Literature Abbreviations

The word literature derives from the Latin term litterae, which refers to the set of knowledge and skills to write and read well. The concept is related to the art of grammar, rhetoric and poetics.


Literature Abbreviations

According to the Portuguese Language Dictionary of Porto Editora, literature is the art of composing works in which language is used aesthetically and in which a language is used as a means of expression. This term is also used to define the set of literary productions of a country, an era or a genre/sector of knowledge (such as Persian literature, for example) and the set of works that deal with an art or a science ( sports literature, legal literature, etc.).

In short, literature translates as the art of producing texts and for this you can use different types of literary productions, such as romance literature, fiction literature, popular literature, cordel literature, medical literature, technical literature, Portuguese literature. , poetry, prose, among others.

But it is important to know that not all texts are literary and not all books either, so there is no way to generalize.

It is important to note that the origin of writing does not coincide with the origin of literature. Sumerian texts and some Egyptian hieroglyphics, considered as the oldest writings of which there are records, do not belong to the scope of literature.

Among the first literary texts stands out the Epic of Gilgamesh, an ancient epic poem of Sumerian origin that was engraved on clay tablets and whose first version dates from the year 2000 BC Before that time, narratives used to circulate from generation to generation through the oral language.

Making a comparison between the scientific text and the literary text: the scientific text concerned with giving instructions, without worrying about emotions. In the literary text, the biggest concern is in the emotions that are transmitted by the author to those who read the text. But a literary text can also instruct or convey an idea .to the reader, but that is not its main focus and when that happens, it is usually linked to emotion, to the feeling that is passed on. It can be summarized by saying that the scientific text makes use of words in a denotative way, on the other hand, the literary text makes use of words in a connotative, emotional way, and for that it makes use of words freely and in order to value beauty, using metaphors. , figurative sense, etc. This type of text seeks to interact with the emotional side of the reader.

The objective of literature, with regard to artistic expression, is to help the author build a reality from the way he sees the world, having, in addition to his techniques and narrative, his feelings and ideas as essential elements for this.

Regarding literature in Portuguese, its origins date back to the 12th century (1196-1198) with the oldest Galician-Portuguese literary manifestation “Ora faz ost’o Senhor de Navarra” by João Soares de Paiva, but it is in the Renaissance (between end of the 13th century and mid-17th century) that the great writers appear, in which we will highlight the poet Luís de Camões with his Os Lusíadas.

Every year, the great achievements of literature are rewarded with the award of the Nobel Prize, in which the lucky laureates receive their respective prizes at the hands of the Swedish Academy. The first edition was awarded to the French poet and essayist Sully Prudhomme.

