA Distributed Application Architecture
DAD Distributed Architecture Decoy
DAMN Distributed Architecture for Mobile Navigation
DCA Distributed Communications Architecture
DCCA Distributed Component Computing Architecture
DCSA Distributed Component Software Architecture
DCA Distributed Computing Architecture
DDMA Distributed Dynamic Multiservice Architectures
DEA Distributed Enforcement Architecture
DEPA Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture
DINA Distributed Information-processing Network Architecture
DIAMETER Distributed Ingest Architecture
DIA Distributed Ingest Architecture
DIAL Distributed Intelligent Architecture for Logistics
DINA Distributed Intelligent Network Architecture
DEPARTMENT Distributed Internet Applications Architecture
DNA Distributed Internet Applications Architecture
DIVA Distributed Internet Voice Architecture
DEPARTMENT Distributed Internetwork Architecture
DNA Distributed Internetwork Architecture
DRDA Distributed Relational Data Architecture
DRA Distributed Robotic Architecture
DSMA Distributed Storage Management Architecture
DSNA Distributed Storage Node Architecture
DSA Distributed Switch Architecture
DSA Distributed Systems Architecture
DSMA Distributed Systems Management Architecture
DTAS Distributed Telephony Architecture System
DPA Distributed-Power Architecture
DRDA Distribution Relational Database Architecture
DCA Document Content Architecture
DCA Document Control Architecture
DDA document description architecture
DIAMETER Document Interchange Architecture
DIA Document Interchange Architecture
DAWG Documentation Architecture Working Group
DARS DoD Architecture Registry System
DEAA DoD Enterprise Architecture Achievement Award
DGSA DOD Goal Security Architecture
DOA Domain Operational Architecture
DTA Domain Target Architecture
DSSA Domain-Specific Software Architecture
DPA Dominique Perrault Architecture
DIAD DoN Integrated Architecture Database
DMA Donald Miller Architecture
DHLA Douglas Hoerr Landscape Architecture
DIAS Dynamic Information Architecture System
DEPARTMENT Dynamic Network Architecture
DNA Dynamic Network Architecture
DSA Dynamic Scalable Architecture
DSSA Dynamic Scalable Server Architecture
ECBA E Commerce Business Architecture
EACI Earth Architecture Center International
ENSA Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture
ENSACF École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Clermont-Ferrand
ENSAM École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Marseille
ENSAM École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Montpellier
ENSAN École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nancy
ENSAS École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Strasbourg
ENSAV École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles
ESA École Spéciale d’Architecture
ESAU Edinburgh Sustainable Architecture Unit
EDFAA Education, Fine Arts, and Architecture
EDA Electronic Design Architecture
EHRRA Electronic Health Record Reference Architecture
EAWG Element Architecture Working Group
EDA Embedded Document Architecture
EIA Embedded Intel Architecture
ELSA Empirically Lossless Switch Architecture
ENAMORADO Enabling Nomadic Agents in a Multimedia-ORiented Architecture of Distributed Objects
EVAW Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World
EISA Enhanced Industry Standard Architecture
EISCA Enhanced Intelligent System Cooler Architecture
ELENA Enhanced Learning for Evolutive Neural Architectures
EMMA Enhanced Multi-Media Architecture
EPA Enhanced Performance Architecture
EA Ensemble Architecture
EAA Enterprise Application Architecture
EA Enterprise Architecture
EAB Enterprise Architecture Board
EAEC Enterprise Architecture Executive Council
EASE Enterprise Architecture for Service Enablement
EAF Enterprise Architecture Framework
EAM Enterprise Architecture Management
EAMS Enterprise Architecture Management System
EAP Enterprise Architecture Planning
EAR Enterprise Architecture Repository
EAS Enterprise Architecture Strategies
ECBA Enterprise Component Business Architecture
EDRA Enterprise Development Reference Architecture
EIA Enterprise Information Architecture
EIDA Enterprise Information Delivery Architecture
EISA Enterprise Information System Architecture
EMA Enterprise Management Architecture
EMA Enterprise Memory Architecture
ENSA Enterprise Network Storage Architecture
EPAS Enterprise Planning & Architecture Strategy
ESA Enterprise Security Architecture
ESOA Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture
ESA Enterprise Services Architecture
ESMA Enterprise Storage Management Architecture
ESMA Enterprise System Management Architecture
ESA Enterprise Systems Architecture
EHA Enterprise-Hub Architecture
EWITA Enterprise-Wide Information Technology Architecture
ESA Enthusiast System Architecture
EPLA Environmental Planning and Landscape Architecture
EKA Epoc Kernel Architecture
EHFA ERDAS Hierarchal File Architecture
ETNA Ericsson Transport Network Architecture
CABERNET ESPRIT Network of Excellence in distributed computing systems architectures
