Key West International Airport Code

Key West International Airport (EYW) is a public airport located 3 miles east of Key West, Florida. It was first opened in October of 1930 as the Key West Naval Air Station. The air station was originally intended to be used by the United States Navy for training purposes, and it served this purpose until World War II began in December of 1941. During the war, the air station was used as an auxiliary base for patrol planes, and it also served as a base for blimps that were used for anti-submarine patrols in the Caribbean Sea. After the war ended in 1945, the air station was no longer needed by the Navy and it was deactivated in April of 1947.

In 1950, Monroe County purchased the former naval air station from the federal government with plans to turn it into a civilian airport. The new airport officially opened on November 1st of that year under its current name: Key West International Airport. It initially only had one runway and one terminal building, but over time more runways were added and additional buildings were constructed to accommodate larger aircrafts and more passengers.

Today, Key West International Airport is a busy hub that serves as an important gateway to Key West and other nearby cities in South Florida. In addition to providing commercial flights to cities throughout North America, EYW also offers private aviation services and military charters through its Fixed Base Operation (FBO).

EYW is the abbreviation code for Key West International Airport. According to Abbreviation Finder, EYW can also mean:

  1. Early Years Worker
  2. Earning Your Wheels

Key West International Airport

Key West International Airport, FL (EYW)

The Key West International Airport is located on the island, which is located in Monroe County, Florida. It is the southernmost airport in the United States, and it is only 150 kilometers to Cuba. Key West is a tourist magnet and is known nationwide for its beautiful sunsets, but also for the Hemingway Museum, as the writer spent several years of his creative period in Key West.

  • URL: Key West International Airport, FL (EYW)
  • Time zone: GMT -5
  • Service phone: +1 305 809-5200
  • Address: Key West International Airport, 3491 S. Roosevelt Blvd., Key West, FL 33040, USA
  • Operator: Monroe County
  • Parking: Yes, chargeable, short-term and long-term parking
  • Getting There: Take Interstate Highway # 1 to Key West and then continue on Flagler Avenue to the airport.
  • Train connections: The nearest possible Amtrak station is about 195 kilometers further northeast in Miami, from where there is a connection to the “Silver Meteor” and the “Silver Star”.
  • Flight distribution on the days of the week: Monday (14.02%), Tuesday (13.79%), Wednesday (13.84%), Thursday (14.17%), Friday (14.46%), Saturday (15.82%), Sunday (13.91%)
  • other spellings: Key West-FL, Ки-Уэст (Флорида), キ ー ウ ェ ス ト – フ ロ リ ダ 州, 基韋斯特 (佛羅里達 州)

Most popular destinations from Key West International Airport, FL (flights per week)

  1. Atlanta International Airport (40, 23.53%)
  2. Miami International Airport, FL (32, 18.82%)
  3. Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, FL (24, 14.12%)
  4. Tampa International Airport, FL (24, 14.12%)
  5. Orlando International Airport, FL (16, 9.41%)
  6. Charlotte Douglas International Airport, NC (9, 5.29%)
  7. Dallas – Fort Worth International Airport, TX (9, 5.29%)
  8. New York – Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ (8, 4.71%)
  9. West Palm Beach International, FL (4, 2.35%)
  10. Washington DC – Ronald Reagan National Airport, VA (2, 1.18%)
  11. Other (1.18%)

Top airlines (share of take-offs / landings)

  1. United Airlines (144, 16.84%)
  2. JetBlue Airways (128, 14.97%)
  3. American Airlines (68, 7.95%)
  4. British Airways (48, 5.61%)
  5. KLM (41, 4.80%)
  6. Iberia (40, 4.68%)
  7. Iran Air (40, 4.68%)
  8. Virgin Atlantic Airways (32, 3.74%)
  9. Air France (32, 3.74%)
  10. Delta Air Lines (30, 3.51%)
  11. Other (29.48%)

The airport is located approximately 3 kilometers east of the city center. Drivers coming from outside of the city drive through US Highway 1 in the Gulf of Mexico to the end and then orientate themselves after arriving in Key West on the signs that lead to Flagler Avenue, which is also adjacent to the airport.