Illinois Abbreviation

What is the abbreviation for Illinois state?

IL is the 2 letter abbreviation for Illinois, the 6th largest state in the United States of America. Illinois is a state located in East North Central part of U.S.A, bordering Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, and Wisconsin. Springfield is the capital city of Illinois. Major cities include Chicago (Population: 2720557), Aurora (Population: 200672), Rockford (Population: 148289), Joliet (Population: 147872), Naperville (Population: 147111), Springfield (Population: 116576), Peoria (Population: 115081), North Peoria (Population: 113015), Elgin (Population: 112122), Waukegan (Population: 88486), Champaign (Population: 86107), and Cicero (Population: 83897).

Illinois State Flag

Illinois State Profile

  • Capital: Springfield
  • Admitted to USA:  1818
  • Area: 149,995 km2
  • Population: 12,671,821
  • Time zone: GMT-6
  • Calling code: 217, 309, 312, 618, 630, 708, 773, 815, 847
  • ISO 2-Letter Postal Abbreviation:  IL
  • State Government Website:


Illinois is a state in the midwestern United States. The state is named after the Illinois Indians. But it is also known as the “Land of Lincoln”. Abraham Lincoln lived here for a long time, which can easily be seen in many places. In 1818 Illinois became the 21st state in the United States.

The state of Illinois covers an area of ​​149,998 km² – with approximately 12.9 million inhabitants. The capital of Illinois is not Chicago, but Springfield with approximately 120,000 inhabitants. In addition to the nickname “Land of Lincoln”, “The Prairie State” is another nickname of the state that mainly refers to the large areas of flat farmland. The state’s motto is “State sovereignty, national union”.

The state of Illinois borders Wisconsin in the north, Indiana and Kentucky in the west and southwest, and Missouri and Iowa in the southeast and east. Illinois has an economic diversity that extends from the cultivation of corn and soy (corn belt) and wheat to agricultural machinery, such as through John Deere, to industrial production (rust belt). Chicago is the region’s leading industrial and transport center. Until 2008 Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, lived in Chicago, from 2005 to 2008 he was active as a junior senator for Illinois in the United States Senate.

The central and southern part of Illinois also lies in the so-called tornado Alley. This is a particularly tornado-rich area in the Midwestern United States, where over a thousand large and small tornadoes roam across the country each year, especially in the spring. The US states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri are entirely within Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley also includes the northeastern part of Texas, the north of Louisiana, the northwest of Mississippi, the southwest of Indiana and parts of Nebraska, as well as smaller parts of Tennessee and Kentucky.

Interesting note
Since the discoverer of Pluto (1930) – Clyde William Tombaugh (1906-1997) – was born in Illinois, the downgrading of the Pluto by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) on August 24, 2006 to the minor planet was not accepted here. In Illinois, Pluto is still considered the ninth planet in our solar system.

Cities and larger towns

Springfield is the capital of Illinois and has approximately 116,000 inhabitants, making it the sixth largest city in Illinois. There are even 200,000 people living in the metropolitan area, but Springfield is much smaller than Chicago and is in the picture of former President Abraham Lincoln, who worked as a lawyer here for some time. The city was founded in 1821 and is centrally located in Illinois.

The city also has a rather dark history. So in 1908 there were serious “racial riots” which led to the murder of 2 African Americans. The city has also been hit twice by tornadoes in its history, in 1957 and in 2006. The main attractions in Springfield are of course closely related to Abraham Lincoln such as the Lincoln Home, the Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum and the Lincoln-Herdon Law Offices.

The city of Aurora in northeastern Illinois has approximately 200,000 residents. This makes the city founded in 1834 the second largest in the state after Chicago. The city is also included in the Chicago Metropolitan Region. The city’s nickname “City of Lights” comes from the fact that the city was one of the first to introduce electric street lighting. From a tourist point of view, the city is particularly interesting because of the different architectural styles that can be found in the city, but there is also no shortage of theaters and museums.

