Teacher Abbreviations

“Teacher Group”. This is the meaning of the term professorship, which it is now up to us to gain. A word that derives from Latin, specifically from “teacher”, which is equivalent to “one who declares”.


Professorship is a term that admits several meanings, related to teaching. It can refer to the group of teachers, the position they hold and the career that allows them to obtain the corresponding degree.

Examples: “Teachers announced a strike next Friday, to demand better salaries”, “I don’t know what I’m going to do when I retire: teaching is very important in life”, “My daughter is taking her teaching course in Physical Education”.

A teacher is an individual who is dedicated to teaching an art , a discipline or a science. In this sense, it can be used as a synonym for master, although there are usually some distinctions (Masters can be those who teach in primary school or who have a Master’s degree).

The notion of professorship concerns the professional exercise of teaching. People who are part of the teaching staff (in the sense of a set of teachers), therefore, earn a salary to teach and teach their students.

As a training career, teaching is the course one must complete to become a teacher. Through this training, the individual receives the necessary knowledge to train as a teacher. In addition to subject-specific instruction, the faculty also teaches pedagogy and other issues related to teacher- student interaction and group management.

The extent of the teaching profession and its characteristics depend on several issues, from the teaching profession in question (Teacher in Initial Education, Teacher in Physical Education, Teacher in Geography, Teacher in Psychology, etc.) to the educational legislation of each country.

It is important to explain that teachers must always continue to be trained, as this is the way they can be aware of all the advances and tools that appear and that can help to improve the quality of teaching they offer. That said, several political institutions offer permanent training courses for teachers, in order to improve/improve their knowledge of languages ​​or to learn to use specific computer programs to make slide presentations of the subjects or to create activities such as web quests.

Now, for example, the fact of incorporating the so-called ICTs in classes has led many teachers to update their knowledge regarding the use of computers and tablets, browsing the Internet or the resources that the network has available in this regard.

Teacher Abbreviations

List of Acronyms Related to Teacher

AGFT A Gift For Teaching
ADTA Abbotsford District Teachers’ Association
ATFCU Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union
ATL Academy for Teaching and Learning
AITT Acadia Institute for Teaching and Technology
ATAM Accordion Teachers Association of Massachusetts
ATG Accordionists and Teachers Guild
ACCEPT Accupril Canadian Clinical Evaluation and Patient Teaching
ATQ Additional Teaching Qualification
ADTA Adelanto District Teachers Association
AMTS Adult Medicine Teaching Service
AJET Advanced Joint English Teaching
APTD Advanced Placement Teacher Development
ATP Advanced Teacher Program
AGECTDS Advisory Group on Education for Citizenship and the Teaching of Democracy in Schools
ATOD Advisory Teachers of the Deaf
ALTA African Language Teachers Association
AATA Alabama Aerospace Teachers’ Association
AMTA Alabama Music Teachers Association
ASTA Alabama Science Teachers Association
ASTLC Alabama Science Teaching and Learning Center
AMTA Alaska Music Teachers Association
APTE Alaska Partnership for Teacher Enhancement
ASTA Alaska Science Teachers Association
ATLN Alaska Teacher Leadership Network
ATP Alaska Teacher Placement
ARTA Alberta Retired Teachers Association
ARTA Alberta Retired Teachers’ Association
ATOP Alberta Teachers of Psychology
ATA Alberta Teachers’ Association
ATF Albuquerque Teachers Federation
AMRTA Alchemical Medicine Research and Teaching Association
AIFUCTO All India Federation of University and College Teachers Organisations
APGSTA All Pakistan Government School Teachers Associations
AFQT Alliance for Quality Teaching
ACT Alliance of Concerned Teachers
ASIST Alternative Support for Induction Science Teachers
AAEGT American Association of Educational Gymnastic Teachers
AAPT American Association of Philosophy Teachers
AAPT American Association of Physics Teachers
AART American Association of Retired Teachers
AATA American Association of Teachers of Arabic
AATG American Association of Teachers of German
AATK American Association of Teachers of Korean
AATSEEL American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages
ABT American Biology Teacher
ABTA American Bridge Teachers Association
ACTR American Council of Teachers of Russian
AFT American Federation of Teachers
AFTCA American Federation of Teachers Communications Association
AHTC American History Teachers’ Collaborative
AITE American Indian Teacher Education
ASTA American Science Teachers Association
ASTA American String Teachers Association
ASTA Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association
ASDTA Anchorage School District Teacher Academy
ARTS Appleton Resources for Teachers and Students
ATTC Arabic Teacher Training Course
ATC Area Teaching Committee
AATA Arizona Agricultural Teachers Association
ACEPT Arizona Collaborative for Excellence in Preparation of Teachers
ASTA Arizona Science Teachers Association
ACTM Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
ASTA Arkansas Science Teachers Association
ASTA Arkansas State Teachers Association
ASTC Arkansas State Teachers College
ATRS Arkansas Teacher Retirement System
AMTA Arlington Music Teachers’ Association
AICT Art Images for College Teaching
ATA Art Teachers Association
ATEG Assembly for the Teaching of English Grammar
ATSW Assessment of Teaching Skills Written
ASTEP Assistance to Teacher Education Project
AET Assistant English Teacher
ALTITUDE Assistant Language Teacher
ALTERNATE Assistant Language Teacher
ALT Assistant Language Teacher
ADEPT Assisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teaching
AAT Associate in Arts in Teaching
ATP Associate Teachers Programme
ATOMIC Associated Teachers of Mathematics in Connecticut
ACOT Associateship of the College of Teachers
AELNE Association des Enseignant s de Langue de la Nouvelle-Ecosse (French: Nova Scotia Language Teachers Association)
ACCTS Association for Christian Conferences Teaching and Service
ACT Association for Citizenship Teaching
ITTE Association for Information Technology in Teacher Education
AJET Association for Japan Exchange and Teaching
AJALT Association for Japanese Language Teaching
APTR Association for Prevention Teaching and Research
ATEES Association for Teacher Education in Europe
ATCL Association for Teacher-Librarianship
ATEK Association for Teachers of English in Korea
AETS Association for the Education of Teachers in Science
ATEM Association for the Teaching of English in Malawi
ABSTD Association of Basic Science Teachers in Dentistry
ACTH Association of Canadian Teaching Hospitals
ACTS Association of Christian Teachers and Schools
ACTT Association of Classroom Teacher Testers
ACT Association of Classroom Teachers
ACETA Association of College English Teachers of Alabama
ASCTE Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
AGTV Association of German Teachers of Victoria
AJE Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe
AMTNYS Association of Math Teachers of New York State
AMET Association of Mathematics Education Teachers
AMTRA Association of Mathematics Teachers of the Rochester Area
AMCBT Association of Midwest College Biology Teachers
APTI Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India
AST Association of Science Teachers
ASSORTED Association of Secondary School Teachers
ASST Association of Secondary School Teachers
ASTI Association of Secondary Teachers Ireland
ATE Association of Teacher Educators
ATL Association of Teachers and Lecturers
ATEL Association of Teachers of English in Lebanon
ATECR Association of Teachers of English in the Czech Republic
ATEC Association of Teachers of Exceptional Children
ATJ Association of Teachers of Japanese
ATLA Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults
ATMCH Association of Teachers of Maternal and Child Health
ATM Association of Teachers of Mathematics
ATW Association of Teachers’ Websites
ATA Association of Teaching Artists
ATTT Association of Tourism Teachers and Trainers
AUNBT Association of University of New Brunswick Teachers
AUSTRIA Association of University Teachers
AUTEST Association of University Teachers
AUT Association of University Teachers
AUTP Association of University Teachers of Psychiatry
ASSET Astrobiology Summer Science Experience for Teachers
ADTA Atascadero District Teachers Association
ASTA Auckland Science Teachers Association
AFTRAA Australasian Forum of Teacher Registration and Accreditation
APAT Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers
AATA Australian Accordion Teachers Association
ANZCCART Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching
AAMT Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers
AAUT Australian Awards for University Teaching
AGTA Australian Geography Teachers’ Association
AJCPTA Australian Joint Council of Professional Teaching Associations
ALTC Australian Learning and Teaching Council
AMTR Australian Music Teachers Register
ANATS Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing
ASTA Australian Science Teachers Association
ASTA Australian Studies Teachers Association
ATEA Australian Teacher Education Association
ATOD Australian Teachers of Dancing Limited
ATOM Australian Teachers of Media
AUTC Australian Universities Teaching Committee
AAUTE Austrian Association for University Teachers of English
ATTS Automotive Technical Teaching Standards
ATTIC Awareness of Teaching and Teaching Improvement Center
AETA Azerbaijan English Teachers’ Association
BAT Bachelor of Arts in Teaching
