Abbreviation for Paris, France


Paris is the capital of romance. If you fancy a city trip with your loved ones, Paris is a safe choice with its charming streets and romantic restaurants.

Paris is a mecca for food and shopping, and you probably won’t find Paris in terms of museums and art galleries.

The capital of France is best to visit in the spring or autumn. It is not that it is so terribly hot in the summer, but Paris is emptied of permanent residents in the period mid-July to the end of August, thus closing more shops and eateries.

You can perfectly combine Paris with children, friends or family. There are many great cities to visit within reasonable distance to Paris if you combine your vacation with car hire.

Let’s conclude that Paris is the world’s largest, intimate city, and that your expectations are most likely to be fulfilled and well so.

Get to know Paris

The history of Paris as the capital of France dates back to the 13th century. In the middle of the 19th century, Paris was transformed into a real metropolis with large squares and wide avenues. The city center has approx. 2.2 million people, but with suburbs more than 11 million live in Greater Paris. The city center consists of 20 districts or so-called arrondissements. These start in the center with number 1 and follow the clock in a spiral. Numbers 1 to 8 are central Paris, while 9-20 are further from the city center.

Paris and Acronyms

City Profile

  • Abbreviation: PR
  • Country: France

The islands of the Seine and the Louvre (center of Paris)

The river that runs through Paris is called the Seine. In the center of Paris, the Seine has two small islands: Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis. This is the center of Paris. At Ile de la Cité you will find Notre-Dame. On the other side of the island you will find Sainte Chapelle. Notre-Dame is one of the world’s most famous church buildings, and work on the cathedral began as early as the 13th century. You reach the Ile de la Cité, among other things, by crossing the Seine with the Pont-Neuf bridge. The bridge dates from 1607 and is a beautiful sight. The neighboring island of Ile St-Louis is smaller and does not have monuments such as Notre-Dame.

The Louvre area is located on the north side of the river, as the nearest neighbor to Ile de la Cité and Ile St-Louis. The centerpiece of the area is the Louvre Museum, which is perhaps the world’s most famous and best art museum.

Champs-Elysees (west of the Louvre)

The area around the Champs-Elysees extends west of the Louvre area. The Champs-Elysees were initially an extension of the Tuileries Gardens, but have since been transformed into a fashionable thoroughfare.

The street extends from Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, both famous landmarks in Paris. The area is known for shops, restaurants and cafes. The streets of Rue François, Avenue Montaigne and Champs-Elysees are known as the golden triangle when it comes to fashion and shopping in Paris.

Grand Boulevards (north of the Louvre)

The area around the Grand Boulevards dates from the 1700s and extends from Bastille in the east to Eglise de la Madeleine in the west. This is where you will find the many cultural institutions in Paris along with many other official buildings. Grand Boulevards is a common name for eight streets that start one after the other as a single long street.

These boulevards are called (from east to west): De la Madeleine, Capucines, Des Italiens, Montmartre, Poissonniere, Bonne Nouvelle, St-Denis and St-Martin. Grand Boulevards is located just north of the Louvre area. This is where you will find one of the world’s three original Ritz hotels (the other Ritz hotels can be found in Madrid and London ). Visit Place Vendome, then find the Ritz in Paris.

Beaubourg and Les Halles (east of the Louvre)

If you are looking for lively cafes, shops and art galleries, the Beauborg area is the right area to look in. The heart of the area is the Pompidou Center. It is a very popular center, not least because of its great and sensational architecture.

Les Halles is less pompous and lures with many shopping malls under the ground. It is important to know that the National Museum of Modern Art (Musée National d’Art Moderne) can be found in the Pompidou Center. Here you will find more than 50,000 modern works of art at any given time. You will find Beaubourg and Les Halles east / northeast of the Louvre.

Marais and St. Germain (south of Louvre)

Marais is located west / southwest of the Louvre, in other words south of Beabourg and Les Halles. This area is more pristine than many of the other neighborhoods in central Paris, and this is where you will find Renaissance architecture and art. The area was basically mostly marsh, but the aristocracy turned it into its residence, where Place Royale or Place des Vosges as it is now called, is the centerpiece.

In the Marais you will find the Jewish Quarter of Paris. It is centered around Rue des Rosiers. The area is otherwise known for several attractive museums, not least the Picasso Museum, which is the world’s largest Picasso Museum and the Museum of Jewish History (Musée d’Art et d’Histoire du Judaisme).

