Service Abbreviations

Originating from the Latin term servitĭum, the word service defines the action of serving (being subject to/ being helpful to someone for any reason, doing what that person wants or asks for).


The concept also makes it possible to refer to public services that are paid for by taxpayers through fees or taxes, and to the provision of services provided with a view to satisfying some need as long as they do not consist of the production of material goods .

In the field of economics and marketing, a service is the set of activities carried out by a company to respond to the expectations and needs of the customer. Therefore, the service is defined as a non-material good. As such, suppliers/service providers do not normally handle large raw materials and benefit from reduced physical restrictions. On the other hand , your main value is experience. It is worth remembering that service providers constitute what is known as the tertiary sector of the industry.

Of the various characteristics of a service that make it possible to differentiate it from a product, we will highlight intangibility (a service is something that cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelled before the purchase itself), heterogeneity (two similar services never are identical or the same), inseparability (production and consumption are partially or totally simultaneous), perishability (a service is something that cannot be stored) and propertylessness (buyers of a service acquire the right to receive the respective provision as well as the right to use, access or lease the thing acquired, but not its ownership/possession).
However, when it comes to differentiating between product and service, it is generally simple to identify each one. However, bringing to light the concept of each is something that many have done and there are several explanations.

One of these explanations is that a product concerns a tangible good, which can be transferred from person to person. It can be something physical or digital, like an audio or digital book, for example.

A service, on the other hand, refers to something that cannot be transferred, but is consumed by the customer in parallel with its realization, that is, the customer pays for the service while using it, for example, we can mention subscription services.

But it is often not so simple to distinguish a good from a service in situations as in the previous subscription example. Because while a subscription service is a service, it gives the customer access to a product, such as a subscription to a magazine.

The simplest way to identify a service is to think of the following: a service cannot be stored or transported.

For example, an electric energy service cannot be stored, because, even paying for it, this service only exists as long as someone is using the energy supplied by the electric company.

The same goes for transport services, computer service, delivery service, service provider (company that offers internet access services), customer service services, banking services, medical services, among others.

Service Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Service

A Practical Transit-Mapping Service
A Practical Transit-Mapping Service
A Service for Self-Employment, Training, and Support
A Total Consulting Service
A Votre Service
A+ Authorized Service Center
AARP Services Inc.
Abacus Financial Services Group
Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Service Authority
Abbotsford Community Services
Abbotsford Fire Rescue Service
ABCs Information Services
Aberdeen University Research & Industrial Services Ltd.
ABN AMRO Financial Services, Inc.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services
Aboriginal Business Service Network
Aboriginal Christian Training Services
Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services
Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto
Aboriginal Media Services
Aboriginal Medical Service
Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory
Aboriginal Professional Center and Internet Services
Abrams Travel Data Services
Abridged Index Medicus Accessed by Teletypewriter Exchange Service
Absolute Business Services Ltd
Absolute Financial Services, Inc
Absolute Information Technology Services, LLC
Abstract Communications Service Interface
Abstract Font Service Interface
Abstract Service Definition Convention
Abstract Service Primitive
Abundant Care Training Services
Abuse Prevention Service
Academic Book Services
Academic Computing and Networking Services
Academic Computing Services
Academic Computing Services Network
Academic Enrichment Services
Academic Information Services and Research
Academic Information Services Cooperative
Academic Intervention Services
Academic Management Services
Academic Planning Service
Academic Programs and Services
Academic Services Office
Academic Technology and User Services
Academic Volunteer and Mentor Service Program
Academy for Health Services Research
Accel Computer Services
Accelerated Service Test
Accent Computer Services Ltd.
Accenture Business Services for Utilities
Accenture Human Resource Services
Acceptance Into Naval Service
Access Certificates for Electronic Services
Access Lines in Service
Access Management Basic Services
Access Method Services
Access Methods Services Utilities
Access Optimization Service
Access Service Company
Access Service Coordinator
Access Service Group
Access Service Node
Access Service Ordering Guidelines
Access Service Ordering Guidelines
Access Service Provider
Access Service Record
Access Service Request
Access Services Inc
Access Solutions Information Services
Access Solutions Information Services
Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services
Accessing Jobcentre Customer Services
Acclamation Insurance Management Services
Accommodation & Office Services Division
Accommodation and Food Services
Accommodation and Real Estate Services
Accord General sur le Commerce des Services
Account Service and Support Information System Tool
Account Service Request
Account Services Manager
Account Services Manager
Accounting and Financial Management Service
Accounting and General Services
Accounting and Review Services Committee
Accounting Based Advisory Services
Accounting Service Center
Accounting Service Provider
Accounting Services for Business
Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services
Accredited Customer Service Representative
Accredited Service Partner
Accrediting Commission on Education for Health Services Administration
Accumulated Campaign Service Medal
Accunet Reserved Digital Service
Accunet Spectrum of Digital Services
Accu-Ring Service Center
Achats Service International
Acknowledged Information Transfer Service
Acorn News Service
Acquisition Cross-Service Agreement
Acquisition Executive Service
Acquisition Logistics and Technology Enterprise System and Services
Acting Service Chief
Action for Community Service Society
Action Freight Services
Action Plan for Financial Services
Activation Service Request
Active Army Locator Service
Active Directory Certificate Services
Active Directory Federation Services
Active Directory Service Interfaces
Active Directory Services
Active Directory Services Interface
Active Directory Sites and Services
Active Directory Web Service
Active Duty Service Commitment
Active Duty Service Member
Active Duty Service Obligation
Active Federal Commissioned Service
Active Federal Service
Active Middleware Services
Active Network Service
Active Service Control Protocol
Active Service List
Active Service List
Active Service System
Active Service Unit
Activity Services Division
Acute Inpatient Mental Health Services
Acute Interventional Postoperative Pain Service
Acute Psychiatry Service
Acute Services Current Awareness Service
Ad Hoc Emergency Services
Ad Services Test Battery
Adams County Department of Social Services
Adams-Hanover Counseling Services
Adaptive Differentiated-Service Multicast Gateway
Adaptive Management Services Enterprise Team
Adaptive Quality of Service for Availability
Adaptive Services Framework
Adaptive Services Grid
Addiction Services of Eastern Ontario
Adding Secured Voice and Data Services
Additional Packet Mode Bearer Service
Additional Retirement Service Credit
Additional Service Credit
Additional Services Offering
Additional Services Request
Add-On Services Digital Network
Address Change Service
Address Element Correction service level II
Address Resolution Service
Address Verification Services
Address Virtualization Enabling Service
Adelaide Legal Outreach Service
Ad-Hoc Wireless Distribution Service
Adjams Business Services
Adjunct Service Point
Administratif, Technicien, Ouvrier et de Service
Administration and Support Service Directorate
Administration for Children’s Services
Administration of Designed Services
Administration Services Center
Administration, Financial, and Logistical Service
Administrative and Management Services Division
Administrative and Manpower Management Service
Administrative and Operational Services
Administrative Communications Services
Administrative Computing Services
Administrative Design Service Information
Administrative Fire Services Section
Administrative Information Services
Administrative Management Service
Administrative Resource Enterprise Services
Administrative Service Contract
Administrative Service Oversight Center
Administrative Services Agreement
Administrative Services Automation Program
Administrative Services Automation Project
Administrative Services Bureau
Administrative Services Center
Administrative Services Committee
Administrative Services Division
Administrative Services Executive Office
Administrative Services Group
Administrative Services Manual
Administrative Services Manual
Administrative Services Only
Administrative Services Organization
Administrative Services Technical Services
Administrative Services Workstation
Administrative Support Services Group
Administrator of General Services
Admiralty Raster Chart Service
Admission Control Service
Admissions and Partnership Services
Adobe Document Services
Adobe Flash Collaboration Service
Adolescent Clinical Education Service
Adolescent Counseling Services
Adolescent Guidance Services
Adolescent Services Resource Network
Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service
Adolescent Support Interagency Service Team
Adoption Resource and Counseling Services
Adoption Service Information Agency, Inc.
Adoption Services Information Agency
Adoration Community Theology Service
Adsale Exhibition Services
Adult & Community Services
Adult Advancement and Careers Service
Adult and Community Learning Services
Adult and Family Services Division
Adult Community Services
Adult Day Activity Support Services
Adult Day Health Services
Adult Day Services
Adult Learning Service
Adult Medicine Teaching Service
Adult Multicultural Education Services
Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services Act
Adult Protective Services Program
Adult Protective Services Unit
Adult Services & Aging
Adult Services Aging
Adult Services Provider Unit
Adult Verification Service
Adult Well-Being Service
Advance Encryption Services
Advance Legislative Service
Advance Mobile Phone Service
Advanced Automotive Technical Development Services
Advanced Boiler Control Services
Advanced Broadcast Video Service
Advanced Business Technology Services
Advanced Business TeleServices, Inc
Advanced Cellular Internet Service
Advanced Channel Service Unit
Advanced Communications Services
Advanced Communications Technologies and Services
Advanced Communications Technologies Services
Advanced Computer Controlled Essential Services Software
Advanced Computer Engineering Services
Advanced Computer Services
Advanced Customer Service Representative
Advanced Data Service
Advanced Digital Signature Services
Advanced Facility Management Services
Advanced Features Service Center
Advanced Field Service Engineer
Advanced Field Services University
Advanced Financial Services, Inc.
Advanced Information Technology Services
Advanced Informations Services
Advanced Intelligent Network Services
Advanced Internet Communications Services Act of 2004
Advanced Internet Services Facility
Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Advanced Multiservice Terminal
Advanced Multi-Service Terminal
Advanced National Radio Data Service
Advanced Network and Services
Advanced Network Applications, Services and Technologies Program
Advanced Network Control Services
Advanced Networking Services
Advanced Networks and Services
Advanced Physical Therapy and Health Services, LLC
Advanced Radio Data Information Service
Advanced Sales Reference Service
Advanced Service Management System
Advanced Service Platform
Advanced Services Access Manager
Advanced Services for Network Security
Advanced Services Implementation
Advanced Services Module
Advanced Services Module
Advanced Technology & Services
Advanced Technology Services
Advanced Total Transmission Services, Corp.
Advanced Transportation Services, Inc
Advanced Traveler Information Services
Advanced Traveler Information Services
Advanced Underwriting Service
Advanced Wireless Services
Advancing Common Basic Services for Distributed Concurrent Engineering Application
Adventist Community Services
Adventure Activities Licensing Service
Advertisement and Discovery of Services
Advertising Bay Island Services
Advertising Services Representative
Advice, Information and Mediation Service
Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Services
Advisory Investment Service
Advisory Service Bulletin
Advisory Services Guide
Advisory Services on Investment and Training
Advisory Services Panel
Advisory Support, Information Services and Training
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Advocacy Services in Staffordshire
Advocacy, Mediation and Independent Investigation Service
Advocates for Emergency Medical Services
AEGON Direct Marketing Services, Inc.
Aerial Target Flight Services
Aero Engine Services Ltd.
Aero Tech Service Associates, Inc.
Aero Transcription Service, Inc.
Aerodrome Flight Information Service
Aeronautical and Technical Services
Aeronautical En-route Information Service
Aeronautical Equipment Service Record
aeronautical fixed service
Aeronautical Information Service
Aeronautical Mobile Satellite Service
Aeronautical Mobile Service
Aeronautical Radio Navigation Service
Aeronautical Services and Procedures
Aeronautical Telecommunications Services
Aerospace Audiovisual Service
Aerospace Education Services Program
Aerospace Medicine Consultation Service
Aerospace Medicine Consultation Service
Aerospace Service & Controls, Inc
Aero-Tropics Air Services
Affiliate and Immigration Services
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.
Affiliated Construction Services, Inc.
Affiliates Absolutely Free Referral Service
Affimex Customs and Trade Services
Affordable Family Health Services
Affordable Wireless Services Infrastructure
Afghan Community Services Center
Afghanistan Civil Service Institute
Afghanistan Information Management Service
Afloat Personal Telecommunications Service
Afloat Personal Telephone Service
Afloat Telecommunications Service
Africa Data Dissemination Service
African American Family Services
African American Student Academic Services
African Caribbean Family Mediation Service
African Friends Service Committee
African Imprint Library Services
African Science News Service
After Hours Service
After Market Services
After Sale Service
After Sale Service
After Sales Service
After Sales Service
After-Sales Service
After-Sales Service
AG Consultancy Services and Solutions
Aga Foodservice Group
Aga Khan Cultural Services
Aga Khan Planning and Building Services
Age d’Or Services
Age in Service
Age Verification Service
Aged and Community Services
Aged and Community Services Australia, Inc.
Aged and Disability Care Information Service
Aged Care and Rehabilitation Service
Aged Care Assessment Service
Aged Care Management Services
Aged Care Services
Aged Persons Mental Health Services
Agence de la Sante et des Services Sociaux
Agence de Service et de Paiement
Agence des Services Frontaliers du Canada
Agence Intégrale de Services
Agence Nationale des Services a la Personne
Agency Board Referral Service
Agency for Personal Service Overseas
Agency Service Request Number
Agency Services
Agency Services
Agency Services
Agency Services
Agency Walker Services
Agent du Service Commercial Train
Agent Services Alliance Program
Agent/Distributor Service
Agent’s Service Text
Aggregation Services Router
Agile Cable Production Service
Agility Network Services Platform
Agincourt Community Services Association
Aging and Adult Services
Aging and Adult Services Administration
Aging and Adult Services Commission
Aging and Adult Services Division
Aging and Disability Services Administration
Aging and Long-Term Services Department
Aging Service Access Point
Aging Services Network of Euclid
Agold Web Design Services
Agreement for Services
Agri and Co-operative Training and Consultancy Services
Agricbusiness Service Plan Association
Agricultural and Environmental Services Laboratories
Agricultural Development and Advisory Service
Agricultural Engineering Services Directorate
Agricultural Environmental Management Services
Agricultural Marketing Service
Agricultural Research Service
Agricultural Services & Development
Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
Agriculture Market Information Service
Agriculture Marketing Service
Agriculture Plant Health Inspection Service
Agri-Food Trade Service
Ahmedabad Municipal Transport Service
AIDS Clinical Trials Information Service
AIDS Counselling Centre and Education Support Services
AIDS Day Services Association
AIDS Education Global Information Service
AIDS Nutrition Services Alliance
AIDS Service Organization
AIDS Services Foundation
AIDS Services of Austin
AIDS Services of North Texas
Ainsworths Financial Services Ltd.
Air Charter Services
Air Combat Camera Service
Air Conditioning Service
Air Defense Service Medal
Air Force Commissary Service
Air Force Communications Service
Air Force Corporate Health Information Processing Service
Air Force Directory Service
Air Force Engineering & Services Management Engineering Team
Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon
Air Force Family Services
Air Force Intelligence Service
Air Force Intelligence Service
Air Force Legal Services Agency
Air Force Longevity Service Award
Air Force Longevity Service Ribbon
Air Force Medical Service
Air Force Modeling and Simulation Information Services
Air Force Operation Service
Air Force Recruiting Service
Air Force Rescue & Recovery Service
Air Force Security Service
Air Force Service Watch Cell
Air Force Services Agency
Air Forces Services Command
Air Logistics Service
Air Mercy Service
Air Mobility Command News Service
Air Movement Identification Service
Air Navigation Service Provider
Air Navigation Services Organization
Air Rescue Service
Air Resupply and Communications Service
Air Sea Rescue Service
Air Service Command
Air Service Signal Corps
Air Service Task Force
Air Services Development Office
Air Services Museum
Air Services Museum
Air Tactical Service Command
Air Traffic Information Service
Air Traffic Information Service
Air Traffic Operations Service
Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service
Air Traffic Service
Air Traffic Service Organization
Air Traffic Service Provider
Air Traffic Services Communication
Air Traffic Services Reporting Office
Air Traffic Services Unit
Air Warning Service
Air Weather Service
Air Weather Service Regulation
Air/Aerospace Rescue & Recovery Service
Airborne Flight Information Service
Aircraft Carrier Engineering Services
AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services
Aircraft Certification Service
Aircraft Component Services
Aircraft Propeller Service, Inc
Aircraft Service Period Adjustment
Aircraft Services Division
Aircraft Services Lemwerder GmbH
Aircraft Services Lemwerder GmbH
Aircraft Technics Services La Rochelle
Aircraft Warning Service
Aircraft-Powerplant Engineering Consultant Services, Inc
Airfield Services
Airfield Services
Airfield Services
Airfield Services
Airlift Services Industrial Fund
Airline Passenger Service Commitment
Airline Services Agreement
Airone Launch Services
Airport & Desktop Services
Airport Advisory Service
Airport Aids Services
Airport Customer Service
Airport Ground Service Ltd
Airport Management Services Division
Airport Radar Service Area
Airport Transfer Service
Airservices Australia
Airway Facilities Service
Airways & Air Communications Service
Ajax Message Service
AK Computer Services
Aktiebolaget Produktion Service
Alabama Cooperative Extension Service
Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
Alabama Department of Senior Services
Alabama Disability Determination Service
Alabama Emergency Medical Services Region One
Alabama Newspaper Advertising Service
Alabama Public Library Service
Alabama Public Service Commission
Alain Curchod Management Services
Alan Foss Technical Services
Alarmes Automatismes Services
Alaska Area Native Health Service
Alaska Area Native Health Service
Alaska Comprehensive and Specialized Evaluation Services
Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
Alaska Island Community Services
Alaska Private Guide Service
Albemarle County Department of Social Services
Albemarle County Service Authority
Alberta Health Services
Alberta Learning Information Service
Alberta Secure Access Service
Alberta Student Services Conference
Alcohol & Drug Information Service
Alcohol & Drug Testing Services
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services Administration
Alcohol and Drug Education and Support Services
Alcohol and Drug Information and Referral Service
Alcohol and Drug Services
Alcohol and Drug Services of Gallatin County
Alcohol and Drug Services Study
Alcohol Rehabilitation Service
Alcohol, Counselling and Prevention Service
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services
Alert Service Bulletin
Alerting Service
Alexa Web Information Service
Alexandria Community Services Board
Alexandria, Ontario, Canada – Alexandria / via Rail Service
Alexian Brothers Community Services
Alfred McAlpine Business Services Ltd.
Algerian Maritime Services
Algérie Presse Service
Algorithms, Models, User and Service Interfaces for Geography
Alien Internet Services
Alimentation, Hygiène et Service
All Canadian Inspection & Safety Services
All Editorial Services Online for Publishers and Writers
All Florida Contracting Services
All Hands Interpreting Service, Inc.
All India Institute of Medical Services
All Service Jacket
All Services Evaluation Group
All Services Postal Chess Club
All Types Transportation Services, Inc.
Allegis Group Services
Allen Freight Services, Inc
Alliance for Competitive International Satellite Services
Alliance for Global Internet Services
Alliance of Automotive Service Providers
Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations
Allied Courier Services Executive Committee
Allied Jewish Community Services of Montreal
Allied Pressure Washing Services Ltd
Allied Process Services, Inc.
