Employment Abbreviations


What is Underemployment?

Underemployment is a condition in which a certain job is performed without the need for professional qualification, receiving, for this, very low wages.

Underemployment can also be considered work that is below the employee’s qualifications, being obliged to perform tasks below his professional instruction. Often, the lack of job offers for qualified professionals forces them to look for and fill vacancies in underemployment.

Typically, underemployment is surrounded by illegalities, such as very low wages, without guarantees and protections for the employee, or labor rights, such as vacation, thirteenth, retirement, etc.

Underemployment conditions are intrinsically related to unemployment, forcing workers to look for jobs that can only satisfy their survival needs, with no prospects for professional growth.

As they receive low wages, the underemployed live with poor quality of life, often being forced to live in slums or other places with poor sanitation and little security.

However, underemployment can present itself as an alternative for individuals who do not have any type of professional qualification, but who wish to earn as little as possible to survive, even in precarious conditions.

Searches for under-employment are also very common when people immigrate to other countries. For example, a lawyer who wants to live in the United States and who, in order to survive, while not getting a job in his area, works as a bricklayer, porter, day laborer, garbage collector, or doing any other type of service that is available.

Underemployment in Brazil

In Brazil, as in several Latin American countries, underemployment is very common due to the high unemployment rate or the few job offers for qualified professionals.

With the intention of escaping unemployment, people end up looking for informal jobs as a solution to the lack of better opportunities.

What predominates in Brazil are jobs that require low education, but a certain degree of experience, especially for informal workers in the commerce.


Unemployment is the lack of a job, considered by many scholars as a “social disease”.

An individual who is in the “active group”, that is, of age to be in the labor market, but does not have a job is called unemployed.

There are four main forms of unemployment: seasonal, cyclical, transitional and structural.

The most serious, and which generally forces people to look for underemployment, is structural unemployment. This type of job shortage occurs when there is no demand or few service offerings for a given workforce.

