Authority Abbreviations


From the Latin auctorĭtas, authority is power , legitimacy, or faculty. In general, the term refers to the people who govern or exercise command: “The authorities decreed the closure of the factory, accused of contaminating the environment”.

Authority also corresponds to the prestige gained by a person or organization thanks to their quality or competence in a particular subject or area of ​​expertise: “Dr. Lopes is an authority with regard to heart surgery”, “An authority on these issues such as the Applied Research Foundation ratified the neighbors’ complaint”.

Authority tends to be associated with state power. State officials have the power to command and give orders, which must be complied with as long as they comply with the laws and regulations in force.

Another example of authority would be the power that parents exercise over their children. Likewise, there is also the teacher’s authority over his students.

There are also religious authorities, which are individuals who hold high positions within a religious institution.

Authority, in general, is related to the concept of hierarchy. It is constituted in the power to command a person or a group of people, leading them to act in the way that is determined, with that it also constitutes the foundations for the responsibility.

In short, it is a relationship where there is one or more subordinates and a superior (authority).

Still within the subject of authority, we have the functional authority, which is an authority based on a specialization within a professional activity.

We also have moral authority , this refers to an authority coming from someone who is honest, upstanding and free from any suspicions. This is still an undeniable authority.

Finally, we still have the judicial authority or legal authority. This authority refers to the public person who uses the area of ​​law to enact orders and make himself obeyed.

Authority is therefore a form of domination, since it demands/requires the obedience of others. Without obedience, authority does not make any sense or have the intended effects. For example, if the teacher orders the students to shut up and they continue to make noise and disturb the proper functioning of the class, it means that the teacher is not being able to exercise her power of authority that she formally holds in the exercise of her duties. their teaching duties.

This means that, more than mere titles or polite formulas, authority is something that is exercised, and not exactly something that is used or flaunted. We may be faced with the paradox of authority without authority, as can happen in the case of the head of a company whose employees do not obey him. On the other hand, there are certain people who, although they do not have any formal positions, exercise authority (like, for example, a friend who has power and influence over our own decisions).

Not very recently, the term “authority” has also been used in marketing in order to define when a professional has authority in their market or even in a segment within that market.

There is also the use of the term authority to designate different subgroups of authorities, such as academic authority, punitive authority, organizational authority, spiritual authority, time authority , among others.

