Education Abbreviations II

Education can be defined as the process of socialization of individuals. Upon receiving education, a person assimilates and acquires knowledge. Education also involves cultural and behavioral sensitization, where new generations acquire the ways of being in the lives of previous generations.

Education 2

The educational process is materialized in a series of skills and values, which cause intellectual, emotional and social changes in the individual. Depending on the degree of awareness achieved, these values ​​can last a lifetime or only for a certain period of time .
Education can be seen as a real system, as it encompasses some procedures as well as tools. In other words, it doesn’t work alone.

For example, school, college or university education makes use of books so that students acquire knowledge with the help of them and the teacher who teaches the classes.

Physical education, environmental education, financial education and several other types start from the concept of teaching and learning, which is education itself.

In the case of children, education aims to encourage the process of structuring thought and forms of expression. It contributes to the sensorimotor maturity process and encourages integration and group living. Formal or school education, in turn, consists of the systematic presentation of ideas, facts and techniques to students. One person exerts an orderly and voluntary influence over another with the intention of training him. Thus, the school system is the way in which a society transmits and preserves its collective existence among the new generations.
On the other hand , it should be noted that modern society attaches great importance to the concept of permanent or continuing education, which argues that the educational process is not limited to merely childhood and youth, since human beings must acquire knowledge throughout their entire lives. your life. In the field of education, another fundamental aspect is evaluation, which presents the results of the teaching and learning process. Assessment helps improve education and, in a way, is never-ending as each activity performed by an individual is subjected to an analysis to determine whether or not it has achieved its intended goals.

A person is seen by others as educated when he has extensive knowledge in some area of ​​science, for example. And yet, people who have a higher education such as a doctorate or PhD, for example, are seen as being the most educated by other people.

Many relate education with knowledge, judging them to be synonyms. However, it is not so. We can say that education is a type of knowledge, but we cannot say that knowledge is a type of education.

Taking as an example the previous quote about someone who has knowledge having education, a person who has knowledge about synthetic drugs cannot be considered someone who has education.

The same is not true of someone who has knowledge in astronomy, for example, who is known as someone who is educated.

Knowledge is essential for any area, activity or action, while knowledge can be seen as something more related, in some way, to the moral formation of the individual.

With all that has been seen so far, we can conclude that education is also linked to socialization, given that moral formation exists because of the act of socializing.
International Educational Development
International Educational Technology Symposium
International Federation for Business Education
International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression
International Freedom in Education Day
International General Certificate of Secondary Education
International Genetic Counseling Education
International Health and Medical Education Centre
International Health Medical Education Consortium
International Hotel and Motel Educational Exposition
International Indicators of Education Systems
International Institute for Education Policy, Planning and Management
International Institute for Educational Leadership
International Institute for Global Education
International Institute for Humane Education
International Institute for Science, Technology and Education
International Institute of Educational Planning
International Intercultural Education
International Journal for Technology in Mathematics Education
International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
International Journal of Education and the Arts
International Journal of Educational Advancement
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education
International Journal of Mathematics Education
International Language in Education Conference
International Leaders in Education Program
International Master in Entrepreneurship Education and Training
International Medical Education Directory
International Medical University Natural Education
International Military Education & Training Program
international military education and training
International Mobility in Higher Education Program
International Multi-Channel Action Group for Education
International Network for Educational Improvement
International Network for Information in Science and Technology Education
International Office for Water Education
International Partnerships in Education
International Quarterly of Community Health Education
International Radiation Education Symposium
International Radio Action Training Education
International Research and Education in Engineering
International Research and Educational Society
International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education
International Restructuring Education Network Europe
International Review of Education
International Review of Education
International School of Postgraduate Medical Education
International Schools Educational Olympiad
International Science and Education Council
International Sephardic Education Foundation
International Society for Design and Development in Education
International Society for Music Education
International Society for Philosophy of Music Education
International Society for Teacher Education
International Society for Technology in Education
International Society of Education Planners
International Soros Science Education Program
International Space Physics Educational Consortium
International Special Education Congress
International Standard Classification of Education
International Standing Conference for the History of Education
International Symposium for Progress in Music Education
International Technology Education Association
International Theological Education
International Training and Education Conference
International Virtual Education Network
International Youth Education Program
Internationalizing Doctoral Education in Business
Internet Education Foundation
Internet Insurance Education Services
Internet Legal Education and Development
Internet Plasma Physics Educational Experience
Interparish Religious Education Program
Interpreter Education Program
Interprofessional Education
Inter-Professional Education
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Core
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum
Interservice Industry Training Systems and Education Conference
Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference
Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference
Interstate Migrant Education Council
Intervention Through Arts Education
Investment Company Institute Education Foundation
Investor Education Fund
IOC Committee for Training, Education, and Mutual Assistance in the Marine Sciences
Iosco Regional Educational Service Agency
Iowa Business Education Association
Iowa City Home Education Network
Iowa Educational Media Association
Iowa State Educational Association
Iowa Technology and Education Connection
Iowa Test of Educational Development
Iranian Journal of Medical Education
Irish Association of Teachers in Special Education
Irish Journal of Education
Islamic Education and Services Institute
Islamic Educational Center
Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
Islington Education Library Service
IT Consulting and Education
Ithaca Public Education Initiative
James Madison Education Fund, Inc.
James Randi Educational Foundation
James Randi Educational Fund
Japan Architectural Education and Information Center
Japan Association for Promotion of Educational Technology
Japan Association of Investors Education
Japan Audio-visual Education Association
Japan Comparative Education Society
Japan Festival Education Trust
Japan Overseas Educational Services
Japan Society of Earth Science Education
Japan Society of Science Education
Japanese Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education
Japanese Education Culture Center
Japanese-US Community Education and Exchange
Java Education & Development Initiative
Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
Jazz Education Network
Jazz Educational Concert Center
Jefferson County Education Association
Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute
Jeollanamdo Educational Training Institute
Jesuit Secondary Education Association
Jeunesse Education Populaire
Jewelers Educational Foundation
Jewish Education Center of Cleveland
Jewish Educational Alliance
Jewish Educational Center
Jewish Educational Movement
Jewish Educational Services of North America
Jewish Special Education Collaborative
Jharkhand Education Project Council
Job and Career Education Center
Job Opportunities in Virginia Education
Job Skills Education Program
Jobs and Education Empowerment Project
Jobs and Education Partnership Board
Jobs Placement, Education and Training
Joetsu University of Education
Joining Up Organisations to Support New Engineering Pathways Into Higher Education
Joint Area Museum Education Service
Joint Committee on Higher Education
Joint Council on Economic Education
Joint Council on Educational Television
Joint Doctrine Education and Training Electronic Information System
Joint Education Curriculum Committee
Joint Education Initiative
Joint Educational Facilities, Inc.
Joint Educational Services in Special Education
Joint Educational Training Center
Joint Endeavour for Welfare, Education and Liberation
Joint Multi-dimensional Education and Analysis Modeling System
Joint Review Committee on Education in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Joint Technological Education District
Joint University Initiative for Coach Education
Jonio Educational Film Festival
Jordanian Education for Water and Environmental Leadership
Jordanian-American Commission for Educational Exchange
Journal Dental Education Association
Journal for Social Science Education
Journal for the Education of the Gifted
Journal in Education
Journal of Adult Theological Education
Journal of Adult Theological Education
Journal of Aesthetic Education
Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education
Journal of American Indian Education
Journal of Architectural Education
Journal of Art Design Education
Journal of Aviation Aerospace Education and Research
Journal of Biological Education
Journal of Chemical Education
Journal of Chiropractic Education
Journal of Computer Science Education
Journal of Computing in Higher Education
Journal of Dental Education
Journal of Distance Education
Journal of Distance Education Technologies
Journal of Earth System Science Education
Journal of Economic Education
Journal of Education for Library and Information Science
Journal of Education for Teaching
Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation
Journal of Educational Change
Journal of Educational Measurement
Journal of Educational Psychology
Journal of Educational Research
Journal of Educational Technology
Journal of Educational Technology and Society
Journal of Educational Television
Journal of Educational Thought
Journal of Engineering Education
Journal of General Education
Journal of Geoscience Education
Journal of Higher Education
Journal of Information Systems Education
Journal of Legal Studies Education
Journal of Management Education
Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education
Journal of Music Teacher Education
Journal of Music Theory Education
Journal of Negro Education
Journal of Nursing Education
Journal of Nutrition Education
Journal of Physical Therapy Education
Journal of Research in International Education
Journal of Social Work Education
Journal of Special Education
Journal of Statistics Education
Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
Journal of Veterinary Medical Education
Journalism Education Association
Judge Education and Certification Committee
Judges Education Committee Co-chair
Judicial Education Program
Judiciary Education and Conference Center
Juneau Education Support Staff
Junior Certificate of Education
Just Enough Education to Perform
Justice Education in Catholic Schools
Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program
K-12 Energy Education Program
Kalakaua Marine Education Center
Kankakee Area Special Education Cooperative
Kansas Alliance for Education
Kansas Association for the Education of Young Children
Kansas Board of Education
Kansas Hospital Education and Research Foundation
Kansas Research and Education Network
Kaplan Continuing Education
Kaplan Higher Education Campuses
Kaplan Higher Education Corporation
Kaplan Virtual Education
Karamoja Integrated Rural Education Project
Karnataka Lingayat Education
Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board
Kathmandu Environmental Education Project
Kaufman Management Education Center
Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement
Kelston Deaf Education Centre
Kendall County Special Education Cooperative
Kennedy Center Alliance for Arts Education Network
Kent Adult Education Service
Kentucky Alliance for Arts Education
Kentucky Applied Technology Education Association
Kentucky Department of Education
Kentucky Education Association
Kentucky Education Technology Conference
Kentucky Educational Reform Act
Kentucky Educational Reform Act
Kentucky Educational Speech and Drama Association, Inc.
Kentucky Educational Television
Kentucky Equine Education Project
Kentucky University Partnership for Environmental Education
Kenya Institute of Education
Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network
Kern Environmental Education Foundation
Kern Environmental Education Program
Kerry Education Service
Kettering Center for Continuing Education
Key Education Resources
Kidney Education and You
Kidney Education Outreach Program
Kids Educational Empowerment Program
Kingdom Education for Young Scholars
Kip McGrath Education Centres
Kip McGrath Education Centres Ltd.
Kirkwood Center for Continuing Education
Kirkwood Ski Education Foundation
Kittitas Environmental Education Network
Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network
Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project
Knapptime Adoption Rescue and Education
Knowledge Universe Education
Knowledge Workers Educational Alliance
Konocti Education Association
Koorie Education Strategy Team
Koorie Open Door Education
Korea Exposure and Education Program
Korea Multimedia Education Center
Korean American Special Education Center
Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union
Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union
Kosovo Centre for Public Safety, Education and Development
Kovai Kalaimagal Educational Trust Coimbatore
Kurdish American Education Society
Kurzweil Educational Systems, Inc.
Kyoto University of Education
Kyrgyz Academy of Education
La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation
La Semaine de l’Education Internationale
Labor Education Action Program
Labor Education and Research Center
Labor Education and Research Network
Labor Education in the Americas Project
Laboratory Education from North Dakota
Lafayette Educational Complex
LaGrange Area Department of Special Education
Lake County Education Association
Lake County Office of Education
Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
Landmark Education Corporation
Lane County Education Association
Language Education Institute
Laser Aircrew Safety & Education Demonstrator
Lassen County Office of Education
Latin America Working Group Education Fund
Latin American Research, Education and Development
Latvian Adult Education Association
Lauderdale County Education Association
Law Courts Education Society
Law Enforcement Education Program
Law Focused Education Inc
Law on Higher Education Establishments
Law-Related Education
Lead Health Education Teacher Questionnaire
Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace
Leaders in Fitness Education
Leaders in Management Education
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund
Leadership Education Adventure Program
Leadership Education And Development Program in Business, Inc.
Leadership Education Excellence in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Leadership Education for Adult Professionals
Leadership Education for Advancement and Promotion
Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics, Inc.
