Animal Abbreviations

An animal is a multicellular, living organism that is able to move and respond to its environment through senses. A cat or a dog are examples of animals.

The scientific name for animals is Animalia. Although humans also fall under the Animalia, the word animal often refers to a non-human being. Almost all animals are able to move independently. They use energy for this, which must be obtained from food. An animal’s body is made up of various tissues, such as muscles, bones, and connective tissue. However, the sponge is an exception to this, but it does belong to the Animalia. Some animals reproduce by mating, but there are also animals that are able to reproduce without sex. There are many types of animals, often divided into tribes, such as the Chordata, to which the vertebrates belong. These tribes are often divided into classes, orders and families. A cat belongs to the family Felidae, or the felines.


Animals are distinguished from plants by a capacity for active displacement (at least at a certain stage of development), the possession of a nervous system (at least a conduction and reaction system), a need for organic food (see heterotroph), the lack of cellulose as a cell wall reinforcement, further through germ layer formation (see gastrulation) in embryonic development. This definition is extremely inadequate. It is limited to characteristics that apply to most animal species, especially multicellular organisms. The less developed species are much more difficult to classify. Most single-celled organisms differ from plants by their heterotrophic lifestyle, but this distinction also disappears in the very lowest.

Incidentally, the chlorophyll-less plants also live heterotrophically. On the other hand, there are the single-celled whippets, which have chlorophyll, and should therefore be classified among the plants. There are also animals with a lifestyle that is not geared to moving. The Myxomycetaceae (see plant kingdom, overview) are, together with the Mycophyta, regarded as a third group next to ‘plants’ and ‘animals’. See animal kingdom, see plant.


The animal plays an important role in the religious life of many peoples. Man felt an affinity with it, which is apparent from all kinds of stories about marriages between people and animals, about women who produce animals, etc., but also from representations that underlie totemism, in which an animal is considered the ancestor of a certain tribe. . At the same time, the animal was and is also strange and mysterious, representative of the ‘other’, bearer of a power that man does not possess: it is stronger than he, can walk faster, it has a much greater sense of smell and visual acuity, a wonderful sense of orientation. etc. Certain animals are worshiped as so-called soul bearers: the soul of a dead person has taken up residence there (snake, mouse, bird); others for their breeding power, eg the bull in the ancient east; the serpent around her dwell in the earth, in connection with fertility as well as with death. Sometimes an entire species is considered sacred, sometimes a single specimen, eg the Apis bull in Egypt.

The relationship between animal and deity is also variable: the animal can be the god himself, but can also be regarded as a manifestation of the god. Especially animal worship in ancient Egypt has attracted attention. There were a large number of local cults in honor of dung beetle, crocodile, baboon, jackal, falcon, snake, bull, cat, etc. In popular belief, the animal still has its (often unrecognizable) place: eg the werewolf.

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In banistics as well as in heraldry, all animal species, usually in a highly stylized form, appear as emblems. Usually (with the exception of lions as shield holders) they are not depicted in natural colors and often have crowns on the head, all kinds of attributes in the claws, extra coats of arms on the chest, shoulder or (in birds) on wings. The usual rendering is in profile, facing the pants at flags, facing to the right for the viewer of a weapon, but also (and then mentioned in the weapon description) facing the other side, with head turned (turned off) and the like. Of the birds, eagle and pelican are usually depicted face to face. In mammals, the male genitals are pronounced (sometimes with a special colour).

In all animals, claws, beaks, tongues and teeth can also be extra accentuated by a special color; on flags such detailing is usually neglected because it would not be recognizable from afar or even impairs the recognizability of the animal emblem. Also parts of animals appear as patches of weapon emblems: head, wing, claw, tail, feather, etc., or also mythical creatures.

Animal Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Animal

ASCAS A Second Chance Animal Shelter
ANADA Abbreviated New Animal Drug Application
AFA Action for Animals
AAD Advanced Animal Diagnostics
ACAF Advisory Committee on Animal Feedingstuffs
ACETA Aerial Capture, Eradication, and Tagging of Animals
AJABS Africa Journal of Animal and Biomedical Sciences
AAT African Animal Trypanosomiasis
ACTA Against Cruelty to Animals
AAAHT Alberta Association of Animal Health Technologists
AFAC Alberta Farm Animal Care
ABA Alimentos Balanceados para Animales
AACE All Animals Created Equal
AAUC Alternatives to Animal Use Committee
AAHA American Animal Hospital Association
AALAS American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
AAALAC American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
ACLAM American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
ACLAD American Committee on Laboratory Animal Diseases
AFAR American Foundation for Animal Rescue
ARPAS American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists
ASLAP American Society for Laboratory Animal Practitioners
ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
ASAS American Society of Animal Science
AUARE American University Animal Rights Effort
ASWA Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals
AARF Anguilla Animal Rescue Foundation
ANCF Animal & Nature Conservation Fund
AARP Animal Accident Recovery Patrol
AAMTC Animal Acupressure Massage Training Center
AAA Animal Acupuncture Academy
AARF Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation
AARF Animal Adoption Release Form
AANI Animal Advocacy Network of Indiana
AAA Animal Agriculture Alliance
AALC Animal Agriculture Liaison Committee
AA Animal Aid
AAOC Animal Aid of Cortland
AATA Animal Air Transportation Association
AAA Animal Alcoholics Anonymous
AAVC Animal and Avian Veterinary Clinic
ANRI Animal and Natural Resources Institute
APHA Animal and Plant Health Association
APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APHIS Animal and Public Health Information System
AVS Animal and Veterinary Science
ANVS Animal and Veterinary Sciences
AARF Animal Angels Rescue Foundation
AACL Animal Anti-Cruelty League
AALOC Animal Assistance League of Orange County
ABTA Animal Behavior and Training Associates
ABWG Animal Behavior and Welfare Group
ALPHABET Animal Behavior Clinic
ABC Animal Behavior Clinic
ABET Animal Behavior Environment Test
ABI Animal Behavior Institute, Inc
ABS Animal Behavior Society
ABSL Animal Biosafety Levels
ABP Animal Breeding Program
ABRO Animal Breeding Research Organisation
ABP Animal By-Product
ABEA Animal By-Products Exporter’s Association
ACRD Animal Care & Regulation Division
ACUC Animal Care and Use Committee
ACURO Animal Care and Use Review Office
ACAP Animal Care Application
ACA Animal Care Attendant
ACCOUNTING Animal Care Certified
ACCESSORY Animal Care Certified
ACC Animal Care Certified
ACCOUNTING Animal Care Committee
ACCESSORY Animal Care Committee
ACC Animal Care Committee
ACM Animal Care Manual
ACE Animal Care of España
ACS Animal Care Services
ACE Animal Centers of Excellence
ACA Animal Charities of America
ANCO Animal Collective
AC Animal Control
ACO Animal Control Officer
ACO Animal Control Operations
ACP Animal Control Products Ltd.