EASA European Architecture Students Assembly
ECSA European Conference on Software Architecture
EMLA European Master of Landscape Architecture
EDA Event-Driven Architecture
EA Executable Architecture
EAM Executable Architecture Model
XA Expanded Architecture
XA Extended Architecture
EDA Extended Data Architecture
EISA Extended Industry Standard Architecture
EMA Extended Memory Architecture
ESA Extended System Architecture
ETLA Extended Tape Library Architecture
XA Extensible Architecture
XDA Extensible Distributed Architecture
ESPA Extensible Service Policy Architecture
EAI External Architecture Interface
FAT Fashion Architecture Taste
FTMA Fault Tolerant Machine Architecture
FAD Feature Architecture Design
FAIAWG Federal Agencies Information Architecture Working Group
FAWG Federal Architecture Working Group
FEA Federal Enterprise Architecture
FEAC Federal Enterprise Architecture Certification
FEAF Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework
FHA Federal Health Architecture
FSAM Federal Segment Architecture Methodology
FERA Federated Enterprise Reference Architecture
FMA Federated Management Architecture
FASI Fellow of the Architecture and Surveying Institute
FEAD Field Engineering & Architecture Department
FMEA Financial Management Enterprise Architecture
FRTA Financial Reporting Taxonomy Architecture
FADA Fine Arts Design and Architecture
FBA Fixed Block Architecture
FEAR Flexible Embodied Animat Architecture
FLA Flexible Local Architecture
FALD Florida Architecture and Landscape Design
FBLA Florida Board of Landscape Architecture
FOCA Font Object Content Architecture
FSOA Foundations of Service-Oriented Architecture
FRAME Framework Architecture Made for Europe
FNA Fujitsu Network Architecture
FDMA Fully Differential Memory Architecture
FAS Functional Architecture Study
FIA functional interoperability architecture
FNA Functional Network Architecture
FPCA Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture
FENA Future Enterprise Network Architecture
FIA Future Imagery Architecture
FIA Future Imaging Architecture
GIFA Gauteng Institute for Architecture
GCA General Communications Architecture
GENA General Event Notification Architecture
GERAM Generalised Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology
GDMA Generalized Distributed Multi-Antenna Architecture
GPPA General-Purpose Processor Architecture
GAIA Generic Architecture for Information Availability
GBA Generic Bootstrapping Architecture
GCCA Generic Command Center Architecture
GERAM Generic Enterprise Reference Architecture and Methodology
GOA Generic Open Architecture
GUARDS Generic Upgradable Architecture for Real-time Dependable Systems
GENEVA GenRad Extended VXI Architecture
GDSA Global Decision Support Architecture
GFA Global Financial Architecture
GSA Global Security Architecture
GSOA Global Services Operating Architecture
GARA Globus Architecture for Reservation and Allocation
GOA Governance Oriented Architecture
GEA Government Enterprise Architecture
GAEA Government of Alberta Enterprise Architecture
GRA Government Reference Architecture
GSA Graduate School of Architecture
GSAP Graduate School of Architecture Planning
GSLA Graduate School of Landscape Architecture
GOCA Graphics Object Content Architecture
GRACE Grid Architecture for Computational Economy
GBA Ground Based Architecture
GSAW Ground System Architectures Workshop
GOA Guerilla Oriented Architecture
GAIA GUI Application Interoperability Architecture
HSA Hammons School of Architecture
HAP Hardware Architecture Plan
HISA Health Information Systems Architecture
HNA Health Network Architecture
HEDRA Heterogeneous Distributed Real-Time Architecture
HPPA Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture
HYDRA Hierarchical Yet Dynamic Radio Architecture
HYDRA Hierarchical Yet Dynamic Reprogrammable Architecture
HYDRA Hierarchical Yet Dynamically Reprogrammable Architecture
HASA High Altitude SIGINT Architecture
HLA High Level Architecture
HPSA Highly Parallel System Architecture
HPCA High-Performance Computer Architecture
HAAD History of Art, Architecture and Design
HTC History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art
HNA Hitachi Network Architecture
H-BLAST Horizontal Bell Laboratories Layered Space-Time Architecture
HAITI Hub Architecture
HA Hub Architecture
IMPACT Illinois Microarchitecture Project utilizing Advanced Compiler Technology
IRMA Illinois Reliable Multicast Architecture
IOCA Image Object Content Architecture
IUA Image Understanding Architecture
IAR Independent Architecture Review
ICA Independent Computing Architecture
IMA Independent Management Architecture
IFA INDUS Foundation Architecture
ISA Industry Standard Architecture
IBA Infiniband Architecture
ISOBUTANOL Infiniband Architecture
IA Information Architecture
IAP Information Architecture Plan
ICA Information Communication Architecture
ICA Information Connection Architecture
IEA Information Enterprise Architecture Group
IIA Information Interchange Architecture
IMA Information Management Architecture