Chicago in northeastern Illinois is the largest city in the state of Illinois and has approximately 2.9 million inhabitants.

This very small town with 3,500 inhabitants in the far northwest of Illinois is a popular excursion destination and the biggest attraction of the entire area. In its heyday in the middle of the 19th century, the city rose to industrial center by mining lead in the surrounding mines. After the Civil War, Galena was almost completely abandoned and only restored in the 1960s. Sights include the Ulysses S. Grant Home and the Italian Belvedere Mansion.

The city of Joliet has approximately 150,000 residents, making it the fourth largest city in Illinois. Joliet is located in northeastern Illinois, near the city of Chicago. The city was founded in 1852. Today visitors can find several attractions in the city. For example, here is the Chicagoland Speedway, where NASCAR and indie races take place. Furthermore, in Joliet there is the Joliet Correctional Center, a former state prison, which is probably best known as the backdrop for numerous series and films such as the Blues Brothers. Those who feel the urge to gamble can try their luck at two riverboat casinos in Joliet.

The city of Nauvoo in western Illinois on the border with Iowa has only about 1,000 residents, but was founded in 1840 by Joseph Smith. This is considered the Mormon founder of religion. Today the residents of Nauvoo are mostly Catholic, but Mormon buildings can still be found here.

The city of Peoria has approximately 115,000 inhabitants and is considered the model city of the American Midwest. This means that for many new products, the city of Peoria is the first test location to find out whether the products will prevail.

Petersburg is a small town with around 2,300 inhabitants located approximately 32 km north of Springfield. Petersburg is interesting because the border village of New Salem, where Abraham Lincoln first worked as a seller, clerk, and postmaster when he came to Illinois in 1831, is replicated at Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site.

Quad Cities
This is an amalgamation of four towns on the Mississippi. Moline and Rock Island in Illinois and Davenport and Bettendorf in Iowa. Particularly worth seeing is the pretty city center of Rock Island with numerous cafés and pubs, as well as the island of Rock Island, which was used as a weapon store and a prisoner of war camp during the civil war and where there is now a weapon museum and a civil war cemetery. Moline is the headquarters of John Deere, which produces tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Rockford has approximately 150,000 residents and is located in northern Illinois. The state’s third largest city was founded in 1834. In addition to the city’s museums, Rockford is particularly interesting in summer, as there are extensive and protected forests around the city that invite you to relax. Hence the nickname of the city “Forest City”.

Illinois State Abbreviations

List of Illinois Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Illinois are IL which stands for Illinois. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Illinois, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