AC Animal Crossing
AXAS Animal Crossing Ahead
AXA Animal Crossing Ahead
ACCF Animal Crossing City Folk
ACCOUNTING Animal Crossing Community
ACCESSORY Animal Crossing Community
ACC Animal Crossing Community
ACWN Animal Crossing World Network
AACF Animal Crossing: City Folk
ADC Animal Damage Control program
ADLC Animal Defence League of Canada
ADU Animal Demography Unit
AD Animal Development
ADBF Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility
ADDL Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
ADNS Animal Disease Notification System
ADRC Animal Disease Research Center
ADRA Animal Diseases Research Association
ADRI Animal Diseases Research Institute
ADW Animal Diversity Web
ADTP Animal Drug Testing Program
ADUFA Animal Drugs User Fee Act
AEC Animal Emergency Clinic
AERN Animal Emergency Response Network
AERT Animal Emergency Response Team
AEAS Animal Emotion Analysis System
AEM Animal Enclosure Module
AEM-2 Animal Enclosure Module
AETA Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act of 2006
AEEC Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee
AFT Animal Facilitated Therapy
AFMA Animal Feed Manufacturers Association
AFRIS Animal Feed Resources Information System
AFO Animal Feeding Operation
AFOU Animal Feeding Operations Unit
AF Animal Forest
AFEW Animal Friends for Education and Welfare
AGDUFA Animal Generic Drug User Fee Act of 2008
AGRI Animal Genetic Resources Information
AGA Animal Guardians of America
AHA Animal Health Act
AHFSS Animal Health and Food Safety Services
AHPC Animal Health and Production Compendium
AHVG Animal Health and Veterinary Group
AHW Animal Health and Welfare
AHA Animal Health Auxiliary
AHC Animal Health Centre
AHC Animal Health Committee
AHDA Animal Health Distributors Association
AHEM Animal Health Emergency Management
AHIS Animal Health Information Specialists
AHI Animal Health Institute
AHL Animal Health Laboratories
AHP Animal Health Programme
AHT Animal Health Technician
AHT Animal Health Technologist
AHT Animal Health Trust
AHVU Animal Health Veterinary Unit
AHEAD Animal Health/Emerging Animal Diseases
AH Animal House
AHANM Animal Humane Association of New Mexico
AIMS Animal Identification and Marking Systems
AIN Animal Identification Number
PETC Animal in cabin
AIAG Animal Industries Advisory Group
AID Animal Industries Division
AIRC Animal Industries Research Committee
AIF Animal Industry Foundation
AIA Animal Interest Alliance
AKAA Animal Keepers Association of Africa
ALASKA Animal Kingdom
AK Animal Kingdom
AKV Animal Kingdom Villas
ALAW Animal Law Associates of Wisconsin
ALDF Animal Legal Defense Fund
ALAN Animal Legislative Action Network
ALF Animal Liberation Front
ALIU Animal Liberation Investigation Unit
ALO Animal Liberation Orchestra
ALYS Animal Liberation Youth
ALY Animal Liberation Youth
ALLN Animal Love and Loss Network
AMBL Animal Manure and By-products Laboratory
AMRT Animal Match Rescue Team
AMC Animal Medical Center
AMDUCA Animal Medicinal Drug Use Clarification Act of 1994
AMTRA Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority
AMRV Animal Model Research for Veterinarians
ANEWING Animal Network Efforts by Women
ANFO Animal Noise Force Organisation
55S Animal Nuisance
55 Animal Nuisance
ANAC Animal Nutrition Association of Canada
ANRC Animal Nutrition Research Council
AOCM Animal Odorant Confusion Matrix
AOK Animal Outreach of Kansas
APWG Animal Palaeopathology Working Group
APC Animal Pest Control
APDEC Animal Pests Disease Eradication and Control
AP Animal Planet
APL Animal Planet
ANP Animal Planet
APCC Animal Poison Control Center
APHI Animal Population Health Institute
APC Animal Procedures Committee
APC Animal Production Committee
APFS Animal Production Food Safety
APL Animal Production Level
APRU Animal Production Research Unit
APSK Animal Production Society of Kenya
APS Animal Production System
APHIN Animal Productivity and Health Information Network
APE Animal Project Editor
API Animal Protection Institute
APO Animal Protection Officer
APS Animal Protection Society
APSA Animal Protection Society Albox
APSI Animal Protection Society of Iowa
APV Animal Protection Voters
APAS Animal Protective Association of Socorro
APL Animal Protective League
AP Animal Protein
APF Animal Protein Factor
APPI Animal Protein Producers Industry
ARKS Animal Record Keeping System
ARECA Animal Referral Emergency Center of Arizona
ARK Animal Refuge Kansai
ARK Animal Rehabilitation Keep
ARCC Animal Related Communications Consultants
ARCF Animal Rescue and Care Fund, Inc.
