Virginia Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Virginia state?

VA is the 2 letter abbreviation for Virginia, the 12th largest state in the United States of America. Virginia is a state located in Southeastern part of U.S.A, bordering Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Richmond is the capital city of Virginia. Major cities include Virginia Beach (Population: 452756), Norfolk (Population: 246404), Chesapeake (Population: 235440), Richmond (Population: 220300), Arlington (Population: 207638), Newport News (Population: 182396), Alexandria (Population: 153522), East Hampton (Population: 148004), Hampton (Population: 136465), Roanoke (Population: 99908), Portsmouth Heights (Population: 99060), and Portsmouth (Population: 96212).

Virginia State Flag

Virginia State Profile

  • Capital: Richmond
  • Admitted to USA: June 25, 1788
  • Area: 110,787 km2
  • Population: 8,535,519
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 276, 434, 540, 571, 703, 757, 804
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  VA
  • State Government Website:


Virginia got its name in honor of the English Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) – the Virgin Queen (virgin = virgin). The state today is also known as “Old Dominion” (Old dominion) or as “Mother of the Presidents” means “- because from Virginia many presidents of the United States came, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and James Madison. The region was the tenth of the original 13 colonies that had joined together to form an association of states, major industries being agriculture (tobacco, cotton, May, Wiezen), cattle breeding, oyster fishing and manufacturing.

The first English permanent settlement was established in Jamestown on the James River in Virginia on May 13, 1607. Jamestown is located approximately 250 km south of Washington. The settlement received its name after King James I or Jakob (1566-1625), the successor to Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603). For the 400 year celebration in May 2007, Elisabeth II came to Virginia as a guest of honor, but 9 days before the actual anniversary celebration.
The state covers an area of ​​110,785 km² – with around 8 million inhabitants.

The capital of Virginia is Richmond. The first president of the United States lived on the colonial-style estate of Mount Vernon – located in northeast Virginia, near Washington, DC. He died here and was buried here with his wife and other family members. There is now a museum in the property. In the tiny hamlet of Appomattox Court House, on April 9, 1865, General Rober E. Lee’s West Virginia Army surrender was signed. This is the official end of the civil war.

Massacre in Blacksburg
On April 16, 2007, the worst massacre at a university or school in the USA occurred on the campus of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) in Blacksburg.
The assassin killed 32 people and injured 29. He then shot himself.

Astronomers from the University of Virginia discovered a “black hole” in the Henize 2-10 dwarf galaxy, which is only 3,000 light years in diameter, with a mass millions of times larger than that of our sun.
Since the galaxy had no mass compression in the center (bulge), this was considered impossible until then. The discovery presented astronomy and astrophysics with the problem of having to partially revise the formation of black holes.

Cities and larger towns

With approximately 205,000 residents, Richmond is not the largest city in the state in terms of population and is only the fourth largest city in Virginia, yet it is the capital. The independent city is located on the James River, about 150 km from Chesapeake Bay. The area is marked by the foothills of the Piedmont plateau on one side and the Atlantic lowlands on the other side. Richmond was founded in 1737 and was the capital of the Confederate United States of America, which consisted of the former slave states in the south of the country, but dissolved in 1865. The cityscape of Richmond is dominated by many office buildings today, since the city is also home to the government, the financial center, insurance companies and law firms.

Virginia Beach
With 438,000 residents, Virginia Beach is the largest city in the state and the 41st largest city in the United States. Virginia Beach, founded in 1906, is located in the Hampton Roads region, a metropolitan area in southeast Virginia that lies directly on the Atlantic coast and Chesapeake Bay. It does not belong to a county, but is an independent city. The Virginia Beach metropolitan area has approximately 1,700,000 residents. Many of them are drawn to Virginia Beach in the summer, the long sandy beach that gave the city its name. The 45 km long sandy beach is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest leisure beach in the world. Also noteworthy is the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel, considered one of the largest of its kind, and Virginia Beach with the Delmarva Peninsula, a peninsula, which belongs to Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. The island in the Atlantic still has wild horse populations and is also popular with ornithologists.


In the southeast of the state, not far from Virginia Beach, is Norfolk, which is the second largest city in the state with approximately 230,000 inhabitants, which does not belong to any county and is also located in the Hampton Roads region. Together with Virginia Beach and Newport News, it forms the metropolitan area of ​​these three cities. Around 42 percent of the city falls on water, which is 100 km², which was certainly not least reason for the US Navy to move its main base there. As the oldest city in the Hampton Roads region, Norfolk is known as the urban, financial and cultural center of the metropolitan area.


With approximately 230,000 inhabitants, Chesapeake is an independent city in the South Hampton Roads region, making it the third largest in Virginia. It was founded in 1963 and emerged from the merger of South Norfolk and Norfolk County, which made it the second largest city in Virginia by area. On the one hand, the city is very modern and urban, but it is also surrounded by a lot of nature. Parts of the Great Dismal Swamp, the large swamp area in southeast Virginia, are located in Chesapeake.

