Parks Abbreviations

Park is a demarcated terrain with natural or artificial vegetation, which one tries to maintain. In towns, villages and around castles or country houses, there is usually a planned vegetation of trees, parks and lawns, which also contain paths and ponds.

Parks Abbreviations
1. enclosed area with vegetation and/or fauna, whether natural or otherwise, which are maintained to the best of our ability: national area near or around a castle or country house, usually embellished by ponds and artificial construction; terrain near or in a city or village, which has been set up as a public walking place by planting trees and shrubs;

2. collection of vehicles or machines: fleet, machinery.

Parks are divided into nature parks and recreation parks. The nature parks are mainly walking parks, the recreation parks mainly play parks. In planning, a distinction is made according to the size and accessibility of the park (neighborhood park, city park). In addition to the municipal parks, there are also heemparks (wild-plant gardens), urban district parks, situated in the vicinity of urban concentrations (eg the 2500 ha Spaarnwoude park area between Amsterdam and Haarlem), national parks (eg the Hoge Veluwe National Park, the Hoge Veluwe Fens in the province of Liège) and landscape parks. The latter are relatively new and consist of areas of natural beauty, agriculture and buildings that are protected in their entirety (landscape architecture).

Such parks are there to beautify the urban environment, for walking, sitting, etc. National parks are not laid out as parks, but have natural vegetation and the accompanying wild fauna. The purpose of a national park is to preserve the natural state, possibly combined with recreation . In contrast to the intensively maintained city parks, the human influence here is as small as possible. There are no national parks in Belgium. National landscape parks, which in the Netherlands are nowadays called national landscapes, and which are also present in Luxembourg, the FRG and Great Britain, among others, have been established to protect the entire landscape .to keep. This also includes residential areas, agricultural land in full production and nature reserves.

Park – a large expanse with woods, meadows, water features , etc. The so-called national parks, for which the United States of America has set the example with Yellowstone Park, the Yosemite Valley, and numerous others , aims to protect and conserve remarkable soil formations (mountains, geysers, etc.) and species and societies of plants and animals. In Switzerland ‘s national park , efforts are made to conserve the most remarkable plants and animals of the Swiss high mountains. While the parks used to be more exclusively privately owned ,from 1870, public parks increasingly come to the fore .

The example set by Paris with the Bois de Boulogne, the Bois de Vincennes and the Parc des Buttes Chaumont was widely followed not only in Europe, but also in America and Japan. For example, Weenen can point to the ‘Prater'; London ao at the Hyde Park; Brussels on the Bois de la Cambre and Laeken Park; The Hague on the Bosch and Scheveningsche boschjes; Arnhem on the Sonsbeek estate. Incidentally, in the Netherlands, especially in the last half of the 19th century, the ramparts of the fortified places were transformed into so-called parks. In Berlin the forests of the Grunewald are now destined for city parks. In the United States, especially the cities of New York, Washington, Columbia, Boston, and Chicago have spent millions on establishing entire park systems. The cemeteries, the botanical gardens and the zoological gardens can be regarded as special forms of public parks. (SeeGARDEN ART and URBAN EXPANSION).

List of Acronyms Related to Parks

ATNP Abel Tasman National Park
ACAD Acadia National Park
ANP Acadia National Park
ADAM Adams National Historic Park
APA Adirondack Park Agency
APGS Advanced Parking Guidance System
ATEP Advanced Technology & Education Park
APPENDIX Aegean Park Press
APP Aegean Park Press
APN African Parks Network
ALSSP Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park
APA Aircraft Parking Area
APDC Aircraft Parking/Docking Chart
APH Airport Parking and Hotels
ARPA Alabama Recreation and Parks Association
ARPA Alaska Recreation and Park Association
APNC Albany Park Neighborhood Council
APTP Albany Park Theater Project
ARPA Alberta Recreation and Parks Association
ASRPWF Alberta Sport, Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation
APNA Albion Park Neighbourhood Association
AAPA Alert Aircraft Parking Area
AVPAC Alkek Velodrome Park Advisory Council
AASP All About South Park
APPC Allen Park Presbyterian Church
ASAC Allenspark Senior Advisory Committee
ASHP Allensworth State Historical Park
APDM Ambulatory Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring
AMME American Memorial Park
APDA American Parkinson’s Disease Association
APKS American Parkour
APK American Parkour
APRS American Parks and Recreation Society
ARPPS American River Parkway Preservation Society
ABAP Anheuser-Busch Adventure Parks
ARNP Apo Reef Natural Park
ATPO Appalachian Trail Park Office
APES Apparel Parks for Exports Scheme
APCO Appomattox Court House National Historic Park
APH Arabian Park Hotel
ARCH Arches National Park
ANP Arches National Park
ASP Area Science Park
AAZP Arignar Anna Zoological Park
ACP Arizona Cycle Park
ADPT Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism
ARPA Arkansas Recreation and Parks Association
ASP Arkansas State Parks
AP Arlington Park
APNA Arlington Park Neighborhood Association
APNA Armory Park Neighborhood Association
ARPER Army Recreational Parks
ARP Army Recreational Parks
AIP Art in the Park
APEA Asbury Park Education Association
APPENDIX Asbury Park Press
APP Asbury Park Press
APR Ashland Park-Robbins
APRP Associate Park and Recreation Professional
FPER Association France Parkinson
FP Association France Parkinson
AMPPE Association of Mountain Parks Protection and Enjoyment
ANPA Association of National Park Authorities
ANPR Association of National Park Rangers
AIP Associazione Italiana Parkinsoniani
APB Athens Park Bloods
APNA Athmar Park Neighborhood Association
APNA Atkins Park Neighborhood Association
ASI Augmented Spark Igniter
APARD Austin Parks and Recreation Department
ARAZPA Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria
ATP Australian Technology Park
ATPI Australian Technology Park Innovations
ATPPM Australian Technology Park Precinct Management
AMPA Automated & Mechanical Parking Association
APG Automated Parking Garage
AVPM Automated Valet Parking Manager
ARPER Autoroutes Routes Parkings
ARP Autoroutes Routes Parkings
AP Aveling Park
BIIP Bahrain International Investment Park
BPE Ball Park Estimate
BOB Bank One Ballpark
BNP Bardia National Park
BPLR Barking Park Light Railway
BUMP Barry’s Ultra Motorsports Park
BIP Batamindo Industrial Park
BPCA Battery Park City Authority
BSH Bausparkasse Schwaebisch Hall
BPD Beach Parking District
BPSS Bellevue Park State School
BESA Best Efficiency Spark Advance
BPHS Bethel Park High School
BPJF Bethel Park Junior Football
BPSD Bethel Park School District
BPB Bettendorf Park Band
BNP Bieszczady National Park
BIBE Big Bend National Park
BPFC Birkenhead Park Football Club
BRPL Birmingham Research Park Limited
BISC Biscayne National Park
BNP Biscayne National Park
BPRD Bismarck Parks and Recreation District
BLCA Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
BHRP Black Hill Regional Park
BWP Blackwater Park
BCCP Blair Castle Caravan Park
BSCP Bloomsbury Square Car Park
BRP Blue Ridge Parkway
BLRI Blue Ridge Parkway
BRPF Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation
BURP Blue River Parkway
BOPARC Board of Park and Recreation Commissioners
BPR Board of Parks and Recreation
BMP Bonaire Marine Park
BNMP Bonaire National Marine Park
BLP Bonded Logistics Park
BNP Booderee National Park
BPHS Bossley Park High School
BEAN Boston Environmental Ambassadors to the National Park Service
BMIP Boston Marine Industrial Park
BOST Boston National Historic Park
BNHP Boston National Historical Park
BPRD Boston Parks & Recreation Department
BPOC Bowen Park Opera Company
BPTC Bowen Park Theater Company
BCSP Brandywine Creek State Park
BPS Bratislavska Parkovacia Sluzba
BNCP Braulio Carrillo National Park
BPK Bremer Park Ltd
BPC Brewton-Parker College
BYP Brigham Young Park
BMIP Brisbane Marine Industry Park
BPW Bristol Parkway
BEAUCOUP British Car Parks
BCP British Car Parks
BCRPA British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association
BPHA Broadway Park Housing Association
BRP Bronx River Parkway
BPLC Brooklyn Park Lutheran Church
BPYHA Brooklyn Park Youth Hockey Association
BPFC Broughton Park Football Club
BMP Brunswick Memorial Park
BYPASS Bryant Park
BP Bryant Park
BAGPIPE Bryant Park
BPP Bryant Park Project
BPRC Bryant Park Restoration Corporation
BRCA Bryce Canyon National Park
BWS Buchungszentrale der Westf.-Lipp. Sparkassen GmbH
BPJH Buena Park Junior High
BPSD Buena Park School District
BENZO Buena Park Tool
BPT Buena Park Tool
BPYT Buena Park Youth Theatre
BPTC Burns Park Tennis Center
BYPASS Business Park
BP Business Park
BAGPIPE Business Park
BPML Business Parks of Mauritius Ltd.
