International Abbreviations III

By agreement is meant any pact of alliance or understanding to be established between two or more parties. International, on the other hand, is something related to two or more countries or that relates to different nations.


An international agreement is therefore an agreement instituting actors/actors from different countries. It can be from different states, but also from companies, clubs or other organizations.

Examples “five South American countries signed an international agreement to promote exports”, “The Spanish club signed an international agreement with Argentina in order to attract new talent”, “Our company has signed several international expansion agreements for different markets” .

Suppose a country owes a large debt to an entity made up of five nations. Given the difficulties in paying off the debt, the government decides to renegotiate the terms of the debt with its creditors. After numerous lectures and meetings, the debtor country enters into an international agreement with the agency to suspend payment for two years and then resume its obligation, but with an interest discount of 20%. This gives time for the debtor to recover financially and raise the necessary funds to meet payments. The creditor, in turn, gives these benefits because, otherwise , he never runs the risk of collecting the debt.

Eight countries, on the other hand , can sign an international agreement to fight climate change. These nations commit to reducing their emissions and investing in new technologies.

There are numerous international agreements that have been concluded and that are still in force today. However, among the most significant, we can highlight a few, including:

-The international agreement to reduce greenhouse gases, which are considered to be really harmful to the environment and climate . It was recently adopted, i.e. in October 2016, against the backdrop of Kigali (Rwanda).

-The European Agreement on the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, signed in Geneva in September 1957.
Among the most significant is also known the Kyoto Protocol, which also aims to solve environmental problems around the world and the long term.

However, perhaps among the most important in all of history, some stand out, such as the following:
– The United Nations Charter that shaped the United Nations.
-The North Atlantic Treaty, which established, in 1949, what was the NATO military alliance.
-The international treaty that, in 1258, signed the Hittite king AC Hattusil III with the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses II. They signed in peace , after one of the bloodiest battles in history, as the Battle of Kadesh was known.
-The Geneva Conventions, which were developed over several years, and which revolved around how to treat prisoners of war, civilians in times of military conflict. That and the treatment that battlefield victims should receive.

International Abbreviations III International Inc
Ecole Internationale de Montreal
Ecole Internationale de Montpellier
Civitan International Research Center
Centre International de Recherche sur le Cancer
Centre International de Rencontres Artistiques
COSPAR International Reference Atmosphere
Centre International de Recherches sur l’Anarchisme
Council on International and Public Affairs
Canadian International Pharmacy Association
Center for International Programs Abroad
College Consortium for International Studies
Christian Blind Mission International
African Women’s Culture Arts and Development International Network
Autologic Information International, Inc.
Association of International Industrial Irradiation
Aeration Industries International, Inc.
Association Internationale de Pediatrie Chiropratique
Association for Information and Image Management International
Art Institutes International Minnesota
Federation Equestre Internationale
Financial Executives International
Tele Media International
Teen Missions International
Treasury Management International
Universite Francophone Internationale
Union des Foires Internationales
United Families International
Council on International Educational Exchange
International Association of Bridge, Structural, & Ornamental Iron Workers of America
Portable Computer Memory Card International Adapter
Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
International Brotherhood of Pottery and Allied Workers
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, Its Territories and Canada
International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
International Longshoremen’s and Warehousemen’s Union
International Longshore and Warehouse Union
International Brotherhood of Firemen and Oilers
International Brotherhood of Police Officers
International Brotherhood of Police Organizations
International Business Partnering Opportunities
International Handgun Leather
International Homeopathic League
International House of Logorrhea
International Humanitarian Law
International Hockey League
International Conference on the Exploration and Utilization of the Moon
International Uranium Enrichment Center
International Union of Elevator Constructors
International Student Discussion Group
International Symposium on Dynamic Games and Applications
International Society of Dynamic Games
International Network for Cultural Diversity
International Critical Stress Foundation, Inc.
International Collective in Support of Fishworkers
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
International Centre for Africa
International Living Craft Association
International Lightning Class Association
International Liver Cancer Association
International Livestock Center for Africa
International Laser Class Association
International Labor Communications Association
International Lactation Consultant Association
International Business Law Services, Inc.
International Brotherhood of Live Steamers
Women In Aviation, International
Guidelines International Network
Internationaler Bund Freier Gewerkschaften
Network Communications International Corp
International Union of Security Officers
International Education Conference
International Education Corporation
International Eucharistic Congress
International Education Consultancy
International Economic Cooperation
International Editorial Council
International Ethanol Commission
International Exchange Commission
International Evangelical Church
International Extension College
International Electromechanical Commission
International Executive Committee
International Electrotechnical Committee
International Engineering Consortium
International Electrotechnical Commission
International Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors
International European Movement
International Monarchist Conference
International Maar Conference
International Meteorological Commission
International Metalworking Companies BV
International Meetings & Conventions
International Maintenance Center
International Micrographic Congress
International Master Councilor
International Microwave Corporation
International Morse Code
International Monetary Conference
International Mining Consultants
International Mechanical Code
International Music Council
International Medical Corps
Women’s International Master
Emaar International Art Symposium
Zigong International Marketing LLC
Thai Airways International
Polish International Freight Forwarders Association
Net Resources International
Norddeutsche Jugend Im Internationalen Gemeinschaftsdienst eV
Nuclear Energy International
International Refugee Law
Gary Barlow News International
Global Business Network International
Bradford Centre in International Business
The American International School in Genoa
American International School of Guangzhou
Resort Clubs International, Inc.
Radio Tunis Chaine Internationale
Nonproliferation & International Security Technology Division
Nairobi International School of Theology
New International School of Thailand
International Society of Financiers, Inc.
International School Frankfurt
International Shinto Foundation
International Snowboarding Federation
International Sepsis Forum
International Ski Federation
International Science Foundation
International Shipping Federation
International Seed Federation
International Softball Federation
International Television
International Union for Physical and Engineering Sciences in Medicine
International RPN Appreciation Day
International Registry of Acute Aortic Dissection
International Organization for Medical Physics
International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures
Transparency International Australia
Tulsa International Airport
Tribhuvan International Airport
Tucson International Airport
Tampa International Airport
International Software Localization Group
International Network Planning
International Network for Peace
International News Photo
International Public Advisory Group
International Christian Interpreter Association
International Commission for Impact Assessment
International Credit Insurance Association
International Conference on Information Acquisition
International Communications Industries Association, Inc.
International Business Policy Competition
International BioPharmaceutical Consulting, Inc.
International Business Programs Center
International Border Police Conference
International Building Physics Conference
Federation Internationale des Societes D’ingenieurs des Techniques de L’Automobile
Fleckenstein International Business Development, Inc.
Consultative Committee International Radio
Comite Consultatif International des Radio Communications
Bureau International Catholique de l’Enfance
Associates for International Resources and Development
Association internationale sans but lucratif
Australian International Music Festival
Association Internationale des Mairies Francophones
Association Internationale du Psychodrame Balint
Atlantic International Bible Institute
Antioch Internet Bible International
Association Internationale de la Boulangerie Industrielle
Aquaculture Farm International
Agape Christian Fellowship International, Inc
American Committee of the Fourth International
African Christians Fellowship International
Vancouver International Film Centre
New Mission Systems International
Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show and Pull
International Medical School
International Meteorological Station
International Management Services, Incorporated
International Mezzotint Society
International Monitoring Staff
International Marketing & Sales Group Ltd
international military standardization
International Market Selection
International Workshop on Measurement Systems
International Motor Sports Ltd.
International Meta Systems
International Military Student
International Magnetospheric Study
International Media Services
International Measurement System
International Magicians Society
International Meat Secretariat
International Motorcycle Show
International Military Staff
International Monitoring System
International Microwave Symposium
International Protection Force
International Pharmaceutical Federation
International Policy Fellowship
International Powerlifting Federation
International Polar Foundation
International Studies of Global Management
International School of General Management
International Stabilization Force
International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics
International Shark Attack File
International Sailing Federation
International Security Assistance Force
International Conference on Mechanical Engineering
International Council on Metals and the Environment
International Congress on Mathematical Education
International Conference on Multimedia and Expo
International Meso-Lipotherapy Society
International Currency Options Master Agreement
International Council Of Museums
International Military Arms Society
International Museum of Art and Science
International Mine Action Standards
International Maritime Meteorological Archive
International Maritime Manning Agency Ltd.
International Motorcycle Manufacturers Association
International Bluegrass Music Museum
International Association for Craniofacial Identification
Tehran International Industry Exhibition
Litton Precision Products International, Inc.
International Shipping Register
International Statistical Review
International Survey Research
International Simple Resale
International Society of Radiology
International Socialist Review
International Symposium on Information Theory
International Society for Autonomic Neuroscience
International Seafarers’ Assistance Network
International Standard Audiovisual Number
International Conference on Applications of Declarative Programming and Knowledge Management
International Network for Acid Prevention
International Meeting of Cataloguing Experts
International Intercultural Education
International Institute of Entomology
Institute for International Economics
Institute of International Education
International Education Practice Statement
International Education Programs Service
Federation internationale de droit europeen
Federation Internationale des Echecs
China International Garden and Flower Exposition
Association for Music in International Schools
International Natural Hygiene Society
United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund
Utsunomiya City International Association
Mammut International Mountain Marathon
Kuala Lumpur International Airport
King Khalid International Airport
Kota Kinabalu International Airport
International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
International Union for Conservation of Nature
International Union for Cancer Control
International Union Against Cancer
International Society for Rock Mechanics
International and Intercultural Communication
International Investment Company
International Interpreters Consortium
India International Centre
Independent International Consultants Ltd.
International Information Center
International Index Company Ltd.
International Insurance Council
International Internet Connectivity
International Import Certificate
International Institute of Communications
International Institute for Conservation
International Regulatory Review Team
International Relations Round Table
International Programme on Chemical Safety
International Medical Device Group
International Maritime Dangerous Goods
International Fair Trade Association
International Fair Trade Agreement
International Free Trade Agreement
International Fuel Tax Association, Inc.
International Family Therapy Association
International Federation of Thanatologists Associations
International Federation of Technical Analysts
International Federation of Television Archives
International Fuel Tax Agreement
International Federation of Blood Donor Organisations
International Environmental Institute
International Epidemiology Institute
International Electronics Inc
International Commission for Protection against Environmental Mutagens and Carcinogens
International Bike Route Directory
International Beacon Registration Database
International Business Resource Desk
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification
International Aromatherapists & Tutors Association
International Aviation and Travel Academy
International Airline Training Academy
International Amateur Theatre Association
International Air Transport Association
International Association of National Public Health Institutes
International Agricultural Research Center
International Arctic Research Center
International Aerial Robotics Competition
International Agency for Research on Cancer
International Agency for Prevention of Blindness
Chambre Internationale d’Arbitrage en Matiere de Football
Conseil International des Architectes Francais
Czech International Air Fest
Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences
Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
Nikko Hotels International
International Nuclear Atlantic Conference
Canadian International Development Agency
American International Supply, Inc
Aboriginal International Business Development
Association of International Bond Dealers
Council for International Visitors
Centre International de Valbonne
Poetry International Web
Au Pair Network International
International Catholic Girls’ Society
International Classification of Goods and Services
International Centre for Geopolitical Studies
International Center for Graduate Studies
Time-Life International
International Research Institute
International Tourist Guide Day
International Talk Like A Pirate Day
International Finance and Development
International Folk Dance
International Federation for Documentation
International Floral Distributors
International Framework for Dictionaries
International Friendship Day
International Migratory Bird Day
International No Diet Day
International Firefighters Day
International Federation for Family Development
International Language Teaching Services
International Lottery & Totalizator Systems Inc.
International Liver Transplantation Society
International and National Snow, Weather and Avalanche Observation and Recording Guidelines
Internationalen Filmfestspiele Berlin
International Finance and Business
International Finance Bank
International Institute of Cell Biology
International Institute for Capacity Building
International Institute of Care to Buildings
Australian Centre for International Business
International Transfer Factor Society
International Toll Free Services
Porter Hetu International
Pharmacie Humanitaire Internationale
Post-Polio Health International
Faith Christian Fellowship International
Fellowship of Christian Farmers International
Amnesty International Sierra Leone
American International School of Lisbon
Association International de l’oeuvre du Dr. Albert Schweitzer de Lambarene
International Society for Eye Research
International Symposium on Experimental Robotics
Advanced Semiconductor Materials International
American International Petroleum Corporation
Association Internationale des Ponts et Charpentes
Association Internationale des Traducteurs de Conference
Alabama International Trade Center
Alaska Federation of Natives International
Tour International du Poitou-Charentes
Tokyo International Forum
Transport International par Chemin de Fer
Tripoli International Fair
Thalassaemia International Federation
Tibet International Network
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
International Ballet Theatre
International Institute of Travel
International Investment Trust
International Institute of Telecommunications
Canadian International Trade Tribunal
Association of Service & Computer Dealers International
International Save the Children Union
International and Serious Crimes Unit
Forumul International Asigurari Reasigurari
SNOMED International Editorial Board
Recherche Developpement International
Orphan Pharma international
Outsource Partners International, Inc.
Office Products International
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association, International, Inc.
