Business Abbreviations


What is Business?

Business is an English word that translated into Portuguese can mean ” commerce ” or ” business “.

The word business can relate to a particular company, or more generally, to an entire niche market: Example: ” the music business ” or ” the movie business ” movie theater”).

Etymologically, the word business arose from the idea of ​​” being busy “, a common condition among men and women in the business world.

There are many expressions with the word business that are used in the Brazilian financial market, such as Business to Business – also represented by the abbreviation B2B – a term used to designate a modality of commerce based on the purchase and sale of information, products or services. This method can be practiced over the internet or by networks of private companies.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is an English expression that means “business intelligence” in Portuguese.

This modality is fundamental for monitoring the company, through the collection, analysis and organization of information about it, offering support for the entire management of the business.

Show Business

Show Business or Show Biz (in its abbreviated form) is an expression in English that means “entertainment industry”, in Portuguese.

It is a market that encompasses various spheres of the arts (theatre, music, cinema, etc.), ranging from entrepreneurs and producers to the artists themselves, such as singers, actors and composers.

The purpose of show business is profit, from public recognition and sales success of the performance artist’s image.

What is Core Business?

Core business means core business. It is an English term. Core business means the main part of a given business, it is the strong point of a company that must be strategically worked on.

There are several definitions for core business, but the main one is that it means the central, main part of a company, or a business area specifically. The main objective of the core business is to make the organization exploit its greatest competitive advantage, which is based on important factors such as its customers, products, technology, market, in order to be able to outline strategies in order to expand and maintain its business.

The biggest difficulty of the core business is finding the right balance between breadth and focus, finding the ideal opportunity to expand, but without losing your strategy and thinking about how far the strategy can and should go. To define the area that the organization can or cannot act, it is called outsourcing, that is, it cannot be an outsourced service, the process has to be all controlled by the company, it can even outsource the manufacturing, but never the creation of the product..

Some examples of companies that do core business are Nike and Apple. Nike is always creating new models of sneakers, with high technology, it has other products, but its business focus is on the sneaker market. Apple, on the other hand, invests in its most successful products, such as Macbooks, iPhone and iPad, and outsources most of the manufacturing of its products.

