Insurance Abbreviations

The term safe comes from the Latin secūrus and admits different uses and meanings. It is what is certain and indubitable, or which does not present or constitute any risk or danger. The word “safe” is used synonymously with security or certainty.


Insurance Abbreviations

In this sense, for example, one can speak of safe sex, that is, sexual relations where the health of those involved is not put at risk (when using condoms to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, etc.).

On the other hand , insurance is a contract whereby a person pays a premium to receive compensation in the event of an accident or theft, for example. There is also life insurance, where the insurer pays a certain amount to the family of the deceased.

In insurance contracts, there are reciprocal obligations and rights for the insurer and the insured. The policyholder’s intention is to obtain economic protection for his or her property or persons who may suffer damage, while the insurer’s business is to collect the premium.

The insurance contract implies the existence of an insurable interest (a lawful relationship is established between an economic value and a good; it is possible to insure material goods, such as a house or a car, and intangible ones, such as an economic loss or loss of profit ), an insurable risk (the possible, uncertain and future event that could harm the insurable interest), a premium (the cost of insurance) and the insurer’s obligation to indemnify (when collecting the premium, the insurer is obliged to assume the risk and to pay compensation in the event of an accident).

Life insurance

Life insurance seeks to guarantee the protection of the people the insured is responsible for. In the event of his death, his beneficiaries or heirs are entitled to compensation.

This compensation is called insured capital and can be paid in a single payment or in the form of financial income . As a general rule, the beneficiaries are the insured’s family members, although they may also be his partners or creditors.

Life insurance can be classified according to its duration (temporary or for life/life), its type of premium (flat premium, where the payment is constant, and the risk premium , which increases according to the age of the insured) or the number of policyholders covered by the policy (individual, group or multi-head insurance).

Insurers claim that, thanks to the system’s combination of foresight and solidarity, the insured obtains immediate coverage for substantial amounts, even when individual contributions are reduced.

In some countries, such as the United States, life insurance is not only a source of income replacement, it also allows the payment of the mortgage balance or other debts at the time of the insured person’s death; pay inheritance taxes; pay funeral expenses; provide funds for the education of descendants; and even make charitable donations.
On the other hand , there are policies that can be benefited by the insured in life, for example by complementing retirement (when someone who pays their life insurance for many years and reaches old age without having to worry about the economic well-being of their family ).

List of Acronyms Related to Insurance

ADNIC Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company
AHPIA Academic Health Professionals Insurance Association
AICI Acceptance Insurance Companies Inc.
AIC Accident Insurance Company
AI Accidental Insurance
AIMS Acclamation Insurance Management Services
AAI Accredited Adviser in Insurance
AIOIC ACE INA Overseas Insurance Company
AUGIE ACORD User Group Information Exchange (insurance standards)
AICL Adamjee Insurance Company Limited
ALI Additional Liability Insurance
ALIS Advanced Life Insurance System
ALIA Affordable Life Insurance Alliance
AIO African Insurance Organization
AFIS Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist
ARIAS AIDA Reinsurance and Insurance Arbitration Society (non-profit group)
AICP AIDS Insurance Continuation Program
ACMI Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance
AFNIC Al Fujairah National Insurance Company
AIIA Alabama Independent Insurance Agents, Inc.
ACSIG Alameda County Schools Insurance Group
ALIA Alberta Lawyers Insurance Association
ASBIE Alberta School Boards’ Insurance Exchange
ARI All Risk Insurance
AFIG Allen Financial Insurance Group
ASCIP Alliance of Schools for Cooperative Insurance Programs
ACIG Allied Cooperative Insurance Group
AIRA Allocated Insurance Reserve Account
AIC Allstate Insurance Company
ALL Allstate Insurance Company
ALIC Allstate Life Insurance Company
AIBL Amalgamated Insurance Brokers, Ltd.
AHIP America’s Health Insurance Plans
AAIM American Academy of Insurance Medicine
AAIC American Agricultural Insurance Company
AAIS American Association of Insurance Services
AAIC American Automobile Insurance Company
ABIA American Bankers Insurance Association
ABI American Bankers Insurance Group
ABPI American Business & Personal Insurance
ACIG American Contractors Insurance Group
AEIG American Equine Insurance Group
AFI American Family Insurance
AFIA American Foreign Insurance Association
AFLIC American Founders Life Insurance Company
AGLIC American General Life Insurance Company
AIICO American Independent Insurance Company
AIPAGIA American Institute of Professional Association Group Insurance Administrators
AIA American Insurance Administrators
AIA American Insurance Association
AIMS American Insurance Marketing and Sales Society
AISG American Insurance Services Group
AIU American Insurance Union
AIICO American International Insurance Company
AILI American Investors Life Insurance Company, Inc.
AMIF American Marine Insurance Forum
AMIA American Mutual Insurance Alliance
AMI American Mutual Insurance Company
ANIC American National Insurance Company
ANICO American National Insurance Company
APIE American Physicians Insurance Exchange
APTIC American Pioneer Title Insurance Company
AIRA American Risk and Insurance Association
ARIA American Risk and Insurance Association
ASRE American Safety Reinsurance Ltd.
ASI American Share Insurance
ATISS American Transportation Insurance Services
ATIS American Transportation Insurance Services
AAC-MIS Americas Association of Cooperative/Mutual Insurance Societies
AVLIC Ameritas Variable Life Insurance Company
ACFI Amsterdam Center for Finance and Insurance
AKIS Anderson Kill Insurance Services, LLC
AIC Anthem Insurance Companies
AICI Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc.
AIR Applied Insurance Research, Inc.
ARAI Arab American Insurance
AOIC Arab Orient Insurance Company
ACIP Arizona Counties Insurance Pool
AICA Arizona Insurance Claims Association
AID Arkansas Insurance Department
AMIC Arkwright Mutual Insurance Co.
AFI Armed Forces Insurance
ACIF Army Central Insurance Fund
AGID Army Group Insurance Directorate
ABIL Asset-Backed Insurance Lending
AIP Assigned Insurance Plan
AINS Associate in General Insurance
AIS Associate in Insurance Services
AMIM Associate in Marine Insurance Management
ANFI Associate in National Flood Insurance
API Associate in Personal Insurance
ARE Associate in Reinsurance
ASLI Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance
AIAA Associate Insurance Agency Administration
ACII Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute
ACIB Associate of the Corporation of Insurance Brokers
AIIC Associate of the Insurance Institute of Canada
APIR Associate Professional in Insurance Regulation
ARA Associate Reinsurance Administration
AIRC Associate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance
AGIA Associated Group Insurance Agencies
AIP Associated Insurance Professionals, Inc.
AFLIC Associates Financial Life Insurance Company
AIIB Associates International Insurance Brokers
AGIA Association Group Insurance Administrators
ABI Association of Banks-in-Insurance
ABIS Association of Burglary Insurance Surveyors, Ltd.
ACIC Association of California Insurance Companies
AFIP Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals
ASP Association of Insurance & Reinsurance Service Providers
AIA Association of Insurance Advertisers
AIBK Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya
AICP Association of Insurance Compliance Professionals
ASP Association Of Insurance Reinsurance Service Providers
ALIMDA Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors of America
ALU Association of Life Insurance Underwriters
AOLIC Association of Ohio Life Insurance Companies
ARIMA Association of Risk and Insurance Managers of Australia
ATTIC Association of Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Companies
APLI Association Professional Liability Insurance
AIIF Attorneys Insurance Indemnity Fund
ATIF Attorneys’ Title Insurance Fund, Inc.