BINP Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
BPL Byun-Park-Lee approximation
CNP Cairngorms National Park
COP Calgary Olympic Park
CPA Calgary Parking Authority
CAPRI California Association for Park and Recreation Insurance
CAPA California Attractions and Parks Association
CDPR California Department of Parks and Recreation
CPRS California Park and Recreation Society
CPRA California Parks and Recreation Association
CPPA California Public Parking Association
CSPRA California State Park Rangers Association
CTPA California Travel and Park Association
CPPL Calumet Park Public Library
CCPR Calvert County Parks and Recreation
CNPA Canada National Parks Act
COP Canada Olympic Park
CPA Canadian Parking Association
CPAWS Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
CPRA Canadian Parks/Recreation Association
CPDA Canal Park Development Association
CCCP Canberra City Car Park
CP3 Candace Parker
CARI Cane River Creole National Historic Park
CNP Canyonlands National Park
CRNP Capitol Reef National Park
CARE Capitol Reef National Park
CPA Car Park Attendant
CITIZEN Carlsbad Caverns National Park
CAVE Carlsbad Caverns National Park
CVVA Carmel Valley Vintage Airpark
CHP Carolina Horse Park
CHPF Carolina Horse Park Foundation
CARVC Carolinas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
CNNP Carpathian National Natural Park
CPAC Castle Park Arts Centre
CATO Catoctin Mountain Park
CLSP Cayuga Lake State Park
CIPDI Cebu Industrial Park Developers Inc.
CLIP Cebu Light Industrial Park
CPIH Cebu Parklane International Hotel
CEBE Cedar Creek and Belle Grove National Historic Park
COPILOT Centennial Park
CP Centennial Park
CPAC Centennial Park Aquatic Center
CEP Central Engineer Park
CFRP Central Florida Research Park
COPILOT Central Park
CP Central Park
CPC Central Park Conservancy
CPESS Central Park East Secondary School
CPG Central Park Gardens
CPM Central Park Media
CPP Central Park Players
CPP Central Park Precinct
CPS Central Park South
CPW Central Park West
CRPR Centre Region Parks and Recreation
CAPP Certified Administrator of Public Parking
CPRP Certified Park and Recreation Professional
CPO Certified Park Operator
CPD Champaign Park District
CSPRRC Champion Spark Plug Road Racing Classic
CPBA Champlin Park Band Association
CBP Changi Business Park
CINP Channel Islands National Park
CHIS Channel Islands National Park
CDNP Charles Darwin National Park
CDP Charlottetown Driving Park
CTP Chicago Technology Park
CHCH Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park
CCSP China Camp State Park
CSVC China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Venture Co
CPRL Chinn Park Regional Library
CNP Chitwan National Park
CFGP Choices for Grahame Park
CPAC Christian Park Active Community
CINP Christmas Island National Park
CBP Citizens Bank Park
CCSEP Citizens Committee to Save Elysian Park
CESP Citizens for East Shore Parks
CESP Citizens for the Eastshore State Park
CPWNA City Park West Neighborhood Association
CMZ Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
CPSS Clifton Park Security Systems, Inc.
CSIA Clinton-Sherman Industrial Airpark
CPSD Clover Park School District
CINP Cocos Island National Park
COPILOT College Park
CP College Park
CGS College Park Airport
CPE College Park Elementary
CPJC College Park Judo Club
CPNA College Park Neighborhood Association
CPOB College Park Office Building
CPS College Park Scholars
CPSAA College Park Scholars Alumni Association
CPUH College Park University Heights
COLO Colonial National Historic Park
CPAH Colony Park Animal Hospital
CPRA Colorado Parks and Recreation Association
COPA Comerica Park
CAPRA Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies
CSP Community Sports Park
CTP Composites Technology Park
CPZ Controlled Parking Zone
CPSHS Coral Park Senior High School
CSPRRC Coral Springs Parkland Road Runners Club
CNP Corbett National Park
CANP Cordillera Azul National Park
CPDA Cornwallis Park Development Association
CPRA Coton Park Residents Association
CPYC Cottage Park Yacht Club
CNP Council for National Parks
CRLA Crater Lake National Park
CLNP Crater Lake National Park
CAAP Creative Arts at Park
CIP Cross Island Parkway
CRNP Cross River National Park
CVCP Crown Valley Community Park
CLPD Crystal Lake Park District
CPK Crystal Park
CPK1 Crystal Park 1
CPS Crystal Park School
CUGA Cumberland Gap National Historic Park
CPP Cure Parkinson’s Project
CSP Custer State Park
CUVA Cuyahoga Valley National Park
CAMP Cycling Across Missouri Parks
CPDA Cyprus Parkinson Disease Association
DPRD Dallas Parks and Recreation Department
DNP Dartmoor National Park
DAAV Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park
DPA Deer Park Avenue
DPBL Deer Park Branch Library
DPC Deer Park Crew
DPPL Deer Park Public Library
DPSD Deer Park School District
DMS Deerpark Middle School
DNPS Delaware North Parks Services
DNP Denali National Park
DPUC Dentonia Park United Church
DSPP Denver, South Park & Pacific
DNRP Department of Natural Resources and Parks
DPT Department of Parking and Traffic
DPR Department of Parks and Recreation
DVIP Design Volunteers in Parks
DP Designated Parks
DPW Diesel Park West
DSAM Digital Spark Advance Module
DTSI Digital Twin Spark Ignition
DPC Dijon Parkour Crew
DVSP Dinosaur Valley State Park
DISI Direct Injection, Spark Ignition
DSI Direct Spark Ignition
DLP Disneyland Park
DP District Park
DPS Ditcham Park School
DSPR Division of State Parks and Recreation
DPC Dog Park Committee
DBPC Don Bosco Park Circus
DVP Don Valley Parkway
DLP Dreamland Park
DIPLOMA Dubai Investments Park Development Company
DIP Dubai Investments Park Development Company
DNTP DuPage National Technology Park
DRPD Durham Recreation & Park District
EOPD Early Onset Parkinson’s Disease
ECP East Coast Park
ECP East Coast Parkway
EHRP East Harbour Regional Park
EPBC East Parkland Bible Church
EPFC Eastern Park Football Club
EPOP Eastgate Professional Office Park
EMPD Eastmont Metropolitan Park District
EPCG Echo Park Community Garden
EPFC Echo Park Film Center
EPCCBL Eden Park Community Center Branch Library
EPDP Edgewood Park Defense Patrol
ERP Edmonton Research Park
EPCP El Paso County Parks
EPTC Elbow Park Tennis Club
ECSM Electrochemical Spark Machining
EHTP Electronic Hardware Technology Park
EPB Electronic Parking Brake
ESA Electronic Spark Advance
ESC Electronic Spark Control
EST Electronic Spark Timing
ESA Electro-Spark Alloying
ESD Electro-Spark Deposition
ESI Electrostatic Spark Ignition
ENP Elephant Nature Park
EPS Elevated Parking Structure
EPS Elgin Park Secondary School
EPPS Elias Park Primary School
EPF Elings Park Foundation