IL: Illinois


Acronym Meaning
AOIC Administrative Office of Illinois Courts
AFNI Adoptive Families of Northern Illinois
AHAI Amateur Hockey Association of Illinois
AHCI Asian Health Coalition of Illinois
ABDI Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
AFFI Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois
APPI Associated Professional Photographers of Illinois
AIEC Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives
AIMS Association of Illinois Middle-Level Schools
BASIL Behavior Analysis Society of Illinois
BNL Bloomington-Normal Illinois
BCBSI Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois
BDF Bradford, Illinois
MDH Carbondale, IL, USA – Southern Illinois Airport
CIA Central Illinois Ag
CIAOA Central Illinois Agency on Aging
CICCAS Central Illinois Camera Club Association
CIAMS Central Illinois Chapter of the American Meteorological Society
CICL Central Illinois Collegiate League
CICCAS Central Illinois Country Club Association
CICU Central Illinois Credit Union
CIEA Central Illinois Evangelistic Association
CIFN Central Illinois Fire Network
CIFS Central Illinois FLMI Society
CIFF Central Illinois Friends of Ferrets
CIFCS Central Illinois Fuel Company
CILF Central Illinois Landmark Foundation
CIMIC Central Illinois Mosque and Islamic Center
CINF Central Illinois Neuroscience Foundation
CIPHC Central Illinois Parrot Head Club
CIPCG Central Illinois Polymer Clay Guild
CIPS Central Illinois Precision Shooters
CIPS Central Illinois Public Service
CIRCLE Central Illinois Recreation Council for Leisure Experience
CIRA Central Illinois Regional Airport
BMI Central Illinois Regional Airport at Bloomington-Normal
CIRC Central Illinois Robotics Club
CISMT Central Illinois School of Massage Therapy
CISCO Central Illinois Steel Company
CIYFL Central Illinois Youth Football League
CMI Champaign, IL, USA – Univ Of Illinois-Willard Airport
CGE Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad Company
CHI Chicago, Illinois, USA
CCAI Child Care Association of Illinois
CHASI Children’s Home & Aid Society of Illinois
CFSSI Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Society of Illinois
CLICKS Citizens Library of Illinois Comprehensive Knowledge Service
CLCI Civil Liberties Coalition of Illinois
CFIM Coalition for Illinois Midwifery
CLII Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois
CCIW College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
CBHA Community Behavioral Healthcare Association of Illinois
CECI Consulting Engineers Council of Illinois
CIVC Continental Illinois Venture Corporation
CIRMA Counties of Illinois Risk Management Agency
EIU Eastern Illinois University
FISC Fast Illinois Solver Code
GUATEMALA Federal Reserve Bank Of Chicago Illinois
G Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois
FCAI Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois
FBCM First Baptist Church of Maryville, Illinois
FBIC Firstbank of Illinois Co.
FDCI Focal Data Communications of Illinois
FIB Friendly Illinois Brethren
FIB Friendly Illinois Buddy
FOIR Friends of the Illinois River
GBG Galesburg Municipal Airport, Galesburg, Illinois
GSNI Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois
GFAI Grain & Feed Association of Illinois
GITC Greater Illinois Title Company
HCAI Health Care for All Illinois
HOI Heart of Illinois
HIAD Heartland Chapter of Illinois Association of the Deaf
HITEC Heartland Illinois Technology Enterprise Center
HOAI Hematology Oncology Associates of Illinois
HTCI Hindu Temple of Central Illinois
HSCI Humane Society of Central Illinois
ILL Illinois
IL Illinois
IAFP Illinois Academy of Family Physicians
IAP Illinois Action Project
IAC Illinois Administrative Code
IASE Illinois Administrators of Special Education
IACBE Illinois Advisory Council on Bilingual Education
IAAA Illinois Agricultural Auditing Association
IAES Illinois Agricultural Experiment Station
IAL Illinois Agricultural Lands
IAQ Illinois Air Quality
IAASE Illinois Alliance of Administrators of Special Education
IAA Illinois Alternate Assessment
IAWC Illinois American Water Company
IAIC Illinois Amish Interpretive Center
IAE Illinois Ancestor Exchange