INA Information Network Architecture
IODA Information Oriented Decision Architecture
ISA Information Security Architecture
ISA Information System Architecture
ISAP Information System Architecture Plan
ISSAP Information System Security Architecture Professional
ISSA Information Systems Security Architecture
ITAG Information Technology Architecture and Governance
ITAT Information Technology Architecture Team
ITEAMS Information Technology Enterprise Architecture Management System
ITIA Information Technology Infrastructure Architecture
ITSA Information Technology Strategy & Architecture
IOA Information-Oriented Architecture
IAC Infostructure Architecture Council
IAS Infrastructure Architecture Solutions
IDEAS Innovative Design and Excellence in Architecture with Steel
IOTA Input Output Transform Architecture
IIA Installation Information Architecture
IFA Institut Francais d’Architecture
IAUS Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies
IARFA Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts
ICACA Institute of Classical Architecture and Classical America
ICASA Institute of Construction and Architecture-Slovak Academy of Sciences
IDBA Instruction Dispatch Buffer Architecture
ISA Instruction Set Architecture
IAA Insurance Application Architecture
IABM Integrated Architecture Behavior Model
IAP Integrated Architectures Panel
IBA Integrated Battlefield Architecture
ISOBUTANOL Integrated Battlefield Architecture
IBTA Integrated Battlefield Targeting Architecture
ICA Integrated Chameleon Architecture
ICA Integrated Communications Architecture
ICA Integrated Computing Architecture
INA Integrated Network Architecture
IOA Integrated Operation Architecture
IAO Integrated Operations Architecture
IOA Integrated Operations Architecture
ISMA Integrated Service Management Architecture
ISA Integrated Services Architecture
ISA Integrated System Architecture
ISCA Integrated Systems Control Architecture
ITA Integrated Technology Architecture
ITA Integrated Training Architecture
IWARS Integrated Warfare Architectures
IMA Integrity Measurement Architecture
IA-64 Intel Architecture
IA-32 Intel Architecture
IA Intel Architecture
IABG Intel Architecture Business Group
IAG Intel Architecture Group
IAL Intel Architecture Labs
IA-PC Intel Architecture Personal Computer
INCA Intelligence Communications Architecture
ICA Intelligent Console Architecture
ICDA Intelligent Content Distribution Architecture
IDEA Intelligent Document Exchange Architecture
INA Intelligent Network Architecture
IAED Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
IBAT Interior Business Architecture Team
IBA intermediate bus architecture
ISOBUTANOL intermediate bus architecture
ICCA Internal Conference on Computer Architecture
IAA International Academy of Architecture
ICAPP International Conference on Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing
ICASAP International Conference on Application-Specific Systems, Architectures, and Processors
IDEAS International Defence Enterprise Architecture Specification
IMLA International Master of Landscape Architecture
ISAMA International Society of the Arts, Mathematics and Architecture
ISCA International Symposium on Computer Architecture
ISM International Symposium on Microarchitecture
I-SPAN International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Networks
ISPAN International Symposium on Parallel Architectures, Algorithms and Networks
SARP International Workshop on Software Architecture Research and Practice
IAB Internet Architecture Board
IXA Internet Exchange Architecture
IPDA Internet Protocol Distributed Architecture
IAB Internetwork Architecture Board
IVR Inter-VSAN Routing (Cisco architecture)
IDAMN Intrusion Detection Architecture for Mobile Networks
ISA IRS System Architecture
J2CA J2EE Connection Architecture
JCA J2EE Connector Architecture
JIHA Japan Institute of Healthcare Architecture
JABA Java Architecture for Bytecode Analysis
JCA Java Connection Architecture
JCA Java Cryptography Architecture
JPDA Java Platform Debugger Architecture
JESSICA Java-Enable Single-System-Image Computing Architecture
JATS JNTC Architecture and Technical Standards
JDMA Job Distribution and Management Architecture
JAMA Joint Airborne MASINT Architecture
JASA Joint Airborne SIGINT Architecture
JASAF Joint Airborne SIGINT Architecture Foundation
JASASH Joint Airborne SIGINT Architecture Standards Handbook
JAUGS Joint Architecture for Unmanned Ground Systems
JAFS Joint Architecture Framework
JAF Joint Architecture Framework
JCSA Joint C4ISR System Architecture
JCA Joint Concentrator Architecture
JIA Joint IETM Architecture
JIVA Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture
JOA Joint Operational Architecture
JROCA Joint Representative C4ISR Operational Architecture
JSTASL Joint Scenario Tool Architecture and Script Language
JSA Joint Systems Architecture
JTA Joint Tactical Architecture
JTA Joint Technical Architecture
JCA JSIPS-N Concentrator Architecture
KSTA Kansas Statewide Technical Architecture
