Organization Abbreviations


What is Organization?

Organization is the way in which a system is put in place to achieve the intended results. It is usually formed by one, two or more people who perform functions in a controlled and coordinated manner with the mission of effectively achieving a common objective.

We can talk about school organization, business organization, personal organization, event organization, home organization, etc. In all these applications, the sense of organization is based on the way in which people interact with each other and on the arrangement and distribution of the various elements involved, with a view to the same purpose.

For example, the organization of the home refers to the way it is organized, that is, how the various elements that make it up are coordinated and arranged in space.

Organization is a word originated from the Greek ” organon ” which means instrument, utensil, organ or that with which one works.

Business organization

In Business Administration, an organization is understood to be a social entity formed by two or more people who work in a coordinated way in a certain external environment aiming at a collective objective. It involves the division of tasks and assignment of responsibilities.

Depending on the type of organization, there is a person who plays a key role in leading, planning and controlling human resources and other material, financial and technological resources available in the company.

The structure of an organization can be formal or informal. A formal organization is planned and structured following an internal regulation. Informal organization is the spontaneously generated relationships between people, a result of the company’s own functioning and evolution.

There is a set of elements that are directly associated with an organization, such as: customers, suppliers, competitors, media, among others.

Synonyms organization

Some of the main synonyms of organization are:

  • Order;
  • Arrangement;
  • Discipline;
  • ordination;
  • System;
  • Method;
  • Disposition;
  • Management;

Social organization

Within the scope of law and based on sociological concepts, it consists of a private, non-profit association, with legal personality and which receives capital from the State to provide services that are of public interest.

All these social institutions must be identified by a social purpose, encompassing individuals in a certain group, whether human or animal in nature, for example.

In Brazil, the qualification of entities as social organizations is provided for in Law No. 9,637, of May 15, 1998.