AMIL Australasian Medical Insurance Limited
AAIG Australian Aviation Insurance Group
ABBI Australian Better Business Insurance
AIEU Australian Insurance Employees Union
AISF Australian Insurance Staffs’ Federation
ARPC Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
AIME Auto Insurance Made Easy
AISG Auto Insurance Services Group
AIS Auto Insurance Specialists
AIATS Automobile Insurance Agents of Texas
AIAT Automobile Insurance Agents of Texas
AIARP Automobile Insurance Assigned Risk Plan
AIP Automobile Insurance Plan
AMICA Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America
AOI Auto-Owners Insurance
AIOA Aviation Insurance Offices’ Association
BIIC Bahrain International Insurance Center
BALIC Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Limited
BALICL Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance Company Ltd
BIG Balboa Insurance Group
BIF Bank Insurance Fund
BITT Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax
BIF Banking Insurance Fund
BFIS Banking, Finance, Insurance and Securities
BFSI Banking, Finance, Security and Insurance
BFSI Banking, Financial Services and Insurance
BOLI Bank-Owned Life Insurance
BENZO Bar Plan Title Insurance Company
BPT Bar Plan Title Insurance Company
BIA Basic Insurance Amount
BIU Belarusian Insurance Union
BIC Benchmark Insurance Company
BIPO Beneficiary Insurance Purchase Option
BFIS Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies
BII Bermuda Insurance Institute
BCI Board Certified in Insurance
BIIA Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
BISA Bonding and Insurance Specialists Agency
BPMI Borrower Paid Mortgage Insurance
BIFM Botswana Insurance Fund Management
BCHIS British Columbia Hospital Insurance Service
BEIB British Equestrian Insurance Brokers Ltd
BIA British Insurance Association
BIBA British Insurance Brokers’ Association
BSIA Brockhall Ship Insurance Agency
BID Broker Insurance Document
BREAK Broker Insurance Document
BHIP Bukidnon Health Insurance Program
BEIA Bulgarian Export Insurance Agency
BOI Bureau of Insurance
BCIP Business Continuity Insurance Process
BCI Business Credit Insurance
BCIB Business Credit Insurance Brokers
BIU Business Insurance Underwriters
BII Business Interruption Insurance
REFINE Business Process Reengineering for Insurances
CAIB California Associated Insurance Brokers
CAPRI California Association for Park and Recreation Insurance
CCIC California Casualty Insurance Company
CDOI California Department of Insurance
CDI California Department of Insurance
CIWA California Insurance Wholesalers Association
CPEIA California Public Entity Insurance Authority
CASDI California State Disability Insurance
CAIB Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker
CCIB Canadian Certified Insurance Broker
CCAIF Canadian Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
CCIR Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators
CDICS Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
CDIC Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation
CIC Canadian Insurance Course
CIFF Canadian Insurance Financial Forum
CIVR Canadian Insurance Vendor Registry
CLIA Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association
CLHIO Canadian Life and Health Insurance OmbudService
CPIX Canadian Petroleum Insurance Exchange
CIG Capital Insurance Group
CICA Captive Insurance Companies Association
CIC Captive Insurance Company
CRI Car Rental Insurance
CIF Cargo, Insurance and Freight
CIP Carriage and Insurance Paid to
CMM Catastrophic Major Medical Insurance
CFLI Catholic Family Life Insurance Company
CPIP Cattle Price Insurance Program
CIMA Cayman Insurance Managers Association
CIA Cedartown Insurance Agency
CIR Center for Insurance Research
CMIA Central Maryland Insurance Associates, Inc.
CMI Central Mutual Insurance
CSIO Centre for Studies in Insurance Operations
CGI Certificate in General Insurance
CI Certificate of Insurance
COI Certificate Of Insurance
CAIP Certified Aviation Insurance Professional
CCIC Certified Chiropractic Insurance Consultant
CIIB Certified Indonesian Insurance Brokers
CIC Certified Insurance Consultant
CIC Certified Insurance Counselor
CIF Certified Insurance Facilitator
CIFI Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator
CIPA Certified Insurance Premium Auditor
CISR Certified Insurance Service Representative
CMIS Certified Medical Insurance Specialist
CPIA Certified Professional Insurance Agents Society
CPIM Certified Professional Insurance Man
CRIM Certified Risk & Insurance Management
CIGNA CG INA (Insurance Company of North America)
CIAM Chartered Insurance Agency Manager
CII Chartered Insurance Institute
CIOP Chartered Insurance Operations Professional Institute
CIP Chartered Insurance Professional
CIIB Charterstar Insurance International Brokers Limited
CMIA Chase Manhattan Insurance Agency, Inc.
CIBL Chesterfield Insurance Brokers Ltd.
CTIC Chicago Title Insurance Company
CHIRP Child Health Insurance Reform Program
CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Plan
CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program
CHIPRA Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009
CECIC China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation
CIHC China Insurance Holdings Co. Ltd.
CIRC China Insurance Regulatory Commission
CPIC China Pacific Insurance Co. Ltd.
CPIC China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd
CIC Church Insurance Company
CLIC Church Life Insurance Corporation
CLI Churchill Life Insurance Company
CIC Cincinnati Insurance Company
CICA Citizens Insurance Company of America
CPIC Citizens Property Insurance Corp.
CSIS Civil Service Insurance Society
CLI Clarica Life Insurance
CTIA Clark-Theders Insurance Agency
CAIF Coalition Against Insurance Fraud
CHIMR Coalition for Health Insurance Market Reform
COINS Coinsurance
CPI Collateral Protection Insurance
CVI Collateral Valuation Insurance
CSIS College Student Insurance Service
CCIA Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority
CFBI Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance
CWICS Colorado Western Insurance Company
CIG Columbia Insurance Group
CICA Combined Insurance Company of America
CGIB Commercial & General Insurance Brokers
CAIP Commercial Automobile Insurance Plan
CCIA Commercial Carriers Insurance Agency, Inc.
CGLI Commercial General Liability Insurance
COGIP Committee on Group Insurance Programs
CIAI Community Insurance Agency, Inc.
CIC Community Insurance Company
CIG Compendium Insurance Group Ltd.
CIRB Compensation Insurance Rating Board
CIC Compliance and Insurance Corporation
CHIP Comprehensive Health Insurance Plan
CLIC Computer Liability Insurance Coverage
CGLI Connecticut General Life Insurance Company
CHPI Constant Horizon Portfolio Insurance
CPPI Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance
CRIS Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist
CCIA Consumer Credit Insurance Association
CWICS Continental Western Insurance Company
CIE Continuous Insurance Enforcement
CCIP Contractor Controlled Insurance Policy
CCIP Contractor Controlled Insurance Program
CIPR Contractor Insurance/Pension Review
CBIC Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company
CPPI Contractors Professional Protective Insurance
CLIP Contractual Liability Insurance Policy
CIP Controlled Insurance Program
CHIP Cooperative for Health Insurance Purchasing
CIS Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd.