ARF Animal Rescue Foundation
ARL Animal Rescue League
ARNI Animal Rescue Need Intervention
ARS Animal Rescue Site
ARTT Animal Rescue Team Taiwan
ARNI Animal Rescue, Need & Intervention
ARCC Animal Research and Care Committee
ARF Animal Research Facility
ARRP Animal Research Review Panel
ARTL Animal Research Takes Lives
ARPER Animal Resource Program
ARP Animal Resource Program
ARCM Animal Resources and Comparative Medicine
AR Animal Rights
ARAN Animal Rights Action Network
ARRG Animal Rights and Rescue Group
ARCH Animal Rights Collective of Halifax
ARFF Animal Rights Foundation of Florida
ARLO Animal Rights Law Office
ARM Animal Rights Militia
ARNI Animal Rights National Index
ARN Animal Rights Network
ASJ Animal Science Journal
ASG Animal Sciences Group
ASTAC Animal Services Training and Consultation
ASU Animal Services Unit
ASAO Animal Shelter Administrators of Ontario
ASMS Animal Shelter Management System
ASRA Animal Sterilization and Rabies Assistance League
ATCB Animal Technician Certification Board
ATR Animal Technician, Registered
AUTOMATIC Animal Transport
AT Animal Transport
AUM Animal Unit Month
AUMS Animal Unit Months
AUY Animal Unit Year
AVIS Animal Virus Information System
AWM Animal Waste Management
AWMS Animal Waste Management System
AWA Animal Welfare Act
AWA Animal Welfare Alliance
AWRC Animal Welfare and Research Committee
AWARE Animal Welfare Association Rescue/Education
AWC Animal Welfare Council
AWDS Animal Welfare Delivery Strategy
AWF Animal Welfare Foundation
AWIC Animal Welfare Information Center
AWI Animal Welfare Institute
AWL Animal Welfare League
AWLFC Animal Welfare League of Frederick County
AWO Animal Welfare Officer
AWO Animal Welfare Organization
AWR Animal Welfare Regulation
AWU Animal Welfare Unit
AWSELVA Animal Welfare, Science, Ethics and Law Veterinary Association
ADVS Animal, Dairy and Veterinary Sciences
AAT Animal-Aided-Therapy
AAA Animal-Assisted Activity
AAT Animal-Assisted Therapy
WZ Animalian Female Sex Chromosome Code
ZZ Animalian Male Sex Chromosome Code
Z Animalian Sex Chromosome
EFFORT Animalian Sex Chromosome
ASPA Animals Act 1986 (UK)
AAL Animals as Leaders
AFF Animals Asia Foundation
AAF Animals Asia Foundation
ABF Animals Best Friends
ADOPT Animals Depend on People Too
ADOPT Animals Deserving of Proper Treatment
AMRIC Animals in Medicines Research Information Centre
AIP Animals in Print
ANUS Animals Need Universal Support
AWIA Animals Within Animals
AV Animal-Vegetable
AAC Aquatic Animal Commision
AAEU Aquatic Animal Experiment Unit
AAH Aquatic Animal Health
AIAC Archivo de Identificacion de Animales de Compania
AMAP Arctic Marine Animal Program
AAAP Asian-Australian Association of Animal Production Societies
ACPA Asociación Cubana de Producción Animal
ALAT Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician
ANIMAL Associacao Nortenha de Intervencao do Mundo Animal
AAAF Association Against Animal Factories
AAA Association Animal Ami
ACMA Association Contre la Maltraitance Animale
AAAA Association for Applied Animal Andrology
AAALAC Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
ACAS Association for Critical Animal Studies
ASAB Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour
AFDA Association Francaise de Defense Animalex
ACPAT Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy
ASLAP Association of Laboratory Animal Practitioners
ALAW Association of Lawyers for Animal Welfare
AVAR Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights
AIVPA Associazione Italiana Veterinari per Piccolo Animali
ADDA Associazione per la Difesa dei Diritti degli Animali
AAAD Atlanta Animal Allergy and Dermatology
AARF Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends
AWARE Atlanta Wild Animal Rescue Effort
AJAS Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
ANZCCART Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching
AAHC Australian Animal Health Council
AAHL Australian Animal Health Laboratory
AAWS Australian Animal Welfare Strategy
ACATT Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapy
ACAHF Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation
AFWA Australian Federation for the Welfare of Animals
ASAVA Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association
ATAAC Australian Teens Against Animal Cruelty
BSAS Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
BARCS Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter
BSUAS Banff Summit for Urban Animal Strategies
BETA Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
BPAM Belgian Platform for Alternative Methods to Animal Testing
BCARL Belmont County Animal Rescue League
BEAST Benefiting Endangered Animals and Species Threatened
BCAS Bergen County Animal Shelter
BDA Big Dumb Animal
BIORAP Biological Research for Animals & People
BARK Blairstown Animal Rescue Korp
BOAH Board of Animal Health
BAH Board of Animal Health
BODA Bodies of Dead Animals Act
BCAS Boone County Animal Shelter
BHSAVA Bosnia-Herzegovina Small Animal Veterinary Association
BEAC Brighton-Eggert Animal Clinic
BAR Brinsley Animal Rescue
BSAVA British Small Animal Veterinary Association
BSAS British Society of Animal Science
BARC Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
BAPHIQ Bureau of Animal and Plant Health Inspection and Quarantine
BAI Bureau of Animal Industry
BCFFA Burke County Friends for Animals
CACDA California Animal Control Directors Association
CANC California Animal Nutrition Conference
CASA Camano Animal Shelter Association
CPHA Campaigning to Protect Hunted Animals
CLAAC Campus Laboratory Animal Acquisitions Coordinator
CAHI Canadian Animal Health Institute
CALAS Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science
CCFA Canadian Coalition for Farm Animals
CCAC Canadian Council on Animal Care
CSPCA Canadian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
CSAS Canadian Society of Animal Science
CAAWS Capital Area Animal Welfare Society
CARAPHIN Caribbean Animal and Plant Health Information Network
CODAR Castle-of-Dreams Animal Rescue
CAC Catawba Animal Clinic
CAAT Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing
CACC Center for Animal Care and Control
CAHP Center for Animal Health and Productivity
CAHM Center for Animal Health Monitoring
CEAH Center for Epidemiology and Animal Health
CEAR Center for Experimental Animal Resources
CHAI Center for Human-Animal Interaction
CIAG Center for Integrated Animal Genomics