Newport News
In the east of the state is the city of Newport News, which is the fifth largest city in Virginia with around 181,000 inhabitants and was founded in 1621. Together with Virginia Beach and Norfolk, Newport News forms the metropolitan region of the three cities and borders on the port of the Hampton Roads Region, the James River and the Virginia Peninsula. Culturally, Newport News doesn’t have much to offer, as it’s heavily linked to the military. Its main industry consists of shipbuilding, aviation and the military. The Mariner’s Museum, which is the largest shipping museum in the USA, could be worth seeing.

Alexandria Alexandria is located
on the Potomac River, about 10 km from Washington DC. Like many other cities in Virginia, Alexandria is characterized by its proximity to the capital. The city is bursting with urban modernity and is mostly populated by the upper middle class, who works in one of the government departments, banks, or the military, and has ranked the city as the seventh most populous city in the United States. Downtown Alexandria is extremely cultural and the cityscape is adorned with theaters, exhibitions, antique shops and fine restaurants.

Virginia State Abbreviations

List of Virginia Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Virginia are VA which stands for Virginia. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Virginia, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

VA: Virginia

Acronym Meaning
AREVA Adoption Resource Exchange of Virginia
ATRVA Airedale Terrier Rescue of Virginia
AVFCU Arlington Virginia Federal Credit Union
APNV Armies of the Potomac and Northern Virginia
ANV Army of Northern Virginia
ATTITUDE Artisans Center of Virginia
ACV Artisans Center of Virginia
APVA Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities
AVISA Association of Virginia Individualized Studies Administrators
AWVP Association of West Virginia Paralegals
BSUVA Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia
BCV Bird Clubs of Virginia
BCB Blacksburg, Virginia
BKT Blackstone, Virginia
BVPS Bristol Virginia Public Schools
BVU Bristol Virginia Utilities
BWVACET Bulletin of the West Virginia Association of College English Teachers
CCV Cape Charles, Virginia
CCVT Car Club of Virginia Tech
CVAC Carolina-Virginia Athletic Conference
CVA Central Virginia
CVAA Central Virginia Apartment Association
CVBM Central Virginia Baptist Ministries
CVBA Central Virginia Beekeepers Association
CVBC Central Virginia Burn Camp
CVCA Central Virginia Cattlemen Association
CVCSN Central Virginia Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience
CVCC Central Virginia Community College
CVCS Central Virginia Community Services
CVGS Central Virginia Governor’s School
CVHPA Central Virginia Health Planning Agency
CVMC Central Virginia Miata Club
CVMA Central Virginia Mountainbike Association
CVMC Central Virginia Mustang Club
CVSA Central Virginia Soccer Association
CVSRA Central Virginia Soccer Referee Association
CSVA Ceramic Studio of Virginia
CCVT Christ’s Church at Virginia Tech
CUAV College and University Auditors of Virginia
CBVA Colonial Beach, Virginia
CGV Columbia Gas of Virginia
COV Commonwealth of Virginia
CVC Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
CBNV Community Bank of Northern Virginia
CCVA Conservation Council of Virginia
CACV Contemporary Art Center of Virginia
CWVA Council for West Virginia Archaeology
CHEV Council of Higher Education in Virginia
CICV Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia
CCVA Country Club of Virginia
CJSI Criminal Justice and Security Institute of Virginia
DMV DC, Maryland, Virginia
DTCWV Defense Trial Counsel of West Virginia
DFV Democracy for Virginia
DVP Dominion Virginia Power
EDVA Eastern District of Virginia
ESVA Eastern Shore of Virginia
EVADE Eastern Virginia Association of Diabetes Educators
EVMS Eastern Virginia Medical School
ECVA Electronic Campus of Virginia
EKN Elkins, West Virginia
ECVP Engineer’s Club of the Virginia Peninsula
EFVA Epilepsy Foundation of Virginia
FFX Fairfax, Virginia, USA
FFV Fast Flying Virginian
ERROR Federal Reserve Bank Of Richmond Virginia
ELEMENT Federal Reserve Bank Of Richmond Virginia
ENHANCED Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia
E Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, Virginia
FAASV Filipino-American Association of Stafford Virginia, Inc.
FARV Filipino-American Republicans of Virginia
FFV First Families of Virginia
FSBV First Savings Bank of Virginia
FVB First Virginia Bank
FWV First West Virginia
FBVA Fort Belvoir, Virginia
FEVA Fort Eustis, Virginia
FMVA Fort Monroe, Virginia