Authority Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Authority

AVASA Abandoned Vehicle Abatement Service Authority
AAPA Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority
AWA Absent Without Authority
ADACH Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage
ADCH Abu Dhabi Culture and Heritage Authority
ADIA Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
ADTA Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority
ADWEA Abu Dhabi Water & Electricity Authority
AARA Access & Amendment Refusal Authority
AAA Access Approval Authority
ACRA Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore
AA Accounting Authority
AAIC Accounting Authority Identification Code
AA Accreditation Authority
AAA Acquisition Approval Authority
ADA Acquisition Decision Authority
AFA Action Figure Authority
ADRA Addictive Disorders Regulatory Authority
AA Administrative Authority
AAI Administrative Authority Identifier
ACA Administrative Control Authority
AFDA Administrative Functions Disposal Authority
APA Adult Parole Authority
AALA Adventure Activities Licensing Authority
ASA Advertising Standards Authority
ASAI Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland
AOA Advise of Obligation Authority
AACA Afghan Assistance Coordination Authority
ATRA Afghan Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
ATA Afghan Transitional Authority
AAA Against All Authority
AAA Against All Authority
ACA Agent of the Certifying Authority
ADA Agents Draft Authority
APEDA Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
ABRA Agricultural Biotechnology Regulatory Authority
AREA Agricultural Research and Extension Authority
AVA Agri-food and Veterinary Authority
AUDA Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority
ACA Air Clearance Authority
ACA Air Control Authority
ADA Air Defense Authority
APCA Air Pollution Control Authority
ATA Air Tasking Authority
ATAC Air Tasking Authority Commander
ATA Air Traffic Authority
ATA Air Transport Authority
ATLA Air Transport Licensing Authority
ACA Airlift Clearance Authority
AAI Airport Authority of India
AAWC Airport Authority of Washoe County
AII Airports Authority of India
AAT Airports Authority of Thailand
ACA Airspace Control Authority
AMA Airspace Management Authority
APTA Ajax Pickering Transit Authority
AMEA Alabama Municipal Electric Authority
ASPA Alabama State Port Authority
ACTA Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority
ACTA Alameda County Transportation Authority
AEA Alaska Energy Authority
AIDEA Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority
AIDA Alaska Industrial Development Authority
AMHTA Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
ASHA Alaska State Housing Authority
ACSA Albemarle County Service Authority
AEDA Alberta Economic Development Authority
AGA Alcohol and Gaming Authority
AA Alerting Authority
ASA Alexandria Sanitation Authority
AFA Algonquin Forestry Authority
AHEDA Alleghany-Highlands Economic Development Authority
ACAA Allegheny County Airport Authority
ACHA Allegheny County Housing Authority
ACPA Allegheny County Port Authority
ACRTA Allen County Regional Transit Authority
ACA Alternate Command Authority
ASPA American Samoa Power Authority
ANRA Angelina and Neches River Authority
AAAF Anglo-American Authority File
AMTRA Animal Medicines Training Regulatory Authority
AATA Ann Arbor Transportation Authority
ACRRA Anoka County Regional Railroad Authority
AVTA Antelope Valley Transit Authority
APUA Antigua Public Utilities Authority
AA Antiquities Authority
ADA Application Domain Authority
AA Appointing Authority
AA Appropriate Authority
AA Approving Authority
ASEZA Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority
ACWWA Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority
AAA Area Advisory Authority
AAMA Area Airspace Management Authority
AOA Area Originating Authority
AMA Argentia Management Authority, Inc
AATA Arizona Automobile Theft Authority
AFDA Arkansas Development Finance Authority
ADFA Arkansas Development Finance Authority
ASTA Arkansas Science and Technology Authority
ASLA Arkansas Student Loan Authority
ANRA Armenian Nuclear Regulatory Authority
AACA Army Airlift Clearance Authority
ARA Army Registration Authority
AMHA Ashtabula Metropolitan Housing Authority
ACA Assignment Control Authority
ALACE Association of Local Authority Chief Executives
ADA Atlanta Development Authority
AFCRA Atlanta-Fulton County Recreation Authority
ACMUA Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority
ACUA Atlantic County Utilities Authority
APAC Atlantic Pilotage Authority Canada
APSEA Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority
ADA Atomic Development Authority
AEA Atomic Energy Authority
AEAT Atomic Energy Authority Technology
ARDA Atomic Research and Development Authority
ASADA Atomic Space and Development Authority
AA Attribute Authority
AARL Attribute Authority Revocation List
ASA Attribute SAS Authority
AUDA Auburn Urban Development Authority
ACSA Augusta County Service Authority
AFA Augusta Ferry Authority
ABCA Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
ARPA Austalian Prudential Regulation Authority
ABA Australian Broadcasting Authority
ACTPLA Australian Capital Territory Planning and Land Authority
ACMA Australian Communications and Media Authority
ACA Australian Communications Authority
ACPA Australian Community Pharmacy Authority
ACRA Australian Cultivar Registration Authority
ADNA Australian Domain Name Authority
AFMA Australian Fisheries Management Authority
AMSA Australian Maritime Safety Authority
ANTA Australian National Training Authority
ANZFA Australian New Zealand Food Authority
APVMA Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
APRA Australian Prudential Regulation Authority
ASADA Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority
ASIA Australian Stevedoring Industry Authority
ATA Australian Telecommunications Authority
AFI Authority & Format Identifier
ADID Authority and Description Identifier
AFI Authority and Format Indicator
AF Authority Figure
AAR Authority for Advance Rulings
ACCEL Authority for California Cities Excess Liability
AFE Authority for Expenditure
AHSP Authority for Holding Sealed Particulars
ARCCH Authority for Research and Conservation of Cultural Heritage
AFI Authority Frame Identifier
AHJ Authority Having Jurisdiction
AHJ Authority Housing Jurisdiction
ANRI Authority in Nursing Roles Inventory
AIA Authority Information Access
AKI Authority Key Identifier
AOR Authority On Radio
ARL Authority Revocation List
AUS Authority Services
ATA Authority to Advertise
ATC Authority to Carry
ATC Authority to Connect
ATC Authority to Construct
ATL Authority to Leave
ATO Authority to Operate
ATP Authority To Proceed
ATQ Authority to Quote
ATR Authority to Recruit
ATV Authority to Vote
ALITALIA Authority Zero
AZURE Authority Zero
AZ Authority Zero
AAOCC Authority, Accuracy, Objectivity, Currency, and Coverage
AUTH Authority/Authorization/Authorized
AUTH Authorityauthorizationauthorized
ARA Automatic Reimbursement Authority
ATPA Automobile Prevention Authority
AAHA Awaiting Action Higher Authority
BRTA Babbage Rail Transit Authority
BMA Bahamas Monetary Authority
BCEA Bahrain Convention & Exhibition Authority
BDA Bangalore Development Authority
BMRDA Bangalore Metropolitan Rural Development Authority
BEPZA Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority
BIWTA Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority
BRTA Bangladesh Rural Telecom Authority
BPK Banking and Payment Authority of Kosova
BTA Barbados Tourism Authority
BELA Basic Education Literacy Authority
BEPZA Bataan Export Processing Zone Authority
BIDA Batam Industrial Development Authority
BPCA Battery Park City Authority
BATA Bay Area Transit Authority
BCBA Bay County Building Authority
BMTA Bay Metropolitan Transportation Authority
BABHA Bay-Arenac Behavioral Health Authority
BRSA Bayshore Regional Sewerage Authority
BEACON Beach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans and Nourishment
BCTA Beaver County Transit Authority
BCAA Belgian Civil Aviation Authority
BFTDA Ben Franklin Technology Development Authority
BWSA Benbrook Water and Sewer Authority
BWA Benbrook Water Authority
BFWWCAPCA Benton-Franklin-Walla Walla Counties Air Pollution Control Authority
BCRHA Berkshire County Regional Housing Authority
BFRA Berkshire Fire and Rescue Authority
BRTA Berkshire Regional Transit Authority
BMA Bermuda Monetary Authority
BVQA Bhutan Vocational Qualifications Authority
BPA Blanket Purchase Authority
BHRA Bloomington Housing and Redevelopment Authority
BHA Bloomington Housing Authority
BRRJA Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority
BAA Board/Authority Authorized Course
BRAA Boca Raton Airport Authority
BMRDA Bombay Metropolitan Region Development Authority
BCA Border Crossing Authority
BRA Boston Redevelopment Authority
BTA Botswana Telecommunications Authority
BURA Boulder Urban Renewal Authority
BHA Bradenton Housing Authority
BRA Brazos River Authority
BCA Bridge Certification Authority
BPA Bridgeport Port Authority
BPA Brighton Port Authority
BAA British Airports Authority
BAEA British Atomic Energy Authority
BCAA British Columbia Assessment Authority
BCHPA British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority
BHA British Horseracing Authority
BSIA British Security Industry Authority
BTA British Tourist Authority
BCA Broadcast Control Authority
BOCA Broadcast Operations Coordinating Authority
BAZ Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe
BSA Broadcasting Standards Authority
BAT Brockton Area Transit Authority
BVAA Brokenstraw Valley Area Authority
BMKFA Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Fire Authority
BAHRAIN Budget Authority
BA Budget Authority
BANT Budget Authority Need Timeline
BVHA Buena Vista Housing Authority
BSA Buffalo Sewer Authority
BCA Building and Construction Authority
BFSA Bush Fire Safety Authority
BSA Business Services Authority
CEZ Cagayan Export Zone Authority
CMDA Calcutta Metropolitan Development Authority
CPA Calgary Parking Authority
CARF California Authority of Racing Fairs
CBDA California Bay-Delta Authority
CEA California Earthquake Authority
CPEIA California Public Entity Insurance Authority
CSFA California School Finance Authority
CSA California Space Authority
CSURMA California State University Risk Management Authority
CALL-TO-ACTION California Transportation Authority
CTA California Transportation Authority
CYA California Youth Authority
CMAA Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority
CNPA Cambodian National Petroleum Authority
CHA Cambridge Housing Authority
CCIA Camden County Improvement Authority
CSA Campus Security Authority
CATSA Canadian Air Transport Security Authority
CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority
CRMWA Canadian River Municipal Water Authority
CPA Canaveral Port Authority
CATA Cape Ann Transportation Authority
CBTA Cape Breton Transit Authority
CCRTA Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority
CATA Capital Area Transit Authority
CATA Capital Area Transportation Authority
CANADA Capital Development Authority
CDA Capital Development Authority
CDHA Capital District Health Authority
CDTA Capital District Transportation Authority
CHA Capital Health Authority
CMA Capital Market Authority
CMDA Capital Markets Development Authority
CMTA Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority
CADA Capitol Area Development Authority
CRDA Casino Reinvestment Development Authority
CRCA Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
CMA Catchment Management Authority
CCCA Catfish Creek Conservation Authority
CIMA Cayman Islands Monetary Authority
CALL-TO-ACTION Center Test Authority
CTA Center Test Authority
CATA Central Arkansas Transit Authority
CAWSS Central Authority for Water Supply and Sanitation
CBAK Central Banking Authority of Kosovo
