China Abbreviations

CN is the abbreviation for China, the 3rd largest country in the world. Officially the People’s Republic of China, China is a country located in East Asia, bordering 14 – Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Vietnam. Beijing is the capital city of China. Major cities include Shanghai (population: 22,315,463), Beijing (population: 11,716,609), Tianjin (population: 11,090,303), Guangzhou (population: 11,071,413), Shenzhen (population: 10,358,370), Wuhan (population: 9,785,377), Dongguan (population: 8,000,011), Chongqing (population: 7,457,589), Chengdu (population: 7,415,579), and Nanjing (population: 7,165,281).

Country Profile

  • Capital: Beijing
  • Language: Chinese
  • Area: 9,596,961 km2
  • Population: 1,403,500,354
  • Currency: Renminbi (CNY)
  • Time zone: UTC+8
  • Calling code: 86
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation: CN
  • UN 3-Letter Abbreviation: CHN
  • Internet TLD: .cn
  • State Government Website:

Map of China

List of China Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about China are CN which stands for China and CNY which means Renminbi (China currency). In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to China, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

CHN: China

Abbreviation Meaning
ALPHABET Agricultural Bank of China
ACCC Agricultural Culture Collection of China
ADBC Agriculture Development Bank of China
ACCOUNTING Air China Cargo
ACCESSORY Air China Cargo
ACFW All China Federation of Women
ACLE All China Leather Exhibition
ACSR All China Strategic Research
ACYF All China Youth Federation
ATTIC All the Tea in China
ACWF All-China Women’s Federation
AMMISCA American Military Mission to China
ACCL Amway China Co Limited
ASAC Apicultural Science Association of China
ACIF ASEAN China Investment Fund (est. 2004)
ACPN Australia China Professionals Network
ACACA Australia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement
ACCOUNTING Australia-China Council
ACCESSORY Australia-China Council
ACFA Australia-China Foundation Association
BOCI Bank of China International
PEKS Beijing, China – Peking Capital Airport
BCCB Berlin China Cultural Bridges
BCC Better Crops China
BRIC Brazil, Russia, India and China
BCC Broadcasting Corporation of China
BICC Built-In China Cabinets
CHOC Cambridge History of China
CCBC Canada China Business Council
CFRC Center for Financial Research on China
CUSCPS Center for United States-China Policy Studies
CCTR Center on China’s Transnational Relations
CCNU Central China Normal University
CSCQCK Central Kedah China Soaring Crane Qigong
CSCIC Centre for the Study of Christianity in China
CNCA Certification Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China
CCBP Certification of China Banking Professional
CACH Children Adopted from China
CAEP China Academy of Engineering Physics
CAPT China Academy of Post and Telecommunications
CAPT China Academy of Printing Technology
CATR China Academy of Telecommunication Research
CAST China Aerospace Science and Technology Group
CATF China Air Task Force
CI China Airlines – Taiwan
CADIA China Alcoholic Drinks Industry Association
CIAC China and Inner Asia Council
CAAO China Appointed Attesting Officer
CATTI China Aptitude Test for Translators and Interpreters
CACDA China Arms Control and Disarmament Association
CACEE China Association for Continuing Engineering Education
CAMH China Association for Mental Health
CAAM China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
CABCI China Association of Bakery and Confectionery Industry
CACEM China Association of Construction Enterprise Management
CANSI China Association of National Shipbuilding Industry
CAUES China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation
CAES China Auto Electronics Show
CAIA China Automotive Industry Association
CAOHC China Aviation Oil Holding Company
CBEX China Beijing Equity Exchange
CBBR China Britain Business Resources
CBSN China Broadband Satellite Network
CBDA China Building Decoration Association
CBTDC China Building Technology Development Centre
CBLF China Business Leaders Forum
CCBN China Cable Broadcasting Network
CCSP China Camp State Park
CCER China Center for Economic Research
CCTCC China Center for Type Culture Collection
CCTV China Central Television
CCIC China Certification and Inspection Company
CCFA China Chain Store & Franchise Association
CCSFA China Chain Stores and Franchising Association
CCF China Charity Federation
CCFA China Chemical Fibers Association
CCARI China Chongqing Automobile Research Institute
CIVIL China Christian Council
CCES China Civil Engineering Society
CCS China Classification Society
CCE China Coal Energy
CCIB China Commodity Inspection Bureau
CCIC China Commodity Inspection Corporation
CCCG China Communications Construction Group
CCYL China Communist Youth League
CIVIL China Compulsory Certification
CCBA China Construction Bank
CCBC China Construction Bank Corporation
