Indiana Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Indiana state?

IN is the 2 letter abbreviation for Indiana, the 17th largest state in the United States of America. Indiana is a state located in East North Central part of U.S.A, bordering Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. Indianapolis is the capital city of Indiana. Major cities include Indianapolis (Population: 829729), Fort Wayne (Population: 260337), Evansville (Population: 119954), South Bend (Population: 101527), Carmel (Population: 88724), Bloomington (Population: 84078), Hammond (Population: 77625), Gary (Population: 77167), Fishers (Population: 76805), Lafayette (Population: 71122), Muncie (Population: 70098), and Terre Haute (Population: 60836).

Indiana State Flag

Indiana State Profile

  • Capital: Indianapolis
  • Admitted to USA: 1816
  • Area: 94,326 km2
  • Population: 6,732,219
  • Time zone: GMT-5, GMT-6
  • Calling code: 219, 260, 317, 574, 765, 812
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  IN
  • State Government Website:


Indiana means “Land of the Indians”. On December 11, 1816, it became the 19th state of the United States. Its inhabitants are called “Hoosier”, which presumably is a spell of “Who is there?” is. India’s most important economic sector is agriculture with products such as maize, soybeans, wheat and tobacco, or pig and cattle breeding. Significant industries are steel industry, electronics, logistics equipment, oil refinery, coal industry and mechanical engineering. The state covers an area of ​​94,321 km² – with around 6.4 million inhabitants.

The capital of Indiana is Indianapolis with approximately 830,000 inhabitants. Indiana is a largely rural state with extensive farms. In Indiana there are also several metropolitan areas where the population density is much higher. The world-famous Indianapolis 500 – often abbreviated as Indy 500 – has been held in Indiana since 1911. It is the oldest and most traditional circuit racing car race in the world.

The state’s nickname is Hoosier State and the state’s motto is “The Crossroads of America” ​​because many interstate highways run through the state. The neighboring states of Indiana are Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. Special personalities of the state are or were Axl Rose, James Dean and Micheal Jackson. Southwest Indiana is also located in the so-called Tornado Alley. This is a particularly tornado-rich area in the Midwestern United States, where over a thousand large and small tornadoes roam across the country each year, especially in the spring. The US states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri are entirely within Tornado Alley. The northeastern part of Texas, the north of Louisiana, the northwestern part of Mississippi, central and southern Illinois and parts of Nebraska as well as smaller parts of Tennessee and Kentucky to Tornado Alley.

Cities and larger towns

Indianapolis, the capital of India, is home to around 830,000 people. If you look at the metropolitan region, around 1.8 million people live here. Indianapolis is not only the state’s capital and largest city, but is also the geographic center of India. The city has several nicknames, one of which is “Racing Capital of the World” due to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Visitors to Indiana can find many monuments and museums here. This is the city’s second nickname, Circle City, due to the Monument Circle with its monuments and the War Memorial Plaza, which is not too far away. But even those looking for nightlife or sporting events are in the right place in Indianapolis.

With approximately 120,000 residents, or 340,000 in the metropolitan area, Evansville is the third largest city in Indiana. Evansville is located in southwestern India and is the largest city in southern India. Evansville was founded in 1812 and has developed into the economic and cultural center of southern India to this day. The University of Evansville and University of Southern Indiana, for example, testify to this. The city also has excellent museums such as the Evansville Museum of Arts, History and Science. The city of Evansville is a great starting point for trips and tours to the border region between Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois.

Fort Wayne
The city of Fort Wayne is located in the northeastern part of Indiana and has a population of approximately 250,000, making it the second largest city in Indiana after Indianapolis. If you look at the metropolitan region, there are even 415,000 inhabitants. The city was founded in 1794 and is now the commercial and industrial center of the northeastern region of Indiana. Since the city is relatively old, numerous historic buildings can be found in it. Also worth mentioning is the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, which is one of the best zoos in the entire United States.