Leadership Education Growth Opportunities
Leadership Education in Adolescent Health
Leadership Education Mentoring Institute
Leadership Education Partnership
Leadership Education Training
Leadership Education/Action Development
Leadership for Quality Education
Leadership Foundation for Higher Education
Leadership in Education About Alcohol and Drugs
Leadership in Educational and Sport Organizations
Leadership in Environmental Education Partnership
Leading Education and Development in Evolving Regions
Leading Enterprise Education Partnerships
League Football Education
League for Educational Awareness of the Holocaust
League of Educational Administrators, Directors and Superintendents of Saskatchewan
League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund
Lean Education Academic Network
Learning About MP3 Encoding (educational tool)
Learning Education Advantage Program
Learning Education Resources Network
Learning Enrichment Education Program
Learning Occupational Career Abilities Through Education
Learning, Education and Training
Learning, Education, and Development
Learning, Education, Assessment and Performance
Lebanese Center for Civic Education
Lebanese National Commission for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Lee County Education Association
Lee Education and Resource Network
Leeds Development Education Centre
Legal Defense and Education Fund
Legal Education Access Program
Legal Education and Action Fund
Legal Education Podcasting Project
Legislative Education Network of DuPage
Legislative Education Planning Committee
Leonardo Education and Art Forum
Leopold Education Project
Lesotho Educational Research Association
Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership
Leveraging Educational Partnership
Levy County Education Association
Liberal Arts and Education Building
Liberal Education and America’s Promise
Liberal Education for Arts Professionals
Liberia Orphan Education Project
Liberian Education Assistance Project
Libraries for Virtual Education
Library Education Division
Library Education Group
Library Education Unit
Lieutenant Governor for Education and Training
Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
Life Centered Career Education
Life Education And Property
Life Skills Education
Lifelong Education and Awareness Programme
Lifelong Learning and Educational Access Program
Life-Skills Education
Ligue Internationale pour l’Éducation Nouvelle
Limb Loss Education and Awareness Program
Lincoln Medical Education Partnership
Lincoln-Douglas Education Project
Lindbergh Early Childhood Education
Lingnan Institute of Further Education
Linking Academic Scholars to Educational Resources
Literacy Adult Basic Education
Literacy and Education Research Network
Literacy Education Information System
Literacy Education Online
Lithuanian Adult Education Association
Little Elephant Training Centre for Early Education
Little Tennessee Valley Educational Cooperative
Littleton Education Association
Livermore Valley Education Foundation
Living Education
Living for Young Families through Education
Livingston County Education Alliance
Livingston Educational Service Agency
Loan and Educational Aid Program
Local Board of Education
Local Education Agency
Local Education Agency Plan
Local Education Agency Program
Local Education Authority
Local Education Funds
Local Education Partnership
Local Education Service
Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority
Local Officer for Medical Education
Local Special Education Advisory Committee
Local Vocational Education Coordinator
Location Independent Collaboration in Higher Education Networks
Logistics Assistance Program Continuing Education Program
Logistics Education Advancement Program
Logistics Education Assistance Fund
Lonestar Education And Research Network
Long Island Education Coalition
Looking Inward Toward Education
Los Angeles Educational Partnership
Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair
Loss of Valuable Education
Lost Valley Educational Center
Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents
Louisiana Art Education Association
Louisiana Association for the Education of Young Children
Louisiana Association of Career and Technical Education
Louisiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Louisiana Department of Education
Louisiana Department of Education
Louisiana Education Loan Authority
Louisiana Education Quality Support Fund
Louisiana Education Research Association
Louisiana Educational Assessment Program
Louisiana Educational Leaders Network
Louisiana Educational Television Authority
Loup City Education Association
Loving Education At Home (New York
Lower Certificate of Education
Lower Merion Voices United for Equity in Education
Lower Secondary Education Development Project
Loyola Institute of Vocational Education
Loyola University Medical Education Network
Ludlow Education Assistance Fund
LULAC National Educational Service Centers, Inc
Lutheran Education Association
Lutheran Education Association of Houston
Lutheran Special Education Ministries
Lynch School of Education
Lyon County Education Association
Maasai Women for Education and Economic Development
Macmillan National Institute of Education
Maersk Iternational Shipping Education
Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training
Mahoning Valley Vision for Education
Maine Association for Middle Level Education
Maine Educational Assessment
Maine Educational Center for Assistive Technology and Software
Maine Home Education Association
Maine Medicare Education Partnership
Maine Township Special Education Program
Maju Institute of Educational Development
Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools and Education
Making Waves Education Program
Malawi Institute of Education
Malawi School Certificate of Education
Maldives College of Higher Education
Malnad Technical Education Society
Management Education Center
Management Education Program
Management Education Services Associates
Managerial Education and Personal Information Systems
Managing Basic Education
Mandatory Continued Legal Education
Mandatory Continuing Education
Mandatory Continuing Education for Psychologists
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education
Mandatory Continuing Professional Education
Manipal Academy of Higher Education
Manipal Institute of Computer Education
Manitoba Council for Leadership in Education
Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre
Manitoba Tourism Education Council
Manpower, Personnel, Training, and Education
Manufactured Housing Educational Institute
Mar Elias Educational Institution
Maricopa Association of Chicanos in Higher Education
Maricopa Association of Chicanos in Higher Education
Marine Advanced Technology Education Center
Marine Corps Satellite Education Network
Marine Environmental Education Trust
Marine Institute: Network of Educational Topics
Marine Public Education Office
Marion Education Association
Maritime Education Initiative
Marketing Education Review
Marquess Educational Consultants, Ltd.
Marxism and Education: Renewing Dialogues
Maryland Association for Higher Education
Maryland Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities
Maryland Business Roundtable for Education
Maryland Healthcare Education Institute
Maryland Home Education Association
Maryland State Department of Education
Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education
Massachusetts Center for Career and Technical Education
Massachusetts Coalition for Adult Education
Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education
Massachusetts Education Computer Network
Master of Arts in Christian Education
Master of Arts in Education
Master of Arts in Educational Technology
Master of Arts in Higher Education
Master of Arts in Religious Education
Master of Arts, Education
Master of Business Education
Master of Distance Education
Master of Education
Master of Education
Master of Education
Master of Education in Elementary Education
Master of Education Professional Development
Master of Educational Technology
Master of Higher Education
Master of Management in Education
Master of Physical Education
Master of Physical Education
Master of Professional Education and Training
Master of Public Education
Master of Religious Education
Master of Science in Adult Education
Master of Science in Education
Master of Science in Education
Master of Science in Educational Leadership
Master of Science in Secondary Education
Master of Special Education
Masters Music Education
Masters of Education
Masters of Education
Materials Research and Education Center
Math and Science Education
Math and Science Education
Math Science Education Network
Math, Science and Special Education
Mathematica in Education and Research
Mathematics and Computer Education
Mathematics and Education Reform
Mathematics and Science Education
Mathematics and Science Education Network
Mathematics and Science Education Reform
Mathematics Education Partnership Program
Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia
Mathematics Education Student Association
Mathematics Education Technology Research Imperial College
Mathematics Education Traditions of Europe
Mathematics Education Trust
Mathematics in Education and Industry
Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education
Maynard Institute for Journalism Education
McGill Journal of Education
Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience
Mechatronics Education Center
Media in Education Trust
Media, Advertising, Publishing, Printing, and Packaging Sector Education Training Authority
Medical and Dental Education Levy
Medical and Dental Education Network
Medical Artists’ Education Trust
Medical Education and Communication Company Alliance
Medical Education and Research
Medical Education and Research Institute of Colorado
Medical Education Centre
Medical Education Clinic Unit
Medical Education Collaborative
Medical Education Committee
Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba
Medical Education Development and Leadership
Medical Education Development Unit
Medical Education England
Medical Education for National Defense
Medical Education for South African Blacks
Medical Education Online
Medical Education Partnership Initiative
Medical Education Program Assistant
Medical Education Research & Training
Medical Education Resources
Medical Education Solutions Group
Medical Education Speakers Network
Medical Education Standards Board
Medical Education Support Unit
Medical Education Technologies, Inc.
Medical Education Training
Medical Training and Education Council
Medical, Educational and Scientific Foundation
Medically Oriented Vocational Education
Medway Education Business Partnership
Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education
Melbourne Centre for Japanese Language Education
Member of Australian Council for Computers in Education
Member of Indian Society for Technical Education
Member of the Australian College of Education
Members and Education Credit Union
Men in Early Childhood Education
Mennonite Board of Education
Mennonite Education Agency
Mennonite Educational Institute
Mennonite Secondary Education Council
Mensa Education and Research Foundation
Mental Health Education Initiative
Mental Health Education Resource Centre
Mental Illness Education
Merck Institute for Science Education
Metabolic Endocrine Education Foundation
Metadata Education and Research Information Center
Metadata for Education Group
Metagenics Educational Programs
Methadone Patient Support and Community Education Project
Methods in Distance Education
Metropolitan Adult Education Program
Metropolitan Educational Council
Metropolitan Institute for Leadership in Education
Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency
Metta Trust for Children’s Education
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund
Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education
Michigan Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Michigan Association of Continuing Education and Training
Michigan Association of Educational Broadcasters
Michigan Association of Higher Education
Michigan Center for Career and Technical Education
Michigan Council for History Education
Michigan Department of Education
Michigan Education Assessment Program
Michigan Education Association
Michigan Education Savings Plan
Michigan Educational Research and Information Triad
Michigan Foundation for Education Leadership
Michigan Hospitality Education Alliance
Michigan Industrial Education Society
Michigan Technical Education Center
Micro Robot Design Education Center
Microcomputers and Primary Education
Microcomputers in Education Conference
Microelectronic Systems Education
Microelectronics Systems Education
Mid-America Regional Interpreter Education
Mid-Atlantic Collaborative for Applied Research in Education
Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning
Middle Childhood Education
Middle East Peace Education Program
Middle Level Education Institute
Middle School Education
Middlesboro Board of Education
Middleware Architectural Committee for Education
Mid-South Educational Research Association
Midwest Association of Teachers of Educational Psychology
Midwest Center for Holocaust Education
Midwest Institute for Medical Education
Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service
Midwest Philosophy of Education Society
Midwest Regional Association for Developmental Education
Midwifery Education Accreditation Council
Migrant Education Program
Milieu, Education, Nature et Société
Military Advanced Education
Military Child Education Coalition
Military Education Level
Milwaukee Tennis Education Foundation
Mine Risk Education
Minerals Education Trust Fund
Minimum Continuing Legal Education
Minimum Educational Requirement
Minister for Education
Ministere de l’Education du Quebec
Ministère de l’Education National
Ministère de l’Education National
Ministere de l’Education Nationale de la Recherche et de Technologie
Ministère de l’éducation Nationale, de la Recherche et de la Technologie
Ministère de l’éducation Nationale, de la Recherche et de la Technologie
Ministry of Advanced Education
Ministry of Culture and Higher Education
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Education and Culture
Ministry of Education and Higher Education
Ministry of Education and Research
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Ministry of Education and Vocational Training
Ministry of Education and Youth
Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Ministry of Education, Research and Youth
Ministry of Education, Science & Technology
Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture
Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology
Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Higher Education Science and Technology
Ministry of National Education
Ministry of National Education and Scientific Research
Ministry of National Education and Sport
Ministry of Public Education
Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education
Minnesota Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
Minnesota Center for Arts Education
Minnesota Community Education Association
Minnesota Continuing Legal Education
Minnesota Department of Education
Minnesota Education Association
Minnesota Educational Computing Corporation
Minnesota Emergency Readiness Education and Training
Minnesota Institute of Legal Education
Minnesota Minority Education Partnership, Inc
Minnetonka Home Education Association
Minority Intervention and Kidney Education
Minority Medical Education Program
Minority Outreach Research and Education
Minority Teacher Education Scholarship
Minority University Research and Education Division
Minuteman Education Program
Mission Springs Outdoor Education
Mississippi Adequate Education Program
Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program
Mississippi Construction Education Foundation
Mississippi Department of Education
Missouri Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
Missouri Education and Career Hotlink
Missouri Industrial Technology Education Association
Mitchell College of Advanced Education
Mizoram Board of School Education
Mobile Area Education Foundation
Mobile Education Resource Vehicle
Mobile Education Team
Mobile Education Training Team
Mobile Internet-Educational Unit on Boats
Mobile Multimedia Education Platform
Mobility Opportunities Via Education
Model Teacher Education Consortium
Modeling & Simulation Research & Education Center
Modes of Teacher Education Project
Mohawk College Association of Continuing Education Students
Mon National Education Committee
Money Attitude Direction Education
Mongolian State University of Education
Montana Association for Career and Technical Education
Montana Rural Education Association
Monterey Bay Education, Science and Technology Center
Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education
Montessori Education Center of the Rockies
Montessori Education Institute of the Pacific Northwest
Montessori Educational Programs International
Montgomery County Education Forum
Montville Education Foundation
Moral Education
Moreno Valley Education Foundation
Morgan Hunter Education Division
MorningStar Educational Network
Moroccan American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange
Mortgage and Educational Loan Office
Mothers Against Lousy Education
Motorcycle Rider Education
Mount Vernon Educational Foundation
Mountain View Educational Foundation
Mt. Lebanon Foundation for Education
Multi Family Psychoeducational Group
Multi-Cultural and Anti-Racist Education
Multicultural Education and Youth Association