List of Acronyms Related to Literature

AFAL Academy of Fine Arts and Literature
AHLS African Heritage Literature Society
ACLDS Agency for Christian Literature Development
ACLD Agency for Christian Literature Development
ACLA American Comparative Literature Association
AJGLL American Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literatures
ALIT Ancient Literature in Translation
ADL Army Doctrine Literature
ADTL Army-wide Doctrinal and Training Literature
AHLA Arts and Humanities Literature and the Arts
AAL Assembly on American Literature
ALAN Assembly on Literature for Adolescents
ASLE Association for the Study of Literature and Environment
ACYL Australian Centre for Youth Literature
ALEG Australian Literature Electronic Gateway
ALO Austrian Literature Online
ANALGESIA Automated Literature Request System
ALR Automated Literature Request System
ALPHA Automatic Literature Processing, Handling & Analysis
BEL Bachelor of English Literature
BHL Bachelor of Hebrew Letters/Literature
BLIT Bachelor of Literature
BSL Bachelor of Sacred Literature
BELLS Barcelona English Language and Literature Studies
BLF Bibles & Literature in French
BLF Biblical Literature Fellowship
BAL Bibliography of American Literature
BCLA British Comparative Literature Association
BSLS British Society for Literature and Science
CBEL Cambridge Bibliography of Educational Literature
CCL Canadian Children’s Literature
CNYCLL Central New York Conference on Language and Literature
CCLCS Centre for Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies
CLC Children’s Literature Centre
CLCD Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database
CLC Children’s Literature for Children
CLN Children’s Literature Navigator
CLN Children’s Literature Network
CLEAR Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews
CLAIM Christian Literature Association in Malawi
CLC Christian Literature Crusade
CLF Christian Literature Fund
CMLC Classical and Medieval Literature Criticism
CMLL Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
CLSA College of Literature, Science and the Arts
CALL Communication Arts, Languages and Literature
CHLEL Comparative History of Literatures in European Languages
CLEA Comparative Literature – East Asian
CLC Comparative Literature and Culture
CATCALL Completely Automated Technique for Cataloguing and Acquisition of Literature for Libraries
CWRL Computer Writing, Rhetoric and Literature
CLIP Computers, Literature and Philology
CDL Concepts, Doctrine, and Literature
CLC Contemporary Literature Criticism
CHLA Core Historical Literature of Agriculture
CEAL Critical Essays on American Literature
CSCL Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature
CINAHL Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
CINAHL Current Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature
CLML Current List of Medical Literature
CLF Current Literature File
DECL Department of English and Comparative Literature
DFLL Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
DML Depot Maintenance Literature
DLCL Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages
DHL Doctor of Hebrew Literature
DLITT Doctor of Literature
DLIT Doctor of Literature
DOL Doctor of Literature
DLP Doctrinal Literature Program
EALL East Asian Languages and Literatures
EUCL Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature (UK)
ESSE Edmonton Symposium on Empirical Studies of Literature and Culture
EGIL Electronic Gateway for Icelandic Literature
ECL English and Comparative Literature
EAGLE European Association for Grey Literature Exploitation
ECOLE European Collaboration in Oncology Literature Evaluation
FRSL Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature
FLL Foreign Languages & Literatures
FLLC Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures
FOTL Forms of Old Testament Literature
FOL Foundations of Literature
FLIT French Literature in Translation
GLL Germanic Languages and Literatures
GLINT Gospel Literature International
GLO Gospel Literature Outreach
GLIN Grey Literature in the Netherlands
GLISC Grey Literature International Steering Committee
ICL Index to Chiropractic Literature
IDL Index to Dental Literature
ISSL Index to Sumerian Secondary Literature
INTERLEUKIN Instructional Literature
IL Instructional Literature
ISLE Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment
IASAIL International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature
IASIL International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures
ICLD International Christian Literature Distributors, Inc.
ICLA International Comparative Literature Association
JALAS-AND-L Journal of Afro-Latin American Studies & Literatures
JBL Journal of Biblical Literature
JEL Journal of Economic Literature
JPL Journal of Planning Literature
JSL Journal of the School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies
KOLA Kenya Oral Literature Association
LOLEST Language of Literature
LOL Language of Literature
LLL Language, Linguistics and Literature
LLI Language, Literature, Identity
LLC Languages Literatures and Cultures
LEL Library of English Literature
LABEL Literature
LICENSE Literature
L Literature
LITER Literature
LIT Literature
LAF Literature across Frontiers
LCCE Literature and Culture Comprehensive Exam
LTCD Literature and Culture Teaching Database
LCDM Literature Culture and Digital Media
LIT Literature in Teaching
LIDOS Literature Information and Documentation System
LMMA Literature Mining and Microarray Analysis
LMS Literature Monitoring Service
LOTA Literature of the Americas
LTAM Literature of the Americas
LION Literature Online
LRPA Literature Rack Panel Adapter
LRS Literature Reviewing Service
LSS Literature Search System
LSP Literature Sponsorship Program
LCC Literature, Communication, and Culture
LLC Literature, Language and Culture
LSA Literature, Science, and the Arts
LFQS Literature/Film Quarterly
LPA Literature/Performing Arts
MAGIC Managing Access to Grey Literature Collections
MALL Master of Arts in Language and Literature
MEDLARS Medical Literature Analysis & Retrieval System
MSCL Mellen Studies in Children’s Literature
MCLL Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures
MALCA Modern Austrian Literature and Culture Association
MCLC Modern Chinese Literature and Culture
MLL Modern Languages and Literature
MIFL Motif-Index of Folk Literature
NCCL National Centre for Children’s Literature
NIJL National Institute of Japanese Literature
NULC National Undergraduate Literature Conference
NCBEL New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature
NEIL New England Interactive Literature
NPL Non-Patent Literature
OASE Open Access to Scientific Literature
OAEL Oxford Anthology of English Literature
PCLI Philippine Christian Literature Inc.
PEOPLE Portable Extension Office for Program Literature Exchange
PSTLS Problem Solving through Literature
PSLS Publication of the Society for Literature and Science
PILOTS Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress
RLL Recent Literature on Lichens
RALPH Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities
ROL Review of Literature
RRL Review of Related Literature
SJCPL San Jose Center for Poetry and Literature
SALL School of Arts, Languages and Literatures
SLLC School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
SLCL School of Literatures, Cultures and Linguistics
SESL Semantic Enrichment of the Scientific Literature
SUCCLS Shiraz University Centre for Children’s Literature Studies
SCLA Slovene Comparative Literature Association
SLSA Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
SPELL Society for the Preservation of English Language and Literature
SSNL Society for the Study of Narrative Literature
SBL Society of Biblical Literature
SPACLALS South Pacific Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies
SCLA Southern Comparative Literature Association
SLC Sudan Literature Centre
SWIL Swarthmore Warders of Imaginative Literature
SPELL Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature
SIGLE System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe
SLR Systematic Literature Review
TSLL Texas Studies in Literature and Language
TELS Tokyo English Literature Society
TCMLARS Traditional Chinese Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System
TNGLIT Training Literature
TOL Treasury of Literature
TCL Twentieth Century Literature
USCL United Society for Christian Literature
WILLA Women in Literature and Life Assembly
WLWE World Literature Written in English
YAL Young Adult Literature