Vietnam Abbreviations

VNM is the abbreviation for Vietnam, the 65th largest country in the world. Officially Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Vietnam is a country located in south-eastern Asia, bordering Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam. Major cities include Ho Chi Minh City (population: 3,467,320), Hanoi (population: 1,431,259), Da Nang (population: 752,482), Haiphong (population: 602,684), Biên Hòa (population: 407,197), Huế (population: 287,206), Nha Trang (population: 283,430), Can Tho (population: 259,587), Rach Gia (population: 228,345), and Qui Nhon (population: 210,327).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Hanoi
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Area: 331,212 km2
  • Population: 94,569,072
  • Currency: đồng (VND)
  • Time zone: UTC+7
  • Calling code: 84
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: VN
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: VNM
  • Internet TLD: .vn
  • State Government Website:

Map of Vietnam


List of Vietnam Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Vietnam are VNM which stands for Vietnam and VND which means đồng (Vietnam currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Vietnam, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

VNM: Vietnam

Abbreviation Meaning
AVI Adopted Vietnamese International
AVIM Advanced Vietnamese Input Method
AVFC Alec Vietnamese Fan Club
AWV alt.war.vietnam
AUV American University of Vietnam
ACTIV Army Concept Team in Vietnam
AVPA Around Vietnam Photo Album
ACVN Association Culturelle Vietnamienne de Cachan
AOFV Association Odontologique France VietNam
ACVN Association of Cities of Vietnam
ADM Association pour le Développement Médical au Vietnam
ATFV Australian Task Force Vietnam
AVVRG Australian Veterans Vietnam Reconstruction Group
AVBC Australia-Vietnam Business Council
BIDV Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
BFV Battlefield Vietnam
BFVN Battlefield: Vietnam
REVERSAL Biennial Vietnam National Conference on Radio & Electronics
REV Biennial Vietnam National Conference on Radio & Electronics
BAVE Business Alliance for Vietnamese Education
CLMV Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam
CLV Cambodian, Laotian or Vietnamese
CVVA Canadian Vietnam Veterans Association
CVN Canon Vietnam Co., Ltd.
CJV Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese
CAAV Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam
CAAV Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam
COVYP Club of Vietnamese Youths in Poland
CIVETS Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa
CICV Combined Intelligence Center, Vietnam
CIVL Comite’ International pour un Vietnam Libre
COV Committee for Overseas Vietnamese
CIPES Committee of Physical Education and Sports of Vietnam
CPV Communist Party of Vietnam
DAD Da Nang, Vietnam – Da Nang
DAVN David Archuleta Vietnam
DRV Democratic Republic of Vietnam
EVN Electricity of Vietnam
ECVNS Evangelical Church of Vietnam
FSIV Forest Science Institute of Vietnam
FSI Forestry Science Institute of Vietnam
FVA Free Vietnam Alliance
GIV Gems International Vietnam Co., Ltd.
GDC General Department of Vietnam Customs
GMV Good Morning Vietnam
GVN Government of Vietnam
HAN Hanoi, Vietnam – Noibai Airport
SGN Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Tan Son Nhut
HVVI Hoosier Vietnam Veterans Inc.
HUI Hue, Vietnam
IVSU Illinois Vietnamese Students Union
IVWD Inclusion of Vietnamese with Disabilities
JAV Japan Alumni of Vietnam
JVF Japan Vietnam Fertilizer
JTV Japan-Thailand-Vietnam
JVL JVC Vietnam, Ltd. (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
KPV Kommunistische Partei Vietnams
LCV Laos Cambodian Vietnamese
LOSV Line of Sight: Vietnam
MIV Made in Vietnam
MVMA Maryland Vietnamese Mutual Assistance Association, Inc.