NetWare Centers International
Member of the International Compliance Association
Matchbox International Collectors Association
International Print and Publishing Ltd
International Project Advisory Panel
International Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project
International Plein Air Painters
International Order of DeMolay
International Operations Division
International One Design
International Solar-Terrestrial Program
International Symposium on Transport Phenomena
International Solar Terrestrial Physics
International Magnetospheric Explorer
International Materiel Evaluation
International School Peace Gardens
International Society of Psychiatric Genetics
International Centre for Human and Public Affairs
International Aerosol Climatology Project
International Association of Computer Programmers
International Association of Computer Professionals
International Association of Compounding Pharmacists
International Association for Cognitive Psychotherapy
International Association of Canine Professionals
International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists
International Association of Culinary Professionals
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
International Association of Chiefs of Police
International Air Cadet Exchange
International Association of Administrative Personnel
International Association of Architectural Photographers
International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy
International Association for Analytical Psychology
International Association of Applied Psychology
International Association of Administrative Professionals
Educational Concepts International of Afghanistan
Expert Consultants, International
Edu-Culture International
Developpement International Desjardins
Department of International Development
Conseil International du Sport Militaire
Association for Preservation Technology International
Association of Christian Schools International
Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals
Raleigh International Mountain Marathon
Wholesale Glass Vases International
Weatherford International
Vancouver International Games Summit
Stiftung fur Internationale Solidaritat und Partnerschaft
Sections Internationales de Sevres
Senologic International Society
Shekou International School
International Workshop on Secure Information Systems
Seoul International School
School of International Studies
School of International Service
Organisation Internationale de Police Criminelle
Malaysia International Shipping Corporation
International Symposium on Environmental Biogeochemistry
International Symposium on Environmental Biotechnology
International Rice Research Institute
International Resources and Recycling Institute
International Renewable Resources Institute
Institut Royal des Relations Internationales
International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
International Organization for Plant Information
International Baccalaureate Information System
International Birth Defects Information System
International Book Information Service
International Book Import Service
Independent Bonn International School
International Benchmarking of the Information Society
International Conference on Software Testing Verification and Validation
International Congress on Pediatric Nursing
International Code Product Number
International Code of Phylogenetic Nomenclature
International Board for Plant Genetic Resources (Italy)
Tourismo Internationale
Texas International
Toastmasters International
Transparency International
Forschungsstelle fur Internationale Agrar- und Wirtschaftsentwicklung eV
Flanders International Airport
Fukushima International Association
Foire International d’Alger
Farnborough International Airshow
Federation Internationale de l’Automobile
Forbidden Planet International
Frontier Booking International
First Baltic International
European International Business Association
European International Business Academy
DeKalb International Training Center
Center for International Forestry Research
Alloy Wheels International
Automated Wagering International
Botanic Gardens Conservation International
Awards Program International Rating Service
Alternative Photographic International Symposium
Nuku Alofa/Tongatapu, Tonga – International
Northern International University
International Special Workshop on Databases For Next-Generation Researchers
Science Education International
La Semaine de l’Education Internationale
Solar Energy International
Christ for Children International
Centre de Formation en Commerce International
Christ For the City International
Soto Zen International
Storm Ventures International Inc
Honeywell International Inc.
House of Invention International
Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc.
Human Life International
Gerda Boyesen International Institute
Commission Internationale de Secours Alpin
Center for International Security Affairs
Haiti International Airline
Holistic Management International
Heinzen Manufacturing International
Hotel Management International
Harvard Medical International
Humanity United in Giving Internationally, Inc.
Pacific International Trials Society
Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport
Richmond Fellowship International
Radio-France Internationale
Radio France Internationale
Wood Based Panels International
Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography
Foundation for International Dignity
Kuwait Boat Show International
Wire & Cable Technology International
William Carey International University
Kaye/Bassman International Corporation
Welsh Centre for International Affairs
Wisdom Enrichment International University
Japan Society of Applied Physics International
Virginia International Raceway
International Renewable Energy Agency
Working on Fire International
International Retained Search Associates
International Road Safety Academy Association
International Radiosurgery Support Association
International Rural Sociology Association
International Rett Syndrome Association
Independent Professional Therapists International
International Petroleum Technology Institute
International Property Tax Institute
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
International Society of Meeting Planners
International Security Master Plan
International Software Metrics Symposium
International Society of Marine Painters, Inc.
International Peace Operations Association
International Plan of Action
International Society of Dermatopathology
International Society for Developmental Psychobiology
International Therapy Examination Council
International Tuba and Euphonium Conference
International Truck and Engine Corporation
International Training Equipment Conference
International Training and Education Conference
International Tire Exhibition and Conference
International Television and Evangelism Center
International Terahertz Electronics Conference
International Triticeae EST Cooperative
International Pulsed Power Conference
International Plasma Protein Congress
International Plant Protection Convention
International Technology Advisory Panel
International Registry of Artists and Artwork
International School of Dravidian Linguistics
International Symposium on Digital Libraries
International Police Training Mission
International Teacher Training Organization
International Timber Trade Organization
International Tropical Timber Organization
International Year of the Ocean
International Criminal Police
International Collaborative Project
International Capital Partners
International Comfort Products
International Conference Process
International Custom Products Inc.
International Cooperative Programs
International Council of Psychologists
International Center for Photography
International Company Profile
Destination Marketing Association International
Cruise Lines International Association
Championship International Wrestling Alliance
Center for International Stabilization and Recovery
Creative Direct Response International
Conseil des Relations Internationales
Court Dispute Resolution International
Community Colleges for International Development
Ben Gurion International Airport
Kassel International Management School
International Volunteers for Peace
International Volunteer Day
International Technical University
International Toxic Units
International Typographical Union
International Telegraph Union
International Triathlon Union
International Telecommunications Union
International Telecommunication Union
International Society for Philosophical Enquiry
International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers
International Society for Pharmacoepidemiology
International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering
International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics
International PhD Program
International Private Pension
International Property Policy
International Phototelegraph Position
International Police Program
Internationally Protected Person
International Press Publications Inc.
International Pension Plan
International Phytosanitary Portal
International Potato Launching Association
International Persons Landholding Act
International Program License Agreement
International Program Evaluation Protocol
International Preliminary Examination Report
International Police Expertise Platform
International Moot Court Team
International Multi-Country Clinical Trial
International Association of Lactation Consultants
International Laboratory Accreditation Conference
International Legal Assistance Consortium
International Language Academy of Canada
International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation
India International Technical Recruiters
International Institute of Transportation Resource
Institute of International Bankers
Institute of International Business
International Investment Bank
International Humanitarian City
International Heritage Center
International Hurricane Center
International Hobby Corporation
International Holding Company
International Harvester Company
International Furan Technology
International Frisbee Tournament
International Foundation for Telemetering
International Federation of Trekkers
International Friends of Belize
International Freight Gateway
International Facilities Group
International Forum on Globalization
International Federation for Alternative Trade
International Foundation for Androgynous Studies, Inc.
International Energy Forum
International Environment Forum
International Energy Foundation
International Energy Fund
International Eye Foundation
International Enterprise Forum
Internationale Deutsche Motorradmeisterschaft
International Corporate Service Provider
International Conference on Shot Peening
International Conference on Signal Processing
International Committee on Systematics of Prokaryotes
International Corporate Social Responsibility
International Center for Social Research
International Center for Standards Research
International Conference on Shellfish Restoration
International Conference on Software Reuse
International Consumer Support for Infertility
International Commission on Snow and Ice
International Computer Science Institute
International Commission for the Protection of the Oder
International Criminal Police Organization
International Council for Laboratory Animal Science
International Community Development
International Cooperative Division
International Convention on Desertification
Association Internationale des Maitres Coiffeurs de Dames
International Container Depot
International Common Denomination
International Cooperation and Development Program
International College of Dentists
International Code Designator
International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems
International Classification of Diseases
International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems
International Banking Center
International Bottling Company
International Brightness Classification
International Banjo College
International Bulk Container
International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation
International Buddhist College
International Bible College
International Boxing Council
International Boundary Commission
International Biographical Centre
International Business Council
International Bridge Conference
International Business Corporation
International Bioethics Committee
International Bank of Commerce
International Ballet Competition
International Broadcasting Convention
International Business Center
International Business College
International Business Company
International Building Code
International Agricultural Programs
International Adoption Program
International Apostolic Ministries
International Army Program
International Association for Paratuberculosis, Inc.
Interacademy Panel for International Issues
International Airline Program
International Academy of Periodontology
International Association of Pancreatology
International Association of Prosecutors
International Academy of Pathology
International Airport
International Budget Adventure Traveler
International Bilateral Agricultural Trade
International Academy for Media Science
International Association for Media in Science
Groupe International Cotrel Dubousset
Political, Social and International Studies
Pro Safety International Ltd
Promotional Services International
Prestige Software International
Paradigm Shift International
Pechersk School International
Performance Sales International
Professional Secretaries International
Planned Systems International
Paix et Securite Internationales
Postpartum Support International
Performance Systems International
Performance Studies International
Pet Sitters International
Public Services International
Population Services International
Prophetic Witness Movement International
Pharmacists for Life International
Pacific Center for International Studies
Pacific Achievement International
Pancreatitis Association International
Pathology Associates International
Product Authentication International
Population Action International
Nonviolence International
Never-Ending International Workcamps Exchange
Nonprofit International Consortium for Eiffel
Maintenance International Standardization Team
Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association International
Washington International Horse Show
WONCA International Classification Committee
Wageningen International Conference Centre
Vienna International Planespotters
Volunteer International Program
Venture International Program
Verifone International Partners
Volunteers for International Partnership
Visa International Service Association
United Surgical Partners International, Inc.
Tech Trans International
Thunderstorm Research International Project
The International Molinological Society
Topten International Group
Tulsa International Baptist Church
The International Banking Corporation
Teleconsult International
Transport Conseil International
Teen Challenge International
Transportation Clubs International
Telephone Collectors International
Tall Clubs International
Tree Climbers International
Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico – Tapachula International
Syracuse, NY, USA – Hancock International
Scamp Owners International
Studies in Comparative International Development
Stanford Center for International Development
International Workshop on Software Architecture Research and Practice
Posadas International Airport
San Salvador, El Salvador – El Salvadore International Airport
Resurrection Power Ministries International
Rhee International Taekwon-Do Australia
The Programme for International Pynchon Studies
Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union
Prismaflex International
Pagan Federation International
Prison Fellowship International
International Alphabet
International Alert
International Academy
International Affairs
International Airport
Congresul International al Profesorilor de Franceza
Council for International People’s Friendship
CUSIP International Numbering System
Caye International Bank, Limited
Creative Outsourcing Solutions International
Baltic International Freight Futures Exchange
Berlin Brandenburg International School
Association Scientifique Internationale du Cafe
Association of International Motion Engineers
Atlantic International Bank, Ltd.
Association of International Business Lawyers
International Women’s Week
International Revolutionary Movement
International Review of Management
International Roaming MIN
International Union of Geological Sciences
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
International Symposium on Information Processing
International Society for Equitation Science
International Society of Endovascular Specialists
International Space Environment Service
International Solar Energy Society
International Special Events Society
International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control
International Soil Conservation Organization
International Standard Classification of Occupations
International Group of Companies
International Glass Center
International Geographic Congress
International Geophysical Conference
International Gravity Commission
International Gas Code
International Gliding Commission
International Grains Council
International Geological Congress
International Organization for Crystal Growth
International Society for Autism Research
International Financial Market
International Ferro Metals
International Federation of Midwives
International Fashion Machines
International Children’s Bible
International Geo-Biosphere Program
International Competitive Bidding
International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme
International Christian Broadcasters
International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation
International Conference on Bioinformatics
International Criminal Bar
International Committee of Bioethics
International Conference on Biosignals
International Computing Bibliography
International Crisis Behaviour
International Container Bureau
International Chameleon Working Group
International Coordination Working Group
International Computer Science Series
International Canadian Skills Search LP
International Conference on Surgery of the Shoulder
International Carrier Sales and Solutions
International Conference on System Sciences
International Customer Service Standard
International Conference on Social Sciences
International Carotid Stenting Study
International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism
International Consortium for Sugarcane Modelling
International College of Spiritual Midwifery
International Conference on Science and Technology of Synthetic Metals
International Conference on Software Maintenance
International Corporate Services Ltd.
International Company Services Limited
International Convention on the Sale of Goods
International Council of Surgical Gastroenterology
International Centre of Social Gerontology
International Conference on Structural Genomics
International Copper Study Group
International Brotherhood of Freeloaders
International Buddhist Foundation
International Bamboo Foundation
International Broadcast Facilities
International Basketball Federation
International Bicycle Fund
International Business Forum
International Badminton Federation
International Banking Facility
International Boxing Federation
International Cultural Exchange Organization Inc.
International Conference on Economics and Finance
International College of Economics and Finance
International Court of the Environment Foundation
International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior
International Antarctic Analysis Centre
International Academic Advisory Council
Grid Locators of Russia International Award
Global Research in International Affairs Center
International Workshop on Distributed Sensor Systems
Classification Internationale des Soins de Sante Primaires
British International Motor Show
Baltic International Marine Services
Air Combat Warfare International
Women’s International Democratic Federation
International Workshop on Dependable Embedded Systems
Universal Pictures International
United Press International
Topkatours International Travel
Trotter’s International Trading
Tonino International Trading
The International Management Institute
School of Social Sciences and International Studies
Reykjavik International Film Festival
Russian International Academy for Tourism
Royal International Air Tatoo
Polesworth International Language College
Pattaya International Ladies Club
Partners International Foundation
Poke-International Forums
Otaniemi International Network
Ontrack Data International, Inc.