Employment Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Employment

ASSETS A Service for Self-Employment, Training, and Support
AEEDO Aboriginal Economic and Employment Development Officer
APEP Absent Parent Employment Program
AIRU Accelerating Inflation Rate of Unemployment
ACCES Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services
ASU Accident Sickness and Unemployment
AEP Active Employment Policy
ASE Actively Seeking Employment
ACAR Adult Employment and Credential Rate
ARRIVE Adult Employment Retention Rate
ARRANGE Adult Employment Retention Rate
ARR Adult Employment Retention Rate
ARRIVAL Adult Employment Retention Rate
AEIS Advanced Employment Issues Symposium
ACHE Advisory Council on Hispanic Employment
ACUC Advisory Council on Unemployment Compensation
AAEEO Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity
AA-EEO Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employment
AEP Affirmative Employment Plan
AEP Affirmative Employment Program
AAEP African American Employment Program
ADEA Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967
AVEA Aire Valley Employment Area
AASE Alberta Association for Supported Employment
ASE Alternative Sheltered Employment
AYEC Alternative Youth Centre for Employment
AAEE American Association for Employment In Education
AELC American Employment Law Council
AIANEP American Indian Alaska Native Employment Program
AMEN Anacostia Men’s Employment Network
APREGS Andhra Pradesh Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
ACHIEVE Another Chance Initiative for Education, Vocation or Employment
AFE Application for Employment
ATEL Apprentices Trainees Employment, Ltd.
AYE Archdiocesan Youth Employment Services
ADEA Army Development & Employment Agency
ADEA Army Developmental Employment Agency
AEO Arranged Employment Opinion
APEP Asian Pacific Employment Program
ARTEP Asian Regional Team for Employment Promotion
ACEC Assessment Component of Employment Counselling
ACTIVATE Assisting Communities to Identify Vocational Areas of Training and Employment
AREC Associate of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation
APSE Association for Persons in Supported Employment
AFSE Association for Supported Employment
ALFEA Association of Licensed Foreign Employment Agencies
AEPP Association on Employment Practices and Principles
AIER Australian Institute of Employment Rights
ACES Automated Commerce Employment System
AWIU Average Weekly Insured Unemployment
BESI Barriers to Employment Success Inventory
BCEA Basic Conditions of Employment Act
BEP Black Employment Program
BCEA British Columbia Employment and Assistance
BEP Bureau of Employment Programs
BES Bureau of Employment Services
BEEO Bureau of Equal Employment Opportunity
BLES Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics
BMET Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training
BEST Business Employment Skills Training
CAEE California Association for Employment in Education
CASE California Attorneys, Administrative Law Judges and Hearing Officers in State Employment
CELA California Employment Lawyers Association
FEHA California Fair Employment and Housing Act
CEIU Canada Employment and Immigration Union
CTEN Canadian Technical Employment Network
CES Career and Employment Services
CEG Career Employment Group
CERP Career Employment Resource Program
CSSE Career Services and Student Employment
COE Categories of Employment
CCER Catholic Commission for Employment Relations
COPTEC Caucus on Part-Time Employment Concerns
CHEC Census Hiring and Employment Check
CARES Center for Administering Rehabilitation and Employment Services
CET Center for Employment Training
COEI Center for Occupational Employment Information
CETE Center on Education and Training for Employment
CEBA Central Employment Brokerage Association
CEER Centre for Education and Employment Research
CFFE Centre for Full Employment
CREATE Centre for Research in Employment and Technology in Europe
CRES Centre for Research in Employment Studies
CELS Certified Employment Law Specialist
CETS Certified Employment Training Specialist
CHASE Chambers against Stereotypes in Employment
CIES Changes in Employment Survey
CECMC Civilian Employment Cost Management Committee
CEI Civilian Employment Information
CEL Civilian Employment Level
CELP Civilian Employment Level Program
CEP Civilian Employment Plan
CEAMI Civilian Employment with Army Military Intelligence
CELA Cleveland Employment Lawyers Association
CEA Collective Employment Agreement
CERI Collegiate Employment Research Institute
CDLE Colorado Department of Labor and Employment
CESA Colorado Employment Security Act
CERE Combat Employment Readiness Exercise
CERI Combat Employment Readiness Inspection