MACOV Mechanized and Armor Combat Operations In Vietnam
MCNV Medical Committee Netherlands-Vietnam
MCNV Medisch Comité Nederland-Vietnam
MVRCA Midlands Vietnamese Refugee Community Association
MACV Military Assistance Command Vietnam
MACVSOG Military Assistance Command, Vietnam, Studies and Observations Group
MSVP Moeco Southwest Vietnam Petroleum
MVP Moeco Vietnam Petroleum Co., Ltd.
NAVASA National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies
NCVA National Congress of Vietnamese Americans
NLV National Library of Vietnam
NVVRS National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study
NHA Nha Trang, Vietnam
NAVTA North America-Vietnam Trading Agency
NVAF North Vietnamese Air Force
NVA North Vietnamese Army
NVRA North Vietnamese Regular Army
PVI PetroVietnam Insurance Co.
PRG Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam
RVC Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd
RSVN Republic of South Vietnam Navy
RVN Republic of Vietnam
RVNAF Republic of Vietnam Air Force
RVNAF Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces
RVNCAMUC Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Medal, Unit Citation
RIUV RMIT International University Vietnam
SECV Shane English Centre Vietnam
SRV Socialist Republic of Vietnam
SV South Vietnam
SVN South Vietnam
VNN South Vietnamese Navy
SECV Southern Evangelical Church of Vietnam
SVSA Stanford Vietnamese Student Association
SAV State Audit of Vietnam
SBV State Bank of Vietnam
TUVA Tulane University Vietnamese Association
UBCV United Buddhist Church of Vietnam
UVCC US-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce
VLVS Van-Lang Vietnamese School
VVRP Veteran’s Vietnam Restoration Project
VAVW Veterans Against the Vietnam War
VVW Veterans of the Vietnam War
VNM Vietnam
VM Vietnam
NAM Vietnam
VIET Vietnam
VAAS Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences
VASI Vietnam Agricultural Science Institute
VATM Vietnam Air Traffic Management
VN Vietnam Airlines
VACPA Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants
VBCA Vietnam Bank Card Association
VBARD Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
VBSP Vietnam Bank for Social Policies
VBMA Vietnam Bicycle and Motorbike Association
VBEG Vietnam Biomedical Electronics Group
VBC Vietnam Broadcasting Corporation
VBCA Vietnam Business Coalition on AIDS
VBC Vietnam Business Consulting
VBF Vietnam Business Forum
VBJ Vietnam Business Journal
VCM Vietnam Campaign Medal
VCEP Vietnam Canada Environmental Project
VCCI Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
VCF Vietnam Children’s Fund
VCX Vietnam China Express
VCV Vietnam Combat Veterans Ltd
VCCC Vietnam Combatant Craft Crewman
VCHR Vietnam Committee on Human Rights
VNCI Vietnam Competitiveness Initiative
VCDS Vietnam Culture Development Society
VET Vietnam Economic Times
VEA Vietnam Economics Association
VEF Vietnam Education Foundation
VEIC Vietnam Electronics and Informatics Corporation
VECP Vietnam Energy Conservation Program
VIETNAMEP Vietnam Energy Portal
VEIL Vietnam Enterprise Investments Ltd.
VEH Vietnam Equity Holding
VFF Vietnam Fatherland Front
VFI Vietnam Film Institute
VFMC Vietnam Financial Media Corporation
VFAM Vietnam Fine Art Museum
VFAA Vietnam Fine-Arts Association
VFF Vietnam Football Federation
VFMC Vietnam Fund Management Company Limited
VGTA Vietnam Gold Traders Association
VGCC Vietnam Golf and Country Club
VHCMA Vietnam Helicopter Crew Members Association
VHPA Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
VHWC Vietnam Helmet Wearing Coalition
VIWA Vietnam Inland Waterway Administration
VIAS Vietnam Institute for America Studies
VIT Vietnam Institute for Trade
VIE Vietnam Institute of Economics
VIPIS Vietnam Intellectual Property Institute
VICT Vietnam International Container Terminals
VJM Vietnam Journal of Mathematics