IAG Illinois Art Gallery
IAAF Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation
IABG Illinois Asset Building Group
IATP Illinois Assistive Technology Project
IACAC Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling
IAGC Illinois Association for Gifted Children
IAHCE Illinois Association for Home and Community Education
IAPT Illinois Association for Pupil Transportation
IAAP Illinois Association of Addiction Professionals
IAAP Illinois Association of Aggregate Producers
IAAF Illinois Association of Agricultural Fairs
IACS Illinois Association of Christian Schools
IACE Illinois Association of Code Enforcement
IACS Illinois Association of Convenience Stores
IACE Illinois Association of County Engineers
IACO Illinois Association of County Officials
IADPCE Illinois Association of Deans of Public Colleges of Education
IDC Illinois Association of Defense Trial Counsel
IADCP Illinois Association of Drug Court Professionals
ILAEOPP Illinois Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel
IAEP Illinois Association of Environmental Professionals
IAFCS Illinois Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
IAHA Illinois Association of Healthcare Attorneys
IAMB Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers
IAMP Illinois Association of Mortgage Professionals
IAMIC Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
IAPC Illinois Association of Pet Crematories
IARC Illinois Association of Recycling Centers
IASB Illinois Association of School Boards
IASAP Illinois Association of Student Assistance Professionals
IASC Illinois Association of Student Councils
IAD Illinois Association of the Deaf
IATTAP Illinois Autism Training and Technical Assistance Project
IAR Illinois Auto Racing
IBA Illinois Bankers Association
ISOBUTANOL Illinois Bankers Association
IBSA Illinois Baptist State Association
IBBA Illinois Bed & Breakfast Association
IBERIA Illinois Bell
IBUPROFEN Illinois Bell
ISOBAR Illinois Bell
IB Illinois Bell
IBC Illinois Benedictine College
IBIS Illinois Bibliographic Information Service
IBIO Illinois Biotechnology Industry Organization
IBET Illinois Birders Exchanging Thoughts
IBB Illinois Brass Band
IBI Illinois Bureau of Investigation
IBT Illinois Bureau of Tourism
IBEA Illinois Business Education Association
IBEC Illinois Business Education Coalition
IBFS Illinois Business Financial Services
IBT Illinois Business Tax
ICRSE Illinois Campaign for Responsible Sex Education
ICDA Illinois Career Development Association
ICMA Illinois Cast Metals Association
ICFST Illinois Center for Food Safety and Technology
INCIL Illinois Center for Independent Living
ICITA Illinois Center for Information Technology Accessibility
ICELAND Illinois Central
IC Illinois Central
ICACHE Illinois Central Area Cache Hunting Enthusiasts
ICC Illinois Central College
ICG Illinois Central Gulf
ICN Illinois Century Network
ICPA Illinois Certified Public Accountants
ICO Illinois Chamber Orchestra
ICAAP Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
ICCA Illinois Cheerleading Coaches Association
ICCA Illinois Chess Coaches Association
ICPA Illinois Chiefs of Police Association
ICHE Illinois Christian Home Educators
ICTA Illinois Christmas Tree Association
ICE Illinois CIO Exchange
ICJL Illinois Civil Justice League
ICCI Illinois Clean Coal Institute
ICEF Illinois Clean Energy Foundation
ICIAA Illinois Clean Indoor Air Act
ICLA Illinois Club Lamb Association
ICPA Illinois Club Pig Association
ICMA Illinois Coal Mining Act
ICASA Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault
ICCS Illinois Coalition for Community Services
ICSHC Illinois Coalition for School Health Centers
ICAP Illinois Coalition of Appraisal Professionals
ICELAND Illinois College
IC Illinois College
ICEP Illinois College of Emergency Physicians
ICPA Illinois College Personnel Association
ICPA Illinois College Press Association
ICRF Illinois College Republican Federation
ICCA Illinois Commerce and Community Affairs
ICC Illinois Commerce Commission
ICAA Illinois Community Action Association
ICBA Illinois Community Bankers Association
ICCB Illinois Community College Board
ICPA Illinois Concrete Pipe Association