KARMA Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture
KAREN Keystone Architecture Required for European Networks
KA Knowledge Architecture
KSA Knowlton School of Architecture
KAED Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design
LAAS Laboratoire d’Analyse et d’Architecture des Systemes
LCA Laboratory for Computer Architecture
LAVA Laboratory for Visionary Architecture
LISA Land Information System Architecture
LMRA Land Mobile Radio Architecture
LAUD Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
LAF Landscape Architecture Foundation
LAIR Landscape Architecture Image Resource
LAM Landscape Architecture Magazine
LARE Landscape Architecture Registration Exam
LAEP Landscape Architecture, Environmental Planning
LNA LandWarNet NetOps (Network Operations) Architecture (US DoD)
LISA Language Impairment Simulation Architecture
LSA Layered Scalable Architecture
LSTA Layered Space-Time Architecture
LISA LCA In Sustainable Architecture
LTSA Learning Technology Systems Architecture
LCA Life Cycle Architecture
LDPA Light Document Printing Architecture
LADT Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust
LAC Living Architecture Centre
LANA Local Area Network Architecture
LESA Local Environment System Architecture
LITA Local Information Transfer Architecture
LISA Local Integrated Software Architecture
LPGA Local Peer Group Architecture
LADA Logical Application & Data Architecture
LLA Logical Layered Architecture
LEMA Logistics Event Management Architecture
LITA Logistics Infrastucture and Technical Architecture
LFA London Festival of Architecture
LCA Loop Control Architecture
LTTA Loosely Time-Triggered Architectures
LAIAD Los Angeles Institute of Architecture and Design
LSA Lotus Solution Architecture
MCA Machine Check Architecture
MTA Macintosh Telephony Architecture
MOA Macromedia Open Architecture
MSTAR MAGTF C4I Systems/Technical Architecture & Repository
MISA MAJCOM Information Systems Architecture
MSA Managed Services Architecture
MDA Management Domain Architecture
MNA Management Network Architecture
MSA Management Systems Architecture
MSA Manchester School of Architecture
MCAP Manned/Unmanned Common Architecture Program
MCTCA Marine Corps Tactical Communications Architecture
MCTCA Marine Corps Transformational Communications Architecture
MITA Maritime Integrated Training Architecture
MSA Maritime SIGINT Architecture
MTAF Maryland Technical Architecture Framework
MANNA Massively parallel Architecture for Numerical and Non-Numerical Applications
MARCH Master of Architecture
MLARCH Master of Landscape Architecture
MLA Master of Landscape Architecture
MADA Material, Art, Design, Architecture
MAA Maximum Availability Architecture
MITA Medicaid Information Technology Architecture
MAAP Medical Architecture and Art Projects
MAMA memory allocator for multithreaded architectures
MEA Mesh Enabled Architecture
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Message Broker Architecture
MBA Message Broker Architecture
MANTA Messaging Architecture for Networked and Threaded Applications
MAAT Metadata Architecture and Application Team
MSEA Metasys Systems Extended Architecture
MODISTARC Methods and Tools for the Validation of OSEK/VDX – Based Distributed Architectures
MATES Methods, Architectures & Technologies for e-Service Engineering
MCA Micro Channel Architecture
MICROTCA Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
MTCA Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture
MSA Microsoft Systems Architecture
MIRA MicroVAX Integration of Reliable Architecture
MSA Military Satellite Communications Architecture
MABEL Mobile Architecture Built Environment Laboratory
MCNA Mobile Communication Network Architecture
MOSO Mobile Services-Oriented Architectures and Ontologies
MCLA Model Centered Learning Architecture
MDA Model Driven Architecture
MDLA Model Driven Layered Architecture
MESCAL Modern Embedded Systems Compilers Architectures and Languages
MAXI Modular Architecture for the Exchange of Information
MASA Modular Avionics System Architecture
MTA Modular Test Architecture
MADA Multi Agent Design Architecture
MANA Multi-Agent Networking Architecture
MPA Multiagent Planning Architecture
MASSA Multiagent Systems and Software Architecture
MAAA Multicast Address Allocation Architecture
MRMA Multicast Resource Management Architecture
MCA Multi-Channel Architecture
MLCA Multi-Level Computing Architecture
MSAP Multi-mission System Architecture Platform
MACINTOSH Multiple Architecture Computer
MAC Multiple Architecture Computer
MVSESA Multiple Virtual System / Enterprise Systems Architecture
MBRFA Multiple-Bank Register File Architecture
MTA Multi-TADIL Architecture
MTA Multi-Threaded Architecture
MTBA Multi-Transport Bonding Architecture
MVA Multivendor Architecture
MODAA Museum of Design Art and Architecture
MOMA My Own Modular Architecture
NANA Nanoscale Active Network Architecture
NAAB National Architecture Accrediting Board
NASA National Association of Students of Architecture
NCIA Native Client Interface Architecture
NAAA Naval Architecture Alumni Association
