What does RC mean?

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Major Meanings of RC

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What does rc stand for

All Definitions of RC

As mentioned above, you will see all meanings of RC in the following table. Please know that all definitions are listed in alphabetical order. You can click links on the right to see detailed information of each definition, including definitions in English and your local language.
RC Right Center
RCCollector Resistance
RCNon directional radio transmitter beacon
RCRace Car
RCRacemic Compound
RCRacing Concept
RCRadar Cabinet/Console/Controller
RCRadio Canada
RCRadio Check
RCRadio Controlled
RCRagefire Chasm
RCRagin' Cajun
RCRailroad Contact
RCRainbow Coalition
RCRamos Catarino
RCRancho Cucamonga
RCRandom Chaos
RCRange Control
RCRatcliffe College
RCRate Center
RCRate of Clearance
RCRated Current
RCRaw Cheese
RCRay Charles
RCRe-Evaluation Counseling
RCReaction Center
RCReactor Compartment
RCReactor Control
RCReactor Coolant
RCRead Controller
RCRead and Clear
RCReadiness Center
RCRear Chainman
RCRear Commodore
RCReceive Common
RCReceiver Clock
RCRecent Change
RCReception Center
RCReception Control
RCReconfigurable Cell
RCReconfigurable Computing
RCRecord Change/Correction
RCRecords Custodian
RCRecoverability Code
RCRecovery Craft
RCRectal Cancer
RCRed Card
RCRed Cell
RCRed Crescent
RCRed Cross
RCRedeye Carl & the Pirates
RCReduced Capability
RCReduced Charge
RCReef Check
RCReference Class
RCReflection Coefficient
RCRefused Classification
RCRegal Cinemas, Inc.
RCReggio Calabria
RCRegional Center
RCRegional Command
RCRegional Conflict
RCRegional Controller
RCRegional Coordinator/Counsel
RCRegistre du Commerce
RCRegistry Cleaner
RCRegistry Controller
RCRegistry of Cytotoxicity
RCRegulated Converter
RCRegulatory Compliance
RCRegulatory Coordinator
RCRehabilitation Counselor
RCReimbursable Cost
RCReinforced Concrete
RCRelease Candidate
RCRelease Complete
RCReligious of the Cenacle
RCRemedial Construction
RCRemote Client
RCRemote Component
RCRemote Control
RCRepair Coordinator
RCRepeat Counter
RCRepeated Contraction
RCReplacement Cost
RCReport Card
RCReport Collection
RCRepos Compensateur
RCRequired Capability
RCRequirements Contract
RCResearch Center
RCResearch Chemical
RCReserve Capacity
RCReserve Component
RCResident Coordinator
RCResidential Conservation
RCResilient Channels
RCResource Compiler
RCResource Conservation
RCResource Controller
RCResource Council
RCResponsabilidad Civil
RCResponse Center
RCResponse Complete
RCResponsibility Center
RCRespuesta Completa
RCRestaurant City
RCRestricted Coupler
RCRestructured Clinical Scale
RCResuscitation Council
RCRetaining Contact
RCRetraites Complémentaires
RCRevelle College
RCRevenu Cadastral
RCRevenue Canada
RCReverse Circulation
RCReverse Course
RCReversible Computation
RCRhodes College
RCRicerca e Cooperazione
RCRiesgo Cardíaco
RCRifondazione Comunista
RCRight Click
RCRights Commissioner
RCRing Concentrator
RCRipon College
RCRitz Camera
RCRiver Country
RCRivermount College
RCRivest's Cipher
RCRoach Credits
RCRoanoke College
RCRobert College
RCRoberto Carlos
RCRobo Cup
RCRobot Chicken
RCRobot Controller
RCRochester College
RCRock Candy
RCRock Climb
RCRockbridge County
RCRockefeller Center
RCRockford College
RCRockwell C Scale
RCRodeo Club
RCRoger Clemens
RCRole Call
RCRoll Call
RCRoll Cancel
RCRoller Conveyor
RCRoman Cancel
RCRoman Candle
RCRoman Catholic
RCRomance Classics
RCRomani Cives
RCRookie Card
RCRoot Cause
RCRosae Crucis
RCRoselle Catholic High School
RCRosemont College
RCRotator Cuff
RCRough Crossing
RCRoute Choice
RCRoute Clearance
RCRoutine Card
RCRouting Context
RCRouting Control
RCRoxas College
RCRoyal Challenge
RCRoyal City
RCRoyal Crown
RCRules Code
RCRules Cyclopedia
RCRun Commands
RCRun Conservative
RCRuns Created
RCRuntime Configuration
RCRussell Crowe
RCRussian Conscript
RCRutherford College
RCRèglement de Construction
RCRégime de Consignation
RCUS Revenue Future Delivery