Hardware Abbreviations


What is Hardware?

Hardware is the physical part of a computer, it is formed by electronic components, such as wire and light circuits, boards, utensils, chains, and any other material in physical state, that is necessary to make the computer work.

Hardware is basically used by computers and electronic elements. Any physical equipment such as keys, locks, chains and parts of the computer itself are called hardware.

The hardware is not just limited to personal computers, it is also available in automobiles, cell phones, tablets and etc.

There are several types of hardware, which have different purposes and functionality. Network hardware, for example, is equipment that is built with the purpose of enabling and managing equipment that is connected in a network.

A computer’s printer, scanner, monitor, mouse and keyboard are considered hardware of this PC. In short, hardware is all the peripherals connected to an operating system.

Not only external components, but also those inside the computer’s case are classified as hardware. Example: RAM memory card, hard disk, CD and DVD reader, etc.

On the internet, there are several sites and forums specialized in helping users and laymen in “computer mechanics” to install or configure hardware, as is the case of Clube do Hardware.

Hardware and software

For the proper functioning of the hardware, it is also necessary the software, which is the logical part of the informatics. The software has the function of providing instructions to the hardware, enabling the performance of the operations of an equipment.

Software is any computer program that can be used, copied, etc. Only with the combination of software and hardware can the computer run more correctly and efficiently.

