Abbreviation for Eindhoven, Netherlands


Welcome to “the City of Lights”! You thought maybe it was only Paris who had this nickname? But the fact is that this is also a nickname for Eindhoven. It’s a little less romantic when you know that the nickname is because Phillips, you know the light bulb manufacturer, and much else, lives here.

Regardless of whether the romance crumbles with this additional information, the 5th largest city in the Netherlands is exciting to visit. Because there is hardly a better place to get the pulse of the Dutch. And like everywhere else in this cozy country, there are more than enough bars and eateries, so you and your traveling companion can be sure to have a very fun big city weekend.

Eindhoven is located in the south of the Netherlands, and it is possible at this time to fly directly here from Norway. Otherwise, as is well known, the Netherlands is not a particularly large country, so coming here from other parts of the country is fast and painless.

Get to know Eindhoven

Eindhoven is located in the southern part of the Netherlands, in the region called Noord Brabant. Eindhoven is located near the border with Belgium and is one of the most important industrial cities in the Netherlands, known internationally as the headquarters of the Philip Group, and the production of “electrical engineering” articles. The city has grown in the 1900s primarily thanks to the large Philips factories.

But here in Eindhoven, a number of other important industrial products are also manufactured, including cars, cf. Volvo, manufactured here, in addition to tobacco products and textiles. Today, Eindhoven stands out as an innovative and cultural city with everything from a technical university, an astronomical observatory and a museum of modern art to its inhabitants and guests.

Large-scale bombing was carried out during the Second World War over Eindhoven to support paratroopers securing bridges in and around the city. This bombing destroyed much of Eindhoven. The reconstruction has meant that there are relatively many tall buildings in the city, and few historic houses.

The population today is approximately 230,000 people. But just over 100 years ago, the population was no more than about 5,000. The number of inhabitants doubled between 1900 and 1920, and the trend has continued.

Eindhoven and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: EIN
  • Country: Netherlands

Center in Eindhoven

This is where you will find most of the sights and attractions of Eindhoven. Here is also the street Stratumseind. This street is the longest nightlife in the Netherlands. In many ways, it’s just like being on a bar-street in the east with cafes, pubs and restaurants close by. And even if you are well over thirty, there are places for you here as well. The city center is also an Eldorado for shopping. Pedestrian streets with specialty shops allow tourists and residents alike to roam the streets on good weather days.

De Bergen in Eindhoven
Just south of the city center you will find the district of De Bergen which has its own charm and historical character. Take a stroll down Kleine Berg and Grote Berg and enjoy cozy cafes, restaurants and shops.

Strijp in Eindhoven
Strijp was previously an independent small village. Strijp is located west of the city center, and also west of the home court of PSV Eindhoven and close to the huge Phillips headquarters.

Tongelreep in Eindhoven
Tongelreep is located south of the center of Eindhoven. South of Tongelre, the canal runs the Eindhovensch Canal. Tongelre is the district with the least densest population in Eindhoven.

The Tongelreep swimming paradise can be found centrally in the large Genneper Park. This is one of the largest swimming complexes in the Netherlands and is much more than just a swimming pool. Here are bathing facilities both indoors and outdoors and on hot days this is the place to come.

In Tongelre there is also a golf course, Tongelreep Golf and Country Club. The address is Charles Roelslaan 15

Stratum in Eindhoven
Stratum is located in the south of Eindhoven and consists mostly of buildings built between 1920 and 1950. The nightlife area ‘Het Stratumseind’ consists of a number of restaurants, cafes and bars. You will find it in the Genneper park area which separates Stratum from the Tongelreep and Gestel districts.

A little southwest of Stratum and Tongelreep is the Gestel district.

Let’s take the wonderful nature park Stadswandelpark in the same slung, integrated in Genneper Park. A walk here is a pleasant experience. Start from the address Boutenslaan 161 b and bring with you an outdoor museum. Take bus # 19 to Geestelsestraat.

Woensel in Eindhoven
Woensel in the north of Eindhoven is Eindhoven’s most populous district with over 100,000 inhabitants, of which about 2/3 live in Woensel-Noord. But the district itself is of less importance to tourists as there are mostly only residential areas here.

Some exceptions exist and it is Eckart Castle and Winkelcentrum Woensel that are the largest shopping centers in this part of the Netherlands. The largest market in Eindhoven is also held here on Saturdays. The name is Woenselse markt.

EIN: Eindhoven, Netherlands - Welschap

List of Eindhoven Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Eindhoven is EIN which stands for Eindhoven. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Eindhoven, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
ACE Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven
CAGE Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven
DSE Digitale Stad Eindhoven
EESI Eindhoven Embedded Systems Institute
EUT Eindhoven University of Technology
EIN Eindhoven, Netherlands – Welschap
ESC Eindhovens Studenten Corps
EMV Eindhovense Modelbouwvereniging
EWE European Week Eindhoven
ISSE International Secondary School Eindhoven
NZE Nationaal Zweminstituut Eindhoven
SDBE Stichting Detailhandelsplatform Binnenstad Eindhoven
THE Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven
TUE Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
TCE Trinity Church Eindhoven
URE University Racing Eindhoven
ZES Zweefvliegclub Eindhovense Studenten