FKN Franklin, Virginia
FAVA Freethinkers and Atheists of Virginia
FOVGS Friends of Virginia Governor’s Schools
FRVA Front Royal Virginia
FRR Front Royal, Virginia
FVF Full Virginia Flake
GRIVA Genealogical Research Institute of Virginia
GWV Generation West Virginia
GVE Gordonsville, Virginia
GLVA Grand Lodge of Virginia
HSP Hot Springs, Virginia
JNV Jewish in Northern Virginia
JOVE Job Opportunities in Virginia Education
JVG Jobs for Virginia Graduates
LBV Latin Ballet of Virginia
LVL Lawrenceville, Virginia
LOV Library of Virginia
LCNV Literacy Council of Northern Virginia
LNP Lonsome Pine Airport, Wise, Virginia
LOCO Loudoun County, Virginia
MNZS Manassas, Virginia
MNZ Manassas, Virginia
MACV Medical Associates of Central Virginia
MCV Medical College of Virginia
MSV Medical Society of Virginia
MSVF Medical Society of Virginia Foundation
MIVT Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech
MUWV Miss Utility West Virginia
MSCV Motorcycle Safety Center of Virginia
MEPAV Municipal Electric Power Association of Virginia
MAV Muslim Association of Virginia
NWV Net Work Virginia
NCVA North Carolina & Virginia
NVOG Northen Virginia Oncology Group
NVTA Norther Virginia Transportation Alliance
NOVA Northern Virginia
NVA Northern Virginia
NVAL Northern Virginia Animal League
NVAA Northern Virginia Anime Alliance
NVAA Northern Virginia Anime Association
NVAA Northern Virginia Apartment Association
NVAA Northern Virginia Arts Alliance
NVCLC Northern Virginia Central Labor Council
NVCC Northern Virginia Community College
NOVA Northern Virginia Community College
NVD Northern Virginia Daily
NVDC Northern Virginia Dental Clinic
NVDS Northern Virginia Dental Society
NVFAA Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association
NVFFA Northern Virginia Flag Football Association
NVH Northern Virginia Heritage
NVIAC Northern Virginia Independent Athletic Conference
NVIAC Northern Virginia Internet Access Cooperative
NVIM Northern Virginia Internet Marketing
NVJA Northern Virginia Jeepers Association
NVLA Northern Virginia Leadership Awards
NVMHCA Northern Virginia Mental Health Consumers Association
NVSO Northern Virginia Senior Olympics
NVSR Northern Virginia Sheltie Rescue
NVSTC Northern Virginia Smart Traffic Center
NVSC Northern Virginia Soccer Club
NVSL Northern Virginia Swimming League
NVTC Northern Virginia Technology Council
NVTA Northern Virginia Theatre Alliance
NVTC Northern Virginia Training Center
NVTA Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance
NVTA Northern Virginia Transportation Authority
NVTC Northern Virginia Transportation Commission
NVUL Northern Virginia Urban League
NVU Northern Virginia Urology
NVWP Northern Virginia Writing Project
OVG Olde Virginia Glass
OTNV Opera Theatre of Northern Virginia
PWV Pennsylvania and West Virginia Railway
PTB Petersburg, Virginia
PGC Petersburg, West Virginia
PSV Poetry Society of Virginia
PEVA Presbytery of Eastern Virginia
PCAV Prevent Child Abuse Virginia
PSK Pulaski, Virginia
RAYS Rappahannock Area YMCA Stingrays (Virginia)
RCWV Recycling Coalition of West Virginia
RACV Rehabilitation Associates of Central Virginia
RPV Republican Party of Virginia
RPVB Republican Party of Virginia Beach
RVA Richmond Virginia Art
SMV Science Museum of Virginia
SMWV Science Museum of Western Virginia
SCVT SCUBA Club at Virginia Tech (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University; Blacksburg, VA)
SVP Secure Virginia Panel
SCNV Skating Club of Northern Virginia
SVCG Southeast Virginia Computer Group
SVDA Southeast Virginia Dressage Association
SBCV Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia
SOVA Southern Virginia
SVU Southern Virginia University
SVCC Southside Virginia Community College
SVRTC Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium
SVCHS Southwest Virginia Community Health Systems
SVSA Southwest Virginia Songwriters Association
SCHEV State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
SFVA State Fair of Virginia
SACAVA Substance Abuse Certification Alliance of Virginia
SCV Supreme Court of Virginia
TVRG The Virginia Realty Group
TRAV Therapeutic Riding Association of Virginia
TWV Times West Virginian
TKRIVA Traditional Karate Research Institute of Virginia
UJCVP United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula
UNVA University of Northern Virginia
UV University of Virginia
UVA University of Virginia
UVCP University of Virginia Center for Politics
UVAC University of Virginia Charlottesville
UVH University of Virginia Hospital
UWV University of West Virginia
UWVS University of West Virginia System
VA Virginia
VAEI Virginia Abstinence Education Initiative