The city of Gary in northwest India today has approximately 80,000 residents, making it the sixth largest city in the state. It was founded in 1906 by the founding of a steelworks which gave the city prosperity and the nickname The Magic City of Steel. However, those days are over and today, due to the departure of industry and residents, many ruins shape the cityscape. That’s why Gary is now known as the Pompeii of the Midwest. However, this does not have to be a deterrent, eg the Methodist Church in Gary is a good example of modern ruins that still bear the scent of the past. The city’s most famous son was by far Michael Jackson whose family lived here.

The city of Lafayette has approximately 55,000 inhabitants, in the metropolitan area there are approximately 180,000 and is located in the west of India. The city was founded in 1825 and is named after the French General Marquis de La Fayette. The city is closely linked to the Purdue University located in it. The students naturally have an impact on the cityscape. The city should also be known to music connoisseurs, as Guns N ‘Roses frontman Axl Rose grew up here.

South Bend
The city of South Bend in northern India has approximately 105,000 inhabitants, in the metropolitan area there are approximately 315,000. South Bend was founded in 1831 and emerged from a small settlement of fur traders. The city is known for the Studebaker, these legendary street cruisers were built here until 1963. South Bend is also known as the seat of the University of Notre Dame.

Indiana State Abbreviations

List of Indiana Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Indiana are IN which stands for Indiana. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Indiana, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