Allied Signal Technical Services Corporation
Allied-Signal Technical Services Corporation
All-Service Combat Identification Demonstration
Alltel Information Services
Alltel Technology Services
Al-Raha Group for Technical Services
Alternate Line Service
Alternate Network Service Agreement
Alternate Operator Service
Alternate Service Delivery
Alternate Service Office
Alternative Billing Service
Alternative Birthing Services Program
Alternative Dispute Resolution Service
Alternative Provider Medical Services
Alternative Service Delivery
Alternative Service Delivery Costing Guidelines
Alternative Service Processing System
Alternative Service Provider
Alternative Service Worker
Alternatives to Combat Child Labor Through Education and Sustainable Services
Alumni Career Services
Always Better Service
Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
Amalgamated Taxis Services
Amara Global Services
Amateur Radio Emergency Services
Amateur Radio Observation Service
Amateur Radio Service
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services Platform
Amboy Generator Service
Ambulance Service Medical Officer
Ambulance Services Benevolent Fund
Amelioration du Service Medical Rendu
America Service Group Inc.
America’s Best Merchant Services
American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, Inc.
American Academy of Ambulatory Care Service
American Alliance of Service Providers
American Asset Management Services Corp.
American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service
American Association of Educational Service Agencies
American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging
American Association of Insurance Services
American Association of Service Coordinators
American Bankers Financial Services, Inc.
American Baptist News Service
American Bio-Medical Service Corp
American Breeders Services
American Building & Fire Services, LLC
American Business Financial Services, Inc.
American Business Research Services, Inc.
American Buying Retirement Services, Inc.
American Camp and Hospital Service
American Citizen Services
American Citizens Services
American Civil Rights Education Services
American Collegiate Financial Services, Inc.
American Communications Services, Inc.
American Communications Services, Inc.
American Community Service
American Computerized Commodity Exchange System and Services
American Correctional Food Service Association
American Council for Trade in Services
American Data Services
American Defense Service Medal
American Dentists for Foreign Service
American Educational Services Inc.
American Express Tax and Business Services
American Field Service
American Financial and Automotive Services, Inc.
American Financial Credit Services, Inc.
American Financial Services Association
American Flagship Service
American Food Service
American Forces Information Service/System
American Forces Press Service
American Forces Radio & Television Service
American Foreign Service Association
American Foreign Service Association Scholarship Fund
American Foreign Service Protective Association
American Friends Service Committee
American Friends Service Committee
American Funds Service Company
American General Financial Services
American Governmental Financial Services
American Guidance Service, Inc.
American Guide Services, Inc.
American Hospital Formulary Service
American Hospitality Fleet Services
American Indian Services
American Installation Services
American Institute of Maritime Services
American Institutional Services
American Insurance Services Group
American International Assistance Service
American Islamic Services Foundation
American Jewish Society for Service
American Jewish World Service
American Manufacturing and Production Service
American Mechanical Services
American Medical College Application Service
American Mobile Phone Service
American Numismatic Association Certification Service
American Philatelic Society Expertising Service
American Physicians Service Group, Inc.
American Prepaid Legal Services Institute
American Protective Services
American Red Cross Disaster Services
American Residential Services, Inc.
American School Food Service Association
American Service Center
American Service Management System
American Service to India
American Servicemembers Protection Act
American Shipping Service
American Shipping Service
American Society for Healthcare Environmental Services
American Sportscar Service Center
American States Utility Services
American Suzuki Financial Services
American Telephone and Telegraph Personal On-Line Services
American Teleservices Association
American Traffic Safety Services Foundation
American Transit Services Council
American Transportation Insurance Services
American Transportation Insurance Services
American Travel Services
American Weather Service
Americas Project Management Services
Ameritec Information Industry Services
Ameritech Customer Name and Address Servicer
Ameritech Network Services
Ameritech Small Business Services
Amherst College Emergency Medical Services
Amherst Senior Transportation Services, Inc
Amos Natural Science Education Services
Amplitude Modulated Data Service
Amsterdam Accounting Services BV
Amtrak Service Workers Council
AmTrust Financial Services, Inc
Amvets National Service Foundation
Amwell Services Ltd
Amwell Services Ltd
Analog Display Service Interface
Analog Service Channel
Analog Service Unit
Analysis and Measurement Services
Analysis Service Element
Analytical & Environmental Services Limited
Analytical Chemistry Services Laboratory
Analytical Laboratory Services, Inc.
Analytical Service Laboratory
Analytical Service Laboratory
Analytical Services Division
Analytical Services of Delaware Inc.
Analytical Services Statistical Information System
Analytical Services, Incorporated
Anchorage Transparent LAN Service
Ancillary Products and Services
Ancillary Service Management
Ancillary Service Management
Ancillary Services
Ancillary Services
Ancillary Services
Ancillary Services
Ancillary Services Opportunity Cost
Anderson Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc.
Anderson Kill Insurance Services, LLC
Andhra Pradesh Administrative Service
Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission
Andover Youth Services
Andrews Consulting Services
Anello Web Services
Anesthesia Service Medical Group, Inc.
Anesthesia Services of the Fox Valley
Anglia Cathodic Protection Services Ltd.
Anglican Communion News Service
Anglican News Service
Anglo French Services
Anglo-Polish Academic Services
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Animal Care Services
Animal Health and Food Safety Services
Animal Services Training and Consultation
Animal Services Unit
Anjou Hygiène Services
Anniversary of National Service Medal
Annual Service Connection Permit
Annual Service Order
Annual Service Practice
Annual Servicewide Operating Plan
Annual Statement of Service History
Annual Support & Update Service
Ansett Aviation Engineering Services
Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services
Answer Back Service Message
Antarctica Service Medal
Antarctica Service Medal
Anthony Keenan Internet Services
Anti Piracy Maritime Security Services
Antian Professional Services Inc
Anti-Fraud Information Service
Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association
Anti-Racism Information Service
Antisubmarine Warfare Environmental Prediction System/Services
Anti-Virus Management Services
Anwender Service Zentrum
Any Service Provider
Any Service, Any Port
AOL Weather Service
Aon Risk Services
Apache Web Services Project
Apartment Industry Mobilization Services
Apex Global Information Services
Apex Global Internet Services
Appalachia Service Project
Appalachian People’s Service Organization
Apple Authorized Service Provider
Apple Express Bus Service
Apple Financial Services
Apple Mobile Device Service
Apple Terminal Services
Apple Type Services for Unicode
AppleTalk Printer Services
Applicant Testing Services
Application Communication Services
Application Control Architecture Services
Application Control Services
Application Data Delivery Service
Application Data Delivery Services
Application Development and Maintenance Services
Application Development Service Center
Application Development Services
Application Driven Quality of Service
Application End Service
Application Environment Service
Application For Service
Application Hosting Service
Application Integration Web Service
Application Library Services
Application Networking Service
Application Outsourcing Service
Application Service Access Point
Application Service Element
Application Service Management System
Application Service Manager
Application Service Manager
Application Service Part
Application Service Protocols
Application Service Provider
Application Service Provisioning
Application Services Class
Application Services Creation Platform
Application Services Delivery Manager
Application Services Division
Application Services Function
Application Services Library
Application Services Library
Application-layer Service Data Unit
Applications and Services in Wireless Networks
Applications Electroniques, Conception, Radios, Télécommunications et Services
Applications Telecommunications Service Provider
Applied Direct Services Corporation
Applied Health Services Research
Applied Physics Services
Appointment Based Repairs Services
Approach Control Service
Approach Control Service
Appropriate Balance Financial Services, Inc.
Approval for Service Use
Approval Services Laboratory
Approval Services Laboratory
Approval/Approved for Service Use
Approved Service Provider
Apsylis Services Automation
Aqua Service Distribution
Aqualogic Data Services
Aquitaine Dépannage Service
Aquitaine Presse Service
Aquitaine Services Logistique
Aquitaine Services Logistique
Arab Community Center for Economic & Social Services
Arabian Agricultural Services Co.
Arabian Network Information Services
Arbor Safety Consulting Services
Arcelor Finance & Services Belgium
Archaeological Consulting Services, Ltd
Archaeological Services, University of Durham
Archaeology Data Service
Archdiocesan Youth Employment Services
Archdiocese for the Military Services
Archer Management Services, Inc.
Architect-Engineer Environmental Services for the Education and Training Command
Architectural & Engineering Services
Architectural Services Department
Architecture and Services of Network Applications
Architectures of Networks of Services
Archived Data User Service
Arcus Technology Services Inc
Area Cooperative Computerized Educational Service System
Area of Service
Area Rapid Transit Service
Area Resources for Community and Human Services
Area Service Manager
Area Service Manager
Area within World Wide navigational Service
ARINC Business Radio Service
Arize Informatique Services
Arizona Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Arizona Computer Services
Arizona Department of Health Services
Arizona Department of Veterans Services
Arizona Emergency Services Association
Arizona Public Service
Arizona Public Service Commission
Arizona Public Service-Transmission
Arizona School Services Through Educational Technology
Arkansas Department of Human Services
Arkansas Department of Workforce Services
Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
Arkansas Legal Services Partnership
Arkansas Public Service Commission
Armed Forces Civilian Service Medal
Armed Forces Courier Service
Armed Forces Courier Service
Armed Forces Medical Services
Armed Forces Press Service
Armed Forces Radio & Television Service
Armed Forces Radio and Television Service
Armed Forces Radio Services
Armed Forces Service Medal
Armed Forces Services Corporation
Armed Guard Inspection Service
Armed Service Production Planning Office
Armed Services Biomedical Research Evaluation and Management
Armed Services Blood Program
Armed Services Blood Program Office
Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals
Armed Services Committee
Armed Services Documents Intelligence Center
Armed Services Edition
Armed Services Electro Standard Agency
Armed Services Graves Registration Office
Armed Services Health Affairs
Armed Services Health Affairs
Armed Services Medical Regulating Office
Armed Services Medical Regulating Office
Armed Services Mutual Benefit Association
Armed Services Petroleum Board
Armed Services Procurement Act
Armed Services Procurement Regulation Manual
Armed Services Procurement Regulations
Armed Services Procurement/Production Planning Office
Armed Services Security Agency
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
Armed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory
Armed Services Young Men’s Christian Association of the USA
Armored Motor Services of America
Army & Air Force Exchange Service
Army and Air Force Motion Picture Service
Army Broadcasting Service
Army Central Service Point
Army Combat Service Support
Army Community Service
Army Community Services
Army Compassionate Cancer Education Support Services
Army Foodservice Management Information System
Army Information Service Center
Army Integrated Publishing and Printing Service
Army Map Service
Army Medical Service
Army Medical Service School
Army Medical Services Training Centre
Army Overseas Service Association
Army Postal Service
Army Safety Information Services and Technology
Army Service Command
Army Service Component Command
Army Service Component Commander
Army Service Forces
Army Service Number
Army Service Ribbon
Army Service Strategy Panel
Army Service Uniform
Army Support to Other Services
Army Veterinary Service
Arrow Engineering Services Inc
Art and Visual Services
Art Service Association
Artsy Computing Services
Arundel Community Development Services
Asbestos Services Partnership Ltd
ASC Service Requirements Tracking Database
Ascent Training & Consultancy Services
ASCII Block Terminal Services
ASEAN Standards Service Network
Asheville Board of REALTORS Services
Ashfield Virtual Office Services
Asia Pacific Customer Service Consortium
Asian and Pacific Islander Center for Census Information and Services
Asian Community AIDS Services
Asian Educational Media Service
Asian Health Services
Asian Language Services
Asian Pacific American Student Services
Asian Pacific Psychological Services
Asian Services in Action, Inc.
Asian Youth Prevention Services
Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference
Asia-Pacific Services Computing Conference
Asil Construction Services
Asil Residential Services, Inc.
Asil Technical Services
Asphalt Rubber Technology Service
ASRC Energy Services (Anchorage, AK)
Assail Marketing Consumer Services Group International
Assembled Munitions Serviceability Inspection
Assemblies of God Relief and Development Services
Assertion Consumer Service
Assessment and Benefit Services Branch
Assessment and Information Services Center
Asset Integrity & Reliability Services
Asset Management Improvement Service
Asset Protection Service LLC
Asset, Service and Demand Management
assign terminal service
Assistant Director of Nursing Services
Assistant Director Veterinary Service
Assistant Guest Services Manager
Assistant Service Manager
Assistant Service Manager
Assisted Acquisition Services
Assisted Filing Service
Associate Customer Service
Associate in Insurance Services
Associate Services Center
Associate, Customer Service
Associate, Financial Services Institute
Associated Directory Services
Associated Engineering Services Ltd.
Associated Freight Services
Associated Services for International Adoption
Associated Services for the Blind
Associated Telecommunications Management Services, LLC
Associated Transcription Services, Inc
Associated Youth Services
Associated Youth Services of Peel
Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide
Associates Services Center
Association au Service de l’Action Humanitaire
Association Control Service Element
Association Control Service Element
Association Control Service Element
Association Control Service Entity
Association Creation Services Paris
Association de Gestion et Développement de Services
Association des Centres de Services Sociaux du Québec
Association des Etudiants en Service Social
Association des Fournisseurs d’Accès et de Services Internet
Association du Service Infirmier Angevin
Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Service
Association for Community Development Services
Association for Global Internet Services
Association for Health Services Research
Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services
Association for Library Collections and Technical Services
Association for Library Service to Children
Association for Local Telecommunications Services
Association for Maximum Service Television, Inc.
Association for Payment Clearing Services
Association for Public Service Excellence
Association for Service Disabled Veterans
Association for Volunteer Services
Association of Advancement Services Professionals
Association of Air Medical Services
Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services
Association of American Foreign Service Women
Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services
Association of Building Services Agencies
Association of Business Support Services International
Association of Christians Reaching Out in Service and Support
Association of Communication Service Providers
Association of Community Care, Education and Social Services
Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates
Association of Data Processing Service Organizations
Association of Data Processing Service Organizations
Association of Directors of Adult Social Services
Association of Directors of Children’s Services Ltd.
Association of Directors of Social Services
Association of Educational Service Agencies
Association of Energy Services Professionals
Association of Field Service Employees
Association of Financial Services Educators Ltd
Association of Imaging Service Bureaus
Association of Imaging Service Bureaus
Association of Independent Weather Services
Association of Insurance & Reinsurance Service Providers
Association Of Insurance Reinsurance Service Providers
Association of Jewish Aging Services
Association of Maximum Service Telecasters
Association of Maximum Service Telecasters
Association of Naval Services Officers
Association of Nutrition Services Agencies
Association of Personnel Service Organisations
Association of Professional Executives of the Public Service of Canada
Association of Radio Reading Services
Association of Rural Education and Development Service
Association of Service & Computer Dealers International
Association of Service and Computer Dealers International
Association of Service Providers
Association of Telemedicine Service Providers
Association of Telemessaging Services International
Association of TeleServices International
Association Service Jeunesse
Association-Control Service Element
Assurance Business Advisory Services
Assurance Certified Inspection & Safety Services
Assurance Construction Service
Assured Nuclear Fuel Services Initiative
Assured Quality Catering Management Services
Assured Real-Time Services
Assuring Billing Integrity and Service Quality
Asynchronous Data Teleservice
Asynchronous Service Interrupt
Asynchronous Service Window
At Her Majesty Service
At Your Service
At Your Service Online
AT&T Bandwidth Management Service Center
AT&T Local Service
AT&t Netware Connect Services
AT&T Unisource Communications Services
AT&T Virtual Tunneling Service
AT&T Wireless Services
AT&T/Novell Telephone Services
Atelier de Création de Services
Atherton Tool Integration Services
Atherton Tool Integration Services
Atlanta Service Center
Atlantic Data Bureau Services
Atlantic Data Services
Atlantic Nuclear Services Ltd.
Atlantic Offshore Medical Services, Ltd
ATM Data Service Unit
ATM Digital Service Unit
ATM Name Service
ATM Service Gateway
ATM Service Interface
ATM Service Multiplexer
ATM Service Multiplexer
ATM Service Unit
ATM Services Module
Atmospheric Environment Service
ATT Consulting Service
Attachment Execution Service
Attack Registry Intelligence Service
Attention Deficit Disorder Information and Support Service
Attorney General’s Information Service
Attorney Referral Service
Auburn University Psychological Services Center
Audio Service America
Audio Service America Productions
Audio Services Division
Audio Video Service Labs
Audio Visual Services Corporation
Audio Visual Technical Services
Audiovisual Media Services Directive
Audio-Visual Presentation Service
Audit and Enterprise Risk Services
Audit Bureau of Marketing Services
Audit Bureau of Verification Services
Audit Collection Service
Audit Service Provider
Audit Services Canada
Audit Special Interest Group Assessment Services
Augusta County Service Authority
Auriol Racing Services
Aurora Loan Services, Inc
Austin Area Human Services Association
Austin Area Mobile Podiatry Services
Austin Service Center
Australasian Inter-service Incident Management System
Australian Active Service Medal
Australian Associated Press Communications Services
Australian Barnardos Recruitment Services
Australian Children’s Contact Services Association
Australian Corporate and Business Services
Australian Council for Social Services
Australian Council of State Emergency Services
Australian Custodial Services Association
Australian Customer Service Association Inc.
Australian Customs Service
Australian Department of Health and Family Services
Australian Executive Service Overseas Program
Australian Family Support Services Association Pty Ltd
Australian Federal Police Protective Service
Australian Fertiliser Services Association
Australian Financial Services Directory
Australian Financial Services License
Australian Financial Services Ltd.
Australian Financial Services Training Alliance
Australian Fire Service Medal
Australian Fisheries Service
Australian Home Care Services Pty. Ltd.
Australian Joint Staff Service
Australian Laboratory Services Pty Ltd
Australian Lifeguard Service
Australian Mouse and Rat Information Service
Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union
Australian National Genomic Information Service
Australian National Security Service
Australian Outback Medical Services
Australian Protective Service
Australian Public Service
Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service
Australian Secret Intelligence Service
Australian Secret Intelligence Service
Australian Services Union
Australian Special Air Service
Australian United States Services in Education
Australian Women’s Army Service
Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH
Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service
Austrian Radionavigation Technology and Integrated Satnav Services and Products Testbed
Austrian Wireless Internet Service Center
AUTEC Range Services
Authentication Service
Authentication Service
Authentication Service
Authentication Service
Author Services, Inc
Authority Services
Authorization of Internet Resources and Services
Authorized Independent Service Facility
Authorized Nuclear Inservice Inspector
Authorized Return Service
Authorized Service Center
Authorized Service Domain
Authorized Service Interruption
Authorized Service Provider
Authorized Services of New England
Authorized Warranty Service Provider
Autism Treatment Services of Canada
Auto Action Service
Auto and Boat Relocation Services
Auto Insurance Services Group
Auto Service Leasing
Auto Service Leasing
Auto Service Yonnais
Auto Service Yonnais
Auto Transmission Service
AUTODIN Limited Privacy Service
Automated Brokerage Service
Automated Business Services System
Automated Calling Card Service
Automated Cargo Release & Operations Service System
Automated Coin Toll Service
Automated Computer Time Service
Automated Confirmation Transaction Service
Automated Customer Account Transfer Service
Automated Customs Information Service
Automated Data & Telecommunications Service
Automated Data Processing Service Center
Automated Deployment Service
Automated Direct Debit Amendment and Cancellation Service
Automated Document Conversion Service
Automated Flight Service Station
Automated Library Processing Service
Automated List Service
Automated Message Handling Service
Automated Professional Services Deliverables
Automated Resources Directory Service
Automated Retrieval Mail Service
Automated Self Service Supply Center
Automated Self-Service Applications
Automated Service and Trouble Report Analysis
Automated Service Station Systems
Automated Terminal Information Service
Automated Terminal Information Service
Automated Terminal Service Communication
Automated Traffic Advisory and Resolution Service
Automated/Automatic Fuel Service Station
Automatic Add-Value Service
Automatic Coin Telephone Service
Automatic Computer Telex Service
Automatic Data Service Center
Automatic Data Services Center
Automatic Document Distribution Service
Automatic Funds Transfer Services
Automatic in Service
Automatic Installation and Diagnostic Service
Automatic Program Service
Automatic Scanning Unit Returned to Service
Automatic Service Activation Program
Automatic Service Configuration
Automatic Terminal Information Service
Automatic Terminal Information Service
Automatic/Automatically Out of Service
Automatically Out of Service Not booted)
Automaticautomatically Out Of Service
Automation of Field Operations and Services
Automobile Consumer Services, Inc.
