Fashion Abbreviations


What is Fashion?

Fashion is the feminine noun that means a way or custom more prevalent in a certain group at a certain time. It is a word often used to designate a way of dressing that is common to many or appreciated by many people.

There are various types of fashion such as women’s fashion and men’s fashion. Different styles of fashion have characteristics of different groups. Evangelical fashion, for example, conforms to certain values, with clothes that are not daring. There is also fashion for pregnant women, so that pregnant women can be as comfortable as possible, wearing clothes they like at the same time.

The most important fashion shows take place in big cities like Milan, Paris and New York, where designers, stylists or fashion designers present their creations and set trends for the future.

The history of fashion is marked by the different times and cultural movements that influenced the societies of its time. For example, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment influenced fashion, making it possible to identify different trends

The word fashion is present in several expressions. The expression ” out of fashion ” or ” going out of fashion ” indicates something that was once popular, but at the present time is no longer. Ex: The coat he is wearing today is completely out of fashion!

On the contrary, the expression “to be in fashion “, indicates a person who has a current style of dressing, or describes a habit or custom enjoyed by many people. Ex: It is now fashionable to meet people on the internet instead of meeting them in person.

In English, the word fashion is translated as fashion. Ex: she She’s got no fashion sense! / She has no fashion sense!

Fashion in Statistics

In the branch of mathematics known as statistics, the mode is the value that appears most frequently in a data set or series of observations. In the case of qualitative data, when the variables are names and it is not possible to determine the median or the mean, the mode is important to reduce the presented data and make statistical inferences.

For example, if we ask a group of 20 people what their favorite color is and 9 answer red, 5 answer green, 4 answer yellow and 2 answer blue, we can say that the mode is red.

The mode also applies in cases of numerical or quantitative data sets. In the sequence of numbers 2,4,7,9,2,3,4,5,8,6,4, the mode is 4, which appears three times, while the others appear only once or twice (in the case of two).

Fashion Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Fashion

AFASAM Alternative Fashion And Special Accessories Men
AGF Alternative Gothic Fashion
AIFW Amsterdam International Fashion Week
ASFC Atmosphere Super Fashion Company
AFDA Australian Fashion Designer Award
BOF Bacon Old-Fashioned
BFW Berlin Fashion Week
BFDA Black Fashion Designers Association
BFC British Fashion Council
BOF Business of Fashion
CFA California Fashion Association
CFS Charity Fashion Show
CWF Children Worldwide Fashion
CFDA Chinese Fashion Designers Association
CTFM Clothing, Textiles and Fashion Merchandising
CKF Club Kafé Fashion
CFW Copenhagen Fashion Week
CIFF Copenhagen International Fashion Fair
CFD Council of Fashion Designers
CFDA Council of Fashion Designers of America
CTFIA Council of Textile and Fashion Industries of Australia
DFB Danae Fashion Boutique
DIFT Delhi Institute of Fashion & Technology
DFF Designer Fashion Finder
DFD Dog Fashion Disco
DOF Double Old-Fashioned
EFE E! Fashion Emergency
EDFF Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation
EHF Elite Home Fashions
EGBDF Every Girl Buys Designer Fashions
FAFFA Fanclub Arts Foundation Fashion Awards
FBIA Fashion & Beauty Internet Association
FABB Fashion Accessories Benefit Ball
FASA Fashion Accessories Shippers Association, Inc
FAT Fashion Architecture Taste
FAMD Fashion Association of Merchandising and Design
FCK Fashion Community Kitterick
FDM Fashion Design and Merchandising
FDCC Fashion Design Council of Canada
FDFT Fashion Design Festival Toronto
FDRAS Fashion Design Recommender Agent System
FDS Fashion Design Solutions
FADAN Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria
FDW Fashion Door & Window
FEM Fashion Elements
FEN Fashion Europe Net
FFW Fashion Forward
FFDS Fashion Forward Dude
FFD Fashion Forward Dude
FF Fashion Freak
FGI Fashion Group International, Inc
FIA Fashion Industries Association
FIDM Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
FIT Fashion Institute of Technology
FIMP Fashion is My Passion
FKFS Fashion Knowledge Forum
FKF Fashion Knowledge Forum
FML Fashion Mailing List
FMDC Fashion Merchandise Distribution Center
FMP Fashion Merchandising Promotion
FOGA Fashion Originators Guild of America
FOA Fashion Outlets of America Inc.
FPER Fashion Police
FP Fashion Police
FQ Fashion Queen
FSM Fashion Square Mall
FTBC Fashion Targets Breast Cancer
FAINT Fashion Television
FT Fashion Television
FTV Fashion TV
FUK Fashion UK
FWC Fashion Week Cleveland
FACT Fashion, Arts, Culture, Technology
FMS FashionistaMurderSquad
FF Fully Fashioned
FFS Fully Fashioned Stocking
GEFA Genuine Fashion Accessories
HKF Hello Kitty Fashion
HSFI High School of Fashion Industries
IRFS Institute of Retail & Fashion Studies
IFM International Fashion Machines
IFFTI International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes
IMFF International Mens Fashion Freedom Network
ITFM International Textile Fashion Mall
JFW Jogja Fashion Week
LFW Lakme Fashion Week
LWF Left Wing Fashion
LCFS London Centre for Fashion Studies
LFF London Fashion Forum
LFW London Fashion Week
LISOF London International School of Fashion
MIFT Madras Institute of Fashion Technology
MIFW Malaysian International Fashion Week
MIFT Mangalore Institute of Fashion Technology
MIFT Manipal Institute of Fashion Technology
MFD Master in Fashion Design
MOF Mavens of Fashion
MFA Men’s Fashion Association of America
MBFW Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
MBAFA Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award
MMSFW Motorola Melbourne Spring Fashion Week
NFW Nashville Fashion Week
NIFT National Institute of Fashion Technology
NAFD Nevada Association of Fashion Design
NYFA New York Fashion Academy
NYFW New York Fashion Week
NFW Newcastle Fashion Week
NSFD Nexus School of Fashion Design
NIIFT Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology
OFFI Old Fashion Foods, Inc.
OFW Old Fashion Way
OFC Old Fashioned Christmas
OFTM Old Fashioned Ten Miler
OFW Omaha Fashion Week
OFW Oxford Fashion Week
PFDC Philippine Fashion Design Competition
PISF Philippine International School of Fashion
PFW Portland Fashion Week
SFFI San Francisco Fashion Industries
TAFF Textile and Fashion Federation
TBF The Budget Fashionista
TFA The Fashion Association
TFJ The Fashion Journal
TFS The Fashion Spot
TFFF Too Fat For Fashion
TFW Toronto Fashion Week
TFFE Turkish Fashion Fabric Exhibition
UFW Ukrainian Fashion Week
UC Underfashion Club
UUFA United Kingdom Urban Fashion Awards
VFG Valentino Fashion Group
VIFW Vancouver International Fashion Week
VFG Vintage Fashion Guild
WFC World Fashion Channel
WFX World Fashion Exchange
YCAF Youngs Crochet and Fashion