VAFP Virginia Academy of Family Physicians
VAF Virginia Academy of Fencing
VAPA Virginia Academy of Physician Assistants
VAS Virginia Academy of Science
VADRA Virginia Administrative Dispute Resolution Act
VASA Virginia Administrative Support Association
VAMC Virginia Advanced Medical Center
VAST Virginia Advanced Speakers Toastmaster club
VAPCB Virginia Air Pollution Control Board
VARF Virginia Airports Revolving Fund
VAPP Virginia Alliance for Potbellied Pigs
VASE Virginia Alliance of State Employees
VAEA Virginia Alternative Educators Association
VAF Virginia Anarchist Federation
VCS Virginia and Carolina Southern Railroad
VACA Virginia Animal Control Association
VAEA Virginia Art Education Association
VAF Virginia Arts Festival
VAF Virginia Arts Foundation
VATS Virginia Assistive Technology System
VABF Virginia Association for Biological Farming
VAMLIS Virginia Association for Mapping and Land Information Systems
VAMT Virginia Association for Medical Transcription
VAAS Virginia Association of Astronomical Societies
VAB Virginia Association of Broadcasters
VACM Virginia Association of Community Managers
VACO Virginia Association of Counties
VADA Virginia Association of Defense Attorneys
VAF Virginia Association of Fairs
VAFC Virginia Association of Free Clinics
VALVT Virginia Association of Licensed Veterinary Technicians
VAM Virginia Association of Museums
VANA Virginia Association of Nurse Anesthetists
VARP Virginia Association of Railway Patrons
VAR Virginia Association of Realtors
VARIETY Virginia Association of Realtors
VATE Virginia Association of Teachers of English
VAD Virginia Association of the Deaf
VATA Virginia Athletic Trainers’ Association
VADA Virginia Automobile Dealers Association
VBI Virginia Bankshares Inc.
VBHS Virginia Baptist Historical Society
VBH Virginia Baptist Homes
VBA Virginia Bar Association
VBCA Virginia Bar Code Association
VBS Virginia Barbecue Society
VAB Virginia Beach
VB Virginia Beach
VBAC Virginia Beach Animal Control
VBCA Virginia Beach Central Academy
VBCA Virginia Beach Christian Academy
VBC Virginia Beach City
VABF Virginia Beach Federal Financial Corp.
VBFD Virginia Beach Fire Department
VABF Virginia Beach Flames
VBHD Virginia Beach Health Department
VBMS Virginia Beach Medical Society
VBRA Virginia Beach Restaurant Association
VBSF Virginia Beach Sport Fishing
VBVRS Virginia Beach Vacation Resort Site
VBVRS Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad
VBS Virginia Billing System
VBI Virginia Bioinformatics Institute
VABIO Virginia Biotechnology Association
VBSAR Virginia Bloodhound Search and Rescue
VBR Virginia Blue Ridge Railway
VBRA Virginia Boat Racing Association
VBS Virginia Bonsai Society
VBCA Virginia Border Collie Association
VBMC Virginia British Motorcycle Club
VBS Virginia Broadcast Solutions
VBCA Virginia Building Code Academy
VBMA Virginia Building Materials Association
VBEP Virginia Business-Education Partnership
VACIB Virginia Capital Investment Board
VCCA Virginia Career College Association
VCEF Virginia Career Education Foundation
VCC Virginia Center Commons
VCAL Virginia Center for Assisted Living
VCHR Virginia Center for Housing Research
VCPS Virginia Center for Paralegal Studies
VCRM Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine
VCCA Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
VC Virginia Central Railway
VCHI Virginia Certified Home Inspector
VASLA Virginia Chapter Special Libraries Association
VCBA Virginia Charter Boat Association
VCC Virginia Children’s Chorus
VCDL Virginia Citizen’s Defense League
VCCC Virginia Citizens Consumer Council
VCCTA Virginia City Convention and Tourism Authority
VCGM Virginia City Gold Mines
VCHEC Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center
VCS Virginia Class Submarine
VCCA Virginia Clinical Counselors Alliance
VCCP Virginia Club Calf Producers, LLC
VCCL Virginia Club Champions League
VCOM Virginia Coalition of Motorcyclists
VCBA Virginia College Building Authority
VCCDA Virginia College of Criminal Defense Attorneys
VCOM Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine
VCBI Virginia Comm Bancorp Inc.
VCB Virginia Commerce Bank
VCOMB Virginia Commission on Military Bases
VCU Virginia Commonwealth University
VCCS Virginia Community College System
VCCA Virginia Community Colleges Association
VCCA Virginia Computer Crimes Act
VCCJ Virginia Conference for Community and Justice
VCES Virginia Consortium of Engineering and Science Universities
VCQ Virginia Consortium of Quilters
VACA Virginia Contracting Activity
VCE Virginia Cooperative Extension
VCES Virginia Cooperative Extension Service
VCC Virginia Coordinated Care