List of Acronyms Related to Organization

Abbreviated Capitalized Realtime Organizational Neological Yeomanlike Memory Surrogates
Abroo Educational Welfare Organization
Abu Nidal Organization
Academic Clinical Research Organization
Academic Contract Research Organization
Academic Family Medicine Organizations
Academic Staff Public Representation Organization
Accountable Care Organization
Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions
Accredited Destination Management Organization
Accredited Economic Development Organization
Accredited Elevator/Escalator Certification Organization
Accredited Management Organization
Accredited Organization
Acquisition Management Organization
Acquisition Support Organization
Action Information Organization
Ada Validation Organization
Address Supporting Organization
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Organization
Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Organization International
Administrative Services Organization
Adult and Organizational Learning
Adult Organizational Development
Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization
Advanced Earth Science and Technology Organization
Advanced Engineering Research Organization
Advanced Organization
Advanced Organization and Saint Hill
Advances in Knowledge Organization
Aerial Phenomena Research Organization
Aerospace Education and Research Organization
Afghan Canadian Youth Organization
Afghan Community Development Organization
Afghan Football Support Organization
Afghanistan Public Policy Research Organization
Afghanistan Shuhada Charity Organization
Afloat Training Organization
African American Professional Organization
African Development and Emergency Organization
African Indigenous Women’s Organization
African Insurance Organization
African Network of Basin Organizations
African People’s Organization
African Political Organization
African Regional Industrial Property Organization
African Regional Intellectual Property Organization
African Regional Organizations
African Women’s Organization
Afro-Asian Peoples’ Solidarity Organization
Afro-Asian Rural Development Organization
Agency Organization Program Coordinator
Agency/Organization Program Coordinator
Agent of a Foreign Terrorist Organization
Agent-Company Organization for Research and Development
Agricultural Research and Education Organization
Agricultural Research Organizations on the Web
Agriculture Research Organization
Agudath Israel World Organization
AICPA Not-for-Profit Organizations
Aidai Volunteer Organization
AIDS Service Organization
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration Organization
Air Defense Coordination Organization
Air Force Organizational Excellence Award
Air Navigation Services Organization
Air Traffic Organization
Air Traffic Service Organization
Airworthiness Engineering Organizations
Alabama Hospice Organization
Alabama Youth Soccer Organization
Alamo Area Radio Organization
Alaska Native Organizations
Albanian American Women’s Organization
Alberta Cave Rescue Organization
Albertans against Poverty Organization
Albuquerque Youth Soccer Organization
All Amhara People Organization
All Manipur United Clubs’ Organization
All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization
All Pakistan Muttahida Students Organization
Alliance for Patients’ Mutual Help Organizations
Alliance of Concerned Transport Organizations
Alliance of Genuine Labor Organizations
Alternative Education Resource Organization
Alternative Trading Organization
Alzheimer’s Family Organization
Al-Zulfiqar Organization
Amateur Entertainment Internet Organization
Amazonian Cooperation Treaty Organization
America Support Organization
American Association of Debt Management Organizations
American Belarussian Relief Organization
American Cornhole Organization
American Dancesport Organization
American Dancesport Organization
American Darts Organization
American Darts Organization
American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations
American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations
American Gastroenterological Organization
American Kyokushin Karate Organization
American Medical Marijuana Organization
American Oceanic Organization
American Organization for the Development of Bihar
American Psychological Association Practice Organization
American Saint Hill Organization Day
American Slope Racing Organization
American Standards Organization
American Studies Student Organization
American Wing Tsun Organization
American Youth Flag Football Organization
American Youth Soccer Organization
Americas Sales and Marketing Organization
Amnesty International Toronto Organization
Amway Quixtar Motivational Organizations
Anatolia Turkish Student Organization
Animal Welfare Organization
Anthropology Graduate Student Organization
Anti Child Porn Organization
Anti-Fascist Organization
Appalachian People’s Service Organization
Applied Conflict Resolution Organizations Network
Approved Maintenance Organization
Arab Labour Organization
Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization
Arab Organization for Industrialization
Arab Organization for Social Defence Against Crime
Arab Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Arab Satellite Communication Organization
Arab Standardization and Metrology Organization
Arab Towns Organization
Arab Women Organization of Jordan
Arabian Metal Products Organization
Aransas County Republican Organization
Archery Manufacturers & Merchants Organization
Ardmore Young Professionals Organization
Area Organizational Maintenance Shop
Area Structures Capabilities Organizations People and Events
Arellano-Felix Organization
Arizona Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
Arm’s Length Management Organization
Armenian Church Youth Organization
Army Acquisition Organization
Army Welfare Housing Organization
ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organizations
Asia Pacific Regional Organization
Asian Canadian Cultural Organization
Asian Centre for Organization Research and Development
Asian Ceramic Research Organization
Asian Health Professions Organization
Asian Pacific Islander Organization
Asian Parasite Control Organization
Asian Productivity Organization
Asia-Pacific Researchers in Organization Studies
Associate National Adhering Organizations
Association for Community Organization and Social Administration
Association for Counselling, Organization, Research and Development
Association for the Study of Community Organization
Association French Normalization Organization Regulation
Association of Caribbean Electoral Organizations
Association of Clinical Research Organizations
Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now
Association of Contract Research Organizations
Association of Data Processing Service Organizations
Association of Data Processing Service Organizations
Association of Democratic Labor Organizations
Association of Language Travel Organizations
Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations
Association of Microfinance Organizations
Association of New York State Metropolitan Planning Organizations
Association of Nordic LGBT Student Organizations
Association of Progressive Rental Organizations
Atlanta Disc Golf Organization
Atomic Energy Organization
Aussie Liquor Consumers Organization
Austin Area Research Organization
Australian Geological Survey Organization
Australian Security Intelligence Organization
Authorized Level Of Organization
Authorized Organizational Representative
Authorized Organizational Stockage List
Auto Claim Reorganization
Automated Quality Organization
Azadi International Tourism Organization
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Administration
Bali Export Development Organization
Ballistic Missile Defense Organization
Ballistic Missile Organization
Baloch Student Organization
Baltic Ports Organization
Baltimore Conference Lay Organization
Barbie Liberation Organization
Base Table of Organization and Equipment
Basic Organization of Associated Labor
Basic Organization Structure
Battle Management Organization
Bawmzo Indigenous People Organization
Bay Area Nonprofit Job-Search Organization
Bay Area Organization Development Network
Bay Area Streaming Media Organization
Beautiful Kids Organization
Behavioral Health Organization
Belize Alliance of Conservation Non-Government Organizations
Bellmore Faculty Organization
Belmont Community Organization
Belour Advisory and Social Development Organization
Berkeley Organization of Law and Technology
Best Practice Spotlight Organization
Better Life Organization
Bharat Ahshara Social Organization
Big Faceless Organization
Bikers Rights Organization
Bio-Cellular Research Organization
Biotech Industry Organization
Biotech Industry Organization
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Biotechnology Industry Organization
Black Autonomy Network Community Organization
Black Faculty and Staff Organization
Black Graduate and Professional Student Organization
Black Men’s Organization
Black Organization
Black Organization
Black September Organization
Black Students’ Organization
Black Women’s Organization
Blacksmiths Organization of Arkansas
Blind Education and Rehabilitation Development Organization
BMX Riders Organization
Bonneville Metropolitan Planning Organization
Boston Intercollegiate Community Service Organization
Brandeis Orthodox Organization
Brazilian Incoming Travel Organization
Breault Research Organization
Bretton Woods Reform Organization
Bridgeport Lakeport Civic Organization
British Ballet Organization
Bronx Organization of Singer/Songwriters
Bronx Professional Standards Review Organization
Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny
Brown Graduate Employee Organization
Buckeye Region Anti-Violence Organization
Building Emergency Organization
Building Responsibility and Valuing Organization
Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Bureau of International Organizations
Bureau of International Organizations
Business and Industry Non-Governmental Organization
Business and Organizational Leadership
Business Incubation of Global Organizations
Business Markets Organization
Business Organization for a New Downtown
Business Process Delivery Organization
Business Support Organization
Buying Organization
Cabarrus Rowan Metropolitan Planning Organization
Cabell County Community Services Organization, Inc.
Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service
Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations
California Analytical Chemists Organization
California Association of Bicycle Organizations
California Association of Physician Organizations
California Breast Cancer Organizations
California International Baccalaureate Organization
California Organization Investment Network
California Organization of Police and Sheriffs
California School of Organizational Studies
Calvary Parent Teacher Organization
Cambodian Orphan and Education Organization
Campus Economic Organization
Campus Focus, Student Organization
Canada Emergency Measures Organization
Canadian Art Museum Directors’ Organization
Canadian Cadet Organizations
Canadian Capital Cities Organization
Canadian Coalition of Organizations Responding to AIDS
Canadian Humanitarian Organization for International Relief
Canadian Immunodeficiencies Patient Organization
Canadian International Security Organization
Canadian Italian Appreciation Organization
Canadian Mud Racing Organization
Canadian National Organization for the International Telecommunication Union
Canadian Organization for Development Through Education
Canadian Organization for Prostitutes Rights
Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders
Canadian Organization for the Advancement of Computers in Health
Canadian Organization for Tropical Education and Rainforest Conservation
Canadian Organization of Dealers in Antiquities
Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists
Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists
Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists
Canadian Organization of Senior Artists and Performers
Canadian Spinal Research Organization
Canadian University Services Organization
Canton Parent Teacher Organization
Cantorial School Student Organization
Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Capital Stewardship Organizational Capability
Capitalization Organization Punctuation Spelling
Car Sharing Organization
Care Delivery Organization
Care Delivery Organization
Care Management Organization
Career and Technical Student Organizations
Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organizations
Caribbean Meteorological Organization
Caribbean Tourism Organization
Carson United Soccer Organization
Carver Parent Teacher Organization
Catholic Organization for Life and Family
Catholic Organizations for Renewal
Catholic Organizations for Renewal
Catholic Parent Teacher Organization
Catholic Students Organization
Catholic Youth Organization
CENTCOM Engineer Contingency Organization
Centennial Parent Teacher Organization
Center for Effective Organizations
Center for E-Organization in Business and Society
Center for Learning and Organizational Change
Center for Organizational and Personnel Psychology
Center for Police Organizational Studies
Center for Social Organization of Schools
Center for the Management of Technological and Organizational Change
Center for Virtual Organizations and Commerce
Center in Law, Economics and Organization
Center on Organization and Restructuring of Schools
Center on the Organization and Management of Addiction Treatment
Central Auditing Organization
Central Dispatching Organization
Central Dispatching Organization
Central Emergency Relief Organization
Central Kickboxing Organization
Central MASINT Organization
Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization
Central Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers
Central Organization Department
Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology
Central Organization Groups
Central Organization of Police Specialists
Central Project Management Organization
Central Selling Organization
Central Services Organization
Central Treaty Organization
Central Yiddish Culture Organization, Inc.
Centralized Reliability Data Organization
Centre Region Metropolitan Planning Organization
Certified Housing Development Organization
Certified Managed Care Organization
Cetos Research Organization
Chabad Lubavitch Youth Organization
Championship Wrestling Organization
Charity Organization Society
Chartered Organization Representative
Chartered Organization Representative
Chateau Estates Civic Organization
Chengdu Gay Community Care Organization
Chicago Industrial/Organizational Psychologists
Chicagoland Italian American Charitable Organization
Chief Programmer Team Organization
Child and Family Affairs Organization
Children’s Hospital Integrated Care Organization
Chin Human Rights Organization
China Europe Trade Development Organization
Christian Care Organization
Christian Parent-Teacher Organization
Christian Science Organization
Christian Service Organizations of America
Christian Youth Hockey Organization
Christian Youth Organization
