Alaska Abbreviations

AK is the abbreviation for Alaska, the 48th largest state in the United States of America. Alaska is a state located in West part of U.S.A, bordering Canada and Russia. Juneau is the capital city of Alaska. Major cities include Anchorage (Population: 298706), Juneau (Population: 32767), Fairbanks (Population: 32336), Eagle River (Population: 24804), Badger (Population: 19493), Knik-Fairview (Population: 14934), College (Population: 12975), Wasilla (Population: 9295), Sitka (Population: 8874), Lakes (Population: 8375), Tanaina (Population: 8208), and Ketchikan (Population: 8208).

State Profile

  • Capital: Juneau
  • Admitted to USA: 1960
  • Area: 1,723,337 km2
  • Population: 731,545
  • Time zone: GMT-9, GMT-10
  • Calling code: 907
  • ISO 2-Letter Abbreviation:  AK
  • State Government Website:


Alaska State Abbreviations

Alaska State Abbreviations

List of Alaska Acronyms

The most commonly used abbreviations about Alaska are AK which stands for Alaska. In the following table, you can see all acronyms related to Alaska, including abbreviations for airport, city, school, port, government, and etc.

AK: Alaska


Abbreviation Meaning
ALPA Adult Learning Programs of Alaska
AUK Alakanuk, Alaska
ALAS Alaska
AK Alaska
AAA Alaska Activities Adventures Plus Tours
AAC Alaska Administrative Code
AADC Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation
AACA Alaska Air Carriers Association
AAG Alaska Air Group
ALK Alaska Air Group, Inc.
AKANG Alaska Air National Guard
ASA Alaska Airlines
AAL Alaska Airlines
AUSTRALIA Alaska Airlines Inc Alaska
ARSENIC Alaska Airlines Inc Alaska
ASSIGNED Alaska Airlines, Inc., Alaska
AS Alaska Airlines, Inc., Alaska
APR Alaska and Polar Regions
AANHS Alaska Area Native Health Service
AANHS Alaska Area Native Health Service
AACD Alaska Association of Conservation Districts
AASG Alaska Association of Student Governments
AAD Alaska Association of the Deaf
AABA Alaska Attachment and Bonding Associates
AARC Alaska Autism Resource Center
ABRA Alaska Barrel Racers Association
ABWC Alaska Beluga Whale Committee
ALPHABET Alaska Bible College
ABC Alaska Bible College
ABSCS Alaska Biological Science Center
ABSC Alaska Biological Science Center
ABO Alaska Bird Observatory
ABDR Alaska Birth Defects Registry
ABA Alaska Boating Association
ABFC Alaska Boreal Forest Council
ABG Alaska Botanical Gardens
ABIN Alaska Brain Injury Network, Inc.
ABSN Alaska Building Science Network
ABDC Alaska Business Development Center, Inc.
ACRL Alaska Canada Rail Link
ACCA Alaska Center for Children and Adults
ACEP Alaska Center for Energy and Power
ACRH Alaska Center for Rural Health
ACPA Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
ACSA Alaska Charter School Association
ACCOUNTING Alaska Christian College
ACCESSORY Alaska Christian College
ACC Alaska Christian College
ACCOUNTING Alaska Coastal Current
ACCESSORY Alaska Coastal Current
ACC Alaska Coastal Current
ACPE Alaska Commission on Post Secondary Education
ACR Alaska Communications Region
ACS Alaska Communications System
ACSH Alaska Communications Systems Holdings, Inc.
ACSES Alaska Comprehensive and Specialized Evaluation Services
ACHP Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit
ACA Alaska Conservation Alliance
ACF Alaska Conservation Foundation
ACAB Alaska Contemporary Art Bank
ACSA Alaska Council of School Administrators
ACHP Alaska Craftsman Home Program, Inc.
AKDT Alaska Daylight Time
ADC Alaska Deaf Council
ADS Alaska Dental Society
ADCED Alaska Department of Community and Economic Development
ADEC Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
ADFG Alaska Department of Fish & Game
ADHSS Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
ADL Alaska Department of Labor
ADLWD Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development
ADOL Alaska Department of Law
ADNR Alaska Department of Natural Resources
ADOT Alaska Department of Transportation
ADOTPF Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
ADBL Alaska Direct Bus Line
ADENOSINE Alaska Disaster Office
ADO Alaska Disaster Office
ADGA Alaska Disc Golf Association
ADSA Alaska Dispute Settlement Association