Multicultural Education for Resource Issues Threatening Oceans
Multi-Cultural Education Program
Multicultural Education Training and Advocacy
Multidisciplinary Education in Geriatrics and Aging
Multidisciplinary Pediatric Education and Evaluation Consortium
Multilateral Education System
Multimedia Education Network for Teaching, Output and Research
Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
Multimedia Optimisation and Demonstration for Education in Microelectronics
Multimedia, Education and Narrative Organisation
Multiple Sclerosis Education Network
Multiprofessional Education
Multisensory Intervention Through Consultation and Education
Multnomah Education Service District
Municipal Clerks Education Foundation
Museum Education Roundtable
Museum Educational Site Licensing
Museums and Universities Supporting Educational Enrichment
Music Education Reaching Instrumental Talents
Music Education Resource Base
Music, Arts, Physical Education
Muslim Education and Welfare Association
Muslim Educational and Cultural Association
Muslim Educational and Cultural Committee for Awareness
Muslim Educational Society
Muslims and Home Education
Mutuelle Générale de l’Education Nationale
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Research Group for Education and Support
Myanmar Education Research Bureau
Nakoda Oyade Education Centre
Namibia Environmental Education Network
Namibian Education Research Association
Nanoscale Informal Science Education
Naples Children and Education Foundation
NASA Research and Education Network
Nashville Alliance for Public Education
Nation Association of Partners in Education
National Abstinence Education Association
National Academy for Educational Management
National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs
National Advice Centre for Postgraduate Dental Education
National Advice Centre for Postgraduate Medical Education
National Advisory Committee on Special Education
National Advisory Council on Radio in Education
National African American Tobacco Education Network
National Agency for Education
National Agricultural Education System
National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education and Economics
National Alliance for Civic Education
National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research
National Alliance for Medicaid in Education
National Alliance for Restructuring Education
National Alliance for the Fundamental Right to Education
National Art Education Association
National Assessment of Educational Progress
National Assistive Technology in Education Network
National Association for Able Children in Education
National Association for Adult Education
National Association for Bilingual Education
National Association for Continuing Education
National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education
National Association for Geriatric Education
National Association for Multicultural Education
National Association for Music Education
National Association for Music Education
National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service
National Association for the Education of Young Children
National Association for Trade Union Research and Education
National Association of Business and Educational Radio
National Association of Educational Procurement
National Association of Educational Progress
National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators
National Association of Gallery Education
National Association of Presidential Assistants in Higher Education
National Association of State Boards of Education
National Association of State Coordinators for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth
National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education
National Association of State Directors of Special Education
National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification
National Association of Supervisors of Business Education
National Association of Youth and Community Education Officers
National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation
National Board for Technical Education
National Business Education Association
National Campaign for Real Nursery Education
National Catholic Educational Association
National Center for Education Research
National Center for Education Statistics
National Center for Financial Education
National Center for Health Education
National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
National Center for Homeless Education
National Center for Montessori Education
National Center for Public Education
National Center for Science Education
National Center for Teacher Education
National Center for the Study of Postsecondary Educational Supports
National Center on Research in Vocational Education
National Center on Secondary Education
National Centre for Biotechnology Education
National Centre for Education and Training Statistics
National Centre for Education Research and Development
National Centre for Research in Music Education and Sound Arts
National Centre for Technology in Education
National Certificate Educational Achievement
National Certificate in Education
National Certificate of Further Education
National Cholesterol Education Program
National Cholesterol Education Program stage 1
National Christian Education Council
National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education
National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities
National Coaches Education Program
National Coalition for Aviation Education
National Coalition for Technology in Education and Training
National Coalition to Support Sexuality Education
National College of Education
National College of Physical Education
National College of Physical Education and Sports
National Commission for Nomadic Education
National Commission on Higher Education
National Commission on Safety Education
National Committee for Public Education And Religious Liberty
National Community Education Association
National Computer Education Committee
National Conference on Medical Education
National Consortium for Education in Primary Medical Care
National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
National Council for Community and Education Partnerships
National Council for Education
National Council for Further Education
National Council for History Education
National Council for Special Education
National Council for Spirit Safety and Education
National Council for Teacher Education
National Council for Tertiary Education
National Council of Educational Research and Training
National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs
National Council of State Directors of Adult Education
National Council on Measurement in Education
National Council on Rehabilitation Education
National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training
National Cross Country Ski Education Foundation
National Curriculum Physical Education
National Defense Education Act
National Director of Rider Education
National Dissemination Center for Career and Technical Education
National Distance Education Association
National Economic Social Education and Cultural Foundation
National Education
National Education and Research Broadband Backbone Network
National Education and the Arts Network
National Education and Training Advisory Committee
National Education Assessment System
National Education Assistance Administration
National Education Association
National Education Association Foundation
National Education Association-Representative Assembly
National Education Business Partnership Network
National Education Center for Agricultural Safety
National Education Center for Women in Business
National Education Centers, Inc.
National Education Collaborative
National Education Consulting, Inc.
National Education Crisis Committee
National Education Fund
National Education Guidelines
National Education Information System
National Education Management System
National Education Monitoring Project
National Education Policy Center
National Education Policy Institute
National Education Policy Network
National Education Research Panel
National Education Statistical Information Systems
National Education Strategy
National Education Summit
National Education Technology Plan
National Education Technology Writers Association
National Education Telecommunications Network
National Education Telecommunications Organization
National Education Trust
National Education Welfare Board
National Educational Company of Zambia
National Educational Computing Association
National Educational Computing Conference
National Educational Seminar
National Educational Service
National Educational Technology Standards
National Educational Technology Standards for Students
National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers
National Educational Telecommunications Association
National Educational Television
National Emergency Medical Services Education Standards
National Endowment for Financial Education
National Energy Education Development
National Engineering Education Delivery System
National Environmental Education and Training Foundation
National Forum on Education Statistics
National Foundation for Arts Education
National Foundation for IPM Education
National Graduate Teacher Education
National Guard Educational Foundation
National Health Education Group
National Health Education Standard
National Health Education, Information and Communication Center
National Household Education Survey
National Humane Education Society
National Indian Education Association
National Information Technology in Education Centre
National Institute for Christian Education
National Institute for Consumer Education
National Institute for Early Education Research
National Institute for Holocaust Education
National Institute for Science Education
National Institute of Education
National Institute of Higher Education
National Institute of Multimedia Education
National Institute of Nutritional Education
National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
National Institute of Science Education and Research
National Institute of Technical Education Certificate
National Institute of Technical Education of Sri Lanka
National Institute of Vocational Education
National Institute on Cooperative Education
National Judicial Education Program
National Library of Education
National Lung Health Education Program
National Maritime Resource and Education Center
National Medicare Education Program
National Nursery Education Board
National Officer on Medical Education
National Organization for Human Service Education
National Pain Education Council
National Pension Education Association
National Policy on Education
National Population Education Project
National Postsecondary Education Cooperative
National Preretirement Education Association
National Public Education Financial Survey
National Reptile Educational Association
National Research & Education Network
National Resource Centre for Value Education
National Resource for Computers in Life Science Education
National Rural Education Association
National Safety Education Center
National Schools Committee for Economic Education, Inc.
National Science Education Content Standards
National Security Higher Education Advisory Board
National Skin Cancer Education Program
National Society for the Study of Education
National Society of Agents for Consumer Education
National Standards for Physical Education
National STAR Training Network (US Department of Education)
National Study of Graduate Education in Internal Medicine
National Suborbital Education and Research Center
National Technical Education and Skills Development Plan
National Telecommunication Education Committee
National Tertiary Education Union
National University Continuing Education Association
National University of Educational Planning and Administration
National Vocational and Technical Education Commission
National Vocational Education and Training Research and Evaluation
National Voter Education Committee
Nationview Outdoor Education Centre
Nationwide Educational Computer Service
Native American Leadership in Education
Native Teacher Education Program
NATO Education and Training Network
Natrona County Education Association
Natural History, Education, Science, Technology
Natural Resources Education Center
Natural Sciences and Science Education
Naturalistic Education Theory
Naturist Education Foundation
Navajo Education Technology Consortium
Naval Education & Training Center
Naval Education & Training Command
Naval Education & Training Program Management Support Activity
Naval Education and Training Security Assistance Field Activity International Training Center
Navy Employee Development Education Development System
Navy Enlisted Nursing Education Program
Nazarene International Education Association
Nebraska Association for the Education of Young Children
Nebraska Coalition for Music Education
Nebraska Educational Media Association
Nebraska Educational Technology Association
Nebraska Educational Television
Negotiated Education Plan
Negro Educational Emergency Drive
Nelson Bays Education Business Partnership
Neo Education and Charitable Trust
Neonatal Orientation and Education Program
Netherlands Education Support Office
Network Education Exchange
Network for Continuing Medical Education
Network for Education and Research in Oregon
Network for Education, Training and Research Initiatives
Network of Centres and Institutes in Education
Network of Education Policy Centers
Network of International Education Associations
Network-Based Mobile Education
Neutraceutical Research and Education Act
New England Educational Assessment Network
New Generation Education
New Hampshire Educational Media Association
New Hampshire Higher Education Loan Corporation
New Hampshire Society for Technology in Education
New Horizons in Industry, Business and Education
New Jersey Adapted Physical Education
New Jersey Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
New Jersey Better Educational Savings Trust
New Jersey Center for Science and Technology Education
New Jersey Center for Science Technology and Mathematics Education
New Jersey Department of Education
New Jersey Education Association
New Jersey Network for Educational Renewal
New Jersey Society for Public Health Education
New Jersey Stem Cell Research & Education Foundation
New Member Education
New Member Education
New Mexico Alliance for Science Education
New Mexico Geriatric Education Center
New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention
New Orleans Education Project
New Philadelphia Education Association
New South Wales Computers in Education Group
New World Sex Education
New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
New York City Department of Education
New York City Department of Education
New York Conservation Education Fund
New York Education Association
New York Institute of Dance and Education
New York State Coalition for Health Education
New York State Dance Education Association
New Zealand Association for Environmental Education
New Zealand Education Centre
Newfoundland and Labrador Association for Adult Education
Newham College of Further Education
Newspaper Education Trust
Newspaper In Education
Newspapers in Education
Newspapers in Nursing Education
NIAID HIV Vaccine Research Education Initiative (US NIH)
Nigeria Certificate in Education
Nigeria DHS EdData (Education Data) Survey (National Population Commission; Abuja, Nigeria)
Nigerian Association of Agricultural Education
Nigerian National Council for Adult Education
Nine-Year Compulsory Education
Ningxiang Vocational Education Center
Nippon Educational Computing Association
Nitte Education Trust
No Education Required
Non Formal Education
Non-Advanced Further Education
Noncommercial Education
Non-Commercial Educational
Non-Commissioned Officer Education System
Non-Formal Adult Education
Non-Formal Education Division
Nonpartisan Education Review
Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials
Nonprofit Education Initiative
Nonproliferation Policy Education Center
Non-Public Education
Non-public Educational Services, Inc.
Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission
Nordic Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education
Norfolk Education & Action for Development
North American Society of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance
North Carolina Alliance for Athletics, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
North Carolina Association for the Education of Young Children
North Carolina Center for Character Education
North Carolina Character Education Partnership
North Carolina Education Lottery
North Carolina Parenting Education Network
North Carolinians for Home Education
North Central Education Foundation
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
North Coast Education Services
North Dakota Education Association
North Down and Ards Institute of Further and Higher Education
North Eastern Education and Library Board
North Island Distance Education School
North Nova Education Center
North Western Ontario Association for Mathematics Education
Northeast Energy Education NetCenter
Northeast Informal Science Education Network
Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio
Northern College of Further Education
Northern Council for Further Education
Northern Ireland Business Education Partnership
Northern Ireland Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
Northern Ireland Network for Education
Northern Lebanon Education Association
Northern Nishnawbe Education Council
Northern Ontario Education Leaders
Northern Rockies Educational Services, Inc.