One Day International
Outlet Centres International
Overseas Council International
International Rafting Federation
International Rail Forum
International Racing Federation
International Rectifier Corporation
International Roaming Facility
International Real Fair
International RustFest
International Religious Fellowship
International Relief Foundation
International Ringette Federation
Internationale Ratten Fokkers/Fanclub
International Regulators Forum
International Research Foundation
International Racquetball Federation
International Ranger Federation
International Rogaining Federation
International Renaissance Foundation
International Rhino Foundation
International Road Federation
International Religious Freedom
International Power Machines
International Project Management
International Partnership for Microbicides
International Symposium on Environmental Nanotechnology
International Project Development Roadmap
International Office Technologies
International Oracle Users Group
International DORIS Service
International Digitization Strategy
International Digital Satellite
International Distress Signal
International Data Service
International Data Systems
International Development Strategy
International & Diplomat Sales
International Dental Show
International Decision Systems
International Development Studies
International Financial Support
International Financial Systems
International Fauna Society
International Flagship Service
International Fertiliser Society
International Federation of Surveyors
International Freephone Service
International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres
International Foundation for Science
International Financial Statistics
International Food Standard
International Multi-Channel Action Group for Education
International Multicenter Angina Exercise
International Directory Management System
International Federation of Information Processing
International Food Information System
International Flight Inspection Symposium
International Food Information Service
International Direct Response Services
International Double Reed Society
Honiara/Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands – Henderson International
HEED International School (Bangladesh)
Heidelberg International School
Harvard International Office
Direct Meubles International
Dove Mission International
Diesel Marine International Limited
Deaf Match International
Digital Musicworks International, Inc.
Digital Marketing International
Deaf Ministries International
Division Internationale du Travail
Dynamics of International Terrorism
International Development Design Summit
Direct Business International
Deutsche Bahn International
Deafblind International
Business and Economics Society International
Association for Research in International Adoption
International & Development Economics
International Destination Expo
International Development Enterprises
Association Internationale pour le Developpement de l’Apnee
Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances
Zurich International School
International Community Association of Nizhny Novgorod
International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks
International Work Experience Scholarship
International Wushu Exchange Society
International Workshop on Emergent Synthesis
Borland International Data Structures
Agency for International Development
Association of Geoscientists for International Development
Australian Consultants International Limited
Association for Cultural Economics International
Association for Childhood Education International
Carrefour Quebec International
Centre International de Developpement et de Recherche
Council on International and Area Outreach
Columbia International Affairs Online
Benchmarking of International Services and Systems
Baltic International Summer School
Burkle Center for International Relations
American International Health Alliance
American Council for International Studies
Associated Business Publications International
Conan Properties International
Choeur Philharmonique International
Creative Publishing International
Corn Products International
Catalytic Products International, Inc.
Cours Penale Internationale
Commercial Photographers International
Canada Pork International
Counterpart International
Civilian Police International
Chandra Prabhu International Ltd.
Canada Post International Limited
Code on Private International Law
International Nordic Fitness Organisation
Wetland International Asia Pacific
Wellington International Airport
Ukraine International Airlines
Union Internationale des Architectes
Union of International Associations
Union Internationale des Avocats
Terrorism Response Association International
Teaching International Students
Theatre International de Langue Francaise
Transportation Communications International Union
Strategy and Management of International Business
Societe Internationale du Bangladesh
Seafarers International Research Centre
State International Development Organizations
International Whistleblowers
Internationale Wirtschafts-Briefe
Rhodesian Ridgeback International Foundation
Registered International Mover
Programme for Strategic and International Security Studies
Population and Development International
Precision Drilling International
Plan de Developpement International de Bruxelles
Personnel Decisions International
Organization for International Migration
Odense Internationale Musikteater
Organisation Internationale pour la Migration
Organisation Internationale pour les Migrations
Ministry of Industry and International Trade
Maryland International Kite Exposition
Moscow State Institute of International Relations
IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad Hoc and Sensor Systems
International Trafficking in Arms Regulations
International Traffic in Arms Regulations
International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy
International Society of Military Sciences
International School of Medical Sciences
International Space Training Center
International Renal Insufficiency Society
International Retrieval Index System
International Student Travel Confederation
International Science and Technology Center
International Repair Information Service
International Society of Tax Consultants
International Switching and Testing Center
International Special Training Center
International Standard for Tuberculosis Care
International Science and Technology Conference
International Shade Tree Conference
International Standard Textual Work Code
International Standard Text Code
Institute of International and Strategic Studies
International Radio Interferometric Surveying
International Research Institutes
International Research Institute of Stavanger
Institut de Relations Internationales et Strategiques
International Railway Industry Standard
International Road Tar Conference
Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor
International Program on Plant Bioassays
International Packaging of Authentic Cuisine
International Public Affairs Consultants, Inc.
International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium
International Program for Antarctic Buoys
International Network for Bamboo and Rattan
International Display Research Conference
International Disaster Reduction Conference
International Development Research Council
International Development Research Centre
International Council for Professional Competence
International Children’s Peace Council
International Criminal Police Commission
International Cable Protection Committee
International Conference of Police Chaplains
International Conference on Program Comprehension
International Classification of Primary Care
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
International de Credit Agricole Rural
International Center for Aquatic Research
International Commission for Alpine Rescue
International Centre for Asset Recovery
International Community for Alien Research
International Center for Aggregates Research
International Center for Automotive Research
International Committee for Animal Recording
International Conference on Advanced Robotics
International Conference on Mobile Business
International Conference on Business and Management
International Charismatic Bible Ministries
International Consortium for Brain Mapping
International Bureau of Chambers of Commerce
International Business Card Collectors
International Boreal Conservation Campaign
International Bartenders Cocktail Competition
International Beta Core Collection
International Business Council of Canada
International Business Communications Centre
International Bianisotropics Conference Committee
International Building Classification Committee
International Building Code Council
International Business Communications Council
International Business Card Club
International Business Club of Colorado
International Baccalaureate Career-Related Certificate
International Bird Census Committee
International Board of Christian Counselors
International Association of Elevator Consultants
International Alliance of Exhibiting Companies
International Academic Education Consortium
International Atomic Energy Commission
Gold Crown Club International
Gaumont Buena Vista International
Federation Internationale de Boules
Federation Internationale des Producteurs Agricoles
Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations
Ecole Internationale de Geneve
Emirates International Endurance Village
Directorate for International Development
Division for International Development
Department of Foreign and International Development
Department for International Development
Danish International Development Agency
Center for International Trade and Security
China International Travel Service
Certificate in International Communications for Adults
Confederation of International Construction Associations
Confederation Internationale du Credit Agricole
Centre International de Communication Avancee
Canadian International Security Organization
Congress of the International Society of Citriculture
Center for International Health Research
Center for International Health Information
Computer Associates International Inc.
Consumers Education and Protective Association International
Brother International Corporation
Bonneville International Corporation
Blendpac International Corporation
Biosciences International Cooperation
Bethany International Church
Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal
Bureau International des Containers
Baltimore International College
Baha’i International Community
Bahrain International Circuit
Bournemouth International Centre
Adventist International Medical Society
Amusement Industry Manufacturers & Suppliers, International
Association of International Marathons and Distance Races
Accelerating International Mission Strategies
Association of International Marathons and Road Races
Australian International Correspondence Club
Antwerp International Cat Club
Accra International Conference Centre
Arusha International Conference Centre
Associate Chief Counsel International
Advertising Agency Network International
International Sport Divers Association
International Systems Dealers Association
International Swap Dealers Association, Inc.
International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc.
International Marine Design Conference
International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance
International District Housing Alliance
International Deaf Squash Tournament
International Agricultural Development Service
International Association of Dental Students
International Academy for Dental Advancement
International Anti-Doping Arrangement
Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Archiv
Cooperation Internationale pour le Developpement et la Solidarite
Manitoba International Marketing Competition
International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones
International Water Technology Conference
International Women’s Tribune Centre
International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture
Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities
William Kent International
Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell
Washington International Teleport
Wroclaw International School
Washington International School
Wisconsin International Raceway
The International Cat Association
Shanghai International Port Group
Salon International de l’Alimentation
Richard Barbett International
Reze Basket International
Rebirthing Breathwork International
Radio Bluegrass International
Radio Berlin International
Post Consult International
Pilots for Christ International, Inc.
Population Communications International
Pacific Consultants International
Project Concern International
Messe Stuttgart International
Medicine Shoppe International, Inc.
Medical Services International
Motor Sports International
Marine Systems International
Metapath Software International
Marie Stopes International
Management Systems International
Micro-Star International
Los Angeles International Church of Christ
Leading International Open Networkers
Japan International Volunteer Center
International Cricket Conference
International Congress Calendar
International Christian Church
International Country Club
International Conference on Computing
Internationales Congress Centrum Berlin
International Call Center
International Committee of Commerce
International Citrus Congress
International Car Company
International Corrosion Conference
International Computer Center
International Association for Cereal Chemistry
International Committee for Crimea
International Color Committee
International Clay Conference
International Council for Competition Climbing
International Computing Center
International Certification Commission
International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions
International Conference on Creationism
International Control Commission
International Certificate Conference
International Cultural Center
International Calling Card
International Coordination Committee
International Christian College
International Church of Christ
International Critical Commentary
International Commerce Centre
International Churches of Christ
International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
International Congress of Chemotherapy
International Convention Center
International Coastal Cleanup
International Color Consortium
International Criminal Court
International Chamber of Commerce
International Code Council
International Cricket Council
International Conference on Communications
International Training Camp
International Transport Committee
International Trauma Conference
International Transit Center
International Taekwondo Council
International Television Center
International Training Course in Security Policy
International Translation Center
International Telecom Center
International Telecomputing Consortium
International Teaching Centre
International Technology Center
International Trypanotolerance Centre
International Teledemocracy Centre
International Training in Communication
International Telemetering Conference
International Tin Council
International Theological Commission
International Technology Corporation
International Test Commission
International Teletraffic Congress
International Test Conference
International Trade Centre
International Typeface Corporation
International Trade Commission
John Caples International Awards
Jorge Chavez International Airport
Joint Commission International Accreditation
Junior Chamber International Aberdeen
Junior Chamber International Australia
International Anti-Corruption
International Aerosol Conference
International Armed Conflict
International Antarctic Centre
International Astronautical Congress
International Affairs Committee
International Aviation Consultants
International Alliance for Children, Inc.
International Arms Cooperation
International Accounting Centre
International Academy Council
International Armaments Cooperation
International Agricultural Center
International Adoption Center
International Auctioneer Championship
International Association for Cybernetics
International Association for Counselling
International Armoring Corporation
International Access Code
International Academy of Cytology
International Agricultural Centre
International Academy of Consciousness
International Academy of Ceramics
International Aerobatic Club
International Action Center
International Association of Coaching
International Advisory Committee
International Hotel School
International Hyperhidrosis Society
International Hibernation Society
International Hoplology Society
International Health Specialist
International Horn Society
International Hydrofoil Society
International Headache Society
International Students Day of Metallurgy
International Society of Deliverance Ministers
Internationale Literaturagentur, Manuskriptvermittlung
International Literary & Media Agency
International League of Martial Artists
International Litigation Management Association
International Legal Malpractice Advisors, LLC
International Fibrinogen Research Society
International Financial Reporting System
International Financial Reporting Standard
International Home Products
International Humanitarian Partnership
International Hydrological Programme
International Affairs Fellowship
International Anarchist Federation
International Aquaculture Foundation
International Anglican Fellowship
International Aeronautical Federation
International Abolitionist Federation
International Association of Firefighters
International Animation Festival
International Apparel Federation
International Aikido Federation
International Accreditation Forum, Inc.
International Astronautical Federation
International Association of Facilitators
International Accreditation Forum
International Conference on Systolic Arrays
International Committee Against Apartheid, Racism and Colonialism in Southern Africa
International Chain Salon Association
International Customer Service Association
International Cultic Studies Association
International Computer Security Association
International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Art Transporters
International Air Cargo Conference
International Association of Colour Consultants
International Association of Commercial Collectors, Inc.
International America’s Cup Class
International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition
International Association of Conference Centers
International Anti-Corruption Conference
Hongkong International Trade and Exhibition Centre
Hamilton International Airport Limited
Hyderabad International Airport Limited
Fresno Yosemite International, Fresno, CA
Federation of International Furniture Removers
FIDI Accredited International Mover
Eglise Evangelique Internationale de Geneve
Defense Technology International
Business Synergetics International LLC
Biothane Systems International BV
Bi-Search International, Inc.
Business Systems International Ltd
Bodyguard Services International Ltd
Boeing Services International
Booking Services International
Business Strategies International
Broadcast Software International
Bromeliad Society International
Body Shop International
Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism
Can China International Tours
International Telegraphic Advisory Committee
Comite Catholique International pour les Tsiganes
Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique au Congo
Brussels International Airport Company
Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education
International Aerospace Information Network
International Association of Institutes of Navigation
International Business Management
International Bank of Miami
International Brotherhood of Magicians
International Business and Marketing
International Baptist Missions
International Business Machines Corporation
International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling
Institute for International Economic Cooperation and Development
International Center for Economic Policy Studies
International CBX Owners Association
International CBX Owners Association
International Golf Qualifications
International Student Life
International School of Luxembourg
International School of Lausanne
Japan Eco International
International Prototype Kilogram
International Kennel Union
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
International Journal of Oncology
International Journal of Obesity
Humedica International Lanka
Human Appeal International
HelpAge International
Health Alliance International
Health Action International
Helicopter Association International
Foundation for International Understanding
Florida International University
Hong Kong International Airport
Energy Policy International Club
Evidence Photographers International Council
Europe and International Affairs Panel
Ellerslie International Flower Show
Health Systems International
Hudson Smith International
Health Services International
Human Synergistics International
Home Study International
Hospitality Solutions International
Humane Society International
Hutchison Telecommunications International Ltd.
