Pharmacy Abbreviations

Unlike the drugstore, pharmacies can also prepare and sell those medicines that have been prescribed by doctors. The pharmacist has studied pharmacy at university . The term pharmacy has 2 different meanings:


Pharmacy Abbreviations

1) shop for medicines.
shop where prescription or non-prescription medicines are sold, which are either supplied ready-made by the pharmaceutical factory or prepared on the spot by the pharmacist and/or the pharmacy assistants.

2) collection of medicines.
collection of medicines; collection of medicines.

In a broader sense: the shop , where, in addition to the delivery of the prepared medicines, so-called preparations, bandages and medical care articles are sold. At the head of the A. is the pharmacist, who is only allowed to practice his profession after passing a state examination at a university . In places where there is no pharmacist, a doctor has the right to keep a pharmacy. The pharmacist is assisted by a diploma. assistants: pharmacy assistants.

Pharmacy is the name derived from the Greek (which actually means storage place), which denotes the establishment where medicines are prepared and brought into a form suitable for medicinal purposes. A well-appointed pharmacy consists of:

1. from a room — the apothecary in the narrow sense — where the prescriptions of the physicians (prescriptions) are prepared, and where those who desire them, during the day and, if necessary, also at night, can buy for themselves the medicines they desire;
2. from the laboratory in which the medicaments necessary for the preparation of prescriptions are prepared, and those which are not prepared by the pharmacist himself are tested for purity;
3. from a storage room and cellar, in which are kept that which is necessary to replenish the stock in the pharmacy in the narrow sense.

The poisons present in the pharmacy proper, as well as in the storage rooms, etc., mentioned in lists established for this purpose by the government, are kept separate from the other medicines in one or more closed cabinets.

At the head of the pharmacy is the pharmacist, who acquires the authorization to practice his profession after passing the practical exam as a pharmacist, which is administered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Universities.

To be admitted to this exam, he (or she) must be in possession of proof of having successfully completed a master’s degree in Mathematics and Physics with a major in Pharmacy. The doctoraal exam is preceded by a candidate exam; You can choose from three different candidacy exams, which are included in the academic statute, which in any case include chemistry, botany and physics. For the study, the university serves, where the aspiring pharmacist will find the opportunity to become proficient in the various natural sciences, which he needs as a scientific man. He must also be in possession of proof, issued by a pharmacist authorized in the Netherlands, that he has practiced pharmacy under his supervision for at least one year, unless he has passed the pharmacy assistant exam in advance; in that case an internship of six months is sufficient. The diploma of successfully completed final exam of a Gymnasium B or Hogere Burgerschool with a 5-year course is required by law, in order to be admitted to a candidacy exam.

The title of Doctor of Medicine in Pharmacy has been abolished with the amendment of the Higher Education Act and the related academic statute (1921), so that the pharmacist now also receives the title of Doctor of Mathematics and Physics when he is promoted.

The pharmacist is assisted by pharmacy assistants, who acquire their qualifications through a single examination. However, they may not act independently as pharmacists, but only provide help in the pharmacy.

As early as the 3rd century, the name Pharmaceutae (from the Greek pharmakon, which means both poison and medicine) was understood to mean persons who prepared medicines for the sick and who also practiced medicine. This name can be found in the word pharmaceut, which also means the apothecary, and in the word pharmacie, which means the preparation of medicine. Pharmacists, who are exclusively concerned with the practice of pharmaceutical preparation, are to be found in the 12th century and more and more after that, medicine and pharmaceutical preparation are practiced separately.

Only in places where no pharmacist is established, the doctor may also keep a pharmacy in the Netherlands. In some cases, however, for which special authorization is required, this may also be done in places where only one pharmacist is established. In a proposed amendment to the law, the Provincial Executive is charged with designating those parts of the province where there is no sufficient pharmaceutical aid available. There are a number of obligations associated with keeping a pharmacy, which are established by law, and whose failure to act or neglect is subject to punishment. The layout of the pharmacy, with regard to what must be available therein, the quantity and quality of the medicines, the manner of storage thereof, etc., are also regulated by law.