ADLP Alaska Distance Learning Partnership
ADMG Alaska Division of Mines and Geology
ADNR Alaska Division of Natural Resources
ADPDP Alaska Division of Policy Development and Planning
ADPH Alaska Division of Public Health
ADMA Alaska Dog Mushers Association
ADA Alaska Dressage Association, Inc.
AEIC Alaska Earthquake Information Center
AEA Alaska Energy Authority
AEWC Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission
AFCCA Alaska Family Child Care Association
AFVPP Alaska Family Violence Prevention Project
AFHCAN Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network
AFHCP Alaska Federal Health Care Partnership
AFN Alaska Federation of Natives
AFNI Alaska Federation of Natives International
AFO Alaska Field Office
AFOC Alaska Field Operations Center
AFCA Alaska Fire Chiefs Association
AFMB Alaska Fisheries Marketing Board
AFSC Alaska Fisheries Science Center
AFRB Alaska Fishery Research Bulletin
AFSAC Alaska Food Safety Advisory Committee
AFA Alaska Forest Association
AFE Alaska Forum on the Environment
AGIA Alaska Gasline Inducement Act
AGS Alaska General Seafoods
AGS Alaska Geographic Society
AGS Alaska Ground Station
AGCB Alaska Growth Capital BIDCO , Inc.
AHELP Alaska Health Education Library Project
AHF Alaska Health Fair, Inc.
AHGC Alaska Herding Group Club
AHAP Alaska High-Altitude Aerial Photography
AIDEA Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority
AIDA Alaska Industrial Development Authority
ALICE Alaska Integrated Communication System
AICC Alaska Interagency Coordination Center
AITC Alaska Inter-Tribal Council
AICS Alaska Island Community Services
AJCN Alaska Job Center Network
AJC Alaska Judicial Council
AJMC Alaska Juneau Mining Company
ALISON Alaska Lake Ice and Snow Observatory Network
ALIS Alaska Land Information System
ALFS Alaska Landscape Flux Study
ALS Alaska Lepidoptera Survey
AKLA Alaska Library Association
ALPA Alaska Long-Period Array
AMHS Alaska Marine Highway System
AME Alaska Materials Exchange
AMIMR Alaska Maternal-Infant Mortality Review
AMAS Alaska Medical Assistant Society
AMHB Alaska Mental Health Board
AMHTA Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority
AMBCS Alaska Meteor Burst Communication Stations
AMA Alaska Miners Association
AMDS Alaska Mining & Diving Supply, Inc.
AMOC Alaska Mission Operations Center
AMSAC Alaska Motorcycle Safety Advisory Committee
AMRG Alaska Mountain Rescue Group
AMEA Alaska Music Educators Association
AMTA Alaska Music Teachers Association
ANILCA Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act
ANAF Alaska Native Arts Foundation
ANAP Alaska Native Arts Program
ANB Alaska Native Broadband
ANB Alaska Native Brotherhood
ANCSA Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act
ANC Alaska Native Corporation
ANHSC Alaska Native Harbor Seal Commission
ANHB Alaska Native Health Board
ANICA Alaska Native Industries Cooperative Association, Inc
ANMC Alaska Native Medical Center
ANO Alaska Native Organizations
ANRC Alaska Native Regional Corporation
ANST Alaska Native Settlement Trust
ANS Alaska Native Sisterhood
ANSWER Alaska Native Student Wisdom Enrichment Retreat
ANTHC Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium
ANV Alaska Native village
ANYMI Alaska Native Youth Media Institute
AOIC Alaska Open Imaging Center, LLC
APU Alaska Pacific University
APTE Alaska Partnership for Teacher Enhancement
APFC Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation
APFD Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend
APA Alaska Power Administration
APCA Alaska Primary Care Association
APHEA Alaska Private and Home Educators Association
APGS Alaska Private Guide Service
APDC Alaska Professional Design Council
APHA Alaska Professional Hunter Association
API Alaska Psychiatric Institute
APBC Alaska Public Broadcasting Commission
APDA Alaska Public Defender Agency
APEA Alaska Public Employees Association
APHIP Alaska Public Health Improvement Process
APRN Alaska Public Radio Network
AQR Alaska Quarterly Review
ARRIVE Alaska Railroad
ARRANGE Alaska Railroad
ARR Alaska Railroad
ARRIVAL Alaska Railroad
ARRC Alaska Railroad Corporation
ARPA Alaska Recreation and Park Association