International Database for Beta
Warning and Monitoring Systems International
Rassemblement pour une Alternative Internationale de Developpement
International Doping Control Officers
International Data Corporation
Governing International Fisheries Agreement
Internationale Giesserei-Fachmesse
International Detroit Black Expo
International Powder Metallurgy Directory
Fellow of the Association of International Accountants
English for International Students
Florida International Museum
Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme
Federation Internationale des Mineurs
Fellowship International Mission
Federation Internationale Motocycliste
International Federation of Musicians
National Sanitation Foundation International
Semaine Internationale du Cerveau
Quadrise Fuels International, PLC
Societe International de Chirurgie
Shafston International College
Societe Internationale de Criminologie
Sepang International Circuit
VisionFund International
Voice Factory International
Video Furniture International Inc
Village Focus International
International Requirements and Criteria
International Radio Advisory Council
International Radio Advisory Committee
International Symposium on Ball Lightning
International Institute for Disability Advocacy
International Illumination Design Awards
International Interior Design Association
International Association of Lighting Designers
International Study of Infarct Survival
International Species Information System
International Satellite for Ionospheric Study
International Science Information Service
International Splined Interface Standard
International Superconductivity Industry Summit
International School of Information Science
International Spinal Intervention Society
International Satellites for Ionospheric Studies
International Society on Infant Studies
International Species Inventory System
International Spinal Injection Society
International Security Information Service
Institute for Science and International Security
International Conference on Software
International Certification Services, Inc.
International Conference on Supercomputing
International Consultation Services
International Cable Systems
International Congress Secretary
International Computing Systems, Inc.
International Compliance Services
International Cloning Society
International Clematis Society
International Collectors Society
International Culinary School
International Congress Service
International College Spain
International Cold Storage
International Computer Systems
International Council for Science
International Camellia Society
International Child Support
International College of Surgeons
International Centre for Science and High Technology
International Christian School
International Correspondence Schools
International Commission on Stratigraphy
International Chamber of Shipping
International Continence Society
International Chili Society
International Classification for Standards
International Community School
International Chemometrics Society
International Policy Division
International Program Directive
International Product Development Co., Inc.
International Parking Design, Inc.
International Design Competition
International Development Conference
International Delivery Center
International Digital Communications, Incorporated
International Driver’s Challenge
International Digital Centre, Inc.
International Dollar Card
International Drycleaners Congress
International Development Corporation
International Diabetes Center
International Datacasting Corporation
International Data Corporation
International Filtration Conference
International Film Corporation
International Footwear Conference
International Freighting Corporation
International First Class
International Friendship Center
International Financial Corporations
International Footbag Committee
International Fighting Championships
International Fuel Cells
International Fundraising Congress
International Financial Center
International Fire Code
International Finance Corporation
International Fleet Review
International Fantasy Regulation
International Trade Data System
International Travel Documents
International Tax Dialogue
International Financial Review
International Translation Day
International Trade Division
International Finals Rodeo
International Trade Department
International Federation of Robotics
International Financing Review
International Institute for Trade and Development
International Distance Learning
International Driving License
International Date Line
International Bankcards System
International Broadcasting Services, Ltd.
International Hockey Gang
International Benchrest Shooters
International Holdings Group
International Business Service
International Business Schools
International Biometric Society
International Business Studies
International Bible Society
International Business Systems
International Builders’ Show
Hard Rock International
Horticultural Research International
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
United International College
Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer
Touristik Union International
Travel Professionals International
Tradepoint International
Technology Policy International
Telecom Plus International
Turfgrass Producers International
Tribunal Penal International
Tiscali International Global Emergency Response
Tasman International Geospace Environment Radar
International Atomic Time
Travelers Aid International
Time, Atomic International
TACA International Airlines, El Salvador
Temps Atomique International
Services International Limited
Societe Internationale de Photogrammetrie et de Teledetection
Societas Internationalis Limnologiae
Societe Internationale de Linguistique
Sound and Light International Trade
Science Applications International Corporation
Studio Art Centers International
Refuge Trust International
Research Technologies International
Recycle Technologies International
Rothberg International School
Rebuilding Community International
Revival Centres International
Rosenbaum-Cunningham International, Inc
Retail Confectioners International
Resort Condominium International
Radio Chine Internationale
Radio Canada International
Royal Caribbean International
Renault Alpine Club International
Photon Technology International
Pacific Telesis International
Pharmaceutical Technologies International, Inc
Piedmont Triad International
Mir International Amateur Radio Experiment
Lincoln International Business School
International Union of Nutritional Sciences
International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
International Sales & Marketing Conference
International Supermarket Management Class
International Ship Management Code
International Council for Ski Mountaineering Competitions
International Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry
International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals
International Security and Conflict Resolution program
International Outsourcing Company
International Obesity Congress
International Society of Acoustic Remote Sensing
International Ozone Commission
International School of Business Management
International Oil Company
International Society of Behavioral Medicine
International School of Business and Media
International Oceanographic Commission
International Olympic Committee
International Review of Community Development
International Resource Center for Democracy
International Research Committee on Disasters
International Shipowners’ Association
International Military Student Manager
International Management Systems Marketing
International Maritime Interdiction Support
International Music Information Retrieval Systems Evaluation Laboratory
International Conference on the Structure of Hungarian
International Committee for Standardization in Haematology
Internationale Bibelforscher Vereinigung
International Human Rights
International History Review
International Human Resources
International Health Regulations
International Interdisciplinary Wound Care Course
International Institute of Soccer Tourism
International Institute of Sports Therapists
International Institute for Strategic Studies
International Institute of Sports Therapy
Institute for International Studies and Training
International Institute for Software Technology
International Institute for Software Testing
International Federation of Landscape Architects
International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
International Economics Research Institute
International Electronics Reliability Institute
International Chess Enterprises
International Cometary Explorer
International Corpus of English
International Currency Exchange
International Cosmetic Expo
International Christian Embassy
International Commentary Explorer
International Counter Espionage
International Congress of Egyptology
International Development Corporation Agency
International Design Conference in Aspen
International Digestive Cancer Alliance
International Cryptography Experiment
International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics
International Chemical Environment
International Certificate of Education
International Conservative Federation
International Cryptography Framework
International Chess Federation
International Call Forwarding
International Casting Federation
International Camping Fellowship
International Cablemakers Federation
International Classification of Functioning and Disability
International Conference on Fracture
International Crane Foundation
International Canoe Federation
International Coaching Federation
International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health
International Coach Federation
International Consultation on Urological Diseases
International Conference on Urban Drainage
International Commission on Large Dams
International Convention of Asia Scholars
International Cell Assisted Surgery Congress
International Communications Application Specification
International Council of Airshows
International Council of Arbitration for Sport
International Committee against Stoning
International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences
International Conference on Autonomic and Autonomous Systems
International Conference on Cognition and Recognition
International Community Education Association
International Center for Environmental Arts
International Childbirth Education Association
International Association for Strategic Thought
International Alphabet of Sanskrit Transliteration
Handicapped Scuba Association International
Goldman Sachs International
Generator Services International, Inc.
Globecomm Systems International
GoodSeed International
Geo Services International Ltd
Goal Systems International
German Swiss International School
Graduate School of International Studies
Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation
Fiber Products International
Fluid Power International, Inc
Fairbridge Project International, Inc
Fire Protection International
Forest Partners International
Forest Products International
Freight Plan International
Freedom Party International
First Point International
Fitness Products International
Fixture Perfect International
Frontier Planning International
Flight Project International
Flach Pyramide International
Free Press International
Fishery Products International, Ltd.
Friends Provident International
Fireplace Products International Ltd
Forbidden Planet International
Federal International
Fidelity International Investment Advisors
Finnish Institute of International Affairs
Education Unlimited International
ENSCO International
Environmental Hazards Specialists International
Environmental Business International, Inc.
Division of International Programs Abroad
Docan Computer Systems International Ltd
Coping with International Conflict
Cercle International des Amis de la Musique
Center for International Assignment Management
Centre International d’Admission aux Etudes de Management
Certified International Financial Accounting Specialist
Council of International Federation of Advanced Studies
Committee on International Aviation Safety and Security
Community Forestry International
Association Internationale du Barreau
Association for International Business
Annee Internationale de la Biodiversite
Afghanistan International Bank
Association for International Broadcasting
Academy of International Business
Australian International School Hong Kong
Enterprise Exchange International
Newark, NJ, USA – Newark International Airport
Education Wellington International
East-West International
Econet Wireless International
Environmental Waste International
Executive Women International
Elliott Wave International
Quota International, Inc.
Quality Hospitality International
Portland, ME, USA – Portland International Jetport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport
Panama City, Panama – Tocumen International Airport
Pontiac, Michigan – Oakland County International
Portsmouth, NH, USA – Pease International Tradeport
Phi Sigma Kappa International Fraternity
Performance and Results International, LLC
Professional Recruiting International
Power Resources International, Inc
Prison Reform International
Penal Reform International
Plant Research International
Public Radio International
Papeete, French Polynesia – International Tahiti-Faaa
Power Quotient International Co, Ltd
PRIMEX Physics International
Precision Parts International, LLC
Pickle Packers International, Inc
People to People International
Pago Pago, American Samoa – International
Pro Natura International
Pohnpei, Caroline Islands, Micronesia – Pohnpei International
Photo-Me International
Picture Music International
Perimeter Ministries International
Priority Mail International
Philip Morris International
PipeLine Machinery International
Pakistan International Airlines
Past International President
Presses Internationales Polytechnique
Pittsburgh, PA, USA – Greater Pit International Airport
Peace and International Understanding
Parcel International Express
Philadelphia International Records
Portland International Raceway
Phoenix International Raceway
Pocono International Raceway
Policy and International Affairs
Physics International
Prospective Internationale
PrintImage International
International Protocol
Privacy International
Public International Organization
Pre-International Baccalaureate
Pacific International Lines
Past International Director
St Petersburg/Clearwater, FL, USA – St Petersburg/Clearwater International
Platform for International Education
Pyongyang International Airport
Pearson International Airport
Pittsburgh International Airport
Pakistan International Airlines
Phoenix, AZ, USA – Sky Harbor International Airport
Newport News/Williamsburg/Hampton, VA, USA – Patrick Henry International
Philadelphia, PA, USA – Philadelphia International Airport
Paphos, Cyprus – International
Private Equity International
Playboy Enterprises International
Pack Expo International
Perry Ellis International
Paramaribo, Suriname – Zanderij International
PepsiCo Beverages International
Private Banking International
West Palm Beach, FL, USA – Palm Beach International Airport
Pitney Bowes International
Peace Brigades International
Polar Bears International
Palm Beach International Airport
Optical Storage International
Open Systems International
Ontario, CA, USA – Ontario International
Office des Migrations Internationales
Operations Management International, Inc.
Organisation Maritime Internationale
Opus International Consultants
Oslo International Church
FCC Office of International Communications
Opus International Communications, Inc
Office of International Conferences
Officemate International Corp
Outreach International, Inc.
Ockenden International
Orphans International
Opportunity International
Optimist International
Oxfam International
Oceanology International
Opryland International Travel
Organisation Internationale du Travail
Office of International Research
Official International Rules
Official International Reserves
Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs
Oakland, CA, USA – Metropolitan Oakland International Apt
Oxford Asymmetry International
Nazarene Youth International
New World International
Newsworld International
NetWare Users International
Nutrition Santé International
Negotiation Systems International
Nomura Securities International
NATO International Staff
Non-Proliferation and International Security
Nonproliferation and International Security division
Nishimachi International School
No International Bidders
Net International Migration
Nearest International Airport
Newcastle International Airport
Neoist International
Navistar International
Newcastle, England, United Kingdom – International
Nairobi, Kenya – Jomo Kenyatta International
Nassau, Bahamas – Nassau International Airport
New America International
Nadi, Fiji – International
Magic Youth International
Memory Experts International
Mediation Training Institute International
Medical Teams International
New Orleans, LA, USA – Moisant International Airport
Minneapolis, MN, USA – Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport
Missoula, MT, USA – Missoula International
International Workshop on Multimedia Software Engineering
Management Recruiters International
Management Reports International
Migrants’ Rights International
Maverick Drilling International Limited
Minority Rights Group International
Mustique International Airport, St. Vincent and Grenadines
Malpensa International Airport – Milan, Italy
Maputo, Mozambique – Maputo International
Military Procurement International )
Micro Planning International
Meeting Planners International
Meeting Professionals International
Minot, ND, USA – Minot International Airport
Motorsport News International
Market News International
Manila, Philippines – Ninoy Aquino International
Messe Munchen International
Medicus Mundi International
Medical Mission International
Money Management International
Maternal Life International, Inc.
Male, Maldives – Male International
Missing Kids International
Muskegon, MI, USA – Muskegon County International Airport
Magister Juris Internationalis
Ministry for International Veganism
Ministry of International Veganism
Mongolian International University
Maharishi International University
Million International Units
Misr International University
Al-Manhal International School
Munich International School
Madison International Speedway
Michigan International Speedway
Manx International Rally
McGill International Review
Medical International Research
Maryland International Raceway
McAllen International Museum
Memphis in May International Festival
Maoist International Movement
Master of International Management
Mensa International Ltd.
Mapuche International Link
Migrante International
Malteser International
Mobility International, Inc
Michigan International Camporee
Methodist International Centre
Master of International Health
Murray International Holdings
Mowry International Group, LLC
Manchester International Festival
Media International Australia
Miners’ International Federation
Malaysia International Aerospace Exhibition
Mactan International Airport
Master of International Affairs
Manila International Airport
Melbourne International Airport
Malta International Airport
Miami International Airport
Merida, Yucatan, Mexico – Merida International
Master of International Development
Many International Businesses
Master of International Business
Muslim Hands International
Med Help International
Rogue Valley International/Medford Airport
Macau International Airport
Marine Fenders International, Inc.