IN: Indiana

Acronym Meaning
AIIN Access Indiana Information Network
AIM Aftercare for Indiana through Mentoring
ACI Agribusiness Council of Indiana
ACBA Allen County Indiana Bar Association
AANI Animal Advocacy Network of Indiana
ATTAIN Assistive Technology Through Action in Indiana
BISCC Bloomington Indiana Scholastic Chess Club
BGCI Boys & Girls Clubs of Indianapolis
BAIU Brazilian Association at Indiana University
CI Cambria and Indiana Railroad
CI Central Indiana
CIBA Central Indiana Bicycling Association
CICCAS Central Indiana Chamber of Commerce Alliance
CICCAS Central Indiana Clean Cities Alliance
CICF Central Indiana Community Foundation
CICN Central Indiana Community Network
CICS Central Indiana Commuter Services
CICOA Central Indiana Council on Aging
CIG Central Indiana Grotto
CIJGA Central Indiana Junior Golf Association
CISS Central Indiana Soaring Society
CIWA Central Indiana Writers Association
CERA Central Railroad of Indianapolis
CWMI Chemical Waste Management of Indiana
CANI Community Action of Northeast Indiana
CBAI Community Bankers Association of Indiana
CCI Community College of Indiana
CFNI Community Foundation of Northwest Indiana
DTCI Defense Trial Counsel of Indiana
EIDD Eastern Indiana Development District
EIEIO Economic Incentives for Enterprises in Indiana and Ohio
EACI Electronic Atlas of Central Indiana
EKI Elkhart, Indiana
EMAI Emergency Management Alliance of Indiana
GENI Geography Educators’ Network of Indiana, Inc.
GIFT Give Indiana Funds for Tomorrow
GSH Goshen, Indiana
GIRLS Greater Indiana Regional League of Soccer
GIFCU Greater Indianapolis Firefighters Credit Union
HIP Healthy Indiana Plan
IISG Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
IIAI Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana, Inc.
IN Indiana
INER Indiana
IND Indiana
IOCR Indiana & Ohio Central Railroad
IASM Indiana Academic Standards for Mathematics
IAPT Indiana Academy of Pharmacy Technicians
IABCS Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission
IABC Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission
IADC Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center
IAWC Indiana American Water Company
IAA Indiana Apartment Association
IAA Indiana Aquaculture Association
IAHC Indiana Arabian Horse Club
IHS Indiana Area Senior High School
INAAP Indiana Army Ammunition Plant
IAC Indiana Arts Commission
IAAI Indiana Assessor’s Association, Inc.
IACCR Indiana Association for Child Care Resource and Referral
IASB Indiana Association for School Broadcasters
IACA Indiana Association of Chinese Americans
IANA Indiana Association of Nurse Anesthetists
IANS Indiana Association of Nursing Students
IAPSS Indiana Association of Public School Superintendents
IASP Indiana Association of School Principals
IASP Indiana Association of School Psychologists
IASC Indiana Association of Senior Centers
IAD Indiana Association of the Deaf
IAUW Indiana Association of United Ways
IAWE Indiana Association of Women in Education
IBC Indiana Ballet Company
IBA Indiana Bandmasters Association, Inc
ISOBUTANOL Indiana Bandmasters Association, Inc
IBA Indiana Bankers Association
ISOBUTANOL Indiana Bankers Association
IBBA Indiana Bed and Breakfast Association
IBEP Indiana Beef Evaluation Program
IBA Indiana Beekeeper’s Association
ISOBUTANOL Indiana Beekeeper’s Association
IBLC Indiana Black Legislative Caucus
IBAT Indiana Brownfields Advisory Team
IBC Indiana Business College
IBEA Indiana Business Education Association
IBEA Indiana Business Ethics Awards
IBIA Indiana Business Incubator Association
IBRC Indiana Business Research Center
INTERNATIONAL Indiana Campground Owners Association
ICOA Indiana Campground Owners Association
ICFCU Indiana Carpenters Federal Credit Union
ICPN Indiana Center for Parish Nursing
ICU Indiana Central University
ICAC Indiana Certified Addiction Counselor
ICOC Indiana Chamber of Commerce
ICUP Indiana Check-Up Plan
ICI Indiana Chess Institute
ICCHCP Indiana Child Care Health Consultant Program
ICDA Indiana Choral Directors Association
ICBA Indiana Christian Basketball Alliance
ICYC Indiana Christian Youth Convention
ICACP Indiana Citizens to Abolish Capital Punishment
ICLU Indiana Civil Liberties Union
ICES Indiana Client Eligibility System
INCASA Indiana Coalition Against Sexual Assault
ICN Indiana College Network
ICPA Indiana Collegiate Press Association
ICOM Indiana Commendation Medal
ICOPE Indiana Commission on Proprietary Education
ICAA Indiana Community Action Association, Inc.
ICMA Indiana Concrete Masonry Association
