Missouri Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Missouri state?

MO is the 2 letter abbreviation for Missouri, the 18th largest state in the United States of America. Missouri is a state located in West North Central part of U.S.A, bordering Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. Jefferson City is the capital city of Missouri. Major cities include Kansas City (Population: 475389), St Louis (Population: 315696), Springfield (Population: 166821), Columbia (Population: 119119), Independence (Population: 117266), Independence, Mo (Population: 110686), Lee’s Summit (Population: 95105), O’Fallon (Population: 85051), Saint Joseph (Population: 76791), Saint Charles (Population: 65805), Blue Springs (Population: 54159), and City of Saint Peters (Population: 52586).

Missouri State Flag

Missouri State Profile

  • Capital: Jefferson City
  • Admitted to USA: 1821
  • Area: 180,540 km2
  • Population: 6,137,428
  • Time zone: GMT-6
  • Calling code: 314, 417, 573, 636, 660, 816
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  MO
  • State Government Website: http://www.mo.gov/


Missouri is located in the Midwestern United States and borders the states of Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. The state’s name comes from the Missouri River and the Missouri Indians and means “river of the big canoes”. The state’s unofficial nickname is The Show-Me State and its motto is “Salus populi suprema lex esto” (The salvation of the people is the highest law).

The state of Missouri covers an area of ​​180,533 km² – with around 6 million inhabitants. The capital of Missouri is Jefferson City with approximately 50,000 inhabitants. Missouri became the 24th state to join the Union in 1821. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers flow through the area and are important transportation routes for industrial products and raw materials. Tourists are drawn to the unique Missouri landscape with rugged mountains, raging rivers and vast forests. Lovers of literature will be interested to know that Thomas Stearns Eliot was born in St. Louis in 1888. But soon afterwards he went to Great Britain and became British citizen in 1927 and received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1948.

Missouri is also located in the so-called Tornado Alley. This is a particularly tornado-rich area in the Midwestern United States, where over a thousand large and small tornadoes roam across the country each year, especially in the spring. The US states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri are entirely within Tornado Alley. The northeastern part of Texas, the north of Louisiana, the northwestern part of Mississippi, central and southern Illinois, the southwestern Indiana and parts of Nebraska as well as smaller parts of Tennessee and Kentucky count to Tornado Alley. On May 22, 2011, an approximately 1 km wide tornado devastated large parts of the 50,000-inhabitant town of Joplin – located on the Arkansas border. Around 2,000 houses were destroyed and 151 people lost their lives while around 900 were injured – some of them seriously.

Cities and larger towns

Jefferson City
The city of Jefferson City with approximately 43,000 inhabitants is the capital of the state of Missouri. The city was founded in 1821 and because of its central location it was declared the capital. The city is named after the 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. The city is on the banks of the Missouri River and visitors to the city will find interesting historical buildings.

The small town of Branson in southern Missouri, near the border with the state of Arkansas, has approximately 6,000 inhabitants. Although the city is relatively small, it still attracts many visitors who are either looking for recreation in nature, for example around the lakes around Branson, or entertainment in one of the many shows in Branson. For many visitors, Branson has a reputation for being a family-friendly Las Vegas.


Approximately 110,000 people live in the city of Columbia, which was founded in 1806, making Columbia the fifth largest city in Missouri. The city is known as a student city and approximately 30,000 University of Missouri students live here. The campus of the university is very worth seeing and so here you can find the second most photographed scenery of the USA – the pillars in front of Jesse Hall.

The small town of Hermann in the east of Missouri has only about 2,600 inhabitants, but is very popular as a destination. The city was founded in 1842 by the German Settlement Society in Pennsylvania and the town is named after Hermann the Cheruscan. Hermann is known for his wine growing and is considered the “sausage center” Missouri. Due to the town’s German roots, there is an annual May and October festival here.

Kansas City

Kansas City with its approximately 460,000 inhabitants is located in the northwest of Missouri on the border with the state of Kansas but not as the name would suggest. In the metropolitan region, which also extends to the state of Kansas, 2 million people live. This makes Kansas City not only the largest city in Missouri, but also the second largest conurbation in the region. The city was founded in 1853 and today bears the nicknames City of Fountains and Heart of America. This is because Kansas City has the most fountains in the world after Rome. Kansas City also has many boulevards. From a tourist point of view, the city’s theaters and museums complete the offer. Nevertheless, Kansas City is not overcrowded with tourists and is therefore ideal for a relaxing stay.Hanover.