Church of Scientology, Los Angeles Organization
Church-Related Organization
Citizens for County Organization
Citizens Support Organization
City-Wide Resident Organization
Civic Brotherhood Organization
Civil Liberties Organization
Civil Society Organization
Clay County Economic Development Organization
CLIC Test Facility (European Organization for Nuclear Research)
Clinical Research Organization
Coal Controller Organization
Coalition of Geospatial Organizations
Coalition of Mayan People’s Organizations
Coalition of Michigan Organizations of Nursing
Coalition of National Health Education Organizations
Coalition of National Voluntary Organizations
Coalition of Neighborhood Organizations
Coalition of Northland Development Organizations
Coalition of Ontario Voluntary Organizations
Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology
Coalition of Senior Membership Organizations
Coalition of Spanish-Speaking Mental Health Organizations
Coastal Organization of Human Resources
Collaborative Organization of Services for Youth
Collection Management Office/Organization
Collective Management Organization
Collective of Popular Organizations
College of Engineering Faculty Organization
Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Collegiate Living Organization
Color Universal Design Organization
Colorado Association of Destination Marketing Organizations
Colorado Higher Education Computing Organization
Colorado Organization of Slalom Skateboarding
Colorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy Parenting and Prevention
Colorado Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting and Prevention
Columbia Pike Revitalization Organization
Columbus Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Combat Arms Training Organization
Combat Oriented Maintenance Organization
Combat Wing Organization
Combined Test Organization
Command Reporting Organization
Commercial Real Estate Organization
Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education
Commission to Study the Organization of Peace
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations
Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission
Committee on National Medical Organizations
Committee on School District Organization
Common Market Organization
Common Organizational Level Tester
Commonwealth Education Organization
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organization
Communications Management Organization
Communications Support Organization
Communist Organization, Bay Area
Community Action Organization
Community and Faith Based Organizations
Community and Organizational Services
Community Animation and Development Organization
Community Care Behavioral Health Organization
Community Development Organization
Community Development Organization
Community Health Organization
Community Housing Development Organization
Community Housing Development Organization
Community Initiatives and Social Support Organization
Community Learning Support Organization
Community Organizations Active in Disaster
Community Sanitation And Recycling Organization
Community Sustainable Development Organization
Community-Based Organization
Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan
Competency Aligned Organization
Compliance Sampling and Support Organization
Composite Signals Organization
Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems
Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory
Computer Anti-Virus Researchers’ Organization
Computer Entertainment Rating Organization
Computer Resource Central Organization
Computer Science Graduate Organization
Computing Organizations Policy and Society
Concerned Parents and Teachers Organization
Confederation of Canadian Wushu Organizations
Confederation of Consumer Organizations, Thailand
Confederation of Human Rights Organizations
Conference for International Relief Organizations
Conference of Consumer Organizations
Conference on Organizational Computing Systems
Configuration Management Organization
Congress of Arab American Organizations
Congress of Industrial Organizations
Congress of Visayan Organizations
Connected Organizations for a Responsible Economy
Connecticut Council of Organizations Serving the Deaf, Inc.
Connecticut Peer Review Organization, Inc.
Consolidated Priority Organization Target
Consortium for Organizational Mental Healthcare
Consortium of African American Organizations
Consortium of Organizations for Strong Motion Observation Systems
Consulting Services Organization
Consumer Health Organization of Canada
Continental Front of Community Organizations
Continental Test Organization
Contract Research Organization
Contract Sales Organization
Contracted Claims Processing Organization
Contracting and Organizations Research Institute
Contractor Performance Measurement Organization
Coordination, Organizations, Institutions, and Norms in Agent Systems
Cornell Entrepreneur Organization
Corrupt Organizations and Racketeering Activity Act
Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Government Reorganization Act of 2000
Corvallis Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Cost Analysis Organization
Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences
Council for Professional and Organizational Development
Council of American Survey Research Organizations
Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred
Council of Engineers & Scientists Organizations
Council of Faculty Organizations
Council of Federated Organizations
Council of Iranian-American Jewish Organizations
Council of Islamic Organizations
Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan
Council of Motion Picture Organizations
Council of Multiple Birth Organizations
Council of Neighbors and Organizations
Council of Organizations Serving Deaf Alabamians
Council of Peoples Organization
Council of Philatelic Organizations
Council of Senior Citizens Organizations of British Columbia
Council of the Organization of American States
Country Code Names Supporting Organization
County Welfare Rights Organization
Covenant of the Goddess organization
Craft Organization Directors Association
Creative Rescue Organization
Creative Roleplaying Organization
Creator of Music Performance Organization
Credentials Verification Organization
Credit Union Service Organization
Crisis Management Organization
Crisis Preparation and Organizational Resilience
Crossroads Parent Teacher Organization
Cultural Italian American Organization
Culture, Organization and Management
Culture, Organization and Management
Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization
Curriculum Design, Content and Organization
Customer Facing Organization
Customer Service Organization
Cuyahoga River Community Planning Organization
Cyber-Organization Results Scorecard
Cynicism about Organizational Change
Cyprus Organization for Standards and Control of Quality
Danish Nurses’ Organization
Dark Jedi Organization
Dartmouth Gay and Lesbian Organization
Data Collection Organization
Data Processing Organization
data system support organization
Database Reorganization
Datatron Users Organization
Davis Enology and Viticulture Organization
Davis Recreation and Gaming Organizational Network
Defence Export Promotion Organization
Defence Information Services Organization
Defence Research Development Organization
Defense Communications System Organization
defense criminal investigative organization
Defense Finance and Accounting Service Technology Services Organization
Defense Network Systems Organization
Defense Science Organization
Defense Systems Support Organization
Demand Management Organization
Democratic Karen Buddhist Organization
Dental Care Organization
Dental Health Maintenance Organization
Dental Maintenance Organization
Dental Management Organization
Dental Management Service Organization
Dental Management Service Organization
Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation
Dental Organization for Sleep Apnea
Department of Army Organization
Department of Transportation emergency organization
Department Organization Order
Derivatives Clearing Organization
Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
Design Approval Organization
DeskTop Organization
DeskTop Organization
Desktop Services Organization
Destination Management Organization
Destination Marketing Organization
Detroit Association of Black Organizations
Detroit Organizational Needs in Treatment
Detroit Organizational Needs in Treatment
Development & Ability Organization
Development Organization for the Revival of Afghanistan
Development Partnering Organization
Diamond Aircraft Pilots’ Organization
Diamond Mind Baseball Organization
Digital International Buddhism Organization
Digital Media Marketing Organization
Dimond Alpha Digital Organization
Diocesan Youth Ministry Organization
Disability Care Coordination Organization
Disabled Peoples’ Organization
Disabled Persons’ Organization
Discount Medical Plan Organization
Disease Management Organization
Disorganization, Mouse
Division Logistics Organization Structure
Doctoral Nursing Student Organization
Doctrinal & Organizational Test Support Package
Doctrine Organization Training
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leader Development, Materiel and Soldiers
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leadership, Personnel, and Facilities
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel and Facilities
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities
Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities and Policy
Doctrine, Training, Organization, and Materiel
DoDDS Transportation Mobilization Organization
Dodge Trucks Organization
Dodge Trucks Organization
Domain Name Supporting Organization
Domestic Inter-Satellite Coordination Organization
Domestic Satellite Organization
Dot Enumeration Perceptual Organization Task
Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada
Downtown Denver Residents Organization
Downtown Ventura Organization
Draft Table of Organization and Equipment
Drug Pricing Organization
Drug Trafficking Organization
Drug Trafficking Organization
Dutch Car Pulling Organization
Dutch Taekwondo Tournament Organization
Earth Science and Technology Organization
Earthquake Planning and Protection Organization
East African Marine Fisheries Research Organization
East Central Community Organization
East Dallas Community Organization
East Turkestan Liberation Organization
Eastern and Southern Africa Business Organization
Eastern Co-operative Health Organization
Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration
Eastern Rehabilitation Organization
Eastern Self-reliant Community Awakening Organization
Eating Disorder Education Organization
Economic Cooperation Organization
Economic Cooperation Organization
Economics Graduate Organization
Education Development Organization
Educational Computing Organization of Ontario
Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization
Educational Management Organization
Educational Seminar for Tourism Organizations
Educational Technology Organization of Michigan
Eelam Revolutionary Organization of Students
Effective Microorganisms Research Organization
Efficiency Valuation Organization
Efficiency Valuation Organization
Egyptian Cultural Heritage Organization
Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality Control
El Paso Interreligious Sponsoring Organization
Electioneering Communication Organizations
Electioneering Communication Organizations
Electric Reliability Organization
Elite Idealistic Earth Individuals Organization
Elkridge Youth Organization
Elmendorf Officers’ Spouses Organization
Embedded Base Organization
Emergency Care Help Organization
Emergency Counter-Hostilities Organization
Emergency Management Organization
Emergency Measures Organization
Emergency Response Organization
Emerson Heights Community Organization
Emory Global Health Organization
Employee and Organizational Development
Employee Organization
End User Organization
Energy Reorganization Act of 1974
Engineering Student Body Organization
English Graduate Organization
English Graduate Student Organization
Enterprise Organizational Readiness
Enterprise Technology Organization
Entomology and Nematology Student Organization
Entomology Graduate Student Organization
Environment and Public Health Organization
Environmental Assessment of Sites and Organizations
Environmental Careers Organization
Environmental Careers Organization
Environmental Civil Society Organization
Environmental Compliance Organization International LLC
Environmental Compliance Organization International LLC
Environmental Conservation Organization
Environmental Conservation Organization
Environmental Engineering and Pollution Control Organization
Environmental Justice Organization
Environmental Professionals’ Organization of Connecticut
Environmental Protection Organization
Escherichia Coli Help Organization
Esfahan Urban Railway Organization
Etobicoke Muslim Community Organization
Eurasian Patent Organization
European AIS Database (European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation)
European Business Organization Law Review
European Cancer Prevention Organization
European Certifying Organization SpA
European Certifying Organization SpA
European Council of Skeptical Organizations
European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization
European Developmental Biology Organization
European Group for Organizational Studies
European Life Scientist Organization
European Molecular Biology Organization
European Network of Training Organizations
European Organization for Quality
European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer
European Organization for Testing and Certification
European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites
European Plant Protection Organization
European Ready Mixed Concrete Organization
European Research National Organization
European Space Vehicle Launcher Development Organization
European Specialist Nursing Organization
European Transplant Coordinators Organization
European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization
European-American Rights Organization
European-American Unity and Rights Organization
Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization
Eva Organization for Women
Everyone Is Doing Outrageous Sex (organization/website
Evil Genius Organization
Evolution Youth Organization, Inc.
Evolutionary Change in Organizational Populations
Exclusive Provider Organization
Exempt Organization Master File
Exempt Organizations
Exeter Social Services Organization
Experience Factory Organization
Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy
Export Control Organization
Export Control Organization
Export Credit Insurance Organization
Expressive Communication Help Organization
Extension Committee on Organization and Policy
External Delivery Organizations
External Security Organization
Extracorporeal Life Support Organization
Extreme Wrestling Organization
Facility Emergency Organization
Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International
Faith Based Organization
Faith-Based and Community Organizations
Family and Faculty Organization
Family Learning Organization
