Internet Abbreviations


What is the Internet?

The internet is the set of computer networks that, spread across all regions of the planet, are able to exchange data and messages using a common protocol.

This shared internet protocol is able to unite several private users, research entities, cultural bodies, military institutes, libraries and companies of all types in the same access.

It is then formed by common computers and special ones, called servers, which are machines with great processing power and fast connections. The servers are controlled by universities, companies and government agencies.

The internet brings an extensive range of information resources and services, such as the World Wide Web (WWW) hypertext interrelated documents, peer-to-peer networks and electronic mail support infrastructure ( emails).

The internet also has a unique reach and scope, and can even help electronic and printed media, since information can be accessed from anywhere in the world and at any time, by a single person.

Nowadays it is possible to find computers connected to the Internet in almost every place (companies, homes, schools, universities, clubs, churches, etc.) People who already use this means of communication experience more and more changes in their way of life through the internet.

Its name is of English origin, where the term inter means “international” and net means “network”, that is, “international network”.

Internet history

Although the internet has a life span and a relatively short history, it reveals itself as a great factor of communication, social integration and storage of data and information of all kinds, in addition to the globalization of products.

The origin of the internet dates back to the 1960s, when the United States commissioned research to build a robust and flawless form of communication through computer networks.

While this work, along with projects in the UK and France, led to the creation of important precursor networks, it did not actually create the internet.

However, it officially emerged in 1993, where it was no longer used only by governments and of an academic nature, and started to be present in the various segments of companies, residences, etc. Connections to access the internet have also evolved a lot over the years, making it faster and more practical.

In the period between the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, there was a rapid growth in the use of the internet, due to the technological innovations that were being created from it.

The vast majority of these innovations increasingly allow the exchange of information and instant messages at a speed of seconds.

