Children Abbreviations

In almost the entire non-Western world, having many children is a necessary form of life insurance. Who else should take care of the parents in their old age? Having many children also gives status. In the non-Western world, they don’t understand it when Westerners say they don’t want children. How can you reject such a gift from God? For example, if an elderly Indonesian asks if you already have children, you can say: ‘Not yet, God willing they will come’. Your respectful reply will be appreciated.

Westerners think about having children in terms of planning and conscious will. It happens more to non-westerners, it is more by chance or the will of God, or the fate that determines your life.


A current question in the Middle East is whether children need parental consent to become suicide bombers. No way, according to Mustafa Utman Achmed Mohammed Abu-el-Jazid: parents should not form a barrier between their children and paradise.

Most Muslims do not agree with him and believe that children who want to become martyrs need the permission of their father. Imam El Sharif Sayyed even states that children who want to become suicide bombers need permission from both father and mother. Emancipation continues, also in unsuspected places. Mammals must love their children. Almost all of them have a short nose, a high forehead, a round face and large eyes when they are babies. Those features release dopamine. That substance makes you more caring. ‘Whoever has no lovely children, verily knowsnot that he is alive,’ wrote the man, who also wrote the shortest poem in the Dutch language: ‘hindering children’.1 But children grow up and nature has left a stitch there. Even when children have grown up and become independent, their noses are longer, their faces are less round and their eyes are proportionally smaller, parents continue to love them. But the children have their own lives. The parents then miss their children and the children (sometimes) feel guilty because they do not visit their parents often enough. It would be better if parental love ceased when a child matures, P. said. He noted, however, that nature has not yet reached that stage, and probably will not. The larger a mammal’s brain, the longer the gestation and suckling time. Human evolution is moving towards bigger brains. If parental love remains associated with it, we will (have to) continue to love our children for longer; even if the dopamine stops flowing. Our brain size causes us many problems. (See: Anxiety and Communicating)

Linguistically, the relationship between parents and children is also complicated.2 Maternal love refers to the mother’s love for her child. Not turned around. You rarely hear of paternal love, and the word child love is only common in Greek. But pedophilia is the wrong childhood love.

Children Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Children

ACAS Aboriginal Children’s Advancement Society
AMHC Access to Mental Health Care in Children
AAC Action Alliance for Children
ACE Action for Children’s Education
ACT Action for Children’s Television
ARCHIVE Action for the Rights of Children
ARC Action for the Rights of Children
ACTS Activating Children’s Thinking Skills
ARCHIVE Active Recreation for Children
ARC Active Recreation for Children
ACE Activities Children Enjoy
AWCH Adelaide Women and Children’s Hospital
ACF Administration for Children and Families
ACS Administration for Children’s Services
ACYF Administration on Children, Youth and Families
ACA Adult Children Anonymous
ACDF adult children from dysfunctional families
ACOA Adult Children Of Alcoholics
ACA Adult Children of Alcoholics
ACOD Adult Children Of Divorce
ACODF Adult Children Of Dysfunctional Families
ACOH Adult Children of Heterosexuals
ACON Adult Children of Narcissists
ACMI Adult Children of the Mentally Ill
ACKD Adult Children with Knitting Disorders
ACLDS Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities
ACLD Adults and Children with Learning and Developmental Disabilities
ACCOUNT Adults Connecting With Children And Teens
ACCOUNTANT Adults Connecting with Children and Teens
ACCT Adults Connecting with Children and Teens
AMAC Adults Molested As Children
AC Advent Children
ACHDNC Advisory Committee on Heritable Disorders in Newborns and Children
ACCESS Advocacy Center for Children’s Educational Success with Standards
AAIC Advocates for American Indian Children
ACY Advocates for Children and Youth
AFC Advocates for Children of New York, Inc.
ACE Advocates for Children’s Education
ACCY Advocates for Connecticut Children and Youth
ACT Agenda for Children Tomorrow
ACWP Aid to Children Without Parents
ADC Aid to Dependent Children
AFDC Aid to Families with Dependent Children
ANFC Aid to Needy Families with Children
ACCA Alaska Center for Children and Adults
ACHF Alberta Children Hospital Foundation
ACCH Albuquerque Christian Children’s Home
ACBC Aliminim Cans for Burned Children
ACES All Children Exercising Simultaneously
ACLB All Children Left Behind
ACT All Children Together
ACH All Children’s Hospital
ALCOHOL All Childrens Hospital
AMC All My Children
AOC-2 All Our Children
AOC All Our Children
ARCC Allergy and Respiratory Clinic for Children
ACF Alliance for Children and Families
ACT Alliance for Children and Television
ACES Alliance for Children’s Early Success
ATLC Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children
ALPHABET Always Believe in Children
ABC Always Believe in Children
ALPHABET Always Breastfeed Children
ABC Always Breastfeed Children
ALPHABET Always Buckle Children
ABC Always Buckle Children
ALPHABET America Buckles up Children
ABC America Buckles up Children
AAGC American Association for Gifted Children
AASC American Association of School Children
ACCOUNTANT American Center for Children’s Television
ACCT American Center for Children’s Television
ACCOUNT American Center For Childrens Television
ACTF American Children’s Television Festival
ACFC American Coalition for Fathers and Children
AFCA American Foundation for Children with AIDS
AICA American International Children’s Alliance, Inc.
AJDC American Journal of Diseases of Children
ASDC American Society for Deaf Children
ASDC American Society of Dentistry for Children
AKCF Amie Karen Cancer Fund for Children
AACC Anderson Area Children’s Choir
ATWC Anglican Trust for Women and Children
ADIS-C Anxiety Disorders Interview Schedule for Children
ACFA Arab Children Friends Association
ACH Arkansas Children’s Hospital
ACNC Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center
ALPHABET Art Basics for Children
ABC Art Basics for Children
ACFFC Art Creation Foundation for Children
ANCY Arts Network for Children and Youth
ACSA Asian Children Support Association
ARIAT Asian Regional Initiative Against Trafficking in Women and Children
AIC Assistance for Isolated Children
ACE Assisting Children Everywhere
ACWD Assisting Children with Disabilities
AFASIC Association for All Speech Impaired Children
ACES Association for Children for Enforcement of Support
ACDS Association for Children with Down Syndrome
CLASH Association for Children with Language, Speech and Hearing Impairments of Namibia
ACL Association for Children’s Librarians
ACT Association for Children’s Palliative Care
ACS Association for Children’s Suffrage
ALSC Association for Library Service to Children
AFNIC Association for Neurologically Impaired Children
AROS Association for Restoration of Orphans and Street Children
ARCHIVE Association for Retarded Children
ARC Association for Retarded Children
ACCH Association for the Care of Children’s Health
AHRC Association for the Help of Retarded Children
ELI Association for the Protection of Children
AWCH Association for the Wellbeing of Children in Healthcare
AAICPC Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
ABDC Association of Birth Defect Children
ALPHABET Association of Bright Children
ABC Association of Bright Children
ACLDS Association of Children with Learning Disabilities
ACLD Association of Children with Learning Disabilities
ACH Association of Children’s Hospices
ACM Association of Children’s Museums
ALCOHOL Association Of Childrens Hospices
ADCS Association of Directors of Children’s Services Ltd.