Family Program (various organizations)
Family Program (various organizations)
Family Support Organization
Fatumatu Zehara Aid Organization
Federation of Community Organizations
Federation of Humane Organizations
Federation of International Festivals Organization
Federation of Israeli Economic Organizations
Federation of Italian-American Organizations
Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations
Field Information Systems Organization
Field Level Organization
Field Marketing Organization
Fiendish Organization for World Larceny
Fire Claim Reorganization
First Coast Metropolitan Planning Organization
Fiscal Agent Organization
Fiscal Intermediary Services Organization
Fish Marketing Organization
Fishermen’s Advocacy Organization
Flag Service Organization
Flame Resistant Organizational Gear
Flight Training Organization
Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations
Florida Organization of Nurse Executives
Flower Promotion Organization
Food and Agriculture Organization
Force Organization Chart
Foreign Banking Organization
Foreign Terrorist Organizations
For-Profit Organization
Forrestal Occupational Health Organization
Forum of Civil Organizations
Fotuh Construction Organization
Freddy Powers Parkinson’s Organization
Fredericton Anti-Poverty Organization
Free Internet Rating Organization
Frontier Works Organization
Full Member Organization
Full Organizational Designation
Full Organizational Designation
Fund Organization Account Program
Fund Raising Organization Graphics Service
Fund, Organization, Program or Project
Fundamentals of Information Technology in Organizations
Funeral Ethics Organization
Further Education National Training Organization
Gateway Research Organization
Gateway to Standards Organizations
Gateway Wrestling Organization
GBS Student Organization
General Organization for Export and Import Control
General Organization for International Exhibitions and Fairs
General Organization for Youth and Sports
General Organization of Alexandria Library
General Organization of Remote Sensing
General Organization of Social Insurance
General Organization of Tobacco
General Telecommunications Organization
Generic Names Supporting Organization
Generic Object-Oriented Application Project Management Tool for Large Inter-Organizational Projects
Geographic Information Science Student Organization
Georgia Council of Media Organizations
German Toilet Organization
Ghana Timber Millers Organization
Giant Killers Organization
Girl’s Service Organization
Global Children’s Organization
Global Development Organization
Global DOTS Expansion Plan (World Health Organization)
Global Federation of Telemedicine Organizations
Global Leadership and Organizational Behaviour Effectiveness
Global Organization for Lysososmal Diseases
Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption
Global Virtual Organization
Globus Ubiquitous Supercomputing Testbed Organization
Goldwater-Nichols DoD Reorganization Act
Government Organization
Government Organization
Graduate Employee Organization
Graduate Employee Organization
Graduate Employee Organization
Graduate Employee Organization
Graduate English Organization
Graduate English Organization
Graduate English Organization
Graduate English Organization
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Grassroots Community Organization
Great Lakes Darting Organization
Greater Houston Educational Travel and Tourism Organization
Greece United Substitute Teachers Organization
Greek Letter Organization
Green Earth Organization
Green Earth Organization
Green Earth Organization
Green Earth Organization
Group Member Organization
Group Purchasing Organization
Growing a Future Organization
Guyanese Organization of Indigenous Peoples
Hadassah Medical Organization
Hagerstown Eastern Panhandle Metropolitan Planning Organization
Haitian American Cultural and Social Organization
Haitian Student Organization
Hamilton Oldtimers’ Baseball Organization
Hardcore Wrestling Organization
Harmonica Organization of Texas
Hawaii Military Surfing Organization
Hazardous Area Life-Support Organization
Hazardous Substance Response Organization
Heads of International Research Organizations
Healing Music Organization
Health Care Management Organization
Health Care Organization
Health Delivery Organization
Health Enhancement Research Organization
Health Information Organization
Health Insuring Organization
Health Maintenance Organization
Health Management Organization
Health Organization Research Norway
Health Organization to Preserve the Environment
Health Service Organizations
Healthcare Maintenance Organization
Healthy Happy Holy Organization
Hellenic American Students Organization
Help Afghan School Children Organization
Hemophilia Organization Development
Heuristic Route Organization
Hibbert Moneymaking Organization
Higher Education Organization
Higher Education Resource Organization for Students
Highline Medical Services Organization
High-Reliability Organization
Hillsborough Organization for Progress and Equality
Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organization
HIPAA Conformance Certification Organization
Hispanic American Leadership Organization
Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors
Hispanic Organization of Postal Employees, Inc.
Hispanic Organization to Promote Education
HIV/AIDS Support Organization
Home Educators Local Learning Organization
Home Educators Resource Organization
Home Energy and Resources Organization
Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators
Horse Industry Organization
Horse Inspection Organization
Houston Organization of Nurse Executives
Human and Civil Rights Organizations of America
Human and Organizational Development
Human Appeal Organization
Human Development Organization
Human Genome Organization
Human Resources and Organizational Management
Human Resources Research Organization
Human Rights Organization
Human Service Organization
Human Welfare Organization
Humanitarian Organization for Palestinian Equality
Humanitarian Relief Organization
Hungarian Eco-Labelling Organization
Hunt Club Community Organization
Huron-Sussex Residents Organization
Identifiers for Organizations for Telecommunications Addressing
IGES/PDES Organization
Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization
Imamia Students Organization
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization
Immigrant and Refugee Led Organizations
Immigrant Serving Organization
Implementing Non-Government Organization
In Organization
Independent Acceptance Test Organization
Independent Expenditure Organization
Independent Jewelers Organization
Independent Marketing Organization
Independent Medical Review Organization
Independent Practice Organization
Independent Research Organization
Independent Review Organization
Independent Sales Organization
Independent Service Organization
Independent Test Organization
Indian Reorganization Act
Indian Student Organization
Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations
Indiana Residence Hall Organization
Indigenous Arts Service Organization
Individuals, Organizations and Networks
Indo-American Democratic Organization
Indoor Environmental Standards Organization
Industrial Organization: A Contract Based Approach
Industrial, Work and Organizational
Industry Standards and Technology Organization
Industry Standards Organization
Inertial Instrument/Instrumentation Organization/Operation
Information and Communications Technology Organization
Information and Communications Technology Organization
Information and Computer Science Alumni Organization (University of California, Irvine)
Information and Computer Technology Organization
Information and Computer Technology Organization
Information Based Organization
Information Dissemination Organization
Information Systems Security Organization
Information Technology Student Organization
Inland Empire Council of Amateur Radio Organizations
Inside Nepal Friendship Organization
Institute for Organizational Management
Institute of Organizational Development
Institutional Locksmiths Organization of Canada
Instrumental Performing Organization
Insurance Marketing Organization
Insurance Service Organization
Integrated Health Care Organization
Integrated Tactical Operations Organization
Intellectual Property Organization
Intelligence Organization & Stationing Study
Interactive Knowledge for Nonprofit Organizations Worldwide
Interactive Organizational Directory
Interallied Insurance Organization
Inter-American Council of Psychiatric Organizations
Interfaith Community Organization
Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization
Intergovernmental Maritime Organization
Inter-Governmental Organization
Interior Design Student Organization
Intermediary Services Organization
Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization
Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization – Democratic Party of Macedonian National Unity
International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organizations
International Accreditation Organization
International Aid and Cooperation Organization
International Alliance of Patients Organizations
International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations
International Association of Patients’ Organizations
International Atomic Energy Organization
International Baccalaureate Organization
International Baccalaureate Organization of North America
International Black Belt Organization
International Bowhunting Organization
International Boxing Organization
International Broadcasting Organization
International Brotherhood of Police Organizations
International Catholic Organizations
International Center for Organizational Development
International Chinese Boxing Organization
International Civil Aviation Organization
International Civil Defense Organization
International Civil Society Organization
International Cocoa Organization
International Coffee Organization
International Confederation of Free Trade Unions-African Regional Organization
International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations
International Consortium for Organizational Resilience
International Container Security Organization
International Criminal Police Organization
International Criminal Police Organization-Interpol
International Cultural Exchange Organization Inc.
International Culture Organization
International Curly Horse Organization
International Dance Organization
International Defense Organization
International Fan Club Organization
International Federation of Social Science Organizations
International Financial Organization
International Forensic Organization
International Freestyle Martial Arts Organization
International Humanitaire Hilfsorganization
International Hydrographic Organization
International Intergovernmental Organization
International Karate Organization
International Karate Organization
International Karate Organization
International Kiteboarding Organization
International Kiteboarding Organization
International Kiteboarding Organization
International Labour Organization
International LEGO Train Club Organization
International Logistics Control Organization
International Martial Arts Organization
International Meteor Organization
International Military Student Organization
International Mobile Satellite Organization
International Muay Thai Organization
International Naval Research Organization
International Non-Governmental Organization
International Organization
International Organization Development Association
International Organization for Biological Control
International Organization for Chemical Sciences in Development
International Organization for Cooperation in Health Care
International Organization for Crystal Growth
International Organization for Medical Physics
International Organization for Migration
International Organization for Motor Trades and Repairs
International Organization for Plant Information
International Organization for Standardization
International Organization for Standardization Development Environment
International Organization for Standardization Online
International Organization for Standards
International Organization Nonproliferation Project
International Organization of Citrus Virologists
International Organization of Consumers Unions
International Organization of Indigenous Resources Development
International Organization of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
International Organization of Journalists
International Organization of Pension Supervisors
International Organization of Performing Poets
International Organization of Plant Biosystematists
International Organization of Psychophysiology
International Organization of Securities Commissions
International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions
International Organization on Computer Evidence
International Organizational Studies Association
International Organizations and Groups
International Pact Organization
International Patient Organization for Primary Immunodeficiencies
International Photographic Historical Organization
International Police Organization
International Powerlifting Organization
International Press Organization
International Progress Organization
International Psychoanalytic Studies Organization
International Psychology Students Organization
International Refugee Organization
International Relief Organization
International Road Safety Organization
International Satellite Organization
International Self-Service Organization
International Service Organization of Sex Addicts Anonymous
International Side Saddle Organization
International Simultaneous Policy Organization
International Socialist Organization
International Society for Knowledge Organization
International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations
International Soil Conservation Organization
International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations
International Standardized Testing Organization
International Standards Organization
International Standards Organization Viscosity Grade
International Strategic Research Organization
International Street Dance Organization
International Student Organization
International Student Organization Wageningen
International Sustainable Energy Organization
International Swaminarayan Satsang Organization
International Teacher Training Organization
International Technical Support Organization
International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
International Timber Trade Organization
International Trade Organization
International Trade Promotion Organization
International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization
International Tripartite Rubber Organization
International Tropical Timber Organization
International Virtual Aviation Organization
International Volunteer Co-Operation Organizations
International Whale Protection Organization
International Workcamp Organization
International Zakat Organization
Internet Protocol Detail Record Organization
Inter-Organization Board for Information Systems
Inter-Organization Coordinating Committee
Inter-Organizational Business Process
Inter-Organizational Coordination
Interorganizational Information System