Multilateral Funding International
Maquis Forces International
Malaria Foundation International
MindFreedom International
Harrisburg, PA, USA – Harrisburg International Airport
International Conference on Mobile Data Management
Mobil Data International, Incorporated
Motor Development International
Metals Consulting International Limited
Kansas City, MO, USA – Kansas City International Airport
Mercy Corps International
Medical Care Development International
Microcomputer Business International
Media Boston International
Master Builder International
MicroBanking International
Minaj Broadcast International
Messianic Bureau International
Manchester, England, United Kingdom – International
Myanmar Airway International
Media Action International
Majuro, Marshall Islands – International
Swiss International Airlines
Living Word International
Living Water International
Lehigh Valley International Airport
London, England, United Kingdom – Luton International
Legacy Systems International
Lifesave International
Logistic Services International, Inc
Language Studies International
Long-Range International
Life Outreach International
Limited Over International
Living Ocean International
Leuven Measurement Systems International, Belgium
Les Mills International
License Management International, LLC
Leadership Management International, Inc.
Lilongwe, Malawi – Kamuzu International
Laubach Literacy International
Little League International
Liberty League International
International Music Feed
International Migration Flow
International Mozarteum Foundation
International Marketing Federation
International Myomassethics Federation
International Metalworkers’ Federation
International Myeloma Foundation
International Monetary Fund
Laureate International Universities
Lima, Peru – International Jorge Chavez
Lunar International Laboratory
Lipizzan International Federation
Lesbian International Group
Luton International Airport
London International Academy
London International Awards
Laureoli International
Letterist International
Lighthouse International
limited international bidding
Leatherhead Food International
Loving Friends International
League for the Fifth International
Life Force International
Live Design International
Lighting Dimensions International
Long Distance International
Lourdes/Tarbes, France – Tarbes International
Lighthouse Chapel International
Lasalle College International
Lions Club International
La Ceiba, Honduras – International
Larnaca, Cyprus – International
Lubbock, TX, USA – Lubbock International Airport
Los Angeles, CA, USA – Los Angeles International Airport
Lambda Alpha International
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Subang Kuala Lumpur International
Ketchikan, AK, USA – Ketchikan International
Knowledge Technologies International
Kali Sikaran International
Crystallex International Corporation
Kimberly Raymond International
Kuwait Petroleum International
International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations
Klaus Management International
Kerrigan Media International, Inc.
Kluwer Law International
Air Mali International
Klein Karoo International
Khanani & Kalia International
Korean International School
Kodaikanal International School
Osaka, Japan – Kansai International
kilo International Units
Kampala International University
Kelley International Perspectives
Kyocera International, Inc.
Kent International Gateway
Kateigaho International Edition
Kiwanis International Foundation
Kuwait International Bank
Korea International Automotive
Kuching International Airport
Kabul International Airport
Kansai International Airport
Kuwait International Airport
Kilimanjaro International Airport
Küchengeräte International
Kemerer Group International
Kitchen Gardeners International
Knowledge Ecology International
International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing
Executive Software International
Environmental Solutions International
Kyklos Bearing International
Kano, Nigeria – Aminu Kano International
Jesuit Volunteers International
Join-Up International
Japan Tobacco International
Jaclyn Smith International
Jack Nadel International
Jakarta / Indonesia International, Soekarno-Hatta Indonesia
Jiu Jitsu International
Joint International Unit
Jones International University
Journal of International Management
Jefferies International Limited
Journal of International Business
Johor Bahru, Malaysia – Sultan Ismail International
New York, NY, USA – John F Kennedy International Airport
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Jeddah International
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International
Joint Commission International
Junior Chamber International
Jeune Chambre Internationale
Jacksonville, FL, USA – Jacksonville International Airport
Jabat, Marshall Islands – Jabat International
Jazz Alliance International
Journal of ASTM International
Junior Achievement International
International Zone
International Zinc Association
International Zeolite Association
International Zakat Organization
International XAFS Society
International X.25 Interconnect
International Wastewater Systems, Inc
International Wafer Service
International Wool Secretariat
International Exchange
International Xenotransplantation Association
International Workcamp Organization
International Workers Order
International Women’s Association
International Wine Accessories, Inc.
International Wheat Agreement
International Webcasting Association
International Windsurfing Association
International Wrestling Association
International Workers Association
International Water Association
International Webmasters Association
International Web Development
International Women’s Day
International Wound Journal
International Women in Jazz
International Video Workshop
International Vascular Workshop
International Victimology Website
International Vehicle Registration
International Vacation Club
International Venture Capital
International Virtual Office
International Virtual Observatory
International Velux Award
International Voice Association
International Voice Gateway
International Union of Speleology
International Union of Students
International Translation Resources
International Trade Resources LLC
International Trade Policy
International Undertaking on Plant Genetic Resources
International University in Germany
International Unit
International Thyroid Project
Internationally Trained Professional
International Time Programme
International Thomson Publishing Company
International Thompson Publishing
International Third Position
International Training Program
International University Line
International Ultraviolet Explorer
International Trade Mark
Osaka, Japan – Itami International Was Osaka
International Training Management
International Textile Machinery Exhibition
International Translation Network
International Transit Network
International Tennis Number
International Technology Office
International Technical Officer
International Trade Organization
International Thrift Institute
Investigator Training International
Impact Teams International
International Training Inc
International Technology Integration, Inc.
International Theological Institute
International Theatre Institute
International Trachoma Initiative
International Training Institute
International Telecommunications
International Transport Journal
International Technology Division
Internationally Trained Kinesiologist
International Terrorism
International Trade
International Terminal Building
International Time Bureau
Internationale Tourismusbörse
International Theological Education
International School Sosua
International Settlement System
International Scoring Systems
International Supply Services
International Sanitary Systems
International Sales Support
International School Seychelles
International Soccer Superstar
International Shaw Society
International Survivalist Society
International Seismological Summary
International School of Singapore
International Shorebird Survey
International Switching Symposium
International Society of Surgery
International Skeletal Society
International Social Service
International Summer School
International Space Station
International Society of Postmasters
International Service Personnel
International Signaling Point
International Society of Photogrammetry
International Standard Problem
International Service Program
International Symposium on Wikis
International Settlements Policy
International System Unit
International Spine Watchers
International Survey Unit
International School Wiesbaden
Internationale Socialisters Ungdom
International Seamen’s Union
International Stereoscopic Union
International Security Policy
International Standardized Profile
International Security Program
International Salvage Union
International Space University
International Skating Union
International Specialty Products
International Studies and Programs
International Shared Tenant
International Superhero Teams
International Switched Transit
International School of Tucson
International Spartacist Tendency
International Supply Teachers
International Semiconductor Technology
International School of Tanganyika
International Symposium on Telecommunications
International Service Team
International Socialist Tendency
International Software
International School of Qingdao
International Students Quarters
International Spy Museum
international stability quotient
International Sales Management, LLC
International Software Marketing, Incorporated
International System of Quantities
International Studies Quarterly
International Staple and Machine Company
International Surfing Museum
International Systems Marketing, Inc.
International Switch Operations
International Satellite Organization
International Society of Organbuilders
International Socialist Organization
International Student Organization
International Organization for Standardization
International Standards Organization
[not an acronym] common short name for the International Organization for Standardization; also see Iso- prefix
International School of Minnesota
International Student Ministries
International School, Manila
International Symposium on Multimedia
International Supply Management
International School of Management
International Safety Management
International Solidarity Movement
International Symposium on Microarchitecture
International Standard Industrial
International Synergy Institute
International Systems Integration
International School of Nice
International Student Network, Inc
Williston, ND, USA – Sloulin Field International
International Sale Indicator
International Shopping Network
International Sunspot Number
Indigenous Survival International
International School Ibadan
International Students Institute
International Society for Neuroethology
Ice Skating International
International Sedimentation Initiative
Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
International Scleroderma Network
International Society of Nephrology
International Relations and Security Network
Innovative Solutions International
International Systems Institute
International Students, Inc.
International Statistical Institute
International Services Advertising
International Student Advisory
International Sign Association
International Studies Abroad
International Society of Andrology
International Systems Associates, Ltd.
International Shipmasters Association of the Great Lakes
International Subscription Agencies Pty Ltd
International Student Center
International Surveillance and Control
International School of Arizona
International Standardization Agreement
International Synaesthesia Association
International Society of Chemometrics
International Standards Council
International Signal and Control Corporation
International Silk Association
International Sorting Center
International Standards Association
International Service Carrier
International Society of Women Airline Pilots
International School of the Americas
International Steering Committee on the Economic Advancement of Rural Women
International Strategic Alliance
International Spa Association
International Space Corporation
International Service Assessment
International Space Agency
International Stillbirth Alliance
International Sericultural Commission
International Society of Arborists
International Stuttering Association
International Safety Council
International Switched Data
International Study Circle
International School of Curacao
International Society for Measurement and Control
International Security Affairs
International Supreme Council
International Standard Atmosphere
International Society of Citriculture
International Standard Data Network
International Schools Association
International Seabed Authority
International Society of Appraisers
International Switching Center
International Society of Cryptozoology
International Searching Authority
International Students Association
International Standard on Auditing
International Scientific Conference
International Society of Arboriculture
International Sociological Association
International Society of Automation
International Student Association
International Studies Association
International Student Council
International Softswitch Consortium
International Systems Development
International Studies Center
International Society of Chemotherapy
International School of Choueifat
International Softball Congress
International Study Center
International Storytelling Center
International Seismological Centre
International Security Conference
International Steering Committee
International Songwriting Competition
International Sculpture Center
International Speedway Corporation
International Skill Development, Inc.
International Standards Development
International School of Dakar
International Society of Differentiation
International Subscriber Dialing
International School of Estonia
International Space Explorer
International Sign Expo
International Sales Europe
International Symposium on Electrets
International Student Edition
International Submarine Engineering Ltd.
International Student Exchange
International Securities Exchange
International School of the Hague
International Superhits
International Sanitation and Heating
International Society of Hypnosis
International Studies Board
International Services Branch
Islamabad, Pakistan – International
International Speakers Bureau, Inc
International Symposium on Bilingualism
International School of Beaverton
International Sports Broadcasting
International Speedway Boulevard
International Society of Biometeorology
International Steel Group
International Staff Band
International School of Bangkok
International School of Beijing
International Society of Bassists
International Society of Biomechanics
International School of Business
International Reply Service
International Russian Society
International Racing System
International Reference Star
International Research and Studies Program
Internationally Recruited Staff
International Rorschach Society
International Referral System
International Radar Symposium
International Register of Shipping
International Research Conference
International Rewards Centre
International Rome Convention
International Resistance Corporation
International Reference Center for Radioactivity
International Railways of Central America
International Resource Committee
International Reconciliation Coalition
United Nations International Refugee Organization
International Relief Officer
International Regulome Consortium
International Regulatory Outlook
International Record Carrier
International Relief Organization
International Rescue Dog Organisation
Internationale Rettungshunde Organisation
International Road Transport Union
International Rescue Corps
International Rice Commission
International Reform University
International Refugee Organization
International Ragnarok Online
International Relations Office
International Relief Union
International Reply Coupon
International Romany Union
International Relations Center
International Water and Sanitation Centre
International Rescue Committee
International Residential Code
International Red Cross
Internationally Recruited Nurse
International Rivers Network
Internationales Rotes Kreuz
International Research Institute for Climate and Society
International Roughness Index
International Research Institute for Climate Prediction
International Republican Institute
Insurance Recovery International
Institut des Relations Internationales
International Reference Ionosphere
Internationalized Resource Identifier
International Railway Journal
International Resource Development
International Relief and Development in Afghanistan
International Requirements Document
International Relief & Development
International Research Group
International Research Grant
International Resources Group
International Rice Genebank
Internationally Recognized Border
Internationale des Résistants À La Guerre
International Register on Biosafety
International Rugby Board
International Review of Entrepreneurship
International Respiratory Epidemiology
International Radio Engineers
International Review of Education
International Publications Trust
International Power Technology, Inc.
International Police Technologies
International Quality Network
International Pool Tour
International Quilt Market
International Polo Week
International Psoriasis Council
International Property Consultants
International Pharmaceutical Company
International Poor Concern
International Pole Camp
International Point Code
International Potash Company Ltd
International Prize Court
International Power Controller
International Preschool Curriculum
International Penguin Conference
International Pepper Conference
International Peace Commission
International Pedagogical University
International Postal Corporation
International Possibilities Unlimited
International Palynological Congress
International Patent Classifications
International Photographic Council
International Publishing Corporation
International Petroleum Corporation
International Food and Agricultural Trade Policy Council
International Poverty Centre
International Press Center
International Program Committee
International Programs Center
International Pepper Community
International Plumbing Code
International Paralympic Committee
International Primary Curriculum
International Property Investors
International Parking Institute
Imaging Products International
International Public Information
International Prognostic Index
International Press Institute
International Payment Instruction
Indigenous Peoples International
International Peace Institute
International Petroleum Institute
International Protein Index
International Policy Network
International Programming Network
International Patent Application
International Probationary Association
International Paruresis Association
International Project Aid
International Playground Association
International Professional Pool Players Association
International Presentation Association
International Platform Association
International Philatelic License
International Platinum Association
International Priority Airmail
International Power Line
International Pediatric Association
International Prepress Association
International Profit Associates, Inc.
International Private Line
International Press Academy
International Psychogeriatric Association
International Peace Academy
International Permafrost Association
International Press Association
International Psychoanalytical Association
International Photography Awards
International Pharmaceutical Abstracts
International Preliminary Examination
International Position Evaluation
International Publishers Association
International Police Association
International Political Economy
International Phonetic Association
International Petroleum Exchange
International Phonetic Alphabet
International Private Equity
International Panel of Experts
International Phenological Gardens
International Power Generation
International Poster Gallery
International Planning Group
International Play Girl
International Professional Groomers, Inc.