EPLI Elliot Park Lifesciences Institute
EPHS Elthorne Park High School
EBHP Emerald Beach Holiday Park
EPTC Employee Parking and Transportation Committee
ECLP Environment, Capital Lands and Parks
ELCP Eskaton Lodge Cameron Park
EP Estes Park
EPC Estes Park Center
EPCC Estes Park Chamber of Commerce
EPCRA Estes Park Chamber Resort Association
EPCC Estes Park Conference Center
EPFF Estes Park Film Festival
EPFL Estes Park Freight Line
EPHS Estes Park High School
EPHP Estes Park History Project
EPIC Estes Park Improvement Contribution
EPIC Estes Park Indoor Climbing
EPIS Estes Park Intermediate School
EPIQ Estes Park IQ
EPL-AND-P Estes Park Light and Power
EPMO Estes Park Memorial Observatory
EPMS Estes Park Middle School
EPM Estes Park Museum
EPMF Estes Park Music Festival
EPN Estes Park News
EPPA Estes Park Plein Air
EPPL Estes Park Public Library
EPSD Estes Park Sanitation District
EPSC Estes Park Senior Center
EPC Euro Parking Collection
EPA European Parking Association
EPNN European Parkinson’s Nurses Network
ELF Evans Park, Lincoln Avenue, and Franklin Avenue
EVER Everglades National Park
ENP Everglades National Park
EPR Exhibition Park Raceway
EPIP Export Promotion Industrial Park
EPICC Exposition Park Intergenerational Community Complex
FSP Faculty/Staff Parking
FCPA Fairfax County Park Authority
FCP Fairfax County Parkway
FMIP Fairhaven Marine Industrial Park
FPAA Fairmount Park Art Association
FPC Fairmount Park Commission
FFSP Family First Sports Park
FPNZ Family Parks New Zealand
FNBP Far North Bicentennial Park
FPPS Farrer Park Primary School
FWP Fast Willie Parker
FOTP Fear of the Park
FPHA Ferguslie Park Housing Association
FBPA Ferry Beach Park Association
FLAMEPROOF Festival Leisure Park
FLP Festival Leisure Park
FOSP Fiber Optic Spark Plug
FAP Fictionalley Park
FTPC Filinvest Technology Park Calamba
FFPS Finnish Forest and Park Service
FPTI Finsbury Park Transport Interchange
FNP Fiordland National Park
FSHP First State Heritage Park
FLIPPR Fish and Lake Improvement Program for the Parkland Region
FWP Fish, Wildlife, and Parks
FPNA Fisher Park Neighborhood Association
FPER Floral Park
FP Floral Park
FRPA Florida Recreation and Parks Association
FLSP Floyd Lamb State Park
FPCC Forest Park Chamber of Commerce
FPCC Forest Park Country Club
FPNA Forest Park Neighborhood Association
FPPL Forest Park Public Library
FPS Forest Park School
FCP Fort Canning Park
FOWA Fort Washington Park
FWHP Fort William Historical Park
FPH Fortune Park Hotels
FPNA Foss Park Neighborhood Association
FPZ Franklin Park Zoo
FPPO Freddy Powers Parkinson’s Organization
FSNMP Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park
FRSP Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park
FBHP Freshwater Beach Holiday Park
FKFS Freundeskreis Kirmes und Freizeitparks eV
FKF Freundeskreis Kirmes und Freizeitparks eV
FOAP Friends of Alexandra Park
FOAP Friends of Archbishops Park
FBVP Friends of Bella Vista Park
FBBNP Friends of Big Bend National Park
FBGP Friends of Bradner Gardens Park
FBPW Friends of Bushy Park Wetlands
FOCP Friends of Callan Park
FOCP Friends of City Park
FFTP Friends of Fort Tryon Park
FOHP Friends of Hendricks Park
FIPP Friends of India Point Park
FOKP Friends of Kennington Park
FLOP Friends of Leash Optional Park
FOMP Friends of Magnuson Park
FOMP Friends of Mansfield Parks
FOMP Friends of Marymoor Park
FOMP Friends of Middleton Park
FOMP Friends of Mount Parke
FOMP Friends of Muraviovka Park
FOPI Friends of Parks Inc.
FOPP Friends of Patterson Park
FOPP Friends Of Pennypack Park
FORB Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
FORP Friends of Rockwood Park
FORP Friends of Roundhay Park
FORP Friends of Ruskin Park
FSPP Friends of Spy Pond Park
FOSLP Friends of Stirling Linear Park
FNPG Friends of the National Parks at Gettysburg
FOTP Friends of the Parks
FOUP Friends of University Park
FVCP Friends of Van Cortlandt Park
FWHP Friends of West Ham Park
FTDP-17 Frontotemporal Dementia With Parkinsonism Linked to Chromosome 17
FAST Fuel Air Spark Technology
FNP Fundy National Park
GP Gamepark
GSP Garden State Parkway
GHSP Gardner Heritage State Park
GAAR Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve
GVP Genesee Valley Park
GKP Genetics Knowledge Park
GUMP Geophysical Unit of Menlo Park
GERO George Rogers Clark National Historic Park
GWMP George Washington Memorial Parkway
GETT Gettysburg National Military Park
GLBA Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve
GLBA Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve
GNP Glacier National Park
GLAC Glacier National Park
GGN Global Geopark Network
GTP Global TransPark
GPG Glover Park Group
GCP Goddard Corporate Park
GPSM Gramercy Park Sports Medicine
GRCA Grand Canyon National Park
GCP Grand Central Parkway
GICP Grand Island College Park
GTNP Grand Teton National Park
GAB Great American Ballpark
GBHP Great British Holiday Parks
GRFA Great Falls Park
GORTP Great Ocean Road Tourist Park
GSDNP Great Sand Dunes National Park
GSD Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve
GSMNP Great Smoky Mountains National Park
GHSP Greater Harford Soccer Park
GNPCPC Greater North Park Community Planning Committee
GBP Green Business Park
GREE Greenbelt Park
GPRA Griffin Park Residents Association
GPACC Griffith Park Adult Community Center
GPE Grove Park Elementary
GUCO Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
GS Guilty Spark
GOMMNP Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park
HBP Hacienda Business Park
HALE Haleakala National Park
HPNA Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association
HPBA Hamlin Park Baseball Association
HCP Handicap Parking
HBP Harbor Bay Parkway
HPRC Harbors, Parks and Recreation Commission
HPSF Harold Parker State Forest
HPMS Harper Park Middle School
HAFE Harpers Ferry National Historic Park
HAVO Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park
HSA Hawaii Skatepark Association
HPP Hawaiian Paradise Park
HARD Hayward Area Recreation and Park District
HPD Hazelcrest Park District
HBSP Helsinki Business and Science Park
HPPS Henry Park Primary School
HZRPC Hereford Zone Recreation and Parks Council
HPCC Heritage Park Community Center
HPZS Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary
HP Hersheypark
HCMP Hickey Creek Mitigation Park
HPG High Park Group
HTP High Technology Park
HPBC Highland Park Baptist Church
HPHT Highland Park Heritage Trust
HPH Highland Park Hospital
HPNA Highland Park Neighborhood Association, Inc.
HRPO Highland Road Park Observatory
HRSP Hillsborough River State Park
HRAP Hillside Rural Activities Park
HSPI Historic South Park, Inc.