BSPT Bachelor of Science in Physics for Teachers
BETA Bakersfield Elementary Teachers Association
BSTC Ball State Teachers College
BDTC Ballroom Dance Teachers College
BTU Baltimore Teachers Union
BSTU Barbados Secondary Teachers’ Union
BUT Barbados Union of Teachers
BETT Basic Education and Teacher Training
BOOT Basics of Online Teaching
BTA Bath Teachers Association
BTC Bathurst Teachers’ College
BATDC Bay Area Teacher Development Collaborative
BTCN Beginning Teacher Computer Network
BTC Beginning Teacher Consortium
BTES Beginning Teacher Evaluation Study
BTSA Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment
BTTA Beginning Teacher Time Allowance
BTAP Beginning Teachers Assistance Program
BTTC Belvedere Technical Teachers’ College
FTE Berkeley Federation of Teachers
BOBCAT Best of the Best Computer-Aided Teaching
BTI Bible Teachers International
BITEP Bilingual and International Teacher Education Programme
BETT Bilingual Education Teacher Training
BTTP Bilingual Teacher Training Program
BOTEC Board of Teacher Education and Certification
BTU Boston Teachers Union
BRTA Bradford Retired Teachers’ Association
BEAUFORT Brevard Federation of Teachers
BFT Brevard Federation of Teachers
BTTB Bridges for Teachers – Teachers for Bridges
BATJ British Association for Teaching Japanese
BATD British Association of Teachers of Dancing
BCLTS British Chinese Language Teaching Seminar
BCCT British Columbia College of Teachers
BTU Broward Teachers Union
BTF Buffalo Teachers Federation
BYTE Build Your Teaching Experience
BETTER Building Effective Teaching Through Educational Research
BWVACET Bulletin of the West Virginia Association of College English Teachers
BTA Burbank Teachers Association
BETA Business Education Teachers Association
BETT Business English Teacher Training
BET Business English Teaching
CFT Calcasieu Federation of Teachers
CUTA Calcutta University Teachers Association
CPHA Calderdale Primary Headteachers Association
CARS California Association of Resource Specialists and Special Education Teachers
CATE California Association of Teachers of English
CCTC California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
CTC California Commission on Teacher Credentialing
CCTD California Consortium for Teacher Development
CCTE California Council on Teacher Education
CFT California Federation of Teachers
CFASST California Formative Assessment and Support System for Teachers
CLTA California Language Teachers’ Association
CNTP California New Teacher Project
CSTA California Science Teachers Association
CSFT California State Federation of Teachers
CSTA California State Teachers Association
CSET California Subject Examinations for Teachers
CALL-TO-ACTION California Teachers Association
CTA California Teachers Association
CYTA California Yoga Teachers Association
CPTO Calvary Parent Teacher Organization
CAUT Cambridge Association of University Teachers
CTO Campus Teaching Observatory
CALT Canadian Association of Law Teachers
CAUT Canadian Association of University Teachers
CBTA Canadian Bharathanatyam Teachers Association
CCT Canadian College of Teachers
CDTA Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association
CFMTA Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations
CANSTAT Canadian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
CTF Canadian Teachers’ Federation
CFT Canadian Teachers’ Federation
CUTHE Canadian University Teachers of Home Economics
CTR Canonical Teacher Resources
CPTO Canton Parent Teacher Organization
CASTLE Capacitor-Aided System for Teaching and Learning Electricity
CATA Cape African Teachers’ Association
CTPA Cape Teacher’s Professional Association
CCETT Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Teacher Training
CUTA Carlsbad Unified Teachers Association
CASTL Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
CPTO Carver Parent Teacher Organization
CVTA Castro Valley Teachers Association
CATSC Catholic Association of Teachers, Schools and Colleges
CPTO Catholic Parent Teacher Organization
CSTA Catholic School Teachers Association
CST Catholic Social Teaching
CTG Catholic Teachers Gazette
CPTO Centennial Parent Teacher Organization
CASTL Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning
CDLTE Center for Distance Learning and Teaching Excellence
CERTI Center for Educational Research and Teaching Innovation
CELT Center for Engineering Learning and Teaching
CELTT Center for Excellence in Learning, Teaching, and Technology
CHDLT Center for Human Development Learning and Teaching
CFLAT Center for Learning and Teaching
CLTE Center for Learning and Teaching Excellence
CMTL Center for Mathematics, Teaching and Learning
CMTE Center for Montessori Teacher Education
CRLTS Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
CSTL Center for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning
CONTROL Center for Teaching and Learning
CTL Center for Teaching and Learning
CTLS Center for Teaching and Learning Services
CTPD Center for Teaching and Professional Development
CTRE Center for Teaching and Research Excellence
CTEER Center for Teaching Effectiveness
CTE Center for Teaching Effectiveness
CTEER Center for Teaching Enhancement
CTE Center for Teaching Enhancement
CTEER Center for Teaching Excellence
CTE Center for Teaching Excellence
CTQ Center for Teaching Quality
CTLAS Center for Teaching, Learning and Academic Support
CTLET Center for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies
CTLW Center for Teaching, Learning, and Writing
CTTE Center for Technology and Teacher Education
CITES Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling
CITL Center for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning
CITO Center for the Improvement of Teaching and Outreach
CSTW Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing
CTAH Center for the Teaching of American History
CARTSS Center to Advance Research and Teaching in the Social Sciences
CFMTA Central Florida Music Teachers Association, Inc
COTA Central Ohio Teachers Association
CT Central Teaching
CTCTM Central Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics
CDTL Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning
CDOTL Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning
CELTEAL Centre for English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics
CELT Centre for English Language Teaching
LTTC Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology
CNTTL Centre for New Technologies in Teaching and Learning
CRTED Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development
CRYSTAL Centre for Research in Youth, Science Teaching and Learning
CSTL Centre for Studies in Teacher Librarianship
CTEER Centre for Teaching Excellence
CTE Centre for Teaching Excellence
CATL Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning
CDLT Centre for the Development of Learning and Teaching
CELT Centre for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching
CSTE Centre for the Study of Teacher Education
CELTA Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults
CELTC Certificate in English Language Teaching to Children
CLTA Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults
CSLT Certificate in Second Language Teaching
CTFA Certificate in Teaching French to Adults
CTIA Certificate in Teaching Italian to Adults
CTSA Certificate in Teaching Spanish to Adults
CT Certificate of Teaching
CRMT Certified Reiki Master Teacher
CYT Certified Yoga Teacher
CZT Certified Zentangle Teacher
C-SELT Chalmers Strategic Effort on Learning and Teaching
CCRTA Charles County Retired Teachers Association
CVTA Chateauguay Valley Teachers Association
CCMTA Chautauqua County Music Teachers’ Association
CSAAPT Chesapeake Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers
CYTA Cheshire Yoga Teachers Association
CAMTA Chicago Area Music Teachers Association
CTU Chicago Teachers Union
CLTE Chinese Language Teacher Education
CLTA Chinese Language Teachers Association
CLT Chinese Language Teaching
CUTA Chittagong University Teachers Association
CTIE Christ the Teacher Institute for Education
CPTO Christian Parent-Teacher Organization
CYTA Cincinnati Yoga Teachers’ Association
CASTLE Citadel Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching, Learning, and Evaluation
CLTA Classical Language Teachers’ Association
CT Classroom Teacher
CALL-TO-ACTION Classroom Teachers Association
CTA Classroom Teachers Association
CHTU Cleveland Heights Teachers Union
CEST Clinical Experiences and Student Teaching
CALL-TO-ACTION Clinical Teachers Association
CTA Clinical Teachers Association
CTAUWO Clinical Teachers Association at the University of Western Ontario
CTAF Clinical Teaching Assessment Form
CVTA Coachella Valley Teachers Association
CCTM Coastal Council of Teachers of Mathematics
CCMTA Cobb County Music Teachers Association
CETP Collaborations for Excellence in Teacher Preparation
CATIE Collaborative for the Advancement of Teaching Interpreting Excellence
CPPT Collaborative Program Planning and Teaching
CTEP Collaborative Teacher Education Program
CTT Collaborative Team Teaching
CTEL College of Teacher Education and Leadership
CTEN College Teaching Effectiveness Network
CASTA Colorado American String Teachers Association
CBTA Colorado Biology Teachers Association
CBTA Colorado Biology Teachers’ Association
CCFLT Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers
CCTEA Colorado Consortium for Teaching East Asia
CCTM Colorado Council of Teachers of Mathematics
CITEL Colorado International Teachers’ Exchange League
CCNMTL Columbia Center for New Media Teaching and Learning
CTC Commission on Teacher Credentialing
CTLAS Committee for Teaching, Learning and Academic Standards
CALT Committee for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching
CAUT Committee for the Advancement of University Teaching
CUTSD Committee for University Teaching and Staff Development
CTC Committee on Teaching of Chemistry
CQTP Commonwealth Quality Teacher Programme
CTRP Commonwealth Teacher Recruitment Protocol