AEHHC Association of Educators of Homebound and Hospitalized Children
ATEC Association of Teachers of Exceptional Children
ARCHIVE Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children
ARC Asylum Seeking and Refugee Children
ATCP Ataxia Telangiectasia Children’s Project
ACMT Auckland Children’s Musical Theatre
AAEYC Austin Association for the Education of Young Children
ACSG Austin Children’s Shelter Guild
ACCSA Australian Children’s Contact Services Association
ACTF Australian Children’s Television Foundation
ARAFCAY Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
BCC Baby Care Children
BCYF Balkan Children and Youth Foundation
BFCS Baptist Family and Children’s Services
BJC Barnes/Jewish/Childrens
BCSCCA Bay County Society for Crippled Children and Adults
BC Before Children
BTWC Before There Were Children
BWCF Beginning with Children Foundation
BASC Behavior Assessment System for Children
BRIAAC Behavior Rating Instrument for Autistic and other Atypical Children
BRIAC Behavior Rating Instrument for Autistic Children
BCCYS Berks County Children and Youth Services
BPCA Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act of 2002
BVC Better Vision for Children Foundation
BDRC Birth Defect Research for Children, Inc.
BTC Bless the Children
BCF Blind Children’s Fund
BSCB Bradford Safeguarding Children Board
BCCT Brick Children’s Community Theater
BPRS-C Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale for Children
BRHC Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
BHC British Home Children
BNFC British National Formulary for Children
BCCB Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
BCYF Bureau for Children, Youth and Families
BCAL Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing
BCCS Burnaby Children’s Centres Society
CCRF California Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation
CCS California Children’s Services
CCF Campaign for Children and Families
CCL Canadian Children’s Literature
CCM Canadian Children’s Museum
CCOC Canadian Children’s Opera Chorus
CCRC Canadian Children’s Rights Council
CFFC Canadian Food for Children
CFCH Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti
CAGCY Canterbury Association for Gifted Children and Youth
CCCP Cape Cod Children’s Place
CCM Capital Children’s Museum
CVC Care for Vulnerable Children
COCA Care of Children Act
CCCT Caryl Crane Children’s Theatre
CICRF Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund
CCF Center for Children + Families
CCF Center for Children and Families
CCF Center For Children Families
CCIP Center for Children of Incarcerated Parents
CCHE Center for Children’s Health and the Environment
CCLP Center for Children’s Law and Policy
CFCC Center for Families, Children & the Courts
CHCFC Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities
CIRCLE Center for Improving Readiness of Children for Learning and Education
CMEC Center for Missing and Exploited Children
CRMC Center for Research for Mothers and Children
CRITC Center for Research on the Influences of Television on Children
CAUC Center for the Advancement of Underserved Children
CAUC Center for the Advancement of Urban Children
CPCRF Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation
CSCF Center for the Study of Children’s Futures
CSVAC Center for the Study of Violence Against Children
CWCS Center for Women and Children Studies
CCFL Center on Children, Families and the Law
CACC Central Arkansas Children’s Choir
CMMC Central Manchester and Manchester Children’s University Hospitals
CCFJS Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System
CCY Centre for Children and Youth
CCH Centre for Children’s Happiness
CEC Centre for Ethnic Children
CRCF Centre for Research on Children and Families
CELTC Certificate in English Language Teaching to Children
CFC Chances for Children
CCIN Chernobyl Children in Need
CCFC Chernobyl Children’s Fund of Colorado
CCP Chernobyl Children’s Project
CCM Chesapeake Children’s Museum
CASA Children & Adolescent Services Association
CACH Children Adopted from China
CATS Children Affected by a Toxic Substance
CABA Children Affected By AIDS
CAA Children Affected by AIDS
CAAF Children Affected by AIDS Foundation
CAFF Children Affected by Fighting Forces
CALM Children Affected with Lymphatic Malformations
CAD Children Against Discrimination
CHAD-ET Children Aid Ethiopia
CAPSS Children and Adolescent Parents Support Self-Sufficiency
CHADD Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
CAINN Children and AIDS International NGO Network
CACWG Children and Armed Conflict Working Group
CBFA Children and Broadcasting Foundation for Africa
CFCOC Children and Families Commission of Orange County
CFRU Children and Families Research Unit
CAFCASS Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services
CFF Children and Family Futures
CFJC Children and Family Justice Center
CFLC Children and Family Law Center
CFRC Children and Family Resource Center
CAMRA Children and Media Research Advancement
CAPSS Children and Parents Support Service
CPW Children and Pregnant Women
CYP Children and Young People
CYPP Children and Young People’s Plan
CYPS Children and Young People’s Services
CYPU Children and Young People’s Unit
CYPA Children and Young Person’s Act
CY Children and Youth
CAN Children and Youth Action Network
CAYAC Children and Youth Advocacy Clinic
CYB Children and Youth Board
CYD Children and Youth Division
CYFP Children and Youth Foundation of the Philippines
CYI Children and Youth Initiative
CYPF Children and Youth Partnership Foundation
CAMP Children Are Miserable Parents
CAPP Children Are Priceless Passengers
CAHM Children at Heart Ministries, Inc.
CAPACITY Children at Play
CAP Children at Play
CAR Children at Risk
CARF Children At Risk Foundation
CCI Children Challenging Industry
CCWA Children Christian Welfare Association
CCF Children Come First
CDE Children Designing & Engineering
CEA Children Education Allowance
CFAD Children Family and Aging Division
CFSC Children Family Services Center
CFA Children First America
CFFO Children First for Oregon
CFCO Children for Children Organisation
CPNP Children for the Protection of Nature in Palestine
CFA Children Fund Afghanistan
CHAP Children Have A Potential
CHILD Children Having Individual Learning Differences
CHCF Children Heart Correction Fund
CHC Children Helping Children
CHUMS Children Hope for Understanding Multiple Sclerosis
CIC Children in Crisis, Inc.