HIP Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park
HPPF Holbrook-Palmer Park Foundation
HPNA Holiday Park Neighborhood Association
HPNA Hollywood Park Neighborhood Association
HISP Honeymoon Island State Park
HKSTP Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation
HAPI Horticultural Arts and Park Institute, Inc
HOSP Hot Springs National Park
HSIP Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park
HRPT Hudson River Park Trust
HSOP Humane Society of Parkersburg
HPSS Humboldt Park Social Services
HINP Hundred Islands National Park
HPCA Hunting Park Christian Academy
HBSP Huntington Beach State Park
HP Huntington Park
HCMA Huron-Clinton Metropark Authority
HNP Hustai National Park
HWN Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe – Hwange National Park
HP Hyde Park
HPCA Hyde Park Alliance Church
HPAA Hyde Park Art Association
HPAC Hyde Park Art Center
HPBC Hyde Park Baptist Church
HPBM Hyde Park Barracks Museum
HPBA Hyde Park Business Association
HPCF Hyde Park Cantonese Fellowship
HPDS Hyde Park Day School
HPNA Hyde Park Neighborhood Association
HPSI Hyde Park Suzuki Institute, Inc.
HPTA Hyde Park Teachers Association
HPKCC Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
HSB Hyresgästernas Sparkasse- och Byggnadsförening
IKP Icici Knowledge Park
IRPA Idaho Recreation and Park Association
IPD Idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease
IWGP Ikebukuro West Gate Park
IPRA Illinois Park and Recreation Association
INDE Independence National Historic Park
IRP Indianapolis Raceway Park
IP Industrial Park
IP-EPZ Industrial Park and Export Processing Zone
IPMC Industrial Park Management Committee
IPDA Industrial Parks Development Authority
IREP Infinitus Renewable Energy Park
SIZ Informatikzentrum der Sparkassenorganisation
ITPL Information Technology Park Limited
IPMS Integrated Parking Management System
IPA Intelligent Parking Assist
IASP International Association of Science Parks
IBP International Business Park
INOG International Network of Geoparks
IPD International Parking Design, Inc.
IPI International Parking Institute
IRPPL International Recreation Parks Pvt Ltd
ISRP International Space Research Park
ITPL International Technological Park
ITPS International Theme Park Services, Inc
ISURP Iowa State University Research Park
ICP Irish Car Parks
INP Irving National Park
IVRPD Isla Vista Recreation and Park District
ISRO Isle Royale National Park
IRWIPI It Ran When I Parked It
JZP Jackson Zoological Park
JRPS James River Park System
JNP Jarrahdale National Park
JPL Jasper Park Lodge
JLNHPP Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve
JCPRC Jefferson County Parks and Recreation Commission
JNPA Jefferson National Parks Association
JYP Jin-Young Park
JMP Joaquin Miller Park
JBTP John Boyd Thatcher Park
JBSPO John Bryan State Park Observatory
JPCRSP John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park
JYP John Young Parkway
JRPP Johns River Power Park
JTP Johor Technology Park
JPP Jones Point Park
JS Jordin Sparks
JOTR Joshua Tree National Park
JTNPA Joshua Tree National Park Association
JLP Junior League of Parkersburg
JP Jurassic Park
JCP Jurys Croke Park Hotel
KNP Kakadu National Park
GPI Kalispell, Montana, USA – Glacier Park International Airport
FCA Kalispell, MT, USA – Glacier Park International
KRP Kallang Riverside Park
KVPD Kankakee Valley Park District
KPPS Kapiolani Park Preservation Society
KPN Karkonoskim Parku Narodowym
KISP Karolinska Institutet Science Park
KATM Katmai National Park and Preserve
KMHRP Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park
KFNP Kenai Fjords National Park
KEWE Keweenaw National Historic Park
KFNP Kibale Forest National Park
KVNP Kidepo Valley National Park
KASP King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Science Park
KAP King Albert’s Park
KIMO Kings Mountain National Military Park
KPBG Kings Park and Botanic Garden
KPCA Kings Park Civic Association
KPCB Kings Park Concert Band
KPNA Kings Park Neighbors’ Association
KPPC Kings Park Psychiatric Center
KPWCA Kings Park West Civic Association
KPR Kingston Park Rangers
KPE Kinloch Park Elementary
KSRP Kitakyushu Science and Research Park
KPBR Kiwanis Park Batting Range
KLSE Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park-Seattle Unit
KPF Knox Parks Foundation
KPR Koala Park Resort
KVNP Kobuk Valley National Park
KPB Kokomo Park Band
KPIS Komazawa Park International School
KTA Korea Technopark Association
KKIP Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park
KSK Kreissparkasse
KPNA Kutzky Park Neighborhood Association
LPBA La Grange Park Business Association
LPMS Lafayette Park Middle School
LCWP Laguna Coast Wilderness Park
LIIP Laguna International Industrial Park
LDNPA Lake District National Park Authority
LFP Lake Forest Park
LFPSF Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation
LMP Lake Metroparks
LPTA Lake Park Townhome Association
LSPP Lake Superior Provincial Park
LWSP Lake Wenatchee State Park
LWBP Lake Wissota Business Park
LPBA Lambrick Park Baseball Association
LPSC Land Park Soccer Club
LZO Landessparkasse Zu Oldenburg
LPGC Langley Park Golf Club
LLCP Las Lomas Community Park
LPPF Las Positas Park Foundation
LOPD Late Onset of Parkinson’s Disease
LTSP Lava Tree State Park
LPSC Laverton Park Soccer Club
LPCI Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
LPGC Lawrence Park Golf Club
LPSC Lawrence Park Swim Club
LP Lazer Park
LOOP Leaders of Oak Park
LGP Lergravsparken
LCNHP Lewis and Clark National Historic Park
LEWI Lewis and Clark National Historical Park
LPMS Liberty Park Middle School
LPAC Lincoln Park Advisory Council
LPAC Lincoln Park Athletic Club
LPCC Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce
LPCAI Lincoln Park Community Art Initiative
LPCS Lincoln Park Community Shelter
LPG Lincoln Park Gardens
LPHS Lincoln Park High School
LPPLS Lincoln Park Public Library
LPSC Lincoln Park Ski Club
LPSC Lincoln Park Surgery Center
LPZ Lincoln Park Zoo
LP Linkin Park
LPFC Linkin Park Fan Club
LPN Linkin Park Network
LPST Linkin Park Street Team
LPU Linkin Park Underground
LPW Linkin Park World
LLEP Little London Enduro Park
LPP Little Patuxent Parkway
LPSC Lively Park Swim Center
LP Local Park
LIMP Long Island Motor Parkway
LMP Loon Mountain Park
LPSC Loring Park Shuffleboard Club
LRPA Louisiana Recreation and Park Association
LPIP Lumut Port Industrial Park
LHSP Lutheran High School Parker
LPRO Lytton Park Residents’ Organization
MURP Macquarie University Research Park
MIMP Mafia Island Marine Park
MP Makemie Park
MCSP Malibu Creek State Park
MHSP Malvern Hills Science Park
MACA Mammoth Cave National Park
MANA Manassas National Battlefield Park
MPHS Manassas Park High School
MOP Manila Ocean Park
MDPO Manufactured Dwelling Park Ombudsman
M-NCPPC Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
MNCPP Maryland-National Capital Park Police
MPA Mass Parking Apron
MRTP Maui Research and Technology Park
MPPS Maxfield Park Primary School
MPSS McKinnon Park Secondary School
MPSC Meet at Park Street Circle
MFPS Mega Food Parks Scheme
MOPT Melbourne & Olympic Parks Trust
MPCA Memorial Park Civic Association
MPPD Menlo Park Police Department
MP Meridian Park
MPOSC Metropolitan Parks and Open Space Commission
MRP Michiana Raceway Park
MAP Michigan Adventure Park
MAPER Michigan Adventure Park
MFPA Michigan Forestry and Park Association, Inc
MPF Michigan Parkinson Foundation
MRPA Michigan Recreation and Parks Association
MSPEF Michigan State Parks Endowment Fund
MHSP Middle Harbor Shoreline Park
MPLT Middle Park Land Trust
MCPA Midwest Campus Parking Association
MIPE Midwest Institute of Park Executives
MEP Military Equipment Park
MPPS Mill Park Primary School
MMP Miller Motorsports Park
MPCA Milne Park Conservation Association
MIMA Minute Man National Historic Park
MTRP Mission Trails Regional Park
MDWFP Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks
MHP Mobile Home Park
MPRT Monmouth Park Race Track
MSIP Montana Shakespeare in the Parks
MBMP Montego Bay Marine Park Trust
MPK Monterey Park
MP Moorpark
MPTC Moraine Park Technical College
MPE Morello Park Elementary
MPA Morgan Park Academy
MPC Morris Park Crew
MGPD Morton Grove Park District
MPA Moss Park Armories
MVPS Motor Vehicle Parking System
MORA Mount Rainier National Park
MFP Mountain Falls Park
MPAA Mountain Park Athletic Association
MPWPS Mountain Park Watershed Preservation Society, Inc.