CASTLE Communicative and Supportive Teaching/Learning Environment
CLT Communicative Language Teaching
COPPER Communities of Practice: Pooling Educational Resources to Support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
CCTL Community College Teaching and Learning
CDTA Comox District Teachers Association
CBTE Competency Based Teacher Education
CTEI Comprehensive Teacher Education Institute
CACTUS Computer Aided Credentials of Teachers in Utah Schools
CCT Computer Contact Teacher
CSTA Computer Science Teachers Association
CAT Computer-Aided Teaching
CATAM Computer-Aided Teaching of All Mathematics
CBMT Computer-Based Medical Teaching
CBT Computer-Based Teaching
CTI Computers in Teaching Initiative
CSTA Computing Studies Teachers Association
CPTO Concerned Parents and Teachers Organization
COFLT Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching
CAMT Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching
CCTE Conference of College Teachers of English
CTRE Conference on Teacher Research Experiences
CAPT Connecticut Association of Physics Teachers
CCCT Connecticut Common Core of Teaching Standards
CSTA Connecticut Science Teachers Association
CETE Consortium for Excellence in Teacher Education
COAST Consortium for Oceanographic Activities for Students and Teachers
CTAPS Consortium for Teaching Asia and the Pacific in the Schools
CTTT Consortium for Training Translation Teachers
CONTIG Consortium of Teachers in Genetics
CLIP Content and Language Integrated Teaching Pilot
CBLT Content-Based Language Teaching
CPTD Continuing Professional Teacher Development
CALL-TO-ACTION Coquitlam Teachers’ Association
CTA Coquitlam Teachers’ Association
CTEER Cornell Teacher Education
CTE Cornell Teacher Education
CLTA Corporate Law Teachers Association
CAT Cougars and Teaching
CARET Council for Agricultural Research, Extension and Teaching
CATE Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education
CSTA Council of Subject Teaching Associations
COTH Council of Teaching Hospitals and Health Systems
CTEER Council on Teacher Education
COTE Council on Teacher Education
CTE Council on Teacher Education
CTTE Council on Technology Teacher Education
CTEC Course and Teacher Evaluation Council
CDTA Cranbrook District Teachers Association
CTP Creative Teaching Press
CPTO Crossroads Parent Teacher Organization
COLTS Culture of Learning, Teaching and Service
CATS Curriculum and Teaching Studies
CREST Curriculum Revision and Educational Standards for Teaching
CSTD Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development
CONTROL Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
CTL Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
CCMTA Cypress Creek Music Teachers Association
CSTA Czechoslovak Callers and Teachers Association
DCCTM Dade County Council of Teachers of Mathematics
DTRC Dairy Teaching and Research Center
DTCU Dallas Teachers Credit Union
DTOL Dance Teachers On-Line
DCTFCU Daviess County Teachers Federal Credit Union
DTC DeKalb Teachers College
DCTM Delaware Council of Teachers of Mathematics
DTF Delaware Teaching Fellows
DUTA Delhi University Teachers Association
DFLT Department of Foreign Language Teaching
DATLE Departmental Award for Teaching and Learning Excellence
DHT Deputy Head Teacher
DTTO Design and Technology Teachers of Ontario
DFT Detroit Federation of Teachers
DETAIL Developing English Teaching and Internship Learning
DUET Development of University English Teaching
DTMP Differentiated Teaching Module Primary
DETA Digital Education Teacher Academy
DETAS Digital Education Teacher Academy
DAST Diploma for Advanced Study in Teaching
DELTA Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults
DTERT Directorate of Teacher Education, Research and Training
DTIR Distinguished Teacher in Residence
DTP Distinguished Teaching Professorship
DCTFCU District of Columbia Teachers Federal Credit Union
DTE District Teacher Educator
DTLS Division of Teaching and Learning Services
DTLT Division of Teaching and Learning Technologies
DFT Don’t Fault the Teacher
DTCU Dormaa Teachers Cooperative Credit Union
DATH Dublin Academic Teaching Hospital
DOTT Duties Other Than Teaching
DTU Duval Teachers United
ECT Early Childhood Teacher
ECTE Early Childhood Teacher Education
ESTA Earth Science Teachers’ Association
ECTU East County Teachers Uniserv
EMTA East Meadow Teachers Association
ERTA East Ramapo Teachers Association
ESST East Stroudsburg State Teachers College
ETSTC East Texas State Teachers College
ERTEC Eastern Region Teacher Education Consortium
EMTA Edmonds Music Teachers Association
ERTA Edmonton Retired Teachers Association
EECTR Effective English Communication for Teaching and Research
ETAL Effective Teaching and Learning
ERTF Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowship
EMTC Electronic Media Teaching Competence
ETAP Electronic Teaching Assistance Program
ETFO Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario
ETA Elgin Teachers Association
ETA Ellenville Teachers Association
EMTT Emergency Medicine Teacher Training
ETLN Emerging Teacher Leaders Network
ECIT Emory Center for Interactive Teaching
ETEMS English for Teaching Mathematics and Science
ELTEAL English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics
ELTA English Language Teachers’ Association
ELTABB English Language Teachers’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg
ELEMENT English Language Teaching
ELT English Language Teaching
ELTA English Language Teaching Assistant
ELTIC English Language Teaching In Cameroon
ELTU English Language Teaching Unit
ETE English Teacher Education
ETA English Teachers Association
ETAS English Teachers Association of Switzerland
ETEC English Teachers Employment Connection
ETJ English Teachers in Japan
ETAG English Teachers’ Association of Georgia
ETA English Teaching Assistantship
ETP English Teaching Professional
ELSMT Entry Level Standards for Michigan Teachers
EYT Entry Year Teacher
EDOT Essential Dimensions of Teaching
EATE Estonian Association of Teachers of English
ETA Ethiopian Teachers’ Association
EAST Eugene Association of Substitute Teachers
EFTRE European Forum for Teachers of Religious Education
EGTA European Guitar Teachers Association
EIPTN European Intellectual Property Teachers’ Network
ELTE European Language Teaching Exchange
ENOAT European Network of Organic Agriculture University Teachers
ERTA European Recorder Teachers Association
ESTA European String Teachers Association
EASEIT Evaluative and Advisory Support to Encourage Innovative Teaching
ERTA Evansville Retired Teachers Association
ELTA Excellence in Learning, Teaching and Assessment Awards
EIT Excellence in Teaching
EYTP Excellent Young Teachers Program
ESTEEM Expert Science Teaching Educational Evaluation Model
FACET Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching
FTEP Faculty Teaching Excellence Program
FPTS Family Practice Teaching Service
FSTA Family Studies Teachers Association
FCOT Fellow of the College of Teachers
FIST Fellow of the Institute of Swimming Teachers
FSBT Fellow of the Society of Business Teachers
FIRST Financial Incentive Rewards for Supervisors and Teachers
FTFCU First Teachers Federal Credit Union
FAST Florida Alliance of Substitute Teachers
FACTE Florida Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
FAST Florida Association of Science Teachers
FCTM Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics
FTCE Florida Teacher Certification Examination
FTP Florida Teaching Profession
FOTL Focus on Teaching and Learning
FILTER Focusing Images for Learning and Teaching an Enriched Resource
FLIGHT Foreign Language Teaching
FLT Foreign Language Teaching
FLTS Foreign Language Teaching School
FAST Formative Assessment in Science Teaching
FCTBE Foundation Certificate for Teachers of Business English
FTE Foundation for Teaching Economics
FULT Foundations of University Learning and Teaching
FFT Framework for Teaching
FCTA Frederick County Teachers Association
FASTA Fresno Area Substitute Teachers Association
FCEPT Fresno Collaborative for Excellence in the Preparation of Teachers
FITA Friendly Islands Teachers’ Association
FTEP Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program
FTTE Full-Time Teacher Equivalent
FTCU Fulton Teachers’ Credit Union
FCTBE Further Certificate for Teachers of Business English
FTA Future Teachers of America
GCCTA Gadsden County Classroom Teachers Association
GMTA Gainesville Music Teachers Association
GVTA Garden Valley Teachers Association
GTC General Teaching Council
GTCS General Teaching Council for Scotland
GUPT General Union of Palestinian Teachers
GLTC Generic Learning and Teaching Centre
GCAT Genome Consortium for Active Teaching
GTASA Geography Teachers Association of South Australia
GCTE Georgia Council of Teachers of English
GCTM Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Inc.
GIFT Georgia Industrial Fellowships for Teachers
GMTA Georgia Music Teachers Association
GSTEP Georgia Systemic Teacher Education Program
GTOI Georgia Teacher Observation Instrument
GLTA German Language Teachers Association
GNAT Ghana National Association of Teachers
GTRR Global Teachers Research and Resources, Inc.
GITC Globe International Teachers Circle
GMTA Gloucester Music Teachers Association
GASSH Gloucestershire Association of Special School Headteachers
GTFCU Glynn Teachers Federal Credit Union
GTA Google Teacher Academy
GTA Gorham Teachers Association
GTC Goulburn Teachers’ College
GCTE Government College of Teacher Education
GRTP Graduate and Registered Teacher Programmes
GET Graduate Entry Teaching
GTEP Graduate Teacher Education Program
GTA Graduate Teaching Academy
GTA Graduate Teaching Assistant
GTA Graduate Teaching Assistantship
GTF Graduate Teaching Fellow
GTP Graduate Teaching Practice
GIFTS Great Ideas for Teaching Students
GTO Great Teacher Onizuka
GVTA Greater Victoria Teachers Association
GUSTO Greece United Substitute Teachers Organization
GRID Growing Interest in the Development of Teaching Science
GCTFS Gulf Coast Teaching Family Services, Inc.
