Restaurant Abbreviations

The French term restaurant came to our language with the designation of restaurant. This is the trade that offers various foods and drinks for consumption in the establishment. This consumption must be paid for by the customer, who is usually known as a diner.

Examples: “My uncle has a restaurant in the north of the city”, “Last night, Lisandro took me to a French restaurant for dinner”, “My favorite dish at this restaurant is the chicken with rice and beans ”.

The restaurant concept began to become popular in the second half of the 18th century, although establishments of this type already existed before. It is believed that the word is due to the fact that these places allow to “restore” the stomach of those who frequent/stay there.

Currently, there are a lot of different restaurants offering different services and specialties. Depending on the type of cuisine they serve, it can be Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc.

It is known by the name of buffet restaurant any establishment that puts already prepared dishes at the disposal of people for them to serve themselves. In traditional restaurants, however, the customer asks a waiter for the dish he wants to eat and waits at the table to be served.

It should also be noted that there are take-away food restaurants (the so-called take-away ) or that make home deliveries. In this case , the person buys the food and/or drink on the spot, but then consumes it at home.

Restaurant Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Restaurant

ARPOS Abacre Restaurant Point of Sale
BBRG Back Bay Restaurant Group
BRDH Bar Restaurant Du Havre
BRC Base Restaurant Council
BHRA Beverly Hills Restaurant Association
BBRI Big Boy Restaurants International, LLC
BNR Boston Restaurant Associates, Inc.
BRG Brasserie Restaurant Grillade
BHRA Bulgarian Hotel and Restaurant Association
CHRISTIAN Cafe Hotel Restaurant
CHR Café Hôtel Restaurant
CRA California Restaurant Association
CRFA Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association
CRW Carlson Restaurants Worldwide
TAST Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc.
CDR Casual Dining Restaurant
CRCA Chain Restaurant Compensation Association
CRN Chinese Restaurant News
CRS Chinese Restaurant Syndrome
CKR CKE Restaurants, Inc.
CNTR Commission Nationale des Titres Restaurant
CIRA Council of Independent Restaurants of America
CRS Creative Restaurant Solutions
DRF Darden Restaurant Foundation
EMRA European Modern Restaurant Association
FRIDAY Family Restaurants Inc.
FRI Family Restaurants Inc.
FRA Florida Restaurant Association
FSR Full Service Restaurant
FSRM Full Service Restaurant Management
GGRA Golden Gate Restaurant Association
GRA Green Restaurant Association
GER Greening Ethnic Restaurants
HRM Hospitality Restaurant Management
HRAD Hotel and Restaurant Administration
HRANI Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India
HRAP Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines
HRSA Hotel and Restaurant Suppliers Association
HMR Hotel Motel Restaurant
HMRA Hotel Motel Restaurant Association
HRM Hotel Restaurant Management
HRT Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism
HRI Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution
HORECA Hotels, Restaurantes & Catering
HORECA Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes
IRA Illinois Restaurant Association
IRC Individual Restaurant Company
IHRA International Hotel & Restaurant Association
IUF International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations
JRA Japan Restaurant Association
JRO Japanese Restaurants Overseas
JRA Junior Restaurant Academy
KRA Kentucky Restaurant Association, Inc.
KRW Kingston Restaurant Week
LSR Limited Service Restaurant
LRM Local Restaurant Marketing
LRTI Lodging, Restaurant and Tourism Index
LRA Louisiana Restaurant Association
MHRA Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association
MRFA Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association
MRA Massachusetts Restaurant Association
MHRIM Master of Hotel Restaurant and Institutional Management
MSSR McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurants, Inc.
MFR McLean Family Restaurant
MRA Michigan Restaurant Association
MSRA Mississippi Restaurant Association
NRN Nation’s Restaurant News
NBRA National Bar and Restaurant Association
NCCR National Council of Chain Restaurants
NRA National Restaurant Association
NRAS National Restaurant Association Solutions
NMRA New Mexico Restaurant Association
NRO New Restaurant Opening
NBRA Newport Beach Restaurant Association
NCRA North Carolina Restaurant Association
NEMS-R Nutrition Environment Measures Survey for Restaurants
ORAEF Ohio Restaurant Association Education Foundation
ORBA Oregon Restaurant and Beverage Association
PRC Post Restaurant Council
PRF Post Restaurant Fund
PARAT Pub and Restaurant Appreciation Team
QWRH Quaintance-Weaver Restaurants and Hotels
QSR Quick Service Restaurant
RCRA Rainbow County Restaurants Association
RCAV Restaurant and Catering Association of Victoria
RFIM Restaurant and Food Industry Management
RAM Restaurant Association of Maryland
RASA Restaurant Association of South Africa
RC Restaurant City
RDM Restaurant Department Management
RDO Restaurant Deutsche Oper
RDG Restaurant Development Group
RGM Restaurant General Manager
RH Restaurant Hospitality
RMG Restaurant Management Group
RMS Restaurant Management System
ROIP Restaurant Operations Improvement Process
ROS Restaurant Operations Support
ROC Restaurant Opportunities Center
RPI Restaurant Partners, Inc.
RPE Restaurant Pro Express
RU Restaurant Universitaire
RBH Restaurant/Bar/Hotel
ROTR Restaurants on the Run
RUI Restaurants Unlimited, Inc.
RORA Royal Oak Restaurant Association
SBRG Santa Barbara Restaurant Group, Inc.
SHRM School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
SSR Self-Service Restaurant
SCRW Southern California Restaurant Writers
SHRA Spokane Restaurant &. Hospitality Association
SRA State Restaurant Association
SDT Sun-Dried Tomato (restaurant menus)
TRANSFER Texas Restaurant Association
TRAINING Texas Restaurant Association
TRA Texas Restaurant Association
TRG Triarc Restaurant Group
YUM Tricon Global Restaurants )
TGRI Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc.
USRG United States Restaurant Guide
VBRA Virginia Beach Restaurant Association
VRMS Visual Restaurant Management System
WCTR Whistling Cricket Tweaking Restaurant
WARA Williamsburg Area Restaurant Association
WSGR Wine Spectator Greystone Restaurant
WRA Wisconsin Restaurant Association
WVRM World Vegetarian Restaurant Month
WLRA Wyoming Lodging and Restaurant Association
YGR Yorkshire Global Restaurants, Inc.
YTR Yours Truly Restaurant
YRI Yum Restaurants International