CISP Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines
COLI Corporate-Owned Life Insurance
CI Cost & Insurance
CI Cost Insurance
COI Cost of Insurance
CFI Cost, Freight & Insurance
CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight
CIFC Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
CIFCS Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
CIF-AND-E Cost, Insurance, Freight and Exchange
CIFI Cost, Insurance, Freight and Interest
CIFCI Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission and Interest
CIA Cotton Insurance Association
CSLI Cotton State Life Insurance
CSLI Cotton States Life Insurance Company
CAHI Council for Affordable Health Insurance
CCHI Council of Cooperative Health Insurance
CQIB Council of Queensland Insurance Brokers
CPIP Covenant Presbyterian Insurance Program
CIG Cowan Insurance Group
CBIS Credit Based Insurance Scores
CDI Credit Disability Insurance
CIFF Credit Insurance Factoring & Finance
CUIS Credit Union Insurance Services
CUMIS Credit Union Member Insurance Services
CUMIS Credit Union Members Insurance Society
CRI Crisis Recall Insurance
CII Critical Illness Insurance
CIRB Crop Insurance Research Bureau
CLI Crown Life Insurance Company
CMIA CUNA Mutual Insurance Agency
CMIG Cuna Mutual Insurance Group
DSI Data Security Insurance
DDII Decare Dental Insurance Ireland, Ltd.
DSU Delay in Startup Insurance
DAIS Dental Alternatives Insurance Services, Inc
DOI Department Of Insurance
DIAMETER Deposit Insurance Agency
DIA Deposit Insurance Agency
DICGC Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation
DIC Deposit Insurance Corporation
DICO Deposit Insurance Corporation of Ontario
DIFFERENCE Deposit Insurance Fund
DIF Deposit Insurance Fund
DMAIFA Des Moines Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
DICS Diploma in Insurance Coding Specialist
DIFI Direct Insurance Financial Investments
DII Disability Income Insurance
DI Disability Insurance
DIB Disability Insurance Benefits
DISM Disability Insurance State Manual
DISMISS Disability Insurance State Manual
DIT Disability Insurance Trust
DRMS Disability Reinsurance Management Services
DOI Division of Insurance
DSGI Division of State Group Insurance
DIR Doctors Insurance Reciprocal
DMIC Donegal Mutual Insurance Company
EFEI Earthquake Fire Expense Insurance
EPIP East Portland Insurance Professionals
EDIC Eastern Dentists Insurance Company
EEIG Eastern Europe Insurance Group
EMIA Educators Mutual Insurance Association
EISA Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority
EPIC Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage
ECIC Electrical Contractors’ Insurance Company
EDIE Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator
EEI Electronic Equipment Insurance
EIO Electronic Insurance Office
EBI Elite Benefits Insurance Marketing Services Inc
EHI Employee Health Insurance
ESI Employee State Insurance
EDLI Employees Deposit Linked Insurance
ESIC Employees State Insurance Corporation
EPIS Employees’ Pension Insurance Scheme
ELI Employer Liability Insurance
EVIC Employer Verification of Insurance Coverage
EPHI Employer-Provided Health Insurance
EDIC Employers Direct Insurance Company
ELCI Employers’ Liability Compulsory Insurance
ESI Employer-Sponsored Insurance
EI Employment Insurance
EICS Employment Insurance Coverage Survey
EIFS Employment Insurance Family Supplement
EI Employment Insurance Program
EPLI Employment Practices Liability Insurance
EFIC Encompass Floridian Insurance Company
EICMA Encompass Insurance Company of Massachusetts
ESI Energy Savings Insurance
EIG Enfield Insurance Group
MIA English Marine Insurance Act
ELIS Equitable Life Insurance Society
EPICC Equity in Prescription Insurance and Contraceptive Coverage Act of 2001
EIE Erie Insurance Exchange
EIG Erie Insurance Group
EIBI Ethiopian Institute of Banking and Insurance
EHIC European Health Insurance Card
EOI Evidence Of Insurance
EPI Evidence of Property Insurance
ECRA Excess Casualty Reinsurance Association
ELSIP Excess of Loss Self-Insurance Pool
ESI Excess Share Insurance
ECI Export Credit Insurance
ECIC Export Credit Insurance Corporation
ECICS Export Credit Insurance Corporation of Singapore
ECIO Export Credit Insurance Organization
EFIC Export Finance and Insurance Corporation
EPIP Export Payments Insurance Policy
FIA Factory Insurance Association
FAIR Fair Access to Insurance Requirements
FAIR Fairness and Accountability in Insurance Reform
FIC Family Insurance Checkup
FTDI Family Temporary Disability Insurance
FBI Farm Bureau Insurance
FCSIC Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation
FFCI Farm Family Casualty Insurance Co.
FMRP Farm Mutual Reinsurance Plan
FIG Farmers Insurance Group
FIGFCU Farmers Insurance Group Federal Credit Union
FUI Farmers Union Insurance
FCIC Federal Crop Insurance Corporation
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FEGLI Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance
FFIA Federal Flood Insurance Administration
FIMA Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration
FIA Federal Insurance Administration
FICA Federal Insurance and Compensation Act
FIM Federal Insurance and Mitigation
FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act
FIO Federal Insurance Office
FOPI Federal Office of Private Insurance
FSLIC Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corporation
FSLICRF Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation Resolution Fund
FUI Federal Unemployment Insurance
FAII Federation of Accident Insurance Institutions
FNYIP Federation of New York Insurance Professionals
FAII Fellow of the Australian Insurance Institute
FCII Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute
FCIFMA Fellow of the Corporation of Insurance, Financial & Mortgage Advisers
FIISA Fellow of the Insurance Institute of South Africa
FLIA Fellow of the Life Insurance Association
FCIP Fellow, Chartered Insurance Professional
FNIC Fidelity National Insurance Company
FNTIC Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
FBIC Fight Bad-Faith Insurance Companies
FBI Finance, Banking and Insurance
FIRE Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
FIRES Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Services
FIMC Financial and Insurance Management Consultants
FGIC Financial Guaranty Insurance Company
FIIA Financial Institutions Insurance Association
FIA Financial Insurance Advisors
FIC Financial Insurance Company
FIO Financing and Insurance Operations
FAIRA Fire Agencies Insurance Risk Authority
FIM Fire Insurance Map
FIRES Fire Insurance Reporting and Evaluation System
FIRE Fire, Insurance and Real Estate
FCIS First Charter Insurance Services, Inc
FCIA First Commonwealth Insurance Agency, Inc.
FHLI First Home Loan Insurance
FIIA First Independent Insurance Agency
FIFC First Insurance Funding Corporation
FPIC First Professionals Insurance Company
FISL FirstAssist Insurance Services Limited
FIS Fisherman’s Insurance Services, Inc
FPRI Fixed Price Remediation with Insurance
FRHI Fixed Rate Health Insurance
FLIP Flexible Loan Insurance Program
FIPNC Flood Insurance Producers National Committee
FIRM Flood Insurance Rate Map
FIS Flood Insurance Study
FAIA Florida Association of Insurance Agents
FAIFA Florida Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
FCL Florida Combined Life Insurance Company, Inc.
FFBG Florida Farm Bureau General Insurance Co.
FHIS Florida Health Insurance Study
FIC Florida Insurance Council, Inc.
FIGA Florida Insurance Guaranty Association
FLMIC Florida Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company
FOIR Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
FSBIT Florida School Boards Insurance Trust
FLIC Floridians for Lower Insurance Costs
FMII Foreclosure Mortgage Insurance Investment Funds
FCIA Foreign Credit Insurance Association
FBIC Fortis Benefits Insurance Company
FOIL Forum of Insurance Lawyers
FFIA Franklin Financial Insurance Agency, Inc.
FIC Fraternal Insurance Counselor
FIPG Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group
GSMJIF Garden State Municipal Joint Insurance Fund
GALIB Gay and Lesbian Insurance Brokers
GCI General Conditions of Insurance
GCMI General Conditions of Marine Insurance on Goods
GHI General Health Insurance
GIC General Insurance Company
GICA General Insurance Corporation of America
GICI General Insurance Corporation of India
GIC General Insurance Corporation of India
GIIS General Insurance Information System
GIMRA General Insurance Market Research Association
GIO General Insurance Ombudservice
GIRO General Insurance Research Organising Committee
GISC General Insurance Standards Council
GISA General Insurance Statistical Agency
GOSI General Organization of Social Insurance
GUIDE General Unemployment Insurance Development Effort
GIRC Genetics and Insurance Research Centre
GIIS Georgia Insurance Information Service
GCMI Global Crew Medical Insurance
GMMI Global Mission Medical Insurance
GBIF Government Bank Insurance Fund
GEICO Government Employees Insurance Company
GIO Government Insurance Office
GSIS Government Service Insurance System
GSHIP Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan
GGMIT Grain Growers Membership and Insurance Trust
GMIC Grange Mutual Insurance Company
GAI Great American Insurance
GAIC Great American Insurance Company
GIA Group Insurance Arrangement
GDE Group Insurance Data Entry
GIMS Group Insurance Management Services, Inc.
GIRT Group Insurance Resource Team
GMIP Group Medical Insurance Plan
GPAI Group Personal Accident Insurance
GSI Group Self-Insurance
GTI Group Term Insurance
GTI Group Travel Insurance
GIC Guaranteed Insurance Contract
GRP Guaranteed Renewable Policy (insurance)
GIFS Guild Insurance and Financial Services
HMK Hampson Mowrer Kreitz Insurance
HIC Hanover Insurance Company
HIG Hartford Insurance Group
HUICS Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company
HIP Hazard Insurance Premium
HSLIC HDFC Standard Life Insurance Company (India)
HII Health and Insurance Integrated
HCAI Health Claims for Auto Insurance
HI Health Insurance
HIAA Health Insurance Advisors Australia
HIA Health Insurance Associate
HIAA Health Insurance Association of America
HIAB Health Insurance Association of Bermuda
HIA Health Insurance Authority
HIC Health Insurance Claim
HICN Health Insurance Claim Number
HIC Health Insurance Commission
HICL Health Insurance Contract Language
HICAP Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program
HICP Health Insurance Counseling Project
HIE Health Insurance Enrollment
HIE Health Insurance Exception
HIE Health Insurance Experiment
HIIP Health Insurance Information Program
HIM Health Insurance Manual
HIMR Health Insurance Master Record
HINT Health Insurance Navigation Tool
HIP Health Insurance Plan
HIPA Health Insurance Plan Administrators
HLMS Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act List Management Software
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
HIPPS Health Insurance Prospective Payment System
HIPC Health Insurance Purchasing Cooperative
HIRA Health Insurance Review Agency
HISKEW Health Insurance Skeleton Eligibility Write-Off
HIS-GWB Health Insurance Study-General Well-Being Schedule
HIT Health Insurance Tax
HIU Health Insurance Unit
HIWG Health Insurance Working Group
HELP Health Insurance, Equalization, Legislative Adjustments, and Preservation of the Retirement System
HRMP Health Reinsurance Management Partnership
HICA Hemar Insurance Corp. of America
HIBL Henderson Insurance Brokers Ltd.
HIA Hettesheimer Insurance Agency
HIGC Home Insurance and Guaranty Corporation
HOI Home Owner’s Insurance
HKEC Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation
HII Horner Insurance, Inc
HI Hospital Insurance
HMIC Hospitality Mutual Insurance Company
HAIFA Houston Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
IPLIC ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company
ITGI Iffco-Tokio General Insurance Company
IAMIC Illinois Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
IUIA Illinois Unemployment Insurance Act
IINA Indemnity Insurance Company of North America
IAIC Independence American Insurance Company
IIAA Independent Insurance Agent Association
IIAJC Independent Insurance Agent Junior Classic
IIAA Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America
IIAA Independent Insurance Agents of America
IIACNY Independent Insurance Agents of Central New York
IIAI Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana, Inc.
IIANJ Independent Insurance Agents of New Jersey
IIASA Independent Insurance Agents of San Antonio
IIAW Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin
IIC Independent Insurance Center Inc.
IICL Independent Insurance Co. Ltd.
IBLI Index-Based Livestock Insurance
ILTCIP Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Program
IRI Industrial Risk Insurance
IPCR Infinity Property and Casualty Reinsurance
ITIS Information Technology Insurance Specialists
ISFA Institute of Finance and Insurance Science
IFBI Institute of Finance, Banking and Insurance
IIRMS Institute of Insurance and Risk Management
ILI Institutionally-Priced Life Insurance
INS Insurance
IACS Insurance Accounting Collection System
IAM Insurance Administration Model
IABA Insurance Agents and Brokers of America
IAAS Insurance and Actuarial Advisory Services
ICC Insurance and Consulting Capital
IFAPAC Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee
IFR Insurance and Financial Review
IARM Insurance and Risk Management
IAA Insurance Application Architecture
IAP Insurance Assistance Program
IAP Insurance Association of Pakistan
IAG Insurance Australia Group
IAA Insurance Auto Auctions
IBG Insurance Backed Guarantee
IBD Insurance Broker/Dealer
IBS Insurance Brokerage Service
IBAH Insurance Brokers Association of Hamilton
IBAN Insurance Brokers Association of Newfoundland
IBDF Insurance Brokers Dispute Facility
IBRC Insurance Brokers Registration Council
IBCC Insurance Building Code Coalition
IBC Insurance Bureau of Canada
ICAPM Insurance Capital Asset Pricing Model
ICS Insurance Center Service (insurance)
ICIS Insurance Claim Information System
ICM Insurance Claims Management
ICP Insurance Claims Processing
ICOB Insurance Club of Buffalo
ICBS Insurance Coding and Billing Specialist
ICCA Insurance Commercial Collectors Association
ICAC Insurance Committee for Arson Control
ICELAND Insurance Company
IC Insurance Company
ICA Insurance Company Agent
ICBPA Insurance Company and Bank Purchasing Agents Association
ICNA Insurance Company of North America
ISOP Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
ICSP Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania
ICELAND Insurance Component
IC Insurance Component
ICOB Insurance Conduct of Business rules
ICPA Insurance Conference Planners Association
ICDC Insurance Congress of Developing Countries
ICA Insurance Consulting Associates
ICAE Insurance Consumer Affairs Exchange
ICL Insurance Contract Law
ICEU Insurance Corporation Employees Union
ICBL Insurance Corporation of Barbados Limited
ICBC Insurance Corporation of British Columbia
ICT Insurance Council of Texas
ICS Insurance Courier Service
ICPI Insurance Crime Prevention Institute
IDP Insurance Data Processing, Inc
IDSL Insurance Database Services Ltd.
IEA Insurance Educational Association
IEIA Insurance Employers’ Industrial Association
IELA Insurance Environmental Litigation Association
IEE Insurance Expense Exhibit
IFP Insurance Federation of Pennsylvania
IFS Insurance Financial Strength
IFSR Insurance Financial Strength Rating
IRM Insurance for Released Members
IFB Insurance Fraud Bureau
IFS Insurance Fraud Section
IGD Insurance Groups Directive
IICF Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation
IIES Insurance Information & Enforcement System
IIX Insurance Information Exchange
III Insurance Information Institute
REGIMENT Insurance Information Institute
IIS Insurance Information Strategy
IIW Insurance Information Warehouse
IIHS Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
IIA Insurance Institute of America
III Insurance Institute of India
REGIMENT Insurance Institute of India
IIK Insurance Institute of Kenya
ILSA Insurance Licensing Services of America
ILS Insurance Linked Securities
ILCA Insurance Loss Control Association
IMO Insurance Marketing Organization
ISMA Insurance Marketplace Standards Association
IMSA Insurance Marketplace Standards Association
IME Insurance Medical Exam
INN Insurance News Network
IOCO Insurance Office of Central Ohio
IOL Insurance Ombudsman of Ireland
IOD Insurance on Demand
IOD Insurance Operations Department
IOS Insurance Overload Staffing
IPTC Insurance Policy Trading Company
IPGB Insurance Pool Governing Board
IPAA Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
IPMC Insurance Portfolio Management Contact
IPAP Insurance Premium Assistance Program
IPPA Insurance Premium Payment Assistance
IPTED Insurance Premium Tax
IPT Insurance Premium Tax
IPC Insurance Professionals of Calgary
IPMD Insurance Professionals of Miami Dade
IPMG Insurance Program Managers Group, LLC
IRG Insurance Rating Group
IR Insurance Record (insurance)
IRI Insurance Recovery International
IRDA Insurance Regulatory Development Authority
IRES Insurance Regulatory Examiners Society
IRIN Insurance Regulatory Information Network
IRIS Insurance Regulatory Information System
IRF Insurance Reinvestment Fund
IRC Insurance Research Council
IRG Insurance Research Group
ISN Insurance Sales Network
ISFA Insurance Scholarship Foundation of America
ISA Insurance Service Account
ISO Insurance Service Organization
ISD Insurance Services Division
ISA Insurance Services of America
ISO Insurance Services Office, Inc.
ISI Insurance Services, Inc.
ISOB Insurance Society of Baltimore
ISLF Insurance Standards Leadership Forum
ISC Insurance Support Center
ISC-W Insurance Support Center – West
ITB Insurance Technical Bureau
ITC Insurance Testing Center
IV Insurance to Value
ITV Insurance To Value
IWLA Insurance Women of Los Angeles
INCL Insurance, Negligence and Compensation Law
IPISC Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation
IIO Interallied Insurance Organization
IASIS International Association for Student Insurance Services
IAIS International Association of Insurance Supervisors
IAMIC International Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
ICISA International Credit Insurance & Surety Association
ICIA International Credit Insurance Association
IFIC International Fidelity Insurance Company
IHI International Health Insurance
IIC International Insurance Council
IIG International Insurance Group
IIS International Insurance Society
IJB International Jewelers Block & Fine Arts Insurance Services, Inc.
ISTLI International Society for Technology, Law and Insurance
ITIG International Tunnelling Insurance Group
IIES Internet Insurance Education Services
IAICO Interstate Auto Insurance Company
IIRC Interstate Insurance Receivership Compact
IGL Investors Guaranty Life Insurance Company
IICA Investors Insurance Company of America
ILI Investors Life Insurance Company of Nebraska
ITIC Investors Title Insurance Company
IUI Involuntary Unemployment Insurance
IIF Irish Insurance Federation
ILIT Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
JCIA Japan Cooperative Insurance Association
JI Japan Insurance
JPIA Joint Powers Insurance Authority
JIRM Journal of Insurance and Risk Management
JRIE Jubilee Reciprocal Insurance Exchange
KCLI Kansas City Life Insurance
KMIT Kansas Municipal Insurance Trust
KGID Karnataka Government Insurance Department
KIE KBW Insurance Exchange-Traded Fund
KOI Kentucky Office of Insurance
KBIA Key Benefits Insurance Agency
KLIA Korea Life Insurance Association
KNIC Korean National Insurance Corporation
LLIC Lafayette Life Insurance Company
LCIS Landscape Contractor’s Insurance Services
LAAIA Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies
LIBRIS League of Independent Book Retailer Insurance Services
LISB Legacy Insurance Services of the Berkshires
LEI Legal Expense Insurance
LPMI Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance
LPHI Lender Placed Hazard Insurance
LMI Lender’s Mortgage Insurance
LISA Leusch Insurance Services Agency, Inc.
LIA Liability Insurance Administrators
LIRB Liability Insurance Research Bureau
LIS Liability Insurance Supplement
LNW Liberty Northwest Insurance Corp
LIA Licensed Insurance Advisor
LIA Licensed Insurance Agent
LIFE Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education
LI Life Insurance
LIA Life Insurance Association
LIAM Life Insurance Association of Malaysia
LIAM Life Insurance Association of Massachusetts
LIAM Life Insurance Awareness Month
LINA Life Insurance Company of North America
LICIT Life Insurance Company Taxable Income
LICI Life Insurance Corporation International
LICL Life Insurance Corporation Lanka Ltd.
LIC Life Insurance Corporation of India
LICI Life Insurance Corporation of India
LICENSE Life Insurance Corporation of India
LIG Life Insurance Group
LINA Life Insurance Needs Analysis
LIP Life Insurance Pathways
LIP Life Insurance Policy
LIS Life Insurance Settlement
LISA Life Insurance Settlement Association
LIS Life Insurance Solution
LLIC Lifeguard Life Insurance Company
LVIC Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company
LIDS Lloyd’s Insurance Data Systems
LIS Loan Insurance Scheme
LCIS Local Community Insurance Services
LGHIP Local Government Health Insurance Plan
LIB Lockton Insurance Brokers
LIIBA London & International Insurance Brokers’ Association
LLIC London Life Insurance Company
LTCI Long Term Care Insurance
LAIP Louisiana Automobile Insurance Plan
LATIFPA Louisiana Automobile Theft and Insurance Fraud Prevention Authority
LDOI Louisiana Department of Insurance
LDI Louisiana Department of Insurance
LIGA Louisiana Insurance Guaranty Association
LIRC Louisiana Insurance Rating Commission
MICROWAVE Machinery Insurance Cooperative
MIC Machinery Insurance Cooperative
MCIS Malaysian Cooperative Insurance Society
MLH MAMSI Life and Health Insurance Co.
MRMI Managed Risk Medical Insurance
MPI Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation
MHIA Manufactured Homes Insurance Agency
MLI Manufacturers Life Insurance Company
MI Marine Insurance
MIP Marine Insurance Policy
GY Marine Insurance Stamp
MBHI Markel Basic Health Insurance
MODIS Market-Oriented Deposit Insurance Scheme
MHIP Maryland Health Insurance Plan
MIA Maryland Insurance Administration
MBIC Massachusetts Bay Insurance Company
MSIC Massachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation
MNE Maurer-Noel-Evans Insurance
MIL Maximum Insurance Limit
MZI McDonald Zaring Insurance
MGIB McNaughton Gardiner Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.
MBI Mechanical Breakdown Insurance
MAIC Medical Alliance Insurance Company
MHI Medical and Health Insurance
MAJIF Medical Association of Jamaica Insurance Fund
MAIB Medical Auxiliary Insurance Brokers
MCIB Medical Claim Insurance Branch
MIBC Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
MIB Medical Insurance Bureau
MIEC Medical Insurance Exchange of California
MIP Medical Insurance Plan
MMIC Medical Mutual Insurance Company
MSDIS Medical Society of Delaware Insurance Services
MHI Medicare Health Insurance
MHIT Medicare Hospital Insurance Tax
MSI Medicare Supplemental Insurance
MLIG Medico Legal Insurance Group
MOI Memorandum of Insurance
MMFI Mennonite Mutual Fire Insurance
MIGI Meridian Insurance Group, Inc.
MLIG Merrill Lynch Insurance Group
MAIA Michigan Association of Insurance Agents
MCIM Michigan Commercial Insurance Mutual
MHIC Michigan Health Insurance Company
MIAN Micro Insurance Association Netherlands
MCI Mid-Columbia Insurance
MEIF Middle East Insurance Forum
MICROWAVE Militant Insurance Clerks
MIC Militant Insurance Clerks
MISA Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs
MLSI Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance
MCIT Minnesota Counties Insurance Trust
MEIP Minnesota Employees Insurance Program
MSBAIT Minnesota School Boards Association Insurance Trust
MAIA Missouri Association of Insurance Agents
MDI Missouri Department of Insurance
MHIP Missouri Health Insurance Pool
MSI Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance
MOIN Mohandes Insurance Company
MI Mortgage Insurance
MICA Mortgage Insurance Companies of America
MICROWAVE Mortgage Insurance Company
MIC Mortgage Insurance Company
MIP Mortgage Insurance Premium
MAIB Motor Accidents Insurance Board
MIJAG Motor Insurance Justice Action Group
MVI Motor Vehicle Insurance
MIA Multinational Insurance Arrangement
MRC Munich Reinsurance Company
MEHIP Municipal Employees Health Insurance Plan
MIT Municipal Insurance Trust
MMI Municipal Mutual Insurance Limited
MAERP Mutual Atomic Energy Reinsurance Pool
MBIC Mutual Benefit Insurance Company
MMI Mutual Mortgage Insurance
MSI Mutual Service Casualty Insurance Co.
NASI National Academy of Social Insurance
NAIS National Agricultural Insurance Scheme
NAIER National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research
NANI National Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance
NAIC National Association of Insurance Commissioners
NASCHIP National Association of State Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans
NAUIAB National Association of Unemployment Insurance Appellate Boards
NCPI National Committee on Property Insurance
NCCI National Company for Cooperative Insurance
NCCI National Council on Compensation Insurance
NCIS National Crop Insurance Service
NDIC National Disaster Insurance Corporation
NFIA National Flood Insurance Act of 1968
NFIP National Flood Insurance Program
NGIC National Group Insurance Company
NGL National Guardian Life Insurance Company
NHI National Health Insurance
NHIF National Health Insurance Fund
NHII National Health Insurance Institute
NHIL National Health Insurance Levy
NHIP National Health Insurance Program
NHIRD National Health Insurance Research Database
NHIS National Health Insurance Scheme
NHIS National Health Insurance System
NHIC National Heritage Insurance Company
NICKEL National Insurance
NI National Insurance
NIA National Insurance Act
NIAOA National Insurance Agency Against Occupational Accidents
NIAM National Insurance Association of Malaysia
NIB National Insurance Board
NIBTT National Insurance Board of Trinidad and Tobago
NIC National Insurance Company
NICL National Insurance Company Limited
NICOA National Insurance Company Officers’ Association
NICC National Insurance Conference of Canada
NICH National Insurance Consumer Helpline
NICO National Insurance Consumers Organization
NIC National Insurance Contributions
NICB National Insurance Crime Bureau
NIF National Insurance Fund
NIG National Insurance Guarantee Corporation Ltd.
NII National Insurance Institute
NILA National Insurance Licensing Associates
NILA National Insurance Licensing Associates
NINO National Insurance Number
NIN National Insurance Number
NIPR National Insurance Producer Registry
NIRA National Insurance Recruiters Association
NIRCA National Insurance Repair Contractors Association
NIS National Insurance Specialists
NIS National Insurance System
NITF National Insurance Task Force
NLIC National Lenders’ Insurance Council
NLIC National Life Insurance Company
NMIC National Mortgage Insurance Corporation
NSLI National Service Life Insurance
NWIG National Warranty Insurance Group
NWLIA National Western Life Insurance
NWC National Workers Compensation Reinsurance Pool
NICOA Nationwide Insurance Company of America
NMIC Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
NCPI Net Cost of Pure Insurance
NGIC Nevada General Insurance Company
NPAIP Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool
POOL Nevada Public Agency Insurance Pool
NCLI New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
NEIB New England Insurance Brokers
NEIC New England Insurance Company
NEIV New Europe Insurance Ventures
NJAFIUA New Jersey Automobile Full Insurance Underwriting Association
NJSI New Jersey Skylands Insurance
NJI New Jubilee Insurance Company Limited
NYID New York Insurance Department
NYPIUA New York Property Insurance Underwriting Association
NYSHIP New York State Health Insurance Program
NYSIF New York State Insurance Fund
NZI New Zealand Insurance
NZILA New Zealand Insurance Law Associates
OY New Zealand Life Insurance Stamp
NICL Newline Insurance Company Limited
NDIC Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation
NPOI No Proof of Insurance
NFAI no-fault auto insurance
NRRA Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act
NDI Non-Industrial Disability Insurance
NIS Nonprofit Insurance Services
NIAC Nonprofits’ Insurance Alliance of California
NAPLIA North American Professional Liability Insurance Agency
NWIA North Wayne Insurance Agency
NPIC Northwest Physicians Insurance Company
NEIL Nuclear Electric Insurance Limited
NIAC Nuclear Insurance Association of Canada
OCI Office of Commissioner of Insurance
OCHI Office of Consumer Health Insurance
OFIR Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation
OFIS Office of Financial and Insurance Services
OHIP Office of Health Insurance Programs
OIRM Office of Insurance and Risk Management
OIIS Office of Insurance Information
OII Office of Insurance Information
OIR Office of Insurance Regulation
OCI Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
OHIC Office of the Health Insurance Commissioner
OIC Office of the Insurance Commissioner
OIFP Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor
OHIC Ohio Hospital Insurance Company
OIGA Ohio Insurance Guaranty Association
OMIG Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
OASI Old Age Survivors Insurance
OASDHI Old Age, Survivors, Disability and Health Insurance
OASDHI Old Age, Survivors, Disability and Health Insurance Act
OASDI Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance
OQIC Oman Qatar Insurance Company
OBIC Onebeacon Insurance Company
OLIS On-Line Insurance System
OTIS On-line Transaction Insurance System
OHIP Ontario Health Insurance Plan
OIAA Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association
OAI Optional Additional Insurance
OIGA Oregon Insurance Guaranty Association
OICL Oriental Insurance Company Limited
OICL Oriental Insurance Company Ltd.
OIC Oriental Insurance Corporation
OHI Other Health Insurance
OI Other Insurance
OIC Other Insurance Carrier
OIBA Ottawa Insurance Brokers Association
OSIA Ottawa Services Insurance Agency
OCIP Owner Contractor Insurance Program
OICP Owner Controlled Insurance Program
OCIP Owner Controlled Insurance Programs
PPIB Pacific Prime Insurance Brokers
PSIC Pacific Specialty Insurance Company
PIC Pakistan Insurance Corporation
PRCU Partner Reinsurance Company of the US
PRSI Pay Related Social Insurance
PPI Payment Protection Insurance
PAIFA Pennsylvania Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
PMA Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association Insurance Group
PIC Pension Insurance Company
PIFI Pensions, Insurance and Financial Institutions
PICC People’s Insurance Company of China Group
PERC Per Event Reinsurance Cover
POI Period of Insurance
PDI Permanent Disability Insurance
PHI Permanent Health Insurance
PAE Personal Accident and Personal Effects Insurance
PAI Personal Accident Insurance
PMI Personal Medical Insurance
PVI PetroVietnam Insurance Co.
PCIC Philadelphia Contributionship Insurance Company
PCIC Philippine Crop Insurance Corporation
PDIC Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation
PDIC Philippine Depositor Insurance Corporation
PDI Physical Damage Insurance
PSSCI Pilot Scheme on Seed Crop Insurance
PICA Podiatry Insurance Company of America
PIRP Point and Insurance Reduction Program
PARIS Policy And Re-Insurance System
PRI Political Risk Insurance
PPIX Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange
QI Postal Insurance
PCIP Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan
PMIC Preferred Mutual Insurance Company
PPIC Preferred Professional Insurance Company
PIA Primary Insurance Amount
PMI Principal Mortgage Insurance
PITI Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance
PFIP Private Flood Insurance Program
PHI Private Health Insurance
PHIIS Private Health Insurance Incentives Scheme
PISC Private Insurance Supervisory Committee
PMI Private Medical Insurance
PMI Private Mortgage Insurance
PMIC Private Mortgage Insurance Companies
PPLI Private Placement Life Insurance
PLI product liability insurance
PIICA Professional Indemnity Insurance Company Australia Pty Limited
PIA Professional Insurance Agents
PIAA Professional Insurance Agents of Arkansas, Inc.
PIAW Professional Insurance Agents of Wisconsin, Inc.
PIBA Professional Insurance Brokers Association
PIC Professional Insurance Center, Inc.
PIMA Professional Insurance Marketing Association
PLI Professional Liability Insurance
PLIS Professional Liability Insurance Services
PLIT Professional Liability Insurance Trust
PPIB Professional Practice Insurance Brokers
PPIB Professional Program Insurance Brokerage
PCIC Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
PIC Progressive Insurance Company
PGR Progressive Insurance Company
POI Proof of Insurance
PIG Property Insurance Group
PILR Property Insurance Loss Register
PPIP Provincial Parental Insurance Plan
PICA Prudential Insurance Company of America
PRIAC Prudential Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company
PASI Public Authority for Social Insurance
PEIA Public Employees Insurance Agency
PLI Public Liability Insurance
POSI Public Offering of Securities Insurance
PRDI Puerto Rico Department of Insurance
QIIC Qatar Islamic Insurance Company
QHIB Quebec Health Insurance Board
RIRB Railroad Insurance Rating Bureau
REIX Real Estate Insurance Exchange
REIXS Real Estate Insurance Exchange
RIT Reclamation Insurance Type
RING Rehabilitation Insurance Nurses Group
REPLY reinsurance
RI Reinsurance
RE reinsurance
RAA Reinsurance Association of America
RECYCLE Reinsurance Earned Commissions
REC Reinsurance Earned Commissions
REP Reinsurance Earned Premiums
RGA Reinsurance Group of America
RIL Reinsurance Incurred Losses
RSRD Reinsurance Supervision Review Department
RITC ReInsurance To Close
RWC Reinsurance Written Commissions
RWP Reinsurance Written Premiums
RSI Reliance Surety & Insurance Company, Inc.
RIBL Religare Insurance Broking Limited
RPI Repayment Protection Insurance
RLI Replacement Lens Insurance
RLI Reserve Life Insurance Co.
RVI Residual Value Insurance
REGI Retired Employee Group Insurance
RIS Retirement and Insurance Service
RSDI Retirement and Survivors Disability Insurance
RSI Retirement and Survivors Insurance
ROII Return on Industrial Insurance
RDIF Revolving Drug Insurance Fund
RIMS Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.
RIRG Risk and Insurance Research Group Limited
RMIN Risk Management and Insurance
RMI Risk Management and Insurance
RPR Risk Premium Reinsurance
RTIA Risk Transfer Insurance Alliance, LLC
RNIS Ritu Nanda Insurance Services
RFIB Robert Fleming Insurance Brokers
RCIP Rolling Contractor Insurance Program
RSAIG Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Group
RCIS Rural Community Insurance Services
RSDIS Rural Special Districts Insurance Services
SATIB Safari and Tourism Insurance Brokers
SDIP Safe Driver Insurance Plan
SDIP Safe Driver Insurance Points
SAGIC Salvation Army General Insurance Corporation Ltd.
SFMI Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance Co. Ltd.
SGI Saskatchewan Government Insurance
SMHI Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance
SICCI Saudi Indian Company for Cooperative Insurance
SDIF Saving Deposit Insurance Fund
SAIF Savings Association Insurance Fund
SBLI Savings Bank Life Insurance
SZW Scalzo, Zogby & Wittig Insurance
SAIFA Schoolnet Academy of Insurance and Financial Advisors
SIA Schools Insurance Authority
SIPE Schools Insurance Program for Employees
SIC Scottsdale Insurance Company
SIGI Selective Insurance Group, Inc.
SEHI Self Employed Health Insurance
SIAI Self Insurance Association of Illinois
SHIC Senior Health Insurance Counseling
SHIP Senior Health Insurance Program
SGI Seoul Guarantee Insurance
SGIC Seoul Guarantee Insurance Company
SGLI Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance
SGLV Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate
SGLI Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance
SGLA Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance
SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of Elders
SHINE Serving Health Insurance Needs of the Elderly
SCNYLI Siam Commercial New York Life Insurance
SFMI Single Family Mortgage Insurance
SPCI Single-Premium Credit Insurance
SICL Skandia Insurance Company Ltd.
SIS Skier Insurance Services
SBIP Small Business Insurance Policy
SHI Social Health Insurance
SII Social Insurance Institution of Finland
SIN Social Insurance Number
SSNIT Social Security and National Insurance Trust
SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance
SSI Social Security Insurance
SCIC Society of Certified Insurance Counselors
SIFM Society of Insurance Financial Management
SILA Society of Insurance Licensing Administrators
SIR Society of Insurance Research
SMHI Society-Managed Health Insurance
SARIMA South African Risk and Insurance Management Association
SCCIA South Carolina Captive Insurance Association
SCRF South Carolina Reinsurance Facility
SEIB South Essex Insurance Brokers
SCPIE Southern California Physicians Insurance Exchange
SCTI Southern Cross Travel Insurance
SIU Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc.
SRIA Southern Risk and Insurance Association
SSLI Southern Security Life Insurance
SUFI Southern United Fire Insurance
SPRV Special Purpose Reinsurance Vehicle
SRIR Special Risk Insurance and Reinsurance Luxembourg SA
SIAI Sportsman’s Insurance Agency, Inc.
SHIF Staff Health Insurance Fund
SBIB Standard Bank Insurance Brokers
SFIP Standard Flood Insurance Policy
SMIA Standard Mortgage Insurance Agency
SRIS Standard Required Insurance Scheme
SAIF State Accident Insurance Fund
SCHIP State Children’s Health Insurance Program
SCIF State Compensation Insurance Fund
SCMIF State Compensation Mutual Insurance Fund
SDI State Disability Insurance
SEIB State Employees’ Insurance Board
SFI State Farm Insurance
SFL State Farm Life Insurance Company
SFM State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
SGIC State Government Insurance Commission
SGIC State Government Insurance Corporation
SHIP State Health Insurance Advisory Program
SHIAP State Health Insurance Assistance Program
SHIP State Health Insurance Assistance Program
SICOM State Insurance Company of Mauritius Ltd.
SIF State Insurance Fund
SLICP State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
SIDI State of Illinois Department of Insurance
SSLI State Sponsored Life Insurance
SUI State Unemployment Insurance
SOA Statement of Insurance
SHI Statutory Health Insurance
SPFI Stochastic Processes in Finance and Insurance
STOLI Stranger Originated Life Insurance
SILI Stranger-Initiated Life Insurance
SHIC Student Health Insurance Committee
SMI Student Medical Insurance
SSIC Sunshine State Insurance Company
SNIC Superior National Insurance Company
SLI Supplemental Life Insurance
SMI Supplemental Medical Insurance
SLI Supplementary Liability Insurance
SMI Supplementary Medical Insurance
SMIB Supplementary Medical Insurance Benefits
SIBI Survivor Income Benefit Insurance
SIPI Survivor Income Protection Insurance
SLI survivorship life insurance
SIA Swiss Insurance Association
SNAIF Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund
TMI Taxes, Maintenance, and Insurance
TIAA Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association
TLC Team Life Care Insurance Pvt Ltd
TCIC Technical Credit Insurance Consultants
TMIB Tegner Miller Insurance Brokers
TDI Temporary Disability Insurance
TIA Temporary Insurance Agreement
TULIP Tenant User Liability Insurance Program
TFIC Tennessee Farmers Insurance Companies
TIS Tennessee Insurance Service Inc.
TIO Territory Insurance Office
TRIA Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002
TCAIS Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions
TDI Texas Department of Insurance
THRS Texas Health Reinsurance System
TIAA Texas Insurance Advisory Association
TICO Texas Insurance Checking Office, Inc.
TWIA Texas Windstorm Insurance Association
TDIC The Dentists Insurance Company
TEIG The Economical Insurance Group
THIG The Health Insurance Group
TIA The Insurance Application
TIW The Insurance Workplace
TMIC The Members Insurance Company
TWIG The Wholesale Insurance Group, Inc
TPIF Third Party Insurance Fund
TFSI Too Faced Shadow Insurance
TTLIP Tools and Techniques of Life Insurance Planning
TIPS Tort and Trial Insurance Practice Section
TICL Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law
TICLS Torts, Insurance and Compensation Law
TLIB Towry Law Insurance Brokers
TCIC Trade Credit Insurance Consultants Limited
TMI Traditional Mortgage Insurance
TGI Travel Guard International Insurance Brokerage, Inc.
THIA Travel Health Insurance Association
TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators, Ltd
TIC Travelers Insurance Company
TCSIG Tri-County Schools Insurance Group
TCI Trip-Cancellation Insurance
TIDA Trucking Insurance Defense Association
TOLI Trust Owned Life Insurance
TCI Twentieth Century Insurance
TOI Type of Insurance
UCI Unemployment Compensation Insurance
UI Unemployment Insurance
UIAC Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council
UIB Unemployment Insurance Benefit
UIC Unemployment Insurance Commission
UIC Unemployment Insurance Compensation
UIF Unemployment Insurance Fund
UIPL Unemployment Insurance Program Letter
UIR Unemployment Insurance Reporter
UISA Unemployment Insurance Savings Account
UITS Unemployment Insurance Tax System
UCGLI Union Central Group Life Insurance
UIC Union Insurance Company
UISL Unisys Insurance Services Limited
ULIP Unit Linked Insurance Plan
ULIP Unit Linked Insurance Policy
ULIS Unit Linked Insurance Scheme
UGIB United Gulf Insurance Brokers
UIB United Insurance Brokers Ltd.
USAIG United States Aircraft Insurance Group
USAIG United States Aviation Insurance Group
USLI United States Liability Insurance
USLI United States Life Insurance
UTUIA United Transportation Union Insurance Association
UVIS United Valley Insurance Services
UHI Universal Health Insurance
UIH Universal Insurance Holdings, Inc.
ULI Universal Life Insurance
URMIA University Risk Management and Insurance Association
UFMIP Upfront Mortgage Insurance Premium
UI Upgrade Insurance
USTIA Us Travel Insurance Association
UCIP Utah Counties Insurance Pool
UIAA Utah Insurance Agency Alliance
VGIB Valley Global Insurance Brokers, LLC
VSIT Valley Schools Insurance Trust
VIP Value Insurance Plan
VAL Variable Adjustable Life Insurance
VIP Variable Insurance Products
VIPF Variable Insurance Products Fund
VLI Variable Life Insurance
VULI Variable Universal Life Insurance
VIV Vehicle Insurance Verification
VSI Vendor Single Insurance
VFI Vern Fonk Insurance
VLIC Veterans Life Insurance Company
VSLI Veterans Special Life Insurance
VISC Veterinary Insurance Services Company
VPI Veterinary Pet Insurance
VPIS Veterinary Professional Insurance Society
VMIA Victorian Managed Insurance Authority
VIG Vienna Insurance Group
VDI Voluntary Disability Insurance
VHI Voluntary Health Insurance
VFIS Volunteer Firemen’s Insurance Services, Inc.
WIS Wachovia Insurance Services, Inc.
WRI War Risk Insurance
WAHIP Washington Artists Health Insurance Project
WCIA Washington Cities Insurance Authority
WIGA Washington Insurance Guaranty Association
WMIA Washington Mutual Insurance Association
WSIC Wellington Specialty Insurance Company
WFIS Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Inc.
WAICA West African Insurance Companies Association
WBMI West Bend Mutual Insurance
WCMIC West Central Mutual Insurance Company
WIP Westchester Insurance Professionals
WALIC Western American Life Insurance Company
WAIB Western Association of Insurance Brokers
WDLIC Western Diversified Life Insurance Company
WGIS Western Growers Insurance Services
WHIT Western Healthcare Insurance Trust
WHIM Western Heritage Insurance Marketing Group
WIAA Western Insurance Agents Association
WIIS Western Insurance Information Services
WNL Western National Life Insurance Company
WNIS Western Nevada Insurance Services, Inc.
WRIA Western Risk and Insurance Association
WMIA Westminster Motor Insurance Association
WMIGS White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd.
WMIG White Mountains Insurance Group, Ltd.
WFIP Whole Farm Insurance Program
WLI Whole Life Insurance
WIP Wholesalers Insurance Plan
WAIFA Wisconsin Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors
WAIP Wisconsin Automobile Insurance Plan
WFIC Wisconsin Fraternal Insurance Counsellors
WOCI Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
WII Women in Insurance
WIFS Women in Insurance and Financial Services
WCI Worker’s Compensation Insurance
WCIP Workers Compensation Insurance Plan
WCRA Workers Compensation Reinsurance Administration
WCIO Workers’ Compensation Insurance Organizations
WCIRB Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau
WAIC Workmen’s Auto Insurance Company
WSIB Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
WSIS Workplace Safety and Insurance System
WAIB World Access Insurance Brokers Ltd.
WFII World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries
WINDOWS World Insurance Network
WIN World Insurance Network
WWSI World Wide Sports Insurance
YGI Yemen General Insurance
ZSIC Zambia State Insurance Corporation
ZNT Zenith National Insurance Corp
ZIMBABWE Zurich Insurance
ZI Zurich Insurance
ZIC Zurich Insurance Company
ZIIL Zurich Insurance Ireland Limited
ZIS Zurich Insurance Services
ZRCH Zurich Reinsurance Centre Holdings Inc.