VCCW Virginia Correctional Center for Women
VCCA Virginia Correctional Counseling Association
VCLD Virginia Council for Learning Disabilities
VCD Virginia Council for the Deaf
VCC Virginia Council of Churches
VCFC Virginia Council of Farmer Cooperatives
VCNP Virginia Council of Nurse Practitioners
VCTU Virginia Council of Trout Unlimited
VCA Virginia Counselors Association
VACU Virginia Credit Union
VCBA Virginia Creditors Bar Association
VCSA Virginia Crime Stoppers Association, Inc
VDF Virginia Defense Force
VDA Virginia Dental Association
VDA Virginia Department for the Aging
VDA Virginia Department of Agriculture
VDCR Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
VDC Virginia Department of Corrections
VDES Virginia Department of Emergency Services
VDFP Virginia Department of Fire Programs
VDF Virginia Department of Forestry
VDGIF Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries
VDH Virginia Department of Health
VDHR Virginia Department of Historic Resources
VDRS Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Services
VDT Virginia Department of Taxation
VDOT Virginia Department of Transportation
VDC Virginia Design Company
VDCP Virginia Diabetes Control Project
VDDA Virginia Downtown Development Association
VADA Virginia Dressage Association
VESC Virginia Eastern Shore Corporation
VEDLF Virginia Economic Development Loan Fund
VEA Virginia Education Association
VEN Virginia Education Network
VEST Virginia Education Savings Trust
VERA Virginia Educational Research Association
VEPP Virginia Effective Practices Project
VERC Virginia Elder Rights Coalition
VEP Virginia Electric Power
VERC Virginia Emergency Response Council
VEC Virginia Employment Commission
VEPT Virginia Energy Patterns and Trends
VEAP Virginia Enterprise Applications Program
VEBC Virginia Environmental Business Council
VEEP Virginia Environmental Excellence Program
VEQI Virginia Environmental Quality Index
VES Virginia Episcopal School
VESC Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control
VESCH Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook
VFTP Virginia Fair Trial Project
VFB Virginia Farm Bureau
VAFB Virginia Farm Bureau
VFGC Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc.
VFMC Virginia Federation of Music Clubs
VFWC Virginia Federation of Women’s Clubs
VFF Virginia Film Festival
VFG Virginia Financial Group, Inc.
VFFA Virginia Fish Farmers Association
VFFA Virginia Flag Football Association
VFAF Virginia Fontaine Addictions Foundation
VFMC Virginia Fontaine Memorial Centre Inc.
VFH Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
VGA Virginia General Assembly
VGIN Virginia Geographic Information Network
VGIF Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund
VGCA Virginia Golf Coaches Association
VGB Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act
VGAP Virginia Guaranteed Assistance Program
VGCA Virginia Gun Collectors Association
VGOC Virginia Gun Owners Coalition
VHTRC Virginia Happy Trails Running Club
VHSA Virginia Head Start Association
VHI Virginia Health Information
VHQC Virginia Health Quality Center
VHSBI Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator
VHTP Virginia High-Tech Partnership
VHTRC Virginia Highway and Transportation Research Council
VAHCC Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
VHS Virginia Historical Society
VHC Virginia Horse Center
VHJ Virginia Horse Journal
VHSA Virginia Horse Show Association, Inc.
VHSC Virginia Housing Study Commission
VIVA Virginia Image and Video Analysis
VIPC Virginia Immigrant People’s Coalition
VIIS Virginia Immunization Information System
VIP Virginia Independence Program
VISTA Virginia Independent Soccer Team Association
VIDC Virginia Indigent Defense Commission
VIB Virginia Industries for the Blind
VITA Virginia Information Technologies Agency
VIEW Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare
VIP Virginia Inland Port
VICE Virginia Insect Control Expert for Corn
VIMS Virginia Institue of Marine Science
VIDD Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities
VIGR Virginia Institute of Genealogical Research
VIMS Virginia Institute of Marine Science
VIC Virginia Intermont College
VIBA Virginia International Business Alliance
VICS Virginia International Committee Simulation
VICS Virginia International Crisis Simulation
VIR Virginia International Raceway
VIT Virginia International Terminals
VIU Virginia International University
VISPA Virginia Internet Service Providers Alliance
VIP Virginia Investment Partnership
VIFL Virginia Is for Lovers
VJE Virginia Journal of Education
VJS Virginia Journal of Science
VJAS Virginia Junior Academy of Science