South of the islands of the Seine, you will find the area of ​​St-Germain. The atmosphere here is unique in Paris, and in the evenings it can be really lively here. Shopping is an everyday sport in St-Germain, and the streets around Place St-Sulpice and Carreforur de la Croix-Rouge are teeming with great shops. This is perhaps the best shopping spot in Paris.

The area of ​​St-Germain is dominated by the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is the most beautiful green area in Paris. Here is also the Palais du Luxembourg. If you follow the Rue de Vaugirard street to this palace, you have also walked the longest street in Paris.

Eiffel Tower area (west of Paris)

The Eiffel Tower is well known to most. It is located in an area west of St-Germain. Many French people consider the area around the Eiffel Tower the most stylish in Paris. The 300 meter high Eiffel Tower (324 meters including the antenna on top) is in itself well worth a look.

Perhaps most striking is that the tower was initially intended as a temporary building in connection with the Paris World Expo in 1889. The main year of the Eiffel Tower is called Champs de Mars, and the street extends to the École Militaire and the 18th century buildings.

Montparnasse (southwest of Paris)

South of the Eiffel Tower area and west of the Latin Quarter you will find Montparnasse. Montparnasse was once a bohemian area. Here lived intellectuals and leftists. Most of the area is concentrated around the Boulevard du Montparnasse, especially between the train station and the Vavin metro station.

You will find the area’s most attractive cafes and restaurants around Vavin. To the south of this area you will find the catacombs that extend several kilometers below Paris. If you do not have claustrophobia, you can try on a trip. The entrance is at Place Denfert-Rochereau.

Montmartre (north of Paris)

North of the Grand Boulevards and farthest north of the center you will find the Montmartre area. Here is the White Church of Sacre Cour. The area is known for having the most individual and hippest stores in Paris when it comes to style and fashion. You will find the best shops around the Abbeses metro station. There are also many trendy cafes and bars.

Bastille (East of Paris)

East of Marais, Beauborg and Les Halles you will find the Bastille area. To get to know the area and the atmosphere best, we recommend that you choose the Rue de Lappe and nearby streets. If you are looking for nightlife, this is the place.

Also visit the Place de la Bastille where once the dreaded Bastille prison was located. In the middle of the square you will find a 52 meter high pillar with the names of the 504 people who died during the revolution in July 1830. The Bastille area also has one of the finest parks in Paris, Bois de Vincennes.

Latin Quarter (south of Paris)

The Latin Quarter is located south of St. Germain. The area is dominated by the giant Pantheon Cathedral (you will find the same name at a famous temple in Rome ). The area is known for many bars and cafes, often with slightly lower prices than usual in Paris. Here there is a rich people life with many students and tourists. A natural meeting point in the Latin Quarter is Place St-Michel. For a long time, people have met at the white and pink fountain where Archangel Michael treads on the devil.

In the Latin Quarter are also the elite schools in France. Place de Sorbonne is a nice place to be for a break. You will also find the city’s “Chinatown” in the Latin area. Avenues de Choisy and Aveny d’Ivry streets are teeming with people of Thai, Vietnamese and Cambodian origin. If you fancy oriental cuisine, this is the place.

Facts about Paris

Paris is a real tourist favorite and few cities, if any, have more tourists than this city. Paris is the capital of France and the country’s largest city.

Population Around 2.2 million
Official languages French
Control Form Republic
Religion Catholic (About 75%)
Time Difference No
Currency Euro. Most credit cards (Visa, Master, Diners, AmEx) are accepted in most places. ATMs are available almost everywhere.
Tips At dining, cafes and bars, 15 percent tips are included in the price. A few coins are still ok if you are satisfied with the service. In the taxi it is ok to round up or give a few euros in tips.
Embassy The Embassy of Norway is located at Rue Bayard 28, 75008 Paris. Tel: +33 153 670400
Tourist At the corner of avenue des Champs-Elysées and avenue Marigny
Telephone 33
Emergency 15 for ambulance, 17 for police, 18 for fire.
Electricity 220/230 volts, the same two-pin contact system as in Norway.
Holidays and Holidays July 14 (National Day), August 15, November 1, November 11
Visa Not required for Norwegian citizens.
Vaccinations No vaccines are required.
Water Can be drunk from the tap, but not recommended. Fine toothbrush.
Nearest major cities Orleans, Rouen, Amiens.
Safety Some violent crime, but be aware of pickpockets.