CBCWA Central Brown County Water Authority
CCWA Central Coast Water Authority
CCTA Central Computer and Telecommunications Authority
CCA Central Contracting Authority
CDMA Central Data Management Authority
CEA Central Electricity Authority
CEA Central Environmental Authority
CFA Central Fiscal Authority
CMEDA Central Massachusetts Economic Development Authority
COTA Central Ohio Transit Authority
COA Central Operating Authority
CPAA Central Peace Ambulance Authority
CPA Central Purchasing Authority
CSAA Central Service Area Authority
CTRMA Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
CWA Central Water Authority
CZA Central Zoo Authority
CATA Centre Area Transportation Authority
CRRA Centre Regional Recreation Authority
CA Certificate Authority
CAW Certificate Authority Workstation
COA Certificate of Authority
CA Certification Authority
CAW Certification Authority Workstation
CALL-TO-ACTION Certification of Territorial Authority
CTA Certification of Territorial Authority
CLAE Changes to Local Authority Enforcement
CAAS Changi Aviation Authority of Singapore
CTSA Channel Tunnel Safety Authority
CARTA Charleston Area Regional Transportation Authority
CHASF Charlotte Housing Authority Scholarship Fund
CAT Chatham Area Transit Authority
CSAH Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless
CARTA Chattanooga Area Regional Transit Authority
CHA Chattanooga Housing Authority
CMAA Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport Authority
CHIETA Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority
CMDA Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority
CCWSA Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority
CIHA Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority
CMSHA Cheshire and Merseyside Strategic Health Authority
CEDA Chesterfield Economic Development Authority
CHA Cheyenne Housing Authority
CBDA Chhattisgarh Biofuel Development Authority
CHA Chicago Housing Authority
CALL-TO-ACTION Chicago Transit Authority
CTA Chicago Transit Authority
CTUA Chickasaw Tribal Utility Authority
CANADA Chittagong Development Authority
CDA Chittagong Development Authority
CCTA Chittenden County Transportation Authority
CPYRWMA Choctawhatchee Pea and Yellow Rivers Watershed Management Authority
CEDA Churchill Economic Development Authority
CMHA Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority
CAA Civil Aeronautics Authority
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAAB Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh
CAAI Civil Aviation Authority of Israel
CAANZ Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
CAAS Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
CAASL Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
CAAV Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam
CAAPS Civil Aviation Authority Pension Scheme
CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority
CAPER Civilian Authority for the Protection of Everybody, Regardless
CAPER Civilian Authority for the Protection of Everyone, Regardless
CPRA Civilian Police Review Authority
CIEDA Claremore Industrial and Economic Development Authority
CCWA Clayton County Water Authority
CAAA Clean Air Act Authority
CITA Clothing Industry Training Authority
CMAE Cloudmark Authority Engine
CA Coal Authority
CPA Coalition Provisional Authority
CALL-TO-ACTION Coast Transit Authority
CTA Coast Transit Authority
CAMA Coastal Area Management Authority
CPRA Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority
CZMA Coastal Zone Management Authority
CCT Cobb County Department of Transportation Authority
CFA Cognizant Federal Authority
CPDA cognizant program decision authority
CSA Cognizant Security Authority
CMA Collection Management Authority
CADA Colorado Agricultural Development Authority
CCIA Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority
CHFA Colorado Housing Finance Authority
CSOBA Colorado Student Obligation Bond Authority
CCA Comics Code Authority
CADA Command Area Development Authority
CA Command Authority
CAV Command Authority Violation
CXA Commissioning Authority
CEA Commodity Exchange Authority
CCA Common Certification Authority
CFA Commonwealth Financing Authority
CPA Commonwealth Ports Authority
CAZ Communications Authority of Zambia
CANADA Community Development Authority
CDA Community Development Authority
CDFA Community Development Finance Authority
CVHA Comox Valley Harbour Authority
CAMPA Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority
CA Competent Authority
CAA Competent Authority Approval
CAPI Comprehensive Authority, Power and Influence
CCA COMSEC Controlling Authority
CIPPA Confederation of International Property Professionals Authority
CCA Configuration Control Authority
CANADA Connecticut Development Authority
CDA Connecticut Development Authority
CHFA Connecticut Housing Finance Authority
CAPACITY Connection Approval Authority
CAP Connection Approval Authority
CPTOA Conserved Peacetime Obligation Authority
CWRA Construction Workers Registration Authority
CYLCHA Consult Your Local Competent Halakhic Authority
CAA Consumer Affairs Authority
CPA Content Portal Authority
CCA Contingency Construction Authority
CRA Continuing Resolution Authority
CA Contract Authority
CAD Control Authority Domain
CPA Control Purchasing Authority
CONAUTH Controlling Authority
CVA Convention and Visitors Authority
CCA Convention Center Authority
CIHA Cook Inlet Housing Authority
CANADA Cooperative Development Authority
CDA Cooperative Development Authority
CA Coordinating Authority
CORA Coordinating Responsible Authority
CRA coordinating review authority
CGA Corporate Governance Authority
CSA Corporate Sector Authority
CSAS Corporate Source Authority System
CCRTA Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority
CAT Cost Authority Target
CICA Counter Intelligence Coordinating Authority
CICA Counterintelligence Coordinating Authority
CIOTA counterintelligence operational tasking authority
CFA Country Fire Authority
CSCA Country Signer Certification Authority
CEA County Education Authority
CFIA Courthouse Facilities Improvement Authority
CGMA Covent Garden Market Authority
CATA Crawford Area Transportation Authority
CCA Credit Ceiling Authority
CVCA Credit Valley Conservation Authority
CVDA Creston Valley Development Authority
CICA Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority
CEA Crisis Establishment Authority
CNIA Critical National Infrastructure Authority
CLEA Cross Lake Education Authority
CVCA Crowe Valley Conservation Authority
CCIA Cumberland County Improvement Authority
CLSHA Cumbria and Lancashire Strategic Health Authority
CLEA Cumbria Local Education Authority
CDCA Current Document Change Authority
CCA Curriculum Control Authority
CMHA Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority
CERA Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority
CYTA Cyprus Telecommunication Authority
DCEA Dade County Expressway Authority
DASA Dairy Authority of South Australia
DIAMETER Dairy Industry Authority
DIA Dairy Industry Authority
DHA Dallas Housing Authority
DPA Dampier Port Authority
DERA Danish Energy Regulatory Authority
DECA Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority
DFSA Danish Financial Supervisory Authority
DRAPO Data Release Authority – Program Office
DGMA Decipher Game Management Authority
DMA Decision Making Authority
DESA Defence Explosives Safety Authority
DHA Defence Housing Authority
DQAA Defence Quality Assurance Authority
DSA Defense Shipping Authority
DFA Defy False Authority
DCHA Delaware County Housing Authority
DEDA Delaware Economic Development Authority
DSHA Delaware State Housing Authority
DA Delegated Authority
DOA Delegation Of Authority
DCA Delegation of Contracting Authority
DDAL Delegation of Disclosure Authority Letter
DDL Delegation Of Disclosure Authority Letter
DPA Delegation of Procurement Authority
DDA Delhi Development Authority
DDMA Delhi Disaster Management Authority
DRA Delta Regional Authority
DVTA Dental Vocational Training Authority
DYA Department of the Youth Authority
DLA Deputy Launching Authority
DTMA Derry Township Municipal Authority
DART Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority
DA Design Authority
DAA Designated Accreditation Authority
DAA Designated Accrediting Authority
DAA Designated Approval Authority
DAA Designated Approving Authority
DDA Designated Disposition Authority
DEA Designated Examining Authority
DEPARTMENT Designated National Authority
DNA Designated National Authority
DSA Designated State Authority
DBRA Detroit Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
DA Developmental Authority
DAFECS Digital Authority Full Engine Control System
DBA Direct Budget Authority
DIRLAUTH Direct Line of Authority
DOA Direct Obligation Authority
DAFL Directive Authority for Logistics
DATO Disapproval of Authority to Operate
DCA Disaster Control Authority
DAL Dissemination Authority List
DDA District Development Authority
DLSA District Legal Service Authority
DCHA District of Columbia Housing Authority
DRTA District Regional Transport Authority
DSA Division of Scientific Authority
DSCA Document Signer Certification Authority
DASPA Dominica Air and Seaport Authority
DASNY Dormitory Authority of the State of New York
DCHA Douglas County Housing Authority
DDA Downtown Development Authority
DVLA Driver Vehicle Licensing Authority
DACA Drug Administration and Control Authority
DCA Drug Control Authority
DRA Drug Regulatory Authority
DAFZA Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority
DCAA Dubai Civil Aviation Authority
DEWA Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
DFSA Dubai Financial Services Authority
DHA Dubai Health Authority
DPA Dubai Ports Authority
DAA Dublin Airport Authority
DDDA Dublin Docklands Development Authority
DTA Dublin Transport Authority
DEDA Duluth Economic Development Authority
DTA Duluth Transit Authority
DATA Durham Area Transit Authority
DCHFA Duval County Housing Finance Authority
ECCA East Caribbean Currency Authority
EKHA East Kent Health Authority
ESWA East of Scotland Water Authority
EPRLA East Peace Regional Landfill Authority
EPMA ECA Policy Management Authority
EIDA Economic & Industrial Development Authority
EDA Economic Development Authority
EDFA Economic Development Finance Authority
ERA Economic Regulation Authority
EEDA Edmond Economic Development Authority
ERTA Education Research and Training Authority
EAA Edwards Aquifer Authority
ESA EFTA Surveillance Authority
ECAA Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority
EEA Egyptian Electricity Authority
EISA Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority
ETA Egyptian Tourist Authority
ESA Electrical Safety Authority
ECRA Electricity & Co-generation Regulatory Authority
EAC Electricity Authority of Cyprus
EGAT Electricity Generating Authority
EGAT Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
ETA Electronic Travel Authority
ECVA Elko Convention and Visitors Authority
ECUADOR Emerald Coast Utilities Authority
ECUA Emerald Coast Utilities Authority
EA Emergency Authority
EACR Emergency Authority Control Room
ECA Emergency Controlling Authority
EDA Emergency Dissemination Authority
EMSA Emergency Medical Services Authority
EIDA Emirates ID Authority
ESCMA Emirates Securities and Commodities Market Authority
ESRA Employment Services Regulatory Authority
EMTA Endless Mountains Transportation Authority
EECA Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority
EMA Energy Market Authority
EMRA Energy Market Regulatory Authority
EMTA Engineering and Marine Training Authority
EAL Entry Authority List
EGA Environment General Authority
EPA Environment Protection Authority
EIERA Environmental Improvement and Energy Resources Authority
EMA Environmental Management Authority
ERMA Environmental Risk Management Authority
EAJA Ephrata Area Joint Authority
EAA Equipment Approval Authority