Automotive and Recreational Vehicle Services
Automotive Dealership Equipment & Service Company
Automotive Financial Services Pty Ltd
Automotive Parts & Services Association
Automotive Parts and Service Alliance
Automotive Service Association
Automotive Service Educational Program
Automotive Service Equipment
Automotive Service Excellence
Automotive Service Industry Association
Automotive Service Information Support Terminal
Automotive Services, Inc.
Automotive Student Service Educational Training
Autonomic Replication Management Service
Autonomic Service Management Framework
Autres Fournisseurs de Services Évolués
Auxiliary Communications Service
Auxiliary Fire Service
Auxiliary Medical Service
Auxiliary Operator Service System
Auxiliary Service Facility
Auxiliary Service Processor
Auxiliary Territorial Service
Avalon Integrated Services Corporation
Avancerad Service- och Telefoniapplikation
Avco Computer Services
Average Service Availability Index
Average Service Life
Average Service Life
Aviation Digital Data Service
Aviation Employee Placement Service
Aviation Fluids Services Officer
Aviation Golf Services
Aviation Products and Services Team
Aviation Service Code
Aviation Service Date
Aviation Service Entry Data
Aviation Service Entry Date
Aviation Services Coordinator
Aviation Technical Services
Avocats au Service de l’Entreprise et de la Fiscalité Patrimoniale
Avon Fire and Rescue Service
Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire Cancer Services
Awards Program International Rating Service
Azerbaijan News Service
Babcock Borsig Service
Bachelor of Health Services Administration
Bachelor of Health, Ageing and Community Services
Bachelor of Science In Foreign Service
Bachelor of Social Service
Backbone Network Service
Backbone Service Area
Back-End Service Transaction
Back-End Services
Background Information Services Inc.
Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Backhaul Extension Services
Backup System Services
Baffoon Internet Services Holland
Baggage Airline Guest Services
Baggage Service Office
Bahamas Financial Services Board
Baker Hughes Services International Inc.
Baker Support Services, Inc.
Balanced Cluster Service
Balancing Service Use of System
Balancing Services Adjustment Data
Balancing Services Standing Group
Balco Alarm Services Corp.
Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services
Ballard Natural Gas Service
Ballistics Services Office
Baltic International Marine Services
Baltic News Service
Baltimore City Department of Social Services
Baltimore Credit & Collection Services
Bancomer Transfer Services
Bandwidth Management Service
Bandwidth on Demand Services
Bangalore Transport Service
Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services Public Company Limited
Bangladesh AIDS Information and Documentation Services
Bangladesh Civil Service
Bangladesh Engineering and Technological Services
Bangladesh Engineering and Technological Services
Bangladesh Social Development Services
Bank Automated Service Information System
Bank of America Merchant Services
Bank-Americard Service Exchange
Bank-Americard Service Exchange
Bankers Business Management Services, Inc.
Banking & Financial Services Industry
Banking and Financial Services
Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman
Banking Service Recruitment Board
Banking Service Representative
Banking Services Corporation
Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
Bankruptcy Remote Access Service System
Bankruptcy Services, Inc.
Bankruptcy Services, LLC
Banner Linen Service
Banque de Programmes et de Services
Banyan Mail Services
Baptist Child & Family Services
Baptist Family and Children’s Services
Baptist Health Services Group
Barbados Coalition of Service Industries
Barbados Government Information Service
Barbados Postal Service
Barbados Youth Service
Barclays Global Investors Services
Barents Information Service
Barnet Voluntary Service Council
Barossa Area Health Service
Barr Information Technology Services
Barrett Business Services Inc.
Barristers Complaints Advisory Service
Barry Graham Oil Service
Base Access Service Information Center
Base Automated Service Store
Base Mapping and Geomatic Services
Base Operating Services Contract
Base Operating Support Services
Base Operations Services
Base Procurement Service Store
Base Service Store
Base Service Unit
Base Training and Education Services
Baseline Service Delivery Survey
Basic Active Service Date
Basic Afghanistan Service
Basic Communications Services
Basic Content Services
Basic Enlisted Service Date
Basic Filtering Services
Basic Human Services
Basic Input/Output Services
Basic Interexchange Digital Data Service
Basic International Telecommunications Services
Basic Limousine Service
Basic Local Exchange Service
Basic Mapping Services
Basic Minimum Service
Basic Occupational Health Services
Basic Operating Services Contract
Basic Packet Switched Service
Basic Service Agreement
Basic Service Area
Basic Service Element
Basic Service Group
Basic Service Set
Basic Service Tier
Basic Services Interface
Basic Services Termination
Basic Services to the Urban Poor
Basic Social Services
Baskin Internet Services
Basse Vision Services
Bassetlaw Community Voluntary Service
Batch Data Exchange Services
Bath Information and Data Services
Batignolles Tapis Multiservices
Bâtiment Qualité Service
Batman, Turkey – Nearest Air Service Through Diyarbakir
Baton Rouge Collection Service Inc
Batteries Global Services
Battle Command Common Services
Battlefield Broadcast Information Services
Battlefield Information Services
Baum Property Services
Bavaria Production Services
Bay Area Social Intervention Services, Inc.
Bay State Race Services
Bayard Service Web
Bayer Corporate and Business Services LLC
Bayer Industry Services
Bayer Technology Services
BDM Service Company
Beacon Service Table
Bealls Online Service System
Bearer Service Group
Bearing Engineering Services
Beaufort Engineering Services
Beaver Emergency Services Commission
Beckett Grading Service
Beckman Institute Systems Services
BEESA Rating Services
Behavioral Health Services Association of South Carolina
Behavioral Health Services North, Inc.
Behavioral Intervention Services
Beijing World Culture Travel Service
Belgian Institute of Postal and Telecommunications Services
Belgian National Research Network for Education, Research and Public Services
Belgium Security Service
Bell Atlantic Communications and Construction Services, Inc.
Bell Internet Management Services
Belleville, Ontario, Canada – Belleville / via Rail Service
Bellsouth Building Industry Consulting Service
Belrose Accounting Services
Bench Check Serviceable
Benchmarking of International Services and Systems
Beneficiary Financial Counseling Services
Beneficiary Service Representative
Benefit Planning Services
Benefit Plans Administrative Services
Benefit Services of Hawaii Inc.
Benefit Services, Inc.
Benefit Systems and Services, Inc.
Benefits and Entitlements Service Team
Benefits and Services Team
Bennett Frost Personnel Services
Benton Global Services Network
Bercy au Service des Entreprises et de l’Emploi
Bereavement Services Industries Association
Bereavement Services Management Centre
Berenson-Eggers Type of Service
Berks County Children and Youth Services
Bermuda Public Services Union
Bernsen’s International Press Service
Best Available Seating Service
Best Service Routing
Best Value Inspection Service
Béton Matériel Service
Beton Qualite Service
Better Access to Services
Better Electronic Service Technicians
Better Neighbourhood Services Fund
Better Service Delivery Program
Better Services for Vulnerable People
Bewerber Service Center
Beyond Emergency Services
Bharati Management Consultancy Services
Bhutan Broadcasting Service
Bible Education and Missionary Service
Bibliographic Retrieval Services, Inc.
Bibliotheks Service Zentrum
Bicycle Level of Service
Bid Information Service
Big Data Service
Big White Taxi Service
Bihar Administrative Service
Bilfinger Berger Industrial Services
Bilingual Customer Service Representative
Bill Mail Service
Bill Payment Service
Billards Services et Loisirs
Billing Accounting Application Service
Billing Service Agreement
Billing Service Provider
Billing, Rating And Service System
Billings Urban Fire Service Area
Binary Integrated Services Digital Network
Binding Service Level Agreement
Bioenvironmental Engineering Services
Bioinformatics Services
Biological Instrumentation Services Ltd.
Biological Photo Service
Biomedical Engineering Maintenance Services
Biomedical Tissue Services, Ltd
Biometric Identity Assurance Services
Biometric Service Provider
Biosafety Information Network and Advisory Service
Bioservices Group Inc
Biotechnical Services, Inc.
Biotechnology/Bioservices Center
Birmingham Adult Education Service
Birmingham Regional Emergency Medical Services System
Birmingham Voluntary Service Council
Birnbaum Interpreting Services
Birner Dental Management Services
Black Agents in the Secret Service
BlackBerry Dual Service
Blackberry Internet Service
Blackpool Service Crew
Blackwell Consulting Services
Blanchard Home Service
Blind and Visually Impaired Services
Block Environmental Services
Block Interest Discovery Service
Blood Service Directive
Blood Service Letter
Bloodstock Research Information Services
Bloomington Hospital Ambulance Service
Blower Drive Service
Blue Bird Financial Services
Blue Book Online Services
Blue Hill Data Services
Bluegrass Ultra-transit Service
Bluetooth Qualification Services
Blythe Island Technical Services
Board for Parish Services
Board Of Cooperative Educational Services
Board of Public Service
Board of Service Contract Appeals
Board of Social Services
Board of Tax Service Examiners
Bobcat Excavation Service
Bobrow Test Preparation Services
Bodyguard Services International Ltd
Boeing Commercial Aviation Services
Boeing Computer Services
Boeing Services International
Bois Service Valorisation
Bombardier Corporate Financial Services
Bonduelle Food Service
Bonsecours Services Auto
Book of Alternative Services
Book of Occasional Services
Booking Services International
Bookmakers’ Afternoon Greyhound Service
Boosted Cold Water Service
Boot Integrity Services
Boot Time Computer Services
Bootheel Area Independent Living Services
Bordeaux Bureaux Services
Bordeaux Démolition Services
Border Information Service
Border Services Officer
Bornes Libres Service
Bosphorus Language and Translation Services
Boston Emergency Medical Services
Boston Environmental Ambassadors to the National Park Service
Boston Inspectional Services
Boston Intercollegiate Community Service Organization
Botswana Unified Local Government Service Association
Boulder Psychological Services
Bourgogne Service Électronique
Boutique de Service de Qualite
Bowen Electrical Services
BPX Service Node
Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services
Brain Injury Services of Hamilton
Branch Customer Service Representative
Brands Services and Media Creation
Branson Interactive Multimedia Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada – Brantford / via Rail Service
Brazil Offshore Services
Brazil Quality Services
Brazos Higher Education Service Corporation
Breast Cancer Information Service
Breizh Micro Services
Bretagne Service Manutention
Bretagne Services Logistiques
Brethren Volunteer Service
Brian Corsie Printing Services
Bridge of Love Adoption Service
Bridgeway Training Service
Brigade Service Support Group
Bring Into Service
Bristol Crisis Service for Women
Bristol Microfilm & Imaging Services, Ltd.
British Airport Services Equipment Association
British American Tobacco Australia Services, Ltd.
British Approvals Service for Cables
British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment for Flammable Atmospheres
British Approvals Service for Electrical Equipment in Flammable Atmospheres
British Columbia Ambulance Service
British Columbia Archives and Records Service
British Columbia Ferry Services, Inc
British Columbia Hospital Insurance Service
British Ex-Services Association Inc.
British Forces Broadcasting Service
British Forces Germany Health Service
British Gas Services
British Information Service
British Oceanographic Data Services
British Official Publications Current Awareness Service
British Pregnancy Advisory Service
British Secret Service
British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission
Broad IT Services
Broad Service Category
Broadband Access Services Gateway
Broadband Connectionless Data Bearer Service
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network
Broadband Internet Service Provider
Broadband Loop Emulation Service
Broadband Loop Emulation Service
Broadband Management Services
Broadband Multimedia-Service-Router
Broadband Network Service
Broadband Radio Service
Broadband Service Analyzer
Broadband Service Node
Broadband Service Provider
Broadband Services Forum
Broadband Telecommunication Services
Broadband Value-Added Service
Broadband Wireless Services
Broadcast Area Teleservice
Broadcast Auxiliary Service
Broadcast Captioning & Consulting Services
Broadcast Data Service
Broadcast Engineering Services
Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc.
Broadcast Satellite Service
Broadcast Services, Inc.
Broadcast SMS Teleservice
Broadcasts Short Message Service
Broken Hill Health Service
Brokered Login Transaction Service
Brought Into Service
Broward Factory Service
Brown & Root Services
Brown and Root Energy Services
Brown and Root Services Corporation
Brown Electronic Article Review Service
Brown’s Cab Services
Brune Génétique Services
Bruzzese Jardins Services
Bryan Chick Construction Services
BSS Financial Information Service
Budget and Financial Services
Budget Management Services
Builders Inventory Marketing Services LP
Building Advisory Service and Information Network
Building Broadband Services Manager
Building Cost Information Service
Building Engineering Services Commissioning
Building Envelope Environmental Monitoring Service
Building Industry Consulting Service Philippines
Building Industry Consulting Services
Building Industry Consulting Services, International
Building Mechanical Services
Building Resources for Integrated Cultural Knowledge Services
Building Service Contractor
Building Service Contractors Association International
Building Service, Inc.
Building Services & Environmental Engineer
Building Services Division
Building Services Engineering
Building Services Engineering Research and Technology
Built-to-Order Service
Bulk Parcel Return Service
Bulk Service Agreement
Bulletin Board Service
Bulletin Officiel du Service des Prix
Bungalow Renovation Services
Bureau des Services à la Jeunesse
Bureau des Services Infirmiers
Bureau des Services Pédagogiques
Bureau du Service National
Bureau Multi Services
Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services
Bureau of Business Research and Services
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services
Bureau of Consumer Services
Bureau of Developmental Disability Services
Bureau of Elder and Adult Services
Bureau of Emergency Medical Services
Bureau of Emergency Services Telecommunications
Bureau of Employment Services
Bureau of Environmental Services
Bureau of Epidemiology Services
Bureau of Funeral and Cemetery Services
Bureau of Funeral and Cemetery Services
Bureau of Health Care Services
Bureau of Health Services
Bureau of Health Services Financing (Louisiana
Bureau of Mediation Services
Bureau of Medical Services
Bureau of Private Land Services
Bureau of Quality Improvement Services
Bureau of Security and Investigative Services
Bureau of Service Evaluation
Bureau of Special Services
Bureau of State Services
Bureau of Street and Environmental Services
Bureau of Substance Abuse Services
Bureau of Support Services
Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Bureau Project Services
Bureau Van Dijk Computer Services
Bureautique Consommables Services
Bureautique Service Essonne
Buried Service Wire
Burlington County Special Services
Burton Placement Services
Business Administrative and Technical Computer Services
Business Advisory Services
Business Advisory Services Inc.
Business Advisory Services Unit
Business and Accounting Services
Business and Administrative Services
Business and Advisory Services Group Ltd
Business and Financial Services
Business and Geographic Information Services
Business and Service Career Academy
Business and Support Information Services
Business Automated Services
Business Automation Services
Business Career Service
Business Communication Service Center
Business Community Cluster Services
Business Consulting Services
Business Data Services
Business Development Services
Business Development Services Center
Business Development Services Working Group
Business Dial-Up Service
Business Document Service
Business English Services
Business Enhancement Services Team
Business Enterprise Services
Business Evaluation Services
Business Information Research Services
Business Information Service
Business Information Service for Newly Independent States
Business Information System Customer Services
Business Integration Services
Business Intelligence Service Provider
Business Interruption Protection Services
Business Listing Service
Business Livery Services
Business Long Distance Service
Business Marketing Services
Business Online Services Group
Business Opportunities Support Services
Business People Services
Business Performance Service
Business Process and Services Computing
Business Process Outsourcing Services
Business Procurement Services
Business Product Services
Business Productivity Online Services
Business Professional Services
Business Recovery Service
Business Residence Custom Service
Business Risk Services
Business Service Agreement
Business Service Assistance Package
Business Service Center
Business Service Club
Business Service Console
Business Service Identity
Business Service Level Management
Business Service Management
Business Service Network
Business Service Option
Business Service Provider
Business Service Representative
Business Service Technology
Business Services
Business Services Authority
Business Services Council
Business Services Development
Business Services for Real Estate, Inc.
Business Services Gateway
Business Services Identity Management
Business Services Ltd.
Business Services Market Development
Business Services Office
Business Services Online
Business Services over DOCSIS
Business Services Team
Business Services Training Australia
Business Services Training Package
Business Students in Community Service
Business Support Services
Business Technology Services
Business Telecommunication Services
Business Valuation and Forensic Litigation Services Center
Business Value Planning Service
Business Voice Messaging Service
Business-Oriented Aspects Concerning Semantics and Methodologies in Service-Oriented Computing
Butler Quality Services
Buzz Sports Picks Service
Byron Jackson Services
Cab Service Prestige
Cabell County Community Services Organization, Inc.
Cabin Service Control Panel
Cabin Services Director
Cabinet for Health Services
Câblage Prototypes Services
Cable Integrated Services Network
Cable Internet Service Provider
Cable Program Service
Cable Programming Services Tier
Cable Services Bureau
Cable Services Group
Cable Television Installation & Service
Cable Television Installation and Service
Cable Television Services
Cable-Television Relay Service
CAD Design & Drafting Services (India)
Cadet Inter Services Skill at Arms Meeting
Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service
Caisserie Conditionnement Service
Calculator and Computer Technology User Service
Calcutta Cathedral Relief Service
Caledon Community Services
Calef Hill Technology Services
Calgary Police Service
Calibration Services Laboratory
California Agricultural Statistics Service
California Children’s Services
California Counties Cooperative Audit Services Exchange
California County Superintendents Educational Services Association
California Department of Health Services
California Department of Social Services
California Emergency Services Association
California Filters Sales Service
California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services
California Institute on Human Services
California Internet Service Provider Association
California Relay Service
California School Information Services
California Service Center
California Teratogen Information Service
California Unified Service Providers
Call for Service
Call Independent Supplementary Service
Call Mover Service
Call Service Position
Call Service Position
Call Service Position Console
Caller’s Emergency Service Identification
Calling Name Delivery Service
Calling Number Identification Service
Callpath Services Architecture
Calvert Administrative Services Company
Calvert Education Services
Cambridge Council for Voluntary Service
CAMEL Service Equipment (IP Multimedia Subsystem IMS)
Campbell Town Health and Community Service
Campus Bus Service
Campus Health Service
Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services
Campus Life Services
Campus Outreach Services
Campus Police Services
Campus Recreation Services
Campus Safety Escort Service
Campus Service Officer
Campus Services Building
Campus Technology Services
Campus Technology Services Administrator
Campus Video Services Alliance
Canada Border Services Agency
Canada Business Service Centre
Canada Immigration and Education Services
Canada Public Service Staff Relations Board
Canada-Nunavut Business Service Centre
Canadian Advanced Medical Services International
Canadian Agriculture Skills Service
Canadian Association of Parliamentary Support Services
Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services
Canadian Automotive Repair and Service Council
Canadian Auxiliary Territorial Services
Canadian Blood Services
Canadian Bond Rating Service
Canadian Club Management Information Service
Canadian College Health Service Association
Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation
Canadian Department of Supply & Services
Canadian Executive Services Association
Canadian Financial Services Ombudsman
Canadian Forces Postal Service
Canadian Forest Service
Canadian Friends Service Committee
Canadian Hydrographic Service
Canadian Ice Service
Canadian Inspection Service
Canadian Life and Health Insurance OmbudService
Canadian Listing Service
Canadian Meteorological Service
Canadian Oilfield Service and Supply Directory
Canadian Optimal Medication Prescribing and Utilization Service
Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal
Canadian Phoenician Community Services Club
Canadian Radiation Oncology Services
Canadian Resident Matching Service
Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
Canadian School of Public Service
Canadian Secret Service
Canadian Security Intelligence Service
Canadian Tire Financial Services
Canadian University Services Organization
Canadian University Services Overseas
Canadian University Travel Service
Canadian Volunteer Fire Service Association
Canadian Wildlife Service
Cancer Information Service
Cancer Information Service Telephone Evaluation and Reporting System
Cancer Services & Policy Research Unit
Canon Professional Services
Canteen Service Company
Canwest News Service
CAP Token Verification Service (VASCO Data Security International, Inc.)