MPB Mpumalanga Parks Board
MTPA Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency
MMRNP Mt. Malindang Range Natural Park
MPPD Mt. Prospect Park District
MGP Mulgrave Park
MLCP Multi-Level Car Park
MPVC Multimedia Park Venture Capital
MLP Multiple Level Parking
MSA-P Multiple System Atrophy Patients with Parkinsonism
MSD Multi-Spark Discharge
MSCP Multi-Storey Car Park
MPL Municipal Parking Lot
MPHS Myers Park High School
MPTS Myers Park Traditional School
NPK Nadmorski Park Krajobrazowy
NHSP Nanjing Huade Spark Plug Co., Ltd.
NSP NASCAR Speedpark (various locations)
NATC Natchez National Historic Park
NATR Natchez Trace Parkway
NAPHA National Amusement Park Historical Association
NACP National Archives at College Park
NAOP National Association for Olmsted Parks
ARVC National Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds
NARVPC National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds
NBP National Business Park
NCP National Capital Parks
NACE National Capital Parks-East
NCP National Car Park
NECP National Entrepreneurs Chemical Park
NERP National Environmental Research Park
NHP National Historic Park
NHPA National Hospitality and Parks Association
NITP National Information Technology Park
NIPGM National Institute on Park and Grounds Management
NACC National Mall and Memorial Parks
NMP National Marine Park
NMPA National Marine Park of Alonissos, Northern Sporades
NMP National Military Park
NP National Park
NPA National Park Area
NPCC National Park Community College
NPCI National Park Concessions Incorporated
NPF National Park Foundation
NPHT National Park Hohe Tauern
NPHC National Park Homes Council
NPMC National Park Medical Center
NPP National Park Preserve
NPS National Park Seminary
NPS National Park Service
NPTC National Park Travelers Club
NPA National Parking Association
NPF National Parkinson Foundation
NPB National Parks Board
NPCA National Parks Conservation Association
NPJ National Parks Journal
NPC National Parks of Canada
NPT National Parks Tour
NPGWD National Parks, Game and Wildlife General Directorate
NRPA National Recreation and Park Association
NSPR National Society for Park Resources
NVFP National Veterans Freedom Park
NWCP National Wildlife Conservation Park
NZP National Zoological Park
NVB Nationalpark Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft
NPC Neighborhood Parks Council
NP Neighbourhood Park
NDSP Nevada Division of State Parks
NBPA New Brunswick Parking Authority
NEPRA New England Park Ranger Association
JAZZ New Orleans Jazz National Historic Park
NZPA New Zealand Parking Association
NP Newbury Park
NPAA Newbury Park Adventist Academy
NPHS Newbury Park High School
NEPE Nez Perce National Historic Park
NPNHP Nez Perce National Historical Park
NP No Parking
NPAT No Parking Any Time
NP Normandy Park
NBPA North Bergen Parking Authority
NCDPR North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation
NCNP North Cascades National Park
NOCA North Cascades National Park
NCPCA North City Park Civic Association
NCPCA North College Park Citizens Association
NDPP North Downtown Park Plan
NLBP North London Business Park
NPLM North Park Lincoln Mercury
NPSS North Park Secondary School
NPTS North Park Theological Seminary
NPU North Park University
NTRP North Tahoe Regional Park
NWCP North Wirral Coastal Park
NEMP Northeast Metropolitan Park
NSP Northern State Parkway
NNPA Northumberland National Park Authority
NPIMR Northwick Park Institute for Medical Research
NEPRA Norton Elmwood Park Racing Association
NRP Norwich Research Park
OP Oak Park
OPPC Oak Park Photography Club
OPPL Oak Park Public Library
OPSME Oak Park Society of Model Engineers
OPYB Oak Park Youth Baseball
OPRA Oakland Park Rangers Association
OICP Ocala International Commerce Park
OPCO Ocean Park Community Organization
OPCF Ocean Park Conservation Foundation
ORP Off Road Parking
OSTEOPOROSIS Off Street Parking
OSP Off Street Parking
OIP Office and Industrial Park
OPR Office of Parks and Recreation
OPERATE Office of Parks and Recreation
OPRA Ohio Parks and Recreation Association
OPN Ojcowski Park Narodowy
OCP Old City Park
ORWRP Olentangy River Wetland Research Park
OLPA Olmsted Linear Park Alliance
OLPA Olmsted Linear Park Association
ONP Olympic National Park
OPSMC Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre
OSTEOPOROSIS Olympic Sculpture Park
OSP Olympic Sculpture Park
OPT Onstreet Parking & Trees
OPA Ontario Parks Association
OSMP Open Space and Mountain Parks
OCGPC Orange County Great Park Corporation
OPARC Orange Park Amateur Radio Club
OPCT Orange Park Community Theatre
OPE Orange Park Elementary
OPMC Orange Park Medical Center
OPPC Orange Park Presbyterian Church
OSEP Oratorio Society of Estes Park
OPCC Orchard Park Country Club
OPLL Orchard Park Little League
OPLLF Orchard Park Little Loop Football
OPMA Oregon Park Managers Association
ORPA Oregon Recreation and Park Association
OSTEOPOROSIS Oregon State Parks
OSP Oregon State Parks
OPP Orinda Park Pool
OPPC Orland Park Prayer Center
OPSC Orland Park Soccer Club
OSSP Oscar Scherer State Park
OLSTP Ottawa Life Sciences Technology Park
OOTP Out of the Park
OCP Over-ground Car Park
OPPC Overlake Park Presbyterian Church
OP Overland Park
OPBT Overland Park Baptist Temple
OPCC Overland Park Christian Church
OPK Overland Park, Kansas
OPP Oxley Park Primary
POPULAR Pacific Ocean Park
POP Pacific Ocean Park
PPRI Pacific Parkinsons Research Institute
PZN Paedagogisches Zentrum Nationalpark
PIP Palisades Interstate Parkway
PAMP Palo Alto and Menlo Park
PPM Paramus Park Mall
P Park
PK Park
PNV Park ‘n View
PNG Park ‘n’ Grab
PRAB Park and Recreation Advisory Board
PRA Park and Recreation Area
PRSA Park and Recreation Service Area
PAFG Park Avenue Financial Group
PBSC Park Bench Social Club
PROBLEM Park Bravo
PB Park Bravo
PCSH Park Center Senior High
PCS Park Century School
PCBC Park Cities Baptist Church
PCOS Park Cities Obedience School
PCPC Park Cities Presbyterian Church
PCC Park City Consulting Ltd
PCFMF Park City Film Music Festival
PCFD Park City Fire District
PCC Park Community Council
PCEC Park County Environmental Council
PCLI Park County Leadership Institute
PDC Park Distance Control
PDOP Park District of Oak Park
PKF Park Falls, Wisconsin
PFSL Park Financial Services Ltd
PFBC Park Forest Baptist Church
PGES Park Glen Elementary School
PHHS Park Hill High School
PHNA Park Hill Neighborhood Association
PHSD Park Hill School District
PLPC Park Lake Presbyterian Church
PLACE Park Land Acquisition for Conservation and Environmental Protection
PLC Park Lane College
PLEA Park Law Enforcement Association
PMS Park Maitland School
PMR Park Mining Record
PNTWL Park Naukowo Technologiczny Wojewodztwa Lubelskiego
PNMC Park Nicollet Medical Center
PPCA Park Place Community Association
PPCG Park Place Computer Group
PPH Park Plaza Hotels Ltd.