Business Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Business

A Business Community
A Business Community
Aarhus Business College
Aarhus School of Business
Aaronic Business Angel Network Ltd.
Aaronic Business Angel Network Ltd.
Abbotsford Downtown Business Association
Abbreviations and Related Acronyms Associated With Defense, Business, and Radio Electronics
Aboriginal Business Canada
Aboriginal Business Canada
Aboriginal Business Development Initiative
Aboriginal Business Hall of Fame
Aboriginal Business Service Network
Aboriginal International Business Development
Absa Corporate and Business Bank
Absolute Business Services Ltd
Academic Business Officers Group
Academy for Business and Finance
Academy of Business Administrative Sciences
Academy of Business, Management, Tourism & Research
Academy of International Business
Academy of World Business Marketing and Management Development
Accelerate Business Development Network
Accelerated Business Collection and Delivery
Accenture Business Services for Utilities
Access Business Group
Access to Business
Accounting & Business Consulting
Accounting & Business Consulting
Accounting Regulations for Business Enterprises
Accounting Services for Business
Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs
Accredited Business Accountant
Accredited Business Communicator
Accredited Business Communicator
Accredited Business Valuation specialist
Accredited by the Institute for Independent Business
Accrediting Commission for Business Schools
Achariya School of Business and Technology
Acquisition and Business Management (DON)
Acquisition, Logistics, Management, and Business Operations Support
Action Southwest Business Networks Coalition
Active Business Software Consultancy
Active Business Software Consultancy
Adams Avenue Business Association
Adams Morgan Business and Professional Association
Adamsville Business and Community Partnership
Adaptable Business Architecture
Adaptive Business Information Systems
Adaptive Business Systems
Adding Business Value Group
Addison Business Aviation Association
Adelphia Business Solutions Inc.
Adjams Business Services
Advance Network Business Consulting
Advanced Business Application Programming
Advanced Business Computer Systems International, Incorporated
Advanced Business Connection
Advanced Business Connection
Advanced Business Education, Ltd.
Advanced Business Information Systems
Advanced Business Software Development
Advanced Business Technology Services
Advanced Business TeleServices, Inc
Advanced Business Ware
Advanced E-Business Studios
Advanced Materials Business Unit
Advanced National Business Certificate
Advanced Nuclear Systems Business Unit
Advanced Online Business Education Society
Advanced Planning for Business and Industry
Advanced Small Business
Advanced Solutions Business Unit
Advanced Technology Business Unit
Advention Business Partners
Adventist Business and Professionals Association
Advisory Committee on Business and the Environment
Advisory Committee on Business Appointments
Advocates Business Consulting
Advocates Business Consulting
Affiliated Business Arrangements
Affiliated Business Consultants
Affiliated Business Consultants
Affirmative Business Alliance of North America
Affordable Business Structure
Africa Business Network
Africa Business Network
Africa World Business Congress
Africa-Asia Business Forum
African American Business Enterprise
African and American Business Alliance
African Aurora Business Network
African Business Roundtable
African Caribbean Business Network
African-American Business Women of Vision
Agents Business Systems
Aggregated Business Entity
Agile Business Process Platform
Agile Business Suite
Agresso Business World
Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist
Agribusiness Association of Iowa
Agribusiness Council
Agribusiness Council
Agribusiness Council of Indiana
Agribusiness Development Team
Agribusiness in Sustainable Natural African Plant Products
Agribusiness Research and Popular Education Project
Agribusiness Support Fund
Agricbusiness Service Plan Association
Agricultural Business Development Scheme
Agricultural Business Management
Agricultural Business Research Institute
Agriculture-Led Export Businesses
AICPA Business Valuation Standards
Air Transport Business Development, Inc.
Airline Business Club
Airline Business Club
Airport Area Business Association
Airport Business Center
Airport Business Center
Alabama Business Incubation Network
Alaska Business Development Center, Inc.
Albany Basin Business Association
Albany Business Computing Association
Alberta Business Corporations Act
Alberta Business Family Institute
Alcatel Business Communications
Alcatel Business Communications
Alcoa Business System
Alexander Business Investment Consultants, Inc
Alfred McAlpine Business Services Ltd.
Algarve Hotel and Tourism Businesses Association
Algeria Business Multimedia
All ‘Bout Business
All Aboard Business Printing
All Business Internet Productions BV
All Other Business
All-Africa Businesswomen Association
Allen Computing and Business Analysis
Allentown Business Community Association, Inc.
Alliance Business Centers Network
Alliance Business Network
Alliance Business Network
Alliance Business Solutions Pte Ltd
Alliance for Electronic Business
Alliance for Global Business
Alliance of Area Business Publications
Alliance of Business Consultants
Alliance of Business Consultants
Alliance Pet Business International
Allied Business Intelligence, Inc
Allowable Business Investment Losses
Alphia Institute of Business Management
AltaVista Business Card Directory
Although It’s None of My Business
AMA Business Education
American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business
American Association of Minority Businesses
American Association of Small Businesses
American Business & Personal Insurance
American Business Brokers Association
American Business Card Club
American Business Communications Association
American Business Corporation
American Business Development Alliance
American Business Ethics Award
American Business Financial Services, Inc.
American Business for Legal Immigration
American Business Index
American Business Information
American Business Information Center
American Business Law Association
American Business Media
American Business Network
American Business Network
American Business Press, Inc.
American Business Research Company
American Business Research Services, Inc.
American Business School
American Business Technologies Alliance
American Business Travel Association
American Business Women’s Association
American City Business Journals, Inc.
American Croatian Business Association
American European Business Association
American Express Business Travel
American Express Tax and Business Services
American Indian Business Leaders
American Indian Business Network
American Management and Business Internship Training
American Minority Business Forms
American Minority Contractors and Businesses Association
American Muslim Business and Professional Association
American National Business Hall of Fame
American Small Business Association
American Small Business Coalition
American Small Business Finance
American Small Business League
American Small Business League
American Society of Business Press Editors
American Society of Business Publication Editors
American Solutions for Business
American University of Business Administration
American-Mongolian Business Group
Ameritech Small Business Services
Amity Business School Manesar
AMPRO Business Club
Amrita School of Business
Amusement Business
AnaConn Business Activity Analysis
Ancilla Business Training Center
Angers European Business Semester
Annual Business Directory Update
Annual Business Inquiry
Annual Business Meeting
Annual Business Plan
Antonov Business Jet
Any Other Business
Any Other Current Business
APEC Business Advisory Council
APEC Business Travel Card
APEC Customs-Business Dialogue
Apple Business Systems
Application Business Unit
Application Specific Business Object
Applied Business and Information Technology
Applied Business Research Conference
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry
Aptitude for Business Learning Exercises
Arab & Middle East Business Center
Arab Academy Graduate School of Business
Arab Business Channel
Arab Business Channel
Arab Business Directory Online
Arabian Business and Cultural Guide
Arbutus Business and Professional Association
Architecture for Computer-Integrated Business Systems Demonstrator
Area Business Listing
Area Business Manager
Argos Business Solutions
Argyros School of Business and Economics
ARINC Business Radio Service
Arizona Association of Business Brokers, Inc.
Arizona Business & Education Coalition
Arizona Business Aviation Association
Arizona Business Corporation Act
Arizona Institute of Business and Technology
Arizona Small Business Association
Arkansas Business Publishing Group
ArkiTECH Electronic Business Consultants
Army Business Enterprise Architecture
Army Business Initiative Council
Art of Business
Arthur Andersen Business Consulting
Arts and Business
Asheville Business Leaders Association
Asia Business Leader Awards
Asia Business News
Asia Business News
Asia Business Research Centre
Asia Pacific Business Network
Asia Pacific Business Outlook
Asian American Business Association
Asian Business Association
Asian Business Association of Los Angeles
Asian Business Association of Orange County
Asian Business Aviation Association
Asian Business Case Centre
Asian Business Development Network
Asian Business Leaders Association
Asian Business Readership Survey
Asian Business Studies Program
Asian Businessman Readership Survey
Asian Ethnic Business Associations
Asian Institute of Business and Communications
Aspiring Minority Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
Asset Recovery Business
Assistant Project Manager for Business Administration
Associate Business Continuity Planner
Associate Business Continuity Professional
Associate in Business
Associate in Business
Associate in Specialized Business
Associate of Arts in Business Administration
Associate of Science in Business Administration
Associate, Institute for Independent Business
Associated Business Computers
Associated Business Computers
Associated Business Consultants, Inc
Associated Business Consultants, Inc
Associated Business Publications International
Associated Businesses of the Cultural District
Associates Business Xchange
Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs
Association for Business Communication
Association for Business Communication
Association for Business Sponsorship of the Arts
Association for International Business
Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Association of Area Business Publications
Association of Bicol Business Students
Association of Business Advertising Agencies
Association of Business Executives
Association of Business Managers in Victorian State Schools
Association of Business Schools
Association of Business Support Services International
Association of Business Travelers
Association of Dutch Businessmen
Association of Independent Business Trainers
Association of International Business Lawyers
Association of Master of Business Administration
Association of North American Businesses
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses
Association of School Business Officials International
Association of School Business Officials International
Association of Small Businesses in Technology, Inc.
Association of Washington Business
Association of Women Business Leaders
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business
Assumed Business Name
Assumed Business Name
Assumption Business Administration College
Assurance & Business Advisory Analyst
Assurance Business Advisory Services
Aston Business School
AT&T Business Network
AT&T Business Network
Ateneo Business Resource Foundation Inc.
Athens Laboratory of Business Administration
Austin Business Journal
Austin Independent Business Alliance
Australasian Business Travel Association
AustralAsian Music Business Conference
Australia Indonesia Business Council
Australia Malaysia Business Council
Australia Pacific Islands Business Council
Australian Better Business Insurance
Australian Business Aircraft Association
Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy
Australian Business Excellence Framework
Australian Business Institute
Australian Business Number
Australian Business Number
Australian Business Register
Australian Business Telephone Company
Australian Business Week
Australian Centre for Family Business
Australian Centre for International Business
Australian Corporate and Business Services
Australian Council of Businesswomen
Australian National Business School
Australian Registered Business Number
Australian School of Business and Technology
Australia-Vietnam Business Council
Austrian Business and Convention Network
Austrian Business Travel Association
Automate My Small Business
Automated Business Designs
Automated Business Services System
Automotive Business Unit
Automotive Modules and Subsystems Business Unit
Automotive Systems Business Unit
Average Business Day
Award Monitoring and Business Assistance Program
Away on Business
Ayrshire Association of Business Women
Azerbaijan Business Assistance and Development
Bachelor of Agribusiness
Bachelor of Arts in Business
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration
Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Business
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration Accounting
Bachelor of Business Administration and Engineering
Bachelor of Business and Information Management
Bachelor of Business Economics
Bachelor of Business Education
Bachelor of Business in Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Information Systems
Bachelor of Business Laws
Bachelor of Business Management
Bachelor of Business Marketing
Bachelor of Business Science
Bachelor of Business Studies
Bachelor of Business Systems
Bachelor of Computing and Business
Bachelor of International Business
Bachelor of Science in Business
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Business Management
Back to Business
Back to Business
Backwards Business Model
Bad Business Decision
Baffin Business Development Centre
Ballymena Business Development Centre
Baltic Business Advisory Council
Baltic Business Advisory Council
Baltic Business News
Baltic Business Research Institute
Baltic Sea Business Network
Bankers Business Management Services, Inc.
Banking and Business Solutions
Barcelona Business School
Barents Business Advisory Group
Barnstable Village Business Association
Barrett Business Services Inc.
Barter Business Unlimited, Inc.
Baseline Business Case
Baseline Business Geographics Inc.
Basic Business Concepts
Basic Business Line
Battlin’ Business Units
Bay Area Business Travel Association
Bay City Business College
Bay County Small Business Incubator
Bay View Business Association
Bayer Corporate and Business Services LLC
Bayou Business Review
Bayview Business Resource Center
Beachwood Business Development Center
Beatbox Business Development Center
Bedfordshire and Luton Education Business Partnership
Beerens-Business Press BV
Before Business Clearance
Beginning Of Business
Belgian Office Business Center Association
Bell Business Solutions
Bell Business Solutions Inc.
Bella Vista Business Association
Bellsouth Business Systems
Belmont Business Enterprise Centre
Bembridge Business Association
Benefits-Driven Business Case
Benelux Research Business
Bengal Institute of Business Studies
Berkeley Business Law Journal
Berkley Business College
Berlin Business Development Corporation
Bermuda International Business Association
Best Business Management
Best Business Plan
Best Business Practice
Best in the Business
Best of Business
Best of European Business
Beta Business Development Center
Better Business Broadband at DS3
Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau of Delaware
Better Business Bureau of Mainland British Columbia
Better Business Development Council
Better Business League
Better Business Presentations
Better Business Relations Protocol
Better Business Unit
Better Business Writing
Better Business Writing
Big Business
BIMP -Eaga Business Council
Biotech Business Development Connect
Biotechnology Business Development Centre
Birmingham Asian Business Association
Birmingham Business Resource Center
Bison Business Supplies
Black Business Association
Black Business Journal
Black Business Owners Network
Black Business Supplier Development Programme
Blackfeet Tribal Business Council
Blue Business Solutions
Bluewater Business Card Club
Bo’ness Means Business
Boeing Business Jet
Boeing Institute of International Business
Boler School of Business
Bombardier Business Aircraft Division
Book of Business
Bosco Business Club
Boston Business Computing
Botswana Business Coalition on AIDS
Boulder County Business Report
Boulder Independent Business Alliance
Bournemouth Business School International
Bradford Centre in International Business
Brethren Business Network
Bristol University Business Angels
Britain Nigeria Business Council
British African Business Association
British American Business Council of New England
British American Business Council Orange County
British Business Group, Dubai & Northern Emirates
British Business Luncheon Club
British Healthcare Business Intelligence Association
British-Iranian Business Association
Brno International Business School
Broadway Business Improvement District
Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals
Bruce Business and Community Association
Brussels Business School
Bucharest Business Decision Consulting
Budapest Business Journal
Budapest Business School
Budgeting and Business Planning
Build Your Own Business
Building Business Communication
Building Your Business
Bulgarian Business Angels Network
Bulgarian Business Consultant Agency
Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum
Bulgarian Business Leaders Forum
Bulgarian International Business Association
Bulgarian-Dutch Business Club
Bulk Business Mail
Bureau of Business and Economic Research
Bureau of Business Research
Bureau of Business Research and Services
Bureau of Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs
Burglary In Progress Business
Burglary In Progress Business
Business & Administrative Systems Office
Business & Advanced Technology Centre
Business & Arts South Africa
Business & Community Resource Center
Business & Education Partnership Advisory Council
Business & Employee Competencies
Business & Engineering Enriched Fortran
Business & Information Systems Consultants
Business & Legal Reports
Business & Media Institute
Business & Sanctions Consulting Nieuwediep
Business & Technology Institute
Business & Technology Review
Business 2 Business
Business Academy Bexley
Business Acceptance Test
Business Access Point
Business Account Representative
Business Accounting and Finance
Business Achievement Award
Business Acquisition Council
Business Acquisition Council
Business Acquisition Team
Business Action for Sustainable Development
Business Action Group
Business Action to Support the Information Society
Business Activity Monitor
Business Activity Query
Business Activity Register
Business Activity Statement
Business Administration
Business Administration
Business Administration
Business Administration and Analysis
Business Administration Certificate
Business Administration Certificate
Business Administration Legal Studies
Business Administration Manager
Business Administration Officer Committees
Business Administration Students’ Association
Business Administration Support Suite
Business Administration System
Business Administration Team
Business Administration Unit
Business Administration: Transportation and Logistics
Business Administrative and Technical Computer Services
Business Advertising and Marketing
Business Advice for Rural Areas
Business Advisers, Inc.
Business Advisory Center
Business Advisory Center
Business Advisory Council
Business Advisory Council
Business Advisory Services
Business Advisory Services Inc.
Business Advisory Services Unit
Business Affairs Commission
Business Affairs Commission
Business after Five
Business After Hours
Business Against Drunk Drivers, Inc.
Business Agent
Business Agent
Business Alliance for Commerce in Hemp
Business Alliance for Local Living Economies
Business Alliance for Secure Commerce
Business Alliance for Vietnamese Education
Business Alumni Association of Ryerson
Business Analysis and Communication Systems
Business Analysis Requirements
Business Analysis Review
Business Analysis Strategic Planning
Business Analysis Support
Business Analyst
Business Analyst
Business Analyst Body of Knowledge
Business Analyst Online
Business Analytics and Optimization
Business and Accounting Services
Business and Administrative Services
Business and Advisory Services Group Ltd
Business and Communication Systems
Business and Community Safety Forum
Business and Commuter Aviation Systems
Business and Computer Science
Business and Computer Science
Business and Digital Media Training Initiative
Business and Economic Development
Business and Economic Development Commission
Business and Economic Research Center
Business and Economic Response Team
Business and Economics Journal