Northern Teachers Education Program
Northern Wisconsin Area Health Education Center
Northwest Energy Education Institute
Northwest Ohio Educational Technology
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund
Norwich Institute for Language Education
not in education, employment or training
Not in Employment Education or Training
Notre Dame Educational Association
Notre Dame Environmental Education and Research
Notre Dame Institute of Education
Novell Authorized Education Center
Nuclear Engineering Education Research
Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program
Nurse Education in Erectile Dysfunction
Nurse Education, Expansion and Development Act
Nurse Oncology Education Program
Nursing Consultant Educational and Health Services
Nursing Education and Staff Development Service
Nursing Education in Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program
Nursing Education Opportunities
Nursing Education Program
Nursing Education Program Approval Board
Nursing Education Research Unit
Nutrition Education and Training
Nutrition Labeling and Education Act
Nutrition Outreach & Education Program
Nutritional Education and Rehabilitation Programme
Nutritional Support to Primary Education
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education
Oakland Schools Education Foundation
Observatoire des Ressources Multimédias en Education
Occupational and Technology Education
Occupational Education, Electronic Service
Ocean Research and Education Society
Ocean Science Education Institute
OECS Education Reform Unit
Office Fédéral de l’Education et de la Science
Office for Educational Development and Evaluation
Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment
Office for Standards in Education
Office for Standards in Education
Office of Adult Education and Literacy
Office of Alcohol and Drug Education
Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs
Office of Career and Technical Education
Office of Church Ministries Education
Office of Communication, Education and Radiation Programs
Office of Community-Based Education and Research
Office of Continuing Education
Office of Continuing Education
Office of Continuing Education and Training
Office of Continuing Medical Education
Office of Dependent Education
Office of Distance Education
Office of Early Care and Education
Office of Early Childhood Education
Office of Education Accountability
Office of Education Performance Audits
Office of Education Services
Office of Education Standards and Evaluation
Office of Educational Development and Research
Office of Educational Innovation and Evaluation
Office of Educational Research
Office of Educational Research and Improvement
Office of Elementary and Secondary Education
Office of Environmental Education
Office of Extramural Research Education and Priority
Office of Global Education
Office of Graduate Medical Education
Office of Health Education
Office of Health Education and Promotion
Office of Indian Education
Office of International Education
Office of Intramural Training and Education
Office of Investor Education and Assistance
Office of Legal Education
Office of Mediated Education
Office of Medical Education Newsletter
Office of Minority Educational Affairs
Office of Minority Educational Development
Office of Physical Education
Office of Postsecondary Education
Office of Public Education Facilities Modernization
Office of Research in Medical Education
Office of Research on Educational Policy
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
Office of Special Education Programs
Office of the Continuing Education Fund
Office of the National Education Commission
Office of the State Superintendent of Education
Office of Training and Education
Office of Training and Tertiary Education
Office of Undergraduate Education
Office of Vocational and Adult Education
Office of Vocational Education Commission
Office of Workforce Preparation and Continuing Education
Office Systems Education & Counseling
Officer Education System
Officer Professional Military Education
Official Languages in Education Protocol
Oglala Nation Education Coalition
Ohio Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
Ohio Association for Developmental Education
Ohio Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel
Ohio Catholic Education Association
Ohio Center for Law-Related Education
Ohio Commons for Digital Education
Ohio Continuing Higher Education Association
Ohio Department of Education
Ohio Directors of Religious Education Organization
Ohio Education Association
Ohio Education Computer Network
Ohio Educational Credit Union
Ohio Educational Library Media Association
Ohio Educational Service Center Association
Ohio Educational Technology Conference
Ohio Humane Education Association
Ohio Prevention and Education Conference
Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation
Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education
Ohio School Speech Pathology Educational Audiology Coalition
Ohio Scientific Education Research Association
Ohio Teacher Education and Licensure Advisory Commission
Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative
Ohio Work Education
Ojai Education Foundation
Oklahoma Center for Arts Education
Oklahoma Council for Indian Education
Oklahoma Education Association
Oklahoma Educational Studies Association
Oklahoma General Education Test
Oklahoma Global Education Consortium
Oklahoma Home and Community Education
Oklahoma Homebuyer Education Association
Oklahoma State Department of Education
Oklahomans for Excellence in Science Education
One Planet Education Network
Online Education Database
Online Foster Parent Education
Online Geoscience Education
Online Higher Education
Online Library of Images for Veterinary Education and Research
Online Networked Childrens’ Education
Online Public Education Network
Ontario Association of Deans of Education
Ontario Council for Technology Education
Ontario Council for University Continuing Education
Ontario Education Number
Ontario Education Services Corporation
Ontario Educational Communications Authority
Ontario Educational Software Services
Ontario Hunter Education Program
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Ontario Medical Education Network
Ontario Provincial Education Network
Ontario Rabbit Education Organization
Ontario Tourism Education Corporation
Open Educational Resources
Open Institute of International Education
Open Knowledge and Education
Open Learning Education Consultants
Open Source Education Foundation
Open University and Continuing Education
Open University Students’ Educational Trust
Operation Lifesaver Educational Vehicle
Options Through Education
Oracle Education Career Program
Oral Deaf Education
Oral Health Care Education
Oral Health Education Program
Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship
Orange County Department of Education
Orange County Office of Education
Oregon Education Association
Oregon Educational Media Association
Oregon Educational Technology Consortium
Oregon Federation of Teachers, Education and Health Professionals
Oregon Forestry Education Program
Oregon Geriatric Education Center
Oregon Home Education Network
Oregon Indian Education Association
Oregon Public Education Network
Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium
Organic Food and Farming Education and Research
Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’Education, la Science et la Culture
Organisation Mondiale pour l’Education Préscolaire
Organization for Education Technology and Curriculum
Organization for Educational Resources and Technological Training
Organization for Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Education and Research
Organization for Medical and Educational Needs
Organization for Quality Education
Organization of Regulatory Administrators of Continuing Legal Education
Orissa Primary Education Programme Authority
Ormsby County Education Association
Osteopathic Graduate Medical Education
Osteopathic Medical Education
Other Minority Educational Institutions
Outcome-Based Education
Outcomes Based Education and Training
Outdoor Adventure Education
Outdoor Education Group
Outdoor Education Group
Outreach and Education
Ovarian Cancer Education Awareness Network
Overlay Education Task Force
Overseas China Education Foundation
Ozarks Educational Research Initiative
Ozarks Wellness Educational Institute
Pacific Alliance for Catholic Education
Pacific Diabetes Education Program
Pacific Education and Research for Leadership in Science
Pacific Educational Services, Inc.
Pacific Health Education Center
Pacific Legal Education Association
Pacific Region Educational Laboratory
Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service for Education
Pacific Resources for Education and Learning
Pacific Resources for Education and Learning Star Schools
Paid Education Leave
Pakistan Education and Research Network
Pakistan Madrassah Education Board
Palo Alto Foundation for Education
Pan African Association for Literacy and Adult Education
Panhandle Area Center for Educational Enhancement
Panhandle Area Educational Consortium
Pan-Pacific Educational and Cultural Experiments by Satellite
Paper and Plastics Education Research
Parent Advocacy Coalition for Educational Rights
Parent Cooperative Education Program
Parent Education and Assistance for Kids
Parent Education and Support
Parent Education for Adults and Children of Hunterdon
Parent Empowerment, Empathy, Anger Management, Character Education and Essential Social Skills
Parent Institute for Quality Education
Parent Involvement in Education
Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education
Parent’s Resource Institute for Drug Education
Parental Rights in Special Education
Parenting Resource and Education Network
Parents Active for Vision Education
Parents for Choice in Education
Parents Seeking Educational Excellence
Parents’ Education as Autism Therapists
Parents’ National Education Union
Parkinson’s Educational Program
Parramatta Education Centre
Participation in Nurse Education
Partner Online Education Series
Partners for International Education and Training
Partners for the Advancement of CAD/CAM/CAE Education
Partners in Education
Partners in Education and Research for Kindergarten Success
Partnership for Afterschool Education
Partnership for Education
Partnership for Educational Revitalization in the Americas
Partnership for Environmental Technology Education
Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education
Partnership for Higher Education in Africa
Partnership for Research and Education in Materials
Partnership for Water Education and Research
Partnership to Improve Science Education
Partnerships for International Research and Education
Pastoral Counseling and Education Center
Pathways to Quality Education
Patient and Family Education
Patient Education and Recovery Learning System
Patient Education Concepts
Patient Education Institute
Patient Education Library
Patient Education Media, Inc.
Patient Education Research Center
Patient Health Education Coordinator
Pattison Education Group, Inc.
Paul Hall Center for Maritime Training and Education
Peabody Journal of Education
Peace Action Education Fund
Peace Education Commission
Peace Education Standing Commission
Peace Education, Arts and Cultural Empowerment
Pearson Education Canada
Pearson Education Canada
Pearson Educational Measurement
Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals
Pediatric-Educational Audiology Emphasis
Pediatrics Review and Education Program
Peer Education Network
Peer Education Program
Peffer Western Environmental Education Program
Peninsula Higher Education Center
Peninsula Vocational Education and Training
Penn Center for Educational Leadership
Penn Hills Education Association
Pennsylvania Alliance for Character Education
Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Education
Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education
Pennsylvania Business Education Association
Pennsylvania Conservation Voters Education League
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers
Pennsylvania Educational Network for Eating Disorders
Pennsylvania Educational Technology Corporation
Pensioner Education Supplement
People Accessing Careers and Education
People Advocating Vaccine Education
People’s Education and Economic Development Society
People’s Rural Education Movement
Peoples Education Society
Peoples Educational Holdings, Inc.
Peoria Educational Region for Employment and Career Training
Performance Based Teacher Education
Perinatal Continuing Education Connection
Perinatal Continuing Education Program
Perinatal HIV Reduction and Education Demonstration Activities
Perpetual Education Fund
Perpich Center for Arts Education
Perry Township Education Foundation
Personal and Social Education
Personal Development Education
Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
Personal Education Number
Personal Education Plan
Personal Hygiene and Sanitation Education
Personal Responsibility Values Education and Training
Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education
Personal, Social and Health Education
Personal, Social and Health Education
Personal, Social and Humanities Education
Personal, Social and Humanities Education
Peterborough College of Adult Education
Pfizer Compliance Education Center
Pharmaceutical Education & Research Institute
Pharmaceutical Education and Research Development Centre
Pharmacy Education Management System
Phase of Education
Philanthropic and Educational Organization for Women
Philippine Educational Placement Test
Philippine-American Educational Foundation
Philippines Australia Technical and Vocational Education Project
Philosophy of Adult Education Inventory
Philosophy of Education Society
Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia
Philosophy of Mathematics Education
Phoenix Area Medical Education Consortium
Physical Activity and Educational Services
Physical and Sport Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education
Physical Education & Recreational Training
Physical Education Activity Program
Physical Education and Sport
Physical Education and Tourism Management
Physical Education Building East
Physical Education Building West
Physical Education Center
Physical Education Index
Physical Education Instruction
Physical Education Majors and Minors
Physical Education Management
Physical Education Officer
Physical Education Recreation
Physical Education Recreation
Physical Education Student Organization
Physical Education Teacher
Physical Education, Physical Activity
Physical Education, Physical Fitness
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
Physical Education/Sports Communication
Physical Social Education
Physician Assessment and Clinical Education
Physician Initiated Continuing Medical Education
Physician’s Evaluation and Educational Review in Emergency Medicine
Physicians’ Education Resource
Physicians’ Education Resource
Physics Educational Assistance, Resources and Learning Strategies
Piedmont Education Services
Pima College Adult Education
Pine Tree Education Foundation
Pinellas County Education Foundation
Pinellas Technical Education Centers
Piping Industry, Progress and Education
Piracy Deterrence and Education Act
Pittsburgh Council on Public Education
Place-Based Education
Placement Test in English for Educational Purposes
Placer County Office of Education
Plan A College Education
Planet Immigration & Education Consultancy
Planned Educational Leave Program
Plano Academic Creative Education
Plastic and Rubber Training Education Centre
Plastic Surgery Education Campaign
Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation
Platform for International Education
Playwork Education and Training Council
Pleasanton Schools Educational Enrichment Foundation
Plum Borough Education Association
Plymouth-Canton Educational Park
Policy Resource Education Paper
Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues
Popular Education for People’s Empowerment
Portable Practical Educational Preparation, Inc.
