Cyber Abbreviations

Cybernetics is the science of the laws of receiving, storing and transmitting information, as well as the systems that carry artificial intelligence and related laws of receiving, storing and transmitting information . According to its founder Norbert Wiener , it is a science that studies the control and regulation of machines, living organisms and social structures and is described by the formula “Art of Management”.


The prefix ‘cyber-‘ is used in words that refer to a mechanical or electronic mechanism or system capable of giving feedback. It is also used as a popular colloquial term for everything related to computers, the Internet and their derivatives (eg cyberpunk , cyber accommodation , etc.).

A typical example of a cybernetic system is the thermostat . It compares the actual temperature value with the set value. If there is a difference, a series of steps are triggered by which the heating is regulated so that these temperatures are equalized.

The mathematician Norbert Wiener from the USA in 1948 with his book “Cybernetics, or Control and Communication in Animals and Machines” (Cybernetics, or Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine), gives the modern look and understanding of the science of cybernetics. Wiener is also the creator of the modern word “cybernetics”.

With the advent of its modern concept during socialism in the USSR , cybernetics was declared a bourgeois and militaristic, reactionary science, but later, in the 1960s and 1970s, attitudes changed. Much more attention is being paid to cybernetics, especially technical technology.

Cyber Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Cyber

ACE Africom Cyberspace Engagement
ASC American Society for Cybernetics
ACPA Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act
ACCPA Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act of 1999
ACSA Arizona Cyber Security Alliance
AWACS Assisting Writing Across Cyber Space
AFCET Association Francaise pour la Cybernetique Economique et Technique
BCB Better Cyber Bureau
CCCC California Cyber Crash Compilation
CCIRC Canadian Cyber Incident Response Centre
CTCP Canadian Telecommunications Cyber Protection
CKCG China-Korea Cyber Games
CGCA Churches of God Cyber Auxiliary
CCDC Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
CCRI Command Cyber Readiness Inspection
CIVIL Community Cyber Centers
CCC Community Cyber Centers
C5I2 Community, Consensus, Cooperation, Communication, Cybernetics, Intelligence and Intuition
CW Conference on Cyberworlds
CIVIL Convention on Cybercrime
CCC Convention on Cybercrime
CY Cyber
CA Cyber Acoustics
CAGE Cyber Art Gallery Eindhoven
CARS Cyber Asset Reduction & Security
CAPC Cyber Association for the Presa Canario
CBA Cyber Baseball Association
CBZ Cyber Boxing Zone
CBC Cyber Bulldog Coalition
CC Cyber Cafe
CCCR Cyber Center for Corruption Research
CC Cyber Chat
CCJ Cyber Citizens for Justice
CCZ Cyber Condition Zebra
CCU Cyber Consequences Unit
CCL Cyber Control Language
CC Cyber Crime
CDS Cyber Defense Systems, Inc
CDCO Cyber Distributed Central Office
CEP Cyber Education Project
CED Cyber End Dragon
CERI Cyber Enforcement Resources Incorporated
CEN Cyber Entertainment Network
CGN Cyber Gaming Network
CJ Cyber Jockey
CLM Cyber Lady Ministries
CL Cyber Law
CLC Cyber Law Centre
CMI Cyber Maintenance Informatique
CMDL Cyber Media Digital Limited
CMCS Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, Inc.
CBI Cyber Musical Instruments
CN Cyber Nations
CPSA Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement
CRAT Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal
CRS Cyber Research Systems Corporation
CRR Cyber Risk Report
CRP Cyber Role Playing
CSCIC Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination
CSIA Cyber Security and Information Assurance
CSIA Cyber Security Industry Alliance
CSL Cyber Security Lab
CSMC Cyber Security Management Center
CSOC Cyber Security Operations Centre
CSP Cyber Security Practitioner
CCSP Cyber Security Program Plan
CSVA Cyber Security Vulnerability Analysis
CSI Cyber Semiotic Institute
CSNDA Cyber Senior Network Development Association
CS Cyber Sex
CS-5 Cyber Sex
CSA Cyber Skills Association
CSTC Cyber Solutions Tools Center
CSGN Cyber Sports Gaming Network
CT Cyber Terrorism
CTADS Cyber Threat Analysis and Detection Service
CTAD Cyber Threat Analysis Division
CW Cyber War
CW Cyber Warfare
CWIS Cyber World Internet Services, Inc.
CWR Cyber Wrestling Revolution
CY Cyber Yugoslavia
CZ Cyber Zone
CA Cyberangels
CA CyberArmy
CARMA Cyberarts, Research, Music and Audio
CAL Cyberathlete Amateur League
CPL Cyberathlete Professional League
CNS Cybercast News Service
CPR Cybercharge Priority Response
CC Cybercity
CC Cybercom
CYCO Cybercrime Coordination Unit
CFSG Cybercrime Forensics Specialist Group
CWAT Cyber-Crime Warning Alert Termination
CDIP Cyberdark Impact
CDX Cyber-Defense Exercise
CSM Cyberdyne Systems Model
CE Cyber-Entity
CF Cyberfair
CGI CyberGamer Invitational
CGO CyberGamer Open
CGOM CyberGirl Of the Month
CIWG Cyberinfrastructure Working Group
CIMS Cyberinfrastructure: Information Management in eScience
CPR Cyberlaw, Policies and Regulations