Business and Economics Society International
Business and Education Talent Readiness Project
Business and Engineering Continuing Education
Business and Financial Management
Business and Financial Services
Business and Financial Solutions
Business and Geographic Information Services
Business and Hotel Management School
Business and Industry Advisory Committee
Business and Industry Connection
Business and Industry Needs Assessment
Business and Industry Non-Governmental Organization
Business and Information Network
Business and Information Network
Business and Information Technology Department
Business and Information Technology School
Business and Information Technology Solutions
Business and Innovation Center
Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association
Business and Investment Climate
Business and Labor Coalition of New York
Business and Labour Market Analysis
Business and Leadership Program
Business and Legal Resources
Business and Liberal Arts
Business and Management Research Institute
Business and Marketing Education
Business and Marketing Education Department
Business and Marketing Officer
Business and Organizational Leadership
Business and Partnership Office
Business and People Integration
Business And Professional
Business and Professional
Business and Professional
Business and Professional Exchange, Inc.
Business and Professional Institute
Business and Professional People for the Public Interest
Business and Professional Women
Business and Professional Women UK Limited
Business and Professional Women’s Club
Business and Restricted Technology
Business and Service Career Academy
Business and Social Initiatives
Business and Society Program
Business and Support Information Services
Business and Sustainable Development
Business and Systems Integration Consulting
Business and Technical Writing
Business and Technology Education
Business and Technology Education Council
Business and Technology Solutions
Business and Wholesale Markets
Business Angels des Cités
Business Angels des Cités
Business Angels Netzwerk Deutschland eV
Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition
Business Application Competence Centre
Business Application Control
Business Application Control
Business Application Development
Business Application Framework
Business Application Management
Business Application Program
Business Application Programming Interface
Business Application Solution
Business Applications Certificate Program
Business Applications Linking and Imbedding
Business Applications Performance Corporation
Business Applications Software Support
Business Area Analysis
Business Area Controlling
Business Area Controlling
Business Area Manager
Business Area Representative
Business Area Requirements Document
Business Area Requirements Specification
Business Area System
Business Area/Application
Business Area/Application
Business As Usual
Business Assembly Language
Business Asset Management
Business Assistance Center
Business Assistance Center
Business Assistance Virtual Network
Business Associate Agreement
Business Associate Contract
Business Associate Contract
Business Associate Messaging
Business Association of Stanford Engineering Students
Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students
Business Assurance Reviews
Business Attitudes Questionnaire
Business Attraction Retention and Expansion
Business Automated Services
Business Automation Services
Business Automobile Policy
Business Availability Center
Business Availability Center
Business Availability Management
Business Aviation
Business Aviation
Business Aviation
Business Aviation Airport Access Program
Business Aviation School of Aeronautics
Business Bank of Nevada
Business Banking Officer
Business Banking Unit
Business Banner Exchange System
Business Barter Exchange
Business Base France
Business Basic Extended
Business Basic for Java
Business Behavior Development Company
Business Birth Rate Strategy
Business Board
Business Bondy Blog
Business Boot Camp
Business Breakdown Structure
Business Breakfast Club
Business Building Seminar
Business Building Workshop
Business Building Workshop
Business Bulletin Board
Business by Design
Business Capability Lifecycle
Business Capacity Owner
Business Capital Corporation
Business Card
Business Card Computer
Business Card Exchange
Business Card Exchange
Business Card Letter Opener
Business Card Luggage Tag
Business Card Recognition
Business Cards Across America, Inc
Business Cards Tomorrow
Business Cards Tomorrow, Inc.
Business Career Foundation Program
Business Career Interest Inventory
Business Career Service
Business Careers in Entertainment Association
Business Case Analysis
Business Case Analysis Tool
Business Case Evaluation
Business Center for New Americans
Business Center Group
Business Centre Association
Business Centre Club
Business Centric Information Technology
Business Challenge for Youth
Business Change Management
Business Change Management
Business Change Request
Business Chief Information Officer
Business Circle for Arts Education
Business City Hardcore
Business Civic Leadership Center
Business Class
Business Class
Business Clearance Memorandum
Business Clearance Memorandum
Business Clearance Memorandum
Business Climate Index
Business Club Innover Entreprendre
Business Club Russie
Business Clubs North East
Business Coaching Europe
Business Coaching Program
Business Coaching Program
Business Coalition for Educational Excellence
Business College Council
Business Communication Company
Business Communication Quarterly
Business Communication Quarterly
Business Communication Server
Business Communication Service Center
Business Communication Skills
Business Communication Solutions, Inc.
Business Communications Center
Business Communications Manager
Business Communications Manager
Business Communications Review
Business Communications Systems
Business Communications Terminal
Business Communications, Inc.
Business Communicators of Second Life
Business Community Cluster Services
Business Community Confindustria
Business Community Integration
Business Community Management
Business Community Management
Business Community Relations
Business Component Browser
Business Component Developer
Business Components for Java
Business Computer Applications, Inc
Business Computer Design International, Inc
Business Computer Information Systems
Business Computer Operating System
Business Computer Solutions, Incorporated
Business Computer Training Institute
Business Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Business Conditions Digest
Business Conduct Compliance Officer
Business Conduct Guidelines
Business Conduct Office
Business Connected Consulting
Business Connection Client
Business Connection Enterprise Edition
Business Constituency Council
Business Consulting
Business Consulting Center
Business Consulting Group Unlimited
Business Consulting Practice
Business Consulting Practice
Business Consulting Services
Business Contact Manager
Business Contact Manager
Business Contingency Plan
Business Contingency Plan
Business Continuance and Emergency Management
Business Continuance Volumes
Business Continuity
Business Continuity and Contigency Plan
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity Center
Business Continuity Institute
Business Continuity Insurance Process
Business Continuity Management
Business Continuity Management
Business Continuity Management Information EXchange
Business Continuity Management Plan
Business Continuity Plan
Business Continuity Plan
Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Planning
Business Continuity Recovery Center
Business Continuity Support
Business Continuity System
Business Continuity: Best Practices
Business Continuous Volume
Business Contracts Architecture
Business Cooperation Center
Business Cooperative Education
Business Corporation Act
Business Corporation Law
Business Correspondence
Business Correspondent
Business Cost Model
Business Cost Model
Business Council for Healthcare Competition
Business Council for International Understanding
Business Council for Sustainable Development
Business Council for Sustainable Development – Gulf of Mexico
Business Council of Australia
Business Credit Application
Business Credit Center
Business Credit Insurance
Business Credit Insurance Brokers
Business Crime Reduction Centre
Business Crime Reduction Partnership
Business Critical Phone Support
Business Currency Exchange
Business Customer Care
Business Customer Opinion Survey
Business Customer Premises Network
Business Cycle Developments
Business Cycle Indicators
Business Data Application Technology
Business Data Catalog
Business Data Entity
Business Data Exchange
Business Data Forecast
Business Data Integration
Business Data Processing
Business Data Prospects
Business Data Services
Business Data Warehouse
Business Data Worldwide
Business Day
Business Day
Business Day
Business Day
Business Day
Business Decision Maker
Business Decision Management
Business Decision Point
Business Decision Reporting
Business Decisions International Pty Ltd
Business Delivery Review
Business Design Centre
Business Design Facility
Business Design Solutions
Business Design Specification
Business Desktop Deployment
Business Destination Marketing
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development
Business Development & Licensing
Business Development & Support Unit
Business Development Advisory Group
Business Development Agency
Business Development and Training Center
Business Development Assistance Group
Business Development Assistant Manager
Business Development Associate
Business Development Bank of Canada
Business Development Center
Business Development Company
Business Development Council
Business Development Department
Business Development Engineer
Business Development Environment
Business Development Executive
Business Development Fellowship
Business Development Fund
Business Development Group
Business Development Kit
Business Development Manager
Business Development Network
Business Development Objective
Business Development Office
Business Development Opportunity
Business Development Plan
Business Development Program
Business Development Representatives
Business Development Research
Business Development Research Consultants
Business Development Seminar
Business Development Services
Business Development Services Center
Business Development Services Working Group
Business Development Solutions
Business Development Specialist
Business Development Strategies for Internet
Business Development Team
Business Development Unit
Business Diagnostics Program
Business Dial Up
Business Dial-Up Service
Business Directories Australia
Business Diversity Institute, Inc.
Business Document
Business Document Exchange
Business Document Object
Business Document Service
Business Domain Architecture
Business Domain Layer
Business Domain Layer
Business Driven Technology
Business Economics
Business Economics and Public Policy
Business Economics Education Foundation
Business Education
Business Education Alliance
Business Education and Community Development
Business Education and Office Administration
Business Education Association
Business Education Compact
Business Education Initiative
Business Education International
Business Education Network in Europe
Business Education Partnership Advocate
Business Education Standards
Business Education Teachers Association
Business Education Technology Alliance
Business Efficiency Action Team
Business Efficiency Exhibition
Business Efficiency Initiative
Business Efficiency Unit
Business Electronic Systems Techniques
Business Element List
Business Emergency Planning Association
Business Employment Skills Training
Business Energy Efficiency Training
Business Energy Investment Tax Credit
Business Energy Solutions Expo
Business Engagement Manager
Business Engine Network
Business Engineering
Business Engineering Center
Business Engineering Management
Business Engineering Partnership
Business Engineering Workbench
Business English Advantage Series
Business English Certificate
Business English Online
Business English Pod
Business English Services
Business English Teacher Training
Business English Teaching
Business Enhancement Services Team
Business Enterprise Architecture
Business Enterprise Assessment
Business Enterprise Centre
Business Enterprise Centre Northside Ltd.
Business Enterprise Network
Business Enterprise Office
Business Enterprise Priority
Business Enterprise Program Act
Business Enterprise Research and Development
Business Enterprise Resource Office
Business Enterprise Scotland
Business Enterprise Services
Business Enterprise Value
Business Entity Identifier
Business Entity Search
Business Entry Point
Business Environment and Enterprise Performance Survey
Business Environment Council
Business Environment Europe
Business Environment Risk Index
Business Environment Risk Intelligence
Business Environmental Resource Center
Business Environmental Training Initiative
Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
Business Equipment Purchase Protection
Business Equipment Software Techniques
Business Equipment Tax Reimbursement
Business Equipment Warehouse
Business Espionage Controls & Countermeasures Association
Business Ethernet Switch
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
Business Ethics Links Library
Business Ethics Quarterly
Business Ethics Society
Business Evaluation Services
Business Event Management
Business Event Processing
Business Event Type
Business Everywhere
Business Excellence
Business Excellence Australia
Business Excellence Award
Business Excellence Model
Business Excellence Strategies and Techniques
Business Exchange Group
Business Exchange International
Business Exchange Network
Business Exchange, Inc.
Business Execution Manager
Business Execution Team
Business Executive’s Accounting Network
Business Executives Enforcement Team
Business Executives for National Security
Business Executives’ Move for New National Priorities
Business Expansion and Retention Program
Business Expansion Journal
Business Expansion Scheme
Business Expense Report
Business Expenses Survey
Business Expert Webinars
Business Exploration, Guidance, Instruction and Networking
Business Explorer
Business Export Australia Program
Business Express
Business Express Program
Business Facilitation Center
Business Facilitator
Business Facilitator
Business Facility International
Business Finance Associates
Business Finance Corporation
Business Financial Manager
Business Financial Publishing
Business Fixed Investment
Business Flow Accelerator
Business Flow Consulting
Business Focal Point
Business Focus & Associates
Business for Business
Business for Development
Business for Diplomatic Action
Business for New Europe
Business for Poverty Relief Alliance
Business for Self
Business for Social Responsibility
Business for Users
Business Force Conseil
Business Forecasting
Business Forms Management Association
Business Forum
Business Forum
Business Frame
Business Frame
Business Function Decomposition
Business Function Recovery Plan
Business Fundamental Table
Business Fundamental Table
Business Funding Solutions
Business General Aviation
Business Generator Group AS
Business Government Advisory Group
Business Graphics Group
Business Graphics Products
Business Group
Business Group
Business Group Communication
Business Group Director
Business Group Manager
Business Growth Alliance, LLC
Business Growth Training
Business Health Advisory Group
Business Help Site
Business History Conference
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Center for Business and Industrial Marketing
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Center for Chinese Business Studies
Center for Christianity in Business
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Center for Economic and Business Analysis
Center for Economic Development and Business Research
Center for Electronic Business and Commerce
Center for Engineering and Business Administration
Center for Entrepreneurship and E-Business
Center for E-Organization in Business and Society
Center for Ethical Business Cultures
Center for Excellence in Business
Center for Excellence in Business Education
Center for Experimental Business Research
Center for Food and Agricultural Business
Center for Global Business and the Economy
Center for Global Business Studies
Center for International Business and Economic Research
Center for International Business Education and Research
Center for Public and Business Administration Education
Center for Small Business and the Environment
Center for Small Businesses
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Central Business District
Central Business District Association
Central Business Register
Central Business Unit
Central Business Zoning District
Central City Business Institute
Central European Business Centre
Central Florida Business Forum
Centre for Applied Business Research in Energy and the Environment
Centre for Business and Development Studies
Centre for Business Career Development
Centre for Business Excellence
Centre for Business Innovation
Centre for Business Optimization
Centre for Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology
Centre for Economics and Business Research Ltd
Centre for Equality Research in Business
Centre for Family Business
Centre for Management and Business Research
Centre of Economics and Business Research
Century Business Services Inc.
Certificate in Business Computing
Certificate in Business Language Competence
Certificate in English for International Business and Trade
Certified Business Analyst
Certified Business Appraiser
Certified Business Communicator
Certified Business Continuity Planner
Certified Business Continuity Professional
Certified Business Intelligence Professional
Certified Business Intermediary
Certified Business Management Analyst
Certified Business Manager
Certified Business Process Professional
Certified Business Resilience Manager
Certified Business Solutions
Certified Business Travel Executive
Certified Florida Business Intermediary
Certified Global Business Professional
Certified Master of Business Administration
Certified Practicing Business Broker
Chadds Ford Business Association
Chamber of Business and Industry of Centre County
Change in Business Inventories
Change the Business
Changi Business Park
Charles County Business Network
Charleston Regional Business Journal
Charter in International Business Development
Chartered Accountant School of Business
Chartered Business Valuator
Chemical Business Association
Chicago Business Education Association
Chicago Summer Business Institute
Chief Business Official
Chief School Business Official
China Britain Business Resources
China Business Chain, Inc.
China Business Feature
China Business Leaders Forum
China Business News
China Business World
China Europe International Business School
China International Business
China Yachting Business Partnership
China-Britain Business Council
China-Canada Business Association
Chinese Association for Science and Business, Inc.
Chinese Business and Technology Association
Chinese Business Association of Atlanta
Chinese Business Student Association
Christian Business Academy Review
Christian Business Directory
Christian Business Faculty Association
Christian Business Leaders Worldwide
Christian Business Leaders, Inc.
Christian International Business Network
Citizens for Responsible Business
Citrix Business Alliance
City Business Trainee
City University Business School
Civic and Business Leaders Enterprising
Clarkson Centre for Business Ethics
Class of Business
Cleveland Business Economists Club
Client Business Executive
Client Business Manager
Clinical Business Area
Clinical Engineering Business Center
Close Of Business
Closure Systems Business Group
Club Business Bénin
Club Leadership and Business Management School
Coakley Business Class, LLC
Coalition for Uniform Business Rules
Coast Guard Business Intelligence
Coastal Arts & Business Alliance
Coastal Business, Education and Technology Alliance
Code of Business Conduct
Code of Business Ethics
Code of Business Principles
Colchester Business Transfer Agents
Colerain Township Business Association
Collaborative Agribusiness Support Program
Collaborative Business Connection
Collaborative Business Initiative
Collaborative Business Process
Collax Business Server
Collecting, Deriving, Describing, Verifying, Consolidating, and Disseminating Business Best Practices within Business Processes
College and University Business Association
College Business Management Institute
College of Administration and Business
College of Business
College of Business & Public Management
College Of Business Administration
College of Business Administration
College of Business Administration and Accountancy
College of Business Alumni Association
College of Business and Behavioral Science
College of Business and Economics
College of Business and Economics
College of Business and Industry
College of Business Colleagues
College of Business Economics and Accountancy
College of Business Executive Council
College of Business Management
College of Business Recent Alumni
College of Business Studies
College of Commerce and Business Administration
College of Entertainment & Music Business
Colorado Association of Business Intermediaries