Portage Community Education Center
Porter County Education Interlocal
Portland Research and Education Network
Positive Education Program
Post Apocalyptic Survival Education Training
Post College Professional Education
Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies
Post Graduate Education Centre
Post Graduate Medical Education
Post Secondary Education Opportunity
Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program
Post-Basic Education and Training
Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education
Postgraduate Coursework Education Committee
Postgraduate Diploma in Education
Postgraduate Educational Allowance
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
Postgraduate Medical Education
Post-Literacy and Continuing Education
Postpartum Education for Parents
Post-Secondary Education
Postsecondary Education Opportunity
Postsecondary Education Participation System
Post-Secondary Education Reimbursement
Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education
Potlatch Conservation Education Center
Potter County Educational Council
Poudre Education Association
Power System Education Committee
Powys Environment and Development Education Centre
Practical Academic Cultural Education
Practical Childbirth and Parent Education
Practical Education for Citizenship and Employment
Practical Experiences in Professional Education
Practical Nurse Education Program
Practice, Education and Research for Sustainable Infrastructure
Pre Teachers Education Test
Pre-Discharge Education Program
Pre-Elementary Education Longitudinal Study
Prefectural and Communal Centres for Development and Continuing Education
Preferred Educational Software
Preparing Outstanding Scholars for Special Education
Preparing Underrepresented Leaders in Special Education
Pre-Retirement Education
Presbyterian Health Education and Welfare Association
Preschool Education Advocacy Program
Pre-Service Education Working Group
Presidential Task Force for Education
Preston County Educational Center
Prevention through Education
Prevention, Understanding, Knowledge and Education
Primary and Mass Education Division
Primary Care Education Centre
Primary Developmental Education
Primary Education Advisor
Primary Education Development
Primary Education Development Program
Primary Education Improvement Project
Primary Education Program
Primary Education Reform Program
Prince George’s Educational Foundation
Princeton Engineering Education for Kids
Princeton Institute for Continuing Medical Education
Principal Educational Psychologist
Printmaking Education and Research Studio
Prison Education Service
Private Educational Institution
Private Educational Institutions in Pakistan
Pro-Action Network in Education & Skill Training
Problem Gambling Education Association
Process Accreditation for Joint Education
Proclaiming Education for All
Product and System Education
Professional Accreditation & Certifying Education
Professional Accreditation and Education Board
Professional Achievement in Continuing Education
Professional Continuing Education
Professional Development Education and Training
Professional Development Unit (similiar to Continuing Education Units)
Professional Education Center
Professional Education Institute
Professional Education Personnel Evaluation
Professional Education Services
Professional Education Systems Institute
Professional Education Systems, Inc.
Professional Engineers in Education
Professional Excellence through Cooperative Education
Professional Graduate Diploma in Education
Professional in Early Childhood Education
Professional Institute of Management and Education
Professional Military Education
Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education
Professional Peace Officer Education
Professional Standards and Teacher Education Board
Professional Teachers Education Program
Professionalism, Administration and Leadership in Education
Professional-Technical Teacher Education
Profiling Educational Technology Integration
Profs Operational Weather Education and Research
Program for Adult College Education
Program for Afloat College Education
Program for Health and Higher Education
Program for Joint Education
Program for the Advancement of Geoscience Education
Program for the Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalence
Program for the Education of Native Teachers
Program for the Higher Education of the Disabled
Program in Religious Studies and Education
Program on Education Policy and Governance
Program Review of Occupational Education
Programme d’Investissement du Secteur de l’Education
Programme Décennal de l’Éducation et de la Formation
Programme of Adjustment of the Educational Sector
Programming Education and Contest Hosting
Progression for Adaptive and Cognitive Education
Progressive Educational Complex
Project on Equal Education Rights
Promoting Educational Opportunities
Promoting Osteoporosis Wellness Through Education, Exercise and Resources
Promoting Relationships In Diversity Education
Promotion and Education Committee
Propane Education & Research Council
Propane Education and Research Act of 1996
Prostate Cancer Education Council
Prostate Cancer Education Program
Prostitutes Empowerment Education and Resource Society
Prostitution Research & Education
Prototype Educational Tools for Systems and Software
Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group
Provider Outreach and Education Advisory Group
Providing Education and Resources to Families and Others Residing in Michigan
Provincial Education Assessment Centre
Provincial Institute for Teacher Education
Provincial Institute for Teacher Education
Provincial Organization of Continuing Education Directors, English
Psychoeducational Process
Psychoeducational Profile
Psychological & Educational Measure
Psychological and Educational Research in Kansas
Psychology of Mathematics Education
Public Education
Public Education Advocates
Public Education And Assistance Committee
Public Education and Business Coalition
Public Education and Enforcement Research Study
Public Education Benefits Trust
Public Education Capital Outlay
Public Education Coalition
Public Education Council
Public Education Division
Public Education Employee Retirement System
Public Education Foundation
Public Education Fund
Public Education Information Management System
Public Education Leadership Project
Public Education Needs Civic Involvement in Learning
Public Education Network
Public Education Public Involvement
Public Education Regarding Sexual Orientation Nationally
Public Higher Education Center
Public Integrity Education Network
Public Issues Education
Public Issues Education Center
Public Leadership Education Network
Public Legal Education
Public Legal Education Association
Public Outreach and Education
Public Outreach and Education Subcommittee
Public Relations Education and Training
Public Report on Basic Education in India
Public Safety Education and Training Center
Public Safety Education Network
Public Sector Higher Education
Public Sector Higher Education
Public, Educational, and Government Access Television
Publishing in Academic Journals in Education
Pudong Continuing Education Centre
Puerto Rico Department of Education
Pulaski County Educational Consortium
Punjab Board of Technical Education
Punjab School Education Board
Pupils with Special Educational Needs
Purdue Student Education Council
Putnam County Board of Education
Putting Rigs in Driver’s Education
Qeshm Institute of Higher Education
Qualified Education Buyer
Qualifying Educational Data
Quality and Equity in Education
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education
Quality Assurance, Training and Education in Cytopathology
Quality Basic Education
Quality Daily Physical Education
Quality Education @ A Distance
Quality Education Data, Inc.
Quality Education for Minorities network
Quality Education Fund
Quality Education Model
Quality in Business Education
Quality in Education and Training Associates
Quality in Education Centre
Quality in Higher Education
Quality in Undergraduate Education
Quality Management and Education
Quality Public Education Coalition
Quality Web Education
Quantitative Methods in Education
Quebec Ministry of Education
Queensland Catholic Education Commission
Queensland Certificate of Education
Queensland Department of Education Library
Queensland Independent Education Union
Queensland Institute for Educational Administration
Quicktime for Education
Race Relations Education Association
Radio Amateur Educational Society
Radnor Township Education Association
Raising Education Attainment Challenge
Rapid Response Education Programme
Raptor Education Group Inc
Rate of Return to Education
Rational Emotive Education
Reaching Independence Through Support and Education
Reading Education Assistance Dogs
Real Education About College Health
Real Education About Cornell Health
Realistic Mathematics Education
Realizing Education and Community Health
Realizing Educational and Career Hopes
Reasearch Education and Light Information Service
Rebuilding Schools to Uphold Education
Recorder Education Journal
Recovery Education for Adolescents and Community Health
Recreation, Education, Awareness, & Community Hub
Redefining Investment Strategy Education
Reeducation Posturale Globale
Re-education Through Labour
Reef Education Network
Reef Education Network
Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980
Refugee Education Sponsorship Program Enhancing Communities Together
Regional Centre for Educational Planning
Regional Coalition for Education on Sprawl
Regional Continuing Education Program
Regional Education and Development Group
Regional Education Applicant & Placement Program
Regional Education Approver Unit
Regional Education Technology Network
Regional Educational Attendance Area
Regional Educational Building Institute for Africa
Regional Educational Laboratory
Regional Educational Laboratory
Regional Educational Media Center
Regional Educational Service Agency
Regional Educational Technology Center
Regional Educational Television Network
Regional Initiatives in Dental Education
Regional Joint Intelligence Training and Education Facility
Regional Office for Education in Asia
Regional Office of Education
Regional Office of Education 02
Regional Opportunities for Scientists in Education
Regional Technology in Education Consortium
Registered Education Provider
Registered Education Savings Plan
Registry of Approved Continuing Education
Regular Physical Education
Rehabilitation Continuing Education Program
Rehabilitation Counselor Education
Rehabilitation of Basic Education Project
Released Time Christian Education
Religious and Moral Education
Religious Education
Religious Education
Religious Education Action Clearing House
Religious Education Committee
Religious Education Committee
Religious Education for Youth
Religious Education Support Service
Remedial and Special Education
Remote Area Teacher Education Program
Remote Controlled Education Shield
Reorientation of Medical Education
Required Adolescent Intensive Smoking Education
Requirements Engineering Education and Training
Research Alliance of Institutions for Music Education
Research and Education Association
Research and Education in Defense and Security Studies
Research and Education Institute
Research and Education Networking Unit
Research and Education on Disability and Disaster
Research and Education to Decrease Unnecessary Cesarean
Research and Education Unit on Gendered Violence
Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration and Life Project
Research and Educational Institute
Research and Educational Network
Research and Educational Network
Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering
Research Education for Teachers
Research Education for Teachers
Research in Medical Education
Research in Physics Education Group
Research in Social Studies Education
Research in Special Education
Research Institute for Higher Education
Research Institute for Waldorf Education
Research on Engineering Education Symposium
Research on Learning and Education
Research on the Education of Asian and Pacific Americans
Research Studies in Music Education
Research, Education and Collaboration in Health
Research, Education and Extension Service
Research, Education, and Economics
Research, Education, and Economics Information System
Réseau Education Environnement
Reseau Rural d’Education
RESeau Teleinformatique de l’Education NAtionale et de la recherché
Reserve Education And Learning
Reserve Education Assistance Program
Resilience Education and Drug Information
Resource for Science Education
Resources Education and Care in the Home
Resources for the Education of Adults in the Chicago Area
Resources in Distance Education
Resourcing Health & Education
Responsibility, Education, Achievement, Caring, Hope
Retired Education Personnel of Mississippi
Review of Education and Training for Officers
Review of Educational Research
Revised Basic Education Curriculum
Revised National Policy on Education
Revue Africaine de Recherche en Education
Rhea Dayton Education Association
Rhode Island Department of Education
Rhode Island Department of Elementary and Secondary Education
Rhode Island Educational Media Association
Richmond Peace Education Center
Rickitt Educational Media
Right to Education
Right to Education
Rigorous Educational Assistance for Deserving Youth
Rio Brazos Education Cooperative
Risk Education to Decrease Ulcer Complications and Their Effects from NSAIDs
Risk Management Education
River Ocean Research and Education
Riverside County Office of Education
Road Safety Education
Roanoke Higher Education Center
Rochester Association for the Education of Young Children
Rocky Mountain Public Health Education Consortium
Roehampton Institute of Higher Education
Roma Education Fund
Roseland Education Foundation
Rossier School of Education
Roundtable on Entrepreneurship Education
Royal Highland Education Trust
Royal Institute of Higher Education
Runestone Area Education District
Rural and Remote Medical Education Online
Rural Education Achievement Program
Rural Education and Action for Liberation
Rural Education Attendance Area
Rural Education for Action and Development Agency
Rural Education Forum Australia
Rural Educational Achievement Can be Higher
Rural Health Education Center
Rural Health Education Database
Rural Health Education Foundation
Rural Outreach Vocational Education
Rural Youth Education
Rush-Henrietta Education Foundation
Russia Australia Education Program
Russian Association for Engineering Education
Russian Education Academy
Ruth Patrick Science Education Center
Rutland Region Education Alliance
Sacramento County Office of Education
Sacred Heart Religious Education
Safeserf Educational Resource Files
Safety and Fire Education
Safety Awareness and Family Education
Safety Awareness and Family Education Network
Safety Education and Training
Safety Through Education, Enforcement and Response
Safety through Education, Not Speed Enforcement
Sailor/Marine American Council of Education Registry Transcript
Saint Cloud Education Association
Saint Michaels Association for Special Education, Inc.
