Ohio Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Ohio state?

OH is the 2 letter abbreviation for Ohio, the 7th largest state in the United States of America. Ohio is a state located in East North Central part of U.S.A, bordering Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Columbus is the capital city of Ohio. Major cities include Columbus (Population: 850117), Cleveland (Population: 388083), Cincinnati (Population: 296954), Toledo (Population: 279800), Akron (Population: 197553), Dayton (Population: 140610), Parma (Population: 79948), Canton (Population: 71896), Youngstown (Population: 64639), Lorain (Population: 63658), Hamilton (Population: 62418), and Springfield (Population: 59691).

Ohio State Flag

Ohio State Profile

  • Capital: Columbus
  • Admitted to USA: 1803
  • Area: 116,098 km2
  • Population: 11,689,100
  • Time zone: GMT-5
  • Calling code: 216, 234, 330, 419, 440, 513, 614, 740, 937
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  OH
  • State Government Website: http://ohio.gov/


The state of Ohio is located in the Midwestern United States, more precisely it is the easternmost state that is still included in this region. Ohio borders Pennsylvania to the east, West Virginia to the southeast, Kentucky to the southwest, Indiana to the west, and Michigan to the northwest. Furthermore, Ohio is bordered in the north by Lake Erie and thus also borders on Canada and the Canadian province of Ontario. The name of the state is derived from the Iroquois language and means “great river”. The state’s official nickname is “Buckeye State”, after the Ohio Buckeye tree. Ohio has other nicknames such as “The Mother of Presidents”, “Birthplace of Aviation” and “The Heart of It All”. The official state motto of Ohio is “With God, all things are possible” and comes from the Gospel according to Matthew (chapter 19, verse 26: “Jesus looked at them and said to them: It is impossible for people, but for God everything is possible. “).

The state of Ohio covers an area of ​​approximately 116,096 km² – with around 11.5 million inhabitants. The capital and largest city in Ohio is Columbus with approximately 787,000 inhabitants. Ohio joined the Union on March 1, 1803, as the 17th state. The state of Ohio’s economy is very diverse. Ohio is one of the leading states in the fields of mechanical engineering and the tool industry. However, agriculture also plays an important role in the state’s economy. Ohio belongs to the so-called “Corn Belt”, a region in the Midwest that mainly cultivates corn. In addition, the states of Iowa, Indiana and Illinois belong to the “Corn Belt” and alone account for approximately 50 percent of all corn cultivation in the United States. Smaller parts of the states of Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin also belong to the “Corn Belt”.

The landscape of Ohio is flat in the northwestern part of the state and rises to the southwest and southeast and becomes more hilly because the Appalachian Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains begin here. Ohio has over 2,500 lakes and more than 72,000 km of rivers. Ohio is popular with tourists because of its varied landscape and its many historic sites. Furthermore, in the north of the state on the coast to Lake Erie or on the offshore islands you can almost spend a real beach holiday, but the state’s amusement parks are also very popular, for example the famous park “Cedar Point” in Sandusky. Ohio is ideal for tourists because it is a good opportunity to get to know many impressions of American culture.

Famous sons and daughters of the state are the Afro-American Nobel laureate in literature Toni Morrison, the famous inventor, not only of the incandescent lamp, as well as Thomas Alva Edison, the flight pioneers Wright and Neil Armstrong, the first to be the first man on the moon. The state’s nickname “Birthplace of Aviation” is derived from the latter. The actor Clark Gable, the director Steven Spielberg and a total of 7 US presidents also come from Ohio.
This fact should also explain the nickname “The Mother of Presidents”.

The seven U.S. Presidents born in Ohio are James A. Garfield, Ulysses S. Grant, Warren G. Harding, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, William McKinley and William Howard Taft. Ohio’s role in “Electorial College” is also of political importance. The federal stat sends 18 electoral men and women to the “Electorial College”, which ultimately elects the president after the nationwide presidential election. Ohio is also considered a “swingstate”, in which the Democrats and the Republicans sometimes have the majority and is therefore particularly competitive before the presidential election. Between July 18 and 21, “The Q”, the home stadium of the Cleveland Cavaliers NBA team, hosted the Republicans’ nomination party convention in Cleveland. Donald Trump was elected candidate for the presidential election on November 8, 2016 with 69.8% of the vote.

Before the European settlement, today’s Ohio was part of the eastern Mississippi culture and was, among other things, by the tribes of the Miami, the Wyandot, the Shawnee, the Lenni Lenape, the Ottawa and the Erie. Due to the pressure of European colonization, the Iroquois, who previously settled in what is now the state of New York, later claimed parts of the Ohio area. The first Europeans to “engage” in this area were the French, who established a system of trading posts here in the 18th century. However, these “activities” led to the French and Indian War of 1754.