CIAH Center for Integrative Animal Health
CISAB Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
CALA Center on Animal Liberation Affairs
CSAH Center Sinai Animal Hospital
CABH Central Animal Breeding House
CAHL Central Animal Health Laboratory
CDB Central Database for Bovine Animals
CIDC Central Institute for Animal Disease Control
CIEA Central Institute for Experimental Animals
CTAD Central Texas Animal Defense
CRCA Centre de Recherches sur la Cognition Animale
CAS Centre for Animal Sciences
CHAB Centre for the Human-Animal Bond
CTPA Centre Technique des Productions Animales et Agro-Alimentaires
CRPA Centro Ricerche Produzioni Animali
CCAB Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist
CMAR Certified Manager of Animal Resources
CAWG Child Animal Welfare Group
CHAT Citizens for Humane Animal Treatment
CRABS Citizens for Responsible Animal Behavior Studies
CEASE Citizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation
CAW Clare Animal Welfare
CARA Clinton Animal Rescue & Adoption
CAH Coalition for Animal Health
CIDAG Coalition in Defense of Animals in Greece
CLAD Collectif de Libération Animale de Dijon
CRAH College Road Animal Hospital
CPAH Colony Park Animal Hospital
CSAA Comité Scientifique de l’Alimentation Animale
CPCSEA Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals
CAWS Community Animal Welfare Society
CABTSG Companion Animal Behaviour Therapy Study Group
CAC Companion Animal Clinic
CAM Companion Animal Medicine
CAMF Companion Animal Memorial Fund
CAPC Companion Animal Parasite Council
CAPP Companion Animal Placement Program
CARMA Companion Animal Rescue and Medical Assistance
CATT Companion Animal Touch & Therapies
CAWC Companion Animal Welfare Council
COA Company of Animals
CARL Comparative Animal Research Laboratory
CFA Compassion for Animals
CAH Comportement Animal et Humain
CAFF Concentrated Animal Feeding Facility
CAFO Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation
CAO Concentrated Animal Operation
CHAI Concern for Helping Animals in Israel
CCAW Concerned Citizens for Animal Welfare
CCAS Conference for Critical Animal Studies
CRWAD Conference of Research Workers in Animal Disease
CAFO Confined Animal Feeding Operation
CEPA Conservation des Especes et des Populations Animales
CARA Coordination of Animal Rescue Agencies
CSPCA Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
CUHA Cornell University Hospital for Animals
CSCA Corporate Standard for Compassionate Animals
CART County Animal Response Team
CAS County Animal Shelter
CARE Creating Animal Respect Education
CDTA Cryopréservation, Distribution, Typage et Archivage Animal
CAF Culture and Animals Foundation
CCSPCA Cumberland County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
CAPCA Cyprus Association for the Protection and Care of Animals
57S Dangerous Animal
57 Dangerous Animal
DWARF Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue Facility
DWAA Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976
DAAD Database of Approved Animal Drug Products
DA Dead Animal
DART Dead Animal Response Team
DARA Delaware Animal Rights Association
DOA Denrée d’Origine Animale
DAF Denver Animal Foundation
DACB Deotized Animal Cage Board
ASFT Department of Animal Science and Food Technology
DAS Department of Animal Services
DFAP Diet Free of Animal Protein
DIVA Differentiation/Discrimination of Infected from Vaccinated Animals
DBAU Dipartimento di Biologia Animale e dell’Uomo
DSAM Diploma in Small Animal Medicine
DART Disaster Animal Relief Team
DART Disaster Animal Response Team
DRAR Disaster Response Animal Rescue
DAK Disney’s Animal Kingdom
DAR Division of Animal Resources
DLAM Division of Laboratory Animal Medicine
DLAR Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
DTAP Division of Tropical Animal Production
DADIS Domestic Animal Diversity Information System
DARG Domestic Animal Rescue Group
DAR Domestic Animals Registries Inc
DDAF Doris Day Animal Foundation
DDAL Doris Day Animal League
DETA Druids for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
DETAS Druids for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
DMAH Duncan Manor Animal Hospital
DUAR Durham University Animal Rights
EBAA East Bay Animal Advocates
EGAPL East Greenwich Animal Protection League
EPAH East Petaluma Animal Hospital
ESAW Ecumenical Service for Animal Welfare
EARS Emergency Animal Rescue Service
EMPRES Emergency Prevention System for Transboundary Animals and Plant Pests and Diseases
EEDA Emerging and Exotic Diseases of Animals
EARS Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary
ESAR Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights
EFFA Equal Footing for Animals
ECRA Ethical Committee for Research on Animals
ECRA Ethics Committee for Research on Animals
EETA Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
EAR Europe for Animal Rights
ECAR European College of Animal Reproduction
ECLAM European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine
ECVIM-CA European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Companion Animals
CAHP European Community Animal Health Policy
EDDA European Dictionary of Domesticated and Utilised Animals
EFFAB European Forum of Farm Animal Breeders
EM-ABG European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics
ESAO European School of Animal Osteopathy
ESACT European Society for Animal Cell Technology
ESDAR European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction
ESLAV European Society of Laboratory Animal Veterinarians
EVSSAR European Veterinary Society for Small Animal Reproduction
EDSC Exotic-Diseases Sub-Committee of the Animal Health Committee
FRAC Fall River Animal Clinic
FAAN Farm Animal Adoption Network
FACTA Farm Animal Care, Training and Auditing, LLC
FAIP Farm Animal Industrial Platform
FARM Farm Animal Reform Movement
FAS Farm Animal Sanctuary
FAWC Farm Animal Welfare Coalition
FAWC Farm Animal Welfare Council
FAWN Farm Animal Welfare Network
FFOA Fayette Friends of Animals
FAPS Fayetteville Animal Protection Society
FEDESA Fédération Européenne de la Santé Animale
FASS Federation of Animal Science Societies
FECAVA Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations
FELASA Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations
FDAC First Diploma in Animal Care
FACA Florida Animal Control Association
FAOA Florida Animal Owners Alliance, Inc.