ARH Alaska Region Headquarters
ARRV Alaska Region Research Vessel
ARRIVE Alaska Region Research Vessel
ARRT Alaska Regional Response Team
ARM Alaska Retirement Management
ARECA Alaska Rural Electric Cooperative Association
ARHC Alaska Rural Health Conference
ARTN Alaska Rural Telehealth Network
ARWA Alaska Rural Water Association
ASR Alaska SAR Facility
ASAA Alaska School Activities Association
ASNA Alaska School Nurses Association
ASPA Alaska School Psychologists Association
ASEF Alaska Science and Engineering Fair
ASC Alaska Science Center
ASTA Alaska Science Teachers Association
ASG Alaska Sea Grant
ASMI Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute
ASLC Alaska Sealife Center
ASARD Alaska Search and Rescue Dogs
ASWG Alaska Shorebird Working Group
ASIA Alaska Ski Instructors Association
ASPA Alaska Skijoring and Pulk Association
ASTE Alaska Society for Technology in Education
ASIA Alaska Society of Independent Accountants
ASPLS Alaska Society of Professional Land Surveyors
ASC Alaska Sportsmen’s Council
ASDN Alaska Staff Development Network
AKST Alaska Standard Time
AST Alaska Standard Time
ASAA Alaska State Archery Association
ASAC Alaska State Area Command
ASAGA Alaska State Association for Guardianship and Advocacy
ASCAP Alaska State Community Action Program
ASDF Alaska State Defense Force
ASEA Alaska State Employees Association
ASHNHA Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association
ASHA Alaska State Housing Authority
ASPA Alaska State Prosecutors’ Association
AST Alaska State Troopers
ASWC Alaska State Writing Consortium
ASLC Alaska Student Loan Corporation
ASEL Alaska Supplemental Education Loan
ASCI Alaska Supply Chain Integrators, LLC
ASIA Alaska Support Industry Alliance
ASCC Alaska Systems Coordinating Council
ATLN Alaska Teacher Leadership Network
ATP Alaska Teacher Placement
AUTOMATIC Alaska Telecommunications
AT Alaska Telecommunications
ATP Alaska Telemedicine Project
ATA Alaska Telephone Association
ATAP Alaska Temporary Assistance Program
ATG Alaska Territorial Guard
ATY Alaska Theatre of Youth
ATCA Alaska Tobacco Control Alliance
ATR Alaska Trauma Registry
ATIA Alaska Travel Industry Association
ATHC Alaska Tribal Health Compact
ATWC Alaska Tsunami Warning Centre
AUTC Alaska University Transportation Center
AUTC Alaska USA Trust Company
AUSC Alaska Utility Supply Center
AVEC Alaska Village Electric Cooperative
AVA Alaska Visitors Association
AVO Alaska Volcano Observatory
AWRP Alaska Wild River Productions
AWL Alaska Wilderness League
AWCC Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
AWCC Alaska Winds Coursing Club
AWRP Alaska Women’s Recovery Project
AYI Alaska Youth Initiative
AIPR Alaska’s Inside Passage Resorts
AA Alaska-Anchorage
AHD Alaska-Hawaii Daylight
AHS Alaska-Hawaii Standard
AAC Alaskan Air Command
AACP Alaskan Air Command Pamphlet
AADS Alaskan Air Defense Sector
AACA Alaskan Artifact Collectors Association
AAWU Alaskan Aviation Weather Unit
ACS Alaskan Communications System
ADT Alaskan Daylight Time
AEC Alaskan Engineering Commission
AFEP Alaskan Flower Essence Project
AIP Alaskan Independence Party
AKI Alaskan Independent Party
AKK Alaskan Klee Kai
ARMENIA Alaskan Malamute
AM Alaskan Malamute
AMAL Alaskan Malamute Assistance League
AMCG Alaskan Malamute Club Gerasdorf
AMCN Alaskan Malamute Club Nederland
AMCA Alaskan Malamute Club of America
AMCW Alaskan Malamute Club of Wisconsin
AMCV Alaskan Malamute Club Victoria
AMPL Alaskan Malamute Protection League
AMR Alaskan Malamute Rescue
AMRNC Alaskan Malamute Rescue of North Carolina
AMRO Alaskan Malamute Rescue of Ohio
ANICS Alaskan NAS Interfacility Communications System
ANWAR Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge
ANWR Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve
ANF Alaskan NORAD Flight
ANR Alaskan NORAD Region
ANS Alaskan North Slope
AKROCC Alaskan Region Operations Control Center
ASF Alaskan SAR Facility
ALSEAFRON Alaskan Sea Frontier
ASGA Alaskan Shellfish Growers Association
AWR Alaskan Wildlife Refuge
AYC Alaskan Yellow Cedar
AADP Alaskans against the Death Penalty
ACNE Alaskans Concerned for Neglected Environments
APWM Alaskans for Professional Wildlife Management