Sakai Educational Partners Programme
Sales and Customer Service Occupational Readiness Education
Salmon Trout Education Project
Salmon Trout Restoration Education and Aquatic Management
Samar Center for Rural Education and Development
Sambura Health and Education Project
San Antonio Technology in Education Coalition
San Carlos Educational Foundation
San Diego Continuing Education
San Louis Educational Foundation
Sanctuary Education Panel
Sandhills Conductive Education Foundation
Santa Cruz Online Reality Education
Saraburi AIDS Education Centre
Saskatchewan Association for Multicultural Education
Saskatchewan Council on Educational Administration
Saskatchewan Educational Leadership Unit
Saskatchewan Industrial Education Association
Satellite Education Network
Satellite Education Program
Satellite Educational Resources Consortium
Satellite Theological Education
Saving More Illinois Lives Through Education
Savings and Growth for Education
Scarborough Academy for Technological, Environmental and Computer Education
Scarborough Association for Mathematics Education
Schlumberger Excellence in Educational Development
Scholarship, Education, and Defense Fund for Racial Equality
School and Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education
School Based Teacher Education
School Education Director
School Enrichment Resource Volunteers in Education
School Excelling Through National Skill Standards Education
School for Educational Enrichment
School for Educational Evolution and Development
School for National Security Executive Education
School Health Education Program
School Health Education Resources
School of Art Education
School of Biomedical Education
School of Continuing Education
School of Early Childhood Education
School of Education
School of Education and Lifelong Learning
School of Education and Professional Studies
School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences
School of Excellence in Education
School of Experiential Education
School of Graduate Medical Education
School of Lifelong Education and Development
School of Professional and Continuing Education
School of Professional Education and Executive Development
School of Science and Science Education
School of Teacher Education
School, College, or Department of Education
School-Based Sex Education
School-Based Sexuality Education
Schools Cooperative Opportunities for Resources and Education
Schools of California Online Resources for Education
Schools’ Enterprise Education Network
Science and Education Administration
Science and Education Outreach
Science and Engineering Education Panel
Science and Mathematics Education Center
Science and Mathematics Education Center
Science and Mathematics Education Centre
Science and Mathematics Education Conference
Science and Mathematics Education Policy Advisory Council
Science and Technology Education
Science and Technology Education Partnership
Science Education Advisory Group
Science Education and Learning in Freedom
Science Education Board
Science Education Department
Science Education Development Institute
Science Education Doctorate
Science Education for Public Understanding Program
Science Education Foundation of Indiana
Science Education Institute
Science Education International
Science Education Laboratory
Science Education Liaison Office
Science Education Partnership
Science Education Programs
Science Education Research in Visual Intructional Technology
Science Enrichment in Elementary Education
Science Links in Museum Education
Science Teacher Education
Science Teachers Research Involvement for Vital Education
Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology Education
Science, Mathematics and Technology Education
Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education Open Federation
Science, Technical and Vocational Education
Science, Technology, Society, and Environment Education
Science-Mathematics Education
Scientific and Technological Education and Training
Scotland China Education Network
Scottish Centre for Financial Education
Scottish Council for Educational Technology
Scottish Council for Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
Scottish Council for Research in Education
Scottish Division of Educational Psychology
Scottish Executive Education Department
Scottish Further Education Unit
Scottish Higher Education
Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
Scottish Institute for Biotechnology Education
Scottish Outdoor Education Centres
Scottish Peer Education Network
Scottish School of Further Education
Scottish Universities Physical Education Association
Screening Instrument for Targeting Education Risk
Search for Education, Elevation and Knowledge
Seattle Education Association
Second Information on Technology in Education Study
Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education
Second Life Education
Second Life Educational Undertakings in Theater History
Secondary Career and Technical Education
Secondary Education Association of Australia
Secondary Education Cash Assistance Programme
Secondary Education Enhancement Project
Secondary Education for Migrant Youth
Secondary Education Interdisciplinary Unit
Secondary Education Program
Secondary Education Project
Secondary Education Teaching
Secondary Education through Health
Section d’Education pour Personnes avec Handicap Associé Important
Section on Public Administration Education
Sector Education and Training Authority
Securities Industry Foundation for Economic Education
Security Awareness Training & Education
Security Cooperation Education and Training Center
Security Education, Training & Awareness Program
Security, Education, Training & Awareness
Sedgwick County Technical Education and Training Authority
Seek Education Explore and Discover
Seirei Gakuen Educational Organization
Selected Educational Statistics
Self Assessment in Professional and Higher Education
Self-Help for African People through Education
Semantic Web Education and Outreach
Semantic Web Education and Training
Seminar Approach to General Education and Scholarship
Senior Developmental Education
Senior Executive Education Program
Senior Secondary Certificate of Education
Senior Training & Education Program
Seoul National University of Education
Sequential Steps of Educational Progress
Sergeants Distance Education Program
Service Alternatives Ethical Crisis Understanding and Response Education
Service de la Recherche en Éducation
Service Dog Education System
Service Educational Activities
Service-Learning and Teacher Education
Services, Immigrant Rights, and Education Network
Settlement and Education Partnership in Toronto
Sex and Relationship Education
Sex Education
Sex Education
Sex Education Forum
Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce
Sexual Assault Education Office
Sexual Assault Prevention and Education
Sexual Harassment Education Project
Sexual Health and Disability Education
Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education
Sexual Health Education
Sexual Health Information Networking and Education
Sexual Violence Prevention and Education
Sexuality Education Counselling and Consultancy Agency
Sexuality Education for Life
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States
Sexuality, Health and Responsibility Education
Shanghai Education Commission
Shanghai Educational Evaluation Institute
Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press
Shanghai Reeducation Administration
Shaping Health as Partners in Education
Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge
Shasta County Office of Education
Shelby County Education Association
Shelley Glover Ski Education Foundation
Shenandoah County Education Association
Shepherd Education Student Association
Shipboard Information – Training & Education
Shipboard Training Education Advancement Morale
Shooters’ Committee on Political Education
Short Professional and Continuing Education
Shri Dharmasthala Manjunatheswara Educational
Siemens Professional Education
Sierra Leone Adult Education Association
Sikh Council on Religion and Education
Sikh Education Welfare and Advancement
Simon Estes Educational Foundation
Simulated Patient Health Environment for Research and Education
Simulation-Based Medical Education
Sindh Board of Technical Education
Sindh Educational Associations Alliance
Sindh Primary Education Development Programme
Sinfonia Educational Foundation
Singapore Standard Educational Classification
Sinhgad Technical Education Society
Site-Based Teacher Education
Skagit Conservation Education Alliance
Small Business Education Initiative
Small Business Tax Education Program
Small Enterprise Education and Promotion
Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies
Social Context of Education Research
Social Education Association of Australia
Social Education Language & Development Association
Social Environmental and Scientific Education
Social Justice Education
Social Labor and Education Center
Social Need Education and Human Awareness
Social Psychology of Education
Social Science, Behavioral and Education Institutional Review Board
Social Security Education Product
Social Work Continuing Education
Social Work Education
Social, Civic and Political Education
Social, Educational, Spiritual, Apostolic
Social, Military, Educational, Religious and Fraternal
Social, Military, Educational, Religious, Fraternal
Social, Military, Educational, Retiree, Fraternal
Social, Personal and Health Education
Socially and Educationally Backward Class
Societal-Environmental Research and Education Laboratory
Society Against Violence in Education
Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education
Society for Automation in Business Education
Society for Community Support for Primary Education in Balochistan
Society for Education in Anesthesia
Society for Education, Welfare and Action
Society for Educational Data Systems
Society for Environment and Education
Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
Society for Information Technology Education
Society for Nutrition Education
Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action
Society for Photographic Education
Society for Quality Education
Society for Rural Education and Development
Society for Safety by Education, Not Speed Enforcement
Society for the Advancement of Noncoercive Education
Society for the Advancement of Veterinary Education and Research
Society for the Education of Physicians & Patients
Society for the Educational Advancement of the Hearing Impaired
Society for the Philosophical Study of Education
Society for the Promotion of Education and Research
Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education
Society of College Teachers of Education
Society of Education Officers
Society of Health Education and Promotion Specialists
Sociology and Equity Studies in Education
Socio-Psycho Educational Resource
Software Engineer Advanced Career Education
Software Engineering Education Knowledge
Software Engineering for Educational Development Program
Software Testing Education Workshop
Sojourner Help, Advocacy, Development Education
Somali Teachers for Peace Education
Sonoma County Office of Education
South Africa Norway Tertiary Education Development
South African Association for Jazz Education
South African Board of Jewish Education
South African Development Education Practitioners Association
South African Journal of Education
South Australian Certificate of Education
South Australian College of Advanced Education
South Bronx Educational Foundation
South Carolina Business Education Association
South Carolina Council on Economic Education
South Carolina Department of Education
South Carolina Education Association
South Carolina Education Lottery
South Carolina Parents Involved in Education
South Carolina Universities Research and Education Foundation
South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium
South County Education and University Center
South County Regional Education Center
South Dakota Alliance for Distance Education
South East Advanced Technological Education Consortium
South East Australia Maritime Education Centre
South East Institute for Theological Education
South Eastern Regional Vision for Education
South Florida Education Center
South Indian Education Society
South Pacific Board for Educational Assessment
South Shore Educational Collaborative
South Texas Environmental Education and Research
South Texas Geriatric Education Center
Southcoast Mentoring Initiative for Learning, Education and Service
Southeast AIDS Training and Education Center
South-East Asia Association for Dental Education
Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization
Southeast Center for Education in the Arts
Southeast Environmental Education Alliance
South-East Europe Fibre Infrastructure for Research and Education
SouthEast Initiatives Regional Technology in Education Consortium
Southeast Tree Research and Education Site
Southeastern Horseshoers on Education
Southeastern Massachusetts Educational Collaborative
SouthEastern Regional Vision for Education
Southern Africa Development and Educational Centre
Southern Baptist Educational Center
Southern Colorado Education Technology Consortium
Southern Conference Education Fund
Southern Education and Library Board
Southern Education Foundation
Southern Educational Leadership Trust
Southern Minnesota Educational Campus
Southern Oregon Education Service District
Southern Paranormal Investigations Research & Education
Southern Peace Research and Education Center
Southern Regional Education Board
Southern Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Southwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
Southwest Foundation for Research and Education
Southwest Home Education Ministry
Southwest Home Education Ministry
Southwest Horticulture Annual Day of Education
Southwest Indiana Network for Education
Southwest Mississippi Education Consortium
Southwest Wisconsin Area Health Education Center
Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education
Spa Pool Educational Council
Space Agricultural Biology Research and Education Institute
Space Technology Education Conference
Spanish Assessment of Basic Education
Spanish Education Development
Special and Gifted Education
Special and Inclusive Education
Special Education
Special Education
Special Education
Special Education
Special Education Administrators of County Offices
Special Education Advisory Committee
Special Education Advisory Panel
Special Education Assistant
Special Education Assistant Certificate
Special Education Committee
Special Education Consortium
Special Education Consultant
Special Education Dissemination Center
Special Education District of Lake County
Special Education Hearing Office
Special Education Intake Unit
Special Education Itinerant Services
Special Education Itinerant Teacher
Special Education Joint Agreement
Special Education Leaders Institute
Special Education Learning Experiences for Competency in Teaching
Special Education Local Plan Area
Special Education Master of Science
Special Education Parent Advisory Committee
Special Education Parent Advisory Council
Special Education Parent Advisory Group
Special Education Parent Teacher Association
Special Education Program
Special Education Program for Teachers and Administrators
Special Education Regional Resource Center
Special Education Resource Center
Special Education Resource Teacher
Special Education Resource Unit
Special Education Resources for General Educators
Special Education Resources on the Internet
Special Education School
Special Education Service Agency
Special Education State Advisory Committee
Special Education Student Information System
Special Education Technology
Special Education Technology Special Interest Group
Special Education Unit
Special Educational Needs
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Act
Special Educational Needs and Disability
Special Educational Needs Consultant
Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Special Educational Needs Organisers
Special Educational Needs Tribunal
Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education
Special Needs Education
Special Physical Education Learning Laboratory
Special Programs in Religious Education
Special Projects in Science Education
Special Services Education Module
Specialist Education Services
Specialization in Culture and Language Education
Spectrum Educational Supplies Limited
Spiritual Heritage Education Network
Spiritual Training and Education Process
Sponsors for Educational Opportunity
Sport Business Education Network
Sport, Health, and Physical Education
Sports Massage Education Council
Sports Teams Returning in the Public Education System
Sports, Military, Educational, Religious, Fraternal
Sports, Performing Arts & Creative Education
Sportsmen’s Association for Firearms Education, Inc.
Spreading Education and Promoting Legal Awareness
Spreading Multiculturalism and Inspiring Leadership Through Education
Spreadsheets in Education
Spring Branch Education Foundation
Springfield Early Care and Education Partnership
Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education
SSI Education and Public Outreach (Galileo spacecraft mission; US NASA)
St Croix Education Association
St. Albans Town Educational Center
St. Anthony Educational Foundation
St. George Educational Trust
St. Paul’s Co-Educational College
Staff and Educational Development Association
Staff Training and Research Institute of Distance Education
Stafford Township Education Foundation
Stakeholder Partnerships, Education and Communication
Standards Based Education
Standards Based Teacher Education
Standards in Education Task Force
Standing Committee on Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education
Standing Conference on Dance in Higher Education
Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults
Standing Group on Undergraduate Medical and Dental Education and Research
Stanford Educational Leadership Institute
Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education
Stanford University School of Education
Start Later for Excellence in Education Proposal
State Advisory Council for Special Education
State and Local Government and Education
State Association for Bilingual Education
State Board of Education
State Board of Technical Education
State Board of Technical Education and Training
State Compulsory Standards of Education
State Correctional Education Agencies
State Council of Educational Research and Training
State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
State Council on Adapted Physical Education
State Department Education
State Education Agency
State Education Assistance Authority
State Education Authority
State Education Data Center
State Education Department
State Education Tax
State Educational Opportunity Grant
State Educational Technology Directors Association
State Higher Education Loan
State Primary Education Board
State Secondary Education Board
State Secretariat for Education and Research
State System of Higher Education Mathematics Association
State Universal Basic Education Board
State University College of Education
State’s Environmental Education Directory
Statement of Tertiary Education Priorities
Statewide Educational Consulting & Counseling Associates, Inc.