International Programmers Guild
International Partyhouse
International Paper Historians
International Association of Paper Historians
International Operator Services
International Officer School
International Oak Society
International Online Soccer
International Organization for Standards
International Outsourcing Services
International Osteopathic Research
International Ocean Racing
International Orientation Resources
International Offshore Rule
International One Way
International Office for Water
International Officer
International Organization
International Online Pharmacy
International Outreach Program
International Organization of Psychophysiology
International Organisation of Palaeobotany
International Opportunities Program
International Organization for Migration
International Order of Merit
International One Meter
International Olympic Athlete
International Ornithological Association
International Oversight Advisory
International Ostomy Association
International Ombudsman Association
International Ozone Association
International Optical Networks
International Order of Nitrogen
International Ocean Network
International Order of Kabbalists
Internationales Olympisches Komitee
International Network Solutions, Inc.
International Numbering System
International Neuropsychological Society
International News Service
International Network Services
International NetWare Users
International Number Exchange
International Nonproprietary Names
International Non-Proprietary Name
International News Media
International Network Management
International Nautical Mile
International Falls, MN, USA – Falls International
International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Bureau
International Nursing Index
International Nonwovens Journal
International Netherlands Group bank
Internationale Nederlanden Groep NV
International Network of Golf
International Naturist Federation
International Nepal Fellowship
International Nomenclature of Diseases
Indianapolis, IN, USA – Indianapolis International Airport
International Noise Conspiracy
International Navigation Congress
International Network of Crackers
International Nursing Conference
International Carrier
International Concepts
International Military Training
International Mobile Telephony
International Marxist Tendency
International Mobile Telecommunications
International Military Tribunal
International Neurological Association
International Needs Australia
International Nannoplankton Association
International Nanny Association
International Market Opportunities
International Money Order
International Meteor Organization
International Mathematical Olympiad
International Maritime Organisation
Internationales Musikzentrum
International Musculoskeletal Medicine
International Merchandise Mart
International Marketing and Management
International Media Ministries
International Marketing Management
International Microfinance and Microenterprise
International Model Management
International Market Access
Iinternational Marketing Association
International Mergers and Acquisitions
International Mobility Awards
International Monetary Market
International Medical Alliance, Inc.
International Mail Manual
International Monovision Association
International Mycologycal Association
International Messaging Associates Corporation
International Mountainboard Association
International Microsimulation Association
International Maritime Association
International Music Association
International Music Academy
International MIDI Association
International Marinelife Alliance
International Magnesium Association
International Mineralogical Association
International Medical Libraries Ring
International Mister Leather
International Mountain Leader
International Microgravity Laboratory
International Mercantile Industries, Inc
International Hotel, Tourism and Culinary Management Institutes
international military information
International Medical Implant
Imamia Medics International
International Meteorological Institute
International Marketing Institute
International Maintenance Institute
International Mycological Institute
Institut Métapsychique International
International Market Insight
International Masonry Institute
International Museum Day
International Management and Development
International Monetary Group
International Military and Government LLC
International Media Group
International Medical Graduate
International Management Group
International Medical Graduates
International Medical Group
International Marriage Bureau
International Marriage Broker
International Medieval Bibliography
International Maritime Bureau
International Mission Board
International Logistics Program
International Library of Poetry
International Lithosphere Program
International Library Movement
International Labour Office
International Labour Organization
International Lichenological Newsletter
International Logistics Negotiations
International Location Number
International Lawyers Network
Internationale Länderkommission Kerntechnik
International Language Institution
International Learning Institute
International Lubricants, Inc.
International Literacy Institute
Internet Librarian International
International Law Institute
International League of Humanists
International Lunar Decade
International Large Detector
International Leadership Development
International Literacy Day
International Labor Defense
International Long Distance
International LEARNTEC Forum
International Law Firms
International Lacrosse Federation
International Land Futures UK Ltd
International Limb Fitting
International Lifeboat Federation
International Lending Agency
International Lifestyle Association
International Labradoodle Association
International Llama Association
International Loran Association
International Listening Association
International Longshoremen’s Association
International Law Association
International Law
International Logistics
International League
International Kolping Society
International Klein Blue
International Key Account
International Karate Association
Interagency and International Services
International Iguana Society
International Investigation Services
International Insurance Society
Institute of International Studies
Internationale Jongeren Uitwisseling
International Journal of Urology
International Institute of Anthropology
Indianapolis International Airport
International Investment Advisors, LLC
International Institute of Agriculture
International Internet Association
Inchon International Airport
International Investment Agreement
International Irradiation Association
Information International Associates, Inc
International Jewellery Kobe
International Identification Number
International Institute
Ikebana International
Interval International
International Hydrographic Organization
International House
International Harvester
International Harvardian University
International Hellenic University
International Hotel Association
International Huntington Association
International Housewares Association
International GNSS Service (formerly International GPS Service)
International Geranium Society
International Genealogical Search
International Ground Station
International Geosynthetics Society
International Glaciological Society
International Game Tech
International Game Technology
Internationale Gruppe für Umweltstudien
International Gas Union
International Geographical Union
International Graphic Machinery
International Granite and Marble, Corporation
International Gas Report
International Government Relations
Iguazu, Misiones, Argentina – Iguazu International
International Golf Maintenance
International Grandmaster
International Gatka Organisation
InterGOV International
International Gaming Network, Inc
International Great Northern Railroad Company
International Gaming News
Internationalen Gesellschaft für Nutztierhaltung
International Growers Association
International Graduate Achievement
International Governmental Agreement
International Gay Association
International Island Games Association
International Goat Association
International Geothermal Association
International Glaucoma Association
International Futures Programme
International Fair Plovdiv
International Family Planning
International Facility Planner System
International Fellowships Program
International Guiding Eyes
International Gravimetric Bureau
Internationaler Gewerkschaftsbund
International Frequency List
International Friendship League
International Fight League
International Forensic Organization
International Financial Organization
International Field Office
International Federation of Numismatists
Internationally Flawless
International Fleet
International Federation
International Falls
International Fertilizer Industry Association
International Franchise Association
International Friends and Associates
International Formalwear Association
International Frisbee Association
International Federation on Aging
Internationale Funkaustellung
International Fitness Association
International Factoring Association
International Federation of Aromatherapists
International Fiscal Association
Internationale Enheder
International eCommerce
International Exchange
International Education
International Federation of Journalists
International Finance Facility
International Freight Forwarders
International Flavors and Fragrances
International Deployment
International Food Festival
International Film Festival
International Flying Farmers
International Feldenkrais Federation
International Floorball Federation
International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges Ltd
International Development Partners
International Drivers Permit
International Electrotechnical Vocabulary
International Engineering Graduate
International Environmental Governance
International Diving Institute
International Development Ireland
Industrial Developments International, Inc
Institut de Droit International
International Endodontic Journal
International Education Journal
ICC Development International Conference)
International Dance Organization
International Defense Organization
International Data Network
International Data Number
International Directory Network
Internationalized Domain Name
International Crime & Drugs
International Communications
International Directory Assistance
International Dark-Sky Association, Inc.
International College
International Community
International Deployment of Accelerometers
International Depository Authority
International Design Awards
International Dispensary Association
International Desalination Association
International Disability Alliance
International Downtown Association
International Door Association
International Development Agency
International Dyslexia Association
International Documentary Association
International Development Association
International Disaggregate Forecast
International Development Fund
International DOI Foundation
International Dairy Federation
International Cooperative Team
International Diabetes Federation
International Container Terminal Service
International Catalyst Technology, Inc.
International Commission on Tracers
International Communication Technology
International Critical Tables
International Conference on Thermoelectrics
International Criminal Tribunal
International Conference on Telecommunications
International Campaign for Tibet
International Dangerous Goods
International Data Group
International Christian Relief
International Communications Recorder
International Data Base
Internationale Commissie ter Bescherming van de Rijn
International Centre of Roerichs
International Commerce Review
International Congress of Refrigeration
International Communications Research
International Charter Yachts AB
International Congress on Yeasts
International Current Affairs
International Concertina Association
International Commercial Arbitration
International Criminologists Association
International Council for Aquaculture
International Candlepin Alliance
International Chess Academy
International Christian Adoptions
International Cooperative Association
International Claims Association
International Congress of Andrology
International Cancer Alliance
International Communications Agency
International Confectionery Association
International Contract Agency
International Cogeneration Alliance
International Christian Academy
International Computer Association
International Council for Information Technology in Government Administration
International Communications Association
International Coach Academy
International Cooperative Alliance
International Council of Ophthalmology
International Congress on Obesity
International Colored Gemstone Association
International Cocoa Organization
International Cartographic Association
International Chiropractors Association
International Carwash Association
International Council on Archives
International Commission for Optics
International Cooperative Opportunities
International College for Officers
International Coffee Organization
International Committee of the PRCA
International Culture Organization
International Computer Olympiad
International Congress of Ophtalmology
International Communist Opposition
International Catholic Organizations
International Computer Network
Inchon International Airport, Korea
International CUG Number
International Conference on Networking
International Coding League
International Competition Network
International Cooperative Logistics
International Council of Nurses
International Code Identifier
Integration Communications International, Inc.
International Catering Limited
International Communicology Institute
Institut Colonial International
International Conference on Luminescence and Optical Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter
International Cosmetic Ingredient
International Communist League
International Computers Limited
International Charter Incorporated of Oregon
International Conference in Central Asia on Internet
International Correspondence Institute
International Commerce Institute
International Conference on Kampuchea
International Business
International Bacheloriate
International Boundary
International Business Office
International Broadcasting Organization
International Boxing Organization
International Biology Olympiad
International Bureau
International Bank
International Bowhunting Organization
International Baccalaureate Organization
International Baccalaureate
International Association of Seismologists
International Association of Scientologists
International Accounting Standards
International Auto Salon
International Assignment Services
International Association of Sedimentologists
International and Area Studies
International Association of Sufism
International Aid Services
International AIDS Society
International Accounting System
International Armaments Strategy
International Adhesions Society
International Aid Sweden
International Association of Seismology
International Aroid Society
International Basketball League
International Britannia Limited
International Biographical Index
International Billboard Identity
International Bureau of Investigation
International Business Incubator
International Boat Industry
International Business Enterprise
International Business Enterprises
International Bureau of Education
International Business Entity
International Academy of Management
International Account Manager
International Access Multiplex
International Agencies Meeting
International Alliance for Mentoring
International Association for Missions
International Association of Movers
International Association for Metacognition
International Alliance of Midwives
International Academic Mobility
International Academy of Mediators
International Association of Machinists & Aerospace Workers
International Assistance Mission
International Association of Rubberists
International Animal Rescue
International Authentication Association
International Association of Ultrarunners
International Association of Universities
International Astronomical Union
International Air Academy
International Award Association
International Accounting Network
International Academy of Architecture
International Aerospace Abstracts
International Academy of Astronautics
International Actuarial Association
International Advertising Association
Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung
International Amphibian Days
Washington, DC, USA – Washington-Dulles International
International Affairs Directorate
Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft Donauforschung
International Academy of Design
International Automotive Design
International Association for Danube Research
International Assistance Group
International ATM Gateway
Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Berufsverbände Christlischer Arbeitnehmerinnen in der Hauswirtschaft
International Association of Gravity
International Auditing Guidelines
International Association of Gerontology
International Audio Group
International Association of Geomorphologists
International Association of Geodesy
International Association for Lichenology
International Algebraic Language
International Association of Laryngectomees
International Auxiliary Language
International Abstracting Board
International Association of Broadcasting
International Association of Bioethics
International Arrivals Building
International Association of Book-Keepers
International Association of Hydrologists
International Association of Hypno-Analysts
International Association of Hydrogeologists
Health World International, Inc.
His Wheels International
Hawk Watch International
Central-European International Bank
Hollingshead International
Hearing International
Household International, Inc.
Hurley International
Heifer International
Hostelling International
HelpAge International
Health International
Handicap International
Harrisburg International Airport, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Hoo-Hoo International
Health Help International
Habitat for Humanity International
Healing Hands International
Haiti International Airline
Haifa, Israel – International Airport
Hankyu Express International
Hautes Études Internationales
Humanitarian Accountability Partnership International
Ghetto Youths International
Colombo, Sri Lanka – Katunayake International
Commission on International Education
Comparative and International Education
Canadian and International Education
Center for International Economics
Conférence Internationale de l’Education
Commission Internationale d’Eclairage
Center for International Education
Cambridge International Examinations
Commission Internationale de l’Eclairage
Global Village International
Gero Vita International
Global Vision International
Guam, Guam – Ab Wonpat International Airport
Guatemala City, Guatemala – La Aurora International Airport
General Telemarketing International Inc
Government Technology International
German Travel International
Gordon Training International
Green Theme International
Great Falls, MT, USA – Great Falls International
Greensboro / High Point, NC, USA – Piedmont Triad International Airport
Group Relations International
Kalispell, Montana, USA – Glacier Park International Airport
Greenpeace International
Gambia International Airlines
Good Neighbours International
Gay Naturists International
Global Nomads International
Groupe Multidisciplinaire Sur l’action Internationale Contre Le Terrorisme
Air Senegal International
Governance Metrics International
Global and International Studies
Gunbound International Server
Garden International School
Ghana International School
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit, GmbH
Gateway International Raceway
Gross International Reserves
Gelbray International
Greenpeace International
Goodwill Industries International, Inc
Grace International Fellowship
Gen IV International Forum
Generation IV International Forum
Rio De Janeiro, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – International Airport
Gay International Group
George Town, Bahamas – Exuma International
Grand Forks, ND, USA – Grand Forks International Airport
Spokane, WA, USA – International/Geiger Field
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico – Miguel Hidalgo International
Groupement de Défense Internationale
Global Domains International
Grand Cayman Island, Cayman Islands – Owen Roberts International Airport
Grey Communications International
Grace Communion International
Grace Churches International
Gwich’in Council International
Great Coasters International
Green Cross International
Fusion Telecommunications International
Flash Technologies International
Fairchild Semiconductor International
Fox Sports International
Fire Safety International Ltd
FRISK Software International
Forensic Science International
Flight Safety International
Fédération Routière Internationale
Fire-Rescue International
Frankfurt, Germany – Frankfurt International
Freeport, Bahamas – Freeport International Airport
Pyongyang Sunan International Airport
Freelancer News International
Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International
Fonds Monétaire International
Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International
Fonds International de Garantie
Federation of International Gymnastics
Fédération Internationale des Géomètres
Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique
Fidelity International, Ltd.
