Civic Abbreviations

Civic means relating to a city or town, especially its administration; municipal.



List of Acronyms Related to Civic

ACR Acción Cívica Revolucionaria
ACLO Alameda Civic Light Opera
AACL Albanian American Civic League
ACAF Alianza Cívica de Asociaciones Femeninas
ANCR Alianza Cívica Nacional Revolucionaria
ACE Alliance for Civic Engagement
ACA American Civic Association
ACT Apollo Civic Theatre
AHCA Arlington Heights Civic Association
AACA Asian American Civic Association
AHCA Aspen Hill Civic Association, Inc.
AHCC Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs
ACCR Assyrian Committee for Civic Responsibility
ARCCC Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center
ACCOUNTING Austin Civic Chorus
ACCESSORY Austin Civic Chorus
ACC Austin Civic Chorus
ACO Austin Civic Orchestra
ACWE Austin Civic Wind Ensemble
BCCA Bay County Civic Arena
BRCA Bay Ridge Civic Association
BHCA Beacon Hill Civic Association
BTCA Bernard Terrace Civic Association
BDCA Berwyn District Civic Association
BSCF Bishop’s Stortford Civic Federation
BCB Bloomfield Civic Band
BHCA Blue Hills Civic Association
BLCO Bridgeport Lakeport Civic Organization
BFCA Brookhaven Fields Civic Association
BCO Broomfield Civic Orchestra
BRMCA Bull Run Mountain Civic Association
BCLC Business Civic Leadership Center
CSCA Camp Springs Civic Association
CCMS Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools
CFCA Carolina Forest Civic Association
CCB Cedarburg Civic Band
CCE Center for Civic Education
CCE Center for Civic Engagement
CCI Center for Civic Innovation
CCN Center for Civic Networking
CCPL Center for Civic Participation and Leadership
CCP Center for Civic Partnerships
CCCE Center for Community and Civic Engagement
CCBCE Center for Community Building and Civic Engagement
CDCE Center for Democracy and Civic Education
CIRCLE Center for Information & Research on Civic Learning & Engagement
CRCC Center for Religion and Civic Culture
FICE Center for the Study of Free Institutions and Civic Education
CRCA Central Roxborough Civic Association
CVCA Charles Village Civic Association
CCO Charlotte Civic Orchestra
CECO Chateau Estates Civic Organization
CCR Citizens for Civic Renewal
CAT Civic Action Team
CA Civic Amenity
CAS Civic Amenity Site
CABLE Civic and Business Leaders Enterprising
CCJIG Civic and Citizen Journalism Interest Group
CCR Civic and Community Relations
CAPACITY Civic Arts Plaza
CAP Civic Arts Plaza
CBO Civic Brotherhood Organization
CC Civic Centre
CCDPRJ Civic Coalition for Defending Palestinian Rights in Jerusalem
CCHR Civic Committee for Human Rights
GDS Civic Democratic Party
CEP Civic Education Project
FC Civic Forum
CIP Civic Internet Portal
CIP Civic Involvement Projects
CLIP Civic Leaders Internship Program
CLA Civic Leadership Academy
CLC Civic Leadership Center
CLO Civic Light Opera
CLT Civic Little Theatre
CPPI Civic Participation and Public Information
CPN Civic Practices Network
CRX Civic Renaissance Experimental
CRX Civic Renaissance Model X
PRC Civic Renewal Party
CRI Civic Research Institute
CTRU Civic Trust Regeneration Unit
CTR Civic Type R
CUF Civic United Front
CWTS Civic Welfare Training Service
CME Civics and Moral Education
CCCA Clarendon – Courthouse Civic Association
CCQ Club Civic Quebec
CCEL Coalition for Civic Engagement and Leadership
CGCA College Gardens Civic Association
CCCC Commission for Civic Control of Corruption
CCCT Contra Costa Civic Theatre
CCOBH Council of Civic Organizations of Brandywine Hundred
CCA Creedmoor Civic Association
DNCA Dickinson Narrows Civic Association
DHCA Druid Hills Civic Association
DNCA Dunwoody North Civic Association
ENCA East Norwich Civic Association
EGCC Eau Gallie Civic Center
ECMA Erie Civic Music Association
FCA Fairmount Civic Association
FCA Fenway Civic Association
FCLO Fullerton Civic Light Opera
FCCP Funders Committee on Civic Participation
FCL Future Civic Leaders
GBCE Gorham Business Civic Exchange
GOCA Greater Olney Civic Association
GPICA Greater Pine Island Civic Association
GSGCA Greater Shady Grove Civic Alliance
GCCA Grenada Cultural and Civic Association
FCG Guinean Civic Forum
GCCW Gulf Coast Civic Works
YHM Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Hamilton Civic Airport
HCC Hartford Civic Center
HLCA Higgins Lake Civic Association
HCCA Hollywood Council of Civic Associations