Statewide Partnership for HIV Education in Recovery
Statistical Profile of Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
Steps Toward Educational Progress
Story-Telling and Educational Games
Strait Area Education and Recreation Center
Strait Area Education and Recreation Centre
Strake Jesuit Educational Television
Strategic Advisors Group Education Systems, Inc.
Strategic Education Research Partnership
Strategic Forum for Research in Education
Strategic Partnership Education and Communication
Strategic Partnership for Agricultural Research and Education
Strategic Plan for Educational Enhancement and Development
Strengthening Mathematics and Science Education
Striving Toward Rider Instruction & Dressage Education
Structural Steel Educational Council
Structured Liberal Education
Student Achievement Guarantee in Education
Student Coalition for Action in Literacy Education
Student Education and Service Ambassadors
Student Education and Training Plans
Student Educational Employment Program
Student Educational Experience
Student Educational Occupational Plan
Student Employment and Cooperative Education
Student Member of the Board of Education
Student Tigers Rallying, Interacting, and Promoting Education and Service
Students Against Fees in Education
Students for Computer Recycling to Offer Underrepresented Groups in Education
Students Mastering Important Lifeskills Education
Students Participating Actively in County Education
Students United for Public Education
Students with Interrupted Formal Education
Students with Interrupted Formal Education
Studies in Cross Cultural Education
Study of Education Resources and Federal Funding
Substance Abuse Education and Prevention Center
Substance Abuse Education Network
Substance Abuse Narcotic Education
Substance Abuse Prevention Education
Substance Use Counseling and Education
Success in Numeracy Education
Sudan Education and Development Agency
Sudan-American Foundation for Education, Inc
Sudbury Education Resource Network
Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Suicide Information and Education Centre
Suicide Prevention Education Alliance
Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids
Sullivan County Education Association
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education
Summer Education Program
Summer Educational Experience for the Disadvantaged
Summer Educational Institute
Summer Enrichment Education for Kids
Summer Transition in Education Planning for Students
Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation
Sunday Morning Education Classes
Sunday Morning Religious Education
Supervisor’s Safety Education
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
Supplemental Educational Services
Supply Chain Management Education Australia
Support Education Excellence in Kentucky
Support Public Education-Act for Kids
Support, Education, Empowerment for Parents of Autistic Children
Supported Education
Supported Education
Supported Education
Supporting Cooperation for Research and Education
Supportive Education for the Returning Veteran
Supreme Council of Higher Education
Survivors and Allies for Education
Sushree Institute of Technical Education
Sussex Education Business Alliance
Sussex School of Education
Sustainable Agriculture Education
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Sustainable Development Education
Sustainable Environmental Education Network
Sustainable Forestry Education
Sustainable Forests Education Cooperative
Sutherland Business Education Network
Swan Christian Education Association
Swedish Enterprise Education
Swedish Institute for Studies in Education and Research
Swiftwater Rescue Education Trust, Inc.
Sydney Education Centre
Sydney Home Education News
Syndicat de l’Education Populaire
Syndicat de l’Inspection de l’Education Nationale
Syndicat General de l’Education Nationale
Syndicat National de l’Education et de la Culture
Syndicat National de l’Education et de la Culture
Synopsys Armenia Educational Department
Synthesis Engineering Education Coalition
Syracuse University Continuing Education
System Dynamics in Education Project
System for Adult Basic Education Support
System for Thalidomide Education and Prescribing Safety
System for Tracking Education Performance
Systems and Technology Education Program
Systems, Control and Optimization in Research, Education and Services
Tactical Officer Education Program
Tammin Alcoa Landcare Education Centre
Tanzania Girls Education Movement
Tanzania Human Rights Education Trust
Targeted Funding for Educational Achievement
Tarrant Home Education Association
Tasmanian College of Advanced Education
Tasmanian Research and Education Network
Taxpayer Education
Taxpayer Education and Communication
Taxpayer Education and Counseling
Teacher Education and Learning to Teach
Teacher Education and Special Education
Teacher Education Application Service
Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education
Teacher Education Council
Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
Teacher Education Loan
Teacher Education Program
Teacher Education Programme
Teacher Education Quarterly
Teacher Education Research Network
Teacher Education Student Association
Teacher Education University
Teachers Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Education
Teachers Evaluating Educational Multimedia
Teachers of English Language Education Centre
Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education
Teaching and Educational Development Institute
Teaching Resources and Continuing Education
Technical and Adult Education
Technical And Further Education
Technical and Vocational Education and Training
Technical Education
Technical Education
Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority
Technical Education and Skills Development
Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994
Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
Technical Education and Vocational Training
Technical Education Center of Osceola
Technical Education Resource Center
Technical Specialist Education and Training
Technical Teacher Education
Technological Education and National Development
Technological Educational Institute
Technological Educational Institution of Athens
Technological Horizons in Education
Technology & Livelihood Education
Technology and Distance Education Committee
Technology and Innovation in Education
Technology and Innovations in Training and Education
Technology and Livelihood Education
Technology Applications in Education and Training
Technology Education
Technology Education
Technology Education & Training Act of 2001
Technology Education & Training Act of 2001
Technology Education Association of California
Technology Education Association of Illinois
Technology Education Association of Pennsylvania
Technology Education Biotechnology Curriculum
Technology Education New Zealand
Technology Education Research Center
Technology Enhanced Distance Education
Technology in Education
Technology in Foreign Language Education
Technology Integration Grants for Educational Resource Sharing
Technology Integration Mentors in Education
Technology Resources in Education
Technology Teacher Education Diploma
Technology, Education, and Copyright Harmonization Act of 2002
Technology, Education, Design
Technology, Immediate Diagnosis, Mammography and Education
Technology, Pedagogy and Education
Tehama County Department of Education
Telecommunications Education for Advances in Mathematics
Telecommunications Education Research Network
Telecommunications Education Trust
Tele-Education And Medicine
Telehealth and Educational Technology Resource Agency
Telematics Applications in Education and Training
Telematics in Education Research Group
Telemedicine and Education Support Team
Telescopes in Education
Tennessee Business Education Association
Tennessee Cooperative Education Association
Tennessee Department of Education
Tennessee Education Association
Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation
Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship
Tennessee Educational Technology Association
Tennessee Educational Technology Association
Tennessee Energy Education Network
Tennessee Home Education Association
Tennessee Hospitality Education
Tennessee Nutrition and Consumer Education Program
Tennessee Real Estate Education System, Inc.
Tennessee Technology Education Association
Terminal Education Age
Tertiary and Further Education
Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission
Tertiary Education Commission
Tertiary Education in Africa
Tertiary Education Institute
Tertiary Education Linkages Program
Tertiary Education Organisation
Tertiary Education Superannuation Scheme
Tertiary Education Union
Tertiary Education Vocational Training
Test and Evaluation Research and Education Center
Test of Adult Basic Education
Test of English for Educational Purposes
Test Technology Educational Program
Testing a Diffusion of Innovations in Education Model
Texas Association for Bilingual Education
Texas Association for Developmental Education
Texas Association for Educational Technology
Texas Association for Year Round Education
Texas Business and Education Coalition
Texas Center for Educational Research
Texas Community Education Association
Texas Computer Education Association
Texas Council of Professors of Educational Administration
Texas Early Childhood Education Coalition
Texas Early Education Model
Texas Education Agency
Texas Education Code
Texas Education Consumers Association
Texas Education Network
Texas Educational Diagnosticians Association
Texas Educational Opportunity Grant
Texas Educational Paperbacks
Texas Educational Support Staff Association
Texas Educational Theatre Association, Inc.
Texas Educational Theatre Association, Inc.
Texas Energy Education Development
Texas Higher Education Assessment
Texas Higher Education Network
Texas Homeless Education Office
Texas Interfaith Education Fund
Texas Public Education Grant
Texas Retailers Education Foundation
Texas Rural Education Association
Texas State Approving Agency for Veterans Education
Texas State Education Agency
Texas Student Education Association
The Ali Kemp Education Foundation
The Alliance for Technology Education
The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher
The Association of Careers Education & Guidance
The Education and Curriculum Homesite
The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers
The Education Committee
The Education Credit Union
The Education Initiative
The Education Program
The Education Project Asia
The Education Resources Institute
The Group for Education in Museums
The Home Education Exchange
The International Research Foundation for English Language Education
The West Education Network
Theatre and Education Forum
Theatre in Education
Theological Education by Extension
Theological Education for Emerging Ministries
Theological Education for the Anglican Communion
Theology and Religious Education Department
Theory and Research in Social Education
Therapeutic Patient Education
Therapeutics Research Education and AIDS Training in Asia
Third Education Group
Third Elementary Education Project
Thomas Jefferson Education
Thoracic Surgery Foundation for Research and Education
Thumb Educational Services
Times Educational Supplement
Times Higher Education
Times Higher Education Supplement
Tire Initiative for Research, Education and Safety
Tobacco Education and Prevention Program
Tobacco Outreach Education Program
Tobacco Prevention and Education Program
Tobacco Use and Prevention Education
Tools for Education
Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
Toronto Medical Educational Centre
Total Force Training and Education Review Process
Total Membership Education
Total Quality Education
Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education and Training Authority
Toyota Technical Education Network
Toyota Technical Education Program
Trade Union Education Authority
TRADOC Educational Data System
TRADOC Educational Data System-Redesign
Traffic Safety Education
Training & Education Advisory Committee
Training & Education Requirements Panel
Training and Education Center
Training and Education Command
Training and Education for Medical Physics and Engineering Reform in Europe
Training and Education in the 21st Century
Training and Education Management System
Training and Education Network
Training and Education Point of Presence
Training and Educational Device
Training and Educational Leader Self Assessment
Training and Further Education
Training Education Requirements Panel
Training Enterprise and Education Directorate
Training Systems and Education Conference
Training, Education, and Mutual Assistance
Training, Education, Assessment, and Management
Training, Education, Employment, and Management
Transactional License Program Education
Transactions on Education
Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association
Transferability of Education Benefits
Transgender Education Association of Greater Washington
Transitional Bilingual Education
Trans-Pacific Interactive Distance Education Project
Transport Education & Training Authority
Transport Education & Training Authority
Trauma Research & Education Foundation
Travail et Formation en Education
Traveller Education Services
Traveller Education Support Option
Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication Handicapped Children
Tree Research & Education Endowment
Trilateral Civil Society Education Consortium
Tri-Rivers Educational Computer Association
Triumphant Institute of Management Education
Tropical Research and Education Center
Truancy Habits Reduced Increasing Valuable Education
True Light Educational Ministry
Trumbull Early Childhood Education Center
Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade
Trust in Education
Trust, Education, Safety, Support, Action
Tsunami Education Rehabilitation Monitor
Tucker County Education Association
Tucson Waldorf Education Association
Turkish Education Association
Twinsburg Education Association
Tyler Education Management Solution
Ubuntu Education Fund
Ubuntu Education Fund
Uganda Certificate of Education Exam
Uganda National Institute of Special Education
UHIN Security Education Tool (est. 1993)
UK-India Education and Research Initiative
Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre
Ukrainian Education Council of Australia
Umatilla Morrow Education Service District
Undergraduate Medical Education
Undergraduate Medical Education
Undergraduate Statistics Education Initiative
Undergraduate Student-Initiated Education
Undergraduate Study Education Program
Undergraduate Teacher Education Program
Uniform Education Reporting System
Union pour l’Education de la Population
Union Schools Education Foundation
Unit Education and Training Manager
Unit for Social Development and Education
Unite de Production de Programmes d’Education Civique
Unite de Technologie de l’Education
United Education Institute
United Education Professions
United Kingdom Boundary Outline and Reference Database for Education and Research
United Kingdom Standing Conference on Health Visitor Education
United Mennonite Educational Institute
United Methodist Higher Education Foundation
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
United States Coalition for Education for All
United States Department of Education
United States Department of Education
United States Department of Education
United States Educational Foundation
United States Educational Group
United States Higher Education Root Certificate Authority
United States Partnership for the Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
Universal Basic Education
Universal Basic Education Commission
Universal Chastity Education
Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation
Universal Design Education Project
Universal Education and Training, Ltd.