GTU Guyana Teachers’ Union
HTTA Half-Time Teaching Assistantship
HWETL Hamilton-Wentworth Elementary Teachers’ Local
HTPA Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy
HTPCT Haringey Teaching Primary Care Trust
HSTA Hawai’i State Teachers Association
HCTE Hawaii Council of Teachers of English
HGTPC Heartland Golf Teaching Professional Club
HOT Helping Our Teachers
HETAP Higher Education Teacher Assistance Program
HETL Higher Education Teaching and Learning
HLTA Higher Level Teaching Assistant
HDTAE Highland Dancing Teachers Association of England
HQT Highly Qualified Teacher
HCTA Hillsborough Classroom Teachers Association
HITA Himalayan Institute Teachers Association
HTA History Teachers’ Association
HETAC Home Economics Teachers Association of California
HEART Home Education After Righteous Teaching
HT Home Teacher
HT Home Teaching
HETA Honam English Teachers Association
HKPTU Hong Kong Professional Teachers Union
HTS Honours Teaching Scholarship
HTRC Horticulture Teaching and Research Center
HFT Hot for Teacher
HTPCT Hull Teaching Primary Care Trust
HPTA Hyde Park Teachers Association
IIMT Icfai Institute for Management Teachers
IMTA Idaho Music Teachers Association
IFT Illinois Federation of Teachers
IMTE Illinois Mathematics Teacher Educators
INTC Illinois New Teacher Collaborative
IPTA Illinois Parent Teacher Association
IRTA Illinois Retired Teachers Association
ISTD Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing
ITSE Improvement of Teaching through Self-Evaluation
ITQ Improving Teacher Quality
IAPT Indian Association of Physics Teachers
IGTF Indian Golf Teachers Federation
IFLTA Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association
IMTA Indiana Music Teachers Association
IRTA Indiana Retired Teachers Association
ISTA Indiana State Teachers Association
ICTT Information and Communication Technologies for Teaching
ICT4LT Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers
ITEST Information Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers
ITTE Information Technology in Teacher Education
IPTE Initial Professional Teacher Education
ITE Initial Teacher Education
ITPP Initial Teacher Preparation Program
ITT Initial Teacher Training
ITTE Initial Teacher Training and Education
ITA Initial Teaching Alphabet
IETT Initiatives in Educational Transformation Teaching
IETI Innovations in Education & Teaching International
ITALICS Innovations in Teaching and Learning in Information and Computer Sciences
ICT Institute for Christian Teaching
ILT Institute for Learning and Teaching
IRT Institute for Recruitment of Teachers
ISTC Institute of Swimming Teachers and Coaches Ltd
ITATE Institute of Technical and Adult Teacher Education
IRT Instructional Resource Teacher
ITLT Instructional Technology Lead Teacher
ITRT Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
ITP Instrumental Teaching Provision
ISTEP Integrated Secondary Teacher Education Program
ITS Integrated Teaching Systems
ISTAT Integrating Science Teaching and Technology
IRTP Intensive Remedial Teaching Programme
ICTED International Conference on Teacher Education
ICVT International Congress of Voice Teachers
ICET International Council on Education for Teaching
IDTA International Dance Teachers Association
ILTS International Language Teaching Services
ILTEA International Learning Teaching and Evaluation Agency
IMTA International Maitland Teachers Association
IMTA International Management Teachers Academy
INTEC International Netcourse Teacher Enhancement Coalition
INLET International Network for Learning and Teaching
INTI International Non-Traditional Teaching Initiative
ISETL International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning
ISTE International Society for Teacher Education
IST International Supply Teachers
ISTOF International System for Teacher Observation and Feedback
ITES International Teacher Exchange Services
ITIC International Teacher Identity Card
ITTO International Teacher Training Organization
ITTC International Teaching and Training Centre
ITAO International Teaching Assistant Orientation
ITC International Teaching Centre
IFET Internet for English Teaching
INTASC Interstate New Teachers Assessment and Support Consortium
ICTE Iowa Council of Teachers of English
IMTA Iowa Music Teachers Association
IPTA Iowa Parent-Teacher Association
ITOP Iowa Teachers of Psychology
IALT Irish Association of Law Teachers
IATSE Irish Association of Teachers in Special Education
IDTANE Irish Dance Teachers Association of New England
IDTANA Irish Dance Teachers Association of North America
IMTA Irish Mathematics Teachers Association
INTO Irish National Teachers Organisation
INTO Irish National Teachers’ Organisation
ISTH Irrua Specialist Teaching Hospital
IETN Israeli English Teachers’ Network
JTA Jamaica Teachers Association
JUT Jamaica Union of Teachers
JCET James Cook Evaluation of Teaching
JALT Japan Association for Language Teaching
JACET Japan Association of College English Teachers
JET Japan Exchange & Teaching program
JTU Japan Teachers’ Union
JACT Joint Association of Classical Teachers
JACT Joint Association of Classics Teachers
JALT Journal of Accelerated Learning and Teaching
JCST Journal of College Science Teaching
JET Journal of Education for Teaching
JMTE Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education
JMTE Journal of Music Teacher Education
JOLT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
JTL Journal of Teaching and Learning
JTTE Journal of Technology and Teacher Education
JALT Journal of the Association of Law Teachers
JECT Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
JTH Juba Teaching Hospital
JTI Justice Teaching Institute
JITT Just-In-Time Teaching
KABT Kansas Association of Biology Teachers
KATM Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics
KMTA Kansas Music Teachers Association
KSTC Kansas State Teachers College
KTWG Karen Teachers Working Group
KMTA Kentucky Music Teachers Association
KSTA Kentucky Science Teachers Association
KSTC Kenya Science Teachers College
KSTA Kerala School Teacher Association
KTH Khyber Teaching Hospital
KMTA Kitsap Music Teachers Association
KMTA Knoxville Music Teachers Association
KATH Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital
KATE Korea Association of Teachers of English
KTU Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union
KTU-2 Korean Teachers and Education Workers Union
KTU Korean Teachers Union
KTU-2 Korean Teachers Union
KYTT Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training
LSTPD Laboratory Science Teacher Professional Development
LETJ Lake Erie Teachers of Japanese
LETO Lakehead Elementary Teachers of Ontario
LBRT Landelijke Beroepsvereniging Remedial Teachers
LLT Language Learning and Teaching
LOLT Language of Learning and Teaching
LTTC Language Teaching and Testing Center
LTC Language Teaching Centre
LTAI Language Teaching in the Age of Information
LTM Language Teaching Methodology
LALT Latvian Association of Language Teachers
LETS Law Enforcement Teaching Students
HETQ Lead Health Education Teacher Questionnaire
LIGHT Leaders in Godly Home Teaching
LECT League for the Exchange of Commonwealth Teachers
LATAG Learning and Teaching Advisory Group
LTA Learning and Teaching Assistant
LTDF Learning and Teaching Development Fund
LTEU Learning and Teaching Enhancement Unit
LTS Learning and Teaching Strategy
LTS Learning and Teaching Support
LTSN Learning and Teaching Support Network
LTTG Learning and Teaching Technology Group
LOFT Learning Opportunities for Teachers
LTAS Learning Teaching and Assessment Strategy
LTTL Learning to Teach, Teaching to Learn
LTAC Learning, Teaching and Assessment Committee
LTAG Learning, Teaching and Assessment Guide
LTCD Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Development
LTH Leeds Teaching Hospital
LTHT Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust
LGTA Lemon Grove Teachers Association
LCTA Leon County Teachers Association
LUT Licensed Unity Teacher
LET Licensure Examination for Teachers
LTCD Literature and Culture Teaching Database
LIT Literature in Teaching
LTQ Local Teacher Quality
LAPT London Agreed Protocol for Teaching
LACTE Los Angeles Collaborative for Teacher Excellence
LATMAP Los Angeles Teachers Mortgage Assistance Program
LACTE Louisiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
LCTE Louisiana Council of Teachers of English
LSTA Louisiana Science Teachers Association
LTRS Louisiana Teacher Retirement System
MIFT Macomb Intermediate Federation of Teachers
MTP Main Teaching Points
MSTA Maine Science Teachers Association
MSTA Maine State Teachers Association
MCTA Malay College Teacher’s Association
MTC Malayan Teachers’ Conference
MUT Malta Union of Teachers
MAMT Manitoba Association of Mathematics Teachers
MSSTA Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association
MTS Manitoba Teacher’s Society
MABTS Maryland Association of Biology Teachers
MACTE Maryland Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
MATE Maryland Association of Teacher Educators
MRTA Maryland Retired Teachers Association
MSTA Maryland State Teachers Association
MSTA Masjid Schools Teachers Association
MABTS Massachusetts Association of Biology Teachers
MAST Massachusetts Association of Science Teachers
MATSOL Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages
MFT Massachusetts Federation of Teachers
MTA Massachusetts Teachers Association
MTRB Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement Board
MTRS Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement System
MTM Master in the Teaching of Mathematics
MMT Master Mathematics Teacher
MABTS Master of Arts in Bible Teaching
MAET Master of Arts in English for Teachers
MAMT Master of Arts in Mathematics for Teachers
MAT Master of Arts in Teaching
MATL Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning
MATESOL Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
MATM Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics
MATL Master of Arts in the Teaching of Languages
MATW Master of Arts in the Teaching of Writing
MSLT Master of Second Language Teaching
MRT Master Reading Teacher
MTSA Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan
MTT Master Technology Teacher
MAT Masters in the Art of Teaching
MTL Math Teacher Link
MAST Mathematics and Science Teacher
MCATA Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association
MRTC Mathematics Resource Teacher Coordinator
MT Mathematics Teacher
MTA Mathematics Teachers Association
MT Mathematics Teaching
MTMS Mathematics Teaching in Middle School
MCRTW McGill Centre for Research and Teaching on Women
MALT Media-Assisted Language Teaching
MLTU Medical Learning and Teaching Unit
MSTC Medical Sciences Teaching Centre
MTO Medical Teaching Organisation
MTTC Meditation Teachers Training Course
MIMT Member of the Institute of Music Teachers
MSTAT Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
MATCU Memphis Area Teacher’s Credit Union
MABTS Michigan Association of Biology Teachers
MACTE Michigan Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
MESTA Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association
MFTSRP Michigan Federation of Teachers and School Related Personnel
MRTA Michigan Retired Teachers Association
MSTA Michigan Science Teachers Association
MSTA Michigan State Teachers Association
MTTC Michigan Teacher Test for Certification
MTTC Michigan Test for Teacher Certification
MATEP Midwest Association of Teachers of Educational Psychology
MCTA Midwest Chinese Teachers Alliance
MTTP Midwest Teacher Training Program
MACTLAC Midwestern Association of Chemistry Teachers in Liberal Arts Colleges
MSTA Milwaukee Substitute Teachers’ Association
MMTF Minneapolis Music Teachers Forum
MACTE Minnesota Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
MCTM Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MDTA Minnesota Debate Teachers Association
MFT Minnesota Federation of Teachers
MTES Minority Teacher Education Scholarship
MRTA Mississippi Retired Teachers Association
MSTA Mississippi Science Teacher’s Association
MTFP Mississippi Teacher Fellowship Program
MSTTT Mississippi Troops To Teachers
MACTE Missouri Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
MATE Missouri Association of Teachers of English
MCTM Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MRTA Missouri Retired Teachers Association
MSTA Missouri State Teachers Association
MVATA Missouri Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association
MTEC Model Teacher Education Consortium
MOST Modeling and Observing for Substitute Teaching
MOTE Modes of Teacher Education Project
MALT Montana Association of Language Teachers
MCTM Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics
MSTA Montana Science Teachers Association
MTRS Montana Teachers’ Retirement System
MACTE Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education
MTTC Montessori Teachers Training Centre
MCTA Mulligan Concept Teacher’s Association
MENTOR Multimedia Education Network for Teaching, Output and Research
MERLOT Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
MMPFT Multimedia Portables for Teachers
MST Multiple Subject Teaching
MSTC Multiple Subject Teaching Credential
MSAT Multiple Subjects Assessment for Teachers
MTPE Museums Teaching Planet Earth
MTAC Music Teachers’ Association of California
MTA Music Teachers’ Association of New South Wales
MTPP Music Teaching in Professional Practice
NATOW National Alliance of Teachers and Office Workers
NABT National Association for Beginning Teachers
NART National Association for Remedial Teaching
NAPTA National Association for the Prevention of Teacher Abuse
NATE National Association for the Teaching of English
NABT National Association of Biology Teachers
NACTA National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
NAPT National Association of Plumbing Teachers
NAPTA National Association of Professional Teaching Assistants
NASUWT National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers
NASDTEC National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification
NATS National Association of Teachers of Singing
NBCTS National Board Certification for Teachers
NBCTS National Board Certified Teacher
NBPTS National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
NCLT National Center for Learning and Teaching
NCLT National Center for Learning and Teaching in Nanoscale Science and Engineering
NCTE National Center for Teacher Education
NCTT National Center for Teaching Thinking
NTCLAX National Center on Postsecondary Teaching, Learning and Assessment
NCTA National Consortium for Teaching about Asia
NCATE National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
NCATE National Council for Accreditation of Teachers
NCTE National Council for Teacher Education
NCJLT National Council of Japanese Language Teachers
NCTE National Council of Teachers of English
NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NCTR National Council on Teacher Retirement
NESTA National Earth Science Teachers Association
NETST National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers
NETI National Effective Teaching Institute
NFTE National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
NGTE National Graduate Teacher Education
NHCTC National Hsin-Chu Teachers College
NIET National Institute for Excellence in Teaching
NOPT National Organisation for Practice Teaching
NOPT National Organization of Professional Teachers
NOPTI National Organization of Professional Teachers Inc.