Capacity Building Service Center
Capacity Management Branch (US Internal Revenue Service
Capacity Service Provider
Cape Instrument Services
Capital Advisory Services
Capital Area Personnel Services Office, Navy
Capital Asset Realignment for Enhanced Services
Capital Legal Services
Capital Markets Surveillance Services
Capital Technology Information Services
Capitol Environmental Services Inc.
Capitol Exhibit Services, Inc.
Capreol, Ontario, Canada – Capreol / via Rail Service
Car Lux Service
Card Establishment Services, Inc
Card Information Services
Card Services
Card Services
Card Services for Credit Unions
Card Services Manager
Card Validation Service Provider
Cardiff Theatrical Services
Cardinal Air Services Inc
Care Purchasing Services, Inc.
Care Services Improvement Partnership
Career and Employment Services
Career Development Service System
Career Information Services, Inc
Career Placement Service
Career Service Advisory
Career Service Advisory Council
Career Service Center
Career Service Examinations
Career Service Vitae
Career Service Vitae
Career Services and Alumni Affairs
Career Services and Student Employment
Career Services Library
Careers Services Unit
Caregiving, Assistance, Respite, Education and Service
Carer Approval & Registration Service
Cargill Investor Services
Cargill Remote Operation Services
Cargo Airport Services USA, LLC
Cargo Network Services Corporation
Cargo Portal Services
Caribbean Agricultural Information Service
Caribbean Financial Services Corporation
Caribbean Regional Ecumenical Advisory and Service Centre
Carma Billing Services Inc
Carnegie Mellon Dining Services
Carol Info Services Limited
Carolina AIDS Resource and Education Service
Carolina Donor Services
Carolina Wiring Service
Carried Forward Unserviceability
Carrier Aircraft Service Detachment
Carrier Ethernet Services
Carrier Identification Code Service
Carrier Route Information Service
Carrier Services Agreement
Carrier Services Gateway
Carrier Services Group
Carrier Universal Service Charge
Cartonnage Bretagne Service
Casa Allegra Community Services
Cascade Accounting & Tax Services
CASE Information Services
CASE Integration Services
Case Management and Information Services Branch
Cash Available for Debt Service
Cash Flow Available for Debt Service
Cash Management Services
Casino Service Industry
Caspian Services, Inc.
Cass Community Social Services
Casselman, Ontario, Canada – Casselman / via Rail Service
Castle Transmission Services Limited (UK)
Casualties, Hazards, Access, Location, Emergency Services, Type of Incident
Catalog Distribution Service
Catalog of Member Products and Services
Catalog Services for Web
Catalogue of Data Services
Catastrophe Duty Assistance Services
Categories of Service
Catering and Residential Services
Catering International and Services
Caterpillar Logistics Services
Catholic Charities Legal Services
Catholic Community Services
Catholic Education Service
Catholic Ex-servicemen’s Association
Catholic Information Service
Catholic Network of Volunteer Service
Catholic News Service
Catholic Relief Services
Catholic Services Appeal
Catholic Services of Macomb
Catholic Social Services
Catholic Social Services of Oakland County
Catholic Social Services of Summit County
Catholic Social Services of Wayne County
Catholic Welfare Services
CDC Information Systems Support Services
CDC Information Technology Services
CE Terminal Services Client
Cell Broadcast Service
Cell Broadcast Short Message Service
Cell Directory Service
Cell Relay Service
Cell Service Module
Cellular Messaging Teleservice
Cellular Mobile Telephone Service
Cellular Paging Teleservice
Cellular Priority Access Services
Cellular Priority Service
Cellular Radio Access for Broadband Services
Cellular Radio Telecommunications Service
Cellular Service Provider
Cellular Telephone Service
Celtic Global Services
Cemetery Consumer Service Council
CEN Horizontal European Service Standardization Strategy
Centennial Board of Cooperative Educational Services
Center for Academic Programs and Student Services
Center for Administering Rehabilitation and Employment Services
Center for Advanced Educational Services
Center for Advising and Career Services
Center for Aging Services Technologies
Center for Career Services
Center for Community-Based Service Learning
Center for Crime Victim Services
Center for Development of Human Services
Center for Education Technology Services
Center for Energy Research/Education/Service
Center for Environmental Assessment Services
Center for Essential Management Services
Center for Financial Services
Center for Forensic Service
Center for Health Policies and Services
Center for Human Services
Center for Human Services
Center for Industrial Services
Center for Information Services
Center for Information Training and Evaluation Services
Center for Investment Advisory Services
Center for Leadership and Service
Center for Leadership Education and Service
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Center for Mental Health Services
Center for Pan Asian Community Services, Inc.
Center for Quality Services
Center for Teaching and Learning Services
Center for the Evaluation of Emergency Medical Services
Center for Trade Union and Workers’ Services
Center Weather Service Unit
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Central Application Service for Physician Assistants
Central Attendant Service
Central Authentication Service
Central Baptist Family Services
Central Computing and Network Support Services
Central Connecticut Paratransit Service
Central Corporate Services Unit
Central Department of Operational Services
Central Depository Services Limited
Central East Preschool Autism Services
Central E-Mail Service
Central Excise and Service Tax
Central Fairfax Services, Inc.
Central Field Services
Central Florida Emergency Services Institute
Central Florida Legal Services
Central Illinois Public Service
Central Imaging Operation Services
Central Indiana Commuter Services
Central Intelligence Service
Central Locating Service
Central Login Service
Central Management Services
Central Material Service
Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services
Central Monitoring Service
Central PA Rehabilitation Services Inc
Central Point Management Services
Central Refrigerated Service
Central Safety Consultancy Services Ltd
Central Security Service
Central Service Area Authority
Central Service Association
Central Service Board
Central Service Cost Allocation
Central Services Agency
Central Services Office
Central Services Organization
Central Services Team
Central Statistical Services
Central Sterile Services Department
Central Superior Services of Pakistan
Central Support Services
Central Venous Access Service
Central Virginia Community Services
Central Washington Podiatry Service
Central Weather Service Unit
Central Wisconsin Multiple Listing Service
Centrale Chretienne de l’Alimentation et des Services
Centrale Chretienne des Services Publics
Centrale de Loisirs d’Activités et de Services
Centrale Générale des Services Publics
Centralized Attendant Service
Centralized Real Estate Information Services, Inc
Centralized Service Server
Centralized Services Division
Centralized Transfusion Services
Centrally Funded Initiatives and Services and Special Allocations
Centre Collégial des Services Regroupés
Centre d’Exploitation des Services Internet
Centre de Commutation du Service Mobile
Centre de Controle des Radiocommunications des services Mobiles
Centre de Remboursement du Chèque Emploi Service Universel
Centre de Service Partagés
Centre du Service National
Centre for Evidence Based Social Services
Centre for Health Services Management
Centre for Human Service Technology
Centre for Information and Community Services of Ontario
Centre for Mental Health Service Development
Centre for Professional Services Management
Centre for Public Services
Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management
Centre Local de Services Communautaires
Centre Service Auto
Centre Service Métaux
Centre Télématique Services
Centrex Management Service
Century Business Services Inc.
Cerner Managed Services
Certificate in Offshore Financial Services and Administration
Certificate of Release to Service
Certificate Of Service
Certificate Services Remote Administration
Certificate Services Request
Certification Information Service
Certification Service Provider
Certified Administrator of Volunteer Services
Certified Commercial Network Service Provider
Certified Customer Service Analyst and Auditor
Certified Customer Service Executive
Certified Customer Service Professional
Certified Customer Service Representative
Certified Field Service Manager
Certified Financial Services Auditor
Certified Foodservice Professional
Certified Foodservice Purchasing Manager
Certified Funeral Service Practitioner
Certified Geriatric Service Provider
Certified Guest Service Professional
Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Professional
Certified Insurance Service Representative
Certified IRA Services Professional
Certified Payroll Services, Inc.
Certified Printing Service Specialist
Certified Professional Medical Services Management
Certified Professional Service Representative
Certified Professional Services Marketer
Certified Real Estate Services
Certified Retirement Services Professional
Certified Semen Services, Inc.
Certified Service Center
Certified Service Partner
Certified Service Technician
Certified Streaming Service Provider
Chambord, Quebec, Canada – Chambord / via Rail Service
Champagnes et Vins Service
Champaign Residential Services Inc.
Chandler, Quebec, Canada – Chandler / via Rail Service
Changi International Airport Services
Changing Times Music Services
Channel and Data Services Unit Managed Object
Channel Networking Service
Channel Service Committee
Channel Service Unit
Channel Services Operators
Chapin Technology Services LLC
Chaplain Service (US DoD)
Chaplain Service (US DoD)
Chaplain Service Us Dod
Chapter Distinguished Service Award
Charbonnel Propreté et Services
Charleston Financial Service Center
Charlottesville Transit Service
Chase Merchant Services
Chauffage Ramonage Service
Checkout, Assembly and Payload Processing Services
Checkout, Services, and Maintenance
Chemainus, British Columbia, Canada – Chemainus / via Rail Service
Chemical Abstract Service
Chemical Abstract Services Registry Number
Chemical Abstracts Registry Service
Chemical Abstracts Service
Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index
Chemical Association Service
Chemical Management Services
Chemical Reactions Documentation Service
Chemical Warfare Service
Chenega Technology Services Corporation
Cheryl’s Clerical and Design Services
Chester and District Textile Services
Chester County Regional Education Services
Chester Textile Services
Chevy Chase Financial Services
Chicago Area Interpreter Referral Service
Chicago City News Service
Chicago Wedding Services
Chief Administrative Services
Chief Integrated Support Services
Chief of Corporate Services
Chief Of The British Secret Service Mi6
Chief Of The British Secret Service Mi6
Chief of the British Secret Service, MI6
Chief of the British Secret Service, MI6
Chief of the British Secret Service, MI6
Chief of the British Secret Service, MI6
Chief Review Services
Chief Ship’s Serviceman
Chief Student Services Officer
Chief Technology and Services Officer
Chief, Central Security Service
Chiefs of Service
Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service
Child & Family Services
Child & Family Services Agency
Child Abduction Prevention & Support Services
Child Abuse Prevention Services
Child Abuse Training Services
Child Adult Protective Services System
Child Advocacy Parenting Services Inc
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Child and Adolescent Outreach Service
Child and Adolescent Service System Program
Child and Adolescent Services
Child and Adolescent Services Association
Child and Family Mental Health Services
Child and Family Services Act
Child and Family Services Review
Child and Family Support Services
Child and Parent Support Services
Child and Youth Services
Child and Youth Services Division
Child Care Information Services
Child Care Management Services
Child Care Review Services
Child Crisis Intervention Service
Child Custody Evaluation Service
Child Development Service Agencies
Child Development Services
Child in Need of Services
Child Protection Service Worker
Child Protective Services
Child Protective Services Central Registry
Child Welfare Service Employee
Child Welfare Services
Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatry Services
Childhood Development Services, Inc.
Children & Adolescent Services Association
Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Services
Children and Parents Support Service
Children and Young People’s Services
Children Family Services Center
Children Integrated Development Services
Children Services Administration Division
Children Services Board
Children, Young Persons and their families Service
Children’s Crisis Intervention Services
Children’s Health Services
Children’s Medical Services
Children’s Protective Services
Children’s Rehabilitation Services
Children’s Rehabilitative Services
Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin
Children’s Services Council
Children’s Services Information Service
Children’s Special Health Care Services
Chilliwack Addictions and Prevention Services
Chilliwack Community Services
Chilton Research Services
Chimie Tech Services
Chimney Service Institute of America
China Economic News Service
China Import Service Fee
China Inspection Services
China International Travel Service
China Oilfield Services Ltd
China Travel Service
Chinatown Service Center
Chinese Electronic Periodical Services
Chinese Newcomers Service Center
Chris Course Services
Christian Association of Pregnancy Support Services
Christian Brothers Investment Services
Christian Family Service Centre
Christian Record Services
Christian Record Services for the Blind
Christian Service Brigade
Christian Service Charities, Inc.
Christian Service Organizations of America
Christian Service Program
Christian Stewardship Services
Christian World Service
Christopher Hoare Tree Services
Church Association of Community Service
Church Development Services
Church World Service
Church World Service Emergency Response Program
Churches Child Protection Advisory Service
CIBC Investor Services, Inc.
Cincinnati Service Center
CIPFA Revenues and Benefits Service
Circuit Data Services
Circuit Emulation Service
Cisco Appliance and Services Architecture
Cisco Circuit Emulation Services
Cisco Link Services
Cisco Link Services Interface
Cisco Networking Services
Cisco Optical Multiservice Edge and Transport
Cisco Registered Envelope Service
Cisco Service Assurance Agent
Citicorp Investment Services
Citicorp Mortgage Services, Inc.
Citigroup Payment Services
Citigroup Security and Investigative Services
Citizen Band Radio Service
Citizen Information Service
Citizen Service Management
Citizen Service Platform
Citizens Library of Illinois Comprehensive Knowledge Service
Citizens Meritorious Service Award
Citizens Organized for Public Service
Citizens Radio Emergency Service Teams
Citizens Service Bureau
Citizens’ Network on Essential Services
Citizenship and Immigration Services
Citizenship and Service Education
City News Service
City Public Service
City Public Service Board
City Public Service Energy
Civic Welfare Training Service
Civil and Public Service Union
Civil and Public Services Association
Civil Engineering And Services Management Evaluation Team
Civil Engineering Technical Services Center
Civil Engineering Training Services Center
Civil Fingerprint Screening Services
Civil GPS Service Interface Committee
Civil GPS Service Interface Committee
Civil Service
Civil Service
Civil Service Act
Civil Service Annuitant
Civil Service Appeals Board
Civil Service Arbitration Tribunal
Civil Service Archery Association
Civil Service Association
Civil Service Bar Association
Civil Service Benevolent Fund
Civil Service Board
Civil Service Building Society
Civil Service Catering Organisation
Civil Service Clerical Association
Civil Service Club
Civil Service College
Civil Service Commission
Civil Service Department
Civil Service Downsizing
Civil Service Employee
Civil Service Examinations Unit
Civil Service Insurance Society
Civil Service Motoring Association
Civil Service Pension Scheme
Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance
Civil Service Provident Fund
Civil Service Public Housing Quota
Civil Service Reform Program
Civil Service Reform/Retirement Act
Civil Service Regulation
Civil Service Retirement
Civil Service Retirement & Disability Fund
Civil Service Retirement Fellowship
Civil Service Retirement System
Civil Service Sailing Association
Civil Service Selection Board
Civil Service Sports Council
Civil Service Steering Board
Civil Service Superannuation Fund
Civil Service Union
Civil Services Aptitude Test
Civilian Employee’s Health Service
Civilian Engineering & Technical Services
Civilian Health And Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
Civilian Personnel Management Services
Civilian Recognition, Employee Services and Training
Claim Imaging Operation Services
Claim Service Assistant
Claim Service Office
Claim Service Record
Clark Building Services
Clark County Legal Services
Class Of Service
Class of Service Override
Class of Service restriction
Classification Code Services
Classroom as a Service
Classroom Projection Service
Classroom Support Services
Classroom Technology Services
Clayman Management Services
Clean Water Service
Clean Water Services
Clear Channel Broadcasting Service
Clearing Integrated Services and Market Operations
Clearinghouse for Volunteer Accounting Services
Clermont County Community Services, Inc.
Cleveland Corporate Services, Inc.
Client Access Service
Client Access to Systems and Services
Client Access to Systems and Services
Client Integration Implementation Service
Client Managed Personal Attendant Services
Client Online Services
Client Safety Services
Client Service Agent
Client Service Center
Client Service Representative
Client Service Team
Client Services Division
Client Services Office
Client Services Supervisor
Client Services Team Leader
Client Support Service
Client to Services
Client, Adapter, Protocol, Service
Clientless IP Service Selection
Climate Change and Sustainability Services
Climate Information and Prediction Services
Climate Risk and Yield Information Service
Climatique et Thermique Service
Clinic Consult Service
Clinic for Developmental Therapy Services
Clinical Administrative Data Service
Clinical Engineering Service
Clinical Evaluation and Services Initiative
Clinical Management Services
Clinical Observations Access Service
Clinical Record Service
Clinical Trial Service Unit
Clinical Trial Services
Clinton School of Public Service
Close of Service
Clozaril Patient Monitoring Services
CO2 Removal Service
Coach Limousine Service
Coachella Valley Collection Service
Coalition for Access to Medical Services, Equipment and Technology
Coalition of Aboriginal Legal Services
Coalition of Health Services
Coalition of Service Industries
Coalition of Services for the Elderly
Coalition to Improve Maternity Services
Coast Guard Investigative Service
Coastal Child & Adolescent Therapeutic Service
Coastal Services Center
Coastguard Boating Education Service
Coating Specialists and Inspection Services, Inc.
Cocaine Anonymous World Service Office
Codefusion Internet Services
Cogeco Data Services, Inc.
Cognitive Rehabilitation and Family Support Services
Cohesion Legal Services Centre
Cohousing Association of Central Texas Umbrella Services
Coin Message Delivery Service
Colchester Residential Services Society
Cold War Service Medal
Colin Farrar Brewery Services
Colin Farrar Brewery Services
Colisée Audiovisuel Services
Collaborating to Ensure Effective Service Delivery
Collaboration Support Service
Collaborative Customer Service
Collaborative Digital Reference Service
Collaborative Organization of Services for Youth
Collaborative Rural Interdisciplinary Service Training and Learning
Collaborative Service Planning
Collaborative Testing Services, Inc
Collaborative Web Services Platform
Collectible Specialties Import Services
Collections and Technical Services Association
Collectivités Bureaux Services
College Level Assessment and Survey Services
College Level Assessment and Survey Services
College of Education and Human Services
College of Public Affairs and Community Service
College of Public and Community Service
College Scholarship Service
College Student Insurance Service
Collegiate Funding Services, LLC
Collision Automotive Repair Services, Inc
Colombian American Service Association, Inc.
Colomer Service Location
Colonial Police Meritorious Service Medal
Colonial Services Board
Color Copy Service
Colorado Association of Alcohol and Drug Services Providers
Colorado Department of Human Services
Colorado Department of Social Services
Colorado Housing and Mortgage Services
Colorado Information Technology Services
Colorado Refugee Service Programs
Colorado Resort Services
Colorado Rural Legal Services, Inc.