Interorganizational System
Inter-Organizational Transfer
Inter-Organizations Section
Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization
Interservice Training Review Organization
Iowa Geocachers Organization
Iran Tourism and Touring Organization
Iran Wildlife Experts Organization
Iranian Construction Engineers Organization
Iranian Cultural Organization
Iranian Fuel Consumption Organization
Iranian Jewish Women’s Organization
Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology
Iranian Veterinary Organization
Iraqi Atomic Energy Organization
Iraqi Community Organization Program
Iraqi Red Crescent Organization
Iraqi Revolutionary Maoist Organization
ISKCON Youth Forum (religious organization)
Islamic Development Organization
Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
Islamic Resistance Support Organization
Islamic Revolution Mujahedin Organization
Islamic States Broadcasting Organization
Islanders Cultural Organization of New Jersey
Islanders Youth Hockey Organization
Israel Missile Defense Organization
Italian-American Youth Organization
Jahamariya Security Organization
Jam Handy Organization
Jamaica Organization for Youth
Jamaican Caves Organization
Japan Association of Charitable Organizations
Japan Athletic Trainers’ Organization
Japan Audit and Certification Organization
Japan Craft Inspection Organization
Japan External Trade Organization
Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization
Japan Inspection Organization Co Ltd
Japan International Training Cooperation Organization
Japan Karate-Do Organization
Japan Pipeline Development Organization Inc.
Japan Young Psychiatrists Organization
Japanese Automobile Standards Organization
Japanese Management Organization
Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Organization
Jewish Defense Organization
Jewish Fighting Organization
Jewish Student Organization
Jobs, Skills, and Organization
John Walker Family Organization
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospital Organizations
Joint Committee on the Organization of Congress
Joint Council of Engineering Organization
Joint METOC Coordination Organization (US DoD)
Joint Planning and Development Organization
Joint SIAP System Engineering Organization
Joint Theater Air and Missile Defense Organization
Joint Venture Organization
JOPES Training Organization
Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology
Journal of Organizational and End User Computing
Journal of Organizational Behavior
Journal of Organizational Behavior Management
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce
Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce
Junta of Militant Organizations
Justice Organization Sharing Hope and United for Action
Kachin Independence Organization
Kachin National Organization
Kainan University International Culture Organization
Kamil International Ministries Organization
Karachaganak Integrated Organization
Karen Womens Organization
Karenni National Youth Organization
Kelab UMNO Jordan (Malaysian organization)
Kellogg Entrepreneur Organization
Kenya Water for Health Organization
Kinijit Support and Development Organization in Norway
Kirkwood Neighbors’ Organization
Knowledge Based Organization
Knowledge Management in Organizations
Knowledge Organization System
Korea Tourism Organization
Korean American Student Organization
Korean Baseball Organization
Kuki Liberation Organization
Kurdish American Youth Organization
Kurdistan Human Rights Organization
Kyokushin Karate Organization
La Costa Youth Organization
Lahu National Development Organization
Lake Michigan Inter-League Organization
Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization
Lakeshore Wrestling Organization
Lakewood Wrestling Organization
LAN Systems Organization
Landscape Opportunities for Territorial Organization
Language Acquisition Graduate Organization
Language, Interaction, and Social Organization
Large Complex Banking Organization
Large Organization
Large Organization Medium Organization
Large Scale Organization
Late Model Bus Organization, International
Latin American and Caribbean Country Code Top-Level Domain Organization
Latin American Graduate Organization
Latin American Student Organization of Simon
Latino Organization for Liver Awareness
Latino Social Workers Organization
Latino/a Lesbian and Gay Organization
Latvian Relief Organization
Law Enforcement Organization
Lawndale Neighborhood Organization
Layered Organization in the Coastal Ocean
Leadership and Organization Development Journal
Leadership and Organizational Development
Leadership and Organizational Management
Leadership Council of Aging Organizations
Leadership in Educational and Sport Organizations
Leading Light Communist Organization
Learning and Organizational Effectiveness
Learning Organization
Learning Support Organization
Lebanese Development Organization
Lebanese National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Legal Maintenance Organization
Legal Organizations Group
Legal Support Organization
Legislative Service Organization
Lesbian/Gay Progressive Democratic Organization
Lickety Splits Flyball Organization
Lifestyles Organization
Lift Above Poverty Organization
Limited Health Service Organization
Linux Standards Organization
Little Italy Community Organization
Little World Community Organization
Living Table Of Organization & Equipment
Local Control Organization
Local Initiatives Support Organization
Local Service Organization
Logistics Organization Integration Committee
London Urban Services Organization
Long Beach Youth Soccer Organization
Long Island Geocaching Organization
Long-Term Recovery Organization
Loose Organization of Surreal Ethereal Realists
Los Olivos Business Organization
Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations
Louisiana Organization for Associate Degree Nursing
Louisiana Organization of Nurse Executives
Lower Mississippi River Watershed Managment Organization
Lubavitch Youth Organization
Ludlow Orchard Community Organization
Lutheran Youth Organization
Lytton Park Residents’ Organization
Main Organization Revealing Obvious Numbskulls
Maine Health Data Organization
Maine Physician Hospital Organization
Maintain and Operate the Organization, Systems, and Equipment
Maintenance and Support Services Organization
Maintenance Approved Organization Scheme
Maintenance Manual Organization & Intermediate Levels
Maintenance Manual Organization Intermediate Levels
Maintenance Manual Organization Level
Maintenance Organization Exposition
Maintenance Ratio at Organizational Level
Major Cultural Organization
Major Organizational Entity
Major Sponsoring Organization
Malawi AIDS Counseling and Resource Organization
Managed Care Organization
Management and Community Organization Concentration
Management and Organization Division
Management and Organization Division
Management and Organizational Development for Empowerment, Inc
Management Of Organizational Skills Everyday
Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services
Managing Organizational Change
Manitoba Organization of Disc Sports
Manpower & Organization Flight
Manpower and Organization
Manpower and Organization
Manufactured Imports Promotion Organization
Manufacturer’s Representative Organization
Manufacturing and Production Organization
Mapua Lights Organization
Maricopa County Sellers Organization
Maritime Intelligence Organization Study
Market Facilitation Organization
Market Research Organization
Market-Based Organization
Marketplace Services Organization
Martin Luther King Organization
Maryland Interlibrary Loan Organization
Mason Youth Organization
Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives
Massachusetts School Counselors Association Organization
Master of Arts in Organizational Management
Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology
Master of Non-profit Organizations
Master of Organizational Leadership
Master of Science in Organization Development
Master of Science Organizational Leadership
Master of Science, Organizational Management
Master of the Psychology of Organization
Measurable Organizational Value
Medicaid Health Maintenance Organization
Medical Academic and Scientific Community Organization, Inc.
Medical Coding Service Organization
Medical Necessity Review Organization
Medical Service Organization
Medical Transcription Service Organization
Member Organization
Member Organization
Memory Organization Packet
Men Against Women Organization
Men’s Island Soccer Organization
Mental Exchange Organization
Mental Health Organization
Mental Health Organizations of America
Meridian Youth Soccer Organization
Meta-Level Organization
Meteorological Organization of Iran
Methadone Support Organization
Metropolitan Planning Organization
Metropolitan Planning Organization Advisory Council
Metropolitan Tenants Organization
Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization
Mexican American Neighbor Organization
Mexican American Student Organization
Mexican-American Youth Organization
Michigan Hospice & Palliative Care Organization
Michigan Organization of Nurse Executives
Micro Industry Credit Rural Organization
Microenterprise Development Organization
Microfinance Organization
Middle East Studies Organization
Middle East Trade Organization
Mideastern Ohio Library Organization
Midwest Reliability Organization
Migrant Student Organization
Milan Italy Chess Internet Organization
Mile High Computer Resource Organization
military criminal investigation organization
military satellite communications systems organization (US DoD)
Military, Veterans & Patriotic Service Organizations of America
Milwaukee Police Supervisors Organization
Mineral Industry Research Organization
Minnesota Historical Organizations
Minnesota Organization Of Numismatists
Minnesota Organizational Readiness Evaluation
Minnesota Regional Development Organization
Miss America Organization
Miss Washington Scholarship Organization
Mission Management Organization Front-End
Mission Operation Management Organization
Mission Table of Organization and Equipment
Mississippi Scholastic Chess Organization
Mobile Organizational/Ordnance Technical Unit
Modeling Inter-Organizational Systems
Modelling Artificial Societies and Hybrid Organizations
Modified Table Of Organization & Equipment
Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution Organization
Mojahedin-E Khalq Organization
Molecular Chirality Research Organization
Mon Youth Progressive Organization
Mongolian National Tourism Organization
Monroe Area Youth Organization
Monroe Episcopal Youth Organization
Monsters and Villains’ Organization
Monthly Organizational Report
Moriches Youth Organization
Moscow Aircraft Production Organization
Most Efficient Organization
Most Efficient Organizational Structure
Motorcycle Rights Organization
Mujahedin Khalgh Organization
Multicenter Academic Clinical Research Organization
Multi-Country Organization
Multicultural Organization Development Program
Multicultural Student Organization
Multi-District Information Organization
Multi-Ethnic Student Organization
Multilateral Organization
Multinational Organization
Multiple Facility Organization
Multiple Organization Access Control
Multiple Subscriber Organization
Municipal and County Government Employees Organization
Municipal Retirees Organization of Ontario
Musashino International Friendship Organization
Musicians’ Rights Organization Canada
Nanaimo Unique Kids Organization
Nashville Jewish Organization of Young Adults
National Accounting Standards for Commercial Organizations
National Agriculture and Bio-oriented Research Organization
National AHEC Organization
National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations
National Anti-Doping Organization
National Anti-Poverty Organization
National Asian Women’s Health Organization
National Association of Barbados Organizations
National Association of Breast Cancer Organizations
National Association of Commercial Organization Secretaries
National Association of Credit Services Organizations
National Association of Deacon Organizations
National Association of Development Organizations
National Association of Police Organizations, Inc.
National Building Organization
National Center for Organization Development
National Chrysler Retirement Organization
National Client Protection Organization, Inc.
National Coalition of Gay Organizations
National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations
National Conference of Pharmaceutical Organizations
National Congress of Patriotic Organizations, Inc.
National Council of Women’s Organizations
National Database Organization
National Education Telecommunications Organization
National Emergency Management Organization
National Emergency Relief Organization
National Engineering Organization
National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations, Inc.
National Farmers Organization
National Federation of Community Organizations
National Hospice Organization
National Incident Management Organization
National Information Standards Organization
National Insurance Consumers Organization
National Intellectual Property Organization
National Marketing Organization
National Mounted Services Organization
National Nephrology Certification Organization
National Network of Constituent Organizations
National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentation
National Organization for American Humanities
National Organization for an American Revolution
National Organization for Changing Men
National Organization for Competency Assurance
National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents
National Organization for Drug Control and Research
National Organization For Empowering Caregivers
National Organization for Human Service Education
National Organization for Human Services
National Organization for Marriage
National Organization for Mentally Ill Children
National Organization for Military Production
National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc.
National Organization for Research at the University of Chicago
National Organization for the Advancement of Hispanics
National Organization for Tobacco Eradication
National Organization for Victim Assistance
National Organization for Women
National Organization for Women New Jersey
National Organization of Alternative Programs
National Organization of American Mohalim
National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives
National Organization of Episcopalians for Life
National Organization of Investment Professionals
National Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots of North America
National Organization of Men Against Amazonion Masterhood
National Organization of Men Against Drugs
National Organization of Minority Architects
National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties
National Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc.
National Organization of Peer Educators
National Organization of Physicians Who Care
National Organization of Professional Teachers
National Organization of Professional Teachers Inc.
National Organization of Restoring Men
National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine
National Organization of Short Statured Adults