NAME Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
NCOA Naval C4I Operational Architecture
NCSA Naval C4I Systems Architecture
NTSA Naval Telecommunications System Architecture
NOA Navy Open Architecture
NTA Near Term Architecture
NAI Netherlands Architecture Institute
NWPA NetWare Peripheral Architecture
NAPL Network Architecture and Performance Lab
NAA Network Architecture Assessor
NAG Network Architecture Group
NBIA Network Business Information Architecture
NCA Network Computer Architecture
NCA Network Computing Architecture
NIDA Network Integrated Data Architecture
NISA Network Integrated Systems Architecture
NOTA Network on Terminal Architecture
NRAT Network Research, Architecture and Technologies
NRA Network Resource Architecture
NSAD Network Security Architecture and Design
NTA Network Technical Architecture
NAS Networking Architecture and Storage
NFA New Financial Architecture
NIFA New International Financial Architecture
NSAD New School of Architecture and Design
NTPA New Trades Processing Architecture
NYFA New York Foundation for Architecture
NGMA Next Generation Micro-Architecture
NGTA Next Generation Telecommunication Architecture
NGTA Next Generation Transmitter Architecture
NBA None-Blocking Architecture
NUMA Non-Uniform Memory Architecture
NCSTA North Carolina Statewide Technical Architecture
NPAC Northeast Parallel Architectures Center
OMA Object Management Architecture
OMARM Object Management Architecture Reference Model
ORBA Object Request Broker Architecture
OSA Object Services Architecture
OATP Objective Architecture and Transition Plan
OSA Objective Switching Architecture
OOSA Object-Oriented Software Architecture
ODA Office Document Architecture
OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture
OCCA Online Courseware Component Architecture
OAA Open Access Architecture
OAA Open Agent Architecture
OA Open Architecture
OPENACS Open Architecture Community System
OAET Open Architecture Enterprise Team
OAF Open Architecture Framework
OAI Open Architecture Initiative
OAN Open Architecture Network
OATS Open Architecture Test System
OATM Open Architecture Track Management/Manager
OBSAI Open Base Station Architecture Initiative
OCFA Open Computer Forensics Architecture
OCCA Open Cooperative Computing Architecture
ODESSA Open Digital Evidence Search and Seizure Architecture
ODTA Open Distributed Telecommunication Architecture
ODA Open Document Architecture
ODAC Open Document Architecture Consortium
OGSA Open Grid Services Architecture
OLSA Open Learning Services Architecture
OLA Open Library Architecture
OLA Open Lighting Architecture
OMA Open Management Architecture
OMAI Open Mobile Architecture Initiative
OMAC Open Modular Architecture Control
OMEA Open Modular Embedded Architecture
OPTA Open Packet Telephony Architecture
OPA Open Platform Architecture
OPMA Open Platform Management Architecture
OSA Open Security Architecture
OSA Open Service Architecture
OSAM Open Service Architecture for Mobile and Fixed Network Environment
OSA Open Solutions Architecture
OSERA Open Source Egov Reference Architecture
OSGA Open Source Grid Architecture
OSACBM Open System Architecture for Condition-Based Maintenance
OSA Open Systems Architecture
OSIA Open Systems Interconnection Architecture
OWA Open Wireless Architecture
ORCA Open, Reliable Communications Architecture
OAS Open-Architecture-System
ONA Open-Network Architecture
OEA Operating Environment Architecture
OA Operational Architecture
OAE Operational Architecture Event
OSSA Operational Support System Architecture
OSCA Operations Systems Computing Architecture
ONA Optical Network Architecture
ONAF Optical Network Architecture Forum
ORCA Optical Relay Communications Architecture
OFA Optimal Flexible Architecture
OCMA Optimizing Compilers for Modern Architectures
OFA Oracle Flexible Architecture
OPA Organizational Performance Architecture
PC4IAIC PACOM C4I Architecture Integration Committee
PAA Parallel Algorithms and Architectures
PACT Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques
PEDAL Parallel Emergent and Distributed Architectures Laboratory
PMA Parallel Multithreaded Architecture
PUMA Parallel Universal Message Passing Architecture
PLEA Passive and Low Energy Architecture
PRA Patient Record Architecture
POSA Pattern Oriented Software Architecture
PEAM Patterns in Enterprise Architecture Management
PIA Peoplesoft Internet Architecture
APPARC Performance-Critical Applications of Parallel Architectures
PCMCIA Peripheral Component Microchannel Interconnect Architecture
PESA Persins Enterprise System Architecture
PDSA Persistent Data Storage Architecture
PCSA Personal Computing Systems Architecture
PCA Personal Internet Client Architecture
PSA Personal Sound Architecture
PAPR Persuasion Architecture in Press Releases
PCLA Planning, Compliance, and Landscape Architecture
PITA Point-in-time Architecture
PBMA Policy-Based Management Architecture
PISA Polymorphic Instruction Set Architecture
PISA Portable Information System Architecture