FVA Florida Voices for Animals, Inc.
FINISH Fondo Imperatrice Nuda contro la Sperimentazione Animale
FIN Fondo Imperatrice Nuda contro la Sperimentazione Animale
FAPAS Fondo para la Proteccion de Los Animales Salvajes
FARAD Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
FTCA Food Technology for Companion Animals
FAD Foreign Animal Disease
FADDL Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
FADD Foreign Animal Disease Diagnostician
FADES Foreign Animal Disease Emergency Support Plan
FSAH Forest South Animal Hospital
FWAC Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control
FAWB Foundation Animal Welfare Bonaire
FSAP Foundation to Support Animal Protection
FSAH Four Seasons Animal Hospital
FAN Free Animals Now
FTA Free The Animals
FFAS Freedom Farm Animal Sanctuary
FFA Freedom for Animals
FADA Freshwater Animal Diversity Assessment
FOA Friends of Animals
FOAL Friends of Animals League
FICAS Friends of Ingham County Animal Shelter
FOSCA Friends of San Clemente Animals
FAAS Friends of the Attleboro Animal Shelter
FFA Fund for Animals
FRAME Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments
FADA Fundacion Amigos de los Animales
FMAP Future of Marine Animal Populations
FTAA Future Trends in Animal Agriculture
GDAR General Department for Animal Resources
GAPPS Generalized Animal Population Projection System
GADPTRA Generic Animal Drug and Patent Term Restoration Act
GCAS Genesee County Animal Shelter
GMA Genetically Modified Animal
GLPA Georgia Legal Professionals for Animals
GCAS Gibson County Animal Services
GFARAD Global Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank
GCAS Gloucester County Animal Shelter
GARC Grassroots Animal Rights Conference
GAN Grazingland Animal Nutrition
GBDFA Great Big Dogs Fight Animals
GLAH Great Lakes Animal Hospital
GVAC Greater Victoria Animals Crusaders
GAWF Greek Animal Welfare Fund
GMSA Green Mountain Studio Animals
GEARI Group for the Education of Animal Related Issues
GEOTA Guild of Essential Oil Therapy for Animals
GCAS Guilford County Animal Shelter
HAVA Harbor Association of Volunteers for Animals
HAWS Hartbeespoort Animal Welfare Society
HOAH Harvey Oaks Animal Hospital
HSAPWC Health Sciences Animal Policy and Welfare Committee
HUA Hearts United for Animals
HEART Help Encourage Animal Responsibility Today
HSAC Help Stop Animal Cruelty
HSAM Help the Street Animals of Morocco
HAWK Helping Animals With Kindness
HAART Henryetta Animal Aid Rescue Team
HMAP History of Marine Animal Populations
HART Homeless Animals Rescue Team
HBAR Homeward Bound Animal Rescue Inc.