Colorado State Forest Service
Combat Information Retrieval Service
Combat Readiness By Electronic Service Testing
Combat Service Group
Combat Service Support
Combat Service Support Area
Combat Service Support Command and Control System
Combat Service Support Company
Combat Service Support Control System
Combat Service Support Control System – Echelon Above Corps
Combat Service Support Detachment
Combat Service Support Division
combat service support element (US DoD)
Combat Service Support Operations Center
Combat Service Support System
Combat Service Support Tactical Simulation System
Combat Service Support Team
Combat Service Support Training Simulation System
combat service support unit
Combat Service to The Army
Combat Services Support Battalion
Combat Support/Combat Service Support
Combination Service Entrance Device
Combined Aerial Target Service
Combined Arms and Services Staff School
Combined Defense Services
Combined Diving & Inspection Services
Combined Episcopal Services Appeal
Combined GPRS Service Node
Combined Maritime Services Limited
Combined Service Support
Combined Services Canoe Association
Combined Services Caving Association
Combined Services Drawing
Combined Services Support Program
COMDISCO Disaster Recovery Services
Comité de Coordination du Service Volontaire International
Comite Electrotechnique Beige Service de la Marque
Command and Service Module
Command Communications Service Designator
Command Dental Service Reporting System
Command Service Module
Command Support Services
Commanded Out-Of-Service
Commander Service Group
Commerce Service Provider
Commercial Air Service Standards
Commercial Artists Services and Design
Commercial Credit Counseling Service
Commercial Crime Services
Commercial Driver Services, Inc
Commercial Electric Motor Service Inc.
Commercial Industrial Services
Commercial Location-Based Services
Commercial Mobile Radio Service
Commercial Net Lease Realty Services, Inc.
Commercial Orbital Transportation Services
Commercial Property Services
Commercial Real Estate Services
Commercial Residential Services Company
Commercial Service
Commercial Service
Commercial Service
Commercial Service Area
Commercial Service Authorization
Commercial Service Buenos Aires
Commercial Services Agreement
Commercial Services Bureau
Commercial Services Division
Commercial Sex Information Service
Commercial Tire Service
Commercial Training Simulator Services
Commercial Transportation Adjustment Service
Commercial Vendor Services
Commission des Chefs de Services Financiers
Commission des Services Juridiques
Commission for Public Service Appointments
Commission on Accreditation of Air-Medical Services
Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services
Commission on Standards and Accreditation of Services for the Blind
Commissionaires Distinguished Service Medal
Commissioned Time in Service
Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services
Committee for AIDS Resources, Education and Services
Committee for Public Counsel Services
Committee of the Chiefs of Military Medical Services in NATO
Committee on Services to State Associations
Committee on Valuing the Protection of Ecological Systems and Services
Commodity Trend Service, Inc.
Common Application Service Elements
Common Applications and Tools Integration Services
Common Authentication and Authorization Service
Common Core Services
Common Delivery of Installation Services
Common Geopositioning Services
Common Infrastructure and Service Delivery Review
Common Intelligence Services Layer
Common Internet File Services
Common Management Information Protocol/Common Management Information Services
Common Management Information Service
Common Management Information Service Element
Common Object Service
Common Object Services Specification
Common Open Policy Service
Common Open Policy Service for Policy Provisioning
Common Open Policy Service Protocol, Request for Comments
Common Open Protocol Service
Common Registration Service
Common Service Centre
Common Service Network
Common Service Verb
Common Service Verb
Common Services Area
Common Services Subsystem
Common Services Terminal System
Common Use Self Service
Commonwealth Custodial Services
Commonwealth Legal Advisory Service
Commonwealth Media Services
Commonwealth Mobile Oral Health Services, LLC
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Access to Social Services
Commonwealth Public Service
Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service
Commonwealth Universities Database Online Service
Commonwealth’s Attorney Services Council
Communication and Information Management Services
Communication and Network Services
Communication Application Service Provider
Communication Informatique Service
Communication Service Equipment
Communication Service Order
Communication Service Requirements
Communication Services for the Deaf
Communication Theory, Reliability and Quality of Service
Communications Data Services Inc
Communications Information Services, Incorporated
Communications Network Services
Communications Outsourcing and Professional Services
Communications Service Authorization
Communications Service Entrance Room
communications service industrial fund
Communications Service Node
Communications Service of Louisiana
Communications Service Provider
Communications Service Request
Communications Services
Communications Services
Communications Services Processor
Communications Services Tax
Communications Supply Service Association
Communications With & Service to the Public
Communications, Services and Infrastructure
Community Accounting Aid Service
Community Action Service
Community Action Services Center
Community Adult Residential Services
Community Agency School Services
Community Alcohol and Drug Services
Community Alliance and Services for Young Children
Community and Environmental Defense Services
Community and Family Health Services Division
Community and Industry Services
Community and Organizational Services
Community Antenna Relay Service
Community Assault Prevention Services
Community Awareness and Treatment Services, Inc.
Community Based Emergency Relief Services
Community Based In-Home Services
Community Based Youth Services
Community Building Resource Service
Community Care Services Program
Community Club Research Information Service Project
Community Dental Service
Community Education Outreach Service
Community Educational Services Foundation
Community Emergency Medical Services
Community Emergency Resources and Vital Services
Community Environmental Service Teams
Community Financial Services
Community Financial Services Association
Community Financial Services Association of America
Community Financial Services Bank
Community Financial Services Centre
Community Forensic Mental Health Service
Community Health and Counseling Services
Community Health and Social Services
Community Health Education Emergency Rescue Services
Community Health Planning Services
Community Health Services
Community Higher Education Service Partnerships
Community Information Delivery Service
Community Information Service
Community Integrated Service Network
Community Integrated Service Systems
Community Legal Service
Community Legal Services and Counseling Center
Community Legal Services Program
Community Living Assistance and Support Services
Community Living Assistance and Support Services
Community Living Assistance Services and Supports
Community Living Assistance Services and Supports
Community Mediation Services
Community Mental Health Services
Community Nursing Services
Community of Interest Network Service
Community Oriented Policing Services
Community Outreach and Extension Services
Community Outreach Service
Community Personal Assistance Services and Supports Grant
Community Prevention and Addiction Services
Community Probation and Psychological Services
Community Relations Service
Community Research and Development Information Service
Community Research and Development Services
Community Safety and Correctional Services
Community Service
Community Service
Community Service Approval Form
Community Service Assistantship Program
Community Service Association
Community Service Assurance Reporting System
Community Service at a Homeless Shelter
Community Service Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Community Service Credit Union
Community Service Grant
Community Service Grant Program
Community Service Hours
Community Service Learning
Community Service Learning Abroad
Community Service Movement
Community Service Obligation
Community Service of Arizona
Community Service Officer
Community Service Plan
Community Service Project
Community Service Provider
Community Service Restitution
Community Service Scholarship
Community Service Society
Community Service Summer Fellowship
Community Service Volunteers
Community Service Volunteers
Community Service Worker
Community Services Act of 1974
Community Services Administration
Community Services Advisory Board
Community Services Agency
Community Services Block Grant
Community Services Board
Community Services Committee
Community Services Directorate
Community Services District
Community Services Employment Training
Community Services for Older Adults
Community Services Ministers Advisory Council
Community Services Network
Community Services Officer
Community Services Reimbursement Rate Commission
Community Services Unit
Community Services Workforce Development
Community Services YMCA
Community Support and Treatment Services
Community Support Services
Community Traffic Services Unit
Community Transit Service
Community Transportation Services
Community Treatment and Services Center
Community Urban Bus Service
Community Volunteer Service Awards
Community Wildlife Service
Community Work Service
Commuter Affairs and Community Service
Commuter Student Services
Comox Valley Family Services Association
Compact Service Node
Compagnie Guadeloupéenne de Services Publics
Companion Data Services, LLC
Companions of the Queen’s Service Order
Compaq Services Architecture Methodology
Comparison Group Selection Service
Compassionate Service Society
Competitive Electric Service Provider
Competitive Service Platform
Competitive Service Provider
Compiled Confederate Service Records
Compiled Service Record
Complaints Response and Information Service
Complementary Network Service
Complete Optical Multiservice Edge and Transport
Complete Purchasing Services, Inc.
Complete Service Life
Compliance Management Services
Component Integration Services
Component Service Model with Semantics
Component Service Provider
Composite Radio and Enhanced Service Delivery for the Olympics
Composite Service
Composite Service
Composite Service
Compound Technology Services
Comprehensive Analytical Laboratory Services
Comprehensive Assistance and Re-Employment Services
Comprehensive Community Support Services
Comprehensive Community-Based Youth Services
Comprehensive Engineering Services, Inc
Comprehensive Gender Services Program
Comprehensive Health Services
Comprehensive Payment Recovery Service, Inc.
Comprehensive Perinatal Services Program
Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, Inc.
Comprehensive Services Act
Comprehensive Services on Aging
Comprehensive Victim Service Agency
Comprehensive Youth Services Act
Compressed Video Transmission Service
Compression Service Adapter
CompuServe Information Service
CompuServe Network Services
Computational Administrative Professional And Engineering Services
Computational Analysis and Programming Support Services
Computational Biology Service Unit
Computational Fluid Dynamics Services
Computational Intelligence in Services Sciences
Computer Age Management Services Pvt Ltd
Computer and Networking Services
Computer and Tech Services of Appomattox
Computer Applications and Network Services
Computer Assistance and Training Services
Computer Assisted Testing Service
Computer Assurance Services
Computer Beratung Service
Computer Consultant Services
Computer Education Services Corp.
Computer Electronics Electrical Services
Computer Equipment or Service Request
Computer Information Delivery Service
Computer Information Service
Computer Mail Services, Inc.
Computer Network Service Professionals
Computer Operations and Information Services
Computer Output Processing Service
Computer Productivity Services
Computer Repair Services
Computer Service Center
Computer Service Centre Midlands
Computer Service Provider
Computer Service Representative
Computer Service Support
Computer Service Technician
Computer Services
Computer Services
Computer Services
Computer Services and Systems Division
Computer Services Association
Computer Services Bendigo
Computer Services Center
Computer Services Corporation
Computer Services for Academic Research
Computer Services Inc
Computer Services Inc.
Computer Services Industry Training Council
Computer Services of the Carolinas
Computer Services Squadron
Computer Software & Services Industry
Computer Software and Services Association
Computer Software Services
Computer Support Services, Inc.
Computer Technology Services
Computer Ticket Service Gmbh
Computer Training and Support Services
Computer Use in Social Services Network
Computer Users Information Service
Computer Web Services
Computer-Aided Service, Inc.
Computer-Assisted Health Services Simulation
Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval Service System
Computer-Assisted Real Time Services
Computer-Assisted Search Service
Computerized Toll Service
Computing and Information Services Newsletter
Computing and Media Services
Computing and Network Services
Computing and Telecommunications Services
Computing Services
Computing Services
Computing Services
Computing Services
Computing Services and Software Association, Ltd
Computing Services Centre
Computing Services User Group
Concept Nettoyage Service
Concept Query Services
Conceptual Open Hypermedia Services Environment
Concerned Foreign Service Officers
Concerned Parents for Arlington Adult Services
Concert Packet Services
Conciliation and Arbitration Service
Concurrency Control Service
Condition Based Service
Conditions Générales de Service
Conditions of Service
Confederation of Health Service Employees
Conference and Office Services
Conference Media Services Australia
Conference on E-Technology, E-Commerce, and E-Service
Conference Publishing Services
Confidential Portfolio Service
Configuration and Service Tracker
Configuration Management Application Service
Configuration Management Information Service
Configure to Order Services
Conformance Testing Service
Congregate Housing Services Program
Congregational Christian Service Committee
Congressional Information Service
Congressional Research Service
Connect Media Services
Connect Messaging Service
Connecticut Association of Personnel Services
Connection Oriented Message Service
Connectionless Broadband Data Service
Connectionless Data Bearer Service
Connectionless Transport Service
Connectionless-Mode Transport Service
Connection-Oriented Network Services
Connection-Oriented Network Services
Connection-Oriented Service
Conrod Technical Services
Conseil Canadien d’ Agrement des Services de Sante
Conseil des Services Essentiels
Conseil et Services dans la Communication des Entreprises
Conseiller Technique de Service Social
Conseils et Services Immobiliers
Conseils Services Prestations
Consensus Draft Services
Consensus Service Agreement
Consensus Service Termination
Conservative News Service
Console Communications Services
Consolidated Acquisition of Professional Services
Consolidated Food Service
Consolidated Fork Truck Services
Consolidated Investment Services Inc.
Consolidated Laboratory Services
Consolidated Service Desk
Consolidated Service Test
Consolidated Social Work Services
Consolidated Supply & Services International Ltd
Consolidated Transportation Services Agency
Consortium for Ecological and Energy Global Services
Consortium for Higher Education Software Services
Consortium of Australian Media Services
Consortium of Welsh Library and Information Services
Conspicuous Service Cross
Conspicuous Service Star
Constant Surveillance Service
Constant Unit Service
Constituent Services Information System
Construction and Professional Services Manual
Construction and Sustainable Services for Afghanistan
Construction Management Support Services
Construction Professional Services
Construction Services, Inc.
Consultancy-opleiding Payroll Services
Consultant Accreditation Service
Consultant and Affiliate Services
Consultative Committee for Standard Data Services
Consulting Engineering Services Limited
Consulting Engineers Services Pvt. Ltd.
Consulting Services Agreement
Consulting Services Contract Coordinator
Consulting Services Group
Consulting Services Organization
Consumer and Industry Services
Consumer Centered Services of Colorado
Consumer Credit Counseling Service
Consumer Credit Counseling Services of North Central Texas
Consumer Direct Warranty Services
Consumer Education and Training Services
Consumer Health Information Service
Consumer Home Services
Consumer Managed Personal Assistant Services
Consumer On-Line Information Network Service
Consumer Operated Service Program
Consumer Radio Service
Consumer Recreation Services
Consumer Services Division
Consumer Services Group
Consumer Venture Advice and Services
Consumer, Industrial Products & Services
Consumer-Directed Personal Assistance Service
Contact Center Services
Contact Print Services
Contact Service Queue
Container Service Charge
Container Shipping Information Service
Container Technical Services
Container Terminal Services
Containerized Self Service Laundry
Contemporary Art Services Tasmania
Content Adaptation Service
Content Directory Service
Content Distribution Service
Content Intelligence Services
Content Management Interoperability Services
Content Management Service
Content Rendition Services
Content Replication Service
Content Service Provider
Content Service Request
Content Service Switch
Content Services Gateway
Content Services Switch Operation and Configuration
Context-Aware Adaptation Mechanisms for Pervasive and Ubiquitous Services
Continental Field Service Corp
Continental Trading and Services
Contingency Contract Administration Services
contingency contract administration services commander
Contingency Management Services, Inc.
Continual Service Improvement
Continued Service Plan
Continuing Education and Training Service
Continuing Education and Workforce Services
Continuing Education Services Inc.
Continuing Service Agreement
continuity of operations plan designated successor service chief
Continuity of Service
Continuity of Service Set
Continuous Commercial Service
Continuous Service Improvement Programme
Continuous Signature Service
Continuous Surveillance Service
Contolled Indoor Air Management Services
Contraception, Gynecology, and Sexuality Services
Contract Administration Services
Contract Administration Services
Contract Administrative Services
Contract Advisory Assistance Services
Contract Air Services
Contract and Management Services
Contract Field Services
Contract Instruction Services
Contract Maintenance Services
Contract Personnel Services
Contract Research and Manufacturing Services
Contract Service Level Agreement
Contract Service Rework Order
Contract Services
Contract Services
Contract Services
Contract Services Associates
Contract Services Association
Contract Services Association of America
Contract Services Branch
Contract Services Company/Corporation
Contract Support Services
Contract Technical Services
Contract/or Plant Service
Contracted Application Service Provider
Contractor Advisory and Assistance Services
Contractor Assistance and Advisory Service
Contractor Engineering & Technical Services
Contractor Field Service
Contractor Field Service Representative
Contractor Field Services Personnel
Contractor Information Service
Contractor Integrated Technical Information Services
Contractor Operation and Maintenance Services
Contractor Referral Service
Contractor Support Services
Contractor Technical Services
Contractor Technical Services Personnel
Contracts and Other Support Services
Contrat de Garantie de Services
Contribution au Service Public de l’Electricité
Control Center Service
control communications service designator
CONUS Support Based Services
Convention Services Bureau
Convention Services Manager
Converged Network Services
Converged Network Services Group
Converged Service Delivery
Converged Service Provision
Converged Services Platform
Converged Services Portal
Convergence of Broadcast and Mobile Services
Conversion and Renewable Energy Inquiry and Referral Service
Conversion Service International, Inc.
Conveyancing Marketing Services Limited
Conwy Voluntary Services Council
Cook County Bureau of Health Services
Cook Inlet Real Estate Services
Cooling System Flush Service
Co-Op Services Credit Union
Coopérant du Service National
Cooperating Library Service Unit
Co-operative Education & Career Services
Cooperative Educational Service Agency
Cooperative Educational Services
Cooperative Extension Service
Cooperative Group Buying Service
Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services
Cooperative Library Agency for Systems and Services
Cooperative Personnel Services
Co-Operative Retail Services, Ltd.
Cooperative Service Directories
Cooperative State Research Service
Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Coor Service Management
Coordinated African Programme of Assistance on Services
Coordinated ASW Services & Training
Coordinated Counseling Services
Coordinated Family Services
Coordinated Transportation Service Agency
Coordinated Transportation Services Agency
Coordinated Youth Services Council
Co-ordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service
Coordinating Committee on Services
Coordination Bâtiment Services
Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
Copernicus Online Service and Information System
Copper & Brass Servicenter Association, Inc.
Copy Service Plan
Copyright Online Royalties Service
CORBA Service
Core Business Services
Core Data Services
Core Enterprise Service
Core Security Services
Core Service Access Point
Core Service Agency
Core Service Data Unit
Corinthian Internet Services
Cork City Local Employment Service
Cornea and Contact Lens Service
Cornerstone Professional Services
Corness Consultancy Services
Corporate & Continuing Education Services
Corporate Actions Enhanced Services
Corporate Advisory Service
Corporate Benefit Services of America
Corporate Brand Services
Corporate Environmental Data Services Program
Corporate Headquarters Administrative Services
Corporate Information and Computing Services
Corporate Information Services
Corporate Marketing Services
Corporate Media Service
Corporate Network Brokerage Services
Corporate Network Services
Corporate Operations Information Services
Corporate Professional Services, Inc.