CFEP Committee on Fair Employment Practices
DEET Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education and Training
CEO Commonwealth Employment Opportunities
CADET Community Agency for Development Employment and Training
CBEC Community Based Employment Collaborative
CEDU Community Employment Development Unit
CETA Community Employment Training Association
CIEVA Community Industries Employment Vocational Association
CIE Community Integrated Employment
CSET Community Services Employment Training
CARES Comprehensive Assistance and Re-Employment Services
CETA Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1973
COE Concept Of Employment
COE Conditional Offer of Employment
COE Conditions of Employment
CETC Connecticut Employment and Training Commission
CFEPA Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act
CONEX Contingency Employment Exercise
COEG Contracted Out Employments Group
CPER Contractor Personnel Employment Report
CCLES Cork City Local Employment Service
CEDS Countermeasures Employment Detection Subsystem
CEI critical employment indicator
CES Current Employment Statistics
N-DAY Day Unit Notified for Deployment/Employment
DEO Defense Employment Option
DFEE Department for Employment and Education
DEL Department for Employment and Learning
DBE Department of Business and Employment
DCEP Department of Consumer and Employment Protection
DEEWR Department of Education Employment and Workplace Relations
DEETYA Department of Education Employment Training and Youth Affairs
DEET Department of Education, Employment and Training
DEED Department of Employment and Economic Development
DEIR Department of Employment and Industrial Relations
DESS Department of Employment and Social Services
DET Department of Employment and Training
DOES Department of Employment Services
DES Department of Employment Services
DETR Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation
DETYA Department of Employment, Training and Youth Affairs
DLE Department of Labor & Employment
DOLE Department of Labor and Employment
DLEP Department of Labour and Employment Promotion
DOSTIE Department of State for Trade, Industry and Employment
DEMSTAT Deployment, Employment & Mobilization Status
DGET Directorate General of Employment and Training
DEPM Disability Employment Program Manager
DRES Disability Related Employment Supports
DPEP Disabled Persons Employment Promotion Act of 1960
DUA Disaster Unemployment Assistance
DRR Dislocated Worker Employment Retention
DEER Dislocated Worker Entered Employment Rate
DCEJC District of Columbia Employment Justice Center
DES Division of Employment Security
DUA Division of Unemployment Assistance
DWES Division of Workforce and Employment Services
DREN Durham Region Employment Network
EYE Education and Youth Employment
ELECT Education Leading to Employment and Career Training
ETE Education Training Employment
EET Education, Employment and Training
EEV Electronic Employment Verification
EEEK Ellis’s Endangered Employment Katalog
EUC Emergency Unemployment Compensation
ENGINEER Employment
EM Employment
EMPL Employment
EMP Employment
EPST Employment & Professional Skills Training
ETR Employment & Training Resources
EA Employment Access
EARN Employment Advancement Retention Network
EAA Employment Agencies Act
EA Employment Allowance
ELR Employment and Labour Relations
EMB Employment and Manpower Bureau
EOT Employment and Operational Training
EARC Employment and Residential Centers
ESDIS Employment and Social Dimension of the Information Society
ESA Employment and Support Allowance
ETA Employment and Training Administration
ETP Employment and Training Program
EAT Employment Appeals Tribunal
EAS Employment Assistance Services
EAS Employment Assurance Scheme
EAW Employment At Will
EAD Employment Authorization Document
EBI Employment Background Investigations
ECS Employment Career Services
ECM Employment Case Manager
ECN Employment Change Notice
ECA Employment Conditions Abroad
ECC Employment Conditions Commission
ECI Employment Consultants Institute
ECI Employment Cost Index
ECA Employment Counsellor’s Assistant
ED Employment Date
EDG Employment Department Group
EDD Employment Development Department
EDR Employment Dispute Resolution
EEA Employment Equality Agency
EEA Employment Equity Act
EEOG Employment Equity Occupational Group
EGA Employment Guarantee Act
EGS Employment Guarantee Scheme
EHDB Employment History Database
EHF Employment History File
EHT Employment in High Tech
EIM Employment Income Manual
EID Employment Information Data
EIMS Employment Information in the Mathematical Sciences
EI Employment Insurance
EICS Employment Insurance Coverage Survey
EIFS Employment Insurance Family Supplement
EI Employment Insurance Program
EIDP Employment Intervention Demonstration Program