ICCRD Indiana Convention Center RCA Dome
INCOLSA Indiana Cooperative Library Services Authority
ICASE Indiana Council of Administrators of Special Education
ICAADA Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
ICAA Indiana County Assessors Association
ICSWA Indiana County Solid Waste Authority
ICTC Indiana County Technology Center
ICRC Indiana Coyote Rescue Center
ICJI Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
ICJPA Indiana Criminal Justice Planning Agency
IDS Indiana Daily Student
IDGA Indiana Dairy Goat Association
IDGA Indiana Deaf Golf Association
IDEA Indiana Democratic Editorial Association
IDOA Indiana Department of Administration
IDEM Indiana Department of Environmental Management
IDFI Indiana Department of Financial Institutions
IDHS Indiana Department of Homeland Security
IDSR Indiana Department of State Revenue
INDOT Indiana Department of Transportation
IDWD Indiana Department of Workforce Development
IDTC Indiana Developmental Training Center
IDFC Indiana Division of Family and Children
IEDC Indiana Economic Development Corporation
IEMSC Indiana Emergency Medical Services Commission
IEC Indiana Endoscopy Center
IEPAC Indiana Equality Political Action Committee
INEPP-CS Indiana Estate Planning & Probate Cases
IFRS Indiana Facilities Registry System
IFI Indiana Family Institute
IFASC Indiana Federation of Ambulatory Surgery Centers
IFSA Indiana Fire Sprinkler Association
IFTS Indiana Firefighter Training System
IFDA Indiana Fireworks Distributors Association
IFPI Indiana Fiscal Policy Institute
IFLTA Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association
IGC Indiana Gaming Commission
IGHS Indiana German Heritage Society
IGA Indiana Golf Association
IGS Indiana Gourd Society
IGC Indiana Government Center
IGR Indiana Guard Reserve
INGO Indiana Gun Owners
IHSC Indiana Harbor and Ship Canal
IHB Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad
IHCP Indiana Health Coverage Programs
IHEN Indiana Healthcare Executives Network
IHSB Indiana High School Bowling
IHSPA Indiana High School Press Association
IHETS Indiana Higher Education Telecommunication System
IHB Indiana Historical Bureau
IHRF Indiana Historical Research Foundation
IHS Indiana Historical Society
IHHN Indiana Holistic Health Network
IHEN Indiana Home Educators Network
IHAHS Indiana Hooved Animal Humane Society
IHRC Indiana Horse Racing Commission
IHR Indiana Horse Rescue
IHHA Indiana Hospital and Health Association
IIT Indiana Institute of Technology
INDY Indiana Jones
IJ Indiana Jones
IJA Indiana Jones Adventure
IJATTOD Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
IJGLS Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
IJVR Indiana Jury Verdict Reporter
IKC Indiana Karst Conservancy
IKE Indiana Kodály Educators
IKR Indiana Kyudo Renmei
ILMS Indiana Lake Management Society
ILSA Indiana Legislative Services Agency
ILF Indiana Library Federation
ILTCIP Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program
ILBSA Indiana Lumber and Builders’ Supply Association
IMPACT Indiana Manpower Placement and Comprehensive Training Program
IMHA Indiana Manufactured Housing Association
IMA Indiana Manufacturers Association
IMCU Indiana Members Credit Union
IMU Indiana Memorial Union
IMC Indiana Metal Craft
IMP Indiana Michigan Power
IMVPA Indiana Military Vehicle Preservation Association
IMHC Indiana Minority Health Coalition, Inc.
IMTA Indiana Motor Truck Association
IMVPA Indiana Motor Vehicle Protection Act
IMF Indiana Mountaineering Foundation
IMLA Indiana Municipal Lawyers Association
IMPA Indiana Municipal Power Agency
IMTA Indiana Music Teachers Association
INDIGO Indiana Networking for Documents and Information of Government Organizations
INPA Indiana News Photographers Association
IOTA Indiana Occupational Therapy Association
IOCRA Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs
IOA Indiana Optometric Association
IOUG Indiana Oracle Users Group
IP Indiana Pacers
IPSE Indiana Partnership for Statewide Education
IPA Indiana Percussion Association
IPCA Indiana Pest Control Association, Inc.
IPCA Indiana Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association
IPA Indiana Pharmacists Alliance
IPCRP Indiana Pioneer Cemeteries Restoration Project
IPMA Indiana Podiatric Medical Association
IPPA Indiana Pork Producers Association
IPRC Indiana Prevention Resource Center
IPTAI Indiana Princeton Tennessee Astrobiology Initiative
IPLA Indiana Principals Leadership Academy
IPBS Indiana Professional Board Standards
