Atx Power Supplies The Main Features 1

ATX Power Supplies: The Main Features

Introduction The power supply is the device responsible for providing electrical power to the components of a computer. Therefore, it is a type of equipment that should be chosen and manipulated with care, after all, any mistake can result in providing inadequate electricity or damage to the machine. Is for this reason that the AbbreviationFinder this article presents. In it, you know the main characteristics […]

What Is Thunderbolt 1

What is Thunderbolt?

Introduction In February 2011, Apple updated its line of laptops MacBook Pro. On occasion, a detail caught the attention of a lot of people: all new laptops come with a port Thunderbolt. This is the name of a technology that, during the their stage of development, was known as Light Peak. But, the what exactly is Thunderbolt? What are the advantages of this […]

What does HDTV Stand for
Acronym Technology

What Does HDTV Stand for?

HDTV is an abbreviation of the term original English High-Definition Television, whose translation to Portuguese is the same as digital broadcast data TV, and the screen resolution of the devices is high if you compare with the technology of the formats that precede it such as, for example, PAL, SECAM, or NTSC. One can say that the transmission […]

What Does NIS Stand for

Meaning of NIS

NIS is an acronym that stands for Identification Number Social. This number is a registration carried out to identify all the people who may receive some assistance from the government. The people who are captured by the NIS are those that fall into a social condition considered low income family.

Sd Cards and microSD Speeds, Types, and Capabilities 1

Meaning of SD Cards and microSD

Introduction If you have a digital camera or a smartphone,probably need (or contemplated) to use a card SD or microSD it. These are the types of memory card more currently used. The problem is to choose the cardideal is not an easy task: terms such as SDHC, Classand UHS I leave all very confusing. But do not worry.  I’ll explain everything what you need to know […]

What Is Cloud Computing (Cloud Computing) 1

Meaning of Cloud Computing

Introduction The expression cloud computing has started to gain strength in 2008, but, conceptually, the ideas behind the heading there are there are a lot more time. Also known in Brazil as computing clouds or cloud computing, the cloud computing if refers, essentially, to the notion of use, in any place and platform-independent, the most varied applications by means of the Internet with the same ease of have […]

Types of Screens LCD, Plasma, OLED and Amoled 1

Meaning of LCD, Plasma, OLED and AMOLED

Introduction In a past not very distant, to buy a monitor video or a tv was to purchase a device big and heavy, after all, these devices were of the type CRT (Catodic Ray Tube- cathode ray Tube). Today, however, monitors and televisions take up a lot less space and offer the best picture quality. Two technologies is quite popular in this segment […]

What Is Fintech 1

Meaning of Fintech

Introduction When you need to transfer money or pay bills, probably uses banks and financial institutions similar, correct? But a type of company that combines technology with financial services is changing this scenario: fintechs. Brazil is very well represented in this segment with startups like Nubank, Warren and GuiaBolso. But what is a fintech, exactly? As services of the branch work? Why is this type of company can […]

Differences Between Slc, Mlc, Tlc and Qlc in SSDs 1

Differences Between SLC, MLC, TLC and QLC in SSDs

Introduction While researching on the characteristics of a SSD (Solid State Drive), it is quite likely that you encounter with one of these abbreviations: SLC, MLC, TLC , or QLC. But what do they mean? And what are the differences between them? Why is it important to know each one before you choose an SSD? Already advance to you that these acronyms […]

What Is USB (Universal Serial Bus) 1

Meaning of USB

Introduction USB is the acronym for Universal Serial Bus. It is a technology that has become more and more simple, easy and fast the connection of several types of devices (digital cameras, External hard drives, USB sticks, mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, card reader, etc.) to the computer and the mobile devices, thereby avoiding the use of a specific type of connector for each device. […]

What Is Information Technology (It) 1

Meaning of IT

Introduction In the beginning, computers were seen as a “giant machines” that made possible the automation of certain tasks in institutions of education/research, large companies and in the means of government. With the advancement technology, such machines began to to lose space for equipment becoming smaller, more powerful and more reliable. As if not enough, the evolution of telecommunications allowed to the few, the computers […]

Acronym Technology

Meaning of RAD

What is RAD? RAD is the acronym for Rapid Application Development, a model that helps to speed up the development process of some types of software. The RAD model of software development makes the production cycle very low, reaching an average of 60 to 90 days for completion.

What Is SSD M. 2 (2280, 2260 or 2242) 1

Meaning of SSD M. 2

Introduction If you have a notebook ultra-thin (ultrabook), bought a motherboard for a desktop or researched for an SSD recently, you may have come across the word M. 2. This name indicates that the equipment is compatible with SSDs of this type. But what is a SSD M. 2? What types of M. 2 there are? And what are […]

What Is SSD All About Speed, Types 1

Meaning of SSD

Introduction The HDs have gone through evolutions stunning in the last years. However, current applications require storage devices even more sophisticated, able to unite fast performance, capacity, reasonable storage,less power consumption and durability. The units — or “disks” — SSD (Solid-State Drive) are the answer to this need. In this text, I, Emerson Rosemary, I’ll explain to you what exactly is the SSD. Also […]

Resolutions HD, Full HD, 4K, 8K, and Other 1

Meaning of HD, Full HD, 4K, 8K

Introduction Thanks to the variety of smartphones, tablets, monitors, laptops and TVs with dozens of inch, we have never had screens with sizes as different as today. Tied to this scenario is another characteristic also rich in options: the resolution. Terms such as HD, Full HD, 1080p, 4K, 8K, XVGA and others are increasingly becoming part of our “digital life”. But, after all, what is resolution? What is the difference […]

What Does CCCP Stand for

Meaning of CCCP

CCCP is the abbreviation of the Russian Союз Советских Социалистических Республик and that is translated to Portuguese as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or simply the USSR. The symbol was used on uniforms official sports competitions, in addition to cultural events and technological in which there was the participation of the Soviet Union. This began to emerge in sporting disputes from the 1950s. In […]