The city of Springfield in southwestern Missouri has approximately 160,000 residents, making it the largest Springfield in the entire United States and the third largest city in Missouri. The city was founded in 1838 and today there are even 440,000 people living in the metropolitan region. The city’s nickname, The Queen City of the Ozarks, shows the importance of the city in the Ozarks. Springfield is also known as Birthplace of Route 66 and of course the most famous street in the world also runs through Springfield. Springfield offers visitors museums, theaters and all other amenities of a city, but also the proximity to the nature of the Ozarks and is therefore a “base camp” for trips to the region.

St. Louis
With its approximately 320,000 inhabitants, St. Louis is the second largest city in Missouri and if you look at the metropolitan region of the city with its approximately 2.9 million people, there is no bigger one in Missouri. The city is located in the east of the state on the border with the state of Illinois. St. Louis offers its visitors so much that it is impossible to list everything here. It is even better to visit many of the attractions in St. Louis for free. Just like the city’s landmark, the Gateway Arch. In addition to countless museums and theaters, you can also walk just 15 km and travel to Illinois to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cahokia Mounds.

Missouri State Abbreviations

List of Missouri Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Missouri are MO which stands for Missouri. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Missouri, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

MO: Missouri

Acronym Meaning
AAM Acupuncture Association of Missouri
AHFM Adequate Housing For Missourians
ACAM American Counseling Association of Missouri
ALM Arkansas and Louisiana Missouri Railway Company
AMR Arkansas Missouri
AIMO Associated Industries of Missouri
AMEC Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives, Inc.
BAM Bicycle Across Missouri
BBIM Bremen Bancorp Inc. Missouri
CMDC Central Missouri Development Corporation
CMFB Central Missouri Food Bank
CMMH Central Missouri Mobile Homes
CMSU Central Missouri State University
COMAL Challenge of Missouri Annual List
CMC Citizens for Missouri’s Children
COMO Columbia, Missouri
CAMP Cycling Across Missouri Parks
DMVW Dakota, Missouri Valley and Western Railroad
DSPMS Direct Support Professionals of Missouri
DSPM Direct Support Professionals of Missouri
DREAM Downtown Revitalization and Economic Assistance for Missouri
EMASS Eastern Missouri Alternative Sentencing Services
EBMO Exchange Bank of Missouri
J Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Missouri
HACKER Federal Reserve Bank Of Saint Louis Missouri
HORIZONTAL Federal Reserve Bank Of Saint Louis Missouri
H Federal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, Missouri
FFAM Fire Fighters Association of Missouri
FLAM Foreign Language Association of Missouri
KCPD Kansas City Missouri Police Department
AIZ Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
LMVP Lakes of Missouri Volunteer Program
LDAM Learning Disabilities Association of Missouri
LSMO Lee’s Summit, Missouri
LSEM Legal Services of Eastern Missouri
LCMS Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
MM Malden, Missouri
MTIM Massage Therapy Institute of Missouri
MMRR Mid Missouri Road Runners
MMCG Mid-Missouri Church of God
MMCU Mid-Missouri Credit Union
MMMHC Mid-Missouri Mental Health Center
MMRCA Mid-Missouri Radio Control Association
MMRPC Mid-Missouri Regional Planning Commission
MMTD Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers
MO Missouri
MO-2 Missouri
MNA Missouri & Northern Arkansas
MAS Missouri Academy of Science
MACA Missouri Addiction Counselors Association
MARIO Missouri Advantage Repayment Incentive Option
MACCE Missouri Advisory Council of Certification for Educators
MAA Missouri Aikido Association
MAAL Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation
MAA Missouri Aquaculture Association
MOARNG Missouri Army National Guard
MACINTOSH Missouri Arts Council
MAC Missouri Arts Council
MAGIC Missouri Assessment of Genetics Interview for Children
MAP Missouri Assessment Program
MAPER Missouri Assessment Program
MAAM Missouri Association for Advancing Manufacturing
MACA Missouri Association for Community Action
MAMT Missouri Association for Medical Transcription
MASW Missouri Association for Social Welfare
MACA Missouri Association of Claimants Attorneys
MACE Missouri Association of Code Enforcement
MACTE Missouri Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
MACDDS Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services
MACDL Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
MAFS Missouri Association of Faculty Senates
MAIA Missouri Association of Insurance Agents