CCCE China Construction Civil Engineering Limited
CCCST China Consulting Center for Science and Technology
CCBA China Contract Bridge Association
CCPIT China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
CDIA China Dairy Industry Association
CDEI China Dental Exhibition International
CDR China Depository Receipts
CDIB China Development Industrial Bank
CDRF China Development Research Foundation
CDSN China Digital Seismograph Network
CEAH China Eastern Air Holding Company
MU-2 China Eastern Airlines
OMAN China Eastern Airlines
CENS China Economic News Service
CERAP China Economic Research and Advisory Programme
CERN China Education and Research Net
CETI China Educational Technology Initiative
CECC China Electronic Chamber of Commerce
CEPEX China Energy and Power Exhibition
CECIC China Energy Conservation Investment Corporation
CECP China Energy Conservation Program
CEST China Energy Savings Technology
CETP China Energy Technology Program
CETV China Entertainment Television
CEPF China Environmental Protection Foundation
CESP China Environmental Science Press
CEGL China Essence Group Ltd.
CEIBS China Europe International Business School
CETDO China Europe Trade Development Organization
CEGL China Everbright Group Limited
CECIC China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation
CEBC China Export Bases Corporation
CFIA China Feed Industry Association
CFIA China Fermentation Industry Association
CFIB China Fiber Inspection Bureau
CFSG China Fire & Security Group
CFTGEC China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation
CFSU China Foundry Suppliers Union
CFX China France Express
CFIA China FRP Industrial Association
CGPA China Game Producers’ Association
CGPA China Games Publishers’ Association
CGME China Glass Marble Earthenware
CGLN China Global Logistics Network
CGBN China Golden Bridge Network
CGST China Graduate School of Theology
CGCPA China Group Companies Promotion Association
CGNPG China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group
CHAOS China Has All Our Savings
CHF China History Forum
CHAIN China HIV/AIDS Information Network
CHKD China Hospital Knowledge Database
CHIA China Housing Industry Association
CHPANC China Hualu Panasonic AVC Networks Co, Ltd.
CISF China Import Service Fee
CIGIA China Industrial Gases Industry Association
CISPO China Initiatives and Special Projects
CIISS China Institute for International Strategic Studies
CIIR China Institute of Industrial Relations
CIID China Institute of Interior Design
CIIS China Institute of International Studies
CIHC China Insurance Holdings Co. Ltd.
CIRC China Insurance Regulatory Commission
CIBF China International Battery Fair
CIBTC China International Book Trading Corporation
CICC China International Capital Corp.
CHINCA China International Contractors Association
CIEC China International Exhibition Center
CIFF China International Footwear Fair
CIFF China International Furniture Fair
CIGF China International Garden and Flower Exposition
CIMC China International Marine Containers Group Company Limited
CIPG China International Publishing Group
CIRR China International Resources Recycling
CITM China International Travel Mart
CITIC China International Trust and Investment Company
CITIC China International Trust and Investment Corporation
CWE China International Water & Electric Corp.
CNNIC China Internet Network Information Center
CIC China Investment Corporation
CIPA China Investment Promotion Agency
CISA China Iron & Steel Association
CJIS China Jianyin Investment Securities
CJN China Journal Net
CLB China Labor Bulletin
CLFM China Leaders for Manufacturing
CMTBA China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association
CMIPC China Machinery Industrial Products Co., Ltd.
CMMFC China Man Made Fiber Corp
CMRC China Meat Research Center
CMIA China Medical Informatics Association
CMCC China Mobile Communications Corporation
CMMB China Mobile Multimedia Broadcasting
CMNT China Mulans Nano Tech Corp. Ltd.
CMMB China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting
CMIA China Music Instrument Association
CNAB China National Accreditation Board for Certifiers
CNAG China National Airline Group
CNAC China National Aviation Corporation
CNBA China National Bar Association
CNBA China National Basketball Association
CNBC China National Biotec Corporation
CNCIC China National Chemical Information Center
SINOCHEM China National Chemicals Import & Export Corporation
CNCA China National Coal Association
CNCG China National Coal Group Corp.
CNCPEC China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation
CNCA China National Committee on Ageing
CNCE China National Cotton Exchange
CNEEC China National Electric Equipment Corporation
CNEMC China National Environmental Monitoring Center
CNFPIA China National Forest Products Industry Association
CNFMA China National Forestry Machinery Association
CNMTC China National Machine Tool Corporation
CNNIC China National Network Information Center
CNNC China National Nuclear Corporation