HCT Honda Civic Tour
HCA Humanitarian and Civic Action Projects
HCA Humanitarian and Civic Assistance
ICP Innovations in Civic Participation
ICI Institute for Civic Involvement
ICL Institute for Civic Leadership
ICCC International Center for Civic Culture
JDMC Japanese Domestic Market Honda Civic
JCAN Jewish Civic Action Network
JCCIA Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans
KPCA Kings Park Civic Association
KPWCA Kings Park West Civic Association
KALCA Korean American League for Civic Action
KCCS Kyle and Carrick Civic Society
LBCC Lake Burton Civic Association
LCCB Lake Charles Civic Ballet
LCB Lakeland Civic Band
LCC Lakeland Civic Chorus
LCEA Latino Civic Engagement Academy
LCCE Lebanese Center for Civic Education
LFACS London Forum of Amenity and Civic Societies
MLCA Magoun Landing Civic Association
MCB Manchester Civic Band
MCC Marina Civic Center
MCB Marshall’s Civic Band
MCD Master of Civic Design
MADCAP Medical Civic Action Program
MPCA Memorial Park Civic Association
MCO Metropolitan Civic Orchestra
MCA Military Civic Action
MCCF Montgomery County Civic Federation
MCN Movimiento Cívico Nacional
MGCE Multi-Generational Civic Engagement
NACE National Alliance for Civic Education
NACO National Association of Civic Officers
NCL National Civic League
COMBINATION National Civic Review
NCR National Civic Review
NCBCP National Coalition On Black Civic Participation
NCCR National Commission on Civic Renewal
NECCL New England Center for Civic Life
NECB New England Civic Ballet
NSCA Norris Square Civic Association
NADCA North Airport Drive Civic Association
NACA North Austin Civic Association
NCPCA North City Park Civic Association
NECT North of England Civic Trust
OCO Oahu Civic Orchestra
OCO Oakland Civic Orchestra
OCT Ocala Civic Theatre
OCCA Old City Civic Association
OTCL Olde Towne Civic League
OHDACA Overseas Humanitarian Disaster Assistance and Civic Aid appropriation
OCCA Oxford Circle Civic Association
PSCC Park Slope Civic Council
PCB Pensacola Civic Band
PPPC People’s Progressive Party/Civic
PACC Peoria Area Civic Chorale
PCC Peoria Civic Center
PCEI Pew Civic Entrepreneur Initiative
PCLA Pittsburgh Civic League Apartments
PCO Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra
PCO Poinciana Civic Organization
PLCA Point Lonsdale Civic Association
PWCC Polish Women’s Civic Club
PEBCO Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organization
PENCIL Public Education Needs Civic Involvement in Learning
UCR Radical Civic Union
RHCA Red Hook Civic Association
RACL Regional Atlanta Civic League
RCC Rete Civica del Casentino
RMCA Robscott Manor Civic Association
RCAD Rochester Civic Association of the Deaf
RMCA Rydal Meadowbrook Civic Association
SCC Saginaw Civic Center
SFCC San Francisco Civic Center
SMCA Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
SFCA Schenly Farms Civic Association
SRCA Scripps Ranch Civic Association
SCB Seattle Civic Band
SPCN Sergiev Posad Civic Network
SLCA Service Learning for Civic Action
SOCA Shadow Oaks Civic Association
SFCC Shepherd Forest Civic Club
SLCA Silver Lake Civic Association
SCPE Social, Civic and Political Education
SBCT South Bend Civic Theatre
SJCA South Jackson Civic Association
SLCA South Lexington Civic Association
SCC Springfield Civic Center
SRMCA Starr Ridge Manor Civic Association
SLCA Stillwater Lakes Civic Association
THCA Tampa Heights Civic Association
TCS Tonbridge Civic Society
TCT Topeka Civic Theatre
TCEU Toronto Civic Employees Union
TVCA Tuckahoe Village Civic Association
UCF Union Civica Femenina
UCR Union Civica Radical
UCS Union Civica Solidaridad
UACA Upper Arlington Civic Association
VBCA Vance Brand Civic Auditorium
VCC Vancouver Civics Club
VCCA Vermont Commons Civic Association
VACA Vietnamese American Civic Association
VCCA Vine City Civic Association
WCB Wakefield Civic Band
WCCC Walker County Civic Center
WBCA Walnut Bend Civic Association
WFCS Waltham Forest Civic Society
WCCL Washington County Civic League
WICA Water Island Civic Association
WLCA West Laurel Civic Association
WSCT West Side Civic Theatre
WGCA Westwood Gardens Civic Association
WCTT Wimbledon Civic Theatre Trust
WNCA Wissahickon Neighbors Civic Association
WCFL Wolcott Civic Free Library
WNCA Woodcrest Neighborhood Civic Association
WECS Wymondham & Edmondthorpe Civic Society