EKB Employment Knowledge Base
ELLA Employment Labor Law Audit
ELBA Employment Law Bar Association
ELIN Employment Law Information Network
ELEMENT Employment Law Training
ELT Employment Law Training
EMAF Employment Management Association Foundation
EMD Employment Manning Document
EMAR Employment Market Analysis and Research
EMI Employment Market Information
EMA Employment Medical Adviser
EMAS Employment Medical Advisory Service
EMSA Employment Movement of South Africa
ENTO Employment National Training Organisation
ENET Employment Network Education and Training
ETHERNET Employment Network Education and Training
ENRGE Employment Network for Retired Government Experts
ENEMY Employment Networks
ENER Employment Networks
EN Employment Networks
ENDA Employment Non-Discrimination Act
ENA Employment Nursing Adviser
ELR Employment of Last Resort
EOTC Employment Opportunity & Training Center
EPSC Employment Pass Services Centre
EPING Employment Placement Enterprise
EPE Employment Placement Enterprise
EPG Employment Planning Guide
EPI Employment Policies Institute
EPF Employment Policy Foundation
EPL Employment Practices Liability
EPLI Employment Practices Liability Insurance
EPL Employment Practices Litigation
EPW Employment Projects of Winnipeg
EPL Employment Protection Legislation
EQI Employment Quality Index
ERP Employment Reduction Process
ERP Employment Related Practices
ER Employment Relations
ERD Employment Relations Divisions
EREL Employment Relations Education Leave
ERC Employment Resource Centre
ESS Employment Scheduling System
ESR Employment Screening Resources
ESC Employment Security Commission
ESD Employment Security Department
ES Employment Service
ESPANOL Employment Service
ESA Employment Service Agency
ESJ Employment Service Jobcentre
ESSA Employment Service Systems Administrator
ESIW Employment Services Information Warehouse
ESWC Employment Services of Weld County
ESRA Employment Services Regulatory Authority
ESI Employment Services, Inc.
ESA Employment Standards Act
ESA Employment Standards Administration
EAS Employment Standards Administration
ES Employment Statistics
ESPANOL Employment Statistics
ESC Employment Status Code
ESI Employment Status Indicator
ESC Employment Studies Centre
ESIA Employment Support and Income Assistance
ET Employment Taxes
EPOP Employment to Population Ratio
ET Employment Training
ETP Employment Training Panel
ETT Employment Training Tax
ETI Employment Trends Index
ET Employment Tribunal
EZ Employment Zone
EZS Employment Zone
ELSA Employment, Labour and Social Affairs
ES Employment/Employee System
ESPANOL Employment/Employee System
EBAY Employment-Based Immigrant
EB Employment-Based Immigrant
EBRI Employment-Based Retirement Income
ES Employmentemployee System
ESPANOL Employmentemployee System
EP Employment-to-Population Ratio
ETEC English Teachers Employment Connection
ETE Enhanced Transitional Employment
EIGSEP Entrepreneurship Linked Income Generation for Self Employment Program
EEDS Equal Employment Data System
EEO Equal Employment Office
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEO-AA Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Council
EEOO Equal Employment Opportunity Office
EEOO Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
EEOP Equal Employment Opportunity Plan
EEOAA Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
ERU Equilibrium Rate of Unemployment
ERACE Eradicating Racism and Colorism in Employment
EELC European Employment Law Cases
EES European Employment Strategy
EXCEL Examining Conflicts in Employment Law
EE Extended Employment program
EES Extended Employment Services
EUCA Extended Unemployment Compensation Act
ERE Extra Regimental Employment
FOE Fact of Employment
FLEA Fair and Legal Employment Act
FEHA Fair Employment and Housing Act
FEH Fair Employment and Housing Act of 1963
FEP Fair Employment Practices
FEPA Fair Employment Practices Act
FEPA Fair Employment Practices Agency
FEPC Fair Employment Practices Code
FEPC Fair Employment Practices Commission
FEDS Federal Employment Data Service
FUI Federal Unemployment Insurance
FUT Federal Unemployment Tax
FUTA Federal Unemployment Tax Act
FEGS Federation Employment and Guidance Service, Inc
FRES Federation of Recruitment and Employment Services
FNES First Nations Employment Society
FNNRYEP First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program
FNTEP First Nations Training to Employment Program
FLUID Florida Unemployment Internet Direct Claims
FSETP Food Stamp Employment & Training Program
FEP Force Employment Planning
FEEFS Foreign Employment Entrepreneurs Federation
FEMC Foreign Employment Management Committee
FEB Forward Employment Base
FEPB Foundation for the Employment Promotion of the Blind