PISARG Portable Information System Architecture/Report Generator
PISA Portable Instruction Set Architecture
PAPR Power Architecture Platform Reference
PAMA Power Aware Multiprocessor Architecture
PAPA Power-Aware Programmable Architectures
PUMA PowerPC Ultrafast Multi-chip module Architecture
PACE Precision Architecture Computing Environments
PNA Principles of Naval Architecture
PPA Printing Performance Architecture
PRA Privileged Resource Architecture
PAL Process Architecture Lab
PAIM Process, Architecture & Information Management
PUMA Processor Upgradable Modular Architecture
PBA Product Brand Architecture
PIA Product Implementation Architecture
PMAA Production Management Alternate Architecture
PAA Program Activity Architecture
PSA Programmable Services Architecture
PREPARE Programming Environment for Parallel Architectures
PMEA Programming Models for Emerging Architectures
PAE Progressive Architecture Engineering
PATRICIA Proving and Testability for Reliability Improvement of Complex Integrated Architectures
PSAF Public Safety Architecture Framework
PIA Pure Internet Architecture
QARC Quantum Architecture Research Center
REAP Rapid Enterprise Architecture Planning
ROADS Rapid Open Architecture Distribution System
RAW Raw Architecture Workstation
RNSSMS Rearchitectured NATO Sea Sparrow Missile System
RAW Reconfigurable Architecture Workstation
RMA Re-Configuration Management Architecture
RISA Reduced Instruction Set Architecture
RICA Reduced Interprocessor Communication Architecture
RPA Redundant Parallel Architecture
RACS Reference Architecture and Common Systems
RASDS Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems
RMCA Reference Model for Component Architecture
RDA Relational Distributed Architecture
RSAT Reliability and System Architecture Testing
RFA Request For Architecture
RAD Requirements and Architecture Design
RIEA Research Institute for Experimental Architecture
RGA Residential Gateway Architecture
ROA Resource-Oriented Architecture
RAVE Reuse Architecture for Verification
RAAS RISC Advanced Architecture Server
ROADS Robust Open Architecture Distributed-Switching
RSOA Rock Star Oriented Architecture
RBA Role-Based Architecture
RIA Rosettanet Integration Architecture
SAFR Scalable Architecture for Financial Reporting
SAIL Scalable Architecture for Interactive Learning
SCADDS Scalable Coordination Architectures for Deeply Distributed and Dynamic Systems
SIA Scalable Interconnect Architecture
SOAR Scalable Open Architecture Rip
SPA Scalable Processing Architecture
SPARC Scalable Processor Architecture
SAAM Scenario-based Architecture Analysis Method
SBAR Scenario-based Architecture Reengineering
SUPAR School for Urban Planning and Architecture
SACD School of Architecture and Community Design
SAD School of Architecture and Design
SAUD School of Architecture and Urban Design
SAUP School of Architecture and Urban Planning
SPA School of Planning and Architecture
SPLA School of Planning and Landscape Architecture
SOAA School of the Arts and Architecture
SATELLITE Science Architecture Team
SAT Science Architecture Team
SAM SCSI-3 Architecture Model
SEA Seagate Enterprise Architecture
SAE Secure Architecture Evaluation
SAFE Secure Architecture for Enterprise
SISA Secure Information Sharing Architecture
SIMA Secure Infrastructure Management Architecture
SNCA Secure Network Component Architecture
SPA Secure Platform Architecture
SSOA Secure Service Oriented Architecture
SMART Securities Market Automated Regulated Trading Architecture
SA Security Architecture
SAFE Security Architecture for Enterprise
SAGD Security Architecture Guidance and Directions
SAIP Security Architecture Implementation Plan
SIA Security Integration Architecture
SMART Security Management Architecture
SATURN SEI Architecture Technology User Network
SESEFA Self-Service Facilities Architecture
SMILA Semantic Information Logistics Architecture
SSOA Semantic Service Oriented Architecture
SMART Sequential Modular Architecture for Robotics and Teleoperation
SSA Serial Storage Architecture
SALT Service Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo
SCA Service Component Architecture
SDNA Service Delivery Network Architecture
SDAP Service Départemental de l’Architecture et du Patrimoine
SOAF Service Oriented Architecture Foundation
SOMA Service Oriented Modeling and Architecture
SOA Service-Oriented Architecture
SODA Service-Oriented Development Architecture
SONA Service-Oriented Network Architecture
SIA Services Internetworking Architecture
SEMA Session-based Mobile AdHoc Network Architecture
SMA Shared Memory Architecture
SNA Shared Network Architecture
SNA Shared-Nothing Architecture
SN Shared-Nothing Architecture
SSOA Sheffield School of Architecture
SCSA Signal Computing System Architecture
SPA Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, Arrangements and Applications
SM-IMP SIMD-MIMD Processor Architectures Applied to Image Processing
SALSA Simple Actor Language System and Architecture
SISA Simple Instruction Set Architecture
SMART Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool
SSA Simple Stereo Architecture
SIMCA Simulator for Multithreaded Computer Architecture
SCA Single Connector Architecture
SNAC Single Network Adaptive Critic Architecture
SDMA SmallTalk Distributed Messaging Architecture
SBA Smart Business Architecture
SMA SNA Management Architecture
SNAS Society of Naval Architecture Students
SA Software Architecture
SAAM Software Architecture Analysis Method
SAAE Software Architecture Attribute Engineering
SAD Software Architecture Description
SWADD Software Architecture Design Description
SADD Software Architecture Design Document
SAE Software Architecture Engineering
SALE Software Architecture for Language Engineering
SAG Software Architecture Group
SAIL Software Architecture Integration Library
SAPER Software Architecture Plan
SAP Software Architecture Plan
SARL Software Architecture Representation Language
SAR Software Architecture Review
SARA Software Architecture Review and Assessment
SAS Software Architecture Skeleton
SAS Software Architecture Summit
SATI Software Architecture Technology Initiative
SCA Software Communications Architecture
SCA Software Configuration Architecture
SCA Software Control Architecture
SDAD Software Design and Architecture Document
SDRA Software Development Resources Architecture
SEMSOA Software Engineering Methods for Service Oriented Architecture
SEAL Software Evolution and Architecture Lab
SMARTA Software Market-driven Architecture Trade Association
SNA Software Network Architecture
SPLA Software Product Line Architecture
SOA Software-Oriented Architecture
SAD Solution Architecture Document
SSDS-AA Space Station Data System/Analysis Architecture
SBA Space-Based Architecture
STGPA Special Task Group on Protocol Architecture
SASA Stable and Adaptable Software Architectures
SEDA Staged Event-Driven Architecture
SAA Standard Application Architecture
SAVA Standard Army Vetronics Architecture
SIAS Standard Intel Architecture Servers
SMIA Standard Mobile Imaging Architecture
SOFABED Standard Open Formal Architecture for Browsable Electronic Documents
SBA Standards-Based Architecture
SFAA State Farm Application Architecture
SFTA State Farm Technical Architecture
STI Still Image Architecture
SAIDEST Strategic Architecture and Infrastructure Development
SAID Strategic Architecture and Infrastructure Development
SARM Strategic Architecture Reference Model
SDA Strategic Defense Architecture
SEA Strategic Enterprise Architecture
SPEAR Strategic Planning Enterprise Architecture and Requirements
S-AND-A Strategy & Architecture
SSPA Submicron Signal Processor Architecture
SAA Subsystem Architecture and Analysis
SCSA Sun Common SCSI Architecture
SHARC Super Harvard Architecture Computer
SGIA Support Group for Information Architecture
SBAA sustaining base automation architecture
SENA Switched Enterprise Network Architecture
SONATA Switchless Optical Network for Advanced Transport Architecture
SESA Symantec Enterprise Security Architecture
ANCS Symposium on Architecture for Networking and Communications Systems
SCA Symposium on Computer Architecture
SPAA Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures
SPAA Symposium on Parallelism in Algorithms and Architectures
SNA Synchronous Network Architecture
STA Synchronous Transfer Architecture
SA System Architecture
SAR System Architecture
SAAH System Architecture and Assessment Handbook
SARD System Architecture and Requirements Definition
SACP System Architecture Change Proposal
SACRIFICE System Architecture Concept
SAC System Architecture Concept
SAD System Architecture Document
SAE System Architecture Evolution
SAG System Architecture Group
SAS System Architecture Specification
SAWG System Architecture Working Group
SCA System Communication Architecture
SDA System Design Architecture
SDA System Display Architecture
SMA System Management Architecture
SNAX System Network Architecture eXtended
SOSA System of Systems Architecture
SRAD System Requirements and Architecture Document
SAA Systems Application Architecture
SAE Systems Architecture & Engineering
SAI Systems Architecture and Interfaces
SARG Systems Architecture Research Group
SMASH Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware
SNA Systems Network Architecture
SNACP Systems Network Architecture Control Protocol
SNANAU Systems Network Architecture Network Addressable Unit
SNA-FS Systems Network Architecture/File Services
TAM Target Architecture Module
TSA Target State Architecture
TSA Target System Architecture
TPSA Tax Processing System(s) Architecture
TAA Technical Application Architecture
TA Technical Architecture
TAAD Technical Architecture Approach Document
TAFIM Technical Architecture For Information Management
TAFIM Technical Architecture Framework for Information Management
TAG Technical Architecture Group
TAP Technical Architecture Plan
TARD Technical Architecture Requirements Database
TRAVEL Technical Architecture Roadmap
TAR Technical Architecture Roadmap
TASG Technical Architecture Steering Group
TAV Technical Architecture View
TDA Technical Document Architecture