IPMG Indiana Professional Management Group
IPAC Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council
IPAS Indiana Protection and Advocacy Services
IPBS Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations
INRD Indiana Rail Road
IRS Indiana Railroad System
IREX Indiana Real Estate Exchangors
IRMC Indiana Regional Medical Center
IRSS Indiana Registry of Soil Scientists
IRA Indiana Rehabilitation Association
IRT Indiana Repertory Theatre
IRHO Indiana Residence Hall Organization
IRCA Indiana Resource Center for Autism
IRTA Indiana Retired Teachers Association
IRTL Indiana Right to Life
ISHA Indiana Saddle Horse Association
ISCA Indiana School Counselor Association
ISD Indiana School for the Deaf
ISA Indiana Sheep Association
ISCA Indiana Soccer Coaches Association, Inc.
ISPCA Indiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
ISA Indiana Society of Anesthesiologists
ISAEF Indiana Society of Association Executives Foundation
ISMR Indiana Society of Mining and Reclamation
ISPLS Indiana Society of Professional Land Surveyors
ISRR Indiana Southern Railroad
INSPIRE Indiana Spectrum of Information Resources
ISHA Indiana Speech and Hearing Association
ISLPAB Indiana Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Board
ISLHA Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
ISHA Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
ISCA Indiana Sporting Clays Association, Inc.
ISCA Indiana Sprint Car Association
ISTAR Indiana Standards Tool for Alternate Reporting
ISBA Indiana State Bar Association, Inc.
ISBA Indiana State Beekeepers Association
ISBH Indiana State Board of Health
ISCA Indiana State Chess Association
ISCA Indiana State Chiropractic Association
ISCA Indiana State Court Administration
ISDA Indiana State Department of Agriculture
ISFA Indiana State Festivals Association
ISNA Indiana State Numismatic Association
ISNA Indiana State Nurses Association
ISP Indiana State Police
ISPA Indiana State Police Alliance
ISPB Indiana State Psychology Board
ISRA Indiana State Reading Association
ISSMA Indiana State School Music Association
ISTA Indiana State Teachers Association
ISU Indiana State University
ISTEP Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress
ISTDM Indiana Statewide Travel Demand Model
ISOT Indiana Stirring Oxidation Test
ISETS Indiana Support Enforcement Tracking System
ITA Indiana Telecommunications Association
ITN Indiana Telecommunications Network
ITPC Indiana Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation
ITRCC Indiana Toll Road Concession Company
ITA Indiana Township Association
IUCCC Indiana Uniform Consumer Credit Code
IU Indiana University
IUB Indiana University – Bloomington
IUCC Indiana University Cancer Center
IUCPR Indiana University Center for Postsecondary Research
IUCS Indiana University Computer Science
IUD Indiana University Degree
IUDLP Indiana University Digital Library Program
IUF Indiana University Foundation
IUH Indiana University Hospital
IUK Indiana University Kokomo
IUL Indiana University Library
IUMG Indiana University Medical Group
IUN Indiana University Northwest
IUP Indiana University of Pennsylvania
IUP Indiana University Press
IUPUFW Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
IUSOM Indiana University School of Medicine
IUSM Indiana University School of Medicine
IUS Indiana University Southeast
IUSA Indiana University Student Association
IUURC Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference
IPFW Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne
IUPUI Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
IUFC Indiana Urban Forest Council
IUSA Indiana Urban Schools Association
IVMA Indiana Veterinary Medical Association
IVAN Indiana Victim Assistance Network
IVTC Indiana Vocational Technical College
IVFA Indiana Volunteer Fireman’s Association
IWU Indiana Wesleyan University
IWX Indiana Western Express
IWS Indiana Wind Symphony
IWUG Indiana Windows User Group
IYG Indiana Youth Group
IDI Indiana, Pennsylvania
INDY Indianapolis
NAP Indianapolis
ICAN Indianapolis Access Cable Network
IAA Indianapolis Airport Authority
IAWM Indianapolis Association of Wabash Men
IBT Indianapolis Baptist Temple
IBCC Indianapolis Black Chamber of Commerce
IBDA Indianapolis Black Deaf Advocates
IBC Indianapolis Business College
IBLC Indianapolis Business Learner Corpus
ICC Indianapolis Children’s Choir
ICM Indianapolis Childrens’ Museum
ICND Indianapolis Coalition for Neighborhood Development
ICELAND Indianapolis Colts
IC Indianapolis Colts