FEL Full Employment League
FTE Full Time Employment
FACE Future Abilities Creative Employment
GRACE Gang Retirement and Continuing Education and Employment
GMET General Motors Employment Test
GUIDE General Unemployment Insurance Development Effort
GATES Georgia Association of Training, Employment and Supports
GEST Gippsland Employment Skills Training
GEAR Growth Employment and Redistribution
GEF Guidance for Employment of the Force
HSEA Health and Safety in Employment Act
HIRE Heartland Investment and Rural Employment
HIRE Help in Re-entering Employment
HECE Higher Education Contract of Employment
HEP Hispanic Employment Program
HOME Homeworkers Organized for More Employment
HIRE Hooking Is Real Employment
HEART Human Employment And Resource Training
HRDE Human Resource Development and Employment
HOPE Hundreds of Original Projects for Employment
IDES Illinois Department of Employment Security
IETC Illinois Employment & Training Center
ISTEP Illinois Support, Training, and Employment Program
IUIA Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act
ISTEP Immigrant Skilled Trades Employment Program
IEC Indian Employment Credit
IETC Indian Employment Tax Credit
IERN Individual Employment Rights Newsletter
ITEA Individual Transitional Employment Agreement
IPE Individualized Plan for Employment
IUC Initial Unemployment Claims
IER Institute for Employment Research
IES Institute for Employment Studies
ILE Institute for Labor and Employment
IMSE Institute for Motivating Self-Employment
IEC Institute of Employment Consultants
IETS Institute of Employment Studies
ITEC Institute of Training & Employment Centre
IUR Insured Unemployment Rate
IEET Integrated Education & Employment Trust
IAPES International Association of Personnel in Employment Security
ICSE International Classification of Status in Employment
IUI Involuntary Unemployment Insurance
IREP Iraq Reconstruction and Employment Program
IELJ Irish Employment Law Journal
JEN Jewish Employment Network
JPET Job Placement Employment and Training
JPEN Job Postings & Employment News
JESD Jobs and Employment Services Department
JESS Jobs and Employment Support Services
JETTCON Joint Employment and Training Technology Conference
JFE Joint Force Employment
JEC Journal of Employment Counseling
KYTES Kensington Youth Theatre and Employment Skills
KEYS Kingston Employment Youth Services
KEO Kosovo Employment Office
LELO Labor and Employment Law Office
LERA Labor and Employment Relations Association
LELA Labor Employment Law Association
LETA Lancaster Employment and Training Agency
LEPET Law Enforcement Pre-Employment Test
LINE Leading Indicator of National Employment
LOE Length of Employment
LOE Letter Of Employment
LASU Life, Accident, Sickness, Unemployment
LEAP Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential
LELC Lloyds Employment Law Consultancy
LAUS Local Area Unemployment Statistics
LDEP Local Development and Employment Pact
LEED Local Economic and Employment Development Council, Inc.
LEAP Local Employment Access Project
LEC Local Employment Committee
LEDA Local Employment Development Action
LED Local Employment Dynamics
LEA Local Employment Initiatives
LEP Local Employment Partnership
LLEN Local Learning and Employment Networks
LLEP Local Learning Employment Partnership
LVER Local Veteran’s Employment Representative
LTSE Long Term Sheltered Employment
LEAP Longitudinal Employment Analysis Program
LTESS Long-Term Employment Support Services
LMER Lower Mainland Employment Resources
LES Luxembourg Employment Study
MGNREGA Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
MEANS Making Employment a New Success
MER Management and Employment Relations
MERC Mandatory Employment Related Costs
MEC Marin Employment Connection
MOSES Massachusetts One Stop Employment System
MEL Medical Employment Limitation
MQGE Medicare Qualified Government Employment
MREC Member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation
MTES Metro Toronto Employment Survey
MERS Metropolitan Employment and Rehabilitation Services
MWELA Metropolitan Washington Employment Lawyers Association
MERC Michigan Employment Relations Commission
MESA Michigan Employment Security Agency
MESBR Michigan Employment Security Board of Review
MESC Michigan Employment Security Commission
MEAN Midlothian Employment Action Network
MEIA Ministry of Employment and Income Assistance
MOLE Ministry of Labour and Employment
MORAE Ministry of Rural Areas and Employment
MRAE Ministry of Rural Areas and Employment
MSSE Ministry of Social Security and Employment
MOUEPA Ministry of Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation
METP Minneapolis Employment and Training Program
ME Mission Employment
MDES Mississippi Department of Employment Security