Since 1787, the area of ​​what is now Ohio has been developed as a northwest territory, but the northwest territory also included today’s states of Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and the part of Minnesota that lies east of the Mississippi. Parts of the northwestern territory were able to become states when their population reached 60,000. Ohio became the 17th state to join the Union on March 1, 1803, although it had less than 60,000 residents at the time. The first capital of Ohio was Chillicothe until 1810, then Zanesville and then Columbus since 1816.

Cities and towns

With a population of approximately 200,000, Akron is the fifth largest city in Ohio. The city is located in the northeast of on the banks of the Cuyahoga River. Akron was founded in 1825. The city is named after the Greek word ἄκρος, which in this context means “highest point” because Akron is at the highest point of the Ohio-Erie Canal.

Akron used to be an industrial city and was called Rubber Capital of the World, but Akron was also affected by the structural change in the region and is now known as the City of Invention. Last but not least, because a scientific location has been established here with the University of Akron and other research institutions. The Organization of Alcoholics Anonymous was founded in Akron in 1935. Akron has a lot to offer culturally interested visitors with the Akron Art Museum and the EJ Thomas Performing Arts Hall.

The Blossom Music Center and Mary Campbell Cave are also located in the suburb of Cuyahoga Falls. Akron also runs the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad that runs through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Akron is twinned with Chemnitz (Germany).

Columbus is the capital of Ohio and is centrally located in the interior of the state at the confluence of the Scioto River and Olentangy River. Columbus has approximately 787,000 residents, making it the largest city in Ohio. In fact, 1.86 million people live in the city’s metropolitan area. Columbus is named after the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus. Columbus was founded in 1812 because, after joining the Union, it wanted a central capital as a separate state. Columbus has also officially been the state capital of Ohio since 1816. Columbus is home to Ohio State University, the largest university in the state with approximately 57,000 students, approximately 3 km north of the center. Ohio State University also has the largest contiguous campus of any US university.

The campus and 57,000 students also shape the cityscape. Because of its function as the capital and the University of Columbus, it is an important location for research. Furthermore, the historic district German Village, a district built in the 19th century by German immigrants, is extremely interesting. Columbus used to be in the Manufacturing Belt, or now in the Rust Belt. Has largely recovered from the decline since the 1970s. In Columbus there are also some interesting buildings such as the State Capitol or the LeVeque Tower. Those looking for culture will be impressed by the Wexner Center for the Arts or the Columbus Museum of Art, for example.
Columbus has been twinned with Dresden since 1992 (Germany).

The city is located in northern Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie. With a population of approximately 395,000, Cleveland is the second largest city in Ohio after Columbus. The city’s metropolitan area, also known as Greater Cleveland, is home to 2.07 million people, which is the second largest metropolitan area in Ohio. The city is the urban center of northeast Ohio. In former times the former industrial city was much larger, so up to 900,000 inhabitants lived here in the 1930s, when the city was an important transport hub.

Cleveland was founded in 1796 during the land survey of the region by Moses Cleaveland, the founder and namesake of the city. Throughout history, Cleveland has grown to become the second largest automobile manufacturing location in the United States. However, the development to an industrial city had not only advantages, because the Cuyahoga River was so polluted in earlier times, especially by the city’s petrochemical industry, that its surface was combustible.

The decline of the steel and automotive industries, which transformed the formerly prospering “Manufacturing Belt” into the “Rust Belt”, did not leave Cleveland unscathed, but the city has been on the upswing again since the 1980s. Nowadays the city is a “service city”, which due to the successful modernization measures deserves the title “Comeback City” very much. Cleveland now offers some treasures for visitors.

The Cleveland Orchestra, for example, is one of the best symphony orchestras in the USA, which is counted among the “Big Five”, in the city. Cleveland also has world-class museums, such as the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland. The Playhouse Square Center is also the second largest performing arts center in the United States in Cleveland. For nature lovers, Cleveland, whose nickname is “Forest City”, is also ideal because of its proximity to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This national park, the only one in Ohio, is located just south of the city.

The paths to the beaches on the shores of Lake Erie are also very short. Cleveland’s best-known personalities include industrialist John D. Rockefeller and the band Nine Inch Nails. Cleveland maintains city partnerships with Bratislava (Slovakia), Gdansk (Poland), Heidenheim an der Brenz (Germany), Lima (Peru), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Taipei (Taiwan) and Volgograd (Russia).

The city of Cincinnati is located in the extreme southwest of Ohio on the north bank of the Ohio River and thus directly on the border with the state of Kentucky. Cincinnati has approximately 297,000, making it the third largest city in Ohio after Columbus and Cleveland. The city’s metropolitan area is home to 2.13 million people, the largest metropolitan area in Ohio. However, it should be noted that this metropolitan area also extends into the neighboring states of Indiana and Kentucky. Cincinnati is one of the most important cities in the region and is nicknamed “The Queen City”.