Corporate Protection Security Services Pty Ltd
Corporate Protection Services
Corporate Real Estate & Services
Corporate Science and Analytical Services Directorate
Corporate Service Corps
Corporate Service Price Index
Corporate Services Agency
Corporate Services and Real Estate
Corporate Services Division
Corporate Training Services
Corporate Travel Service
Corporation des Services en Éducation de l’Ontario
Corporation for National and Community Service
Corporation for National and Community Service
Corporation for National Service
Corps of Engineers Automated Legal Services
Corps Service Area
Corps Theater ADP Service Center
Correction Based Service
Correctional Exemplary Service Medal
Correctional Medical Services
Correctional Service of Canada
Correctional Services Technician
Corrective Service Diskettes
Corrective Services Investigation Unit
Correspondent Services Corporation
Corrugated Services, Inc
Corrugated Services, Inc
Corus Northern Engineering Services
Cory Environmental Municipal Services
Cosmopolitan Travel Service
Cost Basis Reporting Service
Cost of Community Services
Cost of Service
Cost of Service Delivery
Cost/Benefit Estimating Service
Cost-of-Service Analysis
Cottier Prestations Services
Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Program Services Inc
Council for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services
Council of Civil Service Unions
Council of Civil Service Unions
Council of Community Health Services
Council of Community Services of New York State
Council of Overseas Chinese Services, Inc
Council of Regional Networks for Genetic Services
Council of Voluntary Social Services
Council on Early Childhood Developmental Services
Council on Medical Service
Council on Technology Services
Council Services Directory
Council with Social Services Responsibilities
Councils for Voluntary Services
Counseling and Career Services
Counseling and Health Services
Counseling and Human Development Services
Counseling and Psychological Services
Counseling Guidance and Personnel Services
Counseling Support Services
Counseling, Health and Wellness Services
Counter Disaster and Rescue Service
Counter Fraud and Security Management Service
Counter Fraud Service
Counter-Fraud Investigation Service
Country Fire Service
Country of Origin Service
Countrywide Field Services Corporation
Countrywide Tax Service Corporation
County Medically Indigent Services Program
County Nursing Service
County School Service Fund
County Service Area
County Technical Assistance Service
County Veterans Service Officer
Course Development & Web Services
Course Management Service
Court Services Officer
Court Support Services Division
Courtesy, Respect, Unfailing in Service Excellence
Courts and Legal Services Act 1990
Coyne Textile Services
Crawford Music Services
Cray Research Service Bulletin
Creative Media Services
Creative Printing Services, Inc.
Creative Services Department
Creative Therapeutic Service, LLC
Creativity, Action and Service
Credit and Financial Services Fund
Credit Bureau Services Association
Credit Collection Service
Credit Counseling Services
Credit Counselling Services of Alberta
Credit Counselling Services of Toronto
Credit Indemnity & Financial Services
Credit Rating Information and Services Limited
Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited
Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd.
Credit Services Association
Credit Union Financial Services
Credit Union Insurance Services
Credit Union Member Insurance Services
Credit Union Service Centers
Credit Union Service Centers Network, Inc.
Credit Union Service Corporation
Credit Union Service Organization
Credit Union Tax Service
Creusot Maintenance Service Industrie
Crime Prosecution Service
Crime Victim Service Center
Crime Victim Services Commission
Crime Victims Services Section
Crimes Economiques de Services Sociaux
Criminal Defence Service
Criminal Intelligence Service Alberta
Criminal Intelligence Service Austria
Criminal Intelligence Service Canada
Criminal Investigation Service Command
Criminal Justice and Court Services Act
Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2002
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
Crisis Resolution Service
Crisis Support Services
Critical Incident Stress Management Services
Critical Response Medical Service
Cross Country Automotive Services
Cross Support Service
Cross-Registry Information Service Protocol
Crowd Management Services
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service
Crown Prosecution Service
Crown Quality Management Services
Crypto Service Provider
Cryptographic Device Services
Cryptographic Service Message
Cryptographic Service Provider
Cryptographic Services Adapter
Cryptography Support Services
cryptologic services group
Cryptomaterial Service
CSIRO Mathematical and Information Services
Cube Build Service
Cubic Field Services Canada, Ltd
Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
Culturally Appropriate Patient Support Services
Culture of Learning, Teaching and Service
Cumbria Alcohol and Drug Advisory Service
Cumulative Enlisted Service
CUNA Brokerage Services, Inc.
Cupertino Amateur Radio Emergency Service
Currency Exchange Web Service
Current News Service
Curriculum and Instructional Services
Curriculum Materials Service
Curriculum Service Canada
Curtailable Electric Service Program
Custom Computer Services, Inc.
Custom Data Services Cabinet
Custom Local Area Subscriber Service
Custom Local Area Subscriber Service
Custom Manufacturing Service
Custom Mapping Service
Custom Office Administrative Service
Custom Routing Service
Customer & Integrated Services Institute
Customer Access Services
Customer Account Services
Customer Ancillary Service
Customer Assistance Service Team
Customer Calling Service
Customer Data Service Facility
Customer Enhanced Service Ring
Customer Equipment Network Testing Service
Customer Equipment Service
Customer Implementation and Support Services
Customer Local Area Signal Service
Customer Local Area Signal Service
Customer Management Information Service
Customer Quality Service
Customer Self Service
Customer Self-Service System
Customer Service
Customer Service
Customer Service & Support
Customer Service Account Manager
Customer Service Action Form
Customer Service Administration
Customer Service Advisory Board
Customer Service Advocate
Customer Service Agent
Customer Service Agreement Form
Customer Service and Information Branch
Customer Service and Operations
Customer Service and Sales Representative
Customer Service Assessment and Management System
Customer Service Associates
Customer Service Assurance Center
Customer Service Benchmarking Association
Customer Service Benchmarking Australia
Customer Service Bureau
Customer Service Call Center
Customer Service Center
Customer Service Consultant
Customer Service Delivery
Customer Service Department
Customer Service Desk
Customer Service Director
Customer Service Division
Customer Service Document
Customer Service Engineer
Customer Service Excellence
Customer Service Function
Customer Service Group
Customer Service Improvement
Customer Service Improvement Plan
Customer Service Index
Customer Service Indicator
Customer Service Information Center
Customer Service Information System
Customer Service Informational Line
Customer Service Inquiry
Customer Service Inquiry System
Customer Service Institute of Australia
Customer Service Issue
Customer Service Leader
Customer Service Level
Customer Service Level Agreement
Customer Service Life Cycle
Customer Service Management
Customer Service Management System
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service Measurement
Customer Service Number
Customer Service Officer
Customer Service Operations Center
Customer Service Operations Manager
Customer Service Organization
Customer Service Platform
Customer Service Professional
Customer Service Profile
Customer Service Project Review
Customer Service Provider
Customer Service Questionnaire
Customer Service Quotient
Customer Service Record
Customer Service Report
Customer Service Representative
Customer Service Ring/Request
Customer Service Series
Customer Service Site
Customer Service Specialist
Customer Service Support Center
Customer Service System
Customer Service Task Force
Customer Service Team
Customer Service Unit
Customer Service Worker
Customer Service, Sales & Operations
Customer Services Accounts Assistants
Customer Services International
Customer Services Outsourcing Partner
Customer Support Forwarding Service
Customer Support Services
Customer Technical Service
Customized Auto Credit Services, Inc.
Customized Local Area Signaling Service
Customized Local Area Signaling Service
Customized Training Services
Customs Inspection Processing Services
Customs, Excise and Preventive Service
Cutlery and Small Tools Service Center
Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services
Cyber Threat Analysis and Detection Service
Cyber World Internet Services, Inc.
Cybercast News Service
Da Vinci Network Services
Daily Balancing Service
Daily Service Charge
Daily Service Planning Work
Daimler Chrysler Computing Services
Dairy Herd Health and Productivity Service
Dairy Information Services Kiosk
Dakota Ojibway Police Service
Dakota Plains Legal Services
Dan Leggett Appraisal Service
Daniel Barrett Decorating Services Ltd.
Daniel Moret Info Service
Danish Civil Security Service
Danish Security and Intelligence Service
Danish Working Environment Service
Danube River Information Service
Darling Downs Internet Services
Darlington Council for Voluntary Service
Dartmouth Adult Services Centre
Dartmouth Dining Service
Darwaz Rehabilitation and Services Association
Dassault Falcon Service
Data Access and Integration Services
Data Analysis Services Group
Data And Information Service For Clic
Data and Information Service for CliC
Data And Information Services For Clic
Data and Information Services for CliC
Data and Program Library Service
Data and Statistical Services
Data Archive and Distribution Service
Data Archiving and Networked Services
Data as a Service
Data Base Access Service
Data Base Service Module
Data Center Services
Data Communications Service
Data Communications Services Functions
Data Conversion Services Association
Data Delivery Service
Data Distribution Service
Data Information Service
Data Information Service Center
Data Information Service Center
Data Inventory Service
Data Management Services
Data Network Services
Data over Cable Service Interface Specification
Data Processing and Services Subsystems
Data Processing Service
Data Processing Service Center
Data Protection Service Management
Data Protection Service Provider
Data Protection Services, LLC
Data Quality Service
Data Recovery Service
Data Service Adapter
Data Service Cross-connect
Data Service Delivery
Data Service Development Library
Data Service Interface
Data Service Management Platform
Data Service Request
Data Service Unit
Data Service Vehicles
Data Services
Data Services Management Center
Data Services Management Complex
Data Services Manager
Data Services Project Manager
Data Services Project Manager
Data Services Segment
Data System Services
Data Technology Services, Inc.
Data Transformation Services
Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services
Data, Information, and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services
Data/Digital Service Unit
Database Access Integration Services
Database Service
Datamaxx Professional Services, Inc
Data-Over-Cable Service
Dataphone Digital Service
Date of Service
Date Service Established
Dattebayo Professional Services
DAV Charitable Service Trust
Davidson County Transportation Service
Day Care Services Association
Day Care Services for Children, Inc.
Days to First Service
DCS/Engineering & Services
DCS/Engineering & Services
DCS/Recruiting Service
DCS/Recruiting Service
De Bury Motoservice
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Interpreting Services, Inc.
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services
Deaf and Hearing Services
Deaf Service Bureau
Deaf Service Center
Deaf Service Center Association, Inc.
Deaf Services of Southern Oregon
Dealer Computer Services
Dealer Parts Service, Inc
Dealer Premium Service
Dealer Recommended Service
Dealer Satisfaction Online Buying Services
Dealer Service Portal
Debit Processing Service
Debt Clearing Services
Debt Collection Management Service
Debt Collection Services
Debt Management Services
Debt Negotiation Services
Debt Service
Debt Service Coverage
Debt Service Coverage Account
Debt Service Coverage Ratio
Debt Service Reserve Account
Debt Service Reserve Facility
Debt Service Reserve Fund
debt service undertaking
Deceased Service Member
decentralized automated service support system
Decentralized Automated Service Support System
Decentralized Software Services
Déclaration Européenne de Services
Declassified Documents Reference Service
Decommissioning Consulting Services Limited
Decommissioning Consulting Services Ltd.
Dedicated Hosting Service
Dedicated Service Tools
Dedicated Short-Range Communications Service
Dedicated Transmission Service
Default Supply Service Availability Charge
Defence Communications Services Agency
Defence Electronic Commerce Service
Defence Equipment Services Organisation
Defence Export Services Organisation
Defence Fire Service
Defence Fixed Telecommunications Service
Defence Food Services School
Defence Information Services Organization
Defence Long Service Medal
Defence Service Assistance Centre
Defence Services Asia
Defence Services Medical Academy
Defence Services Staff College
Defending Quality Public Services
Defense Acquisition Contract Service
Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Services
Defense Advisory Committee On Women In The Service
Defense Agencies Financial Service
Defense Audit Service
Defense Automated Bidders Service
Defense Automated Printing Service
Defense Automation and Production Service
Defense Contract Administration Services
Defense Contract Audit Service
Defense Courier Service/Station
Defense Criminal Investigative Services
Defense Department Advisory Committee on Women in the Services
Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Defense Electronics Control Service
Defense Enterprise Integration Services
Defense Environmental Network Information Service
Defense Finance & Accounting Service
Defense Finance & Accounting Service – Denver
Defense Finance and Accounting Service Technology Services Organization
Defense Financial Auditing Service
Defense Financial Services Center
Defense Health Services Systems
Defense Health Services Systems
Defense Human Intelligence Service
Defense Human Intelligence Service (US DoD)
Defense Information Service
Defense Information System Network – Leading Edge Services
Defense Information System Network Access Transport Services
Defense Intelligence Service
Defense Internet NOTAM Service
Defense Investigative Service
Defense Investigative Service Contract Office
Defense Legal Services
Defense Legal Services Agency
Defense Logistics Enterprise Services Program
Defense Logistics Information Service
Defense Logistics Service Center
Defense Maintenance Inter-service
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Defense Message Service
Defense Outplacement Referral Service
Defense Printing Service
Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services Inc
Defense Property Disposal Service
Defense Protective Service
Defense Regional Interservice Support
Defense Retail Interservice Support
Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service
Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service Automated Information System
Defense Reutilization and Marketing Services International
Defense Security Service
Defense Services Administration
Defense Services Network
Defense Superior Service Medal
Defense Supply Services
Defense Support Services
Defense Support Services, Inc.
Defense Switched Services
Defense Technical Integration Services
Defense Traffic Management Service
Defense Vision Services
Defensie Interservice Commando
Delahaye Multiservices Habitat
Delaware Health and Social Services
Delaware Health and Social Services
Delaware North Parks Services
Delaware Volunteer Legal Services
Delayed Service Order
Delegated Administration Service
Delegated Management Services
Delegation Interservices de l’Eau
Deliver Ultimate Customer Service
Delivering Environmental Web Services
Delivery and Access to Local Information and Services
Delivery as a Service
Delivery of Improved Services for Health
Delivery Service Pack
Dell Financial Services LP
Dell Service Provide
Delta Bati Service Elec
Delta College Corporate Services
Delta Industrie Service
Demand Access Service
Demand Management Services
Demand Responsive Extended Area Mobility Services
Democratic Services Officer
Denbighshire Voluntary Services Council
Denial Of Service
Denied Originating Service
Denied Terminating Service
Dental Alternatives Insurance Services, Inc
Dental Health Services Victoria
Dental Investigation Service
Dental Management Service Organization
Dental Management Service Organization
Denver Department of Human Services
Denver Service Center
Dépannage Électroménager Services
Depannage Installation Maintenance Service
Department for Administrative and Information Services
Department for Medicaid Services
Department of Administrative Services
Department of Administrative Services
Department of Aging and Adult Services
Department of Aging and Disability Services
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service
Department of Animal Services
Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services
Department of Behavioral Health Services
Department of Child Support Services
Department of Child Youth and Family Services
Department of Children and Family Services
Department of Children and Youth Services
Department of Children’s Services
Department of Citywide Administrative Services
Department of Civil Service
Department of Civil Service Administration
Department of Community Services
Department of Consumer and Industry Services
Department of Correctional Services
Department of Corrective Services
Department of Defense Library Research Service
Department of Developmental Services
Department of Driver Services
Department of Education and Children’s Services
Department of Emergency Services
Department of Employment and Social Services
Department of Employment Services
Department of Employment Services
Department of Environmental Services
Department of Environmental Services
Department of External Services
Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs
Department of Family and Community Services
Department of Family and Protective Services
Department of Family and Support Services
Department of Family and Youth Services
Department of Financial Services
Department of Fire and Building Services
Department of Fire and Emergency Services
Department Of General Services
Department of General Services
Department of Health & Human Services
Department of Health & Human Services
Department of Health and Family Services
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of Health and Senior Services
Department of Health and Senior Services
Department of Health Services
Department of Health Services
Department of Healthcare and Family Services
Department of Homeless Services
Department of Human Service Programs
Department of Human Services
Department of Information Services
Department of Legal Affairs and Services
Department of Legal Services
Department of Management Services
Department of Medical Assistance Services
Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Department of Mental Health Mental Retardation and Alcoholism Services
Department of Mental Health Services
Department of Neighborhood Services and Community Development
Department of Pastoral Services
Department of Probation and Child Care Services
Department of Public Health and Social Services
Department of Public Service
Department of Public Social Services
Department of Public Works and Services
Department of Pupil Services
Department of Records and Information Services
Department of Rehabilitation Services
Department of Rehabilitation Services
Department of Rehabilitative Services
Department of Research and Specialist Services
Department of Senior Adult Services
Department of Services to Palestinian Refugees
Department of Small Business Services
Department of Social & Health Services
Department of Social Services
Department of State Courier Service
Department of State Health Services
Department of Supplies & Services
Department of Systems Management for Human Services
Department of Technology Services
Department of Telecommunications and Information Services
Department of the Army Software Support Services
Department of Training Services
Department of Transport and Regional Services
Department of Transport and Regional Services
Department of Urban Development and Engineering Services
Department of Veterans’ Service
Department of Welfare Services
Department of Workforce Services
Department on Disability Services
Department Service Number
Departmental Legal Service Unit
Departmental Services
Departmental Services Branch
DePaul Community Service Association
Dependable and Secure Services Computing
Deploying Quality of Service
Deployment Readiness Service
Depository Services Program
Dépôt Bennes Services
Depot Maintenance Interservice
Depot Maintenance Interservice Study
Depot Maintenance Service
Depraetere Kart Services
Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
Deputy Commander of Clinical Services
Deputy Director of Health Services
Deputy Director of Medical Services
Derby Council for Voluntary Service
Derbyshire Autism Services Group
Derwentside Council for Voluntary Service
Des Moines Flying Service
Descriptive Video Service
Design and Evaluation Services for Clients
Design for Serviceability
Design Service Center
Design Services Allocation
Design Services Procedures
Design Services, Inc.
Design Technology Consulting Services
Design to Order Service
Designated Fingerprinting Services
Designated Health Service
Designated Instruction and Services
Designated Operator Service
Designated Underwriting Servicer
Desktop Deployment Planning Services
Desktop Document Services
Desktop Services Organization
Desktop Technical Services
Desktop Technology Services Limited
Desktops As A Service
Destination Management Service
Destination Number Information Service
Detached Service
Detector Description Services
Detroit Executive Service Corps
Detroit Radio Information Service
Deutsche Forstservice GmbH
Deutsche Service-Gesellschaft der Bahn
Deutsche Service-Gesellschaft der Bahn
Deutsche Service-Gesellschaft der Bahn
Deutsche Telefon- und Marketing Services AG
Deutsche WertpapierServiceBank
Deutscher Orgon Service
Deutsches Forst Service Zertifikat
Developer Service Provider
Developing Business Service Markets
Development Alternatives Services Foundation
Development and Engineering Services
Development and Humanitarian Services for Afghanistan
Development Data Bases Service
Development Information Services Clearinghouse
Development Information Services Clearinghouse
Development of a European Service for Information on Research and Education
Development of Assets, Realty & Management Services
Development Services Building
Development Services Department
Development Services Office
Development Support Information Service
Development Support Services
Developmental Disabilities Services Division
Developmental Disability Management Services
Developmental Services Group, Inc.
Developmental Services Group, Inc.
Developmental Services Group, Inc.
Developmental Services Worker
Développement Industrie Service
Développement Informatique Service
Device Profile for Web Services
Devon Catering & Cleaning Services
DHL Global Forwarding (freight transportation service)
Diabetes Medication Assistance Service
Diagenics Allergy Information Services, Ltd
Diagnostic Policy Service
Diagnostic Services of Manitoba
Dial Access Service Interface
Dial Line Service
Dial Service Assistance
Dial Services Interface
Dialable Wideband Service
Dialed Access Service
Dialed Number Identification Service
Dialed Number Information Service
Diamond Promotion Service
Diana Edwards Show Services
DICOM Message Service Element
Dienstleistungs- Service Diekelmann
Diesel Lubricating Oil Service and Transfer
Dietetic Service Supervisor
Differential Global Positioning Service
Differentiated Services Code Point
Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
Digital Advanced Wireless Service
Digital Air Traffic Information Service
Digital Audio Radio Service
Digital Audio Transmission Service
Digital Automated Terminal Information Service
Digital Automatic Terminal Information Service
Digital Call Service Position
Digital Collaboration Service
Digital Creative Services
Digital Data Access Service
Digital Data Service
Digital Data Services Manager
Digital Derived Services Network
Digital Education Services
Digital Electronic Messaging Service
Digital Field Services
Digital Firewall Service
Digital Information Services Center
Digital Information Services Center
Digital Interface Service Unit
Digital Library eXtension Service
Digital Library Service Registry
Digital Marketing Services
Digital Media Distribution Service
Digital Media Services Platform
Digital Multi-Media Broadcasting Service
Digital Phone Service
Digital Private Line Service
Digital Products Services
Digital Reconfiguration Service
Digital Reference Service
Digital Satellite Services
Digital Security Service
Digital Service Access Devices
Digital Service Activation Meter
Digital Service Channel
Digital Service Line
Digital Service Line
Digital Service Provider
Digital Service Testing System
Digital Service Unit
Digital Services
Digital Services Network, Inc.