CIDC Children in Difficult Circumstances
CEDC Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances
CHI Children in Hospital Ireland
CHILIAS Children in Libraries: Improving Multimedia Virtual Library Access and Information Skills
CIN Children in Need
CNSP Children in Need for Special Protection System
CINF Children in Need Foundation
CHIN Children in Need Network
CINC Children in Need of Care
CINP Children in Need of Protection
COAV Children in Organized Armed Violence
CIP Children in Poverty
CIW Children in Wales
CIDS Children Integrated Development Services
CLASSER Children Learning About Space Science
CLASS Children Learning About Space Science
CLOWNS Children Learning Other Ways Naturally
CLCA Children Leaving Care Act
CLIMB Children Living with Inherited Metabolic Diseases
CME Children Missing Education
CAPS Children of Aging Parents
COAS Children of Alcoholics
COAF Children of Alcoholics Foundation
CAF Children of Alcoholics Foundation
CASSI Children of Alcoholics Short Screening Instrument
COAF Children of Armenia Fund
CANDLE Children of Auschwitz Nazis’ Deadly Lab Experiment Survivors
COB Children of Bodom
COBHC Children of Bodom Hate Crew
CCCF Children of Chernobyl Canadian Fund
CCUSA Children of Chernobyl United States Alliance
CCRF Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund
CODA Children of Deaf Adults
COD Children Of Destiny
CODAS Children of Divorce and Separation
CHEER Children of Eastern European Regions
COE Children of Eden
CHI Children of High Intelligence
COO Children of Opportunity
COPI Children of Promise International
COSA Children of Substance Abuse
CSAM Children of Substance-Abusing Mothers
COSAP Children of Substance-Abusing Parents
CAR Children of the American Revolution
COC Children of the Cathedral
COTD Children of the Damned
CTEER Children of the Earth
CTE Children of the Earth
COTF Children Of The Fey
COTF Children of the First
COTM Children of the Mind
COTNI Children of the Nations International
COTN Children of the Night
COTP Children of the Past
COTR Children of the Revolution
COTS Children of the Sun
CUFT Children of the Universe Foundation
COU Children of Uganda
COBA Children Orphaned by AIDS
COVIC Children Orphaned by the Violence in Colombia
COOS Children Out of School
CRACK Children Requiring A Caring Kommunity
CSAD Children Services Administration Division
CSB Children Services Board
CSAI Children Surgical Aid International
CONTROL Children to Love
CTL Children to Love
CHUMS Children United Morally and Spiritually
CWNS Children Who Do Not Stutter
CWWV Children Who Witness Violence
CWAN Children with Additional Needs
CHADD Children with Attention Deficit Disorder
CWA Children with Autism
CCMC Children with Complex Medical Conditions
CWDD Children With Developmental Disabilities
CWD Children with Disabilities
CHILD Children with Intestinal and Liver Disorders Foundation
CRMD Children with Retarded Mental Development
CWSN Children With Special Needs
CSN Children with Special Needs
CSB Children with Starving Brains
CWF Children Worldwide Fashion
CWW Children Worldwide Web
CYFERNET Children Youth and Familes Education and Research Network
CFC Children, Families and Communities
CFL Children, Families and Learning
CFS Children, Families and Schools
CYPF Children, Young People and Families
CYPFD Children, Young People and Families Directorate
CYPS Children, Young Persons and their families Service
CYFC Children, Youth & Family Consortium
CYE Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design
CYED Children, Youth and Environments Center for Research and Design
CYF Children, Youth and Families
CYFC Children, Youth, Families and Communities
CAPS Children’s Academic Program for Summer
CAA Children’s Action Alliance
CARU Children’s Advertising Review Unit
CAF Children’s Advocacy Foundation, Inc.
CAS Children’s Aid Society
CAAP Children’s AIDS Awareness Project
CAPACITY Children’s Alopecia Project
CAP Children’s Alopecia Project
CAF Children’s Angel Flight
CASW Children’s Arts and Sciences Workshop, Inc.
CAC Children’s Assessment Center
CAMP Children’s Association for Maximum Potential
CBT Children’s Ballet Theater
CBQ Children’s Behavior Questionnaire
CBC Children’s Bereavement Center
CBC Children’s Book Committee
CBC Children’s Book Council
CBEC Children’s Book Exhibit Center
CBT Children’s Book Trust
CBTF Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation
CBBC Children’s British Broadcasting Corporation
CB Children’s Bureau
CB Children’s Bureau
CCI Children’s Camps International
CCCL Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon
CCF Children’s Cancer Foundation
CCFA Children’s Cancer Fund of America
CCG Children’s Cancer Group
CCIA Children’s Cancer Institute Australia
CCRF Children’s Cancer Research Fund
CCF Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation
CCA Children’s Charities of America
CCHN Children’s Christian Hunger Network
CCRI Children’s Clinical Research Institute
CCAT Children’s Collaborative Action Team
CCSR Children’s Commissioning Support Resource
CCCC Children’s Conference on Climate Change
CCP Children’s Cooperative Preschool
CCSF Children’s Council of San Francisco
CCFA Children’s Craniofacial Association
CCA Children’s Craniofacial Association
CCIS Children’s Crisis Intervention Services
CDF Children’s Defense Fund
CDI Children’s Depression Inventory
CDMCS Children’s Digital Media Center
CDM Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose
CDF Children’s Dream Foundation
CEAR Children’s Early Assessment and Referral
CET Children’s Educational Theater
CERT Children’s Emergency Relief Team
CHEERS Children’s Environmental Exposure Research Study
CERI Children’s Environmental Response Inventory
CERC Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center
CFC Children’s Festival Chorus
CFF Children’s Film Festival
CFF Children’s Film Foundation
CFBF Children’s Fire and Burn Fund
CFCF Children’s Food and Care Fund
CFP Children’s Forest Program
CFRC Children’s Foundation Research Center
CGF Children’s Glaucoma Foundation
CGAS Children’s Global Assessment Scale
CHOC Children’s Haematology Oncology Clinics
CHES Children’s Handwriting Evaluation System
CHEC Children’s Health Environmental Coalition
CHIN Children’s Health Information Network
CHI Children’s Health Initiative
CHIP Children’s Health Initiative Program
CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Plan
CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program
CHIPRA Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009
CHIP Children’s Health Involving Parents
CHS Children’s Health Services
CHS Children’s Health Study
CHOA Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
CHA Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
CHFI Children’s Heart Foundation International
CHRC Children’s Heart Research Centre
CHV Children’s Holiday Venture
CHASI Children’s Home & Aid Society of Illinois
CHD Children’s Home of Detroit
CHS Children’s Home Society
CHSW Children’s Home Society of Washington
CHI Children’s Hope International
CHI Children’s Hospice International
CHAMPION Children’s Hospital
CH Children’s Hospital
CHAD Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth
CHW Children’s Hospital at Westmead
CHB Children’s Hospital Boston
CHCC Children’s Hospital Central California