TRAINING Technical Reference Architecture
TRANSFER Technical Reference Architecture
TRA Technical Reference Architecture
TINA Telecom Information Networking Architecture
TAPAS Telecommunication Architecture for Plug-And-Play Systems
TINA Telecommunication Information Network Architecture
TCA Telecommunications Computing Architecture
TINAC Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Consortium
TBAG Temple Buell Architecture Gallery
TAP Test Architecture & Planning
TAMA The Alternative MILSATCOM Architecture
TODA The Office of Design and Architecture
TOGAF The Open Group Architecture Forum
TOGAF The Open Group Architecture Framework
TIAP Theater Intelligence Architecture Plan/Program
3DA Three Dimensional Architecture
TADC Tibetan Architecture Documentation Centre
TTA Time Triggered Architecture
TVMA Time-Varying Molecular Architecture
TLA Top Level Architecture
TSA Total Systems Architecture
TOSA Total-ship Open Systems Architecture
TCA Trading Community Architecture
TAME TRADOC Architecture Management Element
TAMP TRADOC Architecture Management Program
TARIP TRADOC Architecture Redesign Implementation Plan
TACO Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization
TCA Transformational Communications Architecture
TA Transition Architecture
TTA Transport Triggered Architecture
TPMRA Tree Parity Machine Rekeying Architecture
TEAR Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research
TAD Trent Architecture Design
TAPA Trillium Advanced Portability Architecture
TSSA TriMedia Software Streaming Architecture
TAG Tropical Architecture Group
TSA Tulane School of Architecture
UPA Ultra Port Architecture
UAA Unified Access Architecture
UKRAINE Unified Architecture
UAA Unified Audio Architecture
UCAD Unified Communications Architecture and Design
UCA Unified Cryptologic Architecture
UDA Unified Driver Architecture
UMA Unified Memory Architecture
UMA Unified Motherboard Architecture
USA Unified Shader Architecture
UTAP Unified Telerobotics Architecture Project
UAA Universal Application Architecture
UKRAINE Universal Architecture
UAA Universal Audio Architecture
UNICA Universal Compiler Architecture (allows any language to be compiled by Chasm.
UMA Universal Measurement Architecture
UNA Universal Network Architecture
UNAS Universal Network Architecture Services
UACG University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy
ULA Upper Layer Architecture
UCIA User Centered Information Architecture
UISA User Instruction Set Architecture
ARUS USIGS Architecture Division
ARU USIGS Architecture Division
UAF USIGS Architecture Framework
USAD USIGS System Architecture Description
UTA USIGS Technical Architecture
UTAP USIGS Technical Architecture Profile
UCA Utility Communications Architecture
VITAL Validation of Integrated Telecommunication Architectures for the Long Term
VAMS Variable Architecture Modeling System
VBA Variable Balance Architecture
VIA VAX Information Architecture
VIA Vehicle Internal Architecture
VDA Vendor Driven Architecture
VAF Vernacular Architecture Forum
VISTA Veterans Health Information Systems & Technology Architecture
VISTA Veterans Integrated System Technology Architecture
VODKA Video On Demand Kernel Architecture
VEA Virtual Environment Architecture
VISA Virtual Instrument Software Architecture
VISA Virtual Instrument Standard Architecture
VISTA Virtual Intelligent Storage Architecture
VIA Virtual Interface Architecture
VMA Virtual Modem Architecture
VNA Virtual Network Architecture
VSA Virtual Server Architecture
VPMA Virtually Parallel Machine Architecture
VMW Visualization-based Microarchitecture Workbench
VIA Voice Internet-Age Architecture
VNA Von Neumann Architecture
VAG VRML Architecture Group
WRA Wavelength Routing Architecture
WSOA Weapon System Open Architecture
WDLA Weapons Data Link Architecture
WSTAWG Weapons System Technical Architecture Working Group
WAAF Web Application Architecture Framework
WOA Web Object Architecture
WSMA Web Services and Meteor Architecture
WSA Web Services Architecture
WSMAI Web Services: Modeling, Architecture and Infrastructure
WOA Web-Oriented Architecture
WWWP WICSA Conference on Software Architecture) Wiki WAN (Wireless Area Network) Party (software project)
WASABI Winamp System Architecture Building Interface
WHEA Windows Hardware Error Architecture
WOSA Windows Open Services Architecture
WOSA Windows Open System Architecture
WISA Wireless Internet Service Architecture
WINAAR Wireless Internet-Protocol Network Access Architecture
WSNA Wireless Sensor Network Architecture
WICSA Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture
WICSA Working IEEE/IFIP Conference on Software Architecture
WCSA Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures
WSSA Workshop on System/Software Architectures
WAM World Architecture Map
WWDSA World-Wide Digital Systems Architecture
XAA X Acceleration Architecture
XNA Xbox/DirectX New generation Architecture
XNA Xerox Network Architecture
XAA Xfree86 Acceleration Architecture
XFA XML Forms Architecture
XDA Xtended Design Architecture