MAMU Missouri Association of Municipal Utilities
MANGO Missouri Association of Natural Gas Operators
MOANA Missouri Association of Nurse Anesthetists
MAPI Missouri Association of Private Investigators
MASA Missouri Association of School Administrators
MASL Missouri Association of School Librarians
MATE Missouri Association of Teachers of English
MOAD Missouri Association of the Deaf
MATA Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys
MBHC Missouri Baptist Historical Commission
MBMC Missouri Baptist Medical Center
MBU Missouri Baptist University
MOBIUS Missouri Bibliographic Information User System
MBG Missouri Botanical Garden
MBG Missouri Botanical Gardens
MBSLA Missouri Bull Shoals Lake Association
MCTA Missouri Cable Telecommunications Association
MCR Missouri Cancer Registry
MCFA Missouri Canoers and Floaters Association
MCA Missouri Chess Association
MCDA Missouri Choral Directors Association
MOCCFOA Missouri City Clerks and Finance Officers Association
MCGSA Missouri City Girls Softball Association
MCWC Missouri Clean Water Commission
MCWL Missouri Clean Water Law
MCNA Missouri College Newspaper Association
MCAP Missouri Commercial Agriculture Program
MCHR Missouri Commission on Human Rights
MCCA Missouri Community College Association
MCFC Missouri Community Forestry Council
MCSC Missouri Community Service Commission
MCGP Missouri Comprehensive Guidance Program
MCAA Missouri Conservation Agents Association
MOCREP Missouri Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
MCGA Missouri Corn Growers Association
MCSA Missouri Council of School Administrators
MCTM Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MCB Missouri Council of the Blind
MCUA Missouri Credit Union Association
MDMC Missouri Delta Medical Center
MDA Missouri Dental Association
MDC Missouri Department of Conservation
MDHSS Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
MDI Missouri Department of Insurance
MDNR Missouri Department of Natural Resources
MODOT Missouri Department of Transportation
MDA Missouri Dietetic Association
MDH Missouri Digital Heritage
MDN Missouri Digital News
MDT Missouri Division of Tourism
MDVR Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
MEDC Missouri Economic Development Center
MERIC Missouri Economic Research and Information Center
MECH Missouri Education and Career Hotlink
MEMSA Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association
MERIT Missouri Emergency Response Identification Team
MEDAC Missouri Eminent Domain Abuse Coalition
MEC Missouri Employer Committee
METP Missouri Employment Training Program
MEDAL Missouri Estimation of Distribution Algorithms Laboratory
MFB Missouri Farm Bureau
MFAS Missouri Film Alliance of Springfield
MFAA Missouri Fine Arts Academy
MFPA Missouri Forest Products Association
MFA Missouri Futsal Association
MGDP Missouri Genetics Disease Program
MGHS Missouri Ghost Hunters Society
MGGA Missouri Grape Growers Association
MHCFA Missouri Health Care Freedom Act
MHIP Missouri Health Insurance Pool
MHA Missouri Hereford Association
MHSBCA Missouri High School Baseball Coaches Association
MHR Missouri Historical Review
MHS Missouri Historical Society
MHM Missouri History Museum
MHSA Missouri Horse Shows Association
MHRA Missouri Human Rights Act
MHC Missouri Humanities Council
MIBA Missouri Independent Bankers Association
MITEA Missouri Industrial Technology Education Association
MIAC Missouri Information Analysis Center
MIMH Missouri Institute of Mental Health
MIM Missouri Integrated Model
MIRMA Missouri Intergovernmental Risk Management Association
MJJA Missouri Juvenile Justice Association
MK-AND-T Missouri Kansas & Texas Railroad
MLN Missouri League for Nursing
MLBC Missouri Legislative Black Caucus
MLFC Missouri Libraries Film Cooperative
MLA Missouri Library Association
MLC Missouri Lottery Commission
MLC Missouri Loves Company
MMAT Missouri Mastery Achievement Test
MOM Missouri Meerschaum Company
MMA Missouri Midwives Association
MMFEHA Missouri Milk Food and Environmental Health Association
MMSP Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program
MMA Missouri Movers Association Inc.
MOMS Missouri Mycological Society
MNOA Missouri Narcotics Officer’s Association
MNRR Missouri National Recreation River
MONA Missouri Nurses Association
MNC Missouri Nursing Coalition
MOTA Missouri Occupational Therapy Association
MOPS Missouri Office of Prosecution Services
MOA Missouri Optometric Association
MOFEP Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project
MP Missouri Pacific
MOP Missouri Pacific Railroad Company
MPBA Missouri Pet Breeders Association
MPCA Missouri Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association
MPA Missouri Pharmacy Association
MPCA Missouri Police Chiefs Association
MPJOA Missouri Police Juvenile Officers Association
MPA Missouri Pork Association
MPCA Missouri Primary Care Association