HAWS Hounslow Animal Welfare Society
HSPCA Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
HAWT Hull Animal Welfare Trust
HABAC Human Animal Bond Association of Canada
HABIT Human Animal Bond in Tennessee
HALF Human Animal Liberation Front
HAVEN Human Animal Violence Education Network
HAI Human-Animal Interaction
HART Human-Animal Relational Therapies
HEART Humane Evacuation Animal Rescue Team
HHAS Humane Haven Animal Shelter
HARE Humanitarians for Animal Rights Education
HMA Humans and Animals
IDA In Defense of Animals
IIFAR Incurably Ill for Animal Research
ISCAP Indian Society for Comparative Animal Physiology
ITAH Indian Trace Animal Hospital
IHAHS Indiana Hooved Animal Humane Society
ISPCA Indiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
IAP Industrial Animal Production
IDAD Initiative for Domestic Animal Diversity
IADR Institute for Animal Disease Research
IAH Institute for Animal Health
ICAS Institute for Critical Animal Studies
GDCA Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals
GDC Institute for Genetic Disease Control in Animals
IICAB Institute for International Cooperation in Animal Biologics
ILAR Institute for Laboratory Animal Research
IAAS Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science
IACE Institute of Animal Care Education
IAG Institute of Animal Genetics
IAPG Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics
IEXAS Institute of Experimental Animal Sciences
ILAM Institute of Laboratory Animal Management
IPAE Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology
IVABS Institute of Veterinary Animal and Biomedical Sciences
IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IACUC Institutional Animal Care and Utilization Committee
IAEC Institutional Animal Ethics Committee
IFAMS Integrated Food Animal Management Systems
ITA Intermountain Therapy Animals
IACUC Internal Animal Care and Use Committee
IAR International Animal Rescue
IARM International Animal Rescue Malta
IAAPEA International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals
IACAS International Association for Critical Animal Studies
IAAT International Association of Animal Therapists
IAAAM International Association of Aquatic Animal Medicine
IAHAIO International Association of Human-Animal Interaction Organizations
ICAR International Committee for Animal Recording
ICLA International Committee on Laboratory Animals
ICFAE International Conference on Farm Animal Endocrinology
ICLAS International Council for Laboratory Animal Science
ICAC International Council on Animal Protection
ICAPO International Council on Animal Protection in OECD
IFAH International Federation for Animal Health
IFAW International Fund for Animal Welfare
ILRAD International Laboratory for Research on Animal Diseases
IPATA International Pet and Animal Transportation Association
ISAG International Society for Animal Genetics
ISAR International Society for Animal Rights
ISHAM International Society for Human and Animal Mycology
ISPCA International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
ISAFG International Symposium on Animal Functional Genomics
ISAAH International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health
INADA Investigational New Animal Drug Application
INAD Investigative New Animal Drug
ISPCA Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
ISPCA Iran Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
ICAVA Irish Companion Animal Veterinary Association
ISPCA Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
ILAF Israeli Laboratory Animal Forum
ISPCA Israeli Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
JCAC Jackson County Animal Care and Control
JBSAA Japan Bird & Small Animal Association
JAHA Japanese Animal Hospital Association
JALAM Japanese Association for Laboratory Animal Medicine
JSAWT Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trust
JPAS Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter
JVAH Jersey Village Animal Hospital
JASPCA John Ancrum Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
JSPA Jordan Society for the Protection of Animals
JABG Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics
JAS Journal of Animal Science
JAAWS Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science
JCAB Journal of Cell and Animal Biology
JMATE Journal of Marine Animals and Their Ecology
JAALAS Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science
JAT Just Animal Type
KARS Katrina Animal Relief Shelter
KARS Katrina Animal Rescue Shelter
KCAS Kenton County Animal Shelter
KSPCA Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals
KSPCA Kilkenny Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
KCAS King County Animal Services
KAHPA Korea Animal Health Products Association
KAPS Korea Animal Protection Society
KARMA Korea Animal Rescue and Management Association
LAR Lab Animal Resources
LAA Laboratory Animal Allergy
LAAPP Laboratory Animal Allergy Prevention Program
LACF Laboratory Animal Care Facility
LAHF Laboratory Animal Health Facility
LATA Laboratory Animal Training Association
LAWTE Laboratory Animal Welfare Training Exchange
LAVA Laboratory Animals Veterinary Association
LCAS Lake County Animal Services
LEAF Lake Elsinore Animal Friends
LSAH Lake Stevens Animal Hospital
LTAH Lake Travis Animal Hospital
LCARA Lane County Animal Regulation Authority
LA Large Animal
LAC Large Animal Clinic
LACS Large Animal Clinical Sciences
LAH Large Animal Hospital
LARF Large Animal Research Facility
LARS Large Animal Research Station
LCA Last Chance for Animals
LEAP League for Earth and Animal Protection
LAA League of Animal Artists
LEAP Legislative Efforts for Animal Protection, Inc.
LAA Leicester and Leicestershire Animal Aid Association
LARC Leveck Animal Research Center
LASSA Licensed Animal Slaughters & Salvage Association
LPTA Light Producing Transgenic Animal
LAE Live Animal Export
LAR Live Animal Regulation
LAAS Los Angeles Animal Services
LA Lost Animal
LFAH Louisville Family Animal Hospital
LOA Love of Animals, Inc
MLAR Main Line Animal Rescue
MFOA Maine Friends of Animals
MSAVA Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association
MEAT Mammals Eating Animals Today
MEAT Mankind for Ethical Animal Treatment
MCACC Maricopa County Animal Care and Control
MAP Marine Animal Productions
MAPER Marine Animal Productions
MARS Marine Animal Rescue Society
MAMAS Mary Ann Morris Animal Society, Inc.
MAFO Maryland Animal Feeding Operation
MACINTOSH Massachusetts Animal Coalition
MAC Massachusetts Animal Coalition
MODAD Measurement of Domestic Animal Diversity
MARC Meat Animal Research Center
MAEST Mechanical Animals
MA Mechanical Animals
MEATA Men Eating All The Animals
MAHF Michigan Animal Health Foundation
MPAW Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare
MWA Military Working Animals
MAAH Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry
MAAL Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation
MASH Mobile Animal Services and Help, Inc.