Cincinnati was founded in 1788 as one of the first settlements in what was then the Northwest Territory. The name Cincinnati comes from the Roman consul and dictator “Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus”. During the Civil War, Cincinnati was an important port of call for “fleeing slaves” from the south. The development of the city received a significant boost through the opening of the Miami Erie Canal and thus the connection to the Great Lakes. Cincinnati was also an important point of contact for German immigrants and it can be assumed that at the beginning of the 20th century, about 60% of the urban population was of German descent. This is still noticeable today because Cincinnati is home to the largest Oktoberfest in the United States.

This is also reflected in the cityscape, because in the northern district of Over-the-Rhine there are a large number of buildings in the historicist Italianate architectural style, similar to New York City, Munich or Vienna. In addition to this historic district, Cincinnati has of course more to offer. The downtown area is centered around Fountain Square with Tyler Davidson Fountain. The Carew Tower is a symbol of the city and significantly shapes the skyline. With the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Opera and the Cincinnati Ballet, visitors to the city who are interested in music are also well catered for.
Cincinnati has been twinned with Munich (Germany) and therefore the existence of a Hofbräuhaus in Cincinnati is not surprising.

Dayton is located in Montgomery County and has a population of around 140,500. The location became world-famous for the conference that took place between November 1 and November 21, 1995 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton to end the Yugoslav war. The conference table included the Serbian President Slobodan Milošević (1941-2006), the Croatian President Franjo Tuđman (1922-1999), the President of the State Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Alija Izetbegović (1925-2003) and the American chief negotiator Richard Holbrooke (1941- 2010). The document, signed in Paris on December 14, went down in history as the Dayton Agreement.

It is also worth mentioning that the Wright brothers built the first aircraft in their bicycle factory that was heavier than air (i.e. not a Zeppelin) and was piloted by a pilot. It had made its maiden flight on December 17, 1903 in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. In the following years they had further developed and improved their aircraft here. But the city is now particularly notorious for the numerous local opioid addicts who are legally prescribed their drugs in the form of fentanyl or oxycodone as pain relievers. The scale of this drug addiction has now led to a national emergency in much of the United States.

The city of Toledo has approximately 287,000 residents and is located in the far northwest of Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie in close proximity to the border with the state of Michigan. This makes Toledo the fourth largest city in Ohio and over 650,000 people live in the city’s metropolitan area. The city of Toledo was founded twice, once in 1833 and again in 1837 after the Toledo War ended. Visitors to the city will be particularly pleased with the Toledo Museum of Art, which is internationally known, and the Collingwood Arts Center.

Toledo also offers an excellent zoo, the over 200,000 m² Toledo Botanical Garden and a generally very attractive art and culture scene. The Rosary Cathedral in Toledo is also a very attractive cathedral. Toledo should also be interesting for visitors who are drawn to the beaches of Lake Erie due to its proximity to it.

Ohio State Abbreviations

List of Ohio Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Ohio are OH which stands for Ohio. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Ohio, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