ICPA Illinois Condominium Property Act
ICDA Illinois Congressional Debate Association
ICTC Illinois Consolidated Telephone Company
ICAR Illinois Consortium for Accelerator Research
ICF Illinois Corporate File
ICA Illinois Cosmetology Association, Inc.
ICCCU Illinois Council of Case Coordination Units
ICHP Illinois Council of Health-System Pharmacists
ICIA Illinois Council of Independent Airports
ICMA Illinois Country Music Association
ICBG Illinois Craft Brewers Guild
ICBA Illinois Creditors Bar Association
ICPA Illinois Crime Prevention Association
ICAT Illinois Criminal Arrest Team
ICIA Illinois Crop Improvement Association, Inc.
ICDA Illinois Cultural Diversity Association
IDOA Illinois DARE Officers Association
IDGA Illinois Deaf Golfers Association
IDLA Illinois Deaf Latino Association
IDLA Illinois Dental Laboratory Association
IDOA Illinois Department of Agriculture
IDASA Illinois Department of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse
ILDCEO Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
IDOC Illinois Department of Corrections
IDES Illinois Department of Employment Security
IDFI Illinois Department of Financial Institutions
IDHFS Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services
IDHR Illinois Department of Human Rights
IDHS Illinois Department of Human Services
IDOL Illinois Department of Labor
IDNS Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety
IDPA Illinois Department of Public Aid
IDPH Illinois Department of Public Health
IDOA Illinois Department on Aging
IDFA Illinois Development Financed Authority
IDTA Illinois Developmental Therapy Association
IDCBA Illinois Dog Clubs and Breeders Association
IDTA Illinois Drill Team Association
IDMC Illinois Dull Men’s Club
IELS Illinois Early Learning Standards
IEA Illinois Education Association
IESA Illinois Elementary Sports Association
IEMA Illinois Emergency Management Agency
IEMSC Illinois Emergency Medical Services for Children
IETF Illinois Emerging Technologies Fund
IETC Illinois Employment & Training Center
IEPA Illinois Environmental Protection Agency
IERC Illinois EPR Research Center (est. 1985; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
IFB Illinois Farm Bureau
IFT Illinois Federation of Teachers
IFA Illinois Finance Authority
IFSA Illinois Fire Safety Alliance
IFSA Illinois Fire Sprinkler Association
IFAPA Illinois Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
IFQHC Illinois Foundation for Quality Health Care
IFDA Illinois Franchise Disclosure Act of 1987
IFDA Illinois Funeral Directors Association
IGB Illinois Gaming Board
ILGA Illinois General Assembly
IGQ Illinois Geological Quadrangle
IGSS Illinois Ghost Seekers Society
IGPGA Illinois Giant Pumpkin Growers’ Association
IGLA Illinois Girls Lacrosse Association
ILGS Illinois Gourd Society
IGNN Illinois Government News Network
IGTF Illinois Growth Task Force
IGAC Illinois Guardianship and Advocacy Commission
IHHA Illinois Harness Horsemens Association
IHSA Illinois Head Start Association
IHSA Illinois High School Association
HPA Illinois Historic Preservation Agency
IHOA Illinois Hockey Officials Association
IHMEC Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center
IHSN Illinois Homeland Security Network
IHHA Illinois Hospital and HealthSystems Association
IHFSPA Illinois Hot Farm Stock Pullers Association
IITAA Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act
IIA Illinois Institute of Art
IIT Illinois Institute of Technology
IITRI Illinois Institute of Technology Research Institute
IIEP Illinois Inventory of Educational Progress
IJEA Illinois Journalism Education Association
IJSHS Illinois Junior Science and Humanities Symposium
ILMA Illinois Lake Management Association
ILCA Illinois Land Cover Atlas
ILCA Illinois Landscape Contractors Association
ILETSB Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board
ILAW Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch
ILTPP Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program
ILA Illinois Library Association
ILDS Illinois Library Delivery System
ILBA Illinois Licensed Beverage Association
ILCC Illinois Liquor Control Commission