National Organization of Single Mothers
National Organization of Test Research and Training Reactors, Inc.
National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates
National Organization of Whitewater Rodeos
National Organization of Women Legislators
National Organization on Disability
National Organizations for Youth Safety
National Plant Protection Organization
National Postsecondary Agricultural Students Organization
National Productivity Organization
National Relief Organization
National Safeman’s Organization
National Sales Organizations
National Serro Scotty Organization
National Sim Racing Organization
National Technical Research Organization
National Tourism Organization
National Tourism Organization of Serbia
National Veterans Organization of America
National Veterans Organization of America
National Voluntary Organizations
National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster
National Weather Service Employees Organization
National Wrestling Organization
Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization
Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act
Native Health Organization
NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Program Management Organization
NATO Consultation, Command and Control Organization
NATO Hawk Production Organization
NATO Standardization Organization
Naval Control of Shipping Organization
Neighborworks Organization
Netherlands Industrial Space Organization
Netherlands Institute of Business Organization and Strategy Research
Network Integration Control Organization
Network of African Freedom of Expression Organizations
Network of East Vancouver Community Organizations
Network of European Museum Organizations
Network Organization for Research and Technology in Hokkaido
Neural Organization Technique
Neurotechnology Industry Organization
Nevada Organization of Nurse Leaders
Nevada Test Organization
New Earth Organization
New England Roleplaying Organization
New Hampshire Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
New Hampshire Motorcyclists’ Rights Organization
New Industry Research Organization
New International Karate Organization
New Organization Training
New Orleans Metro Area Mountain Bike Organization
New Trier Democratic Organization
New York Organization of Nurse Executives
Nexusdomain Ufologic Research Organization
Nicer Century World Organization
Night Society Paranormal Organization
Niigata Industrial Creation Organization
Non-Federal Organization
Non-Governmental Organization
Non-Profit Organization
Non-Traditional Student Organization
Nordic Country Music Organization
Nordic Information Technology Organization
Norman Physician Hospital Organization
North American Approvals Registry and Monitoring Organization
North American Association for Computational Social and Organizational Science
North American Basque Organizations, Inc
North American Boxing Organization
North American Plant Protection Organization
North American Tournament Organization
North American Transplant Coordinators Organization
North American Turbocoupe Organization
North Atlantic Biocultural Organization
North Atlantic Fisheries Organization
North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Maintenance and Supply Agency
North Atlantic Treaty Organization Management Information System
North Atlantic Treaty Organization restricted
North Atlantic Treaty Organization security category (US DoD)
North Carolina Geocachers Organization
North East Map Organization
North East Pylon Racing Organization
North East Timing Organization
North European Combat Organization
North Olmsted Soccer Organization
North Pacific Marine Science Organization
North Pacific Treaty Organization
NorthEast Undergraduate Research Organization for Neuroscience
Northern Illinois Rat Organization
Northern Illinois Touring and Riding Organization
Northern Physicians Organization
Northside Youth Organization
Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization
Northwest Federation of Community Organizations
Norwegian Centre for Research in Organization and Management
Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization
Not Another Teen Organization
Number Of Organizational Components
Number Resource Organization
Nuri Alco Revival Organization
Nurses Organization of Veterans Affairs
Nurses Professional Organization
Nurses Service Organization
Nursing Organization Liaison Forum
Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization
Objective Table of Organization and Equipment
Object-Oriented Organization
Ocean Beach Grassroots Organization
Ocean Park Community Organization
Office for Mission and Identity and Organizational Development
Office of Organizational Development and Practice Improvement
Office of Organizational Effectiveness
Office of Organizational Improvement
Office of Professional and Organizational Development
Office/Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization
Offsite Response Organization
Ohio Directors of Religious Education Organization
Ohio Hospice Organization
Ohio Technology Transfer Organization
Online Gaming Organization
Ontario Coalition of Senior Citizens’ Organizations
Ontario Rabbit Education Organization
Open Doors Organization
Open Source and Linux Organization
Open Youth Organization
Operating and Control Organization
Operational and Organizational
Operations Research Organization
Optimized-Organizational Maintenance Activity
Orange County Transporter Organization
Order Sending Organization
Organ Procurement Organization
Organic Verification Organization of North America
Organization Administrator
Organization and Administration
Organization and Equipment Guide
Organization and Equipment Guide
Organization and Management Theory
Organization and Personnel Division/Reactor Programs Branch
Organization and Personnel Plan
Organization Based Self Esteem
Organization Behaviour
Organization Block
Organization Breakdown Structure
Organization Change Request
Organization Computer Manager
Organization de la Jeunesse Progressive
Organization Design and Management
Organization Designated Airworthiness Representatives
Organization Development
Organization Development
Organization Development and Human Resources Management
Organization Development and Knowledge Management
Organization Development and Strategic Human Resources
Organization Development Journal
Organization Development Management
Organization Enhancement Fund
Organization Executive Secretary
Organization Field Maintenance
Organization for Advancement of Structured Information Standards
Organization for African Unity
Organization for Bat Conservation
Organization for Children and Adolescent Mothers
Organization For Combat
Organization for Competitive Markets
Organization for Cooperation in Overseas Development
Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations
Organization for Democratic and Popular Action
Organization for Deomcratic Action
Organization for Education Technology and Curriculum
Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training
Organization for Energy Conservation and Planning
Organization for European Economic Cooperation
Organization for Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Education and Research
Organization for Flora Neotropica
Organization for Humanitarian Assistance
Organization for Industrial Research
Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement, International
Organization for International Migration
Organization for Internet Safety
Organization for Internet Security
Organization for Justice and Equality
Organization for Korea Atomic Energy Awareness
Organization for Leadership Advancement in Miami
Organization for Lukumi Unity
Organization for Machine Automation and Control
Organization for Medical and Educational Needs
Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support
Organization for Peace Justice and Development in Rwanda
Organization for Pharmaceutical Safety and Research
Organization for Quality Education
Organization for Reconstruction and Development of Egyptian Villages
Organization for Rehabilitation and and Development in Amhara
Organization for Safety & Asepsis Procedures
Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe
Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe
Organization for SETV Research
Organization for Social and Technological Innovation
Organization for Strategic Development for Africa
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards
Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Systems
Organization for the Prevention of Chemical Warfare
Organization for the Prohibition of Biological Weapons
Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Organization for the Promotion of Responsible Tuna Fisheries
Organization for the Promotion of Trade Israel Netherlands
Organization for the Protection of Children’s Rights
Organization for the Resolution of Agunot, Inc.
Organization for the Solidarity of the Peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America
Organization for the Study of Sex Differences
Organization for Timeshare in Europe
Organization for Transformative Works
Organization for Tropical Studies
Organization for Understanding Cluster Headaches
Organization Heads Together International
Organization Identifier
Organization Indicator
Organization Jointly Shared
Organization of African States
Organization of African Trade Union Unity
Organization of African Traditional Healers
Organization of African Unity
Organization of Africans in the Americas
Organization of Agreement States
Organization of American Historians
Organization of American States
Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organization of Bilingual Rehabilitation Associates
Organization of Black Alumni
Organization of Black Designers
Organization of Business Economics Majors
Organization of Canadian Symphony Musicians
Organization of Central East Austin Neighborhoods
Organization of Chinese Americans
Organization of Eastern Caribbean States
Organization of European Aluminium Refiners & Remelters
Organization of European Cancer Institutes
Organization of Flying Adjusters
Organization of Gas Exporting Countries
Organization of Generally Rotten Enterprises/Endeavors
Organization of Imperial Nations
Organization of Imperial Nations
Organization of Independent Artists
Organization of Indigenous People in Suriname
Organization of Islamic Capitals and Cities
Organization of Legal Professionals
Organization of Los Angeles Workers
Organization of Nematologists of Tropical America
Organization of News Ombudsmen
Organization of Nigerian Building Professionals
Organization of Nigerian Nationals
Organization of Parents and Family Members of the Disappeared
Organization of Parents and Teachers
Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy
Organization of Part-Time and Sessional Employees of the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology
Organization of Persistent Upwelling Structures
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries News Agency
Organization of Political Science Majors
Organization of Primary Responsibility
Organization of Primary Responsibility
Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka
Organization of Professional Aviculturists
Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants
Organization of Real Estate Professionals
Organization of Regulatory Administrators of Continuing Legal Education
Organization of Rural Elementary Schools
Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools
Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils
Organization of Search Engine Optimization Professionals
Organization of Staff Analysts
Organization of Standards and the International Society of Prosthetics and Orthotics
Organization of Students of African Descent
Organization of Teratology Information Services
Organization of the European Nation
Organization of the Islamic Conference
Organization of the Islamic Shipowners Association
Organization of the NorthEast
Organization of the People of Rodrigues
Organization of the People of Rodrigues
Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organization of the Top Rappers
Organization of Tourist Board Representatives
Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists
Organization of United Church Homes
Organization of Waterfront Neighborhoods
Organization of Wildlife Planners
Organization of Women Architects and Design Professionals
Organization of Women Writers of Africa
Organization of Zodiac
Organization Process Definition
Organization Process Focus
Organization Process Focus
Organization Responsibility Center
Organization Shared Vision
Organization Standard Process
Organization Standard Process
Organization Standard Software Process
Organization Structure Code
Organization Systems Renewal
Organization without a Cool Acronym
Organization, Time Management, and Planning
Organization’s Set of Standard Processes
Organizational Activity Code
Organizational Activity Interface
Organizational and Business Security Management
Organizational and Military Community Research
Organizational and Occupational Health Psychology
Organizational and Strategic Intelligence System
Organizational Assessment
Organizational Assessment and Improvement
Organizational Assessment Instrument
Organizational Assessment Package
Organizational Assessment Questionnaire
Organizational Assessment Survey
Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management
Organizational Behavior Management
Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
Organizational Behaviour/Industrial Relations
Organizational Buying Behavior
Organizational Capability Review
Organizational Capacity Building
Organizational Change Management
Organizational Change Request
Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Organizational Citizenship Behaviour
Organizational Clothing & Equipment
Organizational Clothing & Individual Equipment
Organizational Committee of ACC
Organizational Computer Security Representative
Organizational Concept Plan
Organizational Configuration Management
Organizational Conflict of Interest
Organizational Consulting Psychology
Organizational Contractor Augmentation Team
Organizational Culture Obstacle
Organizational Defense Travel Administrator
Organizational Design
Organizational Design Team
Organizational Designation Authorization
Organizational Development
Organizational Development and Staffing Unit
Organizational Development Learning
Organizational Development Plan
Organizational Development Specialist
Organizational Development Team
Organizational Development Worldwide
Organizational Diagnosis
Organizational Documentation Update
Organizational Domain Modeling
Organizational Economics
Organizational Effectiveness
Organizational Effectiveness Evaluation Checklist
Organizational Effectiveness Staff Officer
Organizational Efficiency Review
Organizational Element
Organizational Environment for Integration
Organizational Equipment List
Organizational Expense Account
Organizational Focal Point
Organizational Health Inventory
Organizational Identity Construction
Organizational Information Criticality Matrix
Organizational Innovation and Deployment
Organizational Inspection Program