AYPE Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
AYP Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition
ABCA American Baptist Churches of Alaska
AIANEP American Indian Alaska Native Employment Program
AIANTA American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association
NGSC American Indian/Alaska Native Grant Support Center
ALAA American Lung Association of Alaska
PANC Anchorage, Alaska
AAHA Association of Alaska Housing Authorities
AASA Association of Alaska School Administrators
AASB Association of Alaska School Boards
BBAA Bed and Breakfast Association of Alaska
BBA Blood Bank of Alaska
KTS Brevig Mission, Alaska
CACS Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies
CAT Central Alaska Time
CIAM Club Italiano Alaskan Malamutes
CRA College of Rural Alaska
COMAAC Commander, Alaskan Air Command
COYA Conference of Young Alaskans
EMK Emmonak, Alaska
ESHA Environmental Safety and Health of Alaska
FRANK Fiscally Responsible Alaskans Needing Knowledge
FCA Fishing Company of Alaska, Inc.
FAI Fluor Alaska International
FBA Food Bank of Alaska
FGA Fort Greely, Alaska
FTW Fort Wainwright, Alaska
GAM Gambell, Alaska
GINA Geographic Information Network of Alaska
GIA Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska
GAAP Great Alaskan Accounting People
GOA Gulf of Alaska
IAA Information about Alaska
IABA Interior Alaska Building Association
IACA Interior Alaska Cancer Association
IALT Interior Alaska Land Trust
ICA Islamic Center of Alaska, Inc.
JACL Juneau, Alaska CityLink
KOT Kotlik, Alaska
KKA Koyuk, Alaska
LWVAK League of Women Voters of Alaska
LVD Lime Village, Alaska
WLN Little Naukati, Alaska
LSSA Lutheran Social Services of Alaska
MOU Mountain Village, Alaska
NANAINA National Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association
NBAK National Bancorp of Alaska
NPRA National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska
NAVY Native Alaskan Village
NAV Native Alaskan Village
NAAN Native American/Alaska Native
NSA North Slope of Alaska
NTA North to Alaska
NRAHTA Northern Rockies Alaska Highway Tourism Association
NSA Northern Slope of Alaska
NWAFC Northwest & Alaska Fisheries Center
SXP Nunam Iqua, Alaska
OSRT Onalaska Shared Ride Taxi
PARC Pacific Alaska Range Complex
POA Pacific Ocean Alaska
PAMC Providence Alaska Medical Center
PHSA Providence Health System Alaska
RCA Regulatory Commission of Alaska
RPEA Retired Public Employees of Alaska
RAHI Rural Alaska Honors Institute
RANA Rural Alaska Native Adult
RASC Rural Alaska Sanitation Coalition
SVA Savoonga, Alaska
SPBA Security Pacific Bank Alaska
SAYC Serve Alaska Youth Corps
SWD Seward Alaska
SKK Shaktoolik, Alaska
SHH Shishmaref, Alaska
STA Sitka Tribe of Alaska
SABA Southcentral Alaska Beekeepers Association
SARA South-central Alaska Radio Association
SAAC Southeast Alaska Avalanche Center
SACC Southeast Alaska Conservation Council
SEAC Southeast Alaska Conservation Society
SAGA Southeast Alaska Guidance Association
SOAK Special Olympics Alaska
KSM St. Mary’s, Alaska
SMK St. Michael, Alaska
SOA State Of Alaska
WBBED Stebbins, Alaska
WBB Stebbins, Alaska
SNACS Study of the Northern Alaska Coastal System
TCAI Teck Cominco Alaska Incorporated
TLA Teller, Alaska
TAMR Texas Alaskan Malamute Rescue Association
TBA Training Better Artists Towards a Better Alaska
TAPS Trans Alaska Pipeline System
UNK Unalakleet, Alaska
UI Unalaska Island
UFA United Fishermen of Alaska
ALCOM United States Alaskan Command
UKRAINE University of Alaska
UAK University of Alaska
AKU University of Alaska
UAA University of Alaska Anchorage
UOAF University of Alaska Fairbanks
UAF University of Alaska Fairbanks
UAGI University of Alaska Geophysical Institute
UALP University of Alaska Press
UAS University of Alaska Southeast
UASU University of Alaska Staff United
PAPA USAF Nickname for Alaskan Air Command Programs
COOL USAF Programs Connected With Alaskan Air Command
WAA Wales, Alaska
WWAMI Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho
WAMI Washington-Alaska-Montana-Idaho
WGOA Western Gulf of Alaska
WMO White Mountain, Alaska
WAK Wings of Alaska

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