ECCCA Erie County Convention Center Authority
EMTA Erie Metropolitan Transit Authority
ECUADOR Escambia County Utility Authority
ECUA Escambia County Utility Authority
ERCA Essex Region Conservation Authority
EGCA Estonian Grid Certification Authority
ECAA Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority
EMA Ethiopian Mapping Authority
EWRA Ethiopian Water Resources Authority
EWCA Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation Authority
EFSA European Food Safety Authority
EFSA European Food Standards Authority
EGSA European GNSS Supervisory Authority (EU)
ESMA European Securities and Markets Authority
EA Evaluation Authority
ELSA Ewing-Lawrence Sewage Authority
EOA Excess Ordering Authority
EA Expenditure Authority
EPZA Export Processing Zone Authority
EPZA Export Processing Zones Authority
ECA External Certification Authority
EZA Extraterritorial Zoning Authority
FTA Fair Trade Authority
FCPA Fairfax County Park Authority
FCRHA Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority
FEDA Fairfax Economic Development Authority
FMHA Fairmont/Morgantown Housing Authority
FRHA Fall River Housing Authority
FHSA Family Health Service Authority
FMHA Fayette Metropolitan Housing Authority
FAMA Federal Agriculture and Marketing Authority
FATCA Federal Air Traffic Control Authority
FAAN Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria
FADA Federal Area Development Authority
FEWA Federal Electricity and Water Authority
FFSA Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
FIA Federal Investigation Authority
FLRA Federal Labor Relations Authority
FPHA Federal Public Housing Authority
FTA Federal Transit Authority
FCA Ferengi Commerce Authority
FTA Field Technical Authority
FAAA Final Acquisition Approval Authority
FMA Final Materiel Authority
FANC Finance Authority for Nonprofit Corporations
FAME Finance Authority of Maine
FANO Finance Authority of New Orleans
FINRA Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
FMA Financial Market Authority
FSA Financial Services Authority
FREEDOM Financial Services Authority
FSRA Financial Services Regulatory Authority
FSA Financial Supervisory Authority
FREEDOM Financial Supervisory Authority
FICORA Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority
FAIRA Fire Agencies Insurance Risk Authority
FESA Fire and Emergency Services Authority
FNEA First Nations Education Authority
FPA Flood Protection Authority
FSA Florida Space Authority
FREEDOM Florida Space Authority
FSFA Florida State Fair Authority
FSAI Food Safety Authority of Ireland
FBOA Football Banning Order Authority
FLA Football Licensing Authority
FATA Foreign Aircrew Temporary Authority
FIMA Foreign and International Monetary Authority
FCAA Foreign Civil Airworthiness Authority
FIIA Foreign Investment Implementation Authority
FABI Forestry Authority Biodiversity Initiative
FBHA Fort Berthold Housing Authority
FPA Forth Ports Authority
FURAD Forum of University Research Authority Directors
FCHRA Franklin County Housing Redevelopment Authority
FICDA Franklin Industrial and Commercial Development Authority
FRHA Franklin Redevelopment and Housing Authority
FRTA Franklin Regional Transit Authority
FZMA Free Zone Management Authority
FRWA Freeport Regional Water Authority
FAA Frequency Allocation Authority
FHA Frontier Highways Authority
FADEC Full Authority Digital Electronic Control
FADEC Full Authority Digital Engine Control
FAFC Full Authority Fuel Control
FATO Full Authority to Operate
FCTA Fulton County Transit Authority
FRANAR Functional Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records
FRAD Functional Requirements for Authority Data
FRSAR Functional Requirements for Subject Authority Records
FRA Funded Reimbursement Authority
FRA Funded-Reimbursable Reimbursement Authority
GHA Galveston Housing Authority
GRCA Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority
GWA Gangsters with Authority
GAIL Gas Authority of India Limited
GRA Gas Regulatory Authority
GTMA Gauteng Transport Management Authority
GZA Gaza, Palestinian Authority – International Airport
GA General Authority
GAFI General Authority for Investment and Free Zones
GAIAA General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Awqaf
GAPAR General Authority for Palestine Arab Refugees
GAVTT General Authority for Vocational and Technical Training
GACA General Authority of Civil Aviation
GDAA General Disposal Authority for Administrative Records
GHSA General Health Surveillance Authority
GEFA Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority
GSFA Georgia Student Finance Authority
GTA Georgia Technology Authority
GIDA Ghana Irrigation Development Authority
GRA Ghana Revenue Authority
GDA Ghaziabad Development Authority
GPA Gladstone Port Authority
GAA Glasgow Airport Authority
GFRA Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Authority
GSA GNSS Supervisory Authority
GWTA Goldsboro-Wayne Transit Authority
GDA Government Designated Authority
GSFA Government Superannuation Fund Authority
GUA Governmental Utility Authority
GBPA Grand Bahama Port Authority
GREDA Grand Rapids Economic Development Authority
GRCA Grand River Conservation Authority
GVCA Grand Valley Conservation Authority
GOA Grant Of Authority
GFDA Great Falls Development Authority
GLPA Great Lakes Pilotage Authority
GMRA Great Man-Made River Authority
GRRWA Great River Regional Waste Authority
GYPA Great Yarmouth Port Authority
GADA Greater Arizona Development Authority
GBTA Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority
RTA Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority
GDRTA Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority
GKDA Greater Kelly Development Authority
GLTA Greater Laconia Transit Authority
GLTA Greater Lapeer Transportation Authority
GLA Greater London Authority
GLMCA Greater London Magistrates’ Courts Authority
NOIDA Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority
GRAA Greater Rockford Airport Authority
GTTA Greater Toronto Transportation Authority
GVTA Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority
GWTA Greater Wilmington Transportation Authority
GYPA Greater Yuma Port Authority
GSLA Green Swamp Land Authority
GTA Greensboro Transit Authority
GTA Greenville Transit Authority
GSHA Griffin-Spalding Hospital Authority
GLLAM Group for Large Local Authority Museums
GMTA Guam Mass Transit Authority
GPA Guam Power Authority
GSSA Guernsey Social Security Authority
GARRS Guidelines for Authority Records and References
GCWA Gulf Coast Water Authority
GRA Guyana Revenue Authority
HAAA Halifax Area Advertising Authority
HIAA Halifax International Airport Authority
HPA Hamburg Port Authority
HPA Hamilton Port Authority
HAAC Harbour Authority Advisory Council
HCTRA Harris County Toll Road Authority
HUDA Haryana Urban Development Authority
HMRRA Hatfield-McCoy Regional Recreation Authority
HCDA Hawaii Community Development Authority
HTA Hawaii Tourism Authority
HSA Hazardous Substances Authority
HHA Headwaters Health Authority
HSA Health and Safety Authority
HSSA Health and Social Services Authority
HAAD Health Authority Abu Dhabi
HEA Health Education Authority
HFFA Health Facilities Financing Authority
HFA Health Facility Authority
HFA Health Funding Authority
HIA Health Insurance Authority
HPA Health Policy Authority
HPLA Health Professions Licensing Authority
HSA Health Science Authority
HSA Health Sciences Authority
ADAE Hellenic Authority for the Information and Communication Security and Privacy
HCRMA Hidalgo County Regional Mobility Authority
HAAC High Authority for Audiovisual Communications
HDLA High Dam Lake Authority
HAC Higher Authority Communications
HAI Higher Authority of Intelligence
HEA Higher Education Authority
HGCA Home Grown Cereals Authority
HKBA Hong Kong Broadcasting Authority
HKEAA Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority
HKEA Hong Kong Examinations Authority
HKHA Hong Kong Hospital Authority
HKMA Hong Kong Monetary Authority
HSBA Honshu-Shikoku Bridge Authority
HRA Horseracing Regulatory Authority
HAITI Hospital Authority
HA Hospital Authority
HAHO Hospital Authority Head Office
HRA Housing and Redevelopment Authority
HAITI Housing Authority
HA Housing Authority
HAAB Housing Authority of Abbeville
HABC Housing Authority of Baltimore City
HACG Housing Authority of Columbus, Georgia
HADC Housing Authority of Dekalb County
HAJ Housing Authority of Joliet
HAMC Housing Authority of Maricopa County
HAP Housing Authority of Portland
HASLC Housing Authority of Salt Lake City
HASLC Housing Authority of St. Louis County
HABD Housing Authority of the Birmingham District
HACA Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis
HACA Housing Authority of the City of Asheville
HACA Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta
HACA Housing Authority of the City of Austin
HACG Housing Authority of the City of Greenville
HACH Housing Authority of the City of Houston
HACLB Housing Authority of the City of Long Beach
HACLA Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
HACP Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh
HACP Housing Authority of the City of Pueblo
HASB Housing Authority of the City of South Bend
HACA Housing Authority of the County of Alameda
HACB Housing Authority of the County of Butte
HACK Housing Authority of the County of Kern
HACOLA Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles
HACSL Housing Authority of the County of Salt Lake
HACSC Housing Authority of the County of Santa Clara
HATC Housing Authority of Thurston County
HAWS Housing Authority of Winston-Salem
HCEDA Howard County Economic Development Authority
HFEA Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
HTA Human Tissue Authority
HWMA Humboldt Waste Management Authority
HTA Humbolt Transit Authority
HFSA Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority
HMDA Huntington Municipal Development Authority
HCMA Huron-Clinton Metropark Authority
HMDA Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority
HUDA Hyderabad Urban Development Authority
IPPA Iberia Parish Port Authority
IDFA Illinois Development Financed Authority
IFA Illinois Finance Authority
ISFA Illinois Sports Facility Authority
IVPA Illinois Violence Prevention Authority
ICA Immigration and Checkpoints Authority
IMA Implementation Management Authority
IWILL Improvement Works in Lieu of Local Authority Housing
IBA Independent Broadcast Authority
ISOBUTANOL Independent Broadcast Authority
ICASA Independent Communications Authority of South Africa
IPSA Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority
ISA Independent Safeguarding Authority
ITA Independent Technical Authority
ITEA Independent Technical Engineering Authority
ITA Independent Television Authority
INCOLSA Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority
ICSWA Indiana County Solid Waste Authority
IAA Indianapolis Airport Authority
IHANT Indigenous Housing Authority of the Northern Territory
IRSA Indus River System Authority
ICDA Industrial and Commercial Development Authority
IDA Industrial Development Authority
IDFA Industrial Development Financing Authority
IPDA Industrial Parks Development Authority
IRTA Industrial-Recreational Building Authority
ITA Industry Training Authority
ITA Infertility Treatment Authority
IDA Infocomm Development Authority
IDA Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
ICTA Information & Communications Technology Authority
ITA Information Technology Authority
IDA Initial Denial Authority
IRAS Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
IWAAI Inland Waterways Authority of India
IRDA Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
ITA Integrated Transport Authority
IWMA Integrated Waste Management Authority
ITHA Inter Tribal Health Authority
ITSMA Inter-City Transportation Systems Management Authority
IAP Interim Authority Process
IATO Interim Authority To Operate
IATT Interim Authority to Test