Digital Services Transmission Network
Digital Services Transport Network
Digital Signature Service
Digital Subscriber Service
Digital Switched Services
Digital Termination Service
Digital Time Synchronization Service
Digital Time-Stamping Service
Digital Video Services
Dimension Custom Telephone Service
Dining and Conference Services
Dining Services
Diocesan Migrant and Refugee Services, Inc
Diploma in Health Services Administration
Diploma in Public Service Interpreting
Diplomatic Security Service
Diplomatic Service Families Association
Diplomatic Telecommunications Service
Direct Access Discretionary Services Costs
Direct Access Service
Direct Booking Service
Direct Dial Service
Direct Digital Service
Direct Digital Telephone Service
Direct Energy Business Services
Direct Full Service
Direct Inward Service Access
Direct Marketing Service
Direct Marketing Services Limited
Direct Marketing Services, Inc
Direct Satellite Service
Direct Service Industry
Direct Service Professional
Direct Services Dialing
Direct Services-ANI-Based
Direct Support and Services
Directed VLAN Service
Directeur des Services d’Incendie et de Secours
Directeur des Services Financiers
Directeur des Services Medicaux
Directeur Général Adjoint des Services
Direction de l’Enseignement de Service en Informatique
Direction Départementale des Services Vétérinaires
Direction des Services de la Navigation Aérienne
Direction des Services Vétérinaires
Direction du Service d’Etat de l’Agriculture, de la Foret et de l’Environnement
Direction du Service National
Direction Générale De Services Etrangères
Direction Generale des Services
Direction Générale des Services Spéciaux
Direction Interrégionale des Services Pénitentiaires
Director General of the Foreign Service
Director General Service Tax
Director Military Family Services
Director of Adult Social Services
Director of Army Legal Services
Director of Base Medical Services
Director of Children’s Services
Director of Clinical Services
Director of Dental Services
Director of Disaster Services
Director of Emergency Services
Director of Emergency Services
Director of Environmental Health Services
Director of Health Services
Director of Library Services
Director of Member Services
Director of Nursing Services
Director of Professional Services
Director of Veterinary Services
Director of Volunteer Services
Director, Security Plans and Service
Directorate for Information Systems and Services (US DoD)
Directorate General, Factory Advice Service and Labour Institutes
Directorate of Dental Health Services
Directorate of Emergency Services
Directorate of Installation Services
Directorate of Land Service Ammunition
Directorate of Public Service Management
Directorate of Scientific Information Service
Directors of Real Property Tax Services
Directory and Name Service
Directory Assistance Service (RFC 1202)
Directory Location Service Monitor
Directory Management Service
Directory of Community Services
Directory of Laboratory Services
Directory Replication Service
Directory Service Administrator
Directory Service Agent
Directory Service Completion
Directory Service Infrastructure Administration
Directory Service Manager
Directory Service Specific Entries
Directory Services
Disabilities and Additional Needs Service
Disabilities Studies and Services Center
Disability Access Rights Advisory Service
Disability Attendant Support Services Inc.
Disability Conciliation Service
Disability Determination Services
Disability In-Service Training Support Service
Disability News and Information Service
Disability Reinsurance Management Services
Disability Resource and Educational Services
Disability Resources and Services Office
Disability Risk Management Services
Disability Services & Legal Center
Disability Services Queensland
Disability Support Programs & Services
Disability Support Services
Disabled Adults Transit Service
Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust
Disabled Student Services Office
Disabled Students Programs & Services
Disaster and Emergency Services
Disaster Emergency Services
Disaster Legal Services
Disaster Management Interoperability Service
Disaster Medical Services
Disaster Response Services
Disaster Services Agency
Disaster Services Technology
Disconnect Service Message
Discount Domain Name Services
Discover Financial Services
DISN Access Transport Services
DISN ATM Service
DISN Satellite Transmission Services – Global
DISN Transmission Services – Pacific
DISN Video Services
Disney Approach to Quality Service
Dispatching/Customer Service Application
Disposable Food Service Products
Disposal Services Agency
Disposition Service Notification
Dispute Resolution Program Services
Dispute Resolution Service
Dispute Resolution Service Provider
Dispute Resolution Services Limited
Dissemination Services Team
Distance Education Library Services
Distance Learning Library Services
Distance Learning Service
Distant Network Service
Distinctly Digital Services Company
Distinguished Affiliated Societies Service Award
Distinguished Chapter Service Award
Distinguished Civilian Service Award
Distinguished Customer Service Award
Distinguished Faculty Service Award
Distinguished Professional in Service Management
Distinguished Service Award
Distinguished Service Cross
Distinguished Service Medal
Distinguished Service Order
Distinguished Service Professorship
Distributed Authentication Security Service
Distributed Data Service
Distributed Database Connection Services
Distributed Denial of Service
Distributed Denial of Service
Distributed Diagnostics and Service Network
Distributed Dynamic Multiservice Architectures
Distributed Link Services
Distributed Media Services
Distributed Name Service
Distributed Object Oriented Reliable Service
Distributed Presentations Services
Distributed Print Services
Distributed Queuing Service
Distributed Reflected Denial of Service
Distributed Security Service
Distributed Service Logic
Distributed Service Logic
Distributed Services
Distributed Services Steering Committee
Distributed Time Service
Distribution and Service, Inc.
Distribution Business Services Ltd.
Distribution Gestion Service
Distribution Services
Distribution System Service
Distribution, Marketing, Sales, and Service
District Director of Health Services
District Health Services Project
District Legal Service Authority
District of Columbia Pretrial Services Agency
District Parts & Service Manager
District Service and Parts Manager
District Service and Parts Manager
Diversified Aero Services, Inc.
Diversified Agency Services
Diversified Business Services
Diversified Collection Services, Inc.
Diversified Scientific Services, Inc.
Diversified Services for Industry, Inc
Diversity Student Services
Division for Aging Services
Division for Children and Youth Services
Division for Juvenile Justice Services
Division for Service and Mission in America
Division Legislative Services
Division of Administrative Services
Division of Aging and Adult Services
Division of Behavorial Health Services
Division of Blind Services
Division of Child Welfare Services
Division of Children and Family Services
Division of Children, Youth, and Family Services
Division of Community-Based Prevention Services
Division of Criminal Justice Information Services
Division of Developmental Disabilities Services
Division of Disability and Aging Services
Division of Disability Determination Services
Division of Emergency Services
Division of Engineering Services
Division of Environmental Health Services
Division of Environmental Services
Division of Families and Children’s Services
Division of Family and Child Services
Division of Family and Youth Services
Division of Family Health Services
Division of Family Services
Division of Financial and Administrative Services
Division of General Services
Division of Governmental Studies and Services
Division of Healthy Start and Perinatal Services
Division of HIV Services
Division of HIV/AIDS Services
Division of Housing and Food Services
Division of Intellectual Disabilities Services
Division of International Services
Division of Library and Information Services
Division of Local Government Services
Division of Logistics Services
Division of Mail and Courier Services
Division of Management, Information and Support Services
Division of Medical Services
Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Division of Nutritional Services
Division of Public Service
Division of Rehabilitation Services
Division of Services for Crippled Children
Division of Services for the Blind
Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Division of Services Improvement
Division of Substance Abuse Services
Division of Support Services
Division of Teaching and Learning Services
Division of Technical Services
Division of Travel and Transportation Services
Division of Unaccompanied Children’s Services
Division of Workforce and Employment Services
Division of Youth Services
Dixie Land Internet Service
DLA Support Services
DMV Customer Service Queuing Management System (California)
Dnet Internet Services
Doctor of Health Services Management
Doctor’s Dental Services, Inc.
Doctors for Emergency Service
Doctors on Call for Service
Doctors’ Health Advisory Service
Document Accessibility Services
Document Automation & Production Service
Document Delivery Services
Document Distribution Service
Document Imaging Services Company
Document Imaging Services Company
Document Management Services
Document Processing Services
Document Production Services
Document Retrieval Service
Document Service Center
Document Services for Printing
Documentation, Information, and Training Service
Documentum Foundation Services
Doggie Protective Services
Dolores Street Community Services
Domain Central Service Provider
Domain Name Server/Service
Domain Name Service
Domain Services for Windows
Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Intervention Services
Domestic Abuse Intervention Services
Domestic Appliance Repair Services
Domestic Delivery Service
Domestic Satellite Service
Domestic Violence Intervention Services
Domestic Violence Service Center
Domestic Voice Service Provider
Domestic Volunteer Service Act of 1973
Domiciliary Care Service
Dominica Public Service Union
Dominican Community Services
Dominion Sportservice
Domino Attachment and Object Service
Domino Enterprise Connection Services
Domino Off-Line Services
Domino Unified Communications Services
Dorset Professional Services, Inc
DOS Protected Mode Services
DOSECC Exploration Services, LLC (Salt Lake City, UT)
Downstream Pipe Balancing Service
Downtown Special Services District
Draft Municipal Service Review
Drainage Services Department
Dredging Operations Technical Services
Drive a Service Member Home
Driver and Motor Vehicle Services
Driver and Vehicle Services
Driver and WHQL Engineering Services (Intel Corp.)
Drivers License Service
Driving Schools Booking Services
Drogue Alcool Tabac Info Service
Drug & Alcohol Training Service
Drug and Alcohol Services
Drug and Alcohol Services Council
Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia
Drug and Toxicology Information Service
Drug Development Consulting Services
Drug Education Support Service
Drug Evaluation, Treatment and Outpatient Clinical Services
Drug Treatment Service
Drugs Prevention Advisory Service
DSL Services Group
DSL Services Group
DSL Services Group
DSML Services for Windows
DSTL Radiological Protection Services (UK Ministry of Defense)
Dual Driver Service
Dubai Financial Services Authority
Dudleys Quality Computer Services
Duke Energy Generation Services
Duke Project Services Group
Dun & Bradstreet Consumer Credit Service
Durham Biodiversity Data Service
Durham Regional Police Service
Dutch Broadcasting Service
Dutch Protein & Services
Dynacorp Tri-Cities Services Inc.
Dynamic Application Service Management
Dynamic Consulting Services
Dynamic Host Information Services
Dynamic Quality of Service
Dynamic Service Adaptation
Dynamic Service Add
Dynamic Service Delete
Eagles Service Society
Ealing Youth Counselling and Information Service
Earlham Computing Services
Early Ammonia Servicer
Early Childhood Development Services
Early Childhood Education Service
Early Childhood Services
Early Intervention in Psychosis Service
Early Intervention Services
Early Psychosis Support Service
Early Years Service
Earth Exploration Satellite Service
Earth Observation Data Services
East Alabama Regional In-Service Center
East Anglian Ambulance Service
East Grampians Health Service
East India Company’s Service
East Kilbride Engineering Services
East Lothian Council Archaeology Service
East Midlands Ambulance Service
East Midlands Business Services Ltd.
East Sussex Music Service
East Texas Community Health Services, Inc.
East Texas Financial Services, Inc.
East Texas Legal Services
East Valley Senior Services
East View Information Services
East Wellington Community Services
Eastbourne Association of Voluntary Services
Eastern Area Adult Services
Eastern Computer Services, Incorporated
Eastern European Service Agency
Eastern Health and Social Services Council
Eastern Mediterranean Educational Services
Eastern Missouri Alternative Sentencing Services
East-West-Information Service
EasyLink Services International Corporation
Eating Distress Therapy Service
Eaton Electrical Services & Systems
Ebank Financial Services, Inc.
Ebony Biomedical Services, Inc.
ebXML Messaging Service
Echelon Local du Service Médical
Ecological Services Outsourcing
E-commerce Service Provider
Economic and Social Data Service
Economic and Valuation Services
Economic Group Pension Services
Economic Interest Grouping of the National Meteorological Services of the European Economic Area
Economic Research Service
Economic Self-Sufficiency Services
Economic Service Life
Economic Services Bureau
Economic Services Division
Ecosystems Research and Development Service
ECS Advertising Service
Ecumenical Service for Animal Welfare
Ecumenical Service for Peace
Ecumenical Support Services for the Elderly
Ecumenical Volunteer Service Network
Eddie Bauer Fulfillment Services
Edge Service Router
Edge Services Provider
Edinburgh Petroleum Services
Edinburgh University Computer Services
Edmondson Mechanical Services Ltd.
Edmonton Immigrant Services Association
Edmonton Police Service
Edmonton Regional Educational Consulting Services
Education Advisory Service
Education and School Improvement Service
Education Counseling and Personnel Services
Education Debt Services, Inc.
Education Development Office Management Services
Education Evaluation Services for Architects
Education Information and Accountability Services
Education Information Service
Education Management Service
Education Service Agency
Education Service Center
Education Service for the Sensory Impaired
Education Services Advisory Committee
Education Services for Overseas Students
Education Social Work Service
Education Statistics Services Institute
Education Student Service Center
Education Support Service
Education Youth Service
Education, Health and Human Services
Education, Medical Aid and Service
Education/al Service District
Educational and Developmental Intervention Services
Educational Career Services
Educational Career Services Office
Educational Grants Advisory Service
Educational Guidance Service for Adults
Educational Housing Services
Educational Opportunity Programs and Services
Educational Opportunity Service
Educational Programs and Services
Educational Psychology Service
Educational Service Unit #10
Educational Service Unit #16
Educational Service Unit #7
Educational Services
Educational Services
Educational Services Commission
Educational Services Department
Educational Services Development and Publishing
Educational Services Division
Educational Services Institute
Educational Services of America
Educational Services Office
Educational Services Overseas Limited
Educational Services, Inc.
Educational Support Services
Educational Technology Services
Educational Testing Service
Educationally Related Support Services
Educators Publishing Service
EDV Dienstleistungen & Internet Services
Efficiency Garage Door Service
Efficient Foodservice Response
Efficient Market Services, Inc.
E-Gov Travel Service
Egyptian Commercial Service
Egyptian Company for Mobile Services
El Paso County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service
El Paso Field Services
Elder Services of the Cape Cod and Islands
Elder Services of the Merrimack Valley, Inc.
Elder Services of Worcester Area, Inc
Elderly Services Division
E-Learning Services
Election Data Services
Elective Services Performance Indicator
Electoral Reform International Services
Electra Financial Services Ltd
Electric Motor Servicenter
Electric Plant in Service
Electric Service Priority
Electric Service Provider
Electric Universal Service Program
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc.
Electrical Equipment Certification Service
Electrical Service Center
Electromechanical Services
Electronic & Broadcast Services Company
Electronic Access to Reference Services
Electronic Assembly Services Inc.
Electronic Broking Service Limited
Electronic Business Service
Electronic Business Tax Service
Electronic Commerce Services
Electronic Computer Waste Services
Electronic Customer Service
Electronic Design & Consulting Services
Electronic Design Services
Electronic Digital Delivery Confirmation Service
Electronic Document Service of the ITU
Electronic Filing and Service System
Electronic Filing Service
Electronic Financial Services Council
Electronic Hardware Services
Electronic Information Services
Electronic Journals Delivery Service
Electronic Key Telephone Service
Electronic Library Services and Applications
Electronic Lodgement Service
Electronic Mail Service
Electronic Manufacturing Services
Electronic Media Production Service
Electronic Message Service
Electronic News Services
Electronic Online Services
Electronic Payment Services, Inc.
Electronic Publishing Services Ltd.
Electronic Reservation Services Provider
Electronic Residency Application Service
Electronic Security Services, Inc.
Electronic Service Center
Electronic Service Delivery
Electronic Service for Medical Offices
Electronic Service Guide
Electronic Service Request
Electronic Services and Training Center
Electronic Services Development Team
Electronic Services Steering Committee
electronic Short Message Service
Electronic Software Deployment Services
Electronic System Services Incorporated
Electronic Text Services
Electronic Transactions on Network and Service Management
Electronics Manufacturing Services
Elite Benefits Insurance Marketing Services Inc
Elitegroup Computer Services
Ellis County Emergency Medical Service
E-Mail Availability Service
Email Forwarding Service
Email Reputation Service
E-Mail Service Provider
E-Mail Service Provider Coalition
Embedded Electronic Design Services
Embedded Service Processor
Embraer Aircraft Maintenance Services
Emdeon Business Services
Emergency and Environmental Health Services
Emergency and Radiological Services Division
Emergency Animal Rescue Service
Emergency Calling Service
Emergency Digital Information Service
Emergency Feeding Service
Emergency Fire Service Management
Emergency Health Services
Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia
Emergency Information Services Interface
Emergency Management Services
Emergency Medical Service
Emergency Medical Services Advisory Committee
Emergency Medical Services Agency
Emergency Medical Services Alliance, Inc.
Emergency Medical Services Appropriation
Emergency Medical Services Association of Colorado
Emergency Medical Services Authority
Emergency Medical Services Corporation
Emergency Medical Services for Children
Emergency Medical Services Fund
Emergency Medical Services System
Emergency Mental Health Services
Emergency Petition Service
Emergency Physicians Billing Services
Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Services
Emergency Psychiatric Services
Emergency Response Cleanup Services
Emergency Response Service
Emergency Response/Service Ministries
Emergency Restoration Services
Emergency Road Service
Emergency Road Service Provider
Emergency Service Bureau
Emergency Service Function
Emergency Service Level
Emergency Service Number
Emergency Service Operations
Emergency Service Override
Emergency Service Pack
Emergency Service Squad
Emergency Service Water
Emergency Service Zone
Emergency Services
Emergency Services
Emergency Services Access
Emergency Services Administrative Unit
Emergency Services Adventure Race
Emergency Services Advisory Board
Emergency Services and Homeless Coalition
Emergency Services Assistance Team
Emergency Services Branch
Emergency Services Coordinating Agency
Emergency Services Interface
Emergency Services Medal
Emergency Services Messaging Interface Task Force
Emergency Services Number
Emergency Services Number
Emergency Services Number
Emergency Services Phone Number
Emergency Services Program
Emergency Services Routing Digits
Emergency Services Superannuation Board
Emergency Services Team
Emergency Services Training Center
Emergency Services Training Institute
Emergency Services Unit
Emergency Social Services
Emergency Social Services Association
Emergency Support Services
Emergency Telecommunications Service
Emergency Treatment Services
Emergency Vehicle Services, Inc
Emerging Markets Telecommunications Services
Emerging Technology Advisory Service
Emirates General Services Enterprises
Emirates Internet Services
Employee and Manager Self Service
Employee Benefit Management Services, Inc.
Employee Consultation Service
Employee Health Service
Employee Occupational Health Service
Employee Relations and Health Services Center
Employee Self Service
Employee Self Service Information Center
Employee Service Center
Employee Services Area
Employee Services Division
Employee Services Management Association
Employee Services Representative
Employee/Member Self Service
Employer Service Unit
Employer Services Association of Ohio
Employer Services Assurance Corporation
Employer Services Group
Employer Verification Service
Employment Assistance Services
Employment Career Services
Employment Medical Advisory Service
Employment Pass Services Centre
Employment Service
Employment Service
Employment Service Agency
Employment Service Jobcentre
Employment Service Systems Administrator
Employment Services Information Warehouse
Employment Services of Weld County
Employment Services Regulatory Authority
Employment Services, Inc.