Colorado Business Education Alliance
Colorado Business Education Coalition
Colorado Energy Efficiency Business Coalition
Colorado Environmental Business Alliance
Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance
Colstrip Area Association of Business
Columbia Business Furniture
Columbia Business School
Columbia Business School Alumni Club, Chicago
Columbia Journal of World Business
Columbia Latin American Business Law Association
Columbus Avenue Business Association
Combined Business Office
Comcast Business Communications
Commencement of Business
Commerce Business Daily
Commerce Business Daily Solicitation
Commerce Business Systems
Commerce to Business
Commercial Business and Aviation Advisory Circular
Commercial Line of Business
Commodity Business Operations
Commodity Business Plan
Commodity Business Unit
Commodore Business Machines
Common Body of Knowledge for Business
Common Business Communication Language
Common Business Communications Protocol
Common Business Language
Common Business Library
Common Business Process
Common Business-Oriented Language
Commonwealth Business Council
Commonwealth Business Media
Communication and Coordination in Business Processes
Communications Enabled Business Processes
Communications in Business
Community and Business Forum
Community and Business Women for Christ
Community Business
Community Business and Environment Centre
Community Business Center
Community Business Development Corporation
Community Business Education Center
Community Development Business Association
Community Impacting Business Network
Community of Small American Business
Competitive Business Strategy Group
Complete Business Solutions
Complete Choice for Business
Completely Obsolete Business-Oriented Language
Component-Based Business Information Systems Engineering
Comprehensive Business Consultants
Comprehensive Business Risk Assessment
Computer & Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
Computer Business Applications
Computer Business Quarterly
Computer Integrated Business
Computer Systems for Business International
Computer-Aided Business Simulation
Computerized Business Exchange
Computerized Solutions for Business
Concerned Businessmen’s Association of America
Conduct of Business
Conduct of Business Sourcebook
Conducting Personal Business
Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations
Confederation of Indian Industry – Godrej Green Business Centre
Conference of Business Economists
Confidential Business Information
Configurable Business Class
Confirm Business Object Document
Connecticut Business & Industry Association
Connecticut Business Educators Association
Connecticut Business Environmental Council
Connecticut Business Incubator Network
Connecticut Business Start-Up
Connecticut Valley Business Machines
Connecticut Westchester Business Travel Association
Connecting Business Women to Christ
Conservation Business Managers Association
Consortia of Business Coaches
Consortium for Business Object Promotion
Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education
Constance Academy of Business Ethics
Constitutional Business Consulting, Inc.
Construction Business Computing
Construction Business Development Association
Consultative Business Movement
Consulting Business Group Inc.
Consulting to Business
Consumer Electronics Business Unit
Consumer News and Business Channel
Consumer TelePresence Business Unit
Consumer to Business
Contemporary Economics and Business Association
Contingent Business Interruption
Continuity of Business
Contra Costa Software Business Incubator
Contracting Business Intelligence System
Contractor Business Development Association
Contractors Business Network Corporation
Contracts Business Management
Cooper-Young Business Association
Coordinating Committee of Business Interlocutors
Copenhagen Business School
Copperopolis Area Business Association
Cops and Firefighters in Business Inc.
Core Business Functions
Core Business Mission Area
Core Business Services
Core Business System
Core Business Unit
Cornwall and Alexandria Business Directory
Cornwall and Area Business Directory
Cornwall Education Business Partnership
Corporate & Business Relations Manager
Corporate Agribusiness Research Project
Corporate Business Applications Support
Corporate Business Council
Corporate Business Development
Corporate Business Group
Corporate Business Process Management System
Corporate Business Server
Corporate Business Tax Act
Corporate Internet Business Information Systems
Corporate Investment Business Brokers
Corporation Business Tax
Cost Of Business
Cost of Doing Business
Cost of Doing Business
Cotrugli Business Academy
Council for Business and the Arts in Canada
Council for the Advancement of Small Business
Council of Business Affairs
Council of Independent Business Owners
Council of Senior Business Administrators
Council of Small Business Enterprises
Council of Small Business Executives
Country Business Leader
Country Land and Business Association
Country Operations Business Plan
County Business Loan Program
County Business Patterns
Cranfield University Business Incubation Centre
Cream City Business Association
Creating Business Opportunities
Creating Youth Business Initiatives
Creative Excellence In Business Advertising
Credentials for Leadership in Management and Business
Credit Business Associate
Credit Business Fellow
Credit Union Business Environment
Crestone Moffat Business Association
Crimean Business Development Agency
Critical Business Activities
Critical Business Issue
Critical Business Process
Critical Business Testing
Croydon Business Support Network
Cuatro Torres Business Area
Cumbria Business Education Consortium
Curtin Business School
Custom Business Solutions, Inc.
Custom Search Business Edition
Customer Business Analyst
Customer Business Development
Customer Business Issue
Customer Business Solutions
Customer Business System
Customer E-Business Solutions
Customer Facing Business Areas
Customer Facing Business Executive
Customized Business & Technical Information
Customizing Business Center
Czech Business Representation to the EU
Daily Business Intelligence
Daily Business Review
Dairy Farm Business Summary
Dakahlya Businessmen Association for Community Development
Dalian Institute of International Business
Dallas Alliance for Business Development
Dallas Business Committee for the Arts
Dallas Business Systems
Dance Music Business Resource
Danish Business Council Dubai
Danish Business Travel Association
Dark Blues Business Trust
Data Comm for Business, Inc.
Data Mining for Business Applications
Date of Business
Davis Area Resident Business Initiative
Davis Downtown Business Association
Dayton Business Leader
Dealer Business Management
Dealer Business System
DECA Interim Business System
Defence Business Development Consulting
Defence School of Business Education
Defense Business Management System
Defense Business Operations Fund
Defense Business Practice Implementation Board
Defense Business Practices Concept
DeGroote School of Business
Delaware Business Trust
Delaware Management Business Trust
Denmark China Business Network
Dental Business Solutions
Dentist Business Consulting Group
Denver Area Business Association
Denver Association of Business Economists
Department for Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform
Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Department of Business Administration and Accounting
Department of Business and Employment
Department of Business and Professional Regulation
Department of Business Assistance
Department of Business, Manufacturing and Trade
Department of Business, Vocational and Technical Education
Department of Economics and Business
Department of Small and Local Business Development
Department of Small Business Services
Deputy, Business Systems Modernization Executive
Desert Mountain Business Solutions, LLC
Design Business Association
Designing Successful Business
Destroy Your Business
Detail Business Area Analysis
Detailed Business Area Description
Detailed Business Case
Detailed Business Requirements
Detroit Chinese Business Association
Detroit College of Business
Deutsch-Kanadischer Business Club
Developing Business Knowledge
Developing Business Service Markets
Development Business Network
Developments in Economics and Business Education
Devon Environmental Business Initiative
DFAS Business Evolution
Diamondhead Business and Professional Association
Differently-Abled Business Association
Digital Business Concepts, LLC
Digital Integrated Business System
Dinner Business Decline
Diploma in Accounting & Business Studies
Diploma in Business Administration
Diploma in Business Information Technology
Diploma in Business Management
Direct Business Consumers
Direct Business International
Direct Energy Business Services
Directline for Business
Director for Business Development
Director of Business Operations
Director of Regional Business
Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
Disabled Business Enterprise
Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Distinctive Business Systems
Distinguished Business Leader Award
Distribution Business Services Ltd.
District Business Conduct Committee
District of Columbia Chamber of Commerce Business Resource Center
Diversified Business Communications
Diversified Business Group
Diversified Business Services
Division of Minority Business Affairs
Doctor of Business Administration
Doctor of Business Administration
Doctorate of Business
Documentum Business Object Registry
Doing Business – Not
Doing Business As
Doing Business As Usual
Doing Business In
DOOH Business Climate Index (Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau Europe; Germany)
Dorset Business Awards
Downtown Business Alliance
Downtown Business Association
Downtown Business Community
Downtown Business Improvement Area
Downtown Chico Business Association
Downtown Lakeville Business Association
Downtown Monroe Business Network
Draft Business Plan
Draperies for Business Long Island City, NY)
Drogin Business Card Club
Dublin Business School
Dublin City Business Association
Dulles South Business Alliance
Durham Business & Computer College
Durham Business School
Dutch Business Round Table
Dutch Swedish Business Association
Dynamic and Declarative Business Processes
Dynamic Small Business Search
E center for E business
E Commerce Business Architecture
Eagle Business Management Software
Earth Observation Business Network
Ease of Doing Business
East Arnhem Business Development Association
East Asia School of Business
East Asian Business Council
East Downtown Business Association
East London Business Alliance
East Midlands Business Forum
East Midlands Business Services Ltd.
East Side Business Improvement District
East Tawas Business Association
Eastern and Central European Business Development Ltd.
Eastern and Southern Africa Business Organization
Eastern Business Computer Institute
Eastern Business Education Association
Eastern Europe Business Information Center
Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal
Eastside Movement for Business and Economic Renewal Society
Easy Business Websites
E-Business and E-Learning
eBusiness Application Automation
e-Business Application Integration
E-Business Assurance Network
E-Business Certification Institute
e-Business Engineering
E-Business Group
E-Business Industry Development Scheme
Ebusiness Innovations, Inc
E-Business Model
E-Business Relationship Management
E-Business Resource Group
E-Business Resource Group
E-Business Strategy
E-Business Suite
E-Business Technologies
Ecolab Business Solution
Economic and Business Affairs
Economic and Business Affairs
Economic and Business Analysis
Economic and Business Development
Economics & Business Administration
Economics & Business Education Association
Economics and Business
Economics and Business Administration
Economics and Business Cluster
Economics and International Business Research Conference
Economics of Global Business
Economics of Global Business
Economics, Business and Enterpise Association
Economy Business Finance
Econotel Business Systems, Inc.
Education Business Partnership
Education to Business
Educators of Business and Information Technology
Edwards School of Business
Effective Business Communication
Efficient Business Systems
Egyptian Agribusiness Association
Egyptian Businessmen’s Association
Egyptian Junior Business
Ekurhuleni Business Directory
Electrical Contractors Business Association
Electroindustry Business Confidence Index
Electronic Business
Electronic Business
Electronic Business Card File
Electronic Business Data Interchange
Electronic Business Extensible Markup Language
Electronic Business Flow Management
Electronic Business Hub
Electronic Business Management System
Electronic Business Plan
Electronic Business Relationship
Electronic Business School International
Electronic Business Service
Electronic Business Set
Electronic Business Strategy
Electronic Business Tax Service
Electronic Business Unit
Electronic Gaming Business
Electronic Gaming Business
Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods
Electronic State Business Daily
Elementary Business Process
Elite Business Machines Co. Ltd.
Emdeon Business Services
Emergency Management for Business & Industry
Emerging Business Model
Emerging Business Opportunities
Emerging Markets Business Unit
Emerging Minority Business Leaders
Emerging Native American Business Lending
Emerging Small Business
Emirates Business Management
Employee Business Expense
Employee to Business
Encyclopedia of Business
End of Business Day
End of Business Day
End of Business Day
Endeavour Internet Business Solutions
Enduring Business Themes
Engaged in Trade or Business
Engineered Business Systems, Inc.
Engineering Business Administration
Engineering Business Group
Engineering Business Support Unit
Engineering Services Business Office
English for Business
English for Business and Economics
English for Business Communications
English for International Business
English for International Business Communication
Ennis Business Forms, Inc.
Enterprise and Business Development Office
Enterprise and Business Management
Enterprise Business Application
Enterprise Business Continuity Management
Enterprise Business Entity
Enterprise Business Information System
Enterprise Business Intelligence
Enterprise Business Intelligence Suite
Enterprise Business Law Group
Enterprise Business Message
Enterprise Business Object
Enterprise Business Object Model
Enterprise Business Process Model
Enterprise Business Systems
Enterprise Business Systems Project
Enterprise Component Business Architecture
Enterprise Mobility Business
Enterprise Telecommunications Business Intelligence
Enterprise Zone Business
Enterprise-The Business Credit Union
Entrepreneur and Small Business Office
Entrepreneurial Leadership for Business Advantage
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Office
Entrepreneurship Business Management
Environmental Business Council
Environmental Business Council of Maine
Environmental Business International, Inc.
Environmental Business Journal
Environmentally Sound Business Orientation
Equal Business Opportunity Program
Erasmus Business Support Centre
Erasmus European Business and Innovation Center
E-Skills Into Business
Essential Business Server
Established Business Relationship
Established Small Business Owner
Ethnic Business Awards
Ethnic Business Development Corporation
Ethnic Business Support Programme
Ethnic Minority Business Forum
Euclid Business Network Incorporated
Eurasian Business Coalition
Euro Jordanian Advanced Business Institute
Euro-China Business Association
European Australian Business Council
European Business Air News
European Business Aircraft Association
European Business and Innovation Centre
European Business Angels Network
European Business Aviation Association
European Business Club
European Business Consulting
European Business Development Institute
European Business Ethics Network
European Business Forum
European Business Information Conference
European Business Jets
European Business Journal
European Business Management School
European Business Organization Law Review
European Business Programme
European Business Readership Survey
European Business Register
European Business School
European Business Schools International
European Business Studies
European Business Trends
European Center for E-Business
European Chamber of International Business
European College of Business and Management
European Community Business and Innovation Centres
European Council for Business Education
European Health Industry Business Communications Council
European Institute for Business Ethics
European International Business Academy
European International Business Association
European International Business Education
European Masters of Business Administration
European Partnership of Business Schools
European School of Business
European Union-Japan Business Dialogue Round Table
European-American Business Council
Events Business Club
Exact Business Analytics
Executive Business Course
Executive Business Review
Executive Business Service
Executive Management of Business Finance
Executive Master in Business Administration
Executive Master in Business Innovation
Executive Master of Business Administration
Executive Master of Business Engineering
Executive Master of International Business
Executive Masters in Business Administration
Expand Your Business
eXtensible Business Reporting Language
Extraordinary Business Women of Corpus Christi
Eyecare Business
Eyecare Business
Facilities Business Office
Faculty Development in International Business
Faculty of Business and Entrepreneurship
Faculty of Business, Economics and Statistics
Faculty of Business, Sport and Enterprise
Faculty of Commerce and Business
Faculty of Economics and Business
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Fairfax Business Media
Fairfield County Business Alert
Fairmount Area Business Association
Family Business Center
Family Business First
Family Owned Business
Far West Agribusiness Association
Farm Business Advice Service
Farm Business Analysis Program
Farm Business Consultants Inc
Farm Business Planning & Analysis
Farmington Asylum Business District
Fauquier Business and Professional Women
Federal Business Opportunities
Federal Business Practice
Federation of Portuguese Canadian Business and Professionals
Federation of Small Businesses
Fellow in Church Business Administration
Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute
Fellow of the Institute of Business Advisers
Fellow of the Society of Business Teachers
Female Business Enterprise
Female Business Enterprise
Fiber Residential and Business Unit
Fiber To The Business
Fictious Business Name
Fiji Business Excellence Awards
Finance & Business
Finance & Business Operations
Finance and Business
Finance and Business Services
Finance Business Office
Finance, Credit and International Business
Financial and Business Assistance
Financial and Business Assistance
Financial and Business Services Division
Financial Business Analysis
Financial Business Research Company
Financial Services Business Unit
Fine Business
Fine Business
Fine Business
Fine Business Keepers
Finnish Business and Society
Firestorm Business Solutions
First Business Mortgage Group
First Coast Business Alliance
First Enterprise Business Agency
First National Business Corporation
First Order of Business
First the Business
Fisher College of Business
Fitness Business Latin America
FITT International Business Professional (accreditation)
Fleckenstein International Business Development, Inc.
Flemington-Raritan Business Association
Flexible System to Advance Innovative Research for Cancer Drug Discovery by Small Businesses
Flight Centre Business Travel
Florida Black Business Expo
Florida Business Exchange
Florida Business Incubation Association
Florida Chinese Business Association
Florida Medical Business
Focus Business Bank
Focus Business Services
Focus Business Services
Food and Agribusiness Management
Food Business Operator
Foreign Business Act
Formerly Doing Business As
Forum of Private Business
Foster College of Business Administration
Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English
Foundation for Small and Medium Businesses
Foundation of Business
Fox Business Network
Fox School of Business and Management
Franchise Business Review
Franco-Scottish Business Club
Franco-Sri Lankan Business Council
Frankfort Avenue Business Association
Frankfort Avenue Business Association
Franklin Business and Education Alliance
Franklins Walker Business Systems
Free Small Business Suite
Free Software Business
Free Software Business Initiative
Freiburg International Business School
French Business Group
Freshmen Sophomore Business Society
From Origin of Business
Frontiers of e-Business Research
Front-Office Business Applications
Fujitsu Business Communication Systems
Fujitsu Systems Business Thailand
Fukuoka International Business Network
Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International
Functional Business Analysts
Fundamentals of Business and Economics
Fundamentals of Business and Economics
Fundamentals of Business Financial Management Course
Funny Business Incorporated
Fuqua School of Business
Furniture For Business
Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English
Future Business Design
Future Business Growth
Future Business Intercommunications Limited
Future Business Leaders of America
Future Business Systems
Future Business Systems
Gardner Business Solutions
Gatekeeper Business Solutions, Inc
Gay and Lesbian Business Association
Gay Auckland Business Association
General Business Certificate Examination
General Business Committee
General Business Consultants, Inc.
General Business Credit
General Business District
General Business Law
General Business Meeting
General Business Systems
General Business Technology
General Business Unit
General Fund Enterprise Business System
General Services Administration Business Service Center
General Terms of Business
Generation Line of Business
Generic Business Object
Genesee Association of School Business Officials
Georgia Agribusiness Council
Georgia Avenue Business Resource Center
Georgia Business Forum on Health, Inc.
Georgian Association of Women in Business
German American Business Association
German American Business Chamber
German Business Aviation Association eV
German-American Business Council
German-Austrian Business Council of South Australia
Gibsons Landing Business Association
GIDC Rofel Business School (India)
Gippsland Business Support
Gisborne District Business Association
Glasgow University Archives and Business Records Centre
Global Aviation Business Intelligence
Global Business
Global Business Analysis
Global Business Centre
Global Business Coalition
Global Business Communications Services
Global Business Communications System
Global Business Development
Global Business Dialogue on Electronic Commerce
Global Business Directory
Global Business Environment
Global Business Exchange
Global Business Information Network
Global Business Machines
Global Business Market
Global Business Model
Global Business Network
Global Business Network International
Global Business Operation
Global Business Outlook
Global Business Plan
Global Business Policy Council
Global Business Power Corporation
Global Business Registry
Global Business School Network
Global Business Services
Global Business Society
Global Business Solutions, Inc
Global Business Systems Solutions
Global Business Today
Global Business Unit
Global Business Web Design
Global E-Business Solutions, Inc.
Global Federation of Chinese Business Women
Global Gaming Business
Global Graduate Business Council
Global Internet Business
Global Networked Business
Global Village Business Association
Global Web-Marketing & E-Business Information Magazine
Globe Forum Business Network
Globsyn Business School
Gloucestershire Ethnic Minority Business Association
Godrej Green Business Centre
Goenka College of Commerce and Business Administration
Going out of Business
Goizueta Business School
Gold Coast College of Business
Golden Isles Business Center
Good Business Practice
Gooding Business Solutions, Ltd.
Gorham Business Civic Exchange
Gothenburg International Bioscience Business School
Government Business Enterprise
Government Business Opportunities
Government Business Services
Government Business Solutions
Government Business Unit
Government College of Commerce and Business Administration Chandigarh
Governor’s Business Council
Graduate Business Career Services
Graduate Business Council
Graduate Business Qualification
Graduate Business School
Graduate Certificate in International Business
Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
Graduate School of Business
Graduate School of Business Administration
Graphic Design Business Association
Graphical Business System
Grassroots Business Initiative
Graziadio Business Report
Great Big Small Business Show
Great Falls Business and Professional Association
Great Lakes Herb Business Association
Great Wall Business Networks
Greater Alameda Business Association
Greater Atlanta Small Business Project
Greater Brookland Business Association, Inc.
Greater Burnside Business Association
Greater Corpus Christi Business Alliance
Greater Gotham Business Council
Greater Lumberton Business Association
Greater Seattle Business Association
Greater Springfield Business Association
Greater Washington Business Aviation Association
Green Business Conference
Green Business Park
Green Business Quarterly
Green Business School
Grenada Business Online Network
Grenoble Graduate School of Business
Griffith Business School
Grote Street Business Association
Grow Business Solutions
Grow the Business
Growing Recruits for Urban Business
Growing Your Business
Gruene Business Consulting Network
Guaranteed Business Outcomes
Guild of Business Travel Agencies
Gulf Business Council
Gulf Business Machines
Gulf Incentives, Business Travel and Meetings
Hacienda Business Park
Haines Watts Business Recovery and Insolvency
Hamburg School of Business Administration
Hamilton County Business Center
Handheld Business Device
Hanoi Young Business Association
Harbour City Business Association
Hardin County Chamber Business Alliance
Harmon College of Business Administration
Harvard Business Publishing
Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business School
Harvard Business School African-American Alumni
Harvard Business School Association of Boston
Harvard Business School Association of Southern California
Harvard Business School Club
Harvard Business School Publishing
Harvard Square Business Association
Haskayne School of Business
Hastings Business Law Journal
Hastings North Business Improvement Association
Hawai’i Business Express
Hawaii Business Health Council
Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association
Hazardous Materials Business Plan
Health & Fitness Business
Health Industry Business Communications Council
Healthcare Business Association
Healthcare Business Woman’s Association of Canada
Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association
Heart of Business
Heavy Fabrication Business
Helping Business Grow
Helsinki Business and Science Park
Helsinki Business College
Henning Family Business Center
Hernando Beach Business Association
Hertfordshire Business Incubation Centre
Hickory Business Furniture
High Availability Business Partner
High Level Business Requirement
High Performance Business
High Tech Business Unit
Higher Education Business Community Interaction
Higher Education Reach-Out to Business and the Community
Highland Business Women’s Club
Highland Square Business Association
High-Level Business Process
Hispanic Business Council
Hispanic Business Stock Index
Hispanic Latino Business Council
Hispanic Student Business Association
Historically Underutilized Business
Holladay Business Group
Holliston Business Association
Hollywood Beach Business Association
Home and Small Business
Home Based Business
Home Based Business Association
Home Based Business Ideas
Home Based Business Marketing
Home Based Business Network
Home Based Business Opportunities
Home Based Business Planning
Home Business Entrepreneur
Home Business Institute
Home Business System
Home Business Tips
Home Furnishings Business
Home Office, Business Office
Home-Based Business Enclave
Homeland Security Business Advisors
Hong Kong Business Directory
Hong Kong Federation of Business Students
Hong Kong Small Business Meetup Group
Honors Business Administration
Honours Bachelor of Business Administration
Hope to do Business Again
Horizon Business Concepts, Inc.
Horizon Business Insight
Horn of Africa Business Association
Hospitality Business Alliance
Hospitality eBusiness Strategies, Inc.
House Business and Industry Committee
House Small Business Committee
Houston Business Journal
Houston Minority Business Council
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
Huddersfield Business Generator
Hull Area Business Advice Centre
Human Capital Business Solutions
Human Resources Business Center
Hundt Business-Engineering
Huntingdonshire Business Against Crime
Hyde Park Business Association
Hyder Business Services
I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody’s Business
IBM Business Consulting Service
IBusiness Promoter
ICIS Chemical Business Americas
Idaho Business Education Association
Idaho Family Business Center
Idea Site for Business
Illegal Gambling Business
Illinois Business Education Association
Illinois Business Education Coalition
Illinois Business Financial Services
Illinois Business Tax
Imaging and Business Process Management
Imaging and Graphics Business Team
Impact on Business
Imperial College of Business Studies
Improve Your Business
Improve Your Construction Business
Improved Business Understanding via Longitudinal Database Development
Impulse Center Business in Society
Imus Business and Technological College
In The Business
In-Business Las Vegas
Incentive Deduction for Small Business
Incident Business Management Handbook
Independent Business Application
Independent Business Application
Independent Business Aviation Contract Professionals
Independent Business Consultant
Independent Business Investment Zone
Independent Business Owner
Independent Business Owners Plus
Independent Business Review
Independent Business Unit
Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of British Columbia
Independent Public Business Corporation of Papua New Guinea
Independent/Small Business Owners
India Business and Technology Consortium
India Business Center
India Business Law Journal
India-China Business Alliance
Indian Business & Professional Council
Indian Business House
Indian Business Insight Database
Indian Ocean Rim Business Forum
Indian School of Business
Indiana Business College
Indiana Business Education Association
Indiana Business Ethics Awards
Indiana Business Incubator Association
Indiana Business Research Center
Indianapolis Business College
Indianapolis Business Learner Corpus
Indigenous Business Development Grant Scheme
Indigenous Small Business Fund
Indo-Canadian Business Association
Indonesia Business Case Center
Indonesian American Business Association
Industrial Business Zone
Industrial Technologies Business Solutions
Infinity Business School
Infinity Business Solutions
Infinity Business Systems
Informal Business Training Trust
Information Management Business Area
Information Systems and e-Business Management
Information Systems Business Area
Information Technology Business Center
Information Technology Business Management
Information Technology in Business
Information Technology Services for Business
Infrastructure Business Operations
Ingersoll Business Improvement Association
Inglewood Business Opportunity Network
Inland Northwest Business Alliance
In-Memory Business Intelligence
InnerChange Business Alliance
Innovation and Business Relations
INSEAD Business in Society
Installation Business Reform
Installation Core Business Model
Institute for British Business
Institute for Business Advisors
Institute for Business Advisors
Institute for Business and Finance Research
Institute for Business and Industrial Statistics
Institute for Business and Industry Development
Institute for Business Continuity Training
Institute for Business Development
Institute for Business Trends Analysis
Institute for Business, Engineering and Technology
Institute for Business, Law and Technology
Institute for Defense and Business
Institute for Diversity and Business Services
Institute for European Business Administration
Institute for Independent Business
Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Institute for Small Business Development
Institute for the Study of Business Markets
Institute of Banking and Business Management
Institute of Business & Information Technology
Institute of Business Administration
Institute of Business Administration
Institute of Business Administration and Technology
Institute of Business Administration and Training
Institute of Business and Accounting Studies
Institute of Business and Finance
Institute of Business and Medical Careers
Institute of Business and Technology
Institute of Business and Technology
Institute of Business Appraisers
Institute of Business Appraisers
Institute of Business Counselors
Institute of Business Process Reengineering and Change Management
Institute of Business Publications
Institute of Business Travel Management
Institute of International Business
Institute of Management and Business Technology
Institute of Professional & Business Development
Institution of Commercial and Business Agents
Insurance Conduct of Business rules
Integrated Business and Engineering
Integrated Business Communications Alliance
Integrated Business Exchange
Integrated Business Information System
Integrated Business Intelligence
Integrated Business Management
Integrated Business Management Application
Integrated Business Network
Integrated Business Package
Integrated Business Planner
Integrated Business Procedures
Integrated Business System
Integrated Business Systems & Solutions
Integrated Business Systems and Services, Inc
Integrated Financial Business Consulting
Integrated Information Business Systems
Integrated Satellite Business Network
Integrated Science, Business, and Technology
Integrated Small Business Services
Intel Architecture Business Group
Intel Business Link
Intellectual Systems of Business Control
INTELSAT Business Services
Intensive Business Communication Certificate
Intensive Business English Program
Intensive School of English and Business Communication
Inter Departmental Business Register
Interactive Business Cards
Interactive Business Communications
Interactive Business Planner
Interactive Business Solutions
Interactive Entertainment Business
Inter-Connected Business System
Interior Business Architecture Team
Intermedia Business Internet
Internal Business Agreement
Internal Business Agreement
International Academy of Management and Business
International Agribusiness Management Association
International Airline & Business Academy
International Assembly of Collegiate Business Education
International Association for Business and Society
International Association of Business and Parliament
International Association of Business Communicators
International Association of Business Communicators
Inter-National Association of Business, Industry, and Rehabilitation
International Bachelor of Business Administration
International Business
International Business
International Business
International Business
International Business & Emerging Markets
International Business Academy
International Business Academy
International Business Accelerator
International Business Accelerator
International Business Administration
International Business Administration
International Business Advisors
International Business Advisors
International Business Advisory Network
International Business and Comparative Management
International Business and Financial Centre
International Business and Language Area Studies
International Business and Management Center
International Business and Marketing
International Business and Services Needs Incorporated
International Business and Strategy
International Business and Technology Management
International Business Behaviour Academy
International Business Brokers Association
International Business Card Club
International Business Card Collectors
International Business Center
International Business Club of Colorado
International Business College
International Business Communications Centre
International Business Communications Council
International Business Company
International Business Consultants Group
International Business Corporation
International Business Council
International Business Council of Canada
International Business Daily
International Business Development
International Business Development Foundation
International Business Education and Research
International Business Education Association
International Business Enterprise
International Business Enterprises
International Business Entity
International Business Exchange
International Business Exchange Forum
International Business Exchange Program
International Business Forms Industries
International Business Forum
International Business Incubator
International Business Information Technology
International Business Internship Exchange
International Business Law Center, Inc.
International Business Law Consortium
International Business Law Journal
International Business Law Review
International Business Law Services, Inc.
International Business Leaders Advisory Council
International Business Linkage Program
International Business Machines Corporation
International Business Machines Personal Computer Advanced Technology
International Business Management
International Business Management Center
International Business Management Centre
International Business Management Consultants
International Business Mentorship Committee
International Business Office
International Business Opportunities Centre
International Business Park
International Business Partnering Opportunities
International Business Policy Competition
International Business Practices
International Business Programs Center
International Business Reply Envelope
International Business Resource Connection
International Business Resource Desk
International Business Schools
International Business Service
International Business Studies
International Business Studies Network
International Business Systems
International Business Team Network
International Business Training Association
International Business Training Consultants
International Business Travel Association
International Business Travellers’ Club
International Business Wales
International Business Women Conference
International Center for Agribusiness Research and Education
International Center for Ethics in Business
International College of Business and Technology
International Conference on Adaptive Business Systems
International Conference on Business and Management
International Conference on Business Management and Economics
International Conference on Global Defense and Business Continuity
International Conference on Mobile Business
International Conference on Mobile Business
International Congress of Business Administration
International Consortium for Electronic Business
International Council for Small Business
International Currency Business Unit
International Cyber Business Services, Inc.
International Design Business Management
International Development Business Consultants
International Diploma in Business Administration
International E-Business Association
International Federation for Business Education
International Finance and Business
International Food and Agribusiness Management Association
International Graduate Business School
International Journal of Business and Economics
International Journal of Business and Public Administration
International Journal of Business Research
International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business
International Marketing Business Services
International Masters of Business Administration
International Next Business Day
International Partnership of Business Schools
International School for Business Acumen
International School of Business
International School of Business and Media
International School of Business Management
International Scientific and Business Congress
International Small Business Journal
International Spa Business Development
International Technology Business Incubator
International Thompson Business Press
International University of Business Agriculture and Technology
International Workshop on Collaborative Business Processes
Internationalizing Doctoral Education in Business
Internet Business
Internet Business
Internet Business
Internet Business
Internet Business Administration
Internet Business Administration
Internet Business Alliance of Nevada
Internet Business Application
Internet Business Application
Internet Business Capital Corporation
Internet Business Center
Internet Business Consumer Bureau
Internet Business Exchange
Internet Business Forum
Internet Business Infrastructure
Internet Business Law Services
Internet Business Network
Internet Business Pages
Internet Business Strategies
Internet Business to Consumer
Internet Business Ventures AG
Internet Customer Business Center
Internet Fax and Business Communications Association
Internet for Business
Internet for Business Economists
Internet Marketing Business Plan
Internet Marketing Business Success
Internet Masters of Business Administration
Internet Services Business Unit
Internet Software Business Unit
Internet Solutions for Business
Internet Technologies for Business
Internet-Based Business Model
Interoperability in Business Information Systems
Inter-Organizational Business Process
Interracial Council for Business Opportunities
Interstage Business Process Manager
Introduction to Business Computer Applications
Introduction to Business Management Course
Introduction to Information Technology in Business
Introductory Business Development Plan
Introductory Statistics for Business and Economics
Investment and Business Development Agency
Investors Business Daily
Invigorating Thai Business
Iowa Business Education Association
Iraq Small Business Finance Facility
Ireland Canada Business Association
Ireland Poland Business Association
Ireland-Pakistan Business Council
Irish American Business Chamber Network
Irish Business and Employers’ Confederation