Internet Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Internet

APCIS Aboriginal Professional Center and Internet Services
ALICE Academa’s Lite Internet Client Environment
AOIJ Academic Open Internet Journal
ASFI Accès Sans Fil à Internet
AIR Accessibility Internet Rally
ARIA Accessible Rich Internet Applications
AIRO ACT Internet Reporting Option
AIQ Action Internet Québec
AIP Adaptive Internet Presence
AIP Adaptive Internet Protocol
AISF Adaptive Internet Server Framework
AIM Adaptive Internetwork Management
AMIT Advance Multimedia Internet Technology, Inc.
ACIS Advanced Cellular Internet Service
AICS Advanced Internet Communications Services Act of 2004
AIMES Advanced Internet Methods and Emergent Systems
AIRS Advanced Internet Recruitment Strategies
AISEP Advanced Internet Satellite Extension Project
AISF Advanced Internet Services Facility
AIT Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc.
AITA Advanced Internet Technology and Applications
APPI Advanced Peer-to-Peer Internetworking
APPI Advanced Program-to-Program Internetworking
AMIC Advertising Media Internet Center
AIS Affordable Internet Solutions
AIC African Internet Connectivity
AFIN Air Force Internet
AIS Alien Internet Services
ABIP All Business Internet Productions BV
APIG All Party Parliamentary Internet Group
AIR Allergy Internet Resources
AGIS Alliance for Global Internet Services
AMIP Alliance of Medical Internet Professionals
AEIO Amateur Entertainment Internet Organization
AI Ambience Internet
AICS American Internet Chess Server
AIX American Internet Exchange
AIRA American Internet Registrants Association
ARIN American Registry for Internet Numbers
AMS-IX Amsterdam Internet Exchange
ACCRI Anaesthesia and Critical Care Resources on the Internet
AGI Annuaire Généalogique Internet
AKIS Anthony Keenan Internet Services
AIBI Antioch Internet Bible International
AMIO Aotearoa Maori Internet Organisation
AIM Apartment Internet Marketing
AGIS Apex Global Internet Services
AIMS Apple Internet Mail Server
AIR Apple Internet Router
AISS Apple Internet Server Solution
ASIP Appleshare Internet Protocol
AITG Applied Internet Technology Group
ATIF Arab Telecom and Internet Forum
AINC Arabic Internet Names Consortium
AMIN Arabic Media Internet Network
AMIR Arabic Music Internet Reference
AIAA Arizona Internet Access Association
ARIES Army RDA Internet Issue Entry System
ALICE Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity
APIA Asia & Pacific Internet Association
AIP Asia Internet Plaza
AIII Asian Internet Interconnection Initiatives
AMI Asociación de Medios en Internet
AMI Asociación Música en Internet
ARI Assistant de Recherche d’Informations sur Internet
ANPI Associação Nacional Dos Provedores Internet
ACFI Association Canadienne des Fournisseurs Internet
AFA Association des Fournisseurs d’Acces à Internet
AFA Association des Fournisseurs d’Accès et de Services Internet
AUI Association des Utilisateurs d’Internet
AGIS Association for Global Internet Services
AFNIC Association Française Pour Le Nommage Internet En Coopération
AIBM Association Internet Basse Marche
ANIS Association Nord Internet Solidaire
AFID Association of Freelance Internet Designers
AIMS Association of Internet Marketing & Sales
AIP Association of Internet Professionals
AUIC Association of United Internet Consumers
ANIS Association pour le Developpement National de l’Internet dans la Sante
AIIP Associazione Italiana Internet Provider
AFPG Assured Forwarding PHB Group (Internet protocol)
ACIRI AT&T Center for Internet Research at ICSI
ANNI Atlas de Neurologie Nucléaire sur Internet
AIM ATM Internet Mode
ACI Aurora Cable Internet
AIGI Australian Internet Growth Index
APRIL Australian Poetry Resources Internet Library
AWISC Austrian Wireless Internet Service Center
AIM Austro Internet Mail
AIPS Authenticated Internet Protocol Specification
AIRS Authorization of Internet Resources and Services
ABIGAIL Automated Bibliographic Information Gateway and Internet Link
AWCIS-IBS Automated Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Computer Information System-Internet Based System
APIPA Automatic Private Internet Protocol Addressing
BISH Baffoon Internet Services Holland
BIPL Bangladesh Internet Press, Ltd.
BIPS Bank Internet Payment System
BCI Bardstown Cable Internet
BIS Base One Internet Server
BIS Baskin Internet Services
BAIL Bay Area Internet Literacy
BETSIE BBC Education Text to Speech Internet Enhancer
BOIP Beer Over Internet Protocol
BISEXUAL Before Internet
BI Before Internet
BIBA Belgian Internet Broadband Applications
BIMS Bell Internet Management Services
BING Bergische Internet Nutzergemeinschaft
BCIS Berglund Center for Internet Studies
BIBS Berkeley Internet Broadcasting System
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Daemon
BIND Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BIRN Berklee Internet Radio Network
BCIS Berkman Center for Internet and Society
BCIX Berlin Commercial Internet Exchange
BIF Best Internet Friend
BIB Better Internet Bureau
BISI Bielski Internetowy Serwis Informacyjny
BIS Blackberry Internet Service
BVCI Boa Vista TV a Cabo e Internet
BRITE Boston University Representative Internet Topology Generator
BCIP Brainbench Certified Internet Professional
BIR Bretagne Internet Réseaux
BII Brevet Informatique et Internet
BYOI Bring Your Own Internet
BCIA British Columbia Internet Association
BCIX British Columbia Internet Exchange
BICS British Internet Chess Server
BIPA British Internet Publishers’ Alliance
BIA Broadband Internet Access
BIAA Broadband Internet Access Act
BIDS Broadband Internet Delivery System
BIG Broadband Internet Gateway
BISP Broadband Internet Service Provider
BIA Broadband Internetwork Analyzer
BOIP Broadband Over Internet Protocol
BWIA Broadband Wireless Internet Access
BIX Budapest Internet Exchange
BIND Buggy Internet Name Daemon
BCSI Building Cisco Scalable Internetworks
BCSI Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks
BIPI Buscador Inteligente Para Internet
BDSI Business Development Strategies for Internet
BIA Business Internet Analytics
BIB Business Internet Banking
BIC Business Internet Consortium
BIS Business Internet Solutions
BIV Business Internet Voix
BOIP Business Over Internet Protocol
BBI Business to Business Internet
BOTI Businesses on the Internet
CISP Cable Internet Service Provider
CISPA California Internet Service Provider Association
CSA Called Subscriber Internet Address
CIA Calling Subscriber Internet Address
CAIP Canadian Association of Internet Providers
CIBD Canadian Internet Business Directory
CIPPIC Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic
CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority
CIUS Canadian Internet Use Survey
CISS Canadian Internetworked Scientific Supercomputer
CIGF Caribbean Internet Governance Forum
CPIP Carrier Pigeon Internet Protocol
CSI Carrier Scale Internetworking
CCIN Castello Cities Internet Network
CICI Catholic Information Center on Internet, Inc.
CWIE CaveCreek Wholesale Internet Exchange
CLIP CDEV Linear Internet Protocol
CIP Cellular Internet Protocol
CTIA Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association
CIS Center for Internet and Society
CIED Center for Internet Epidemiology and Defenses
CIS Center for Internet Security
CITE Center for Internet Technology in Education
CCI Central Coast Internet
CID Central Internet Database
CMISP Central Massachusetts Internet Solution Provider
CVIP Central Valley Internet Project
CESI Centre d’Exploitation des Services Internet
CAIA Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures
CIS Cerberus’ Internet Scanner
C2I Certificat Informatique et Internet
CII Certificat Informatique et Internet
CIP Certified Internet Professional
CIR Certified Internet Recruiter
CIW Certified Internet Webmaster
CIWA Certified Internet Webmaster Administrator
CIWA Certified Internet Webmaster Associate
CIE Certified Internetworking Expert
COLI Chain O’ Lake Internet, Inc.
CIA Channels of the Internet Age
CJI Chemical Journal on Internet
CHESSIE Chesapeake Science on the Internet for Educators
CHIPA Children’s Internet Protection Act
CIPA Children’s Internet Protection Act of 1999
CNNIC China Internet Network Information Center
CCIM Chinese Christian Internet Mission
CCI Chinese Christian Internet Mission
CIFCS Chinese Internet for Christ
CIZ Christliche Internet-Zeitung
CLIP Church Leader Internet Portal
CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
CCIP Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
CIMO Cisco Internet Mobile Office
CIPC Cisco Internet Protocol Communicator
CIPT Cisco Internet Protocol Telephony
CISSS Cisco Internet Solutions Specialist Solutions
CID Cisco Internetwork Design
CIT Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting
CIEC Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition
CITI Citoyens d’Internet
CIP Civic Internet Portal
CIIP Civil Initiative on Internet Policy
CLIP Classical Internet Protocol
CIP Classical Internet Protocol Over ATM
CMIP Client Mobile Internet Protocol
CIS Codefusion Internet Services
CISN Collaborative Internet Security Network
CICA Colorado Internet Cooperative Association
CSIA Colorado Software and Internet Association
CHSI Comcast High Speed Internet
CBIX Commercial Brno Internet Exchange
CIX Commercial Internet Exchange
CIEA Commercial Internet Exchange Association
CIX Commercial Internet Exchange Association
CGI Common Grounds Internet Cafe
CIFI Common Internet File
CIFS Common Internet File Services
CIFS Common Internet File System
CISD Communications Internet Systems Division
COIP Communications Over Internet Protocol
CIIT Communications, Internet and Information Technology
CLICK Community for Linking Internet Companies in Kansai
CIIM Community Internet Intensity Maps
CILIC Computer and Internet Legal Issues Committee
CIPAV Computer and Internet Protocol Address Verifier
CIUS Computer and Internet Use Supplements
CSTIT Computer Speech, Text and Internet Technology
CITA Conference for Internet and Technology Austria
COIN Conference on Optical Internet
CRISIS Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems
COIP Conferencing Over Internet Protocol
CIIM Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript
CEICW Configure E-mail and Internet Connection Wizard
CAIN Conflict Archive on the Internet
CELI Continuing Education, Libraries and the Internet Project
CIS Convergent Internet Solutions LLC
CWI Coolwriter Internet