PR: Paris

List of Paris Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Paris is PR which stands for Paris. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Paris, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

Abbreviation Meanings
ALPHABET Across Breed Comparison
ABC Across Breed Comparison
ASCAP Across-Species Comparisons and Psychopathology
ACPS Aéro Club Paris Sud
ACOP Aero-Club de l’Ouest Parisien
ADP Aeroports de Paris
ADPI Aéroports de Paris International
ADPM Aeroports de Paris Management
AGMIP Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project
ABVP Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad
AFP Alliance Francaise de Paris
APW Altmar Parish Williamstown
ASP American School of Paris
AUP American University of Paris
AAIP An American in Paris
AOMIP Arctic Ocean Model Intercomparison Project
ACLP Arts Council of Livingston Parish
APSB Ascension Parish School Board
AGP Assam Gana Parishad
APHP Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Paris
APLM Associated Parishes for Liturgy and Mission
AAIHP Association Amicale des Anciens Internes en Médecine des Hôpitaux de Paris
AAP Association Autrichienne à Paris
ACSP Association Creation Services Paris
ADTP Association des Decores du Travail de Paris
ANP Association des Naturistes de Paris
APEP Association Philatélique des Environs de Paris
ABP Atelier du Bracelet Parisien
AEP Ateliers Electriques de Paris
AMIP Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project
ACP Audax Club Parisien
APB Ayr-Paris Band
BEAUCOUP Bach Collegium Paris
BCP Bach Collegium Paris
BUP Bangladesh Unnayan Parishad
BNP Banque Nationale de Paris
BPC Banque Parisienne de Crédit
BCS Baseline Comparison/Correlation System
BIP Belgians in Paris
BPP Bibliothèque Polonaise de Paris
BOSP Bing Overseas Program in Paris
BFPC Blandford Forum Parish Church
BPS Board for Parish Services
BPR Bordeaux-Paris Randonneurs
BPCC Bossier Parish Community College
BSPP Brigade des Sapeur-Pompiers de Paris
BPC Bruton Parish Church
BCR Budget Comparison Report
CPSB Calcasieu Parish School Board
CPSO Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office
CPSO Caldwell Parish Sheriff’s Office
CMPO Calen Maiava-Paris Online
CPSB Cameron Parish School Board
CICUP Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania
CAPACITY Centre d’Andrologie de Paris
CAP Centre d’Andrologie de Paris
CEPN Centre d’Economie de l’Université Paris Nord
CMEMP Centre des Matériaux de l’Ecole des Mines de Paris
CPR Centre Parisien de Recyclage
CISP Centres Internationaux de Sejours de Paris
CVP Cercle de la Voile de Paris
CMP Cercle Magique de Paris
CCIP Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris
CCIFP Chambre de Compensation des Instruments Financiers de Paris
CRHP Christ Renews His Parish
CIP Cinémas Indépendants Parisiens
COPILOT Civil Parish
CP Civil Parish
CCV Clock Comparison Value
CFMIP Cloud Feedback Model Intercomparison Project
CEP Club Épicure Paris
CPCP Collection Privee Cartier Paris
CCLC Commerce Control List Comparison
CIPF Commission for the Inter Parish Finance
CCAP Compagnie Ceci-Arc de Paris
CBIP Compagnie de Banques Internationales de Paris
CPB Compagnie Parisienne de Bâtiment
CPCU Compagnie Parisienne de Chauffage Urbain
CPDES Compagnie Parisienne de Distribution d’Electricite
CPLC Compagnie Parisienne de Linoléum et de Caoutchouc
CRCC Compagnie Regionale des Commissaires aux Comptes de Paris
CAD Comparison Attitude Data
CCR Comparison Category Rating
CGSS Comparison Group Selection Service
CI Comparison Instruction
CLI Comparison Labs, Incorporated
CMOS Comparison Mean Opinion Score
CLIP Comparison of Language Intervention Programs
COMPARE Comparison of Mesoscale Prediction and Research
CPT Comparison Production Test
CRS Comparison Rate Schedule
CRR Comparison Risk Ranking
CSE Comparison Shopping Engine
CSEO Comparison Shopping Engine Optimization
CT Comparison Text
CSAP Conseil Superieur des Administrations Parisiennes
CKPZ Conserved Kardar-Parisi-Zhang
CEEP Consortium of Endowed Episcopal Parishes
CBP Construction Bâtiment Parisien
CCF Cost Comparison Form