CHIPS Children’s Hospital Image Processing Software
CHIP Children’s Hospital Informatics Program
CHICO Children’s Hospital Integrated Care Organization
CHOB Children’s Hospital of Buffalo
CHEO Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
CHECKMATE Children’s Hospital of Michigan
CHM Children’s Hospital of Michigan
CHO Children’s Hospital of Oklahoma
CHOP Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
CHP Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
CHKD Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters
CHW Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
CHOC Children’s Hospital Orange County
CHP Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh
CHAP Children’s Hospitalization Alternative Program
CHEER Children’s Hospitals Educational Equity and Research
CHI Children’s House International
CHNRC Children’s Human Nutrition Research Center
CRCA Children’s Human Rights Centre of Albania
CHA Children’s Hunger Alliance
CHF Children’s Hunger Fund
CHRF Children’s Hunger Relief Fund
CITV Children’s Independent Television
CII Children’s Institute International
CILA Children’s International Language Academy
CISV Children’s International Summer Villages
CIWS Children’s International Wildlife Sanctuary
CHIPA Children’s Internet Protection Act
CIPA Children’s Internet Protection Act of 1999
CJA Children’s Justice Act
CKDS Children’s Kidney Disease Support
CLCM Children’s Law Center Of Massachusetts, Inc
CLAN Children’s Legal Action Network
CLC Children’s Legal Centre
CLC Children’s Literature Centre
CLCD Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database
CLC Children’s Literature for Children
CLN Children’s Literature Navigator
CLN Children’s Literature Network
CLA Children’s Liver Alliance
CLTS Children’s Long-Term Support
CMPC Children’s Media Policy Coalition
CMRI Children’s Medical Research Institute
CMS Children’s Medical Services
CMH Children’s Memorial Hospital
CMRC Children’s Memorial Research Center
CMHI Children’s Mental Health Initiative
CMA Children’s Miracle Award
CMN Children’s Miracle Network
CMEE Children’s Museum of the East End
CMDC Children’s Music Development Center
CNI Children’s Nature Institute
COG Children’s Oncology Group
COPPA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998
COTA Children’s Organ Transplant Association
COH Children’s Orthopedic Hospital
CPS Children’s Paradise School
COPILOT Children’s Pastor
CP Children’s Pastor
CPT Children’s Peace Theatre
CPCA Children’s Performing Company of Australia
CPDC Children’s Physical Developmental Clinic
CPN Children’s Physician Network
CPS Children’s Protective Services
CPA Children’s Psychology Associates
CRS Children’s Rehabilitation Services
CRS Children’s Rehabilitative Services
CRCM Children’s Research Center of Michigan
CRI Children’s Research Institute
CRN Children’s Residential Network
CRCC Children’s Respite Care Center
CRN Children’s Restoration Network
CRC Children’s Rights Council
CSMP Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation
CSEF Children’s Safety Education Foundation
CSN Children’s Safety Network
CSF Children’s Scholarship Fund
CSS Children’s School of Science
CSSW Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin
CSC Children’s Services Council
CSIS Children’s Services Information Service
CSDF Children’s Skin Disease Foundation
CSDQ Children’s Social Desirability Questionnaire
CSW Children’s Social Worker
CSR Children’s Software Review
CSHCS Children’s Special Health Care Services
CSF Children’s Surgical Foundation
CALL-TO-ACTION Children’s Television Act of 1990
CTA Children’s Television Act of 1990
CTW Children’s Television Workshop
CTR Children’s Term Rider
CTOC Children’s Theatre of Charleston
CALL-TO-ACTION Children’s Transplant Association
CTA Children’s Transplant Association
CTF Children’s Trust Fund
CTFO Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon
CTF Children’s Tumor Foundation
CUH Children’s University Hospital
CVI Children’s Vaccine Initiative
CWN Children’s Workforce Network
CHLA Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
CMH Childrens Mercy Hospital
CMT Childrens Musical Theatre
CROI Childrens Rescue Outreach International
CRI Childrens Right International
CMA Childrenswear Manufacturers Association
CYCRC China Youth and Children Research Center
CCAI Chinese Children Adoption International
COACH Choosing Options and Accommodations for Children
CFCI Christ for Children International
CACZ Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia
CCEF Christian Children Education Fund
CCF Christian Children’s Fellowship
CCF Christian Children’s Fund
CCFA Christian Children’s Fund of Australia
CCFC Christian Children’s Fund of Canada
CEC Christian Education Children
CFCA Christian Foundation for Children and Aging
CICCAS Christian Initiation of Children of Catechetical Age
CIDC Chronically Ill and Dependent Children
CCHMC Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
CMC Citizens for Missouri’s Children
CCWC City Council for the Welfare of Children
COTLC City of the Lost Children
CAFHC Clean Air for Healthy Children
CCI Cleft-Children International
CAC Coalition for America’s Children
CQCM Coalition for Quality Children’s Media
CHANCE Collaboration for Health, Activity and Nutrition in Children’s Environments
CARC Colorado Association for Retarded Children
CCBA Colorado Children’s Book Award
CCRI Columbus Children’s Research Institute
CCPC Columbus County Partnership for Children
CSEC Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children
CCY Commission on Children and Youth
CHCF Committee for Hispanic Children and Families
CPFC Committee for Population, Family and Children
CPCC Committee of Protection and Care of Children
CCCA Commonwealth Center for Children & Adolescents
C4C Communities for Children
CAPC Community Action Program for Children
CASY Community Alliance and Services for Young Children
CBIPCY Community Brain Injury Program for Children and Youth
4C Community Coordinated Care for Children, Inc.
CDGECS Community Development, Gender Equality and Children Section
CHAC Community Haven for Adults and Children with Disabilities
CPPC Community Partnerships for Protecting Children
CFC Computers for Children
COCO Comrades of Children Overseas
CWC Concerned for Working Children
CCMC Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
CLOCC Consortium to Lower Obesity in Chicago Children
CCBC Cooperative Children’s Book Center
COACH Coordinating Action for Children’s Health
CCCC Coordinating Council for Children in Crisis, Inc.
CIRC Cornell Institute for Research on Children
CACHE Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education
CCBD Council for Children with Behavior Disorders
CEC Council for Exceptional Children
CWC Council for the Welfare of Children
CCF Council on Children & Families
CCF Council On Children Families
CCMM Council on Children, Media and Merchandising
COPEC Council on Physical Education for Children
CAC Crimes Against Children
CCRC Crimes Against Children Research Center
CACTF Crimes against Children Task Force
CCR Cruel Children’s Room
CCDCFS Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services
DACI Dance and Children International
DCCA Darlington’s Children’s Countryside Asssociation
DCSC Day Care Services for Children, Inc.