CIS Corinthian Internet Services
CIBIS Corporate Internet Business Information Systems
CIM Corporate Internet Marketing
CIA Cosmic Internet Academy
CISAER Courses on the Internet: Survey, Analysis, Evaluation, Recommendation
CRUISE Cranfield University Internet Site Explorer
CCI Creative Chemistry on the Internet
CIX Croatian Internet Exchange
CBIP Cross-Border Internet Pharmacy
CLIP Croydon Libraries Internet Project
CIPE Crypto Internet Protocol Encapsulation
CPIFC Crystal Palace Internet Football Club
CIS Custom Internet Solutions, Inc.
CWIS Cyber World Internet Services, Inc.
CICS Cypriot Internet Chess Server
DIX Danish Internet Exchange Point
DIBS Dansk Internet Betalings System
DDIS Darling Downs Internet Services
DKSI Darmowy Katalog Stron Internetowych
DINA Dawn Internet Newsalert
DIAMETER Dedicated Internet Access
DIA Dedicated Internet Access
DIC Dedicated Internet Consultancy
DIN Dedicated Internet Network
DINS Defense Internet NOTAM Service
DMHRSI Defense Medical Human Resources System – internet
DSI Defense Simulation Internet
DIT Deployed Internetworking Test
DAIS Design and Internet Strategies
DIPLOMA Destination Internet Protocol
DIP Destination Internet Protocol
DBDI Deutsche Bank Direct Internet
DIGITAL Deutsche Interessen Gemeinschaft Internet Ev
DIGI Deutsche Interessen-Gemeinschaft Internet eV
DIB Deutsche Internetbibliothek
DECIX DEutscher Commercial Internet eXchange
DUI Dial Up Internet
DIPLOMA Dial-up Internet Protocol
DIP Dial-up Internet Protocol
DYJGTIT Did You Just Get the Internet Today?
DITV Digital Internet Television
DIAMETER Direct Internet Access
DIA Direct Internet Access
DIATRA Direct Internet Access to Relevant Applications
DIME Direct Internet Message Encapsulation
DUMEI Direktori Usahawan Malaysia Edisi Internet
DIG Disney’s Internet Guide
DEPARTMENT Distributed interNet Applications
DNA Distributed interNet Applications
DEPARTMENT Distributed Internet Applications Architecture
DNA Distributed Internet Applications Architecture
DIMES Distributed Internet Measurements and Simulations
DISA Distributed Internet Server Array
DIVA Distributed Internet Voice Architecture
DEPARTMENT Distributed Internetwork Architecture
DNA Distributed Internetwork Architecture
DLIS Dixie Land Internet Service
DIBBS DLA Internet Bulletin Board System (US DoD)
DIS Dnet Internet Services
DIG Domain Internet Groper
DIDB Doyousoft Internet Development Blocks
DIBBS DSCC Internet Bid Board System
DIC Dubai Internet City
DICS Dutch Internet Chess Server
EMUTI Earn Money Using the Internet
EIA Easy Internet Association
EDIS EDV Dienstleistungen & Internet Services
EWIK Eine Welt Internet Konferenz
EBICS Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard
ECI Electronic Commerce on the Internet
EZI Elektronische Zahlungssysteme im Internet
EIEIO Email, Internet, Electronic Information Officer
EIDA Embedded Internet Devices & Applications
EMIT Embedded Micro Internetworking Technology
EDIQS Emergency Department Internet Query System
EIM Emirates Internet and Multimedia
EIS Emirates Internet Services
EIM Employee Internet Management
EIBS Endeavour Internet Business Solutions
ENGNET Engineering + Internet
EIS Enterprise Internet Services
ECIP Erasure Code Internet Protocol
EIM Etisalat Internet Mail
EIMS Eudora Internet Mail Server
EIS Eudora Internet Suite
ECIC European Christian Internet Conference
ECIX European Commercial Internet Exchange
ELISA European Experiment on the Linkage between Internet Integrated Services and ATM
EICS European Internet Chess Server
EUROISPA European Internet Service Provider Association
ESI European Simulation Internet
EYNOI Everything You Need On Internet
EIP Evil Internet People
XGI Exchange of German Internet-Webmasters
ELVIS Export Licensing Via the Internet System
EIP Extended Internet Protocol
EIWZ Extreme Internet Wrestling Zone
FIND FAA Internet National Directory
FAIC Families against Internet Censorship
FBIA Fashion & Beauty Internet Association
FIFTH Fast Internet for Fast Trains Hosts
FLIP Fast Local Internet Protocol
FOIP Fax Over Internet Protocol
FIC Fayetteville Internet Communications, Inc.
FIX Federal Internet Exchange
FIG Federal Internet Guide
FLIRT Feinberg Library Internet Resource Tracker
FCIP Fibre Channel over Internet Protocol
FBI File by Internet
FIWG Financial Internet Working Group
FBOI First Bank of Internet
FIBS First Internet Backgammon Server
FVIPS First Virtual Internet Payment System
FTI Fixed Tactical Internet
FRIACO Flat Rate Internet Access Call Origination
FLUID Florida Unemployment Internet Direct Claims
FFIA Foo Fighters Internet Archive
FSBI For Sale by Internet
FTI Forget the Internet
FPIK Forum Polskiego Internetu Komercyjnego
FOI Found on Internet
FIB Foundation for Internet Begging
FAI Fournisseur d’Acces Internet
FSI Fournisseur de Services Internet
FICS Free Internet Chess Server
FICT Free Internet Conferencing Tools
FILE Free Internet Lexicon and Encyclopedia
FIP Free Internet Press
FIRO Free Internet Rating Organization
FRICS French Internet Chess Server
FIGPA Frommer Internet Gambling Prohibition Act
FRII Front Range Internet, Inc.
FFPIM Full-Mode Facsimilie Profile of Internet Mail
FIST Fundamentals of Internetworking Security Technologies
FIND Future Internet Network Design
FIRE Future Internet Research and Experimentation
FIS Future Internet Symposium
GIT Gamer’s Internet Tunnel
GISP Gaming Internet Service Provider
GWIS Gateway to Internet Services
GRAIL Gene Recognition and Assembly Internet Link
GIMPS General Internet Messaging Protocol for Signaling
GTSM Generalized TTL Security Mechanism (Internet data transfer security method)
GICS German Internet Chess Server
GOTI Girls of the Internet
GVI Glacier View Internet, LLC
GCIP Global Commerce Internet Protocol
GIB Global Internet Business
GIX Global Internet Exchange
GIFC Global Internet Freedom Consortium
GIHS Global Internet Hosting Service
GIM Global Internet Mail
GINS Global Internet Name Search
GIPI Global Internet Policy Initiative
GIP Global Internet Project
GI Global Internet Symposium
GII Global Internetworking, Inc.
GNIS Global NDT Internet Superhub
GRIC Global Reach Internet Connection
GWIM Global Wave Internet Marketing
GRIP Globally Resilient Internet Protocol
GNIS Good News Internet Services Inc.
GRIC Goremote Internet Communications
GIDC Government Internet Data Centre
GWIP Government Wideband Internet Protocol
GMIR GPO Marc Internet Resources
GIMP Great Internet Mersenne Prime
GIMPS Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
GLACI Great Lakes Area Commercial Internet, Inc.
GWI Great Works Internet
GIC Groninger Internet Courant
GIRI Guide d’Initiation a la Recherche dans l’Internet
HRIA Hampton Roads Internet Association
HAWAII Handoff-Aware Wireless Access Internet Infrastructure
HDII Haus des Islam Internet
HCI Haveman Computer & Internet
HCI Health Care on the Internet
HIGC Hebsacker Internet Go Cup
HMIP Hierarchical Mobile Internet Protocol
HAIPE High Assurance Internet Protocol Encryptor
HAIPIS High Assurance Internet Protocol Interoperability Specification
HDIP High Definition Internet Protocol
HSI High Speed Internet
HSIA High Speed Internet Access
HECTIC Higher Education Cooperation through Internet Communication
HILI Higher Layers and Internetworking
HUI Hollenschnelles Ultraeinfaches Internet
HUI Höllenschnelles Ultraeinfaches Internet
HIS Home Internet Service
HISP Home Internet Service Provider
HIM Hometronic Internet Module
HKIF Hong Kong Internet Forum
HKIRC Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited
HKIS Hong Kong Internet Service
HIS Horeca Internet Services
HIPCS Hosted Internet Protocol Communication Service
HNT Hosted NAT Traversal (voice over Internet protocol calling)
HIUS Household Internet Use Survey
HRI Human Rights Internet
HYI HyperInternet
ICWI IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet
IIM Identified Internet Mail
IRIS Imaginons un Reseau Internet Soliataire
IIRC In Internet Relay Chat
IIPP Independent Internet Photographic Portfolio
IIYP India Internet Yellow Pages
IICOC Indigenous Internet Chamber of Commerce
IIX Indonesia Internet eXchange
IIP Industrial Internet Platform
IBIS Info Botswana Internet Services
IRIS Infrastructure for Resilient Internet Systems
IMI Instant Messaging over the Internet
INGI Institute for Next Generation Internet
ISIPP Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy
ISI Integrated Services Internet
INIP Intelligent Internet Protocol
IIP Intelligent Internet Protocol
IIS Intelligent Internet Strategies
ICE Interactive Internet Collaborative Environment
IIS Interactive Internet Sports
IIX Interactive Week Internet Index
IAIC Interagency Acquisition Internet Council
IBI Intermedia Business Internet
IAIP International Association of Internet Professionals
ICAIR International Center for Advanced Internet Research
ICI International Conference in Central Asia on Internet
ICICSE International Conference on Internet Computing for Science and Engineering
CRISIS International Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems
ICIC International Council for Internet Communications
IIA International Internet Association
IIC International Internet Connectivity
IIG International Internet Gateway
IIMA International Internet Marketing Association
IIM International Internet Monitoring
IIRC International Internet Recruiting Consultants, Inc.
IJIS International Journal of Internet Science
ICEP-FIS International Workshop on Complex Event Processing for the Future Internet
IWI International Workshop on Internet
IN Internet
INER Internet
I Internet
INT Internet
INET Internet
NET Internet
IPCA Internet & Personal Computing Abstracts
I2 Internet 2
I3 Internet 3
I4C Internet 4 Classrooms
IAUP Internet Acceptable Use Policy
IA Internet Access
IATP Internet Access and Training Program
IAC Internet Access Coalition
IAD Internet Access Device
IAM Internet Access Manager
IXS Internet Access Netherlands
IAP Internet Access Plus
IAP Internet Access Provider
IASP Internet Access Service Provider
IAT Internet Access Time
IAW Internet Access Worldwide
IAD Internet Acronym Dictionary
IAB Internet Activities Board
IAI Internet Activity Index
IAD Internet Addiction Disorder
IAT Internet Addiction Test
IAD Internet Address Detectors
IAF Internet Address Finder
IAF Internet Administration Framework
IAW Internet Adressen Wijzer
IAFD Internet Adult Film Database
IAB Internet Advertising Board