CNODC China National Oceanographic Data Center
CNOOC China National Offshore Oil Corporation
CNODC China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Corporation
CNOC China National Oil Corporation
CNTC China National Tobacco Corporation
CNECC China New Energy Chamber of Commerce
CNTD China New Town Development Company Limited
CND China News Digest
CNSS China Node for Sustainable Sanitation
CNITA China Nonwovens and Industrial Textiles Association
CNXS China North Express
CNECC China Nuclear Engineering Construction Corporation
CNIG China Nuclear Industry Group
COMRA China Ocean Mineral Resources Research and Development Association
COPU China OSS Promotion Union (est. 2004; Beijing, China)
COEA China Overseas Exchange Association
COLI China Overseas Land & Investment
CPAL China Pacific Asia Limited
CPIC China Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd.
CPIC China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd
CPIDC China Paper Industry Development Corporation
CPCA China Passenger Car Association
CPAA China Performing Arts Agency
CPDC China Petrochemical Development Corporation
CPDRC China Population and Development Research Centre
CPHA China Ports and Harbors Association
CPSB China Postal Savings Bank
CPSS China Power Supply Society
CPIRD China Program for Integrated Research Development
COPILOT China Promotion
CPDC China Prosperity Development Corp.
CPIH China Prosperity International Holdings
CQC China Quality Certification Center
CRFT China Radio, Film, Television Satellite Company
CR China Railway
CRCC China Railway Construction Corporation
CRCA China Research Centre on Ageing
CRPI China Resources Petrochems Investments
CSTA China Science and Technology Association
CSTPC China Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations
CSGIA China Screenprinting Graphic Imaging Association
CSITC China Securities Investment Trust Corporation
CSRC China Securities Regulatory Commission
CSST China Security & Surveillance Technology, Inc.
CSIC China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation
CSTC China Shipbuilding Trading Company
CSAA China Shipping Agency
CSCL China Shipping Container Lines
CSCQ China Soaring Crane Qigong
CSFB China Society for Finance and Banking
CSPGP China Society for Promotion of the Guangcai Programme
CSIA China Software Industry Association
CSAH China Southern Air Holding Company
CSAC China Southern Airlines Company
CSLA China Sports Lottery Administration
CSCE China State Construction Engineering
CSSC China State Shipbuilding Corporation
CSOF China Stationery and Office Supply, Inc.
CTAPI China Technical Association of Paper Industry
CTCI China Technical Consultants Inc.
CTCL China Telecom Corporation Ltd.
CTEI China Textile Economic Information
CTSA China Thermal Spraying Association
CTIC China Tibet Information Center
CTTB China Tibet Tourism Bureau
CTPH China Tibetology Publishing House
CTRC China Tibetology Research Center
CTRCS China Tibetology Research Center
CTMI China Tourism Management Institute
CTCP China Trade Center of Philadelphia
CALL-TO-ACTION China Type Approval
CUTE China University of Technology
CVCA China Venture Capital Association
CWEC China Weapons Equipment Corporation
CWDA China Weave Distribution Association
CWCA China Wildlife Conservation Association
CWDA China Wood Distribution Association
CYBP China Yachting Business Partnership
CYCRC China Youth and Children Research Center
CYD China Youth Daily
CYSA China Youth Space Academy
CHIME China, India and the Middle East
CSIS China’s Species Information System
CAFTA China-ASEAN Free Trade Area
CBERS China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite
CBBC China-Britain Business Council
CCBA China-Canada Business Association
CCSEP China-Canada Scholars’ Exchange Program
CGSP ChinaGrid Support Platform
CKCG China-Korea Cyber Games
CSVC China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Venture Co
CFIA Chinatown Faith In Action
CRDC Chinatown Resource Development Center
CAFUC Civil Aviation Flight University of China
CAUC Civil Aviation University Of China
CACC Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd
CTMC Commodity Trading Market of China
COPC ConocoPhillips China, Inc.
CEBC Conselho Empresarial Brasil-China
CROC Constitution of the Republic of China
CLB Construction Lucchina Basso
CIVIL Contemporary China Center
CCRC Contemporary China Research Center
DTC Date to China
DTTC Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Limited (Beijing, China)
DCBN Denmark China Business Network
DEM Deus Ex Machina
DEMOCRAT Deus Ex Machina
DCN Digital China Networks, Ltd.
DTC Dossier to China
EACI East Asia China and India
ECCH East China Capital Holdings
ECPG East China Power Grid
ECUST East China University of Science and Technology
ECHELON Echinacea
EDICHINA Electronic Data Interchange in China
ESMC Electronics Supply & Manufacturing China
ECCI English China Clay International
EPAC Environmental Protection Administration of China