OH: Ohio

Acronym Meaning
ALAO Academic Library Association of Ohio
AHPO Accountable Health Plan of Ohio
ACPO Adhesive Coated Products of Ohio
AMRO Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Ohio
ASHAO American Saddlebred Horse Association of Ohio
AGCO Associated General Contractors of Ohio
AOLIC Association of Ohio Life Insurance Companies
ATO Athens Ohio
ASNO Autism Society of Northwest Ohio
BOCT Baltimore and Ohio Chicago Terminal Railway Company
SGH Beckley Airport, Springfield, Ohio
BEDO Black Elected Democrats of Ohio
BCCO Blue Cross of Central Ohio
BIAOH Brain Injury Association of Ohio
BECO Building Environment Council of Ohio
BKL Burke Lakefront Airport, Cleveland, Ohio
CCO Catholic Conference of Ohio
COBOA Central Ohio Basketball Officials Association
COBA Central Ohio Beekeepers Association
COBC Central Ohio Bicycle Club
COBA Central Ohio Bluegrass Association
COBT Central Ohio Bowlers Tour
COBB Central Ohio Brass Band
COBA Central Ohio Breathing Association
COBA Central Ohio Breeding Association
COBA Central Ohio Bridge Association
COCFC Central Ohio Clean Fuels Coalition
CODA Central Ohio Diabetes Association
CO-EDI Central Ohio EDI Users Group
COFW Central Ohio Fiction Writers
COGS Central Ohio Ghost Squad
COLP Central Ohio LAN Party
COLUG Central Ohio Linux User Group
COMBO Central Ohio Mountain Bike Organization
COOPP Central Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers
CORA Central Ohio Reef Aquarists
CORF Central Ohio Rotary Flyers
COTA Central Ohio Teachers Association
COTC Central Ohio Technical College
COTA Central Ohio Transit Authority
COHS Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society
CORF Clean Ohio Revitalization Fund
CODA Cleveland Ohio Dog Advocates
CLOUT Coalition of Large Ohio Urban Townships
COHHIO Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio
CEAO College English Association of Ohio
CGOH Columbia Gas of Ohio
COBA Columbus Ohio Blues Alliance
COLO Columbus, Ohio
COLS Columbus, Ohio
CODA Commission on Ohio Dental Assistants
CHPO Community Health Plan of Ohio
CPO Community Properties of Ohio
COSMO Community Shares of Mid Ohio
CMRO Concerned Motorcycle Riders of Ohio
COAD Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development
CCNO Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio
CCNO Corrections Commission of Northwest Ohio
CAAO County Auditors’ Association of Ohio
CEAO County Engineers Association of Ohio
CGF Cuyahoga County Airport, Cleveland, Ohio
DOX Daxie Ohio Express
DRSS Dayton Regional STEM School (Ohio)
DFI Defiance, Ohio
DSCO Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio
EORH East Ohio Regional Hospital
EIEIO Economic Incentives for Enterprises in Indiana and Ohio
EFO Eddie from Ohio
EMAO Emergency Management Association of Ohio
ESAO Employer Services Association of Ohio
ESOP Empowering and Strengthening Ohio’s People
EECO Environmental Education Council of Ohio
DECI Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio
DRAIN Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio
D Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio
DAILY Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Ohio
FORC Federation of Ohio River Cooperatives
FDY Findlay, Ohio
FOCU First Ohio Credit Union
FOBO For Ohio By Ohio
FFAO Foundation for Appalachian Ohio
FSO Fox Sports Ohio
FOCO Freedom of Choice Ohio
FCACO Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Ohio
GQQ Galion, Ohio
GEORGIA Green Energy Ohio
GEORGE Green Energy Ohio
GEOGRAPHIC Green Energy Ohio
GEO Green Energy Ohio
GFO Gulf, Mobile, and Ohio Railroad Company
HAO Hamilton, Ohio
HOTO Head of the Ohio
HOPE Hillsboro Ohio Paranormal Encounters
HCCO Humanist Community of Central Ohio
IOCR Indiana & Ohio Central Railroad
ICO Industrial Commission of Ohio
IOCO Insurance Office of Central Ohio
JASCO Japan-America Society of Central Ohio
JFN Jefferson, Ohio
JACO Jung Association of Central Ohio
KOB Keep Ohio Beautiful
KIO Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio
KOI Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana
LWVOEF League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund
LPO Libertarian Party of Ohio
LOOP Lifeline of Ohio Organ Procurement Agency
LOMO Lutheran Outdoor Ministries in Ohio
MNN Marion, Ohio
MRIC Maumee RAP Implementation Committee (Ohio)
MCACO Mechanical Contractors Association of Central Ohio
MANO Mediation Association of Northeast Ohio
MCO Medical College of Ohio
MUO Medical University of Ohio
MTSO Methodist Theological School in Ohio
MOTA Michigan Ohio Telecommunication Association
MOAA Mid Ohio Amber Alert
MOOD Mid Ohio Organized Disc Golf
MOLO Mideastern Ohio Library Organization
MORP Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission
MOV Mid-Ohio Valley
MGY Montgomery Field, Dayton, Ohio
NLO National Lead of Ohio Inc.
NDSO Netherlands Detachment Springfield Ohio