Irish Croatian Business Association
Ironbound Business Improvement District
Irrigation and Drainage Business Plan
Islamic Business & Finance Network
IT Business Campus
Italian Business Angels Network
Italian Romanian Business Interface
Ivey Business Consulting Group
Jacksonville Business Journal
Japan American Business Association
Japan Business Aviation Association
Japan Business Council in Europe
Japan Business Systems
Japan Finance Corporation for Small Business
Japan Thailand Business Forum
Japan/New Zealand Business Council
Java Business Integration
Java Open Business
Jawad Business Group
Jefferson City Business Times
Jersey Business Venture
Jerusalem School of Business Administration
Jewelry Business Management
Jewish Business Leaders
Jewish Business Network
Jewish Center for Business Development
Job Opportunities in the Business Sector
Joint Business Council
Joint Business Plan
Joint Ontario Business Sector
Jones Business Systems
Journal of Agribusiness
Journal of American Academy of Business, Cambridge
Journal of Asia Business Studies
Journal of Business and Economic Statistics
Journal of Business and Technical Communication
Journal of Business Communication
Journal of Business Disciplines
Journal of Business Management
Journal of Business Research
Journal of Business Strategies
Journal of Business Venturing
Journal of E-Business
Journal of International Business
Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Judge Business School
Jumpstart Our Business Strength Act
Juneau Small Business Development Center
Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association
Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association
Kansas Business Hall of Fame
Katz Graduate School of Business
Kazakhstan Small Business Development
Kelley School of Business
Kellstadt Graduate School of Business
Kenosha Area Business Alliance
Kent Area MicroBusiness Loan Services
Kettering Business Venture Trust
Key Business Activity
Key Business Indicators
Key Business Initiative
Key Business Metrics
Key Business Objective
Key Business Processes
Key Business Ratio
Key Business Requirement
Key Business System
Key Business User
Key Small Business Statistics
Kind of Business
Know About Business
Know Your Business
Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence
Knowledge Worker Business Unit
Knowledge-Business Outsourcing
Koch Business Network Consulting
Kogod College of Business Administration
Kogod School of Business
Konica Minolta Business Solutions
Koori Business Network
Kordin Business Incubation Centre
Korea Business Council for Sustainable Development
Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business
Korean Federation of Small Business
Kosovo Business Directory
Kosovo Business Directory
Kosovo Business Support
Kuala Lumpur Business Club
Kyiv Mohyla Business School
La Grange Park Business Association
Ladder of Business Intelligence
Lagos Business School
Lagos Business School
Lake Oswego Business Alliance
Lake Wissota Business Park
Lambeth Business Against Crime
Language and Business
Language for Business and Technology
Language Technology Business Meet
Languages for Business Communication
Lanka Business Online
Lanka Business Today
Larceny from Business/Till Tap
Large and Mid-Size Business
Large Business
Large Business Remote
Large Business Remote
Large Business Services
Large Business Services
Las Vegas Business Press
Laser and Enterprise Business Solutions
Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation, SA
Latin American Business
Latin American Business Association
Latin American Business Environment Report
Latin American Business Solution
Latin Business Association Inc.
Latino Business Student Association
Latino Business Students Association
Latvian Transit Business Association
Lauder Business School
Lauder Business School
Lawyers For Your Business
Leadership Education And Development Program in Business, Inc.
Learning About Business
Learning Business Process Outsourcing
Leavey School of Business
Lebanese International Business Council
Left Business Observer
Legal Business Entity
Legal Business Name
Legal Environment of Business
Legal Studies in Business
Legal, Tax & Business
Legislatively Infallible Business Model
Leicestershire Asian Business Association
Let’s Talk Business
Life Business Projects Pvt Ltd
Limited Business Partnership
Lincoln Foundation for Business Excellence
Lincoln Independent Business Association
Lincoln International Business School
Line Of Business
Line of Business Interoperability
Linux Business Pavilion
Lioness Business Group
Litchfield Area Business Association
Lithuanian Business Support Agency
Little Falls Business Association
Local Business Ads
Local Business Enterprise
Local Business Networks
Local Business Process (US Army Corps of Engineers)
Local Business Unit
Locally Owned Business Association
Logistics Business Process Outsourcing
Logistics, Business and Public Policy
London Business Link
London Business Link
London Business School
London Business School
London College of Business and Management
London Institute of Business and Technology
London International College of Business & Technology
London Metropolitan Business School
London School of Business and Finance
Long Island Business Association
Long Island Business News
Long Term Business Visa
Long-Term Business Plan
Los Angeles Black Business Expo and Trade Show
Los Angeles Business Advisors
Los Angeles Business Assistance Virtual Network
Los Angeles Business Journal
Los Olivos Business Organization
Louisiana Association of Business Educators
Loyola Institute of Business Administration
Lummi Indian Business Council
Lviv Business School
Macedonian Business Lawyers Association
Macintosh Business Unit
Magazine Business Association of Taipei
Mail Business Centre
Main Business Unit
Maine Business Indicators
Maintenance of Business
Major Business Objective
Makati Business Club
Makati Business District
Make It Your Business
Make Your Business Online
Making Statistics More Effective in Schools and Business
Malaysia Lebanon Business Council
Malaysia Norway Business Council
Malaysian Dutch Business Council
Malaysian Indian Business Association
Malaysian Professional and Business Association
Malaysian-Finnish Business Council
Malta Business Directory
Mamut Business Software
Managed Business Consultancy Service
Managed Business Outcomes
Managed Business Process Services
Management and International Business
Management Business Consulting
Management in Business Finance
Management of Business
Management of Business Administration
Management of Business Administration
Management of Business Administration
Management of E-Business
Management, Organizational and Business Improvement Services
Manager of Business Development
Manchester Business School
Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
Manual Business Systems Association
Manufacturing Business Unit
Many International Businesses
Marbella Dutch Business Club
Margaret Thatcher Business Center
Marietta Area Business Association
Marine Area Business Association
Market Business Unit
Marketing & Business Development
Marketing and Regulatory Programs Business Services
Markham Business Baseball League
Marlin Yard Business Consultants
Marshall Area Business Association
Marshall School of Business
Marshalltown Central Business District
Marshgate Lane Business Group
Maryland Business Enterprise Program for the Blind
Maryland Business for Responsive Government
Maryland Business Review
Maryland Business Roundtable for Education
Mason Business Center
Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education
Massachusetts Small Business Development Center Network
Master Business Building Club
Master Business Function
Master Business Systems, Ltd.
Master Certified Business Appraiser
Master in Business Economics
Master of Agribusiness
Master of Arts in Business Communication
Master of Arts in Electronic Business
Master of Arts International Business
Master of Business
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
Master of Business and Technology
Master of Business Communications
Master of Business Education
Master of Business Engineering
Master of Business Student Association
Master of Business Taxation
Master of International Business
Master of Science in Business Administration
Master of Science in Business Administration
Master of Science in International Business
Master of Sport Business Management
Master’s Certificate in Business Analysis
Masters in Electronic Commerce Business
Masters of Business Imagination
Masters of International Business Administration
Masters of International Business Studies
Math for Business and Liberal Arts
Mawin Legal & Business Consultancy Co., Ltd.
Mayor’s Business Action Team
Maysville South Business Association
McDonough School of Business
McGill Business Consulting Group
McGill Business Law Association
McIntire Business Institute
Measured Business
Medical Academy of Business Technology
Medium to Large Business
Medway Education Business Partnership
Melbourne Business School
Mellon First Business Bank
Member Business Lending
Member of the Business Continuity Institute
Member of the Institute of Business Consulting
Memphis Business Interiors
Men of Business
Mendocino Coast Business Incubator
Merage School of Business
Meridian Area Business Association
Messrs Brandon Business Machines
Metro Area Businesses Using Sequent
Metro Independent Business Alliance
Metro Orlando Business Alliance
Metroplex Technology Business Council
Metropolitan Neighborhood Business Council
Mexican American Business and Professional Association
Michael Lana Business Consulting
Michael Smith Business Development, Inc.
Michigan Agri-Business Association
Michigan Business and Professional Association
Michigan Celebrates Small Business
Michigan Minority Business Development Council
Michigan Statewide Minority Business Center
Micro Business Solutions, Inc.
Microcomputer Business Applications
Microcomputer Business International
Microcomputer Business Services
Microsoft Business Division
Microsoft Business Framework
Microsoft Business Intelligence
Microsoft Business Solutions
Microsoft Solution for Internet Business
MicroVax Business
Mid West Business Institute
Mid-American Journal of Business
Mid-Atlantic – Russia Business Council
Mid-Atlantic Journal of Business
Midcoast Council for Business Development and Planning
Middle East and North Africa Business Information Center
Middle East Business Aviation
Middle East Business Solutions
Middletown Area Business Association
Middletown Township Business and Professional Association
Midland Business Development
Midlands Academy of Business & Technology
Midlands Business Journal
Midlands Environmental Business Club
Midwest Business Exchange
Mike Curb College of Entertainment and Music Business
Milford Business Association
Milford Business Association
Milford Business Association
Miller Business Resource Center
Milwaukee Business Journal
Mind Own Business
Mind Your Business
Mind Your Business
Mind Your Own Business
Mind Your Own Damn Business
Mind Your Own Flipping Business
Mind Your Video Business
Minding My Business
Mini Business Unit
Minicomputer Business Applications
Ministry of Consumer and Business Services
Ministry of Small Business, Tourism, and Culture
Minnesota Association of School Business Officials
Minnesota Business Assistance Forms
Minnesota Business Finance Corporation
Minnesota Business Valuation Group
Minnesota School Readiness Business Advisory Council
Minority and Women Business Owners Committee
Minority and Women Owned Business
Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprise
Minority Business and Professional Directory
Minority Business and Professional Network Inc.
Minority Business Council
Minority Business Development Agency
Minority Business Development Center
Minority Business Enterprise
Minority Business Enterprise Representative
Minority Business Owner
Minority Business Plan Competition
Minority Business Rewards Program
Minority Business Round Table
Minority Business Students Association
Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Company
Minority Owned Business
Minority, Micro-Enterprise Small Businesses in Massachusetts
Minority, Women, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Minority-Owned or Other Disadvantaged Business
Minority-Owned Small Business
Mission Oriented Business Integration Services
Mississauga Chinese Business Association
Mississauga Technology Business Accelerator
Mississippi Business Finance Corporation
Missoula Community Business Incubator
Mobile and Business Convergence
Mobile Business Intelligence
Mobile Communications Business
Mobile Enterprise Business Applications
Mobile Small Business Assistance Center
Modern Business Practice Association
Modern Languages and Business Studies
Modified Business Tax
Money Services Business
Monfort College of Business
Montana Agricultural Business Association
Montana Business Incubator
Monthly Business Review
Moody Centre Business Association
Morehouse Business Association
Morehouse Business Association
Morehouse Business Association
Morgantown Area Business Association
Moscow International Business Association
Moscow International Business Center
Motor Sport Business Forum
Mount Airy Business Association
Mountain State Business College
Mountain Top Business Alliance
MSOE Business Leaders Association
Mt. Eliza Business School
Multi-Channel E-Business
Multicultural Business Student Association
Multi-Line Business
Multiservice Customer Edge Business Unit
Muscogee Nation Business Enterprise
Music and Entertainment Business Association
Music Business Bachelor of Science
Music Business Program
Music Business Registry
Muslim Business Student Association
My Internet Business
NanoBusiness Alliance
Nanotechnology Business Team
Nanotechnology Law & Business
Nanyang Business School
Narva Business Advisory Services
Nashville Business Journal
National Aboriginal Business Association
National Academy of Health and Business
National Academy of Health and Business
National Alliance of Businessmen
National Association for Business Economics
National Association of Business and Educational Radio
National Association of Business Economists
National Association of Business Leaders
National Association of Business Owners
National Association of Business Women and Moms
National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women’s Club, Inc.
National Association of Small Business Accountants
National Association of Supervisors of Business Education
National Business & Disability Council
National Business Agent
National Business and Professional Association
National Business Angels Network
National Business Association
National Business Brokers
National Business Center
National Business Conduct Committee
National Business Development
National Business Economic Issues Council
National Business Education Association
National Business Furniture
National Business Group on Health
National Business Incubation Association
National Business League
National Business Officers Association
National Business Online
National Business Operations Center
National Business Park
National Business Publications
National Business Research Institute
National Business Review
National Business Travel Association
National Business Unit
National Business Women Enterprise Network, Inc.
National Center for Small Business Information
National College of Business
National College of Business and Arts
National College of Business and Technology
National Conference on E-Business
National Cooperative Business Association
National Council of Asian American Business Associations
National Diploma in Business Computing
National Education Business Partnership Network
National Education Center for Women in Business
National Equipment and Business Builders Institute
National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs
National Federation of Independent Business
National Federation of Independent Business
National Hispanic Business Information Clearinghouse
National Hispanic Business Women Association
National Institute of Business Management
National Minority Business Council, Inc.
National Nurses in Business Association
National Security Global Business
National Small Business Administration
National Small Business Alliance
National Small Business Assistance Corporation
National Small Business Association
National Small Business Council, Inc.
National Survey of Small Business Finances
National Taipei College of Business
National Trade Business Alliance of America
National Women Business Owners Corporation
National Women’s Business Center
National Women’s Business Council
Nationwide Business Directory of Australia
Native American Business Alliance
Native American Business Enterprise Center
NAVSUP Competitive Sourcing Business Office
Nebraska Business Development Center
Neighborhood Business
Neighborhood Business Development Program
Neighborhood Business District
Neighborhood Business District Program
Nelnet Business Solutions
Nelson Bays Education Business Partnership
Nelson Tasman Business Trust
Net Business Income
Netherlands Institute of Business Organization and Strategy Research
Netherlands New Zealand Business Association
NetWare for Small Business
NetWare for Small Business
Network Business Center
Network Business Exchange
Network Business Information Architecture
Network Business Intelligence
Network Business Quarterly
Network Business Systems
Network Dependent Business
Network Equipment Business Systems
Network for Business and Commercial Finance
Networked Business Objects
Nevada Business Educators Association
Nevada Business Journal
New Business
New Business Acquisition Expense
New Business Centre
New Business Committee
New Business Development
New Business for Annuities
New Business Group
New Business Hold
New Business Horizons
New Business Initiative
New Business Memorandum
New Business Model
New Business Opportunity
New Business Steering Committee
New Business Value
New Business Venture
New Economy Business Model
New England Business Card Collectors
New England Business Integrations
New England Business Intelligence LLC
New England Business Services
New England-Israel Business Council
New Europe Business Media
New Hampshire Business Council
New Hampshire Business Resource Center
New Horizons in Industry, Business and Education
New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners
New Jersey Business Force
New Jersey Business Resource Center
New Jersey Business Systems
New Jersey Small Business Development Centers Network
New Media Business Alliance
New Mexico Business Leadership Network
New Mexico Business Weekly
New Mexico Family Business Alliance
New Mexico Small Business Investment Corporation
New Technology Business Solutions
New Ways of Doing Business
New York Business Group on Health
New York Business Institute
New Zealand Business Roundtable
New Zealand College of Business
Newark Regional Business Partnership
Newcastle Graduate School of Business
Newcastle University Business School
NewCorp Business Resource Center
Newmarket Business Association
Newtown Business and Professional Association
Newtown Business Center
Next Business Day
Next Business Day
Next Generation Business Resources
Nickel Plated Business Card Holder
Nigerian Business Forum
Nigerian Overseas Business Directory
Nigerian-German Business Group
Nightly Business Report
No Later Than Close Of Business
No Other Business
Non Profit Business Development Center
Non-Business Hours
None Of My Business
None of My Freakin’ Business
None of Our Business
None of Your Business
None Of Your Business
None of Your Business
None of Your Damn Business
None of Your Damned Business
None of Your God Damn Business
Nordic Business Institute
Normal Business Day
Normal Business Hours
North American Management and Business Corporation
North Carolina Business Corporation Act
North Carolina Chinese Business Association
North Carolina Defense Business Association
North Country Business Products
North London Business Park
North Saskatoon Business Association
North Shore Women in Business
North Tahoe Business Association
North Tamar Business Network
North Texas Business Aviation Association
North Umpqua Business Association
North Wales Business Club
North West Business Access
Northampton Area Lesbian and Gay Business Guild
Northeast Technology and Business Center
Northeastern Association of Business, Economics and Technology
Northern Adelaide Business Enterprise Centre
Northern Alberta Business Incubator
Northern Business Forum
Northern Institute of Business Management
Northern Ireland Business Education Partnership
Northern Ontario Business
Northern Opportunities for Business Limited
Northfield Business and Professional Association
Northwest Environmental Business Council
Norwegian Business Association Singapore
Norwegian Business Forum
Norwegian Confederation of Business and Industry
Norwegian Irish Business Council
Not Business Related
Not My Business
Not My Freaking Business
Not Your Business
Nottingham University Business School
Nova Scotia Business Service Centre
Nutrition Business Journal
Oak Ridge Business Association
Oak Ridge Small Business Development Center
Oakland Business Development Corporation
Ocala Business Journal
Ocala Business Leaders