ILCO Illinois Lock Company
ILC Illinois Lutheran Conference
IMHA Illinois Manufactured Housing Association
IMEC Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center
IMMC Illinois Masonic Medical Center
IMSA Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
IMTE Illinois Mathematics Teacher Educators
IMC Illinois Medical Center
IMDC Illinois Medical District
IMC Illinois Mennonite Conference
IMHCA Illinois Mental Health Counselors Association
IMPACT Illinois Microarchitecture Project utilizing Advanced Compiler Technology
IMSM Illinois Midwest Street Machines
IMPACT Illinois Milestones Project: Achieving Capacity Transformation
IMFRF Illinois Military Family Relief Fund
IMPA Illinois Milk Producers’ Association
IMSA Illinois Mini Storage Association
IMCSR Illinois Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
IMGA Illinois Municipal Gas Agency
IML Illinois Municipal League
IMRF Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund
IMTA Illinois Municipal Treasurers Association
IMEA Illinois Music Educators Association
IMA Illinois Mycological Association
INGMHS Illinois National Guard and Militia Historical Society
INAI Illinois Natural Areas Inventory
INHS Illinois Natural History Survey
INTC Illinois New Teacher Collaborative
INBA Illinois News Broadcasters Association
INRA Illinois Norsk Rosemalers Association
INA Illinois Numismatic Association
INA Illinois Nurses Association
IOTA Illinois Occupational Therapy Association
IOUG Illinois OCLC Users Group
IOME Illinois Oil Marketing Equipment, Inc.
ION Illinois Online Network
IORC Illinois Ornithological Records Committee
IOS Illinois Orthopaedic Society
IPI Illinois Pain Institute
IPTA Illinois Parent Teacher Association
IPVI Illinois Parents of the Visually Impaired
IPRA Illinois Park and Recreation Association
IPV Illinois Performance Volleyball
IPO Illinois Periodicals Online
IPCA Illinois Pest Control Association
IPMA Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association
IPTA Illinois Physical Therapy Association
IPMA Illinois Podiatric Medical Association
IPAC Illinois Police Accreditation Coalition
IPI Illinois Policy Institute
IPCB Illinois Pollution Control Board
IPPA Illinois Pork Producers Association
IP Illinois Power Company
IPTT Illinois Prep Top Times
IPPA Illinois Press Photographers Association
IPTED Illinois Prison Talk
IPT Illinois Prison Talk
IPEM Illinois Professional Emergency Manager
IPFA Illinois Professional Firefighters Association
IPRH Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities
IPAI Illinois Property Assessment Institute
IPAC Illinois Public Action Council
IPDA Illinois Public Defender Association
IPERS Illinois Public Employees Retirement System
IPHA Illinois Public Health Association
IPLAR Illinois Public Library Annual Report
IPPA Illinois Public Power Association
IPRF Illinois Public Risk Fund
IPS Illinois Public Schools
IPTA Illinois Public Telecommunications Association
IPTA Illinois Public Transit Association
IPTA Illinois Public Transportation Association
IRS Illinois Radiological Society
IRM Illinois Railway Museum
IRC Illinois Reading Council
IREJ Illinois Real Estate Journal
IRELA Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association
IRA Illinois Recycling Association
IRASS Illinois Regional Air Support Service
IRAD Illinois Regional Archives Depository
IRHWC Illinois Regional Health Workforce Center
IRMA Illinois Reliable Multicast Architecture
IRP Illinois Republican Party
IRD Illinois Research & Development
IRIS Illinois Researcher Information Service
IRA Illinois Restaurant Association
IRTA Illinois Retired Teachers Association
IRSI Illinois Retirement Security Initiative
IRBA Illinois Road Builders Association
ISLA Illinois Savings and Loan Act of 1985
ISCA Illinois School Counselor Association
ISD Illinois School for the Deaf
ISHA Illinois School Health Association
ISPA Illinois School Psychologists Association
ISCA Illinois Security Chiefs Association
ISRC Illinois Society for Respiratory Care
ISPB Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness
ISAAI Illinois Society of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology
ISA Illinois Society of Anesthesiologists
ISFSI Illinois Society of Fire Service Instructors
ISPE Illinois Society of Professional Engineers
ISCA Illinois Soil Classifiers Association
ISNT Illinois Soil Nitrogen Test
ISEA Illinois Solar Energy Association
ISHA Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association
ISFA Illinois Sport Fishing Awards
ISFA Illinois Sports Facility Authority
ISRA Illinois Squash Racquets Association
ISAT Illinois Standards Achievement Test
ISAC Illinois State Advisory Council on the Education of Children with Disabilities
ISAS Illinois State Archaeological Survey
ISAT Illinois State Assessment Test
ISAHU Illinois State Association of Health Underwriters
ISBA Illinois State Bar Association
ISBA Illinois State Beekeepers Association
ISBE Illinois State Board of Education
ISBI Illinois State Board of Investment
ISBS Illinois State Button Society
ISFA Illinois State Fabricare Association
ISFA Illinois State Florists’ Association
ISGS Illinois State Genealogical Society
ISGS Illinois State Geological Survey
ISHA Illinois State Hospice Association
ISMS Illinois State Medical Society
ISMSA Illinois State Medical Society Alliance
ISMR Illinois State Museum Research
ISP Illinois State Police
ISPFCU Illinois State Police Federal Credit Union
ISRA Illinois State Racquetball Association
ISRA Illinois State Rifle Association
ISSRT Illinois State Society of Radiologic Technologists
ISVMA Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association
ISWP Illinois State Writing Project
ISAC Illinois Student Assistance Commission
ISEN Illinois Student Environmental Network
ISIS Illinois Student Information System
ISTEP Illinois Support, Training, and Employment Program
ISTC Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
ISC Illinois Symphony Chorus
ISO Illinois Symphony Orchestra
ITOA Illinois Tactical Officers Association
ITIA Illinois Tax Increment Association
ITI Illinois Teen Institute
ITA Illinois Telecommunications Association
ITTF Illinois Terrorism Task Force
ITBS Illinois Test of Basic Skills
ITW Illinois Tool Works
ITRCC Illinois Traffic Records Coordinating Committee
IAI Illinois Transferable General Education Core
ITLA Illinois Trial Lawyers Association
ITEA Illinois Truck Enforcement Association
IUAC Illinois Ultralight Advisory Council
IUIA Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act
ILUTMA Illinois Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
IVAC Illinois Vaccine Awareness Coalition
IVCC Illinois Valley Community College
IVCH Illinois Valley Community Hospital
IVLL Illinois Valley Little League
IVMA Illinois Valley Merchants Association
IVPC Illinois Valley Parachute Club
IVY Illinois Valley Yacht & Canoe Club
IVCA Illinois Venture Capital Association
IVG Illinois Veterans Grant
IVGP Illinois Veterans Grant Program
IVH Illinois Veterans Home
IVSU Illinois Vietnamese Students Union
IVPA Illinois Violence Prevention Authority
IVC Illinois Virtual Campus
IWRC Illinois Water Resources Center
IWU Illinois Wesleyan University
IWA Illinois Wheat Association
ILWG Illinois Wing
IWPA Illinois Wood Products Association
IWC Illinois Workers’ Compensation
IWCC Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission
IYDT Illinois Youth Dance Theatre
ICCA Illinois’ Child Care Association
IISG Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant
ICI Industrial Commission of Illinois
IIRC Interactive Illinois Report Card
IITI Iowa-Illinois Taylor Insulation
IJX Jacksonville, Illinois
JISHS Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society
IKK Kankakee, Illinois
LWV Lawrenceville, Illinois
LIB League of Illinois Bicyclists
LOT Lockport, Illinois
LIRB Lower Illinois River Basin
LFAI Lupus Foundation of America – Illinois
MQB Macomb, Illinois
MAI Malaysian Association of Illinois
MERCI Medical Emergency Radio Channel for Illinois
CGX Meigs Field, Chicago, Illinois
MSAI Messenger Service Association of Illinois
MMSI Military Miniature Society of Illinois
MUNICIPAL Model United Nations Illinois
NICC NASA Illinois Commercialization Center
NTUI National Taxpayers United of Illinois
OBK Northbrook, Illinois