Hardware Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Hardware

ALCOHOL Accs Common Hardware
ACH ACCS Common Hardware
AHS Adaptive Hardware and Systems
ADH Advanced Development Hardware
ARCH Advanced Reconnaissance Compression Hardware
AHX Aerospace Hardware Exchange
AEH Airborne Electronic Hardware
AHC Amarillo Hardware Company
AHC American Hardware Corporation
AHC Architectural Hardware Consultant
ABHRS As Built Hardware Reporting System
ANIM ATM Network Interface Module (hardware)
ACSH Avionic and Control System Hardware
BHMA Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association
CHSM C Hardware Specific Module
CHC California Hardware Company
CASH Catalog of Available and Standard Hardware
CHAMP Certified Hardware Asset Management Professional
CHH Certified Hardware Hosineer
CHL Certified Hardware List
CHAMPS Characteristics of Hardware Assemblies & Mission-build Planning System
CHW ChileHardware
CHADDR Client Hardware Address
CHAMPION Common Hardware
CH Common Hardware
CHIPS Common Hardware Intelligence Processing Subsystem
CHP Common Hardware Profile
CGRP Common Hardware Reference Platform
CHRP Common Hardware Reference Platform
CHS Common Hardware Suite
CHS Common Hardware Systems
CHS Common Hardware/Software
CHSP Common Hardware/Software Program
CHP Communicating Hardware Processes
CHWP Compatible Hardware Web Page
CEH Complex Electronic Hardware
CHCI Computer Hardware Configuration Item
CHF Computer Hardware Fundamentals
CHMBA Computer Hardware Manufacturing Benchmarking Association
CHUD Computer Hardware Understanding Developer
CHUD Computer Hardware Understanding Development kit
CHAMMP Computer Hardware, Advanced Mathematics, and Model Physics
CHESS Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions
CASHE Computer-Aided Software/Hardware Engineering
CODES Conference on Hardware/Software Codesign and System Synthesis
CHIPS Consolidated Hardware/Integrated Processor Suite
CHES Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems
CHES Cryptography Hardware and Embedded Systems
DCHN De Comp Hardware Netzwerke
DHS Definitive Hardware Store
DMH Delay Measurement Hardware
DASH Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware
DHM Desktop Hardware Maintenance
DSH Development Support Hardware
DSCH Digital Setting Circle Hardware
DHA Direct Hardware Access
DAHC Distinguished Architectural Hardware Consultant
DHI Door and Hardware Institute
DHSI Door and Hardware Systems, Inc.
DHP Dynamic Hardware Plugins
DAHA Dynamically Assigned Hardware Address
EHS Electronic Hardware Services
EHTP Electronic Hardware Technology Park
EHD Engineering Hardware Description
EPOCH Environmental Power Control Hardware
EHB EVA Hardware Board
EHW Evolvable Hardware
EH Evolvable Hardware
FHA Flight Hardware Availability
FHC Flight Hardware Contract
FHT Formal Hardware Testing
GHOST General Hardware Oriented System Transfer
GHN German Hardware Network
GSH Global Stainless Hardware, Inc
GAH Ground Antenna Hardware
HACKER Hardware
H Hardware
HW Hardware
HDWE Hardware
HDW Hardware
HSW Hardware – Software – Wireless, Inc.
HN Hardware & Networking
HALD Hardware Abstraction Layer
HAL Hardware Abstraction Layer
HWA Hardware Acceleration
HAT Hardware Acceptance Test
HATS Hardware Acceptance Test Specifications
HAG Hardware Action Group
HAL Hardware Adaptation Layer
SHA Hardware Address of the Sender
THA Hardware Address of the Target
HASP Hardware Against Software Piracy
HGR Hardware and Garden Review
HHI Hardware and Home Improvement
HAP Hardware Architecture Plan
HAL Hardware Artificial Life
HAAS Hardware as a Service
HARD Hardware Assisted Resilient Data
HAQ Hardware Association of Queensland
HBS Hardware Breakdown Structure
HCP Hardware Change Proposal
HCD Hardware Command Distribution
HCL Hardware Compatibility List
HCT Hardware Compatibility Tests
HCI Hardware Computer Interface
HCR Hardware Concept Review
HWC Hardware Configuration
HCD Hardware Configuration Definition
HCE Hardware Configuration Engineer
HCF Hardware Configuration Facility
HWCI Hardware Configuration Item
HCI Hardware Configuration Item
HWCI Hardware Critical Item
HAD Hardware Data Acquisition
HDT Hardware Debug Tool
HDL Hardware Description Language
HDLA Hardware Description Language Analog
HDC Hardware Design Center
HDD Hardware Design Document
HDL Hardware Design Language
HDR Hardware Design Review
HDS Hardware Design Specification
HFL Hardware Design Using Functional Languages
HDT Hardware Detection Tool
HDK Hardware Development Kit
HDR Hardware Development Requirements
HDM Hardware Device Module
HDS Hardware Diagnostic Suite
HEMODIALYSIS Hardware Disease
HYUNDAI Hardware Disease
HD Hardware Disease
HDM Hardware Driver Module
HEL Hardware Emulation Layer
HERB Hardware Engineering Review Board
HEC Hardware Error Correction
HELT Hardware Estimated Life Test
HFI Hardware Fault Insertion
HFE Hardware Forwarding Engine
HIFT Hardware Implemented Fault Tolerance
HIL Hardware In Loop
HILS Hardware in the Loop System
HWI Hardware Industries
HIP Hardware Instrumentation Package
HIT Hardware Integration Test
HIS Hardware Intensive Software
HIS Hardware Intensive Systems
HIM Hardware Interface Module
HIP Hardware Interface Processor
HI Hardware Item
HWM Hardware Maintenance