DCS Deaf Childrens Society
DISCOUNT Dear Children
DC Dear Children
DISCOUNT December’s Children
DC December’s Children
DCI Defence for Children International
DECCF Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families
DFRC Delaware Foundation for Retarded Children
DCFS Department for Children, Families and Schools
DCSF Department for Children, Schools and Families
DSCF Department for Schools, Children and Families
DCAF Department of Children and Families
DCF Department of Children and Families
DCFS Department of Children and Family Services
DCYS Department of Children and Youth Services
DCS Department of Children’s Services
DECS Department of Education and Children’s Services
DOHC Department of Health and Children
DYCW Department of Youth and Children’s Work
DNCF Developing Nation Children Foundation
DCC Development Corporation for Children
DWACRA Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas
DPWC Development Program for Women and Children
DRCS Diamonds in the Rough Children’s Society
DCS Director of Children’s Services
DCP Disabled Children’s Program
DCRF Disabled Children’s Relief Fund
DCT Disabled Children’s Team
DCOF Displaced Children and Orphans Fund
DCYS Division for Children and Youth Services
DCCD Division for Children with Communication Disorders
DCFS Division of Children and Family Services
DCYFS Division of Children, Youth, and Family Services
DFCS Division of Families and Children’s Services
DFC Division of Family and Children
DSCC Division of Services for Crippled Children
DSCC Division of Specialized Care for Children
DUCS Division of Unaccompanied Children’s Services
DEPC Down East Partnership for Children
DBCC Downtown Baltimore Children’s Center
DEC Drug Endangered Children
DEC Drug Evaluation in Children
DCAS Durham Children’s Aid Society
EETC Early Education and Technology for Children
EBAC East Bay Agency for Children
EVCC East Valley Children’s Center
EAHC Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975
EHA Education for All Handicapped Children Act of 1975
EFC Education for the Children
EPCC Education Partnership for Children of Conflict
ERFC Educational Resources for Children, Inc.
EAVC Eligible Assaultive and Violent Children
EAEDC Emergency Aid to Elders, Disabled and Children
EMSC Emergency Medical Services for Children
ECPAT End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography and the Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes
EPOCH End Physical Punishment Of Children
ECEE Ergonomics for Children and Educational Environments
EACH European Association for Children in Hospital
ECFA European Children’s Film Association
EFSC European Foundation for Street Children
ENDIC European Network for Drug Investigation in Children
ESCCA Evanston School Children Clothing Association
EPIC Every Person Influences Children, Inc.
ECUADOR Exceptional Children
ECONOMICS Exceptional Children
EC Exceptional Children
ECAC Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center
FCF Fabretto Children’s Foundation
FACE Families Adopting Children Everywhere
FFCI Families for Children International
FFCZ Families for Children Zambia
FOCUS Families Of Children Under Stress
FCC Families of Children with Cancer of Ontario
FWC Families with Children
FCC Families with Children from China
FACES Family and Children Early Education Services
FCFC Family and Children Faith Coalition
FCFC Family and Children First Council
FACS Family and Children’s Services
FACT Family and Children’s Trust Fund
FACE Fathers’ and Children’s Equality, Inc.
FCSN Federation for Children with Special Needs
FCSN Federation for Children with Special Needs
FCBG Federation of Children’s Book Groups
FMSC Feed My Starving Children
FTC Feed The Children
FOCF Festival of Children Foundation
FFAC Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
FMFC Financial Markets Foundation for Children
FCF Florida Children’s Forum
FCC Florida Coalition for Children
FFCEC Florida Federation Council for Exceptional Children
FUMCH Florida United Methodist Children’s Home
FACTS Food Anaphylactic Children Training and Support
FGCI For God’s Children International
FOCUS For Our Children’s Unique Sight
FOG For Our Grandchildren
FCT Forth Childrens Theatre
FC Foster Care Children
FIMRC Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children
FOC Foundation for Orphaned Children
FFCC Foundation for the Children of the Californias
FERC Foundation for the Education of Rural Children
FCS Framingham Children’s Study
FFAC Friends for All Children
FOCC Friends Of Chernobyl’s Children
FCSN Friends of Children with Special Needs
FCSN Friends of Children with Special Needs
FNCA Friends of Needy Children Association
FOTC Friends of the Children
FOTCC Friends of the Children of Chernobyl
FZC Fuzzy’s Children
FZCS Fuzzy’s Children
GSCF Gansu Survey of Children & Families
GPAC Gauteng Plan of Action for Children
GAHSC Georgia Association of Homes & Services for Children
GAYC Georgia Association on Young Children
GCMP Georgia Children Media Program
GAAC German Aid for Afghan Children
GATCA Gifted and Talented Children Association
GCABC Gifted Children’s Association of British Columbia
GECC Glen Ellyn Children’s Chorus
GCEV Global Bible for Children: Global Contemporary English Version
GCO Global Children’s Organization
GCC Glorystar Children’s Chorus
GUC God’s Unwanted Children
GMTC Gospel Ministries to Children
GICF Grace International Children’s Foundation Ltd.
GOSHCC Great Ormond Street Hospital Childrens Charity
GOBI Growth monitoring of young children, Oral rehydration therapy, promotion of Breast feeding, and Immunization
GOC Guardians of the Children
HTC Healing the Children
HTCNE Healing the Children Northeast, Inc.
HBSC Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children
HBHC Healthy Babies Healthy Children
HCY Healthy Children and Youth Administrative Case Management Program
HECA Healthy Environments for Children Alliance
HEC Healthy Environments for Children Initiative
HASC Hebrew Academy for Special Children
HLCC Hellenic Language Classes for Children
HASCO Help Afghan School Children Organization
HAWC Help for Abused Women and Children
HBIC Help for Brain Injured Children
HTAC Help the Afghan Children
HAC Help the Afghan Children
HCC Helping Children Cope
HFC Heroes for Children
HCC Hillcrest Children’s Center
HPC HIP Pocket Change (US Mint children’s coin collecting website)
HCC Home Children Canada
HAWC Home for Abused Women and Children
HFFC Homes Fit for Children
HKCC Hong Kong Children’s Choir
HHC Hope and Homes for Children
HHCR Hope and Homes for Children Romania
HACI Hope for African Children Initiative
HFC HOPE for Children (UK)
HSC Hospital for Sick Children
HAVOC Humanity Against Victimization of Children
HPAC Hunts Point Alliance for Children
HCSG Hyperactive Children’s Support Group
IAGC Illinois Association for Gifted Children
IEMSC Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children
ISAC Illinois State Advisory Council on the Education of Children with Disabilities
ICARE Immunize Children At-Risk Early
ITBIC In the Best Interests of the Children
ICMU Independent Children’s Music
IDFC Indiana Division of Family and Children
ICC Indianapolis Children’s Choir
ICM Indianapolis Childrens’ Museum
ICOTA Indigenous Children of the Americas
IDC Infectious Diseases in Children
INCH Institute for Naming Children Humanely
IIEEC Institute for the International English Education of Children
ICP Institutionalized Children’s Program
IEDC Integrated Education for Disabled Children
ISCIS Integrated Services for Children Information System
IHC Intellectually Handicapped Children
IDC Interaction Design and Children
IAC International Alliance for Children, Inc.