NEIC Northeast Illinois Council
NIASC Northeastern Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs
NIPC Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission
NIAFPD Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts
NIACC Northern Illinois Anime Club Cooperative
NIACC Northern Illinois Anime Culture Club
NICADD Northern Illinois Center for Accelerator and Detector Development
NICETA Northern Illinois Chapter of Electronics Technicians Association
NICE Northern Illinois Computer Exchange
NICC Northern Illinois Conservation Club
NICC Northern Illinois Corvette Club Inc
NIHR Northern Illinois Hobby Retailers
NIHL Northern Illinois Hockey League
NIHL Northern Illinois Horseshoe League
NILS Northern Illinois Library System
NIMPA Northern Illinois Municipal Power Agency
NIOC Northern Illinois Orienteering Club
NIPAS Northern Illinois Police Alarm System
NIPRO Northern Illinois Proteges
NIRISS Northern Illinois Radio Information Service
NIRO Northern Illinois Rat Organization
NITAC Northern Illinois Tactical
NITRO Northern Illinois Touring and Riding Organization
NIU Northern Illinois University
NIWC Northern Illinois Water Corporation
NIWC Northern Illinois Women’s Center
NIAAA Northwestern Illinois Area Agency on Aging
OLY Olney, Illinois
OI Owens-Illinois, Inc.
PI Paducah & Illinois Railroad
PACI Pathology Associates of Central Illinois, Ltd
VYS Peru, Illinois
PPIL Planned Parenthood of Illinois
PIFI Public Interest Fund of Illinois
RTIA Recreational Trails of Illinois Act
RPIL Reform Party of Illinois
RSEA Retired State Employees Association of Illinois
RSPA Retired State Police Association of Illinois
RSAI Rett Syndrome Association of Illinois
SGIA Safe Games Illinois Act
SLO Salem, Illinois
SMILE Saving More Illinois Lives Through Education
JMH Schaumburg, Illinois
SARDI Search and Rescue Dogs of Illinois
SIAI Self Insurance Association of Illinois
SIBF Southern Illinois Bass Fishing
SICCM Southern Illinois Collegiate Common Market
SICAP Southern Illinois Construction Advancement Program
SIEC Southern Illinois Electric Cooperative
SIEMA Southern Illinois Environmental Managers Association
SIFS Southern Illinois Flute Society
SIH Southern Illinois Healthcare
SIJA Southern Illinois Jeep Association
SIU Southern Illinois University
SIUE Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
SIUC Southern Illinois University Carbondale
SIUF Southern Illinois University Foundation
SITB Southernmost Illinois Tourism Bureau
SIDI State of Illinois Department of Insurance
SQI Sterling/Rock Falls, Illinois
SEAOI Structural Engineers Association Of Illinois
TIGERS Tandem Illinois Going Everywhere Riding in Style
TDI Team Dance Illinois
TEAI Technology Education Association of Illinois
CBAI The Community Bankers Association of Illinois
TFIC Transportation for Illinois Coalition
UOFI University of Illinois
UOI University of Illinois
UI University of Illinois
UIL University of Illinois
UIAA University of Illinois Alumni Association
UIAC University of Illinois Alumni Club
UIC University of Illinois at Chicago
UISER University of Illinois at Springfield
UIS University of Illinois at Springfield
UIUC University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
UICM University of Illinois College of Medicine
UICOMP University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria
UICOM-R University of Illinois College of Medicine-Rockford
UICC University of Illinois, Chicago Circle
UMR-IWW Upper Mississippi River-Illinois Waterway
UGN Waukegan, Illinois
WCNI Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois
WCITPA West Central Illinois Tractor Pullers Association
DPA West Chicago, Illinois
WIAR Western Illinois Animal Rescue
WIBA Western Illinois Builders Association
WIEDP Western Illinois Economic Development Partnership
WIEC Western Illinois Education Consortium
WILS Western Illinois Library System
WIRC Western Illinois Regional Council
WIU Western Illinois University
WSDI Wine and Spirits Distributors of Illinois
WIMI Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa
WTCI World Trade Center Illinois

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