MCAL Monroe County Animal League
MAF Morris Animal Foundation
MBAM Multiple-Breed Animal Model
NACA National Animal Control Association
NADCA National Animal Damage Control Association
NADC National Animal Disease Center
NADCEST National Animal Disease Center
NADC National Animal Disease Centre
NADCEST National Animal Disease Centre
NADDL National Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
NADIS National Animal Disease Information Service
NAHERC National Animal Health Emergency Response Corps
NAHIS National Animal Health Information System
NAHRS National Animal Health Reporting System
NAIS National Animal Identification System
NAIA National Animal Interest Alliance
NAPCC National Animal Poison Control Center
NASC National Animal Supplement Council
NAWAC National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee
NAWF National Animal Welfare Foundation
NAWT National Animal Welfare Trust
NAAHP National Aquatic Animal Health Program
NAAB National Association of Animal Breeders
NCAL National Center for Animal Law
NCFADS National Centre for Foreign Animal Diseases
NFAI National Food Animal Identification
NIAH National Institute of Animal Husbandry
NIAI National Institute of Animal Industry
NOAH National Office of Animal Health
NSPCA National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
NAVE Nebraska Animal Verification Enhancement
NASA Nepal Animal Science Association
NACAM Netherlands Association for Companion Animal Medicine
NCA Netherlands Centre for Alternatives to animal use
NAHWOA Network for Animal Health and Welfare in Organic Agriculture
NOAH Network Of Animal Health
NEAT Networks for Endangered Animal Tracking
NSPCA Nevada Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
NADA New Animal Drug Application
NHARL New Hampshire Animal Rights League
NJSPCA New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
NYCA New Yorkers for Companion Animals
NAFA Niagara Action for Animals
NJAP Nigerian Journal of Animal Production
NARF Nike Animal Rescue Foundation
NAD Non-Animal Derived
NAO Non-Animal Origin
NHA Non-Human Animal
NASA Norfolk and Suffolk Animal Trust
NCSART North Carolina State Animal Response Team
NCAL North Country Animal League
NFAH North Florida Animal Hospital
NEAS Northeast Animal Shelter
NAFA Northeast Arkansans for Animals
NASAP Northern Alberta Society for Animal Protection
NVAL Northern Virginia Animal League
NARN Northwest Animal Rights Network
NFDA Notice of Final Disposition of Animals
NSAB Nova Scotia Animal Breeders
NDSA Núcleos de Defesa Sanitária Animal
OAWS Office of Animal Welfare
OAW Office of Animal Welfare
OAWA Office of Animal Welfare Assurance
OLAM Office of Laboratory Animal Medicine
OLAW Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare
OAAO Ohio Association of Animal Owners
ODAH Old Dominion Animal Health
OFAC Ontario Farm Animal Council
OCPA Orange County People for Animals
OAWA Oregon Animal Welfare Alliance
OFOSA Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals
OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
OCAE Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics
PATS Pacific Animal Therapy Society
PAWA Palawan Animal Welfare Association
PAAS Palo Alto Animal Services
PAWS Panhandle Animal Welfare Society
PAW Partnership for Animal Welfare
PA Party Animal
POLA Pathology of Laboratory Animals
PPAR Paw Prints Animal Rescue
PSAR PawSafe Animal Rescue
PFOA Peninsula Friends of Animals
PAWS Pennsylvania Animal and Wildlife Service
PAAWS People Advocating Animal Welfare Services
PACAT People Against Cruel Animal Transport
PAMA People Against the Mistreatment of Animals
PAAWS People and Animals Who Serve
PASP People Animals Society Places
PAAIN People Assisting Animals in Need
PETA People Eating Tasty Animals
PAW People for Animal Welfare
PFA People for Animals
PEPPA People for Emergency Preparedness Planning for Animals
PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PDSA People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
PEDAL Performance, Energetics, and Dynamics of Animal Locomotion
PAWS Performing Animal Welfare Society
PIBAC Permanent International Bureau of Analytical Chemistry of Human and Animal Food
PAWS Pet Animal Welfare Statute
PFA Pet Flat Animals
PALS PETCO Animal Lovers Save
PAWS Pets and Animals Welfare Society
PAWS Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society
PAHC Philippine Animal Health Center
PAWS Philippine Animal Welfare Society
PSAS Philippine Society of Animal Science
PNAA Piano Nazionale Alimentazione Animale
PFA Planet’s Funniest Animals
PAAR Plant and Animal AgroSecurity Research
PAB Plant and Animal Biotechnology
PAQPM Plant and Animal Quarantine and Pest Management
PBAH Pleasant Bay Animal Hospital
PFTA pleasefeedtheanimals
PAWC Prairieland Animal Welfare Center
PAWS Preservation of Animal Welfare and Safety
POCTA Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act
POA Privately Owned Animal
PAC Problem Animal Control
PAACO Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization, Inc.
PAS Professional Animal Scientist
PAWS Progressive Animal Welfare Society
PEA Projeto Esperanca Animal
PAWS Protecting Animal Welfare Society
PAIN Protecting Animals in Need
PSA Protezione Svizzera degli Animali
PARL Providence Animal Rescue League
PSYETA Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
PAMS Purdue Animal Manure Solutions
RAWL Rappahannock Animal Welfare League
RANA Rare Australian Native Animals
RADDL Regional Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
READEO Regional Animal Disease Eradication Officer
READEO Regional Emergency Animal Disease Eradication Organization
RANA Registered Animal Nursing Auxiliary
RAIA Registro Andaluz de Identificacion Animal
RSPA Rehovot Society for Protection of Animals
RIAM Remote Individual Animal Management
RAHF Research Animal Holding Facility
RAMB Research Animal Management Branch
RARC Research Animal Resources Center
RAM Reseau des Animaleries Montpellieraines
RPA Responsible Policies for Animals, Inc.