List of Acronyms Related to Pharmacy

AMCP Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy
ASP Academy of Students of Pharmacy
ACPE Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education
ACPR Accredited Canadian Pharmacy Residency
APA Alabama Pharmacy Association
ACP Albany College of Pharmacy
ACPHS Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
AACP American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
AAPT American Association of Pharmacy Technicians
ACCP American College of Clinical Pharmacy
AJHP American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy
ASAP American Society for Automation in Pharmacy
AUPD Andhra University Pharmacy Department
AUPA Annamalai University Pharmacy Association
ACPHS Applebaum College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences
APD Area Pharmacy Director
ASBP Arkansas State Board of Pharmacy
APN Associated Pharmacy Network
AFPC Association of Faculties of Pharmacy in Canada
ACPP Australian College of Pharmacy Practice
ACPA Australian Community Pharmacy Authority
AIPM Australian Institute of Pharmacy Management
AJP Australian Journal of Pharmacy
BPHARM Bachelor of Pharmacy
BSPH Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
BSP Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
BIPER Bangalore Institute for Pharmacy Education and Research
BOPA British Oncology Pharmacy Association
BCPP Building the Community-Pharmacy Partnership
CPJE California Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination
CAPT Canadian Association of Pharmacy Technicians
CCCP Canadian College of Clinical Pharmacy
CCAPP Canadian Council for Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs
CCCEP Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy
CFP Canadian Family Pharmacy
CIPA Canadian International Pharmacy Association
C4P Center for Pharmacy
CIIP Central India Institute of Pharmacy
CRP Central Refill Pharmacy
COEPES Centralized Order Entry Pharmacy
CPHT Certified Pharmacy Technician
CPS Chemistry, Pharmacy and Standards Subcommittee
CCP Chicago College of Pharmacy
COPILOT Clinical Pharmacy
CP Clinical Pharmacy
COP College of Pharmacy
COPHS College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
CPP College of Pharmacy Practice
CFPS Combined Federal Pharmacy Seminar
CCGP Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy
CCMP Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy
CPAG Community Pharmacy Action Group
CPFC Community Pharmacy Framework Collaborative
CPS Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, Inc.
CPE Continuing Pharmacy Education
CPP Cooperative Pharmacy Program
CUHOP Council of University Heads of Pharmacy Schools
CBIP Cross-Border Internet Pharmacy
DPEF Dalhousie Pharmacy Endowment Fund
DAPA Dallas Area Pharmacy Association
DCP Dauphin Clinic Pharmacy
DOP Director of Pharmacy
DP Doctor of Pharmacy
DPH Doctor of Pharmacy
PHARMD Doctor of Pharmacy
PD Doctor of Pharmacy
BNCP Dr. Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy
DIPRC Drug Information and Pharmacy Resource Center
DICP Drug Intelligence and Clinical Pharmacy
ESCP European Society of Clinical Pharmacy
ESRR European Symposium on Radiopharmacy and Radiopharmaceuticals
EBPP Evidence-Based Pharmacy Practice
FMPC Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Casablanca
FPN Federation of Pharmacy Networks
FCCP Fellow of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy
FPA Florida Pharmacy Association
FPGE Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalence
FPGEE Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Examination
GAPS Gap Assistance Pharmacy Program for Seniors
GDOP General Directorate of Pharmacy
GPP Good Pharmacy Practice
PHG Graduate in Pharmacy
GRASP Graduate Research Association of Students in Pharmacy
GPRI Great Plains Radiopharmacy, Incorporated
HIPP Handbook of Institutional Pharmacy Practice
HSOP Harrison School of Pharmacy
HCCP Health Care Centre Pharmacy
HIPM Home Infusion Pharmacy Manager
IAPT Indiana Academy of Pharmacy Technicians
IPAP Indigent Pharmacy Assistance Program
IWP Injured Workers Pharmacy
IPM Inpatient Pharmacy Manager
ICPT Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians
IPMI Institute of Pharmacy Management International
IOP International Online Pharmacy
ISHP International Society for the History of Pharmacy
IMPAC Internet Mail-Order Pharmacy Accreditation Commission
IPB Internet Pharmacy Bureau
IPPE Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience
IBPE Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners
JCPP Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners
JFPS Joint Forces Pharmacy Seminar
JAFP Journal of Air Force Pharmacy
JOPP Journal of Oncology Pharmacy Practice
KPSC Kansas Pharmacy Service Corporation
KPPC Keenan Pharmacy Purchasing Coalition
KAPL Kerala Ayurveda Pharmacy, Ltd.
LMCP Lallubhai Motilal College of Pharmacy
LLLP Life Long Learning in Pharmacy
LSOP London School of Pharmacy
LTCPA Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance
LBP Louisiana Board of Pharmacy
MCPS Managed Care Pharmacy System
MPB Managed Pharmacy Benefits Inc.
MPAP Maryland Pharmacy Assistance Program
MCP Massachusetts College of Pharmacy
MACP Member of Australian College of Pharmacy
MCPP Member of the College of Pharmacy Practice
MSPT Michigan Society of Pharmacy Technicians
MPA Missouri Pharmacy Association
MPJE Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination
NACPP National Advisory Committee on Pharmacy Practice
NAPSA National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association
NCPN National Community Pharmacy Network
NMOP National Mail Order Pharmacy
NPRT National Pharmacy Response Team
NPTA National Pharmacy Technician Association
NCBOP North Carolina Board of Pharmacy
NPT Nuclear Pharmacy Technician
OPA Office of Pharmacy Affairs
OSBP Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy
OPYP Online Pharmacy Yellow Pages
OBP Oregon Board of Pharmacy
OSBP Oregon State Board of Pharmacy
OPEM Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine
OP Outpatient Pharmacy
OPAS Outpatient Pharmacy Anticoagulation Service
OPASS Outpatient Pharmacy Anticoagulation Service
OPM Outpatient Pharmacy Manager
PPAA Pacific Pharmacy Alumni Association
PPAG Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group
PHAR Pharmacy
PHARM Pharmacy
PAP Pharmacy Administration and Practice
PAA Pharmacy Alumni Association
PAS Pharmacy Analytical Services
SPNS Pharmacy and Nutrition Students’ Society
PNT Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee
PTC Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
PAP Pharmacy Assistance Program
PADIS Pharmacy Automated Drug Interaction Screening
PBNX Pharmacy Based Needle Exchange
PBM Pharmacy Benefit Manager
PBM Pharmacy Benefits Management
PCAT Pharmacy College Admission Test
PCIG Pharmacy Contract Implementation Group
PCMS Pharmacy Contract Management System
PCI Pharmacy Council of India
PCSP Pharmacy Council on Stroke Prevention
PCTD Pharmacy Council on Tobacco Dependence
PDMI Pharmacy Data Management, Inc.
PDTS Pharmacy Data Transaction Service
PEMS Pharmacy Education Management System
PECS Pharmacy Electronic Communications Standard
PEBC Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada
PFOA Pharmacy Franchise Owners Association
PGA Pharmacy Guild of Australia
PITO Pharmacy Industry Training Organisation
PIMS Pharmacy Information Management System
PIS Pharmacy Information System
PILL Pharmacy Intervention for Limited Literacy
PMS Pharmacy Management System
PM Pharmacy Manager
PMP Pharmacy Manpower Project
PMP Pharmacy Movie Project
PPDC Pharmacy Partners in Diabetes Care
PPS Pharmacy Performance System
PP3 Pharmacy Practice 3
PPAC Pharmacy Practice Activity Classification
PPD Pharmacy Practice Division
PPRT Pharmacy Practice Research Trust
PPN Pharmacy Product Number
PQA Pharmacy Quality Alliance
PRCC Pharmacy Regulation and Compliance Committee
PRISM Pharmacy Related Information Storage Method
PSA Pharmacy Service Associate
PSC Pharmacy Service Center
PSI Pharmacy Services Inc.
PSM Pharmacy Services Manager
PSW Pharmacy Society of Wisconsin
PSC Pharmacy Student Council
PSSA Pharmacy Systems Service Analyst
PT Pharmacy Technician
PHT Pharmacy Technician
PTEC Pharmacy Technician Educators Council
PLXS Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology
PLX Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology
PPOD Pharmacy, Podiatry, Optometry and Dentistry
PSQ Pharmacy’s Steps of Quality
PPS Preferred Pharmacy Solutions, LLC
PPC Pre-Pharmacy Club
PEIPB Prince Edward Island Pharmacy Board
PPA Professional Pharmacy Alliance
PPSO Professional Pharmacy Students Organization
PPLS Provincial Pharmacy Locum Services
PHPC Public Hospital Pharmacy Coalition
QUMPRC Quality Use of Medicines and Pharmacy Research Centre
RCPDS Remote Chinese Pharmacy Diagnosis System
STLCOP Saint Louis College of Pharmacy
SOP School of Pharmacy
SAPC South African Pharmacy Council
SCCP South Carolina College of Pharmacy
SPAP State Pharmacy Assistance Program
SOPHT Student Organization of Pharmacy Technicians
SSNP Student Society of Nuclear Pharmacy
TMOP Tricare Mail Order Pharmacy
UKRG United Kingdom Radiopharmacy Group
UMCP University of Michigan College of Pharmacy
UTCOP University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy
VIPPS Verification of Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites
VIPPS Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites
WSPA Washington State Pharmacy Association
WSOP Wegmans School of Pharmacy
WLPS World List of Pharmacy Schools