Organizational Integrated Quality
Organizational Integrator
Organizational Intermediate Maintenance
Organizational Knowledge Creation
Organizational Leadership and Quality
Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Organizational Leadership for Executives
Organizational Learning Systems Model
Organizational Level
Organizational Level
Organizational Level Agreement
Organizational Level Test Set
Organizational Mailbox
Organizational Maintenance
Organizational Maintenance Activity
Organizational Maintenance Concept
Organizational Maintenance Level
Organizational Maintenance Manual
Organizational Maintenance Repair Parts
Organizational Maintenance Shop
Organizational Maintenance Shop
Organizational Maintenance Squadron
Organizational Maintenance Squadron
Organizational Maintenance Technician
Organizational Maintenance Test
Organizational Maintenance Test Set
Organizational Maintenance Test Station
Organizational Management Study
Organizational Management Study
Organizational Mastery Methodology
Organizational Mastery Workshop
Organizational Member Council
Organizational Membership
Organizational Metrics Repository
Organizational Needs Assessment
Organizational Notary
Organizational Performance Architecture
Organizational Performance Assessment System
Organizational Performance Assessment System
Organizational Performance Consultant
Organizational Performance Improvement
Organizational Performance Infrastructure
Organizational Performance Review
Organizational Placement Process
Organizational Planning Technique
Organizational Point of Contact
Organizational Process Definition
Organizational Process Focus
Organizational Process Focus
Organizational Process Group
Organizational Process Performance
Organizational Process Record
Organizational Process Record
Organizational Process Technology Innovation
Organizational Profitability Reporting
Organizational Profitability Reporting
Organizational Project Management Maturity Model
Organizational Psychology
Organizational Readiness Training Center
Organizational Registration Authority
Organizational Renewal Movement
Organizational Resource Counselor
Organizational Retaliatory Behavior
Organizational Safeguards and Security Officer
Organizational Safeguards and Security Plan
Organizational Security Officer
Organizational Spare Parts & Equipment
Organizational Status Date
Organizational Strategies, Inc.
Organizational Structure Facility
Organizational Supply Code
Organizational Supply Support
Organizational Support
Organizational Taxonomic Unit
Organizational Theory and Dynamics
Organizational Training
Organizational Trust Inventory
Organizational Unit
Organizational User Agent
Organizational Value
Organizational Value
Organizational, Intermediate, Or Depot
Organizational/Professional Development
Organizational/Team Achievement Recognition
Organizationally Impaired
Organizationally Unique Identifier
Organizations and Strategies in Astronomy
Organizations United for the Environment
Organizations, Appropriations, and Finance
Organizations, Strategy and International Management
Organization-Specific Slow Protocol
Oriental Women Organization
Oromo Self-Help Organization
Other Government Organization
Ottawa Region Electric Organization
Ovamboland People’s Organization
Ozark Area Youth Organization
Ozarks Transportation Organization
Pacific Health Care Organization, Inc.
Pacific Institute for Community Organization
Palestine Liberation Organization
Palm Springs National Organization for Women
Palomar Mountain Planning Organization
Palos Township Republican Organization
Pan African Women’s Organization
Pan American Health Organization
Pan American Sport Organization
Pan-African Development Organization
Pan-African Organization
Panther Parent Teacher Organization
Pa-O National Organization
Pa-O Peoples’ Liberation Organization
Parallel Optical Link Organization
Parent Faculty Student Organization
Parent Support Organization
Parents, Teachers and Friends Organization
Parent-Teacher Organization
Parliamentary Organization for Indigenous Fijians
Participating Standards Organization
Participating Test Organization
Participatory Learning and Teaching Organization
Partner Organization
Patan Tourism Development Organization
Patient Revenue Management Organization
Patient Safety Organization
Patriot Organizational Maintenance Trainer
Peace Economic Social Development Organization
Pediatric Physicians’ Organization at Children’s
Peer Review Organization
Peer Review Organization Voluntary Hospital Association Initiative to Decrease Events
Peninsula Emergency Measures Organization
Pennsylvania Organization for Watersheds and Rivers, Inc.
People and Organizations in North Toronto
People, Organizations, Projects, Skills
People’s Welfare Organization
Perceptual Organization Index
Performance Based Organization
Performing Organization Management
Performing Rights Organization
Persian Zoroastrians Organization
Person to Organization
Personal Care Provider Organization
Personal Service Organization
Personnel & Organization
Personnel and Organizational Development Committee
Pervasive Information Community Organization
Philanthropic and Educational Organization for Women
Philatelic Webmasters Organization
Philippine Food Processors and Exporters Organization, Inc
Philippine Internet Services Organization
Phoenix Road Racing Organization
Photographic Research Organization Inc.
Phuket Provincial Administration Organization
Physical Education Student Organization
Physician Contracting Organization
Physician Hospital Community Organization
Physician-Hospital Organization
Physicians Health Organization
Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization
Pius Parent Teacher Organization
Plan and Budget Organization
Plan of Reorganization
Plan Table of Organization and Equipment
Planetary Activation Organization
Plant Emergency Organization
Plastic People’s Liberation Organization
Poinciana Civic Organization
Policy Analysis and Management Organization
Policy Organization and Leadership Studies
Political Research: Organization and Design
Population, Organization, Environment, Technology
Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organization
Position Organization Listing
Position Organization Listing
Position Organizational Address
Positive Organizational Scholarship
Post-Conviction Defender Organization
Potter Youth Rocketry Organization
Precision RISC Organization
Preferred Provider Organization
Preferred Provider Organization Midwest
Preferred Provider Organization of Michigan
Prepositioned Organizational Materiel, Configured to Unit Sets
Primary Health Care Organization
Primary Immunodeficiency Organization
Primary Test Organization
Princeton Community Democratic Organization
Principal Combined Fund Organization
Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization
Private Development Organization
Private Organization
Private Sector Organization of Jamaica
Private Voluntary Organization
Private Voluntary Organization Consortium
Process for Organization of Internet Standards Working Group
Product Engineering Organization
Product Process Organization
Production Organization Approval
Production Oriented Maintenance Organization
Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization, Inc
Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization, Inc.
Professional Employer Organization
Professional Engineers and Scientists Organization
Professional Organization of English Majors
Professional Organizational Development
Professional Pharmacy Students Organization
Professional Review Organization
Professional Road Running Organization
Professional Services Organization
Professional Staff Organization
Professional Standards Review Organization
Program Evaluation and Organizational Development
Program Management Organization
Program Organization And Milestones
Program Organization Unit
Progressive Black Student Organization
Project Control Management Organization
Project GNOME Organization
Project Management Organization
Project or Organizational Risk
Project Reporting, Organization & Management Planning Technique
Protocol Supporting Organization
Provider Access Organization
Provider Sponsored Organization
Providing Organization
Provincial Arts Service Organization
Provincial Cultural Organization
Provincial Organization of Continuing Education Directors, English
Provincial Organization of Records Officers
Provincial Sport Organization
Public Benefit Organization
Public International Organization
Public Key Organization
Public Policy Research Organization
Public Program Testing Organization
Public Representation Organization of the Faculty Senate
Purdue Musical Organization
Pure Trust Organization
Qualified Service Organization Agreement
Quality Improvement Organization
Quality Learning Organization
Quality Management Organization
Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization
Queer Western Organization
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act
Rainbow Service Organization
Reality Rock Organization
Recognized Security Organization
Recognized Service Organization
Recognized Student Organization
Reconciliation Evangelism and Christian Healing Organization
Recruitment Management Organization
Red River Basin Organization
Redwings Hockey Organization
Regional Anti-Doping Organization
Regional Congregations and Neighborhood Organizations
Regional Council of Neighborhood Organizations
Regional Development Organization
Regional Emergency Animal Disease Eradication Organization
Regional Emergency Medical Organization
Regional Network of Civil Organizations on Migration
Regional Organization of Theaters South
Regional Planning Organization
Regional Plant Protection Organization
Regional Preferred Provider Organization
Regional Rail Reorganization Act of 1973
Regional Reliability Organization
Regional Standards Organization
Regional Tourism Organization
Regional Transmission Organization
Regional Transportation Organization
Registered Organizational Development Consultant
Registered Student Organization
Rehabilitation and Development Organization
Renault-Nissan Purchasing Organization
Reorganization Objective Army Divisions
Reorganization Objectives Army Division, Army, & Corps
Report Organization Subsystem
reporting organization
Reporting Organization Code
Reporting Organization Field
Requisite Organization International Institute
Research & Technology Organization
Research and Training Organization
Reseller Channel Organization
Residence Hall Leadership Organization
Residual Efficient Organization
Residual Government Organization
Resource Organization Code
Respite Outreach Care for Kansas Organization, Inc.
Responsible Organization
Responsible Organization Action Request
Responsible Test Organization
Retail Jewelers Organization
Rhode Island Forest Conservators Organization
Rhythm of Life Organization
River Basin Organization
Riverside Avondale Development Organization
Robert Stigwood Organization
Rocketry Organization of California
Rocky River Soccer Organization
Rodgers & Hammerstein Organization
Rohingya Solidarity Organization
Roosevelt Adjunct Faculty Organization
Rosteen Reconstruction Organization
Roswell, Alpharetta Mountain Biking Organization
Rotterdam Organizational Identification Test
Route Management Organization
Routing Organization Number
Sacramento Area Commerce and Trade Organization
Sacro Occipital Technique Organization
Safety Organization of the Philippines, Inc.
Sales and Marketing Organization
Salt Spring Organization for Life Improvement and Development
Sampson County Organization Outreach Post
San Antonio Repeater Organization
San Francisco Garden Resource Organization
Santa Perpetua Youth Organization
Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations
Saudi Arabian Standards Organization
Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization
Saved Whiskers Rescue Organization, Inc.
Scandinavian Tire and Rim Organization
Schedule or Organizational Change
Schedule or Organizational Change
Scholarship Funding Organization
School Nurse Organization of Minnesota
School Nurse Organization of Washington
School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences
School Support Organization
School Tuition Organization
School Tuition Organization
Science and Information Organization
Science, Technology and Environment Organization
Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
Scottish Massage Therapists’ Organization
Sea Organization
Sea Organization
Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization
Seaway Valley Co-Op Organization
Secret World Organization for Retribution and Destruction
Secular Organizations for Sobriety
Securities and Exchange Organization
Security Assistance Organization
Seirei Gakuen Educational Organization
Self Organization Factor
Self Regulatory Organization
Self-Help Organization
Self-Help Organization
Self-Organization and Adaptation of Computing and Communications
Self-Organization-Oriented Computing
Self-Regulating Organization
Service Center Organization Study
Service Certifying Organization
Service Delivery Organization
Service Management Organization
Service Oriented Organization
Shadow Stalkers Organization
Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Shared Service Organization
Shelton Youth Soccer Organization
Sherman Parent Teacher Organization
Sidamo People’s Democratic Organization
SIDPERS Organization Master File
SIDPERS Reserve Organization File
Sight Hound Organization of Tidewater
Signal Organization Mission Assignment
Sikh American Heritage Organization
Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization
Sino-American Cooperative Organization
Sister City Support Organization
Site Domain Organizational Unit
Site Maintenance Organization
Site Management Organization
Skaneateles Youth Soccer Organization
Small Enterprise Development Organization
Small Industries Development Organization
Small Organization
Small Organization Arts Regrants
Small Press Writers and Artists Organization
Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle
Soccer Organization of Charlottesville-Albemarle
Social and Organizational Informatics and Cybernetics
Social Change Organization
Social Health Maintenance Organization
Social Improvement Organization
Social Investment Organization
Social Movement Organization
Social Order Of the Beauceant (womens organization associated with the Knights Templar.
Social Organization for Voluntary Action
Social Security Organization
Social Security Organization
Social Welfare Organization
Social Work Student Organization
Social Work Student Organization
Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, Inc.
Society for Organizational Learning
Society of Orthodox Youth Organization
Software Engineering Organization
Software Inspection and Review Organization
Solution Partner Organization
Solution Partner Organization
Solutions Reselling Organization
South African-American Organization
South Carolina Association of Nonprofit Organizations
South Central Organization of Researchers and Educators
South East Automotive Media Organization
South East Youth Organization
South Eastern Development Organization
South Shore Physician Hospital Organization
South Texas Organization of Police
