What Does WMS Stand for

Meaning of WMS

WMS is short for Warehouse Management System, with the equivalent in Portuguese of “Warehouse Management System”. Therefore, it is used to name the software of management system that organizes efficiently the data and uses little manpower organic to the general tasks in supermarkets and other similar establishments.

What Does WMS Stand for


The system WMS has as main function to manage the various operations with goods in general. Enables the distribution of inventory items, the general organization and control of products, in addition to allow a warehouse or distribution center of a company to be automated as much as possible.

In this way, a business or company depends a lot less people spending less on labor organic, and adopting an artificial intelligence, efficient, fast and economical.

The system WMS uses-mainly of the items and modern technology, such as bar codes, QR Codes, wireless networks and broadcast signals via the radio. Making direct use of connections with the Internet, it still allows the submission of data and reports in real time, enabling the monitoring of the business of the status of the shelves and what is happening in their distribution centers.


Because it is an effective system and technology, it is very using in the logistics industry, mainly by enabling distribution and effective organisation of products, in addition to processing requests quickly and help you to deal with merchandise returns.

Systems WMS are developed by companies that are experts that do all the monitoring and assistance of the program, in addition to customize the system according to the need and the size of each company.

Many systems WMS has an interface with systems and software management ERP and MRP. The meaning of ERP comes from Enterprise Resource Planning that enable the organization and storage of all sectors of a company. Already MRP comes from Manufacturing Resource Planning, which is a concept of total management of the company and systems.

Another system that can be directly connected to the WMS is the System SAP for Transportation and Logistics that enables a better organisation of delivery and receipt.