Universal Primary Education
Universal Quality Primary Education
Universalisation of Elementary Education
Universities Council for the Education of Teachers
University Center for International Education
University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service
University Continuing Education
University Education Program
University Educational Policies Committee
University Extended Education
University General Education Committee
University General Educational
University Networked Interdisciplinary Training and Education
University of Calicut School of Distance Education
University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education
University of Cambridge, Institute of Education
University of Education at Winneba
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Medical Education Program
University of Utah Continuing Medical Education
University Professional Education Council
University Sales Education Foundation
University School of Physical Education
University Teacher Education Program
Univesity of Hawaii, Cooperative Research, Education and Extension Services
Unrestricted Educational Grant
Upper Great Lakes Educational Technologies, Inc.
Urban Network to Improve Teacher Education
Urban Stormwater Education Program
Urban Teacher Education Program
Ursuline Society and Academy of Education
US Department of Education
User Education and Training Initiative
User Network for Information Technology in Education
User-friendly Flexi-IT Approach for Education
Utah Coalition for Educational Technology
Utah Education Association
Utah Education Consulting
Utah Education Network
Utah Educational Savings Plan
Utah Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities
Utah Society for Environmental Education
Utah State Office of Education
Utah System of Higher Education
Utilities, Tools and Education
Utility Business Education Coalition, Inc.
Vacaville Public Education Foundation
Vaccine Education Center
Validation by Educational Experience
Van Andel Education Institute
Vanderbilt Institute for Integrative Biosystems Research and Education
Vanuatu Institute of Teachers’ Education
Vascular Independent Research and Education
Ventura Educational Association
Ventures Education Systems Corporation
Vermont Alliance for Arts Education
Vermont Conservation Education Fund
Vermont Department of Education
Vermont Energy Education Program
Vermont Technology Education Association
Vernon Regional Adult Basic Education
Veterans Community Education Partnership
Veterans Education Project
Veterans Educational Assistance Program
Veterans Educational Resources Agency
Veterans’ Children Education Scheme
Vice President for Education
Victoria Holocaust Remembrance and Education Society
Victoria International Development Education Association
Victoria Society for Educational Alternatives
Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated
Victorian Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
Victorian Certificate of Education
Victorian Education Research Network
Victorian Independent Education Union
Video Journal of Education
Vienna Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research Conference and Association Management
Vienna Academy of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research
Viet Foundation for Culture and Education
Vietnam Education Foundation
Vikramshila Education Resource Society
Village Education and Development Society
Village Education Resource Center
Villierstown Education & Culture Project
Virgin Islands Board of Education
Virgin Islands Department of Education
Virginia Abstinence Education Initiative
Virginia Art Education Association
Virginia Business-Education Partnership
Virginia Career Education Foundation
Virginia Education Association
Virginia Education Network
Virginia Education Savings Trust
Virginia Educational Research Association
Virginia Journal of Education
Virginia Society for Technology in Education
Virginia Technology Education Association
Virginia Tidewater Consortium for Higher Education
Virtual Education Action Zone Project
Virtual Education Software, Inc.
Virtual Education Space
Virtual Environment Education Project
Virtual Interactive Educational World
Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory
Virtual Special Education Cooperative
Virtual Telescopes in Education
Vision of Education
Visual Education Centre Limited
Visually Impaired Children Kit for Inclusive Education
Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology
Vivekananda Educational Society for Children
Vocational and Adult EDucation
Vocational and Technical Education
Vocational and Technical Education Act
Vocational Education and Training
Vocational Education Committee
Vocational Education Community Online
Vocational Education Data System
Vocational Education Journal
Vocational Education Journal
Vocational Education Management Information System
Vocational Education, Training and Employment Commission
Vocational Higher Secondary Education
Vocational Technical Education Consortium of States
Vocational Technical Education Providers
Vocational Trade and Industrial Education
Vocational Training Education Act
Voluntary Education Program
Volunteers for Environment and Education Program
Volunteers In Nature Education
Voter Education Project
Voter Education, Registration, and Action
Voter’s Organization Interested in Children’s Education
Voters Organization Involved in Children’s Education
Wabash Valley Educational Alliance
Wachusett Health Education Action Team
Waite Phillips Hall of Education
Walled Lake Community Education
Walled Lake Education Association
Walnut Valley Educational Foundation
Warehousing Education and Research Council
Warlpiri Education and Training Trust
Warrant Officer Education System
Warren Arts and Education Foundation
Warren County Education Association
Wasatch Education Systems Corp.
Washington Alliance for Arts Education
Washington Alliance for Theatre Education
Washington Apple Education Foundation
Washington Association for the Education of Speakers of Other Languages
Washington Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
Washington County Board of Education
Washington County Department of Education
Washington District Education Association
Washington Education Association
Washington Educational Conferencing Network
Washington Educational Television Authority
Washington Environmental Alliance for Voter Education
Washington Hemp Education Network
Washington Higher Education Secretariat
Washington International Education Council
Washington International Educational Center
Washington State Board of Education
Washington State Native American Higher Education Consortium
Washington Tennis and Education Foundation
Washington Township Education Association
Washington Women’s Employment and Education
Waste-Management, Education, and Research Consortium
Water Education and Training Dog Obedience Group
Water Education for Teachers
Water Education Network
Water Education Training
Water Resources Education Network
Water, Highways, Education and energy, Accountability, Trees and technology
Waterborne Education Center
Waterford College of Further Education
Waterloo County Board of Education
Watershed Stewardship Education Program
Waukesha County Educational Support Staff Union
Wayland Union Education Foundation
Wayne County Board of Education
Wayne Township Education Foundation
Wealth Education Network
Wealth, Education, Collaboration, and Opportunities
Web Based Education Commission
Web Based Educational System
Web-Based Education
Web-Based Education
Webber Aerospace Ventures in Education
Webster Academy Visions in Education
Weekday Religious Education
Wellington Catholic Education Centre
Wellness Educational Theater
Welsh Joint Education Committee
Welsh Office Education Department
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
West Bengal Education Network
West Fargo Education Association
West Hartford Education Association
West Kentucky Educational Cooperative
West Metro Education Program
West Orange County Consortium for Special Education
West Tennessee Home Education Association
West Virginia Access Center for Higher Education
West Virginia Board of Education
West Virginia Community Educational Outreach Service
West Virginia Continuing Legal Education
West Virginia Department of Education
West Virginia Education Association
West Virginia Hunter Education Association
Westchester/Playa del Rey Education Foundation
Wester Hailes Education Centre
Western Australia Institute for Deaf Education
Western Australian Certificate of Education
Western Australian Distance Education Consortium
Western Cape Department of Education
Western Cape Education Department
Western Catholic Educational Association
Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications
Western Education and Library Board
Western Education and Public Planning
Western Educational Longitudinal Study
Western Educational Network
Western Educational Society for Telecommunications
Western Group on Educational Affairs
Western Illinois Education Consortium
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
Western Ohio Education Association
Western Piedmont Education Consortium `
Western Region Education Center
Western Regional Educational Laboratory
Western Society for Physical Education of College Women
Western Space Education Network, Inc.
Westminster Adult Education Service
Westminster Ecclesiastical Education Fund
Whatcom Educational Credit Union
Wheat Export Trade Education Committee
White Lake Area Community Education
White Mountain Education Association
Whittier Area Cooperative Special Education Program
Wiccan Pagan Educational Association
WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (Boulder, CO)
Wichita Area Treatment, Education and Remediation
Wichita Center for Graduate Medical Education
Wicomico County Board of Education
Wicomico County Education Association
Wilderness Education Association
Wildlife Education and Research Foundation
Wildlife Management Education Fund
Wildlife Trails Education Project
Willamette Education Service District
William J Harrison Northside Education Center
Wilson Education Service Center
Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence
Windows of Information for Student Education
Wine and Spirit Education Trust
Winnipeg Adult Education Centre
Winnipeg Refugee Education Network
Wireless and Mobile Technologies in Education
Wireless Engineering Research and Education Center
Wisconsin Advocates for Music Education
Wisconsin Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Education Network
Wisconsin Art Education Association
Wisconsin Association for Career and Technical Education
Wisconsin Association of Public, Education, and Government Access Channels, Inc.
Wisconsin Business Education Association
Wisconsin Center for Education Research
Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education
Wisconsin Community Education Association
Wisconsin Council on Economic Education
Wisconsin Education Association
Wisconsin Education Association Council
Wisconsin Education Recruitment Fair
Wisconsin Educational Communications Board
Wisconsin Educational Media Association
Wisconsin Environmental Education Board
Wisconsin Foundation for Educational Administration
Wisconsin Geriatric Education Center
Wisconsin Indian Education Association
Wisconsin Nutrition Education Program
Wisconsin Overlay Network for Distance Education Resources
Wisconsin Technology Education Association
Wissahickon Educational Opportunities Foundation
Witches Education Bureau
Wolf Education and Research Center
Women Administrators in Management Education
Women and Environment Education and Development
Women Education Business Support
Women for Healthcare Education, Reform & Equity
Women Health Education Programme
Women in Educational Leadership
Women in Health, Education, Environment and Local Resources
Women in Higher Education
Women in Mathematics Education
Women in Search of Education, Relating
Women Leaders in Higher Education
Women’s Education, Research and Resource Centre
Women’s Educational Media
Women’s Institute for Financial Education
Women’s Institute for Secondary Education and Research
Women’s Policy Education Fund
Women’s Research & Education Institute
Woodcock-Johnson Psychoeducational Battery
Woodland Hills Education Association
Worcester College of Higher Education
Worcester Educational Development Foundation
Wordsmyth Educational Dictionary-Thesaurus
Work and Human Resource Education
Work Experience Cooperative Education Program
Work Experience Education
Work Experience Education
Worker Education and Training Branch
Worker Education and Training Program
Workers’ Compensation Education Association
Workers’ Education Association
Workforce Development and Continuing Education
Workforce Development and Education
Workforce Education and Lifelong Learning
Workforce Education and Training Fund
Workforce Education Course Manual
Workforce Education Research Center
Workforce Services and Continuing Education
Workforce Training and Community Education
Workforce Training and Continuing Education
Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board
Workforce, Education and Training
Working Group on Astronomy Education
Working Group on Education and Research
Working Group on Education Sector Analysis
Working Group on Education Statistics
Working Group on Higher Education
Working Papers in Educational Linguistics
Workplace Education Manitoba
Work-Related Education
Work-Related Further Education
Workshop for Informal Education Specialists
Workshop on Education in Computer Security
Workshop on Graphics and Visualization Education
Workshop on Secure Software Engineering Education and Training
World Association for Cooperative Education, Inc.
World Association for Educational Research
World Association for Online Education
World Catholic Education Day
World Conference on Continuing Engineering Education
World Conference on Higher Education
World Council for Torah Education
World Education
World Education Council
World Education Development Group
World Education Fellowship
World Education Fellowship
World Education Fund
World Education Fund
World Education International
World Education Market
World Education Network
World Education News and Reviews
World Education Research Association
World Education Services
World Education, Inc.
World Environmental Education Congress
World Federation of Education Associations
World Federation of Medical Education
World Higher Education Database
World Hunger Education Service
World Hunger Education, Advocacy and Training
World Journalism Education Council
World Organization For Education
World Wide Education
World Wide Education Services
World YES Forum (educational initiative)
Writing Development in Higher Education
Wuhan Institute of Physical Education
Wyoming Association of Career and Technical Education
Wyoming Education Network
Yale College Education
Yamaha Education Suite
Year-Round Education
Years of Education
York Seneca Institute for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education
Young Leaders in Education About Diversity
Your Home Business Education Centre
Youth and Education Law Project
Youth and Education Services
Youth and Family Education
Youth and Family Education
Youth Development Education
Youth Education & Safety Section
Youth Education Forum
Youth Education in the Arts
Youth Education Life Line
Youth Education Program
Youth Education Scholarship
Youth Education Series
Youth Education Social Inclusion Partnership
Youth Education Support Service
Youth Education Team
Youth in Education Program
Youth Leadership Education and Development
Youth Opera Preparation and Education
Youth Peer Education
Youth Peer Education Program
Youth Religious Education
Youth Suicide Prevention Education Program
Youth Watershed Education Team
Youth Work Education and Training
Youth, Education and Families
Z Education Online
Zavala County Education District
Ziff Education Building
Zone d’Education Prioritaire
Zoological Education Network Inc.
Zoological Education Trust