MPLU Missouri Prisoners Labor Union
MOPAC Missouri Procurement Assistance Center
MPAA Missouri Public Affairs Academy
MPHA Missouri Public Health Association
MPSC Missouri Public Service Commission
MQA Missouri Quality Award
MRTA Missouri Retired Teachers Association
MRES Missouri River Energy Services
MRI Missouri River Institute
MRRL Missouri River Regional Library
MRTC Missouri River Technical Committee
MRGA Missouri Riverboat Gaming Association
MRCA Missouri Rodeo Cowboys Association
MRCC Missouri Rural Crisis Center
MRII Missouri Rural Innovation Institute
MSRA Missouri Sand Racing Association
MSA Missouri Scholars Academy
MSBA Missouri School Boards’ Association
MSD Missouri School for the Deaf
MSIP Missouri School Improvement Plan
MSNA Missouri School Nutrition Association
MSM Missouri School of Mines
MALAYSIA Missouri Self-Insurers Association
MSIA Missouri Self-Insurers Association
MDSA Missouri Sheriffs Department Association
MSA Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists
MSAE Missouri Society of Association Executives
MSNE Missouri Society of Newspaper Editors
MSIPC Missouri Southern International Piano Competition
MSSU Missouri Southern State University
MSDIS Missouri Spatial Data Information Service
MSHA Missouri Speech Language Hearing Association
MSSA Missouri Sport Shooting Association
MOSALPN Missouri State Association of Licensed Practical Nurses, Inc.
MSF Missouri State Fair
MSFA Missouri State Florists’ Association
MSG Missouri State Government
MSG Missouri State Guard
MSHA Missouri State Handball Association
MSHSAA Missouri State High School Activities Association
MSRA Missouri State Reflexology Association
MSTA Missouri State Teachers Association
MSU-2 Missouri State University
MSU Missouri State University
MSWP Missouri State Water Patrol
MOSAP Missouri Student Assessment Program
MSFCU Missouri Student Federal Credit Union
MSLP Missouri Student Loan Program
MSA Missouri Students Association
MSL Missouri Synod Lutheran
MUAA Missouri Uniform Arbitration Act
MUP Missouri Union Presbytery
MEGAVOLT Missouri Valley
MV Missouri Valley
MVBA Missouri Valley Beekeepers Association
MVCO Missouri Valley Chamber Orchestra
MVCA Missouri Valley Communications Association
MVCAA Missouri Valley Community Action Agency
MVC Missouri Valley Conference
MVMA Missouri Veterinary Medical Association
MVATA Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association
MWA Missouri Watershed Association
MWC Missouri Watershed Coalition
MWI Missouri Watershed Initiative
MWA Missouri Whitewater Association
MWA Missouri Work Assistance
MAHV Missourians Against Handgun Violence
MTJ Missourians for Tax Justice
MFCA Missourians for the Freedom to Choose Abortion
MKT Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad
MOPAC Missouri-Pacific RR
MGCM Municipal Gas Commission of Missouri
NCMEC North Central Missouri Electric Cooperative
NEKM Northeast Kansas & Missouri
NMHC Northeast Missouri Health Council
NMSU Northeast Missouri State University
NMS Northwest Missouri State
OSG Osage Beach, Missouri – Municipal
PEAM Palomino Exhibitors Association of Missouri
PMRV Presbytery of Missouri River Valley
PPMO Progressive Party of Missouri
PEMM Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia
SPAM Some Place Around Montana / Missouri / Massachusetts / Mississippi / Maine
SMEDA Southeast Missouri Economic Development Alliance
SEMO Southeast Missouri State University
SMARC Southwest Missouri Amateur Radio Club
SMBER Southwest Missouri Bank
SMB Southwest Missouri Bank
SMS Southwest Missouri State
SMVOA Southwest Missouri Volleyball Officials Association
SOMO Special Olympics Missouri
SJT St Joseph, Missouri Rosecrans Memorial Airport
STJ St Joseph, Missouri, USA – Rosecrans Memorial Airport
SUS St Louis County, Missouri
SMART State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training
SAM Student Association of Missouri
TMR The Missouri Review
TOM Tour of Missouri
UMB United Missouri Bank
UCM University of Central Missouri
UM University of Missouri
UMO University of Missouri
UMR University of Missouri – Rolla
UMAA University of Missouri Alumni Association
UMBC University of Missouri Bioinformatics Consortium
UMCA University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry
UMCA University of Missouri Central Administration
MU-2 University of Missouri-Columbia
MIZZOU University of Missouri-Columbia
OMAN University of Missouri-Columbia
UMCA University of Missouri-Columbia
UMC University of Missouri-Columbia
MU University of Missouri-Columbia
UMKC University of Missouri-Kansas City
MRD US Army Corps of Engineers, Missouri River Division
VAMS Vernon’s Annotated Missouri Statutes
WMSA West Missouri Shooters Alliance
WDMO Western District of Missouri
WMMC Western Missouri Medical Center
WMSL Western Missouri Soccer League

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