VKX Vietnam Korea Exchange LTD
VLAP Vietnam Laboratory Assistance Program
VLSM Vietnam Logistics and Support Medal
VMEP Vietnam Manufacturing and Export Processing
VMIC Vietnam Meeting and Incentive Club
VMC Vietnam Multimedia Corporation
VINA Vietnam Nation
VNMC Vietnam National Mekong Committee
VNU Vietnam National University
VNA Vietnam News Agency
VNA Vietnam News Association
VNN Vietnam News Network
VOMA Vietnam Open Mess Agency
VPC Vietnam Peace Committee
VPA Vietnam People’s Army
VPA Vietnam Pepper Association
VPS Vietnam Postal Services Company
VNRC Vietnam Red Cross
VRC Vietnam Red Cross
VRCS Vietnam Red Cross Society
VRSAP Vietnam River Systems and Plains
VSPA Vietnam Saigon Plastic Association
VSPA Vietnam Security Police Association
VSM Vietnam Service Medal
VISABA Vietnam Ship Agents and Brokers Association
VSIP Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park
VSAES Vietnam Society of Automotive Engineers
VSC Vietnam Solidarity Campaign
VST Vietnam Standard Time
VSC Vietnam Standards Centre
VSI Vietnam State Inspectorate
VSAA Vietnam Studies Association of Australia
VTI Vietnam Telecom International
VTV Vietnam Television
VTX Vietnam Thailand Express
VTSP Vietnam Tree Seed Project
VUFA Vietnam Union of Friendship Associations
VUFO Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations
VVG Vietnam Venture Group
VVAW Vietnam Veterans Against the War
VVI Vietnam Veterans Institute
VVM Vietnam Veterans Memorial
VVRP Vietnam Veterans Restoration Project
VVCS Vietnam Veterans’ Counselling Service
VNVMC Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Club
VVNS Vietnam Volunteer Network
VVN Vietnam Volunteer Network
VW Vietnam War
VWIP Vietnam War Internet Project
VWV Vietnam Women Veterans, Inc.
VWU Vietnam Women’s Union
VWP Vietnam Workers’ Party
VYF Vietnam Youth Federation
VYU Vietnam Youth Union
VISTA Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey and Argentina
VEV Vietnam-Era Veteran
VIE Vietnamese
VAST Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology
VAS Vietnamese Accounting Standards
VAN Vietnamese Adoption Network
VASI Vietnamese Advanced Summer Institute
VA Vietnamese Airlines
VABASC Vietnamese American Bar Association of Southern California
VACFS Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation
VACA Vietnamese American Civic Association
VANG Vietnamese American National Gala
VAS Vietnamese American Society
VASA Vietnamese American Student Association
VAV Vietnamese American Volunteers
VAX Vietnamese American Xposure
VAYN Vietnamese American Youth Network
VBC Vietnamese Baptist Church
VBM Vietnamese Baptist Mission
VBB Vietnamese Blue Beauty
VBC Vietnamese Born Chinese
VCP Vietnamese Communist Party
VNCNUS Vietnamese Community in National University of Singapore
VCSMW Vietnamese Cultural Society of Metropolitan Washington
VND Vietnamese Dong
VIHR Vietnamese Institute for Human Rights
VIFF Vietnamese International Film Festival
VMA Vietnamese Memorial Association
VNODC Vietnamese National Oceanographic Data Center
VNCA Vietnamese Nationalist Community of Austin
VNGO Vietnamese Non-Governmental Organization
VNOSMP Vietnamese Office For Seeking Missing Persons
VOICE Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscience Empowerment
VOSP Vietnamese Overseas Scholarship Program
VPS Vietnamese Professionals Society
VISA Vietnamese SEARCA Fellows Association
VSAF Vietnamese Student Association in Finland
VSA Vietnamese Students Association
VSAV Vietnamese Students Association of Victoria
VVMA Vietnamese Video Music Awards
VYC Vietnamese Youth Convention
VYSA Vietnamese Youths and Students Association in Japan
VAPRI Vietnamese-American Public Research Institute
VDZ Vietnamesisch-Deutsche Zentrum
VRIC Vietnam-Russia Intergovernmental Committee
VUS Vietnam-USA Society
VOV Voice of Vietnam
WVV World Vision Vietnam