CMT Cybermedia Technologies, Inc.
CCCI Cybernet Currency Clearing, Inc.
CAM Cybernetic Anthropomorphic Machine
CBS Cybernetic Broadcasting System
CCRU Cybernetic Culture Research Unit
CIRG Cybernetic Intelligence Research Group
CRV Cybernetic Revolution
CYW Cybernetic Warfare
CYW Cybernetic-Warriors
CORS Cyber-Organization Results Scorecard
CPS Cyber-Physical Systems
COPILOT Cyberpunk
CP Cyberpunk
CSI CyberScope Investigations LTD
CSEPI CyberSecurity and Emergency Preparedness Institute
CSET Cybersecurity Experimentation and Test
CSFA CyberSecurity Forensics Analyst
CYBS CyberSource
CY Cyberspace
CAUSS Cyberspace Association of US Submariners
CCCR Cyberspace Cyberpet Cyber Rescue
CDF Cyberspace Description Format
CESA Cyberspace Electronic Security Act
CGV Cyberspace Geography Visualization
CIPS Cyberspace Infrastructure Planning System
CLJ Cyberspace Law Journal
CPR Cyberspace Product Reviews
CSR Cyberspace Relationship
CSS Cyberspace Safety and Security
CSAC Cyberspace Snow and Avalanche Center
CRAM Cyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement
CS-1 Cyberstorm
CS Cyberstorm
CS-5 Cyberstorm
CNPL Cybertech Networks Pvt. Ltd.
CTT Cyber-Toothed Tigers
CTD Cyber-Transmitted Disease
CAU Cybertron Alliance Universe
CYBA Cybertron Army
CW Cyberworlds
DISCOUNT Damaged Cybernetics
DC Damaged Cybernetics
DTCM DataTexas CyberMentors Private Limited
DCN DeepCyberNet
DCCC Defense Cyber Crime Center
DOC Department of Cybernetics
DREC Department of Radio Engineering and Cybernetics
DICE DNA Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises
DNCPR Drewfus Nation Cyber-Pirate Radio
DSC Duo for Sony Cybershot
ECCS Electrical, Communications and Cyber Systems
EPIC Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure
ECQ Enterprise Cyberquery
ECL European Cyber League
FCS Federal Cyber Services
FGIC Finding God in Cyberspace
FACT First Amendment Cyber-Tribune
GCSC Global Centre for Securing Cyberspace
GCS Global CyberSoft
HOC Heroes of Cybertron
ICS Indonesian CyberLibrary Society
ICLP Institute for Cyberspace Law and Policy
IACE Institute of APEC Cyber Education (Busan, South Korea)
ICSC Institute of Computer Science and Cybernetics
IAC International Association for Cybernetics
ICCC International Conference on Computational Cybernetics
ICCAS International Conference on Cybernetics and Society
ICSMC International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
ICBS International Cyber Business Services, Inc.
ICM International Cyber Marketing, Inc.
KKTTC Kelab Komuniti Taman Tasik Cyberjaya
KHCU Kyung Hee Cyber University
MCIS MHS Cyberinfrastructure Services (US DoD)
MCFL Midwest Cyberspace Football League
NCAS National Cyber Alert System
NCCC National Cyber Crime Committee
NCRL National Cyber Racing League
NCRCG National Cyber Response Coordination Group
NCS National Cyber Security
NCSA National Cyber Security Alliance
NCSAM National Cyber Security Awareness Month
NCSC National Cyber Security Center
NCSD National Cyber Security Division
NCPS National Cyber Security Protection System
NCSS National Cyber Security Summit
NCAM National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
NCI National Cybersecurity Initiative
NSSC National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
NCC Network Cybernetics Corporation
NEC4CPS Networked Embedded Control for Cyber-Physical Systems
NCP Neuro-Cybernetic Prosthesis
NWCS New World CyberBase Solutions
OCS Office of Cyberspace Security
PCCW Pacific Century CyberWorks
PCC Pacific Century Cyberworks
PHC Pears Health Cyber
PTCC Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition
PCD Physical & Cyber Domains
PCP Principia Cybernetica Project
PCW Principia Cybernetica Web
PCS Proc-Cyber-Services
PCSP Program Cyber Security Plan
QCS Quest Cyber Solutions
RTC R&D Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics
RECS Real Estate Cyberspace Specialist
RMRC Reality Means Redefining Cyberspace
RCT Reyburn CyberTuner
RDC Rhetorical Dimensions of Cyberspace
RMCI Risk Management and Cyber-Informatics
SCC Secure Cyber Communications
SCC Sirius Cybernetics Corporation
SOIC Social and Organizational Informatics and Cybernetics
SCS Social Cyberneering Society
SNAC Social Networks and Cyberinfrastructure
SCARP Symposium for Cybernetics Annual Research Projects
SPOCK Synth Pop Och Cyber Kultur
SCI Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics
SMCB Systems, Man and Cybernetics
SMC Systems, Man and Cybernetics
TACC Teens Against Cyber Crime
TICU Tokai International Cyber University
TCN Toraja Cyber News
TSMC Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
UCT Undergraduate Cyberspace Training
UCGA United Cyber Games Association
UCS United Cyber Squad
USCCU United States Cyber Consequences Unit
UCL Universal Cyber League
VCBT Virtual Cybernetic Building Testbed
VFAC Virtual Forum against Cybercrime
VMCC Visit Malaysia Cyber Campaign
VIZSEC Visualization for Cyber Security
WCPS Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems
WCG World Cyber Games
WCGC World Cyber Games Challenge
WCGE World Cyber Games Exhibition
WOSC World Organisation of Systems and Cybernetics
WWCC World Wide Cyber Community