PRTP Park Ranger Training Program
PRAC Park Rangers Association of California
PKD Park Rapids Municipal Airport
PRCC Park Reist Corridor Coalition
PRINT Park Ridge
PR Park Ridge
PRAA Park Ridge Anesthesiology Associates
PRCC Park Ridge Community Church
PRBC Park Road Baptist Church
PSH Park Shin Hye
PSK Park Side Killers
PSCT Park Slope Christian Tabernacle
PSCC Park Slope Civic Council
PSFC Park Slope Food Coop
PSP Park Slope Parents
PSP Park Slope Pediatric
PSB Park State Bank
PSCI Park Street Collegiate Institute
PSRPA Park System Resource Protection Act of 1990
PT Park Tudor
PVFP Park View Financial Planning
PVL Park View Lounge
PVMS Park View Middle School
PEPS Park View Primary School
PWCC Park West Camera Club
PWSD Park West School Division
PWT Park Worker Training
PRTR Park, Recreation and Tourism Resources
PRND Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive
PRNDL Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low
PSE Park’s Systems Engineering Co.
PCDP Parkari Community Development Programme
PLP Parkari Literacy Project
PARC Parkdale Activity and Recreation Centre
PASS Parked Aircraft Sentry System
PMS Parked Motorcycle Syndrome
PMG Parken in Mainz GmbH
PAACE Parker Area Alliance for Community Empowerment
PAHC Parker Area Homeschool Coalition
PROBLEM Parker Brothers
PAINTBRUSH Parker Brothers
PB Parker Brothers
PCC Parker College of Chiropractic
PKD Parker Drilling Company
PET Parker Endotracheal Tube
PH Parker Hannifin Corporation
PHBL Parker Hill Branch Library
PIG Parker Intubation Guide
PKD Parker Kinetic Designs
PLSO Parker Library Steward Observatory
PPVC Parker Price Venture Capital
PVOS Parker Virtual Office Services
PWSD Parker Water & Sanitation District
PDV Parker’s Dope Vision
PKB Parkersburg / Marietta, WV, USA – Wood County
PCHS Parkersburg Catholic High School
PHS Parkersburg High School
PSHS Parkersburg South High School
PPTA Parkes Pulsar Timing Array
PSC Parkes Shire Council
PKE Parkes, New South Wales, Australia – Parkes
PKD Parkfield
PYC Parkgate Youth Court
PUDL Parkhotel Unter Den Linden
PASSED Parking
PORNO Parking
P Parking
PACKED Parking
PBIA Parking and Business Improvement Area
PARCS Parking and Revenue Control System
PTS Parking and Transportation Services
PCN Parking Charge Notice
PCCN Parking Contravention Charge Notice
PFSA Parking Facility Standards Award
PGMD Parking Garage, McCutcheon Drive
PGS Parking Guide System
PIE Parking Industry Exhibition and Conference
PL Parking Lot
PLH Parking Lot Heroes
PLIF Parking Lot Is Full
PLP Parking Lot Practice
PLV Parking Lot Vulture
PMB Parking Management Bureau
PMS Parking Management System
POAA Parking Offenses Adjudication Act
PRCS Parking Revenue Control System
PTD Parking Ticket Device
47 Parking Violation – Private Property
46 Parking Violation – Public Street
PVN Parking Violation Notice
PASFI Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida, Inc.
PAR Parkinson Association of the Rockies
PDJ Parkinson Disease, Juvenile, Autosomal Recessive
PIEN Parkinson Information Exchange Network
PSQ Parkinson Society Quebec
PASD Parkinson’s Association of San Diego
PD Parkinson’s Disease
PDRD Parkinson’s Disease and Related Disorders
PDF Parkinson’s Disease Foundation
PDIC Parkinson’s Disease Information Center
PDQ Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire
PDRS Parkinson’s Disease Research Society
PDSS Parkinson’s Disease Sleep Scale
PDS Parkinson’s Disease Society
PDSI Parkinson’s Disease Symptom Inventory
PEP Parkinson’s Educational Program
PWC Parkin-Wesley College
PCDF Parkland Crop Diversification Foundation
PHS Parkland High School
PHNA Parkland Hills Neighborhood Association
PMH Parkland Memorial Hospital
PYC Parkland Youth Center
PHOA Parklands Home Owners Association
PCLA Parklawn Christian Leadership Academy
POM Park-O-Meter
PK Parkour
PRC Parks & Recreation Commission
PLCA Parks and Land Certainty Act
POSAC Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee
POSA Parks and Open Space Advocates
POSO Parks and Open Spaces Officer
PRINT Parks and Recreation
PR Parks and Recreation
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Commission
PARAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
PRAC Parks and Recreation Advisory Council
PRB Parks and Recreation Board
PARC Parks and Recreation Commission
PRD Parks and Recreation Department
PRD Parks and Recreation Division
PRO Parks and Recreation Ontario
PRTF Parks and Recreation Trust Fund
PARD Parks and Recreations Department
PAWB Parks and Wildlife Bureau
PHQ Parks Canada Headquarters
PCPRG Parks College Parachute Research Group
POPULAR Parks Opportunity Program
POP Parks Opportunity Program
PPB Parks Planning Board
PRC Parks Recreation and Conservation
PRCB Parks, Recreation & Conservation Board
PRCS Parks, Recreation and Community Service
PRCR Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources
PRT Parks, Recreation and Tourism
PRTM Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management
PTOS Parks, Trails, Open Space
PHS Parkside High School
PIRC Parkside International Residential College
PMS Parkside Middle School
PGS Parkstone Grammar School
PDACL Parksville and District Association for Community Living
PAA Parkview Adventist Academy
PCS Parkview Center School
PCFCU Parkview Community Federal Credit Union
PHS Parkville High School
PKY Parkway
PKWY Parkway
PCHS Parkway Central High School
PCMS Parkway Central Middle School
PWD Parkway Drive
PKY Parkway Properties, Inc.
PSD Parkway School District
PSMS Parkway South Middle School
PWHS Parkway West High School
PRP Pasir Ris Park
PLSP Patagonia Lake State Park
PPMF Payson Park Music Festival
PERI Pea Ridge National Military Park
PVP Peace Valley Park
PDNP Peak District National Park
PNPA Peak National Park Authority
PECO Pecos National Historic Park
PISP Peebles Island State Park
PHPP Pennsylvania Heritage Parks Program
PRPS Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society
PWP People With Parkinson’s
PFPP Permanent Food Production Parks
PP Peter Parker
PEFO Petrified Forest National Park
PPCF Phoenix Parks and Conservation Foundation
PNP Pilanesberg National Park
PPMS Pilgrim Park Middle School
PPMS Pinellas Park Middle School
PPPL Pinellas Park Public Library
PISC Piscataway Park
PBMP Platt Branch Mitigation Park
PSPG Pleasant Street Parking Garage
PVCP Pleasant Valley Cycle Park
PCIP Pleasants County Industrial Park
PRP Pleasure Ridge Park
PAPEP Plein Air Painters of Estes Park
POPULAR Plenty of Parking
POP Plenty of Parking
PCEP Plymouth-Canton Educational Park
PLSP Point Lookout State Park
PPC Point Park College
PPU Point Park University
PIS Pompano Indoor Skatepark
PISI Port-Injection Spark-Ignition
PPST Portland Parks Swim Team
PDNP Pre-Delta National Park
PISP Presque Isle State Park
PPPS Priory Park Preservation Society
PLSP Promised Land State Park
PPLC Prospect Park Living Center
PCSP Providence Canyon State Park
PIANISSIMO Provincial Park
PP Provincial Park
PNP Pukaskwa National Park
PTNP Pulong Tau National Park
PAFPL Punjab Agri Food Parks Limited
QP Quality Park
QSDP Quarry Services Deer Park
QPR Queens Park Rangers
QPWS Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service
QPBC Quinton Park Baptist Church
RSSP Rainbow Springs State Park
RNP Rajaji National Park
RNP Ranthambhore National Park
RDP Rapid-onset Dystonia-Parkinsonism
RPAS Rear Parking Assist System
RADP rec.arts.disney.parks
RPD Recreation and Park Department
RAP Recreation and Parks
RPTS Recreation Park and Tourism Sciences
RPSL Recreation Parks and Sport Leadership
RPTIA Recreational Park Trailer Industry Association, Inc.