South West African People’s Organization
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization
Southeastern Indiana Health Organization
Southern Center for Organizational Excellence
Southern Florida Presidents Council of Motorcycle Clubs and Organizations
Southern Mud Racing Organization
Southern Ontario Tourism Organization
Southern Ute Grassroots Organization
SouthWest Atlanta Youth Business Organization
Space And Missile Systems Organization
Space And Missile Test Organization
Space Operations Management Organization
Spanish Speaking Organization for Community Integrity and Opportunity
Spatial-Temporal Potentials Organization
Special Communication Organization
Sponsoring Member Organization
St. Louis Police Leadership Organization
Staff and Organizational Development Committee
Staff Organizations Round Table
Standard Garrison Organization
Standard Installation Organization
Standard Organization & Regulations of the Navy
Standard Organization Regulations Manual
Standardbred Pleasure Horse Organization
Standards Developing/Development Organization
Standard-Setting Organization
Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism
Stanford American Indian Organization
Stanford Learning Organization Web
Stanford University Mathematical Organization
Starkville Youth Soccer Organization
State and Local Defense Organization
State International Development Organizations
State Motorcycle Rights Organization
State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers
State Oil Marketing Organization
State Organization for Boating Access
State Organization of Oil Projects
State Tourism Organization
State Tourism Organization
State Wide Arts Service Organization
Stockholm Centre for Organizational Research
Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
Strategic Management and Organization
Strategy Focused Organization
Stratford Athletic Organization
Strengthening Participatory Organizations
Strengthening Participatory Organizations
Structural and Functional Organization
Structure and Organization of Government
Structure, Organization, Monitoring & Evaluation Committee
Structured Interview of Personality Organization
Student Athletic Trainers Organization
Student Body Organization
Student Government Organization
Student Health Law Organization
Student Islamic Organization
Student Life Organization
Student Nurse’s Organization
Student Organization
Student Organization
Student Organization Advising and Resources
Student Organization Center at Hilles
Student Organization for Activity Planning
Student Organization for Alumni Relations
Student Organization for Animal Protection
Student Organization for Animal Rights
Student Organization for Latin American Studies
Student Organization Leadership Retreat
Student Organization of Pharmacy Technicians
Student Organization of Social Workers
Student Organization Resource Center
Student Organization Resource Fee
Student Organization Support
Student Organizations and Campus Activities
Student Organizations and Leadership Opportunities
Student Professional Organization
Student Professional Organization
Student Veteran Organization
Student Youth Travel Organization
Study Management Organization
Study Organization Plan
Sub-Organizational Registration Administrator
Sub-Organizational Registration Authority
Sub-Organizational Systems Administrator
Sudan Open Learning Organization
Sudan Organization against Torture
Sudanese Organization for Research & Development
Sufficiently Uniform Memory Organization
Summit Planning Organization
Summit Planning Organization
Superfund Amendments and Reorganization Act of 1986
Support Services Organization
Support to Organizational Training
Supporting Organization of ICANN
Supporting Organization of ICANN
Supreme Maintenance Organization
Survey of Mental Health Organizations
Susquehanna Wrestling Organization
Swainarayan World Organization
Swaminarayan World Organization
Swiss Organization for Facilitating Investments
Syracuse University Drama Organization
Syrian Arab Organization for Standardization and Metrology
Syrian Arab Standards and Metrology Organization
System Employment and Organization Plan
System Organization, Tactics, and Techniques
System Organizational Maintenance Manuals
System Support Organization
Table of Organization
Table of Organization
Table of Organization
Table of Organization
Table of Organization & Equipment
Table of Organization and Allowance
Table Of Organization Equipment
Tactical Information Organization System
Taiwanese American Organization
Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organization
Talent Management Organization
Tambon Administrative Organization
Tamil Rehabilitation Organization
Tamil Youth Organization
Tampa / Hillsborough Organization of Rocketry
Tanzania Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
Targeted Organizational Planning
Task Organization
Task Organization
Task Organization
Task Organization And Status Tool
Task-Level Organization
Team Communication and Organization System
Technical and Vocational Training Organization
Technical Development Organization
Technical Manual Organization Plan
Technical Organization
Technical Organization
Technical Organization
Technical Training Organization
Technical Women’s Organization
Technology Licensing Organization
Telecommunications & Marketing Service Organization
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan
Telecommunications Marketing Service Organization
Telephone Organization of Thailand
Television Allocation Study Organization
Ten Schools Admission Organization
Tennessee Organization Of Locksmiths
Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents
Texas Airsoft Organization
Texas Area Killifish Organization
Texas Area Network Gamers Organization
Texas Business Organization Code
Texas Organization of Nurse Executives
Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals
The Association of Non-Governmental Organizations
The Earth Organization
The Easy CGI Organization
The Enterprise Organization
The E-Organization
The Industrial/Organizational Psychologist
The Industrialorganizational Psychologist
The Organization for Universal Communal Harmony
The Ultimates Organization
Third Sector Organization
THORPEX Interactive Grand Global Ensemble (World Meteorological Organization)
Three Letter Organization
Thunderwater Organizational Learning Institute
Timber Investment Management Organization
Tissue Organization Field Theory
Todd Community Preservation Organization
Torcida International Fans Organization
Toronto Organization Development Network
Total Quality Organization
Total, Relaxed Organization
Tourist Organization of Thailand
Trade Promotion Organization
Traffic Accident Reconstruction Organization
Training Aids Support Organization
Transformations to Quality Organizations
Transnational Social Movement Organizations
Transnational Terrorist Organization
Transplant Recipients International Organization
transportation benefits organization
Transportation Planning Organization
Travel Internet Marketing Organization
Tredyffrin-Easttown Music Parents Organization
Trials Management Organization
Triangle Organization Development Network
Tribal Transportation Planning Organization
Trincomalee Women Welfare Organization
Troops Organization Equipment
Troops, Organization & Equipment
Trust for Voluntary Organizations
Twente Organizational Communication Model
Type Rating Training Organization
Uganda National Disability Information Support Organization
Undergraduate Chinese Student Organization
Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee
Underground Facilities Protection Organization
Unified Database of Arts Organizations
Unified Film Organization
Union of Charitable Organizations of Russia
unit table of organization
Unit Task Organization
Unit Task Reorganization
United Arts Organization
United Earth Oceans Organization
United Galactic Trade Organization
United Hackers Organization
United Homeless Organization
United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg, Inc.
United Malays National Organization
United Nations Disaster Relief Organization
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
United Nations International Development Organization
United Nations International Refugee Organization
United Nations Organization
United Nations Truce Supervision Organization
United Nations World Trade Organization
United Neighborhood Organization
United Planning Organization
United Power Trades Organization
United Sabah National Organization
United Samoan Organization of Hawaii
United Service Organizations
United States Implementing Organization
United States Mission to International Organizations in Vienna
United Towns Organization
Universal Friendship Organization
Universal Speculative Fiction Organization
University Chartered Student Organization
Unix Software Organization
Untouchable Force Organization
US College Hockey Organization
User Home Organization
User Test Organization
Utilization Review Organization
Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization
Valuable, Rarity, Imitability, Organizational
Value-Driven Organization
Vendor Management Organization
Vermont Integrated Solution for Information and Organizational Needs
Veterans Service Organization
Veterinary Infections Disease Organization
Victoria Youth Soccer Organization
Video Systems Organization
Vietnamese Non-Governmental Organization
Violent Extremist Organization
Virgin Islands Retired Police Organization
Virginia Organization of Consumers Asserting Leadership
Virginia Organization of Nurse Executives
Virtual Home Organization
Virtual Intellectual Property Organization
Virtual Organization
Virtual Organization
Virtual Organization Management Institute
Vision, Organization, Integrity, Communication and Execution
Vita Standards Organization
Vocational Student Organization
Voluntary and Non-Profit Organization
Voluntary Health Organization
Volunteer Pilot Organization
Volunteer Service Organization
Volusia Teachers Organization
Voter’s Organization Interested in Children’s Education
Voters Organization Involved in Children’s Education
WAN Systems Organization
War Veterans Organization
Ward Melville Heritage Organization
Warehouse Arts Management Organization
Warsaw Treaty Organization
Washington Organization for Reading Development
Washtenaw Community Health Organization
Water Resources Planning Organization
Watershed Management Organization
Watts/Century Latino Organization
Wau Organization for Relief and Development
West Coast Darts Organization
West Coast Recyclers Organization
West Grand Neighborhood Organization
West Side Community Organization
Western Ohio Computer Organization
Western Organization of Resource Councils
Westmoreland Area Community Organization
Wider Quaker Organization
WildList Organization
Wildlist Organizational International
Williams Ultimate Frisbee Organization
Winnetka Youth Organization
Wireless Monitoring Organization
Wisconsin Area Killifish Organization
Wisconsin Peer Review Organization
Wish-Granting Organization
Witches Against Religious Discrimination Organization
Women Action Research Organization
Women Against Men Organization
Women in Engineering Organization
Women Presidents’ Organization
Women Prisoners Support Organization
Women Studies Student Organization
Women’s Environment & Development Organization
Women’s International Coalition Organization
Women’s Organization Reaching Koreans
Women’s Organizational Network
Women’s Progressive Organization
Women’s Studies Student Organization
Wood Heat Organization, Inc.
Work and Organization Research Centre
Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology
Workers Organization and Development Program
Workers’ Compensation Insurance Organizations
Workers’ Organizations and Activists Coordination Council
Workforce Organizations for Regional Collaboration
Workforce, Administration, Management and Organization System
Working Organization for Retarded Children and Adults
World Agni Kempo Organization
World Allergy Organization
World Aquatic Masters Organization
World Arabian Horse Organization
World Association of Kickboxing Organizations
World Bamboo Organization
World Boxing Organization
World Breast Cancer Organization
World Canine Freestyle Organization
World Chess Boxing Organization
World Concern Development Organization
World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession
World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organizations
World Consumer Protection Organization
World Customs Organization
World Environmental Organization
World Food Logistics Organization
World Football Organization
World Future Organization
World Health Organization
World Health Organization- Family of International Classifications
World Health Organization Global Programme on AIDS
World Health Organization Library Information System
World Health Organization/National Center for Health Statistics
World Homeopathy Awareness Organization
World Honda Organization
World Industrial Property Organization
World Intellectual Piracy Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization
World Interact Organization
World Karate Organization
World Limousine Transfer Organization
World Martial Arts Organization
World Memon Organization
World Meteorological Organization
World Missing Children Organization
World Modern Kickboxing Organization
World Nap Organization
World Natural Health Organization
World Natural Sports Organization
World Organization For Education
World Organization for Islamic Services
World Organization for Mutual Afghan Network
World Organization of Creditors
World Organization of Family Doctors
World Organization of Martial Arts Athletes
World Organization of Mothers of All Nations
World Organization of Public Health Services
World Organization of Webmasters
World Organization on Intellectual Property
World Organization Volleyball for Disabled
World Packaging Organization
World Powerlifting Organization
World Regenesis Organization
World Research Organization
World Safety Organization
World Sikh Organization
World Telecommunications Organization
World Tourism Organization
World Trade Center Environmental Organization
World Trade Organization
World Traditional Hapkido Organization
World Wide Organization
World Youth Investment Organization
World Youth Organization For Human Welfare
World Zionist Organization
Worldwide Customer Support Organization
Write Data Re-Organization for Log-Structured File Systems
Written Opinion of the ISA (World Intellectual Property Organization)
Yamanashi Industry Support Organization
Yemeni Human Rights Organization
Young Entrepreneurs’ Organization
Young People Organization
Young Presidents Organization
Your Kids Organization
Your Orcutt Youth Organization
Youth Assistance Organization
Youth Environment Organization
Youth Non-Governmental Organization
Youth Organization of Bhutan
Youth Soccer Organization
Zanzibar Non-Governmental Organization Cluster
Zimbabwe Environmental Research Organization
Zionist Organization
Zionist Organization of Canada
Zo Reunification Organization
Zomi Revolutionary Organization
Zomi Revolutionary Organization
Zone One Tondo Organization
Zoological Park Organization of Thailand