Festival International de Louisiane
Fédération Internationale de Laiterie
Fédération Internationale du Vieillissement
Fédération Internationale de Hockey
Fédération Internationale d’Escrime
Fondation Internationale pour Le Développement
Fremantle International Distribution
Fédération Internationale d’information et de Documentation
Federation Internationale de Documentation
Faunus Group International, Inc.
Family Gamers International
Fashion Group International, Inc
Financial Funds Advisors International
Kalispell, MT, USA – Glacier Park International
Futon Association International
Fluor Alaska International
Fédération Abolitionniste Internationale
Fairbanks, AK, USA – Fairbanks International Airport
Fédération Aéronautique Internationale
Kuwait, Kuwait – International
Kinderberg International
Kiwanis International
Old Republic International Corporation
Norfolk, VA, USA – Norfolk International Airport
Chicago, IL, USA – O’Hare International Airport
Midland/Odessa, TX, USA – Midland International Airport
Erie, PA, USA – Erie International
Earthrights International
Electronic Recyclers International
Export Promotion and Internationalisation
Europrop International
Express Mail International
Educational Media International
European Movement International
Encore Marketing International
Enterprise Mentors International
Entraide Médicale Internationale
El Paso, TX, USA – El Paso International Airport
Environment Liaison Centre International
Experiential Learning International
European International School
Etiquette International
Education International
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Eze – Ezeiza International Airport
Edmonton International Airport
Erbil International Airport
English as a International Language
Experiment in International Living
Eisendrath International Exchange
Emperor International Holdings Ltd.
San Diego, CA, USA – Lindbergh International Airport
South Asia International Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Secretariat al’Adoption Internationale
Supersonic Aerospace International LLC
Service des Admissions Internationales
Service des Affaires Internationales
Systems Applications International
Standards Australia International Ltd.
Social Accountability International
Sweet Adelines International
Science Applications International Corporation
Sanaa, Yemen – International
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – King Khaled International
Rochester, MN, USA – Rochester International
Robertsfield International Airport, Harbel, Liberia
Reno, NV, USA – Reno/Tahoe International Airport
Radio New York International
Radio Northsea International
Armenian International Airways
Royal Mail International
Remote Medical International
Richard Knorr International
Radio Korea International
Reshaping the International Order
Richmond International Raceway
Rallye International du Valais
Renju International Federation
Registre International Français
Retreats International
Routes International
Rosenbluth International
Rehabilitation International
Rockwell International
Relations Internationales
Refugees International
Relief International
Rotary International
Richmond, VA, USA – Richmond International Airport
Réseau International de La Concurrence
Rockwell International Corp.
Réunions Internationales d’Architectes
Rich International Airways
Regulations Concerning the International Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail
Resort of International Distinction
Regulations Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail
Réseau International EPIVAC )
Résidence Internationale d’Etudiants
Rotary House International
Rider Hunt International
Roller Hockey International
Robert Half International
Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil – Guararapes International
Raleigh/Durham, NC, USA – Raleigh Durham International Airport
Resource Associates International
Republicans Abroad International
Quality Systems International
Air Caledonie International, New Caledonia
Simplified Business Applications International
Suicide Prevention International
Swiss Post International
South Panafrican International
Senior Photographers International
Systems Products International
Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands – Saipan International Northern Mariana Isles
Sofia, Bulgaria – Sofia International
Anaheim, CA, USA – John Wayne International – Orange County
Shalom Network International
Solidarites Nationales et Internationales
Shelter Now International
Sports Management International LLC
Service Médical International
Sales & Marketing Executives International
Shape Modeling International
Scientology Missions International
Salt Lake City, UT, USA – Salt Lake City International Airport
Sign Languages International
Salta, Salta, Argentina – International
Scottish Life International
Sylvania Lighting International
Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.
Street Kids International
San Juan, PR, USA – Luis Munoz Marin International
San Jose, Costa Rica – Juan Santamaria International
Sooner International Raceway
San Jose, CA, USA – San Jose International Airport
Seattle International Raceway
San Jose Del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico – Los Cabos International Airport
School for International Training
Sudan International University
Salem International University
Schiller International University
Société Internationale d’Urologie
Seafarers International Union
Societas Internationalis Odonatologica
Sippy International
Spokane International Railroad Company
Solving International
Singapore, Singapore – Changi International Airport
Spanish International Network
Semiconductor International
SPARC International, Inc.
Situationist International
Soroptimist International
System International
Système International d’Unités
Sal, Cape Verde – Amilcar Cabral International
Société Internationale pour le Développement
Strategies for International Development
Society for International Development
Sporting International Karaté-Club
Scientific International Journal
Summit International Awards
Soroptimists International of the Americas
Singapore International Airport
Spaceweek International Association
Spokane International Airport
Singapore International Airlines
SOCO International Plc
Salon International de l’Agriculture
Sciences International, Inc.
Software International Incorporated
Sensory Integration International
Shanghai International Group Corporation Limited
Susquehanna International Group
Sunglass Hut International
Self-Help International
Shanghai, China – Shanghai International /Hongqiao/
San Francisco, CA, USA – San Francisco International Airport
Mahe Island, Seychelles – Mahe Island Seychelles International
Seoul, South Korea – Kimpo International
Baghdad, Iraq-Saddam International Airport
Baghdad-Saddam International Airport
Siam International Conference on Data Mining
Taipei International Church
The International Coalition
Terminal International Center
Technology International Corporation
Tantalum-Niobium International Study Center
Treasury International Capital System
Eurofund International, Inc.
Tourism Intelligence International
Technology Innovation International
The International Investor
Enterprise Development International
Education Development International
Environmental Compliance Organization International LLC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Dubai International Airport
Scripture Union International
Singapore Utilities International Pte Ltd
Société Internationale d’Urologie
Sustainable Travel International
Spacetech International
Science and Technology International
Subaru Technica International
St Louis, MO, USA – Lambert-St Louis International
Systems Task Group International Ltd.
Sudan Service International
Simulator Systems International
Secure Solutions International
Satellite Software International
Sino Strategic International
Spaceport Systems International
Sight Savers International
Semaine de la Solidarité Internationale
Survey Sampling International
Scuba Schools International
Swiss Radio International
Silk Road International
Service des Relations Internationales
The Kid’s International
Temporary International Mechanism
Total International Migration
Transport International de Marchandises par la Route
Theories of International Relations
Transport International par la Route
Transport International de Marchandises par Route
Transit International Routier
Telesystem International Wireless Inc.
The International University
Trinity International University
Unité de Transport International
Union Internationale des Télécommunications
United Schools International
Unité de Santé Internationale
United Nurses International
Usana Network International
Union Network International
Union Internationale de Tir
Union Internationale des Télécommunications
Union Internationale des Wagons Privés
International Union of Private Wagons
United International Pictures
Unix International
Union Internationale de Banques
Tucson, AZ, USA – Tucson International Airport
Tulsa, OK, USA – Tulsa International
Toxin Research International
Tampa, FL, USA – Tampa International
Tube & Pipe Association, International
Taipei, Taiwan – Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
Tourisme News International
Tahitian Noni International
Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel – Ben-Gurion International
Weight Watchers International, Inc.
World Vision International
Western Union International
War Registers’ International
War Resisters’ International
Wealth Management International
Women’s Ministries International
Wellington, New Zealand – International
Women’s International Center
Williams International
Winrock International
Wageningen International
WaterFurnace International
Well Equipment International
World Education International
Wilson’s Disease Association International
Wireless Cable Association International
Wireless Communications Association International
Santa Cruz, Bolivia – Viru Viru International
Venevisión International
Vacation Register International
Vienna International School
Virginia International Terminals
Ventures International, Inc.
Vienna International Center
Visiting International Faculty
Volontariat International en Enteprise
Volontaire International
Vancouver International Airport
Volontariat International en Administration
Vienna International Airport
Orlando, FL, USA – Orlando International Airport
Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada – Inuvik International Airport
Youth for Exchange and Understanding International
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Edmonton International
Yahalomei Espeka International Ltd.
Youth Drive International
Youth Development International
Youth Commission International
Youth Challenge International
Youth Business International
Youth Action International
Xiamen, China – Xiamen International
Xidi International Incorporated
Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico – Aeropuerto International
Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico – International
Zhuhai International Circuit
Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Pearson International Airport
St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada – St John’s International
Yatra Yoga International
Smithers, British Columbia, Canada – Smithers International
Calgary, Alberta, Canada – Calgary International Airport
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – Winnipeg International
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – Vancouver International
Aeroport International De Montreal – Dorval
Montréal-Trudeau International Airport
Y. R. International
Yum Restaurants International
Gander, Newfoundland, Canada – Gander International Airport
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada – Regina International
Yukon Quest International
Windsor, Ontario, Canada – Windsor International
Young Professionals International
Yachting Partners International
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – McDonald-Cartier International Airport
Yang-Ming International Corporation
Youth Media International
Yayasan Leuser International
Youth Leaders International
Youth International Party
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada – Halifax International
DYWIDAG Systems International
Digital Systems International Inc.
Data Securities International
Dominican Sisters International
Data Systems International
Deutsche Stiftung für Internationale Entwicklung
Direct Relief International
Diamond Resorts International
Delco Remy International, Inc.
Division des Relations Internationales
Direction des Relations Internationales
Duluth, MN, USA – Duluth International Airport
Dillman Karate International
Disaster Kleenup International
Director, International Programs
Diffusion Internationale du Meuble
Director of International Logistics
Dubai International Capital Llc
Davidson International Baccalaureate
Danish International Brigade
Memphis, TN, USA – Memphis International Airport
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico – Juarez International Airport
Middle East International
International Lineman’s Rodeo
International Llama Registry
International Law Review
International Marketing
International Master
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA – Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Apt
Dhahran, Saudi Arabia – Dhahran International
Design Horizons International
Deaf History International
Dallas/Ft Worth, TX, USA – Dallas Ft Worth International
Digital Frog International
Défense des Enfants International
Dairy Development International, LLC
Development Dimensions International, Inc.
Développement Clinique International
Défense Conseil International
Design Centers International
Dynamic Consult International
Development Centre International
Duelist’s Convocation International
Development Counsellors International
Dénomination Commune Internationale
Defence for Children International
Drum Corps International
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania – International
Damascus, Syria – Damascus International
China Yuchai International Ltd.
Circuit Exchange International
Calexico International Airport
Communication Web International Ltd.
Cloverway International
Committee for a Workers International
Centre de Vaccinations Internationales
Calexico International Airport
Cincinnati, OH, USA – Greater Cincinnati International Airport
Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico – Aeropuerto International De Cozumel
Coal Trader International
Centre de Techniques Internationales
Commerce Technology International
Castle Transmission International LTD
Comprehensive Technologies International, Inc.
Compatible Technology International
Container Transport International
ConferTech International
Castings Technology International
Christianity Today International
International Center for Technology Assessment
Cité Scolaire Internationale de Lyon
Conversion Service International, Inc.
Customer Services International
Confédération Syndicale Internationale
Credit Suisse International
Customer Support International
Cat Smack International
Career Sports International
Creative Strategies International
Chicago Sculpture International
Corporate Strategies International
Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport
ChildSafe International
Concours de Saut International
Carrefour de Solidarité Internationale
Civil Society International
Crime Stoppers International
Cetacean Society International
Church of Scientology International
Creative Specialties International
Christian Solidarity International
Christian Schools International
International Computer Science Symposium in Russia
Cardio Tech International
International Convention for Safe Containers
Corpus Christi, TX, USA – Corpus Christi International Airport
Casper, WY, USA – Natrona County International Airport
International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution
Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil – Campinas International
Campeche International Airport
Chiang Mai, Thailand – International
Childrens Right International
Career Research International, Inc.
Centre de Rencontres Internationales
Computer Law Review International
Computer Resources International
Commission Rogatoire Internationale
Cooperative Resources International
China Radio International
Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandise par Route
Centre for Medicines Research International
Conférence Monarchiste Internationale
Christian Mission International
Commerce et Management International
Crisis Management International, Inc.
Centre de Management International
Comité Maritime International
Creation Ministries International
Columbus, OH, USA – Port Columbus International Airport
Centre de Management Hôtelier International
Charlotte, NC, USA – Charlotte/Douglas International Airport
Port Angeles, WA, USA – William Fairchild International Airport
Compagnie Lebrun International
Celebrate Life International, Inc.
Cleveland, OH, USA – Hopkins International Airport
Carajas, Para, Brazil – International / Brasilia Brazil
Circle K International
Camp Kungoso International
Championship Karting International
Sault Ste Marie, MI, USA – Chippewa County International Airport
Club International Universitaire
Center for International Understanding
Columbia International University
Learning Tree International
Ladder Towers International
Licence de Transport Internationale
London Taxis International
Small Business International
Synthetic Blood International
Sustainable Business International, LLC
Shorebank International Ltd.