ICAN International Children’s Anophthalmia Network
ICB International Children’s Bible
ICBA International Children’s Bunko Association
ICCC International Children’s Care Centre
ICCS International Children’s Continence Society
ICDL International Children’s Digital Library
ICMD International Children’s Memorial Day
ICPC International Children’s Peace Council
IDCS International Deaf Children’s Society
IMAC International Movement of Apostolate Children
INCSF International Nile Children Song Festival
IRSC International Reflux Study in Children
ISCA International Save the Children Alliance
ISCU International Save the Children Union
IWCH International Women and Children’s Health
ICAC Internet Crimes Against Children
IRSC Internet Resources for Special Children
ISAAC Internet System for Assessing Autistic Children
ICPC Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children
ICAA Invalid Children’s Aid Association
ISMAC Investigative Strategies for Missing and Abducted Children
ICCA Iowa Children’s Choice Award
ISSPCC Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
IPCA Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association
ICPA Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association
JCCP Japanese Committee for the Children of Palestine
JCMC Jericho Children Municipal Council
JCF Jewelers Charity Fund for Children
JBFCS Jewish Board of Family and Children Services
JCM Jewish Children’s Museum
JCICS Joint Council on International Children’s Services
JBCC Judge Baker Children’s Center
JFCY Justice for Children and Youth
JFMC Justice for Murdered Children
KAEYC Kansas Association for the Education of Young Children
KABC Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children
KOOROC Keep Out of Reach of Children
KCH Kentucky Children’s Hospital
KCH Kenya Children’s Home
KCFTC Kids Can Free The Children
KCCA Korean-Canadian Children’s Association
LSCB Lancashire Safeguarding Children Board
LMCS Lead Member for Children’s Services
LVCC Lehigh Valley Children’s Center
LTCF Lenny Trusler Children’s Foundation
LPCH Little Princes Children’s Home
LUCY Lives of Urban Children and Youth
LSCB Local Safeguarding Children’s Board
LACC Los Angeles Children’s Chorus
LRCC Los Robles Children’s Choir
LAEYC Louisiana Association for the Education of Young Children
LCM Louisiana Children’s Museum
LPFDC Love Poems for Dying Children
LTC Love the Children
LIFC Low-Income Families and Children
LPCH Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
LCPH Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
LCFS Lutheran Children and Family Service
MICP Maine Irish Children’s Program
MCTR Manchester Children’s Tumour Registry
MSC Many Small Children
MMCH Maria Montessori Children’s House
MCCA Marion County Children’s Alliance
MWC Married With Children
MSCLPC Maryland Society for Cleft Lip and Palate Children
MARC Massachusetts Association for Retarded Children
MCBA Massachusetts Children’s Book Award
MCC Massachusetts Citizens for Children
MGHC MassGeneral Hospital for Children
MDCP Medically Dependent Children’s Program
MCRN Medicines for Children Research Network
MSCL Mellen Studies in Children’s Literature
MCIP Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents
MCOP Mentoring Children of Prisoners
MCP Mentoring Children of Promise
MCH Methodist Children’s Home
MCHS Methodist Children’s Home Society
MTCE Metta Trust for Children’s Education
MMCT Michelle McLean Children Trust
MACED Michigan Association for Children with Emotional Disorders
MECA Middle East Children’s Alliance
MCY Military Children and Youth
MWCF Ministry for Women, Children and the Family
MWCA Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
MOWAC Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs
MARC Minneapolis Association of Retarded Children
MCM Minnesota Children’s MuseuM
MCSC Missing Children Society of Canada
MCT Missoula Children’s Theater
MAGIC Missouri Assessment of Genetics Interview for Children
MMCC Mobile Mini Circus for Children
MCHD Montessori Children’s House of Denver
MCHF Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
MCLB Most Children Left Behind
MTCF Mother Teresa Children’s Foundation
MCF Mully Children’s Family
MASC Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children
MTA Multimodal Treatment Study of Children with ADHD
MCRI Murdoch Children’s Research Institute
MMTIC Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children
MCNA Muslim Children of North America
NAFC Naples Alliance for Children
NCEF Naples Children and Education Foundation
NACCT National Advisory Committee on Children and Terrorism
NAAEC National Association against the Exploitation of Children
NACE National Association for Able Children in Education
NACOA National Association for Children of Alcoholics
NAGA National Association for Gifted Children
NARC National Association for Retarded Children
NAEYC National Association for the Education of Young Children
NACHRI National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions
NACC National Association of Counsel for Children
NASCEHCY National Association of State Coordinators for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth
NBCS National Blind Children’s Society
NBSC National Board for Safeguarding Children
NCBC National Camps for Blind Children
NCCF National Center for Children and Families
NCCP National Center for Children in Poverty
NCCFC National Center for Children, Families and Communities
NCMEC National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
NCCL National Centre for Children’s Literature
NCASC National Children and Adult Services Conference
NCYFS National Children and Youth Fitness Study
NCAC National Children’s Advocacy Center
NCA National Children’s Alliance
NCB National Children’s Bureau
NCCS National Children’s Cancer Society
NCM National Children’s Museum
NCO National Children’s Orchestra
NCSC National Children’s Science Congress
NCS National Children’s Study
NCC National Childrens Center, Inc.
NCPC National Coalition for the Protection of Children
NCTWC National Committee on Trafficking in Women and Children
NDCS National Deaf Childrens Society
NFAC National Foundation for Asthmatic Children
NISMART National Incidence Studies of Missing, Abducted, Runaway and Thrownaway Children
NIFC National Initiative for Children
NICHQ National Initiative for Children’s Healthcare Quality
NLCI National Latino Children’s Institute
NLC National Law Center for Children and Families
NLSC National Longitudinal Survey of Children
NLSCY National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth
NMWC National Movement of Working Children
NOMIC National Organization for Mentally Ill Children
POMC National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.
NSAC National Society for Autistic Children
NSPCC National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NSCH National Survey of Children’s Health
NTC National Theatre for Children
NTRC National Trauma Registry for Children
NWCWC National Working Committee on Women and Children
NAEYC Nebraska Association for the Education of Young Children
NCSL Neighborhood Children’s Sports League
NCCS Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Society
NCCYS New Canadian Children and Youth Study
NYSPCC New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
NYSOCFS New York State Office of Children and Family Services
NZAGC New Zealand Association for Gifted Children
NZCP New Zealand Children’s Press
NGCC Next Generation Children’s Center, Inc.