ISGA Interim Self Governing Authority
IHA Interior Health Authority
IAAI International Airport Authority of India
ICAA International Civil Aviation Authority
ICRA International Cultivar Registration Authority
IDA International Depository Authority
IEAA International Education Accreditation Authority
IEAA International Education Appeal Authority
IFSA International Financial Sector Authority
IFSA International Financial Services Authority
IMPAC International Merchant Purchase Authority Card
IRAR International Registration Authority for Roses
ISA International Seabed Authority
ISBA International Sea-Bed Authority
ISA International Searching Authority
IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IPRA Internet Policy Registration Authority
IRHSSA Inuvik Regional Health and Social Services Authority
IADA Iowa Agricultural Development Authority
IAASA Irish Auditing and Accounting Supervisory Authority
IDA Irish Development Authority
IFSRA Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority
IADA Israel Anti-Drug Authority
IAA Israel Antiquities Authority
IBA Israel Broadcasting Authority
ISOBUTANOL Israel Broadcasting Authority
ISA Israel Securities Authority
IAA Israeli Airports Authority
ITA Israeli Tax Authority
JCHCA Jackson County Health Care Authority
JEA Jackson Energy Authority
JMAA Jackson Municipal Airport Authority
JTA Jackson Transit Authority
JEA Jacksonville Electric Authority
JPA Jacksonville Port Authority
JTA Jacksonville Transportation Authority
JDA Jaipur Development Authority
JCA Jamming Control Authority
JMBA Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge Authority
JAFZA Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority
JCIA Jersey City Incinerator Authority
JCRA Jersey Competition Regulatory Authority
JDA Jerusalem Development Authority
JEDA Jobs-Economic Development Authority
JCDA Johnson City Development Authority
JCIA Johnston County Industrial Authority
JPA Joint Powers Authority
JPFA Joint Powers Financing Authority
JPIA Joint Powers Insurance Authority
JEA Jordan Electricity Authority
JDA Jovian Detention Authority
JAN Justification for Authority to Negotiate
JJA Juvenile Justice Authority
KWSA Kanagawa Watersupply Authority
KDA Kanpur Development Authority
KETA Kansas Electric Transmission Authority
KTA Kansas Turnpike Authority
KDA Karachi Development Authority
KFHA Karachi Fisheries Harbour Authority
KMTA Karachi Metropolitan Transport Authority
KMUA Kearny Municipal Utilities Authority
KHA Keene Housing Authority
KAA Kenya Airport Authority
KACA Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority
KBA Kenya Broadcasting Authority
KPA Kenya Port Authority
KRA Kenya Revenue Authority
KRATI Kenya Revenue Authority Training Institute
KWA Kerala Water Authority
KDA Khulna Development Authority
KUA Kissimmee Utility Authority
KSSA Klaipeda State Seaport Authority
KFHA Korangi Fish Harbour Authority
KDRA Kosovo Drug Regulatory Authority
KIA Kuwait Investment Authority
KPA Kuwait Port Authority
LCRA Lackawanna County Railroad Authority
LHVA Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority
LEDA Lafayette Economic Development Authority
LLDA Laguna Lake Development Authority
LDA Lahore Development Authority
LAWA Lake Agassiz Water Authority
LDNPA Lake District National Park Authority
LESJWA Lake Elsinore and San Jacinto Watersheds Authority
LMMA Lake Meade Municipal Authority
LNDA Lake Nasser Development Authority
LSRCA Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority
LRCA Lakehead Region Conservation Authority
LCRA Land Clearance for Redevelopment Authority
LRA Land Registry Authority
LTA Land Transport Authority
LRT Land Transport Authority of Singapore
LTSA Land Transport Safety Authority
LCARA Lane County Animal Regulation Authority
LADA Langkawi Development Authority
LVCVA Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority
LDA Launch and Deployment Authority
LOA Lead Operational Authority
LAFS Least Authority File System
LAPCA Lesotho AIDS Programme Coordinating Authority
LCA Lesotho Communications Authority
LTA Lesotho Telecommunications Authority
LA Letter of Authority
LOA Letter of Authority
LODA Letter of Deviation Authority
LOOA Letter of Operational Authority
LOA Level Of Authority
LTA Liberty City Transport Authority
LIA Libyan Investment Authority
LCWSA Limestone County Water and Sewer Authority
LOA Limit of Authority
LATVIA Limited Authority to Teach
LAT Limited Authority to Teach
LOA Line of Authority
LEAF Linking and Exploring Authority Files
LRPA Little Rock Port Authority
LA Local Authority
LAESI Local Authority & Emergency Services Information
LAA Local Authority Associations
LABC Local Authority Building Control
LACMP Local Authority Carbon Management Programme
LACM Local Authority Carbon Management programme
LACA Local Authority Catering Association
LAC Local Authority Circular
LAM Local Authority Mortgage
LASSD Local Authority Social Services Department
LASU Local Authority Support Unit
LATE Local Authority Trading Enterprise
LAW Local Authority Workstation
LEA Local Education Authority
LEMA Local Emergency Management Authority
LFA Local Franchising Authority
LGA Local Government Authority
LGSETA Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority
LHA Local Housing Authority
LIA Local Issuing Authority
LMAA Local Medicaid Administrative Authority
LPA Local Planning Authority
LPA Local Public Authority
LRA Local Redevelopment Authority
LRA Local Registration Authority
LRA Local Reuse Authority
LSA Local Security Authority
LSASS Local Security Authority Subsystem Service
LSAT Local Security Authority Translation
LSAMO Local Supervising Authority Midwifery Officer
LTA Local Training Authority
LSHA London Strategic Health Authority
LIPA Long Island Power Authority
LPRCA Long Point Region Conservation Authority
LDA Loring Development Authority
MTA Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
LGA Lotteries and Gaming Authority
LATIFPA Louisiana Automobile Theft and Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority
LELA Louisiana Education Loan Authority
LETA Louisiana Educational Television Authority
LEPA Louisiana Energy and Power Authority
LHCA Louisiana Health Care Authority
LOTA Louisiana Offshore Terminal Authority
LRA Louisiana Recovery Authority
LAA Louisville Arena Authority, Inc.
LFA Loving Female Authority
LAC Low Authority Control
LHA Lowell Housing Authority
LCRA Lower Colorado River Authority
LTVCA Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority
LTMUA Lower Township Municipal Utilities Authority
LRA Lowry Redevelopment Authority
LDA Lucknow Development Authority
LCTA Luzerne County Transportation Authority
MDAR Machine-Derived Authority Record
MWA Macon Water Authority
MMDA Madras Metropolitan Development Authority
MGFA Maine Government Facilities Authority
MMA Maine Military Authority
MSHA Maine State Housing Authority
MTA Maine Turnpike Authority
MVCA Maitland Valley Conservation Authority
MSFA Major Sports Facilities Authority
MPA Malawi Procurement Authority
MRA Malawi Revenue Authority
MIDA Malaysia Industry Development Authority
MHA Malaysian Highway Authority
MIRA Maldives Inland Revenue Authority
MCA Malta Communications Authority
MEPA Malta Environment & Planning Authority
MSA Malta Standards Authority
MTA Malta Tourism Authority
MCA Management Control Authority
MTA Manchester Transit Authority
MPFSA Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority
MCA Manning Control Authority
MCA Manpower Control Authority
MWA Manufacturing Work Authority
MUMA Manukau Urban Maori Authority
MFHA Marble Falls Housing Authority
MPEDA Marine Products Export Development Authority
MACA Maritime Air Control Authority
MPA Maritime and Port Authority
MSA Maritime Safety Authority
MIVA Marshall Islands Visitors Authority
VTA Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority
MFCA Maryland Food Center Authority
MIDFA Maryland Industrial Development Financing Authority
MSA Maryland Stadium Authority
MTA Maryland Transit Authority
MDTA Maryland Transportation Authority
MCTA Mason County Transportation Authority
MRTA Mass Rapid Transit Authority
TOYOTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MBTA Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
TUREAUD Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
T Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority
MCCA Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
MHFA Massachusetts Housing Finance Authority
MASSPORT Massachusetts Port Authority
MPA Massachusetts Port Authority
MART Massachusetts Regional Transit Authority
MSCBA Massachusetts State College Building Authority
MTA Massachusetts Turnpike Authority
MCEA Master Copy Establishing Authority
MEDIA Mauritius Export Development and Investment Authority
MTPA Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority
MESTA Mayes Emergency Service Trust Authority
MTSA McCandless Township Sanitary Authority
MIA Meat Industry Authority
MDA Media Development Authority
MAPPP-SETA Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing, and Packaging Sector Education Training Authority
MUHA Medical University Hospital Authority
MATA Memphis Area Transit Authority
MTA Mendocino Transit Authority
MHA Mental Health Authority
MHMRA Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority
MRA Mental Retardation Authority
MRLA Mental Retardation Local Authority
MPA Merseyside Police Authority
MVRDA Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority
MRA Message Release Authority
MRA Message Review Authority
MARTA Metro Atlanta Regional Transportation Authority
MMDA Metro Manila Development Authority
MRTA Metro Rail Transit Authority
MARTA Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Metropolitan Bus Authority
MBA Metropolitan Bus Authority
MMDA Metropolitan Manila Development Authority
MNAA Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority
MPA Metropolitan Police Authority
MRTA Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority
MSBA Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority
MTRCA Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
MTA Metropolitan Transit Authority
MTA Metropolitan Transportation Authority
MTTA Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority
MWAA Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
MWA Metropolitan Waterworks Authority
MSEA Miami Sports & Exhibition Authority
MDX Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
MBDA Michigan Broadband Development Authority
MEGA Michigan Economic Growth Authority
MCUA Middlesex County Utility Authority
MARA Migration Agents Registration Authority
MDA Milestone Decision Authority
MDA Milestone Delegation Authority
MHPA Milford Haven Port Authority
MACA Military Airlift Clearance Authority
MAL Military Authority Lire
MAA Military Aviation Authority
MCDA Mineral County Development Authority
MRAM Mineral Resources Authority of Mongolia
MQA Mining Qualifications Authority
MHRA Minneapolis Housing and Redevelopment Authority
MPHA Minneapolis Public Housing Authority
MTA Minnesota Transit Authority
MDA Mississippi Development Authority
MRBA Mississippi River Bridge Authority
MCTA Mitchell County Transportation Authority
MAS Monetary Authority of Singapore
MANAGEMENT Money, Authority, Need
MANEUVER Money, Authority, Need
MAN Money, Authority, Need
MRTA Montachusett Regional Transit Authority
MART Montachusett Regional Transit Authority
MBTA Morongo Basin Transit Authority
MFA Mortgage Finance Authority
MUMA Mount Union Municipal Authority
MARTA Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority
MRCA Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority
MTA Mpumalanga Tourism Authority
MADA Muda Agricultural and Development Authority
MADA Muda Agricultural Development Authority
MDA Multan Development Authority
MARTA Multiple Access Routing Authority
MAA Munich Airport Authority
MEAG Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia
MEAC Municipal Energy Authority Computer
MFA Municipal Finance Authority
MGAM Municipal Gas Authority of Mississippi
MUA Municipal Utilities Authority
MLA Munitions Logistics Authority
MDBA Murray-Darling Basin Authority
MPA Myanma Port Authority
MUDA Mysore Urban Development Authority
NACO Name Authority Cooperative
NAR Name Authority Record
NTA Namibia Training Authority
NA Naming Authority
NVTA Napa Valley Transportation Authority
NAA Narita Airport Authority
NVDA Narmada Valley Development Authority
NAA National Accreditation Authority
NACLAA National Advanced Certificate in Local Authority Administration
NAA National Airports Authority
NARA National Aliens Registration Authority
NACD National Authority for Combating Drugs
NAA National Aviation Authority
NBRA National Biotechnology Regulatory Authority
NCA National Certification Authority
NCPA National Child Protection Authority
NCAA National Civil Aviation Authority
NCAA National Clinical Assessment Authority
NCZMA National Coastal Zone Management Authority
NCAA National Command Authority Aircraft
NCA National Competition Authority
NDA National Disability Authority
NDA National Distribution Authority
NEPA National Electric Power Authority
NEPRA National Electric Power Regulatory Authority
NERA National Employment Rights Authority
NEAA National Environment Appellate Authority
NEMA National Environment Management Authority
NFMA National Financial Management Authority
NFA National Food Authority
NFA National Forest Authority
NGA National Grains Authority
NHA National Highway Authority
NHAI National Highway Authority of India
NHDA National Highway Development Authority
NHA National Housing Authority
NHDA National Housing Development Authority
NLMA National Labour Market Authority
NLMA National Land Management Authority
NLGA National Lumber Grades Authority
NMA National Military Authority
NNAF National Name Authority File
NORMA National Oceanic Resource Management Authority
NPPA National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
NPA National Ports Authority
NPA National Production Authority
NQAA National Quality Assurance Authority
NRA National Railway Authority
NRA National Registration Authority
NRA National Regulatory Authority
NRA National Rivers Authority
NRA National Roads Authority
NSTA National Science and Technology Authority
NSA National Shipping Authority
NSAI National Standards Authority of Ireland
NSA National Supervisory Authority
NTTA National Technical Training Authority
NTRA National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
NUMA National Urban Maori Authority
NWRA National Water Resource Authority
NWEA National Working Environment Authority
NDMA NATO Data Management Authority
NIMA NATO Information Management Authority
NELHA Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority
NGASA Natural Gas Authority of South Australia
NRPA Natural Radiation Protection Authority
NRCA Natural Resources Conservation Authority
NARESA Natural Resources, Energy and Science Authority
NECA Navajo Engineering Construction Authority
NHA Navajo Housing Authority
NTUA Navajo Tribal Utility Authority
NTA Navy Technical Authority
NVTA Nearbug Valley Transportation Authority
NIFA Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
NEA Nepal Electricity Authority
NWRA Neshaminy Water Resources Authority
NAFM Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets
NACA Network Access Control Authority
NDA Nevada Development Authority
NREA New and Renewable Energy Authority
NBRA New Bedford Redevelopment Authority
NBHA New Boston Housing Authority
NBPA New Brunswick Parking Authority
NHA New Housing Authority
NJEDA New Jersey Economic Development Authority
NJSEA New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority
NMBA New Mexico Border Authority
NMFA New Mexico Finance Authority
NMMFA New Mexico Mortgage Finance Authority
NOA New Obligation Authority
NOA New Obligational Authority
NOIDA New Okhla Industrial Development Authority
NYCTA New York City Transit Authority
NYDA New York Dormitory Authority
NYHA New York Housing Authority
NYMTA New York Metropolitan Transit Authority
NYPA New York Power Authority
NYSCAS New York School Construction Authority
NYSBA New York State Bridge Authority
NYSERDA New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
NZBA New Zealand Broadcasting Authority
NZCA New Zealand Conservation Authority
NZFSA New Zealand Food Safety Authority
NZPA New Zealand Ports Authority
NZQA New Zealand Qualifications Authority
NFT Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
NPCA Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority
NEPA Nigeria Electric Production Authority
NCAA Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority
NTA Nigerian Television Authority
NA No Authority
NORA No Obligations, Rules, or Authority
NBPA North Bergen Parking Authority
NCTA North Carolina Turnpike Authority
NCHA North Cumbria Health Authority
NERHA North East Regional Health Authority
NFPA North Fraser Port Authority
NGMA North Georgia Mountains Authority
NIRHA North Iowa Regional Housing Authority
NJTPA North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
NTTA North Texas Tollway Authority
NWWA North Wales Water Authority
NWRHA North West Regional Health Authority
NWWA North West Water Authority
NYHA North Yorkshire Health Authority
NYPA North Yorkshire Police Authority
NBCMA Northampton Bucks County Municipal Authority
NARBHA Northern Arizona Regional Behavioral Health Authority
NCTA Northern Cape Tourism Authority
PAWA Northern Territory Power and Water Authority
NVTA Northern Virginia Transportation Authority
NURA Northglenn Urban Renewal Authority
NNPA Northumberland National Park Authority
NWWA NorthWest Water Authority
NCA Norwegian Competition Authority
NMA Norwegian Mapping Authority
NPT Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority
NRPA Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority
NTRA Norwegian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
NVCA Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
NDA Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
NPPA Nuclear Power Plant Authority
OBRA Oakland Base Reuse Authority
OHA Oakland Housing Authority
OCA Obligation Cost Authority
OA Obligational Authority
OHA Ocala Housing Authority
OPRA Occupational Pensions Regularity Authority
OPRA Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority
OSTA Occupational Skill Testing Authority
OCCA Ocean Cargo Clearance/Clearing Authority
OCUA Ocean County Utilities Authority
ORGA Oconee River Greenway Authority
OCPA Office of Coalition Provisional Authority
OCPA Office of the Civilian Provisional Authority
OCPA Office of the Coalition Provision Authority
OCPA Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority
ODAA Office of the Designated Approving Authority
OFTA Office of the Telecommunications Authority
OAQDA Ohio Air Quality Development Authority
OTTA Ohio Tuition Trust Authority
OGRA Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority
OHCA Oklahoma Health Care Authority
OIFA Oklahoma Industrial Finance Authority
OMPA Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority
OSIDA Oklahoma Space Industry Development Authority
OTA Oklahoma Turnpike Authority
OCEDA Oldham County Economic Development Authority
OCHRA Olmsted County Housing and Redevelopment Authority
OAPCA Olympic Air Pollution Control Authority
OCA Olympic Coordination Authority
ODA Olympic Delivery Authority
ORDA Olympic Regional Development Authority
ORTA Olympic Roads and Transport Authority
OHA Omaha Housing Authority
OCWA Onondaga County Water Authority
OECA Ontario Educational Communications Authority
OPA Ontario Power Authority
OSIFA Ontario Strategic Infrastructure Financing Authority
OBA Operating Budget Authority
OCA Operating Cost Authority
OCA Operational Command Authority
OCA Operational Control Authority
ODAA Operational Designated Approving Authority
OSA Operational Support Authority
OTA Operational Test Authority
OPA Operations Procurement Authority
OPRA Options Price Reporting Authority
ORSA Options Regulatory Surveillance Authority
OCFA Orange County Fire Authority
OCTA Orange County Transportation Authority
OCWA Orange County Water Authority
OLA Orderly Liquidation Authority
OYA Oregon Youth Authority
ORA Organizational Registration Authority
OA Organizing Authority
OCA Original Classification/Classifying Authority
OCA Original Controlling Authority
OPEPA Orissa Primary Education Programme Authority
OHA Orlando Housing Authority
OPA Other Procurement Authority
OTA Other Transactional Authority
OTRA Overseas Theater Requisitioning Authority
OESA Oxford Emergency Safety Authority
PPAC Pacific Pilotage Authority Canada
PTA Paducah Transit Authority
PEMRA Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority
PHA Pakistan Housing Authority
PNRA Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority
PSQCA Pakistan Standards & Quality Control Authority
PTA Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
PTAS Pakistan Telecommunication Authority Standards
PEA Palestine Energy Authority
PMA Palestine Monetary Authority
PA Palestinian Authority
PNA Palestinian National Authority
PWA Palestinian Water Authority
PORLA Palm Oil Registration and Licensing Authority
PCA Panama Canal Authority
PMA Parts Manufacture Authority
PTA Passenger Transport Authority
PEA Peace Establishment Authority
PR-MRWSA Peace River/Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority
PNPA Peak National Park Authority
PDRTA Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority
PPSA Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority
PTIA Pennsylvania Technology Investment Authority
PFRDA Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority
PACA Performing Arts Center Authority
PUA Peri-Urban Authority
PA Permit Authority
PRAA Person Responsible for the Assignment of Authority
PADA Personal Accounts Delivery Authority
PIA Personal Investment Authority
PRA Personal Refund Authority
PCLA Person-Caswell Lake Authority
PCA Pesticide Control Authority
PTT Petroleum Authority of Thailand
PLA Petroleum Licensing Authority
PSA Petroleum Safety Authority
PAID Philadelphia Authority for Industrial Development
PFA Philadelphia Funk Authority
PCA Philippine Coconut Authority
PLRA Philippine Leisure and Retirement Authority
POEA Philippine Overseas Employment Authority
PPA Philippine Ports Authority
PCDA Pike County Development Authority
PSTA Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority
PPA Piraeus Port Authority
PWSA Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority
PARSA Plainfield Area Regional Sewer Authority
PMUA Plainfield Municipal Utility Authority
PA Planning Authority
PCDA Pleasants County Development Authority
POA Points of Authority
PANI Police Authority for Northern Ireland
PCA Police Complaints Authority
PAA Policy Approving Authority
PCA Policy Certification Authority
PCA Policy Creation Authority
PCAW Policy Creation Authority Workstation
PMA Policy Management Authority
PFSA Polish Financial Supervision Authority
PCDA Ponca City Development Authority
PCTA Ponca City Tourism Authority
PA Port Authority
PABT Port Authority Bus Terminal
PAT Port Authority of Allegheny County
PAP Port Authority Police
PATH Port Authority Trans-Hudson
PATCO Port Authority Transit Corporation
POHA Port of Houston Authority
PLA Port of London Authority
PMA Port of Melbourne Authority
PONYA Port of New York Authority
PSA Port of Singapore Authority
PAF Porting Authority Form
PHA Portland Housing Authority
PMHA Portsmouth Metropolitan Housing Authority
PCRA Potter County Redevelopment Authority
PAWA Power and Water Authority
PASNY Power Authority of the State of New York
PMCPA Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority
PPA Prescription Pricing Authority
PCA Primary Controlling Authority
PRA Primary Reviewing Authority