Oce Business Services
Office Business Application
Office Business Scorecard Manager
Office of Administration and Small Business
Office of Business and Economic Development
Office of Business Economics
Office of Business Finance and Planning
Office of Business Liaison
Office of Business Oversight
Office of Business Transformation
Office of Global Business and Entrepreneurship
Office of International Business Development
Office of International Business Programs
Office of Local Business Development
Office of Minority Women and Emerging Small Business
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Office of Small Business & DVBE Certification
Office of Small Business Assistance
Office of Small Business Development Center
Office of Small Business Programs
Office of the Asbestos and Small Business Ombudsman
Office of the Small Business Advocate
Office of Veterans Business Development
Office of Women’s Business Ownership
Official Business
Official Business Only
Off-Road Business Association
Ogden Valley Business Association
Ohio Association of School Business Officials
Ohio Business Development Coalition
Ohio Business Gateway
Ohio Business Teachers Association
Ohio Small Business Association
Ohio Small Business Development Center
Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation
Oklahoma Agribusiness Retailers Association
Oklahoma Small Business Development Center
Olin Business School
Oncology Business Review
One Stop Business Center
One-Day Business Forum
OneStop Business Registration
Online Business Center
Online Business Development
Online Business Energy Evaluation
Online Business Manager
Online Business Systems
Online EBusiness Solutions
Online Services Business
Online Small Business Workshop
Ontario Agri Business Association
Ontario Association of School Business Officials
Ontology-Supported Business Intelligence
Open Business Management
Open Business Meeting
Open Business Model
Open Business Network
Open Business Object Environment
Open Business Objects for EDI
Open Business Software Solutions
Open For Business
Open of business
Open Source Business Club
Open Source Business Conference
Open Source Business Intelligence
Open Source Business Library
Open Source Business Network-South Australia
Open Source Business Review
Openshop Business
operational business intelligence
Operations and Business Systems Management
Operations Business Management
Opportunities In Business
Opportunities In Business
Opportunities to do Business
Opportunities to Learn about Business
Optimized Business Process
Optimum Business Model
Oracle Business Component
Oracle Business Intelligence
Oracle Business Intelligence Applications
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
Oracle E Business Suite
Orange Business Service
Orange County Business Bank
Orange County Business Council
Orbitz for Business
Orchard Road Business Association
Ordinary Course of Business
Oregon Association of School Business Officials
Oregon Business Travel Association
Oregon Columbia International Association of Business Communicators
Orfalea College of Business
Organic Horticulture Business Alliance
Organization of Business Economics Majors
Organizational and Business Security Management
Orkestar Business Class Duo
Orlando Business Journal
Orridge Business Sales Limited
Other Business Enterprise
Other Business Fund
Other Energy Related Businesses
Out of Business
Outdoor Amusement Business Association
Outline Business Case
Outside Business Activities
Outside Business Interest
Overseas Business Study Mission
Overseas Business Trading System
Overseas Business Travel
Overseas Business Unit
Overseas Life Assurance Business Regulation 1999
Oxford Business Alumni
Pacific Basin Business Network
Pacific Business Capital Corporation
Pacific Coast Business Networking
Package-Enabled Business Transformation
Pakistan American Business Association
Pakistani American Business Executives
Palandri America Wine Business
Paneuropean Business Cooperation Schemes
Pan-Pacific Business Association
Papillon Business Solutions
Parking and Business Improvement Area
Partner Business Manager
Partnership with Business
Passenger Business Unit
Passenger Car Business Unit
Patient Business Services
Pattern of Business Activity
Pc World Business Direct
Pennsylvania Association of School Business Officials
Pennsylvania Business Education Association
Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry
Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking
Personal Business
Personal Business
Personal Business
Personal Business Commitment
Personal Business Plan
Personal Computer Business Unit
Personal Computer World Business
Personal Computer World Business
Personal Trainer Business Alliance
Pest Control Business
Pesticide Application Business License
Petroleum and Water Business Area
Philadelphia Area Independent School Business Officers Association
Philadelphia Business Today
Philadelphia Naval Business Center
Philippine Association of Collegiate Schools of Business
Philippine Business Conference and Exposition
Philippine Business for Environment
Philippine Business for Social Progress
Philippine Business for Social Progress
Philippine-Israel Business Association
Philips Business Innovation Center
Pittsburgh Business Ethics Award
Planned Multi-Use Business District
Platteville Business Incubator, Inc.
Plug into Business
Point of Business
Pokey Means Business
Police and Businesses in Partnership
Policy on Business Conduct and Ethics
Polish Economic and Business Association
Portland Area Business Association
Portland Business Alliance
Portsmouth Business School
Positive Business Solutions, Inc.
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Finance
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management
Post Graduate Program in Business Administration
Postal Business Center
Postal Business Centers
Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration
Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Business Management
Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business Information Technology
Postgraduate Programme in Business Management for Working Managers
Post-Newsweek Business Information
Potomac West Business Association
Prairie Centre for Business Intelligence
Prasetiya Mulya Business School
Precept Business Services, Inc
Preliminary Business Case
Premier Business Leadership Series
Premium Online Business
Pre-Qualified Business Sponsorship
Prequalifying Business
Presidential Commission on Small and Medium Business
Primary Place of Business
Prime Solution Providers for Business Communications
Primedia Business Magazines & Media
Principles Of Business
Privacy Certification for Business Associates
Private Business
Private Business
Private Business
Private Business Network
Private Business Radio
Process Aware Business Intelligence
Procurement Business Number
ProCurve Networking Business
Producer Business Unit
Product Business Group
Professional Accountants in Business
Professional Accountants in Business Committee
Professional Association of Small Business Accountants
Professional Business Coaches Alliance
Professional Business Development Institute
Professional Business Solutions of America
Professional Certificate in Business and Management
Professional Development in International Business
Professional Diploma in International Business
Professional Women in Business Association
Professional, Technical Business
Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen
Program Business Management
Program in Business Administration
Project Costing Business Unit
Proprietary Positioning Business
Propulsion Business Area
Prosen Center for Business Advancement
Providence Business News
Public Education and Business Coalition
Publishing Business Systems
Puget Sound Business Travel Association
Punjab College of Business Administration
Punta Gorda Business Alliance
Python Business Forum
Qualcomm Wireless Business Solutions
Qualified Business Unit
Qualified Business Venture
Qualified High Technology Business
Qualified Small Business
Qualitative Business Methods
Quality and Business Planning
Quality Business Services
Quality Business Transport Europe
Quality in Business Education
Quality Internet Business Solutions
Quality of Business
Quantifiable Business Objectives
Quantitative Business Analysis
Quantitative Methods of Business
Quantitative Reasoning for Business
Quarterly Business Objectives
Quarterly Business Review
Quarterly Review of Business
Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion
Queen City Business Networks
Queensland Adult Business Association
Queensland Institute of Business and Technology
Queensland International Business Academy
Quick Business Research Institute Corp.
Rader School of Business
Radio Business Report
Railroad Business
Railway Business Forum
Rainbow Business & Professional Association
Raising International Business Awareness
Rapid New Business Development
Readiness Business Center
Ready Business System
Real Business Cycle
Real Estate and Business Agents
Real Estate and Business Brokers Act of 2002
Real Estate Business Channel
Real Estate Business School
Real Estate Business Services, Inc.
Real Estate Business Technologies LLC
Real-Time Business
Records Management and Business Operations
Recycling Business Assistance Center
Redback Business Object
Region Business Center
Regional Business
Regional Business Center
Regional Business Development
Regional Business Development Manager
Regional Business Environment
Regional Business Manager
Regional Business Unit
Regional Established Business in Australia
Register of Business Consultants
Registered Business Name
Registry of Companies & Businesses
Regus Business Club
Remote Business Management Service
Remote Business Management, LLC
Renaissance Business Center
Report on Business
Required Business Performance
Research Business Models Subcommittee
Research Institute for Business and Management
Research Institute for Economics and Business
Research to Business
Research, Innovation and Business Network
Residential Show Business
Resort Business Opportunities
Resources for Small Business Inc
Responsible Business Enterprise
Results in Business Institute
Retail Business District License
Retail Business Information
Retail Business Information Schema
Retail Business Intelligence Solution
Re-Use Business Assistance Center
Reuters Business Briefing
Review of Business
Review of Business Research
Revolution in Business Affairs
Rhode Island Small Business Development Center
Rhythm of Business
Richard Campos Business Support
Richmond Journal of Global Law and Business
Ridge Meadows Home Business Association
Riverdale Park Business Association
Road Runner Business Class
Robinson College of Business
Rochester Business Alliance
Rochester Business Journal
Rockford Business College
Rocky Mountain Business Products
Rocky Mountain Business Seminar
Rolland Virtual Business Systems Ltd
Romanian Business Consult
Rosettanet Business Dictionary
Ross Business School
Ross School of Business
Rubicon Park Business Association
Rugby Business Club Australia
Run the Business
Rural Business Advice and Training
Rural Business and Cooperative Development Service
Rural Business Cooperative Service
Rural Business Research Unit
Rural Business Services Development
Russia Business Council
Russian Business Network
Russian Small Business Fund
Rutgers-Newark Small Business Development Center
Ryerson Business Building
S D Business Management
Sacramento Business Journal
Saïd Business School
Sales Administrative Business Empowerment Resource
Sales and Business Enterprise Reporting
Sales Business Unit
San Diego Republican Businesswomen
San Jose Business Journal
San Pedro College of Business Administration
Santa Ana Business Bank
Santa Barbara Business College
Santa Fe Business Incubator
SAP Business Connector
SAP Business One
Sarnia-Lambton Business Week
Sarvodaya Online Business Marketing
Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration
Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials
Satellite Business Systems
Satellite Venture Business Laboratory
Saudi Business Machines Ltd
Saugeen Business Development Centre
Saugerties Village Business Association
Save Our Businesses
Scandinavian Businessmen’s Club
Scheduling Infrastructure Business Rules
Schlumberger Business Consulting
School of Accountancy, Business, Secretarial, and Public Administration
School Of Business
School of Business Administration
School of Business Administration
School of Business Administration and Accountancy
School of Business and Economics
School of Business and Industry
School of Business and Leadership
School of Business and Management
School of Business and Management
School of Business and Nonprofit Management
School of Business and Professional Studies
School of Business and Public Administration
School of Business and Public Affairs
School of Business Information Technology
School of Doing Business
School of Government and Business Administration
Schulich School of Business
Schumpeter School of Business and Economics
Science and Business Student Association
Scientific and Business System
Scottish Business Broadband Incentive
Scottish Business Forums
Scottish Estates Business Group
Sealand International Business Foundation
Seattle Business School Alliance
Second Business Day
Secret Men’s Business
Secret Men’s Business
Secure Business Quarterly
Securities Industry Business Continuity Management Group
Security Business Practices Reference
Self Run Business
Self Service Business Intelligence
Semantic E-Business and Enterprise Computing
Semantic Technology Adoption in Business
Semantics in Business Information Systems
Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Business Rules
Semi-Automated Business Research Environment
Semi-Automated Business Reservations Environment
Semiautomatic Business Reservation Environment
Semi-Automatic Business-Related Environment
Senayan Central Business District
Seoul International Business Advisory Council
Separate Business Unit
Serena Business Mashups
Service Business Relation
Service Business Relation
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business
Services Business Group
Services-Oriented Business Applications
Sexually Oriented Business
Shaheen Business and Investment Group
Share of Business
Shared Business Services
Shared Business Vocabulary
Shared Services and Business Process Outsourcing Association
Shrimp Biotechnology Business Unit
Siemens Business Services
Siemens Business Services Osteuropa
Sierra Leone Business Forum
Significant Business Disruption
Sigsiu Online Business Index
Silicon Valley Business Travel Association
Silicon Valley Information Business Alliance
Silver Business Manager
Simeka Business Group
Simplified Business Applications International
Simplifying the Business
Singapore Australia Business Alliance Forum
Singapore Green Business Alliance
Single Business Registration Number
Single Business Tax
Small and Disadvantaged Business
Small and Disadvantaged Business Opportunity Council
Small And Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Small and Home Based Business
Small and Medium Business
Small and Medium Business
Small and Medium Business
Small and Medium Business Technology Network
Small and Minority-Owned Business Assistance Program
Small Business
Small Business – Big Impact
Small Business Accounting
Small Business Accounting and Advisory
Small Business Accounting and Finance
Small Business Accounting Professionals
Small Business Administration
Small Business Administration of Michigan
Small Business Advice Service
Small Business Advisory Act
Small Business Advisory Council
Small Business Advocacy Review Panel
Small Business Advocate
Small Business Aerospace Association
Small Business Agreement
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Institute
Small Business and Research Policy
Small Business and Revenue
Small Business and Revenue
Small Business Answers
Small Business Assistance Program
Small Business Association
Small Business Association of America
Small Business Association of Michigan
Small Business Authority of Israel
Small Business Banking Division
Small Business Beanstalk
Small Business Benefit Association
Small Business Big World
Small Business Bookkeeping
Small Business Canada Magazine
Small Business Centre
Small Business Clean Air Assistance Program
Small Business Committee
Small Business Communications System
Small Business Compliance Alliance
Small Business Computer Consulting
Small Business Conference
Small Business Confidence Index
Small Business Consortium
Small Business Consultative Committee
Small Business Consulting Agency
Small Business Consulting Group
Small Business Contact Manager
Small Business Contractors’ Forum
Small Business Council of America
Small Business Credit and Assistance
Small Business Credit Guarantee Trust
Small Business Customer Manager
Small Business Database
Small Business Dealer Network
Small Business Development
Small Business Development Association
Small Business Development Center
Small Business Development Company
Small Business Development Office
Small Business Development Program
Small Business District Center
Small Business Division
Small Business Economic Trends
Small Business Edition
Small Business Education Initiative
Small Business Employee Training
Small Business Enterprise
Small Business Enterprise Centre
Small Business Environmental Ombudsman
Small Business Exchange, Inc
Small Business Exporters Network
Small Business Facility
Small Business Finance Corporation
Small Business Financial Exchange
Small Business Forum
Small Business Funding Centre
Small Business Hawaii
Small Business Health Fairness Act of 2001
Small Business Health Plan
Small Business Hospitality Association
Small Business Impact Statement
Small Business Improvement Loan
Small Business Incentive Research
Small Business Incubator Program
Small Business Innovation Development Act
Small Business Innovation Research
Small Business Innovation Research
Small Business Institute
Small Business Institute Directors Association
Small Business Insurance Policy
Small Business Interest Rate
Small Business International
Small Business Internet Banking
Small Business Investment Act of 1958
Small Business Investment Company
Small Business Lending Companies
Small Business Liaison Officer
Small Business Loan
Small Business Loan Program
Small Business Loan Source
Small Business Manufacturing
Small Business Marketing
Small Business Ministerial Council
Small Business Network Solutions
Small Business of the Year
Small Business Office Automation
Small Business Online Community
Small Business Opportunity
Small Business Opportunity Conference
Small Business Optimization
Small Business Outreach Initiative
Small Business Owner
Small Business Owners Association
Small Business Paperwork Relief
Small Business Pipeline
Small Business Policy Branch
Small Business Profiles
Small Business Program
Small Business Programs Office
Small Business Rate Relief Scheme
Small Business Referral Network
Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Act
Small Business Research Board
Small Business Research Portal
Small Business Research Trust
Small Business Reserve Program
Small Business Reserve Program
Small Business Reserve Program
Small Business Resource Center
Small Business Resource Guide
Small Business Resource Network
Small Business Security Manager
Small Business Server
Small Business Server Edition
Small Business Service Agreement
Small Business Services
Small Business Set Aside
Small Business Solutions Agency
Small Business Source System
Small Business Specialist Community
Small Business Startup Assistance
Small Business Success Magazine
Small Business Suite
Small Business Suite for Linux
Small Business Support Center
Small Business Support Network
Small Business Support Services
Small Business Survival Committee
Small Business Survival Index
Small Business Tax
Small Business Tax Education Program
Small Business Tech Expo
Small Business Technical Representative
Small Business Technology
Small Business Technology Coalition
Small Business Technology Transfer
Small Business Technology Transfer Program
Small Business Technology Transfer Program
Small Business Television
Small Business Tracker Deluxe
Small Business Trade Association Forum
Small Business Unit
Small Business University
Small Business Venture Capital Act
Small Business Web Design
Small Business Week
Small Business, Small Office
Small Cable Business Association
Small Disadvantaged Business
Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Small Office-Small Business
Small Scale Business Enterprise
Small Software Business
Small Woman-Owned Business
Small, Disadvantaged, and Minority Business
Small-Business Success Training
SmallBusinessDepot, Inc.
Smart Business Architecture
Smart Business Communication Systems for Account Managers
Smart Business Credit
Smart Operating Business
Smithsonian Business Ventures
Social and Political Environment of Business
Social Business Bank
Social Business Software
Socially/Economically Restricted Business
Society for Automation in Business Education
Society for Business and Management in Engineering
Society for Business Development Professionals
Society for Business Ethics
Society for European Business History
Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals in Business