METP Missouri Employment Training Program
MEEF Mobile Equipment Employment File
MOBODEES Mobilization, Operations, Deployment/Employment, and Execution System
MEUR Monthly Employment Utilization Report
NACEW National Advisory Council on the Employment of Women
NAUIAB National Association of Unemployment Insurance Appellate Boards
NCHEPM National Council of Hispanic Employment Program Managers
NEHIN National Employment and Health Innovations Network
NEA National Employment Association
NEC National Employment Council
NECA National Employment Counseling Association
NEF National Employment Fund
NELP National Employment Law Project, Inc.
NEMIC National Employment Manpower and Incomes Council
NERA National Employment Rights Authority
NES National Employment Standards
NEER National Environmental Employment Report
NINAETC National Indian and Native American Employment and Training Conference
NREG National Rural Employment Guarantee
NREGA National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
NREGP National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme
NREGS National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
NREP National Rural Employment Programme
NTES National Technical Employment Services, Inc.
NVEP National Veterans Employment Program
NAEP Native American Employment Program
NEWP Native Employment Works Program
NARU Natural Rate of Unemployment
NRU Natural Rate of Unemployment
NREP Natural Resources and Employment Program
NDSE New Deal Self-Employment
NHES New Hampshire Employment Security
NYSERB New York State Employment Relations Board
NZES New Zealand Employment Service
NAIRU Non-Accelerating-Inflation Rate of Unemployment
NEW Non-Traditional Employment for Women
NCESC North Carolina Employment Security Commission
NILES Northamptonshire Integrated Local Employment Strategy
NLERC Norwich Learning and Employment Resource Centre
NEET not in education, employment or training
NEET Not in Employment Education or Training
NEAT Nuclear Employment Augmentation Team
NWEO Nuclear Weapons Employment Officer
NETP Nuu-Chah-Nulth Employment and Training Program
OES Occupational Employment Statistics
OCSE Off-Campus Student Employment
ODEP Office of Disability Employment Policy
OEUS Office of Employment and Unemployment Statistics
OES Office of Employment Security
OESP Office of Employment Support Programs
OEES Office of Equal Employment Services
OFEP Office of Fair Employment Practices
OOSEP Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections
OPSE Office of Public Service Employment
ODERC Office of the Director of Employment Rights Compliance
OEA Office of The Employment Advocate
OELA Ohio Employment Lawyers Association
OELA Oklahoma Employment Lawyers Association
OESC Oklahoma Employment Security Commission
OPEN Olympic and Paralympic Employment Network
OES Online Employment System
OAYEC Ontario Association of Youth Employment Centres
OES Ontario Employment Standards
OSEB Ontario Self-Employment Benefit
OEC Operational Employment Concept
OFE Opportunities for Employment
OPEB Other Post-Employment Benefits
ODBEC Our Daily Bread Employment Center
OEC Overseas Employment Corporation
OEDB Overseas Employment Development Board
OETC Overseas Employment Tax Credit
PACE Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment
PASSES Parents for Student Safety Employment Standards
PIE Partners in Employment
PAYE Partnership to Advance Youth Employment
PTE Pathways to Employment
PEPE Pathways to Employment for Professional Engineers
PEEU Pay and Employment Equity Unit
PERS Pay and Employment Rights Service
PTEP Peninsula Training and Employment Program
POWER Peopel Organized to Win Employment Rights
PLASE People Lacking Ample Shelter and Employment
PDEP People with Disabilities Employment Program
PERFECT Peoria Educational Region for Employment and Career Training
PC-EMPSKD Personal Computer Employment Scheduler
PRA Personal Reemployment Account
PERS Personnel Employment Retirement System
PUP Philadelphia Unemployment Project
POEA Philippine Overseas Employment Administration
POEA Philippine Overseas Employment Agency
POEA Philippine Overseas Employment Authority
POE Place of Employment
PFE Planning for Employment
POET Post Offer Employment Test
PEBC Post-Employment Benefits Commission
POES Post-Offer Employment Screen
PSOE Potential Security of Employment
PECE Practical Education for Citizenship and Employment
PEC Pre-Employment Check
PED Pre-Employment Development
PEME Pre-Employment Medical Examination
PEQ Pre-Employment Questionnaire
PES Pre-Employment Screening
PMEGP Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Programme
PEA Private Employment Agency
PSEN Private School Employment Network
PBEO Professional Baseball Employment Opportunities