RAB Retarded Animal Babies
RAL Richmond Animal League
RVAF River Valley Animal Foods
RGAH Rocky Gorge Animal Hospital
RMSAAM Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure Massage
RCAU Roughage Consuming Animal Unit
RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals
RSPA Royal Society for the Protection of Animals
SAMG Sacramento Animal Medical Group
SSPCA Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SHAS Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary
SARL Salem Animal Rescue League
SLAAM Salt Lake Animal Advocacy Movement
SSPCA Saskatchewan Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SAFE Saving Animals for Everyone
SPAH Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation
SCAHAW Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare
SCAN Scientific Committee on Animal Nutrition
SCAWS Scientists Center for Animal Welfare
SCAW Scientists Center for Animal Welfare
SSPCA Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SCARS Second Chance Animal Refuge Society
SIGMA Sequential Information Gathering in Machines and Animals
SARA Service Animal Registry of America
SSSFAGTCGWP Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict
SSOSFAGTIACAGWAP Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in A Cave and Grooving with A Pict
SARG Shelter Animals Rescue Group
SAAV Sheltering Animals of Abuse Victims
SACRIFICE Small Animal Clinic
SAC Small Animal Clinic
SAH Small Animal Hospital
SAI Small Animal Imaging
SAPAM Small Animal Practitioners’ Association of Malaysia
SDA Small Dead Animals
SAI Smart Animal Identification
SCSA Societe Canadienne de Science Animale
SAPL Society for Animal Protective Legislation
SINA Society for Indecency to Naked Animals
SOLAS Society for Laboratory Animal Science
SAAW Society for the Advancement of Animal Wellbeing
SETA Society for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SPARE Society for the Protection of Animal Rights in Egypt
SPANA Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad
SAA Society of Animal Artists
SAWA Society of Animal Welfare Administrators
SOAF Sounds of Animals Fighting
SASAS South African Society for Animal Science
SCSPCA South Carolina Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SCLAR South County Large Animal Rescue
SLAL South Lake Animal League
SLWAP South Lakes Wild Animal Park
SPAH South Putnam Animal Hospital
STAAR South Texas Animal Adoption Resource
SAND Soy in Animal Nutrition Databases
SCFCA Special Care Foundation for Companion Animals
SCAL Special Committee on Animals and the Law
SAPO Specified Animal Pathogens Order
SFAW St Francis Animal Welfare
SCAF St. Croix Animal Friends
SLAPS St. Lucia Animal Protection Society
SUFA Stand Up for Animals
SCOFCAH Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health
SADEC State Animal Disease Emergency Committee
SART State Animal Response Teams
SEADEMP State Exotic Animal Disease Emergency Management Plan
SAEN Stop Animal Exploitation Now
SANE Stop Animal Neglect & Exploitation
SAFARI Stray and Feral Animal Rescue Initiative
STRAW Stray Relief and Animal Welfare
SCAAHA Student Chapter of the American Animal Hospital Association
SOAP Student Organization for Animal Protection
SOAR Student Organization for Animal Rights
SAAC Students Against Animal Cruelty
SFAL Students for Animal Liberation
SETA Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
SA Stuffed Animal
SCAWS Sub-Committee on Animal Welfare
SCAW Sub-Committee on Animal Welfare
SCSPCA Suffolk County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
SCAR Sun Cities Animal Rescue
SFA Super Furry Animals
SPEAK Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom
SCART Surf City Animal Response
TAPS Tazewell Animal Protective Society
TSA Technicien en Santé Animale
TSA Technologie en Santé Animale
TAAC Teens Against Animal Cruelty
TABS Tennessee Animal Biogeographic System
TSPCA Thai Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
TAE The Animal Enclosure
TARPS The Animal Rescue and Protection Society
TRACS The Responsible Animal Care Society
TAILS Therapy Animals in Loving Service
TCAH Towanda Creek Animal Hospital
TLAC Town Lake Animal Center
TSAH Towne South Animal Hospital
TEMA Trace Elements in Man and Animals
TAD Transboundary Animal Disease
TADINFO Transboundary Animal Disease Information System
TAMC Transgenic Animal Model Core
TEAR Triad Exotic Animal Rescue
TSAH Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital
TCAR Tri-County Animal Rescue
TVAR Tri-Valley Animal Rescue
USPCA Uganda Society for the Protection and Care of Animals
USPCA Ulster Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
UMA Unidentifed Monstruous Animal
ULAM Unit for Laboratory Animal Medicine
UAA United Action for Animals
UAN United Animal Nations
UAOA United Animal Owners Alliance
USAHA United States Animal Health Association
UDAR Universal Declaration of Animal Rights
UFAW Universities Federation for Animal Welfare
UCAR University Committee on Animal Resources
UVAS University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
UKRAINE Urban Animal
UARC Utah Animal Rights Coalition
VAM Vegetable, Animal, Mineral
VIVA Vegetarians International Voice for Animals
VLAB Veterinary Laboratory Animal Building
VIAS Victorian Institute of Animal Science
VACA Virginia Animal Control Association
VBAC Virginia Beach Animal Control
VAPAWS Virginia Partnership for Animal Welfare and Support
VPPA Viva Piñata Party Animals
V4A Voice for Animals
VACA Voices Against Cruelty to Animals
WCAC Watauga County Animal Control
WAG Welfare for Animals Guild
WAA Wellington Animal Action
WAAR West Alabama Animal Rescue
WTAC West Tennessee Animal Coalition
WIAR Western Illinois Animal Rescue
WRAH Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital
WAIF Whidbey Animals’ Improvement Foundation
WARF Whylie Animal Rescue Foundation
WAO Wild Animal Orphanage
WAP Wild Animal Park
WEAC Wildlife & Exotic Animal Club
WFAC Wiley Ford Animal Clinic
WCAC Williamson County Animal Control
WCAS Winnebago County Animal Services
WAGS Wonderful Animals Giving Support
WGAS Wood Green Animal Shelters
WFAS Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary
WAGS Working Animal Guide Society
WWLA Working with Laboratory Animals
WAHF World Animal Handicap Foundation
WAN World Animal Net
WAVA World Association for Voice of Animals
WAAP World Association of Animal Production
WDLA World Day for Laboratory Animals
WFAD World Farm Animals Day
WFPA World Federation for the Protection of Animals
WLPA World League for the Protection of Animals
WSAVA World Small Animal Veterinary Association
WSPA World Society for the Protection of Animals
WWAC World Wide Animal Control
YARC Yale Animal Resources Center
YAPS Young Animal Protection Society
YAPS Yucaipa Animal Placement Society