Society of International Business Fellows
Software Advertising International Business, LLC
Software As A Business Asset
Software Business Center
Software Business Solutions
Software Global Business Unit
Software Solutions for Business, Inc.
Solo Business Owner
Solutions for Business
Solutions for Business Intelligence
Solutions for Small Business
Some of Our Business
Somerset Hills Business Network
Sommeil Network Business Services
Sonoma Mountain Business Cluster
Source Of Business
South African Journal of Business Management
South American Business Forum
South American Business Information
South Asia Business Forum
South Australian Business Vision
South Bank Business Association
South Buda Business Park
South Carolina Business Education Association
South Carolina Minority Business Enterprise Center
South Central Business Association
South DeKalb Business Incubator
South End Business Alliance
South Florida Business Journal
South Florida Business Report
South Granville Business Association
South Holland Business Association
South Orange-Maplewood Business Incubator
South Pacific Business Development
South Perry Business Association
South Side Business News
South Texas Business Fund
South Tyneside Means Business
Southampton Businesses Against Crime
Southampton Township Business Association
Southeastern Association of School Business Officials
Southern Africa Business Forum
Southern Arizona Business Association
Southern Association of College and University Business Officers
Southern Business Administration Association
Southern Business and Economic Journal
Southern Business Challenge
Southern Business Communications Group
Southern Group Business Advisors
Southern Hills Business Association
SouthWest Atlanta Youth Business Organization
Space Business Development Operation
Spain Business and Technology Office
Special Business Provision
Special Event Business Advisors
Special Interest Group on Business Information Technology
Special Men’s Business
Special Men’s Business
Specialist Member of the Business Continuity Institute
Specialized Business Planning Services
Specialized Business Process Outsourcing
Spectrum Business Support Ltd.
Spokane Regional Business Center
Sport Business Education Network
Sports Business Industry Online
Sports Business Initiative
Sports Business Institute
Sports Business Journal
Sports Business Research Network
Springer Science and Business Media
Springfield Business Incubator
Springfield Business Journal
Sprint Business Service Center
Sprint Voice Business Customer
Sprott Business Students’ Society
Sri Lanka Business Directory
St Louis Business Forms Inc.
St. Charles Business Association
St. Louis Business Journal
Staffordshire Business and Environment Network
Stand Alone Business Unit
Standard Business Practice
Standard Business Reporting
Standard Business Reporting
Standard Operating Business
Standards of Business Conduct
Standing Committee on Business Development
Stanford Pre-Business Association
Start a Business Programme
Start Of Business
Start Your Business
Start Your Business
State Business Tax Climate Index
Statement of Business Requirement
Statutory Statement of Business
Steel Business Briefing
Stemmons Corridor Business Association
Stichting Certificering VBO Makelaars (Dutch: Virtual Business Owner Real Estate Agents Certification Foundation)
Still Taking Care of Business
Stockholm International Business Institute
Stonewall Professional and Business Association
Strategic Business & Migration Consultancy
Strategic Business Analysis
Strategic Business Area
Strategic Business Consulting
Strategic Business Counselor
Strategic Business Group
Strategic Business Initiatives
Strategic Business Intelligence
Strategic Business Plan
Strategic Business Process Reengineering
Strategic Business Team
Strategic Business Transformation
Strategic Business Unit
Strategic Consulting Business Unit
Strategic Finance for Smaller Businesses
Strategic Planning and Business Development
Strategic Thinking and Business Planning
Strategies Business Unit
Strategy and Business Development
Strategy and Management of International Business
Strathclyde International Business Unit
Strictly Business
Structural Business Statistics
Student Activities Business Office
Student Advocates for Business and Environmental Responsibility
Student Business Plan
Student Business Services
Student Business Solutions
Student Life Business Center
Sub Business Unit
Successful Business Owner
Sudirman Center for Business Development
Sugar Hill Business Alliance
Suleman Dawood School of Business
Summer International Business Institute
Sun, IBM , Netscape, Oracle (business alliance)
Sundaram Business Services
Sundaram Business Services Ltd.
Sunday Business Post
Sunyani Business College
Superior Business Network
Supersonic Business Jet
Supplier Advanced Business Relationship
Support Business Manager
Support to Implement Best Business Practice
Surveillance and Automated Business Reporting Engine
Susquehanna Sustainable Business Network
Sussex Business Partnership
Sussex Education Business Alliance
Sustainable Business Community
Sustainable Business Initiative
Sustainable Business Institute
Sustainable Business International, LLC
Sustainable Business Success
Sutherland Business Education Network
Swedish Business Association of Singapore
Swedish-Ukrainian Business Club
Swiss Business School
Swiss-Korean Business Council
Synthetic Biologics Business Unit
Syrian European Business Center
Systems Business Integration
Take/Taking Care of Business
Taking Care of Business
Taking Care of Business, Ya’ll
Talal Abu-Ghazaleh College of Business
Tameside Business Environment Association
Tampa Bay Black Business Investment Corporation
Tampa Independent Business Alliance
Tanaka Business School
Tangible Business Software
Tannert eBusiness Consulting
Tape Disk Business
Targeted Group Business
Targeted Small Business Financial Assistance Program
Tata Business Excellence Model
Tax and Business Services Inc
Tbilisi Business Center
Teaf Business Society
Tech-Marine Business
Technical and Business Exhibition and Symposium
Technical and Business Services
Technical Business Consultant
Technical Business Solutions
Technical Business Unit
Technical Business Unit
Technology and Business Incubation Facility
Technology Business Development Center
Technology Business Integration
Technology Business Research
Technology Development Business Loan
Technology Enabled Business Council
Technology for Business Corp.
Technology for Business Corporation
Technology for Women in Business
Technology Solutions for Business
Tectonics Business Systems Ltd.
Teesside Business School
Telecom Business Solution
Telecommunications Business Simulation
Telegraph Business Club
Telemarketing and Business Telecommunications
Tempe Business Center
Temporarily Doing Business As
Ten Business Days
Tennessee Business Card Club
Tennessee Business Education Association
Terminal Business System
Terms of Business
Terry College of Business
Terry College of Business
Tewksbury Business Association
Texas A&M College of Business Administration
Texas Association of Business Brokers
Texas Business and Education Coalition
Texas Business Organization Code
Texas Business Owner Program
Texas Business Review
Texas Electronic Business Center
Texas State Agency Business Administrators’ Association
Thai Sunshine Business Advisors
Thai-Taiwan Business Association
Thammasat Undergraduate Business Challenge
Thanet Enterprise and Business Centre
The Business Channel
The Business Connection
The Business Continuance Group
The Business Exchange
The Business Journal of Southern Kentucky
The Business Lawyer
The Business of Being Born
The Business Record
The Business Travel Conference
The Business Workshop
The Drowning Businessmen
The Georgia Association of Business Brokers, Inc.
The German-American Business Council of Boston, Inc.
The Illawarra Business College
The International Business Association
The Minority Business Guide
The Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business
The Service Business
The Small Business Company
Theater Business Clearance
Theatre Skills for Business
Thekwini Business Development Centre
Third Wave Business Systems
Thomson Business Information
Thunderbird International Business Review
Timber Frame Business Council
Times Business Solutions Ltd.
Tirana Business University
Tirana Business University
Tivoli Access Manager for E-Business
Tivoli Business Service Manager
Tivoli Business Systems Manager
Toms River Business Improvement District
Topeka Independent Business Association
Toronto Association for Business and Economics
Toronto Business Development Centre
Toronto Chinese Business Association
Toronto School of Business
Total Business Integration
Total Business Outsourcing
Total Business Return
Total Business Services, Inc.
Total Business Solutions
Total Cost of Doing Business
Trade and Business Association
Trade Association and Business Publications International
Trademark Electronic Business Center
Training Business Area
Transaction Business Management System
Transactional Metamodel for Business Process
Transfer of Business
Transform the Business
Transformational Business Network
Transmission Business Line
Transmission Line of Business
Travel and Business Service
Travel Business Roundtable
Tri Cities Business Association
Triangle Business Journal
Trident Business & Management Support
Trinity Business Alumni
Trumbull Business College
Trust in Small Business
Trusted Business Advisor
TUESDAY Business Network
Tuskegee University Business And Engineering Conference
Type of Business
Ukrainian Association of Business Support Centres
Ukrainian Association of Investment Business
Ukrainisch Deutsches Business Zentrum
Ultimate Home Business Package
Ultra Fine Business
Ultra Fine Business
Umea School of Business
Undeliverable Bulk Business Mail
Undergraduate Business Association
Unfair Business Practices Act
Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business
Unified Business ID
Unified Business Identifier
Uniform Business Trust Act
Unique Business Value
Unit Business Team
United Business Alliance
United Business Associates
United Business Association
United Business Institutes
United Business Media Plc
United Business School Association
United Business Technologies
United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business
United Nations Development Business
United Networks of Virtual Business
United States – Russia Business Council
United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
United States Business and Industry Council
United States Business Brokers Incorporated
United States Business Network
United States Federation of Small Businesses
United States India Business Council
Unity Business Networks LLC
Universal Business Adapter
Universal Business Language
Universal Business Solutions, LLC
Universal Business Team
University Business Administrators
University Business Officers Council
University Business Services
University of Durham Business School
University of Redlands School of Business
University of Stellenbosch Business School
University of Strathclyde Business School
University of Toronto Business Intelligence
University of Wisconsin E-Business Consortium
University-Business Innovation Center
Unrelated Business Income
Unrelated Business Income Tax
Unsatisfactory Business Relationship
Upper Shore Manufacturing Business Council
Uptake of Re-Engineering in Business
Urban Business Opportunity Center
Urbana Business Association
US-Bahrain Business Council
US-Madagascar Business Council
US-Mongolia Business Council
Utah Business Employers Team
Utility Business Education Coalition, Inc.
Utterback’s Business School
Valiano Business Management System
Valid Business Reason
Valley Board of Business Brokers
Valley Business News
Value Added Business
Value Added Business Solutions
Value of Business Acquired
Value of Business in Force
Value of Inforce Business
Value of New Business
Vancouver Institute of Business and Technology
Vehicle Controls Business Unit
Vendor Business Manager
Venture Business Development Area
Venture Out Business Center
Verhasselt Business and Technology Services
Verizon Business
Vermilion Marine Business Association
Vermont Business Assistance Network
Vermont Business Corporation Act
Vermont Business Environmental Partnership
Vermont International Business Council
Vertical Business Unit
Very Large Business Application
Very Small Business
Veteran Business Enterprise
Veteran-Owned Business
Veteran-Owned Small Business
Veterinary Business and Management Association
Veterinary Business Liaison Unit
Veterinary Business Management Association
Vice Chancellor, Business Affairs
Victorian Business Line
Vienna Business School
Vietnam Business Coalition on AIDS
Vietnam Business Consulting
Vietnam Business Forum
Vietnam Business Journal
Virgin Islands Business Journal
Virginia Business-Education Partnership
Virginia Environmental Business Council
Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator
Virginia International Business Alliance
Virginia Law and Business Review
Virtual Business Conference
Virtual Business Network Ltd.
Virtual International Business Academy
Virtual International Business and Economic Sources
Virtual Office Business Administration
Virtual Office Business Assistant
Vision Business Consulting
Vision in Business for the Environment of Scotland
Visual Business Card
Visualization and Interaction for Business and Entertainment
Vital Business Function
Vladivostok International Business Association
Voice of the Business
Voodoo Business Unit
Wahiawa Community Business Association
Walton College of Business
Walton College of Business Department
Walworth Business Community Association
Wang Business Exchange
Wang Business Exchange
Warp Server for E-Business
Warren Business Solutions, Inc.
Warrington College of Business Administration
Warsaw Business Journal
Warwick Business School
Washington Business Brokers Association
Washington Business Group on Health
Washington Business Improvement District
Washington Business Journal
Washington County Business Awards
Washington International Business Council
Washington International Business Ventures
Washington SyCip Graduate School of Business
Waste Watch Business Network
Waverley Business Center
Way of Doing Business
Web Based Business Community
Web Enterprise and Business Services
Web Services Business Object
Web Solution Business
Web to Business
WebSphere Business Events
WebSphere Business Events
WebSphere Business Integration
Websphere Business Integration Adapter
Websphere Business Modeler
Websphere Business Services Fabric
Websphere Commerce Business Edition
Webster Dudley Business Alliance
Weekly Business Consulting Service
Wells Fargo Business Credit
West Africa Business Association
West Boca Business Council
West Broadway Business Association
West Charlotte Business Incubator
West Coast Business Academy
West Coast Business Systems and Supplies, Inc.
West Cobb Business Association
West Fenway Business Association
West Islip Business Machine, Inc.
West London Business College
West Midlands Business Council
West Olympia Business Association
West Piedmont Business Development Center
West Point Business Association
West Side Business District
West Somerset Business Network
West Tennessee Business College
West Washtenaw Business Association
Westchester County Business Journal
Western Business Attire
Western Carolina Business Journal
Western Charles County Business Association
Western Communities Business Associates, Inc.
Westinghouse Proposal and Business Development
Westminster Business Consultants
Westside Business Leaders Association
Whalley Business Improvement Association
Wharton Business Legal Association
Wharton Business Plan Competition
Wharton China Business Forum
Wharton E-Business Initiative
Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists
Wharton Sports Business Initiative
Wheatland Area Business Association
WHEDA Small Business Guarantee (Madison, WI)
White House Business Solutions
Whittemore School of Business & Economics
Whole Business Securitization
Whole of Business
Wichita Independent Business Association
Will Do Business Again
Willamette Valley Business Mall
William S. Spears School of Business
Williams Bay Business Association
Williamson College of Business Administration
Willis College of Business and Technology
Wilmington College Business Association
Wilton Manors Business Association
Windows Small Business Server
Wine Business Monthly
Winfree Business Growth Advisors
Winston County Business and Industry
Winston-Salem Business, Inc.
Winter Business Economics Conference
Wireless Business and Technology
Wireless Business Engine
Wireless Business Engine
Wireless Business System
Wireless Business Telephone Markets
Wireless Network Business Unit
Wireless Technology Business Forum
Wireless Terminals Business Unit
Wirth Business Credit
Wisconsin Better Business Bureau
Wisconsin Business Development
Wisconsin Business Education Association
Wisconsin Business Resource Network
Wisconsin Family Business Forum
Wisconsin Highway Business Signs
Wisconsin Independent Businesses
Wisconsin Indian Business Alliance
Woman Business Owner of the Year
Woman-Owned Business
Woman-owned Business Enterprise
Woman-owned Business Enterprise
Women and Minority Business Enterprise
Women Business Association
Women Business Owner’s Connection
Women Business Owners
Women Business Owners Network
Women Business Owners of Manitoba
Women Business Owners’ Club
Women Education Business Support
Women for Recreation, Information and Business
Women Forging Business Relationships
Women In Business
Women in Business Association
Women in Business Foundation
Women in Business Network
Women in Business Symposium
Women in Business Today
Women in Ethical Business Awards
Women in the Academy of International Business
Women Mean Business
Women Taking Care of Business, Inc.
Women Who Mean Business
Women’s Business Assistance Center
Women’s Business Center, Inc
Women’s Business Connection
Women’s Business Council Philippines
Women’s Business Development Center
Women’s Business Enterprise
Women’s Business Enterprise
Women’s Business Enterprise Alliance
Women’s Business Enterprise Council
Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
Women’s Business Initiative International
Women’s Business Network
Women’s Endeavors in Business
Women-owned Business Enterprises
Women-owned Business Enterprises
Women-Owned Minority Business
Women-Owned Small Business
Woodstock Community Business Association
Wootton Bridge Business Association
Worcester Business Development Corporation
Worcester Business Journal
Working on the Business
Workplace for Business Controls and Reporting
Workplace for Business Strategy Execution
Workshop in Business Opportunities
Workshop on Business Applications of Virtual Reality
World Africa Business
World Association of Business Coaches
World Business Card Directory
World Business Center Busan
World Business Chicago
World Business Council for Sustainable Development
World Business Environment Survey
World Business Exchange
World Business Exchange
World Business Forum
World Business Language Centre
World Business Satellite
World Business Strategist Association
World Business Support Center
World Business University Association
World Chinese Business Network
World Class Business Development
World Educate Business Association
World Islamic Businesswomen’s Network
World Network Business Club
World of Business
World Video Business
World Wide Business Ads
World Wide Business Centre
World’s Greatest Business Cards
Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
Worldwide Business Research
Worldwide Business Solutions, Inc.
Worldwide Business Strategy Team
Worldwide Commercial Business
Worldwide Conventions and Business Forums
Worldwide Technology Business
Worldwide Technology Business
Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association
Worry-Free Business Security
Would Do Business Again
Writhlington School of Business and Enterprise
Wyoming Business Council
Wyoming Business Leadership Network
Wyoming Technology Business Center
Xerox Business Partner
Xerox Business Services
Xerox Innovation Business Development
XRT Business Exchange
X-Stream Business Concepts
Yahoo Small Business
Yamaha Marine Business System
Yemen Business Machines Co., Ltd.
Yonsei School of Business
Yorkshire Business Network
Yorkshire Business Network
Yorktowne Business Institute
Young Business Factory
Young Business Group
Young Business Leaders
Young Business Leaders Council
Young Business Network
Young Business Network
Young Business Talents
Young Mens’ Business Club
Youngstown Business Incubator
Your Business Development Matters
Your Business on the Internet
Your Business Partner
Your Home Business
Your Home Business Education Centre
Your Own Business
Your Own Business Center
Your Own Business Coach
Your Travel Business
Your Travel Business
Youth Business Development
Youth Business Institute
Youth Business International
Youth Business Week
Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit
Zen of Business Administration
Zero Administration Business Objects
Zicklin School of Business
Zion Business Development Council
ZIP Business Patterns
ZIP Business Patterns
Zululand Chamber of Business