ECBA Euro-China Business Association
ECHMEC Europe China Hotel Management Experts Council
ECARDC European Conference on Agricultural and Rural Development in China
ESCL Evolution Securities China Limited
EIBC Export Import Bank of China
FASC Federation of Automobile Sports of the People’s Republic of China
FIPAC Federation of Investment Promotion Agencies of China
FECC Finnish Environmental Cluster for China
FHAC First Historical Archives of China
GBCC Great Britain China Centre
GFW Great Firewall of China
GFC Great Firewall of China
GNCIS Great North China Initiative
GWCA Great Wall of China Adoption
GCME Greater China Media and Entertainment Corporation
GCPS Greater China Photonic Solutions
GCPC Greater China Precision Components Ltd.
GCR Greater China Region
GCX Guam China Express
HUC Hackers Union of China
HAK Haikou, China – Haikou
HSMLCI Hang Seng Mainland China Index
HRB Harbin, China
HAUSCR Harvard College Association for US -China Relations (Cambridge, MA)
HAPBC Heineken Asia Pacific Breweries China Pte. Ltd.
HFC Heroes From China
HLCCA Homer Laughlin China Collectors Association
HKCCC Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce in China
HKCS Hong Kong China Secretariat
HRIC Human Rights in China
ICBA India-China Business Alliance
IMMF Indochina Media Memorial Foundation
ICSN Indo-China Steam Navigation Co.
ICBC Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
ICBC International Commercial Bank of China
JECSS Japan and East China Seas Study
JCFC Japan-China Joint Fisheries Commission
KCML Komatsu China Mining Limited
KJCPL Koninklijke Java-China-Paketvaart Lijnen
LCMC Lancaster Centre for Management in China
LWOC Legendary Weapons of China
LIC Lepidoptera of Indo-China
LICENSE Lepidoptera of Indo-China
MACH Machinable Letter
MICROWAVE Made in China
MCFA Malaysia-China Friendship Association
MBCI Medical Books for China International
MCSC Music Copyright Society of China
NAMCC National Advanced Materials Committee of China
NBSC National Bureau of Statistics of China
NCAC National Copyright Administration of China
NDRCC National Disaster Reduction Center of China
NNCC National Narcotics Control Commission of China
NSFC National Natural Science Foundation of China
NSFC National Science Foundation of China
NCLI New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
NMO nonmachinable outside
NACS Nordic Association for China Studies
NCXS North China Express
NCP North China Plain
NECT North East China Transect
NMIC Not Made In China
NUNC Nottingham University Ningbo China
OCEF Overseas China Education Foundation
PACL Pacific Alliance China Land Limited
PFFDC Party for Freedom and Democracy in China
PFDC Party for Freedom and Democracy in China
PTPC Pentair Technical Products China
PBOC People’s Bank of China
PICC People’s Insurance Company of China Group
CHAMPION Peoples Republic of China
PCDC Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corporation
PCRA Poland China Record Association
PRIC Polar Research Institute of China
PTAC Printing Technology Association of China
ZSPD PuDong International Airport, Shanghai, China
QMIS Qingdao MTI International School (China)
RUC Renmin University of China
ROCAF Republic of China Air Force
ROCKA Republic of China Kendo Association
RITC Research Institute of Tianjin, China
RTCL Reuters Technology China Ltd.
SYX Sanya, China
SCEN Scotland China Education Network
SACRIFICE Securities Association of China
SWMC Shechina World Mission Center
SZX Shenzhen, China – Shenzhen
SBFC Slow Boat from China
SBTC Slow Boat to China
SSEC Society for the Study of Early China
SCAU South China Agricultural University
SCMP South China Morning Post
SCSP South China Sea Program
SCSSM South China Sea Summer Monsoon
SCSWC South China Sea Warm Current
SCSW South China Sea Water
SCUTA South China University of Tropical Agriculture
SWCAAC South West Civil Aviation Administration of China
SACRIFICE Standardization Administration of China
SHOTGUN State Grid Corporation of China
SPCC State Planning Commission of China
SSAC State Sports Administration of China
TEBC Taipei Export-Import Bank of China
TEPCO Technical Porcelain and Chinaware Company
TCL Today’s China Lion
TCVF Tripod China Vision Fund
THC Tsinghua Class of Changsha First Middle School, Hunan, PR China
TXNS Tunxi, China
TXN Tunxi, China
UPC United Provinces of China
USCF United States and China Foundation
USTC University of Science and Technology of China
VCX Vietnam China Express
VSMC Virtual Science Museums of China
VOCA Voice of China and Asia Missionary Society, Inc.
VAFC Volvo Automotive Finance China, Ltd.
WEPP West-East China Gas Pipeline Project
WCMU Western China Medical University
WCBF Wharton China Business Forum
WICA White Ironstone China Association, Inc.
WCBA Women China Basketball Association
WUB Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association
XFI Xinhua FTSE Index (joint venture; UK and China)

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