En Route Flight Advisory Service
Encryption Services Application Programming Interface
Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Services
Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Services
End of Active Service
End of Dependable Service
End of Functional Service Life
End of Service
End of Service Life
End of Service Period
End of Time in Service
End Term of Service
End Tour of Service
End User Service Information
End User Support Services
End-To-End Quality of Service
End-to-End System Analysis and Service Environment
Energie Data Services Nederland
Energy and Environmental Services Company
Energy and Regulatory Matters Information Service
Energy Equipment Testing Service Ltd.
Energy Financial Services
Energy Management Services Division
Energy Service Company
Energy Service Device
Energy Service Provider
Energy Services and Technology Association
Energy Services Coalition
Energy Services of America Corporation
Energy Services Providers, Inc.
Enforcement Support Services
Engage, Transact, Fulfill, Service
Engineer General Service Regiment
Engineering and Architectural Services
Engineering and Manufacturing Services
Engineering and Medical Volunteer Services
Engineering and Professional Services Incorporated
Engineering and Professional Services, Inc.
Engineering and Technical Support Services
Engineering and Technology Acquisition Support Services
Engineering Maintenance Services
Engineering Master Schedule/Services
Engineering of Software Services for Pervasive Environments
Engineering Plans & Services
Engineering Project Management Services
Engineering Projects in Community Service
Engineering Projects in Community Service
Engineering Service Circuit
Engineering Service Contractor
Engineering Service Memorandum
Engineering Service Project
Engineering Services Business Office
Engineering Services Network
Engineering Support Service
Engineering Technical Services
Engineering Tools Applications and Services
Engineering/Executive Service Request
English Language and Literacy Services
English Language Services
English Language Services for Adults
English Language Support Service
English Language Testing Service
Enhance Financial Services Group, Inc.
Enhanced 911 Services
Enhanced Access Diversity Service
Enhanced Communication and Transport Service
Enhanced General Packet Radio Service
Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service
Enhanced Messaging Service
Enhanced Mobile Satellite Services
Enhanced Name and Address Service
Enhanced Packet Switching Service
Enhanced Platform Services
Enhanced Private Switched Communications Service
Enhanced Service Connection
Enhanced Service Gateway
Enhanced Service Management
Enhanced Service Package
Enhanced Service Related Group
Enhanced Services Agreement
Enhanced Services Billing, Inc.
Enhanced Services Contract Reporting Options
Enhanced Services Development
Enhanced Services Directory
Enhanced Services Fees
Enhanced Services Group
Enhanced Services Manager
Enhanced Services Platform
Enhanced Services Provider Association
Enhanced Services Providers
Enhanced Services Sales Support
Enhanced Services System Certification
Enhanced Transport Service
Ennis Information Age Services
Enrollment and Student Services
Enrollment Information Service
Enrollment Services and Student Records
Enrollment Services Express
Enron Technical Services
En-Route Tracking Automatic Radar Service
Enterprise and Customer Connection Services
Enterprise Architecture for Service Enablement
Enterprise Authorization Service
Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce, and E-Services
Enterprise Content Delivery Service
Enterprise Development Impact Assessment Information Service
Enterprise Development Services
Enterprise Directory and Authentication Services
Enterprise File Services
Enterprise Financial Services Corporation
Enterprise Information Services
Enterprise Information Technology Services
Enterprise Internet Services
Enterprise Mail and Web Service
Enterprise Management Services
Enterprise Message Service
Enterprise Messaging Service
Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service
Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service
Enterprise Mission Support Services Solutions
Enterprise Network Services
Enterprise Network Services Management Tool
Enterprise Networking and Services Conference
Enterprise Property Services
Enterprise Resource Services, Inc.
Enterprise Risk Management Service
Enterprise Risk Services
Enterprise Service Automation
Enterprise Service Bus
Enterprise Service Desk
Enterprise Service Force
Enterprise Service Optimization
Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture
Enterprise Service Provider
Enterprise Service Router
Enterprise Services Architecture
Enterprise Services Center
Enterprise Services Framework
Enterprise Services Infrastructure
Enterprise Software and Services Offering
Enterprise Support Services
Enterprise Web Service
Enterprising Service Solutions Company
Entertainment Service Center
Entertainment Services and Technology Association
Entertainment Services, Inc.
Entertainment Television Services, Inc.
Entertainments National Service Association
Entraide et Echanges de Services
Entrepreneurial Spirit and Service Through Innovation
Entry Into Service
Environment News Service
Environment, Protective and Cultural Services
Environmental & Engineering Services Inc.
Environmental Brake Services Corporation
Environmental Data and Information Service
Environmental Data Service
Environmental Data Services
Environmental Field Services Group
Environmental Goods and Services
Environmental Health and Safety Services
Environmental Health Assessment Services
Environmental Health Services
Environmental Law Community Advisory Service
Environmental Legislation Update Service
Environmental Media Services
Environmental Monitoring and Services Center
Environmental Reclamation Services, LLC
Environmental Reference Service
Environmental Science Services Administration
Environmental Science Services, Inc.
Environmental Service Fee
Environmental Service Module
Environmental Services
Environmental Services
Environmental Services Association
Environmental Services Branch
Environmental Services Council Advisory Committee
Environmental Services Division
Environmental Services Facility
Environmental Services Group Limited
Environmental Services Operations
Environmental Services, Data, and Information Management
Environmental Services, Inc.
Enviroplan Services Limited
Envirosafe Services of Idaho, Inc.
Enviro-Tox Loss Services, Inc.
Ephrata Area Rehabilitation Services
Epidemic Intelligence Service
Epidemiology Data Service Center
Epilepsy Services of West Central Florida, Inc.
Episcopal Community Services
Episcopal Community Services Foundation
Episcopal News Service
Equal Access Restriction Service
Equifax Healthcare Administrative Services
Equipment In Service
Equipment Leasing Services
Equipment Out of Service
Equipment Service Employee
Equipment Service Employee
Equipment Serviceability Criteria
Equipment Vendor Professional Services
Equitable Provision of Service levels
Equivalent Service Round
Erasmus Student Service Center
Ergonomic & Safety Services Inc
ERIC Document Reproduction Service
Error Recovery Service
Error Service Message
Escondido Tutorial Service
E-Service Based Italian District Automation
E-Services and the Semantic Web
eServices Capability Model
Espion Monitoring Service
Espresso Services Inc.
Essbase Integration Services
Essential Air Service
Essential Health Services
Essential Programs & Services
Essential Service Protection
Essential Services Commission
Essential Services Maintenance Act
Essential Services Maintenance Ordinance
Essential Services Node
Essex County Fire and Rescue Service
ESSX Customer Administration Service
Estimating Data & Information Service
Estimating Service
Estimating Service
Etablissement et Service d’Aide par le Travail
Etherington Conservation Services
Ethernet LAN Service Unit
Ethernet Private Line Service
Ethernet Relay Multipoint Service
Ethernet Relay Service
Ethernet Service Fabric
Ethernet Service Interworking
Ethernet Service Module
Ethernet Service Switch
Ethernet Wire Service
Ethical Investment Research and Information Service
Ethnic Minority Achievement Support Service
EUMETSAT Advanced Retransmission Service
Eurest Support Services
Euro Dismantling Services Ltd
Euro-Citizens’ Action Service
Eurocontrol Guild of Air Traffic Services
European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities
European Backbone Service
European Breakdown Tyre Service
European Calling Card Services Association
European Carbon Investors and Services
European Communities Information Service
European Corporate Governance Service
European Electronic Toll Service
European Experiment on the Linkage between Internet Integrated Services and ATM
European Financial Services Law
European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service
European Information Exchange Service
European Internet Service Provider Association
European IT Services Association
European Mathematical Information Service
European Multi-service Meteorological Awareness
European Network of Academic Sport Services
European Networks and Services
European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum
European Relay Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing People
European Satellite Services Provider
European Service Network Adults Learning
European Service Technician Motorcycle
European Services Forum
European Services Network
European Telecommunication Services Association
European Textile Services Association
European Trade and Exhibition Services
European Union Consulting Services
European Voluntary Service
European Webservice
Evaluant Universal Storage Services
Evaluation Services Center
Evaluation Survey Services
Event Communications Service
Event Correlation Services
Event Monitoring Service
Event Notification Service
Event Query Service
Event Service Manager
Event Service Routing
Ever At Your Service
Evers Mobiele PC Helpdesk (Dutch support service)
Everything as a Service
Examination and Decontamination Services
Excellence in Professional Service
Exceptional Customer Service
Exchange Access Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service
Exchange Hosted Services
Exchange Line Data Service
Exchange Messaging Service
Exchange Service Manual
Exchange Web Services
Exclusive Services Payment
Excuria Recovery Services, LLC
Execution Services Group Ltd.
Executive Business Service
Executive Coaching Service
Executive Director of Administrative Services
Executive Fire Service Leadership
Executive Protective Service
Executive Search & Consulting Services
Executive Security Services International
Executive Service Corps of Cincinnati
Executive Service Corps of Washington
Executive Services and Communications Directorate
Executive World Services, Inc.
Exeter Social Services Organization
Exhaustive Service Scheduling
Exhibition Services & Contractors Association
Exigencies of Service Preclude Written Orders
Expanded Local Calling Service
Expanded Radar Service
Expanded Service Option
Expanded Service Volume
Expected Return to Service
Expected Service Life
Expeditionary Airfield Service Unit
Expeditionary Service Ribbon
Expert Consulting Service
Expert Material Fabrication Services System
Expert Service Center
Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services
Expiration of Active Service
Expiration of Service Agreement
Expiration Term of Service
Exploration Ground Launch Services
Export of Services
Export Promotion Services
Export Service Center
Exposition Service Contractors Association
Express Computer Service
Express Mail Military Service
Express Mail Service
Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services
Express Service Code
Extended Area Calling Service
Extended Area Service
Extended Campus Library Services Section
Extended Campus Service
Extended Customer Service
Extended Data Service
Extended Data Services
Extended Download Service
Extended Employment Services
Extended Librarian Interactive Productivity Service
Extended Librarian Interactive Productivity Services
Extended Linguistic Service
Extended Link Service
Extended Manufacturing Services
Extended Observation Service
Extended Opportunity Programs and Services
Extended Rehabilitation Services
Extended Service Area
Extended Service Coverage
Extended Service Package
Extended Service Plan
Extended Service Processor
Extended Service Program
Extended Service Set
Extended Service Warranty
Extended Services
Extended Services
Extended Services Processor
Extended Stroke Unit Service
extended training service specialist
Extended Training Services Support
Extended Update and Support Service
Extended Warranty Service
Extended Workplace Service
Extendicare Health Services, Inc.
Extensible Directory Service Agent
Extensible Name Service
Extensible Service Policy Architecture
Extension Technology and Computer Services
Extensions for Financial Services
External Data Management Services
External Service Provider
External Services Provider
External Telecommunication Service
Extra-special Handling Service for Aircraft
FAA Operational Support Service
Facchina Global Services
Facilities and Equipment Support Services
Facilities and Real Estate Services
Facilities and Services Department
Facilities and Services for Older Persons
Facilities and Services Implementation Document
Facilities Management and Services Division
Facilities Management Services
Facilities Service Office
Facilities Service Request
Facilities Services
Facilities Support and Services Division
Facility Protection Service
Facility Service Selective
Facility Support Services
Facsimile Preference Service
Factor Defense Services, Inc.
Factory Advice Service and Labour Institute
Factory Required Service
Factory Service Center
Factory Service Manual
FACTS Services, Inc.
Faculty Academic Computing Support Services
Faculty Online Support Service
Faculty Personnel Services
Faculty Service Area
Faculty Service Area
Faculty Technology Services
Failure Analysis Service Technology
Fair Access to Care Services
Fair Housing Contact Service
Fair Queueing with Service Envelopes
Fair Service Curve
Fairchild Communications Services Company
Family & Community Service
Family Advice and Information Service
Family and Children Early Education Services
Family and Children’s Services
Family and Community Services
Family and Community Social Services
Family and Community Support Services, Inc.
Family and Individual Support Services
Family and Social Services Administration
Family and Social Services Agency
Family and Youth Services
Family Assessment Counseling and Educational Services
Family Based Safety Services
Family Cord Blood Services
Family Credit Counseling Service
Family Designs Consulting Services
Family Health Service Authority
Family in Need of Services
Family Life Credit Services
Family Mediation Service
Family Permanency Planning Services
Family Planning Service
Family Practice Teaching Service
Family Preservation and Support Services Act of 1993
Family Protection Service
Family Radio Service
Family Reconciliation Services
Family Relationships Services Program
Family Resource Information, Education, Network Development Services
Family Service America
Family Service America
Family Service Association of America
Family Service Association of Edmonton
Family Service Association of Toronto
Family Service Canada
Family Service Center
Family Service Centre
Family Service of Greater Boston
Family Service of Long Beach
Family Service of Los Angeles
Family Service of Roanoke Valley
Family Service Ontario
Family Service Radio
Family Service System Reform
Family Service Unit
Family Services & Assistance Officer
Family Services Association
Family Services Association
Family Services Department
Family Services Learning Center
Family Services of Metro Orlando
Family Services Working
Family Services York Region
Family Stabilization Service
Family Support Services Advisory Council
Family Support Services of North Florida, Inc.
Family, Youth and Community Services
Fanguard Security Services
Farm Bureau Financial Services
Farm Business Advice Service
Farm Consultation Service
Farm Credit Leasing Services Corporation
Farm Debt Mediation Service
Farm Employers Labor Service
Farm Service Agency
Farm Service Agency
Farm-Related Service Industries
FAS Foreign Agricultural Service
Fast Delivery Service
Fast Package Services
Fast Track Service
Fast Web Services
Faster Payment Service
Fast-Flux Service Network
Fault Isolation and Service Restoration
Faust Legal Support Services
Fax Media Services Provider
Fax Preference Service
Fazakerley Prison Services, Ltd.
Feature Analysis Services
Feature Class Of Service
Feature Generalization Services
Feature Service
Federal Acquisition Service
Federal Acquisition Services for Technology
Federal Air Marshal Service
Federal Air Transportation Airport Security Service
Federal Antimonopoly Service
Federal Association of Financial Services
Federal Aviation Service
Federal Border Guard Service
Federal Civil Service Commission
Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services and Supporting Research
Federal Customs Service
Federal Cyber Services
Federal Debt Management Services
Federal Disability Determination Services
Federal Diversified Services
Federal Drug Control Service
Federal Employment Data Service
Federal Information Processing Services
Federal Information Relay Service
Federal Information Services and Applications Council
Federal Inland Revenue Services
Federal Inspection Services
Federal Intelligence Security Service
Federal Interagency Committee on Emergency Medical Services
Federal Investigative Services Division
Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Federal Migration Service
Federal Parent Locator Service
Federal Property & Administrative Services Act
Federal Property Resources Service
Federal Prosecution Service
Federal Protection Service
Federal Protective Service
Federal Public Service
Federal Public Services Commission
Federal Relay Service
Federal Reserve Automation Services
Federal Reserve Regulatory Service
Federal Sector Mediation Services
Federal Security Service
Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation
Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance
Federal Service Impasses Panel
Federal Service Labor Management Relations Statute
Federal Services International Corporation
Federal Supply Schedule/Service
Federal Supply Service
Federal Technology Service
Federal Telecommunications Service
Federal Telecommunications Services – 2000
Federal Telecommunications Services – 2000
Federal Wildland Fire Service Association
Federated Naming Service
Federated Transportation Services of the Bluegrass
Federation Credentials Verification Service
Federation Early Learning Services
Federation Employment and Guidance Service, Inc
Federation of Astronomical & Geophysical Services
Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical Data Analysis Services
Federation of Child and Family Services
Federation of Communication Services
Federation of Public Service Workers
Federation of Recruitment and Employment Services
FedEx Customer Information Services
FedEx International MailService
Feedback Research Services
Feedlot Health Management Services
Fellow of the Institute of Management Services
Fellow of the Institute of Service Management
Fellowship of the Services
Fenland Council for Voluntary Service
Ferndale Home Improvement Service
Ferrari Piston Service
Fetal Alcohol Consultation & Training Services
Fiber Characterization Services
Fiber Optic Services
Fiber Service Platform
Fiber Service Provider
Fibre Channel Routing Services
Fidelity Automated Service Telephone
Fidelity Brokerage Services
Fidelity Brokerage Services
Fidelity Brokerage Services Incorporated
Fidelity Capital Markets Services
Fidelity Information Services
Fidelity Institutional Retirement Services Company
Fidelity Investment Services Ltd.
Fidelity National Credit Services
Fidelity National Information Services
Fidelity Security and Manpower Services
Fiducian Portfolio Services
Field Army Messenger Service
Field Army Service Area
Field Assistance Service
Field Consulting and Services, Inc.
Field Force Protective Services
Field Medical Service School
Field Operation Service
Field Project Services
Field Service
Field Service Action
Field Service Action
Field Service Advice Memorandum
Field Service Advisory Committee
Field Service Automation
Field Service Automation
Field Service Bulletin
Field Service Company
Field Service Continuous
Field Service Engineer
Field Service Evaluation
Field Service Management
field service management software
Field Service Management System
Field Service Marching Order
Field Service Office
Field Service Officer
Field Service Orders
Field Service Planning
Field Service Pocket Book
Field Service Report
Field Service Representative
Field Service Site
Field Service Specialist
Field Service Team
Field Services Group
Field Services Marketing Association
Field Services Unit
Field Support Services
Field Training Services
Fife Community Interpreting Service
Fighting Dems News Service
Fiji Council of Social Services
Fiji Meteorological Service
File Replication Service
File Service Protocol
File Sharing Services
File Transfer Service/System
Finance and Business Services
Finance and Corporate Services
Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Services
Financial Accounting Services
Financial Accounting Services Board
Financial Accounting Services Board
Financial Acquisition Support Services
Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services
Financial Advisory Service
Financial Advisory Services Center
Financial Aid and Veterans Services Office
Financial and Business Services Division
Financial and Information Services
Financial Document Services
Financial Information Service
Financial Information Service Centre
Financial Institution Services, Inc.
Financial Institutions Services
Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
Financial Management and Accounting Services
Financial Management Service
Financial Management Service Foundation
Financial Markets Service Bank
Financial Network Services
Financial Ombudsman Service
Financial Planning Service
Financial Planning Services
Financial Recovery Service, Inc.
Financial Service Agreement
Financial Service Agreement
Financial Service Centers Cooperative, Inc.
Financial Service Department
Financial Service District
Financial Service Institution
Financial Service Provider
Financial Service Representative
Financial Service Standards LLC
Financial Services
Financial Services Accounting Hub
Financial Services Act
Financial Services Act
Financial Services Action Plan
Financial Services Advisory Board
Financial Services Agency
Financial Services Agency
Financial Services Agency of Japan
Financial Services and Banking Benchmarking Association
Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
Financial Services and Markets Bill
Financial Services Authority
Financial Services Authority
Financial Services Board
Financial Services Business Unit
Financial Services Center
Financial Services Commission
Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Financial Services Compensation Scheme
Financial Services Consultant
Financial Services Corporation
Financial Services Industry
Financial Services Industry Association
Financial Services Industry Exchange
Financial Services Instant Messaging Association
Financial Services Jersey Law 1998
Financial Services Lab
Financial Services Lawyers Association
Financial Services Licensee
Financial Services Management
Financial Services Marketing
Financial Services Marketing Association
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