Castelli International School
Catering International and Services
Colombo International School
Centre International d’Informations de Sécurité et de Santé au Travail
Chinese International School
Copenhagen International School
Centre for International Peacebuilding
Centre for International Poverty Research
Comparative and International Studies
Centre for International Studies
Consortium for International Recruitment
Canadian International School
Centre International de Pilotage
Commission Internationale Permanente
Committee on International Relations
Centre International de Séjour
Centre International de Plongée
Center for International Studies
Council of International Schools
Center for International Programs
Center for International Policy
Center for International Rehabilitation
Coordinator for International Relations
Charité Internationale pour Madagascar
Coupe Internationale de Marseille
Council of International Anabaptist Ministries
Centre International de Myriapodologie
Center for International Migration and Development
Contract for International Carriage of Goods by Rail
California International Marathon
Centrum für Internationale Migration und Entwicklung
Classification Internationale des Maladies
Caribbean International Network
Comité International d’Orientation
Commission Internationale d’Optique
Conventional International Origin
Comité International Olympique
Création Internationale Diffusion
Centre de Hautes Études Internationales d’Informatique Documentaire
Consortium for International Development
Centre International de Deauville
Center for International Development
Calcetto International League
Cycle International Long
Centre International des Langues
Customary International Law
Community of International Gamers
Certified International Financier
Council of International Fellowship
Conseil International des Femmes
Classification Internationale du Fonctionnement, du Handicap et de la Santé
Cour Internationale de Justice
Commission Internationale de Juristes
Commission Internationale de Karting
Centre International des Alliances
California International Airshow
Canadian International Autoshow
Charleston, SC, USA – Charleston International Airport
China International Business
Commission Internationale d’Aerostation
Collegium Internationale Allergologicum
Conseil International du Batiment pour la Recherche, l’Etude et la Documentation
Classification Internationale des Brevets
Conférence Internationale des Barreaux
Classification Internationale des Handicaps
Calgary International Airport
Centre International d’Antibes
International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction
Commercial International Bank
Cardiff International Arena
Corinthia Hotels International
Commission Internationale de l’Hydrologie du Bassin du Rhin
Computational Hydraulics International
Children’s House International
Children’s Hospice International
Cultural Homestay International
Children’s Hope International
Jakarta, Indonesia – Soekarno Hatta International
Christliche Fachkräfte International eV
Canal France International Audiovisual and TV Company
China International Therapeutics
Club Fournier International
Cool Focus International
Compagnie Foncière Internationale
Centre International de Toxicologie
Court of International Trade
Portland, OR, USA – Portland International Airport
Las Vegas, NV, USA – McCarran International Airport
International University of Management
International University of Monaco
Gambia International Airlines
Collège d’Etudes Internationales
Chemistry Education International
Computational Engineering International
Commission Électrotechnique Internationale
International Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electrical Equipment
Cebu, Philippines – International
Comité Euro-International du Béton
Career Development International
Crosslink Development International
Christian Disciples International
Concours de Dressage International
Christian Democrat International
Corporate Development International
Centre de Droit International
Career Directors International
Computer Careers International
Confidential Communications International, Ltd.
Condensed Curriculum International, Inc.
Computer Consultants International
Creative Commons International
Communications Cooperative International
Caridas Consulting International
Computer Composition International
Ceccone-Clermont International, LLC
Cardijn Community International
Corporate Concepts International, Inc.
Christian Challenge International
Corporate College International
Camosun College International
Consumer Co-Op International
Children’s Camps International
Core Club International
Cancer Care International
Chiari Connection International
Centre de Commercialisation Internationale
Cable Consulting International
Corporate Claims International Ltd
Corrosion Control International
Call Centers International
Cleft-Children International
Country Coach International
Commodity Components International
Co-Counselling International
Chess Collectors International
Cyclo-Camping International
Carrefour Canadien International
Camping Card International
Cotton Council International
Canadian Crossroads International
Cardiovascular Credentialing International
Christian Camping International
Chambre de Commerce Internationale
Centre du Commerce International
Crown Castle International Corp.
Comic-Con International
Convention Internationale de Lutte Contre La Désertification
Seattle, WA, USA – Seattle Tacoma International Airport
Armenian International Airways
Correos Acelerado International
Computer Associates International, Incorporated
Child Aid International
Christian Assemblies International
Corporate Affairs International
Christian Associates International
Cairo, Egypt – International
Child Advocacy International
Container Applications International
Corporate Accountability International
Casinos Austria International
Belize City, Belize – Belize International
Chiquita Brands International, Inc.
Cours Biblique International
Commission Baleinière Internationale
Business Exchange International
Kiwanis Club International
Key Club International
Kansas City International
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam – Brunei International
Brendan Wood International
Boating Writers International
Building and Wood Workers’ International
Best Western International
Baltimore/Washington International Airport
Buena Vista International
Burlington, VT, USA – Burlington International Airport
Baker Tilly International
Benefit Technologies International, Inc.
Bear Trust International
British Travel International
Bible Teachers International
Bulk Testing International
Business Travel International
Basra Iraq International Airport
BioShelf International
Brasilia, Distrito Federal, Brazil – International
Brownsville, TX, USA – South Padre Island International
San Carlos De Bariloche, Rio Negro, Argentina International
Belgium Post International
Baird Petrophysical International
Broadcast Projects International
Barreau Pénal International
Basketball Products International
Beauté Prestige International
Boston, MA, USA – Logan International Airport
Bio Nova International Pty. Ltd
Business Networking International
Business Network International
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – Brisbane International Airport
Bregusa Micro International
Bourse de Mobilité Internationale
Blackaby Ministries International
Business Monitor International
Bureau Laïque International
Bellingham, WA, USA – Bellingham International
Bouchereau Lingua International
BirdLife International
Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok International Airport
Berryz Kobo International
Blue Knights International
Babbar Khalsa International
Banjul, Gambia – Yundum International
Brown Jordan International
Bowlers Journal International
Bombay International School
Bordeaux International School
Bavarian International School
Bank for International Settlements
Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich
Berkeley International University
Blantyre International University
Broadcasting for International Understanding
Burnett International University
Billion International Units
BikeTrial International Union
Bircham International University
Benjamin International Production
Bonneau International Poney
Bureau of International Recycling
Bureau of International Organizations
Banque Internationale pour l’Afrique
Bengaluru International Airport
Buses International Association
Bradley International Airport
Bristol International Airport
Bureau International Maritime
Bimini, Bahamas – Bimini Island International
Babcock International Group
Bureau Internationale de l’Education
Bourse Internationale de l’Emploi
Burlington International Games
Biarritz International Groove
Bureau International des Expositions
Borland International, Inc.
Business Industriel International
Benchmarking: An International Journal
Buttons International Limited
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg
International Exchange Service
International Energy Services
Birmingham International Holdings
Bureau International de l’Heure
International Director
International Diplomacy
International Dateline
International Development
Birmingham, England, United Kingdom – International
Birmingham, Al, USA – Birmingham International Airport
Bulletin Hebdomadaire International
Ball Hockey International
Boots Healthcare International
Bangor, ME, USA – Bangor International Airport
Bibliographie Géographique Internationale
Baltic Group International
Brugmansia Growers International
Bridgetown, Barbados – Grantley Adams International
Bureau Gravimétrique International
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom – Belfast International
Bumrungrad International
Seattle, WA, USA – Boeing Field/King County International Airport
Brigade Internationaliste
Business Facility International
Braniff International
Baccalauréat International
Beirut, Lebanon – International
Benghazi Benina International Airport
Beaujolais Espace International
Business Education International
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
Bowker Consulting International
Bureau de Contrôle International
Brain Center International
Bonsai Clubs International
Bell Canada International
Battery Council International
Bat Conservation International
Business Computer Design International, Inc
Belluard Bollwerk International
B’nai Brith International
Berger Blanc Suisse International
British Biocell International
Berlin Brandenburg International
Baxter International Inc.
Bell Alliances International, Inc
Berg Adventures International
Bahrain, Bahrain – Bahrain International Bahrain
Samana International Airport, Dominican Republic
Kalamazoo, MI, USA – Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International
Association Zen Internationale
Wilkes Barre/Scranton, PA, USA – Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International
Analog VHDL International
Adopted Vietnamese International
Auditory-Verbal International
Australian Volunteers International
Action d’Urgence Internationale
Ukraine International Airlines
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi International
Alternative Technologies International
Aware Technology International
American Training International
Appropriate Technology International
Hartsfield International Airport
Atlanta, GA, USA – Hartsfield International
Advanced Technology International, Incorporated
Achats Service International
Armor Systems International
Association de Solidarité Internationale
Advanced Solutions International
Action Research International
Arthritis and Rheumatism International
Automotive Resources International
Stockholm, Sweden – Arlanda International
Associated Press International
Attachment Parenting International
Audio Products International
Agfa and Picker International
Applied Planning International Inc.
Association Psychanalytique Internationale
Alphabet Phonétique International
Année Polaire Internationale
Association Fédérale Internationale de la Presse Eurafricaine
Aide Odontologique Internationale
Saint Johns / Antigua, Antigua And Barbuda – Vc Bird International
Asian News International
Atmosphere Normale Internationale
Autism Network International
Asia International Conference on Modelling and Simulation
Asset Management International
Anglican Mainstream International
American Media International, Ltd
Advanced Meditech International, Inc.
Aggregate Manufacturing International
Auto Mobile International
Ascension Mastery International
Apostolat Militaire International
Aqua Massage International
Arthur Murray International
Aide Médicale Internationale
Access Markets International
Association Montessori Internationale
Amman, Jordan – Queen Alia International
Amarillo, TX, USA – Amarillo International Airport
Action Nord Sud Handicap International
Academie Linguistique Internationale
Association for International Communication
Académie Internationale de Cytologie
Absolute International Concepts
Arizona International College
Auckland International College
Académie Internationale de la Céramique
Association of International Champions
Analysts International Corporation
Association Internationale des Charités
American International College
Auckland, New Zealand – Auckland International Airport
American International Mobility Resources
Académie Internationale de Management
Academy of International Studies at Woodburn
Alliance for International Monasticism
Armenian International Magazine
Abu-Dhabi International School
Association Internationale de Sociologie
Association Internationale de la Mutualite
Atlanta International School
Australian International School
American International School
Agence Internationale de Presse
International Press Agency
Association Internationale de Psychogénéalogie
AFCEA International Press
ASAN International Program
Association Internationale des Ports
Academic International Press
Archive International Productions
Advanced International Translation
Atlantic International Trade
Association Internationale du Tourisme
American International Pictures
Atomic International Time
Association Internationale des Travailleurs
Alliance Internationale de Tourisme
Angers International Welcome
Association Internationale des Urbanistes
American International University
Association Internationale des Universités
Alliant International University
Année Internationale des Volontaires
American International Underwriters
Atlantic International University
Amnesty International Report
Architectuur International Rotterdam
Association Internationale des Radioamateurs
Alliance for International Reforestation
ACES International Ltd
Animation International Ltd
Arab International Logistics
AGRSUD International
Aiducation International
Alpines International
Altrusa International
Atomics International
Accuracy International
Amnesty International
American International Industries
Alloys International, Inc.
Association Internationale de Gérontologie
Association Internationale de Géodésie
American International Group, Inc
Association Internationale des Hydrogéologues
Association Internationale des Arganophiles
Académie Internationale d’Architecture
Asian International Association
Abbotsford International Airport
Aestheticians International Association
Army International Activities
American International Association for Economic and Social Development
Artists International Association
Atomic International Forum
Anchorage International Airport
Alliance Internationale des Femmes
Athens International Airport
Association Internationale de Développement
Agence Internationale de la Francophonie
Agence Internationale de l’Energie
Agency for International Development
Attitudinal Healing International
Adventist Health International
Assistance Humanitaire Internationale
Agribrands International, Inc.
Air Global International
Accounting Group International
Année Géophysique Internationale
Alternative Gifts International
Al-Risala Forum International
Année Francophone Internationale
Alexander Edwards International, Inc.
Artists Embassy International
Association des Études Internationales
Access Exchange International
Aerosystems International
Aircraft Engineers International
Arts and Exhibitions International
Air Express International
Automotive Engineering International
Australian Education International
Accord Européen Relatif au Transport International des Marchandises Dangereuses par Route
Academie Diplomatique Internationale
Assistance Dogs International, Inc.
Applied Dynamics International
Alzheimer’s Disease International
Advanced Concepts and Technologies International, LLC
Atlantic City /Atlantic Cty, NJ, USA – Atlantic City International
Air Charter International
Association Cambiste Internationale
Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico – Alvarez International
Agrifood Consulting International
Amicale Citroën Internationale
Africa Consultants International
Association Cartographique Internationale
Adriatic Croatia International
Alliance Coopérative Internationale
Airports Council International
International Regime on Access to Benefit-Sharing
Albuquerque, NM, USA – Albuquerque International Airport
Alternatives to Abortion International
Alliance Academy International
AFAQ-AFNOR International
Action Aid International
Airline Ambassadors International
Atheist Alliance International
Sho Biz Data International
Penang, Malaysia – Penang International
Laredo, TX, USA – International
Internationale Kommission für die Hydrologie des Rheingebietes
International Radio Regulations
International School of Kenya
International Development Registry
International Depository Receipt
International Quirkyalone Day
International Normalized Ratio
International Law Society
International Leasing System
International Laser Spectroscopy
International Logistics Systems, Inc
International Logistic Solutions
International Latitude Service
International Language Support
International Labour Standards
International Launch Services
Honolulu, HI, USA – Honolulu International
Heydar Aliyev International Airport
Occupational Knowledge International