PAA Principal Accrediting Authority
PCA Principal Control Authority
POLA Principle of Least Authority
PIA Prison Industry Authority
PSIRA Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority
PCA Product Change Authority
PDA Program Decision Authority
PRA Program Review Authority
PSPA Program Standards Project Authority
PRA Project Review Authority
PEA Provincial Electricity Authority
PHSA Provincial Health Services Authority
PTA Provincial Telecommunication Authority
PAAA Public Authority Accountability Act
PAAF Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources
PACI Public Authority for Civil Information
PACI Public Authority for Craft Industries
PAI Public Authority for Industry
PAMA Public Authority for Minors Affairs
PASI Public Authority for Social Insurance
PCTA Public Cable Television Authority
PDA Public Development Authority
PEAK Public Energy Authority of Kentucky
PFA Public Facilities Authority
PFA Public Finance Authority
PFA Public Financing Authority
PHA Public Highway Authority
PHA Public Housing Authority
PHAS Public Housing Authority Software
PKA Public Key Authority
PLA Public Library Authority
PPRA Public Procurement Regulatory Authority
PSFA Public School Finance Authority
PTA Public Transport Authority
PRASA Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority
PRCA Puerto Rico Communications Authority
PCDA Putnam County Development Authority
QACA Qatar Authority for Charitable Activities
QMA Qatar Museums Authority
QCA Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
QBSA Queensland Building Services Authority
QCA Queensland Competition Authority
QSA Queensland Studies Authority
QDA Quetta Development Authority
QHA Quincy Housing Authority
RA Radio Authority
RRCA Raisin Region Conservation Authority
RUDA Rajkot Urban Development Authority
RDA Rajshahi Development Authority
RTA Rapid Transit Authority
RAKIA Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority
RCEDA Ravalli County Economic Development Authority
RAWA Reading Area Water Authority
RERA Real Estate Regulation Authority
RTA Recognised Testing Authority
RLA Red List Authority
RRA Red River Authority
RDA Redevelopment Authority
RWA Redfern Waterloo Authority
RSAA Refugee Status Appeals Authority
RAA Regional Airport Authority
RACA Regional Airspace Control Authority
RDA Regional Development Authority
REDA Regional Economic Development Authority
RHA Regional Health Authority
RPTA Regional Public Transportation Authority
RSAA Regional Substance Abuse Authority
RTA Regional Transit Authority
RTA Regional Transportation Authority
RTIA Regional Transportation Improvement Authority
RUA Regional Utility Authority
RWA Regional Water Authority
RTO Registered Training Authority
RA Registration Authority
RAO Registration Authority Operator
RAS Registration Authority Support
RA Regulatory Authority
RAE Regulatory Authority for Energy
RBA Reimbursable Budget Authority
ROA Reimbursable Obligation Authority
RIP-TOA Relief in Place/Transfer of Authority
RTAA Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority
RAC Request for Authority to Contract
RAD Request for Authority to Develop
RAN Request for Authority To Negotiate
RPA Request for Purchasing Authority
RMCA Reservoir Management Coordination Authority
RAB Resident Authority Board
RTBA Residential Tenancies Bond Authority
RAA Responsibility, Accountability, and Authority
RAAR Responsibility, Authority, Accountability and Resources
RASI Responsibility, Authority, Support, Inform
REA Responsible Engineering Authority
RHCA Retiree Health Care Authority
RHRA Retirement Home Regulatory Authority
RA Revenue Authority
RIPA Rhode Island Port Authority
RITBA Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority
RAA Richmond Ambulance Authority
RMA Richmond Metropolitan Authority
RVCA Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
RDAC Risk Decision Authority Criteria
RBA River Basin Authority
RTA Riverside Transit Authority
RTA Road & Traffic Authority
RCA Road Controlling Authority
RDA Road Development Authority
RSTA Road Safety and Transport Authority
RTA Roads and Traffic Authority
RDTA Roads and Transport Authority
RTA Roads and Transportation Authority
RCAA Romanian Civil Aviation Authority
RCA Root Certificate Authority
RIA Rottnest Island Authority
RADA Rural Agricultural Development Authority
RIDA Rural Industrial Development Authority
RIAA Rural Internet Access Authority
RITA Rwanda Information Technology Authority
SRA Sabine River Authority
SRAT Sabine River Authority of Texas
SMWA Sacramento Metropolitan Water Authority
STARS Saginaw Transit Authority Regional Services
SLAA Saint Louis Airport Authority
SPPA Saint Paul Port Authority
SCUA Salem County Utilities Authority
SRA Salem Redevelopment Authority
SVSWA Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority
SLAA Salt Lake Airport Authority
STA Samoa Tourism Authority
SASL Samurdhi Authority of Sri Lanka
SEJPA San Elijo Joint Powers Authority
SFBAWTA San Francisco Bay Area Water Transit Authority
SLORTA San Luis Obispo Regional Transit Authority
SHA Sanford Housing Authority
SBCA Sanguine Broadcast Authority
SBHA Santa Barbara Housing Authority
SRIA Santa Rosa Island Authority
SIGA Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority
SWA Saskatchewan Watershed Authority
SMEDA Saskatoon Mountain Economic Development Authority
SCA Satellite Control Authority
SAGIA Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority
SRCA Saudi Red Crescent Authority
SVCA Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority
SSMRCA Sault Ste Marie Region Conservation Authority
SEDA Savannah Economic Development Authority
SODA Scheme of Delegated Authority
SMDA Schenectady Metroplex Development Authority
SBAA School Building Assistance Authority
SCA School Construction Authority
SCAA School Curriculum and Assessment Authority
SIA Schools Insurance Authority
SCIDA Schuylkill County Industrial Development Authority
SCMA Schuylkill County Municipal Authority
SLA Scottish Local Authority
SPSA Scottish Police Services Authority
SPA Scottish Public Authority
SQA Scottish Qualifications Authority
SFPA Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority
SHA Seattle Housing Authority
SPMA Seattle Popular Monorail Authority
SIBA Second Israeli Broadcasting Authority
SETA Sector Education and Training Authority
STA Secure Ticket Authority
SFA Securities and Futures Authority
SIRA Securities Industry Regulatory Authority
SAA Security Accreditation Authority
SA Security Authority
SDA Security Domain Authority
SSTA Security Seal Testing Authority
SCTETA Sedgwick County Technical Education and Training Authority
SA Selection Authority
SCEA Seminole County Expressway Authority
SCHA Seminole County Housing Authority
SCIDA Seminole County Industrial Development Authority
SNDA Seminole Nation Development Authority
SAA Senior Airfield Authority
SAFE Service Authority for Freeway Emergencies
SAFE Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways
SSRA Shadow Strategic Rail Authority
SEWA Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority
SUDA Shimoga Urban Development Authority
SDA Ship’s Destination Authority
SCA Shipping Control Authority
SEDA Shoals Economic Development Authority
SCA Shop Certification Authority
SCA Show Cause Authority
SAA Shreveport Airport Authority
SHA Shrewsbury Housing Authority
SLAA Sierra Leone Airports Authority
SLPA Sierra Leone Ports Authority
SLRTA Sierra Leone Road Transport Authority
SOTA signals intelligence operational tasking authority (US DoD)
SAS Signature Authority System
SJDA Siliguri Jalpaiguri Development Authority
SBA Sinagpore Broadcasting Authority
SIDA Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority
SLA Sindhi Language Authority
SCA Single County Authority
SCIDA Site Coordinating Installation Design Authority
SRA Slum Rehabilitation Authority
SMEDA Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority
SBAI Small Business Authority of Israel
SEEA Software Engineering Environment Authority
SRA Solicitors Regulation Authority
SWA Solid Waste Authority
SIEA Solomon Islands Electricity Authority
SOA Source of Authority
SSA Source Selection Authority/Advisory
SACAA South African Civil Aviation Authority
SAMSA South African Maritime Safety Authority
SAQA South African Qualifications Authority
SATRA South African Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
SBSA South Bay Sanitation Authority
SBSA South Bayside System Authority
SBWMA South Bayside Waste Management Authority
SBHA South Bend Housing Authority
SCPSA South Carolina Public Service Authority
SCRA South Carolina Research Authority
SCBCTA South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority
SJTA South Jersey Transportation Authority
SJDA South Johor Development Authority
SPGA South Pacific Games Authority
SYPTA South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority
SLFPA Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority
SEMTA Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority
SOCRRA Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority
SEPTA Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
SPSA Southeastern Public Service Authority
SRTA Southeastern Regional Transit Authority
SJDA Southern Jordan Drainage Authority
SNSPA Southern Nevada Strategic Planning Authority
SPDA Southern Philippines Development Authority
SPSITHA Southern Puget Sound Inter-Tribal Housing Authority
SSCAFCA Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority
SMTAS Southwest Metro Transit Authority
SMTA Southwest Metro Transit Authority
SORTA Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority
SWAPCA Southwest Washington Air Pollution Control Authority
SCA Space Coordinating Authority
SEPA Special Emergency Procurement Authority
SPGA Special Permit Granting Authority
SRPA Special Research Projects Authority
STA Special Tariff Authority
STA Special Temporary Authority
STA Specialist Training Authority
SCAPCA Spokane County Air Pollution Control Authority
STA Spokane Transit Authority
SAAP Sports Authority of Andhra Pradesh
SAI Sports Authority of India
SATELLITE Sports Authority Of Thailand
SAT Sports Authority of Thailand
SDAT Sports Development Authority of Tamilnadu
SLPA Sri Lanka Port Authority
SMEDA St Martin Economic Development Authority
SCRCA St. Clair Region Conservation Authority
SKTA St. Kitts Tourism Authority
SLSA St. Lawrence Seaway Authority
SARTA Stark Area Regional Transit Authority
SOA Start of Authority
SEAA State Education Assistance Authority
SEA State Education Authority
SEIAA State Environment Impact Assessment Authority
SLMA State Land Management Authority
SLAA State Legal Admission Authority
SLA State Liquor Authority
SLMA State Literacy Mission Authority
SOTA State Opioid Treatment Authority
SRA State Rail Authority
SRA State Regulatory Authority
STA State Transit Authority of New South Wales
STA State Transport Authority
SUTA State Unemployment Tax Authority
SOA Statement of Authority
SIRTOA Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority
SMA Statutory Marketing Authority
SAIL Steel Authority of India Limited
SHA Strategic Health Authority
SRA Strategic Rail Authority
SPTA Strathclyde Passenger Transport Authority
SRA Sub Registration Authority
SBMA Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority
SMARTS Subject Matter Authority Resource Training System
SUBOPAUTH submarine operating authority
SOCA Submarine Operations Coordinating Authority
SSRA Submarine Search and Rescue Authority
SORA Sub-Organizational Registration Authority
SCA Subsidiary Communications Authority
SMART Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation
SCA Suez Canal Authority
SIA Sugar Industry Authority
SCMA Summary Court Martial Authority
SHA Summit Housing Authority
SA Supervising Authority
SQAA Supervising Quality Assurance Authority
SECA Support Equipment Controlling Authority