REDW Redwood National and State Parks
RPST Regency Park Swim Team
RPA Regional Park
RPGP Regional Parks and Greenways Plan
RPZ Reid Park Zoo
RSLEC Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center
RTP Research Triangle Park
RIC Research Triangle Park Information Center
MORT Research Triangle Park Mortality Data Base
HTRN Research Triangle Park Training System
RPP Residential Parking Program
RPZ Residential Parking Zone
RPP Residential Permit Parking
RPPD Residential Permit Parking District
RPI Resort Parks International
RPP Reverse Parallel Park
RSGV Rheinischer Sparkassen- und Giroverband
RNBP Richmond National Battlefield Park
RICH Richmond National Battlefield Park
RNP Richtersveld National Park
RPUC Rideau Park United Church
RANP Rio Abiseo National Park
RNRP River Nene Regional Park
RPH River Park Hospital
RTPD River Trails Park District
RWP River West Park School
RPBA Riverdale Park Business Association
RP Rizal Park
RMP Robert Moses Parkway
RMSPS Robert Moses State Park
RP Rochelle Park
ROCR Rock Creek Park
RCP Rock Creek Park
RIP Rock Im Park
RPPS Rockaway Park Philosophical Society
RPPS Rockcliffe Park Public School
RPD Rockford Park District
ROMO Rocky Mountain National Park
RPCC Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce
RPSL Rohnert Park Soccer League
RPDS Roland Park Driving School
NPCI Roland Park Library Initiative
ROCA Roosevelt Campobello International Park
RPLA Rosa Parks Leadership Academy
RPMS Rosa Parks Middle School
RPGP Rosalind Park Gas Plant
RP Roselle Park
RORI Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historic Park
RPMI Roswell Park Memorial Institute
RSG Rotary Spark Gap
RBNP Royal Bardia National Park
RLS Royal Leamington Sparklers
RPMI Royal Park Memorial Institute
RPA Royal Parks Agency
RPF Royal Parks Foundation
RPBA Rubicon Park Business Association
RBC Rytterparkens Bordtennis Club
SPA Saab Parking Assistance
SSLMP Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park
BTF Salt Lake Skypark
SPSP Salt Point State Park
SARI Salt River Bay National Historic Park and Ecological Preserve
SPR Sam Park Revue
SINP Samar Island Natural Park
SAPF San Antonio Parks Foundation
SBPSD San Bruno Park School District
SAFR San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park
SFMNPA San Francisco Maritime National Park Association
SFPT San Francisco Parks Trust
SFRP San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
SAJH San Juan Island National Historic Park
SLLP San Lazaro Leisure Park
SRNP Santa Rosa National Park
SJP Sarah Jessica Parker
SARA Saratoga National Historic Park
SMCP Save Milton Country Park
SRSP Schuylkill River Skatepark Project
SSE Schwimm und Sprunghalle Im Europapark
STEP-C Science and Technology Park of Crete
SPOW Science Parks of Wallonia
SBIP Science-Based Industrial Park
SPICE Scientific Parks and Innovation Centers Experts
SCNP Scottish Council for National Parks
SBPC Seattle Board of Park Commissioners
SPARC Seattle Parks and Recreation Connection
SLRPA Second Lake Regional Park Association
SCPS Secure Car Parks Scheme
SIP Semporna Islands Park
SSP Sesquicentennial State Park
SPBC Severna Park Baptist Church
SPMS Severna Park Middle School
SMV Shadow Mountain Village Mobile Home Park
SCIP Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park
SMP Shawnee Mission Park
SFPC Shelby Farms Park Conservancy
SHEN Shenandoah National Park
SNPA Shenandoah National Park Association
SOTP Sheraton on the Park
SPBL Sheridan Parkside Branch Library
SPLA Sheridan Parkside Landlord Association
SISP Sherwood Island State Park
SPAC Sherwood Park Alliance Church
SPMHA Sherwood Park Minor Hockey Association
SVPA Shore Vinson Parkhill ANDVT
SPIF Shoreline Park Improvement Fund
STCP Short Term Car Park
SMNP Simien Mountains National Park
SHP Sir Henry Parkes
SITK Sitka National Historic Park
SPOA Skate Park of Athens
SPOM Skate Park of Memphis
SGPA Sleeping Giant Park Association
SRNP Slovensky Raj National Park
SNZP Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park
SRNP Snowy River National Park
SPQ Societe Parkinson du Quebec
STP Software Technology Park
STPH Software Technology Park Hyderabad
STPI Software Technology Parks of India
SANPES South African National Parks
SANP South African National Parks
SBRP South Bend Raceway Park
SBPF South Boston Parking Freeze
SBBP South Buda Business Park
SCRPA South Carolina Recreation and Parks Association
SCRP South County Regional Park
SLWAP South Lakes Wild Animal Park
SLRSP South Llano River State Park
SLNP South Luangwa National Park
SP South Park
SP South Park & District Pipes & Drums
SP South Park District Pipes Drums
SPM South Park Mexican
SPMS South Park Middle School
SP South Park Primary School
SPS South Park Studios
SPTC South Park Technology Center
SPW South Park Wrestlers
SPZ South Park Zone
SPECIALIST South Park, Colorado
SPC South Park, Colorado
SRDP South Run District Park
SSP Southern State Parkway
STSP Southern Taiwan Science Park
SRPD Southgate Recreation and Park District
SOAPHS Southwest Ohio Amusement Park Historical Society, Inc.
SPMA Southwest Parks and Monuments Association
SPXED Spaceland Airpark
SPX Spaceland Airpark
SAVM Spark Advance Vacuum Modulator
SAG Spark Arrester Guide
SAK Spark Arrester Kit
SA Spark Arrestor
SACE Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving
SDA Spark Discharge in Air
SEG Spark Erosion Grinding
SG Spark Gap
SGTC Spark Gap Tesla Coil
SI Spark Ignition
SING Spark Ignition Natural Gas
SPOUT Spark Output
SPSJ Spark Plasma Sintering Joining
SSMS Spark Source Mass Spectroscopy
S Sparkasse
SKYPE Sparkasse
SMW Sparkasse Muhlviertel-West
SFE Sparkfun Electronics
SIDI Spark-Ignition Direct-Injection
SMAG Sparkle Magic API for Graphics
STEWARD Sparklet Devices
SD Sparklet Devices
SPCN Sparkpea Chat Network
STARFIRE Sparks Flew
SF Sparks Flew
SLP Spring Lake Park
SLPBC Spring Lake Park Baptist Church
SPNA Spruce Park Neighborhood Association
SPPA Spruce Parkland
SAPER St. Anthony Park
SAP St. Anthony Park
SAPBL St. Anthony Park Branch Library
SAPCB St. Anthony Park Community Band
SAPCC St. Anthony Park Community Council
SJP St. James Park
SLPCF St. Louis Park Community Foundation
SRPG Stacksteads Riverside Park Group
SMP Stanford Menlo Park
SPNA Stanton Park Neighborhood Association
SRSP Starved Rock State Park
SCE State College, PA, USA – University Park Airport
SFP State Fair Park
SHP State Historic Park
SOTPR State of the Park Reports
SOP State of the Parks Report
SP State Park
SPRF State Parks and Recreation Fund
SFPS Steel Framed Parking Structures
SPARC Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club
SBON Stichting Bewoners Organisatie Noorderpark
SRNP Stirling Range National Park
SVP Stream Valley Park
SOTP Studios on the Park
SPNA Stuyvesant Park Neighborhood Association
SRPA Suburban Park & Recreation Association
SWP Suffolk Water Park
SPMP Summit Point Motorsports Park
SIP Suzhou Industrial Park
SOPAC Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre
SMSM Synchronized Multi-Spark Module
SRSG Synchronous Rotary Spark Gap
TITP T in the Park
TMNP Table Mountain National Park
TSIP Tainan Science-based Industrial Park
TPES Takoma Park Elementary School
TPFF Takoma Park Folk Festival
TPMS Takoma Park Middle School
TPSS Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op
TPRD Tallahassee Parks and Recreation Department
TPN Tatrzanski Park Narodowy
TPSP Tawas Point State Park
TPH Technologiepark Herzogenrath
TPK TechnologiePark Koln
TPM Technology Park Malaysia
TEPATHE Technology Park of Thessaly
TIS Telecom Italia Sparkle
TPCC Templer Park Country Club
TP Terrain Park
TPWC Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation
TPW Texas Parks & Wildlife
TPWC Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
TPWD Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
TRPA Texas Recreation and Parks Account
TRHP Texas Rose Horse Park
TPG The Parker Group, Inc.