ICVA Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association
ICC Indianapolis Convention Center
IDI Indianapolis Downtown, Inc
IED Indianapolis Economic Development
IEC Indianapolis Endoscopy Center
IFD Indianapolis Fire Department
IIA Indianapolis International Airport
IMPD Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
IM Indianapolis Monthly
IMS Indianapolis Motor Speedway
IMA Indianapolis Museum of Art
IMCA Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art
INRC Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center
ING Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group
IPD Indianapolis Police Department
IPL Indianapolis Power & Light
IPIC Indianapolis Private Industry Council
IPS Indianapolis Public Schools
IRP Indianapolis Raceway Park
ISFA Indianapolis Society of Financial Analysts
IS Indianapolis Star
ISB Indianapolis Symphony Band
ISO Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra
ITC Indianapolis Telephone Company
IWC Indianapolis Water Company
IW Indianapolis Woman
IYHA Indianapolis Youth Hockey Association
IYO Indianapolis Youth Orchestra
IYWE Indianapolis Youth Wind Ensemble
IZS Indianapolis Zoological Society
IND Indianapolis, IN, USA – Indianapolis International Airport
ZID Indianapolis, Indiana
IMC Indianapolis/Marion County Communications
IPSN Indiana-Purdue Student Newspapers
JASI Japan-America Society of Indiana
JLI Junior League of Indianapolis
KIB Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc.
KIPT Keihin Indiana Precision Technology
KIO Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio
KIPCUG Kentucky/Indiana Personal Computer Users Group
KOI Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana
KISS King of Indiana Sprint Series
OKK Kokomo, Indiana
LPO La Porte, Indiana
LPIN Libertarian Party of Indiana
LIRC Louisville and Indiana Railroad Co.
MZZ Marion, Indiana
MIBOR Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors
MGC Michigan City, Indiana
MITS Muncie Indiana Transit System
NGAI National Guard Association of Indiana
NCI Nationalities Council of Indiana, Inc.
NACI Naval Avionics Center, Indianapolis
NAFI Naval Avionics Facility, Indianapolis
NIPR Northeast Indiana Public Radio
NIDCOB Northern Indiana District Church of the Brethren
NIPSCO Northern Indiana Public Service Company
NWI Northwest Indiana
NIWA Northwest Indiana Woodworkers Association
OTN Oaktown, Indiana
OISC Office of Indiana State Chemist & Seed Commissioner
OISC Office of the Indiana State Chemist
OINK Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky
PSI Paranormal Society of Indiana
GFD Pope Field Airport, Greenfield, Indiana, USA
PSCI Public Service Company of Indiana, Inc.
PSI Public Service Indiana
QGI Quilters’ Guild of Indianapolis
RINB Reitan-Indiana Neuropsychological Battery
RID Richmond, Indiana
ROSI Rollergirls of Southern Indiana
SJC Saint Joseph’s College, Indiana
SEFI Science Education Foundation of Indiana
SSI Scottish Society of Indianapolis
SHA Social Health Association of Indiana
SAAI South African Association of Indiana
SOB South Bend, Indiana
SBI South Bend, Indiana
SCIH South Chicago and Indiana Harbor Railway
SEI South East Indiana
SEIBR South Eastern Indiana Board of Realtors
SIHO Southeastern Indiana Health Organization
SISWD Southeastern Indiana Solid Waste District
SIBR Southern Indiana Bigfoot Research
SICA Southern Indiana Center for the Arts
SIGE Southern Indiana Gas & Electric Co.
SIRCM Southern Indiana Radio Control Modelers
SIRM Southern Indiana Regional Militia
SINE Southwest Indiana Network for Education
SCBI State Convention of Baptists in Indiana
TAAI Taiwanese-American Association of Indianapolis
THCI The Heart Center of Indiana
TMMI Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana
TONI Transgender Outreach of Northern Indiana
UANI Umpires Association of Northern Indianapolis
UCI Union City, Indiana
UCPAGI United Cerebral Palsy Association of Greater Indiana
USAI United Senior Action of Indiana, Inc.
UINDY University of Indianapolis
UI University of Indianapolis
USIN University of Southern Indiana
USI University of Southern Indiana
UDWI Utilities District of Western Indiana
VPZ Valparaiso, Indiana
VTCI Vintage Thunderbird Club of Indiana
WCIEDD West Central Indiana Economic Development District
WIDC West Indianapolis Development Corporation
WICF Western Indiana Community Foundation
WIYN Wisconsin, Indiana, Yale and National
WIYN Wisconsin, Indiana, Yale, NOAO
YIJ Young Indiana Jones
YIJC Young Indiana Jones Chronicles

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