CCH Cost Comparison Handbook
COPILOT County Parish
CP County Parish
CMIP Coupled Model Intercomparison Project
CMP Crédit Municipal de Paris
DICP Denver Inner City Parish
DRIP Detector Response Intercomparison Program
DHIP Deutsches Historisches Institut Paris
DIPE Diagnostics Immobiliers Paris Est
DLP Disneyland Paris
DMIP Distributed Model Intercomparison Project
DFIR Double Fence Intercomparison Reference
DPCG Downham Parish Conservation Group
DFC Drug Facts and Comparisons
ECP École Centrale Paris
EMP Ecole des Mines de Paris
ENSCP École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris
ENM Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris
ESCP Ecole Superieure de Commerce de Paris
ESPCI Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles de la Ville de Paris
EMDI Ecosystem Model-Data Intercomparison
ENSIP El Niño Simulation Intercomparison Project
EPA Euronext Paris
FACES Facial Analysis Comparison and Elimination System
FACTS Facility for the Analysis and Comparison of Tsunami Simulations
FPUU First Parish Unitarian Universalist
FPF Fonciere Paris France
FCPN Football Club Paris Nord
FIRI Fourth International Radiocarbon Intercomparison
FIAP Foyer International d’Accueil de Paris
FIP France Inter Paris
FFCP Frenchs Forest Catholic Parish
GRC Golden Run Comparison
GBC Good by Comparison
GPIA Greater Paris Investment Agency
GPC Grimstead Parish Council
GSPC Guilden Sutton Parish Council
HPC Halifax Parish Church
HAPC Halton with Aughton Parish Council
HPEW Historic Parishes of England and Wales
HP Hôpitaux de Paris
HC Host Comparison
HCDP Hot Club de Paris
HDPC Hythe and Dibden Parish Council
IPPA Iberia Parish Port Authority
IPCRESS Icosahedral Permuted Comparison of Relative Shape Similarity
ICPA Icterus parisorum
ICPN Indiana Center for Parish Nursing
IAP Ingenieurs A Paris
IPSC Inner Parish Security Corporation
ICP Institut Catholique de Paris
IDUP Institut de Démographie de l’Université de Paris
ISUP Institut de Statistiques de l’Universite de Paris
INSP Institut des Nanosciences de Paris
IICP Institut International de la Communication de Paris
ISEP Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris
IAP Institute for Astrophysics of Paris
IPP Institute Panos Paris
ICIC Intercalibrations-Intercomparisons
IFCN International Farm Comparison Network
INJECT International Joint Efficacy Comparison of Thrombolytics
IREP Interparish Religious Education Program
JPAS Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter
JPDA Jefferson Parish District Attorney
JPJC Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court
JPPSS Jefferson Parish Public School System
JSLP Junior Service League of Paris
KPZ Kardar-Parisi-Zhang
OAP l’Oreal Paris
LNPSE La Ligne Nouvelle Paris Sud Est
LIP Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris
LIP Ladies Inter-Parish group
LCG Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government
LPBA Lafayette Parish Bar Association
LPCC Lafayette Parish Correctional Center
LPSS Lafayette Parish School System
LAPTC Lancashire Association of Parish and Town Councils
LTTP Last Train to Paris
LLPE leo lagrange paris est
LCT Limit Comparison Test
LPSA Livingston Parish Soccer Association
MNPC Maiden Newton Parish Council
MPDO Mandal Parishad Development Officer
MONEP Marche des Options Negociables de Paris
MEP Missions Etrangères de Paris
MDP Monnaie de Paris
MPB Multi-Parish Benefice
NIPR National Index of Parish Registers
NCAT Network Comparison and Analysis Tool
NYP New York to Paris
NABS Nomenclature for the Analysis and Comparison of Science Budgets and Programmes
NASC Non-Aligned Sequence Comparison
N-SPECT Nonpoint-Source Pollution and Erosion Comparison Tool
NMPP Nouvelles Messageries de la Presse Parisienne
OCMIP Ocean Carbon-Cycle Model Intercomparison Project
OPC Odstock Parish Council
OLPA Office of the Livingston Parish Assessor
OCS On-Line Comparison System
OPP Orleans Parish Prison
OPSB Orleans Parish School Board
OSPAR Oslo/Paris convention
OPPJ Ouachita Parish Police Jury
OPPL Ouachita Parish Public Library
OPSB Ouachita Parish School Board
OPSO Ouachita Parish Sheriff Office