Vietnam is located in Southeast Asia and is a narrow country with a long coastline. Inland, the natural landscape is characterized by mountains and hills, which pass into flatter fields on the coast. The country is characterized by two large river deltas, with green rice fields by the Mekong River in the south and by the Song Hong River in the north. Channels and tributaries flow across.

The rivers form the basis for agriculture and labor in the country, but also pose a threat. the areas around the rivers are plagued by floods and overfishing. In addition, during the war with the United States, large quantities of the chemical agent Agent Orange were dispersed in nature and caused major environmental damage to nature and humans. Vietnam has a hot and humid tropical climate in most of the country. Most of the country does not have winter, but rainy season, so-called monsoon season. It is the warmest and wettest from April to August, and the coldest and driest from December to February.


For over a thousand years, Vietnam was part of China. In the 900s, the Vietnamese liberated themselves and Vietnam became a separate country. The country resisted several attacks from the north, and also grew over time to what is today Vietnam. From the end of the 19th century, the French fought for power in the country, and Vietnam became part of French Indochina. After the war, Vietnam gained its own government and gained some power, but remained under French control until the Communist forces in Vietnam won its liberation in 1954.

The war against the French ended with Vietnam being divided into two, a socialist North Vietnam and an anti-Communist South Vietnam. As part of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, South Vietnam was supported by the Americans and North Vietnam was supported by the Soviet Union and China. A war broke out between the two parts in 1957. The United States intervened on the side of South Vietnam to prevent Vietnam from becoming communist. The Vietnam War lasted until 1975. Then Saigon in the south was conquered by North Vietnamese forces, and the north and south again became one Vietnam.

The Vietnam War shocked the world, with great human suffering. As many as five million civilians were killed, as well as 1.4 million soldiers. After the great devastation, Vietnam spent the 1980s rebuilding the country. This has largely been successful.

Society and politics

Vietnam is a one-party state, only the Communist Party is allowed – other political parties and opposition organizations are banned. The President is appointed by the National Assembly. He or she is elected for five years at a time and serves as head of state and commander of the military.

There are tendencies for disagreements within the Communist Party, where a conservative part of the party disagrees with a more reform-friendly part regarding the form of political change. The Communist Party has lost popularity today due to corruption and abuse of power.

There is little freedom of speech in Vietnam, and the Communist Party controls most of the media. Criticism against the government is not tolerated and journalists, bloggers and government critics are threatened with imprisonment and punishment.

Among the major challenges facing Vietnam are population growth and population density. There is no one-child policy, but it is a norm in the country to have a maximum of two children. Moving to the big cities also creates challenges.

Economics and Commerce

Vietnam has undergone great growth and changes in the economy. From World War II until 1986, the country had a state-run economy, a planned economy. After 1986, they switched to a more open market economy. Vietnam used to be one of the world’s poorest countries, but the production and export of various food and electronics has led to growth in the country’s economy. Since the 1990s, the proportion of poor people has dropped significantly. Today, the minority population in the highlands is the poorest part of the population.

More than half of the labor force in Vietnam is employed in agriculture around the two major rivers in the north and south. Vietnam is a major exporter of rice, coffee, cashew nuts and seafood. In addition to this, growing tourism has helped the economy. In the last decades, the textile, shoes and electronics industry has also grown in Vietnam. Some foreign companies move parts of their production to Vietnam due to low labor costs. The United States, China, the EU, Japan and the ASEAN countries are Vietnam’s largest trading partners.

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