SUDA Surat Urban Development Authority
SEAV Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria
SEDA Sustainable Energy Development Authority
SCAA Swedish Civil Aviation Authority
SIDA Swedish International Development Authority
SRPA Swedish Radiation Protection Authority
SWAWD Sweetwater Authority Water District
SCA Sydney Catchment Authority
SMA System Management Authority
SOA System of Authority
SSAA System Security Approval Authority
TRPA Tahoe Regional Planning Authority
TNSCZMA Tamil Nadu State Coastal Zone Management Authority
TPA Tampa Port Authority
TSA Tampa Sports Authority
TAA Tanzania Airports Authority
TCRA Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority
TRANSFER Tanzania Revenue Authority
TRAINING Tanzania Revenue Authority
TRA Tanzania Revenue Authority
TFCICA Task Force Counterintelligence Coordinating Authority
TA Tasking Authority
TQA Tasmanian Qualifications Authority
TAM Tax Authority Master
TIFA Tax Increment Finance Authority
TA Taxing Authority
TAA Technical Approval Authority
TDA Technical Design Authority
TDA Technical Direction Authority
TEVTA Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority
TESDA Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
TEA Technical Engineering Authority
TMMA Technical Manual Maintenance Authority
TSSA Technical Standards and Safety Authority
TRAI Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
TATT Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
TRANSFER Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
TRAINING Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
TRA Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
TRAI Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India
TVA Television Authority
TVLA Television Licensing Authority
TRAA Telluride Regional Airport Authority
TIA Temporary Investigative Authority
TSA Tenant Services Authority
TRAINING Tennessee Regulatory Authority
TRANSFER Tennessee Regulatory Authority
TRA Tennessee Regulatory Authority
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
TVRHA Tennessee Valley Regional Housing Authority
TPA Terminal Privilege Authority
TEDA Terrace Economic Development Authority
TEDA Terrebonne Economic Development Authority
TA Territorial Authority
TEPA Tertiary Entrance Procedures Authority
TA Test Authority
TSMA Test Suite Maintenance Authority
TLLRWDA Texas Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority
TWRFA Texas Water Resources Finance Authority
TVPA Thames Valley Police Authority
TLCA The Local Council Authority
TMA The Maintenance Authority
TSA The Sports Authority
TIBA Thousand Islands Bridge Authority
TSA Time Stamping Authority
TWA Time-Weighted Authority
TUDA Tirupati Urban Development Authority
TIDA Titusville Industrial Development Authority
THRHA Tlingit-Haida Regional Housing Authority
THA Toll Highway Authority
TTA Tomorrowland Transit Authority
TTA Tomorrowland Transportation Authority
TLCA Top-Level Certification Authority
TRCA Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
TPA Toronto Parking Authority
TPA Toronto Port Authority
TSRA Torres Strait Regional Authority
TOA Total Obligation Authority
TAT Tourism Authority of Thailand
THETA Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority
TDAP Trade Development Authority of Pakistan
TFA Trade Fair Authority
TFAI Trade Fair Authority of India
TPA Trade Promotion Authority
TPAA Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2002
TUEA Trade Union Education Authority
TUTA Trade Union Training Authority
TRANSFER Training Readiness Authority
TRAINING Training Readiness Authority
TRA Training Readiness Authority
TSA Trans System Authority
XAML Transaction Authority Markup Language
TJPA Transbay Joint Powers Authority
TOA Transfer Of Authority
TAO Transfer of Authority
TA Transit Authority
TACK Transit Authority of Central Kentucky
TANK Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky
TFA Transitional Finance Authority
TETA Transport Education & Training Authority
TETAS Transport Education & Training Authority
TEAMFL Transportation and Expressway Authority Membership of Florida
TAM Transportation Authority of Marin
TIDA Treasure Island Development Authority
TEDA Triangle Economic Development Authority
TTA Triangle Transit Authority
TBMA Tri-Boro Municipal Authority
TCAPA Tri-County Air-Pollution Authority
TTRA Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority
THA Trinity House Authority
TRAINING Trinity River Authority
TRANSFER Trinity River Authority
TRA Trinity River Authority
TSAA Tri-State Airport Authority
TTA Tri-State Transit Authority
TIDA Troy Industrial Development Authority
TMWA Truckee Meadows Water Authority
TTA Tuition Trust Authority
TCCJA Tulsa County Criminal Justice Authority
TUDA Tumkur Urban Development Authority
TBMA Tunkhannock Borough Municipal Authority
TVLA TV Licensing Authority
TCATA Twin Cities Area Transportation Authority
USIT UEC Engineers and Consultants, Inc.) SAIL (Steel Authority of India., Ltd.) Information Technology (India)
UCAA Uganda Civil Aviation Authority
UIA Uganda Investment Authority
URA Uganda Revenue Authority
UWA Uganda Wildlife Authority
UAO Under Authority Of
UCAA Uniform Certificate of Authority Application
UCIA Union County Improvement Authority
UIDAI Unique Identification Authority of India
UKRAINE Unitary Authority
UFDA United Fire Dispatch Authority
UKAEA United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
UKAEAC United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary
UKCA United Kingdom Central Authority
UKRA United Kingdom Registration Authority
UKSA United Kingdom Statistics Authority
UKXIRA United Kingdom Xenotransplantation Interim Regulatory Authority
UNTAC United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia
USHER United States Higher Education Root Certificate Authority
USSA United States Security Authority for NATO Affairs
USSAN United States Security Authority, NATO
UACC Universal Access Authority
UAC Update Authority Component
UCRA Upper Colorado River Authority
UGRA Upper Guadalupe River Authority
UTRCA Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
UDA Urban Development Authority
UPDA Urban Planning and Development Authority
URA Urban Redevelopment Authority
URA Urban Renewal Authority
UAA User Authority Agent
UTA Utah Transfer Authority
UTA Utah Transit Authority
UTA Utica Transit Authority
VRA Validated Requirements Authority
VA Validation Authority
VTA Valley Transportation Authority
VAFA Value Added Finance Authority
VCHA Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
VIHA Vancouver Island Health Authority
VPA Vancouver Port Authority
VIPA Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority
VISTA Ventura Intercity Service Transit Authority
VRA Veterans’ Readjustment Authority
VRA Veterans’ Recruitment Authority
VCAA Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
VMIA Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
VRCA Victorian Regional Channels Authority
VWA Victorian Workcover Authority
VIPA Virgin Islands Port Authority
VCCTA Virginia City Convention and Tourism Authority
VCBA Virginia College Building Authority
VPA Virginia Port Authority
VTA Virginia Tourism Authority
VRA Volta River Authority
VERA Voluntary Early Retirement Authority/Act
WRTA Waccamaw Regional Transportation Authority
WWHA Walla Walla Housing Authority
WRA War Relocation Authority
WCDA Wareham Community Development Authority
WAMTA Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority
WCIA Washington Cities Insurance Authority
WCCA Washington Convention Center Authority
WCHRA Washington County Housing and Redevelopment Authority
WCMHA Washington County Mental Health Authority
WETA Washington Educational Television Authority
METRO Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
WMTA Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority
WPPA Washington Public Ports Authority
WTMA Washington Township Municipal Authority
WTMUA Washington Township Municipal Utilities Authority
WCA Waste Collection Authority
WRA Waste Regulation Authority
WWMA Waste Water Management Authority
WAPA Water and Power Authority
WAPDA Water And Power Development Authority
WASA Water And Sewer Authority
WSA Water and Sewer Authority
WSEA Water and Sewer Expansion Authority
WA Water Authority
WAJ Water Authority of Jordan
WAV Water Authority of Volusia County
WAWA Water Authority of Western Australia
WCA Water Clearance Authority
WCAC Water Conservation Authority Committee
WESA Water Employee Services Authority
WIFA Water Infrastructure Finance Authority
WPCA Water Pollution Control Authority
WRA Water Resources Authority
WRMA Water Resources Management Authority
WSA Water Services Authority
WSSA Water Supply and Sewerage Authority
WTCA Water Terminal Clearance Authority
WVTA Waterville Valley Transit Authority
WCAA Wayne County Airport Authority
WRHA Waynesboro Redevelopment and Housing Authority
WRA Weapons Release Authority
WCCCA West Calcasieu Community Center Authority
WCRWSA West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority
WLWA West London Waste Authority
WMPA West Midlands Police Authority
WSWA West of Scotland Water Authority
WPNA West Papua National Authority
WSHA West Sussex Health Authority
WTRA West Tennessee Railroad Authority
WVHA West Valley Housing Authority
WVHCA West Virginia Health Care Authority
WVHA West Volusia Hospital Authority
WWPA West Windsor Parking Authority
WYFRA West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Authority
WYPA West Yorkshire Police Authority
WAGRA Western Australian Greyhound Racing Authority
WCMA Western Catchment Management Authority
WFLA Western Finger Lakes Authority
WRTA Western Reserve Transit Authority
WRCRWA Western Riverside County Regional Wastewater Authority
WRWA Western Riverside Waste Authority
WSA Western Sahara Authority
WTUA Western Township Utilities Authority
WVDA Western Valley Development Authority
WWRA Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority
WWMA Western Westmoreland Municipal Authority
WEDA Westminster Economic Development Authority
WCHA Westmoreland County Housing Authority
WCTA Westmoreland County Transit Authority
WTMA Wet Tropics Management Authority
WTA Whatcom Transportation Authority
WEA Wheat Export Authority
WFA White Fish Authority
WBHA Wigan and Bolton Health Authority
WGAA Williams Gateway Airport Authority
WMWA Williamsport Municipal Water Authority
WHA Wilmington Housing Authority
WRTA Wind River Transportation Authority
WHA Windsor Housing Authority
WCDA Winneconne Community Development Authority
WRHA Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
WSTA Winston-Salem Transit Authority
WHEDA Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority
WWDA Withlacoochee Workforce Development Authority
WWBA Woodrow Wilson Bridge Authority
WHMVNSA Woods Hole, Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket Steamship Authority
WRTA Worcester Regional Transit Authority
WA Work Authority
WSA Workplace Standards Authority
WASA World Authority for Spatial Affairs
WTAI World Transport Authority, Inc.
WCDA Worth County Development Authority
WCDA Wyoming Community Development Authority
WPA Wyoming Pipeline Authority
WVSA Wyoming Valley Sanitary Authority
YFZPA Yemen Free Zone Public Authority
YDNPA Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
YWA Yorkshire Water Authority
YMHA Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority
YCAA Youth Correction Authority Act
YCUA Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority
YCAA Yuma County Airport Authority
ZRA Zambezi River Authority
ZRA Zambia Revenue Authority
ZCSEZA Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority
ZIPA Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority
ZESA Zimbabwe Electricity Authority
ZESA Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority
ZTA Zimbabwe Tourism Authority
ZCA Zone Control Authority