IAB Internet Advertising Bureau
IASH Internet Advertising Sales House
IAB Internet Advisory Board
IAC Internet Advisory Committee
IA Internet Aid
IAA Internet Alcoholics Anonymous
IAPT Internet All Person Talks
IA Internet Alliance
IAED Internet Alliance for Economic Development
IAHS Internet Ancient History Sourcebook
ICT Internet and Communication Technology
ICLA Internet and Computer Law Association
IC3 Internet and Computing Core Certification
IDCS Internet and Distributed Computing Systems
IMSS Internet and Management Support for Storage
IMMAP Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines
ING Internet and Networking Group
INSS Internet and Networking Security Solutions Incorporated S.a
IOSA Internet and Open Source in Archaeology
IWD Internet and Web Design
IWD Internet and Web Development
IAMS Internet Anywhere Mail Server
IA Internet Appliance
IAA Internet Application Architect
IAC Internet Application Component
IAE Internet Application Environment
IAP Internet Application Platform
IAS Internet Application Server
IAU Internet Application Utility
IAB Internet Architecture Board
IA Internet Archive
IAEM Internet Archive of Electronic Music
IAN Internet Area Network
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IAL Internet Auction List
IA Internet Audio
IAB Internet Audio Broadcasting
IAS Internet Authentication Service
IAD Internet Autopsy Database
IAF Internet Aware Fax
IBO Internet Backbone Operations
IBR Internet Background Radiation
IBEW Internet Bandsman’s Everything Within
IBERIA Internet Bank
IBUPROFEN Internet Bank
ISOBAR Internet Bank
IB Internet Bank
IBS Internet Banking System
IBL Internet Bankruptcy Library
IBL Internet Baseball League
IBLI Internet Based Language Instruction
IBPC Internet Based Process Control
IBPS Internet Based Purchasing System
IBPM Internet Basiertes Projekt Management
IBC Internet Bike Community
IBC Internet Bird Collection
IBSN Internet Blog Serial Number
IBL Internet Book List
IBE Internet Booking Engine
IBIS Internet Borrower Inquiry Services
IBS Internet Broadcasting Systems
IBIA Internet Brokerage Investment Association
IBS Internet Broking Systems
IBFS Internet Bulk Filing System
IBMM Internet Bullseye Marketing Model
IBS Internet Bumper Stickers
IBERIA Internet Business
IBUPROFEN Internet Business
ISOBAR Internet Business
IB Internet Business
IBA Internet Business Administration
ISOBUTANOL Internet Business Administration
IBAN Internet Business Alliance of Nevada
IBA Internet Business Application
ISOBUTANOL Internet Business Application
IBCC Internet Business Capital Corporation
IBC Internet Business Center
IBCB Internet Business Consumer Bureau
IBX Internet Business Exchange
IBF Internet Business Forum
IBI Internet Business Infrastructure
IBLS Internet Business Law Services
IBN Internet Business Network
IBP Internet Business Pages
IBS Internet Business Strategies
IB2C Internet Business to Consumer
IBV Internet Business Ventures AG
ICP Internet Cache Protocol
ICA Internet Caching Appliance
ICS Internet Caching System
INC Internet Cafe
INCAMS Internet Cafe Management System
ICM Internet Cafe Manager
ICAP Internet Calendar Access Protocol
ICS Internet Calendaring and Scheduling
ICC Internet Call Center
ICD Internet Call Display
ICD Internet Call Diversion
ICM Internet Call Manager
ICW Internet Call Waiting
ICSG Internet Cancer Support Group
ICARS internet cars
ICAC Internet Caucus Advisory Committee
ICS Internet Cello Society
ICSA Internet Cellular Smart Access
ICCR Internet Center for Corruption Research
ICE Internet Center of Expertise
ICII Internet Certification Institute International
ICC Internet Chamber of Commerce
ICCI Internet Chamber of Commerce International
ICE Internet Chat Exchange
ICQ Internet Chat Query
ICA Internet Checksum Algorithm
ICC Internet Chess Club
ICK Internet Chess Kingdom
ICL Internet Chess Library
ICS Internet Chess Server
ICE Internet Child Exploitation
ICL Internet Christian Library
ICB Internet Citizen’s Band
ICS Internet Client Station
ICEFI Internet Closed-End Fund Investor
INCS InterNet Clubmans Society
ICOP Internet Code of Practice
ICC Internet Collaboration Center
ICX Internet College Exchange
ICCL Internet Collegiate Chess League
ICELAND Internet Commerce
IC Internet Commerce
ICA Internet Commerce Appliance
ICCA Internet Commerce Corporation
ICC Internet Commerce Corporation
ICE Internet Commerce Enabled
ICE Internet Commerce Exposition
ICMM Internet Commerce Market Model
ICM Internet Commerce Model
ICS Internet Commerce System
ICM Internet Communication Manager
INCC Internet Communications Corporation
ICPA Internet Communications Protection Act
ICP Internet Communications Protocol
ICP Internet Communications Provider
ICSG Internet Communications Software Group
INTERCOT INTERnet Community Of Tomorrow
ICCC Internet Computing and Communications Convergence
ICSE Internet Computing for Science and Engineering
ICS Internet Conferencing System
ICCB Internet Configuration Control Board
INS Internet Configuration Settings
ICS Internet Connect Services, Inc.
ICO Internet Connected Office
ICF Internet Connection Firewall
ICSS Internet Connection Secure Server
ICS Internet Connection Services
ICS Internet Connection Sharing
ICW Internet Connection Wizard
ICO Internet Connectivity Option
ICGG Internet Consulting Group of Georgia
ICPA Internet Consumer Protection Agency
ICS Internet Contact Solution
ICAP Internet Content Adaptation Protocol
ICE Internet Content and Exchange Format
ICC Internet Content Coalition
ICE Internet Content Exchange
ICP Internet Content Provider
ICRA Internet Content Rating Association
INCORE Internet Content Rating for Europe
ICS Internet Content Security
ICTF Internet Content Task Force
ICCB Internet Control and Configuration Board
INCITE InterNet Control and Inference Tools at the Edge
INCC Internet Control Center
ICC Internet Control Center
ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol
ICP Internet Control Protocol
INC Internet Controller
ICR Internet Core Routers
ICPP Internet Corporate Partner Privacy
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICC Internet Credit Card
IC3 Internet Credit Card Collections
ICCE Internet Credit Card Experts
ICCC Internet Crime Complaint Center
IC3 Internet Crime Complaint Center
ICAC Internet Crimes Against Children
ICAU Internet Criminal Activity Unit
ICC Internet Cubaweb Communications Corp.
ICTS Internet Currency Trading System
ICBC Internet Customer Business Center
ICC Internet Customer Care
ICCC Internet Customer Care Center
ICRM Internet Customer Relationship Management
ICSS Internet Customer Self-Service
IDA Internet Data Administration
IDC Internet Data Center
IDC Internet Data Collection
IDC Internet Data Communications
IDD Internet Data Distribution
IDES Internet Data Entry System
IDX Internet Data Exchange
IDE Internet Data Exchange
IDI Internet Data Integration
IDR Internet Data Records
IDT Internet Data Transfer
IDC Internet Database Connector
IDS Internet Database Service
IDP Internet Datagram Protocol
IDP Internet Death Penalty
IDL Internet Definition Language
IDS Internet Delivery Services
IDS Internet Delivery System
IDA Internet Dental Alliance
IDF Internet Dental Forum
IDS Internet Dermatology Society
IDAD Internet Design And Development
IDEA Internet Design, Engineering, and Analysis
IDEA Internet Development and Exchange Association
IDE Internet Development Environment
IDT Internet Development Toolbox
IDCP Internet Device Control Protocol
IDS Internet Dial Service
IDP Internet Dictionary Project
IDSL Internet Digital Subscriber Line
IDR Internet Direct Response, LLC
IDA Internet Directory Assistance
IDAC Internet Directory of Advisors and Consultants
IDCC Internet Directory of Camera Collectors
IDBB Internet Discussion Bulletin Board
IDG Internet Discussion Group
IDM Internet Distance Mapping
IDS Internet Distribution System
IDCR Internet Dive Computer Review
IDDS Internet Document Distribution System
IDS Internet Document Server
IDNS Internet Domain Name System
IDOA Internet Domain Owners Association
IDSL Internet Domain Services Limited
IDA Internet Download Accelerator
IDM Internet Download Manager
IEJI Internet Economy Jobs Indicator
IERI Internet Economy Revenues Indicator
IEF Internet Education Foundation
IEDI Internet Electronic Data Interchange
IEPG Internet Electronic Program Guide
IEC Internet Empowered Consumer
IEP Internet Enabled Phone
IESO Internet Enabled Supply Ordering
IEP Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
IEU Internet Encyclopedia of Ukraine
IEN Internet Engineering Notes
IEPG Internet Engineering Planning Group
IERN Internet Engineering Research Network
IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group
IETF Internet Engineering Task Force
IETP Internet Engineering Task Force
IEG Internet Entertainment Group
IEA Internet Ethics Association
IEP Internet Event Provider
IEW Internet Everywhere
IX Internet Exchange
IXA Internet Exchange Architecture
IXE Internet Exchange Engine
IEMS Internet Exchange Messaging Server
IXP Internet Exchange Point
IEN Internet Experiment Note
IE Internet Explorer
IE5 Internet Explorer – Version 5.0
IE4 Internet Explorer 4
IESF Internet Explorer Security FAQ
IE8 Internet Explorer Version 8.0
IFP Internet Facsimile Protocol
IFSO Internet Fantasy Sports Online
IFC Internet FAQ Consortium
IFBCA Internet Fax and Business Communications Association
IFP Internet Fax Protocol
IFRF Internet Fax Routing Forum
IFSA Internet Fax Study Association
IFCP Internet Fibre Channel Protocol
IFS Internet File System
IFT Internet File Transfer
IFI Internet Finance International
IFIC Internet Finance International Corporation
IFIS Internet Flight Information Service
IFL Internet Football League
IFAB Internet for Absolute Beginners
IFB Internet for Business
IFBE Internet for Business Economists
IFC Internet for Christians
IFET Internet for English Teaching
IFSP Internet for Schools Project
IFE Internet Forum Europe
IFC Internet Foundation Class
IFCX Internet Foundation Classes eXtreme
IFCC Internet Fraud Complaint Center
IFC Internet Fraud Council
IFEA Internet Free Expression Alliance
IFB Internet Free/Busy
IFPA Internet Freedom Preservation Act
IGPA Internet Gambling Prohibition Act of 1999
IGREA Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act
IGM Internet Game Maker
IGE Internet Gaming Entertainment, Ltd
IGN Internet Gaming Network
IGN Internet Gaming News
IGSP Internet Gaming Service Provider