NC-17 No Children under 17 years of age
NCBC Norfolk Children’s Book Centre
NACAC North American Council for Adoptable Children
NAGCAT North American Guidelines for Children’s Agricultural Tasks
NCAEYC North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children
NCCH North Carolina Children’s Hospital
NEFC Northeast Foundation for Children, Inc.
NICC Northern Iowa Children’s Choir
NPCS Northern Potter Children’s School
NIFOTC not in front of the children
NSFC Not Suitable for Children
NNEC Now, Now Every Children
NOC Number of Children
NCM Number of Children Modules
OCTS Observatory on Children, Teens and Science
OSCAR Offering Support to Children and Relatives
OCFS Office of Children and Family Services
OCYP Office of Children and Young People
OCY Office of Children and Youth
OCS Office of Children’s Services
OEC Office of Exceptional Children
OFCS Office of Family and Children’s Services
OFCF Ohio Family & Children First
ORCA Ohio Romanian Children’s Association
OBHC Oklahoma Baptist Homes for Children
OCCY Oklahoma Commission on Children & Youth
OTC One Thousand Children
ONCE Online Networked Childrens’ Education
OPSC Optional Protocol on Sale of Children, Child Prostitution, and Child Pornography
OCP Oregon Children’s Plan
OCCF Oregon Commission on Children and Families
OCAM Organization for Children and Adolescent Mothers
OPCR Organization for the Protection of Children’s Rights
OVC Orphans and Vulnerable Children
OPC Other People’s Children
OCTC Ottawa Children’s Treatment Centre
OCOC Our Children, Our Communities
OMC Our Missing Children
OSCAR Our Small Children At Risk Foundation
OWOC Our World Our Children
OOSC Out of School Children
OCAA Overseas Children’s Aid Association
PCRF Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
PAORP-VWC Pan African Organisation for Research and Protection of Violence on Women and Children
PEACH Parent Education for Adults and Children of Hunterdon
PEACE Parental Encouragement for Autistic Children Everywhere
PACT Parents & Abducted Children Together
PACT Parents Allied with Children and Teachers
PACT Parents and Children Together
PACSA Parents Association for Children of Special Abilities
PASIC Parents Association for Seriously Ill Children
PFBC Parents for Barefoot Children
PICC Parents Instructing Challenged Children
PAC Parents of Adult Children
POAC Parents of Autistic Children
POBC Parents of Blind Children
PCAD Parents of Children of African Descent
PCWC Parents of Children with Cancer
PCDC Parents of Children with Diabetes in Croydon
PFPC Parents of Fluoride Poisoned Children
PICK Parents of Infants and Children with Kernicterus
POMC Parents of Missing Children
POMC Parents of Murdered Children
PMC Parents of Murdered Children
POC Parents of Ostomy Children
PSNC Parents of Special Needs Children
PCPC Parents, Children and Personal Computers
PFC Partnership for Children
PWC Partnership with Children
PCFP Partnerships for Children and Families Project
PPOC Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s
PROCESS Pediatric Review of Children’s Environmental Support and Stimulation
PCYA Pennsylvania Children and Youth Administrators
PPC Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children
PETC People for the Ethical Treatment of Children
PAFC Performing Arts for Children
PIC Personality Inventory for Children
PBF Phichani Bodharamik Foundation for Children and Seniors
PFC Philosophy for Children
PCH Phoenix Children’s Hospital
PACY Physically Active Children and Youth
PARC Pinellas Association for Retarded Children
PWCC Port Washington Children’s Center
PBSYC Positive Behavior Support for Young Children
PHFC Presbyterian Home for Children
PPCD Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities
PAOC Presence and Age of Own Children
PCWC Primo Center for Women and Children
PCS Professional Children’s School
PYC Program for Young Children
PROTECT Prosecutorial Remedies and Other Tools to end the Exploitation of Children Today
PRINCE Prospects of Injured Children
PRCC Prosthetic Rehabilitation Center for Children
PACT Protect All Children Today
PTC Protect the Children
PYC Protect Your Children
PEACE Protect, Educate, Aid Children Everywhere
PGC Protecting God’s Children
POCA Protection of Children Act
PNCC Providence Neurodevelopmental Center for Children
PMIC Psychiatric Medical Institute for Children
QCOC Quinte Children of Chernobyl
RAACE Race Against Abuse of Children Everywhere
RGC Raising God’s Children
RATPC Rapid Assessment Tool for Preschool Children
RTC Reaching the Children, Inc.
RDCS Reading Deaf Children’s Society
RFC Realities for Children
RCY Reclaiming Children and Youth
RACE Reclassify All Children Equally
RIIC Reflux in Infants & Children
RCAC Regional Children’s Advocacy Center
RICA Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents
RNC Regional Network for Children
RNC Registered Nurses Children
RSCN Registered Sick Children’s Nurse
RCCA Rehabilitation Center for Children & Adults
RCC Rehabilitation Centre for Children
RQC Report Questionnaire for Children
RICC Rhode Island Children’s Chorus
ROC Rights of Children
RCIC Rite of Christian Initiation of Children
RCT Riverside Children’s Theatre
RCCC Roanoke College Children’s Choir
RAEYC Rochester Association for the Education of Young Children
RCPC Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center
RMCC Ronald McDonald’s Children’s Charity
RFC Rosenberg Fund for Children
ROMAC Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children
RACH Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital
RBHSC Royal Belfast Hospital For Sick Children
RCH Royal Children’s Hospital
RCHI Royal Children’s Hospital International
RFWCHS Royal Far West Children’s Health Scheme
RHSC Royal Hospital for Sick Children
RLCI Royal Liverpool Children’s Inquiry
RSSPCC Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
RSPCC Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children
RCWS Russian Children’s Welfare Society
RSCL Russian State Children`s Library
STRETCH Safe Time for Recreation, Enrichment and Tutoring for Children
SCZ Saginaw Children’s Zoo
SFCIPP San Francisco Children of Incarcerated Parents Partnership
SFCM Santa Fe Children’s Museum
SRCC Santa Rosa Childrens Chorus
SSWC Save Somali Women and Children
SC Save the Children
STCC Save the Children Canada
SCDES Save the Children Denmark
SCD Save the Children Denmark
SCF Save the Children Federation
SCF Save the Children Fund
SCFA Save the Children Fund Australia
SCIU Save the Children in Uganda
SCNZ Save the Children New Zealand
SCNE Save the Children Norway Ehiopia Programme
SCS Save the Children Sweden
SCRIPT Scale of Children’s Readiness in Printing
SCAMP Scholarships for Children of American Military Personnel
SCPU School Children per Unit
SCHI School for Children with Hidden Intelligence
SMI School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children
STC Science and Technology for Children
SCHOLAR Seattle Children’s Hospital
SCHOOL Seattle Children’s Hospital