NOR New Ohio Review
NNCO Newspaper Network of Central Ohio
NEOHS North East Ohio Health Services
NWO North West Ohio
NWOCA North West Ohio Computer Association
NEO Northeast Ohio
NOAS Northeast Ohio Adoption Services
NOAA Northeast Ohio Apartment Association
NEOAC NorthEast Ohio Apple Corps
NOCA Northeast Ohio Communications Advocates
NEODA Northeast Ohio Dispatcher Association
NODA Northeast Ohio Dispatcher Association
NOLA Northeast Ohio Library Association
NOMN Northeast Ohio Mentoring Network
NEOSA Northeast Ohio Software Association
NOTA Northeast Ohio Translators Association
NETO Northeastern Educational Television of Ohio
NEOTA Northeastern Ohio Teachers Association
NOU Northeastern Ohio Universities
NOAH Northern Ohio Association of Herpetologists
NOBS Northern Ohio Bibliophilic Society
NOCI Northern Ohio Coalition Inc.
NODA Northern Ohio Dressage Association
NOITR Northern Ohio Information Technology Roundtable
NORW Northern Ohio Rural Water
NOTSL Northern Ohio Technical Services Librarians
NOYO Northern Ohio Youth Orchestras
NWOET Northwest Ohio Educational Technology
NOPCRN Northwest Ohio Primary Care Research Network
OH Ohio
OECC Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition
OAGD Ohio Academy of General Dentistry
OASP Ohio Access Success Project
OAT Ohio Achievement Tests
OAC Ohio Administrative Code
OADC Ohio Administrative District Council
OAKS Ohio Administrative Knowledge System
OAI Ohio Aerospace Institute
OAINN Ohio Aerospace Institute Neural Network
OASPA Ohio Agricultural Surplus Production Alliance
OAQDA Ohio Air Quality Development Authority
OABA Ohio Alpaca Breeders Association
OASL Ohio Amateur Soccer League
OAR Ohio Amblyope Registry
OAC Ohio Amish Country
OECA Ohio and Erie Canalway
OAA Ohio Aquaculture Association
OAATS Ohio Arabian and All-Breed Trail Riding Society
OAC Ohio Arts Council
OALA Ohio Assisted Living Association
OACES Ohio Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
OADE Ohio Association for Developmental Education
OAIRP Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning
OAJS Ohio Association for Justice
OAJ Ohio Association for Justice
OAMT Ohio Association for Music Therapy Music Therapy
OAAS Ohio Association of Adult Services
OAAO Ohio Association of Animal Owners
OACVPR Ohio Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
OACBMRDD Ohio Association of County Boards of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
OAEOPP Ohio Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel
OAEVT Ohio Association of Emergency Vehicle Technicians
OAFC Ohio Association of Free Clinics
OAIS Ohio Association of Independent Schools
OAPI Ohio Association of Plumbing Inspectors
OARP Ohio Association of Rail Passengers
OASBO Ohio Association of School Business Officials
OASN Ohio Association of School Nurses
OASPA Ohio Association of School Personnel Administrators
OASSA Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators
OASIS Ohio Association of Security & Investigation Services
OATJ Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese
OAD Ohio Association of the Deaf
OAC Ohio Athletic Club
OAC Ohio Athletic Conference
OADA Ohio Automobile Dealers Association
OBL Ohio Bankers League
OBF Ohio Bible Fellowship
OBIC Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center
OBBS Ohio Board of Building Standards
OBN Ohio Board of Nursing
OBR Ohio Board of Regents
OBSL Ohio Buckeye Speedskating League
OBDC Ohio Business Development Coalition
OBG Ohio Business Gateway
OBTA Ohio Business Teachers Association
OCTA Ohio Cable Telecommunications Association
OCCS Ohio Camera Collectors Society
OCSR Ohio Canadian Studies Roundtable
OCISS Ohio Cancer Incidence Surveillance System
OCCH Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing
OCEA Ohio Catholic Education Association
OCP Ohio Cellular Products
OCES Ohio Center for Effective Schools
OCLRE Ohio Center for Law-Related Education
OCSS Ohio Central School System
OCWA Ohio Championship Wrestling Association
OCRID Ohio Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
OCSA Ohio Charter Schools Association
OCA Ohio Chess Association
OCWTP Ohio Child Welfare Training Program
OCA Ohio Citizen Action
OCFS Ohio Citizens for Science
OCCA Ohio Clerk of Courts Association
OCDO Ohio Coal Development Office
OCAN Ohio College Access Network
OCLC Ohio College Library Center
OCAS Ohio College of Applied Science
OCM Ohio College of Massotherapy
OCPM Ohio College Of Podiatric Medicine
OCPA Ohio College Personnel Association
OCCSA Ohio Collegiate Computing Services Association
OCM Ohio Columbus Mission
OCDE Ohio Commons for Digital Education
OCCA Ohio Community Corrections Association
OCAMM Ohio Composting and Manure Management
OCAE Ohio Computer Aided Engineering, Inc.
OCCA Ohio Concrete Construction Association
OCPP Ohio Conference for Payroll Professionals
OCA Ohio Connections Academy
OCBI Ohio Consolidated Builders, Inc.
OCSPA Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act
OCHEA Ohio Continuing Higher Education Association
OCNA Ohio Convention of Narcotics Anonymous
OCCSA Ohio Correctional and Court Services Association
OCSG Ohio Cost Savings Group
OCLIS Ohio Council of Library and Information Services
OCRM Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
OCHS Ohio County High School
OCUL Ohio Credit Union League
OCPA Ohio Crime Prevention Association
OCFC Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission
OCPA Ohio Curriculum Professionals Association
ODC Ohio Data Center
ODPI Ohio Death Penalty Information
ODP Ohio Democratic Party
ODA Ohio Dental Association
ODHA Ohio Dental Hygienists’ Association
ODLA Ohio Dental Laboratory Association
ODAS Ohio Department of Administrative Services
ODAG Ohio Department of Agriculture
ODA Ohio Department of Agriculture
ODE Ohio Department of Education
ODH Ohio Department of Health
ODHL Ohio Department of Health Laboratory
ODJFS Ohio Department of Job and Family Services
ODMH Ohio Department of Mental Health
ODT Ohio Department of Taxation
ODA Ohio Dermatological Association
ODDC Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council
ODREO Ohio Directors of Religious Education Organization
OHDELA Ohio Distance and Electronic Learning Academy
ODLA Ohio Distance Learning Association
ODW Ohio Distribution Warehouse
ODAM Ohio Division Annual Meeting
ODC Ohio Dominican College
ODU Ohio Dominican University
OELCS Ohio Early Learning Content Standards
OEIC Ohio East India Company
OESH Ohio Eastern Star Home
OE Ohio Edison
OEA Ohio Education Association
OECN Ohio Education Computer Network
OECU Ohio Educational Credit Union
OELMA Ohio Educational Library Media Association
OESCA Ohio Educational Service Center Association
OETC Ohio Educational Technology Conference
OESA Ohio Elite Soccer Academy
OEMA Ohio Emergency Management Association
OEOC Ohio Employee Ownership Center
OELA Ohio Employment Lawyers Association
OECP Ohio Energy Credits Program
OEC Ohio Environmental Council
OEPA Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
OEC Ohio Expo Center
OFSC Ohio Fair Schools Campaign
OFCF Ohio Family & Children First
OFB Ohio Farm Bureau
OFBF Ohio Farm Bureau Federation
OFU Ohio Farmers Union
OFO Ohio Field Office
OFE Ohio Fire Executive
OFSC Ohio First Suburbs Consortium
OFIC Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges
OFDA Ohio Funeral Directors Association
OGS Ohio Genealogical Society
OGS Ohio Gourd Society
OGT Ohio Graduation Test
OGF Ohio Grantmakers Forum
OGCA Ohio Gun Collectors Association
OHA Ohio Halfway House Association
OHP Ohio Highway Patrol
OHBA Ohio Historic Bridge Association
OHC Ohio Historical Center
OHS Ohio Historical Society
OHEN Ohio Home Educators Network
OHS Ohio Homeland Security
OHC Ohio Horseman’s Council Inc
OHO Ohio Hospice Organization
OHA Ohio Hospital Association
OHIC Ohio Hospital Insurance Company
OHR Ohio House of Representatives
OHAC Ohio Housing Authorities Conference
OHC Ohio Housing Council
OHEA Ohio Humane Education Association
OIOA Ohio Identification Officers Association
OIFF Ohio Independent Film Festival
OISA Ohio Independent Screenplay Awards
OIKS Ohio Indoor Kart Series
OIH Ohio Industries for the Handicapped, Inc.
OIS Ohio Innovation Summit
OIHC Ohio Institute of Health Careers
OIGA Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association
OIPC Ohio Invasive Plants Council
OIU Ohio Investigative Unit
OJC Ohio Judicial Conference
OJI Ohio Jury Instructions
OLCA Ohio Lactation Consultant Association
OLEC Ohio Lake Erie Commission
OLMS Ohio Lake Management Society
OLICA Ohio Land Improvement Contractors Association
OLEKA Ohio Law Enforcement K9 Association
OLPC Ohio Law Placement Consortium
OLCA Ohio Lawn Care Association
OLN Ohio League for Nursing
OHLIBS Ohio League of International Baccalaureate Schools
OLAF Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation
OLBCF Ohio Legislative Black Caucus Foundation
OLA Ohio Library Association
OLC Ohio Library Council
OLO Ohio Light Opera
OLA Ohio Lumbermen’s Association
OMPA Ohio Maple Producers Association
OMJ Ohio Means Jobs
OMGA Ohio Meat Goat Association
OMI Ohio Mechanical Institute
OMEGA Ohio Mid-Eastern Governments Association
OMLA Ohio Mortgage Loan Act
OMLA Ohio Moss and Lichen Association
OMCDC Ohio Multi-County Development Corporation
OMEA Ohio Municipal Electric Association
OMEG Ohio Municipal Energy Group
OMSK Ohio Mushroom Society
OMS Ohio Mushroom Society
OMEA Ohio Music Educators Association
OMIG Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
ONG Ohio National Guard
ONPR Ohio Network of Physician Recruiters
ONN Ohio News Network
ONU Ohio Northern University
ONA Ohio Nurses Association
ONF Ohio Nurses Foundation
ONAM Ohio Nursing Articulation Model
OOTA Ohio Occupational Therapy Association, Inc.
OOS Ohio Odonata Society
OOTF Ohio Olmstead Task Force
OOA Ohio Optometric Association
OOS Ohio Ornithological Society
OOA Ohio Osteopathic Association
OPIN Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network
OPRA Ohio Parks and Recreation Association
OPAN Ohio Patient Action Network
OPSI Ohio Patient Safety Institute
OPW Ohio Pattern Works
OPO Ohio Peace Officer
OPOTC Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission
OPOA Ohio Peak Oil Action
OPRS Ohio Performance Review System
OPMG Ohio Permanente Medical Group
OPMA Ohio Petroleum Marketers Association
OPA Ohio Pharmacists Association
OPR Ohio Pig Roast
OPERATE Ohio Pig Roast
OPL Ohio Pink Ladies
OPMA Ohio Podiatric Medical Association
OPA Ohio Poetry Association
OPPC Ohio Pork Producers Council
OPCO Ohio Power Company
OPSB Ohio Power Siting Board
OPRS Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services
OPEC Ohio Prevention and Education Conference
OPRA Ohio Private Residential Association
OPHP Ohio Professional Housing Provider
OPEG Ohio Program Evaluators’ Group
OPPA Ohio Promotional Products Association
OPRN Ohio Prospect Research Network
OPRA Ohio Provider Resource Association
OPIC Ohio Public Interest Campaign
OPLIN Ohio Public Library Information Network
OPSC Ohio Public Service Company
OQPF Ohio Quality and Productivity Forum
ORW Ohio Racewalker
ORDC Ohio Rail Development Commission
ORTA Ohio Rail Tourism Association
ORY Ohio Railway Museum
OREC Ohio Real Estate Commission
ORW Ohio Reformatory for Women
ORCC Ohio Regional Campus Conference
ORTA Ohio Rehabilitation Technology Association
ORF Ohio Renaissance Festival
ORBS Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits
ORAEF Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation
ORTA Ohio Retired Teachers Association
ORC Ohio Revised Code
ORMC Ohio Revolutionary Memorial Commission
ORPA Ohio Rifle Pistol Association
ORBCRE Ohio River Basin Consortium for Research and Education
ORBI Ohio River Border Initiative
ORFMT Ohio River Fisheries Management Team
ORNIM Ohio River Navigation Investment Model
ORVF Ohio River Valley Families
ORVFMC Ohio River Valley Farm Marketing Conference
ORMC Ohio Roadside Marketing Conference
ORCA Ohio Romanian Children’s Association
ORDP Ohio Rural Development Partnership
OREC Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives, Inc.
OSBA Ohio School Boards Association
OSFC Ohio School Facilities Commission
OSD Ohio School for the Deaf
OSSWA Ohio School Social Work Association
OSSPEAC Ohio School Speech Pathology Educational Audiology Coalition
OSCI Ohio Science Institute
OSERA Ohio Scientific Education Research Association
OSAS Ohio Scottish Arts School
OSIA Ohio Seed Improvement Association
OSIA Ohio Sheep Improvement Association
OSBA Ohio Small Business Association
OSBDC Ohio Small Business Development Center
OSDAR Ohio Society Daughters of the American Revolution
OSPE Ohio Society of Professional Engineers
OSRT Ohio Society of Radiologic Technologists
OSWC Ohio Spiritual Warfare Center
OSTMA Ohio Sports Turf Managers Association
OSBA Ohio State Bar Association
OSBA Ohio State Beekeepers Association
OSBP Ohio State Biochemistry Program
OSET Ohio State Equestrian Team
OSFA Ohio State Firefighters Association
OSH Ohio State Hooligans
OHSJDR Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution
OSMA Ohio State Medical Association
OSTEOPOROSIS Ohio State Patrol
OSP Ohio State Patrol
OSRS Ohio State Radiological Society
OSR Ohio State Reformatory
OSSEA Ohio State Society of Enrolled Agents
OSTA Ohio State Trappers Association
OSU Ohio State University
OSUBRS Ohio State University Behavior Rating Scale
OSUMB Ohio State University Marching Band
OSIP Ohio Statewide Imagery Program
OSPS Ohio Stereo Photographic Society
OSGA Ohio Student Government Association
OSPF Ohio Suicide Prevention Foundation
OSC Ohio Supercomputer Center
OSGP Ohio Supercomputer Graphics Project
OSC Ohio Supreme Court
OTELAC Ohio Teacher Education and Licensure Advisory Commission
OTIF Ohio Teacher Incentive Fund
OTTO Ohio Technology Transfer Organization
OTPF Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation
OTOC Ohio Tournament of Champions
OTPD Ohio Township Police Department
OTMP Ohio Tributary Monitoring Program
OTTA Ohio Tuition Trust Authority
OTF Ohio Turfgrass Foundation
OTC Ohio Turnpike Commission
OUAB Ohio Union Activities Board
OUW Ohio United Way
OU Ohio University
OUC Ohio University – Chillicothe
OUZ Ohio University – Zanesville
OUAL Ohio University Accelerator Laboratory
OME Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
OUCU Ohio University Credit Union
OUE Ohio University Eastern
OUL Ohio University- Lancaster
OUPD Ohio University Police Department
OURS Ohio University Recruiting Society
OUWC Ohio University Women’s Club
OUM Ohio Unorganized Militia
OVAC Ohio Valley Archaeological Consultants, Ltd.
OVAL Ohio Valley Area Libraries
OVAL Ohio Valley Art League
OVAC Ohio Valley Athletic Conference
OVAAA Ohio Valley Automotive Aftermarket Association
OVC Ohio Valley Center
OVCMA Ohio Valley Christian Music Association
OVC Ohio Valley College
OVCT Ohio Valley College of Technology
OVC Ohio Valley Conference
OVDGA Ohio Valley Dairy Goat Association
OVDCA Ohio Valley Dwarf Car Association
OVEC Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative
OVEC Ohio Valley Electric Company
OVEC Ohio Valley Electric Corporation
OVEC Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
OVGA Ohio Valley Golf Association
OVIBDC Ohio Valley Industrial and Business Development Corporation
OVIS Ohio Valley Internet Service Inc.
OVMS Ohio Valley Military Society, Inc.
OVMOD Ohio Valley Museum of Discovery
OVOA Ohio Valley Officials Association
OVPRI Ohio Valley Paranormal Research Investigations
OVPC Ohio Valley Pomeranian Club
OVP Ohio Valley Precision, Inc.
OVR Ohio Valley Region
OVRWA Ohio Valley Romance Writers of America
OVST Ohio Valley Summer Theater
OVT Ohio Valley Tribe
OVU Ohio Valley University
OVV Ohio Valley Voices
OVERLAY Ohio Vehicle Leasing Association
OVMA Ohio Veterinary Medical Association
OVA Ohio Vocational Association
OVI Ohio Volunteer Infantry
OWEA Ohio Water Environment Association
OWML Ohio Water Microbiology Laboratory
OWN Ohio Watershed Network
OWO Ohio Watersheds Online
OWU Ohio Wesleyan University
OWGA Ohio Wheat Growers Association
OWW Ohio Willow Wood
OWE Ohio Work Education
OWF Ohio Works First
OYM Ohio Yearly Meeting
OYD Ohio Young Democrats
OYPAA Ohio Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous
OYB Ohio Youth Basketball
OYC Ohio Youth Commission
OYW Ohio Youth Wrestling
OYL Ohio YSR League
OINK Ohio, Indiana, and Northern Kentucky
OFCC Ohioans For Concealed Carry
OGE Ohioans for Growth and Equality
OEM Ohioe Electric Motors
OLEC Ohio-Leipzig European Center
OMD Ohio-Meadville District
OTCO Operator Training Committee of Ohio
OAO Opticians Association of Ohio
OWO Outdoor Writers of Ohio
PCCO Pagan Community Council of Ohio
PVZ Painesville, Ohio
PEAO Palomino Exhibitors Association of Ohio
POIG Part-time Ohio Instructional Grants
POV Pittsburgh and Ohio Valley Railway Company
PPAO Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio
PPCO Planned Parenthood of Central Ohio
PBO Prevent Blindness Ohio
PCAO Prevent Child Abuse Ohio
PWDOH Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio
PLSO Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio
PPCO Professional Photographers of Central Ohio
PPO Professional Photographers of Ohio
PUCO Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
RFOC Reading First Ohio Center
RON Reform Ohio Now
RKO Rural King Ohio
SKY Sandusky, Ohio
SSCO School Study Council of Ohio
SARNCO Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio
SMO Singing Men of Ohio
SEO SouthEastern Ohio
SOCA Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance
SOCF Southern Ohio Correctional Facility
SODEC Southern Ohio District Export Council
SODI Southern Ohio Diversification Initiative
SOFAST Southern Ohio Fugitive Apprehension Strike Team
SOGA Southern Ohio Gamer’s Association
SOLO Southern Ohio Light Opera
SOMC Southern Ohio Medical Center
SONS Southern Ohio Naturists Society
SONG Southern Ohio Neighbors Group
SONIC Southern Ohio Nuclear Integration Cooperative
SOS Southern Ohio Sanitation, LLC
SWO Southwest Ohio
SWON Southwest Ohio & Neighboring Libraries
SOAPHS Southwest Ohio Amusement Park Historical Society, Inc.
SWOA Southwest Ohio Assembly of the Church of God
SOCA Southwest Ohio Computer Association
SODC Southwest Ohio Developmental Center
SWOL Southwest Ohio League
SORTA Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority
SOAADS Southwestern Ohio Association of Adult Day Services
SOCHE Southwestern Ohio Council for Higher Education
SCAO Speech Communication Association of Ohio
SDCO Staff Development Council of Ohio
SLO State Library of Ohio
TSIO That School in Ohio
TOP Toledo Ohio Properties
UORV Upper Ohio River Valley
UOV Upper Ohio Valley
VCCO Vision Center of Central Ohio
WCHO Washington Court House, Ohio
WMAO Water Management Association of Ohio
WSCO Welsh Society of Central Ohio
WCOIL West Central Ohio Internet Link
WOPS West Ohio Paranormal Society
WOH Western Ohio
WOCO Western Ohio Computer Organization
WOEA Western Ohio Education Association
WOFC Western Ohio Financial Corporation
WMCO Westinghouse Materials Company of Ohio
WDFO Whitetail Deer Farmers of Ohio
LNN Willoughby, Ohio
ILN Wilmington, Ohio
WOCO Woodworkers of Central Ohio
BJJ Wooster Wayne City, Ohio
WINOC Work in Northeast Ohio Council
ZZV Zanesville, Ohio

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