OCP Overclockers Comparison Page
PC Paired Comparison
PCT Paired Comparison Test
PCT Pair-Wise Comparison Test
PMIP Palaeoclimate Model Inter-comparison Project
PR Paris
PAS Paris Airshow
PCPIP Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property
PCT Paris Convention Treaty
PDHS Paris District High School
PEML Paris Equipment Manufacturing Ltd.
PEMS Paris Evangelical Missionary Society
PFP Paris France Paramoteur
PHS Paris High School
PH Paris Hilton
PIBOR Paris Interbank Offered Rate
PMP Paris Metro Pricing
POB Paris Opera Ballet
PPC Paris Peace Conference
PREF Paris Real Estate Finders
PRIT Paris Region Innovation Tour
PSG Paris Saint-Germain
PSWC Paris Slalom World Cup
PSQ Paris String Quartet
PTS Paris Tuning Show
PUBLISH Paris Ultra-Wide Band
PUBLISHER Paris Ultra-Wide Band
PUB Paris Ultra-Wide Band
PAR Paris, France
CDG Paris, France – Charles De Gaulle
JDP Paris, France – Issy Les Moulineaux
ORY Paris, France – Orly
PRX Paris, Texas
PBP Paris-Brest-Paris
PCL Parish Catechetical Leader
PCM Parish Communications Ministry
PCT Parish Communications Team
PC Parish Council
PCCW Parish Council of Catholic Women
PDAG Parish Diocesan Assembly Group
PLSS Parish Life in the Spirit Seminar
PL Parish Line Railroad
PMRC Parish Media Resource Center
PPC Parish Pastoral Council
PPCRV Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting
PPP Parish Pastoral Plan
PPW Parish Path Warden
P3 Parish Paths Partnership
PIANISSIMO Parish Priest
PP Parish Priest
PREX Parish Renewal Experience
PSM Parish Social Ministry
PYC Parish Youth Council
PYM Parish Youth Ministries
PWDS Parison Wall Distribution System
PICO Patient/Problem, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome
PISCES Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evaluation System
POPULAR Plaster of Paris
POP Plaster of Paris
PIP Precipitation Intercomparison Project
PPL Prêt Paris Logement
PCW Price Comparison Website
PCMDI Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
PERFECT Purpose Effect Recipient Future Employment Comparison Toward
RATP Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens
RP Région Parisienne
RPEC Republican Parish Executive Committee
RAP Réseau Académique Parisien
RPA Residence Paris Asnieres
RPLC Richmond Parish Lands Charity
RPPS River Parish Practical Shooters
RCP Rugby Club de Paris
RCPN Rugby Club Paris Neuilly
SHP Sacred Heart Parish
SMIP Saint Mary Immaculate Parish
SHPP School Home Parish Partnership
SSRP Service de Sécurisation des Réseaux Parisiens
SAPN Société des Autoroutes Paris-Normandie
SIEMP Société Immobilière d’Economie Mixte de la Ville de Paris
SIOP Societe Industrielle de l’Ouest Parisien
SLP Société Linguistique de Paris
SOP Société Odontologique de Paris
SPP Societe Psychanalytique de Paris
SCNP Sporting Club Nord Parisien
STPH St Tammany Parish Hospital
SBPG St. Bernard Parish Government
SMPS St. Mary Parish School
SPRC Staff Parish Relations Committee
SRP Syndicat des Résidents de Paris
TPSB Tangipahoa Parish School Board
TPSS Tangipahoa Parish School System
TCP Taxi Cab Paris
TCP Tennis Club de Paris
TPSB Terrebonne Parish School Board
TPSD Terrebonne Parish School District
TWOP The World Our Parish
TEP Theatre de l’Est Parisien
TP Tom Paris
TCC Total Cost Comparison
TCV Triathlon Club Villeparisis
TPC Triumph Paris Club
TUCS Trust Universe Comparison Service
UTPS UHF Tag Performance Survey (transponder performance comparison)
UFP Union Fiduciaire de Paris
UP Union Parishad
UIP Université Interdisciplinaire de Paris
UPS Universite Paris-Sud
ULIP University of London Institute in Paris
UMP Urgences Medicales de Paris
UMPIRE Urgences Médicales de Paris
VFMC Value for Money Comparison
VKP Vanvasi Kalyan Parishad
VHP Vishva Hindu Parishad
VCS Visual Comparison Standards
VSC Visual Sequence Comparison
WDPC West Dean Parish Council
WFPH West Feliciana Parish Hospital
WPCA Willowfield Parish Community Association
WPNC Wisconsin Parish Nurse Coalition
WPC Writtle Parish Council
ZPHS Zilla Parishad High School
ZPTC Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituency
ZCT Zone Comparison Technique