VKS Virginia Ki Society
VLAB Virginia Latino Advisory Board
VLBR Virginia Law and Business Review
VLRS Virginia Lawyer Referral Service
VLW Virginia Lawyers Weekly
VALCV Virginia League of Conservation Voters
VLO Virginia Liaison Office
VLAED Virginia Library Association
VLA Virginia Library Association
VLBA Virginia Licensed Beverage Association
VMUG Virginia Macintosh Users Group
VMHB Virginia Magazine of History and Biography
VMRC Virginia Marine Resources Commission
VAMAI Virginia Martial Arts Institute
VMMC Virginia Mason Medical Center
VMPS Virginia Mason Production System
VML Virginia Math League
VMN Virginia Mediation Network
VMAP Virginia Medical Assistance Program
VMQ Virginia Medical Quarterly
VMPL Virginia Memorial Public Library
VMBM Virginia Mennonite Board of Missions
VMC Virginia Mennonite Conference
VMRC Virginia Mennonite Retirement Community
VMC Virginia Microelectronics Center
VMI Virginia Military Institute
VMIRL Virginia Military Institute Research Laboratories
VMA Virginia Mining Association, Inc.
VMLA Virginia Mortgage Lenders Association
VMCA Virginia Mosquito Control Association
VML Virginia Municipal League
VMFA Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
VMT Virginia Museum of Transportation, Inc.
VNB Virginia National Bank
VANA Virginia Needs Assessment
VNM Virginia New Majority
VNEWP Virginia Non-game and Endangered Wildlife Program
VNHC Virginia Nonprofit Housing Coalition
VNA Virginia Numismatic Association
VNA Virginia Nurses Association
VOA Virginia Oncology Associates
VOCAL Virginia Organization of Consumers Asserting Leadership
VONE Virginia Organization of Nurse Executives
VOP Virginia Organizing Project
VOS Virginia Orthopaedic Society
VOLT Virginia Outdoor Lighting Taskforce
VOWA Virginia Outdoor Writers Association
VPB Virginia Parole Board
VAPAWS Virginia Partnership for Animal Welfare and Support
VPMA Virginia Pest Management Association
VPFW Virginia Physicians for Women
VPCI Virginia Piper Cancer Institute
VPMIA Virginia Plumbing and Mechanical Inspectors Association
VPMA Virginia Podiatric Medical Association
VPCF Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation
VPI Virginia Polytechnic Institute
VPA Virginia Port Authority
VPEM Virginia Power Energy Marketing
VPHP Virginia Premier Health Plan
VPI Virginia Preschool Initiative
VPURT Virginia Pressure Ulcer Resource Team
VPPA Virginia Professional Photographers Association
VPO Virginia Program At Oxford
VPAP Virginia Public Access Project
VPHA Virginia Public Health Association
VPPA Virginia Public Procurement Act
VPRA Virginia Public Records Act
VPSF Virginia Public Safety Foundation
VQR Virginia Quarterly Review
VRIA Virginia Racial Integrity Act of 1924
VRE Virginia Railway Express
VRA Virginia Recycling Association
VRPC Virginia Region Pony Club
VRB Virginia Regional Ballet
VRTA Virginia Regional Transportation Association
VARF Virginia Renaissance Faire
VRTC Virginia Rescue Training Center, Inc.
VRCA Virginia Research Center for Archaeology
VRS Virginia Retirement System
VRTP Virginia Rider Training Program
VRW Virginia Romance Writers
VRU Virginia Rugby Union
VRWA Virginia Rural Water Association
VSCA Virginia Scholastic Chess Association
VSRA Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association
VSBA Virginia School Boards Association
VSDB Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind
VSSI Virginia Science Standards Institute
VSI Virginia Semiconductor, Inc.
VSSA Virginia Shooting Sports Association
VSY Virginia Shuman Young
VSLI Virginia Soccer League, Inc.
VSSA Virginia Social Science Association
VSRC Virginia Society for Respiratory Care
VSTE Virginia Society for Technology in Education
VSA Virginia Society of Anesthesiologists
VSHP Virginia Society of Health-System Pharmacists
VSLD Virginia Society of Landscape Designers
VSO Virginia Society of Ornithology
VSFA Virginia Space Flight Academy
VSI Virginia Spine Institute
VSQ Virginia Squires
VSOL Virginia Standards of Learning
VSB Virginia State Bar
VSBA Virginia State Beekeepers Association
VSBA Virginia State Bowling Association
VSCC Virginia State Corporate Commission
VSCC Virginia State Crime Commission
VSFA Virginia State Firefighters Association
VSFF Virginia State Forests Fund
VSP Virginia State Police
VSRP Virginia State Rail Plan
VSRA Virginia State Reading Association
VASO Virginia State Science Olympiad
VSU Virginia State University
VSCA Virginia Stock Corporation Act
VSFAP Virginia Student Financial Assistance Program
VSRP Virginia Student Retention Program
VSSC Virginia Student Services Conference
VSRP Virginia Supplemental Retirement Plan
VSC Virginia Surety Company, Inc.