IGS Internet Gaming System
IGD Internet Gateway Device
IGMP Internet Gateway Message Protocol
IGM Internet Gateway Multicast
IGR Internet Gateway Router
IGSP Internet Gateway Service Provider
IGS Internet Go Server
IGF Internet Governance Forum
IGM Internet Grateful Med
IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol
IGMP Internet Group Membership Protocol
IGMP Internet Group Message Protocol
IGMP Internet Group Multicast Protocol
IGN Internet Group Names
IHM Internet Hate Machine
IHL Internet Header Length
IHMS Internet Health Monitoring System
IHR Internet Health Report
IHR Internet Health Resources
IHC Internet Healthcare Coalition
IHA Internet Home Alliance
IHC Internet Hosting Company
IIW Internet Identity Workshop
IIP Internet Imaging Protocol
IIA Internet Industry Association
IIAA Internet Industry Association of Australia
II Internet Infidels
IIRC Internet Information Research Center
IISP Internet Information Searcher Professional
IIS Internet Information Services
IIS Internet Information System
IISP Internet Infrastructure Service Provider
IIJI Internet Initiative Japan, Inc.
IIES Internet Insurance Education Services
IIOP Internet Inter Operable Protocol
IIES Internet Interest and Experience Survey
IIOP Internet Inter-ORB Protocol
IIU Internet Islamic University
IJ Internet Journal
IJC Internet Journal of Chemistry
IJH Internet Journal of Health
IJID Internet Journal of Infectious Diseases
IJNT Internet Journal of Nanotechnology
IJO Internet Journal of Ophthalmology
IJPS Internet Journal of Plant Science
IKE Internet Key Encryption
IKE Internet Key Exchange
IKMP Internet Key Management Protocol
IKP Internet Keyed Payments
IKT Internet Killed Television
ILN Internet Law News
ILTF Internet Law Task Force
ILA Internet Learning Agent
ILL Internet Leased Lines
ILEAD Internet Legal Education and Development
ILRG Internet Legal Research Group
ILRG Internet Legal Resource Guide
ILI Internet Librarian International
ILA Internet Library Association
ILN Internet License Number
ILAP Internet Light and Power
ILE Internet Link Exchange
ILS Internet List Server
ILS Internet Locator Server
IBLC Internet Low Bitrate Codec
IMAC Internet Macintosh
IME Internet Made Easy
NETZINE Internet Magazine
IMAG Internet Magazine
IMC Internet Mail Consortium
IMO Internet Mail Only
IMS Internet Mail Service
IML Internet Mailing List
IMPAC Internet Mail-Order Pharmacy Accreditation Commission
IMS Internet Management System
IMEP Internet MANET Encapsulation Protocol
IMS Internet Map Service
IMRS Internet Market Research Services
IM-AND-E Internet Marketing and E-Commerce
IMASD Internet Marketing Association of Surplus Dealers
IMBP Internet Marketing Business Plan
IMBS Internet Marketing Business Success
IMK Internet Marketing Klub
IMPLS Internet Marketing Promotions Ltd.
IMPL Internet Marketing Promotions Ltd.
IMT Internet Marketing Technology
IMBA Internet Masters of Business Administration
IMHO Internet Media House
IMPA Internet Media Protective Association
IMPA Internet Media Publishers Association
IMPA Internet Media Publishing Associates
IM Internet Medicine
IMA Internet Merchant Account
IMA Internet Merchants Association
IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol
IMC Internet Message Center
IMP Internet Message Processor
IMTA Internet Message Transport Agent
IMP Internet Messaging Program
INMD Internet Metadata
IMPS Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc.
IMAP Internet Minimum Advertised Price
IMC Internet Ministry Conference
IMPA Internet Mission Photography Archive
IMSM Internet Mobile Station Modem
IMP Internet Modem Protocol
IMT Internet Montana
IMR Internet Monthly Report
IMDB Internet Movie Database
IMS Internet Multicasting Service
IM Internet Multimedia
IMD Internet Multimedia Development
IMSS Internet Multimedia Sprachensystem
IMS Internet Multimedia Subsystem
IMPS Internet Musicians Placement Service
INSP Internet Name Server Protocol
INTERNAV Internet Navigation
INOC Internet Network Operations Center
INATS Internet Networking Administration Tool Software
INYC Internet New York City
INP Internet Nodal Processor
INDA Internet Non Discrimination Act
INPC Internet Non-Profit Center
IOT Internet of Things
IOPS Internet Official Protocol Standards
IOGR Internet Oil and Gas Radio
IOS Internet Operating System
IOC Internet Operation Center
IOC Internet Operations Center
IOTF Internet Operations Task Force
IOS Internet Ophthalmology Society
IOO Internet Order Online
IOPL Internet Over Power Line
IOS Internet Over Satellite
IOTA Internet Over the Air
IPAD Internet Packet Assembler Disassembler
IPCU Internet Packet Core Utility
IPX Internet Packet Exchange
IPA Internet Page Accelerator
IPLE Internet Para La Evangelizacion
IPCA Internet Parallel Computing Archive
IPLS Internet Parts Locator Systems
IPRW Internet Password Recovery Wizard
IPNS Internet Patent News Service
IPP Internet Payment Protocol
IPSP Internet Payment Service Provider
IPRA Internet PCA Registration Authoring
IPQ Internet Performance & Quality
IPMA Internet Performance Measurement and Analysis
IPMP Internet Performance Measurement Protocol
IPP Internet Petition for Prayer
IPB Internet Pharmacy Bureau
IPDA Internet Philatelic Dealers Association
IPAP Internet Phone Access Program
IPTP Internet Phonecard Trading Page
IPD Internet Pinball Database
IPPEX Internet Plasma Physics Educational Experience
IPTD Internet Platform and Tools Division
IPOD Internet Pod
IPA Internet Poetry Archive
IPOP Internet Point of Presence
IPI Internet Policy Institute
IPRA Internet Policy Registration Authority
IPWG Internet Policy Working Group
IPOD Internet Portable Open Database
IPAP Internet Portal Application Package
IPLJ Internet Pour Les Journalistes
IPO Internet Powered by Oracle
IPP Internet Presence Provider
IPG Internet Press Guild
IPC Internet Pricing and Configurator
IPS Internet PrimeNet Server
IPP Internet Printing Protocol
IPIC Internet Privacy & Identity Credential
IPC Internet Privacy Coalition
IPBX Internet Private Branch Exchange
IPLI Internet Private Line Interface
IPSC Internet Problem Solving Contest
IPC Internet Product Code
IPROA Internet Professional Association
IPPA Internet Professional Publishers Association
IPST Internet Professional Sales Training
IPNS Internet Professionals & Network Solutions
IPG Internet Program Guide
IP Internet Protocol
IPAT Internet Protocol Access Terminal
IPAD Internet Protocol Adapter
IPA Internet Protocol Address
IPAM Internet Protocol Address Manager
IPAG Internet Protocol Aggregation
IPB Internet Protocol Ban
IPCOS Internet Protocol Class of Service
IPC Internet Protocol Communications
IPCS Internet Protocol Communications Security
IPCC Internet Protocol Contact Center
IPCP Internet Protocol Control Protocol
IPDR Internet Protocol Detail Record
IPDR Internet Protocol Detail Record Organization
IPDT Internet Protocol Digital Terminal
IPDA Internet Protocol Distributed Architecture
IPES Internet Protocol Edge Services
IPESP Internet Protocol Encapsulation Security Payload
IPE Internet Protocol Encapsulator
IPEP Internet Protocol Engineering Professional
IPX Internet Protocol Exchange
IPXDM Internet Protocol Exchange Distributed Model
IPFS Internet Protocol File System
IPF Internet Protocol Filter
IPFW Internet Protocol Firewall
IPHC Internet Protocol Header Compression
IPMA Internet Protocol Manager Assistant
IPMI Internet Protocol Multicast Initiative
IMS Internet Protocol Multimedia Service
IPMP Internet Protocol Multi-Pathing
IPN Internet Protocol Network
IPNG Internet Protocol Next Generation
IPOA Internet Protocol Over ATM
IPFC Internet Protocol over Fibre Channel
IPO Internet Protocol Over Optical
IPOS Internet Protocol Over Satellite
IPOS Internet Protocol Over SONET
IPER Internet Protocol Packet Error Rate
IPPM Internet Protocol Performance Metrics
IPQOS Internet Protocol Quality of Service
IPRAN Internet Protocol Radio Access Network
IPRC Internet Protocol Record Collection
IPRP Internet Protocol Routing Processor (Alliance Seminconductor)
IPSEC Internet Protocol Security
IPSO Internet Protocol Security Option
IPSP Internet Protocol Security Policy
IPSP Internet Protocol Security Protocol
IPSS Internet Protocol Security Services
IPS Internet Protocol Service
IPSLA Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement
IPSS Internet Protocol Service Switch
IPSG Internet Protocol Services Generator
IPSG Internet Protocol Source Guard
IPS Internet Protocol Storage Working Group
IPSL Internet Protocol Subscriber Line
IPS Internet Protocol Suite
IPTS Internet Protocol Telecom Services workshop
IPTED Internet Protocol Telephony
IPT Internet Protocol Telephony
IPTA Internet Protocol Telephony Accounting
IPTC Internet Protocol Telephony Solution for Carriers
IPTV Internet Protocol Television
IPTA Internet Protocol Transport Agreement
IPTED Internet Protocol Trunk
IPT Internet Protocol Trunk
IPV Internet Protocol Version
IPV4 Internet Protocol Version 4
IPV6 Internet Protocol Version 6
IPV6F Internet Protocol Version 6 Forum
IPV Internet Protocol Video
IPVS Internet Protocol Video Security
IPVC Internet Protocol Videoconferencing
IPVH Internet Protocol Virtual Hosting
IP Internet Provider
IPS Internet Provider Security
IPS Internet Provider Service
IPTC Internet Provider Telephone Carrier
IPL Internet Public Library
IPP Internet Publishing Project
IPS Internet Publishing System
IQR Internet Quick Reference
IQTD Internet Quotient Touch Down
IRF Internet Race Finder
IRFT Internet Radio from Tuolumne
IRLP Internet Radio Linking Project
IROS Internet Radio Operating System
IRTC Internet Ray Tracing Competition
IREC Internet Real Estate Consulting
IREX Internet Real Estate Express
IREG Internet Real Estate Group
IRL Internet Reconfigurable Logic
IRFOF Internet Refund Fact of Filing
IR Internet Registry
IRIS Internet Registry Information Service
IRM Internet Relationship Management
IRC Internet Relay Chat
IRCD Internet Relay Chat Daemon
IWWF Internet Relay Chat World Wrestling Federation
IRF Internet Relay Forces
IRTP Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol
IRB Internet Renaissance Band
IRLP Internet Repeater Linking Project
IRC Internet Research Center
IRIS Internet Research Information System
IRI Internet Research Institute, Inc
IRTF Internet Research Task Force
IRM Internet Reservation Module
IRES Internet Reservation Systems
IRME Internet Resource Management Essentials
IRNSS Internet Resource Name Search Service