NPTA National Parent Teacher Association
NPEAT National Partnership for Excellence and Accountability in Teaching
NPTS National Plan for Teaching Swimming
NPMTA National Professional Music Teachers Association
NPQH National Professional Qualification for Headteachers
NQTIE National Quality Teacher Information Exchange
NSTA National Science Teachers Association
NSATS National Student Administration and Teaching Support
NSTA National Substitute Teachers Alliance
NTEP National Teacher Enhancement Project
NTRP National Teacher Research Panel
NTE National Teacher’s Examination
NTA National Teachers Association for Country Western Dance
NTC National Teachers College
NTE National Teachers Exam
NATU National Teachers Union
NTLD National Teaching and Learning Database
NTF National Teaching Fellow
NTFS National Teaching Fellowship Scheme
NUT National Union of Teachers
NCTM Nationally Certified Teacher of Music
NEST Native English-Speaking Teacher
NSCTD Native Studies Curriculum and Teacher Development
NTEP Native Teacher Education Program
NET Natural Environment Teaching
NATA Nebraska Art Teachers Association
NATM Nebraska Association of Teachers of Mathematics
NATS Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science
NNTA Nepal National Teachers’ Association
NATG Network of Australian Teachers of German
NBLT Network-Based Language Teaching
NBTA New Brunswick Teachers Association
NETTC New Era Teacher Training Centre
NEXT New Experiences in Teaching
NHSTA New Hampshire Science Teachers Association
NJESTA New Jersey Earth Science Teachers Association
NSWTF New South Wales Teachers Federation
NTS New Teacher Standards
NTNT New Teachers New Technology
NTTR New Tools for Teaching and Research
NYACTE New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
NYST New York Singing Teachers’ Association
NYSATAS New York State Assessment of Teaching Assistant Skills
NYSUT New York State United Teachers
NZACT New Zealand Association of Classical Teachers
NZHTA New Zealand History Teachers’ Association
NQT Newly Qualified Teacher
NGT Next Generation of Teachers
NETA Nigerian English Teaching Association
NTPV Non Teacher Police Vetting
NTA Non-Teaching Assistant
NTEU Non-Teaching Employees Union
NATE North Alabama Teacher Exchange
NACTA North American Colleges Teachers of Agriculture
NCATA North Carolina Agriculture Teachers Association
NCATA North Carolina Association of Teacher Assistants
NCSTA North Carolina Science Teachers Association
NCTA North Carolina Teacher Academy
NCTRC North Country Teacher Resource Center
NVTA North Vancouver Teacher Association
NEOTA Northeastern Ohio Teachers Association
NPCTM Northeastern Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
NISTR Northern Ireland Substitute Teacher Register
NTEP Northern Teachers Education Program
NSTU Nova Scotia Teachers Union
NETL Nuclear Engineering Teaching Laboratory
OCTC Oakland City Teacher Corps
OCTE Oakton Conference for Teaching Excellence
OSTE Objective Structured Teaching Exercise
OTC Office of Teacher Certification
OATJ Ohio Association of Teachers of Japanese
OBTA Ohio Business Teachers Association
ORTA Ohio Retired Teachers Association
OTELAC Ohio Teacher Education and Licensure Advisory Commission
OTIF Ohio Teacher Incentive Fund
OCTMS Oklahoma Council of Teachers of Mathematics
OPAT Oklahoma Parents as Teachers
OSTA Oklahoma Science Teachers Association
OTTER Older Teachers Training Early Readers
ODTA Omaha Dance Teachers Association
OLPT One Laptop per Teacher
OT Onegai Teacher
OLT Online Learning and Teaching
OLTP Online Learning and Teaching Program
OTL Online Teaching and Learning
OTSU Online Teaching Support Unit
OATG Ontario Association of Teachers of German
OCT Ontario Certified Teacher
OCT Ontario College of Teachers
ORMTA Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association
OSSTF Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation
OTC Ontario Teacher’s Certificate
OTPF Ontario Teachers Pension Fund
OTF Ontario Teachers’ Federation
OJT On-the-Job Teacher
OST Open Source Teaching
OCTMS Oregon Council of Teachers of Mathematics
OFTEHP Oregon Federation of Teachers, Education and Health Professionals
OFIT Oregon Forest Institute for Teachers
OQAT Oregon Quality Assurance in Teaching
OSTA Oregon Substitute Teachers Association
OPT Organization of Parents and Teachers
OBTS Organizational Behavior Teaching Society
ONTAP Orienting New Teaching Assistants Program
OCTA Osceola Classroom Teachers Association
OCTA Oswego Classroom Teachers’ Association
OTTP Overseas Trained Teacher Programme
PLTA Pakistan Lady Teachers Association
PSTA Pak-Swedish Teachers Association
PSTA Palm Springs Teachers Association
PSTA Palmetto State Teachers Association
PPTO Panther Parent Teacher Organization
PNGTA Papua New Guinea Teachers Association
PTTP Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program
PTA Parent and Teacher Association
PTC Parent Teacher Club
PTC Parent Teacher Conference
PTF Parent Teacher Fellowship
PTG Parent Teacher Guild
PTL Parent Teacher League
PTP Parent Teacher Partnership
PTSA Parent Teacher Student Association
PTSC Parent Teacher Student Conference
PTS Parent, Teacher, Student
PACT Parents Allied with Children and Teachers
PATHS Parents and Teachers Helping Students
PTEK Parents and Teachers of Explosive Kids
PAFT Parents as First Teachers
PAT Parents As Teachers
PTCA Parents, Teachers and Community Associations
PTFO Parents, Teachers and Friends Organization
PSTA Parent-Student-Teacher Association
PT Parent-Teacher
PTA Parent-Teacher Association
PTI Parent-Teacher Interview
PTM Parent-Teacher Meeting
PTO Parent-Teacher Organization
PLATO Participatory Learning and Teaching Organization
PTEP Partnership for Teacher Excellence Program
PITL Partnerships in Teaching and Learning
PTT Part-Time Teaching
PMCT Patchogue-Medford Congress of Teachers
PCTM Pennsylvania Council of Teachers of Mathematics
PGST Pennsylvania Governor’s School for Teaching
PMTA Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association
PSTA Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association
PSTA Pennsylvania State Teachers Association
PMTA Pensacola Music Teachers Association
PCTA Peoria Classroom Teachers Association
PFT Peralta Federation of Teachers
PACT Performance Assessment for California Teachers
PBTE Performance Based Teacher Education
PETAL Personal Eportfolios for Teaching and Learning
PSTEB Personal Science Teaching Efficacy Belief
PUTA Peshawar University Teachers Association
PACT Philippine Association of Chemistry Teachers
PBET Philippine Board Examination for Teachers
PPSTA Philippine Public School Teachers Association
PET Physical Education Teacher
PATH Physicians At Teaching Hospitals
PCTM Piedmont Council of Teachers of Mathematics
PCTA Pinellas Classroom Teachers Association, Inc.
PCT Pitman’s Certified Teacher
PTCU Pittsburgh Teachers Credit Union
PPTO Pius Parent Teacher Organization
PMTA Plano Music Teachers Association
PLATO Platform for Learning and Teaching Online
PSRT Political Science Research and Teaching
POTAG Polytechnic Teachers’ Association of Ghana
PUTA Pondicherry University Teachers Association
PRT Poor Righteous Teachers
PAT Portland Association of Teachers
PTCU Portland Teachers Credit Union
PCTA Portsmouth City Teachers’ Association
PPTA Post Primary Teachers Association
PPTA Post Primary Teachers’ Association
PELT Practical English Language Teaching
PTET Pre Teachers Education Test
PMET Preparing Mathematicians to Educate Teachers
PST Pre-Service Teacher
PSTA Pre-Service Teachers in Action
PETA Primary Elementary Teachers’ Association
PETA Primary English Teaching Association
PALLET Primary Lead Teacher
PLT Primary Lead Teacher
PMTS Primary Movements Teaching System
PSTS Primary School Teachers and Science
PTMA Primary Teachers’ Maths Association
PMA Prime Minister’s Awards for Teaching Excellence
PT Principal Teacher
POLT Principles of Learning and Teaching
POLTED Principles of Learning and Teaching
PALLET Principles of Teaching
PLT Principles of Teaching
PAT Professional Association of Teachers
PBET Professional Board Examination for Teachers
PDPPT Professional Development for Pracitising Teachers
PDT Professional Development Teacher
PGTAA Professional Golf Teachers Association of America
PR-AND-TL Professional Renewal and Teaching Leave
PSTEB Professional Standards and Teacher Education Board
PTEP Professional Teachers Education Program
PTPC Professional Teaching Practices Commission
PATT Professionals Allied to Teaching
PTTE Professional-Technical Teacher Education
PENT Program for the Education of Native Teachers
PITL Program for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning
PETAL Program to Enhance Teaching and Learning
PILOT Programmed Inquiry Learning Or Teaching
PLATO Programmed Logic for Automated Teaching Operations
PRTU Progressive Recognised Teachers’ Union
POST Project Organizing Substitute Teachers
PUTA Prolix United Teachers Association
PTMA Prospective Teachers of Mathematics Association
PTUS Providence Teachers Union
PTU Providence Teachers Union
PITED Provincial Institute for Teacher Education
PITE Provincial Institute for Teacher Education
PRT Provisionally Registered Teacher
PUTA Pune University Teachers Association
PUTD Punjab University Teaching Department
PUTA Punjabi University Teachers Association
PTR Pupil/Teacher Ratio
QKT Qualified Kindergarten Teacher
QTS Qualified Teacher Status
QALT Quality Assurance and Learning and Teaching Committee
QOT Quality of Teaching
QTP Quality Teacher Programme
QTL Quality Teaching and Learning
QTN Quality Teaching Network
QMTA Quebec Music Teachers’ Association
QPAT Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers
QTU Queensland Teachers’ Union
RUTA Rajshahi University Teachers’ Association
RPTA Raleigh Piano Teachers Association
RMT Rate My Teachers.com
RSBT Reader Services for Blind Teachers
RMTA Reading Music Teachers Association
RNT Recruiting New Teachers, Inc.
RTOP Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol
RSTC Regional Science Teaching Center
RMTA Registered Music Teachers Association
RNT Registered Nurse Teacher
RTME Registered Teachers of Mainland Europe
RYT Registered Yoga Teacher
ROUTE Rehabilitation Teaching
RT Rehabilitation Teaching
RMT Reiki Master Teacher
RVST Relative Value Scale in Teaching
ROUTE Relief Teacher
RT Relief Teacher
MPF Religious Teachers Filippine
MPV Religious Teachers Venerini
RATEP Remote Area Teacher Education Program
RETAIL Research Education for Teachers
RET Research Education for Teachers
RETAIL Research Experiences for Teachers
RET Research Experiences for Teachers
RAFT Resource Area for Teachers
ROUTES Resources for Open University Teachers and Students
RTA Retired Teachers Association
RTAM Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba
RCTRS Revised Conners Teacher Rating Scale
RIFTHP Rhode Island Federation of Teachers and Health Professionals
RIGHT Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers
RISTA Rhode Island Science Teachers Association
RMTA Richardson Music Teachers Association
RMTA Richmond Music Teachers Association
RTA Rochester Teachers Association
RTCI Rockland Teachers’ Center Institute
RVTA Ross Valley Teachers Association
RDTA Round Dance Teachers Association
RVTH Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital
RFT Royalton Federation of Teachers
SPTG Salcha Parent Teacher Group
STEAM Salesperson Teacher Enthusiastic Attitude Money
SLTA Salt Lake Teachers Association
SJTA San Juan Teachers Association
SLTA San Leandro Teachers’ Association
SMMCTA Santa Monica-Malibu Classroom Teachers Association
SMTS Saskatchewan Mathematics Teachers’ Society
STF Saskatchewan Teachers Federation
SOTL Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
STRT Scholarship of Teaching Resource Team
SBTE School Based Teacher Education
SCITT School Centred Initial Teacher Training
SOTE School of Teacher Education
STCL School of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership
STL School of Teaching and Learning
STPC School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions
STRB School Teachers’ Review Body
SBTE School-Based Teacher Educators
SCIT School-Centred Initial Teacher Training
SUPPORT Schools Under Performance Pay Offer Remarkable Teaching
SCTE Schulich Centre for Teaching Excellence
SMTC Science and Mathematics Teaching Center
STE Science Teacher Education
STTIS Science Teacher Training in an Information Society
STAM Science Teachers Association of Malawi
STAO Science Teachers Association of Ontario
STAT Science Teachers Association of Texas
STRIVE Science Teachers Research Involvement for Vital Education
STAQ Science Teachers’ Association of Queensland
STAV Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria
STC Science Teaching Center
STM Science Teaching Methods
STAR Science Teaching through its Astronomical Roots
STEMTP Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Teacher Preparation
SATH Scottish Association of Teachers of History
SSTA Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association
SVTC Scottish Virtual Teachers Centre
SCCFT Seattle Community Colleges Federation of Teachers
SLATE Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education
SLT Second Language Teaching
SET Secondary Education Teaching
SST Secondary School Teacher
STEP Self-Teaching Exportable Package
SIFT Service Increment for Teaching
SLATE Service-Learning and Teacher Education
STEF Sesqui Teaching Equipment Fund
STASH Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
STH Sheffield Teaching Hospitals
SETA Sherburne-Earlville Teachers’ Association
SPTO Sherman Parent Teacher Organization
SCCFT Shoreline Community College Federation of Teachers
SLTU Sierra Leone Teachers’ Union
SCATE Simulated Computer Assisted Teaching Environment
STU Singapore Teachers Union
SSTC Single Subject Teaching Credential
SBTE Site-Based Teacher Education
SBTE Site-Based Teaching Experience
SSTA Social Studies Teachers Association
SCST Society for College Science Teachers
SITE Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education
SCTE Society of College Teachers of Education
SPTL Society of Public Teachers of Law
STFM Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
STAT Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
STOMP Software Teaching of Modular Physics
STPE Somali Teachers for Peace Education
SNUT Somalia National Union of Teachers
SASTA South Adirondack Substitute Teachers Alliance
SATU South African Teachers Union
SALTA South Asian Language Teachers Association
SAFTA South Australian French Teachers Association
SASTA South Australian Science Teachers Association
SCATE South Carolina Association of Teacher Educators
SCFLTA South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers’ Association
SDMTA South Dakota Music Teachers Association
SLTA South Lewis Teachers Association
SRATE Southeast Regional Association of Teacher Educators
STTP Southend Teacher Training Partnership
STASA Spanish Teachers’ Association of South Australia, Inc.
SEIT Special Education Itinerant Teacher
SELECT Special Education Learning Experiences for Competency in Teaching
SEPTA Special Education Parent Teacher Association
SEPTA Special Education Program for Teachers and Administrators
SERT Special Education Resource Teacher
SNTS Special Needs Teaching Service
STAR Special Teachers Are Rewarded
SJAMTA St. Joseph Area Music Teachers Association
STEP St. Louis Teacher Enhancement Partnership
SLTU St. Lucia Teachers’ Union
SBTE Standards Based Teacher Education
SOLT Standards for Online Teaching
STELLA Standards for Teachers of English Language and Literacy
SCUTREA Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in the Education of Adults
SCFT State Center Federation of Teachers
SCATE State of California Association of Teacher Educators
STCB State Teacher Certification Board
STRAND State Teachers Retirement
STR State Teachers Retirement
STRB State Teachers Retirement Board
STRS State Teachers Retirement System
STQC State Teachers’ Qualification Centre
SMART Strategies for Motivating and Rewarding Teachers
START Strategies for Teaching and Reaching Talents
SATELLITE Student Appraisal Of Teaching
SAT Student Appraisal of Teaching
SCTA Student California Teachers Association
SEOT Student Evaluation of Teaching
SETL Student Evaluation of Teaching and Learning
SETS Student Evaluation of Teaching and Subject
SETU Student Evaluation of Teaching and Units
STAR Student Teacher Achievement Ratio
STP Student Teacher Poet
STRAND Student Teacher Relationship
STR Student Teacher Relationship
ST Student/Teacher
STRENGTH Student/Teacher
STRAIN Student/Teacher
STREET Student/Teacher
STOP Students & Teachers Opposing Pollution
STAR Students and Teachers Against Racism
STARS Students and Teachers As Research Scientists
STOP Students and Teachers Opposing Prejudice
STRAW Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed
STMT Students as Teachers of Microsoft Technologies
STATS Students Teaching AIDS to Students
STARS Students Teaching and Advocating Respect
STARS Students Teaching and Reaching Students
STAT Students Teaching Anti-Tobacco
STRIVE Students Teaching Respect Integrity Inclusion Values and Equality
SOCT Students’ Opinion of Courses and Teaching
SPTE Students’ Perception of Teaching Effectiveness
STRAND Student-Teacher Ratio
STR Student-Teacher Ratio
SWOT Study Without Teachers
START Substitute Teachers — Accountable, Responsible, Teaching
START Substitute Teachers — Accountable, Responsible, Teaching
STO Substitute Teachers Online
STO-2 Substitute Teachers Online
SST Summer School Teacher
STIP Summer Teacher Internship Program
SCATT SunCoast Area Teacher Training
STEP Supercomputer Teacher Enhancement Program
STLA Support Teacher Learning Assistance
STLD Support Teacher Learning Difficulties
STLC Supporting Teaching and Learning in the Classroom
SNAT Swaziland National Association of Teachers
SACT Swedish Association of Callers and Teachers
STA Swimming Teachers Association
SMART System to Motivate and Reward Teachers
STAMM Systematic Teaching and Measuring Mathematics
STET Systematic Training for Effective Teaching
TMTC Taipei Municipal Teachers College
TBLT Task Based Language Teaching
TBLT Task-Based Learning and Teaching
TATE Tasmanian Association for the Teaching of English
T3 Teach to Teachers
TAC Teacher Access Center
TAP Teacher Advancement Program
TA Teacher Advisor
TAC Teacher Advisor Contact
TAP Teacher Advisory Program
TAPP Teacher Alternative Preparation Program
TA Teacher Assessment
TAS Teacher At Sea
TASP Teacher at Sea Program
TCLI Teacher Cancellation Low Income
TCL Teacher Career Ladder Program
TCIS Teacher Certification Information System
TC Teacher Consultant
TCCC Teacher Curricula and Certification Council
TDC Teacher Development Centre
TDC Teacher Development Course
TELT Teacher Education and Learning to Teach
TESE Teacher Education and Special Education
TEAS Teacher Education Application Service
TEACH Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education
TEC Teacher Education Council
TESSA Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa
TEL Teacher Education Loan
TEP Teacher Education Program
TEP Teacher Education Programme
TEQ Teacher Education Quarterly
TERN Teacher Education Research Network
TESA Teacher Education Student Association
TEU Teacher Education University
TEEP Teacher Effectiveness Programme
TEP Teacher Exchange Program
TESA Teacher Expectations/Student Achievement
TILF Teacher I’d Like to Find
TIS Teacher in Space
TIT Teacher in Training
TIF Teacher Incentive Fund
TICFA Teacher In-Country Fellowship to Asia
TIP Teacher Innovation Program
TICS Teacher Interactive Computer System
TIW Teacher is Watching
TJN Teacher Job Network
TKP Teacher Knowledge Project
TLC Teacher Leadership Council
TLA Teacher Learning Academy
TL Teacher Librarian
TLP Teacher Licensure Program
TMP Teacher Mentor Program
TND Teacher Next Door
TOCA Teacher Observation of Child Adaptation
TSLD Teacher of children with Speech and Language Disabilities
TOD Teacher of Deaf
TSLD Teacher of Speech and Language Disabled
TSLI Teacher of Speech and Language Impaired
TVI Teacher of the Visually Impaired
TOTY Teacher of the Year
TOA Teacher on Assignment
TOC Teacher on Call
TSA Teacher on Special Assignment
TOSA Teacher on Special Assignment
TOPS Teacher Opportunities to Promote Science
TOS Teacher Over Shoulder
TPA Teacher Performance Assessment
TPE Teacher Performance Evaluation
TPD Teacher Professional Development
TPP Teacher Professional Partnership
TQE Teacher Quality Enhancement
TRD Teacher Recruitment Days
TRB Teacher Registration Board
TRACER Teacher Relief and Contract Employment Register
TRF Teacher Report Form
TRAC Teacher Research Associate
TRCN Teacher Resource Center Network
TRE Teacher Resource Exchange
TRG Teacher Resource Guide
TRS Teacher Retirement System
TRST Teacher Retirement System of Texas
TSQB Teacher Salary Qualifications Board
TSP Teacher Scholarship Program
TSFL Teacher Shortage Forgivable Loan
TSG Teacher Study Group
TSDQ Teacher Supply, Demand and Quality
TST Teacher Support Team
TTT Teacher Talking Time
TTI Teacher Telephone Interview
TTA Teacher Training Agency
TTC Teacher Training College
TTC Teacher Training Course
TTD Teacher Training Department
TTWG Teacher Training Working Group
TURN Teacher Union Reform Network
TWD Teacher Work Day
TWTR Teacher Working Time Research
TWM Teacher, Wordsmith, Madman
TAE Teacher’s Annotated Edition
TBS Teacher’s Book Shelf
TCU Teacher’s Credit Union
TIC Teacher’s Individual Credit
TM Teacher’s Manual
TP Teacher’s Pet
T2T Teacher2teacher
TWC Teachers & Writers Collaborative
T4SJ Teachers 4 Social Justice
TAMS Teachers Academy for Mathematics and Science
TACADE Teachers Advisory Committee on Alcohol and Drug Education
TREC Teachers and Researchers Exploring and Collaborating
TA Teachers Assistant
TAAAC Teachers Association of Anne Arundel County
TCT Teachers Coaching Teachers
TC Teachers College
TCR Teachers College Record
TCCU Teachers College, Columbia University
TCU Teachers Credit Union
TESI Teachers Earth Science Institute
TEEM Teachers Evaluating Educational Multimedia
TEA Teachers Experiencing Antarctica and the Arctic
TFCU Teachers Federal Credit Union
TNE Teachers for a New Era
THK Teachers for Healthy Kids
TILT Teachers Improving Learning with Technology
TIAA Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association
TIPS Teachers Involve Parents in Schoolwork
TCLP Teachers of Critical Languages Program
TEAL Teachers of English as an Additional Language
TELEC Teachers of English Language Education Centre
TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
TOFA Teachers of French Association
TOPSS Teachers of Psychology in Secondary Schools
TOT Teachers of Tomorrow
TPIS Teachers Personal Investors Services, Inc.
TQP Teachers Quorum President
TRCN Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria
TRAINING Teachers Retirement Association
TRANSFER Teachers Retirement Association
TRA Teachers Retirement Association
TSC Teachers Service Commission
TTT Teachers Teaching Teachers
TTT Teachers Teaching Teachers
TTU Teachers Trade Union
TTW Teachers Travel Web
TUB Teachers Union Building
TUH Teachers Union Health
TUZ Teachers Union of Zimbabwe
TWB Teachers Without Borders
TEAMS Teachers, Experts, Associates, Mentors, and Students
TIE Teachers, Industry, and the Environment Conference
TCBA Teachers’ Collective Bargaining Act
TCI Teachers’ Curriculum Institute
TERE Teachers’ Enterprise in Religious Education
TFFR Teachers’ Fund for Retirement
TIAP Teachers’ Information & Activity Package
TPID Teachers’ International Professional Development
TMMS Teachers’ Memorial Middle School
TPA Teachers’ Pension Agency
TPS Teachers’ Pension Scheme
TPLF Teachers’ Professional Learning Framework
TRAF Teachers’ Retirement Allowances Fund
TSEP Teachers’ Summer Employment Program
TUM Teachers’ Union of Malawi
TLL Teaching & Learning Laboratory
TASS Teaching Academic Survival Skills Conference
TASK Teaching Activities for Science Knowledge
TASSEL Teaching All Students Skills for Employment and Life
TAG Teaching and Academic Growth
TEDI Teaching and Educational Development Institute
TALC Teaching and Language Corpora
TLA Teaching and Learning Activities
TLA Teaching and Learning Assistant
TLC Teaching and Learning Centre
TLC Teaching and Learning Committee
TLHP Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals
TLP Teaching and Learning Package
TLQIS Teaching and Learning Quality Improvement Scheme
TAILOR Teaching and Learning Responsibilities
TLR Teaching and Learning Responsibilities
TILS Teaching and Learning Support
TALSS Teaching and Learning Support Services
TLTP Teaching and Learning Technology Programme
TLTP Teaching and Learning Technology Project
TLTR Teaching and Learning Technology Resource
TRE Teaching and Research Excellence
TREE Teaching and Research in Engineering in Europe
TAP Teaching Apparatus for Physics
TAB Teaching Appropriate Behaviors
TAJ Teaching Artist Journal
TA Teaching Assistant
TATTO Teaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity
TATP Teaching Assistants’ Training Program
TALON Teaching Athletes Leadership Opportunities Now
TCEA Teaching Career Enhancement
TCM Teaching Children Mathematics
TCSOL Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages
TCA Teaching Company Associates
TCS Teaching Company Scheme
TCP Teaching Credential Program
TDH Teaching Duty Hours
TESSA Teaching Elementary School Science as Argument
TEC Teaching Energy Conservation
TEFL Teaching English as a Foreign Language
TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
TEAP Teaching English for Academic Purposes
TESP Teaching English for Specific Purposes
TELL Teaching English Language Learners
TESS Teaching English to Spanish-Speakers
TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TECH Teaching Enquiry Concepts Via Heuristics
TE Teaching Event
TES Teaching Every Student
TEC Teaching Excellence Center
TFQ Teaching Feedback Questionnaire
TF Teaching Fellow
TFLN Teaching for Learning Network
TFTF Teaching for the Future
TFU Teaching For Understanding
TGIW Teaching God’s Infinite Wisdom
THINK Teaching Homes in Northern Kentucky
THMG Teaching Hospital Mahamodara, Galle
THRO Teaching Human Rights Online
TIPS Teaching Improvement Project System
TIP Teaching Incentive Program
TILT Teaching Intermedia Literacy Tools
TIS Teaching International Students
TKT Teaching Knowledge Test
TMRC Teaching Materials and Resource Center
TMRC Teaching Merit Review Committee
TNFP Teaching Not-for-Profit
TEEG Teaching of Engineering Ethics Group
TI Teaching of Islam
TOLA Teaching of Language Arts
TCC Teaching of the Catholic Church
TONTO Teaching One to One
TPSR Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility
TP Teaching Point
TQA Teaching Quality Assessment
TQEC Teaching Quality Enhancement Committee
TQEG Teaching Quality Enhancement Group
TQI Teaching Quality Information
TQRS Teaching Quality Report Set
TQSO Teaching Quality Support Office
L-54 Teaching Reactor at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
TRI Teaching Research Institute
TRACE Teaching Resources and Continuing Education
TRC Teaching Resources Center
TRL Teaching Resources Library
TSAP Teaching Skills Assessment Program
TSOC Teaching Sociology
TSI Teaching Strategies, Inc.
TSC Teaching Support Centre
TSSU Teaching Support Staff Union
TTTT Teaching Technology Through Tradition
TTB Teaching the Bible
TQW Teaching the Qualities of Writing
TILT Teaching though Innovative Learning Techniques
TTC Teaching Training Centre
TTI Teaching Translation & Interpreting
TUFF Teaching Us Fitness is Fun
TWUT Teaching Well Using Technology
TPS Teaching with Primary Sources
TWT Teaching with Technology
TLA Teaching, Learning and Assessment
TLAD Teaching, Learning and Assessment in Databases
TLT Teaching, Learning and Technology Group
TLTR Teaching, Learning and Technology Roundtable
TRACS Teaching, Research, and Collaboration System
TLC Teaching/Learning Center
TA Teaching/Teacher’s Aide
TA Teaching/Teacher’s Aide
TALC Teaching-aids At Low Cost
TF Teaching-Focused
TLCP Teaching-Learning Critical Pathway
TRN Teaching-Research Nexus
TQK Teachings of Queen Kunti
TSM teaching-suggestion-motivation
TA Teachingteachers Aide
TA Teachingteachers Aide
TTE Technical Teacher Education
TTTI Technical Teachers’ Training Institute
TNT Technology and Teaching
TFT Technology for Teaching
TILT Technology in Learning and Teaching
TTED Technology Teacher Education Diploma
T4 Teens and Teachers Teaming for Technology
TTIS Teens Teaching Internet Skills
TTT Tele-Teaching and Training
TRT Temporary Relief Teacher
TTE Temporary Teacher Eligibility
TTE Temporary Teacher Endorsement
TTCU Tennessee Teachers Credit Union
TLTM Tertiary Level Teaching Methods
TACT Texas Alternative Center for Teachers
TABT Texas Association of Biology Teachers
TCTA Texas Classroom Teachers Association
TFTA Texas Future Teachers of America
TRETA Texas Real Estate Teachers Association
TSTA Texas State Teachers Association
TTF Texas Teaching Fellows
TATC The Art Teacher Connection
THST The Hoosier Science Teacher
THTT The Huntington Teacher Times
TILT The Institute for Learning and Teaching
TLT The Language Teacher
TLTP The London Teaching Pool
TPT The Physics Teacher
TRUMPETTED The Physics Teacher
TTW The Teacher Will
TTC The Teaching Company
TWT The Technical Writing Teacher
TTT The Troops to Teachers
TCLT Thompson Center for Learning and Teaching
TATH Tikur Anbessa Teaching Hospital
TETA Timisoara English Teachers Association
TETAS Timisoara English Teachers Association
TCT Today’s Catholic Teacher
TTT Tomorrow’s Teachers Today
TITP Toyota International Teacher Program
TGT Trained Graduate Teacher
TALENT Training Adult Literacy, English as a Second Language, and Numeracy Teachers
TCTD Training Center for Teachers of the Deaf
T2T Transition to Teaching
TUTA Travis Unified Teachers Association
TTCU Tulsa Teachers Credit Union
TTAV Turkish Teachers Association of Victoria
TTEC Two Teachers in Every Classroom
UTU Ulster Teachers Union
UTEP Undergraduate Teacher Education Program
UTRA Undergraduate Teaching and Research Assistantship
UTAC Undergraduate Teaching Award Committee
UTIC Undergraduate Teaching Improvement Council
UCTA Union Classroom Teachers Association
UTFE Union of Teacher Federation Employees
UFCT United Federation of College Teachers
UFT United Federation of Teachers
UKA United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance
USGTF United States Golf Teachers Federation
USSTA United States Substitute Teachers Association
UNITED United Teachers of Dade
UTD United Teachers of Dade
UTLA United Teachers of Los Angeles
UPSTAGE Uniting Parents, Students, and Teachers to Accomplish Great Endeavors
UCET Universities Council for the Education of Teachers
UCET University Center for Excellence in Teaching
UCCT University Community Clinical Teacher
ULTC University Learning and Teaching Committee
UBTH University of Benin Teaching Hospital
UCTH University of Calabar Teaching Hospital
UCLA University of California Consortium for Language Learning & Teaching
UFTR University of Florida Teaching Reactor
UMNE University of Maryland Nuclear Engineering Teaching Reactor
UPTH University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital
UTVTH University of Tennessee Veterinary Teaching Hospital
UTEP University Teacher Education Program
UTHR University Teachers for Human Rights
UTPD University Teachers for Peace and Democracy
UTU University Teachers Union
UTLC University Teaching and Learning Center
UTLC University Teaching and Learning Committee
UTLP University Teaching and Learning Plan
UTOC University Teaching and Outreach Center
UTC University Teaching Center
UTC University Teaching Council
UNITED University Teaching Department
UTD University Teaching Department
UTFC University Teaching Fund Committee
UNITE Urban Network to Improve Teacher Education
UTEP Urban Teacher Education Program
UATE Utah Association of Teacher Educators
VCSTA Vancouver Catholic Schools Teachers Association
VTLA Vancouver Teacher-Librarians’ Association
VTBES Vanderbilt Teacher Behavior Evaluation Scale
VITE Vanuatu Institute of Teachers’ Education
VATA Vermont Art Teachers Association
VSTA Vermont Science Teachers Association
VTH Veterinary Teaching Hospital
VATE Victorian Association for the Teaching of English
VATI Victorian Association of Teachers of Italian
VHETTA Victorian Home Economics and Textiles Teachers Association
VIT Victorian Institute of Teaching
VSTA Victorian Secondary Teachers Association
VATE Virginia Association of Teachers of English
VISIT Virtual Immersion in Scientific Inquiry for Teachers
VITAL Virtual Interactive Teaching at Liverpool
VITE Virtual Interactive Teaching Environment
VTC Virtual Teacher Centre
VTLC Virtual Teaching and Learning Community
VT Visiting Teacher
VTAM Vocational Teachers’ Association of Manitoba
VFAT Volunteer for a Teacher
VTO Volusia Teachers Organization
WWTC Wagga Wagga Teachers’ College
WRTA Wainwright Retired Teachers’ Association
WDTA Waking Down Teachers Association
WACTE Washington Association of Colleges for Teacher Education
WFT Washington Federation of Teachers
WSTA Washington Science Teachers Association
WTU Washington Teachers Union
WCTA Washoe County Teachers Association
WET Water Education for Teachers
WCTA Waterloo Classroom Teacher Association
WTU Weighted Teaching Units
WMTDC Welsh Medium Teaching Development Centre
WGTA West Genesee Teachers Association
WHFT West Haven Federation of Teachers
WSTA West Sussex Teachers Association
WVFT West Virginia Federation of Teachers
WVMTA West Virginia Music Teachers Association
WACOT Western Australian College of Teaching
WCTA Westfield Classroom Teachers Association
WIKTT When I Kissed the Teacher
WTC Wilson Teachers College
WAPT Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers
WATE Wisconsin Association of Teacher Educators
WCPT Wisconsin Congress of Parents and Teachers
WCTE Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English
WEST Wisconsin Elementary and Middle Level Science Teachers
WICT Wisconsin Inventory of Clinic Teaching
WMTA Wisconsin Music Teachers Association
WNTP Wisconsin New Teacher Project
WPTA Wisconsin Parent Teacher Association
WRTA Wisconsin Retired Teachers Association
WSST Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers
WTID Wisconsin Teacher Interview Day
WTLC Wisconsin Teachers of Local Culture
WOMPT Words of My Perfect Teacher
WCOTP World Confederation of Organizations of the Teaching Profession
WCT World Confederation of Teachers
WCLT World Council of Language Teaching
WCTM Wyoming Council of Teachers of Mathematics
WTPI Wyoming Teacher Policy Institute
YNHTI Yale New Haven Teachers Institute
YT Yoga Teacher
YTCC Yoga Teacher Certification Course
YTT Yoga Teacher Training
YTT Yoga Therapy Teacher
YFT Yonkers Federation of Teachers
YCT Yorktown Congress of Teachers
YTY Youth Teaching Youth
YTA Ysleta Teachers Association
YTA Yukon Teachers’ Association
ZNUT Zambia National Union of Teachers
ZTA Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association
ZEST Zoo Experiences for Students and Teachers