VTO Virginia Tack Outlet
VTBS Virginia Tax Bulletin
VTB Virginia Tax Bulletin
VT Virginia Tech
VTAS Virginia Tech Animation Society
VTCS Virginia Tech Computer Science
VTCC Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets
VTGC Virginia Tech Grand Challenge
VISC Virginia Tech Information Systems Center
VTO Virginia Tech Online
VTPP Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs
VTRS Virginia Tech Rescue Squad
VTRP Virginia Tech Review Panel
VTSO Virginia Tech Seismological Observatory
VTSS Virginia Tech Spectral-Line Survey
VTTI Virginia Tech Transportation Institute
VTX Virginia Tech X-Ray Crystallography Laboratory
VTA Virginia Technology Alliance
VTEA Virginia Technology Education Association
VTA Virginia Telecommunications Association
VTS Virginia Theological Seminary
VTC Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education
VTA Virginia Tourism Authority
VTC Virginia Tourism Corporation
VTC Virginia Transformer Corp.
VTC Virginia Transplant Council
VTCA Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance
VTDP Virginia Transportation Development Plan
VTTI Virginia Travel and Tourism Institute
VTCC Virginia Treatment Center for Children
VTLA Virginia Trial Lawyers Association
VTC Virginia Turfgrass Council
VUU Virginia Union University
VVFC Virginia Vaccines for Children
VVMA Virginia Veterinary Medical Association
VVRS Virginia Voter Registration System
VWC Virginia Wesleyan College
VWE Virginia Wesleyan College
VWCC Virginia Western Community College
VWF Virginia Wildlife Federation
VWAB Virginia Winegrowers Advisory Board
VAWG Virginia Wing
VWAA Virginia Women Attorneys Association
VWW Virginia Woolf Web
VWCC Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission
VWN Virginia Workforce Network
VWF Virginia Wrestling Federation
VYD Virginia Young Democrats
VYR Virginia Young Readers
VYR Virginia Young Republicans
VYSA Virginia Youth Soccer Association
VYSO Virginia Youth Symphony Orchestra
VZP Virginia Zoological Park
CIT Virginia’s Center for Innovative Technology
VIWA Virginia’s Warbler
VGN Virginian Railway Company
VAHV Virginians Against Handgun Violence
VCCT Virginians for Competitive Coal Transportation
VOICE Virginians Organized for Interfaith Community Engagement
VIVA Virtual Library of Virginia
VCCC VITA Customer Care Center (Virginia)
WAL Wallops Island Airfield, Chincoteague, Virginia
WVA West Virginia
WV West Virginia
WVAS West Virginia Academy of Sciences
WVACHE West Virginia Access Center for Higher Education
WVAC West Virginia Aeronautics Commission
WVAA West Virginia AgrAbility
WVAC West Virginia Air Center
WVANG West Virginia Air National Guard
WVAH West Virginia Almost Heaven
WVAR West Virginia Amateur Radio
WVAA West Virginia Angus Association
WVAA West Virginia Aquaculture Association
WVAS West Virginia Archeological Society
WVALA West Virginia Assisted Living Association
WVAMP West Virginia Association of Masters in Psychology
WVAR West Virginia Association of Realtors
WVARF West Virginia Association of Rehabilitation Facilities
WVAS West Virginia Association of Sanitarians
WVAS West Virginia Association of Scholars
WVASN West Virginia Association of School Nurses
WVAC West Virginia Asthma Coalition
WVAG West Virginia Attorney General
WVAA West Virginia Auctioneers Association
WVBA West Virginia Bar Association
WVBA West Virginia Beekeepers Association
WVBB West Virginia Biker Barn
WVBI West Virginia Biometrics Initiative
WVBA West Virginia Board of Architects
WVBE West Virginia Board of Education
WVBL West Virginia Book of Lists
WVBA West Virginia Bowhunters Association
WVCR West Virginia Cancer Registry
WVCC West Virginia Career College
WVCI West Virginia Career Institute
WVCC West Virginia Cave Conservancy
WVCN West Virginia Center for Nursing
WVCCU West Virginia Central Credit Union
WVCPN West Virginia Child Placement Network
WVCS West Virginia Chiropractic Society
WVCYC West Virginia Christian Youth Camp
WVCDL West Virginia Citizens Defense League
WVCA West Virginia Coal Association
WVCA West Virginia Commission on the Arts
WVCEOS West Virginia Community Educational Outreach Service
WVCA West Virginia Conservation Agency
WVCA West Virginia Consumer Advocate
WVCLE West Virginia Continuing Legal Education
WVCC West Virginia Council of Churches
WVCP West Virginia Courtesy Patrol
WVCUL West Virginia Credit Union League
WVDC West Virginia Dance Company
WVDA West Virginia Department of Agriculture
WVDC West Virginia Department of Commerce
WVDA West Virginia Department of Education
WVDM West Virginia Department of Mines
WVDMV West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
WVDNR West Virginia Department of Natural Resources