IRIR Internet Resources for Institutional Research
IRSC Internet Resources for Special Children
IRN Internet Resources Newsletter
IRIS Internet Retailer Information System
IR Internet Router
IRDP Internet Router Discovery Protocol
IRIS Internet Router in Space
IRA Internet Routing Address
IRR Internet Routing Registry
ISA Internet Safety Advocate
ISQ Internet Safety Quotient
ISO Internet Sales Outlet
ISLP Internet School Linkage Program
ISTF Internet Science and Technology Fair
ISJ Internet Science Journal
ISPUB Internet Scientific Publications, LLC
ISC Internet Scrabble Club
ISEDB Internet Search Engine Database
ISEN Internet Search Environment Number
ISS Internet Search Service
ISALLIANCE Internet Security Alliance
ISA Internet Security and Acceleration
ISA Internet Security Appliance
ISAKMP Internet Security Association and Key Management Protocol
ISS Internet Security Scanner
ISSP Internet Security Suite Plus
ISSX Internet Security Systems Inc.
ISSI Internet Security Systems Inc.
ISS Internet Security Systems, Inc.
ISTR Internet Security Threat Report
ISP Internet Selective Polling
ISSS Internet Self Service and Security
ISAP Internet Self-Assessment in Pharmacology
ISAPI Internet Server Application Programming Interface
IS Internet Service
ISA Internet Service Agentur GmbH
ISB Internet Service Bus
ISX Internet Service Exchange
ISM Internet Service Manager
ISN Internet Service Node
ISP Internet Service Provider
ISPAN Internet Service Provider Association of Namibia
ISPO Internet Service Provider Outsourcing
ISPA Internet Service Providers Association
ISPA Internet Service Providers Austria
ISPC Internet Service Providers Consortium
ISPCOM Internet Service Providers Convention
ISPF Internet Service Providers Forum
ISPA-UK Internet Service Providers of the UK
ISBU Internet Services Business Unit
ISE Internet Services Engine
ISN Internet Services Network
ISPAN Internet Services Providers’ Association of Nigeria
ISS Internet Sharing Server
ISIS Internet Shopping Is Safe
URL Internet Shortcut
ISTP Internet Signaling Transport Protocol
ISCSI Internet Small Computer Systems Interface
ISFA Internet Soccer Fans Association
IS Internet Society
ISOC Internet Society
ISC Internet Society of China
ISBU Internet Software Business Unit
ISC Internet Software Consortium
ISQ Internet Software Quality
ISP Internet Solution Provider
IS Internet Solutions
ISC Internet Solutions Company
ISFB Internet Solutions for Business
ISL Internet Solutions Limited
ISSL Internet Solutions Services Ltd.
ISLAND Internet Source for Learning and New Development
ISPG Internet Special Projects Group
ISOCS Internet Sports Official’s Calendar & Scheduling
ISPA Internet Spyware Prevention Act
ISGS Internet Stained Glass Supply
ISMF Internet Standard Management Framework
ISAR Internet Standards Assessment Report
ISMR Internet Stock Market Resources, Inc.
ISNS Internet Storage Name Service
ISC Internet Storm Center
ISMA Internet Streaming Media Alliance
ISSE Internet Streaming SIMD Extension
ISIS Internet Student Information System
ISCM Internet Supply Chain Management
ISG Internet Support Group
ISW Internet Survey Watching
ISR Internet Suspend Resume
ISCA Internet Sword Collectors Association
ISFA Internet Symposium on Food Allergens
ISAAC Internet System for Assessing Autistic Children
ISU Internet System Update
ISC Internet Systems Consortium, Inc
ITR Internet Talk Radio
ITAM Internet Tax and Assessment Management
ITFA Internet Tax Freedom Act
ITP Internet Technique Provider
ITWS Internet Technologies and Web Solutions
IT4B Internet Technologies for Business
ITGI Internet Technologies Group, Inc.
ITEC Internet Technology
ITEKA Internet Technology Applications
ITEC Internet Technology for E-Commerce
ITG Internet Technology Group
ITS Internet Technology Series
ITS Internet Technology Solutions
IPHONE Internet Telephony
ITEL Internet Telephony
ITCM Internet Telephony Cable Modem
ITCE Internet Telephony Conference and Exposition
ITC Internet Telephony Consortium
ITXC Internet Telephony Exchange Carrier
ITG Internet Telephony Gateway
ITS Internet Telephony Server
ITSP Internet Telephony Service Provider
ITSPA Internet Telephony Services Providers Association
ITS Internet Time Service
IT Internet Times
ITTO Internet to the Outback
IT Internet Tonight
XXX Internet Top-Level Domain Name for Adult Sites
ITG Internet Tough Guy
ITCM Internet Traffic and Content Management
ITESF Internet Traffic Engineering Solutions Forum
ITMC Internet Traffic Management Center
ITR Internet Traffic Report
ITCI Internet Training Centers Initiative
ITS Internet Transaction Server
ITIS Internet Travel Information Service
IUA Internet Use Agreement
IUE Internet User Experience
IUM Internet User Manager
IUPS Internet User Profile Survey
IUP Internet Utility Provider
IVAS Internet Value-Added Service
IVAN Internet Verification Affiliate Network
IVC Internet Video Communication
IVO Internet Video Overlay
IVR Internet Video Recording
IVS Internet Video Sharing
IVI Internet Villages International
IVLU Internet Virtual Learning University
IVT Internet Virtual Tour
IVT Internet Vision Technologies
IVC Internet Voice Chat
IVG Internet Voice Gateway
IVM Internet Voice Mail
IWKD Internet W Kazdym Domu
IWF Internet Watch Foundation
IWR Internet Weather Report
IWAM Internet Web Application Manager
IWRA Internet Website Rating Administration
IW Internet Week
IWR Internet Weekly Report
IWS Internet World Stats
IWW Internet World Wireless
IWC Internet Wrestling Community
IWF Internet Wrestling Federation
IWS Internet Wrestling Syndicate
IWZ Internet Wrestling Zone
IWJ Internet Writing Journal
IPKI Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure
IXC Internet Xadrez Clube
IYP Internet Yellow Pages
IZ Internet Zahav
IIE Internet, Intranet, Extranet
IMAD Internet, Marketing and Design
IIST Internet/Intranet Strategic Team
I2MI Internet2 Middleware Initiative
ITEC Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center
IBBM Internet-Based Business Model
IBCM Internet-Based Client Management
ICAD Internet-Based Computer-Aided Design
IBC Internet-Based Courseware
IBDN Internet-Based Distributed Navigation
IBIS Internet-Based Information Systems
IBMAS Internet-Based Medical Archive System
IPLAR Internet-based Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition
IBT Internet-Based Test
IBT Internet-Based Training
IFD Internet-Facing Deployment
IGOR Internet-Guided Offline Recreation
IITS Internet-Intranet Transport Service
IKI Internet-Käyttäjät Ikuisesti
IOM Internet-Only Manual
IBIK Internetowa Baza Infrastruktury Kolejowej
ILG Internetowa Liturgia Godzin
IFP Internetowe Forum Policyjne
IRCS Internet-Ready Computer System
ISENS Internet-Scale Event Notification Service
IRIS Internetted Range Interactive Simulations
IAB Internetwork Architecture Board
IITC Internetwork Interoperability Testing Committee
IOS Internetwork Operating System
IPX Internetwork Packet Exchange
IPE Internetwork Packet Exchange
IPXCP Internetwork Packet Exchange Control Protocol
INTERNET Internetworking
INTERNET Internetworking
ICND Internetworking Cisco Network Devices
IMS Internetworking Management System
ION Internetworking Over NBMA
IPE-SPE Internetworking Packet Exchange/Sequenced Packet Exchange
IPM Internetworking Performance Monitor
IPC Internetworking Product Center
IP Internetworking Protocol
ISSX Internetworking Security Services Expert
ITM Internetworking Technology Multimedia
INTT InterNetworking Technology Tracking
IPN Interplanetary Internet
IIYP Irish Internet Yellow Pages
IIMC ISO Internet Management Coexistence
IINS Israel Internet News Service
IIX Israeli Internet Exchange
IIU Israeli Internet Underground
ITIA IT & Internet Association, Lebanon
JIMA Japan Internet Medical Association
JIRC Java Internet Relay Chat
JIA Jewish Internet Association
JMIR Journal of Medical Internet Research
JNCIA Juniper Networks Certified Internet Associate
JNCIE Juniper Networks Certified Internet Expert
KIS Kaspersky Internet Security
KINK Kerberized Internet Negotiation of Keys
KISS Kes Internet Support Society
KIU Kölner Internet Union
KVIS Kootenai Valley Internet Service
KICS Kootenay Internet Communications Society
KIDC Korea Internet Data Center
KIV Korea Internet Volunteers
KWISA Korea Wireless Internet Solution Association
KIX Korean Internet Exchange
KKI Krakowski Komercyjny Internet
LJIG La Jolla Internet Group
LIX Lagos Internet Exchange
LIME Landline, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment
LAMI Languages and More Internet
LISL Lanka Internet Services Limited
LIE Lannus Internet Enterprises
LANIC Lao National Internet Committee
LIP Large Internet Packet
LIPX Large Internet Packet Exchange
LACNIC Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry
LIS Law in the Internet Society
LAIR Legal Automation and Internet Review
LIS Leveraged Internet Services
LLIX Liberty Lake Internet Exchange
LII Librarians’ Index to the Internet
LII Librarians’ Internet Index
LIS Libyan Internet Society
LIMP Linux Internet Messaging Program
LIR Local Internet Registry
LR-ING Location Register and Internetworking Gateway
LIS Logicomm Internet Solutions
LOCI Logistical Computing and Internetworking
LINX London Internet Exchange
LISB London Internet School of Banking
LTI Lower Tactical Internet
LIX Luxembourg Internet Exchange
MIAP Mainframe Internet Access Portal
MIA Managed Internet Access
MIPT Managed Internet Protocol Telephony
MISS Managed Internet Security Services
MONTH Managed Internet Service
MIS Managed Internet Service
MISP Managed Internet Service Provider
MCIX Manchester Commercial Internet Exchange
MIP Mapped Internet Protocol
MIRC Mardam-Bey’s Internet Relay Chat
M3I Market Managed Multi-Service Internet
MOTI Marketing on the Internet
MMIS massively multiparticipant Internet sport
MIV Master Internet Volunteer
MSIE Master of Science in Internet Engineering
MINT Master of Science in Internetworking
MIGS Mastercard Internet Gateway Service
MIAM Mathématiques Internet Aix Marseille
MAWI Measurement and Analysis on the Wide Internet
MISS Mecklenburg Internet Service System
MBI Media.Broadcast.Internet
MJIFC Michael Jackson Internet Fan Club
MICA Michigan Internet Cooperative Association
MCIS Microsoft Commercial Internet System
MICROWAVE Microsoft Internet Chat
MIC Microsoft Internet Chat
MSIE Microsoft Internet Explorer
MIE Microsoft Internet Explorer
MIIS Microsoft Internet Information Server
MIK Microsoft Internet Keyboard