PDER Professional Diploma in Employment Relations
PET Professional Employment Training
PLES Professional Locum and Employment Services
PROS Project Re-Employment Opportunities System
POE Projected Operating Employment
PEP Public Employment Program
PERA Public Employment Relations Act
PERC Public Employment Relations Commission
PERRP Public Employment Risk Reduction Program
PESO Public Employment Service Office
PES Public Employment Services
PHEC Public Health Employment Connection
PSE Public Sector Employment
PSE Public Service Employment
PSER Public Service Employment Regulations
PERFECT Purpose Effect Recipient Future Employment Comparison Toward
QCEW Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages
QES Quarterly Employment Survey
QEV Quarterly Employment Verification
RISE Reaching Independence Through Self Employment
ROE Record of Employment
RECYCLE Recruitment and Employment Confederation
REC Recruitment and Employment Confederation
RPL Reemployment Priority List
REPLY Refusal of Employment
RE Refusal of Employment
REAP Regional Employment Assistance Program
REPM Regional Employment Projection Model
RESIDENCE Regional Employment Specialist
RES Regional Employment Specialist
RFEA Regular Forces Employment Association
RCES Regulations Concerning Employment Security
REDRESS Resolve Employment Disputes Reach Equitable Solutions Swiftly
REM Retention of Employment Model
REGP Rural Employment Generation Programme
REGS Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
SETA Sacramento Employment & Training Agency
SHARE Safety, Health and Return-To Employment
SEEDA Saskatchewan Employment Equity And Diversity Association
STEP School To Employment Partnership
STEP Science and Technology for Employment Protection
SUSE Scottish Union of Supported Employment
SECD Seaman Employment Control Division
SYEP Seattle Youth Employment Program
SEP Selective Employment Plan
SEAP Self Employment Assistance Program
SEIC Self Employment Information Centre
SEPUP Self Employment Programme for the Urban Poor
SEA Self-Employment Assistance
SECA Self-Employment Contributions Act of 1954
SELF Self-Employment Loan Fund
SET Self-Employment Tax
SCSEP Senior Community Service Employment Program
SEMA Senior Employment Medical Adviser
SENA Senior Employment Nursing Adviser
SEP Senior Employment Program
SEE Senior Environmental Employment
SEAP Sensor Employment Assessment Program
SAFE Sequential Analysis for Force Employment
SEH Serious Employment Handicap
SED Severely Employment Disadvantaged
SFE Skills for Employment
STEP Skills Training and Employment Placement
STEP Skills Training and Employment Program
SPHRE Society for the Promotion of Human Rights in Employment
SPE Sony Pictures Employment
SETA Southeastern Employment & Training Association
SERB Spouse Employment Resources Program
SLATE St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment
SEA State Employment Agency
SESA State Employment Security Agency
SUCA State Unemployment Compensation Act
SUI State Unemployment Income
SUI State Unemployment Insurance
SUPER State Unemployment Program E-government Resource
SUT State Unemployment Tax
SUTA State Unemployment Tax Act of 2004
SUTA State Unemployment Tax Authority
SBETC Stearns Benton Employment and Training Council
SEEP Student Educational Employment Program
SECE Student Employment and Cooperative Education
SEC Student Employment Center
STEP Student Employment Program
STEP Student Temporary Employment Program
STEP Study Training & Employment Pathways
STRIDE Success Through Responsibility, Initiative, Determination and Employment
STEP Summer Training and Employment Project
SYEP Summer Youth Employment Program
SUBJECT Supplementary Unemployment Benefits
SUBTRACT Supplementary Unemployment Benefits
SUB Supplementary Unemployment Benefits
SPEC Support Programme for Employment Creation
SWEDEN Supported Employment
SE Supported Employment
SEEC Supported Employment Enterprise Corporation
SES Supported Employment Services
SYEP Supported Youth Employment Program
SEP Supportive Employment Program
SCOPE Surrey Community Outreach Program for Employment
SEPH Survey of Employment Payrolls and Hours
SETA Survey of Employment Tribunal Applications
STEP Survey Tool for Employment Planning
SEOP System Employment and Organization Plan
SEOP Systems Employment and Operations Plan
TIGER Tailored Interactive Guidance on Employment Rights
TEA Targeted Employment Area
TRACER Teacher Relief and Contract Employment Register
TSEP Teachers’ Summer Employment Program
TASSEL Teaching All Students Skills for Employment and Life
T4D Telemployment for the Disabled
TEA Temporary Employment Agency
TDES Tennessee Department of Employment Security