WVDA West Virginia Dietetic Association
WVDL West Virginia Digital Library
WVDT West Virginia Division of Tourism
WVEDC West Virginia Economic Development Council
WVEA West Virginia Education Association
WVEL West Virginia e-Learning
WVEF West Virginia Entrepreneurs Forum, Inc.
WVFB West Virginia Farm Bureau
WVFT West Virginia Federation of Teachers
WVFIMS West Virginia Financial Information Management System
WVFP West Virginia Forest Products
WVFA West Virginia Forestry Association
WVFC West Virginia Fossil Club
WVGA West Virginia Geographic Alliance
WVGES West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey
WVGA West Virginia Golf Association
WVGC West Virginia Graduate College
WVGA West Virginia Grantmakers Association
WVHCA West Virginia Health Care Authority
WVHC West Virginia Highlands Conservancy
WVHH West Virginia Histories Homepage
WVH West Virginia History
WVHEA West Virginia Home Educators Association
WVHA West Virginia Hospital Association
WVHC West Virginia Humanities Council
WVHEA West Virginia Hunter Education Association
WVIIH West Virginia Initiative for Innate Health
WVIAC West Virginia Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
WVJOLT West Virginia Journal of Law Technology
WVJC West Virginia Junior College
WVLA West Virginia Landlords Association
WVLI West Virginia Law Institute
WVLR West Virginia Law Review
WVLA West Virginia Library Association
WVLC West Virginia Library Commission
WVMA West Virginia Maneuver Area
WVMA West Virginia Manufacturers Association
WVMG West Virginia Master Gardener
WVMH West Virginia Media Holdings
WVMI West Virginia Medical Institute, Inc.
WVMS West Virginia Motor Speedway
WVMTA West Virginia Motor Truck Association
WVM West Virginia Mountaineers
WVMAG West Virginia Museum of American Glass
WVMTA West Virginia Music Teachers Association
WVNG West Virginia National Guard
WVN West Virginia Northern
WVNCC West Virginia Northern Community College
WVND West Virginia Northern District
WVOW West Virginia Ordnance Works
WVPA West Virginia Planning Association
WVPC West Virginia Poison Center
WVPA West Virginia Press Association
WVPA West Virginia Psychological Association
WVPB West Virginia Public Broadcasting
WVPR West Virginia Public Radio
WVPT West Virginia Public Television
WVPT West Virginia Public Theater
WVQP West Virginia QSO Party
WVRA West Virginia Racing Association
WVRC West Virginia Racing Commission
WVRL West Virginia Racing League
WVRC West Virginia Radio Corporation
WVRN West Virginia Realty Network
WVRC West Virginia Republican Club
WVRA West Virginia Retailers Association
WVSSAP West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Program
WVSF West Virginia Shepherd’s Federation
WVSA West Virginia Soccer Association
WVSCPA West Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants
WVSR West Virginia Split Rail
WVSB West Virginia State Bar
WVSC West Virginia State College
WVSP West Virginia State Police
WVSRC West Virginia State Rehabilitation Council
WVSG West Virginia Storytelling Guild
WVSF West Virginia Strawberry Festival
WVSC West Virginia Supreme Court
WVSR West Virginia Surf Report
WVSL West Virginia Symphony League
WVSO West Virginia Symphony Orchestra
WVTA West Virginia Technology Association
WVTA West Virginia Telecommunications Association
WVTA West Virginia Telephone Association
WVTRA West Virginia Therapeutic Recreation Association
WVTC West Virginia Trails Coalition
WVTA West Virginia Trailside Affiliation
WVTA West Virginia Trappers Association
WVTA West Virginia Troopers Association
WVU West Virginia University
WVUP West Virginia University at Parkersburg
WVUF West Virginia University Forest
WVUF West Virginia University Foundation
WVUHSC West Virginia University Health Sciences Center
WVUH West Virginia University Hospitals
WVUPP West Virginia University Philological Papers
WVURC West Virginia University Research Corporation
WVVLN West Virginia Virtual Learning Network
WVVS West Virginia Virtual School
WVW West Virginia Wesleyan
WVWC West Virginia Wesleyan College
WVWA West Virginia Wildwater Association
WVW West Virginia Wireless
WVWOA West Virginia Woodland Owners Association
WVWW West Virginia Writers’ Workshop
WVAW West Virginia-American Water Company
WVBT West Virginians for Better Transportation
WWVA Wheeling West Virginia
WCVA Wildlife Center of Virginia
WCV Wildlife Center of Virginia
WGO Winchester, Virginia
WINDOWS Workforce Improvement Network of Virginia
WIN Workforce Improvement Network of Virginia
YMV Young Musicians of Virginia
YPCV Young Professionals of Central Virginia

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