MIRC Microsoft Internet Relay Chat
MMIT Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit
MSIB Microsoft Solution for Internet Business
MAGPI Mid-Atlantic GigaPop in Philadelphia for Internet2
MICS Middle East Internet Chess Server
MIX Milan Internet Exchange
MICIO Milan Italy Chess Internet Organization
MIMC Miller Internet Marketing Corporation
MINUET Minnesota Internet Users Essential Tool
MII Mirror Image Internet
MAIDS Mobile and Internet Dependency Syndrome
MONET Mobile Internet
MIA Mobile Internet Access
MIND Mobile internet and Navigation Device
MID Mobile Internet Device
MIG Mobile Internet Gateway
MIK Mobile Internet Kit
MIMD Mobile Internet Multimedia Device
MIP Mobile Internet Protocol
MIER Mobile Internet Protocol Extensions Rationalization
MISP Mobile Internet Service Provider
MONTH Mobile Internet Solutions
MIS Mobile Internet Solutions
MIT Mobile Internet Toolkit
MIU Mobile Internet User
MIEUB Mobile Internet-Educational Unit on Boats
MALAYSIA Mobile Satellite Internet Access
MSIA Mobile Satellite Internet Access
MIAMI Modem-Based Internet for Amiga
MIRC Moo/Mu Internet Relay Chat
MMBI MPLS Mobile Backhaul Initiative (Internet Protocol/Multi-Protocol Label Switching Forum)
MIKE Multicast Internet Key Exchange
MIX Multicast-Friendly Internet Exchange
MAGIC Multidimensional Applications and Gigabit Internetwork Consortium
ML-IPSEC Multi-Layer Secure Internet Protocol
MISSI Multi-level Information Systems Security for the Internet
MINC Multilingual Internet Names Consortium
MIX Multimedia Internet Exchange
MIME Multimedia Internet Message Extensions
MINT Multimedia Internet Terminal
MMI Multimedia Marketing and Internet
MMOIP Multi-Media Over Internet Protocol
MIV Multimedia, Internet & Video
MPIO Multi-Play Internet Audio
MEI Multiple Extension Internetworking
MISP Multiple Internet Service Provider
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Protocol
MIRC Multi-user Internet Relay Chat
MBI Munchausen by Internet
MIRA Munich Re Internet Risk Assessor
MIB My Internet Business
MIRC My Internet Relay Chat
NAIS NASA Acquisition Internet Service
NSI NASA Science Internet
NAAIS National Association of Approved Internet Services
NBCI National Broadcasting Company Internet/Interactive
NIAC National Internet Advisory Committee
NIDA National Internet Development Agency
NIXI National Internet Exchange of India
NIXP National Internet Exchange Point
NILC National Internet Literacy Campaign
NIR National Internet Registry
NIRA National Internet Registry of Afghanistan
NISM National Internet Safety Month
NIWA National Internet Wrestling Association
NIPS National Internet-Based Partner Services
NBIP Nationale Beheersorganisatie Internet Providers
NLIC Native Language Internet Consortium
NVI Naval Virtual Internet
NISM Navigare in Internet sul Mare
NSI Naviguer Sur Internet
NWI Navy Wide Internet
NID NCVA Internet Directory
NIMP NetWare Internetwork Messaging Protocol
NAIMS Network & Internet Management Services
NIX Neutral Internet eXchange
NHIPP New Horizons Internet Professional Program
NIC New Internet Computer
NICC New Internet Computer Company
NYIIX New York International Internet Exchange
NYI New York Internet Company
NIM Newport Internet Marketing Corp.
NGI Next Generation Internet
NGIS Next Generation Internet Server
NIG Nigeria Internet Group
NMIC Nokia Mobile Internet Conference
NIPRNET Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network
NIPR Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router
NIPRNET Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network
NAII North Atlantic Internet Inc.
NCCISP North Carolina Consortium of Internet Service Providers
NEIP NorthEast Internet Publishing, Inc.
NCIC Northern Colorado Internet Cooperative
NVIAC Northern Virginia Internet Access Cooperative
NVIM Northern Virginia Internet Marketing
NIS Norton Internet Security
NIX Norwegian Internet Exchange
NOTASIP Nothing Other Than A Simple Internet Phone
NGIN Nova Golf Internet Network
NCIP Novell Certified Internet Professional
NICS Novell Internet Caching System
NIMS Novell Internet Messaging System
OWIF Oasis Webmasters for Internet Freedom
OCSI Object-Oriented Client/Server Internet
OPI Ocean Profile on the Internet
OIE Office of Internet Enforcement
OIS Offshore Internet Services Limited
OVNI Oficina Virtual Na Internet
OVIS Ohio Valley Internet Service Inc.
OTI On The Internet
OSIS One-Stop Internet Shop
OIC Online Internet Center
OBI Open Buying on the Internet
OCCAID Open Contributors Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
OFISP Open Forum of Internet Service Providers
OIX Open Internet Exchange
OSIA Open Standards and Internet Association
OMNI Operating Missions as a Node on the Internet
OIRC Optical Internet Research Center
OIF Optical Internetworking Forum
OIDP Oracle Internet Development Pack
OID Oracle Internet Directory
OIS Organization for Internet Safety
OIS Organization for Internet Security
ORCID Orthopaedic Rare Conditions Internet Database
OIM OSI Internet Management
OIS Overflow Internet Services
OIIS Oxford Internet Institute
OII Oxford Internet Institute
OXIS Oxford Internet Survey
OLIG Oxford Libraries Internet Gateway
PBI Pacific Bell Internet
PBIS Pacific Bell Internet Services
PI Pacific Internet
PIHKL Pacific Internet Hong Kong Limited
PING Packet Internet Groper
PIPS Packetstar Internet Protocol Services
P-MIP Paging Mobile Internet Protocol
PAIX Palo Alto Internet Exchange
PINK Parallax Internet Netburner Kit
PAGI Parents Advisory Group for the Internet
PIECE Partnership for Internet Equity and Community Engagement
PAIX Peering and Internet Exchange
PIP Peerless Internet Protocol
PAINT Penny-Arcade Internet Notification Tool
PIA Peoplesoft Internet Architecture
PCI Personal Communications Internetworking
PCA Personal Internet Client Architecture
PIC Personal Internet Communicator
PIMP Personal Internet Mail Processor
PICS Philippine Internet Commerce Society
PISO Philippine Internet Services Organization
PIAF PHS Internet Access Forum
PIAFS PHS Internet Access Forum Standard
PGI Physician’s Guide to the Internet
PVX PIPE VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Exchange (Australia)
PI Planet Internet
PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection
PAIR Policy Analysis of Internet Routing
PSI Polymer Search on the Internet
PDIS Port Douglas Internet Services
PAIR Portal to Asian Internet Resources
PGPI Pretty Good Privacy for the Internet
PHIB Pretty Huge Internet Blog
PING Princeton Internet Group, Inc.
PIX Private Internet Exchange
PIE Private Internet Exchange
PIU Problematic Internet Use
POISED Process for Organization of Internet Standards Working Group
PROFIS Professional Internet Solution
PLAIN Progetto Lombardo Archivi in Internet
PINE Program for Internet News & Email
PIMP Prometheus Internet Mail Program
PIRL Psychology Internet Resource List
PIAP Public Internet Access Point
PIE Public Internet Exchange
PIPE Public Internet Peering Exchange
POESIA Public Opensource Environment for A Safer Internet Access
PRISA Public Radio Internet Service Alliance
PAIH Public-Access Internet Host
PIA Pure Internet Architecture
PWI Pure Worldwide Internet
QECIS QEC Internet Services
QIS QUALCOMM Internet Services
QWI Qualcomm Wireless & Internet Group
QIBS Quality Internet Business Solutions
QHII Quality of Health Information on the Internet
QOIS Quality of Internet Services
QCISP Quebec Coalition of Internet Service Providers
QROTI Queensland Rail on the Internet
QIP Quercus Internet Partners
QIP Quiet Internet Pager
RIS Raba Interneta v Sloveniji
ROIP Radio Over Internet Protocol
ROI RDMA Over Internet
RSIP Realm Specific Internet Protocol
RTP-IP Real-Time Protocol/Internet Protocol
RSACI Recreational Software Advisory Council on the Internet
RIA Regional Internet Australia
RIR Regional Internet Registry
RISQ Regional Internet Services for Quebec
RNID Registra Nacionalnog Internet Domena
RITA Reliable Internetwork Troubleshooting Agent
RIA Remote Internet Access
RIISS Research into Internet Systems
RIQ Réseau Internet Québec
RISC Responsible Internet Service Companies
RIME Ressources Sur l’Internet en Management et en Economie
ROII Return on Internet Investment
RMMI REUTERS Markets Monitor – Internet
RIX Reykjavik Internet Exchange
RIA Rich Internet Application
RIX Riga Internet eXchange
RIPEM Riordan’s Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail
RICA Rockingham Internet Community Access
RMII Rocky Mountain Internet Inc.
RMI Rocky Mountain Internet, Inc.
RHSI Rogers High Speed Internet
ROTI Rotarians on the Internet
RDID Round Dance Internet Directory
RIAA Rural Internet Access Authority
RISP Rural Internet Service Provider
ROMS Russian Multimedia and Internet Society
RSSI Russian Space Science Internet
SID Safer Internet Day
SIRI Safety Information Resources on the Internet
SRIG Santa Rosa Internet Group
SICU Satellite Internet Competency Unit
SISP Satellite Internet Service Provider
SPIN Saturnus Personal Internet Navigator
SCAMPI Scalable Measurement Platform for the Internet
SCAMPI Scaleable Monitoring Platform for the Internet
SICO Schizophrenic Internet Chess Online
SINA Schoolsnet Internet Network Administrator
SAI Schulen ans Internet
SIMI Search for Intelligent Monkeys on the Internet
SSLI Search for Satanic Lyrics on the Internet
SIX Seattle Internet Exchange
SIF Secret Internet Fatty
SIPRNET Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
SIPRNET Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
SIPR Secret Internet Protocol, Routed
SIFT Secure Internet Filtering Technology
SIG Secure Internet Gateway
SILC Secure Internet Live Conferencing
SIMAP Secure Internet Message Access Protocol
SIPS Secure Internet Payment Service
SIP Secure Internet Programming
SIPRNET Secure Internet Protocol Network
SIPR Secure Internet Protocol Router
SIPERNET Secure Internet Protocol Router Network
SIRC Secure Internet Relay Chat
SMIME Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
SPINACH Secure Public Internet Access Handler
SVOSIP Secure Voice Over Secure Internet Protocol
SWIPT Secure Wireless Internet Protocol Telephony
SCIRC Self Contained Internet Remote Camera
SMIN Serbian Multiservice Internet Network
SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol
SFINX Service for French Internet Exchange
SIUMI Services and Infrastructure for the Ubiquitous and Mobile Internet
SIA Services Internetworking Architecture