TERRA Tennessee Employment Relations Research Association
TICE Test of Interpersonal Competence for Employment
TEC Texas Employment Commission
TEST Textile Employment Support Team
TEBA The Employment Bureau of Africa
TES The Employment Solution
TRIEC Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council
TEQ Training & Employment Queensland
TEEP Training & Exercise Employment Plan
TEGL Training and Employment Guidance Letter
TEN Training and Employment Network
TAES Training and Employment Services
TOEWG Training and Operational Employment Working Group
TEA Training Employment Advice Shop
TFE Training for Employment
THEO Training for Health and Employment Opportunities
TEEM Training, Education, Employment, and Management
TUPE Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment
TILES Transition/Independent Living/Employment/Support
TEA Transitional Employment Assistance
TEP Transitional Employment Program
TERO Tribal Employment Rights Office
USEL Ulster Supported Employment Ltd.
UE Unemployment
UAC Unemployment Appeals Commission
UBO Unemployment Benefit Office
UCOMP Unemployment Compensation
UCX Unemployment Compensation
UC Unemployment Compensation
UCB Unemployment Compensation Benefits
UCD Unemployment Compensation Disbursement
UCX Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Servicemembers
UCFE Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees
UCI Unemployment Compensation Insurance
UCT Unemployment Compensation Tax
UIN Unemployment Identification Number
UI Unemployment Initial
UI Unemployment Insurance
UIAC Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council
UIB Unemployment Insurance Benefit
UIC Unemployment Insurance Commission
UIC Unemployment Insurance Compensation
UIF Unemployment Insurance Fund
UIPL Unemployment Insurance Program Letter
UIR Unemployment Insurance Reporter
UISA Unemployment Insurance Savings Account
UITS Unemployment Insurance Tax System
URP Unemployment Relief Programme
USTAR Unemployment State Tax Automated Reporting
UTA Unemployment Tax Advisory Corporation
UUY Unemployment Unit and Youthaid
USERRA Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994
UER Unit Employment Record
UE Unit of Employment
UE Unit of Employment
UEX Unit of Employment
UEY Unit of Employment
UOE Unit of Employment
VOE Verification of Employment
VETS Veteran’s Employment & Training Service
VET Veterans Employment and Training
VECS Veterans Employment Coordination Service
VEOA Veterans Employment Opportunities Act of 1998
VETS Veterans Employment Transition Services
VRRA Veterans’ Reemployment Rights Act
VLESC Victorian Learning and Employment Skills Commission
VEEP Village Employment and Environment Project
VEC Virginia Employment Commission
VIEW Virginia Initiative for Employment not Welfare
VIPER Visually Integrated Planning Employment Resource
VETEC Vocational Education, Training and Employment Commission
VEST Volunteer Employment Services Team
WELA Washington Employment Lawyers Association
WORK Washington Online Reemployment Kiosk
WWEE Washington Women’s Employment and Education
WET Water Employment Team
WUED Wesley Uniting Employment
WUE Wesley Uniting Employment
WDEA Western District Employment Access
WCEO Westman Coalition for Employment Opportunities
WASES Weyburn and Area Supportive Employment Services Inc.
WETA Wisconsin Employment and Training Association
WERC Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission
WFEA Wisconsin Fair Employment Act
WCET Wollongong City Employment Training
WMER Women Management and Employment Relations
WEED Women Workers Employment and Entrepreneurship Development
WEETU Women’s Employment Enterprise and Training Unit
WEEH Women’s Empowerment Through Employment and Health
WLEI Women’s Local Employment Initiative
WSEP Women’s Self-Employment Project
WWCE Woodrow Wilson Center for Employment
WERU Work and Employment Research Unit
WFES Work First Employment Services
WISE Work Initiatives Leading to Sustainable Employment
WPRS Worker Profiling and Reemployment Services
WAGES Working to Achieve Growth in Employment Skills
WASE World Association for Supported Employment
WBEG Worldwide Benefit and Employment Guidelines
WDEA Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act
YEDPA Youth Employment and Demonstration Project Act of 1977
YEFOFO Youth Employment and Food Production Foundation
YETI Youth Employment and Training Initiative
YEI Youth Employment Initiative
YEI Youth Employment Institute
YEL Youth Employment Link
YEN Youth Employment Network
YEP Youth Employment Partnership, Inc.
YRR Youth Employment Retention Rate
YES Youth Employment Service
YES Youth Employment Solutions
YESA Youth Employment Standards Act
YES Youth Employment Start
YES Youth Employment Strategy
ZEF Zero-Employment Family