TPOM The Parkside of Morton, Inc
TIP Theatre in the Park
TP Theme Park
TPDB Theme Park Discussion Board
TPR Theme Park Review
TPW Theme Park World
THRO Theodore Roosevelt National Park
TPPL Tinley Park Public Library
TBSP Tomales Bay State Park
TP Tony Parker
TOP Top of the Park
TMP Toronto Motorsports Park
TPA Toronto Parking Authority
TOEP Town of Estes Park
TLP Towne Lake Parkway
TPB Trailer Park Boys
TPSC Trailer Park Sex Cowboys
TPT Trailer Park Trash
TRUMPETTED Trailer Park Trash
TCPL Trans Canada Parking Lot
TRP Transitions Ramp Park
TAPS Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing
TPWG Transportation and Parking Work Group
TCSTP Tri Cities Science & Technology Park
TENP Tsavo East National Park
TNPER Tsavo National Parks
TNP Tsavo National Parks
TRNMP Tubbataha Reefs National Marine Park
TUMA Tumacacori National Historic Park
TSP Turku Science Park
UKNP Ujung Kulon National Park
UCCMP Ullswater Caravan Camping and Marine Park
UAFP Ulster American Folk Park
URPA Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist
UNP Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
UCP Under-ground Car Park
UPDRS-2 Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale
UPDRS Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale
UPMS Union Park Middle School
UPNA Union Park Neighborhood Association
USPP United States Park Police
UMCP University of Maryland at College Park
UMTS University of Michigan Parking and Transportation Services
USBI University of Stellenbosch Bellville Park Campus Information Centre
UWSP University of Warwick Science Park
UWP University of Wisconsin – Parkside
UNV University Park Airport
UPAC University Park Allocation Committee
UPCS University Park Campus School
UPNA University Park Neighborhood Association
URP University Research Park
URPA Utah Recreation and Parks Association
UHVP Utrechtse Heuvelrug Vakantieparken
VPFD Valley Park Fire District
VPMS Valley Park Middle School
VPD Valparaiso Parks Department
VJP Vejalpur, Jivraj Park
VTP Vertical Theme Park
VMP Veterans Memorial Park
VPST Veterans Park Swim Team
VPCI Victoria Park Collegiate Institute
VPH Victoria Park Harriers
VPHA Victoria Park Housing Association
VSIP Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park
VP Villa Park
VIIS Virgin Islands National Park
VINP Virgin Islands National Park
VZP Virginia Zoological Park
VKP Virtual Knowledge Park
VIP Volunteers in Parks
VSP Volusia Speedway Park
VCNP Voorlopige Commissie Nationale Parken
VNP Voyageurs National Park
WBLP Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Park
WSSP Wakulla Springs State Park
WDPM Walker Dance Park Music
WDPR Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
WDSP Walt Disney Studios Park
WAPA War in the Pacific National Historic Park
WVTP Warner Village Theme Parks
WCMP Warren County Memorial Park
WCFP Washington County Fair Park
WCHP Washington Crossing Historic Park
WPMC Washington Park Medical Clinic
WPNA Washington Park Neighborhood Association
WSP Washington Square Park
WSPR Washington State Parks and Recreation
WTPR Washington Township Parks and Recreation
WNPF Washington’s National Park Fund
WSI Waste-Spark Ignition
WTCP Wat Tyler Country Park
WTSF Watch the Sparks Fly
WRLD Waterpark Resorts Leadership & Development
WLNP Waterton Lakes National Park
WPMC Wattles Park Men’s Club
WPD Waukegan Park District
WCPA Waxahachie Chautauqua Park Association
WCFP West Coast Fossil Park
WCNP West Coast National Park
WCOTP West Corner of the Park
WLPR West Lafayette Parks and Recreation
WMSP West Midland Safari Park
WPBC West Park Baptist Church
WPY West Park Youth
WVUP West Virginia University at Parkersburg
WWPA West Windsor Parking Authority
WMPA Western Mobilehome Parkowners Association
WNPA Western National Parks Association
WLSTP Westlakes Science and Technology Park
WRHP Weston Regional Health Park
WPHS Wheeling Park High School
WPHS Whippany Park High School
WMBP Whistler Mountain Bike Park
WRSP White River State Park
WSYP White Sulphur Springs and Yellowstone Park Railway Company
WPCM Wicker Park Critical Mass
WMNP Wicklow Mountains National Park
WAP Wild Animal Park
WCPR Williamson County Parks and Recreation
WPEC Willow Park Ecology Centre
WPMC Wilson Park Medical Center
WWPP Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park
WICA Wind Cave National Park
WCNP Wind Cave National Park
WPEC Windsor Park Equestrian Club
WPRC Winnington Park Recreation Club
WP Winter Park
WPCC Winter Park Chamber of Commerce
WPFD Winter Park Fire Department
WPHF Winter Park Health Foundation
WPHS Winter Park High School
WPMH Winter Park Memorial Hospital
WPPD Winter Park Police Department
WPPC Winter Park Presbyterian Church
WPPL Winter Park Public Library
WPRC Winter Park Racquet Club
WPRA Winter Park Recreational Association
WPVH Winter Park Veterinary Hospital
WARSAW-PACT Winter Park, Colorado
WP Winter Park, Colorado
WPRA Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association
WSFP Wisconsin State Fair Park
WITG Wittener Industrie und Technologie Park
WOTR Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts
WPWS Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
WPW Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome
WPN Wolinski Park Narodowy
WBNP Wood Buffalo National Park
WFEP Woodhill Forest Equestrian Park
WCPP Woodland Caribou Provincial Park
WPBC Woodland Park Baptist Church
WPZ Woodland Park Zoo
WPZS Woodland Park Zoological Society
WPIS Woodside Park International School
WTSI WordPress Theme Sparkling Index
WFPF World Freerunning and Parkour Federation
WWP World Water Park
WWPA World Water Park Association
WWA World Waterpark Association
WRST Wrangell-St Elias National Park and Preserve
WSIP Wuxi-Singapore Industrial Park
EGTB Wycombe Air Park
WPHS Wyoming Park High School
YELL Yellowstone National Park
YNP Yellowstone National Park
YDP Yok Don National Park
YRP Yokosuka Research Park
YDNP Yorkshire Dales National Park
YDNPA Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
YLP Yosemite Lakes Park
YNP Yosemite National Park
YIEP Young Israel of Elkins Park
ZNMP Zakynthos National Marine Park
ZSP Zernike Science Park
ZION Zion National Park
ZPO Zoological Park Organization of Thailand
ZPB Zoological Parks Board