SOIP Services Over Internet Protocol
SIPTEL Session Initiation Profile for Internet Telephony
SEMI Sexually Explicit Material on the Internet
SOIP Signaling Over Internet Protocol
SS7OIP Signaling System Over Internet Protocol
SVIC Silicon Valley Internet Capital
SIP Simple Internet Protocol
SIPP Simple Internet Protocol Plus
SIPS Simple Internet Publishing System
SIS Simple Internet Solutions
SIT Simple Internet Transition
SKIP Simple Key Internet Protocol
SKIP Simple Key Management for Internet Protocols
STIX Singapore Telecom Internet Exchange
SIX Slovak Internet Exchange
SIS Slovensky Internetovy Spravodaj
SBIB Small Business Internet Banking
SPICE Smart Protocol for Internet Cellular Exchange
SEEI Sociedad Española de Enfermería e Internet
SSIV Société de Services Internet VEF
SIMULATOR Society for the Internet in Medicine
SIM Society for the Internet in Medicine
SIRR Society of Internet Rugby Referees
SHIP Soft Handoff Over Internet Protocol
SEIT Software Engineering and Internet Technologies Laboratory
SGOTI Some Guy on the Internet
SITES Source for Internet Environmental Sites
SAI South African Internet
SAIA South Australian Internet Association
SISP Southeastern Internet Service Providers
SMIG Southern Minnesota Internet Group
SNIP Southern New Jersey Internet Providers
SGI Southport Game and Internet
SSI Space Systems Internetting
SPIM Spam Over Internet Messaging
SPIT Spam Over Internet Telephony
SERI Special Education Resources on the Internet
SIC Sprint Internet Center
SIP Sprint Internet Passport
SLIC St. Lawrence Internet Connection
SKIP Starter Kit Internet Platform
SIIP Statistical Instruction Internet Palette
SHMIP Stealth-time Hierarchical Mobile Internet Protocol
SIP Stop Internet Plagiarism
SIA Strategic Internet Alliance
SIII Strategic Internet Investments Inc.
STI Strategic Technologies for the Internet
SLIM Structured Language for Internet Markup
SAIG Student Aid Internet Gateway
SISP Student Internet Service Providings
SIMS Sun Internet Mail Server
SRIS Sunflower Road Internet Services, Inc.
SIY Suomen Internet Yhdistys
SCIP Sussex Community Internet Project
SVIC Suwannee Valley Internet Connections
SAINT Symposium on Applications and the Internet
SRI Syndicat des Régies Internet
SIMULATOR Syrasoft Internet Manager
SIM Syrasoft Internet Manager
SILK System for Internet-Level Knowledge
SPIP Système de Publication pour l’internet Participatif
SRI Systèmes, Réseaux et Internet
TISM TACLANE Internet Security Manager
TI Tactical Internet
TIC Tactical Internet Center
TIC Tactical Internet Configuration
TIL Tactical Internet Laboratory
TIM Tactical Internet Model
TITAN Tactical Internet Test and Analysis
TWIX Taiwan Internet Exchange
TIX Tanzania Internet Exchange
TISL Tata Internet Services, Ltd.
TUBA TCP and UDP (User Datagram Protocol) with Bigger Address (Internet addressing)
TULIP TCP and UDP over Lightweight Internet Protocol
TRAIL Technical Report Awareness Internet Links
TISM TEED Internet Security Manager
TTIS Teens Teaching Internet Skills
TIA Teknoland Internet Agency
TIF Telecommunications and Internet Federation
TIE Telefonica Internet Empresa
TISP Telephony Internet Service Provider
TEIA Teles European Internet Academy AG
TWBI Teles Wireless Broadband Internet
TIGI Teleservices Internet Group Inc.
TPIPS Telstra Private Internet Protocol Service
TIF Temporary Internet Files
TIG Terminal Internet Gateway
TIP Terminal Internet Protocol
TIMS Tesco Internet Management System
TAISMHO The American Internet Society of Manufactured Home Owners
TEOTIAWKI The End of the Internet As We Know It
TIAC The Internet Access Company
TIA The Internet Adapter
TIAS The Internet Antique Shop
TICL The Internet Connection Ltd.
TICLS The Internet Connection Ltd.
TIDF The Internet Design Firm
TIFAP The Internet Filter Assessment Project
TIGER The Internet Gateway and E-Mail Router
TIG The Internet Guide
TIME The Internet Merchandise Exchange
TIR The Internet Ramp
TISC The Internet Security Conference
TIT The Internet Times
TWIG The Web Internet Gateway
WAIA The Western Australian Internet Association Inc
TILL Tilburg Internet Law Library
TIL Times Internet Limited
TMIL To My Internet Lover
TIA Tohoku Internet Association
TOPIC Tohoku Open Internet Community
TISP Toilet Internet Service Provider
TSIP Toilet Internet Service Provider
TMI Too Much Internet
THIG Topology Hiding Internetwork Gateway
TIDA Toronto Internet Developers Association
TSI TRADOC Simulation Internet
TEQUILA Traffic Engineering for Quality of Service in the Internet, at Large Scale
TWIX Trans World Internet Exchange
TIP Transaction Internet Protocol
TOIT Transactions on Internet Technology
TCPIP Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol
TSA Transmitting Subscriber Internet Address
TMIP Transparent Mobile Internet Protocol
TPIS Transplant Pathology Internet Services
TIP Transport and Internetworking Package
TSIS Transportable Satellite Internet System
TIMO Travel Internet Marketing Organization
TEMIS Tropospheric Emission Monitoring Internet Service
TIC Trusted Internet Connection
UKIP Ukrainian Knowledge Internet Portal
UDIC Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter
NIPRNET Unclassified but Sensitive Internet Protocol Router Network
UKIP United Kingdom Internet Protocol Group
USIC United States Internet Council
USIGS United States Internet Genealogical Society
UICI Universal Internet Communication Interface
UNIC Universal News Internet Collector
UCAID University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
UTI Upper Tactical Internet
UVIS Urban Voodoo Internet Services
USITS Usenix Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems
USIX USinternetworking, Inc.
USI USinternetworking, Inc.
VINA Vaishnava Internet News Agency
VIPER Value Added Internet Protocol Edge Router
VFI Verein Zur Forderung der Internetkommunikation
VIPPS Verification of Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites
VIPPS Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites
VISTANET Vermont Internet Services and Technology Network
VIP Versatile Internet Platform
VIX Vienna Internet Exchange
VWIP Vietnam War Internet Project
VICP Vines Internet Control Protocol
VICPS Vines Internet Control Protocol
VIP Vines Internet Protocol
VISPA Virginia Internet Service Providers Alliance
VIX Virtual Internet Exchange
VIP Virtual Internet Protocol
VIPA Virtual Internet Protocol Addressing
VIPR Virtual Internet Protocol Routing
VIPER Virtual Internet Provider
VIP Virtual Internet Provider
VISION Virtual Internet School in Oklahoma Network
VISP Virtual Internet Service Provider
VINT Virtual InterNetwork Testbed
VLI Virtual LAN Internetwork
VPI Virtual Private Internet
VPMI Virtual Program Management Internet
VIIS Vision Imaging Internet Services
VBIE Visual Basic Internet Explorer
VPI Visual Perspectives Internet, Inc
VIA Voice Internet-Age Architecture
VOI Voice Over Internet
VOIP Voice over Internet Packet
VOIP Voice over Internet Protocol
VOIS Voice Over Internet Services
VOIS Voice Over Internet Solutions
VOMIT Voice Over Misconfigured Internet Telephones
VICE VORC Internet Chiptune Encyclopedia
WIGG Wanadoo Internet Gebruikers Groep
WI Warfighter’s Internet
WIX Warsaw Internet Exchange
WISP Weather Internet Socket Protocol
WSIA Web Savvy Internet Addict
WSFIC Web Services and the Future of Internet Computing
WISP Website & Internet Security Program
WIX Wellington Internet Exchange
WCOIL West Central Ohio Internet Link
WMIS West Michigan Internet Service
WAIX Western Australian Internet Exchange
WRIS Western Reserve Internet Services
WSB Westwood Storyboard Internet
WIWIW Who Is Who in the Internet World
WINDS Wideband Internetworking Engineering Test and Demonstration Satellite
WVI Willamette Valley Internet, LLC
WIE Windows Internet Explorer
WINS Windows Internet Naming Service
WINIPCFG Windows Internet Protocol Configuration
WIBS Windsor Internet Booking System
WOTI Wings On the Internet
WWIC Wired/Wireless Internet Communications
WAIN Wireless Access Internet Node
WIAF Wireless Internet Access Friesland
WIAP Wireless Internet Access Plan
WIAP Wireless Internet Access Provider
WIASS Wireless Internet Access System
WIAS Wireless Internet Access System
WIB Wireless Internet Browser
WIC Wireless Internet Caucus
WICON Wireless Internet Conference
WIX Wireless Internet Express
WING Wireless Internet Gateway
WIG Wireless Internet Gateway
WINGS Wireless Internet Gateway System
WINE Wireless Internet Network
WING Wireless Internet News Gathering
WINC Wireless Internet Numbers for Contents
WIWT Wireless Internet of West Tennessee
WIPA Wireless Internet Phone Access
WIPI Wireless Internet Platform for Interoperability
WIP Wireless Internet Protocol
WIPP Wireless Internet Protocol Partnership
WIRE Wireless Internet Research and Engineering Laboratory
WISA Wireless Internet Service Architecture
WISP Wireless Internet Service Provider
WIVA Wireless Internet Venture Association
WIZ Wireless Internet Zone
WINAAR Wireless Internet-Protocol Network Access Architecture
WIT Wireless Internetworking Testbed
WIAB Wirtualna Internetowa Akademia Biznesu
WAIL Wisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory
WCIC Wood County Internet Council
WORDIA WORD Internet Assistant
WGIG Working Group on Internet Governance
WILB Workplace Internet Leisure Browsing
WAI Workshop Anatomy for the Internet
WINE Workshop on Internet and Network Economics
WIAPP Workshop on Internet Applications
WIAP Workshop on Internet Applications
WISEN Workshop on Internet Scale Event Notification
WITS Workshop on Internet Technology and Systems
WAIM World Association of Internet Marketing
WIMSI World Internet Marketing Specialists Inc.
WINDS World Internet News Distributary Source
WIP World Internet Project
WIT World Internet Technologies
WSIM World Summit on Internet and Multimedia
WWIP World Wide Internet Publishing, Ltd.
WWITV World Wide Internet TeleVision
WICS Worldnet Internet Connect Service
WILMA Worldwide Internet Live Music Archive
WIMR Worldwide Internet Music Resources
WIPC Worldwide Internet Publishing Corp.
XIS Xtranet Internet Services
YIG Yahoo! Internet Guide
YIL Yahoo! Internet Life
YILOFF Yahoo! Internet Life Online Film Festival
YI Yeeha Internetan
YBOTI Your Business on the Internet
YIP Your Internet Phone
ZIC Zaurus Internet Chat
ZIN Zertifikat Internet-Nutzung
ZISPA Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association
ZASS Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite