Michigan Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Michigan state?

MI is the 2 letter abbreviation for Michigan, the 10th largest state in the United States of America. Michigan is a state located in East North Central part of U.S.A, bordering Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota (water border), Ohio, and Wisconsin. Lansing is the capital city of Michigan. Major cities include Detroit (Population: 677127), Grand Rapids (Population: 195108), Warren (Population: 134067), Sterling Heights (Population: 132063), Ann Arbor (Population: 117081), Lansing (Population: 115067), Charter Township of Clinton (Population: 99764), Flint (Population: 98321), Dearborn (Population: 95182), Livonia (Population: 94646), Canton (Population: 86836), and Troy (Population: 83291).

Michigan State Flag


Michigan State Profile

  • Capital: Lansing
  • Admitted to USA: 1837
  • Area: 250,487 km2
  • Population: 9,986,857
  • Time zone: GMT-5, GMT-6
  • Calling code: 231, 248, 269, 313, 517, 586, 616, 734, 810, 906, 989
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  MI
  • State Government Website: http://www.michigan.gov/


Michigan borders the Great Lakes Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie and consists of the Upper and Lower Michigan peninsulas. It was accepted into the Union as the 26th state in 1837. Michigan is one of the leading states in the manufacture of motor vehicles. This is how Michigan’s largest city, Detroit, was called the “car capital of the world” or “motor city”. Henry Ford had his first branch here.

In addition to the Great Lakes, there are many thousands of small lakes in Michigan that attract many sports tourists. Tourism is now the largest industry in Michigan. Michigan covers an area of ​​250,494 km² – with around 10 million inhabitants. The water area of ​​the state is 103,372 km² and the land area is 147,122 km². The state capital is the approximately 115,000 city of Lansing.

Cities and larger towns

Detroit used to be a thriving town where Henry Ford founded his Henry Ford Motor Company in 1903 – General Motors opened 5 years later. From 1900 to 1930 the population increased eightfold to approximately 1.6 million inhabitants. The “Big Three” – General Motors, Chrysler and Ford dominated the global car market from Detroit for decades. The Pontiac brand was named after the chief of the Ottawa tribe who took over what was then Fort Detroit in the Pontiac uprising between 1763-1766. Until about 1960, numerous African-American workers flocked to the city to work in the booming automotive industry. Since they acted as strikebreakers against their white colleagues several times, racial riots occurred in Detroit. The worst riots in the United States took place here in 1967 – with 43 deaths, 342 injuries and 1,400 houses destroyed by arson. The decline of Detroit began with the oil crisis in the 1970s and the rise of Japanese cars in the United States, which increased from 2009 as a result of the economic and financial crisis. Nowadays, after the decline of the automotive industry, only about 700,000 people live here, of which about 40% live below the poverty line and are dependent on social assistance.

Grand Rabids
About 25 miles east of Lake Michigan is Grand Rabids, which, with just under 188,000 residents, is the second largest state in the state. Grand Rabids is also known as Furniture City because it has long been the center of the furniture industry in the United States. Today, many companies in the automotive and healthcare sectors are also based there. Otherwise, the city is called dead because it is becoming less and less popular and its population is steadily decreasing.


With around 138,300 residents, Warren is the third largest city in the state of Michigan and the largest in Macomb County – not far from Detroit. Warren is heavily influenced by the automotive industry in the USA, which can be seen particularly in the strong and steady population growth. While around 14,400 inhabitants lived in 1930, the number was around 180,000 forty years later and around 140,000 in 2000. General Motors and Chrysler – the main employers in the city – are located there. Warren became particularly famous for the rapper Eminem, who in his film and in many of his songs drew attention to the dilapidated 8 Mile Street and thus its origins.

Sterling Heights
With around 125,000 residents, Sterling Heights is the second largest city in Macomb County after Warren and the fourth largest in Michigan. Sterling Heights is home to numerous immigrant Poles who settled there during the Second World War. The national American Polish Festival takes place there every year, at which the Polish community comes together and celebrates its culture.

Lansing, the actual capital of the state of Michigan, is located relatively centrally in Michigan. With approximately 114,000 inhabitants, it is the fifth largest state in Michigan and the only capital that is not the seat of her county (Ingham County). Special sights are e.g. B. the State Capitol, the African World Museum and the Botanical Gardens. Many other educational, art and cultural institutions are located in Lansing.

Ann Arbor
Approx. 64 km west of Detroit is Ann Arbor, the sixth largest city in the state of Michigan and the seat of Washtenaw County. Ann Arbor has a population of around 114,000, most of whom are involved in research. The research facilities of the University of Michigan and medical institutions such as B. Phizer. Ann Arbor was voted one of the 100 best places to live by Money Magazine in 2008 (27th place).

Michigan State Abbreviations

List of Michigan Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Michigan are MI which stands for Michigan. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Michigan, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

MI: Michigan

Acronym Meaning
ALAM American Lung Association of Michigan
AAM Ann Arbor Michigan
ARB Ann Arbor, Michigan – Municipal
AHAM Arabian Horse Association of Michigan
ASMSU Associated Students of Michigan State University
ASNMU Associated Students of Northern Michigan University
BECOME Bay City, Michigan
BCM Bay City, Michigan
BCMGH Bay City, Michigan Ghost Hunters
WBR Big Rapids, Michigan
BUFMI Black United Fund of Michigan
BCNM Blue Care Network of Michigan
BHAM Buckskin Horse Association of Michigan
CMACB Central Michigan Area Concert Band
CMC Central Michigan College
CML Central Michigan Lumber Company
COMMENTARY Central Michigan Railway
CM Central Michigan Railway
CMU Central Michigan University
CMURC Central Michigan University Research Corporation
CWM Championship Wrestling of Michigan
CCCAM Cheer Coaches Association of Michigan
CHECKMATE Children’s Hospital of Michigan
CHM Children’s Hospital of Michigan
CRCM Children’s Research Center of Michigan
CRC Citizens Research Council of Michigan
CRCM Citizens Research Council of Michigan
CMI Clean Michigan Initiative
COMON Coalition of Michigan Organizations of Nursing
COCM Code Officials Conference of Michigan
CBM Commemorative Bucks of Michigan
CEDAM Community Economic Development Association of Michigan
CFNM Community Foundation for Northeast Michigan
CPM Community Papers of Michigan
CAOM Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan
CIOM Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan
CMF Council of Michigan Foundations
CRAM County Road Association of Michigan
CPAM Crime Prevention Association of Michigan
CDAM Criminal Defense Attorneys of Michigan
CIM Culinary Institute of Michigan
DEO Dearborn, Michigan
DDPM Delta Dental Plan of Michigan
DSAM Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Michigan
DET Detroit City Airport, Detroit, Michigan
DTM Detroit, Michigan
DNMM Disability Network/Mid-Michigan
DRING Drummond Island, Michigan
DRE Drummond Island, Michigan
EMEAC East Michigan Environmental Action Council
EMTD Eastern Michigan Tool and Die Collaborative LLC
EMTPA Eastern Michigan Tractor Pulling Association
EMU Eastern Michigan University
ETOM Educational Technology Organization of Michigan
ETM Educational Teleconsortium of Michigan
ESSCM English Springer Spaniel Club of Michigan
ELSMT Entry Level Standards for Michigan Teachers
ERIM Environmental Research Institute of Michigan
ECCSCM Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South Central Michigan
ESM Esperanto Society of Michigan
FFYS Farmington Family YMCA Stingrays (Michigan)
FFNM First Federal Northern Michigan Bancorp. Inc.
FBCM Food Bank Council of Michigan
FBEM Food Bank of Eastern Michigan
FOML Friends of Michigan Libraries
FBSEM Furniture Bank of Southeastern Michigan
GFC G Force Customs (Orange County Choppers dealership in Jackson, Michigan
GLR Gaylord, Michigan
GCOM Ghost Chasers of Michigan
GSMWC Girl Scouts Michigan Waterways Council
GDW Gladwin, Michigan
GAM Goodwill Association of Michigan
GICM Goodwill Industries of Central Michigan
GLS-AND-R Great Lakes Search & Rescue of Michigan
GEM Groundwater Education in Michigan
HCAMS Health Care Association of Michigan
HPM Health Plan Michigan
HFM Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan
HLM Holland, Michigan
HSSM Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan
HOMES Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior
IBWM Independent Bank West Michigan
IMP Indiana Michigan Power
ITCMI Inter Tribal Council of Michigan, Inc.
JXN Jackson, Michigan
3CM James Clements Municipal Airport, Bay City, Michigan, USA
JCMU Japan Center for Michigan Universities
KFM Kidney Foundation of Michigan
LMAA Lake Michigan Archery Association
LMBS Lake Michigan Biological Station
LMC Lake Michigan Carferry
LMCS Lake Michigan Carferry Service, Inc.
LMCT Lake Michigan Circle Tour
LMCP Lake Michigan Coastal Program
LMF Lake Michigan Federation
LMILO Lake Michigan Inter-League Organization
LMMCC Lake Michigan Monitoring Coordination Council
LMOS Lake Michigan Ozone Study
LMPDS Lake Michigan Potential Damages Study
LMSR Lake Michigan Star Riders
LMAA Leadership Michigan Alumni Association
LMB League of Michigan Bicyclists
LDAM Learning Disabilities Association of Michigan
LACOM Lebanese American Club of Michigan
LAAM Legal Assistants Association of Michigan
LSEM Legal Services of Eastern Michigan
LSNM Legal Services of Northern Michigan
LSSCM Legal Services of South Central Michigan
LSSEM Legal Services of Southeast Michigan
LPM Libertarian Party of Michigan
LSSM Lutheran Social Services of Michigan
MMMAST Malmo Modified Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
MASM Marinelife Aquarium Society of Michigan
MOM Medical Opportunities in Michigan
MOMM Miata Owners of Middle Michigan
MICH Michigan
MI Michigan
MAGD Michigan Academy of General Dentistry
MAPA Michigan Academy of Physician Assistants
MASAL Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, & Letters
MARX Michigan Adaptive Resource Exchange
MAHS Michigan Administrative Hearing System
MAIS Michigan Administrative Information Services
MAP Michigan Adventure Park
MAPER Michigan Adventure Park
MAP Michigan Advocacy Project
MAPER Michigan Advocacy Project
MACINTOSH Michigan Aerospace Corporation
MAC Michigan Aerospace Corporation
MASS Michigan Aging Services System
MABA Michigan Agri-Business Association
MAAA Michigan Agricultural Aviators Association
MACMA Michigan Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Association
MAEC Michigan Agricultural Electric Council
MASS Michigan Agricultural Statistics Service
MAEAP Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program
MAPR Michigan Air Pollution Reporting
MAP Michigan Airglow Payload
MAPER Michigan Airglow Payload
MAST Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test
MAPC Michigan Alfalfa Processors’ Cooperative
MAD Michigan Algorithmic Decoder
MADSP Michigan Alliance of Direct Support Professionals
MACC Michigan Alpine Competition Committee
MAREC Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center
MAAA Michigan Alternative Athletic Association
MAHA Michigan Amateur Hockey Association
MAGA Michigan Amputee Golf Association
MAHF Michigan Animal Health Foundation
MACF Michigan Antique & Collectible Festival
MACINTOSH Michigan Apple Committee
MAC Michigan Apple Committee
MAS Michigan Archaeological Society
MAME Michigan Area Media Educators
MARE Michigan Area Radio Enthusiasts, Inc.
MABA Michigan Artist Blacksmith’s Association
MAAB Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board
MARS Michigan Assistance and Referral Service
MACED Michigan Association for Children with Emotional Disorders
MADHH Michigan Association for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
MADHS Michigan Association for Deaf, Hearing and Speech Services
MAJ Michigan Association for Justice
MAOA Michigan Association for Openness in Adoption
MIAPT Michigan Association for Play Therapy
MAPP Michigan Association for Professional Psychology
MAAOM Michigan Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
MAASE Michigan Association of Administrators of Special Education
MAAT Michigan Association of Art Therapy
MABTS Michigan Association of Biology Teachers
MABB Michigan Association of Blood Banks
MAB Michigan Association of Broadcasters
MACIL Michigan Association of Centers for Independent Living
MACP Michigan Association of Cherry Producers
MACEO Michigan Association of Code Enforcement Officers
MACTE Michigan Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
MACAA Michigan Association of Community Arts Agencies
MACV Michigan Association of Concerned Veterans
MACD Michigan Association of Conservation Districts
MACHIS Michigan Association of Consumer Health Information Specialists
MACET Michigan Association of Continuing Education and Training
MACS Michigan Association of Convenience Stores
MACINTOSH Michigan Association of Counties
MAC Michigan Association of Counties
MACT Michigan Association of County Treasurers
MACM Michigan Association of Court Mediators
MACU Michigan Association of Credit Unions
MADCP Michigan Association of Drug Court Professionals
MAEB Michigan Association of Educational Broadcasters
MAEP Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals
MAGB Michigan Association of Governing Boards
MAHE Michigan Association of Higher Education
MAHS Michigan Association of Honor Societies
MAIA Michigan Association of Insurance Agents
MALDE Michigan Association of Learning Disabilities Educators
MANA Michigan Association of NERO Alliance
MANS Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools
MANA Michigan Association of Nurse Anesthetists
MAPP Michigan Association of Paddlesport Providers
MARPS Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers
MARP Michigan Association of Railroad Passengers
MARBC Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches
MASA Michigan Association of School Administrators
MASB Michigan Association of School Boards
MSB Michigan Association of School Boards
MASC Michigan Association of Senior Centers
MASC Michigan Association of Service Coordinators
MASS Michigan Association of Staffing Services
MASC Michigan Association of Student Councils
MAT Michigan Association of Timbermen
MATS Michigan Association of Township Supervisors
MAUW Michigan Association of United Ways
MAW Michigan Association of Woodturners
MIAI Michigan Authors and Illustrators
MADA Michigan Auto Dealers Association
MAPS Michigan Automated Prescription System
MARVIN Michigan Automated Response Voice Interactive Network
MADA Michigan Automobile Dealers Association
MACI Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc.
MATH Michigan Autumn Take-Home
MAHF Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame
MBPN Michigan Barn Preservation Network
MBF Michigan Barrier-Free
MBC Michigan Bean Commission
MBSA Michigan Bean Shippers Association
MBIC Michigan Beef Industry Commission
MBBA Michigan Beefalo Breeders Association
MBG Michigan Beer Guide
MBT Michigan Bell Telephone Company
MBPI Michigan Biologic Products Institute
MAKE-BUSY-ARRANGEMENTS Michigan Board of Aeronautics
MBA Michigan Board of Aeronautics
MBC Michigan Botanical Club
MBSI Michigan Brain and Spine Institute
MBIPC Michigan Brain Injury Providers Council
MBROS Michigan Breast Reconstruction Outcome Study
MBBA Michigan Breeding Bird Atlas
MBC Michigan Brewing Company
MBDA Michigan Broadband Development Authority
MBPA Michigan Business and Professional Association
MCTA Michigan Cable Telecommunications Association
MCC Michigan Campus Compact
MCC Michigan Cancer Consortium
MCF Michigan Cancer Foundation
MCC Michigan Cardiovascular Clinic
MCVI Michigan Cardiovascular Institute
MCTI Michigan Career and Technical Institute
MCPA Michigan Career Placement Association
MCCA Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association
MCSB Michigan Celebrates Small Business
MCBI Michigan Center for Biological Information
MCCTE Michigan Center for Career and Technical Education
MCGI Michigan Center for Geographic Information
MCSD Michigan Center School District
MCCE Michigan Chamber of Commerce Executives
MMPI Michigan Chapter of Meeting Professionals International
MCBA Michigan Charter Boat Association
MCA Michigan Chess Association
MCCTF Michigan Child Care Task Force
MCPA Michigan Chiropractic Pediatric Association
MCYC Michigan Christian Youth Camp
MCFL Michigan Christians for Life
MCWC Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation
MC Michigan City
MCAS Michigan City Area Schools
MCHS Michigan City High School
MCYC Michigan City Yacht Club
MGC Michigan City, Indiana
MCRI Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Committee
MCCC Michigan Civilian Conservation Corps
MCRT Michigan Classical Repertory Theatre
MCLP Michigan Clinical Law Program
MCLA Michigan Club Lamb Association
MCHR Michigan Coalition for Human Rights
MCEA Michigan College English Association
MCO Michigan College of Optometry
MCPA Michigan College Personnel Association
MCHC Michigan Collegiate Hockey Conference
MCGC Michigan Color Guard Circuit
MCTA Michigan Combined Training Association
MCIM Michigan Commercial Insurance Mutual
MCB Michigan Commision for the Blind
MCBC Michigan Community Blood Center
MCCA Michigan Community College Association
MCIP Michigan Community Indicators Project
MCSP Michigan Community Scholars Program
MCSC Michigan Community Service Commission
MCBA Michigan Competing Band Association
MCLA Michigan Compiled Laws Annotated
MCGCP Michigan Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program
MCTWF Michigan Conference of Teamsters Welfare Fund
MCA Michigan Conservation Association
MCG Michigan Consolidated Gas Company
MCIM Michigan Construction Industry Mutual
MCPA Michigan Construction Protection Agency
MCGA Michigan Corn Growers Association
MCHES Michigan Council for History Education
MCDVS Michigan Council of Directors of Volunteer Services
MCKC Michigan Council of Korean Churches
MCTU Michigan Council of Trout Unlimited
MCCD Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency
MCMHOF Michigan Country Music Hall of Fame
MCA Michigan Court of Appeals
MCUF Michigan Credit Union Foundation
MCBA Michigan Creditors Bar Association
MCMR Michigan Critical Materials Register
MCM Michigan Custom Machines, Inc.
MDGS Michigan Dairy Goat Society
MDQOA Michigan Dairy Queen Operators’ Association
MDPB Michigan Damage Prevention Board
MDA Michigan Deaf Association
MDTC Michigan Defense Trial Council
MDAN Michigan Democratic Action Network
MDA Michigan Dental Association
MDA Michigan Department of Agriculture
MDCR Michigan Department of Civil Rights
MDCS Michigan Department of Civil Service
MDCH Michigan Department of Community Health
MDE Michigan Department of Education
MDH Michigan Department of Health
MDMB Michigan Department of Management and Budget
MNDNR Michigan Department of Natural Resources
MDNR Michigan Department of Natural Resources
MDOT Michigan Department of Transportation
MDRTC Michigan Diabetes Research and Training Center
MIDAC Michigan Digital Automatic Computer
MDSA Michigan Directors of Services to the Aging
MDRD Michigan Disability Resource Directory
MDRD Michigan Disability Resources Database
MDWTP Michigan Disposal Waste Treatment Plant
MDVA Michigan Distributors & Vendors Association
MDI Michigan Dyslexia Institute, Inc
MESTA Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association
MEDC Michigan Economic Development Corporation
MEGA Michigan Economic Growth Authority
MEAP Michigan Education Assessment Program
MEA Michigan Education Association
MESP Michigan Education Savings Plan
MERIT Michigan Educational Research and Information Triad
MEATA Michigan Educators Apprenticeship and Training Association
MECA Michigan Electrical Contractors Association
MEL Michigan Electronic Library
MEMRI Michigan Electronic Medical Record Initiative
MEBA Michigan Elk Breeders Association
MEMA Michigan Emergency Management Association
MEBS Michigan Employee Benefit Services, Inc.
MERC Michigan Employment Relations Commission
MESA Michigan Employment Security Agency
MESBR Michigan Employment Security Board of Review
MESC Michigan Employment Security Commission
MEGA Michigan Emu Growers Association
MEC Michigan Environmental Council
MEHA Michigan Environmental Health Association
MEPA Michigan Environmental Protection Act
MESB Michigan Environmental Science Board
MECA Michigan Exploratory Center on the Demography of Aging
MFB Michigan Farm Bureau
MIFMA Michigan Farmers Market Association
MFU Michigan Farmers Union
MFCA Michigan Farmland Community Alliance
MIFACE Michigan Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation
MFTSRP Michigan Federation of Teachers and School Related Personnel
MFO Michigan Film Office
MFCA Michigan Fire Chiefs Association
MFFC Michigan Fly Fishing Club
MFA Michigan Forest Association
MFPC Michigan Forest Products Council
MFPA Michigan Forestry and Park Association, Inc
MFAPA Michigan Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
MFEL Michigan Foundation for Education Leadership
MFDA Michigan Funeral Directors Association
MGA Michigan Gamers Association
MGCB Michigan Gaming Control Board
MGRP Michigan Gang Research Project
MGA Michigan Gazehound Association
MGIT Michigan Gender Identity Test
MIGDL Michigan Geographic Data Library
MGF Michigan Geographic Framework
MGMA Michigan Gospel Music Association
MGWG Michigan Gravity Wave Group
MGLI Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show and Pull
MGPP Michigan Great Printers Project
MGRID Michigan Grid Research and Infrastructure Development
MGA Michigan Guaranty Agency
MHA Michigan Health & Hospital Association
MHIC Michigan Health Insurance Company
MHSLA Michigan Health Sciences Libraries Association
MHSBCA Michigan High School Baseball Coaches Association
MHSFCA Michigan High School Football Coaches Association
MHC Michigan Historical Commission
MHA Michigan Horseshoers Association
MHPCO Michigan Hospice & Palliative Care Organization
MHEA Michigan Hospitality Education Alliance
MHRA Michigan Hot Rod Association
MHCDF Michigan Housing and Community Development Fund
MHS Michigan Humane Society
MHC Michigan Humanities Council
MHRA Michigan Hydroplane Racing Association
MIADA Michigan Independent Automobile Dealers Association
MIPPA Michigan Independent Power Producers Association
MIVA Michigan Independent Video Association
MIES Michigan Industrial Education Society
MIN Michigan Information Network
MITS Michigan Information Transfer Source
MIAT Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
MILD Michigan Institute of Laundering and Drycleaning
MIT Michigan Institute of Technology
MONTH Michigan Integrated Solutions, Inc.
MIS Michigan Integrated Solutions, Inc.
MICAP Michigan Interfaith Council on Alcohol Problems
MICROWAVE Michigan International Camporee
MIC Michigan International Camporee
MONTH Michigan International Speedway
MIS Michigan International Speedway
MICA Michigan Internet Cooperative Association
MISCA Michigan Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association
MJI Michigan Jewish Institute
MJE Michigan Journal of Economics
MJPA Michigan Journal of Public Affairs
MJI Michigan Judicial Institute
MKF Michigan Kidney Foundation
MLI Michigan Land Institute
MLR Michigan Law Review
MILHS Michigan League for Human Services
MLHS Michigan League for Human Services
MLH Michigan League of Handweavers
MLAN Michigan Legal Assistance Network
MLBC Michigan Legislative Black Caucus
MLRS Michigan Legislative Retirement System
MLS Michigan Leukemia Society
MLAD Michigan Liberal Arts Deans
MLA Michigan Library Association
MLC Michigan Library Consortium
MLSC Michigan Life Sciences Corridor
MLCC Michigan Liquor Control Commission
MLPP Michigan Literacy Progress Profile
MLS Michigan Lutheran Seminary
MLDA Michigan Lyme Disease Association
MMS Michigan Maintenance Supply
MMHC Michigan Manufactured Home Commission
MMTC Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center
MMB Michigan Marching Band
MMJ Michigan Mathematical Journal
MMPC Michigan Mathematics Prize Competition
MMDA Michigan Medical Device Association
MMMA Michigan Medical Marijuana Act of 2009
MMMA Michigan Medical Marijuana Association
MME Michigan Merit Exam
MMRA Michigan Midget Racing Association
MMLAP Michigan Migrant Legal Assistance Project
MMPA Michigan Milk Producers Association
MMBDC Michigan Minority Business Development Council
MMI Michigan Molecular Institute
MMCA Michigan Mosquito Control Association
MMF Michigan Motor Freight Company
MML Michigan Municipal League
MMHC Michigan Mushroom Hunters Club
MMTS Michigan Music Theory Society
MMGS Michigan Muskie Guide Service
MMA Michigan Myomassologist Association
MNB Michigan National Bank
MNDI Michigan National Debate Institute
MNGFF Michigan National Guard Family Fund
MNFI Michigan Natural Features Inventory
MNHC Michigan Natural Health Coalition
MNYF Michigan Network for Youth and Families
MNSI Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument
MNCR Michigan News and Capitol Report
MNA Michigan Nonprofit Association
MNOA Michigan Norton Owners Association
MNLA Michigan Nursery Landscape Association
MNA Michigan Nurses Association
MOCP Michigan Office of Career Preparation
MOS Michigan Office Solutions
MORA Michigan Offroad Racing Association
MOTA Michigan Ohio Telecommunication Association
MOGA Michigan Oil and Gas Association
MOMA Michigan Open Meetings Act
MOA Michigan Optometric Association
MOHA Michigan Oral History Association
MOS Michigan Orchid Society
MONE Michigan Organization of Nurse Executives
MOP Michigan Organizing Project
MOPA Michigan Orthotics & Prosthetics Association
MOWA Michigan Outdoor Writers Association
MP Michigan Panthers
MPVA Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America
MPA Michigan Paraoptometric Association
MPF Michigan Parkinson Foundation
MPB Michigan Parole Board
MPAW Michigan Partnership for Animal Welfare
MPAA Michigan Patient Accounting Association
MPM Michigan Paving and Materials
MPCA Michigan Pest Control Association
MPA Michigan Petroleum Association
MPA Michigan Pharmacists’ Association
MPAF Michigan Physician Assistant Foundation
MPLP Michigan Political Leadership Program
MPLP Michigan Poverty Law Program
MPA Michigan Press Association
MPPA Michigan Press Photographer’s Association
MPCA Michigan Primary Care Association
MPRI Michigan Prison Reentry Initiative
MPR Michigan Privatization Report
MPLC Michigan Professional Loggers Council
MIPPA Michigan Promotional Products Association
MPGA Michigan Propane Gas Association
MPAS Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc.
MPHA Michigan Public Health Association
MPHTC Michigan Public Health Training Center
MPPA Michigan Public Power Agency
MPSC Michigan Public Service Commission
MPAG Michigan Pyrotechnics Arts Guild
MQIC Michigan Quality Improvement Consortium
MQR Michigan Quarterly Review
MQN Michigan Quilt Network
MISTRESS Michigan Radiological Society
MRS Michigan Radiological Society
MRPA Michigan Recreation and Parks Association
MRRN Michigan Recruitment & Retention Network
MIRID Michigan Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf
MIRF Michigan Renaissance Festival
MRF Michigan Renaissance Festival
MRP Michigan Republican Party
MRCHS Michigan Resource Center for Health and Safety, Inc.
MRIP Michigan Resource Inventory Program
MRA Michigan Restaurant Association
MRI Michigan Retail Index
MRA Michigan Retailers Association
MRTA Michigan Retired Teachers Association
MRRC Michigan Retirement Research Center
MRPA Michigan Rifle & Pistol Association
MRBA Michigan Road Builders Association
MISCA Michigan Scholastic Cycling Association
MSBOA Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association
MSLBA Michigan School Board Leaders Association
MSB Michigan School for the Blind
MSHA Michigan School Health Association
MSN Michigan School of Nursing
MSDB Michigan Schools for the Deaf and Blind
MSTA Michigan Science Teachers Association
MSDA Michigan Search Dog Association, Inc.
MSTA Michigan Septic Tank Association
MSBA Michigan Sheep Breeders Association
MSA Michigan Sheriff Association
MSRA Michigan Shipwreck Research Associates
MS Michigan Shore Railroad
MSTRC Michigan Short Track Racing Club
MSG Michigan Silversmiths Guild
MSFL Michigan Ski for Light
MSTA Michigan Small Tech Association
MISMR Michigan Society for Medical Research
MSAF Michigan Society of American Foresters
MSA Michigan Society of Anesthesiologists, Inc.
MSAE Michigan Society of Association Executives
MSCH Michigan Society of Clinical Hypnosis
MSG Michigan Society of Gerontology
MSHO Michigan Society of Hematology and Oncology
MSHA Michigan Society of Hospital Attorneys
MSPT Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians
MSPS Michigan Society of Professional Surveyors
MSRT Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists
MS Michigan Southern Railway
MSHA Michigan Speech-Language-Hearing Association
MSBA Michigan Sport Buggy Association
MSKC Michigan Sport Karate Circuit
MSWCC Michigan Star Wars Collectors Club
MSAA Michigan State Auctioneers Association
MSBA Michigan State Bar Association
MSBF Michigan State Bar Foundation
MSB Michigan State Broadcasting
MBS Michigan State Button Society
MSFA Michigan State Fireman’s Association
MSGL Michigan State Golf League
MSHS Michigan State Horticulture Society
MSMS Michigan State Medical Society
MSMSA Michigan State Medical Society Alliance
MSNC Michigan State Normal College
MSNS Michigan State Numismatic Society
MSPEF Michigan State Parks Endowment Fund
MSP Michigan State Police
MSPRS Michigan State Police Retirement System
MSRA Michigan State Relief Association
MSTA Michigan State Teachers Association
MSU-2 Michigan State University
MSU Michigan State University
MSUAA Michigan State University Alumni Association
MSUARC Michigan State University Amateur Radio Club
MSUE Michigan State University Extension
MSUP Michigan State University Press
MSMBC Michigan Statewide Minority Business Center
MSFA Michigan Stormwater-Floodplain Association
MSF Michigan Strategic Fund
MSZ Michigan Student Zionists
MSC Michigan Sugar Company
MSF Michigan Sugar Festival
MSDA Michigan Swing Dance Association
MTB Michigan Talent Bank
MTRN Michigan Talk Radio Network
MTTC Michigan Teacher Test for Certification
MTSL Michigan Team Swim League
M-TEC Michigan Technical Education Center
MTU Michigan Technological University
MTNF Michigan Technology News Forum
MTOP Michigan Teen Outreach Program
MTS Michigan Terminal System
MTTC Michigan Test for Teacher Certification
MTA Michigan Townships Association
MTCE Michigan Transit Center for Excellence
MTM Michigan Transit Museum
MITIN Michigan Translators/Interpreters Network
MTRB Michigan Transportation Research Board
MTLA Michigan Trial Lawyers Association
MTSC Michigan Truck Safety Commission
MUCP Michigan Unified Certification Program
MUTO Michigan Union Ticket Office
MUCC Michigan United Conservation Club
MUSL Michigan United Soccer League
MUTS Michigan United Tandem Society
MVCBC Michigan Vehicle City Bottle Club
MVMA Michigan Veterinary Medical Association
MVA Michigan Vipassana Association
MVAC Michigan Virtual Automotive College
MVU Michigan Virtual University
MIVE Michigan Volkswagen Enthusiasts
MVIC Michigan Voter Information Center
MWQA Michigan Water Quality Association
MWC Michigan Wildlife Conservancy
MWHF Michigan Wildlife Habitat Foundation
MIWG Michigan Wing
MWA Michigan Wolfdog Association
MIDWEST Michigan Wolverines
MW Michigan Wolverines
MWLOA Michigan Women Lacrosse Officials Association
MWMF Michigan Womyns Music Festival
MWCA Michigan Wood Carvers Association
MWA Michigan Wrestling Association
MYAF Michigan Youth Arts Festival
MYCA Michigan Youth Challenge Academy
MYIG Michigan Youth in Government
MYRBS Michigan Youth Risk Behavior Survey
MOMC Michigan/Ontario Muskie Club
MATR Michigan’s Assistive Technology Resource
MITS Michigan’s Integrated Technology Supports
MTTC Michigan’s Technology Tri-Corridor
MUP Michigan’s Upper Peninsula
CCIM Michigan-Certified Court Interpreters
MJPA Michigan-Japan Professionals Association
MWT Michigan-Wisconsin Transportation Company
MMBR Mid Michigan Boxer Rescue
MMDG Mid Michigan Derby Girls
MMRG Mid Michigan Radio Group
MMLC Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative
MMBI Mid-Michigan Bible Institute
MMCC Mid-Michigan Computer Consultants
MMGS Mid-Michigan Genealogical Society
MMIT Mid-Michigan Innovation Team
MMLC Mid-Michigan Land Conservancy
MMRR Mid-Michigan Railroad
MMTG Mid-Michigan Technicians Group
MUMM Midrange Users of Mid-Michigan
MSCM Miniature Schnauzer Club of Michigan
MBAM Mortgage Bankers Association of Michigan
MOP Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
YOOPER Native of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
NLE Niles, Michigan
NMAC Northeast Michigan Arts Council
NMDVI Northeastern Michigan Domestic Violence Initiative
NM Northern Michigan
NMG Northern Michigan Geocachers
NMHS Northern Michigan Health Services
NMLB Northern Michigan Land Brokers
NMREC Northern Michigan Real Estate Consultants
NMU Northern Michigan University
NMC Northwestern Michigan College
OGM Organic Growers of Michigan
PRISM Paranormal Researchers in Southeast Michigan
PALM Pedal Across Lower Michigan
PPNM Planned Parenthood Northern Michigan
POSSUM Polar Orbiting Satellite System designed by University of Michigan
POAM Police Officers Association of Michigan
PGSM Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan
PTK Pontiac, Michigan – Oakland County International
PHN Port Huron, Michigan
PPOM Preferred Provider Organization of Michigan
PVM Presbyterian Villages of Michigan
PCSUM Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan
PPM Professional Photographers of Michigan
PRISM Programmed Research Information System at Michigan
PERFORM Providing Education and Resources to Families and Others Residing in Michigan
PIRGM Public Interest Research Group in Michigan
RAYS Rapid Area YMCA Swimmers (MIchigan)
RIM Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan
RLM Right to Life of Michigan
RVCA RV and Campground Association (Michigan)
SNAM School Nutrition Association of Michigan
ISQ Schoolcraft County Airport, Manistique, Michigan, USA
SAOM Senegalease Association of Michigan
SBAM Small Business Administration of Michigan
SBAM Small Business Association of Michigan
SPMI Socialist Party of Michigan
UPER Someone from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
SCM South Central Michigan
SEMMP South East Michigan Market Place
SMC South Western Michigan College
SMART Southeast Michigan Area Rapid Transit
SMART Southeast Michigan Astrologers’ Round Table
SMCA Southeast Michigan Chamber Alliance
SMCCC Southeast Michigan Community College Consortium
SEMSIM Southeast Michigan Snow and Ice Management
SEMTA Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority
SOMI Southern Michigan
SMAC Southern Michigan Adventure Club
SMCF Southern Michigan Correctional Facility
SMRR Southern Michigan Railroad
SMTAS Southern Michigan Trappers Association
SMTA Southern Michigan Trappers Association
SWM Southwest Michigan
SWMC Southwestern Michigan Commission
SOMI Special Olympics Michigan
SBM State Bar of Michigan
SPSM State Prison of Southern Michigan
TOMAC Taxpayers of Michigan against Casinos
TAM Telecommunications Association of Michigan
TDM The Deaf Michigander
MIRO The Michigan Institute of Radiation Oncology
UMD The University of Michigan – Dearborn
TMWQ Thumb Michigan Writers Quill
TPA Timber Producers Association of Michigan and Wisconsin
UCOM United Condominium Owners of Michigan
UMSOM United Marijuana Smokers of Michigan
USAG-MI United States Army Garrison – Michigan
UCM University Center, Michigan
U-M University of Michigan
UMICH University of Michigan
UM University of Michigan
UOFM University of Michigan
UOM University of Michigan
UMF University of Michigan – Flint
UMAA University of Michigan Alumni Association
UMAA University of Michigan Ann Arbor
UMCP University of Michigan College of Pharmacy
UMCCC University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center
UMIJLR University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform
UMMC University of Michigan Medical Center
UMTS University of Michigan Parking and Transportation Services
UMSI University of Michigan School of Information
UMSSW University of Michigan School of Social Work
UMSCC University of Michigan Squamous Cell Carcinoma
UMTRI University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute
UMTIP University of Michigan Trucking Industry Program
UPM Upper Peninsula of Michigan
WCMSSM Wayne County Medical Society of Southeast Michigan
WBMI West Branch, Michigan
WMAE West Michigan Alumni Extension
WMAG West Michigan Audi Gruppe
WMBS West Michigan Blues Society
WMCAT West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology
WMCUG West Michigan Cisco Users Group
WMCR West Michigan Coast Riders
WMCB West Michigan Community Bank
WMCA West Michigan Construction Alliance
WMCN West Michigan Consultants Network
WMDDS West Michigan District Dental Society
WMEDP West Michigan Economic Development Partnership
WMGS West Michigan Glass Society
WMIN West Michigan Inclusion Network
WMIS West Michigan Internet Service
WMJ West Michigan Janitorial & Supply Company
WMJS West Michigan Jazz Society
WMMS West Michigan Mycological Society
WMPN West Michigan Physicians Network
WMRL West Michigan Regional Laboratory
WMRPC West Michigan Regional Planning Commission
WMR West Michigan Riders
WMSS West Michigan Soaring Society
WMSC West Michigan Sports Commission
WMSA West Michigan Strategic Alliance
WMTS West Michigan Tax Symposium
WMTD West Michigan Therapy Dogs, Inc.
WMTA West Michigan Tourist Association
WMWA West Michigan Wedding Association
WMW West Michigan Whitecaps
WMWTA West Michigan World Trade Association
WMCUG Western Michigan CATIA Users Group (Michigan)
WMEA Western Michigan Economic Alliance
WMGS Western Michigan Genealogical Society
WMLS Western Michigan Legal Services
WMRF Western Michigan Renaissance Faire
WMSHP Western Michigan Society of Health-System Pharmacists
WMUS Western Michigan University
WMU Western Michigan University
WMAA Western Michigan University Alumni Association
YIP Willow Run Airport, Yipsilanti, Michigan
WINECAM Wine Consumers Across Michigan
WIWM Winter in West Michigan
WUMS Wisconsin-Upper Michigan System
KMAC WK Kellogg Foundation for the Michigan Academic Consortium
WLAM Women Lawyers Association of Michigan

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