HMD Hardware Maintenance Depot
HMM Hardware Maintenance Manual
HMP Hardware Maintenance Program
HMC Hardware Management Console for pSeries
HMSA Hardware Manufacturers’ Statistical Association
HMF Hardware Mission Failure
HMS Hardware Monitoring System
HN Hardware Node
HOM Hardware Object Module
HOL Hardware Online
HO Hardware Overhead
HPK Hardware Porting Kit
HPR Hardware Problem Report
HPS Hardware Product Services
HPK Hardware Protocol Kit
HPWM Hardware Pulse Width Modulated Pulse Train
HQ Hardware Qualification
HQAM Hardware Quality Assurance Manual
HRP Hardware Reference Platform
HRD Hardware Release Document
HRD Hardware Requirements Document
HRL Hardware Requirements List
HRE Hardware Routing Engine
HSM Hardware Security Module
HSP Hardware Simulation Program
HSD Hardware Software Development
HSM Hardware Specific Module
HSR Hardware Specification Review
HWS Hardware Supplies
HSS Hardware Support Specialist
HSC Hardware Systems Command
HSM Hardware to Software Migration
HTTL Hardware Trade Technology Limited
HTA Hardware Tree-based Routing Algorithm
HTR Hardware Trouble Report
HUPS Hardware Upgrade Program
HUP Hardware Upgrade Program
HUR Hardware Utilization Requirement
HVL Hardware Verification Language
HVM Hardware Virtual Machine
HAWG Hardware Working Group
HSC Hardware/Software Codesign
HSIA Hardware/Software Interaction Analysis
HSSE Hardware/Software Systems Engineering
HASP Hardware-Assisted Software Protection
HAV Hardware-Assisted Virtualization
HGA Hardware-carrier Group Alarm
HILS Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation
HSI Hardware-Software Integration
HWZ HardwareZone.com
HPH Hodge Podge Hardware
IHV Independent Hardware Vendor
IIHT Indian Institute of Hardware Technology
IH-SR Integrated Hardware and Software Review
INTERIOR Integration Hardware Subsystem
INT Integration Hardware Subsystem
IAHS Intelligence Application Hardware Suite
ISHA InterSource Hardware Asia
IHBMA Irish Hardware and Building Materials Association
IHR Italian Hardware Research
JCHE Joint Combined Hardware-in-the-Loop Event
KHILS Kinetic Hardware In-The-Loop Simulator
KHILS KKV Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator
LHCP Linux Hardware Compatibility Project
MESH Macintosh Enhanced SCSI Hardware
MCHS Marine Common Hardware Suites
MCCHS Marine Corps Common Hardware Suite
MHBHMF Mean Hours Between Hardware Mission Failure
MOSB Microsoft OEM System Builder (hardware manufacturing)
MESH Modeling Environment for Software and Hardware
MACH Modular, Adaptive, Computer, Hardware
NBHA National Builders Hardware Association
NHS National Hardware Show
NHW New Hardware Wizard
NH Nordic Hardware
NHC Notebook Hardware Control
OHI Obsolete Hardware Interface
OSH Orchard Supply Hardware
PHW Peregrine Hardware, Inc
PHG Philadelphia Hardware Group Inc.
PHAC Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification
PHD Plumbing Hardware Dispatcher
PHITL Portable Hardware in the Loop
PHI Precision Hardware, Inc.
PCHS Procurement of Computer Hardware and Software
PHSL Program Hardware/Software List
RATCHET Real-Time Address Trace Compression Hardware for Extended Traces
RHP Reconfigurable Hardware Processor
RHP Reconfigurable Hardware Product
RUSH Remote Use of Shared Hardware
ROH Removal of Hardware
RHI Render Hardware Interface
SEMB SATA Enclosure Management Bridge (hardware)
SHE Sequential Hardware Equivalence
SHSC Serious Hardware/Software Crap
SAHFSD Software and Hardware for Speaker Design
SHAD Software Hardware Allocation Database
SHEL Software, Hardware, Environment, Liveware
SIT Software/Hardware Integration
SFH Software-Friendly Hardware
SHARE Software-Hardware Asset Reuse Enterprise
SHS Spokane Hardware Supply
SCVL Standard Component VHDL Hardware Description Language) Library (computing)
SCFL Standard Component VHDL Hardware Description Language) Library (computing)
SHARP Standard Hardware Acquisition and Reliability Program
SHP Standard Hardware Program
SHARP Standardized Hardware Reliability Program
SQUASH Static Quality Assurance for Software and Hardware
SHS Surplus Hardware Supplies, Ltd.
SHARP Sustainable Hardware and Affordable Readiness Practices
SHARC System Hardware Availability and Reliability Calculator
STASH System Test Hardware
STH System Test Hardware
SMASH Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware
THG Tom’s Hardware Guide
TCH Twin City Hardware
UHP Unified Hardware Platform
UHC Unit Hardware Cost
UMPH Unix Mission Planning Hardware
VASG VHDL Hardware Description Language) Analysis and Standards Group
VAUL VHDL Hardware Description Language) Analyzer and Utility Library (software)
VHDL VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHDL VHSIC Hardware Design Language
VDHTB Virtual Distributed Hardware-in-the-loop Test Bed
VHDL Virtual Hardware Description Language
VHM Virtual Hardware Monitor
WHDC Windows Hardware and Driver Central
WHCL Windows Hardware Compatibility List
WHDC Windows Hardware Developer Central
WHEC Windows Hardware Engineering Conference
WHEA Windows Hardware Error Architecture
WHQL Windows Hardware Quality Labs
WVHA Windows Vista Hardware Assessment
WBH Without Body Hardware
WIHI Women In the Hardware Industry
WCH Wooden Cross Hardware
WHSG Workstation Hardware Support Group