SCH Seattle Children’s Hospital
SCHRI Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute
SCT Seattle Children’s Theatre
SCEP Separated Children in Europe Programme
SCF Services for Children and Families
SCF Services to Children and Families
SCOH Services to Children in their Own Homes
SAEC Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children
SAEC Sexually Abused and Exploited Children
SCF Sheffield Children First
SSCB Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board
SUCCLS Shiraz University Centre for Children’s Literature Studies
SACRIFICE Siblings and Adult Children
SAC Siblings and Adult Children
SVCF Silicon Valley Children’s Fund
SITCOM Single Income Two Children Obsolete Marriage
SITCOM Single Income Two Children Oppressive Mortgage
SITCOM Single Income, Two Children, Outrageous Mortgage
SCAWS Sleeping Children around the World
SCAW Sleeping Children around the World
SCAP Slow Children At Play
SCP Slow Children Playing
SFCC Snell Farm Children’s Center
SAICA Social Adjustment Inventory for Children and Adolescents
SCY Society for Children and Youth
SPCC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
SPCC Society for the Protection and Care of Children
SPUC Society for the Protection of Unborn Children
SWAC Society for the Welfare of Autistic Children
SCPC Special Committee for the Protection of Children
SPCN Specialist Practitioner Children’s Nursing
SPCC Specialist Practitioner Community Children’s Nursing
TV-Y7 Specifically Designed for Children Seven Years of Age or Older
TV-Y Specifically Designed for Younger Children
SCC Speedway Children’s Charities
SCHC St Christopher’s Hospital for Children
SLCH St Louis Children’s Hospital
SJCRH St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
SJCH St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital
SLCT Stage Left Children’s Theater
SCHIP State Children’s Health Insurance Program
SCA Status of Children Act
SCEC Stop Commercial Exploitation of Children
SICK Stop Inciting Children to Kill
SMC Stop Mutilating Children
SCOPE-OVC Strengthening Community Project for the Empowerment of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
STLC Suffer the Little Children
SSCB Suffolk Safeguarding Children Board
SIGC Summer Institute for Gifted Children
SEEPAC Support, Education, Empowerment for Parents of Autistic Children
TFCF Taiwan Fund for Children and Families
TSIC Take Stock in Children
TCS Taking Children Seriously
TSLD Teacher of children with Speech and Language Disabilities
TCM Teaching Children Mathematics
TCCY Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth
TCCC Texas Children Cancer Center
TCH Texas Children’s Hospital
TSRH Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children
TVCC Thames Valley Children’s Centre
TASC The Alliance for Safe Children
TCOG The Children of God
TCC The Children’s Campus
TCC The Children’s Channel
TCH The Children’s Hospital
TCHAP The Children’s Hospital At Providence
TCS The Children’s Society
TCT The Children’s Theater
THC The High Children
TRIFC The Rose International Fund for Children
TCV Tibetan Children’s Villages
TAC Timor Aid for Children
TTFC Token Test for Children
TCF Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund
TCC Toronto Children’s Chorus
TEACH Toxicity and Exposure Assessment for Children
TLC Toys for Local Children
TFTC Toys for the Children
TSCC Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children
TEACCH Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children
TCM Tucson Children’s Museum
TCY Tutoring Children and Youth
TVMDC TV Makes Dull Children
UPFC Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Children
UCAN Uhlich Children’s Advantage Network
USMC Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children
UCCP Underprivileged Children’s Christmas Party
UCR Union for Children’s Rights
UKCCSG United Kingdom Children’s Cancer Study Group
UNCF United Nations Children’s Fund
UNICEF United Nations Children’s Fund
UNICEF United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
UCMG University Childrens Medical Group
VFC Vaccines for Children
VCA Vanished Children’s Alliance
VAGC Very Able and Gifted Children
VCES Veterans’ Children Education Scheme
VAGTC Victorian Association for Gifted and Talented Children
VSDC Victorian Services for Deaf Children
VCF Vietnam Children’s Fund
VACATE Violence Against Children
VAC Violence Against Children
VCC Virginia Children’s Chorus
VTCC Virginia Treatment Center for Children
VVFC Virginia Vaccines for Children
VICKIE Visually Impaired Children Kit for Inclusive Education
VESC Vivekananda Educational Society for Children
VOTC Voice of the Children
VCA Volunteers for Children Act of 1998
VOICE Voter’s Organization Interested in Children’s Education
VOICE Voters Organization Involved in Children’s Education
WSCB Warrington Safeguarding Children Board
WSCB Warwickshire Safeguarding Children Board
WATCH Washington Association of Television and Children
WCTT Waynesboro Children’s Theatre Troupe
WCCC Wellesley Community Children’s Center
WISC Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children
WISC-R Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children – Revised
WACSN West African Children Support Network
WACL West African Children’s Lifeline
WLAC West London Action for Children
WEPAC West Philadelphia Alliance for Children
WCH Wichita Children’s Home
WCDP Widows’, Children’s and Dependents’ Pension
WSCB Wigan Safeguarding Children Board
WCCF Wisconsin Council on Children and Families
EMSC Wisconsin Emergency Medical Service for Children
WOC Without Children
WCAC Women and Children Affairs Coordination
WCAP Women and Children Affairs Programme
WCF Women and Children First
WCFP Women and Children Focal Point
WEAPON Women and Children in Stress
WCS Women and Children in Stress
WCC Women and Children’s Crisis Center
WCH Women and Children’s Horizons
WIC Women, Infants and Children
WICO Women, Infants and Children Overseas
WICY Women, Infants, Children, and Youth
WCH Women’s and Children’s Health
WCHS Women’s and Children’s Health Service
WCH Women’s and Children’s Hospital
WCH Womens and Childrens Hospital
WSCB Worcestershire Safeguarding Children Board
WFC Working for Children
WGCC Working Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk
WORC Working Organization for Retarded Children and Adults
WABC World Aquatic Babies & Children
WACAP World Association for Children and Parents
WAO World Association for Orphans and Abandoned Children
WCCC World Centers of Compassion for Children International
WFFC World Fit for Children
WMCO World Missing Children Organization
WCPM Worlds Children Peace Monument
WCAA Wyoming Children’s Action Alliance
YCI Yale Children’s Inventory
YCH Yangon Children’s Hospital
YCC Yankton Children’s Choir
YPD Young People and Children’s Division
YCM Youth and Children’s Ministry
ZTC Zerotree Children
ZNCWC Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children
ZAC Zone for Autistic Children